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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bainimarama fooled by Canadian 'Woman of the Year'

Frank Bainimarama poses with Annie
A Canadian radio host fooled Frank Bainimarama into presenting her with a 'Woman of the Year' plaque that he and his staff hadn't even checked for authenticity.

The plaque hailed Annie Ji (Katherine) as Fiji 'Ambassador' and 'the voice of Fijians in Canada.'

Unknown to Bainimarama, Annie Ji had no connections and had come up with the gong her self - as a prank.

The 'prestigious' award was made to the con artist during Bainimarama's August Fiji First Party fundraiser to Vancouver.

Annie Ji was even presented the gong at Bainimarama's farewell dinner in Surrey, by Fiji's coup leader himself.

The disingenuous former radio host had approached two Canadian MPs plus the organsiers of Bainimarama trip as part of the con.

According to the Asian Star, Annie Ji duped local MPs Jinny Sins and Sue Hammell into attending the event, telling them the P
rime Minister of Fiji had initiated the award.

Bainimarama presented her with the gong with no questions asked.

The story was exposed by the Vancouver based paper, the Asian Star, which reported that Bainimarama actually thought he was going to be presented with the plaque!

The paper says the con was picked up by a sharp eyed photographer and TV producer, who took a close up photo of the plaque and wondered about the misspelling of the word 'Embassador'.

Bainimarama's trip was organised by Netani Gucake and Bobby Naicker and questions remain about the estimated $162,000 that was raised.

Coup4.5 has also been told that a group of Fijian women brought in to perform the meke at the Fiji Day event have been abandoned and can't get home.
The local Canadian MPs are meanwhile furious at being duped while the organisers say they've been told Annie is sick and has had a stroke.

Annie ji Singh was a host at the Radio Fiji Mirchi station in Surrey, but reportedly quit recently.

A spokesperson at the station says they don't know anything and to 'Ask Annie'.


  1. Vinaka, Annie! Just goes to show what an idiot this mfkr is. Mary must be so Ambarassed.

  2. "" Update: 5:47PM The Land Transport Authority has called on members of the public in the North to refrain from jaywalking.

    LTA Regional Manager North Emosi Caniogo said they were doing their best to address jaywalking in the Northern town.

    "One of the main issues that we are trying to counter is jaywalking so we are addressing jaywalking now and continuing our operations to the weekends," he said.

    Mr Caniogo said as a part of their operation they had been keeping a close eye on pedestrians and following measures to address jaywalking.""

    Bloody LTA asleep all week and now we see them active at the weekends. Talk about milking the system for the overtime money, it could not be more obvious.

  3. Politics aside, Rugby World Cup is being played on an uneven playing field.Tier 1 nations enjoy the benefits of meeting regularly at the peak of their performance range and getting to improvise techniques that the players are well-versed with. Come the RWC, these hidden talents come into the fore and used to defeat the minnows.Fiji has won in Sevens because of yearly exposure to world series.What is being played out in the present RWC is too painful to watch.There is a big mismatch in playing techniques and understanding of the game and rules.We need better.If we are to play in the RWC then , our argument with the World Rugby, be that we be included in Super15 or 20 series, include Samoa, Toga,USA etc.We can not be expected to perform with the tier 1 nations, in RWC, with their refined rugby skills, when we do not meet them at least, once a year.Can you imagine Sri Lanka winning the Hong Kong Sevens or World series, for that matter, no!, that's exactly my point.Also, after we embark on the above, we won't need 'old'/non-performing players from overseas, who DON'T perform in RWC,just making up the numbers and /shielding their bodies from injury, because of their remaining rugby contracts.We need homegrown talents like in the Sevens, but yearly exposed to world series and tours, partly sponsored by World Rugby.We can not win in the world stage, if we are not exposed yearly,let alone RWC.Another thing,looking back early 1980s, Nadroga vs All Blacks, AB is beatable by provincial teams, but the SPIRIT/ YALO, should be one and determined,(eg.Japan), it's been missing from Fiji.

    1. Politics thrives in the top tier of FRU... Only if we red card them all and we surely stand a chance in competing in the World Cup.

