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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Soldiers deployed to find alleged firearms

One hundred and forty soldiers are now assisting police to find firearms that apparently were going to be used to form an independent state in Fiji.

Over 60 people have so far been arrested in the Western Division on sedition and inciting political violence charges.

The arrests follow claims of military-style training in Ra province.

There are claims that a former British army officer has been secretly running the military-style training camps in several villages and this training involved firearms.

Now the military has used Section 131 of the botched Constitution to allow soldiers to search for the firearms which they believe has been hidden away.

Coup4.5 has been told the soldiers are driving around in Budget rental cars in Ra and Tavua looking for the firearms.

Meanwhile the Public Accounts Committee is still waiting for answers as to the whereabouts of $100 million dollars dispensed in the last year.

When questioned, the Finance Ministry told the committee they were not in a position to tell them where this money went to.

The money was put into a fund called Head 50, where ministries apparently could dip into if they needed extra money. 

It seems there are no receipts or record of which ministry or who took what amount to date.



Sa vakasisila na lomaca kei na mosi ni yalo ni da sa yavala na kai Viti. Oi dou vinakata na i tutu ni PM? Vosota sara na toso qo ena toso ga kemami na vala na kawa itaukei me rawa na tiko sautu vakawatamata. Dua na kaisi vinaka e vosavosa ca tiko qo....sound like one of Bainimarama's children. O mai vosaca taki ira na turaga o sega ni kila? Kawa ca o tamamu! lasulasu, butabutako, dau laba! Dou lako mai i feqa vaka famili.
Kaya vei tamamu me vakasuka nona i tutu qori baleta na dena e se boi toka ga mai ena vei tavioka mai na keba.
O Naboro e se wawa tiko mai ya veisureti tiko mai vei kemudou vakavuvale, Na levu ni butako dou cakava tiko sa vakaga e nomudou na vanua o viti dou yavu no school!



Anonymous said...

So bainimarma is blood thirsty now isn't he, he is afraid that he will lose his luxury, bribe money and all the good things that has come his way when he became the PM last year.He is ready to sacrifice his own fellow I-Taukei, he doesn't give a shit does he. I reallyfeel sorry and my heart goes out to all the brave men and women who formed rebel group to fight for their rights. I also feel that is the only way, election is not the answer. Election was ridged that's why the Taliban khaiyum and Bainimarama are in the parliament today. Even the civil servants hate their guts. If there is ammunination than it should be used to get rid of the current government as soon as possible. After that, those in custody can be released, that is the only option we have right now to safeguard the future of all our brave men and women alike.

Anonymous said...

Yes, whoever has masterminded the training and preparation for fight for freedom, I think they should be proactive and make some good decisions quickly. Agreed that getting rid of khaiyum and Bainimarama is imminent at this stage as they are willing to crash anyone who come ion their way, so either we get rid of them or they get rid of us, I cannot see any other option.

Anonymous said...

What is Finance ministry covering? Who are they protecting? Is this another NBF loan scheme for the selected few?
Our government is basically adopting some of the RFMF military system of governing. The head 50 fund is no different from the unresolved regimental fund. A place where leaders with their families can dip their hands to for their own use . Finance ministry is more like a social club and credit union . Only a handful of people are members ( the FF)Just look around and see if new houses were built , new vehicles bought or even children or family members leaving the country on medical, vacation, family visit or study .If the Finance ministry is unable to resolve and cannot account for this $100m then someone in the ministry must be put to task. The ministry has violated and breached its own set of laws to the government and to the taxpayers. Code of Ethics is defied.
I won't see the light of this $100m in future. They will fight to keep it covered and protected from public. This is another tool for carrying out a coup de'tat if someone dares to break it.

Anonymous said...

Yes 1.29am. Its not a surprise. Frank Bainimarama can turn around and coup his own government again. Rabuka did it in 1990.
Don't be surprised to see some of his henchman will end up in the pigs den in his new team if he turns around and coup the govt...obviously one of them is none other than Khaiyum.
Bainimarama is a conniving cunning sly bastard who will use human as shield to fulfill his cravings for power.

Anonymous said...

60? That's 58 too many. Just train two...two snipers. To take both them sumabitches out at the same time. We don't want a civil war, we just need a "cleansing".

Anonymous said...

What a waste of time, money and resources. There are no missing weapons. All weapons were accounted for after the last coup. Tell those soldiers to go back to the camp and look in the armory. You know, where they store weapons?

Anonymous said...

JD says... There is panic in the house is there... The move by the Ra people is not new. It has been known for quite some time. When Isoa Gavidi was alive, he had championed the cause. The Western Division of Fiji have always been against all coups. The impact of the coups affect them the most with the Hotel and Sugar Cane industry. Even as far back as 1987, the Western Division had called for a separate state.

The move by the Military is just a trumped up allegation against these patriots. This is another typical example of liu muri and persons within the Military Intelligence or even a lowly soldier or Police Intelligence of SB Officer seeking promotion.

The separate State flag has been flown in Cuvu and Ra for quite some time and the patriotic group has been told to pull it down in the past. Their Constitutional Right to express themselves have been abused and cannot be ignored. The right as Indigenous People has also been exploited. Again it is uncanny that a Fijian PM and Fijian dominated Army who committed past coups is keen today to subjugate any ideals of self preservation. So na kaiviti macawa era jiko na mataivalu. Well you soldiers have been brain washed by your Dumb Assed PM to believe that the Chiefs and Religious Leaders and People caused the past coups....

There is no rebel group training in the hills nor British Army soldier training this group. There are no arms hidden. This is another alarming tactic by the Military to keep people subjugated and alarmed. The recent resignation of family breaker Tikoitonga was another.

Is Franky worrier... well only Franky and Khaiyum have armed body guards with them at all times and their body guards actually wear bullet proof vests.... Why in heavens name do they need this in a peaceful Pacific Nation. Many walks I have had along the seawall, Fiji's President is seen walking in Nasese and he never has an entourage of Boci Bodyguards with him.

Why would a PM fear his own people. Interesting.

Frank knows that he needs to maintain his grip with the Military and he will never relinguish that. Rabuka did it and he lost out in the end. As long as Frank controls the Military, he knows they will protect him. Tikoitonga and Qiliho wanted to make a move to separate the Army from Government. This was a threat to Franky and Khaiyum hence his removal. The affair saga was just an excuse to get rid of him.

Will be interesting developments in the next six months. The people sure are fed up with Franky's bullshit.

Anonymous said...

160 armed and trained soldiers... I would only send one unit. That is all that is required. The unit I send would also be tasked to undertake meetings with the various villages to understand their position and what has been happening (community relations and identification). This move by the Military is a sure sign of PANIC. They should move up to the Parliament House instead. Marshall Law needs to be enacted due to the PM's method of rule causing instability.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka JD. ..
Sure another alarming tactic to fool the people with. It's been a long day and I'm sorry to say that gone are the days that the RFMF used to manipulate everyone with their cunning strategy without our knowledge. They always surprise the innocent public. No more! The RFMF from its leaders to the cleaners must turn to C45, Fijileaks, Intelligencia, etc, blog sites to get educated. They cannot hide anything from the public any more because technology is working against them. Social network news is slowly eating them up.
You had started the coup culture . You had tormented the innocent people for too long. Now is the time that you reap your own doing . We don't have arms like you do. Why doubling up in numbers in your search?.You'll find nothing.
Fear and Panic that you used to scare everyone with are turning back at you. The worst is, not only fear and panic are coming your way. Distrust amongst ranks and suspicions of one another had wounded up in camp. Supervisors will not trust their own subordinates likewise the junior officers on their bosses. Your wives are looking outside for fun because you are untruthful. Families are broken and your life will be miserable. .ena vaka loloma mai na bula. The once pride, revered and respected institution will go down in history as the worst institution of all time.....just because of their greed and hungry for power. What goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

Bai and Kai ra dau tukuna mai neitou "O dro tiko ga e na loma ni yaloka".O na oca mai Sakaraia!!!!Laivi rau tiko "you can fool people sometimes not all the time".

Na I valavala ko vakarautaka e na vakarautaki tale vei iko...sa dri yani...

Anonymous said...

Fiji Military again flexing its muscles on poor elderly villages merely expressing their desires to be recognized for their unique heritages and be acknowledged for that. Nothing more. It reflects the growing insecurities of indigenous communities of the forced national identity be it culture, politics, religion or ethnicity and the deliberate alienation of our God-given heritage.

Meanwhile our military have deployed troops to do quell this "uprising". I suppose they will then decorate themselves with shiny medals for this 'brave' mission. Their "heroic deeds" in Syria last year was no mean feat but will be pale in comparison. What a bunch of useless and shameless cowards who were proven to be so, in the real face of adversity.

Anonymous said...








Anonymous said...

JD says....The way things are going, what the Indonesians did to the West Papuans may happen in Fiji. This is the level of Frank's mentality. He has selected Naupote as the Acting Chief because Naupote is a butcher and he showed this in his treatment of people in 2000. Naupote is there to carry out Frank's dirty work. Naupote thought people did not or would not remember him but the results of the 2014 election was a spit in his face. He is nothing but a coward who ordered the brutality of people who were tied up with guns in their faces and unable to defend themselves. These are the ways of cowards and the Military and Navy have pushed this level of brutality further. No one but the Military have brutalised its own Citizens. They did it to the Indians in 1987, to the Fijians and Indians in 2000 and again in 2000.

The ways of Fiji Military today can only be construed as CRUEL and INHUMANE. The Police and Prison have followed suit and now the people of Fiji cannot rely upon those who should be protecting them to offer them any protection.

What will the 160 soldiers do in Ra. Pick up any suspect, beat them up till they confess and put them on the stand.

The police themselves have very little evidence against the first 8 arrested. Now the police and military are moving through picking up, abusing and thrashing anyone involved and making them talk through the beating. Anyone will talk when treated and beaten up the way the military carries out their beating. Where the hell do the military think they are - in Golan Heights or some war torn ravaged place to treat the civilians of Fiji like animals. It is just absolutely wrong.

It is wrong when the military turns against its own people, beats them up, kills them and puts fear in them.

One common saying amongst the Military is that the best and only way to teach a Fijian a lesson is to beat the shit out of him that he is too afraid.

Very sad indeed.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:58 PM

You say ' No one but the Military have brutalised its own Citizens '.

Obviously you don't read the 'rape' page each day in the papers or you wish to ignore the fact that the majority of householders in Fiji have to fit metal bars to windows and doors to keep the stealing thugs out.

