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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum's secret is out

Parliament held a Closed Session on the 27th of August at the request of Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum to discuss what he called 'confidential matters'.

We have the Hansard from that closed session which discussed borrowing US$200 million to pay Fiji's debts.

"MADAM SPEAKER.- Honourable Members, I received written communication from the honourable and learned Attorney-General and Minister for Finance, Public Enterprises, Public Service and Communications requesting that proceedings immediately following will be conducted in private. I am satisfied that the requirement set out in Standing Order 24(1) are met and the grounds are in my opinion, reasonable and justifiable and in line with the specified Standing Order, as well as Section 72(2) of the Constitution. I, therefore, order the following:- 1. All strangers as defined in Standing Order 24(2)(b) are to withdraw from the public gallery and this includes members of the public, the media and any person(s) who are not parliamentary staff except staff from Ministry of Finance and the Reserve Bank of Fiji. 2. The live feeds of the media organisations on air and via the internet are to be temporarily suspended. 3. The Hansard will record proceedings but they will not be included in tomorrow’s Daily Hansard. I will now suspend the sitting for 10 minutes to allow my Orders to be enforced, and I thank you all."

Parliament met in private pursuant to a Ruling under Standing Order 24(1) from 11.05 a.m. until lunch.


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Anonymous said...

What a sham for a democracy. Opposition should have protested and walked out. They have no chance in hell in changing the course of history that Bai-kai are writing from within Parliament.

Anonymous said...

More like what a sham of an opposition.

What does Sodelpa stand for? said...

Lawyer and SODELPA MP Mosese Bulitavu claims the chiefly system is not the iTaukei’s ancient heritage.

He also claims it is a “colonial legacy” created to protect the supremacy of Bau.

He endorses Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama’s move to abolish the Great Council Chiefs (Bose Levu Vakaturaga) saying the GCC was the creation of the British colonialists. It was a form of “indirect rule” where the British used the GCC to govern and control the iTaukei.

“To reinstate the GCC to what if we bring it back,” he said last night.

His claims set him on a collision course with his party’s and the Fiji Native Tribal Congress’s publicly stated position on the issue. He also caused a stir in the chiefly fraternity.

What does Sodelpa stand for? said...

Lawyer and SODELPA MP Mosese Bulitavu claims the chiefly system is not the iTaukei’s ancient heritage.

He also claims it is a “colonial legacy” created to protect the supremacy of Bau.

He endorses Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama’s move to abolish the Great Council Chiefs (Bose Levu Vakaturaga) saying the GCC was the creation of the British colonialists. It was a form of “indirect rule” where the British used the GCC to govern and control the iTaukei.

“To reinstate the GCC to what if we bring it back,” he said last night.

His claims set him on a collision course with his party’s and the Fiji Native Tribal Congress’s publicly stated position on the issue. He also caused a stir in the chiefly fraternity.

Anonymous said...

The Parliament lockout is about democracy. Where MPs participate in secrecy in Parliament, its the end of democracy. Of course, you may say that Fiji never had democracy after the elections. Correct. But the difference now and pre-election is that now the dictators can show the world that SODEPLA and NFP are participating in decision making before they couldnt say this. For 50k per head for 18-20 people its a good price Bai-Kai got this support! At this rate dictatorship will have a long life in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Well Bulitava is right and wrong...Prior to the Europeans invading our lands, the question that may arise is whether we had a Great Council of Chiefs. The answer to that is No we did not. Fijians had a saying or bole - Dui mate ena nona ucuni vatu... This more or less is saying that any person can challenge another and the strongest prevails. Cakobau himself was a warlord and not a direct descendant of the so called royal Chiefly blood, who at those times were termed Roko and not Ratu. It is unclear where the Ratu came from to emphasise a princely title so to speak.

With that bole, one can see in the Fijian families, each male son is given a different surname, different even to that of their father. The modern Fijians have changed that and adopted their father's surname but it is not uncommon to find brothers each with different surnames. This is the root of that bole - so the father is saying to the son - make a name for yourself.

The power of Chiefs passes hands but Fijians know the blood line of the descendants of Lutunasobasoba. The story is told in Verata by Ratu Kitione Vesikula and the last story told of the battle of this bloodline happened in Verata, when the seven sons of the Chief had a race to determine which one of them would carry the title. This resulted in the vere vaka bau and the seven sons dispersed. The eldest Roko Vueti is said to have made his way to Bua.

When the Europeans landed in Fiji, they realised that our Chiefly system differed from the Polynesians and Europeans themselves and it was difficult for the Europeans to control a population where there was a number of very powerful Chiefs in Fiji.

Ratu Seru Cakobau was a very powerful Chief and the fact that his grandmother was the eldest daughter of Tui Cakau, made him even more powerful and Tui Cakau an ally. Ratu Cakobau fought against and ruled over most of the coastal villages around Vitilevu and the islands of the Yasawa, Mamanuca, pars of Macuata, Bua and the entire Lau Group, which fell under Bau.

The Europeans did in fact proclaim Ratu Seru as their King of Fiji and formed the Great Council of Chiefs.

Now this is where I do not agree with Bulitava. The formation of the GCC was a very important part of Fiji and its being ceded to Great Britain.

Fiji at this particular time, was in danger of being overrun by the Tongans who used the missionaries to achieve their venture.

Anonymous said...

continued from 4:35pm

All the great Chiefs of Fiji had agreed to cede Fiji to Great Britain and the formation of the GCC became decreed. Though it may not have existed before, it existed in the very system of Law and Governance in which we reside in today.

The GCC made decisions at that time not only for their benefit, but most importantly for the benefit of the Fijian people. In a population of 130,000, 60,000 died as a result of the measles introduced epidemic. It was introduced by the Europeans together with chicken pox, syphilis, the common cold and many other ailments that decimated more than 50% of the Fijian population. It was a genocide that we do not acknowledge today.

Frank himself and Bulitava are a result of this decision by the GCC. They of all people being Fijian, should show the utmost respect to such an organisation that makes us uniquely Fijian in our traditional roles and customs and these things must never be undermined nor removed, or we become like Frank.... a half caste with no tovo. Even the half caste or the Kailoma acknowledge their Fijian side today and respect it. Particularly those living overseas. Unfortunately, personal agendas like Frank and Bulitava results in its deterioration.

Having said that, the Chiefs have a major responsibility towards their people. They must realise and acknowledge their responsibility to the communal group or risk losing their standing in society.

I have always said they must be schooled just as Ratu Mara, Penaia, Cakobau and others were schooled on how to behave and be Chiefs. The Chiefs of today are no better than common men. Or perhaps that is the way that Frank has created them to behave. There is no lesser than two evils. Bulitava - stop embarrassing yourself and our Fijian Institution. Learn from it, improve it, don't politicise it.

mark manning said...

I'm still trying to get my head around Aiyaz hiding behind an Act of Parliament from 2004!
Didn't he and Frank reject the previous Government and all it stood for?
Now he wants to utilise any clause for his own benefit and agenda!
So the idiots have run out of money already and are now borrowing to pay a debt they can't service!
Where will it all end and when?
Come on you Soldiers, arrest these imbeciles before it gets any worse!
It takes guts and real man to admit it when he has made a mistake and backed the wrong horse, pig!
Just start thinking about your children, partners, neighbours and each other!

mark manning said...

Well at least he admitted it was a sinking fund, no doubt to match the sinking ship!
FNS Titanic!

Anonymous said...

According to this opposition member and baini adn khaiyum, GCC is irrelevant, the chiefs dont need to have role in todays society, what is important is that influx of muslims keep migrating to Fiji,tyhe refugees need to keep coming in and we need to keep takign more and more debt,everything else is irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Mark why don't you wrap your head around Khaiyums balls... you will get an insight if your tickling his arseole and getting prodded in your anal orifice by Frank's wife. She does that to Frank every night and says it stops him from getting prostrate.

Anonymous said...

Bulitava is like all the new preachers coming out of Fiji. They have a revelation and think they know the road to heaven. Bullshit... Do what is honourable Bulitave... tubera nomu kamunaga vei ira na nomu turaga....Iko na kawa ni kwaisi bwokola.... Kawa ni tamata vakarorogo. Nomu viavia vuli ena kauti iko kina vere. Caiti Vere

Anonymous said...

The simple facts are 2006 Bond could have been easily stashed away if the coup regime didn't want the money, since they had condemned it, and would have saved it essentially to redeem it again. The money was supposed to have been used by SDOL for essentially that purpose i.e. as a Balance of Payment buffer which was expected to ease, especially if the coup did not happen. It could have earned some interest and they might have been able to resell and make even more money out of it. BUT THEY DIDN'T. They chose to use for whatever and the country is paying the price now with the 9% interest on the now inflated debt of USD$250m. Was this a wise decision by Aiyaz? NO, he made a fucking idiotic and stupid motherfucking decision.

Isoa Tikoca has labelled Aiyaz correctly as inept. He doesn't have much of an economic, let alone fiscal policy sense, of how these things stack up. Well he doesn't have a clue full stop. To make it worse the advice from RBF and Finance executives are pathetic and simply incompetent. These advice reeks of the stink from spineless and scared shit executives who are just too eager to suck and lick Aiyaz's balls and arsehole dry for fear of simply telling him, "we knew it all along but were just scared shit to tell you the truth sir". They should just all be put in the same room with Aiyaz, and be skinned and burned alive. Our children and grandchildren now have to pay

Anonymous said...

Some bullshit award from.the UN for our fearless leader. What's it for this time ? Top qaru?

Suomynona said...

Even a supposed "closed session" does nothing to hide the truth that Bhaiyum wanted to sweep under the rug with the people suffering and paying the price for whatever scheme they're planning.

Debts, debts, and yet more debts that the lousy government has been piling up continuously it won't be surprising if they run the country to the ground in mounting debt.

Its a shame that they're not clearing these debts now which indicates that Ayarse and Bainimagana have not learned anything from the past.

Malcolm Turnbull said...

RMS TITANIC.....royal mail ship!

Anonymous said...

Hey!!!!!!,The Pastor from the northern is in custody, the incident started in 2006, may be the church members are too scared or 'madua' to report the issue.

Anonymous said...

They reported it but the police did what they do best, ignore things. Why else the pol com getting all these complaints. The Makoi 80 petition !

Anonymous said...

MPs of SODELPA are divided over Bulitavus comments, that shows SODELPA is coming to an end, Thats what Fiji First always wanted, divided party so that they have weak opposition in the next election, SODELPA is falling prey to Fiji First propaganda, I think in the next election, parties like NPF , PDP, United Front should come out strong and form next government, Fiji FIrst and SODELPA have proved themselves unworthy of running this country, This MP Bulitavu is licking khaiyums arse nothing else. I think when an MP supported opposition, Khaiyum kicked him out, this is what should be done to Bulitava. Kick him out and tell him to join Fiji First.