  4. Not surprising as there is no doubt that baini is a fool and a puppet of kaiyum and the muslim assholes in Fiji. Baini is so wrapped around kaiyums cock that he can't see past the head. Kaiyum has been sucking him very hard and baini has been doing the same to kaiyum so both are intoxicated so much that either can see beyond the cock. Kaiyum knows that the fool baini has no brain of his own and has used him to fulfil his own motives which is that of giving supremacy to muslims and sidelining I-taukeis and hindoos. Keep sucking kaiyums cock you mfucker and making a fool of yourself.


  5. Big Bula Vinaka to the show host for showing the world the reality, that is that Bainimarama is a brainless piece of shit.Best news ever!!!!


  6. Why hasnt the government kicked out Minister of Education yet!. IS khaiyum affair of Reddy, I am starting to suspect something fishy that REddy knows something that we dont.Ever since this guy has taken the reign of Minister of Education,he has messed everything up, literally. Why is the opposition not raising issues on all his mess ups. The opposition is so slack, I thought they would fight tooth and nail but hey, they are soooo pathetic.


  7. YEs, the leaking of papers is unacceptable, the same will happen to Form Seven papers, its all because this IQ less blind Minister cannot see facts. HE doesnt have intelligence to know right from wrong, he should have evaluated the pros and cons of changing the examination printing and circulation procedures. HE is a disgrace, BTW, we are waiting for the teachers to release the audio recordings of his speeches and the school visitations of his reps.


  8. What a prank!

    Annie Ji has the nerve! LOL

  9. .Kaisi Bokola & Mataivalu Ni Solisona (They could have stopped him long ago)cursed the Fiji Team when he went to present the match day jerseys.
    Samoa & Tonga wore their national dress at their welcome ceremonies while Fiji wore their awful green trousers thanks to Khaiyum - Thank God the Flag was not changed.
    Shame,Shame,Shame - The $60,000 could have been better spent looking after the homeless & poor in Fiji.


  10. This KAISI deserves shit like this, all the while, he was mistreating people, karma got back to him...nice!


  11. I think the destiny of Fiji has been well decided, the Fijians are cowards, no wonder this country has become Islamic State. The likes of qarase , Ro-kepa and others wanted christian state, My thanks goes to khaiyum for having it his way, this shows when you do injustice, you will face consequence. Now live under islamic rule, wear green, lick khaiyums arse, and this is just the beginning, good times are ahead.

  12. Fucking Indians always trying to get one over....typical...cant trust a bloody cara wai pani... always to gain something and though they know that Frank was part of the organisation that brutalised them in 1987 and 2000, they still prefer to side with him and the military not realising that they have been duped and conned by the military and frank, in believing he is their saviour.

    Perhaps this is their way of getting one back at Frank but in the end, they don't give a shit. They try to make themselves look good and if it involves money, maichod...they will do anything to gain it.

    Arehh yaar kai dia ga sa kai dia.. Will never be a Fijian... Always be a Kai Dia... people like Annie makes the good Indians look bad. Good riddance most of them have migrated.

  13. @Anonymous 2:23 PM

    You are confusing people that just want to get on with their lives, improve their living standard and enjoy themselves with something else.

    Not all want to live in the past, believe that the world owes them a living and need to be controlled by a group of dinosaurs.

  14. Hahahahaha goes to show that shithead Baimagasona is indeed a joke.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Lol!!! ulukau! memu sici! ! What? you think every award should be yours? Con getting conned by another con..hahahahahaha!! and he got cheated ...fail tu o rabaku.
    What a wonderful tour! Look at the photo. Those two made a nice couple..

  18. The Fiji team was curse because of Bainimarama.
    Baini should step down from FRU President.
    Kean should step down from FRU chairman.
    I don't know why so many people cant see this by choosing this two on the post.
    The two are under curse, especially Baini.
    I am sorry to say this, But its the Fact.

  19. Arehh yaar kai africa ga sa kai africa.. Will never be a Fijian... Always be a Kai africa... Afro negroid people like you


    Store water, Ba, Nadi ; Tailevu; Labasa, Lami residents urged

    Thursday, September 24, 2015

    Update: 2:32PM RESIDENTS living in parts of Ba and Nadi have been urged to store water as temporary disruptions are expected during the day.

    In a statement the Water Authority of Fiji said parts of Sarava, Nailaga and Navau in Ba would be affected until this afternoon.

    In Nadi, affected areas include Lodhia Street, Naitavi Lane, Nadi Hospital, Kerebula Alladatta, AH Khan Road, part of Nadi town and Denarau.

    Both disruptions have been attributed to burst water mains.

