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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

'Sir' Ratu Epeli Nailatikau's term to end soon

Ratu Epeli Nailatikau presiding over Parliament yesterday

Ratu Epeli Nailatikau finishes his term as head of state in November.

The election of a new President will take place on the 12th of next month but not before Nailatikau helps usher in new laws.

Some of these new laws include a Bill for a Code of Conduct for Public Office Holders, a Freedom of Information Bill, Community Based Corrections and Kava Bill.

Nailatikau presided for a last time at the opening of the new session of Parliament yesterday, where he continued to endorse the regime saying any moves against the constitution will not be tolerated.

He also said the RFMF must always support the police in bringing to justice anyone wanting to destroy democracy.

Here's a bit of history from our archives of how Ratu Epeli Nailatikau became President.

In 2009, Mahendra Chaudhry threw his support for Nailatikau to become Fiji's next President.

Nailatikau was the commander of the Royal Fiji Military Forces when Sitiveni Rabuka toppled the NFP/Labour Coalition government of Dr Timoci Bavadra in May 1987. 

Nailatikau served as Deputy Prime Minister in Laisenia Qarase’s interim government after the May 2000 coup that was appointed by Bainimarama. 

Chaudhry and Nailatikau were colleagues in Bainimarama’s interim Cabinet for 18 months. 

In January 2011, there were reports that Aiyaz Sayehd Khaiyum had sent Nailatikau a letter saying his term will expire at the end of February the same year.

Nailatikau assumed the role of president after the illegal regime abrogated the Constitution in April 2009 and 'retired' the then 88 year old president, Ratu Josefa Iloilo. 

He was vice-president first, becoming acting president in April, before being sworn in seven months later as president in November 2011.

Sir Ratu Epeli Nailatikau?

Meanwhile questions are being raised about the title of 'Sir' been given to Ratu Epeli Nailatikau as seen in this official invitation.

Only the Queen can bestow knighthoods but it seems like someone in Fiji is taking the honour to do that themselves.


  1. Colourful career of the privileged in Fiji - Nailatikau who sees himself more a Tongan then Fijian finally calls it a day, after being paid by tax payers to pay lip service to Frank. Nice bloke but he should have a conscious about what has happened to the people of Fiji and he knows what happened but chose to ignore it for his pay and his pension. Worthless President. Position should be made null.

  2. There is nothing Excellent about a Useless President and there is nothing Honourable about a PM who dishonours his people.

  3. A true gentleman that has worked tirelessly in the background supporting and promoting serious issues that benefit all but ignored by many.

    Well done Sir.

  4. It is almost laughable to hear the president's address which is replete with contradictions. It is most unnerving when he says the no one dare to tamper the atmosphere of democracy. Has he forgotten how he got where he is? The hardcore fact is that our f*%#@d up leaders are now the determinants of democracy. Democracy in this context is an oxymoron.

  5. "Sir" President..shows the delusional state of this government

  6. Good riddance to this useless old fart of a flaccid prick. A groping drunk who too often lets hi inebriated tongue get the better of him. He was Commander of the Army that allowed the Coup to happen, just like Frank in both coups 2000 and 2006. At least he wasn't cassava patch dasher but who knows if he was put in that situation. At the end of his public careers it was more about not being able to do without the spoils of an ill-begotten public office, than any sense of real public service or duty. He will be renown for dangling condoms, hugging gays in their beauty contests and signing off our future and descendent's in the newly imposed fucked up Constitution and all laws and decrees that now come under it.

  7. Tony Abbott suffered a political coup through the ballot box. No guns, No uniformed arseholes

  8. The old fart spoke with a forked tongue..His only track record are utterances and cliches of the past. Politics in Fiji has become boring. Lot's of infighting,no substance!

  9. @Anon 2.58PM The rise in HIV in Fiji is reflective of the unprecedented use of condoms by our beloved Presie...Time to visit the STI clinic

  10. Epeli was part and parcel of 1987 coup.
    He purposely was out of country so Rabuka could do it.
    Ratu Mara did not want his son in law , Epeli, to do coup otherwiswe it would have become too obvious Mara was the one behind the coup

  11. So, who will be the next PRESIDENT???

  12. One thing for sure Epeli will be the President of the Defence Club. His last Presidency.

    So sad that because of all these coups, positions of President which was held with high esteem and protocol has been tarnished by the Military and Frank and his manner of Governance. His wife rules the roost. Vosa tiko sa sega kana qeqe...

  13. Don't be surprised if Rambo is selected as the new President.

    Frank just needs a docile Chief as President to put his rubber stamp on his Decrees. Perhaps George Kadavulevu may be Frank's choice.

    Is this why George made his comments about Fijians living overseas being losers.

    A very good choice for President would be Jai Ram Reddy - what say Semi Meow

  14. Renee Lal you can't scare me off just because you are A LAWYER!!!!!!!!

  15. Isa once upon a time the position of PM and Governor later changed to President was honorary.

    Even amongst the civil servants, army and police and the navy. People used to look up at these leaders and public servants.

    Today, there is no respect for the President, PM, senior Government positions including Army and Police.

    When once these people walked the streets and were met with respect, today no one respects them. It may appear people respect them but in reality they are sworn at.

    Because of the 1987, 2000 and 2006 coups, we have lost something in Fiji which I might call Dignity. It is easily seen why we have lost our dignity. Unfortunately we have created our society because of what we have accepted and we have to live with it. Our children will also have to live with it.

    Very soon there will be chaos. You can smell it in the air.

  16. 6:27pm - that was the Presidents fart you smelt in the air. He let go a ripper.

  17. @ 6:28pm.... Era dau kaya mai Vanualevu - lai sogota mada nona modulu... drau vei vutu... lol...

  18. Its a pity that he was a good man that just followed the wrong crowd in politics led by expired coup kingpin Rambo. He could have done better than give in also to Frankie and his group of cronies.

  19. @Anonymous 6:27 PM

    Yes you are right, dignity and respect has been lost but fortunately not by all.

    It's a sign of the times as the world moves on. Would you have imagined twenty years ago that some deranged idiot could spew out threats to someone else whilst sitting behind a keyboard and 1 second later almost everyone in the world can read that, nope.

    The chaos has already arrived, it's all round the world. Fiji's has not been caused just due to the coups.

