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Friday, August 7, 2015

Key player behind Bainimarama money making excursion to Canada named

The man believed to be responsible for getting Frank
Netani Gucake (left) in Fiji in June.
Bainimarama to Canada is Netani Gucake, who worked for the Fiji Sun in the 80s and 90s.

Gucake is now working for the church and the organisation Alpha International, a Christian based group that donated a container load of soup packets to the Fiji Corrections Services recently.

Sources say Gucake is the prime mover behind Bainimarama's week-long trip, rallying business and community.

They also he roped in one Bobby Naicker, who paid all flight and hotel expenses for Bainimarama and wife, Mary.

Netani Gucake is understood to have been behind the of recruiting of Fijian students to attend a College in Canada, with one source claiming he got a 'huge cut from the College while charging students consulting fees as well'.

Bainimarama will be attending at least six to eight events in Canada, with tickets ranging from $25 to $350 per person.

Last night local Canada time he attended a dinner at the home of one Peter Raju, where $250 tickets were the going rate.

The isa lei lunch at cost of $125 per person in Surrey is to be held tonight local time and people are paying $50 to get in.

Tomorrow, during the day he is attending an open air meeting where former Fijians have been charged large sums to put up tents and stalls.

Saturday afternoon and night has been reserved for Fiji Muslims and the Muslim supporters of Bainimarama led by one Mr Yasin are coughing up handsomely to meet with him.

On Sunday Bainimarama will be officially cutting the ribbon of a real estate office and attending a luncheon in a parking lot. The cost is $35 per person.

Several readers have written to Coup 4.5 asking "So who is collecting all the money and where are the profits going?"

The Fiji Sun has today run a story saying Bainimarama has invited Fijians in Canada to invest back home saying, "You deserve the opportunities Fiji now offers" and promising "peace and prosperity."

The same story mentions Peter Raju describing him as a Fijian businessman from the Canadian Duty Free Distributors in Richmond, BC.


  1. Hahaha Peace and Prosperity ???

    Fiji now has its highest rate of suicide EVER under any government, since Bainimarama took over.
    Highest rate of Child Molestations.
    Highest rate of Domestic Violence
    Highest rate of Murder.
    Last year alone 400 babies died of malnutrition in Fiji. Highest rate ever.

    Peace and Prosperity in Fiji ! You must be farking dreaming. For most of the population ITS A FARKING NIGHTMARE!

    Typical Bainimarama CON JOB.
    The mouth says one thing but the reality is so farked up. Only stupid people will fall for this one.


  2. Yes, a major con job by Khaiyum whose Master minding all show by paying Indos abroad to set this show & invites Bhai&Wife to feel like
    something to go abroad while Khaiyum takes on the Prime Minister post
    and makes changes & moves stuff while the dummies are out of the way?
    Excellent time for Mosese Vutulaki-itoga to getup some guts and overpower this assoles? Mosese, you're an idiot if you don't act when
    required? Qalailo(or 2ic) you're just as stupid?

  3. excuse me, but Canada is a huge country and where is at is a Province
    of British Columbia and I'm surprised that the Canadian Federal Government allows this assole to set foot on Canadian soil? I'm even
    surprised that the British Columbia provincial premier was not consulted of this thugs entry into his province? Bhai should be banned
    from entering any democratic states-as far as I'm concern until the
    Government of Fiji adhered to International democratic principle?

    1. Banned? Not sure what planet you're in mate but the last time I checked Bainimarama was elected fair and square. I suggest you take your issue or issues to the Canadian Govt or wait till the next election for your next round of voting, asssshole!

  4. Has anyone reported the number of bodyguards that went with him? That is a waste of tp's funds. The Canadian tour is financed from outside and not our money and with a sovereign leader on that turf all expenses will be forked out by them not Fiji.
    If the PM is inviting foreign investors to come to a free Fiji then why is he surrounding himself with armed bodyguards? That alone is a message that Fiji is still not safe because its' PM is still scared for his life.. Not a good publicity for luring investors in.
    I think it's time to open up an armed dealers business in Fiji and start issuing out licenses to those interested. Government should allow this on economical reason and for people's safety and protection. Perhaps it will provide a room for someone to think twice if he/she wants to rob and vandalize, terrorise or carry out a Rambo style act on citizens. Serves as a reminder for any idiot up in camp that they're not the only custodian of arms in this country.
    And my take on Tikoitoga, thumbs up to him, for stepping down and took responsibility for his actions. If he can do this why is the greatest thug of all Bainimarama still roaming free and denied responsibility for his 2006 actions and after. Thumbs up to Tikoitoga for not roping himself with criminals Rabuka and Frank to carry out another coup. My advice to Tikoitoga is to build and repair his reputation and relationships with loved ones. He is accountable up there. This is a free world full of opportunities. Move on .

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Your choice of words and racial overtones is indicative of the shallowness of your mental capacity to illustrate your distaste of the mentioned person and his religious beliefs in a more constructive and educated manner, Mr US (Ulukau Sonalevu).

    2. Your choice of words and racial overtones is indicative of the shallowness of your mental capacity to illustrate your distaste of the mentioned person and his religious beliefs in a more constructive and educated manner, Mr US (Ulukau Sonalevu).

  6. @4:37 AM
    You can't rebuild a reputation.
    For too long Fijians have been keen on forgiving everything easily. As a result, no misbehavior, no robbery, no coup, no crime can be too big. It is the greatest weakness in Fijian culture.

    It has to stop.

    Politicians, businessmen and religious leaders have to understand that their reckon day has come.
    You can all start counting your days!!! We will catch you where you won't be expecting us. You can start watching your back next time you book a kalavo...
    We will gather the resources to catch you up and we will show no mercy. Our website will never forget you. Never.

    Agent 006

    1. Awww C'mon! Grow up and get a life will ya!!! Idle threats. Grow some balls and contribute something constructive and positive, Agent Boci!!!

    2. Agent 006
      I'm anon 4.37
      Your can't rebuild reputation but you can repair it.
      How's the "caught on camera project "going on. ? Did you started work on it?
      Agent 007

  7. Watched fijipearls get mauled by Wales. Alesi waqa was most disappointing. It looks as this renown slut had a hard fuck the previous night as she kept on massaging her ass every now and then. Fucking bitch can take it hard but can't play hard.

  8. Frank and Mary were invited to Canada by former FJ residents. The taxpayers and of the govt did not pay for their travel. Now, the residents of Canada are charged to meet up with the Prime Minister who is there on a private visit. It's obvious he's on a private visit as a cconsequence of fares being paid for by a private citizen. So who are we to judge the guy for charging people to meet him. Hello? Speakers and VIPs all over the world do that!!! For goodness sake! Let's stop with these childish accusations! Now he did not hoodwink our former Fiji citizens in Canada like Chaudary did in India for money. If he conducted any official business on behalf of the Fiji Govt then we should be happy to say the least, saving us taxpayers of paying for his travel. It's simple if he's on a private visit and people wanna meet him it's his prerogative to charge a fee. If people complain then don't meet him! Just watch him on telly. It's about bloody time we got our heads out of our asses and just move on with life, instead of whinging on a daily basis!

  9. Former Fiji Sevens player Sakenasa Aca was racially abused in NZ recently. My sympathies go to his family. Many in Fiji suffer the same fate. People who racially abuse another should remember that we are all humans first before a Fijian, Indian, Rotuman, Chinese, European, Christian, Muslim, Hindu etc. learn to love and respect the human race and religion before loving and respecting any other man-made race or religion.

    1. Very true and well said! Thank you!

  10. We heard last night that a mosque is being constructed inside the new airport at Nadi. Is this true?

  11. Satan Ilaitia Nalawa complained to the judge of being assaulted by police officers upon his arrests. I hope that this is 100% true. This guy deserves a hot long rod up his arse on a daily basis till he lives. His penis should be detached and put in his arse. Courts should show no mercy to such cruel animals who are classed as a human. Rot in hell you pathetic satan.

  12. Anon 11:22am, yes it's true. The mosque wil be used to give burkafuck to all Muslim sluts that enter and depart from this country starting with nur bano Ali and nazhat shameem. There is also a training room to teach Muslim sluts on how to get fucked the European way. All with the compliments of airse sayed-kaiyum and his left polo faiyaz Koya.

  13. @anon11:45am, is Rosie Akbar included in the list. If yes, I would definately apply for membership in this club. She has already tasted Muslim and hindo banana and I would like to give her a feel of the Fijian one. Push Tailevu Push.

  14. Xavier Khan self appointed executive chair runs between Suva and nadi daily with a weekly expense of 2000 trying to manage his pharmacy and bisecurity at the same time board member AFL and chairing the free medicine whilst trying to justify his 85000 salary with Biosecurity.
    Case against biosecurity female officer causing the death of her son should require his resignation from BAF. His PR with Agriculture and SPC and PHAMA and all importer's and exporters is at a all time low due to his arrogance. He like khaiyum think that govt belongs to their father. Your days are numbered

  15. @Agent 007

    Repair it? There is no room for that with $exTapO.
    We are there to punish. We will bring a lasting shame on those who have deceived us. Forever.
    The time for cheap forgiveness is over. Sa oti na matanigasau.

    This project will take a bit of time to set up, as you can imagine.
    We will need a website, which is not a big deal. But then we will need a small team of independent agents willing to have some fun. I have quite a few ideas and targets already in my book. What is really funny is that MPs, businessmen and religious leaders are already involved in immoral acts, so it won't be a big deal to catch up a few fish to start our project. They won't see us coming... :)

    Of course there is some element of risk. Agents shall remain independent and set up their own plans and strategies. there will be a section on our site to share advices on how to go about it.

    I already know some spots where businessmen go. For exemple, there is that hostel (Sunview) in Martintar which has some korean verses on the walls but where SUV with old Indian businessmen go for 10-minute "naps" and they have a special rate! All we need to set up for a great sex Gestapo is a platform where we share all our information. Let's have a bit of fun!!!

    Each agent will collect some points for each fish according to the level of difficulty Small businessmen, big businessmen, religious leaders, policitians, soldiers will all have their own reward. At the end of the year, the winner shall be rewarded in some way.

    Agent 006

  16. @Anonymous 11:45 AM

    Is your life so empty that you have nothing better to do than demonstrate to all how sad and pathetic you are.

    Just why is it that you feel so inferior to others, writing as you do does not get you any sympathy?

  17. @Anonymous 1:46 PM

    With the amount of time you spend writing about what you and others will do it's unlikely that any results will ever be seen.

    Less talk and more action girl !

  18. This Baini marama is a sona levu,,,,,why keep on inviting these shits from overseas when his boci govt should help locals set up businesses ....
    why have all the indig businesses disappeared under the bai boci govt?

  19. @Anonymous 4:03 PM

    'why have all the indig businesses disappeared under the bai boci govt?'

    Because of the way they were run

  20. Anon 4:03pm, these same shit foreign investors and former Fiji nationals are financing the freebies that are given to the lazy shits in Fiji to start up or expand their business.

  21. Fijipearls has lost the second game today against Uganda. Again, superslut Alesi waqa performed below par. Too much fucking going on Alesi. Time to save what is left of that big cunt and huge ass.

  22. 4:03 PM
    Just take a walk around Fiji and pick an iTaukei family randomly. Give them say 2000$ to do a farming project (let's take something simple) This is what will happen:500$ will be wasted in cigarettes, alcohol, kava. 500$ given to a friend probably of Indian descent to do the actual farming and 1000$ lost in kerekeres, recharge cards, etc. Half the crop will eventually get stolen, of course. The iTaukei will lose interest and back to kerekere. This is the sad reality.

    as of 2015, most iTaukeis can't run a business. lack of discipline and integrity.
    Time to wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Remember what Rabuka did when he took power?????????? he gave plenty money to iTaukei. That lead to the collapse of NBF!!!!!!!

