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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Rabuka resigns from SODELPA

Former Fiji PM and first coup leader Sitiveni Rabuka has resigned from SODELPA after revelations emerged that he was sidelined as party leader in favour of Ro Teimumu Kepa.

Apparently Ro Kepa’s application for party leader arrived after the closing date but the then party president Ratu Silivenusi Waqausa accepted it.

The five people who applied for SODELPA party leader - Sitiveni Rabuka, Ratu Meli Saukuru, Tupeni Baba, Ratu Jone Kubuabola and Anare Jale – were then told to withdraw their applications

Rabuka’s resignation has also been attributed to a joint statement by SODELPA President Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu and Ro Kepa.

Rabuka’s letter

Dear Secretary General,

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this letter to you in your capacity as Secretary General of the Party I had wanted to join to further my political service to the people of Fiji and the country I love.

I also find that I have no other alternative but to write to you in regards to the Page 1 article in today’s (Monday 31 August) Fiji Sun newspaper headed ‘Rabuka eyed for SODELPA post?’, and other matters.

I was approached by ‘phone by Hon Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu, who, I believe, was recently elected President of SODELPA, at 1458 hours, Friday 28th August, informing me that there is to be a Special General Meeting of SODELPA at the Epworth Hall on Saturday 5th September 2015. He also informed me that I would be nominated to be Vice President of the Party. He did not inform me that my nomination will require an amendment to the Party Constitution to allow for a third Party Vice President, nor did I know if there are other Vice Presidents of the Party. As you know, I have not been active in any of the Party matters since I was barred from contesting the Elections last year.

To implement this course of action intended at the Special General Meeting would tantamount to ‘tailor-making’ the Constitution of the Party to suit an agenda, namely my inclusion as a Party Official.

If the Party was to do this, then it would weaken its own arguments against the Fiji First Party and Government, whom the Party alleges changed the National Constitution to suit their own individual and group situations and requirements.

You will be aware that I am now not a Financial, or Card – Carrying member of SODELPA. I did not pay my Candidate’s Nomination Fees before the General Elections of 2014 when my application to stand under the Party banner for that General Election was rejected. I contributed to some candidates’ campaign because I thought those candidates would serve the people of my village, Tikina and Province well because they understood the needs of my area of Navatu and Cakaudrove, and I also believed they could contribute constructively to the development of our nation.

You are aware of the circumstances that led to my rejection as a Candidate for Party Leader, as well as a Party Candidate in the 2014 General Elections, as conveyed to me by the then President of the Party, Ratu Silivenusi Waqausa.

I was told that my record as Coup Leader of the 1987 Coup would jeopardize the Party’s chances in the Elections, and the Party Leader and now Leader of the Opposition, Hon Ro Teimumu Kepa, the Party’s Youth Wing and the Party’s Women’s Wing strongly objected to my being Party Leader and also my being a Candidate. Ratu Waqausa also stated, in the presence of a very good friend and comrade in arms during our Army careers, that the Hon Leader of the Opposition, also threatened to resign from the Party, if I was allowed to contest the Elections as a Party candidate.

The final decision, you will recall, was officially conveyed to me by Ratu Waqausa in the presence of one of the members of the Selection Panel, Mr Sekonaia Tui Mailekai, after Mr Laisenia Qarase had excused himself to attend to another pressing business.

I accepted the final decision that was conveyed to me, and expressed my regrets that those members of the Party who opposed my joining the Party and contesting the Elections under the Party banner, had not forgiven me for 1987. I also conveyed my regrets that the Youth and Women’s Wings that champion ‘non-violence’ found it acceptable not to object to my former son in law who brutally beat up my daughter before divorcing her and marrying a woman who became a senior member of the Party’s Women’s Wing and its PR/Media Cell.

I also regretted that the Party did not consider my participation in the corporate leadership of our nation between the years 1992 and 1999, when I was Prime Minister, and particularly my leading the Government Members of Parliament to work in a very cordial manner with the Members of the Opposition, many of whom were victims of the Coup I led in 1987, to reach an unprecedented accord in the promulgation of the all-embracing Constitution Amendment Act of 1997 – the Constitution SODELPA now wishes to champion and bring back into operation.

I do not know if the claim that the Hon Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu had called for the Hon Ro Teimumu Kepa to reconsider her position as Leader of the Opposition after leading SODELPA to an Election defeat in the 2014 Elections, as made in one of the dallies a few days ago is factual or not, but, The Hon Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu made a similar call for me to resign the SVT leadership when he called on me with Hon Ratu Inoke Kubuabola (then a member of SVT), to take personal responsibility for the SVT loss and resign as Party Leader. I accepted their call and resigned which paved the way for Hon Ratu Inoke to become Party Leader and Leader of the Opposition in 1999 until Speight’s Coup of 2000. I eventually resigned from Parliament after I was elected Chairman of the Council of Chiefs because it was a ‘Public Office’ and it contravened the Constitution to be both – a Public Officer and Member of Parliament.

Now that I have been invited to attend the SGM, and accept nomination to be a Party Vice President, although I am not a Financial Member of the Party, I wonder what things have changed:

  • I have not changed – I am still the person who led the military takeover of Parliament and changed the government in 1987. Interestingly, the Hon Leader of the Opposition’s late husband served as Attorney General in the post-Coup Government from 1987 – 1992. Other Party candidates in the 2014 General Elections and Party Officials were under my command in the Army from 1987 to when I resigned in 1991;

  • I am still the person that led SVT to defeat in the 1999 General Elections;

  • Have the Party Youth Wing and the Party Women’s Wing changed their stance on my participating as a member of SODELPA?

  • Has Hon Ro Teimumu Kepa changed her views about my becoming a member of the Party she founded?

These, General Secretary, are some of the issues that SODELPA needs to sort out before getting me involved in Party matters.

Changing the Party rules or its Constitution in order to get me into the Party will not change the views of Party members opposed to my membership of the Party. If anything, it could further divide the Party and erode the support it currently enjoys.

With respect, I feel that the Party should have been on a Consolidation & Growth journey since the end of Elections last year. The Officers and Members of the Party should have been visiting their supporters and growing their numbers within Fiji in order to grow the Party support base and consolidate its support among the constituents. The Party should not risk losing the support of those already in the Party by including someone that some existing members find objectionable.

A final word, Mr. Secretary General, one cannot save a leaking boat by changing the Captain or the Engineer; one must fix the leak (no pun intended).

With the foregoing and if I have not officially done so before, I herewith tender my resignation from SODELPA, and wish you well in your future endeavors.

Yours Sincerely,
SL Rabuka


  1. Something does not add up here.

    "You will be aware that I am now not a Financial, or Card – Carrying member of SODELPA."


    "Now that I have been invited to attend the SGM, and accept nomination to be a Party Vice President, although I am not a Financial Member of the Party,"

    How can you resign from something you are not a member or part of?

  2. The knob jockey that decided to destroy Fiji once and for all.What shame,the early 80's of Fiji was booming,peaceful,prosperity,economically striving with success.Independence was so sweet,true law and justice system,multicultural unity,job creations,a living wage that actually benefited everyone,top of the range infrastructure of its time,a society that was way better than today.FIJI THE WAY THE WORLD SHOULD BE.Democracy practised at its best.

    But wait shut up hold on!, fast forward to late 80's (1987)along came a gang of idiots in a green pajero with black boots,green military camoflage,holding in hands the belgium FN-FAL,balcalvas and gas masks, boots doors open points weapons and shouts "everyone in here get out!,me and the military are terminating government".

    From that day Fiji went into the bin and coups will always happen and some idiot will always either use the military or form some armed mobb and become a rascal to the nation because a brainless fool already done the same in the past.

    In the end we all suffer the burden and make things even more harder for ourselves because a bunch of brain dead cells and rascal idiots decides to make everybody's future and life a fucking misery whilst they swallow up and suck the living shit out of everybodys hard earned taxed dollars spending it drinking liqure, getting fat on pork pies and wiping their anus with silk and honey.

  3. IF Rabuka had not carried out the coup, the defeated politicians and the racist elements like I Kubobola would have found some other sucker to do it

  4. Good riddance. This is the person who started all this madness. If SODELPA has a fighting chance of defeating Us First, Fiji Later, in the next election, I'm saying IF, then it would be in their best interest to get some new faces into the mix. Enough with these recycled shit. He had his chance, he failed. ..let's move on. Why do they want to bring him back?

  5. Good Evening
    My name is Renee Lal. Im sure you all know me by now. They call me Ms Bond.
    I have stolen $254,000 from the Gokals and there is no doubt about that.

  6. Rabuka should just shut up and go home...we need people with a vision NOT propaganda.

  7. Rabuka started it, Bainimarama rode on it...what's new..they're both guilty. But we just need to toil on and hope that all will turn out well.

  8. The next coup will be lead by Amani Bale. He is a coupist.

  9. Anon@6.09pm...Wow man-slow down lone ranger,watch your blood pressure
    it's been 20 years or more? Also no one wiped their ass with silk &
    honey-they're too crappy for the crappy hole!!!Hopefully, you're not
    a Christian-cause the lord Jesus would not be very tolerant with you
    for not forgiving your enemy for the sin that they had caused? I know
    that there is no excuse for Rabuka & his merrymen for taking us hostages for all that awful time? So what must we do to recover from all our loss? I say-why not-hang him and hang Bainimarama & every single bastards that was involved in the planning process of his coup,hang khaiyum,Kubuabola,& every military officers that was in the
    coup process-like Mara & whoever?

  10. What SODELPA did by barring him from leadership is to the best interest of the country and to the international community. Wise move SODELPA. It shows that Fiji is grown and the taukei community has come to realize the faults of the 1987. He may be the taukei saviour then, but Fiji is different today. Indeginoius Fijians are more educated ,smart and intelligent. Bainimaramas' coup is just the same as Rabuka's. In 1987 one faction of society was the victim (Fiji Indians) In 2006- the Indigenous.
    If Rabuka becomes the opposition leader we will see a 100% military controlled govt. PM , Opposition leader and the rubber stamp President are all military men. Is this democracy? Noooooo! Leadership is still in the hands of the same group of coupsters. At least one is out but I don't understand the invitation for nomination of the party VP. It doesn't make sense if he attends the AG after tendering his resignation.
    And finally, while I sympathize with him in regards to his daughters failed marriage Mr Rabuka should look into his own backyard and look back over time during his reigning power. A lay preacher himself.The women he slept with, esp the married,-the trust broken and damage his actions had brought upon the women's families and his own wife Sulu. These are the things he should reminisce.
    We are accountable for our actions someday or the other. And being a preacher himself he should know the answer.
    Thank you Mr Rabuka. Seek God to get back to the right path while the sun is still shinning.