  20. Anon September 15, 2015 at 4:46 PM...wow thanks for inviting me to pick a President..Only if you'd have unmask we may nominate you PRESIDENT...uh...of the market grog gang club..

    Former AG, NFP Leader and International Court Judge J R R wouldn't want to soil his reputation, would he?

    But again, there are former 'Judges" around to consider to enjoy the salutes at Government house.

    But...but...may be Tapoo or Brigadier Aziz or may the Government tailors are now redesigning a Royal Ladies Sari Uniform for the next Madam President...

  21. You really should be ashamed of yourself. Get help as advised before.

  22. For hanging your dirty washing out on the line for all to see and making a fool of yourself.

  23. President Bhainimarama? Prime Minister Khaiyum?

  24. What a farce! It's disgusting how they have raped and pillared the treasury and continue to pretend to be the legal authority in Fiji.
    This pretend President should be put behind bars with Frank and Aiyaz.

  25. Anon 4.46 ..I'm heading that direction too. He just sprung up from nowhere to make headlines and made himself the big supporter of the person who kicked him out of job. Is it coincidental??? Maybe it's time to take the bite when the cake is still on the plate.I won't be surprised
    Rt J Madraiwiwi is the best candidate for the President's seat. A highly esteemed individual, noble and humble with his high credentials he is someone that Fiji needs today to restore true democracy and I don't see any noble taukei qualified enough like him.

  26. Sir is an entitlement from Allah to Ratu Epeli. His new name is Ratu Epeli Mohammed Sonalevu. Unfortunately Allah was asleep in Mecca when the crane fell. They need to yell to wake sleeping Allah.

  27. What's this about these useless and expiring PSs/CEOs getting a pat in the back with diplomatic postings abroad? After all their arse licking and cooking up of figures on how the Government finances look good, the two biggest spineless ball sucking executives of Treasury and FIRCA are now being rewarded. The state of revenue collections is pathetic with their cruel methods of strangling businesses cashflow to the point of killing the business and any investment or expansion opportunity. For Finance, where's the unaccounted $100m for Chrissake? What's the ratio of debt servicing to exports or domestic revenue? What's our real debt levels by the way? Has our economy really been growing consistently over 8% such that our debt/GDP is decreasing? These are only some of the bullshit these two bumsuckers (PS Finance and CEO FIRCA) have been hiding from us. What is the real revenue collections, taking into account the actual VAT refunds owing to taxpaying corporates at any point in time. What is our real debt level considering that bulk of the $150m treasury bills have been rolled over and accumulating from the last five years? With all these questions, we cannot fathom why Fili Waqabaca and Jitoko have to be rewarded with diplomatic posts. Throw them into the wilderness and see if they can find a decent job elsewhere, without the Government's hand propping them up again.

  28. Anonomous claims in rajendra fb that the people in Ra are burning bibles. We were Christians and gave all our love but was abused. We would rather become cannables again to deal with this situation. First to lovo will be khaiyum and all his men including the president.

  29. Those arrested in sedition were responsible for cane burning also.They wanted to harm the tourism industry but cant because of being heavily guarded by i-taukei security.

    The sedition was revealed by Tui Viti last year and Ra Belo revealed the arms purchase and transfer by yachts.They are spot on with their info.

    Several Methodist church Reverends were responsible for the sedition spreading the false gospel about all anti govt info with people in the colo. One was forced to stop spreading the gospel after he was caught with his pants down with the chiefs wife,he had to run for his life.His son a former British Army officer is one of those involved in training the rebels.

    The arms has reached Fiji mainly through yachts and are quickly and covertly hidden and transported around the provinces.

    The biggest share will be with a particular province in the north because theirs arrived on a ship.

    The Police and Military Intel should dig deep and apply pressure on those captured to reveal the covert ops run underground.A few broken ribs wont kill anyone,could take your cue from there.

    1. An old piece of crap story to divert attention. It doesn't hold water. Those rebels are saying something to our leaders that enough is enough. What other means are available to them to be heard when they had exhausted all and no one seems to care. The only way is through illegal means.
      Again the church is blamed. Drau veivutusona kei Vili Rakoro

  30. The old drunk fart Epeli, just go away you asshole.

  31. Ratu Sir Epeli Nailatikau. ...I'm curious how the" Sir" is added to his name. Who did that? Only the Queen bestowed that on prominent statesman/ citizens who had distinguishly served the Commonwealth. Its obvious that the person trying to remove colonialism and the Queen from our midst is the one bestowing the knighthood on Rt Epeli.
    Yes it happens only in Franks Fiji. The next one will be Ratu Sir Frank followed by Rt Sir Khaiyum.

  32. C45 Administrator (s)
    Kindly track and remove this idiot making death threats on Renee and everyone in this column. She's a wasted piece of shit. I don't know why c45 is still keeping her comments and death threats readable here. Kick her ass out once and for all!!!

    1. Screw you. What the fuck!!?!.
      Renee Lal killing Renee Lal??! Well I understand,
      Goats don't think.
      Yes take the rope and hang your ass...
      Don't even know what you're writing. .you daughter of a whore and child of a thief!!

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  33. Viliame Soko was involved in stealing $45,000. He was immediately hunted down by Police and then sodomised with the Police baton & he died.

    But in the Ministry of Finance, someone has stolen $100,000,000.
    Please this is 2,000 times the amount of money Mr Soko stole.
    PLEASE Mr Police Commisioner, get on your horse and on the double. PLEASE ARREST THE THIEVES NOW. THEY HAVE STOLEN PUBLIC MONEY. $100million!

  34. Hey guys from Fiji Leaks: "BRIBED INTO SILENCE? FRU insiders claim $60,000 forked out to send Bainimarama and family to World Cup rugby form of 'bribe' to halt legal pursuit of Vodafone Fiji led consortium over the $40m sponsorship deal". This Fiji rugby team is a good one but if they lose, blame it all on the corruptive, nepotistic and gross abuse of public office by Frank Bainimarama, his wife and their piglets. The sonalevu murderous brother is the PM-imposed FRU chair and also in London. There are also peep squeeks like navy falla fatso asshole Humphrey Tawake who doesn't know anything about management. who put him there by the way? this guy is a fuckall piece of shit navy bumboy! and then you have FB, kids and in-laws like Sale Sorovaki there too. don't worry Fiji team if you lose, its these life-sized public funds-guzzling family of parasites that will get all the blame. Just do your best Fiji Rugby Team. But fuck frank's parasitic family, they keep flaunting their parasitic achievements!!