Remove your blinkers moron, you just make yourself look stupid.

Anonymous said...

Be mindful that baini and khaiyum are under paranoma now. The will deploy brutal tactics to find out whose behind these rebels. My advice is strike back and strike the two down, take the head of military down with them.They have shed enough blood in 2006. Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Where's that asshole Vili Cavuka? He/She/It needs to explain what's going on.

KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 3:09 PM
Those who have been "raped" or brutalised by civilians have a Court they can take their case to, WHEREAS THOSE BRUTALISED BY THE MILITARY HAVE NO AVENUE TO BRING ABOUT JUSTICE....

It would be an easy thing for Groenwold to find out WHO TRAMPLED AND BRUTALISED THE WOMEN AT THE ARMY CAMP IN 2006.
It would be an easy thing for Groenwold to find out WHICH SOLDIERS BRUTALISED SPEIGHT AND TRIED TO SHOVE A GUN UP HIS ARSE. All Speight was doing was making DVDs on Democracy.



BUT this shall never faze us BECAUSE THIS IS OUR HOMELAND AND YOU HAVE TO WALK OVER OUR DEAD BODIES to take our land from us.


Bainimarama should NOW WORRY ABOUT HIS FAMILY....because as I have written earlier, when the Fijians are pissed off, even Bai's family wont survive.

I have already written before how to defuse the whole situation...THE BALL IS NOW IN QILIHO'S COURT....

Anonymous said...

3:09pm... You are obviously making an attempt to defend the Military and their abuse of the Citizens of Fiji.

What you refer to are Criminal Acts that occur not only in Fiji, but in every Country in the world.

The Police are the custodians of the law and it is their role to apprehend and bring these criminals to justice.

What I refer to is the abuse of power by the military who has brutalised its own citizens to achieve their intent.

What you perhaps refer too, is the brutal beatings the military and police dish out to SUSPECTS and you appear to find those actions as acceptable.

When you start threatening and brutally beating people, the chances are that an innocent person may thus become a victim.

The Military to achieve their means and intent, had gone through Fiji brutally beating anyone who speaks up against them or opposes them and Frank and if you accept these actions, you are a damn fool. The problem with supporters of Frank is that you wear blinkers tat you open and close. You refuse to see things as it is and you look for excuses like Frank always does, for everything that is wrong. The coup of 2006 was wrong. The military actions was all wrong. Their subjugating the people was wrong. Their inaction in preventing all the coups are wrong.

The result is that nothing they ever will do, can be deemed morally correct.

Frank cannot make seditious allegation when he himself committed treason.

Now run back into your house, lock your doors and bar your windows and hide under your bed because that is the society the military has created in Fiji. Before their actions in 1987, we did not live in the way you describe.

Everything the military have done, has resulted in your fear. You think that supporting them will suppress this fear. It wont. Beating up criminals and suspects innocent and guilty alike does not stem crime and violence. Violence begets violence and the Military actions have only increased the level of violence that is being committed in Fiji today.

It was never seen prior to the 1987 coup.

Be careful if you feel safe with the Military because they were and are the very organisation that was tasked to protect you and they failed to stop the coup and they participated and executed every coup that has happened in Fiji.

Lie with the wolf (military) that hides in sheep skin at your own demise.

Fiji needs to remove the skin to expose the truth.

Military brutality can never be justified. It is cruel because they hold weapons and attack defenceless people.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:44 PM

You really need to try harder than just come out with the same old regurgitated crap.

Like the old women who sit around enhancing their lives with gossip and rumour you are similar. Think for once before you put pen to paper, not everyone is like you, many have views far wider than your narrow ones.

Stating the obvious it not a sign of supporting anything, but your thought process is so naive and narrow that would never occur to you.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.09pm
Call your sense to come back. You're out of context here boso. Skim through the lines one more time then respond. You missed the big point. Rape is a different scenario altogether. Brutality upon the unarmed and defenseless by the institution charged to defend and provide security for the people is another. The two cannot be compared. While they are both criminal acts the later is our main focus of discussion. .

Anonymous said...

3:54pm... You obviously have no idea what your doing in here so rather than try to come up with matters you yourself don't seem to comprehend because you are stuck in your time zone and cannot see beyond your stupidity... go back and lick Khaiyum and Franks balls. They will promote you.

Anonymous said...

3:54pm... You obviously have no idea what your doing in here so rather than try to come up with matters you yourself don't seem to comprehend because you are stuck in your time zone and cannot see beyond your stupidity... go back and lick Khaiyum and Franks balls. They will promote you.

Anonymous said...

@ 3.09pm

You are the same dumb old nanny who keeps ranting about 'rape' and some other issue when the topic here is simply about the brutality meted out to civilians!

Comments made by @ 2.58pm and 3.44pm are so clear and yet your stubborn idiotic unrelated topic on 'rape' keeps propping up.

Listen, if you were raped once, we know it's a terrible experience that no one would want to experience okay?

But please, let's ask you to stick to what we are discussing about and don't go where we're not at the moment because it makes yourself look less schooled and in need of more arithmetic whereby 1 + 1 =2. You've become like Vili Rakoro cause this is not the first time you're behaving like a deranged parrot.

@4.13pm just schooled you so do you realise that you are 'stuck in your time zone and cannot see beyond your stupidity" or not??

Sorry, but it's true.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:56 PM

' Brutality upon the unarmed and defenseless by the institution charged to defend and provide security for the people is another. The two cannot be compared. While they are both criminal acts the later is our main focus of discussion'

Gee, and the bozos here still don't see it. Brutality is within your culture but like morons you expect one section to act differently that the other.

Anonymous said...


Hello Bozo

Brutality meted out to civilians by the Military. You still no understand?

savvy se sega>> tum long kon klass yaar?

Anonymous said...

Strange how a "christian state" would need...weapons! Jesus didn't have any.

It is so naive to think that Nadroga/Navosa could be a country... we are all one nation, our destiny is written in the sky.

The people of Fiji had an opportunity to change peacefully the course of history last year, but they didn't.
Call it what you want, FF was elected... and I didn't contribute to it by the way!
What does it tell about us the people of Fiji if we can't discuss our problems in a civilized manner?

That story will send a bad signal to investors. We love shooting ourselves in the foot, don't we?

We need clever, competent, honest MPs in parliament. Do we have them right now? Why?

It would be so easy to make Fiji a success story. Take the cool and simple side of iTaukeis but without too much vucesa, a bit of hard work from the Indian community but without the foolishness of wealth accumulation, and the rationnal side of Europeans without too much pride, and I suppose we would be something of a nice country.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.57
Brutality happens in all cultures. Singling out our own to justify your point is merely pointing your fingure not realizing the others are pointing back at you.
The knifing incident by an Indo Fijian man chopping his wife and children to death still resonates in my mind. Highest number of Suicides(self inflicting) in Fiji within your culture is another. Aren't the two cases an act of brutality in your culture?
Let's focus on the topic bozo.

Anonymous said...

Cont'd from 5.42am

This is meant for anon 4.51 , not anon 5.57.
My error.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:42 PM

You provide the perfect example of narrow mindedness.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Really? It's a fact bozo.

Anonymous said...

@10:10 AM

it is such a pity that idiots like you actually exist.

we've been there before...

if only you could solve a classe 5 math problem... but no.... you are just another dumb.

Anonymous said...

Who let Anon 5:42 out of St Giles... Take your meds bozo

Anonymous said...

Ro Teimumu Kepa has made a statement denying the alleged rift with Ratu Naiqama.

Having said that, she has not explained why she allowed the PM to make the selection of the butcher Naupote as Acting Commander.

The SODELPA party clearly needs to re-think their strategy and policies. Particularly given they are at present, advocating the ideals that we the itaukei have lost much from the Constitution and Legislations put in place by the Frank and Kaiyum Government. It still resonates of the politics of old.

The strange thing that any outsider would consider is these facts;

1. The PM of Fiji is Fijian.
2. 83% of land are Native Land.
3. 90% of soldiers are Fijian.
4. 60% of Police Officers are Fijian.
5. 85% of Prison Officers are Fijian.
6. 85% of Naval Officers are Fijian.
7. 55% of the Government Departments are Fijian.

When advocating that the Frank Government is removing the rights of Indigenous Fijians, it does not make any sense at all when you consider the above.

The question that is raised then is why has Frank and his Government allowed this to happen.

You may ask allow what to happen.... well the issues raised by SODELPA is that:

1. Fijians as a Group have not been consulted and various legislations which protected Fijians and in particular, the right to give approval and/or consent has been removed.

2. The use of the term Fijian to identify the citizens of Fiji, other races included should only be for the itaukei.

3. Identifying indigenous Fijians as Itaukei is robbing Fijians of their identity.

There are many other issues that SODELPA is advocating regarding the threat towards the existence of Itaukei however, it does not put bread and butter on the table.

It does not embrace multiracialism. It does not appreciate nor respect the contribution of other races.

SODELPA needs to re-think their strategy because Jarryd Haynes who considers himself a Fijian, may have to ponder his national identify because he will always be classed and termed as a Kai Loma.

Advocate laws that may marginalise Fijians and the benefits they may derive from the land and come up with policies to unite Fiji and not closet the Itaukei. I for one agree that every citizen in Fiji should use a common name and deserve to be called Fijians. I am an itaukei and I appreciate being termed as such and I don't feel that being termed an itaukei is disrespectful to me, my culture and tradition.

Unless SODELPA re-thinks their strategy and position, they will only be clutching at straws.

We have moved on from politics of old and we want to see our nominated representatives in Parliament raising and fighting for issues which will benefit itaukei and the other races of Fiji as a whole.

I am not a supporter of the SODELPA party but they have the largest numbers in opposition but lack the fire power and will to fight vehemently for the people of Fiji, who still feel subjugated and fear the military.

Unless SODELPA accepts the olive branch from the Labour Party and all the opposition party unite and come up with a united front policy to rattle the FF Government, we are heading towards another 4 years come 2018 with FF.

Anonymous said...

@ 11.15am

Have you taken your Meds yet bozo??

What planet are you on at the moment huh?

Should be most jolly you are getting good education, something which is kinna lacking in you bozo as you are still short-sighted. lol

Anonymous said...

Deviating from our discussion like you do here is a sign that (1) my point had struck home and is true.(2) you have nothing else important to share.

Suomynona said...

My wild guess is that the supposedly failed "revolution" in the west may have threatened Frankie's regime apart from the obvious outcome of another coup-de-tat breakout again.