  11. C45 remove Renee Lals' comments (all). Its the same asshole(Annx) from our recent topic- trying to divert attention to her.
    Now she's a terrorist.

  12. Each coup brought more injustice.
    Each coup made things worst.
    Each coup lead to instability.

    Bainimarama is the child of Speight, Speight is the child of Rabuka, Rabuka is the child of... Fiji.

    That madness has to stop.

    The land of "hope and glory" is still waiting for a decent political party.
    The next election is not that far away, and we are wasting our time.

    The failure of the Opposition to be inclusive is the #1 problem.
    We can't possibly remain with racial divisions within political parties.
    SODELPA has to target Indians as well as iTaukeis.
    Wake up SODELPA!
    That was the lesson of the last election!!!
    The iTaukeis are also divided between rural and urban...
    How can you win if you don't wake up!

    Standing together is the way forward for Fiji, no matter the political party!

  13. Fiji PM has nothing substantive to say except blame Australia for 'influencing' other Pacific countries not to attend this stupid, idiotic and delusional PIDF meeting. Frank wake up you fucking idiot, these countries have a brain to think for themselves and decide whether or not to attend this fuckall meeting. Are you saying they are so stupid not to think for themselves? No they are not as stupid as you are you motherfucker. Is Fiji going to bankroll this useless organization or are you going to bludge off donors and us the poor countries in the region?

  14. Smuggling drugs and other illicit goods is about to get rougher for Fijian criminal groups, with New Zealand-trained detector dog teams bound for the Pacific Island nation.

    The six teams completed their training course at Trentham on Thursday, and will be deployed as part of a three-year project to improve Fiji's border security.

    Customs comptroller Carolyn Tremain says the detector dogs will help counter organised criminal groups who use Fiji as a hub for moving illegal goods to New Zealand and Australia.

    Vili Rakoro, your days are numbered as the dogs will come after you.

  15. In Fiji, we tend to avoid issues.
    We think that "time" will fix things up, but that is somewhat naive.

    We can't handle a debate without swearing, even the so-called "Hon" MPs in our parliament are unable to remain civilized.
    As a result, we can't resolve even simple problems.

    We are better at postponing issues, a very good exemple was the flag saga. It's been on the back burner for quite some time now, but the issue will come back again, and again and again... and we will have to waste much more valuable time on it while we could already have been done with it. How crazy is that?!?

    We just can't fix simple things once and for all and move on forward.
    The same is true with coups.
    They always come back because we can't address real issues in a clever manner.

    Rabuka was not that much the beginning of our coup culture, but a symptom of an underlying problem.
    Someone else would have done the same thing a few years later if he didn't have done what he did...
    Somewhat, Rabuka, Speight and Bainimarama are not the "real" problems...

    Let's face issues together and address them.
    How are we gonna stand together in order to have a better parliament, with a decent opposition and a decent government?

  16. Fuck off Rabuka... You failed your people and started this mess. Nothing but a dickhead. At one time, you were the main man of power. Same power that has gone to Franky the Cowards head. Both from same institution. Military and your both Cowards for using the people, Chiefs, leaders in Society in your coups. Now Fiji is Fucked and not First. If you had any decency, you know what to do with Frank but no, just as you cowardly held the nation to ransom and allowed the brutal attack, rape, plundering of the citizens and in particular the Indians in 1987, you failed to stop all this injustice from happening. You led the military almost as long as Frank before returning Fiji to Democracy and by this time, you realised you had fucked Fiji up. Frank is doing the same. Rabuka you returned Fiji to Democracy like Frank and got voted in 1994 like Frank did in 2014, 20 years after you. You led the country until 1999 but by this time, the people realised the fraud you were. Frank is doing the exact same thing that you did. No different. In the next election perhaps Frank may fall and then what. Military in Fiji should be removed. Useless cowardly soldiers today.


  17. Fiji PM wants Australia to give as much money as possible so that he can fill in his pocket and give more freebies to buy people to support him.

    How can Australia and NZ be so stupid. Its their money!They have a right to decide what they want to do with it. And they must seek accountability on how it is used, they should have the final say on how it should be used.

    Banimarama wants to receive meney but doesn't want accountability clause with it. I think the local NGOs will handle money with more transparency than our government.

  18. Didnt Rambo and his PS, Joji K, have roaring affairs with the same media lady simultaneously - Margaret Wise? This made the phrase 'skirt journalism' well known in Fiji. Some of us still laugh at those happenings at the famous room at Mocambo - now Novotel. tch tch. poor devils who destroyed Fiji.

  19. @12:46 PM where can we find pictures of Margaret Wise and Wainikiti Waqa?
    I am interested by skirt journalism.

  20. Try images in google search! Dont skirt around too much!

  21. For Wainikiti, the latest one you will find with another PM: remember the netball lady caught with a full mouth in a hotel room in suva by the man's daughter?

  22. 11:59 - you must have your head up your arse. Rabuka did execute the coup and not someone else. What underlying problems are you invoking. The Indian problem. Ratu Mara. Racial issues that was propoganded by the Military.

    The problem is that the Military is tasked to serve and defend the people of Fiji and they have failed in 1987, 2000 and 2006.

    That is the underlying problem. The first coup by the boci from Drekeniwai started all this. If it was not Major Frank in 1987, it would have been another soldier so the underlying problem is nothing but the MILITARY. Now the Country is held at ransom with the 2013 Constitution by the Military, who have been guaranteed their position in the decision making of the country and would like to be seen other than a watchdog. What freaking useless motherfuckers. Qiliho, I screwed your wife when she came to LA. Sava kuru jiko vei iko. That's her famous quote especially after a few reds.

  23. @1:43 PM your level of language tells a thing or two about your intellect...

    The underlying problem I am invoking? Read again the last word of my first sentence... INTELLECT. Take your case for exemple: you talk about "Indian problem' and then 3 words after you refer to "racial issues propagated by the Military"? What about racial issues propagated by yourself?

    You look at things in a very simplistic way. The "Military" is the problem. Wow! you are very observant.
    Now let's go back in 1987 and dissolve the military. Let''s say a group of idiots (civilians) come down the road and want to make some mess. what happen? Rabuka was backed by such a large number of dumbs that failing to recognize that a single man can't be the only culprit is simply naive. There are too many people like yourself sadly, and not enough BRAINS.

  24. @ 11:59 and 2:05pm... the way you write clearly speaks volumes of yourself.

    Your probably a Military sympathiser and Frank cock sucker trying to pacify things on this blog.

    If the military was did not exist in 1987, nothing would have happened. Stop making assumptions like an idiot.

    You say Rabuka was backed - supported you probably mean. Of course he was supported after the Military Regime went about with the military propaganda of racism inciting fear of the loss of land etc with the Fijians. Rabuka pushed people in front of him and blamed them for the coup. He blamed them for influencing him. Who are these people you suggest may also be culprits.

    The military had a responsibility to stop and prevent these things from happening and they failed in 1987, they failed in 2000 and they failed in 2006. Why have they failed. Do you have the mental intellect to make this determination. I will put it simply to you because the answer is simple, the Military wanted and committed the coups in 1987, 2000 and 2006. They thought very little of the impact it would have on the nation but why would they, they are mere dumb ass buffoon of soldiers and the impact is nothing but collateral damage.

    You like the dumb ass military and Rabuka supporter you are, talk about us Fijians postponing things, not being able to handle debates or fixing things.

    You however reflect the very sentence and words you have expressed and more. You refuse to understand and realise the truth that the Military is behind everything. Then you deny that Rabuka was the start of a coup culture.

    Like I said...you probably got your head stuck way up Rabuka's fat arse. He started the coup and was behind the coup and benefitted with all other military officers as a result of the coup.

    You talk about underlying problems but avoid identifying them. Your fucking stupid. Your doing exactly what your saying you dumb ass loser.

    What underlying problems are you referring too. Where was the problem that if not for Rabuka, someone else would have executed the coup. Where would the civilian population get their weapons from to hold a coup if the military albeit Rabuka did not execute the coup in 1987. Would they have used their finger to stick up your arse and say... hands up.

    Get stuffed you hypocrite.....your just a fucking soldier kiss ass vudi. If you don't understand what your talking about... go tongue Franky's cici... everyone else is doing it to gain favours. That's why you idiots support him. You all know how dumb and stupid he is. At least Idi Amin and Mugabe made sense when they strung a sentence together. Fuck.

  25. Yes it's no body else but the military are to be blamed for all our problems in Fiji. There are several things that can be made to solve this problem once and for all. We have tried some but failed.
    1. Cut the military budget - Qarase had initially tried to but changed his mind and increase it fearing Frank would retaliate but it was late.
    2 . Charge them treason but only one was sentenced to life. The other 2 are still roaming free.
    3. 2000 mutinee resulted in the loss of lives paving the way for the army to totally control the govt and the people.
    4.Uprising in the west -case is still ongoing
    5. Illegal arms smuggling- case is still pending
    6. Terminate their involvement with the UN peacekeeping- today they are back

    and so on....


  27. @Idiot 8:15 PM

    Go away and play your games elsewhere

    ;;;;;;;;;;;;; RAINA IS A B.I.T.C.H

  29. Rear Lali???????????????

  30. money is GOD to rear Lali..lol...lol

  31. Raina and i are whores who eats monies instead of food.

  32. Real glad that we all seems to be on the same page about the Coups
    and all the assoles that execute them? What can we-as the citizen of
    our Fiji-do about it, in order to stabilized our civil Government for
    ever? Personally, I'm very surprise that no one in parliament has ever
    made any suggestion-especially the so-called intellect-for the need to
    re-introduced "Hanging" in our system of criminal law? Murder in the
    country continuously is beginning to feel like we're in a global hot-spot & war zone? What is the problem with our so-called intellect like
    NFP Leader-Biman Prasad-& Tupou Draunidalo-why haven't they come up
    with something constructive in order to stablized the Governing of our
    future society? How the hell, can you sit in that house and allow the
    Prime Minister to threatened to take you to court or have you investigated for anything you said in parliament? Or threated the
    whole nation if you opposed his Government? Thanks to SODELPA leaders
    for at least straightening up this assole of a PM by practically telling him that he was an assole and a pretty assole at that? We don't want this assole Bhai to feel like he has total control of Fiji
    and all Fijians? We need to continuously remind him of his stupidity
    and the future consequences he will face when justice prevails?