  21. The $60000.00 given by vodafone to bainima should to the FRU for the players expenses as requested by Radrodro


  22. What has become of this land, it is bleeding to death. The economy is dying, the education provider, MOE is ruining our children's life, the paper leak is being underplayed but the truth is that the papers have been leaked, why terminate anyone else, the Minister of Education should go, the Minister is the culprit, due to him the child suicide rate has increased in Fiji, he is killing our children. The teachers are so tired and overworked, the school management are tired of this idiot minister taking credit of all their hard work, the children cannot keep up with all the sudden changes, they are feeling the load, they are loosing sight and direction and only he is to blame.Just keep pretending that all is well, it will solve our problem.


  24. Who used who? Bhai only wanted to taste the fat fruit & indeed the fat girl
    did provides some yummy juicy watermelon? just a one night stand for the Bhai?


  25. Deserves bainimarama right , he needs to be treated like shit.

  26. Anne Ji..hehehehehe! I applaud you for conning Fijis conman. ..
    Best that you stay there and don't come to Fiji. He will send his bodyguards the moment you reach Fijis soil to haul you up to camp to avenge what you did. Bai is very good and courageous in stomping on victims as long as they're women.


  27. Parliamentarian calls for probe into Sky TV sale

    Siteri Sauvakacolo
    Friday, September 25, 2015

    Minister for Education Mahendra Reddy, front, Parveen Kumar, left, and Balminder Singh make their way out of Parliament yesterday. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

    A PARLIAMENTARIAN has called for an investigation and review of the sale of Sky TV to Digicel last week.

    Opposition MP Aseri Radrodro has called on the Prime Minister, who is also the iTaukei Affairs Minister, to initiate a Parliamentary Special Committee to investigate and review this sale.

    Mr Radrodro, in his speech in Parliament yesterday, highlighted that this subsidiary company was owned by Fijian Holdings Ltd as majority shareholder.

    "The Fijian Holdings CEO last week declared the sale of Sky TV to Digicel for $5.75million," Mr Radrodro said.

    "How did this come about and why did it not follow the principles of a sale of a publicly-listed company?

    "There are a lot of questions especially when the initial set up cost of Sky Pacific in 2004 was $6.5m and three years ago, Fiji TV spent a further $6m in upgrade including change of satellite.

    "This would resonate to bad investment business decision when the sale price is $5.75m and the cost of establishment and upgrade is around $12.5m."

    Mr Radrodro, the Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, said this was a breach of duty of care by Fiji TV directors and FHL.

    He called upon the Prime Minister to initiate a Parliamentary Special Committee according to the Standing Order under Section 129.

    "The honourable PM must ensure that Fiji TV and FHL directors be suspended whilst Reserve Bank of Fiji investigate why South Pacific Stock Exchange did not look into this matter."

    Mr Radrodro added this must be done in light of ethics and transparent leadership.

  28. FRU President should be change.(BAI)
    FRU Chairman should be change.((brother in law)
    They brought lost to the team because they were under curse, especially Bai.

  29. @anon 2.23pm... Fiji was never a place for the middle class. Politics in Fiji is driven by racial propaganda that takes into account the naivity of the low socioeconomic rural class

  30. Annie beats Frankie!

  31. @ Anon 1.50pm . There is no Islamic rule in Fiji! There appears to be one however the current crop of Islamists are too diluted to be regarded as genuine Islamists.

  32. @ 2:32pm... you are confusing crooks and criminals from honest people. Go on and continue to live under the reign of tyranny...the same tyranny that destroyed Indians in 1987 and will also destroy you today. The move by the Military will result in Indians living Fiji by droves and thank God for that. The only ones that will be left are the very poor and those who did not come to Fiji from India on a boat during girmitya. Good riddance and the more of you who leave the better. Maichod.

  33. @ 2:32pm... you are confusing crooks and criminals from honest people. Go on and continue to live under the reign of tyranny...the same tyranny that destroyed Indians in 1987 and will also destroy you today. The move by the Military will result in Indians living Fiji by droves and thank God for that. The only ones that will be left are the very poor and those who did not come to Fiji from India on a boat during girmitya. Good riddance and the more of you who leave the better. Maichod.

  34. Josateki Daulako says... these are comments by the dickhead Inia Ratu... and this reinforces what I have always said... what a dumb bird..... anything to suck on Frank....