Frankie surely isn't afraid to bust out another coup of his own if he has to, although the people involved in so-called "sedition" were fighting for itaukei rights coinciding with overthrowing the illegal government based on a baseless constitution that the military was "upholding."

The dictator surely is determined not to let go of power by whatever means necessary, even if he starts acting like Fidel Castro.

Meanwhile, SODELPA on the other hand is having internal issues of its own due to differences over some of its members.

Anonymous said...

3:07 what is there to share with an idiot. If only you understand your point... what does that tell you... let me ask you something.... and tell me the answer if you can.... a rabbit shits pellets, a cow large mouldy dumps and you long fat ropy blobs. why are all three shits different.

Anonymous said...

3.15 .Kulina boci...do you have anything else on this topic or just the shitty stuff you have here. Maybe the only difference here is YOU..because you are a son of a SHIT

Anonymous said...

3 15 pm
Shut the fuck up you numbskull!
Waste of energy! !!
Yea. .Boci

Anonymous said...

Anon 3 15
What's wrong hot head. If you can't take the truth get a rope and hang yourself....

Anonymous said...

I think the difference between the three shits that anon 3 15 pm is asking is him....

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.06
Correction!! Anon 3.15 question is a riddle.He is tricking 3.07. In fact there are 4 not 3. The fourth shit is him.
Areh Wahhhhh!

Anonymous said...

To Anon 4:16 - 4:06 - 3:39 and 3:35

The question makes an idiot talk shit which you have been tricked to do and reflects that you are full of shit not being able to answer a shitty question. Now go take a shit - shit heads. Love it.

Serupepeli said...

Fiji's political demise is because of the military....anyone has anything different?

Serupepeli said...

When you worship an ideology...truth no longer matters. As far as Fiji is concerned, lies with a kernel of truth may well be the lesser evil. It may do well in the short term but the reality is,citizens are not well informed. They are simply riding on the wave of exciting propaganda. " Make a lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it" Adolf Hitler..

Serupepeli said...

Fiji political history is riddled with coups. Now, why could that not be the case in future? We still have the culprits governing, somehow their removal is imminent and the cycle continues

Anonymous said...

the military is creating fear in Fiji right now, concerning whats happening in Ra, they will say we are in a situation of instability so they can stop the investigation of the public accounts committee.
For more info, they will use Tanuku, one of the accused pers to be a state witness and leave the rest some where, ....watch it!!!!!

serupepeli said...

“Leadership is built on true character! You lose your leadership when you fake your character. The degree of leadership potential a person can expose will depend on how potent he can maintain his true character!”

Hard to find in our beloved country!

Serupepeli said...

I am not surprised their is dissent from a section of the community.What do we expect from a climate of governing by force?

Anonymous said...

160 FIJIAN soldiers sent to the highlands of Ra to subdue dissident FIJIAN Group.


Happened in 2000. Many Fijians were brutalised and killed. Now we are heading West.

Wananavu Kai Viti.


FIJIAN continue to complain. Fijian continue to fight, abuse, brutalise, main and injure Fijian.

FIJIAN soldiers against Fijian.

The Whole world is laughing. This is absolutely ridiculous.

Vinaka Frank - you have taken command of an Army and leading them against your very own people. Sa vakaloloma dina.

Anonymous said...

AG says naupotism still exists. Ooooo....Frank is going to be pissed.

Anonymous said...

6:37pm... You forgot it does not apply to Frank or Khaiyum... Just you and your dada

Anonymous said...

AND your mama, if you know who she is.

Anonymous said...

And there you have it folks....

Why don't you Itaukei's do this...

Three provinces of Fiji - stand at the corner of a triangle than you guys battle it out.


You guys just fight till everyone is kaput

Than we Fijians can take over and run this wonderful country.

You guys heading that way so might as well.

You guys aghe pitche... liu muri... back stabbing...

No point trying to run the country...

I bet for TOVATA if all three confederacies fight. Maybe Kubuna and Burebus may have to join each other to match Tovata.

Anonymous said...

6:53 - hey why the angst... areh yaar

Anonymous said...

The Russian revolution started with a few dissidents--so did the revolution in Iran, Syria,Iraq etc etc. Remember how Bangladesh was born in 1971 ?--

Anonymous said...

Not sure why these Ra people r given prominenece most of them r no school and no bath ginger stinckers

where is ra any way?

Look if u ulukau go live in village and plant dala do not talk over yr head

give fiji a go now and see what happens

Anonymous said...

9:22 if you dont know where Ra is.... you cant be a Fijian....

Anonymous said...

Really, no one knows where the hundred million have disappeared to
and the Minister of Finance is Khaiyum and he has more power than
the parliament of Fiji? It's getting to look like a country is run by
thugs or Mafia organization.

Anonymous said...

Ra,Nadroga,Namosi,Serua,Ba,Tavua, these Fijian Vanua has given
our notice to the two assoles Khaiyum & Bhainimarama that we are
seriously ready to defend our Vanua? Thank you Ra> you have been the
loyal keeper of the Fijian "MANA" this was entrusted to your clan by
our ancestors, we respect you for never forgetting your duty to our
people and yes we stand ready to come to your support in defence of
our Vanua!!! For othe clans, Lau,Vanualevu,Rewa & Tailevu you all know
what you must do to take out these piece of shits Bhai&Khai ASAP!

Anonymous said...

9.22 must be one fucking kailoma lmao beeeehehehhehehehe

Anonymous said...

ANON@2:36AM...And you sir must be a Kai Idia? Anyhow just hold-on
to your dick cause my relatives is herewith serving notice for your

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.15. Well said. I have observed the happenings in the last 8 years or so very carefully. No matter what one things of Frank in the grander scheme of things the i-taukei have never had it better than under Frank and they in fact need him more than any other race in Fiji. All the freebies and protection that he has offered the kaiviti no other PM has done. In fact short of wiping the kaiviti ass he has given the kaiviti all the seeds to finally succeed and compete in the modern world. Those stats that you gave are as accurate as can be and i dare any one to challenge them. My question is how much more ass licking do the i-taukei want and when will they realize that all the failures are their own doing.


KUA NI RERE said...

@alibaba 6:09
I dont know whether you are BLIND or whether you are just DUMB.
You said you've observed the last 8 years " very carefully" and then say that Frank is the best for " i-Taukei".
That was a really dumb statement

I can list out a whole lot of things here but I'll just give you just ONE point to think about.

Poverty in Fiji under Prime Minister Qarase was 30%.
Poverty under Bainisona is 50% . Some say its closer to 60%)
This statistic is from the government itself.

Lets do some maths : 60% is double of 30%
Therefore POVERTY DOUBLED UNDER dicktator Bainimarama.
Therefore as far as THE PEOPLE are concerned this Bainimarama government is 100% worse than Qarase government.

So here you are saying you've made " careful observations"....IN FACT YOU ARE LYING.
YOU'VE JUST PULLED OUT RANDOM THOUGHTS FROM YOUR DELUDED BRAIN and say that Bainimarama is good for the i-Taukei.

I think people will ignore your idiotic comments from now on.

A great man once said that " If you see the FRUIT , then you can tell what the tree is".
The fruit is a doubling of poverty in Fiji then that means that the government must be twice as farked!

You talked about " wiping arses". We can see from your posting whose arse you've been wiping.

Timoci Natewa said...

Mosese, Niko, Karavaki, Aseri and Ratu Naiqama (All are idiots) and opportunists. Leave Ro Teimumu alone. Quit and leave SODELPA. Ro Teimumu is a seasoned ,educated and multiracial politician. You idiots are Nationalists and racists.

Anonymous said...

Era lai vesu mai o ira na i lala ulukau ra via rebel tiko qo, ra yali sara o ira na vesu mona taki ira tiko. Gauna cava na qai vuli kina na kai viti.

Anonymous said...

6:09 Alibaba or should we call you Vili... no good hiding under two anon names.... yes i tracked ypur URL.

By the my post at 6:15 is alarm that the army comprising og 95% Fijians can raise ar.s against their own people. If there and I emphasis IF there is any insurrection there is no need for 160 armed soldiers to attend to the matter. The police is there already investigating. They are tasked to bring these people to justice and they are inno ent until proven guilty. Only a fool would judge them.

Frank has done nothing good for Finian people. He is a self serving hate filled vile venomous individual. Tell me what has he done for Fijians.... the roads water etc... are money spent from tax payers and donor Governments and it is his responsibility to administer the Government fairly. His government reeks of nepotism corruption there is o transparency and he himself believes he is answerable to no one...he committed a coup in 2006 and cannot pretend to be a sheep and attack the people of Ra. Activism for self preservation is nothing new and the fijian people are concerned with some of Frank and Khaiyums Decrees concerning land.

Dont be mixed up Alibaba in wrong ideals when it is clear that Frank is nothing but dictator.

Anonymous said...

9:39 iko vosa tu vaka e dua sa lala na uluna. O ira mai Ra era tu taka na nodra dina kei na nodra dodonu vaka lewe ni vanua. Se bera nira kunei nira cala. Kevaka e vaka koya nodra vakanananu e dodonu meda rokova baleta o ira na mataivalu kei Voreqe era sa yavalata na veika eda taqomaka jiko. Na noda dodonu vaka kawa taukei. E sega ni dodonu mera vakatalai e 160 na lewe ni mataivalu mera laki vakasaurarataki ira mai Ra. Me muri ga na lawa. Qo e vakaraitaka nona rerevaka o Voreqe na ka ga e secuva o koya. Na lawaki kei na qito ca. Dodonu mera maroroi kara vakavulici. Sai tinitini ga ni valavala kaukauwa na kaukauwa. Ena sotava o Voreqe ena dua na siga namaki.

KUA NI RERE said...

Boso, o ira o kacivi ira tiko na " via rebel" era vakayagataka nodra vakasama.
O iko sa vesuka tu nomu mona o Bainimarama.
Ka ga tukuna mai o Bai o sa mai vakadonuya tu o iko.
Tukuna o Bai "Dua na Constitution vou". O iko sara " Io Donu".
Tukuna o Bai " Vakama na Constitution nei Yash Ghai". O iko sara " Io Donu".
Tukuna o Bai " Ke u kitaka na Coup meu IMMUNITY". O iko sara "Io Donu".
Tukuna o Bai "Ke u vacuka e dua , se vakamatea e dua, me'u IMMUNITY". O iko sara " Io Donu".