  33. Why not sell your private parts to get what you want. Be a whore. At least you have a job and earn some $
    Forget your $254,000. You'll never get it. Idiot, stupid. Now you know how dumb and stupid you're Cry as much as you can, force your ass till your guts
    come out of your shit canal, you'll never see the money.
    Do the fuck you bitch thing and fuck the hell back to Fijileaks to have your ass licked and rooted.
    Renee is not saying a word because she has nothing to say. Maybe it's you the problem and not her you lying goat.

  34. Annx or Renee Lal (dummy)
    Read anon 12.57am. It's for you goat molester.

  35. There was no need for this longwinded
    diatribe from Sitiveni Rabuka .

    Why couldn't he sort.things out quietly with his chief Ratu Naiqama ..

    I sympathise with a few of his sentiments but unfortunately sour grapes got the better of him...

    VIOLENCE BREEDS VIOLENCE 87, 2000, 2006,


  36. SODELPA cant organise a meeting on the other hand want to govern a country. Today's meeting has been cancelled. This Nationalistic/Racist party is finished now. Rabuka should form a multiracial party with FNP and Labour. We need a strong multiracial party in opposition. Nationalistic politics don't win elections.

  37. Totoka dina na V-Day parade mai Beijing. All the usual suspects. ..Cuba, Russia, Venezuela...countries ending in -stan..Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Pakistan. ..and right there in the mix..China's Macau in the Pacific...Vanuatu -istan and Fijistan. Pathetic!

  38. Rabuka kevaka me book na nomuni cala kece no vaka dodonu taka na I lakolako vaka loloma sa mua tu kina oqo na I kawa I taukei. Vei kemuni na kaivesu. Kevaka mo no dro mai vale ni vei vesu na marau vaka levu o viti me o ni musuka na bula nei khaiyum. Me vaka matei na kawa can o khaiyum.

  39. Please get us something better to read on a Sunday - this RABUKA is a spentforce; finished; wants to make him self relevant. He extended hand to Bai-Kai many times, and was rejected by even them. Maybe he should write a book on actual events in his life rather than concocted stories to keep him relevant. For once, if he told all as it happened, people may remember him. Otherwise, he will always be known as the one who destroyed Fiji, and also who gave birth to Bai-Kai.

  40. SLR....you started it...you have to end it....fullstop

  41. To all Nationalists and Racists like KUANIRERE, JOSEFA D,those idiots like in overseas supporting SODELPA, etc why you idiots are disowning Rabuka when in 1987 you and your ancestors regarded him as god sent. Just remember you evils you used him to do the coup when your Alliance Party lost the election. You evils just want power at any cost even it means selling your wives, sisters and daughters.

  42. IF Rabuka gave birth to the devils Bai-Kai, isnt it his responsbilty to get rid of the two devils from Fiji's political scene? He will become the hero again, which he wanted to be in 1987. Only then will remember him. Sa noda na qaqa. But it needs courage, which he doesnt have at all.

  43. Kuini Viliame not all Fijians supported Rabuka so stop your sweeping generalisation.

  44. I am some what confused with the audience on here.Is it anti bai and kai but mixed with far right hard extreme nationalism christian conservatives?

  45. Rabuka = Mr Nobody

  46. Rabuka=nobody now.
    But Rabuka can be = somebody if he gets rid of his own creation = Bai-Kai.


  48. @Kini Viliame Rakoro 9:45 AM
    Baiya we told you before the election why we did not want Rabuka in the SODELPA.
    I'll give you the 2 main reasons;

    1) Right before the Election, Rabuka mentioned in the local newspapers and also overseas media that the Fiji Army Soldiers are " not responsible" for carrying out the orders of their leaders. Therefore they should not be blacklisted.

    So Rabuka is saying that when Captain Ben Naliva was assaulting Speight by shoving his rifle up Speights arse that Naliva was somehow " NOT IN CONTROL OF HIS OWN FACULTIES".



    Every soldier is responsible for their action.
    Rabuka and Bainimarama and Kaiyum have this farked-up view of life that theese men (Fijian soldiers) should not be responsible for their actions.
    THATS WHY BAINIMARAMA has put IMMUNITY for his soldiers in his Constitution.


    How farked up is that?

    All you people from the Womens Rights Movement....IF YOU ARE WONDERING WHY THERE IS INCREASED DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IN FIJI......there is your ANSWER!

    2) Secondly why we did not want Rabuka anywhere near SODELPA is because he had become a QORVIS Mole...

    QORVIS is part of the American government involvement in Fiji.

    Remember after the 2006 Coup, the Americans replaced the whole embassy in Fiji with CIA Staff ( Ex & Present)..starting from Frankie and all the way down to that arsehole driving around in that stupid car and waving his CIA Badge around.

    QORVIS thought they might lose the election via their man Bainisona, so they began to look for a likely leader to influence.
    Rabuka's EGO took over and he colluded with them.

    QORVIS brought in the TIN number and also tried to bring in e-ticketing etc.

    QORVIS's evil agenda is to try and control the Fijian population.

    They are also behind Kaiyum's Sunset Clause.

    QORVIS will be looking to jump ship as soon as they see Bai and Kai being brought to justice.


  49. I AM VERY VERY VERY ANGRY............


    SHE IS A CHEATER, CHEATER, CHEATER, CHEATER..........................................
    Raina too!


  52. Government is in the midst of selling its assets. After it has sold its assets, there will be nothing more to sell. What will it do than, sell the people pf Fiji.The educated should share wisdom with those who dont know the financial shit this country is in.Many still think of bainimarama as hero, this is because they are unaware of whats happening int his country, it is the responsibility of the youth to educate the elders, to e3nlighten the communities and prepare for the worst.

  53. Kua Ni Rere, the reason why men in Fiji continue to abuse women is because your Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama said it's ok to do that since he beat up a pregnant woman.

  54. Rabuka you started it than you need to end it once and for all.

  55. 8.13am - very correct. No one should sell assets to consume today. This govt works without brains. Remember, not long ago - Rambo began selling assets, losing us millions - Shipyard, Telecom (we workers lost millions of our money, consequence: lower pension and poverty in old age). Bai Kai know no history. and dont care of future for anyone but themselves.

  56. Rabuka must end the coup culture. He must destroy his own creations - Bai-Khai.

  57. "TABOO associated with sexual matters generally and sexual intercourse in particular is still one of the reasons that HIV infections has spread so rapidly" a doctor told Vili Rakoro when he visited the doctor this morning complaining of a sore anus and penis.

  58. Rabuka please put an end to this situation with other officers such as pio tikoduadua, mera bula na gone i taukei mai muri

  59. Why have you forgotten the biggest crook of Ituakies-Qarase,
    Enjoying his millions in US now

  60. Fiji first will be in Govt for ever because SODELPA has no vision-it is led by an uneducated , bkudging Chief who knows nothing but to take free mony from common i Taukies.
    SODELPA will have a natural death before next election

  61. Anon@2.53PM. Asshole, Voreqe is an uneducated pussy so shut the fuck up.


    Mental state

    Shayal Devi
    Monday, September 07, 2015

    THE country recorded 422 deaths by suicide compared with 170 road related fatalities from January 2012 to July 2015.

    The alarming figures were highlighted by Fiji Alliance for Mental Health (FAMH) president Dr Odille Chang during a mental health fundraiser in Nadi on Saturday night.

  63. Rabuka can end the game and the debate. But he does not have the guts. Biggest pussie of all. His moustache betrays his pussie character.

  64. Renee you have now really really messed things up.
    Im going to kill you with my "BOW AND ARROW".
    I AM TELLING THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  65. ISIS is coming to Fiji. Fisrt lot might enter Fiji when Fiji plays England world cup day.WARNING

  66. Rabuka claims that he wants to contribute to Fijians!
    Suicide is an option!
    But to apply to become the leader of a new Political Party under the circumstances Fijians now find themselves, is insulting and quite frankly, shows the depth of Rabuka's narcissism!
    He, as a serving member of the then "Royal" Fiji Military Forces, he chose to ignore his Oath and commit High Treason instead.
    As someone quite rightly pointed out, how can Rabuka resign from something he claims he was never a Member of in the 1st. place?
    However, personally, I like and respect Rabuka and wish him well and perhaps in time, his Services to the People of Fiji might, just might, be needed.
    I hope that he will have accepted that he started the current mess Fijians find themselves in, maybe from there, things will improve quickly for everyone.

  67. The proposal by the Minister of Education Reddy for a technical college to be built in Bua is not surprising and being the 2nd largest land mass in the Fiji isles Vanua Levu needs a national university. In fact it should headquartered the current national university. The trend for centralizing government in the city capital is denying fair and equal services across the group to the grassroots. People living in the islands close to Vanua Levu don't have to struggle their way to Suva for all their needs. Vanua Levu should be the center location for Education in Fiji .. Why ignored the golden opportunity that Vanua Levu is offering?.The swath of untouched land is inviting for agriculture and real estate. A flight school for local pilots and flight attendants, Agriculture School and a Real Estate college are institutions that Fiji needs and Vanua Levu is a fine location. Give North a new face.
    Perhaps Rabuka can fight and vouch for now since he's still offering his services to Fiji. Do it for his own at home.

  68. Felix Anthony sold worker's right when he negotiated with khaiyum. ILO should have been here but felix anthony made a submission but he could not fool ILO. So many workers rights abused that workers work in a state of fear. Two faced felix anthony.

  69. SLR's (Self-Loading-Rifles)days are over; now modern tech has taken over. Same manner the days of Fiji's SLR are over, taken over by the more tech-savvy youth. They will clean up the mess created by SLR's actions. The mess (Bai-Khai) need go. Cowards like SLR will have no hand in this clean-up.

  70. Many think that helping oneself is helping the country.
    That's the problem.
    Too many people are now "helping their country".

    May God help Fiji!