    O iko ulukau.

  23. Millions for Muslims in govt contracts and 1000 for Fijians such as SME to cover the 100 million missing funds and FSC losses, etc. Its also not about Fijian s not knowing how to run a business but the fear of Fijians getting to know and Muslims loosing out. That is why Mahogany is licensed, Fijians don't get 51% share from investors because FTIB is controlled by Muslims under Khaiyum and Muslims are given first opportunities. Fijians are not mad but are described to be by Muslims so that they think we cannot. Cannot wait for the change

  24. it's not difficult to run a simple business.
    you just need to wake up in the morning though.

  25. Any anyone verify if Kahyum is building a mosque inside the Nadi Airport? We hear that he has also agreed to sell the airport to Qatar Airways. We need facts. Today this will again be discussed after the service.

  26. All this talk of a mosque being built in the airport. Its is amazing what the useless mind can imagine up. All airports around the world have a small prayer room which is open for all. This is most likely the case in Nadi as well as we never had this international norm before. People get a life.


  27. @6.15
    The difference is Fijians wake up in their own homeland they are not foreigners and the crux of the matter we can even survive without investors. We been made to believe to work hard and all the bullshit for what. The story of the two village life contaminated with development only to have our resources exploited, permit to meet,license to this and that what the fuck. Whovare you guys to come and tell us how to live our lives and when to wake up mother fuckers.Development to use our natural smile and kind heartedness exploited by the hotel industry. Resources turned into money for Muslims and moneyvtaken overseas. Cannot wait for the change


  29. Biosecurity Export Ban To NZ.
    Mr Khaiyum again is responsible for the suffering of many poor farmers because Biosecurity comes under public enterprise Mohammed Sameem and Biosecurity run by Xavier Khan Mr Khaiyum cousin and legally advised by one Faizal Haniiff. So Bisecurity is muslimised and when it gets to deal with imports or exports they are in control. Issuing of business license, permits, and with Xavier Khan they control the pharmacy in Fiji.
    This is just tip of the iceberg.
    Mr khaiyum thinks that the what NZ did was uncalled for. Facts. Mr kaiyum Biosecurity is science and not lies. You can use your lies in Fiji but don't use it on the farmers because now they suffer the consequence of your lies.When science says that you treat 20 degrees it means it because scientifically it is proven to kill fruitflies at 20 degrees. And the good thing with Biosecurity decision is that it has to be backed up by facts. Ha ha...when the readings from the treatment plant reads 17 degree lies don't work in biosecurity like you do a lot in parliament. If Parliament had such machine's to measure your lies. They would need to calibrate the machine every day because your lies be over the maximum calibration measurement of the machine. They are protecting their billion dollar agriculture exports and that is the significance of their decision. Its not 3 cents short that you can pay later, its 3 degrees short which cannot be rectified. The importance of Biosecurity and your short sighted just shows in how you have kept your cousin Xavier khan at the helm of control undermining security of Fiji. I can imagine for this matter the threat for Fiji with the decisions been made for import. Its fair to say Biosecurity is a threat to the nation. Last week Biosecurity was involved in drugs import through Nadi..
    Ask NZ for their interception report from Fiji.
    How many occasions has NZ warned Fiji and even came down to so audits.
    What is the status of Xavier Khan as the contact point who knows nothing about Biosecurity. Contact persons for Biosecurity are qualified specialist such as Dr. Visoni whom NZ and Aust recognised over the over qualified gay Xavier khan of Medisure. They should xray his ass I think there is some cassava stick still stuck up his ass.

  30. @9:37 am

    I don't dispute your point.
    But the reality is that the youth (I am talking about the i-Taukei youth) don't want to live in the village anymore. No more church, no more talatala etc... only marijuana, sex and beer. I challenge you to go to Suva and ask an iTaukei lying half dead in the street on Sunday morning (Saturday is a hard night ) to go back to the village... they will laugh at your face. they don't even know how to plant the most lazy crop like cassava.

    Fijians want all the benefits of modern world, without the shit of the past, without sweating....
    it's impossible. that's the bottom of the a story.

    you have to wake up in the morning if you want a life, Otherwise chinese will come in and you will serve them. Indians and whites are pissed off and are moving out. Good luck.

  31. @9:37 Am
    "natural smile " and "kind heartedness" = best strategy to con people.
    vanua liumuri

    only tourists can believe that.

  32. @Anonymous 11:43 AM

    It's too easy to just look at a very small minority and assume all are the same.

  33. @Anonymous 10:44 AM

    So you didn't get the job you applied for, look in the mirror and you'll see the reason why.

    Accept it and move on girl.

  34. Very interesting to see that military bully tactics are being taught to cadets at government run schools. Don't just expel them, throw their ass in jail.

  35. @10.44
    I am a frustrated exporter who have no other avenue to voice my frustration. So I am putting my mouth where my money is

  36. Voreqe Bainimarama PM of Fiji, "STOP degrading your children with demeaning words, says Health Minister Jone Usamate.

    Thank you Jone for teaching the asshole some manners.








  41. full of shit frankie apologising to indians from 1987 and 2000 too late the indians have moved on and made new sucessful lives in new countries

    the curly haired fijians are suffering the biggest impact and going no where

    the indians are not coming back to fiji to give them a hand up so that they can laze around in the village and play touch rugby and volley ball

    the native fijians need to start working- plant food and raise livestock to feed your families or get real smart and do some IT stuff

    forget the PR stuff Frank never will the indians be fooled again or made second class citizens for the benefit of the i taukei or kabitis

  42. @Anonymous 4:56 PM

    So you want more help, why?

    Fiji gets outside help in and you all jump up and down moaning and tell the world you have expertise here and why should you give work to foreigners.

    Make your minds up, help costs.

  43. @5:06pm The itaukei's are still being victimised by the archaic land laws and traditions. As far as economic progress is concerned itaukei's have their hands tied. It is about time to unleash the potential within rather than spoon feeding people to their death

  44. The itaukeis do well outside of their country...they are dead in their homeland because of the restrictive nature of the law which govern their rights. Everything is performed collectively so it is hard to find individuals who will thrive in a society where the majority rules. And the majority are the losers

  45. Its a no-brainer that Fijians thrive well abroad in contrast to home where restrictions are high, especially the law itself.

    Frankie himself apologizing to the FBI's for doing them wrong when he seems to have forgotten about the pleasures of dictatorial rule that he's enjoying right now.

    If it wasn't for AK-47 himself, Frankie would be nothing at all.

  46. Man doesn't need much to live well.
    A small garden and some books.

    Itaukeis would gain a lot by reading more.
    Get rid of the TV, buy books.

    Knowledge is freedom.
    Tradition is keeping iTaukeis behind and it partly explains urban drift.

    If I was in government, I would bring together experts from different fields and set up experimental public enterprises.
    We all know that in the short term, iTaukeis won't start businesses in places like Kadavu or Moala.
    But if the government set up - say a bee farm business - in an outer island and post a public servant (just like teachers are posted) to look after the business ($$$ wise, planning, admin) then maybe it could work. It would create job for graduates in agriculture and management, and provide jobs for villagers.

    We need to understand that iTaukeis are not really interested in strict schedules as they have "their own lives" too and they want a pay check every Thursday or so... Patience is nonexistent...

    Fiji should turn its countryside into some sort of collective enterprise. It may sound like communism, but I would look at it more as a pragmatic solution to bring the countryside into modernity. Development won't happen from communities, nor will outsiders be the solution.

    Have a team of experts for each crop going from island to island as the needs arise.
    Only problem might be theft, as always...but then some villages could be left aside if the people are too lazy.

    That trip to Canada is a waste of time. Find solutions in Fiji.

  47. Latest news is that people from RA have been arrested on sedation charges, these idiots, why couldnt they train in the shadows, they got caught, I am tarting to believe that I-Taukei are useless, they will never be successful in saving this country, at the end of the say, they will live under Khaiyum and Islamic rule. Such a shame.

  48. Now time has come that bainimarama is now turning against his own clan. All to save his back. Its rather unfortunate. I was afraid of this day and here it is.

  49. Apology to the FBI?? Apology to the Indians???
    What's going on here? He(Rabuka) did the same thing in 2012. What are the international community and the FBI think of our leaders??
    Frank like Rabuka hold the country, not only the Indians but everyone with the point of a gun, twice . Rabuka carried out the first coup in 1987 and again in 1990.
    Frank did the same thing in 2000 and 2006. The difference is he (Frank) carried out the 2000 coup through George Speight and he has to come clean on that. The work of a cunning and sly individual.
    We can only be fooled once. ..Ocei o vakaisine? ??
    The word that express this type of individual is hypocrite. Yes Rabuka and Frank are hypocrites. That's how the FBI, the international community and citizens of Fiji view Fijis leaders from now on because it doesn't matter whoever carries out a coup can apologize later to everyone.
    As citizens of our beloved Fiji, lets work hard to raise our family, be responsible individuals, support one another and love our neighbor. We shouldn't be relying totally to what the government is promising each day. President Reagan famous word..".Government is not the solution, Government is the problem"



  50. WHole of Fiji should vouch to support the person who gets rid of baini and khaiyum. Just get rid of baini and khaiyum, whole of fiji is behind you.


  51. Under baininmaramas government, we have murderers and rapists and kama sutra specialists running Fiji. What a joke.

    Latest is one MP, Sudhakar has been accused of raping a lady. She is seeking assistance from Fiji-leaks to help her.What has Fijji come to, the legal system is so blind and corrupted that the lady had to reach out to social media. Damn. This is new Fiji, today it was that lady, tomorrow it will be our daughters. There will be no recourse to brong justice to the culprit. What a shame.

  52. I don't understand why Bai needs to apologise for the wrongs of others. This is another of his "I am guilty" verdict. He just keeps declaring his mistakes (which he claims were a necessity) without thinking. This is a man who cannot differentiate right from wrong. A man who has lost the confidence of his own people...he knows it!

  53. @8:24 Am

    don't worry about your iTaukei friends, they have got a good Non-iTaukei lawyer... :p. Only in Fiji.


  54. Fiji already had a problem of separatism in the Western Division dating back to the 90s.
    It is the first time that a group from the northern part of Viti Levu is trying to do the same.
    I wonder what their currency would be, where the capital would be located and of course which flag they would adopt.

  55. Yes Serupepeli. You're right he is a big hypocrite. To the public and the media he pictured himself as a saviour of the people but to his pool of grog/liquor and party friends he is a clown. Just listen to his jokes amongst his closest party friends. You wouldn't expect what you're hearing from a PM.
    Hypocrite! !

  56. Reported by Asslicking Maika Bolatiki in Fiji Sun: The Republic of the Fiji Military Forces now has a special unit to provide security for international civilian staff in dangerous peacekeeping areas. They are operating in increasingly risky areas of Sinai and Iraq and are certified by the Americans and United Nations.

    So how will they protect them, drop their guns and pants and bend over to the enemy so that the people they protecting can escape??? hahahahehehehawhaw. Kua mada na self promote tiko and looking for reasons to heap bullshit medals on your chests. Ni yavu cici levu kana loto vakaoti tax. Fiji Army the most lamusona army in the world and they are proud to prove that last year.

  57. One thing George Speight successfully done, is the exposing of how Fiji's military and politicians are riddled with corruption. Yes, the man committed treason, kidnapping, false imprisonment and so forth, but he was committed with full dedication on bringing about a revolution that would prosper the indigenous. He had clear objectives and I assume exposing the hidden shadows behind the scenes was his main intentions. The events of May 19th was obviously planned and probably he was ready to sacrifice himself for the nation even to the point of facing the death penalty.

  58. Bai's economic plans for the future will only benefit a few - the rich and the very needy who will forever be grateful for his spoon-feeding frenzy. Fiji has lost its middle class , the backbone of the economy.. the only way he will fix the problem is to " apologise"...apologise for what?..Bai's macho days are over.. a new era has dawned..an era of reflection and regret

  59. @7:13PM
    How naive! A failed businessman as a champion of transparency and integrity?
    Why not Bainimarama...

