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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Army commander resigns, Naupoto appointment illegal

Happier days
Confirmation that Mosese Tikoitoga is severing ties with the Fiji military regime.

He has resigned from the military - a statement was posted on the Fijian government Facebook a short time ago. 
As tipped to Coup4.5 yesterday, Captain Viliame Naupoto has been made acting commander. 

However the appointment of Naupoto, a failed Fiji First Candidate in the 2014 election, is illegal.

The statement on Facebook says Frank Bainimarama as Chairman of Constitutional Offices Commission advised the President to appoint Naupoto to replace Mosese Tikoitoga, who has resigned. 
Viliame Naupoto

We believe Tikoitoga did not resign but was forced out after being given an ultimatum on Friday night.

Naupoto's appointment means Bainimarama is violating his own Constitution.

The RFMF Commander is appointed by the Constitutional Offices Commission. The Commission (COC) comprises of the PM, Attorney General, two of the PM's nominees, the Leader of the Opposition and his/her nominee as members.

The full COC is comprised of  Frank Bainimarama, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, the PM's nominees Sanjay Kaba and Ajit Kodagoda, Opposition Leader Ro Teimumu Kepa and her nominee,constitutional lawyer Richard Naidu.

We have established the Commission did not meet to make an Acting appointment of Commander.

Bainimarama went to QEB today to announce Tikoitoga's departure and Naupoto's appointment.

So who is the real Commander?

Until, the first sitting of parliament last October, Bainimarama as PM was the Constitutional Offices Commission. But it changed after the elections and convening of Parliament.

This whole process is illegal and for Bainimarama to resort to such a serious breach of the Constitution shows it is more than Tikoitoga's extra-marital affair with Koila Costello that prompted him to illegally get rid of his once loyal ally and replace him again illegally with his former Navy colleague Viliame Naupoto.


Unknown said...

bainimarama never followed any constitution or law and yet again in the latest appointment of naupoto.

The time has come for all of them to go now to NABORO.

Anonymous said...

Tip was clear for another coup.

KUA NI RERE said...

If Bainimarama has acted outside of the Constitution, then basically HE HAS COMITTED TREASON.

The guy must be mentally unstable.

Oilei rarua, tu tale o sonalevu coup-taka tale o koya na nona matanitu.
Na yalowai ga na yalowai.

when the stupid mathafaka Couped his own government.


Anonymous said...

This is an evidence that Bainimarama nad Kaiyum days a number and this make a strong solidarity of support to those in Army of what this farken Govt is doing. Waraka au na sotia namaka waraka tiko..na lauvana iko Bai ke sega ni vakarorogo tiko vana mataivalu..sonalevu.

Anonymous said...

I can see Aziz as commander and nazhat shameem as president soon. The muslimization of Fiji is into top gear and the i-Taukei and kai Indian watching silently as spectators. Bainimarama has sold my beloved Fiji to the Taliban pigs. Mate kaiviti.

Anonymous said...

Surprise? Check out Koilas bank account, i'm sure she was paid by
Khai to screw up Mosese Now Aziz can take over the military and khai
will have the power he's after? Now for Epeli to be poisoned and Bhai to take over as president so khai can move into the Prime Minister post.

Anonymous said...

just saw this news on Fiji tv....ie the coward mo fisher taking off,,,wonder when the vutulakis at QEB will do their duty for the people and arrest bai and kai ,,,,dou veicai!!!

Anonymous said...

Magaijinana!!! Tamata qo me lauvutu ga!!
Vili Rakoro drau vei Cai mada kei Frank. .totolo!!

Anonymous said...

To our men up in Nabua. Who are you pledging your allegiance to?
To your commander? The rubber stamp President- Or the PM? And who is the real commander in chief?
Can the military answer that, or any one?

Tuppence said...

The PM doesn't seem to care whether he follows the Law or not. Certain things are seen Illegal but with Frank Bainimarama he is capable of screwing up the Law itself. He is obstinate in his dreams to retain power and therefore no-one and nothing must stand in his way and all dissenting members must be kicked out of his team. Perhaps Tikoitoga was beginning to see the light through Koila's counselling efforts, unfortunately though that it ended up with an entwinement that is one of those things that do happen in life.