  71. Anon 3.56.
    Good point. The government can come up with a plan to seek aids/donors to develop Vanua Levu. We have silent millionaires / billionaires abroad who are ready to offer financial support to a worthy cause like this and it only takes proper search to locate them. The very people that Frank is hunting down today are the ones he will need help from to locate these donors. They are our own living in US, AUS, Europe , etc. We don't have a tollway in Fiji and Vanua Levu can be the first location to test it. Bigger roads attract investors to the country and I won't be surprised to see a new Labasa city, a Nabouwalu wharf, an International airport, hotels, business , real estate and acres of farms along the corridors of the tollway.
    What a wonderful development for the landowners and villagers who would also be the benefactors.

  72. @Anonymous 10:14 AM

    Wouldn't it be great if we saw the opposition put such ideas as this forward as they are also part of government and paid by all to help move Fiji forward.

  73. E dua noqu kerekere: vacava sa oti na talanoa ki na kuila vou?
    Bainimarama said there was huge interest in the matter, but now the whole topic has died.
    How come?!?

  74. 10.44am
    Absolutely correct ,politicaly, if the sole intention of the opposition is to oppose the other party. This is nothing to do with politics. Vanua Levu is wasted gold and it's time that Fiji do some thing. The call for development in the north had been going on for years and very little is made.We cannot blame the past governments for this . What we can do is ask the current government to do it NOW.
    If the government takes the first step, wouldn't we see businesses from Suva heading north?

  75. Unfortunately government is too restricted by the land issues to be able to lead the majority of development plans.

    It's time the owners of these resources lead the way rather than expecting others to do it for them whilst having their hands tied.

  76. @11:41 AM
    The North of Viti Levu is also a depressed area. The population has been going down for some time, migration to Suva is a problem. There is a lot of land available and a lot of projects that could be undertaken.

    The centre of Viti Levu (Navosa/Namosi) also needs a lot of development. There are micro climates suitable for off season crops. Potatoes can also be grown to reduce the import bills!

    The Eastern part of Viti Levu also needs investment. Tailevu province is very very quiet, just take a bus towards the north and you will see what I mean.

    The North-Western oart of Viti Levu is also struggling. Lautoka has been a depressed city for some time because of the collapsing sugar industry. The city doesn't get flooded so it could replace Nadi as the hub. The Ba province has the largest number of poor people in Fiji, in absolute numbers.

    So I beg to keep the focus on Viti Levu as well!

  77. 11.52am
    That's why we have an elected government. Their task is to provide guidance and foresight to move the country forward. The new constitution with its amended clause has put more powers in the hands of the govt . I don't see their hands tied anymore.The notion that land is an issue is only an excuse to divert responsibility and walk away from it. Landowners esp,grassroots need major developments in their land to make life easy for them and I'm pretty sure they're waiting for someone to make it happen . Anon 12.41 has pointed out areas in Viti Levu so dire for developments..it's everywhere ....so are we going to let our govt not to lead the way?

  78. Fiji Sun - "Let’s wake up and realise that there are elements in our society (in the minority), stirred up by suspicious foreign forces, want to divide and destroy our unity and resolve as a nation."

    Were we asleep when Frank did the same thing in 2006. Could we not see the impact of what Frank has caused this country. Do we now silence any voice that has an opinion and if it does not support the Government, is it sedition.

    Fiji is run by a bunch of monkeys in military suits.

  79. All Coup Makers should all come out clean as to who is behind them. No one can hide from or Father in Heaven who sees, knows all things and will be the sole judge. Better repent and turn away from Lying.


  81. Anon 4.06pm is correct. We are in deep sh**. Kai-Bai got no idea on how to fix things. They only know 2 things - borrow money, and sign big contracts (from which they get their kickbacks). Rabuka started the game. He should kick Bai-Kai out and redeem himself. Otherwise people will spit at his grave.

  82. 4.06 anon
    Can you let us know of a country free of public debt and deficits, come on tell us. Govts depend on loan to meet its need and that's ironical. Undenial fact. Do you think Fiji can rely on its own resources to meet the needs of the people and to be competitive in the world economy?
    We all know what the govt is leading us into with the accumulated debt. Perhaps let's discuss something that our govt can do from now on to improve lives for everyone.

  83. My argument is 'Why we all have to eat 'halal' certified foods when we all are not Muslims.We are all eating chicken and meat killed by Islam clerics at Chrest farms and Nasinu Arbetoir.The other thing is pigs are killed there too, but no praying over ceremony is held.Why????Can we have non-halal meat as we consumers demand as a right!We need the government look into this issue.


  84. Economists’ advice is good advice
    Mr Khaiyum’s advice should be followed, whether he and his Leader follow it themselves or not.
    Fiji and MauritiusMauritius is a small island nation just like Fiji, dependent on sugar and tourism, but much poorer in land and other resources, and half the people are kaidia.
    Fiji has a military that costs taxpayers more than a hundred million dollars annually (what does that amount to in ten years?), does coups now and then that cost Fiji billions of dollars, while Mauritius has no standing army and no coups.
    Between 1976 and 2014, Fiji’s GDP has merely doubled while Mauritius has increased five times.
    As Khaiyum says, any attempt to change the government by force will mean more political instability, loss of investor confidence, and loss of jobs and incomes, while poverty will increase.
    Politicians who want to change the government should do the hard work and change people’s minds by the 2018 elections, as Khaiyum advises.
    Unfortunately, it is much easier to do military coups, as all our former military commanders and Khaiyum himself, will probably testify.
    Unfortunately it is also clear now that Bainimarama and Khaiyum are going to use their pliant parliamentary majority to reject even reasonable proposals from the Opposition Parties, as they did with Tupou Draunidalo’s recommendation for a neutral parliamentary Counsel.
    As they also senselessly rejected Viliame Gavoka’s very sensible motion for Government to initiate a retirement homes industry which could create tens of thousands of jobs.
    Do Bainimarama and Khaiyum want to give the arrogant message that peaceful processes, cooperation, and constructive suggestions through parliament and dialogue will get the Opposition nowhere?
    How can Opposition parties “do what Khaiyum says” when all it amounts to pots hypocritically telling kettles not to be black?
    For anyone with a slightest bit of memory, the Bainimarama Government’s utterances are a national and international joke.

  85. @ anon 5:16

    Try Singapore or South Korea.

  86. Minister for Health is harping about lack of manpower within his ministry.Has anyone over the decades counted how many good doctors,nurses and technicians, we have lost to migration.Why migrate, one may ask?The answer lies in the pay structure of the ministry of health.Working odd hours to heal the sick,yet salaries lag way,way back,far behind your average prison wardens and the forces.It is heartbreaking to reveal here that your average nurse pay with Cert,Dip,Bachelor degree, range bordering the 12-15K$ until retirement.There is a need to re-calculate the true salaries within the ministry of health as some technicians, with degrees, are paid $150 fortnightly!!!Pathetic, some may say but let's jump on over to the private sector or private health service providers like Suva Private Hospital,DeAsa, and though privately-run entity, employees are paid civil servants' pay, which is utterly ridiculous, with less manpower,yet, high work load is very demanding and stressful.These staff offer their services with a 'smile' knowingly if they utter a word about their pay, they are liable to be sacked.The government and health service-provider companies must rectify, restructure salaries of health workers immediately so that the brain -drain is stopped.See how Australia and NZ values well,their health workers and pays them accordingly, why can not Fiji do the same?If nothing is done, dedicated health workers would have no option other than to leave and keep on leaving.

  87. Why even look so far as pay and migration. There are so many qualified nurses, technicians, pharmacists, lab technicians, unemployed in Fiji. The Minister is an ass, saying there is a need to train more; we already have them; he just needs to employ them. But oh, he cant because he is scared of asking the super minister for funds to employ them. A minister who cant ensure there is panadol in all health centres - we cant expect much from him. Super minister should take over from him. Yeah. that is Bai's solution - give the ministry to Kai who will at least take the rug away from the condom-waving pressie and make him truly redundant. Oilei.

  88. 9.30pm

    Explain your wild guess!!

  89. 8.27
    What your trying to say and where do you stand? You kicked off praising someone who knew little about economics and then critisized him and this regime at the end. I thought Frank is writing.
    Keep it short so that you don't get lost. .


  90. @anon 10:41pm
    It is very said and true.
    To those who go through the mill in MoH this is what they experienced....It is used as a leaping/jumping pad for indo Fijians to migrate overeseas(Australia,NZ,Canada&USA..etc).This is done less than 5 years on the job.
    The intake in all department at the moment is a sad issue altogether looks like a collaborated network going on!!!
    This denied the loyal itaukei chances of building their country until retirement.
    Across to the itaukei law student there are no longer scholarship available from FAB as used to be before...another coup on itaukei's future...!!
    Readers awake

  91. @anon 10:41pm
    It is very said and true.
    To those who go through the mill in MoH this is what they experienced....It is used as a leaping/jumping pad for indo Fijians to migrate overeseas(Australia,NZ,Canada&USA..etc).This is done less than 5 years on the job.
    The intake in all department at the moment is a sad issue altogether looks like a collaborated network going on!!!
    This denied the loyal itaukei chances of building their country until retirement.
    Across to the itaukei law student there are no longer scholarship available from FAB as used to be before...another coup on itaukei's future...!!
    Readers awake

  92. ------------------------------------------
    - """""""""""""""""""-
    - """""""""""""""""""-
    - """""""""""""""""""-
    - """""""""""""""""""-
    - """""""""""""""""""-

    What do you see?

  93. @9:33 AM

    That was a good try. It was in fact my new Fiji Flag. What do you think about it?

    How come that www.newfijiflag.com has not been updated for months? The website looks like very amateur :(

  94. Anon@8.14AM, you're looking into Vili Rakoro's anus.

  95. Rabuka is not lost somewhere. Administrators, plss start another article where we can focus on the issue at hand. you also should aim to update daily so ASK trolls can not detract easily.

  96. O

  97. 7.45am
    Yep you're right. Our govt is not doing anything that will provide a future for our children. What is going on is fill the pockets first for the top hierarchy, let the middle and lower class live from pay chq to pay chq while the rural is left on their own.