    Former senior military officer and now the Minister for Agriculture, Rural and Maritime Development and National Disaster Inia Seruiratu has called on Member od Parliament’s to stop criticising the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF).

    He said the critics were just looking at the negative side of the institution.

    “Be fair to the military as it is a proud institution,” he said.

    He reminded parliamentarians that the RFMF was apolitical but politicians were politicising it.

    Section 131 of the Constitution had clearly spelt out the role of the military.

    He said it was through the action of the RFMF that Fijians now enjoyed a new democracy.

    Critics he said were all aware that peace was more than just the absence of war.

    “Peace means being able to provide food and shelter for your family, to dream and live freely and to prosper knowing that you are secure,” he said.

    The answer to Fiji’s long term stability, he said, did not lie in the reduction of its military. The military was providing employment for citizens and was contributing significantly to Fiji’s national economy through the earning of loyal soldiers – those who risked their lives to bring stability to the lives of people of the world who were less fortunate.

    He said as in most democracies the role of the military was ever relevant and was crucial for a number of underlying factors. “Of primary importance is the safeguard of our national security and enhancing stability.”

  35. Has anyone investigated the 'electronic voting system',that was used for the 'one-day election'.It is a well documented fact that 'Diebold' system used in elections are easily temperable and then turn votes numbers to FijiFirst.This has not been investigated.Can someone check the viability of this system.Otherwise, your votes for a candidate could have gone to the other side.Seriously!

  36. Has anyone investigated the 'electronic voting system',that was used for the 'one-day election'.It is a well documented fact that 'Diebold' system used in elections are easily temperable and then turn votes numbers to FijiFirst.This has not been investigated.Can someone check the viability of this system.Otherwise, your votes for a candidate could have gone to the other side.Seriously!

  37. Yep, who fooled who? Bhai did get in and out without a problem?


  38. A con woman cons a con man!
    Birds of feathers flock together
    A fake follower fakes a fake leader
    The fake PM who cons the people about the fake reasons for the 2006 coup
    Faking his way all along, through a fake election
    Appoints fake ministers [ wolves in sheep's clothing]
    Appoints a fake judiciary with fake Thief Justice, and fake judges and magistrates
    Hands out fake court rulings like the Suvavou Case
    Appoints fake ambassadors to Geneva, Brazil, and South Africa on fake assignments
    Faked the military council, faked his cabinet, faked his faith, faked the 2013 constitution
    Faked foreign relations with Indonesia, China, India, faked trade relations with Russia just to watch the 7s World Cup.
    Enough is enough!!!

  39. Annie Ji Singh duped Frankie? Is she from where Fiji, India,Pakistan,
    Jamaica etc? What a fat pig? Don't think the idiot PM was going to ffall for that-but na ulukau ga na ulukau? What a looser?

  40. ECONOMIC growth is projected to be at a record 6 per cent this year, according to the Reserve Bank of Fiji.

    The RBF said for the first time since the 1970s, Fiji's economic growth was set to increase to more than 4 per cent per annum for three consecutive years, a feat that was last recorded from 1971 to 1973.

  41. THE Government believes the exemption of Value Added Tax on basic food items should only be applicable to the poor and not the rich.

    Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said exemption of VAT on items such as flour, rice, canned fish, cooking oil, kerosene and powdered milk was primarily to benefit low-income earners.

    "But apart from this noble objective, it is a reverse in the taxation system because those of you who are rich enough to afford to pay tax and pay VAT are not paying. You are not the targeted audience," he said at the Budget Forum in Suva yesterday.

    He said there was a need for a system to be in place to see that high-income earners paid VAT on VAT-exempted basic food items.

    "You should be paying VAT. So how do we fix up the system that is most specifically targeted whilst at the same time generating revenue for Government and also being specifically applied to the people that it is supposed to go to because we are losing revenue from those of you rich enough to pay VAT from those six items?"

    Another good case of pure stupidity from the government. The way to collect more money from the rich is through INCOME TAX and those idiots lowered the tax bracket to a mere 20% because the business sharks told them to do so after the coup!!!!!!!!

  42. Why is the asshole putting his hands on this woman?

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. Yet another cover up in the police unearthed. When is this Pol Com going to realise his men just ain't interested in work.