  35. @Sept 16 3,29 Yeap Mate....like they did to Fiji Net Ball.

    Too bad guys the Fiji I know is longer there.

    Some chose to ignore things happening around BUT someone is watching ....what ever you sow you will also reap.

    Frank and his close cohort knows their days are numbered but we must all learn to leave with this kind of society.

    Take care of your self and your love ones.
    To Semi and our friends overseas do not ever think to comeback and help your people because things have changed and this is not the Fiji you know guys.

    Sa keimami vodo kece tiko qo na nodratou waqa mai Gau.....na Lailai na DINA.



  37. We will never beleive that Renee was involved in any ilegal financial undertakings with the Gokals. We beleived it when it was first published by Fijileaks..but with lack of hard evidence and one sided story, the case is permanently dismissed.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Case dismissed!!!


  38. The people of Fiji are tired of bainimarama and his puppets
    The president is one of them


  39. This government is full of crooks, frauds, rapists, the president is included in the category of a puppet.


  40. The government has destroyed this country, from education system to the economy to degrading of living standards.


  41. The President will be sorely missed by all the sporting personalities as he normally preps them up with his "grand-daddy" do-good and be a great sportsman/woman. Remember he says you are representing your country and it's flag is there to remind you that the people are expecting only the best etc etc etc.

    I normally enjoy listening to him educate our sports people. I think that is all I can admire about him really and the fact that he doesn't need to have bodyguards while strolling around in town. He is cool and he is pretty friendly.

    And sometimes I think he doesn't know what he's supposed to be doing as President as he defends and supports all that is illegal in the first place.

  42. Revolution has begun.From people from Ra to civil servants who are tired of the kama sutra minister of Education.I know that i series of recording will be forwarded to Fiji Leaks of the Mister and his own set of puppets who are harassing the civil servants. Audio recording of the mister talking using cheap language and aggressive tone to head teachers and principals.Recording of all those who are on school visits and the manner in which they talk to the school heads and teachers is disgusting. The kama sutra minster is about to become a celebrity!!!

  43. What a great news. The sooner its on Fijileaks, the better it is. That idiot thinks he is above the law and those working under him think they are FBI or something, my family members who are teaching have told many stories which you can say that the indentured laborer system is still alive under this blind ministers leadership. If the PM doesnt change this minister, he will lose thousands of votes because of this minister.

  44. Fijileaks today has the story of the person behind the release of our soldiers from ISIS. Robin Nair is to be commended for his role in convincing the useless Rt I Kubuabola to involve Qatar instead of Jordan in the negotiations. It paid off. Thank you Robin. Now that we have the truth and you're the saviour and valiant of that day , Fiji is looking for someone to help save it's citizens from brutality and violence carried out by the same group you saved, their boss and comrads here at home. You seemed to be the right guy to shoulder this responsibility.
    I personally express my gratitude to you too for carrying this out honestly for your concern and love for your countrymen without malice or hate despite what the army and corrupt politicians had done to the Indian community in 1987. God bless you Robin.




    The $100m question

    Vuniwaqa Bola-Bari
    Thursday, September 17, 2015

    SEVENTEEN days after the Ministry of Finance was to respond to the Public Accounts Committee on the use of $100million without any acquittals from the Head 50 account of Government, there is still no response from the Finance Ministry.

    Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee Professor Biman Prasad confirmed this yesterday.

    "No we haven't received any response from Ministry of Finance yet and we'll send another reminder," Prof Prasad said.

    Finance ministry reps that were in a sitting of PAC on August 5, could not explain how funds were disbursed having said "they were not in a position to do so".

    The ministry was given until August 31 to provide PAC with an explanation.

  46. Finance ministry reps is as guilty as those telling them not to say anything. Hold them accountable. No one has the courage to come forward and let it known to the taxpayers and to the general public. These staffs should be fired.
    Listen up Fiji, this is the government that you vote. .me ra butakoci keda jiko vaqo. They are a bunch of crooks and thugs. Parasites who preyed on public money for their greed. Mera veivutusona taucoko..me tekivu vei Voreqe, vakababa vei Luveni lade cake vei veresitedi qai veilutulutuki sobu me yacovi ira sara na tiko era- staff of Finance.
    Vinaka ni qai veivutu jiko na tiko qori na Finance ministry.


  47. WHere us the 100million unaccounted for.The government should answer!Now!What are all those who know about this doing.Email the PM, email khaiyum, where is the money honey!

  48. 1.58..Y email PM and Khaiyum when they're the masterminds.


  49. I have been told by people working for them that khaiyum has lent that money to his brother from FBC due to FBC being in financial crisis,FBC is showing profits as a result of fraudulent interference. In fact it is doing not so good and brother khaiyum dived in to help. Also, bainimarama has good % of money in his coffers too.

  50. 2 16. Do you work for Finance? And how credible is your information? If you're then you are damn good.
    We need someone like you. Thumbs up .


  51. To PM-Fiji, Honorable PM,
    We the citizens of this country would like to know why there are so many financial discrepancies in your day to day business dealing, the Audit report shows too many discrepancies.How about the 100 million dollar?Where is it? Please do not put me in jail for asking this question, this is just an innocent question that I thought as a taxpayer I had the right to know. While, I am writing, I would like to add that having murderers, rapists and mentally ill people is doing your image no good. Please discipline them and let justice prevail.

    The voters will not vote for you in the next election if you do not take necessary action NOW.Please, do not be delusion-ed that vote ridging will solve your problem and that you do not need to be respected by the citizens of this country. Its just been one year, people of this country are already fed up of your government, next election is long way ahead, who knows if your government will be in existence by than or not, so the right thing to do is START DOING THE RIGHT THING. Listen when people are complaining about your MPs, do not defend them unless you have a secret and they know it!


  52. 30000 screan “F*** ISLAM” on the streets of Poland to protest the influx of migrants. Google it and wake up kaiviti.

  53. Fijileaks you have a piece of infor here to peer into FBCs affairs. Looks like their profit is a bull and the trail for the unaccounted $100m with Finance may lead to FBC.
    Looking forward to know the truth

  54. Anybody have Information on a Feizal Hanif who works for Tuitoga Associates. He is said to be the lawyer doing all the dirty works for the government. He is hired by AFL. Any other please

  55. I'm not surprised 3.03pm.
    ISIS is infiltrating governments who opened its doors to receive refugees from Syria . ISIS is not Algaeda or PLO, etc They are more lethal and strategic in their operations. Since countries are opening their doors to Syrian refugees, they are utilising this route under refugee status to enter these countries, esp, in Europe.