  98. Rabuka - magaitinamu. One time you were the main man. You led your soldiers in a coup and you held the people of Fiji at ransom. You drove costs high just like the cock sucker Franky the boci is doing today. You caused many to flee Fiji. You sent your soldiers throughout the country brutally attacking anyone who was against your military. You corrupted the country and when it was running bankrupt, you realised you had to so something and though you returned Fiji to democracy, the damage was done. To make it worse, like Frank because you did not trust your people in the Military, you took Frank from the Navy and made him Commander of the Military. You set Fiji up for the problems encountered today. You and the bunch in the Military Council. You deserve to die. Dig yourself a grave and bury yourself in it worthless maggot. No amount of sorry will help you. Already your trying to create rifts by making public statements. No one listens or respects you anymore. No one respects any member of the military or Police anymore. Any respect shown is token and shown out of fear. Frank the coward will run Fiji into bankruptcy and the cracks are already showing in his big fat faggot ass and his wifes crack is already oozing like their son Meli's crack which Hosana shoved a big dildo. Woilei...


  99. 'Breach of rights'

    Repeka Nasiko
    Wednesday, September 09, 2015

    THREE out of the 36 people accused of sedition and urging political violence in Tavua were remanded at the Naboro Maximum Prison in Suva with convicted inmates which was a breach of their constitutional rights as accused persons, said defence lawyer Mark Anthony.

    At the High Court in Lautoka yesterday, Mr Anthony appeared on behalf of Meli Nasalasala, Penasio Luqa and Qalita Lomavatu Vakacegu who were kept at the maximum prison facility.

    He said the trio were held alongside convicted inmates and this was a breach of Section 13 (1) (e) of the 2013 Constitution.

    Justice Thushara Rajasinghe asked State lawyers why the three were being held at Naboro.

    He said while it was the prerogative of the Commissioner of the Fiji Corrections Service to decide where the accused persons should be held, the trio should not be put together with convicted inmates.
    This is is an outright human violation. Did those guys passing judgement know the law? The prison services should know better.
    Sa levu ga na io saka, Io saka. ..suckerrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  100. Isa o Viti!...Turaga Yashua ni lomani Viti...Ni vosoti keimami Turaga!...sa levu na neimami veivakasini...qaciqacia...kocokoco...daulaba...dokadoka...veidabui...butabutako...ka dau veivakalolomataki....sa levu na neimami valavala ca....ni vukei keimami me keimami dau loloma dina ka valataka na dina, dodonu kei na savasava....emeni!

  101. Over time, I've often heard that under Rabuka's coup d'etat, that there were Indian Fijians, protected from mobs and other reports suggesting that Indian Fijians were ill treated by Rabuka's Soldiers and supporters. However, I've yet to see evidence of either!
    Given that I prefer to deal with reality and facts, can anyone supply me with direct evidence either way. markamanning@optusnet.com.au
    I personally, would be interested in knowing the truth.
    If the claims of abuse can't be substantiated with proof, then I can only assume that those same claims are in fact, untrue and mischievous!

  102. Mark fuck off will you... Why are you asking for proof of the 1987 abuse of the people of Fiji. Did you suck on Rabuka's cock when he was in power. Your a dickhead. If you did not see the clips of the running battles in Suva, then you need to re-examine your principles. I thought you were here to fight for freedom not protect the name of some magaitinana who brought ruin to Fiji through the very same Military that Frank cowers behind.

    Many Indians and some Fijians were taken to camp just like Frank is doing where they were beaten, made to perform exercises, dive in dirty toilet black water. Soldiers went throughout Fiji carrying out raids with their AK47 locked and loaded and beat up old Indian men and abused and sexually molested Indian women. Houses were looted and women raped in the ordeal.

    That is the Military way and Frank moved it up another notch like the cock sucking coward fleeding down the banana plantation he is.

    Now if you want to protect Rabuka...go lick his balls.

  103. @6.45 you want to swallow my marbles and lick my anaconda?

  104. Anon 6.12pm
    For Bainimarama , yes, multiple evidence of torturing and murder will put him to life in prison. We have hard evidence and he is clinging on for life on khaiyum to avoid justice through his immunity decree. Khaiyum saved Bainimaramas life and that's why the PM isn't intervening on all Khaiyums decisions. Fine example is the sacking of Tikoitoga. I don't think he has the courage to go up in camp to tell the commander to step down . Frank had to do it for few reasons 2 of which are (1)favours for the person that spared him the death penalty (2) use Voreqe as scapegoat to get the blame when he is the real brat behind it.
    For Rabuka and to those barking about doing something to him, he is getting justice slowly each day. No one knew what's going on in his personal life. Only him and God knows. I have acknowledged his apology to all, especially to our Indentured community. The NFP leader -Former opposition leader Reddy had accepted his apology on behalf of our Indentured community. What else is there to do when our constitution has lost its reverence and sacrilege.. Our book of law had been changed twice since we got our independence by the 2 persons who carried out the coup and I don't see this current constitution survived that long either. Any future devil will do the same. Pillage the land, steal it's wealth, brutalize the people and change the constitution to save his ass.
    Vinaka MM.

  105. @5:32 AM Voreqe didn't need Khaiyum to save his life for goodness sake! HE IS THE MILITARY COMMANDER!!!! He RULES. One doesn't need a lawyer to write "Immunity granted to all those involved in the 2006 coup". That's a technical point... What matters for him is to hold the power and he managed to do that by frightening the people about SODELPA and other parties.

    There is no doubt in my mind that he would have staged a coup if he did lose the last elections!!! Remember that journalist from NZ who asked him the question?!? He just pushed her aside... The answer was pretty clear ;)

    Khaiyum said Fiji was full of crooked lawyers a few weeks/months ago. Bainimarama could easily have found another one...
    And that comes back to what I was saying earlier, something that obviously some people don't want to get... that is, there are many many many many other little devils ready to jump on the stage.... Rabuka is one!

  106. Shop owners and residents of 8 miles Makoi are not satisfied with the services provided by the Nasinu Police station.

    About 80 people have signed a petition about lawlessness in the Makoi area and are awaiting a response from Police Commissioner.

    The residents are concerned that people are robbed and hassled during the day.

    Shop owners complain troublemakers drink and get drunk in public places and gather around shops to scare away customers. Some youths forcefully barge into their shops to rob people and shoplift items.

    The shop owners who asked to remain anonymous say their previous complaints have not been taken into consideration and they are waiting for a response to their petition.

    Meanwhile, ACP Rusiate Tudravu says the concerns raised will be taken seriously.

    He says they will get to the truth of the allegations and if Police officers are not providing the necessary service needed then they will be held accountable.

    He added that the Fiji Police is committed to the provision of safety and security to all citizens. - See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/32877/makoi-shop-owners-disappointed-with-police-service#sthash.4hrZy7ji.dpuf

  107. Rabuka is a miserable man now. All his friends ditched him. The gujareti businessman who used to surround him left him suddenly to surround Lai,and when bai came around, they ditched Lai within seconds to surround Bai. They will ditch Bai too, very soon - each one of them - starting with Tapoo and patel. Bai hasnt learnt from Rabuka. Rabuka was a bit fortunate because he extended his hand to Indians. But Bai will not be spared any hate from any quarter except muslims. The next journey for Bai will be more painful and sad than what it is for Rabuka.

  108. Anon 6.05am
    I don't disagree with you. It's right but Frank cannot do it alone by himself. For a person who lacks wisdom he has to sought the expertise of others to carry out his personal agenda. Frank's own character and personality is arrogance and with proper support and wrong advice, this personality will dictate his steps. This is what's playing in Fiji today. ...Khaiyum , a young post 1987 coup activist had been firm on his fight over the years . He even took this fight into the classroom where he earned his bar . And being ambitious he is his thesis played out in 2006 though by the arrogant idiot Bainimarama..something that he had been fighting for since that dreadful event of 1987.
    We have people who were behind the coups. Business owners who did not like any govt
    policies that will work against their business will vouch for a coup. It started in 1987 till today....mafia style. So the claim that he did it alone is denying real ity..
    What must we do now to stop any future devil from carrying out another coup? With new technology and fast changing world we cannot rely on clubs, batons and guns heavy restriction law to protect us.. ..those days are gone...In one of my earlier blogs I had proposed legalizing the use of arms(guns)to licensed citizens. This is good for the country economically and to the long awaited justice that we all want since 1987. Anon 6.32am is posting an example that police is not capable of providing full security to the nation . Let the people decide on what they want for their safety . Talk to your representatives for govt to pass a bill to allow citizens to own a gun. At least it will serve as a deterrent for future devils who want to commit treason and, gave a second thought for vandals, thugs, bullies who are in the business of terrorising communities and citizens.

  109. 3:26... anaconda... more like a little pinky... you poor little wee thingy... now go take your meds and stay away from this blog...

  110. Similarities between Rabuka and Frank.

    Rabuka - Bloodless coup 1987
    Frank - Bloodless coup 2006

    Rabuka - brutal beating, killing, raping plundering, looting, bashing, abuse of civil rights, removal of freedom of speech.
    Frank - brutal beating, killing, raping plundering, looting, bashing, abuse of civil rights, removal of freedom of speech.

    Rabuka - Used the people, Chiefs, Religious leaders, businessmen, Divided the people
    Frank - Threatened the people, Chiefs Religious Leaders and used Businessmen, Divided the people.

    Rabuka - Created a Government of suspicion and fear
    Frank - Creating a Government of suspicion and fear

    Rabuka - Bankrupted Government which we continue to pay for today.
    Frank - on his way to bankrupting the Government. 1,4 billion in debt. Setting Fiji further back and continuing Rabuka trend.

    Rabuka - New Constitution. Get out of jail card
    Frank - New Constitution. Get out of jail card

    Rabuka - Returned Fiji to a Democratic Government 7 years after the coup
    Frank - Returned Fiji to Democratic Government 8 years after his coup.

    Rabuka - Won 1994 election
    Frank - Won 2014 election

    Rabuka - Lost 1999 election and faded away - PLEASE STAY AWAY FOR GOOD. YOUR EXPERIENCE IS WORTHLESS.
    Frank - We will find out whether the people have realised the truth about Frank, his military and Khaiyum in 2018 and whether people will continue to support his tyranny.

    There is basically very little difference between Rabuka and Frank. The reason is because one has taken the leaf out of the other. This is only possible because the organisation behind it all is the Military. Everyone else is collateral damage.

    Wake up Fiji before its too late. We removed one tyranny in Rabuka in 1999 to replace him with another in 2014.

    When will people realise that the Military is supposed to serve the people, not threaten the people, brutalise the people, divide the people and abuse peoples rights.