    Everybody wants to expose their predecessors' corruption when they overthrow (or even just replace) a previous government. The challenge afterwards is to hide one's cracks...

    I have witnessed first-hand cases of corruption from Bainimarama. Abuses of office too.
    Let's not be naive and think the next PM will be any cleaner. And what about you actually, readers?

  60. @7:38 Bainimarama apologises to former Fiji citizens


    "He says we also want to reflect as a nation who we are now, rather than who we are at Independence, by adopting a new flag.

    Bainimarama says we have to replace some of the colonial symbols on our existing “noble banner blue” with a symbol or symbols more relevant to Fijians today."

    A new flag is the best way to show sincerity in the process of apologizing, of course... It all makes sense.
    I don't think Bainimarama, and the people more generally, have got a clue about what symbolism is all about.

    What a circus the whole process has become... can't wait to see the next chapter!
    I wonder how Bainimarama will apologise to the chiefs of Fiji!

  61. Bula guys!

    I am very much into gossiping and all that kind of things.

    Here is what was published in Fiji a year ago: https://fdnblog.wordpress.com/2014/07/07/the-way-of-the-fiji-fist-party/
    I note that the two links of the Fiji Times in the article have been suppressed. I suppose the Military couldn't tolerate them.

    Anyone knows what happened to the couple? that spicy story about another domestic violence case seems to have been somewhat forcefull forgotten.

    What a beautiful lady kicking the drunk man... :p

  62. Frank is the Rigged PM. He is invited because he is PM not as Frank. So it is to everyone's interest to know, what he does, where he goes, and who is the company he surrounds himself. That should be understood by all.
    People will ask questions- that should be understandable.
    People should ask how is money coming, where it is going, its Frank as PM, not as a private person. So all engagements should be above board - as it is,this Frank needs a life jacket and a bullet proof political vest.

  63. Applause to kaiyum, his DIVIDE AND RULE strategy is working WONDERS!!!oooielee.There is rift among SODELPA, Fiji Sun is exploiting the news.What could be worse,the brainless members of SODELPA dont realise what hit them.

    The educated who are on this platform and know whats happening, plizzz go to villages, talk to the headmen or the members of SODELPA. That it is the trick of Khaiyum, to create rift in SODELPA. This is time to stay STRONG AND STAY UNITED. If they fight and divide, the nation will fall apart and khaiyum WILL WIN. Please, advise and educate..its time to stay united.

  64. No one has even shared a single comment on the subject here. The topic is the guy Netani Gucake who is the focal point of the Canadian trip. I guess he is just an ordinary citizen carrying out his duties honorably to the sovereign head of Fiji and nothing is wrong about it.
    By the way someone has to be responsible for organizing the event and Netani is the right one. I don't see any political influence here. In Canada there's no FF. There's no SODELPA. They all
    celebrate together for their love for Fiji . Its their home. This is the spirit that we lack here at home and only if Frank and Khaiyum could see that and rebuild confidence back to all, we will see this spirit back in Fiji. I'm hoping to participate in a celebration similar to the 1970 independence where everyone had come together in the same spirit to celebrate and took part in our freedom from the British rule.

  65. Who cares about independence day.It will be the day Fiji will be ceded to Muslims and to Islam. Our Hon.Minister Khaiyum and brainless bainimaramA. Who the hell is he or baini o decide on Fiji's flag.It will be sad day for Fiji to see us I-Taukei fighting each other. All because of Khaiyum and baini. They think they can stick. aree, other dictators were not able to stick than who are these two piece shits.

    Its only a matter of time, clock is ticking...hide khaiyum hide...

    1. 11.59am.
      Your belief and perception for an Islamic Fiji will never happen. .the Fijian idiom. ."kunekune na yaloka ni dilio" means it's quite impossible. They're still a minority. They have to wipe the natives out entirely to make it possible.
      On the same note, did you track the whereabouts of Khaiyum when commander Tikoitoga was asked to step down in camp? He was no where to be seen but later caught hiding amongst his own Fijian relatives in Nadroga. By the way Khaiyum has native blood in him. His bubu is pure I taukei and that is why he is carrying out the normal vasu acts. His brother now FBC chief executive used to come with his bubu to my church. Do you know the whole Fijian protocol, culture and tradition? The vasus are very strong and have their say and way which is respected across the taukei community .It's a traditional right. Maybe he's acting that out.
      Col Aziz was left out for Naupoto as acting Commander of the RFMF.
      The 2 examples here is an indication that Islamisation of Fiji is impossible in Fiji. Me kune sara na yaloka ni dilio ena qai rawa......beka.

  66. @11:59 AM

    who the hell is he to decide on Fiji's flag? he is the HONOURABLE prime minister commodore rear admiral interim prime minister of Fiji!!!! isn't that enough for you? Even the vunivalu of Bau didn't have such a long title.


  67. Ignorant people. muslimization has begun, we all know,we all witnessing it. Our culture and rights are beings ripped apart by the duodevil....and our hands are tied..our people have been trying to fight back but have been taken into custody, that should only make us stronger, because, they were caught trying to fight for our rights, the rights of I-Taukei.Their hardwork should not go wasted.....

  68. @Anonymous 11:48 AM

    ""No one has even shared a single comment on the subject here""

    That's because the drama queens and insignificant losers need excitement, lies, rumours and exaggeration to spice their sad lives up.


  69. haha, FFirst supporters trolling this site . Why waste time in the trivial things when our country is going through sooo much....local media only bull shits about everything to make bani khaiyum look like angels..so why cant we discuss things here on this blog..u FFirst supporters go read FijiSun for tailor made news....just perect for you cozyou have turned blind eyed to the realities of Fiji.

  70. Stop all the nonsense, what are you people trying to do. Don't bring any bullsit story unless you have proif.


  71. hMMM, people talking about proof here, go find proof that you are your fathers child than come back and talk about proof here bro.


  72. Anyone with any news on whats happening with the FFirst MP Ashneel Sudhadar.

    It will be interesting to see if the lady went to women crisis centre and what action did they take. It will be real test for FWCC.

  73. The Islamic politicians and any who are holding high office should be credited for what they are and not who they are. I don't think our muslim brothers have an agenda but on the backdrop of current world events it would seem they have one. My only hope that this whole drama is not an act of revenge against the events of the past. Bai has grown to believe in his excuse for his coup, I don't think he longed for genuine change, however he has appeared a champion for change amidst being manipulated by those who are dying to rip the benefits of change, particularly total control of land and its people. The itaukei's are better off handling their land, that is real freedom, for them and others. Land is the ultimate sticking issue in Fijian politics. If nothing has changed, then the Indians should forget calling Fiji home.

  74. The new flag will not change anything until the will to change comes from ordinary citizens. Changes as far as I am concerned remains on the fringes. All the excitement for change is dying away with the "Pide Piper of Hamelin". The country has a skewed view of "the Naked Emperor" and it will take the humble to point out the truth.

  75. @11:19 PM

    about a third of Fiji's population live on a tiny stretch of land of 4 by 15 km we call the Suva-Nausori corridor. In the near future, it will jump to 40%, maybe 50%.
    The 850,000 inhabitants of Fiji could in fact live on a small piece of land only a fraction of the size of Singapore.

    Most of Fiji is now getting empty. The highlands are empty, the outer islands are empty.
    it is somewhat weird that we are still talking about land issues.

    The Indian youth don't want anymore to lease land and work on it. They would be contented by renting or better owning a flat in the capital, working in an air con office like everybody.

    I rather believe that iTaukei should be helped by government in a different way. The government shoud in fact propose and run projects (that is like if it was a communist state...) as the Fijian cultural set up doesn't allow for "modern-style" business to operate.

    I can see civil servants skilled in administration, rural development, agriculture, iTaukei culture (language, etc) going around the country just likes nurses or teachers and actually running the government businesses and creating wages kind of jobs for iTaukei people, who can only spend and give money RIGHT NOW and live like there is no tomorrow.

    We have to get real here. The long term success of Fiji will depend on our capacity to imagine the future and work together. Bainimarama like other leaders are looking after themselves first, and they give peanuts to small entrepreneurs who will simply use their checks for consumption. Do they really hope these kind of candies will change the game? Rabuka did give a lot of money to people around the country and look what happened with the FDB!!!! the management of businesses IS the issue, not "money" or even "land".

    The Fiji government needs brains and people with imagination and a sense of compassion and integrity. Not easy to find.

  76. @11:35 PM
    "The new flag will not change anything until the will to change comes from ordinary citizens."

    true and false, it depends what you mean.

    a flag will never change because of the "will of ordinary citizens". it may sound like a nice thing to say, but in the real world flags change because the government wants them to change. The government IS the will of SOME people. In no particular case would 100% of the people agree on such a sensitive issue.

    it is as easy to find reasons in favour of a change as it is to find reasons against it.
    at the end of the day, it is the "magic" of a flag that will decide. That is why the 23 flags proposed by the "dictatorship" went quickly to the rubbish bin. FF didn't respect the people of Fiji in the first place by denying them the right to actually participate in the process! The whole flag saga was a scam, hence the bitter reaction of almost everybody.

    No mana = no new flag.

    I believe that a great flag can actually be a nice way to push for a change of mind in the country... but a great flag is not what we have seen so far.

  77. 16 more in court on sedition charge

    Coup 4.5 should investigate.

  78. I bet ya that if these 16 alleged rebels raided the army base in Suva, all the bloody lamusonas will run for their lives across the cassava patch like their dumbass Bainimarama.

  79. @12:36 PM

    IF they raided the army base.
    There is always a IF hidden somewhere in FIji.

    Maybe it was not the will of god.

  80. It's a media frenzy!! They are making money out of such fiesco! Is it true?

    The rebels of Ra. Who are they rebellled against? The government? or the vanua? .Two very delegate and sensitive institutions are treaded upon here. Let's talk facts so that we are all aware of the motives behind this group. Government is doing the right thing by putting people to task if law is violated. That is the job of any govt whether it's good or corrupt. If the intention of the group is to create a new state, then voice their concern through their parliamentarian representatives and municipal representatives. We have an institution in place to handle it. Government is that institution. Follow the legal channel.
    If the intention of the group is to create its own vanua from the 2 ( Kubuna and Burebasaga) then the BLV must be called back and reconvened to deal with the issue. It's the jurisdictions of the Vunivalu of Bau and the chiefs of Kubuna plus the Roko Tui Dreketi and the chiefs of Burebasaga. The rebels with their respective headmen basically fall under the two jurisdictions. The issue is very sensitive and if not handled properly can spark something big in future.
    History had told us of the civil war in the US during Abraham Lincolns' presidency. Thousands of lives were lost on both sides ( north and south)Blood had to be shed to give birth to the newer states.
    As posted by anon 12.36am..Charging the 16 for sedition only patches up the surface of an ongoing and unwrapped issue. Problem still unresolved!!

  81. Mr Vili Rakoro,
    You know a lot about the issue that 3.15pm is commenting on. Since you work at Berkeley crescent what's your take on this.


  82. Well heres roundup of everything happening in Fiji, the citizens are disappointed with the government of the day, LAMU bainimarama thought he could run Fiji like military barracks, it clearly backfired.

    Truth is that is this was Pakistan and one Fijian-I-Taulei was calling shots like Khaiyum is, and uprooting and destroying the culture, heritage of the country and doing all the bloody things that khaiyum is doing.....hell, he would have been tortured to death by now.Not only him but his entire family. Including traitors who supported him.

    Its such a shame that Fiji is lacking that drive and the young men who stood up have been caught and will be put in prison.