But seriously you cannot as Prime Minister of a country barge in and make changes like choosing between a candy or icecream. The Commander of a Military holds the highest rank and level of command in the Military. There are protocols/laws in place when making changes. The first reason one should see a Commander disgracefully kicked out of the Military is IF he has committed TREASON. Well in this case there are no indications he has or tried to.

And the Prime Minister is setting a BAD EXAMPLE to all of us, particularly to the youth by his hasty actions. Even Criminals are astounded when they notice that the top Leaders are no better than themselves.

And do we wonder WHY the crime rate has escalated. It's because CRIMINALS in power who run our country have no regard for the Rule of Law. It's all about THUGGERY BEHAVIOR. Thugs or hooligans have no regard for the Constitution or Law of the land. The thug in question as we know him is violent in behavior and unsympathetic and expect the mob that serve him to keep polishing his boots or get kicked out by the same boots if there should be a notion of change in his thinking that what the current Leader is doing is legally wrong.

What we see going on is a different kind of rule that this Military is under. Its as if your conscience is sold to the Leader in Charge before signing up so that being submissive goes both ways for a soldier. You listen and obey and carry out the lawful and loyal duties that is expected of you and you listen and obey to do exactly the opposite and brand yourself a disgraced and disloyal coward and criminal.

The nation should be worried, very very worried.

Anonymous said...

When Qarase's Government was contemplating Bainimarama's termination as Commander RFMF in 2006, Bainimarama executed the coup, an illegal and treasonous act, an offence punishable by death. When now as Prime Minister, he acts over the bounds of his authority, as stipulated in his and Khaiyum's own constitution, he has committed an offence against himself. Thus this man is destroying himself including his own soul.

Anonymous said...

The rift is finally coming out in the open now in the RFMF. Just like Qarase used to say, "Sa qai matata tiko ga mai na mata ni meke qo". Se vacava Rakoro?

Anonymous said...



We KNOW it is the one main reason WHY Frank B executed the coup. He was wanting to save his skin and his military soldiers believed in his cunning and bluff. It was a clear act of Treason.

There will not be any rest for this man. Seems like ALL the military top executives are going to end up being kicked out one after the other.

Perphaps it's kind of camouflaged but there is a serious mental disorder at play here with the man calling the shots.

How else can we look at it - once the soul is destroyed everything else is. The mind will never see the light, ever. Now that is fact.

Anonymous said...

Eccl..32.16] And do what thou hast a mind, but not in sin or proud speech. [17] And for all these things bless the Lord, that made thee, and that replenisheth thee with all his good things. [18] He that feareth the Lord, will receive his discipline: and they that will seek him early, shall find a blessing. [19] He that seeketh the law, shall be filled with it: and he that dealeth deceitfully, shall meet with a stumblingblock therein. [20] They that fear the Lord, shall find just judgment, and shall kindle justice as a light.

Rentokil Fiji said...

Why did Mosese T resign? He seemed to be nice day. If he had an extra-marital affair does it need him to resign from the position. What about Rentokil affair when some one in a very top post was having affair with one of his staff. The husband couldn't take it and committed this horrendous act resulting in 3 deaths. Don't people think this guy should be also sacked because of abusing his managerial position. This guy has destroyed so many lives and two families. Hope his wife leaves him also. Karma should also destroy this low life.

Anonymous said...




Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations..

Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards


Anonymous said...

@1:53 PM
What is an effeminate?
And why cant they inherit the kingdom of GOD?
Fornicators, Adulterers. Lots of them in the Fiji Army.

Anonymous said...

It didn't take long for the bible bashers to turn up with this one.

Anonymous said...

The words of God as written in the scriptures should interest everyone whether he be a righteous man or a sinner or sitting on top of the fence. These words also affect, politics, RFMF, FFP, SODELPA, and even Bainimarama and Khaiyum, even if they may think that they are above Him.

So, for all think that we should not bring in God's words into any of our discussions in here, are only kicking against the sharp points of the arrowheads.

Anonymous said...

Let's give all Muslims burka fuck if we are to save Fiji. Muslims are destroying Fiji, it's culture, tradition and people.

Anonymous said...

Burka fuck for Muslim girls and women. Vutusona for the Muslim men with a pigs vudi. That's what this peodophile worshipping bastards deserve.

Anonymous said...