    Frank today is paying himself as the PM of this country more money than other large first world countries. The disparity between his wages and the poor of Fiji earning $60.00 per week reflects how GREEDY and GLUTONESS he is. Once a fit man, today he is nothing but a FAT BIG ASS pompus elite Fijian with no morals nor integrity. He pays himself $328,750.00 per annum. This equates to $6,322.11 per week. About 60% of Fiji's population does not earn this $6,322.11 in one year.

    How can this Government pay themselves so much money. The Ministers are pair between $150k and $250k.

    When Ratu Mara was the PM, he was only paid $60k and Fiji's economy was modest. Our economy today is going down the drain and Fiji's fat arse greedy magaitinana of a PM, pays himself more than what 60% of our population earns.

    Vinaka Viti toso jiko.... kua na galu. Sa vakasisila na veika sa yaco jiko.

  111. Great analysis 11.41am!!!
    Hope we all wake up come 2018 as long as we have a SODELPA leader with vision and more dynamic than the current ones!!!

  112. What is important is that we unite as a people. We must embrace everyone that is a part of Fiji. We must acknowledge our history and those who served our Country. Frank today pays no homage to the great leaders of the past who has served Fiji valiantly. He is a self serving hypocrite and uses our tax payers money to say he is doing things for Fiji. There is no humbleness or humility in him. He is the epitome of Rabuka served twice and Fiji is reeking with nepotism, corruption, continued brutality and a Government of suspicion and fear. Kubuabola should be shot and beheaded the ulu drika sona levu magaijinana. He was involved in the politics of 1987 coup, 2000 coup and again now the 2006 coup. This man has no scruples and is just as bad as Frankie. Now he is representing Fiji in the Melanesian Conference and is behind the kicking out of the West Papuans. This is the type of Government we have. Government that continues to threaten honest hard working people. Government who pushes people aside if they do not support them. Government who uses fear and the military boci's sona levu dou vei cai magaitinamudou to threaten the people.

  113. General election is not the solution. Rabuka is still walking free. Frank will also if he loses the next election Since the military is the problem what can we do today to solve this problem?? Anon 9.17am is proposing a bill for our representatives to table in parliment to allow citizens to own a gun for protection. What do you think?

  114. 12.47pm
    Let me correct something you mentioned about the West Papuans. They don't hold a sovereign govt status to be recognized. They were welcomed as a non member participant and was told to follow proper protocol for membership. Anyway they enjoyed their hearty meals with members during the event. I hope our Melanesian group won't turn out to be a body supporting illegal regimes in the region.

  115. @Anon 12:56 PM

    And then you will have the criminals and non criminals having access to guns.

    Not a good idea.

  116. Treat children, young adults with respect, says PM.

    Who the fuck is he to say that when he beat up a pregnant woman? Fuck you Bainimarama, you're one disgusting asshole.

  117. PRIME Minister Voreqe Bainimarama is unable to attend the 46th Pacific Islands Forum Leaders Meeting because of Australia and New Zealand's refusal to "step back" from the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS).

    Bainimagasona has a personal grudge against NZ and Australia because he wants China to replace them. Where was China when natural disasters hit Fiji Baimagana?

  118. General Election was the way the people voiced their opinion of Rabuka's Government and kicked him out voting Labour. The Labour Party should have been given the opportunity to run and then we have the rebel group led by George Speight and supported by the Military and Military rebels executing yet another coup. The Military has been involved in every coup and they failed in their miserable duty to serve and protect Fiji in 1987, 2000 and 2006 and today, they want to protect their interest but making false allegations of Sedition against people who are sick and tired of their bull shit.

    The Indians today living overseas support Frank only because they have every reason to hate Fijians due to the coups of 1987 and 2000. What they don't realise and forget is that it is the military who carried out the coups and failed to stop each and every coup despite having the intelligence reports that it was going to be carried out.
    They have failed miserably in their duty to serve and protect Fiji and they pretend to be-friend the very people they tortured, tormented, brutalised, looted, raped and pillaged, the Indians, who in turn have today, turned a blind eye to the military.

    In the next election, the people will be voicing their opinion of Franks Government and I wont be surprised that the same that happened to Rabuka will happen to Frank. People are sick and tired of tyranny. Today like Rabuka, Frank and his family are involved and hold very high positions of power. They own millions in dollars and assets and travel at the expense of tax payers. Rubyann took the Fiji Netball team to Australia for the World Cup and she and her sisters and mother have been involved in the past world cup. Now the killer Francis Kean is head of FRU. Other relatives hold positions of power and they abuse their power. Might as well call the Fijian Government the Bainimarama Family Government.

  119. 1.44pm
    Thanks for your responce and what might you propose the solution to the problem is?
    Guns in the hands of criminals or non criminals are expected and we have to live with it It's happening all over the world. Force can only be subdued by Force.

  120. DAMN! ...these minors

  121. 2:13 dua ga force taki iko

  122. 3.48
    That's why Fiji will suffer at the hands of the military because people don't have the courage to solve the problem practically.
    If you cannot offer something meaningful please leave.


    Fijians of Indian descent top stats

    Sikeli Qounadovu
    Thursday, September 10, 2015

    The Ministry of Education revealed that 90 per cent of suicide cases involving children were Fijians of Indian descent.

    Minister for Education Dr Mahendra Reddy said he was concerned that majority of suicide cases involved Fijians of Indian descent.

    The revelation was made after three students took their lives last week.

    WE ALSO SAID THAT CRIMES WOULD BE COMMITTED IN FIJI THAT WERE HORRIFIC & SHOCKING : eg 10year old girl was hacked to death with a Cane Knife , after getting off a bus, 2 days ago.

    WE ALSO SAID THAT EVEN IF YOU PUT 4 SOLDIERS AT EVERY STREET CORNER THAT CRIMES WILL STILL GET OUT OF CONTROL...and now the citizens of Makoi have written a petition to the Minister that they cant take it anymore. Too much crime.

    I ALSO SAID THAT THE ONLY WAY TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM IS TO DO THE RIGHT THING : ie apprehend the TREasonists Bai and Kai & throw them in Jail.





  124. Hacked to death

    Felix Chaudhary
    Thursday, September 10, 2015

    A HIGH school student was viciously hacked to death by a sugarcane cutter at Naria, Rakiraki, yesterday afternoon.

    Ravi Deo, a neighbour who lived near the victim, said people ran to the scene when the girl began screaming as she was attacked.

    "WE ARE ALL IN SHOCK here because it is the first time that anything like this has ever happened.... " said Mr Deo, a canefarmer in Naria.

    "The girl is a Year 10 student at Penang Sangam High School.

  125. Fkn stupid ass "acting minister". Those chinks will be wanting a return on their investments. Are you that fkn stupid to thinki that's it's free monies? Wake the fk up, fate!

  126. Unfortunately, Fiji's situation will continue to deteriorate until something decisive is done. While you have thieves, thugs and murderers in control of the purse strings, there remains no hope.

  127. @ anon 532 a.m.
    Thanks for that, but I still haven't seen any evidence of mistreatment by Rabuka, but I do acknowledge that Frank Bainimarama is an open book.
    @ anon 645 p.m.
    Thank you for your colourful contribution, but I'm not sure where you got the idea that I support Rabuka's coup d'etat!
    Perhaps you could attend charm school and return with something a little more informative. Where is the evidence?
    That's all I'm asking for!

  128. The Gokal sisters are now silent here on C45 and Fijileaks are back assisting them.
    Who is telling the truth?
    An innocent poor Gokal is what Fijileaks is publishing..... completely different from the killer Gokal of C45.
    Their hunt for the $254000 has landed them a $1m lawsuit from Renee
    Where is the bow and arrow? Where's Rambo?

  129. For everything there is a season. The wicked who plot their way into power and establish rules that protect themselves manipulating with the Rule of Law, manipulating the Constitution, Decrees of the land, those in power who are intent on dumbing down and brainwashing the people through lies and propaganda, their FRUITS will be made known throughout the land!! God sees all!!

    For the people of Fiji:

    God is a God of justice. It may not happen overnight, God is keeping the records, He knows exactly what you’re owed.

    But for now LOOK at the FRUITS, look at the outcome of the wickedness that has overshadowed what God had planned for this nation in the first place.

    Unnatural, bizarre happenings and increase in crime will increase.

  130. For everything there is a season. The wicked who plot their way into power and establish rules that protect themselves manipulating with the Rule of Law, manipulating the Constitution, Decrees of the land, those in power who are intent on dumbing down and brainwashing the people through lies and propaganda, their FRUITS will be made known throughout the land!! God sees all!!

    For the people of Fiji:

    God is a God of justice. It may not happen overnight, God is keeping the records, He knows exactly what you’re owed.

    But for now LOOK at the FRUITS, look at the outcome of the wickedness that has overshadowed what God had planned for this nation in the first place.

    Unnatural, bizarre happenings and increase in crime will escalate.

  131. @7:40am

    I rather think that Justice might come from the simple fact that we are all humans, living in different bodies.
    What you do to others, you do it to yourself. It's the only possible way to have absolute justice.

    God is Poetry, a beautiful abstraction for something we just can't understand.

  132. 10.28am
    What you do to others....
    You're quoting from the bible.

  133. @10:39 am
    That's only...5 words! you can find them in how many old idioms!

    1. 11.10
      Old idioms?
      Tell me where were these idioms sourced from.....and the author

  134. Mark Manning like I said your a dick head... To deny that Rabuka was a bully and a thug when he executed the coup in 1987 and held the country at ransom and caused the brutality, deaths, beatings, looting rape in 1987 is no different to Frank supporters blindly supporting him and denying the atrocities he caused to the nation of Fiji. Mate... if that is your attitude go box with a kangaroo... It might knock some sense into you. Speak with any number of Indians and they will give you the evidence you ask for. Dumb ass. Contribute wisely or be ridiculed.

  135. "Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you."

    Friedrich Nietzsche

  136. Supporters of Frank Bainimagaitinana are deemed blind supporters. They put on blinkers and will turn it off and on to suit them. The atrocities committed by Frank and his military goons are denied. The Military itself is the biggest blind supporter. The idiom blind leading the blind can be applied here. Now the nation is blindly following Frank.

    As I said before, there is no difference between what Rabuka did in 1987 to Frank. They are the same. They are butchers, thugs, bullies, selfish bastards that has caused misery to many Fijian families and particularly the children.