Sa vakaraitaka tu o ya ni so na kaiViti sa vakataki iko tu qori.
Era sa sega tu ni vakayagataka na BRAIN solia mai vei ira na Kalou.
Era sa sega tu ni kila na cava na lasu se cava na dina. Ka ga sa tukuni mai " Io Donu"

Sa rauta me so na kai Viti e ra lai cuva tu vei jabat-al-Noushra ka qai lai vutuka tu nodra sona o Al noushra BALETA NI RA SEGA TU NI RA VAKAYAGATAKA NA NODRA BRAIN.
Sa vosa ga mai o Al Noushra ni sa kaya tu yani "Io Donu"

Vosa mai o Kaiyum ni kaya yani "Io Donu"

Kemuni gona na mataqali kaiViti Ulukau.
Nodra i liuliu o iko.
Sega tu mada ga ni rawa ni vakayagataki na Brain.
Rau sa lai play mapolo taka tu e $100million from Ministry of Finance . "Io Donu".

Maumau nomu bula.

NEXT TIME USE YOUR FARKING BRAIN AND STOP KOWTOWING TO THESE TWO CONMAN. Why the fark did they stop the Auditor General from investigating the missing $100million from Ministry of Finance. Isnt that against the Constitution?

O ira ga na kaiViti lialia vakataki iko e sa donu tu vei ira na ka rau kitaka tiko na tamata butabutako lasulasu CONMAN qo. o Bainimarama kei Kaiyum.

Anonymous said...

The latest shit coming out of the Fiji Fucked party is that no one is allowed to swear if using social media. FUCK YOU BAINIMARAMA and FUCK YOU TOO VILI CAVUKA.

Anonymous said...

Isa o kemuni na yavu tamata lamusona ni vosa vakadomobula tiko ena blog qo sa koya sara tu ga qo, vosavosa ca na kena levu eke sigatabu buki sara vakaukauwa na tie roqo na i volatabu lai dabe sara i liu.

Oni na kakase tiko eke yacova ni oti tale na veidigidigi tarava ni se kakase voli ga ni yavu tamata lamusona.

Anonymous said...

2:31 keimami vakayadrati kemuni jiko na moce ni sega ni raica rawa na leqa esa bika noda vanua ko Viti. Ocei ena sega ni rere nai vakarau vakaloloma era vakayacora na mataivalu vei keda na lewe ni vanua. Sa vinaka na kalou kei na nona loloma baleta ena ceburaki mai na dina. Kua ni galu jiko Lasarusa

Timoci Vunaceke said...

During the past week I’ve been saddened by media reports of ‘rebels’, who are mainly villagers, allegedly undergoing military type training in the hills of Ra.

And to make it worse, it was seeing some of my close family members among those who were arrested and charged by Police.

This is the last thing I wanted to see happen to them.

Today, I’ve regretted my involvement with George Speight in the May 19, 2000 attempted coup as I’m still facing the consequences of it despite the fact that I’ve served my jail term and lived in Australia for the past 12 years.

Life has been difficult as I tried to move on, but someone somehow would just happen to dig up on my past and sooner or later I would be swung right back to square one.

Despite my reassuring them that I’ve turned a new leaf in life, it all seem to fall on deaf ears as they still look at me with some of sort of distrust.

This is what I want the people of Ra, Nadroga and those around Fiji to know. They’ve got nothing to gain from joining such rebellious movements as it would only haunt them for the rest of their lives.

In 1999, failed politicians, church ministers and corrupt businessmen talked us into taking part by telling us of what we wanted to hear.

They also brainwashed us into believing that we were there to protect the iTaukei race by overthrowing a democratically- elected government. What I did not realise then was that we were being used to fulfill their political agendas.

Midway during the 2000 political crisis, it began to dawn to me that I had been used. This was after the very same people who were supposed to be backing us up had jumped ship to accept top positions in the then interim government. They turned their backs on us as we were thrown into jail.

As I sat and thought hard of what had recently transpired in my province, it surely was history repeating itself. The evil elements of 2000 are back probably in a different form, doing its best to mislead people and bring about instability to the nation as a whole.

I call on all people to exercise wisdom and not to be easily swayed by these elements. Fiji has now got a democratically-elected government in place. This is the way forward for all Fijians and the betterment of their future generations.

I’m pleading with all the chiefs of the vanua of Ra to stop entertaining such rebellious attitudes and work together with Government for the development of the province

Anonymous said...

Manivusi! Vili Rakoro..tobo tu.
Iko kei ira kece sara na tovaki rau tiko o Bai kei Khai mo ni yalo vakaturaga sara mo ni lomani keda na koi Viti., o keda nai taukei. Ni nanumi ira na noda kawa.Cava na kena dredre mo ni cakava ya , ni veisautaka na nomuni rai ?
kevaka sa dredre ya, io, sa vinaka...Ni qai veivutusona tiko!
Ni moce au sa qai. ..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Mosese Bulitavo shameful the free advert for you trying to spruce up your chiefliness in tday Sun by Delaibatiki;;;;



Anonymous said...

Vinaka vakalevu Timoci Vunakece na ceuraka mai na dina ni veidabui sa baci caka qo vei ira na noda.

Anonymous said...

Vunaceke..is your name spelt correctly?
Thanks for the progress your making after the speights coup, your time in jail and your advice to the rebels and everyone.
I see your involvement with Speight is different from what the rebels are doing today. The rebels today basically fight for a separation of govt not what Speight including you had done in 2000. You took the govt by for force.

Anonymous said...

Kua ni rere

Na cava o sa bau rawata ena nomu blog tiko mai qo sa vica mai na yabaki. Sega ni dua na ka karua ga ni dakai bitu levu ga na rorogo. Tamata macawa nomu bula,dau kakase va buinigone.

Anonymous said...

anon 6.04pm
o koya e tukuna tiko na dina,,,,boci
tamata kana loto ena butako matanitu o iko......tawa tiko qori caiti bai

Anonymous said...

Timoci Vunaceke? more like Vili Raikoro >vutiki tamamu...Sonalevu
can't hide from us you boci!!!

Anonymous said...

Timoci Vunaceke is OFFICE OF PROPAGANDA AKA VILI RAKORO. Cant fool the people.

Anonymous said...

Hoooolala!!!! Hah weeeeeeeeeee! Uro kece ga to all the women readers of c45.
If the new western govt is formed, am I going to move to the west too from Suva? .. I'm from the delta. There's no resort, no sugar mill, no gold, very limited resource.
Maybe I'll propose to the old govt of Bainimarama and Khaiyum to utilize our veitiritiri and create something from the vast mangroves and swampy swath of delta land without destroying my livelihood-fish,moci, ura, kurukoto, vo,kuka, mana, urakalu, qari, jidrai, bekalulu and our own manivusi.
Wjth the growing population of manivusi, we can ask Ching Pang too to test if mongoose meat is a fit for restaurants.
Se vacava naita?

Anonymous said...

Admin (Coup4.5)...please can you enlighten us the SODELPA supporters of the ongoing crisis within the party members. I would like to know if all that I read and hear are true. There is a reason I want to know and that is i dont want to ride in a sinking ship.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry 7.14am. Only the brave will last.If you want to jump ship like Bulitavu had done go ahead. The other vessel that will receive you is a pirateship commandered by the two pirates of the Pacific - Voreqe and Khaiyum.
The problem is. ..the pirate ship is barely afloat. Result of looting , misdirections and bad decisions have brought the ship to its deteriorating shape. How long will it last? I don't know only the ship and weather will tell.

Serupepeli said...

If you want Bainimarama's boat to sink then punch a hole in the next election. Problem is those who try, have their own boats sinking, like we are witnessing. Our opposition is defunct. A vibrant opposition is one that also provides solutions, not just leaking their wounds like cry babies. It's a shame that we can become too emotional about the past.

Serupepeli said...

Is SODELPA in crisis? If so, why?....

Anonymous said...

Not really in crisis but a cleaning up. They have to put their house in order too. Much better than what the govt is doing in their hiring and firing of workers. So it's not a big alarm. For those who want to jump ship, why give up? The fight is still on.

Anonymous said...

Na ka dina e vakaraitaka tiko o Bulitavu, oya gona na democracy ko ni dau mai tagicaka tiko eke. E cava e kalou o Teimumu me kua ni dua e tarogi koya.

Anonymous said...

Io ka dina. Democracy cava ga e cicivaki keda tiko qo? Na democracy ni veivakamatei kei na butabutako kei na veiliumuritaki. Keimami sa gadreva me vesu o Voreqe . Ni vakamumuri tiko vaqori me yaco I vei? Keimami sa madua na lewe ni vanua vei ira na sodrosodro rawarawa tu va. qo

Anonymous said...

@11:12 am
ha..ha.. democracy vakavuaka.

but at least we will have a new flag.

Anonymous said...

@7:14 am

Normally, when you have an election and a party is defeated/humiliated like SODELPA, the leader will go back home and a new one will come in... it's just the normal way to go.

SODELPA, from its very name, is SDL...that is where the problem lies. Fiji needs a professional opposition, with a real ideology that can attract people from all parts of the country. But more than that, we need honest, dedicated and qualified MPs.

FLP and NFP have to go too... they are just as "biased" as SDL.

I don't see a new party coming in because old ones are too dumb.... so we are stuck with FF.

au tagi lo

Anonymous said...

Too many recycled politicians in SODELPA. They are gonna fuck up the party big time. Beddoes is an example.

Anonymous said...

Tomici Vunakece .... why come out with half truths you coward.. mid way through the coup the support you were supposed to get from the military did not come through. Thats the truth behind the 2000 coup. Those soldiers involved got their positions in Government. Your a fool to think we will be believe your rubbish military propoganda of blaming the people. The people will finish what you and others failed to do.

piss off and hide in your hole or go kiss Franks arse. Everyone else is

Anonymous said...

We still need seasoned politicians to guide the new ones. Most of FF MPs include Frank have no political protocol and treat Government like its part of their family. There are good politicians there who can lead Fiji out of this rut.

Anonymous said...

Time to plant and prepare for the world economic crisis that is coming SOON!

Sa rauta mada all this useless bickering especially when the FF government is firm on having its military boots on all our heads.

Go to the teitei and see what good you can make out of the land - perilous times are a coming and we had better be prepared.

While the China currency was devalued the other day, watch for the US dollar being trashed for good!

The domino effect will begin to affect every nation like SOON! Do you think you will own every cent you have earned and saved in the bank when this crisis happens. The answer is a big NO!

Think about it. Start focusing on what is REAL!

Anonymous said...

Tiboci Vunaeke, just Fuck Off Vili Cavuka Vutusona.

Anonymous said...