@rentokil Fiji, if that bitch survives, give her a horse vudi seven days a week so the itch in her magana is cured for good.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:34 PM

""The words of God as written in the scriptures should interest everyone""


Unknown said...

Amusing how these lot have a very short memory. Qarase contemplated terminating Bainimarama's contract because that was part of his plan to pardon everyone who had links to the 2000 coup and Bainimarama was against it.

Bainimarama declared martial law in 2006 because Qarase and his cronies became ineffective in terms of managing the countries economic and social stability.

Qarase the convict swindled millions of assets through inside trading. And now he enjoys those in the US of A. Together with his pensions which he claimed was close to a million. He even used Kepa to ask about it in parliament. Forget about any other issues the country may have, all Qarase cares about is his pension. Like I have always said a self serving piece of shit. He should be banned from entering Fiji again.

Anonymous said...

Rakoro this Pacific Peacebuilding set up is a Charitable Trust fund. They were give approval to conduct workshops for QEB back in 2011/ 2012 after convincing the Ministry of Defence that they were able to provide workshops for trauma counselling and work related stress.

They also made representations to the Ministry of Defence for broader areas of partnership in peace and conflict resolution training.

It seems that unknown to MOD it has gone from work related stress workshops to "practical stress reliever sessions of a very different variety" involving it seems the (now ex) Commander.

How it went from conducting workshops to doing the wild thing is a big security breach problem. If the Boss of the NGO managed to get into the pants of the (now ex)Commander of the RFMF it is a big problem.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 5:09 PM.

Because God's word is for everyone. He holds the destiny/doom/fate of everyone in His hands.

Anonymous said...

Loyal Fijians and all those that love Fiji should be very careful of kaiyum and his intentions. He is turning Fiji into a Muslim country despite Muslims only consisting of 5percent. Shortly, he and his kind will be forcing Islam and sharia laws for us to follow. wake up Fiji lovers. Don't let this Muslim junta takeover and destroy our country. Only we can save our Fiji. I-taukei and hindoos, let's join forces now and crush this Muslim pigs heads for good before they ruin our country any further.

Anonymous said...

The PM does not realise that the tides will surely change - the surge of tumultuous waves are beginning to intensify towards him maybe not tomorrow but it will surely come. There are, I'm sure, a good lot of military men who are watching the ways of Frank Bainimarama and how the 'good guys' are being booted off. How long does Frank think that these men who hold the guns will tolerate his ill-begotten ways.

What goes around comes around. It's a little thing called you should have known better Mr PM.


Unknown said...

Anonymous 6.16 pm

Unfortunately these spineless idiots don't really comprehend the rational side of anything. As far as they are concerned the resignation of the head of the military is either Bainimarama or Khaiyum's doing due to some hidden secret reasons.

They will come up with very colourful opinions and language to reinforce their paranoia. And anyone who disagrees, well according to them you must be "one of them".

At least they do entertain us so we'll give them that.

Anonymous said...

@6.59 Last month the Australian High Commissioner was at the beating of the retreat up at QEB with the Defence attaché. That is a symbolic development on many levels.

After 2006 Canberra lost all its information sources at QEB. All its liason officers were recalled. All its local Intelligence sources dried up and they lost all intelligence on the RFMF.

But the tide has turned since 2013. NGO's funded by AUSAID have been allowed into QEB and have developed a "very cozy relationship" with the senior officer cadre to the extent that coup 4.5 says an NGO boss has the balls of the ex Commander in her hands, right upto the short and curlies.

If that is the state of affairs all it means is that the RFMF is leaking like a sieve. All information on personnel movement, on exchanges with China, on planned extension of military exchanges with China and just about every sphere of Fiji's defence and foreign policy planning and strategy framework is exposed. Totally compromised.

Fiji was last in this situation pre-2006 when all systems were infiltrated in Government and the RFMF. And it destabalised the country.

Anonymous said...

@ 8.58pm

Brilliant analysis. Keep posting - you are seeing events in their proper perspective.

There is a good reason why there is re-engagement of the AHC with QEB.

Watch how this new cozy relationship will eventually bring the downfall of Frank B. Australia knows exactly what they are doing and it is only for our country's good.

Frank and Aiyaz are pushing Fiji off a steep cliff and if they continue to hold power - we can all say MOCEjo! The Aussies are doing what they are supposed to do at this moment in time.