  56. Feizal Hanif once worked for Munro Leys the kind of lawyer you describe as who turns a white sheet dirty. I believe he gotten so good at it and wouldn't be surprise if his doing it with AFL. That's the description of Feizal Hanif, a lawyer who turns the white sheet dirty, I feel sorry for the staffs of AFL.

  57. Maybe Feizal Hanif knows about the 100 million and the payment to the terrorist. This guy Khaiyum would have the balls to be doing this and the connections to such people as Feizal. Well while we adults are talking about national issues, the kids are having their one week sports day so let's not disturb their sports day.

  58. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  59. Time for your meds girl

  60. So where is the accountability, transparency, good governance, fairness, etc.
    It should be changef to sonalevu, cicilevu, ni vei vutu, tinamu, chor, mother fucker, gays, liars, bullshit, fuck all, butabutako, liumuri, liumuri, volitaki viti, ni veicai na veiliutaki tiko. Ni vakarau raki kemuni o ni ma moku mate. Ni yavu ulukau vaka taki ratu epeli sonalevu kei baimarama qaralevu cicilevu

  61. This is a pretty hilarious picture.

    The wigs are somewhat colonial in my opinion.
    The colonial flag on the right needs to be ironed.
    Maybe the guy standing on the left needs a longer and less colonial sulu.

    Better to have a more Fijian Fiji.
    I prefer traditional Fijian style.

  62. Psalm 82:1

    God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; he judgeth among the gods.

    82:1-5 Magistrates are the mighty in authority for the public good. Magistrates are the ministers of God's providence, for keeping up order and peace, and particularly in punishing evil-doers, and protecting those that do well. Good princes and good judges, who mean well, are under Divine direction; and bad ones, who mean ill, are under Divine restraint. The authority of God is to be submitted to, in those governors whom his providence places over us. But when justice is turned from what is right, no good can be expected. The evil actions of public persons are public mischiefs.

  63. For every negative khaiyum counters with a positive. And his positive will be through his public enterprise made up of self appointed chief executive and ass licking board members. Either bullshit bonus, some 1000 free money for small business, or dividend payout without any financial to justify how the profit was generated. Running out of moves eh, check mate boci.

  64. Interesting reading new names such as feizal hanif who are muslim appointees, and I have just heard another muslim appointee at FDB who is secretary to the muslim league. They do anything to get their ways as wanting to pretend to be a fijian and even marrying a fijian. Next will be part of VKB

  65. If you don't know the meaning of NEPOTISM here it is from none other than Fijileaks:


    Chairman, Francis Kean
    President FRU, Frank Bainimarama
    Patron of Netball Fiji, Mary Bainimarama
    Manager FRU Development, Sale Saravaki
    Manager Promotions FRU, Inoke Bainimarama
    Manager Netball Fiji, Ruby Bainimarama
    CEO Sports Council and Commissioner for Fiji Sports Commission, Litiana Bainimarama

    Frank and his family members have no shame at all - seems they don't have a conscience!!!

  66. @9:18 AM I could add some other names on your list, including more "low profile" family members who got all sorts of advantages like a piece of land...


  67. My child this morning my child said no class today mum.Whole day we will celebrate world suicide day and they will have people coming and talking about suicide. Ever since this Minister of Education Mahendra Reddy has taking reins as the Minister for Education,the whole education system is messed up. Student suicide numbers have just risen to another level. All I hear him speak is disrespect for teachers and school managements. I wonder why Fiji Teachers Union is not doing anything about his dictatorial behavior and why school managements dont get together and write to PM to get him out. He is ruining the future of our children, our childrens are finding it hard to adjust to all the changes that he is making, the children academic performance has gone down due to the drastic changes in the education system.This guy is incompetent and need to resign. Even I was told by my neighbour that very soon school teachers will start committing suicide due to all the work stress under his leadership.

  68. It seems to me that Fijians are living in a bubble within Fiji. There are so many bad things happening, but they can't see them because they live within the changes.
    How can they be made aware of the things we from outside of Fiji, can so easily see?

  69. No doubt it also seems to some that Mark Manning is living in a bubble but outside of Fiji.

    Perhaps if he wants to learn about Fiji he should come and live here and see first hand what things are like. Far to easy to squawk from afar collecting info from blogs and attempting to be an expert on others affairs.

  70. It's been 3210 days since the coup today.
    3-2-1-0 !!!!!

    3+2+1+0=7 = lucky number
    something will happen today.

  71. 12.30pm
    This is why our students are struggling in school.
    The math answer is 6 and not 7.

  72. @Anonymous mathematician 12:30 PM

    Something sure did happen, you got your basic sum wrong, he he.

  73. @12:56 PM and @ 1:00 PM
    I did my best! My students will be better than me later. And better than Reddy.
    Or let's just get rid of maths altogether.

  74. Mahendra Reddy is to Education as Khaiyum is to Finance and Law and Frank is to military and Sports.
    You can call the trio the three musketeers of Doom.
    Trek these Ministries to see ruins they left behind.

  75. 1.26 PM
    Is something going to happen today?

  76. @1:26 PM
    6 is the number of the devil.
    something will happen, but bad news instead.

  77. @2pm stick your devil up your arse mate.

  78. 2pm Have you ever met and spoken to the Devil?

  79. Seems like the failed mathematics teacher @ 12:30 PM is a comedian as well. Let's hope he's not really a teacher.

  80. @Mark Manning you should ask VILI RAKORO that question,he will write you a 10,000 word essay.The office of propaganda hasn't been on due to lack of funds to run the department.They can't pay the internet bill using tax payers monies anymore plus $100 million dollars is missing due to a BANANA BOAT CRUISE around Viti Levu.