    I feel that others should rise and completed what our young men started in west,otherwise their sacrifice will go to waste. Instead of training just aim to put down baini and khaiyum like dogs, that should be suffice. Even the military is divided and they will support
    whoever brings down the two devils.

    BTW, if Fiji First had landslide support as claimed by them, than there shouldn't have been any upraising we are witnessing.

  83. I am glad we have an alternative news blog site. The one many were talking about that comes out from London has now fallen to carrying useless chats from two lovers, while we see big developments in Fiji like the Ra-19. What did someone say? emperor fiddled while Rome burned?

  84. PRE-ELECTION, it was "consultation","consultation", "consultation", POST-ELECTION, it was"we were robbed" "it was daylight robbery" then came "no comment" "no comment" then "I don't read the Fiji Sun" then "Sodelpa management?who are they?" "all I know is the inner circle","I am the leader,I am the boss" "what I say goes"

    1. Riiiiiiiing! Riiiiiiiing! Riiiiiiiing! Riiiiiiiing! Riiiiiiiing! Riiiiiiiing! Riiiiiiiing! Riiiiiiiing!
      This is the office of the Government in Chief with a big "T" his excellency the honorable the Prime minister of Fiji the commodore brigadier general field Marshall Vorenk Bainimarama. His excellency is not able to take any calls now. Please leave your name, address, your phone number and a short detailed message for your intended call. His royal highness will , maybe, not sure, if necessary, if seen fit, return your call. Thank you and have a good day.

      "If you here the beeping tone, please press the pound key or simply hang up. Piss off!

  85. How come Fiji Sun doesn't say yet that Bollywood Actress Sunny Leone is a Pornstar? Something smelly fishy from Fiji Sun....Google "Sunny Leone" and watch her blue movies. I did not know that PornStar is okay to visit shore of fiji and talks to young Indian girls....

  86. 9.20am . Yes I raised this up in one of our earlier blogs sometime back in May or Jun about the Bollywood porn star planned visit to Fiji. Some bloggers here had fully supported this visit.
    Agent 006, can you reflect on this visit and give us your thoughts since you're trying to expose immorality within the leadership circle through your $ex tapO program. And she's found with our young Indian girls?? So sad. What message is she conveying? Why is she here and who invited her?
    Why didn't Fiji Sun reveal the truth about her in its reporting?


  87. Bainimarama said that he will crush anyone who tries to rebel, he doesn't care if its I-Taukei, his own blood, I don't know why people just hate KHAIYUM AND NOT this piece of shit.I think that I-Takei are cowards, they cannot stand for their rights. Just pure cowards, if this country was India or Pakistan, the natives would fight tooth and nail for the freedom of their country and their rights.

    Nuf said.This country is under permanent dictatorship.

  88. @10:15 AM

    The Bainimarama government has been welcoming Asian prostitutes for a long time.
    One has only to visit the Department of Immigration so see how many young Chinese "students" wearing short skirts are applying for permits. They are often accompanied by much older men, of course. And on the walls, there are posters about...human trafficking.

    The reason for importing Chinese prostitutes and porn stars if officially to decrease the level of rape, incest, etc going on. Local men need an alternative. It shows that the whole society is actually DUKA, DUKA, DUKA!

    The mission of the $exTapO will be to catch those MPs and businessmen using the services of prostitutes. Our aim is to destroy them. We will probably have to think about using some false prostitutes as secret agents at some point.

    Fiji medias will become interesting at last...

    Agent 006

  89. @Agent006 12:41 PM

    Still too much talk from you girl and nothing to show.

  90. @1:31 PM
    Fiji Time sista.

    Agent 006

  91. Agent 006
    You're pulling in the Chinese prostitutes to downplay the Bollywood porn stars' visit. The two are basically 1 but in 2 different forms.
    You're saying that prostitution is the solution to incest, rape, etc. An alternative as you said for local men. How do you see it from the eyes of a husband and wife raising their children(daughter's and sons)
    to be good and honorable citizens. The popular Bollywood pornstar and your supposedly Chinese prostitutes do have one thing in common. They both immoralise and nudify their bodies for a living. This is immorality which Fiji needs to wipe out. How can we tackle immorality when pornography, prostitution, porn stars visitation , etc are not restricted. Government must be blamed for its leniency on this law. The rise of sexual crime is the failure of the govt to address it.

  92. You think this is bad? Did you know about a certain GAY general manager in Fiji Airways that has recruited his partner to work for the airline. this gm attacks us ATS people at the airport and talks about respect but he rapes the system with prejudice and nepotism. his pimp is always on the phone while on duty and one wonders what exactly he does. his pimp has even told a few of us that he is going away to eurpoe soon. just start and go on leave must be screwing the boss for this type of favor right. one of my mates told me that this gm went with his pimp and parents to one hotel in suva and stayed for free. not to sure how this is able to be done but soon someone will find out. MAybe someone in the GPH can confirm this? i understand this guy even swore at our ats managers during a meeting. how disgraceful of fiji airways to allow such actions to go unpunished

  93. Mai Lodoni Mai.......

    1. OB...what a sweet victory!! After 10 years of drought, the old cup is finally back home...noqu koronivuli uasivi mo ni rogoca na lewei Viti. Mudre ni cagi edau kenai divi. Kabu yawa na delai Moturiki. Delainakaikai cere sara.Ovalau e votu e yasana. Vaka loloma ni dau kida na mataka. Ka ni rai yawa tu ki wasawasa.
      Vinaka team 2015!! for restoring our lost glory.
      From the deep plains of the Mid West, US , I celebrate with you with my heart and spirit.

  94. "How can we tackle immorality when pornography, prostitution, porn stars visitation , etc are not restricted. Government must be blamed for its leniency on this law. The rise of sexual crime is the failure of the govt to address it...." THANKS ABOVE WRITER. I COMMENT YOU.FROM THIS GOVERNMENT POLICY ALLOWING PORN-STAR VISITING OUR SHORE AND OFTEN SPEAK TO YOUNG INDIAN GIRLS, AND RESTRICTING DR NARSEY AND WIFE, A LAW ABIDING CITIZENS WHO PAID TAXES?????

  95. @Anonymous 6:51 PM

    You say the rise of sexual crime is due to the failure of the govt to address it.

    This government and previous governments have had laws in place that make all these sexual crimes illegal and even if you ignore the laws these acts are against the teachings of the main religions.

    So just how do you suggest they solve the problem, deterrents have not worked?

  96. @Anonymous 7:03 PM

    Hey, do you know what a pimp is?


  97. I was talking to a friend who mentioned the recent signs of uprising in Fiji, he mentioned that many are disassociating themselves with Fiji first bcoz they have come to realize that what our PM AND his advisor khaiyum are doing is not settling well with the citizens of this country and they don't want to be caught in the middle of the rift especially in case there is another coup, they know they will be targeted and face the consequence of supporting these two individuals.

    The rumor is that all businesses that support Fiji First will be damaged and face turmoil by rebels. People think that no matter how much our PM talks about crushing the rebels, he wont be able to do anything when he is caught by the rebels.

  98. Anon 7.24pm
    Scroll up to Anon 11.01am, Aug 12.
    Last line reads. .President Reagans' word" Govt is not the solution , govt is the problem"
    Govt is made up of representatives chosen by the people to lead and run the country, provide security,create policies and laws and protect them, etc. They are paid to carry out their responsibilities viz a viz and be good role models.
    They had failed to address this because they are the ones breaking the law. Double standards in dealing with issues tell us of the type of government we have. Its becoming a norm. Who else can we trust?
    You ask me to come up with a solution is 1 question too many. I thought small advocacy groups in the country would help but human rights is so strong that anyone is free to do whatever he/she wants. A prostitute and a pornstar are both protected under the declaration of human rights. It's covered in our Constitution. That's why government must be blamed.
    Religion is doing its part and continue to inform people who are willing to live a godly life. They had achieved in this area.
    Governments of the past had always look up to religion to shape and instill true values, dignity and respect to everyone. Our government today is nonetheless turning the other way.

  99. @Anonymous 7:42 PM

    The last place you should look these days to instil true values is in religion.

    Unless you are one of the sheep with no mind of your own or who someone that considers one sentence stated by one of the worst US presidents of some value.

    1. Anon 8.59am
      You mentioned the last place to instill true values is religion. Ok ..the answer that Ive been searching for is here. What is the place ?
      Secondly your comment on one of the worst us president. US citizens are praying for another leader like him (Reagan ) He is rated with the powerhouse.. Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln.

  100. If Fiji is rated one of the top 10 contenders for the highest viewing porn interests in the world then don't you all think that FIJI deserves a symbolic "queen" of the highest Evil to visit this country and CORRUPT the innocent and further feed the masses here with the FILTH & IMMORALITY they crave for?

    There are popular drug addicts out there who are pushing for Fiji to become a haven for such addiction and there are those like Sunny Leone who through Miss Loretta Ragg's untiring promotional efforts is in Fiji to prove how popular a PORN STAR can be to the world regardless of the Adult-Rated crap that she makes her living on.

    So TRASH is made welcome???

    "SUNNY LEONE was voted number 13 (up from number 41 in 2007[63]) on Genesis magazine's "Top 100 Porn stars" list, number 34 on Desiclubs.com's Top 50 Coolest Desis of 2004, and one of the "40 under 40" ranking on AVN Online magazine. In 2010, she was named by Maxim as one of the 12 top female stars in porn. She was voted number 82 in the Top 99 Women for 2012 in AskMen.com's list.

    An FIR has been filed against her in May 2015 after a woman at Mumbai, India complained that the Adult- Film-turned Bolloywood Star is destroying the Indian culture.Thane police at Ramnagar have booked her for sections 292, 292A, 294 which could land her into jail, fine or both. Senior police inspector JK Sawant from the cell said, "We are trying to contact the website's operator to get relevant details. We cannot block the website, but will ask the operator to remove objectionable content."

    1. Anon 9.03am
      Mind boggling indeed!
      Something for our govt to take cue from in curbing pornography. Ramnagar is leading the role where big govts are not.
      I welcome this initiative to be carried out here.
      Thanks for updating us.
      Thumbs Up .

  101. "Each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed. Then, when desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full grown, brings forth death. Do not be deceived, my beloved brethren. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from The Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning. (James 1:14–17)"

    As with Adam and Eve’s temptation, Satan subtly disguises his distortion of God’s plan for human sexuality. For one thing, pornography can be hard to define. Some of it is perfectly acceptable within today’s society (although that doesn’t make it right according to biblical standards). For example, think about what you watched on TV last night. Were there any images that introduced an outside person(s) into erotic thoughts (where only your spouse should be)? What about the billboard along the highway? Were there any images in the catalog you received that caused you to think about another person (not your spouse) lustfully?

    Once a person becomes acclimatized to this type of “acceptable” pornography, it’s an easy step to the next level. Thanks to the Internet, hard-core pornography is readily available within the privacy of a home at little cost, effort, or chance of detection.

    Pornography is a SIN designed to draw people away from God, entrapping them in the slavery of their own desires. Over time, pornography will become addictive and intensify, drawing its victims into deeper and darker depths of depravity.

    1. Anon 9.13am
      Factual and true.

  102. Galations 6:8

    Those who live only to satisfy their own sinful nature will harvest DECAY and DEATH from that sinful nature. But those who live to please the Spirit will harvest everlasting life from the Spirit.

  103. There are good citizens of Fiji who speak truth (Fiji Times by A Y) and we owe it to them when they publicly bring to the fore what the Fiji First Leader needs to truly focus on. The people speak sense, the Leader needs to listen! Or else, we march on Military Regime dictatorship style..... left, right, left, right - go here, go there, yes, no, yes, no - DO THIS OR ELSE!!!

    ..."I HOPE Mosese Tikoitoga would be the last of our senior military officers assuming civilian jobs in the civil service.
    I believe it only perpetuates the inability of the civil service to do their work and it also weakens the legitimacy of the existing institutions and elected representatives.