Anonymous said...

Vili Ass, tell us why Tikoitoga resigned since you're always in the know dickhead.

Anonymous said...

@ 7.32pm

Right now Vili you are an irrelevant piece of Jackass.

But please don't disappear just yet - we all enjoy laughing at your attempts to hogwash things that are slowly but surely ascending from the depths of Frank and Aiyaz's evil schemes.

If you can't see what we're seeing, maybe you should learn to cross over to our side just for a few seconds and we will help peel the effects of the Truth schrepnels plastered all over your face.

Anonymous said...

@9.35am the same happened in 2006. Driti was asked by the Australian High Commissioner to remove Bainimarama. Driti could not do it because he was afraid he didn't have support. In 2011 when he finally thought that he had the support of Roko Ului (and so thought that through Roko Ului he would have the support of the majority of the RFMF)he was wrong.

These machinations are only happening because the Australian influence has returned. Wherever in this region the Australians start influencing events within the systems of Government it turns into a mess. That is their track record.

These Pacific Peacebuilding people went upto QEB in 2012 and started workshops over there about peace building. From peace building it went into geopolitical networking between the Australian embassy and the QEB until eventually as of last month the Australian High Commissioner presided over the beating of the retreat at QEB. It has been a slow but steady envelopment strategy with the NGO's opening up the way via infiltrating directly into the QEB through the Commanders prick.

This should not be happening because history has shown how it ends in this country. It ends bloodily. Very bloodily. Anybody who is planning a coup d'état should know that once the shooting starts they had better come out winning, because if they lose they will be killed where they stand. That is the policy. Take no prisoners. It happened in 2000 and it will happen again. Dragging guys behind keeps chained from their wrists or tarseal and pulverising them with lovo stones has happened in this country for coup d'état players for a reason. It is a message to all those who want to try it again what is in store for them if they fail. Therefore if anyone is planning something like that they had better come with their final prayers said, because its either a one way ride to glory or a one way ride to hell.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that Rabuka should have been dealt with properly in 1987. Instead they rewarded him for his actions. Clearly, they set a precedent. The RFMF, at the time, consisted of somewhat 'real soldiers'. I say this because Rabuka knew it was a one way ticket. He got lucky though. The current lot are a bunch of pot bellied, under-achieving misfits-who are unwilling to do what is right and who are more concerned about lining their own pockets. All of them have become unbelievably wealthy, acquiring properties & other assets (which they could never have previously imagined on a military pay packet), over the past few years- why let a good thing end? There is no way any one of them would conduct a coup, despite it being the only way to end blatant corruption & the abuse of indigenous rights and human rights and freedoms of all citizens taking place at the hands of the current government. None of them have the mindset of a 'soldier'...the P.M took care of that when he began feeding them & plumping them up in order to turn them into stagnant, oxygen wasting robots. There is no way any one of them would lay their lives on the line for their people. It's not in their mindset besides it's much easier to eat themselves to death.

Suomynona said...

Favoritism and nepotism put together while violating your own constitution in order to fulfill further whatever personal agenda you might have.

No one does it better than Frankie along with his righthand man Ayarse.

Anonymous said...

and I rest my case........after all the rumours of a coup over the weekend, sure enough- none of the senior officers have the balls to stand up to the P.M or Khaiyum. Tikoitoga has played the half-way man for too long. As demonstrated, he lacks the solid support of his senior officers. At the RFMF: when your chips are down, you're on your own! Now he can take the highway to some obscure post in South Africa. A position, he claims, that he's always aspired to. Yes, as long as your in the RFMF you can aspire to anything, sweat, blood & tears to gain qualifications & experience are not required. The Foreign Affairs Ministry should be moved to the army camp and all aspiring diplomats at the Foreign Ministry should've taken their cue ages ago!

Anonymous said...

@4.22pm its not a question of having balls. Its a question of having no support.

The military has men inside the RFMF and outside the RFMF. There are ten times more men outside the RFMF then there are inside, and there is far more combat experience and technical know how outside the RFMF then inside because the majority of the military in this country are in civilian jobs and no one wants to see any rogue band turn this country in chaos as happened in 2000.