Interesting reading Timoci Vunakece's comments...Well if it really is Timoci Vunakece. It could just about be anyone...or perhaps it is Franks children who seem to have joined in the media bandwagon. Is there anyone by this name Timoci Vunakece involved in the 2000 coup or did the military intelligence or Franks children or perhaps FF supporters make this one up. I don't recall any Timoci Vunakece being involved in the 2000 coup. I recall Timoci Silatolu. There is no Timoci Vunakece convicted of the 2000 coup as well. So who is this so called Timoci Vunakece. The name itself Vunakece hails from Kadavu and not Ra. This Timoci seems to speak as if he is a person from Ra or Nadroga. I said that Frank's children may be involved in this because they always have been since their father illegally executed the 2006 coup. Reason is that they used to live along Vunakece Street.

What Timoci is saying here on this blog site is exactly the military propaganda that they have been preaching since they took over Government.

All in all Timoci Vunakece sounds to be like someone drummed up to continue with military propaganda blaming Chiefs and Religious leaders. Poor stuff really.

Anonymous said...

Naiqama's SODELPA trip to Sydney was not successful. Not as successful as the Bainimarama trip fundraising for FF. There was poor turnout at his Thursday speech and the fundraising dinner last Saturday was a flop. Everything was poorly organised and run by a bunch of people who continue to want to be seen in the limelight.

There is only one thing that Naiqama is going around preaching. Fijians as a Group will lose our identify with the Decrees put in place by Khaiyum and Frank.

The people of Fiji have lost that flavour of politics by race. It worked in 1987 and 2000 noting Naiqama's involvement in the coup himself but people today have moved beyond that.

Unless SODELPA change their policies - no one will listen to them.

We want a free Fiji, free from the tyranny of Militarism and idiots like Frank running the country while tazered in the arse by Khiyum but we also do not need the politics of old, dividing races. We need a united Fiji.

KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 11:49
I agree with you.
This "Timoci Vunakece" needs to prove himself. Otherwise he is as you say, probably the idiot Vili or one of Bainimarama's children.
Timoci can prove himself in two ways:
1) One is to for him to tell us who it was that encouraged him to do a coup and then "jumped ship and join the government".
2) And secondly Timoci says he was put in Prison... So may be Timoci can produce the List of Prisoners and show us his name there in 2000.

If he doesn't prove himself then its safe for us to say that this Timoci Vunakece is just another Bainimarama fuckwit, trying to CON us again.

mark manning said...

@ Anonymous August 24, 1156 a.m.
Either you are misleading others here or you have been fed bullshit!
I don't know about Thursday evening, but 250 turned out, though only 200 tickets were available, myself included, @ Padstow Bowling Club on Saturday the 22nd. and it was a very successful evening.
Please check out the facebook contributions and do yourself a favour and check your facts before contributing.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning.... Thank you for your championing the cause for Fiji... Just out of curiosity... why are you doing this. Were you born in Fiji? Did you have interests in Fiji? Why would you an Australian, have an interest in Fiji and its politics. Or perhaps you carry a Fijian passport. I see your comments here constantly and wonder, what are your interests. No one does anything without a reason.

Maumau Dina said...

Ro Kepa dictates to her MP's...what do you expect from a Leader who takes her MP's out almost every weekend and she drinks Fiji Bitter! Imagine that! Not wine like a lady who she likes to flash in peoples faces! Dau gunu beer! Anyway...she has people like Laisani Qaqanilawa the failed youth candidate who did not even get 1,000 votes hahaha but in fact slep with the guy who was arranging all the selection of Mps...Setareki Loco and she then slept with half of Sodelpa including fellow candidate Marika Lewaqai much to the aghast of Lewaqai's wife! Laisani loves to entertain men in her house with her parents blessin gs! Meanwhile she has been sleeping with FIRCA CEO Jitoko Jikolevu. Her other conman Pita Waqavonovono does not hav as much following as he claims! At he height of the elections campaign....the guy molested a young youth at Sodelpa during a gunu sede an this was made public but hidden by the Sodelpa leadership herself! Well Sodelpa stinks just like its leader who has slept with the likes of Lenora's husband to Colonel Raivoce! Moce Jo!

Anonymous said...

@ Maumau Dina.



Anonymous said...

@ Maumau Dina...

Ro Temumu a Dictator - if she is a dictator, what would you call Frank Bainimarama.

You know your mother had an affair with Frank Bainimarama with your fathers blessing so he could be promoted.

Go take your meds... pliz.

Anonymous said...


Tobo tu na nomu lasu. Thank you Mark Manning for revealing 11.56 and 4.20pms lie . That's the same game they played to fool the people. Lies after lies. The elections result was a lie and they got away with it. Deliberations on human righrs they made at the general assembly in NY was all lies.
lasu lies lasu lies! !

Anonymous said...

How's the teitei going?

Australia stock market loses $60billion in one day of trade.


Chinese stocks plunges again.

Not good news at all. By the way whats Khaiyum saying about a new public holiday in Fiji to rethink or remember the fraudulent Constitution that he thrust down the people's throats after burning Mr Ghai and Co's Constitution for the Fiji people??

Anonymous said...

8:15pm... did you attend yourself or your just like every other Fijian believing what anyone else says. Sa sivia ga na con vei ira na kwai Viti

Anonymous said...

8:17pm .... teitei sa tubua. Vucesa kei na gunu yagona sa sivia.
Khaiyum says Fuck China, Fuck USA, Fuck Australia and FUCK YOU. We are already a 3rd world country and trying to be at the bottom 10.

Anonymous said...

@ 8.26pm



Anonymous said...




mark manning said...

I could ask you the same question! What are your interests?

Anonymous said...

Well I can ask you the same question. Finding out my presence in that meeting is not important. My point is we are governed by a bunch of self serving criminals whose purpose is to hold on to power as long as they are able to on the expense of the people. Greed, Bullying, Thuggery, Murdering, Lying, Corruption, Nepotism and so on are their ways and methods of achieving their hold. And for people like you ,Vili Rakoro and Tomasi VunaCEKE, you will continue to support and advocate this govt all the way. By the way to answer your question I wasn't but it's prudent to believe a statement from someone who physically lives in a place where an event is held then some blabbering mouth unknown person whose verified story was proved to be a lie. Once again thank you MM(Mark Manning) for your verification.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning is an English nurse who hangs around the margins of the Freedom and Democracy Movement in Sydney. He fancies himself as a ladies man and has bedded many of the movement's younger female members. The men put up with it because Mark is useful. A sad figure with no connection with Fiji at all except his taste for Fijian flesh and willingness to work for the cause. That's the thing about the kaivalagi and kailoma hangers-on in SODELPA. Someone like Mark gets laid and someone like Mick Beddoes gets paid. But they are not regarded as Fijians at all by the baboons who run the party. Just people to be used.

Anonymous said...

AG of Fiji wants to have holiday next year for celebrating constitution of Fiji. He must be doping,or taking serious marijuana to be thinking that that majority supports constitution. Less than half of Fiji is probably okay with the constitution because they are ignorant or they just dont care as long as they have food on their table, but the fact remains majority dotn even want to hear about the fraudulent constitution, It would be interresting if the rebels burn the new constitution before that non-I-Taukei bainimarama and khaiyums eyes.

Anonymous said...

Fiji has never seen such a scale of thuggery as we see now. It is beyond belief that the country will descend to become like a typical African nation of the 1970's - power hunger, lying, bullying and corrupt politicians, greedy soldiers, all trying to make a quick buck on the backs of poor and vulnerable workers, villagers and farmers.... But the Greed, Bullying, Thuggery, Murdering, Lying, Corruption, Nepotism by this gang of thugs will come to an end - this is as certain as there good weather after a cyclone.

Anonymous said...

Lmao...osooo...dou lomana. .he's an albino from Viuwa.

Anonymous said...

Coup 4.5 Going back to the subject article, there is nothing sinister about the use of Head 50 for unbudgeted purposes, as long as it is subsequently regularized with proper appropriation authority. The problem here is there is no explanation forthcoming from Finance. Question is why? Can be one or combination of two reasons, (i)they don't know, or (ii) they know but are scared shit to reveal for fear of losing their jobs and worse still, they were complicit or even abetted the improper use of this appropriation because they were scared shit to lose their jobs. Now these Finance people are supposed to be smart enough not to 'not know', so one can legitimately ask is it more a combination of the latter reasons? Keep it up PAC keep prodding, where there is an unexplained stink there is usually a rotten (cover up) carcass underneath!! Could it be for unexplainable transfers to unexplainable recipients like Aunty Nur Bano and others? The possibilities make a good compelling storyline, in the absence of convincing explanations from Finance. We the honest hardworking taxpaying citizens of Fiji deserve more, and the civil servants owe it to the PAC (as our constitutionally instituted representative body) by having the guts to be honest at least. Otherwise they are just as complicit and deceitful as their political masters.

Anonymous said...

@9.33am We already are like a typical African nation,in fact to be accurate we are just as similar to PNG problems.

Anonymous said...

In PNG there is at least freedom of expression. Here there is none. Anyone found to be disagreeing with Khai and Bai will be taken to task. Travel bans. Police. Military. The might of all these will be used to crush divergent views. In the civil service, no civil servant can express a view contrary to Khai's. My foot his statement at Accountants asking for people to hold views. It was only to flush out those who hold views, so that he can crush them. In PNG people can have meetings. They can write and express their views. Media is free. We are like Zimbabwe now - yes, Zimbabwe. Bai thinks he will be like Mugabe, still there in his chair when he is 80+.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:49 PM

' Anyone found to be disagreeing with Khai and Bai will be taken to task '

Give us an example?

Anonymous said...

Tautuavata ga na coup na 2000,1987 vakayagataki na yaca ni taukei,ia era kila na klena maleka o ira na dau ni bisinisi,me vaka na Fiji Times,sa lailai se sega na adverts ni matanitu vei koya ,sa cudru vakalevu na kena boso e kai valagi,tiuko tale eso na bisinisi era dau bula tu ena so na i vakacavacava se grant mai na Matanitu ia,sa veisau oqo sa sega ni vaka e liu,sa qai tiko o ira na civil servants cegu ena yabaki 55 ka a tu na nodra tuvatuva kei na nakinaki,ia mani seva ni sa yaco na vuaviri ena 2006,oqo o ira na tamata lomakocokoco,sa rawa me dave na dra ia me rawa ga na lomadra ena vutuniyau.

Sa vakayacori oti na veidigidigi, sa QAI CALA TALE

Anonymous said...