    Police have charged a pastor with one count of indecent assault and one count of rape. The pastor who is based in the Northern Division will appear in the Suva Magistrate Court this morning. He was arrested on Friday. The matter came to light in a letter sent to the Police Commissioner’s Office.

    The anonymous writer claimed several reports were lodged at the Taveuni Police Station about the alleged sexual activities of the pastor but nothing was done about them.

  45. There's nothing "petty" about Democracy. Surely a penalty of death, should give a clue as to how seriously High Treason is taken!


  46. What about the crook minister reddy. Its all because of him that the paper leaked, He doesn't discuss, he dictates, had HE discussed, he would have known that changing the system abruptly is a bad idea.

    Number of students children who sat for exam feel cheated. The paper had been leaked, those who had access will get good marks, those who struggles, what about them. This is the reason why SUICIDE had become common among our children, because, brainless piece of shits like reddy take much pleasure in sabotaging the future of our children. What a shame, this minister should resign..immediately.

  47. Thanks 5.03
    Khaiyum at this stage should come up with solutions on how gov should improve revenue. It's no point talking about a system that he knew nothing about. Is he prepared to accept a further 11-20 % tax charge on income above 50,000 and 21-30% for those like him earning 100,000 and above. Can he up the exemption on tax income by another 10,000?
    What he should focus on today is HOW and WHEN can he pay up debts accumulated by his govt.

  48. 1 32
    Because he is an idiot and an imposter like her.He should see this picture again and learn from it. It speaks volumes. The boci is telling the world how unprofessional our PM is.

  49. This is the same idiot who was caught sleeping on the shoulders of another man while his rugby team was getting trounced by the English.


  50. Todays FijiSun shows refugees from Afghanistan here in Fiji.

    Mind you, what capacity and capability we as a country have to handle and provide for the refugees.

    While many big countries, like Australia and NZ are trying to reduce refugees entering their countries, Fiji is starting off. Like we have the resources. I am not against refugees, but I think, we should first solve our internal problems before extending our hands to refugees. There are many in Fiji who are living below the poverty line. Instead of focusing on its own citizens, bainimarama is giving importance from refugees from afhghanistan and other countries. No doubt baini and khaiyum have sensitive spot for the refugees from Afghanistan because Fiji is already turning into a Muslim country,Give it 10 years from now, and you will see what I mean. Why not take refugees from West Papua. Well, Fiji is hell bent to muslimize Fiji so it is obvious that refugees from muslim countries will be welcomed with open arms. If there was a reason to topple this government, this could be one of the reasons to do so, because , if screening goes wrong, we will be breeding terrorist here.

  51. Anon 9:46am, that's so true but the blame lies on the i-taukei puppets leading the immigration department. Can't this people learn from the mistakes that Australia has made by allowing Lebanese to settle as refugees followed by iraqi's, afghanis, pakistanis and the whole lot of Arab and Asian Muslims. The goodwill of the Aussies have been repaid by constant threat to the security of the Australians. Some have even died after their terrorists attacks. Fiji is preparing for a similar future. We are seeing a whole lot of black burkas roaming in our streets. Slowly, these psychos would influence the local Muslims and the result will be chaos. We can't let this happen. We should all combine and protest this influx before it's too late. We can't let kaiyum run riot and destroy our beloved Fiji with the delusional practictioners of Islam. Wake up baini and the arseholes at queen elizebeth barracks. Don't sell your country to the Muslim pigs.

  52. Probably that's where the 100 million from the head 50 account is going. Resettling the refugees when our own people are starving, homeless and in dire poverty. Unemployment is on the rise and we are getting more free riders to join he que.


  53. I agree, if you want refugees, why not West Papua, why Afghanistan, why do we have to go far when our neighboring countries need help, when the pacific Islanders need help. It read in the Fiji Sun that one of the refugee was graduate with engineer diploma. So, when the graduates.Please read today's FijiSun to verify this, yes, he is a graduate. So what does that mean for our own citizens, that graduates taken as refugees will be competing against the locals in the job market. Well done khaiyum, well played. The opposition is actiong all diplomatic. They wont be making noise on this issue as refugee related matter is very sensitive. If they make noise, than bainimarama will say that it is our MORAL responsibility to help refugees. I think the refugee game has just begun, It is below 100 now, but in years to come, we will be having thousands and thousands from Pakistan, Afghanistan and other muslim countries.