  81. Anon 12.30pm
    Too much into Nostradamus. The number of days between Dec 5th 2006 (coup 2006) to Sep 18th 2015 is 3192 days. Where do you get your 3210 days from? The number of days is wrong and you can't even add.
    This is a good example of the type of leadership we have in Fiji today....ra yavu ulu lala, kava lala, Idiots fools and FAKE.
    And if you are a teacher as you claimed to be , fuck, this is why the Cockeyed Kama Sutra Minister is trying to change the education system.
    Pull up Fiji and stop crying and complaining about changes on our education system. There are no more external exams. Students today are on a free ride to yr 11 and parents are complaining . Fuck. !!.
    Why not bring back the intermediate, school secondary, FJC, NZ cert and UE external exams. Those exams are tough and still the best testing ground for students before entering colleges. Education system today is basically spoon feeding our students from elementary to high school. Will this system help them to cope and be competitive in college level?
    The top tier students, of course are denied justice in this system. If Fiji wants to create a base of human intelligence for future leaders, I don't think this system is good.

  82. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Lol!! Your cool!
      Funny guy though, ......best medition of the day.

  83. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  84. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  85. The remarkable scintillating show of bravery and courage, yes, the land of the rising sun, it has shown to the world that Rugby is no longer the game of the few super nations. The upset victory over Sprinboks.(Jap 34-32) today is the game of the millenia that will never be forgotten. Those gallant boys will be remembered , their names engraved, children will talk of them and generation today forward will never forget them.
    Hats off to the Japanese world cup rugby team 2015

  86. What a looser...now that he's got no job maybe he could apply to
    take up the coaching job for those fat rugby loosers in the world
    rugby championship in London? I'm sure he'd fits right in with those
    fat old men disguising themselves as rugby players?

  87. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Buddy your arse!....No one, not the authorities , not even your relatives here will listen to your demands. You fucken idiot! Renee was approached to handle this case. You and your family had sought her help in this dealing, didn't you,? Why crying your arse now.
      Go to your goat hubby. It's waiting for the next session. .
      Meh meeeehhheeeeeh! Meeehhhheeh..mhehhhhheee! Weeeeeeeeeee

  88. While the nation suffers and with the loss to England in the world cup , one family is still celebrating. The Bainimaramas. They don't care, as long as WE keep feeding them.

  89. Fijileaks has a picture shot of the VIP stand at the Rugby game opener but our royal family is no where to be seen. Mara- the Fijis ambassador to UK is amongst those watching with PM Cameron. Isn't our royal thug family supposed to be sitting where Mara is? Sounds fishy?

  90. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  91. Can someone in authority please take the necessary steps to ensure the Fiji Government including the Police,Military and Prisons Department stop using Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II crown on rank and Logo insignia. It is not fit and proper for the country to continue to use the Royal Crown.
    The Fiji Military Forces and The Fiji Police Force were stripped of their "Royal" following the Coup of 1987.
    Time to find your own insignia you bastards !

  92. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  93. Epeli Nailatikau promotes his charming personality to camouflage his deceitful ways.
    He was a key player aiding and abetting Voreqe in the acts of HIGH TREASON from the year 2000 when he double crossed his father in law SIR KKT AND 2006 WHEN HE PLOTTED AGAINST PM LQ.

    A DISGRACE to the CHIEFLY SYSTEM, a SELFISH , LAZY AND THIEVING OPPORTUNIST who had scant REGARD for the legacy of his father Ratu Sir Edward Cakobau a dignified chief who earned and worked his way in true service for FIJI.


  94. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  95. A good lesson to all Nationalists. Affirmative actions doesn't help. Learn from the South African Team. 4 black players required in every South African game. Result loss to Japan.

  96. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  97. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  98. 8:22pm... your right... we need more Indian players in rugby and Fijian players in soccer. Perhaps not having one Indian in the Fijian rugby team was why Fiji lost to England or perhaps its because the greedy motherfucker Frank trip to watch Fiji play was paid for by Vodafone which is owned by taxpayers


  99. Fiji is drowning in debt, and Bainimarama goes on a luxurious trip to watch rugby paid by the taxpayers who find it hard to meet the basic needs like food and shelter.

    The selfish piece of shit. Fiji will be like Somalia in years to come. The only one who will be able to afford a good life are the elite of this country, AKA Muslims. Others will die of hunger.

    What a shame that Fiji has come to this stage.

  100. @Anonymous 8:30 AM

    So you think it should always be about the less fortunate, a rather selfish attitude.

    As for shame that should fall on those with such an abundance of fertile land that could have been feeding the hungry you talk about.


  101. It is always about the less fortunate. have you looked at the poverty rate in Fiji, how about the unemployment rate,how about the suicide rate, how many people are living below poverty line. This generation are going to school to get a good job, to uplift the standard of living, to live a better life than their patents and grandparents lived.

    Most importantly, how many people have ownership of fertile land, what fertile land are you talking about? Why doesn't bainimarama send his son meli or something to work in the fertile land.How about khaiyum sending all those Muslims holding high caliber jobs to go and work on the fertile land.

  102. @11:49AM
    Meli is often drunk. Working on the land is rough. Not for puftas.
    BTW, what happened with his top-model wife?

  103. So now there's a shortage of fertile land? Makes you wonder what land the chinese manage to rent and turn it into profit making concerns whilst employing many of these 'poor' to work for them.

    And how many of these poor are trying to raise four or five kids they have raised when they know they can't afford to?

    So the poor want jobs, great, but they are not going to get these from others in the same position as them. They'll get them from those who have made some money and that's the way life works.

    But the reality is that the unfortunates and losers will always blame someone else and it's just too easy to use race and religion rather than admit the truth.

  104. Why does kaiyum want to be sorrounded by Muslim only? Doesn't he trust other races? Speaks volumes of a man who claims at every opportunity that we are all one. For him, Muslims are more humans and intelligent than others in Fiji. He is even correct as a majority of stupid Hindus and half the I-Taukei's supported him. Only fools would trust a person like kaiyum and any Muslim. There is no shortage of fools in Fiji as the election results showed.


  105. If Bainimarama stops importing chinese, than the indigenous will have land left to plant on.

  106. Where is PSC’s accountability? (Fiji Times, 17 Sep. 2015)
    Professor Wadan Narsey

    For the last two months, civil servants in the Ministry of Finance and in the Prime Minister’s Office have not been able to give to Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee information on how they have spent taxpayers’ money since 2010 (Fiji Times 17 September 2015).

    The questions asked have been on ministers’ salaries for 2010 to 2013, paid through a private accounting company, and the acquittals of more than $100 million through Head 50 of the Budget Estimates.

    The 2010 Auditor General’s Report reported that the Ministry of Finance had asked the Prime Minister’s Office for this information, but it had not been given.