    Every child born on or about 1987 and today are adults, know nothing but a culture of military and the coup. They witness and see nothing but violence, abuse, exploitation. They are victims of Rabuka, George Speight and Frank's coup against the Government elected by the people. They understand very little of freedom other than what they feel they enjoy. The only fortunate thing is that Fiji has Christianity and other Religious denominations that help relieve the feeling of hopelessness and fear.

    Today the level of violence, fear, abuse that we see is a consequence of the coups. We all know that prior to the coup of 1987, Fiji was a beautiful country where people lived in peace and harmony. Villagers thrived and urban drift was managed. Today houses are barred with burglar bars, conmen are everywhere, rape and sexual abuse of children is rife, domestic violence against women increase, suicide by teenagers is extremely high, thefts, robberies, violent crimes and what not is uncontrollable.

    When we allow coups and the violence that precedes the coups to happen, the result is a country is transformed from once a peaceful country to a country rife with violence. That is all the children of 1987, 2000 and 2006 will experience and they will believe blindly that it is right. They will thereby live as such.

    Fiji owes nothing to Rabuka and Rabuka owes his penance to the people of Fiji and we pray he may be forgiven by his maker.

    Frank can enjoy his glutonness lifestyle today, his riches like Rabuka did, his fame, his power but... he will be buried in a 6" deep piece of earth like we all are and he will be hated in history for what he has committed against the people of Fiji.

    Fiji should not be blinded by the military, by Frank, by brutality, by subjugation. We must build up a nation where children understand that violence is wrong, that sexual abuse is wrong, that bullying is wrong, that everything the military, Rabuka, Frank, George Speight has caused the people of Fiji to witness and today suffer from is wrong. Fiji is a better place where our rich tradition and culture thrives and exudes who we really are, people with respect, dignity, humbleness.

    Frank talks about removing the elite of Fiji and has created another elite that follows him around like dogs picking up the bones he throws in their direction. Qiliho and all the other senior military soldiers are his dogs and obey obediently without question his commands. Senior public servants and ministers are the same. They will not bark at Frank and fear his ruthlessness. This is the Fiji we raise our children to believe, is the way the world should be. JD

  137. @11:33 AM
    I agree with most of what you said, but I think that urban drift is observed everywhere in the world.
    With 55% urban population in 2007, we are still a fairly rural country.
    Most developed countries have 80%+ urban population.

    the problem with urban drift is when the economy can't catch up with the desire of the youth to move out of the village setting.
    with coups, the economy can't develop quickly...hence the problems.

    life most be better in the outer islands now...

  138. John Key basically tells Fiji and Frank to go fuck itself while sulking over the PIF Leaders meeting. Fiji has been laughed and ridiculed behind the scenes by the leaders, mainly the ones who pledged their superficial support in the PIDF. Boy, didn't they make Fiji feel important, only to laugh their assess off silly in Moresby over the cocktails. its more akin to appeasing a wannabe school yard bully but really cry baby who is bawling his eyes out, throwing tantrums and pissing and crapping its pants bbbbwahahahahahaha!! Tuvalu, Kiribati and Tonga have really made Fiji PM and his Govt look like the fucking dumb idiots they really are.

  139. 11:47 - from your fathers cici... its old and his an idiot like you. Whoops

    1. 11 54
      Lost for answers....idiocracy at its most. Nothing good to contribute but to resort to vulgarism.

  140. 11:45am - Following the 1987 coup...the economy crashed as you said. Wages was slashed, many jobs lost, VAT introduced...factories closed down... businesses closed down. These are the results of every coup. Frank acts and talks as if he has some kind of power over the larger nations like Australia but Fiji like every other Pacific Nation begs Australia and other larger countries for assistance and they render Fiji these assistance. Frank is like a conman...give money but don't tell me how to spend it. You know what happens there. That's why he turned to China...He likes the red envelope method. The bastard including Rabuka has always ridiculed Ratu Mara for amassing wealth when Ratu Mara was the PM. Frank has done it tenfold. Rabuka...we all know what he did. He even allowed his father a $10 million dollar loan through the NBF scheme which he put in place through Qarase. These bastards have abused Fiji and today... the blind masses voted him in and are following him like lap dogs. That is how low people and their morals have fallen. With soldiers, want a promotion, lick Franks balls. Want to be a Minister....yep like his balls... Look at the Minister of Youth with due respect to him he is unqualified for his task but Frank used him and put him in such a position where he knows very little of managing with his limited experience and qualification. Frank has placed goats in various positions and they bleat to his tune.

  141. @11:47 "For what you do to others, you do to yourself." Eckhart Toll said it.

    Many other occurences of the same few words.
    The problem with people who have been brainwashed by religion is that they can't think for themselves.

    1. 12.03

      And what evidence do you have that Toll was not quoting from the oldest book on planet. .bible

  142. 11.17am
    Why the attack on MM?
    Can't you answer the simple question asked??
    Give him the name of a person that Rabuka or during his leadership was murdered and brutalised in 1987.
    We are all fighting for the same cause here.

  143. Frank's will be a worse outcome than Rabuka's. You see, Rabuka extended his hand to democracy. Frank killed democracy with his shamn elections. Rabuka worked with Jai Ram Reddy, the Indian leader then. Frank rejected Indian leader when he proposed GNU. Rabuka ditched the corrupt around him (tony stephens affair); Frank surrounds himself with corrupt people. Rabuka allowed judiciary to become independent; Frank creates a judiciary at which everyone laughs. List goes on. Rabuka's problem is that Frank is his creature. So is Kai. So he has a responsibility to end Kai-Bai rule. But he is gutless now. I say he will even join them soon. Time will reveal this.

  144. 12.03
    Are you on mysticism like Toll who uses bible verses to interpret life on how he sees it and not from the real context?
    Another false Christ!!
    A new age movement advocate is all I see in you.

  145. @12:12 oldest writing found in Iraq.
    Bible not the oldest book...
    you are a clown.

    the likelyness if having those 5 basic words in order is quite high...just think about it.
    or maybe just google them!

  146. 12:09 - are you another blind fool like we all were in 1987, believing what Rabuka did was right. Don't be daft. You and MM know exactly what Rabuka did was wrong and the atrocities that follows. Shall Frank ask the same, provide the evidence to prove what he did...Open book...where is this book? How is Frank connected to all this. You saw the bombing, looting, plundering, video of Indian men, women chased through the streets of Suva being bashed. The old man selling bean at the market...their livelihoods turned over. Are you denying all this happened. The job losses, slash in salary, demise of the average family where there was the wealthy and there was the poor that erupted soon thereafter. Go join MM box the kangaroo and get the kangaroo to knock some sense into that numbskull. Stop fooling yourself by supporting Rabuka. He is worthless. We had to put up with him like Frank while they learnt the ropes of politics and we watched the country slide into economic depression. That is where Fiji is heading and we should learn and realise that what Rabuka did was absolutely wrong. He created the racial violence that followed. Indians were taken to camps and tortured. Do you want a video of it. Do you think the military will take a video of them torturing some poor Indian...Your a moron. The same method is being done by Frank and we all know it but can you prove it. We are told that Frank stomped on some women but can you prove it was Frank. Drau vei cai kei Frank... vakacucu yani vei Rabuka me vutuka nomu sona. support him today but you and MM. Dou lai vei tauri kau mada.

    1. 12.45
      Boy your started real well in your defence and ended in your own shit....

  147. Rabuka is evil and wore a sheep's uniform on top of his military wolf uniform and appeased the nation returning Fiji to Democracy because he realised that Fiji relies on the giant Countries and economies. We are not a standalone nation. He had to do it because the Government coffers was emptying out and when he could no longer pay his soldiers, they would turn on him. The same will eventually happen to Frank. Our debt is high. Already civil servants are not paid on time accept for Frank and Khaiyum and their Ministers. Some civil servants complain they are not paid for up to two months. Teachers, Doctors etc are all complaining today. The Government is entering into a stage where things will become desperate. The soldiers and police who say they are doing their duty for the two weeks meagre salary they receive will realise the source is drying out...than what... Do not be blinded by Rabuka. He had his cake and he ate it all. He is a dead beat and cannot contribute any further towards Fiji's politics that will help Fiji be put back on the right path. He wants the position of President. Send him back to his village. If he wants to do anything useful, take out Frank like he should have done in 2000 with the CRW rebels. He failed Fiji like JB, Seruvakula, Tarakinikini and all these senior military soldiers who today cry for Democracy because they have gained Citizenship in other countries. They owed their duty to Fiji not to Frank when Frank was the Commander. They should have removed Frank realising that he is a loose cannon. The senior military command allowed Frank to do what he did and supported him and the end result is that Frank kicked them all out and sent Tevita Mara packing and Driti to jail Remember when these guys were all gutso and valiant following the 2006 coup then they tried to wrest command from Frank... too late and now we suffer from these dumb ass senior military command mistakes. The Country has become the victim and the Military still pushes that they and the people were misled by the Chiefs, Religious Leaders and Businessmen. Bring Rabuka in and he will kill SODELPA like he killed SVT. No one wanted to follow Rabuka after he lost in 1999 because people saw and realised the damage he caused. The same will happen to Frank. Like I said, Rabuka if he wants to be forgiven has a responsibility and he knows what to do but he is lamu and only wants to win favours with Frank today. Last time Rabuka raised his voice against Frank, Frank removed his pension and Rabuka cried and had it restored promising not to do the same. He has been reduced to nothing but a snivelling coward by Frank. His time has passed. He gains no respect for what he has done. He created Frank and we suffer from his dumb ass mistakes because we supported him in 1987. No sensible person will want to

  148. Rabuka has proved himself over the years and has demonstrated his statesmanship which can not be compared to Khaihum and Frank and company. The current situation in Fiji pose a major concern to the indigenous people of this country. This government has conveniently divided our people through lies and false promises. Some of our chiefs have been hoodwinked by mere handouts. We need strong leadership and I would have hoped to get the former PM on board.