Anonymous said...

What international convention is Fiji talking about , Convention that was signed in 1972.

The government feels obliged to honor that obligation, what about workers rights that Felix Anthony was fighting for. What about right of expression in Fiji. What about uncensored Media rights.

This government is the MOST corrupt government in the history of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

How about equal rights when it comes to getting a job in Fiji. Fiji Muslims are been given priority when it come to giving job because the employers want to be in khaiyums good books. Is it fair?No!

Anonymous said...

Instead of helping others, help yourself as a country before you venture out into helping others.

mark manning said...

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum consults his Economic Adviser :-

Apisai Natuva said...

Mosese Bulitavo is a liability to the SODELPA Party and its support base.

A loose cannon with a loose mouth and he should be sacked from the Party..

He agrees with voreqe the criminal in the treatment of the BOSE LEVU VAKATURAGA then he should join the fiji first party.,

Bulitavo sits in the sham parliament as a beneficiary of all those who stood up to the dictatorship and suffered physically and financially over almost 8 years.





Anonymous said...

Mosese Bulitava's middle name is Drecala. That says a lot. The name is made up of two words "DRE" and "CALA". In its literal sense, the meaning of the two words is - "Pull" and "Miss".

When referring in Fijian to a person who is ignorant, does not make sense or forceful about their motivation, the person would be called DRECALA.

Bulitava sure is living up to this name that his father called him. Perhaps his father had the vision to see what sort of a son Bulitava would turn out to be.

The fact that Bulitava has made a statement to the Fiji Sun questioning the position of the GCC and why it should be acknowledged when it did not exist pre colonial era goes to show how Dre Cala Bulitava really is. He claims to have read Fiji's history which gave him an insight and understanding of the way it was and he supports Frank by saying the GCC has no place in Government.

Coming from a so called Lawyer is quite surprising.

Fiji is one of the few Indigenous Countries whose traditional and customary laws was acknowledged within the legal frame work and that is very important for any indigenous people. The Aborigines suffered as a consequence of their existing Traditional and Customary Laws not being recognised that they were merely referred to as part of the plants and animals and sub human if you like by the colonisers.
Without it, Bulitava would just be another unrecognized indigenous who was in the way of progress.

I also make reference to his statement made to the Madam Speaker of the House. In part 1.3, Dre Cala says; Since Cession, the Chiefs of Fiji have had extensive formal recognition - traditional Fijian ownership and governance has been recognized and protected. (I agree) More recently the GCC has been the vehicle by which the rights of the Chiefs have been given national expression. (This latter comment is not true - they had that from day one cessation)This is the first time, since cessation, that the Paramount Chiefs and Leaders of the Fijian community are facing a real likelihood of the eradication of their traditional administration, representation and governance systems, something that was guaranteed by the Queen of England under the Deed of Cession and subsequently reflected in successive Constitutions. Aha - Did Dre Cala make that statement then side against Frank... Wow - Bulitava - I know you probably read these blog sites but there you go. Your contradictive. What is evident is that you have a Personal Agenda. The SODELPA party wont meet that for you. You are ready to desert everything that you fought for. You claim to be a Freedom Fighter but now it is evident you have run out of steam. The people of Fiji don't need gutless cowards like you. THe good lady Ro Teimumu fights on and has never waivered like you or Naiqama. Many of us do not even support SODELPA but we support the same fight, for freedom, for a voice, for transparency, to live without fear of intimidation by the very Government and its Military and Police, entrusted to protect and serve the people. Today you want to join hands wit Frank. Flee my boy and eat you 35 pieces of silver. Remember Judas realised how wrong he was and hung himself. I have a rope ready for you DRECALA. For a Lawyer your pretty stupid and useless.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Sun is the Government propaganda machine. Recently they have been very involved in trying to validate the military position.

The Military position is clear and what they have done to Fiji is quite clear.

Everything that has happened to Fiji since 1987 is because of the short comings of an ill disciplined service that was self serving and did not protect nor serve their people.

They will continue to propagate that the Chiefs and Religious Leaders used them but that is far from the truth.

The only ones who gained from any of the coups are the military senior officers. No one else. The low rank soldiers were all part of the pawn and the sad thing is that the low rank soldiers had to do all the dirty work for the senior military.

The military failed Fiji in 1987. They committed a coup. They could have reported the Chiefs and so called political leaders and others who they claim influenced them. They could have had them arrested but no... they carried out the coup.

In 2000 Frank knew the coup was going to happen, warned Chaudary and did nothing about it.

In 2006, they commit another coup and today, military soldiers are in every Government Department.

Frank is a multi millionaire amassing considerable wealth for himself and his family. The same with Khaiyum and many others.

Anonymous said...

Moceke Bocitava is one dumb lawyer, he licks Bainimarama's ass, suck khaiyum's banana, and allowed mary to fart in his face.

Anonymous said...

FFP is indeed living up to it's name,Fuck Fiji Party.

Apisai Natuva said...

Closed Parliament Session a first for FIJI..

Sham Parliament Sham Procedures.

Opposition should not have engaged themselves in this shady act.

I say let the ship sink we the common people were thrown overboard when the ship was illegally hijacked in 2006.

These Bond loans is not for FIJI but to save voreqe and cronies. They had no mandate to spend government money,pay themselves massive salaries and back pays let alone commit to LOANS to cover for all their unlawful expenditure.


If vb and cronies want to save FIJI then they should step aside and face up to their CRIMES.

Anonymous said...

@4:35 PM
The measless epidemic that decimated most of Fiji's population was brought by... Cakobau! He went to Sydney and didn't respected the quarantine on his way back to Fiji. Cakobau survived to his illness, but then he called a great council of all chiefs around Fiji and that's why such a large number of people were contaminated very quickly. There was - and still is- a custom to smell someones' skin and that's probably why it spread so quickly. That epidemic created a lot of problems to missionaries.

That being said, it is acknowledged that Fiji's population was constantly fluctuating between 150 000 and maybe 250 000. The high rate of murders in Fiji prevented any population explosion. Villages and small islands could be decimated in a matter of hours. That was nothing really "new" in the islands... Life was cheap.

Talking about old stuff, are we gonna face another devaluation if we can't pay our debts?
Sounds like a lot of naive people in Fiji voted for FF thinking that everything was absolutely fine... No wonder school principals want to have maths abolished. We don't really need to think, do we?

Anonymous said...

@ 1:27pm... The Europeans want us to believe what you say that Cakobau brought the measles epidemic back to Fiji but that is far from the truth.

The Europeans in every country they have colonised, they go about it three pronged.

1. Slaughter and kill the general Indigenous population - through disease, killing etc
2. Breeding culture - European men breeding with indigenous to create half breed race which is kept segregated from the indigenous race and they are only allowed to breed with each other or a white men so that the indigenous breed is wiped out slowly. You will be very lucky to find one full blooded Maori today or Aborigine or American Indian. The Europeans wiped them out through the introduction (careless or intended) - STD was one main careless disease they introduced. Europeans used same tactic in Fiji, NZ and Australia they did to American Indians. Gave them free blankets laced with measles or chicken pox virus which wiped them out.

When Cakobau went to Sydney, he was actually invited but the other purpose was that the Europeans wanted to introduce the measles disease to him. At this point in time, the beachcombers thriving in Fiji did not want Fiji annexed to Great Britain. They went as far as to create a Government made up of Bauan High Chiefs which was later couped and this was the first coup.

Ratu Cakobau was actually inoculated or immunized. He was given the disease. Upon his return to Fiji, all the great Chiefs of Fiji were told by the Europeans to pay homage to their King go had just returned from bole tagine.

When the Chiefs and people came in contact with the vaccinated Cakobau, they became infected and the disease spread throughout the whole of Fiji killing thousands of people.

Though there was constant tribal warfare and killing, this was never in the genocide level in which the English Barbarians went about it.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:27pm... The Europeans want us to believe what you say that Cakobau brought the measles epidemic back to Fiji but that is far from the truth.

The Europeans in every country they have colonised, they go about it three pronged.

1. Slaughter and kill the general Indigenous population - through disease, killing etc
2. Breeding culture - European men breeding with indigenous to create half breed race which is kept segregated from the indigenous race and they are only allowed to breed with each other or a white men so that the indigenous breed is wiped out slowly. You will be very lucky to find one full blooded Maori today or Aborigine or American Indian. The Europeans wiped them out through the introduction (careless or intended) - STD was one main careless disease they introduced. Europeans used same tactic in Fiji, NZ and Australia they did to American Indians. Gave them free blankets laced with measles or chicken pox virus which wiped them out.
3.Introducing their law and not acknowledging the customary or traditional laws of the indigenous people.

When Cakobau went to Sydney, he was actually invited but the other purpose was that the Europeans wanted to introduce the measles disease to him. At this point in time, the beachcombers thriving in Fiji did not want Fiji annexed to Great Britain. They went as far as to create a Government made up of Bauan High Chiefs which was later couped and this was the first coup.

Ratu Cakobau was actually inoculated or immunized. He was given the disease. Upon his return to Fiji, all the great Chiefs of Fiji were told by the Europeans to pay homage to their King go had just returned from bole tagine.

When the Chiefs and people came in contact with the vaccinated Cakobau, they became infected and the disease spread throughout the whole of Fiji killing thousands of people.

Though there was constant tribal warfare and killing, this was never in the genocide level in which the English Barbarians went about it.

KUA NI RERE said...

Bainimarama is an idiot.
His level of understanding of maths is worse than a Class 1 child.
During his debate vs Ro Kepa before the election, Bainimarama said that "20% of $400,000 was $420,000."

This explains why the Regimental Fund from 2003 to 2006 never came under Budget, because the idiot Bainimarama was at the helm.


Someone has said before that Bainimarama and Kaiyum's combined competency on money, is so pathetic, they couldn't make a Bean Cart profitable.



How come that MUSLIM muthafaka at FHL sold Sky TV for $5mill after spending the people's money of $12mill on the project?????? Very fishy!

Anonymous said...

Forecast for record growth

Sikeli Qounadovu
Sunday, September 27, 2015

ECONOMIC growth is projected to be at a record 6 per cent this year, according to the Reserve Bank of Fiji.

The RBF said for the first time since the 1970s, Fiji's economic growth was set to increase to more than 4 per cent per annum for three consecutive years, a feat that was last recorded from 1971 to 1973.

RBF's deputy governor Ariff Ali said in tourism, visitor arrival for the first seven months of this year had increased by 9.7 per cent when compared with the same period last year with earnings expected to increase by 10.6 per cent with a forecast of $1.5 billion.

Net VAT increased by 10.6 per cent for the first seven months while personal remittances was at a record high with a 34.9 per cent increase.