    Through all these public questions, the current Minister of Finance and the Prime Minister are remaining totally quiet.

    These are the people who have repeatedly promised “transparency and accountability” to the public.

    What is more puzzling however, is the total silence also from the Public Service Commission and its members, who have the legal duty to ensure that civil servants under their direct responsibility fulfil their duties to the taxpayers who fund their salaries.

  107. Silent Finance permanent secretary

    It is horrifying that the highest civil servant responsible for the safeguarding of taxpayers’ funds, Filimone Waqabaca, has been totally quiet on the questions asked by the Public Accounts Committee.

    It is disgraceful that he personally has refused to attend the meetings called by the PAC, choosing to send his subordinates.

    The primary responsibility of the PS Finance is to the Fiji taxpayers who pay his salary, not to government ministers who come and go.

    If he continues to withhold the required information to the PAC why should he not be held jointly responsible if it is later discovered that funds have been abused?

    Silent PSC permanent secretary

    All civil servants salaries are paid for by the taxpayers of Fiji.

    All civil servants of all government departments, under the laws of Fiji (which ever ones you wish to refer to) must answer to their permanent secretaries, who in turn answer to the Public Service Commission.

    The PSC’s Permanent Secretary, Parmesh Chand, has often been in the media these last eight years, extolling the virtues of accountability and transparency that he has been trying to inculcate in the civil service.

    He has often praised the Bainimarama Government, both unelected before September 2014, and the elected one thereafter.

    Has Parmesh Chand called on the respective civil servants to reply honestly to the Public Accounts Committee which is questioning them?

    Has Parmesh Chand encouraged the civil servants to give the required information to the PAC if they have the information?

    Has Parmesh Chand advised the civil servants to inform the PAC if the relevant ministers are refusing to give them the required information and that “they are not in a position to do so” is not an acceptable answer from them?

    Has Parmesh Chand advised the civil servants concerned that if they refuse to answer honestly and stonewall the PAC on behalf of the ministers concerned, then they could be accessories to any abuse of taxpayers’ funds that may have occurred and may be equally liable to surcharges as required under the laws of Fiji?

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  108. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  109. @Anonymous 1:36 PM

    But they had it before the recent influx of chinese by this government, and still have plenty.

  110. Anon 1:33pm, spot on with your comments. Fiji Hindus are stupid and biggest fools to allow themselves to be no more than arselickers of kaiyum and the muslims. They very well know the traits of betrayal of muslims in their motherland but still voted in masses to be ruled by the demonic kaiyum. Not only have kaiyum disintegrated the indeginious Fijians and their culture, he has managed to singlehandly make the 30 or so percent of Fiji Hindus his mere slaves. We will get our culture and position back in Fiji one way or another but what about you Hindus. You will remain mere slaves of the muslims-something your motherland is fighting very hard to avoid but you have succumbed yourself to very easily. Your million gods and Gandhi must be so ashamed of you all. Keep arselicking kaiyum. It's what you all are good at now.

  111. @Anonymous 1:56 PM

    There we go again, blame, blame and more blame.

    The only ones that have disintegrated anything are the owners that never valued it.

  112. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  113. @Anonymous 2:20 PM

    The perfect example of why you make no progress.

  114. Josateki Daulako says...

    People today realise Frank is nothing but a fool and this Fiji First Government is a Bainimarama Family Government with Frank's family and relatives holding key positions in Government and in some instances, within the public sector.

    Having said that, people are resigned to Frank and his military propaganda. What has caused this?

    People call Frank and Rabuka's coups bloodless but the events that followed is far from it. These two coups were the most violent because the violence the military caused against the people of Fiji continued until the two men returned Fiji to Democracy.

    When Rabuka and Frank executed the coup, it was important for them to install fear in people. This is no different to what the Indonesian Military is doing to the West Papuans and we have experienced the same in Fiji.

    People have been so brutally bashed and killed by the military in 1987 and 2006 coups that the mere mention by soldiers to take a person to the camp is enough to change the person's tone.

    Any capable Fijian Leader is silenced quickly by the military and their propaganda machine has been working full time to deceive people.

    The result, though people know they are being deceived by Frank, they are resigned to accept him for fear of brutality, losing their jobs and livelihood.

    People will turn a blind eye to everything Frank is doing and one can see the same impact with the SODELPA opposition.

    Right now the way it is with Fiji, it is Dog eat Dog. This society has been created and there is suspicion and fear in every quarter.

    People hate what Frank is doing but refuse to say anything. They know what he is doing is wrong but refuse to say anything. People can see that Frank is leading Fiji to demise but refuse to say or do anything. People understand what Frank is doing is wrong but refuse to say nor do anything.

    Therefore, people accept to behave like Sheep and Cows and be led by the Shepherd boy who is in fact wearing wolves skin and will lead them to slaughter.

    Just like what Rabuka has caused, the effects of Franks coups will be felt by the next seven generation of people.

    In the end, Frank and his Family have become rich beyond their dreams. Khaiyum has also done the same and entrenched the muslim political involvement in Fiji.

    Hindoos have resigned themselves and will follow behind the muslims like they did with Koya but knowning Hindoos they are bidding their time.

    A Fijian does not bid his/ her time because they have no time or its concept at all.

    We at our own demise, have allowed this to happen and we at our own demise, wait for someone else to do something about it. That is the Fijian way.. laiva ga...

  115. @Anonymous 3:42 PM

    Strange how the very vocal anti government brigade always assume they speak for so many but conveniently forget the ballot box.

    Are you really so naive as to think all of those that voted for him did so through fear?

  116. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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  119. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  120. @ 4:53pm... Only a fool and an idiot will not see the truth behind what Frank and the Military has committed against the people of Fiji. But than again, when a fool has been subjugated and brainwashed by the military propaganda, than the fool can no longer be considered a fool but a sheep blindly following its shepherd or Ram to the slaughter so you are forgiven for speaking the fool. The same that happened to Rabuka will happen to Frank. His actions speaks for itself. This Government is a Bainimarama Family Government. It is not the Government of Fiji. Unless you realise that, you will continue to be fooled by Frank but that is fine, we need fools to make up for idiots.