ONLY fijifirst supporters will ask question as stupid as what happens to people who dont lick banimarama and khiyums bums and speak against them, you fool, you dont even deserve an answer, go do what you are best at, lick after banimarama and khaiyums shit!

Anonymous said...

Your question is foolish. You should know better!
How about those taken to camp. The deaths of
Rabaka, Malasebe, etc. now Bulitavu graffitis'case
What happened to these people?
Didnt they at some point disagree with Bainimarama?

Anonymous said...

2.20..amateur. ..ulukau vakaiyanaqa! tamani bavulu vakaitamera!!
Use your head before you write.

Anonymous said...

2 40pm.
Na cava na message o via tukuna. Au warai ni taura rawa.
Explain in English.

Anonymous said...

@Autonomous August 25, 2015 at 2:20 PM

What other example are you still looking for?

Because you are No. i sapota, your blinded to the reality of what is happening.
A glaring example is Satish Narayan who was fired from one of the media outlets or saying something against the sports council CEO Litiana Bainimarama.
The next day he was out.

A senior former Tourism officer who was terminated just because he disagree with the false figures of arrival to Fiji plus many you know them yourself.

Anonymous said...

@Autonomous August 25, 2015 at 2:40 PM

Oqori Brother the argument MAKAWA nei Kisoko e tauri ga mai ena yasa ni tanoa yaqona.

I a ni kua e sa kilai tu vakasiga levu ni qele under Land Back e sa sega ni ni rawa ni lesu tale vua na kena i taukei.

O qo e dua na lasu levu nei Bai ka ra sa kila mai na i taukei ni qele.

Lako tale laki gunu yaqona vakaoti kei Kisiko.

Anonymous said...

The head 50 will turn out to be the 2nd regimental fund where unanswered questions still remain. One of the reasons behind Franks coup is to keep the RFMF regimental fund well hidden from the public. For the $100m , ..PAC is doing what its supposed to do by asking? Is it doing more than just asking? Is PAC beginning the investigation? Is it summoning those responsible for negligence of their civil servant duty? No.
The former Auditor General in the Qarase's govt tried to break into the Franks regimental fund but he was powerless. Frank has broken all civil servants rules and regulatory laws of Fiji. He has walked over and defied our own Constitution.
I won't be surprised to see the $100m remain unknown for as long as justice remain unserved.

Serupepeli said...

Frank is not accountable to the people...he has already indicated that before the election. The election was staged to legitimise his rule. So it is pretty wasteful, trying to dig up lost funds. Do the honourable thing..kick him out!

Anonymous said...

@ 6:16pm... wow.. you obviously have very little respect for your mother and sisters.

You think that all women are like your mother and sisters obviously to think that we would throw ourselves at any Caucasian. Your reference to white people and kai loma is clearly indicative of the Fiji First racial stance against white people and kai loma. It is entirely no different to the SODELPA party. You are both run by Fijians and you have no respect whatsoever for other people who have contributed towards the benefits of Fiji. You have done nothing but destroy Fiji with your stupidity and laziness and you blame Indians, Europeans, Kai Loma and other races. Look at yourself because it is the Fijian who committed the coup... not any other races of people.

Someone here said the PM is Fijian, 95% of soldiers are Fijians, Police, Prison, Navy and Civil Servants make up majority of Fijians and you have the land and sea yet you continue to cry and complain and coup each other.

You guys are absolutely dumb and nuts. On top of it, you call yourself Christians and have no respect for women, mothers, sisters, wives and speak words that are absolutely disgusting.

You wonder why no one believes in Frank or SODELPA but only you idiots who bow down to the dictatorial behaviours of the Military. At least Beddoes has the guts to stand up to the Military. You hide you coward.

Anonymous said...

Fijians want only Fijians to be called Fijians. You do not own Jarryd Hayne or other races who have been successful overseas. What do you classify us as. We only Fijian when it suits you... when you begging for money to be sent from overseas, or visa to get you overseas... Other than that... your black frizzy hair and Fijian and you do not consider us who have maternal links and proud of our Fijian heritage. Both FF and SODELPA should lock each other in a room.

Anonymous said...

Frank has never said anything about kailoma and made it law for all to be called Fijians. He is married to a kailoma too and even uses Frank instead of Voreqe so I don't know why Fiji First is being thrown in the same bin as SODELPA madam ^^^^^

Anonymous said...

@ 7:18 and all the pretty peeps here. I like kailoma women, kaidia women, kaiviti women, bisikete women and kai china women. We need a woman PM but better looking than Ro Teimumu and the rest of them. I met a Saloshni and Leba outside near Defence Club on Sat. Anyone know these gang? They were super kamikamica :-) Saw a few bush piggies too ...

mark manning said...

@ anon 616 a.m. 25th of August
Well you're up early!
So your assertion is that I'm a bit of a stud!
But you've exposed your lack of class by insulting, not only Indigenous Fijian woman, but the young ones.
Your petty tirade could be explained by your own inadequacies I'm guessing.
If there's anything I can do to help you through this difficult time, please let me know.
You will have to do better than this if you are going to try to discredit me in the eyes of Indigenous Fijian men because they are just not that gullible. And insulting people who support Democracy, won't do your own cause any good either.
I remain flattered however, that you would think the young girls would entertain an old fart such as myself. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

Marky Mark ... any tips for the young players like me? All in the hips or the lips? Give anon some Bounty rum and she / he'll be set! lol!

Anonymous said...

6 29 Serupepeli
Yes he's not accountable to the people but he's for his actions. We cannot allow him to walk free. Me rau sota na bici kei na kenai ula.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha. So na vosa vakadomobula tau tiko eke. Vosa kece ga ni tamata Lamusona sona levu.

Anonymous said...

Dua ga na tamata lamusona eda kila taucoko ya o koya e surroundtaki koya tiko
o ira na tamata vakaiyaragi.
Ya o Voreqe na tamata lamulamu duadua vei keimami nai taukei. Vosa viavialevu tiko ni tiko o ira era taqomaki koya tiko.

Anonymous said...

Families of those taken into custody have spoken and said that the health condition of those in custody are not good, they have been beaten very badly. I think there should be investigation into this.

Anonymous said...

Na nona lamusona o Voreqe sa ladevi ira na nona, o ira era laveliga veiratou na ISIS kei ratou na veiviri ena vatu kei ira na dau butako.
Ke toso tale sa biu ga nai yaragi tarava sara mai na vaqara veitavioka kei na tawa ni tarausese.

mark manning said...

Maybe it's time for Frank Bainimarama, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, Ben Naliva and their supporters to get a taste of their own medicine!

Anonymous said...

@8:29 AM
NCDs kill more people than prisons.
NCDs kill more people than guns.

We have to unite against NCDs first, then we can look into other problems later.

Anonymous said...

someone knows why the black clouds:http://fijisun.com.fj/2015/08/18/police-probe-flag-use/

Anonymous said...

Can you open up with a solution then we go from there. I firmly believe that family and values played important roles in addressing NCDs.

Anonymous said...

According to Fiji Times, heavily armed soldiers patrolling Tavua town. To do what? of course to intimidate innocent unarmed elderly citizens who were merely peacefully demonstrating their concerns with the apparent loss of their God- given heritage. Na i cici lelevu ni sotia koya a tadola ka lauvutu vei ira na Nusraf mai Syria sa baci mai vakateratera veivakarerei tale tiko e nona loma ni bai. Oi sa rauta mada man! You are the laughing stock of military establishments in the world today. You are joked about in commonwealth military establishments. Even the Indian army is seen as more of an army. Nomuni rogorogo sa rogorogo ga ni soli cici kei ucu da e a caka veikemuni mai Syria.

Anonymous said...

"" Update: 1:40PM THERE is heavy military presence in Tavua today as villagers from Ra arrived for the second appearance in court of more than 30 people charged with sedition and urging political violence.

A team from The Fiji Times witnessed more than 100 soldiers, a few carrying rifles, stationed at every corner of Tavua Town.""

The drama queens are at it again, so anonymous 2:35 PM reads the FT news and changes heavy military presence to 'heavily armed' ?????

The paper said a 'few' were carrying rifles.

So who's the joke now?

Try at least to make your whining not so easily discredited.

Anonymous said...

Ratu George Kadavulevu made a statement to the Fiji Sun saying... “For the so-called rebel group, Ratu George said they should face the consequences of their actions in allegedly trying to form a Chrisitian State in Ra and they should also reveal the elements that had provided advice to them. It is really surprising that they are not revealing the people in the group who had used them.”

When we look back in history, we will find that Ratu Seru Cakobau was a Chief who fought and died to protect his people and his power. He was a very powerful Chief who reigned over much of Tailevu, Rewa, Yasawa Islands and the Coastal areas of Fiji and the Lauan Group of Islands. The Europeans supported him at his dire need when Rewa had built an army that would have collapsed Ratu Cakobau if not for a Cyclone that prevented them attacking Bau. Ratu Cakobau at that time extended his hand to Christianity under the guise of his attempt to gain support from the Europeans to help protect him from the Rewa attack. In turn, the Beachcombers living in Levuka at that time who did not want Fiji annexed to Great Britain, decided to declare him King of Fiji. They welcomed all the Chiefs of Fiji to attend the ceremony and had a King making ceremony much to the amusement of the attending Chiefs. The King of Namosi at that time laughed and was heard to have said, he is no King of Namosi. This was evident when Ratu Cakobau was sent up to the hills of Naitasiri to arrest a rebellion group who killed a white settler and was driven out of Naitasiri and in which 65 of his men were killed.

Ratu Cakobau was also part of the Klu Klux clan who attempted to form the first Government in Fiji and had made him the Governor and a number of other high Chiefs supporting Ratu Seru as members of the Parliament. Sounds like some cartoon does it not. The first coup in Fiji was staged at this time when Ratu Seru's Government was ousted.

Today we have Ratu George Kadavulevu making statements against his people and these include the people of Ra. Instead of trying to help and assist the people who vehemently believe in their self preservation, he speaks out against them.

What has Ratu George Kadavulevu gained from all this we all wonder? Frank like Rabuka rewards those who support him. Adi Litia who was in the USA, attacked the Frank Government since 2006 yet returned to Fiji, pledged her support to Frank and gave him support in the 2014 election and was paid money and given gifts in return. She does not need to return to the USA today to care for some elderly person wiping their bottom.

Our high chiefs today have been reduced to snivelling io saka unknowns. They participated in the 1987 and 2000 coup and led from the front the call against the Indians. Today, they cower in fright and have not the guts to stand up against the Military tyranny that is drowning the Fijian, its tradition, culture and rich heritage.