Mr Ali said personal remittances were projected to amount to more than $600 million this year, compared with more than $400m recorded last year.

He said they had also seen an increase in job advertisements in the dailies, 20 per cent, which was a good sign to the country's economy.

Mr Ali said trade export grew from $1b to $2b and this was expected to rise.

He said 25 years ago leakage factor was 24 per cent but Government's initiative on "Buy Fiji Made" products had seen a significant decrease.

He said foreign reserves as of August 27 were comfortable at $2.01b, a significant increase from $500m in 2006.

Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said Fiji's economic status was at a healthy level.

Anonymous said...

@2:35pm ASK is the Minister of Debt..how can the article bear any truth

Anonymous said...

A political class in Fiji are an incompetent lot..Fiji is doomed!

Anonymous said...

Mark manning is innocent.
he has no idea of economics and govrt funding.
his comments are laughable!
a free advice-keep your mouth shut if you have no idea of the subject matter.
it only reconfirms what an idiot you are

Anonymous said...

Sleeping on the job again..............................

Update: 1:08PM POLICE are seeking information from the public to help find a man who escaped from the Nasinu Magistrates Court on August 17.

Chief of Intelligence and Investigations ACP Henry Brown, in a statement, says Sakiusa Basa Viaviaturaga who is wanted for various offences is also is known as 'Q'.

ACP Brown says anyone who knows where Viaviaturaga is or see him is kindly requested to contact police immediately on 3311222 or their nearest police station.

Anonymous said...

"Police Commissioner Ben Groenewald explained: "We had a discussion with our minister and the situation is fairly critical as indicated. We have a fleet of 264 and we only have 108 on the run,"

Is that prisoners or vehicles?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha 20% of $400,000 = $420,000.00... Do you have the tape of this debate... funny but not surprising what comes out of Franks mouth. He was meant to only be a naval boy nothing more. That sonalevu Rabuka caused all this bringing him to be Commander and now the soldiers are fucked.

Anonymous said...

Almost as funny as lady Kepa demonstrating a lack of understanding of percentages and being shot down by ASK the other day.

Anonymous said...

you take yoo much drugs! while it was true that the worst section of the europeans were opposed to Britain (for obvious reasons) there was a more influent side in dire need of "order" in order to develop the economy.
Cakobau was quite drunk by that time. your story of Cakobau being inoculated is crazy, there were no vaccines to begin with in those days! the quarantine was mandatory, but Cakobau ignored it.

In any case, you wouldn't be writing these idiocies in this forum if it wasn't for Europeans... you would probably be plotting a vere vakabau against some of your close relatives...

Anonymous said...

Well what else can we expect from these fools. The ministry of Finance was one of Bainimaramas potfolios before it got transfered to Khaiyum. Like sending a fisherman to carry out a surgical procedure at a hospital. That's how we got Bainimaramas 20% and Khaiyums accumulated debt to be financed with another loan. Part of the blame had to shift to the govt economic advisers , reserve bank and the ministry of Finance.
For the 6% economic growth, what a farce! !! Fiji is just slapped with the $250m debt to pay. Did RBF factor this debt in determining it's growth. Hiding and falsifyjng figures is an easy way to fool the public That's why it took long for Khaiyum to explain the unknown $200m....Keep the people in the dark guessing
With this the 6% growth is not true ...dummy and fake.

Anonymous said...

sobo bulitavo ni ceke,,,,isa boci ga na boci

Anonymous said...

At least 500 calls were received after one hour of launching the Vodafone Mdstress platform.

This is according to Lifeline Executive Director Archana Mani who says they deal with these calls through their qualified counselors.

The Mdstress platform offers professional help for youth related issues.

Mani says they receive a wide range of calls every day through this platform.

The platform is in collaboration with Vodafone Fiji with the calls being directed to Lifeline counselors.

The short code for Mdstress is *929#.

Anonymous said...

6% growth from a smaller economy with mire debt is very unimpressive!

Let's say your economy is 100$. And let's say you have about 4% during the last year of Qarase (we have to be realist, 44% of people are lazy in Fiji according to a famous survey)
Now that means we have an economy of 104$ after year ONE, that is an increase of 4$.

Now we have a coup and Dictator Banana f**ks up the economy during 4 years (out of 8 say)
Each year the economy loses 2%.
so 100$ becomes 98$, then 96.04$ then 94.12$ and finally 92.23$.
(we actually lost 4% in 2008 alone, revised from 6% initially)

Now we borrow a lot of money in order to finance the economic collapse. If you pump say 200M$ in an economy of Fiji's size (4.5BUS$), you would expect quite a suddent extra growth in percentage (2-3%)...but yet, we hardly had that at all. It means the remaining economic growth (what is really happening) is almost.... nil!

And considering that 6% of a smaller a amount like 92.23$ is like 5.5%, then well... we are still poorer then after one year of Qarase!
And of course this is IF we believe that 6% number...

Anonymous said...

Reading all those who use the word kattu makes me laugh. It means circumcision .

Must be the boci's saying kattu.

Anonymous said...

Annon 6.26pm

Did you study economics or home economics?

Your analysis is flawed mate.

Anonymous said...

The lapdog of NFP, the Fiji Times reporter got it wrong when instead of saying 6 consecutive year of economic growth they said 6%.

Pls see fijitv, fbc and Fiji village news who all got it right.

So stop barking the wrong tree.

Anonymous said...

@ 5:27pm... The worst section of the Europeans were all of the above... 90% of them were ex convicts - thieves, murderers, rapist etc...... they brought weapons guns canons and destroyed people. They brought racism and ignored our history. They thought they were the first to discover Fiji and sail to the Pacific but many others were there before them.

Cakobau cannot ignore a European instruction. The European will not allow it and they had Cakobau in Sydney not the other way around.

The Europeans did the same with the aborigine, maoris and everywhere they colonised.

I assume you are one of their stock or a half breed.

Anonymous said...

@6:51 PM so where is the flaw?

20% of 400000 is 420000. that is a flaw.

Anonymous said...

Gee, there's some excellent mathematicians at work here today.

""And considering that 6% of a smaller a amount like 92.23$ is like 5.5%, then well.""


Anonymous said...


Lawyer and SODELPA MP Mosese Bulitavu claims the chiefly system is not the iTaukei’s ancient heritage.

He also claims it is a “colonial legacy” created to protect the supremacy of Bau.

He endorses Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama’s move to abolish the Great Council Chiefs (Bose Levu Vakaturaga) saying the GCC was the creation of the British colonialists. It was a form of “indirect rule” where the British used the GCC to govern and control the iTaukei.

“To reinstate the GCC to what if we bring it back,” he said last night.

His claims set him on a collision course with his party’s and the Fiji Native Tribal Congress’s publicly stated position on the issue. He also caused a stir in the chiefly fraternity.

Mr Bulitavu said last night he reached his conclusion after completing an extensive research into the country’s history (Read full text of his opinion, pages 21,22). He said we needed to turn to history to know why and how the iTaukei had had so many conflicts in their chequered political history. He said the split in SODELPA was part of it.

He said Mr Bainimarama still had to finish the work he had started.

“The consequence of ‘indirect rule’ in the post-colonial construction of Fiji provided the platform of a chiefly system engineered by Bau which Bainimarama has not fully dismantled,” he said.

“This can only be approached within the border framework of the existing iTaukei Affairs Act for the good government and welfare of the iTaukei people and not to be pursued to establish a monarchial model that opposes the State’s duty to protect public interest.”

Mr Bulitavu also traced the history behind the vacant title of the Vunivalu of Bau.

Bau chief, Ratu George Cakobau, one of the contenders for the title, said Mr Bulitavu was entitled to his opinion.

“My response is that he is a lawyer and his opinion is his own as a lawyer,” Ratu George said.

Ratu George’s elder sister, Adi Litia Cakobau warned Mr Bulitavu not to mention anything about Bau and the Vunivalu title.

She said she would like to meet with Mr Bulitavu to correct the information he had with him.

The Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of the iTaukei Affairs, Savenaca Kauinisela said Mr Bulitavu was entitled to his opinion. No SODELPA or FNTC officials could be reached to comment last night.

Anonymous said...


SODELPA officials and members yesterday wrestled over whether MP and lawyer Mosese Bulitavu should be censured for his comments on chiefs.

While they are staying away from the glare of the media, party insiders say, there is a debate whether he needs to be disciplined.

On social media the regular bloggers are calling for his expulsion.

But his supporters in the party say that was his opinion and it was said in the spirit of the democratic principle of freedom of expression.

Mr Bulitavu said last night: “I stand by my opinion. This is the only issue that I backed the PM on. There are many other issues that I have criticized Government for.”

After an extensive research into Fiji’s history, Mr Bulitavu claimed the chiefly system “is not the iTaukei’s ancient heritage”. He further claimed that it was a “colonial” legacy created to protect the supremacy of Bau. He also endorsed the scrapping of the Great Council of Chiefs. He said it was set up by the British as a form of “indirect rule” to govern and control the iTaukei. He said Mr Bainimarama still had to finish the work he had started. Bau was the last hurdle and this had contributed to many conflicts in the iTaukei’s chequered political history. He said the split in SODELPA was part of it.

His claims set him on a collision course with the party and the Fiji Native Tribal Congress (FNTC) which want the reinstatement of the GCC.

FNTC’s legal adviser and secretary MP Niko Nawaikula said “such a comment made by Bulitavu will have an impact on Sodelpa’s principles and policies”.

“As a Sodelpa member I don’t have the right to say anything in regards to Bulitavu’s comments about the chiefly system. The party’s general secretary can be reached for comments on that issue.”

General secretary Pio Tabaiwalu could not be reached. Opposition Leader Ro Teimumu said: “I am willing to comment to any media,” except the Fiji Sun. Party president Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu refused to comment.

Wainunu chief, Ratu Orisi Baleitavea said Mr Bulitavu was entitled to his opinion.

He said what Mr Bulitavu forgot was that iTaukei chiefs fought and shed blood to earn their titles. Ratu Orisi said for his forefathers they had strong blood ties to the Tui Macuata and the Tui Cakau.

He said the iTaukei chiefly system was from God.

The Nadroga/Navosa chief, Turaga Na Ka Levu’s spokesman, Tevita Makutu said Mr Bulitavu was entitled to his opinion.

He said his chief; Ratu Kinijoji Vosailagi owned lands in Ra, Navosa and Serua.

It was through Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna that the Turaga Na Ka Levu gave back those lands.

Several party members say the Bau factor has been a discussion issue in many iTaukei circles. They say Mr Bulitavu has shown courage to put it in the public arena. Many leaders including Ro Teimumu, Ratu Naiqama and National Federation Party president Roko Tupou Draunidalo have traditional links to Bau.