  121. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  122. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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  129. The health ministry is fucked up under the filthy first party shits. I took my son to the children's ward and saw first hand discrimination and isolation of the I-Taukei by this Muslim arsehole in charge of the children's ward called wahid.The nurses told me that this arsehole is from some pakistan slump and sees only muslim children. Others have to wait to be seen another doctor. So now we have special doctors for this pedophile worshipping cunts paid for by the taxpayers. Kaiyum and the pedophile worshippers along with some elite Fijians has been giving residency to all these Muslim shits from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia etc. In years to come, Fijian people will have to deal with homegrown terrorists. When will the blind military realise what kaiyum is doing. Fijian military-Stop getting used and turning Fiji into a Muslim dumpground.

  130. Perhaps these threat posts are being left to assist the police with tracing this idiot. It's not too hard to tie up the times of posting with times of text messages from a phone.

  131. @Anonymous 7:42 AM

    What a pity for society that people like you unfortunately breed and produce sons.

  132. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  133. @Anonymous 8:24 AM

    Now why would you presume to know what country I live in let alone what my religious faith is.

    Me thinks you are just an ignorant racist troll, one that's so unhappy with their pathetic existence you are looking for scapegoats as an excuse for your inadequacies.

    Perhaps it's your foul mouth and attitude that is the cause of your insecurities, and not others and you wish us to believe?

    Now run along and finish those chores for your mother.

  134. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  135. A PASTOR who allegedly impregnated women in his church will be investigated by the police.

    Police Commissioner Ben Groenewald confirmed that he received an anonymous report on Saturday afternoon and he had directed his team to investigate.

    "I have received the allegations made by an anonymous person and have forwarded the allegations to my chief of intelligence and investigations for a full investigation," he said.

    "We will investigate and if there are any proven statements of misuse, indignation of people under the age of 16, it constitutes a crime and we will investigate it further."

    In an interview with The Fiji Times, three former female members of the church claimed its founder had impregnated women, mostly virgins in his congregation, bearing him more than 10 children out of wedlock.

  136. Where's anonymous @ 9:12 AM gone?

    Possibly back to his 'slump', he he.

  137. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  138. A British man learned the hard way that Viagra is nothing to mess around with. "Everything I saw was green,” he said “And I had a massive erection that would not go away.”

    His erection lasted for five whole days after being discharged; it wasn't painful, but "it sprang to life" everytime he brushed up against something — not exactly useful, he explained.

    This naughty pastor should try this seeing he's got a few women to bang.

  139. Why isnt Groenwold investigating the $100million missing from Ministry of Finance Office?
    Why is he wasting time investigating a farking pastor?
    Thats none of his business.
    Is that man committing a crime? No.
    But stealing $100million is a CRIME.
    This is called wasting Police Resources.This is the problem in Fiji. Police Commisioner wasting police time and money.
    What a kockhead!
    If that pastor goes to Court and denies that he's committed a crime, then what the fark is Groenwold going to do about it.
    The stupidity of Police is astounding.
    Having sex is not a crime.
    Having sex with a thousand women is not a crime.People in Holywood do it all the time.
    What the fark is Growsomeballs problem?
    Go and catch the farking thief stealing the people's money in Ministry of Finance.
    By the way where is FICAC.
    How come Jitoko is not investigating this?

  140. 'Why is he wasting time investigating a farking pastor?
    Thats none of his business.'

    If you read the article you would not have to ask !

  141. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    The police and FICAC are right now carrying out a raid on the Ministry of Finance Office.
    They were seen carrying out boxes and computers into a transport van.
    Kaiyum in big trouble.

  143. The Fijian players were in a state of limbo when they sang the National Anthem because the same flag that they dearly loved is the same flag Bainimarama and Khaihum intends to destroy because as they strictly follow Khai's thesis that any traces of colonialism MUST be removed from Fiji.

    I feel sorry for the Team and the people of Fiji.

    It just shows how stupid they are.
    But what about those that still MASIA their (Bai and Khai) POLOS.

  144. 1.57pm
    It's long overdue. They should have carried this out a long time ago. Two possible reasons for this raid.
    1. Authorities are now given the ok to investigate.
    2. Due to the public outcry and PAC s publicity on this, the raid is confiscating evidences and transfer them out of Finance for fear that someone in the ministry will leak the information. Someone here had reported that the $100m was used to offset loss that FBC was making last year and to make the FBC look promising and profitable. Let's hope it's not 2. By the way the FICAC and Police are simple messengers of this regime. They have lost their independent status long time ago by carrying out orders given them by this regime.
    I dont trust FICAC and Police.

  145. Groenwold is fast asleep.
    A bit like the Springboks team.
    Now he has to apologise to the Nation. lol.
    Sleeping on the job. How embarrasing.
    There is a thief in Ministry of Finance Office. He stole $100mill .
    How hard can that be?
    But our guard dog is fast asleep. He would rather go and investigate sex. Whose arse are you kissing commish?

  146. Update: 3:17PM THE case of a 'self-proclaimed pastor' who allegedly impregnated women in his church is currently being investigated by police.

    Police Commissioner Ben Groenewald said they followed the information given by a source and had taken some statements at this stage.

    "We are following up on some leads and we have taken some statements from witnesses and we will be following up on what comes out of the statements," Commissioner Groenewald said.

  147. Fast asleep no, solving Fiji's baby boom more like it

  148. Please..please go easy on the Pol Com Benny Groenwald..he may still be stunned from his countrymen's embarrassing loss to the Nippon boys in the RWC '15.

    Our brave NFP MPs are the ones putting on pressure for an investigation to be commissioned to trace the ..uh..mis-recorded or missing millions...even if only a few files were conveniently left at the treasury. Of course, the SODELPA are too busy with back stabbing each other and closing the gate on honorable man like SLR!!

    This alleged unexplained FFP Government 100M is only peanuts compared to the mega millions in the NBF saqa and other sagas way back to the Suva /Nadi Highway saqa and ore export from Ellington warf of yester years etc.

    Seems new generations of successive Fiji Political leaders, like many of those of old were giving each other blank cheque books.

    Phew!...thank God for the NFP's barking and barking and of course will never stop barking at the scent of grand corruption!

    But...but...if the 100M were used as a crowbar to negotiate the release of our soldiers capture last year..then...may be worth every cent of it!. All FFP Government have to do is say so!!...and we will move on to investigate other dubious spendings from 12/2006 to 09/20014.

    We wonder then if President Nailatikau meant in speech that any attempt to dig deeeep into the FFP Government spendings would be a guilty of seditious act?