    I believe our army should concentrate on its role as guardian of the constitutional order and to hold high its international peacekeeping record with pride.

    I believe further development of our senior military officers in specialised technical and administrative fields will contribute to their competence and contention for the military commander's position especially in areas of surveying, engineering, and carpentry badly needed by this country

    I believe there are also very senior ex-military officers now serving in the public service who have the competency and the skills to be considered.

    They also have led large institutions in the disciplinary services.

    They too should not be overlooked.

    The new commander should be able to improve the existing anomalies that may exist between officers especially terms and condition of service and also after service welfare.


    Delainavesi, Lami

  104. Anon 8.59am
    President Reagan ends the Iranian embargo where Carter had failed . Reagan participated in bringing down the iron curtain. No president in the world has ever done that in Europe for centuries .Reagan had teamed up with Russian Gorbachov to finally put the nail and end the Cold War....and you have the nerve to call him useless?

  105. Gee, the sheep are busy today.

    Looking for every excuse possible along with something to blame for their own shortcomings.

    Take responsibility for your actions.

  106. Anon 9.03. India is one of the most hypocritical societies in the world. They like to act all holy holy and cultural and yet somehow they have been able to grow their population to over a billion.I wonder how all the babies were conceived. Sex is rampant in India and they also wrote the "KAMASUTRA" and yet when someone shows a little skin and does any sex act they seem to get into a fucking hissy fit. In many ways Fiji is like that to. Girls as young as 11 are getting pregnant and we act like we are all freaking virgins. Sex is a fact of life it is how we are reproduced and it is the most natural of acts. As long as you are not cheating on someone and the act is consensual with an adult their is nothing wrong with it.



  107. And I thought we would be discussing more important topics here,you see, if an ex-pornstar is visiting the country, whats the big deal, those who want to see her will pay for the tickets from their own hard earned money. Fiji is in the top ten countries to watch porn so she must have a lotta fanbase here anyways.I am sure thatalot of MPs would go to watch the show like that rapist of a guy, Ashneel Shudhar and the Minister for Kama Sutra..who know, khaiyum has brought her to entertain his boys.

  108. @Anonymous 7:14 PM

    But it's a very important topic for the sheep who have no control over their temptations.

    Unlike the majority they do not have the ability to control themselves.

  109. Anon..12.30pm and 7.55pm
    The same person. You have a question to answer posted to you by anon 9.47am.
    What institution you recommend is the best to instill values on an individual? You said religion is the very last....answer plse

  110. Listening to Sitiveni Qalailo or whatever his name is- making threatening
    remarks to the 136 returning solidiers from the middle east. Is like
    listening to an idiots with no brain of his own? Whatever Bhainisona
    sang out from his brainless head-Qalailo made sure to pass on the same
    comments to his underlings? 10 years ago this idiot was a copral than
    during the coup he was upgraded in rank to sergent then by the time
    you know it he was an officer and after killing of rebel soldiers during Bhainimarama runs for life he was immediately upgraded to officer lt,captain & colonel etc,etc.

    1. From shoe shine to Franks laundry boy to ass wiper and balls shiner...are humble duties that Qilio had respectfully carried out diligently in his capacity to serve his boss Frank.....what a decent beginning. It pays off

  111. Qiliho was never in the Police where you rise from a Corporal to become a Deputy Commissioner of Police. He became an Second Lieutenant in the army in 1988 and has studied at various overseas military academies rising through the officer corps. Sounds like a sour grape ^^^ up there who is trying to politicize military talk to returning soldiers to suite his/her own anti government agenda.

  112. Heard Qiliho speak in Nadi and he quoted the constitutional role of the military regarding "the safety and wellbeing of Fiji and all Fijians" and what the Pm had said that they will crush any uprising against governance. I agree with Qiliho because we don't want anymore coups. We want to change government we wait for the next elections. It didn't sound threatening at all unless you're part of the Ra or Nadroga labelled rebel group. Even then he said "na wekai keitou mai Ra" and "keitou mai Nadroga" which indicates his pity for the people who have been influenced again by people with political, Vanua and religious agendas like we witnessed in the year 2000.

  113. What was the idiot who hates Qiliho doing in the military camp in Nadi listening to Qiliho address his soldiers. Did you go and see the soldier who is banging your mummy, wife or your sister who had just returned from Golan Heights? LOL What say Annonymous 5:12am August 17 2015?

  114. Served with Qiliho in Lebanon in 1992 and was a Lietenant who was doing the job o a Captain as the Force Mobile Reserves platoon commander. A kick ass leader who never gave an inch to Hizbullah and Amal militants.


  115. Qilio is butt licker, he does his job with lots of dignity, They get paid well for licking butts....BTW, why wait till next election, who says 2014 election was legit?????Everyone knows and witnessed the vote ridging but cowards just hid from behind and watched, same will happen in the next election. If Bainimarama had majority support, there WOULD BE NO REBELS. Everyone you talk to are disappointed and not happy with the government. If he had the support, people of the country would be happy and hey, we would have media freedom, KHAIYUM WOULDNT BE HOLDING THE MEDIA HOSTAGE, WHAT IS TEHRE TO HIDE. And yeah, Fiji Sun or FBC are not classified as media, they are propaganda tools for khaiyum and Bainimarama.


  116. I just hope and pray that the rebels are not deterred after the arrests, I hope that they come back with much more planning and power, they have the moral responsibility to free all those who have been detained.

    Don't be cowards boys, otherwise it will be written in history that I-Taukei are cowards, they couldn't even fight for their right!They couldn't stand against dictator who is ruining everything from the country to their culture and heritage.

    I don't know why all the training was required, all the rebels need is good gunmen and good gun with bullets. Two bullets and two dictators are gone. This is what I have heard everyone saying, I do agree with them.

  117. Qilio or Qilicebo!! No more coup!!!
    We have been ruled by donkeys and asses for too long. Just let them back to their herds and remind them of their tasks and responsibilities is in the paddock not in the house.


  118. No technology was able to stop storms anywhere in the world, it is natures rule. What is about to unfold in Fiji will be stopped by none. Either we have new government or Bainimarama stop the farce of democracy and lead like we were lead before elections, at least the people in the country and internationally would know that Fiji s under siege and there is no word as democracy here.It gives me headache to read articles when baini or khaiyum talk about democracy, freedom or rights! So either they die defending themselves or pull out gun and say no we don't want to let go of power, we are happy dictating, at least, do not be two faced.

  119. 7.28am anon
    What about the Uprising of 1987,1990,2000 and 2006 carried out by the very institution you're praising . Aren't these uprising against governance?
    They had defied their own constitutional role by strangling power away from an elected government.
    Can you explain what's the difference between uprising they carried out against an elected govt and those that they carried out against ordinary citizens...
    Reminds me of the sermon on giving and I quote" let one hand doesn't know what the other is doing"
    Qilio is standing on his own shit and the shit left by his own predecessors or commanders and he doesn't know . Perhaps tell him to look down on where he is standing while making his next speech and to use his sense of smell because it smells of shit.
    Come on explain.

  120. @Anonymous 10:28 AM

    " This is what I have heard everyone saying, I do agree with them. "


    One thinks you exaggerate somewhat.

  121. Qiliho should stop threatening his soldiers and stop threatening the people of Fiji.
    What is happening now among the Provinces has never happened before in Fiji.
    The people of Ra are not happy with THE CONMAN Bainimarama.
    The people of Nadroga are not happy with THE CONMAN BAINIMARAMA.
    The people of Bua are not happy with THE CONMAN Bainimarama.
    All I can say is that its only a matter of Time before Bainimarama bites the dust.

    QILIHO must play his cards right. Otherwise he will go down with Bai.

    I have said before that people are not stupid and you cannot continue to CON the people and get away with it.

    The people from these 3 Provinces are FED UP WITH THE CONMAN Bainimarama AND KAIYUM.

    I can say right now that THREATENING the people is not THE RIGHT thing Mr Qiliho.



    Hitler once thought he was invincible and then one day.....KAPUT.

  122. While i am all for a change of government and all that democratic good stuff the a few really poignant questions remain and these are as follows:

    Who can lead the next government and who should be in office. Any sane person in his or her right mind knows that SODELPA does not not have any quality leaders and aside from the Chiefs and the ethno nationalist BS they have been spewing they have no constructive solutions to Fiji's problems.

    The only party with any brain at the moment is NFP.The question is will the so called democracy lovers except an Indian PM.In Fiji Democracy means political supremacy of the Indigenous.

    The point is we need good leaders. The people are so fed up of the same old BS. We need a new bunch of modern day leaders and at the moment they are invisible. Its is very easy to say lets change government but if we replace one group of idiots with another than what. Back to square one.


  123. We need good leaders, NOT politicians...and certainly NOT an army officer...NOT in Fiji. Bainimarama has defied pundits as to the " freebies" he offers from the tip of his fingers. I would certainly love freebies for a change but not at the expense of a dwindling coffer...Sa dry yani!

  124. We need good leaders, NOT politicians...and certainly NOT an army officer...NOT in Fiji. Bainimarama has defied pundits as to the " freebies" he offers from the tip of his fingers. I would certainly love freebies for a change but not at the expense of a dwindling coffer...Sa dry yani!

  125. The army is under threat!...that the message from "Qiloiso" (nee Qilihio)

  126. I thought we don't want anymore coups so the right thing is to take the people of Ra and Nadroga to court for trying to destabilize or overthrow the government of the day. Or am I wrong? We allow them to overthrow and we continue the cycle of coups? We need to shed the past and lay in place firm NO TO ANY MORE COUPS now. I agree with taking anyone who is intent on destabilizing or overthrowing governments to court now.


  127. People say no more coups, I say why not????After all, coup is legal in Fiji, You overthrow a legal government, burn constitution, handpick and put your own people in allthe strategic positions of the country, most important of all, make sure to make your close family member chief of elections, prepare and execute vote ridging, and hey , you form legal government, that's what Bainimarama taught us, how can anyone who wants to overthrow the current government be wrong???I don't get it, why is it wrong. In Fiji, its legit right. Thats what khaiyum and Bainimarama did.So why cry foul now,And hey, no ones crying will stop the overthrowing of this muslim government of the day,everything is happening right, the environment is conducive for another coup. And they will become legal government after sometime, they can tell the international community that they stepped in from protecting Fiji from dictatorship, of protecting their culture, for freedom of media etc. All are legit enough reasons, better than Bainimaramas excuse for coup.

  128. People say no more coups, I say why not????After all, coup is legal in Fiji, You overthrow a legal government, burn constitution, handpick and put your own people in allthe strategic positions of the country, most important of all, make sure to make your close family member chief of elections, prepare and execute vote ridging, and hey , you form legal government, that's what Bainimarama taught us, how can anyone who wants to overthrow the current government be wrong???I don't get it, why is it wrong. In Fiji, its legit right. Thats what khaiyum and Bainimarama did.So why cry foul now,And hey, no ones crying will stop the overthrowing of this muslim government of the day,everything is happening right, the environment is conducive for another coup. And they will become legal government after sometime, they can tell the international community that they stepped in from protecting Fiji from dictatorship, of protecting their culture, for freedom of media etc. All are legit enough reasons, better than Bainimaramas excuse for coup. ..."

  129. @anonymous 5:58
    I can tell you right now that if you arrest THE TREASONISTS Bainimarama and Kaiyum and Shameem sisters, the people of Ra and Nadroga and Bua will STAND DOWN IMMEDIATELY.

    But if you don't arrest those two. I can tell you right now that ALL THOSE PEOPLE TAKEN TO COURT in the last two weeks WILL ONLY BE THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG....

    If not then I CAN CATEGORICALLY SAY TO YOU THAT WHEN THE SHIT HITS THE FAN IT WONT BE BAINIMARAMAMA AND KAIYUM ONLY GOING DOWN.....I think people will be so pissed off that Bainimarama's whole family will get the samunidawa.