Anonymous said...

There are many flaws in your statements.
Europeans "brought racism"? racism is everywhere. between the kai viti dina and the kai yanuyanu, between the Tongans/Fijians etc etc

The "history" of Fiji? History starts with writing and there was none in our country. Fiji was prehistoric so did Europeans ignored Fiji's prehistory? I suppose any outsiders would have looked down on cannibals. Even yourself would look down on them. You have no clue what Fiji was then. You never lived here then. I suppose you like to think you are one of their stock...

Your suggestion that Cakobau was "injected" with diseases is ludicrous. there was a strict quarantine to be respected in Fiji, but I suppose that high chiefs had their own opinions about such a ridiculous concept.

If Europeans really wanted to get rid of Fijians, would they have send missionaries or soldiers? Fiji was a prehistoric country, without interest whatsoever to Europe at the time. England was already in a decolonization process in the late 19th century. The WW would eventually change the game a bit. what a crazy "lecture" you gave on Fiji!

Drobula said...

Mosese Drecala Bulitavo,your case is just around the corner and you pull a cord which will save you from the wrath of FFP.
Are you weaving your escape route??????Good on you mate!!iko kida totolo sara ga...lol..lol!!

Anonymous said...

aiarse arsehole kaiyum and his lot of muslim pigs needs to fuck off from my country. These motherfucker pedophile worshippers are ruining fiji with the help of some no brain taukeis. Why the fuck do Fiji need to give refuge to these arab pigs? Don't we have enough pedophile worshippers already that have destroyed the crux of the Fijian way of life. No more of shitty burkukas should be welcome. These Arabs pigs have a tendency to litter like shits and increase their population. Look to how they are ruining Australia with the litters and the shariya law shit. Not long before we will hear of suicide bombers and shariya law shit in Fiji as well. Fuck off to your shitholes kaiyum and the rest of the muslim pigs.

Anonymous said...


IN ten days, it will be FIJI DAY and a
NEW FLAG will float in front of the

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:38 AM

Fortunately the vast majority would be really pleased if you do the same as you ask others.

You have a problem, an inferiority complex but you know that as it stares at you each day in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

Bulitavu. ..its the graffiti!! that you must write on. Your case!!!You liumuri the party that created you in that position and now you're hitting back at SOSELPA with a foot in the FF.
Kaisi you! The chiefs of Fiji are custodians of respect and tradition. Their status in society is earned through blood and sacrifice. . Iko na gone boci, sucu ga ena noa....so who are you to shake this institution? Take your law degree and shove it up your arse together with these vulagi boci s supporting you here.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:28am... Your a dumb ass dickhead and you sound like Vili Raikoro. Must be Berkley Crescent at it again.

Do you actually understand what race means and its not run like Frank did when the CRW stormed the QBE.

Race is a particular group of people. Racism is when a particular group of people prejudices, discriminates, antagonises someone of another race.

Fijians therefore can not be racist against Fijians you half breed dumb ass dildo. That never existed before. White people brought all the bad evil things to our society and destroyed our way of life just like your doing in the middle east and now you have to contend with refugees.

We had our tribal system and though feudal it worked for us and people actually lived and enjoyed their lives not as you make of it. Better to be tied down in such a system then be subjugated by your dumb ass dictator Frank.

One does not need to have lived in the past to understand how people lived at that time. One has to see the remnants of what was in the past to realise what has happened and white people fucked Fiji and the rest of the world up.

You may not want to accept it but Cakobau brought back the disease measles because he was infected by the white people and they made sure the disease spread and killed many Fijians and it did. The white people did it in other countries they colonised so you cannot deny it happened in Fiji like we have always denied in our past.

The genocide of the Fijian people brought in your kind the Indians and this screwed Fiji up more.

White people made sure there was black and white in Fiji and they made sure that the Fijian people understood that. When they created their half breeds, they made their half breeds feel superior to the Fijians and that is why the half breeds of Fiji look down upon Fijians and many of them do not acknowledge their Fijian side and pretend they are the high tea of society. Only recently have the half breeds changed their mental attitude.

Now go and do something about it half breed.

Anonymous said...

8.28am..the same asshole segregating yanuyanu from the kai viti dina..can I ask you to perform privately with 7 31pm.
The 2 of you made a good team...go!

Anonymous said...

8:28 am has struck gold. There are lot of criticisms but it's understandable considering it's a glimpse of the pending reality for Fiji. Our ancestors made a grave mistake of ceding our country to British who in turn brought in Indians. The current generation has repeated the mistake by ceding Fiji to kaiyum and it is bringing in Arabs. We are again sailing into uncharted waters. Alienation of the Taukeis are already in motion and it will escalate with Arab invention into Fiji. 8:28am has shown us the future which looks bleaker and full of turmoil.

Anonymous said...

12:37 PM Fiji was probably the most primitive society EVER before outsiders came.
Take some time to meditate on that.

As for Fijians, they are indeed very racist amongst themselves. The people of the interior are indeed very much victims of prejudices! They are very much of a different race, they speak a different LANGUAGE, have a black skin, different physical features.
Maybe you have never been to Fiji.

Cakobau was brought to Sydney for a very simple reason: to show him the greatnest of civilization, so that he could go back to Fiji and push in favour of development. The measless epidemic was a huge headache for Europeans as it prevented Christianity to spread. Fijians thought it was a punishment from their old gods... You see, you don't need to bring Cakobau to Australia if you want to spread a disease in Fiji, much easier to send some low caste people from jail to the islands. And the risk to actually die while on the boat, or in Australia, would have been much much much greater, in which cas it would have been a tragedy in the process of civilization of Fiji. Cakobau was the corner stone.

It is a pity that YOU are allowed to use tecgnology like computers today. You are a true Kaisi. No brain, and make your own little stories...

Anonymous said...

@1:05 YOu can look at Solomon Islands and see what Fiji would be without hard working people like Indians.
one of the poorest state in the world getting international aid for almost everything.

and you wouldnt be using a computer for sure it wasnt for people thinking and working, something you obviously don't do often.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:24pm... We did not need Indians to develop Fiji. Indians brought their bribery, corruption, class system and stinking curry shit with them and have permeated the people with their greed.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:20pm.... Boy your really putting your foot up your arse with your dumb comments. Listen, stop wagging school and make sure you get a good education and hopefully you can be a useful member of society.

Fijians cannot be racist against Fijians because we are the same race you smuck. We can be racist against racist ghandoos like you but not against each other.

Secondly, you must be too dumb to realise that there is only one language in Fiji. There are more then 300 dialects but one language so the Fijian people are the same race of people.

Our people of the interior never ventured beyond the seas and the kai yanuyanu are those same people who left their villages in search of adventure but all trace themselves back to the same original people who came together in a group.

As for you... you hear shit and you believe the shit is real but it is still shit and it stinks...

One advice - If you don't know what your talking about - SHUT THE FUCK UP.. your making a goofy out of yourself smiggles... By the way I think your sister and your mother are cute.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:51 PM

Gee, you sound like some real dumb bush bunny.

If you don't like curry no ones forcing you to eat it. And if you feel you have been permeated with greed, stop your stealing to try and be like those you envy so much.

At least they can't bribe you because you have nothing.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:36pm ... Indians are a race of people that no other race envies. Indians breed like locust and have over populated this world. Stink of garlic, the filthiest and poorest country on this planet and they have no respect for each other with their cast system.

Consider yourself lucky that a monkey race has been plucked out of India and brought to Fiji and that has allowed you to thrive. Enjoy it while you can. If you don't like it, pack your curry and shit and piss off back to India or another country. You will never go back to live in India because everything I said here is true.

Fiji is a land of milk and honey for you but the problem with you Indians is that you want to eat all the milk and honey and live none for the rest.

Tell Shiva to wank Ganesh with his six or eight hands. Maybe he can wipe your curry stinking garlic infested dhal splunging ass. While your at it, give Anon 1:20 a blow job...

Jeiho... Tumar Gun... sala marched he he he he eh a ha ha aha ha

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:01 PM

Me thinks you suffer from a lack of pride as well as the obvious.

Back to school now girl before your mother hears about your blagging off again.

Anonymous said...

@ 3:13pm... Your right...I don't have any pride in being Indian at all... Your mum and sister are cute....Love your sisters hooters...black and oily... ohhh lala

Anonymous said...

to anonymous at 2,36 pm who is so anti Indian.
this is an educational message for him( sorry if you attended no school)
1 I taukies would have been extinct with the amount of eating each other and foghting. Udre Udre ate over 100. You polulation would have been at least another 20000 if you know the multiplier effect
2 You guys could not even handle Maafu-hence half of you are Tongans!
3 Indiand are NOT bludgers-unlike you guys.
4 They are NOT lazy unlike you

Do you need more lessons/

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:42 PM

I don't think 2:36 PM is anti Indian !

But the anti Indian poster at 3:01 and 3:32 does not need any education he is well aware of how patheticd he is. What he needs is a dose of pride and self esteem so he does not have to live with that envy and jealousy that's eating him up.

Anonymous said...

to all previous bloggers:

let the spirit of love enter your heart and forgive each other.
what about we all go to church together this Sunday?

Anonymous said...

That's the last place you want to go these days too many fornicators and child molesters living off of naive congregations.

Anonymous said...

@4:59 PM

well...that's a good point.
but maybe we can start a new church? Let's call it the fornicator free church (FF church)
we really need to get together and learn to love each other the same way Bainimarama loved us all.

it would be nice if all the charges against those who tried to create a christian state would be droped for Fiji Day as a gesture towards reconciliation.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:01 pm, Shiva and Ganesh are busy screwing Virgin Mary. If they don't, how will jisu pump out of Virgin Mary's filthy cunt in the horse stable. Joheva couldn't do it so its left for Shiva and Ganesh to do the honours. No wonder you are still living in the delusion that Jisu whore mother is Virgin. Realise the reality son. Even your mother got a good pounding from an Indian cock be fired you popped out. She mana gaged to kubu 99 Indian chicks and you, the new generation udreudre were born. Go massage your sisters ass as an Indian just put some curry shit into it a while ago. Suck my cock all you kulinas. It will give you salvation and show you the path to Virgin Mary's filthy cunt for you to worship. Oi lei, sa dina.....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:01 & 5:44 pm are sick individuals and doesn't count as humans. Have respect for religion. Discuss issues.

Anonymous said...

They are both the from the sick individual that been spewing the same filth for a while on here.

Waste of time asking an ignoramus like that to discuss anything, they have not got the capability or interest in anything other than believing themselves clever.

Anonymous said...

anyone knows if a permit has been granted for a walk on October the 9th to Pita Waqavonovono?

only 3 months left for all the good designers to submit their proposal!
after the deadline, there might be an extension if the response from the public is overwhelming.
Hopefully our vakamalua attitude wont be a problem this time.