    Oh...I see that the sub-editor of this highly esteemed column has the scissors out...chop..chop.chop..lol..

  149. What the fuck of of a Police Commissioner. Anyone who carried out what Frank wants will be rewarded. This asshole got another tittle to his name "brigadier general"
    Nailatikau got a " sir" last week. Someone needs to inform Buckingham . Only the Queen bestowed knighthood.
    And the self appointed Field Marshall Frank is the highest ranking naval officer in the region . He commands the local naval ship carrier "Koki" carrying 300 destroyer planes, 50 drones, 90 Russian stealth war helicopters, 500 wooden spears, 20 wooden clubs, 30 wooden batons , a sharp cane knife, a screw driver, a screw , a foot long cassava stem and 1 toilet paper. Carrier also hold 1000 FU16 rifles, 30 AH handheld grenades and 1 SOB tank.
    welcome to Fiji

  150. $100million stolen from 1 office.
    This Fiji police must be so hopeless.
    Fiji police just too much show off.
    I mean, how many people work in that office. May be 10. Why does it have to take 6 months before you can interogate 10 people. How long does it take to walk from Totogo to Ro Lalabalavu house. For goodness sakes man, some homeless Fijian in the street can take you by the hand and show you the place.
    Whats the hold up man?
    Why are you scared Growinold. You yourself said that you will investigate anyone without fear or favor.
    Are you just another kaivalagi big mouth?
    Looks like some big thief just got a big favor from you.
    Justice delayed is justice denied.
    All eyes are on you now Groenwold.

  151. http://www.radioaustralia.net.au/international/radio/program/pacific-beat/fiji-torture-video-victim-changes-mind-about-complaint/1390241

    scroll to 8.07'..." NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW"...

    So...what is Pol Com waiting for??


  153. Go away and have your childish tantrums somewhere else you annoying little pest.

      YOU ARE A W.H.O.R.E


      JUST GET LOST!!!!!!

    2. Hiiiiiisssssssssss....hisssssssssss.....hisssssss

  154. That fucken shit of dog poo poo 9 45pm is back Thanks c45 for removing her comments. This one needs to be removed immediately.



    1. Meh...meh mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


    1. Moooooo....mooooooo....mooooooo

  157. Anon. .1.03,1.07 and 1.09.
    You're advised to decode the sensitive datas below. Failure to decode this will result in the total termination of your account.

    !\! €##€€#£#£/% ₩¥£_%××_,:"-+×÷_=!/&/€(¥₩¥₩_€%\F!/\&&\/&U#&&\&C÷÷×=÷C $/#\/&£_% ££ K#\\
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  158. The Fiji Fraud Party is now making excuses for the one million unaccounted for, of course, khaiyum will portray and give all misleading information to show Fiji that money was well utilized. This government keeps conning Fiji day after day, they keep covering all their misdeeds like they are the most transparent and honest government ever, this has to be put to an end.


  159. $218m fund

    Vuniwaqa Bola-Bari
    Wednesday, September 23, 2015

    THE Attorney-General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, yesterday clarified the expenditures of Head 50 of the Government's Budget is a contingency fund for all Government departments.

    The Government allocated $180million for Head 50 in 2014 and this year it has allocated $218m.





    Misinformation is another word for "being CONNED".
    Kaiyum is CONNING the people of Fiji.
    This corrupt thief should be in jail.

  160. The most useless and liu muri president Fiji ever got.

    Time to go home no pension.


  161. The auditor general should have tasked to vet and audit the so called emergency (Fraud) FUND.Why is there a need for such fund when the budget is done to ensure everything is budgeted for. Where is the accountability.Butako party, no wonder Fiji is dying with all the unpaid loan.....


  162. The most pathetic President ever, supporting khaiyum and bainimarama, as long as get gets his dollars, he doesnt care!!!!

  163. The AG's clarification on Head 50 is nothing more than hogwash or whole of crap that the nation is supposed to be impressed with, given its the long winding reasoning and use of technical jargon which he thinks reflects his acumen on such matters. The PAC should drill down and ask further questions like, why were these big expenditure items in head 50 instead of where they should be in the first place? what were the specific reasonings behind these items and the basis for the amounts involved? Were they expended for the intended purpose or were they at the behest of discretionary decisions? From what we've been given, it now looks much more than $300m were deliberately disbursed through Head 50 over the years for reasons that have been obfuscated (mainly through their ignorance and incompetence) in their shit of a bull crap statement. Watch it, the truth will come out somewhere soon when the govt's debt continues to rise exponentially in absolute terms and even that is being downplayed by the hidden debt, uncollected net revenue yet reported in gross terms, major expenditures continued to be disbursed through head 50 without being properly accounted for, and the obvious overestimation of gross GDP and its growth.

  164. JD says... Unfortunately the people of Fiji and particularly the supporters of Frank do not see this at all and refuse to acknowledge the unaccountability of such a large sum of public funds.

    The people of Fiji seem resigned to all that Frank is doing and to make matters worse, the Opposition is not making enough noise to make the people of Fiji understand that this Government is accountable for their actions.

    This scenario is no different to what happened with Rabuka in 1987. This resulted in Rabuka being re-elected and people continued to turn a blind eye to everything he did accept that we had a strong bunch of people like Jai Ram Reddy and Chaudary.

    By the 1999 election, Rabuka was out. Hopefully by 2018, people will have realised that they have made Frank, his family, Khaiyum and his family extremely wealthy by their demure sheep mentality. Funny that the military propaganda concerning Ratu Mara was that he had accumulated a vast wealth using the Government but he died without much to leave behind for his family.

    Frank and Khaiyum's family have already like other Dictators, accumulated vast amounts of money and assets and most of these will have to be traced off shore.

    How much more stupid can people be and to sit down and do nothing is blatantly criminal.

  165. @Anonymous 5:40 PM

    You say "Frank and Khaiyum's family have already like other Dictators, accumulated vast amounts of money and assets and most of these will have to be traced off shore".

    Why is it then that with all the anti government support there is that no one has come up with credible evidence of this? All we ever hear is how dumb these two are supposed to be so it must be that everyone else is dumber.

  166. Eveli was never a high flyer in any position he got - he was, and still is a mediocre performer - nothing flash!. The name got him the positions!

  167. CHI....CHI.....CHI....io raici baraca tudi tu mai ya vakarau tu a cabolo.....Buni Bakalevu Bana Vakalailai......


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