Having said that, I care nothing about SODELPA and the way they are pressing with their issues because the way they are going about it is wrong.

What is said is that those that the people look up too for leadership and wisdom, have been nothing but self serving useless fools who care only of themselves.

Very soon if it has not started already, in every village houses will be fenced, people are already divided, our culture is lost and our Chiefs, well the reigning Government gives them the lyrics of the song and they sing like mynahs.

Wananavu Kubuna.

Anonymous said...

This investigation into Sedition by the people of Ra is a farce. There is nothing in it. The police are having trouble finding offences in the penal code to charge these people.

Why did the army move in?

Simple, to beat the confession out of innocent villages. Frank's aim in all this is to show the people of Fiji that he still controls the military. All this started up with the boci Tikoitonga and now sedition.

Very said state of affairs in Fiji.

SODELPA by the way needs to up their game. They are not denouncing what is happening to the people of Ra. They sit back like fucking useless idiots and do nothing.

Its time we allow our more determined Indian brethren to take over.

Anonymous said...

All you Fijians are fools. You stage a coup than another, than you coup each other and now you want to coup again and kill Frank.

This is what you are asking for Fijians to fight Fijians.

Anonymous said...

It was always an indigenous person who executed coup in Fiji, they destroyed their own country, but, the most cunning of them all, the most fraudulent of them all has been bainimarama, thats what happens when you hold hand with khaiyum, Bainimarama is a traitor, out and out, no doubt about it. He showed no sympathy whatsoever when torturing fellow I-Taukei, even today, the fellow I-Taukei are suffering after being charged with sedition slap. I feel very apologetic towards the brave men and women who stood up for what they believe is right.Nothing wrong in that, anyone who resides in Fiji knows that dictatorship is live and rife here, what is shown to the world is a cover up and farce, we are not brainless like bainimarama has thought us to be.
They will go to any length to protect themselves from being kicked out of the government. I have been told, outwardly, they are acting all cool, but inside, they are having meeting after meeting trying to find people who want to throw them out of their luxury seats.

KUA NI RERE said...

The soldiers were sent to Ra inorder to escalate the situation.
If there is any criminal activity like sedition then that is the job for the Police.
Already we hear of people being beaten up.
Again the DUMB POLICE DOING WHAT THEY ARE GOOD AT..beating up the innocent before any proof of guilt.

BUT MORE THAN ANYTHING, THE SOLDIERS ARE THERE AS A DISTRACTION....to distract the people from asking questions ON THE CRIMINAL ACTIVITY OF KAIYUM AND BAINIMARAMA in blocking any investigation by The Auditor General into the $100million missing from the Ministry of Finance.

Is that the money Mary used to buy her house?
Is it used to bribe Military Officers...for them to buy a house?
That money belongs to the citizens of Fiji. If you take it for personal use, IT IS STEALING and FRAUD AND ITS A CRIME and YOU SHOULD BE SENT TO JAIL.



Anonymous said...

Many soldiers have been drafted into the police and the police is looking like a Military Police today.

One can see in the police who had a military background and those are the ones who make plenty of noise but have no investigation skills, policing knowledge and legal knowledge. They are the butchers of the police force.

Because of their lack of knowledge of police work, they beat up their suspects to obtain a confession. When one reads their statements, it is no better than a Class 5 writing. Very poor grammar and spelling.

It is clear the Military is in Ra to antagonise and are a threatening presence. There was no need for the police to be there but Frank wants to keep people alarmed and so that he still has the brute force to deal with anything, even if it was just some idiot passing on some over the tanoa discussion about how terrible his Government is and whether each provision should have their own separate state.

Vei moku tiko - dua na siga ena lau kaji na ligamu.

Saula Telewa said...

Don't blame Military blame SODELPA's racists and nationalist members.
In 1987 they used the military to overthrow the Bavadra government.
In 2000 they used terrorism to overthrow Chaudhry government.
In 2006 the military had to intervene because of Qarase government's corruption,racist policies and the country heading towards bankruptcy.
Now they are inciting people to form their own government.
I was a member of Taukei Movement in 1987 but relinquished my membership once I saw the real motive behind these politicians. They can sell their mothers and sisters to come into power. These radicals don't know any one except themselves. I will advise these Nationalists to follow Ratu George Cakabou's message in today's Fiji Sun.

mark manning said...

Apparently Fijian Soldiers don't understand the concept of Democracy and the separation of powers!
And they have forgotten their role in Society.
But I remain convinced that it is "only" the Soldiers of the RFMF who can stop Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and return Fiji to Democracy before they lose their Traditions and culture and Land rights, permanently.

Anonymous said...

to all those whinning about Fijians loosing their culture and traditions... can you explain how you can actually preserve village-based culture in a heavily populated urban corridor like Suva-Nausori? no traditional human culture survived urbanisation!!! Look at China, India, Middle East... so you think the Arabic people in Dubai still live the traditional life?

get real. A new Fijian urban culture will rise.

Anonymous said...

@ Saula Telewa.... in 1987 no civillian marched into the Parliament with Rabuka and his 12 idiots to execute the coup. He should have not done it period.

You Saula were one of those lazy idiots who took advantage of the situation and looted pillaged and racially abused Indians.

The Military once again commits the coup in 2006 and here you are again supporting and defending the military.

You have not learnt anything and are just as stupid as you were in 2006.

We the younger generation despise you for what you did and support todsy.

You in your cowardice support the strong, the bully, the military.

You cannot stand up against them because you are nothing but a coward. Piss off now because your comments coming from an agitator of coups 1987 and supporter of those who committed another coup is reflective of your useless self.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:35... Fijians run the country and have the opportunity to preserve a way of life that is unique eespectable and appreciated by other cultures.

Embrace modernisation but keep what isentifies you uniquely from others.

Every race realise this today and have taken the necessary steps to learn and teach their young those cultures and customs.

Keep floating with Frank and he will teach you how to be disrespectly dishonour immoral and lack of integrity. He and you No Culture no good

KUA NI RERE said...

@Saula Teleboi 8:52pm aka Timoci Vunaceke aka Vili Sonalevu Rakoro.
Harreh Baini. tum bahut paqli yarr.
We can all see you maichod. Everytime you make a post you smell yarr. We can see the same old blowflies. You bring out the same old bullshit blah blah blah !

I was member of Taukei Movement BUT THEN I SAW THE REAL MOTIVE.
Qarase is corrupt BLAH BLAH BLAH....Hahaha. Even though Arsehole & Bainimarama couldnt convict him in Court.

Vili, for an Indian you are a bit predictable Vili. Are you stupid or something?
You should change your argument a little bit and make it hard for us to smoke you out.
Harre Vili we can smell you man. After the first sentence I knew straightaway what was coming next, 1986, Qarase corruption; Racist et etc.

Harre Vili, you forgot the " Qoliqoli Bill" yarrh! Hahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

I don't beleive it's Telewa! Are you real Teilawa the Nationalist from Tavua?
Changing tune today. Why now?
Looks like you're looking for money from this govt to start another printery.

Anonymous said...

NOw Bainimarama is getting the taste of his own medicine,he commented that he will not allow anyone to overthrow democratically elected government, he made that comment to an opposition leader, I wonder why the opposition member didnt ask him than why did he, Frank bainimarama, overthrew a legit government in 2006. He sounds like hypocrite when he says those things, someone should say it on his face, and the way gunned men are going around in the west, its intimidating, the citizens are scared now. If all was well, than this situation wouldn't have raised in the first place. Its a shame those who have been charged were caught soon enough and didnt get chance to make a point on why they are standing against the government.What are US, Australia, NZ and the other common wealth countries doing now, they are again turning blind eye to the issues in Fiji like they turned blind eye when vote ridging was happening during elections.

Anonymous said...

Military Propoganda Machine is breaking down. They are no longer convincing. They cannot blame the people anymore.

They committed the coup in 1987 and use the people Itaukei Movement as a decoy. This is a coup that never should have happened. There are educated people in the military and Rabuka is also educated enough to have known better. He is a fool today and should be shot. He protected himself with his constitution. The same thing Frank did today.

The Military supported the rebellion soldiers coup of 2000. They failed in their duty to prevent and stop the coup from happening. The talking about serving and protecting the people of Fiji today by deploying 160 armed soldiers to Rakiraki but in 2000, under Frank's command, they knew and failed to stop the 2000 coup.

When things did not go there way and there was a proposal to downsize the military, Frank stood in, used the qoliqoli bill and corruption and executed another military coup.

All that's happened was committed by the Military.

Today the Military enjoy better pay, largest army per capita, high positions in Government. The PM pays himself $360+ per annum.

The US Presidents annual salary is USD$395,000.00. Fiji's PM is $30,000.00 less. The US President administers a country of more than 250 million people. Fiji less than 1 million.

The President of Russia is paid an annual salary of $147,267.00. PM of UK USD$214,700.00. France USD$202,180.00. Our PS gets paid more than the PM of some of these countries. Remember a dollar is a dollar to each of these countries including Fiji so don't go converting dollars to justify.

Third world country leaders like Fiji - Egypt President is paid USD$6,788.00 per annum. Venenzuela Acting President USD$46,893.00.

Frank is nothing but a greedy bastard who has take power to his head. His children are all the same. They think they are the Kardashan family.

Many of us who speak out against the Military are not supporters of the SODELPA party.

We have seen what the Military have done and continue to do and IT IS WRONG and cannot be supported.

Supporting Frank today is no different to supporting Rabuka after he led Fiji back to democracy.

We continue to support the Military and their actions and blame ourselves for causing the past coups.

The Military executed the coups and failed to prevent the coups. They are now in a position where no future PM will have the balls to remove them. Why - another coup will happen.

That is the Fiji of today and the future we will be leaving for the future generation of Fiji.

A past filled with violence, blood shed, racism, corruption, immoral and all this was because the military failed in their duties to protect and serve the people of Fiji. They allowed themselves to be led by their senior military officers and other unscrupulous civilians and has brought Fiji down.

There is no longer any honour nor integrity in Fiji. Frank and his Government and you can see here on this blog that they are also keen on destroying the Fijian system. What than do we become... urbanites with no culture no custom, irrelevant history.

That is the military way. When you march into the army, you remove everything that you were because you will be ordered and instructed by others.

That is the way Fiji is moving and it can clearly be seen I every Government Department in Fiji, where they work in suspicion and fear.

Anonymous said...