Anonymous said...

Yes The Land Force Commander Is right there are highly trained ex-military personal is behind the Para military style training in Ra and they are professional and weapon are very secretive .....well only time will say......Kakua ni rere....

Anonymous said...

@8:41 "professional" is a word that doesn't belong to Fiji...

Anonymous said...

They were so professional that they were caught in training. Just like the CRW was so proffesional that they were just a walk over in the year 2000....bawahahahaha

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fiji losses again to Wales. The boys did their best and we commend them for their efforts in the tournament. The blame lies squarely with the FRU Chairman and his arsehole brother in law, who had the Vodafone sponsor money diverted to fund him and his family including in-laws to watch the World cup. What kind of idiot, ignorant and greedy PM and family would accept something like that. Their presence was a curse all along like many other sporting tournaments they've attended. They make FRU stink like shit in Kinoya with all the political maneuverings they've done to dominate the FRU.

The results are theirs to blame. Dou veicai vakamatavuvale kei nomudou in-laws, yavu kocokoco butabutako i tutu kei na nodai lavo na lewe ni vanua!!

Anonymous said...

Gee, you have managed to blame it on someone else without bringing religion into it. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Day coming soon.
it's time to talk about flags again.
I know, it's painful.

Anonymous said...

Just let KHAIYUM AND THE ELITE AKA MUSLIM COMMUNITY DECIDE HOW THEY WANT THE FLAG TO BE. Who are the others to have any right to say anything, at the end of the day, what khaiyum wants will be the flag of Fiji!Enough said. Move on..next topic.

Anonymous said...

Yes,let the muslims take our jobs, decide what out flag should be like and let them RUN THIS COUNTRY, EVERYONE ELSE, PLEASE GO BACK TO YOUR VILLAGES!

Anonymous said...

Schools out early, it must be Friday.

Run along home girlie, your mothers got some chores for you.

Anonymous said...

They are professional they followed orders and was betrayed and have balls to face the law and come out from prison as a MAN and Not like you guys to much fashion show of weapon and have no guts to go to prison with your gay leaders in the Army and always wanted to justify your unlawful action to be Legal....ni yavu lamusona levu....You guys still cant find lost weapon and weapon used for training dou kua ni rere tiko ni yavu Boci....sivia ga na va fancy ...

Anonymous said...

Rajen maid aka tatting fella

Suget that you keep your comments to Australian politics having betrayed your homeland. No to forget, you marimari MPC for your son to work for FLP.

Anonymous said...

Haha haha I laugh so hard at these people who are posting things about Muslims taking over the country,Muslims taking the land,Muslims are all terrorists,Muslim this,Muslim that!!.I have one question for this people "ARE YOU SCARED OF MUSLIMS?"SIMPLE ANSWER YES OR NO?

Anonymous said...

@ 5:44PM, you will be cursed for the rest of your life and ill health will befall you before the sun sets today.

Anonymous said...

@anon 4.29pm

Ops, trues up man, on top of that 45 of them army boys fully armed to the teeth cowardly surrendered (probably shit their pants like their boss) to handful of barely armed and scantily clad (mumu dress and sandals) so-called terrorists. These army boys same ones as the ones in Tavua who were fully armed in bullet proof vests and helmets going to do their shopping. Sames ones who like to vakateratera to unarmed civilians in their homeland.

Like they say in Savusavu, me close ga na arseholes!

Anonymous said...


There is already a curse on the regime because of the flag.
Remember, it was the FIRST TIME they had to back off on something...

Believe me, there is some mana around.
Watch and see.

Anonymous said...

@5.53 hahaha hahaha you still believe in wizardry and spell bullshit.When was the last time you went dancing naked around the fire under the moon light?Hahaha haha.I know Fijians like you! especially if you live overseas hahaha haha do yourself a favour and stop your bullshit you took with you from the bush.Your making yourself look an idiot and to the entire Fijian community.

Anonymous said...

Your love for money will destroy you.
Just apologize to Renee and her father.
Reconciliation is the way forward.

Anonymous said...

6:10pm... Last time I went dancing naked around the fire in the moonlight, was when I rooted your mother and she spat you out of her foul dirty hole. Then Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva took turns on her with their kulina while Hanuman was complaining they did not allow him a turn and Ganesh kept trying to push his trunk into her.

Kali was the one that spawned you while Krishna was giving him a blowjob and Sita was playing with his balls. Ram was so upset because Saraswati wanted to join in because Lakshmi was licking Hanuman's balls.

Now remember one thing... you are a spawn of Kali and Kali will take you this weekend even though Ganesha claims your his son and he spurted his filth in your mother.

Anonymous said...

Indians are the filthiest race in the world. They stink of garlic with bad breath and wipe their arse with pani.

When shit happens in Fiji, the military will not be there to protect the Indians who will feel the wrath of the Fijian.

This will be happening sooner that you think.

Anonymous said...

Still looking in that mirror girl?

Anonymous said...

Go Root Renee Lal please

Anonymous said...

don't underestimate the power of love.
God loves you you know.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:58 PM

Why don't you take yourself and your filth elsewhere. You hide behind a keyboard spewing this out but we all know anyone comes up behind you and goes BOO you'll be running to hide under your mothers dress.

You are not clever just sad.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:32 PM

Prove it and disappear then.

If you come back you have failed !

Anonymous said...

@ 8:34 PM


Anonymous said...

7.56 I'm not Indian but I'll tell you one thing I'll smash the living shit out of you.whats your real name?pass me your home address fuck I'll even fly overseas to plant my fist on your fucking black thick lips.thats the problem with people like you smart to talk on the keyboard warrior shit. You still running your filthy shit all over this website I tell you I'd love to bash and smash the fuck out of you right now.pass me your real name,family name village you from and your cheif.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

7.56 I can see now why RFMF BEAT THE LIVING HELL out of people like you.Nothing but racist bigots too RFMF BASH These bastards.

Anonymous said...

7.56 you black mother fucker wait there boy when I find you.run nigger run I'm telling you I'll come for you now I won't leave this website till I get your real name.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Oh please, you aren't going to kidnap anyone because you can't do it hiding behind your keyboard which is all your sorry life seems to be.

Join facebook, you may make some friends.

Anonymous said...

Renee Lal soon you will not have a sister.
We are going to sell Raina Patel to the highest bidder.

Anonymous said...

What the f..k is wrong with you assoles these two bastards-Bhai
& khai continuously steals our money and then advertised it widely
that it has been "lost" during shipment or "disappeared during transactions? We are getting the Police dummies to investigate this
tradegy! Come on people GROW-UP, these two maca-fakas,are going to
rob you until they're both dead or someone with some balls oust them
from power? Lets support each others in keeping taps of these two
criminals & crooks activities, especially when it comes to money since they appear to be losing public money by the million quite
often? are they moving these lost million to their off-shore bank accounts? You bet your ass they are? so what you're gonna do to find
this day light robbery? you figure it out????

Anonymous said...

What the f..k is wrong with you assoles these two bastards-Bhai& khai continuously steals our money and then advertised it widelythat it has been "lost" during shipment or "disappeared during transactions? We are getting the Police dummies to investigate thistradegy! Come on people GROW-UP, these two maca-fakas,are going torob you until they're both dead or someone with some balls oust themfrom power? Lets support each others in keeping taps of these twocriminals & crooks activities, especially when it comes to money since they appear to be losing public money by the million quiteoften? are they moving these lost million to their off-shore bank accounts? You bet your ass they are? so what you're gonna do to findthis day light robbery? you figure it out????..."

Anonymous said...

Our two LORDS, khaiyum and Bainimarama were really keen to change the flag........little did they know that they are digging their OWN GRAVE. I hope that the flag is as per the wish of the lords. EVerytime we see the flag, our mind will not be in peace and it will sow seed on rebel in everyones mind, it will seed hatred in our mind and give us strength to fight back. THe people who had been chosen on the panel team are arse lickers.People like Agni Deo sign should resign, the are suppose to fight on behalf of the people, but they end up licking khaiyums arses. They will pay a big price for being the regime dogs. They are being fed well by khaiyum bloody traitors.

Anonymous said...

yesh, the so called unionists just are money hungry,ever since reddy has come into power, teachers have been suffering a lot, but NOT ONCE has that crook agni deo raised his voice for the plight of the teachers. How sad is that.People like him r suppose to fight for workers but its common knowledge that he tries hard to lick khaiyum and Bainimaramas rear..

Anonymous said...

@5:37 AM

Very true. It will never be tolerated that a flag PRODUCED by the so-called government shall represent our country. The didn't even have any respect for their own rules!!!! Not a f*****ng submitted flag was selected!!!!!!!! NOT ONE! And they call it our "vakamalua attitude"?!?!
Only 7 days to Fiji Day, time to stand up!

Anonymous said...

@6:00 AM
Your last option is to forgive.
Only in forgiveness can you find wisdom.
It's time for you to move on with your life, money is but of very little importance.

Anonymous said...

@Reema Gokal

You have been threatening Renee for some time now, and you know better than anyone else that you don't really want to hurt your sister in Christ.

Forgiveness is the only way forward. You must follow in the steps of Nelson Mandela and the likes.

Anonymous said...

@6:23 PM
I always give all my money to charities. You can get assistance from the Salvation Army.

Time has come for you to forgive my sister.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To 6:42 PM






Anonymous said...

Guys, I commend and thank Mr Felix Anthony for his stand on issue of workers right, what a very honest man. He is so brave to lock horn with AG Khaiyum, thanks so much Mr Anthony.

Love said...

@7:27 pm

Whether you like it or not, Renee is a human being like you, with feelings.
More than that, she is your sister in Christ.
Money won't solve any of your issues. The only thing you can solve with money are money problems.

I know it hurts, but you are not the first one to have been conned in Fiji.
I have been conned myself by countless of people in Fiji, but they are still my brothers and sisters in Christ.
Love is stronger than hatred, and even Bainimarama is our brother in Christ, even though he is a murderer, a thief, a crook, and what else.

Love you all.

Anonymous said...

To 7:51 PM





Anonymous said...

Vinaka na support, Turaga nsita. Sa maleka na gade. Mate nai lavo.....

Anonymous said...

Felix Anthony and honest!!

Wasn't he in cohort with the government and was board member of Fnpf, hfc etc.

He travels business class at the expense of his members.

Didn't he want a share of MPC'S $2 million loot.

And how much vote did he get as PDP leader! Ouch

Anonymous said...

Felix was on FNPF board, he was eligible for the money he got, he made it clear in the interview, unlike Unionists like Agni Deo who doesn't have the guts to stand against the government, he turned blind eye to the all wrong happening to teachers under new government. And has been licking muslim arse, aka kahiyumm arse, that's why he is on The flag committee well that's what in siders say is happening, khaiyum is generous to all those who obey!