Military men who are in civilian life and those who are serving in the Regular Force have only one thing in common: no-one wants to see chaos.

Anybody who thinks he can try a coup d'état will not only have to go past the 600 men of 3FIR but he will have to go past another 10000 men within the Suva city area alone who can at the drop of a hat turn up to QEB to put down any attempt at taking the Government. Around Fiji there are at least another 15,000 men who can take up arms when that call comes.

It is no longer going to be a walk in the park as it had been in the past. This time around nobody wants to see the country fall into anarchy because the progress happening all across Fiji is seen and felt by all.

That is the difference.

The ex Commander realised this the moment he lost the NCO's. As an Infantry man he knows what losing the NCO's means. Once you lose the NCO's you have nothing left. The NCO's are the backbone of the Infantry.

There will be no successful coup d'état now or in the future. No soldier is in the mood to let the country fall into anarchy. Children and now going to school with free school fees. The economy is powering ahead. Developments are happening all over the country and the country has a cherished peace which will not be sacrificed.

Wilson Tamani said...

The news of Tikoitoga’s resignation is a pattern and does not come as a surprise. In fact, the term resignation is a bit flattering because this suggests that Tikoitoga got his job through merit when in fact he was only a stooge that placed there by Bainimarama. According to Bainimarama, a stooge should always remember that “it is my way or the highway” and JB, Driti and Mara can attest to that.

Bainimarama will fall on his own sword soon because he powers within camp are waning. The fact that he personally oversaw Naupoto’s installation by addressing the troops suggests that he is worried. The transfer of Naupoto from civilian life back in and to the helm of the RFMF is also ridiculous and makes a mockery of the constitution and the merit based promotional system of a democratic military force. This sends a signal to all emerging regular military officers who were not involved in the coup of 2006 that Bainimarama does not trust any of them and that he would go to any length to maintain his waning grip on the military trigger handle.

The choice of Naupoto is also an indication of the lack of just that. The number of misguided officers who fell in behind Bainimarama’s treasonous 2006 bandwagon has dwindled significantly. They have either deserted, are suffering from terminal illness, grown old or in some cases, suddenly dropping dead through bad karma.

Current emerging military officers are not loyal to the dictatorship of 2006 nor are they dependent on the protection of the illegal Immunity from Criminal Prosecution Decree inserted in the illegal Bainimarama Constitution. They will certainly view Naupoto as an aging, weak and corrupted naval officer who is tainted with the blood of innocent civilians and in the trashing of the credibility of the RFMF during the past 9 years.

Indicators suggest that Naupoto will not last and that military action will result in the overthrow of the Bainimarama/Khaiyum dictatorship. Let’s hope that this will be the mother of all cleanups so that Fiji can return to real democracy and economic prosperity.

Anonymous said...

@Wilisoni Tamani the RFMF went through a far more unstable period post 2000. It was so unstable officers were keeping weapons at home. Not just ranking officers but also special forces and Intelligence officers. That was a very dark period. Every one travelled armed. You kept a weapon under your shirt tucked into your pants or in your pocket.

You kept a weapon at home as well usually an M16 or an M4.

Non ranking officers carried their own weapons around with them in small training bags. Usually a Uzi.

At the height of the instability in 2000 even infantry regular soldiers and territorials who reported for duty were allowed to take weapons home for personal security. Carrying weapons at all times became the norm.

Those weapons were not for show. They had a deadly purpose.

I cannot see how that dark period will happen again. All soldiers have been through that period and know how dark it was. None want to see it repeated.

Anonymous said...

The Military is intact except for its leadership, the next years to come will be crucial as PM Bai tries to fill strategic RFMF appointments with Army Officers who will not stand up to him. He fears the next elections- one that he fears that he will lose.In his mind, the only way to regain power would be another coup using another legal excuse dreamt up by his AG(that is why he needs his AG. PM for now is still in control of the Army, he knows hoe powerful the Army Commander is,therefore he will ensure that the anyone who sits on that Chair tows his line!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sotia sona levu mai vei iko.....keimami na sotia na to vata kei Bai....

Anonymous said...

Sodelpa ga sa tawase tiko mai......ne dua ga vei ratou me kabati Ro Teimumu

Anonymous said...

He is involved in a large scale scam. The matter concerning his endeavours have been reported to the Police.

Anonymous said...