Saula Telewa, Timoci Vunakece and George Kadavulevu and all you small boci Chiefs who support Frank... Take Frank down to the mango tree and go and drink methylated spirit. Ni maca dou qai veivutusona. Ni yavu tamata macawa liu muri kana loto.

Anonymous said...

Fiji's Military is nothing but bullies and thugs. Gone is the honour of the military. Senior Military are useless commanding officers who continue to be led and misled by those who are in Government today for self serving purposes.

The very reason the Military say they were misled in 1987 and 2000, the same is still happening to them today. They continue to be misled but hey, they got their cake and they are eating it.

Once when Fiji's soldiers marched the street and the people looked upon them with pride is gone.. people now look upon them with fear an disdain because they are nothing but thugs and bullies. Might as well release everyone from prison. Soldiers are worse. They treat their own people like animals.

Anonymous said...

Frank the Kailoma kawa ni maqe made this statement to the FT...

"The current security operation led by the police with the assistance of the RFMF is to protect our new democracy from certain forces who do not accept the will of the Fijian people as expressed at the election."

Wow big words from an uneducated MONKEY... "...certain forces who do not accept the will of the Fijian people as expressed at the election"

Have you looked at the mirror you dumb MONKEY of a PM. Yes you led the forces in 2006 and YOU FRANK BAINIMARAMA TOGETHER WITH YOUR MILITARY FORCES WHO ARE PAID BY THE PEOPLE OF FIJI TO PROTECT AND SERVE THE COUNTRY.... did not accept the will of the Fijian people who voted SDL and you REMOVED THEIR DEMOCRATIC RIGHT.

Those people in Ra have no intentions of committing a coup. They are voicing their right as indigenous people of Fiji understanding the problems you have brought upon Fiji with your actions in 2006, removing their democratic right, resulting in your being in power today.

Qiliho the MONEKY Land Force Commander who does as his told because he is too dumb and stupid to think for himself said in his statement to FT; He is trying to justify the alarm the armed Military presence in Rakiraki is creating....

"The military's concern is if there are weapons involved. I'm not saying there are weapons involved," said Col. Qiliho."

Hey - than what the hell are your soldiers doing there you dumb ass self serving do as your told commander.

You do not want to alarm the people of Fiji with 160 armed soldiers. Frank and his Military continue to create an environment of unjustified alarm and fear amongst Fijians.

That is the Fiji of today and tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

@ Saula Telawa,


This guy can not even plant a single cassava...Hah hahahh..
He is not leaving in Bau,...Sa drotaka tu na cakacaka ni Turaga oqo esa Adi Joy Cakobau.

Sa bera this goverment is already finished.

Sa vo ga me ra vesu kece na lewe ni matanitu oqo.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Frankie and khaiyum have found a fan in me, I didn't know they ad such good sense of humour, they are talking about protecting democratically elected (yeah right) of their, and are vouching to punish all those who stand up against his government, however, that means he understands that overthrowing a democratically elected government is illegal, because that's what he did in 2006.He and khaiyum should work with mirrors and reflect it onto themselves when they give such hypocritical statements.I cannot stop laughing when I read their statements...its just so hilarious.

I hope they have brain enough to realise that whole of Fiji is laughing at them when they make such statements, even Fiji First supporters cannot hold back the tears of laughter when they hear such statement.

Anonymous said...

Fiji is not a safe holiday destination at the moment, with military driving around with guns, its speaks volumes about security in Fiji,I think overseas countries should tell its citizens to stop going to Fiji unless the unrest is sorted out.

Anonymous said...

Ratu George Kadavulevu who was forced to resign by Frank in camp and bankrupt Saula Teilawa former Nationalist stalwart have shown signs of Judas in the taukei community. Come on Frank give them their 30 pieces of silver. That's what they want. They want gold more than the aspirations of the taukei. They are turning their backs on their own and gave in to the same regime that fucked them, fucked their future and fucked up the country.. .  Ratu, ni sa vaka lolovirataka nai tikotiko mai mateiwelagi. Sir you are bowing to your own Kaisi........sa qai vakaloloma djina.

Anonymous said...

Ratu George Kadavulevu, you're one old fucked up son of a bitch. Stop licking Bai's balls you wanker.

Anonymous said...

12:05pm... me caka li gona vakacava ni sa vaqarai lavo na tamata. GK na gone turaga na Vunivalu... Sa qai mai kabete tu na Vunivalu ni sa tekiduru e matadra na bati ni lovolovo.

Sa yali vei ira na turaga nikau na TURAGA DINA. E jiko vei ira nai tovo kei nai valavala vaka turaga. Sara muria ga na vosa nei Frank na kai loma mai Kiuva. Sa sega ni dokai se rokovi nai valaval ni turaga. Mera na qai rokovi vakacava.

Anonymous said...

If SODELPA wants to remain a party of the people, they must remove some of their policies.

One of their biggest downfall is their continuous attempts to politicise land and identity.

They must embrace all other ethnic groups residing in Fiji today.

Fiji needs a common identity and Fijian is a start. This is one of the rare things Frank has done that is worthy of noting and particularly for the other races of Fiji.

The issues of Land, Qoliqoli, indigenous identity and so forth they are issues that can be dealt with separately.

SODELPA interpretation of Itaukei is stupendous. They say the word itself is like - your the owner of a pen, or a book but it does not identify the Itaukei as Indigenous people of Fiji and that is rubbish. The term Itaukei is the only Fijian word that may best describe a Fijian. I am happy to use that word to identify myself separately from say a Chinese or Indian.

All Chinese, Indians and other generations who are 3rd 4th 5th generation Fijians, are Fijians and know nothing else. They must be recognized and acknowledged and this is their national identity, which should not be stripped from them.

Itaukei is the proper term to identify a Fijian. O au na kawa Taukei kei Viti. That is how I describe myself.

Fijian is a term referencing a person from Fiji.

SODELPA should realise one thing. When a person is asked, where are you from, the person will respond, 'I am from Fiji'. When the person is asked, are you a Fijian?

What does Indians, Chinese, Part Europeans and others who see Fiji as their home respond. No I am an Indian or Chinese or other race. These people are proud to be Fijians. They have toiled, worked hard, paid taxes and have been peaceful and contributed to Fiji. In fact without their help, Fiji's economy would be down the shit hole.

The identity issue SODELPA is carrying does not have any flavour with everyone and if they continue it, it will be at the dumb ass demise. Ratu Naiqama should know better. He himself has white and Tongan blood flowing through his veins. His wife Emily is a Kai Loma. The Roko Tui Dreketi has European Blood flowing through her veins. That is a fact. 70% of Fijians today have their blood mixed someway or another.

We are all God's creation anyway so whats the big deal.

I agree with SODELPA moves to fight Franks Government with his Decree against the Fijian lands, fishing rights, obtaining permission to utilize their land etc.... but identity is also an important issue and everyone in Fiji today, should have the right to be called a Fijian.

mark manning said...

No matter what arguments are brought forward here or on other Social Media sites, in the Newspapers, be they Independent in their reporting or run by the Regime, discussions held in private between Soldiers or Citizens or between Soldiers and Citizens, Frank Bainimarama's Appointment as Interim Prime Minister by the late President was determined to be illegal in Law and under your own Constitution!
The suggestion that The Fiji First Party was elected by majority vote in September 2014, is ludicrous and only people who don't want to hear the truth, will support that notion.

Supporting Frank Bainimarama and his actions of December the 5th. 2006, is doomed to failure, because it was backed by people who want Fiji's Land and a Commander who was trying to avoid prison for the murders of CRW Soldiers in the 2000 coup.
And it is well known that it was Frank Bainimarama himself who implemented that failed coup and that's why he is afraid of people who know and why he wants them to remain in jail.
It's interesting to note how often, how many and how hard Frank's supporters and those who are really responsible for this coup, Frank's backers, try to bamboozle and trick people with their bullshit on the various blog-sites and Social Media.
Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum is the person running the show, Frank is just a puppet and it's the Soldiers of the RFMF who are being tricked into believing the previous Qarase Government was corrupt.
I just ask myself, what is the "Land Bank" all about?
Why do Villagers believe Frank and Aiyaz, the very people who overthrew a Legitimate Government?

Anonymous said...

@Mark Manning 1:03 PM

So who are these 'backers' that want Fiji's land you refer to, can you give names?

Anonymous said...

1.03pm Vinaka MM. You're true in what you said.

Let me add. Again the same old tactics in the Rabuka regime is back. They don't have to carry 20 rifles. The military presence with only 1 or 2 rifles is enough to put a whole community to complete fear. Same strategy to wrestle power away from the people.
Those hardliners, the FF critics who had succumbed, defected and are riding with Frank, are literally a disgrace to the taukei race. I'm talking about Rt Inoke kubuabola, Rt Kadavulevu, Teilawa, the graffitier Bulitavu and others.
Will see where they stand when there's a change of leadership. Some were in the Rabuka circle, were against Bavadra and Chaudry, were also in Qarase's circle, were against FF in the beginning but sneaked across to join them. Now the x champions of the taukei interest are fighting against it. Shame to all of them. And a big shame to the pipsqueek of c45..Vili Rakoro.

Anonymous said...

Please have respect for the Telawa family the gentleman had passed on to the other side of life.

Vina du....

Anonymous said...

2 54...the idiot is back with his jest. This time find the answer yourself. Use your dick if your head isn't working.

Anonymous said...

With my utmost and humble apology, and deep respect to the family of the lateTeilawa.
This is meant for Telewa.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:18 PM

Obviously you do not have the answer either.

mark manning said...

It seems the same person has been following me since 2011, if not before. I'm flattered really! http://crosbiew.blogspot.com.au/2011/09/ignoring-dismissing-excusing-and-making.html

mark manning said...


mark manning said...


Anonymous said...

You would have noted that Speaker has instructed a private session about the economy of Parliament minus all parties external to Parliament, except RBF and Finance.

By golly, what is so sensitive so as to warrant such a private session? And RBF and Finance only? This is the first time in many of our lives anything like this is happening. It can only just be for Parliament Members, Speaker and Secretariat. The only matter that is normally treated with strict confidentiality protocol are announcements for exchange rate devaluations or appreciations which is normally confined to Gov. PS and the Minister.

Something stinks here and it must surely involve those weak, spineless, overrated and overpaid RBF and Finance officials, who are just as culpable and complicit as the Minister of Finance and Government in whatever stink is going to come out of this. it could be in the same scale as the unexplainable $100m spending or even bigger.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

@ 12:32pm chi,chi,chi, laione ni dela ni veinuku rau....