Anonymous said...

The Minister of sport-Tuitubou-congradulated the so-called Flying
Fijians for loosing their first 3 games in the World Serious in
England? Really Tuitubou...there are those that would call you names
for been an idiot in saying stupid words to prop-up these loosers?
Fijians have been playing Rugby for at least over 200 years-just as long as New Zealand & Australia.Why than is our team not doing too well? is it the selectors, the leaders Bhainimarama-President,and Kean
Chairman-don't know what they're doing? or is it the cough is a dummy
and don't frieken knows how to pick his players & playing strategy?maybe the two top assoles-Bhainimarama & his faggot brother in law kean-are interfearing in the selection process by telling the selectors who they want in the team? Even the Fiji Times are also
involves in cheering-on a loosers by writing all the bulshit about
writing headliners like: "hey we've beating the English team 24 years
ago in 1991? Hey we almost beat the Wales team? Hey buddy we've been
playing this game for 2 century and we should have done better than
to be where we're at-a looser for 3 games and we haven't won anything

Anonymous said...

Have a read of the English sports news to see their view of how well Fiji did.

Anonymous said...

Baini, open your fucking eyes and see what the muslim pigs are doing to Australia. Stop the refugee influx before it destroys Fiji and puts it in similar situation as that of Australia. Fiji muslims have so far stayed unpolluted from this fake Islam practiced by these pigs. Their entry and delusion can create huge problem and turn our Muslim population into threat. Stop these pigs from entering Fiji and stop sucking kaiyums cock.

Anonymous said...

anon @11:15pm...Who the fuck cares what the English papers,Welsh
papers,Scotland papers or what ever papers said about these loosers
that makes them a winner? To be a winner a person(s) needs Physical &
mental strength to lay it all out in the battle field every single time you're choosen to walk into the frontline? Come-on people we're
been playing this game for 2 century! We don't need excuses, the whole
world knows how fantastic we are at this game via the 7 world champ? so what is going on with our 15 Rugby team? why is the All Black;Australia,South Africa, England,Wales,Scotland,Ireland,are better team players then us? Why do our players plays well & destroy
other world teams in the super 7 rugby? Yes, cause we've been playing
this shit for 2 century & we should be playing as well and even better then both our neighbours NZ & Aussie?

Anonymous said...

Why are we trying to prop up loosers like Bhainimarama,Kean,Khaiyum
and now Felix Anthony? What you can't remember about this assole who
right after Bhainimarama pulls the coup-he went to Bhai and ask him
to appoint him the chairman of the FNPF-which Bhai did.six months later Felix was caught by the devil himself-Bhai- for misusing the
workers funds? Now have you guys forgot all that & how Bhai & his
soldiers kicked the shit out of Felix? Come on people you really need
to keep Felix on his toes? The bastard has worked his way back to the
Union top and is having a good time telling you how stupid you are to
continue to support him in misusing your money? May be we should ask
Bhai to send over some of his thugs to continue to kick this bastard

Anonymous said...

4 30 am
What the hell you doing here? You're talking about taking your last resort. How many last resorts
did you make? It's over a month and you haven't carried out your threats.
It's time that you go back to your first resort and carry it out-- fuck a goat.

Anonymous said...

@3.48am Don't you think we should have players who have been playing together for more then a year?I personally wish to see an end to scouting for players to form a team and only have 1 month to prepare for a tournament. We need a team of players who have all developed together in a whole year or more.A good example of this is our 7s team (all fresh local talents) and who have been developed from day 1 together,they have a lot of game time as a team and familiar with each others game style+this strengthens the team bond.We should also hold IQ tests based on the game,knowing all the rules,sometimes players need to be reminded how to tackle,how to counter ruck and staying on your feet,how to do a up and under kick etc etc.We need a good tactician on set pieces to train our men (notice I said men and not boys because I believe we should train players to a level of been matured and discipline we can't afford costly mistakes like boys do).Psychical fitness programs must be tougher too,take them up our sand dunes in sigatoka run them up those hills,scrum upwards on those dunes it's a killer and certainly better then modern machine's. Increase the mile runs,the weightlifting training,make circuits more challenging and enjoyable hell throw buses and trucks in there and get the team to pull it up the steep hills.The list can go on but again my main concern is to have a team that has been playing together for more than a year or so and still can deliver and win games.

Anonymous said...


Renee Lal is a human being, and sometimes she does wrong things.
The lesson everybody should learn about this country is very simple: stay clear from any big deal.
Look at the Economic Freedom Index: Fiji is only getting 25 points because of endemic corruption!
Even Khaiyum said that lawyers were crooks!
If you still can't get the message, what can we add?
Fiji is only a holiday destination, take it easy.

It is impossible for 99% of the people to be honest anyway.
Everyone is pushing their own personal interest.
Everything is a bit fake these days, just like the flag competition was.

The Bainimarama regime will last as long as Bainimarama will live, and then another corrupt government will come.
What else do you expect?
Such is life.

I think you should pray the Lord and ask him to give you the strenght to accept the ugly side of your own human nature.

Anonymous said...

@1.42 How will FRU keep a team together for at least a year when many will either be poached by foreign recruiters and offered contract to play overseas?Nobody will stay back and receive poor pay they will eventually move overseas because they get paid better plus high standard facilities and exposure to tier 1 rugby style of coaching and play.

No way they will stay behind running up dunes and pulling buses or trucks up hills for low pay and lack of resources they will develop that talent where the right facilities and coaching staff is and that big extra wages is reward to motivate them.

We have the players we just need the right type of coaching take Japan coach Eddie Jones for example.

Anonymous said...

5:49 PM

Fiji is about to borrow 200M$ and you worry about Renee?
Renee is a human being just like you, and you have to live with that, like it or not.
I suggest you to join a religious group to discuss about your pain.
I think the Jehovah Witnesses might be what you are looking for.
They have answers for everything.

@4:58 PM As for rugby, it is not important.
This post is about Fiji about to borrow 200M$ to avoid a devaluation.
That is serious business!
The flag too can wait. Our vakamalua attitude means that come December, we will have another extension.
Nobody has bottered about it for months, you can even check it out with google or with newfijiflag.com or on facebook.

Anonymous said...

To 6:43 PM





Anonymous said...

Why couldn't the conman Bainimarama go see rugby with his own money, he seems to be enjoying free money. Vodafone must be happy with the investment that they made. Wise arse licking move my Vodafone!

Anonymous said...

Pradeep lal, the goat fucker from labasa and ajeet kodagoda, the ugly skunk from srilanka are screwing Vodafone and using it as their private treasure chest to masipolo baini/kaiyum. It's kaiyums game plan to keep baini out of the country for long so he can rule as acting pm and fulfil all his ambitions n his masters thesis of eliminating Fijian customs. Along with Pradeep and ajeet, another person who can't get enough if sucking kaiyums rotten balls is jyoti "whore" pratiba. This bitch mouth and asshole looks the same now-ugly and rotten to the core. Her husband is not able to give her enough pleasure so she bends in front of kaiyum while the impotent husband watches the fucking. Both, husband and wife are lowlifes. But they are a fucking good team assembled to suck kaiyum.

Anonymous said...

BTW the Indians don't realise that Bainimarama has fooled them. MY child is forgetting Hindi, not Fiji Hindi but Hindi.Muslim schools can teach Urdu, aLL the schools can teach Fijian but hindi has to be Fiji Hindi, when our children read Gita and Ramayan, that doesn't come in Fiji Hindu, jst like Urdu is important for Muslims, Hindi is important for Hindus but yes,I think Khaiyum had personal dislike for our language and as a result, Hindi has been removed from school curriculum. Well done bainiamarama, you walk around with tow face, dotn worry, the Indians of hindu decent will figure out your true color by next elections than you will pay for your deeds.

Anonymous said...

@7:18 PM

We are discussing right now, I don't need to call you...
Everything I had to say, I've said it.

You have to forgive your sister in Christ the same way Jesus forgave his murderers.

Renee will be judged when she's dead.

I am sure that if you try very hard, you can find something good in Renee, even if it is not much.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:18 PM

So why don't you teach your child Hindi if you are so worried?

But of course it's easier to blame someone else.

Anonymous said...

Muslim speak urudu?I thought Arabic was to be taught.Another fear mongering idiot,you must shit your pants when a Muslim sits next to you or hear the word Muslim! Baaaahahhahahaahhah.

Anonymous said...

Can you believe it, Khai is having a heckva time taking our money by
hook or by crook? In the last 8 years he has lost-yes-lost over 2 million dollars of your money and no one seems to care what happen?
First, a million dollars was lost during transition on a boat from England to Fiji and no one knows where it got off the boat? What,a
million dollar transaction, between two Government, by BOAT without any security??? Was'nt the fund insured? Has the missing fund been
recovered? Second, 2 million dollars was lost and was unaccounted for
during an accountant committees audits in parliament? That's 3 three million dollars missing? Some bastard needs to be jailed for life- for
this tradegy? Here's the AG asking for more money two hundred million
dollars to be borrowed from the USA!Khaiyum is not asking for 5million
or 10 million but he want two hundred million dollars- these is both
their retirement funds? Once these money is safely deposited into their offshore bank accounts then both crooks can moves all their family to a safe haven where we cannot touch them again for ever?

Anonymous said...

Power corrupts.
Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

It would be near impossible to find one dozen of competent and honest people to run this country.
Sodelpa is mostly backward and incompetent.
FLP is mostly corrupt and bitter.
FF is mostly corrupt and violent.

There won't be light at the end of the tunnel until we can have a good team to run this country.
Nothing is possible as long as Bainimarama is in this country.

Anonymous said...

An observant friend of mine noted that no arab or islamic country wants to take in the refugees despite the overwhelming majority of them being islam practictioners. When time comes to commit an evil act like terrorism, a call is made out for muslim brotherhood but when the same muslims need brotherly gesture from their big and rich brothers, they are shoved to the very people that are considered mortal enemies of the islam followers. When these rich arab nations don't trust their own brothers and sisters, how can the western world trust them. History and recent events have proven that these so called refugees cannot be trusted as they tend to repay good deeds of the Christains with vengeance and evil deeds. Beware Fiji of such people. Why invite trouble on ourselves. We already have a lot of issues to deal with without these extra troublemakers. Don't let the filth that the refugees bring with them into Fiji and put into risks our mostly Christain brothers and sisters whom this filthy bunch despise so much. They would be better of seeking refugee in an arab country where they can practice their filthy beliefs. Then again, they and their filthy beliefs are not even welcome in these otherwise brotherhood countries of theirs.

Anonymous said...