    Remember the Romanovs v the people.

  130. It is obvious that the likes of Rajendra Chaudry who sit pretty overseas are encouraging destabilizing acts and coups against the government. Who suffers in the end. They send money to the poor villagers and pump the. Up with bullshit that land is not secure and Fiji is run by Muslims hitting both Vanua and religion which is very dear to the itaukei. Same as what was done by the politicians and those who lost the elections in 2000 against his father Mahendra Chodory. In the end it is itaukei against itaukei whilst he laughs quietly in Australia. I won't be surprised if the Rebels turn on his father and mother when they return to Fiji when they realise they have been utilized by the uncircumsized, idol worshiping heathen anti Christ who even quotes from our bible the black arsed shit of Rajendra Chaudry himself.

  131. Fact from the west, one of those taken in for questioning (rebels) from Ra.The young guy was sweating all over and badly shaking, this is his entire body.Pissed in his pants. With just seeing the red hot chillies on the interrogation room. He was already spitting out names. But the cops(CIDs) took their time knowing that this guy is already "in the bag" One of the coppers started pounding the chillies(in his full view) to stick it up to the poor guy where the sun don't shine(you should know)The prominent names, Ro Naiqama and Ratu Teimumu. Fear!fear!fear! has caused him to mix up the names. How can these be? Rt Naiqama was at that day in Adelaide and Teimumu was in the Sodelpa private room with someguy? You guys don't believe? Waraka , namaka

    1. @12.07am
      Those guys do have balls and courage to do what others like you cannot do.. Aren't they causing enough confusion and fear upon this regime? If this regime is getting full support as they're insinuating in the media, why focusing their attention on this group in Ra. By the way the name you have adopted is a mae na mae from Ra who , if alive today, would lead the biggest uprising against these assholes in power.
      And for the chillies, you sounded like someone who had experienced the effect of pounded red hot chillies up the anal, hadn't you?

  132. I wonder if MP Bulitavu or other Sodelpa dissident members know that the Opposition Whip, Ratu Isoa was once married to Laufitu Malani a long time ago,and they have 3 children together? Maybe that will answer his question on Laufitu's presence in Sodelpa's office Maybe not so much so for the office job but just to rekindle the friendship that was lost so long ago.To make things clearer, Rt Isoa was away on TOD(lEBANON)when another fellow officer(related to Ro TEIMUMU)started rooting her.She was then dumped by the Ratu but is now "back to square one" Tiny world we are in.....

  133. People now realise that Rajendra Chaudry is the is Satan in the flesh. The snake or serpent is stirring up land issue and religious issues dear to the itaukei so that they fight each other whilst he laughs his head of at our stupidity fromAustralia. He now even has the cheek to quote from our bible. He has never been baptized in a church and see his unchristian replies to people who say something against his ideas on his Facebook page. He is Stan in the flesh. Just look at how black he is and the evil in his eyes. Look at his new born baby, even as a baby she is so black and is the new reincarnation of the serpent himself. He is the antiChrist. He is the uncircumszed, idol worshipping, heathen who quotes from our bible and in the end we fight each other. It's time for itaukei to turn to Christ and get rid of this devil Rajendra Chaudry and his father who is also an arrogant and deceiving devil himself.

    1. Anon 6.42am
      Rahendra Chaudrys mom is a Christian. He has a strong Christian upbringing in him. Mom's influence is paramount in a family. It doesn't matter if dad is in power or of high status in society , at home to the future mom's upbringing and influence stand out nevertheless reflected in the child.
      So sad that you bring his baby to this conversation, what the adorable baby has to do with our conversation?
      How do you feel if someone do or say that to you?. Do you hate black? I'm black and I'm proud to be black. Its beautiful. Calling him Satan and devilin the flesh is a big call reh...
      Maybe you had forgotten that God picked leaders to lead his people. Chaudry falls in that category.

  134. @Anonymous 6:42 AM

    Time for the meds.

  135. fucken kai yanuyanu most of those rebels were,just look at those names published in the papers most are kai gau,kadavu,kai rotuma,kai lau only a few kai ra but majority kAi yanuyanu fucking bush bunnies.

    1. O tamamu talega kai yanuyanu. Taroga vua. Turaga ni Rabi.

  136. ..."inciting communal antagonism". What kinda bullshit ass charge is that? The two boys are getting paranoid.

  137. Respect to those who fought up against these hyenas they can call them rebels but in reality they are freedom fighters fighting for their right and country.you will not be forgotten fuck you FF mother fuckers your time will come god willing time will tell.

  138. Anon 7.41am..are you another V Rakoro or VR himself.? Vucesa...lazy scoundrel!!
    Can you help the community and society? .did you feel for the families of those murdered by Frank? the wife who lost her husband, the child whose future was destroyed , the parents who lost a child, the brother and sister who lost a sibling .Those guys are doing something for a cause where others(or we) are not or scared to do. If they're terrorising the community with vandalism, thuggery and brutality like what Bainimarama with his hit squad did to the citizens which to them is not wrong, then yea!! I'll jump in your boat to condemn them..
    These guys need our support... not our talk.

  139. Osobo.!! .hehehehe..J.Rabukawaqa..that's too personal. Maybe Laufitu was doing her nornal business. How did you know that she was there for her x. Did Ratu tell you? Levu tiko na nomu spying. .lol

  140. Bainimarama PM of Fiji is one of the most hated leaders today. I haven't come across a PM who's being called all sorts of vulgar names, sworn at repeatedly, and detested by a lot of people.

    It goes to show that Baimagaitinamu will be rewarded for all the bad things he has done so far. He will be punished by the people of Fiji, and his boss Khaiyum will go down with him. It's a matter of when.


  141. Yep, if the dictators were doing things right, why would there be rebels, why would people not support him, nearly half the population people in Suva end are in the same boat as rebels.They hate bainimarama, those educated know that whats happening is not right, nor fair and definitely not acceptable. Giving flowery speeches about democracy and doing the opposite just amazes people who understand whats happening. Where is the international media, they should be making headlines of whats happening here in Fiji. Australia and NZ, supply of good quality ammunition will be a good start what say.

  142. Fiji Netball Team that attended the World Cup in Australia was selected by a bunch of idiots. Obviously the influencing factor in the team were Frank's bitch of a wife Mary and her daughter Rubyann. Frank thinks Rubyann is his daughter but unfortunately, nona teitei yani o koya... ka liu vua o JB.

    This Fiji Women's team that attended the world cup was brought over by Rubyann, her husband Sale Sorovaki and their children. A number of the players were related to the Bainimarama's and Keans and you can see how useless they were during the games. What about Rabuka's daughter... just gave birth, did not attend trials or fitness test and on the court. She played like Rabuka - useless and gutless....
    What does Rubyann know about netball anyway. The only ball she catches is Sorovaki...io koya madaga e bera yani... Sale vosota io na yalewa qori neitou mai Raiwai... Iko sa kila... sa mavoa makawa ni bera nomu yaco yani...

    The FRU is heading the same direction.

    1. Anon 1.27pm
      Haha haha!!������������ osobo! dua tale qo...J Rabukawaqa .see what you started! ! Too many spying going on!!
      Personal matters coming out in the open...isa o ira. .(sa rauta me first one fired was JB..now I got it)

  143. Fiji's Military has lost all the glamour and respect and credibility it once held.

    The Officer's in the Fiji Military today are self serving arse lickers. They lack and don't have the balls to stand up against Khaiyum nor Frank. They should be a separate body altogether from the Government but everyone of these Military Officers only want one thing - Promotion. The only way they will get promoted is to brown tongue Frank's bung. As gaga as it is, they don't mind. Me rawa ga na promote.

    The lower ranking military are watching and playing the same game. Liu Muri is the name of the game within the Military today. Captain Tagicakibau showed them how to do it when he rooted Driti up the arse. This only happened because Tagicakibau was not happy that Roko Ului held his Logistic's post. What happened next - dro Rokoului, vesu Driti. No guts in the Military today.

    The Military is now full of vesu mona macawa liu muri Fijian Soldiers. Today the Soldiers will be led by the Navy and they will never gain back their prestige. Why - because they started and caused the coups from 1987 to 2006.

  144. SODELPA party is a useless party. No point supporting this pathetic party. NFP/ Labour are full of intelligent freedom fighters. Just as Indians mass voted Fiji First, Fijians must now turn to the party that will best represent them. NFP and Labour are the way to go today. It will be ironic but hey, Indians have always been resilient in their political fights. We Fijians think of with stomachs. Indians learnt to be hungry.

  145. Lol @ 6:42am.... Military propaganda using Religion... Pathetic.. Religion, Land and Division of Race. Those are the tools of division by the Military.

    Chaudary's are the true patriotic political fighters of Fiji. They fought for the rights of workers and the rights of every individual.

    So sad that you would stoop so low to pick on children who cant defend themselves. Only Fiji's Military does that so its no surprise.

  146. To agent 006.
    I think your $ex tap0 project has started by itself . You don't have to look far for agents. They are here.
    Laufitu Malani is rekindling long lost relationship with her X..Rt Tikoca. ref. Rabukawaqa J- 12.23am

    Current PM 's wife had the first intimacy with JB before VB who bore him their daughter Rubyann...anon 1.27pm.

    Rubyann is a finished product of the Raiwai boys before Sale claimed ownership..anon 1.27pm.
    Slot this in your file and prepare to receive more because I guess the anonymous agents are motivated to come forth with more.

  147. Sa vakaloloma na Mataivalu ni Viti. It is being led by useless self serving Senior Military Officers who care less about the lower ranks.

    Tikoitonga saga was a real saga. He had been having an affair with Koila Olsson for quite some time. Koila Olsson is married to Max Olsson, former Fiji Rep. This was well known in the barracks. But this is nothing new. Even Rabuka and Frank are guilty of it. Everyone in the Military unless they gay had an affair or another. The problem here is Koila - she is related to Frank.

    Era sa oca na sarava nodra macawa na Senior Military Officers ira na gone.

    Khaiyum got involved in the debacle. Tikoitonga said that the Military is standalone from the Government and the Government should not be involved with military. Khaiyum drafts Tikoitonga's resignation letter. Military picks him up. Guess what happens... Yep - Liu Muri back stabbers in the military comprising of Junior Officers vaqara promote make calls to Frank who panics.

    Khaiyum is shitting himself in the barracks. He was hiding out in Sigatoka when Military located him.

    Vei Liu Muritaki levu than happens in the barracks. Everyone pointing fingers.

    Tikoitonga lasa e tuba matter cant be hidden anymore. He is pushed out. Qiliho and other senior officers also moved around. Naupote the butcher is brought in. Military Admin sent on leave and investigations are being undertaken.

    The non ranking military continue to be used like dumb ass buffoons and they cant do anything about it because the Senior Military Officers have ditched them. The middle ranked Officers are trying to get a foothold and the only way to do this is to liu muri your comrade.

    That is the state of the Army today. There is no longer any honour and glory in an organisation like the Military. Seruvakula said, sara qai vo na qitawa mera wasea na da.

  148. Anon 1.36. Here's the long and short of it all. The majority of the Indians in this country voted for FF for one simple reason and that is that Frank hinted of another coup to stay in power during the campaign period. We are tired of coups and upheavals. The country needs to be stable for the sake of us all. Indians are not fools they know that Frank really has done nothing significant for the kaiindia. Aside from giving us some sense of dignity as equal citizens which is really BS as the Military and the Civil service is still 90% kaiviti he really has done nothing for us. If you carefully look at the handouts they are all designed for the gratification and the vote buying from the kaiviti.You are right perhaps the kaiviti should look at voting for a truly multicultural party with a brain after all 40 years of successive kaiviti leadership has taken you no where. If the writing is on the wall that most i-taukei will vote NFP'S way than it is my gut feeling that most right thinking Indians will go that way. It is the kaiviti who will need to say that it is all right and we will support a truly multiracial party. The day i hear a kaiviti say that he or she is proud of Fiji's PM who is of Indian extraction that is the day i will know that Fiji has come of age and thus will truly deserve the saying " the way the world should be"

    Maybe 2018 is the year.