  54. Fijian refugees are in Australia, NZ, Canada, USA... Many became political refugees after the 1987, 2000 and 2006 coup. So Fiji, take and have some refugee. You may then get rid of the Indian. Your better of with muslim brothers because you both believe in one God.... Im sure it is the same God you worship...

  55. @anon12:31pm, aren't the muslim pigs in Fiji indian as well. I thought you all came from the same dunk. I would better take my chances with hindoo indians than to trust you pedophile worshippers. Enough of kaiyum and the rest of you suckers. Fuck of to your shitholes.

  56. Frankie himself couldn't even read the plaque properly so no surprised this Annie person punked him and the rest of the delegation. The dictator looked quite gullible by the looks of it.

  57. @@anon12:31pm, Go back to your motherland AFRICA!!!!

    1. Asshole, we ALL came from Africa. Even your white father's ancestors came from Africa.



  60. Scientific evidence has indicated that the original people to move
    and settled in Punjab region from Africa. Today people in that region
    still has the African DNA and most still has facial feature & hair
    like those of their ancient ancestors.Most of this settlers walked-
    across this land-mass before the GREAT LAND SHIFT- so anon 8:12am you're quite right that we're all from Africa.Even the white Europens
    are slowly accepting this facts? Even Polynesian & Melanisian DNA has
    been unearthed in a cave in Romania-can you believe that??? So guys,
    it's ain't nice to make fun of your ancestors?

  61. REALLY? The so-called FLYING FIJIANS have lost their 3 games in
    Britain- WTF> maybe we should ask the international rugby people
    to play these bunch of assoles against an old boys rugby club in
    Britain or Wales? We've seen this bullshit every frieken years-it
    would have been better to pick members from those that were discarded
    from the Rugby 7 I'm sure they would have done much better then these
    bunch of whiners? Bad enough that a dead person (Maafu) is still playing & but the question is "WHO THE FUCKS PICKS THESE LOOSERS???

  62. 5.51am
    Tough call brother. It's not easy wearing a jersey and toil it out there. Did you read comments and blogs from rugby followers the world over complaining why Fiji was placed in the pool of death. Didn't you see the phenomenal display ever produced by our forward pack , ever, in Fiji rugby in their two games against Eng and Aust??. Look at the Japanese. See how they had performed and created history by beating the Sprinboks and securing a spot in the quarters,?? I wont be surprised if they progress further. Fiji in the past world cups had proved to the world that they were the best only to be denied because of some drastic BS refs decision. Against the French, the Springboks twice....these are talents wasted because of the system. Rugby is big business and is controlled by the powerful few as long as Profit is attained. They don't care about the love of the sport and the welfare of the boys. Nakarawa, Goneva and Kenatale are three new finds from this RWC. Their names are added into their pool of profit making machine. Into the league with the likes of Caucau, Delasau, Bobo, Rabeni, etc.
    The Japanese had also proved to the world that management and coaching had made a difference. So it's unfair to squarely blame the boys for their 3 losses. Our management has to accept responsibility for these losses. And to conclude my piece I am recommending the current forward coach to be the head coach of our rugby team.
    Go Fiji
    Former rugby player.


    WAF warns of water supply disruption in Ba, Nadi

    Wednesday, October 07, 2015

    Update: 11:05AM TWO separate burst mains have resulted in water supply disruption in Ba and Nadi today.

    According to the Water Authority of Fiji, affected areas in Ba include Wailailai, Etatoko, Votua, Nawaqarua, Natutu, Mataniqara, Khalsa Road, Vadravadra, Natalecake and Vatiyaka, Sorokoba, Sasa and Varavu.

    In Nadi, the impacted areas are Denarau, Navatulevu, Maqalevu, Yavusania, Sikituru and Narewa.


    Waiting for you once they have fixed the mains.

  65. I am a Nationalist and I want a Fijian Chief to be the President. SODELPA should have nominated Tui Cacau Ratu Naqima as the President. He is a role model to all Fijians and Indians have to accept him.

  66. @Josefa D 4:34 PM

    No doubt on the same basis you wanted and expected SODELPA to get a landslide victory.

    You'll get what you are given and hopefully learn to accept it like the vast majority.

  67. Josefa D@4.34pm...Some nationalist you are...there is a Chief's name
    Cacau Ratu Naqima you like to be President? How about a Fijian woman
    with some education & degree or rather a Indo Fijian like khaiyum or
    halfcast like Beadoes or mark manning?


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