@11:53 AM

Go on the bureau of statistics of Fiji webpage and have a look at the latest census.
You will be astonished if you look carefully.
The iTaukei population increased of almost 80000 in a little decade, which was almost the total iTaukei population in 1920!!!

Now I am asking you what will happen with those 80000 iTaukeis when they leave school...
aren't we inviting trouble on ourselves by not controlling our own population? 1/3 girls get pregnant while still at school... Robberies, violence and the sort of crimes we now see on a regular basis are directly linked to uncontrolled demographic growth in a context of economic stagnation. That is what we should focus on now (btw that explains why Bainimarama is struggling to achieve anything good, during his 8 years there are probably another 60000 babies that were born... watch out in 20 years!!!!)

There is no way Syrians will move to Fiji, they want to live in RICH countries (btw, many of those leaving Syria belong to the Christian minority, that's why islamic countries don't like them). Why do you think those migrants don't stop in Serbia instead of going further North to Germany? Do you really think it's because they prefer to speak German? hmmmmm....$$$$$$ is what humans live for.

When a few refugees come to Fiji, it's because they think it's a first step before migrating to NZ or Australia.
I doubt Fiji grants more than a hundred citizenships a year to foreigners... I would love to know how many citizenships are given per year to foreigners.

So for now you can cool down...

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama caiti tamamu kei ratou nomu matavuvale. Neimami FNPF o sa kania tu qori nomudou lai sara world cup. Dou yavu kanakana loto kocokoco namu. sa raua me lusi na timi ni viti, sega ni baleti ratou na timi, e baleta na curse e muria tu nomu family.

Anonymous said...

Support anon 11:53am. Vuniwaqa and his kaiyum sucker bunch at Fiji immigration needs to realise the reality and deport all the refugees back to their slum so that they can practice islam crap practices there. Fiji is a Christian country and since these Muslim pigs have a problem with Christains and their way of life, it's better for them to fuck the hell off to a country that would welcome their shitty ways. Take your brotherhood shit to your brotherhoods. Oh yeh, they don't want you so go back to your fucked up countries and kill each other in the name of that fucking pedophile allahu akubar and donkey fucker muhammad and his guy lovers. Take some pig vudi with you as you won't find them in your shitty slums. Your saviour kaiyum can donate some in the name of Muslim brotherhood. He already has a lot of stolen money to afford such gifts for his brotherhood and sisterhood.

Anonymous said...

G.M.R. Muhammad & Sons (Pty) Ltd forcing non-muslim staff to wear scarf and look like Muslim.Good one.Our country is prospering really well. Well done khaiyum, everything goign according to plan. Change flag, add a star or a moon, why not change our national anthem to include Allah or Bainimaramas name.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:21, this is my country and we can increase our numbers as we please. We have sufficient to sustain our population with what our lord has provided us. The people who despise our lord and his followers have no right to these resources. You seem to be living in a dream. 99% of the refugees are muslims. The Christains nations are more than prepared to take in their brothers and sisters who has been inhumanely tortured and abused. Why don't your muslimbrotherhoods take in the Muslims? The muslim refugees are not going to the rich Arab nations but settling in western countries. Reason is they want to spread their filth into these western countries as they know that Christains are kind and generous people. These filthy scroundals are taking advantage of the generosity of the Christains and repaying the goodwill with terrorism. Fijians should not sympathize for these filthy bunch as they are bound to becom a threat to our beliefs and security. Better to keep them away and let them settle in islamic countries where they can practise their filthy beliefs and live with their brothers and sisters. Don't come to us if you despise our lord and way of life.

Anonymous said...

During our Sunday lunch, my son said to me that one if his classmates told him that he is a dirty person because he eats pork which eats dirty stuff. I asked him who it was and he told me his name is Tazizul. I was dismayed but later realised that it's not the kids fault but the parents who are teaching their children such hatred. Here is kaiyum brandishing one Fiji and his brothers teaching their children that Fijians are dirty people because they eat pork. I wonder what else they may be teaching their kids. I totally believe that the paths that most Muslim youths are taking today is because of the teachings that they are getting in their homes and mosques. They are taught to despise Christians and people of other religions because they eat pork so are dirty. Fuck off to your clean country if you think that we are dirty. Next time this Tazizul or any Muslim kid tells my son that he is dirty because he eats pork is going home with a dirty face. My son will make sure that he puts them in their right place. Fijians should take a stand and not let such people say demeaning things about our eating, living and religion. Period.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:58pm don't you do the same. Why the double standard than? Respect is earned and not demanded. Learn to respect others before demanding the same from others.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Christian anti Muslim crusader posting so frequently here actually ever looks at anyone without needing to attach a religious label to them.

The way the idiot talks suggests he believes one religious faith has a greater monopoly on good or bad than another.

Sorry idiot, you are a no school bigot, a joke and a pathetic excuse for a human being.

Take a real close look at yourself, YOU are the problem and no better than those you criticise so childishly.

Anonymous said...

Religion is a product of human imagination.
As the level of education will rise, religion will collapse.
All of you will be the laughing stock of your OWN people in 100 years!

Rajesh Singh said...

Anon@3.02PM. Hey vagina-face, all the people you're talking to, including yourself vagina-face, won't be here in 100 years time. We don't know what it's going to be like 100 years from now. I suggest you refrain from opening your mouth because your anus is very close by.

KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 3:02
The only difference between you and them is:
They BELIEVE there is a God.
Where as you BELIEVE there is no God.

So by your own definition THAT is your religion...ie the product of your own imagination....

Anonymous said...

No KNR, the difference is that those that do not believe there is some form of higher being do not need to make such an effort to try and prove to themselves there is.

The non believers do not have a system like the religious pedallers making a fortune out of those they try to convince and control.

Anonymous said...

@3:18 PM
I am talking about the people of Fiji, your great grand children. They will look at you the same way you look at the 19th century people, before the "good" religion came. You already belong to history.
How come the IQ is sooooooo low here?
The only thing you are able to do is watch porn and use pornographic language.

You are wrong.
Religion is the collection of all superstitions, like some gods look like monkeys or other walk on water and so on. They include human rituals, mantras, prayers and all these inventions. All religions are strongly anthropomorphic, "god" is more or less a super "human". Funny. Religions has kept humanity in darkness for too long, time has come to move on.

There is no way to prove that something doesn't exist... think about it.
Therefore not believing in religion doesn't mean "proving" whatever you call "god" doesn't exist.
Religions are OBVIOUSLY the product of human imagination. Religious books are childish.
Each religion has a god whose name is borrowed from the language of a particular culture... isn't that funny? How come? Product of human imagination.

Amazing to hear all those people talking about their "god-given rights" and so on... what a big circus this world is.

KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 4:11 pm
You said:
"Therefore not believing in religion doesn't mean "proving" whatever you call "god" doesn't exist."

You don't have to prove it, only because you are mentally lazy.

When people make an ASSERTION, they usually back it up with proof.

If you mentally refuse to engage then we can safely say that you have a lazy brain or you refuse to engage your brain.
You would happily criticize others but when we ask you to explain your stance you plead ignorance.

What Im saying is They said they believe in a God
You said you don't believe there is a God.
At the end of the day You have a belief-system too just like them.
And just like them you have a religion too.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.11. Dude finally somebody else who talks sense. Could not agree with you more. Organized religion or organized stupidity like i call it was designed for one purpose and that is to control the masses by literally putting the fear of God in people. I am a former Muslim who has spent about 10 years of his life obsessed about finding the truth. I have read and reread all the holy books from cover to cover dissected everyone of them to the point of insanity and in this 10 years i found not an iota of evidence that any of these books are dictated by God or even inspired by God. What i have found though is empirical evidence that we may indeed survive death but not the way religions claim. In all my years of research i have found none of the current world religions to have any merits whatsoever. You are right in that religions have kept mankind in the dark ages free from open thought and minions to the so called "Managers of God" the priests, the mullahs and pundits. For you who don't know their is a Christian priest in Nigeria worth about $200m who runs a congregation who's average annual income is $700. Their are many cases like this all over the world in all faiths. Men must free itself from religion or men is doomed to live in perpetual slavery for all the time they spend on Earth.

Anonymous said...

To those who think that Muslims and Christians don't have much in common i urge you to go pick up the Quran read it in plain English and then go read the old testament. You will be shocked as to how similar these 2 books are. What MUHAMMED did was simply take the old testament study it mix it with some of the practices of his pagan past and start giving instructions to his followers based on this. These instructions were collated by his followers after his death which then became the Quran. Do you know why Muslims do not eat pork because it says so in the old testament and i quote"

Leviticus 11 Rules About Eating Meat

11 The Lord said to Moses and Aaron, 2 “Tell the Israelite's: These are the animals you can eat: 3 If an animal has hooves that are split into two parts, and if that animal also chews the cud, then you may eat the meat from that animal.

4-6 “Some animals chew the cud, but they don’t have split hooves. Don’t eat these animals. Camels, rock badgers, and rabbits are like that, so they are unclean for you. 7 Other animals have hooves that are split into two parts, but they don’t chew the cud. Don’t eat these animals. Pigs are like that, so they are unclean for you. 8 Don’t eat the meat from these animals. Don’t even touch their dead bodies! They are unclean for you.

This is just one of the passages. Their are hundreds of common ideas and prohibitions in both the books. Islam is just the old testament on steroids. Most Christian apologists will argue that oh we follow the New testament. Does this than mean that the God who supposedly dictated the old testament changed his mind. That is complete baloney since we are talking about the same God who appeared to Moses via the burning bushes and then later appeared as his own son to get himself crucified later on which then inspired the new testament. So if you don't think that the old testament is relevant than you will also have to take Moses the exodus and all the stories around it out of the Christian context.Point is God does not change his mind over such important matters at least one would hope so. If he cant make up his mind about something as trivial as pork eat or not to eat than if that God is ruling this universe than we are royally screwed. Come on people do your research. ISLAM IS JUST ANOTHER DUMB IDEA THAT MAKES NO SENSE JUST LIKE ALL RELIGIONS. Its no better or worse than any other faith. Their are good people who are Muslims and their are bad people who are Muslims just like in any faith. Point is we all love Fiji and most of us want this government out. Lets make this our fight not who or what we claim is God.

In case anyone is wondering who i pray to the answer is no one i am agnostic. I simply don't know.


Anonymous said...

@KNR 4:54 PM

So not believing or accepting something, in this case someone else's faith/religion, is in fact a religion in it's own right.

Some real strange logic there, certainly no brain power put behind that assumption.

Anonymous said...

Only in Fiji where one religion is superior to others, under bainiama/khaiyum rule. If we all shall rise above religion than why is it in Fiji the Islam is gaining superiority all of a sudden, being of this elite religion offers you higher probability of getting job in Fiji, it also endures you get elite treatment, darn, I want to change my religion now.Lets all go Islamic way, thats the only hope of surviving in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned GMR forcing non-muslim staff to wear scarf, I didnt see that happening before, all of a sudden, it has become so important to WEAR SCARF.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:33 PM

Gaining superiority? Now where do you get that ridiculous data from?