  149. @ !Alibaba - Josateki Daulako has also said this before and hence my agreement with him. The Fijian people of today is not the same as yesterday. The bullshit of the past Fijian Military Officers have been exposed. No matter how much the Military wants to continue with their Military propaganda of racial division, religion and land... the truth is revealed in the Constitution and the manner in which this Country continues to be governed.

    The Fijian people of Fiji are looking for true riteous leaders today. The Fijian Indian saga will slowly melt away.

    It is up to our Indian Leaders of today to convince the Fijian people that they also have the interest of Indigenous Fijians at heart. That Indians deserve a place in Fiji today and they do.

    We have lived side by side for too long and political racial division by the Military does not bite any longer. The people know the truth and they know better.

    It is wonderful today to see Fijians and Indians mixing freely and this has nothing to do with Frank or his stupid Government. It has to do with education.

    Things will change and the only way forward is to rid Fiji of this dictator Frank. He has created a Fiji full of suspicion and fear. It resonates within the Military, Police, Prisons, Government Departments and the Parliament.

    Fiji has always been a multicultural country with the generosity of Fijians and the kindness of Indians and these two races have learned to live side by side. Politics and the Military have changed all that.

    The great thing is that the truth will always be revealed.

  150. Anon 4.03 pm
    ..........and the biggest qitawa of all is the one getting the biggest chunk of da. ..Voreqe.
    If you look back, Liu muri is what put Voreqe in parliament that landed Speight and his men in prison. I beleive this conniving act started with Frank as soon as he took leadership in camp. Now it spills across and down the ranks.. Era sa veituituitaka nai tutu.

  151. Vinaka Vakalevu na update 4.03pm
    Sa qai o koya beka na dina qori......

    Sa vakaloloma dina noda vanua,,,,,

  152. Josateki Daulako bula. I give you a real scenario that happened on Sunday in my family. My grandson celebrated his 4th birthday. In the house was my full blood Indian wife my son and daughter, my daughter in law who has a i-taukei mother and Samoan father and her mother and step father who are full blood -itaukei together with my 2 grand children who have Indian, i-taukei and Samoan blood in them. We were siting laughing and enjoying each others company over a few glass of wine and a good lovo and it occurred to me isa if only all Fiji homes were like this we would have such a great country. To somebody with prejudice walking into the home would have been the strangest site to see me talking in fluent Bauan dialect to my daughters mother and she replying in mixed Hindi and i-taukei language. Sadly people with great racial prejudice still exist in this country but if Fiji is to finally grow up this harmonious mix is what we need to destroy those old distrusts and misunderstandings. It will come from people changing willingly and not because Frank says so in this we both agree.

    I hope by 2018 the i-tuakei will wake up and support NFP. I am a party member of NFP and strongly believe in their ideals of fairness and of taking the higher moral ground always. NFP is the last hope for this country but the i-taukei must decide for they alone can change the future of this country it is no longer in the hands of the kaiindia as they simply do not have the numbers.

  153. Rajendra Chaudry is Stan in the flesh. Look at his evil face and scheming. Even though his mother maybe a Christian, there are no Christian values seen in the uncircumsized, idol worshiping heathen antiChrist of Rajendra Chaudry. You will burn in hell Tajendra Chaudry and before that you and your parents will suffer on earth. From Itaukei Power.


  154. Someone mentioned I-Taulei power. What power are you talking about bro.So much has happened in this country, GCC has been removed, Bose Levi Vakaturanga has been removed,
    3. Removed the history of Ratu Sukuna

    5. Made a Constitution that was not put to Referendum for the people to add, delete or give an opinion

    8. Allowed Muslims to take up all strategic positions in Fiji

    9. The blatant misuse of public funds

    10. The Matua Taxi advertisement of Fiji First Party etc.

    11. The delegation to the UN, we see no Indigenous Fijian significantly involved

    12.The continued psychological tormentation by Bainimarama on the citizens of Fiji: "You did not vote for me, I will not look after you" syndrome


    13. The election of the President no longer done by the GCC

  155. vinaka,vinaka,vinaka,totoka na veitalanoa...

  156. Rajendra Chaudry is a fucken Indian and not itaukei. Who is he to speak on issue affecting Fiji the fucken uncircumcised heathen devil. Magatinana! Luveni kora bona.

  157. Most of us who were invited to a Brisbane meeting last weekend to hear na Turaga Bale Tui Cakau and the Chief's legal sidekick Ratu Niko Nawaikula were pleasantly surprised to hear our son Rajendra Chaudry advocating for iTaukei rights in an International Forum recently in NY.

    Later learned he paid for his own airfare etc..Why...why did he choose to do that we ask??

    And yet some owner of a circumcised bothy like @anon above cowardly sneak around this esteemed column to question our son Rajendra's allegiance to the iTaukei course...

    @ Anon..with his circumcised bothy in hand attempts to equate sanity and morality by his chosen barometer in the grasp of his hands...goodness!!

    Why don't we ask who's got the blooming BALLS to unashamedly stand for Itaukei rights?? Our son Rajendra has been disowned and taunted by some of his own Indo Fijians family and friends for advocating Itaukei rights in International forums. We thank him for his bravery!

    Oh...and his mother is a born again Christian lady...you've just cursed her and her maker...garauna na gusumu boy...may be before this week is gone YOU will answer to all you spewed here....only hope God have mercy on your soul..

  158. @Ali Baba -4 21pm
    There are too many political parties in Fiji an indication of segregation and disunity. There's no togetherness and we preach about diversification. How can we unite when our own laws open doors for any Tom, Dick and Harry to start up a political party. How many parties do we have? SODELPA, NFP, LABOUR, FF, etc. Fiji must adopt the two party government of the US(Repubs and tbe Dems). They are the largest democracy and diversify nation in the planet. Why can't we do it in Fiji.
    And let me correct the last statement" Fiji the way the world should be" was never a statement to reflect our politics. It is an old statement by our valagi (tourists)after visiting Fiji and experienced the Fijian hospitality and its natural beauty.

  159. ISAAAA, Rajendra at least is fighting fir I-Taukei rights, unlike you cowards and losers, who can only write in coup 4.5, not able to do anything, otherwise today, you wouldn't be licking baibimaramasn and kahiyums butt, so point fingers in the right direction, oppss it points to you....

  160. 11 3pm
    vinaka. What you mention here is correct.

  161. We i'taukei havent used the terms 'uncircumcised', 'heathen' 'idol worshipping' to refer to Indians in ages. We dont use these terms now. so who are these commentators using the terms? I say these are muslimeens, who are in same boat as kaiyum, trying to bring division in the rising unity of i'Taukei and Indians against bainimarama and muslim dictatorship. if they are not muslimeens, i dare them to use their name and give their addresses.

  162. Vei Semi Meo,
    E tiko mada i vei na kemudrau qele kei Rajendra drau mai valataka tiko se drau mai veitokonitaka tiko. O ira ga na vakaqele e dodonu me ra vosa ga kina. Ena gauna oqo era sa marautaka tiko na i tosotoso era sa lako curuma tiko. Drau sa tikolo madaga Era sa vuli vinaka talega na i taukei ni qele e Viti ena gauna oqo ka dua beka na vuna era sa sega ni dau vosa kina se vakacakava e levu na ka ka mo drau kua ni nanuma cala tiko kina ni ra sega ni vuli vinaka Esa vaka sa boidada tiko ga mai na veika drau saga. Nanuma tiko na vuku ke sega na yalomatua, sega na betena na ka kecega eda saga. Na yalomatua e solia duadua ga na Kalou, ka mo nanuma vinaka sara tiko. Au vosa tiko vakabibi vei iko ni daru veiwekani, ka veitalia mada na tagavesu drau veitokoni tiko qori.Self-seachtaki iko mada, maumau ke da lai buki neketai tiko ena vei Sigatabu ka dukadukali tiko na noda bula e loma. Na taro ga ni bera niu biuta qo,Na cava soti o sa sega saraga ni rawa kina mo ciqoma nai lakolako eda sa mua tiko kina ena gauna oqo?Noqu i tatau, ke sega nio na veisautaka nomu rai, na rai qori drau na lako vata ki na i bulubulu. Kakua ni taura vakamamada na noqu vosa qo. Kalougata tiko na qaravi tavi.

  163. @Kai Saqanidina...Isa, o na duavata kei au ni dredre na veitalanoa vaka yalomatua ka vakaitaukei ke da veivuni tiko.

    Au loloma kau via luluvu sara niu wilika nai vakarau ni kena sa ologa toka na nomuni mona vakaturaga na o loaloa ni lecaika ni yavu ni vakavulewa vou qoka. Au vakamamasu, mo kakua ni coriti rawarawa ena viko ni vosa vakamacala vakapolitiki ni Fiji First, NFP se SODELPA. Baleta, o na qai beitaka ira na soqosoqo vaka politiki qo ni sa "maqa na emu somo".

    Kerea mo ni laki wilika ga o iko vakataki iko na yavu ni vakavulewa kei na veilawa me baleta na noda qele, yau kei na veika baleti keda na kawa i taukei.

    Au vakabauta ni o wilika na matanivola ka vakasamataki na vei co votovotoa vaka lawa e bukiveretaki tu kina, sa na qai makaresese mai vei iko na dina ni lawa....
    O ru laki au kei Rajedra ni sega na keirau qele...Na yacaqu qori sa na rawa nio kila na noqu yavusa kei na tokatoka kei na qele kei nqi yau e vaka votavota kina na neitou mata vuvale. E rairai 5 beka na nomu vale mai Viti ka 2 na nomu loga dovu...voleka sara ni sivi iko o Rajendra...se cava??

    Sega ni macala vei au, o masu rai tiko ena veisiga o tekiduru mo masu?...se o vodoka na o ni masu ni veilecayaki ka masumasu bobo matua mo kua ni raica na veika sa yaco wavokiti iko tu!!...au sa loloma yani vale qai lai wilika vei iratou na veitinani nai nodaru veitalanoa...qai moce toa..au nauma ga ni basi ni taveuni dau ele ga mai Matei?......lol...lol..

  164. 1.18 am
    Kai Saqani dina se kai Saqani lialia?
    Sa maunau na neimami sasaga tiko yani na wekamuni keimami sa mai vuli , cakacaka ka bula tiko qo e valagi ni va tu mai qori na qiqo ni vakasama. O Rajendra e sa raica na dina ka vinakata me veuvuke vei keda nai taukei. Meo talega e dua ga na noda ka gadreva me yaco na vei sau..because we are simply fed up with what the PM and his circle are doing to the country. How long will you allow this regime to ruin the country?. How long will you side with those who use arms to control, manipulate and influence the system for their gain? Come on tell me. How long will isolate yourself from seeing the truth when people you're criticizing (Rajendra and Meo ) are the ones voicing it.
    Take your que from Bua who is simply FED UP with this regime and also the famous 16 of Ra who are making headlines on our local media and the social network worldwide. We should all be ashamed that Rajendra (an Indo Fijian ) is taking the fight where you and I should take.