Are you aware of the difference in reproduction rates between the two faiths you mention in Fiji, I think not.

You are confusing religion with education my friend.

Anonymous said...

Investigation should be undertaken as to why Hindi curriculum has stopped. This is strategic move by certain individuals so want to sabotage Hindu heritage,just like Fijian heritage has been messed with starting with removal of GCC, after sabotaging Indigenous heritage, now seems like target is Hindu.

This is a well planned out plan by khaiyum and Reddy, no wonder khaiyum never interferes with Reddy and stands by and watches while reddy sabotages our education system.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:35 PM

Gee, you believe every bit of rubbish you read on a blog?

Next rumour will be that those women working in food factories made to wear hair covering are having someone else's religious principals forced on them.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:40 PM

Was there ever one ?

Anonymous said...









Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Investigate GMR,things are getting out of hand here.

Anonymous said...

There has been mass transfers In Ministry of Education, not on MERIT. The one eyed Minister is a corrupt piece of human, he should just vacate his chair and become bainimarama PA. He will be more useful there, all the teachers should seek justice, corruption after corruption, the country is heading towards ruin.

Anonymous said...

Let's all forget about religions and just assume that God, wheather it is a poetic word or some sort of magic force, is true.
That way we can stop saying stupid things and kill each other.

Now back to the issue: Fiji borrowing 200M$ in order to avoid a devaluation.
How come the public is not asking questions?

Anonymous said...

@6:22 PM

I tried to call you but your phone doesn't work. Have you got an email?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6:36 PM

It's Gods doing

Anonymous said...

I Have an���� email

Anonymous said...

@6:22 PM
Have you got some recordings of your sister Renee?

Unless you have proofs, it's very hard for us to assist you.

I wish you all a blessed evenings with a lot of love.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

@7:39 PM
it is better if you explain it all to us. With all the top brains on this forum, we will find a solution to your problem.

You see, your sister Renee is not an angel, but she is still your sister in Christ.

LOVE is the solution.

KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 5:33
You obviously don't understand. I WANT YOU TO FOLLOW VERY CLOSELY,
Let me tell you AGAIN.
This will be the 3rd time I'm explaining:

There are only 2 kinds of people in this world:
1) Those who BELIEVE there is a God
2) Those who BELIEVE there is no God

So whatever group you are in , you still have a Belief.

Is that still STRANGE to you? Tell me if you still don't get it. I might try and explain it a different way.

Anonymous said...

You obviously don't understand. I WANT YOU TO FOLLOW VERY CLOSELY,
Let me tell you AGAIN.
It's the 3rd time I am explaining.

There are three kinds of long pigs in the world:
1) Those who make statements without proofs, like God exists or God doesn't exist.
2) Those who make statements and prove them, like 2+2=4.
3) Those who shut up because they can't prove or disprove anything (God may or may not exist...whatever "god" means is a problem to define anyway)

So one group are believers, and one group doesn't know.

Is that still stange to you? Tell me if you don't get it. I might try and explain it in a different way.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:54 PM



Anonymous said...

@Kua Ni Rere 7:55 PM

Quote, ""And just like them you have a religion too....""

Once again we see the trade mark of KNR, twist it and attempt to squirm yourself out, but again the usual failure of digging a deeper hole.

Perhaps before clicking those keys a few minutes engaging the brain would be an advantage to you. So here to help with your lacking education the definition of religion;

'the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.'

So repeat the following a few times so it sinks well in that thick skull of yours. I have now learnt that if someone does not believe in a god or gods they DO NOT HAVE A RELIGION.

See boy, you can learn if you take the time to rather than repeatedly making a prat of yourself.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Few years back, I was told by one Muslim that they will rule the world by converting everyone to become Muslim.

KUA NI RERE said...


So after all your long-winded explanation, Do you believe there is a God?

The answer is "Yes" or "No".

Anonymous said...

@8:21 PM

maybe you should read a little bit before posting such crap.

1. a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs.
2. a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects.

Religion includes the whole set of "beliefs", the rituals and all that crap. They are deeply human and are the product of human history. Nothing to do with the concept of "god".

That being said, it is ridiculous, when you look at history, and the diversity of beliefs and traditions, to think that every dumb man thinks to know the truth. If we assume, for the sake of discussion, that religion is the product of man, then think about all the time, debates, money wasted.

Maybe it's time to grow up now and work to develop Fiji instead of praying and insulting people.
Religious people are the most arrogant people ever. The world would be better without religion.

Anonymous said...

@8:50 PM

you are a bit stubborn. As a humble person, I don't know. And don't even know what you mean by God. Do you refer to a sort of super human or what? If that is the case, I don't believe in super humans.
I am convinced that all religions are only the product of human imagination. They are way too simple, the level of literacy is too basic. There are too many illogical statements and contradictions with facts. Religion is for children.

Creating a "god" simply moves the problem, as we have to ask ourselves what is the creator of God. It becomes a circular issue.
In this respect, I prefer not to introduce an unnecessary hypothesis.

So the white man's god in which you believe, I don't. That's for sure.

Anonymous said...

@8:42 PM

The world is divided in two. The advanced countries (Japan, Russia, UK, etc) where people THINK, DISCOVER, CREATE and the rest where people are simply following behind, often decades and centuries behind. What you fail to see is that Islam is only a byproduct of Christianity, which is a byproduct of Judaism. 3 obsolete and somewhat ridiculous religions! None of those religions has a bright future. NONE.

Intelligent, sensible and educated people are not going to churches, temples or mosques.
Religion now belongs to the developping world, and lower social classes. (and the bible belt in USA)

The mentality in Fiji is still locked in middle ages where people believe in witchcraft and dumb superstitions. That is the sad reality.

Anonymous said...

Anywho.....moving on to the next topic...man, Fk this racist world cup rugby tournament. Are you fkn kiddin me? All our island brothers getting suspended, meanwhile, the white - boys get to play another day. I'm glad England didn't make the quarter -finals. Fk em! And fk the powers that be. Kiss my black and white ass. Toso Viti.

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@Anonymous 8:53 PM

We can all take the time to cut and paste the thousands of differing unqualified definitions of religion but they all fundamentally come to the same thing.

Crap you may think the one I used was but I'm keeping things simple for KNR so it does not go over his head.

Anonymous said...

@Kua Ni Rere 8:50 PM.

Long winded explanation?

You mean the pointing out of the error of your ways I assume.

As for whether I believe if there is a God or not, not relevant.

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KUA NI RERE said...

"As a humble person, I don't know"
At least you confess "you don't know".
That's very good. So you don't know whether there is a God or not.

If I don't know something, I usually try and read up on it or study it in order to try and better understand it.
eg Recently I read up on the religion of Islam ( on Google) and I found out that the prophet Mohammed had sex with a young girl , 9 years old. Her name was Aisha.
Now that helps me to understand why Muslims think the way they do.

Personally I feel that that is a grossly immoral act but anyway, that is what they believe in.
Can you imagine what the uproar would be if Jesus was found to have had sex with a 9 year old.

Muslims also believe that when they perform Jihad they will get 70 Virgin women in paradise.
My question is after you've had sex with the 70 Virgins, then what?
Now you have 70 Non-Virgin women giving you headache.

What about female Jihadis? Do they get 70 Virgin Boys?


Its interesting that understanding Islam also helps us understand why Aiyaz Kaiyum behaves the way he behaves.

Why are you afraid of introducing your hypothesis?
If you have already solved your hypothesis, then that's fine.
But if you have an hypothesis that you have difficulty grappling with, may be you should let us know.
I'm sure there's a lot of intelligent people that might offer their opinion.

Tomasi said...

I agree with KNR. And to the lazy brains or stubborn mules or atheists or agnostics and demon worshippers, please seek more diligently and find the GOD of the universe. Only the fool says in his heart, there is no god.

To those who proudly think that religion does not matter, let me urge you to seek in the right place, ask the right questions, and be genuinely honest about your search for God. Millions of people from across the globe across the vast expanse of human endeavours across the ages since humanity first appeared on this earthly landscape, have sought and found the Creator and Sustainer of the universe. Religion is merely men searching for God. Christianity is a personal relationship with our Lord, Saviour and Mashiach, Yashua or Jesus of Nazareth, who is the Son of the Living God.

Put very simply, if any person would just let God reveal Himself to Him, that person will find God, in the Person of Jesus Christ. Muslims, Hindus, pagans, unbelievers of every shape, colour or form have come to find God through Jesus Christ. As long as you are genuine, humble and open to the truth, simply ask God to reveal Himself to you, and you will find him. Even if we are imprisoned in our own disbelief, foolishness, stupidity, moral decadence, self righteousness, blindness or whatever else you may claim as an excuse or reason for your unbelief, God will find you if you simply ask Him to.

Finally, the world is going through its final days, Biblically speaking. Soon, we shall have the final sunrise and sunset, and our days here shall have made its final round. The Son of God shall descend once more to this world, not as a humble child of Nazareth. No sir. He shall be on His white horse, on the clouds above, and all eyes shall see Him. The all in that sentence means, all of us alive then, including, atheists, agnostics, lazy thinkers, pagans, religious and non religious, rich and poor, leaders and followers, black, white, brown, dark, grey, yellow, young and old, male, female, gay and lesbians, avatars, cloned super humans, priests, pastors, satanists, freemasons, popes and prophets, ministers and monsters, thieves, murderers, liars, adulterers, fornicators, holywood idols, sports and entertainment celebrities, etc etc. That will be the day when we shall all agree that religion does matter in the final analysis, and that our relationship with the living God does and is the only factor that matters in the eternal scheme of things. But it is what we do NOW about Him that matters even more. Today may be our last day, and we should decide for Jesus while we can. Tomorrow does not belong to you. Our days are numbered.

Maybe, we should heed the prayer of a believer: "o Lord, teach to know the number of my days". Vinaka

Anonymous said...

The asshole who said that Christanity and islam follow the same God and principles is a prime example of a delusional cult called islam. Christanity does not promote beheading, rape and other austocracies that islam promotes so the motherfucker who says both are the same can go and fuck his mother. Christanity doesn't say to screw a six or nine year old girl. There is no similarities between this demonic religion of islam and the only true religion of Christanity. So all the Muslim pigs harping on in this site that Christainity and islam is the same can go and get fucked. You are pathetic in every sense and worst religious cult in the whole world. You pedophile worshippers can all fuck off from Fiji and go and live in the filthy countries where islam is practised as a religion. In Fiji, there is only one true religion and that is Christianity. Fuck off assholes.

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