  165. Military regime continue with their propoganda from berkley crescent and we have moved on...ignore racism they continue to incite.... ignore separation they continue to imply amongst Fijians. It works amongst the military itself police navy and prisons..... not anymore... ignorance is bliss... JD

  166. Kai Saqanidina o Semi K Meo e dau domica tiko na kora mai na boci new Rajendra Cahudry ka sa vaikanakana vinaka sara tiko vua. E guilecava totolo sara o Semi K Meo ni sa yabaki sese tu mai valagi ni okoya na tabuteve I Rajendra na tamata viavialevu, dokadoka ka dau vosa taki keimami vakalialia na gone itaukei ena Fiji Sports Council, Nasinu Town Council kei na Ovisa na gauna a PM to kina o tamana. Sa lai tusanaka mai o Semi K Meo Chaudry ni lotu o tinana. E lotu io na kuila damudamu kei na vatu e bin senikau kina e nona vale ena veisiga. E doroka tikoga na boci nei Mahendra Cahudry. Is na gauna oqo ratou sa veivacu taka tiko o Loruama Tawawili, Semi K Meo, Frank Robanakadavu, Pita Waqatairewa, Suliasi Daunitutu se ocei me domica eliu na kora ni boci nei Rajendra Chaudry. O Naiqama Lalabalvu e sa solia sara to ga na nona yakani sona vei Rajendra Chaudry ena veisiga ni tiko mai Ositerelia. Nona I votavota vakavanua saraga na loboraki ni boci kulikuli nei Rajendra Chaudry vua ena veisiga. O Semi k Meo se nona tokaga na domi kora bona.

  167. Waikau, iragone, waaaaahhhaaaaaaaaaaaa

  168. anon 6.51am
    isa vakaloloma na sinai ni da ena qavokavoka

  169. Kemuni na via vakabauti Rajrndra Chodori tiko, ni qarauni kemuni vinaka sara. Na tamata qo e sega sara ni mai dua na betena vua edua na ka baleti keda na i Taukei. E tiko nona i naki vuni se hidden agenda.SE gauna cava mada ena nona bula e liu e dau kauwaitaki keda kina na taukei. Ni kua ni rawai ena vosa kamikamica toka va na tamata qo.NA TAMATA REREVAKI TAUDUA SAI KOYA ENA TUKUNA TIKO VEI KEDA NA KA DA VIA ROGOCA. SA DRI YANI.

  170. @Anon.August 19, 2015 at 6:51 AM...sega ni macala se na tini i vei na noda Viti lomani ke da sa na boidada kece ga na noda mona me vaka na nomuni vakasama vovodea, lolovira , vakasisila ka da vakawiwi mata.

    Ia, keimami sa vakacegu ga ni keimami kila de rairia ni yakavi ni kua drau na kauta li na sui ni nomudrau i vola boi dada ka laki wilika vei iratou na nomu veitinani me kemudou vaqa vakayalo mai vua na nomu kalou vu o daucina dri ni bera ni dou qai moce vaka veitamani??

    Segai, sa bera ni wilika oti sa ra tou na tucake na nomu matavuvale ka dro kina dua na vale tani ka tiko kina eso na mona kei na yalo savasava..

    Keimamni sa na masulaki iko me sava na gusumu kei na yalo vakadevoro levu e tiko qori..

    Cava meda qai kaya...dau tukuna o ira na qase..."Ka da kaya o keda ga"!!...e vaka ga o vakamalolo ni o tukuna toka mai na i vadivadi ni ka sara ga o matai kina...keimami vakamamasu ga me kua ni o qai vakavulica vei iratou na luvemu...ya, o sa na vilitaki i bakava...

    Qai loloma yani vei iratou na nomu mataqali ena gauna sa nomudou turaga ni qali kina o Chang kei Chand....

  171. JD says... lol... obviously Rajendra Chaudary and Naiqama's trip to Australia and NZ is causing ire with Franky the Clown and his cohorts... They don't want Rajendra speaking the truth about the impact of the Land Bank and how this Government is exploiting the landowners.

    Unfortunately in Fiji, the people are still silenced. The only news they get are the good that Frank and his Government are doing. We don't get all the other issues.

    People are awakening though. People do not realise this but there is real dissent in the military at the moment. Though the dissent is silent, it is there. It is silent because those in the military just cannot trust each other.

    Many of those in the military, finally realise the abuse and atrocities committed against the people was wrong. A number of soldiers I spoke to, mentioned how people were taken to the camp, their legs tied together and to the back of a military vehicle and dragged along the road like an animal. Many a times, soldiers commit these atrocities against their own relatives or people from their own villages or provinces. They now talk about how they cant believe they committed such cruel acts against the people.

    The silence will rise to a murmur eventually. You cannot continue to beat a dog and not expect the dog to bite you one day. History reveals this with any dictator.

    Frank and his Family are the Kings and Queens of Fiji today and act like UNTOUCHABLES. They enjoy all the prestigious positions and abuse Government funds. Someone here mentioned Franks or JB' daughter Rubyann travelling to Australia with the Fiji Netball Team. She did go over with her husband Sale and their children at the expenses of tax payers.

    This is the state of our Country and it will continue this way unless we have a credible opposition. Unfortunately our Opposition Leader did make the mistake of giving Frank the reign when they got rid of Tikoitonga. Ro Temumu allowed Frank to make the selection of the butcher Naupote as Acting Commander without any fight. That was an opportune moment to step in and to ensure the process was Constitutional.

    We need oppositions who have the ability to stand up and fight not fold. As it is the opposition numbers are small but that means nothing if they have the will to serve their people.

    The SODELPA party has to look within themselves or allow credible persons from NFP to take the lead.

    It is funny but Indians have always had to fight for their freedom. They were oppressed by the Colonialist and fought for equality and freedom and were resilient and gained it whilst the Fijians were hoodwinked.

    Now we must turn to these Freedom fighters to stand up and fight for equality, truth and justice. Our Justice System is a joke and a shambles. Khaiyum is the Judge and Juror above the law.

    I remember Freddy Fesaitu's rebellion song in 1987. Great song but written and sung in the wrong era and wrong purpose. Its purpose is now.... A verse in the song goes ..... How long must we suffer......

    Unfortunately the people of Fiji today really do not know the truth about everything because the Military has kept everyone subdued. That is why the people have resigned themselves but the silence is turning into a murmur.

    Even amongst the Military themselves....Get up stand up...stand up for your rights....don't give up the fight....

  172. @ 6:51am and 10:26 - Iko vosa tu vaka dua na tamata ulu lala macawa... iko na kawa ni tamata ni vakarorogo. Sega niko kawa ni tamata mo vosa... Lai domica ga yani nona boci na kai Kiuva o boletaka jiko ka o cobori yani vua na muslim ko taqomaka jiko... Sivia nomu vosa boidada rogorogo ca... sega nomui tovo... ko sa vakaraitakina ga mai niko kawa ca...yalo wai.... lesu yani nomu koro mo lai vulica na vakarokoroko kei na vei dokai... e dina o Semi Meo... nomu vosa e vakaraitaka ga mai nai vakarau ni tamata kaji... Boletaka jiko na ca... na ca ena buluti iko. Kua ni nanuma niko na leveya rawa. Ena muri iko kei ira nomu kawa mai muri.

  173. 6.51 and 10.26
    E cava ea nomudrau liuliu vaka cakacaka ena dua na gauna o Rajendra..na lawyer?
    Leqa beka ni drau saga na tubu ena vanua ni cakacaka qai tao ni drau sega ni qualify. Era lako mai na muri ra siviti kemudrau sara. Drau dabeca toka ga na nomudrau dabedabe. Nomudrau cakacaka toka ga na yaloca, veivakacacani , kei na vakadidike.
    Sour grapes, bad apples and rotten eggs are what we are smelling here. Imagine the byproduct of mixing them with crapped minds.
    Yea, boi cici kei na Boi Denadena kei na Boi sonasona.
    Sa dri yani.

  174. JD says... Isnt it stupefyingly funny, that when the Military had the opportunity to crush seditious military officers in 1987 and 2000, the Military and Police failed in their duty to do so. They allowed the coup to be carried out.

    When one of their own is in Government - Rabuka after 1987 and Frank 2006 - they now want to crush any sedition by the civilians.

    They than threaten the general public that they will crush any seditious groups.

    What a laugh... Even Frank during his 2014 campaign, hinted the Military will only accept him in Government.

    The people of Fiji are literally F....d. The Military have the people of Fiji by the balls and everytime they move, the military squeeze.

    I have said it before and I say it again, the Military has ruined Fiji. They executed the 1987 coup, participated in the 2000 coup and executed the 2006 coup. They failed to prevent the 1987 coup and 2000 coup.

    Now they are treating everyone who opposes their Government as treasonous. Nothing but a bunch of bullying thugs. No honour and glory in the Fiji Army anymore. They have lost the respect they once had. To top it off, Tikoitonga screws Max Olsson's wife Koila Olsson. Rabuka did the same with the pilots wife. Frank is doing the same with Rebecca Jones and the Fiji netball coach.

    Like my Indian friend said.... Ek Dham Kalaas...

  175. Semi K Meo osa qai vakaraitaka saraga na kemu roka Dina. O tu vaki Rajendra Chaudry tiko mai oti na kena tukuni ni dou sa veivacu taka tiko o vei me cu se kubu vua o sa tukuna tale me lai liutaka nodratou mataqali okoya ka tukuna vei iko na ka au lesuva toka ecake o Chand kei Chang. Kenaibalebale o kabiti Rajendra Chaudry sara tokaga me cegu kina na lomamu niko sevaka tiko na matanitu e Viti. O vakaraitaka tiko nomu sevaka na Kai idia kei na Kai Jaina. Rairai edina ni dou sa veivacu taka tiko ocei e cu kei cei e kubu me vaka e tukuni. E Tevita Korodrau mai Amerika okoya e Nona ruarua beka na cu kei na kubu vei Rajendra Chaudry baleta nirau vei tomani sara I New York me baleta keda na itaukei.


  176. Anon 1:26pm... Ko sa vakaraitaka jikoga mai nomu macawa. O sega ni madua nai tautau ni vosa vaka viti lolovira ko vosataka jiko mai qori. Ko dusi leka taki Semi io, ko vakaraitaka jiko mai nai vakatakarakara ni bula ko bula taka jiko. Kua niko vakaloloma taka nomu bula na vosa vakalialia. Na YALO WAI levu ko vosataka jiko mai. Ko nanuma o iko me dua e taura vaka bibi nomu vosa. Iko ga kei Tamamu drau sucuva ka drau teya na bula ko sa bula taka jiko. Kevaka e boletaka na kawa taukei ko Rajendra Chaudary, sai koya. Cava sara mada ko sa bau cakava o iko mo tu taka nomu vanua. Ko boletaka jikoga mai na matanitu ni mataivalu macawa. Ni kana buta kawa ni tamata vucesa sega ni rawata dua na ka. Ni Yalo Wai. Sa yaco nikau moni sa mai vei liumuri taka vaka vei tokana. Sa vakaloloma nomuni bula na mataivalu kei na veika ni sa vakayacora. Ena muri kemuni nomuni valavala. Na luvemuni era na sotava na rarawa ni veika ni sa mai vakayacora. Ni vuni lasulasu jiko ena taudaku ni rere. Esa vinaka ga ni na ceburaki ga mai na veika me vaka nomu ceburaka mai nomu tamata vaksisila lolovira.

  177. @ 1:26pm... is a Fiji First supporter demeaning Rajendra Chaudary and exposing their racist views. One day we will have an Indian or Chinese or Part European PM of Fiji, whether you like it or not. We have shifted from your dumb stupid backward ways.

    The Military will never again deny the people the right to allow whom they vote to lead. See you in 2018.

  178. Anon 12.30. For your information ISLAM is a belief. The Indians you are talking about also include the people who worship Allah. PLEASE ALL OF YOU IGNORANT FOOLS MUSLIMS ARE INDIANS. Islam is not a race it is yet another dumb organized religion just like Hinduism , Judaism and Christianity. All Muslims in Fiji came from India and hence are Indians. Their forefathers were converted to Islam by the butcher of Mecca Mohammed. Its time for this ignorance to end. A belief is just that a belief it does not define heritage or nationality or race.


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