  149. 1:08pm... it should make any person angry if we continue to support criminals like Rabuka. You support what he stood for and you might as well support Frank. Rabuka is far from a statesman. He is nothing but a common criminal and bully and got away scot free like Frank in his Constitution. Shit is the way it is and I respect no one who supports dumb ass bullies like Rabuka and Frank and will tell it like it is, whether you accept it or not. These two men are villians. At least Speight is paying for his crime and languishing in jail. Both Rabuka and Frank should be sent to jail and the keys thrown away. I will continue to say... if you support Rabuka... you are supporting Frank. That is a dumb thing to do. You cannot call one a spade and the other a fork. Does not matter what they tried to do to appease people. They did the people wrong and it took him 7 years and a further 5 years, 12 years in total of ruling Fiji before he was kicked out. He should stay out. Frank is into his 9th year now. Besides, I am not here to defend myself, I am here to tell people to wake up to the truth... I may use vulgar words and abusive words towards those who disagree and support Frank or Rabuka but so be it. You can take it with a grain of salt and throw it on your wounds and stop crying like a girl.

  150. 12:53 - you ask a stupid dumb question you get a stupid dumb answer...idiocracy my toe.

  151. The hate for Rabuka and Frank, golly!!
    Are you ready to accept an Indo RFMF Commander?, Are you willing to accept another Indo PM? Are you willing to let go of the President's seat to a non taukei? ., I'm a taukei and I want answers from taukei barking their hates out here! !
    Rabuka , George and Frank carried out these coups because they don't want a non taukei to lead. If you look at what they did, their actions were motivated by their non acceptance of a non taukei to lead the country. This is the Root cause of coups.
    Looking back in 1987 the only person who will tell the truth is our President today. Rabuka was the fall guy to strangle power away from the newly crowned Labour party. He was asked to carry out the coup because the person who should do it is. .....conflict of interest. . Go figure
    What Rabuka did in 1987 and after was his reward for simply carrying out orders . Politics and greed for power are offshoots of one big family- EVIL.

  152. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  153. It seems everyone in Fiji wants power and control..................

    ALL members of the Methodist Church in Fiji should only consume kava until 10.30pm.

    This was outlined by the church general secretary Reverend Dr Epineri Vakadewavosa in an interview yesterday as the church tries to curb substance abuse — something that has been a concern for a number of years.

    This issue, Mr Vakadewavosa said, was relayed to all church ministers, stewards and lay ministers and preachers at the church's week-long meeting which ended in Suva two weeks ago.

    While it may be difficult for the church to monitor the flow and how church members adhere to this call, Mr Vakadewavosa said it was the responsibility of all individuals to adhere to the church's call for their benefit and to help live a healthy, happy life in their communities.

    "Their freedom is their basic right," Mr Vakadewavosa said.

    "We are not trying to take away their right to consume kava but we are trying to help them and give them the message that heavy consumption of kava is not good for the health.

    "All church ministers and stewards are our voices in respective divisions and circuits around the country and we rely and believe in them that they will relay the call to church members."

  154. 12 39..really Iraq in the land of Canaan? then that made the bible the oldest.. The oldest writing was found in Egypt not Iraq but that besides the point..The oldest book is the bible.

  155. 1:52pm... No one asked Rabuka to carry out the coup. He studied the coup when he attended Military College in India in the 70s long before the coup. The idea had been sown into his head.

    The threat the Military felt was that the Military would be downsized and eventually mowed right down. They did not want this to happen. Rabuka was the fall guy to carry out the coup by the other senior military soldiers.

    Rabuka was only a Major when the coup was carried out. He planned the coup and he executed the coup. He convinced the iTaukei with his Military propaganda of Racism that an Indian PM would mean Fiji would become little India and that we would lose our lands. He used Chiefs and Religious Leaders to spread this propaganda. He even spread propaganda against Ratu Mara and spat in his face.

    No one forced Rabuka into carrying out the coup. Just like Frank in 2000. He was approached to execute the coup but chose not too though he supported the coup.

    I agree with you, that Rabuka and George's coups were racially motivated because that was the propaganda they spilled through the military and the civil service. Frank... his just an out of control dumb ass fat ass stupid prick who was trying to save his own job.

    You have to realise that everything that has happened was within the control of the Military. They could have stopped or not carried out any of these three coups if they had the interest of the nation at heart.

    What we can see today is that senior military officers are the problem and it all started with Rabuka who was a mere Major whom no one ever heard off. His military propaganda of racism worked so well that even Frank who was a Captain in the Navy believed in Rabuka and worshipped Rabuka. This same propaganda from the Military spilled into the 2000 coup. Then the military reversed the propaganda blaming the Chiefs and Religious Leaders for being racist.

    The Military is RACIST and if the Indians don't realise it now, they should look back into 1987 and realise who held the guns and executed the coup and carried out the brutality against them. The people only looted with the military standing and watching. The military pushed the people and Chiefs in front of them so that they would be shielded from behind.

    In this day, time and age, we should accept a PM of any race, colour or creed. Does not matter if his is Indian, Chinese, Kailoma or whatever, as long as they have the interest of the nation at heart and they appreciate and respect the itaukei, their land, cultures and tradition , it should not be an issue with anyone.

    If any other race can bring prosperity, unity, jobs, welfare and things are run with transparency, why should anyone complain.

  156. 2:34 You and 2:39 should lock yourselves in a room together and share...

  157. 1:52pm... By the way... there is no hatred for Rabuka nor Frank... What they have done and through the Military Organisation that is entrusted to serve and protect the people of Fiji and not brutalise, attack, threaten, kill, torture, maim the people.

    The words written may be translated as such but it is a message to the people of Fiji that we need to wake up and realise that this people have done the nation wrong. Rabuka said sorry but its too late. We know the effects of what he did is still being felt today and the effects of what Frank did, will affect the next seven generations of Fijians unless it is corrected quickly.

    We must not be blinded by what they profess in their propaganda and realise that the Military is behind every coup that has happened because they have and had the power to stop it or not carry it out at all.

    Rabuka cannot say that he was told or misled by others. He is an adult. He is not dumb. He knows right from wrong. He wanted power and he got it and he did not want to relinquish it. He has tasted it and he wants it back and if he can return to politics with SODELPA or FF, he will.

    Frank is a different story. He is vicious. He is a violent man. He has no integrity nor morals. He is led by his emotions and has psychological problems. When the CRW made him run, he wanted vengeance and this is his vengeance. Frank has used the Military Organisation to serve his means and now his tasted power... he will never relinquish it. He would rather die and you will have to kill him to take it from him. That is the type of person he is even though...he is really nothing but a coward. He cowered in fright when serving in Lebanon and he fled like a girl with shit trailing behind him when the CRW attacked the camp. He did not stand and rally his troops and counter attack the rebels. He left the real soldiers like Seruvakula to fight his battles while he whimpered away with his legs shaking uncontrollably. He did not even know he had shat and pissed himself. The soldiers who met him at the vehicle can all testify to this. Our military today is disorganised, unfit, no discipline and all are suspicious of each other and will report on each other just to be promoted. Look at what Captain Tagicakibau did to Colonel Mara. These things never happened in the military before and today.... sai koya ga ya

  158. There is only one person that has power and control in Fiji and that is Frank. This was seen when the Military arrested Khaiyum after he told Tikoitonga to resign and drafted his letter of resignation. Tikoitonga wanted to separate the Military from Government. His military brought Khaiyum in and Frank used his power to release Khaiyum. He has control and power. What transpired here reflected it all. The military should have shot Khaiyum when the picked him up ad not just brought him to the camp. That would have sent Frank in hiding. Tikoitonga had no guts. All his good at is having affairs and the one with Max Olsson's wife was very poor. Well as they say... there has to be consent and she sure was a dumb bitch.

  159. I will leave you with all that to ponder about the real events that happened from 1987...JD

  160. @2:34 Paper was invented in...CHINA! by definition, books need paper... Keep thinking about it.

    Maybe you should watch this video to understand how screwed you belief might be: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bATyoYzlObY
    Hopefully there are copies of you in other dimensions that are slightly less dumb.
    The same goes for Bainimarama actually.
    Maybe there is a universe where Bainimarama is a great physicist.
    Maybe one where he gets overtrown...
    And one where we just keep wasting our time as usual.

  161. A creature in limbo is breaking into c45 . Just go back to where you come from and leave us alone. 1.59am. If that's what you beleive in , then burn in hell .

  162. 7.02pm
    Is it true that Khaiyum was arrested by the military in the Tikoitoga resignation case ? It's the first I've heard as no social network had carried a report on his arrest . I may be wrong but where can I extract this report?

  163. Thanks JD
    The truth will only be revealed by our President for the 1987 events.
    The first coup was supposed to be carried out in 1977 but Siddig Koya couldn't form his cabinet after his party won the election. He was given an ultimatum (less than a week )but failed because the handover documents to begin with had vanished. Someone hid these documents. Who might it be?
    The first coup would have been carried out in 1977 had Koya was the PM.
    While the army is the only powerful institution over mankind in Fiji, who else can carry out the dirty work of these corrupt politicians? And we have hungry businessman who had financially supported these politicians. Fuck I talked to one who owned alot of businesses in Fiji way after the 1987 coup and he said " They run to me asking for money every time. I controll their necks". I got a shock when he mentioned the name. "Yes him and his wife", he said .

    It's different in 1987 because Labour had done their homework . They won the election and on the next day, they formed cabinet. The result is the start of a new phase of Fiji politics where the institution tasked to protect Fiji and its citizens from outside interventions was served honorably by the corrupt leaders to participate in politics.
    Military is an eyeshore today because we(the greedy civilian leaders)had created them to be what they are.
    I rest my case .

  164. There is a an unbelivable power base that I know of in Fiji, its the people, the people, and always be the people.

    WHO PUT THIS FUCK FACES or sorry I meant fiji first in to power? its the people, WHO CAN BRING THEM DOWN TO THEIR KNEES BEING FOR THEIR LIVES? again its the people.......the power lies with the people, it just we havent realised it by always giving that power away to the tree huggers like BAI+KKAI=Rau Veicai :)

    Ra people have started already. Imagine if all 14 provinces in Fiji create a ground swell. There will be no rooms in prison, will tire the judicial system by them hearing our cases every fucken single day.
    We will march up to our families who are in the security forces...our blood and flesh...yeah weve got them in the military....police..navy etc, and we wanna see if they are flesh and blood of BhaiKhai or us?
    We will make them lay down their weapons by us their families pleading that they will give up arms.

    Peaceful....organised and structured....but I know it only a dream...but it happened in 1987 and 2000, we can do it again except, this one in the name of justice, good governance and for Fiji.
    God Bless Fiji, and we remember our boys in England at the RWC 2015.

  165. There is none so deaf as he who won't listen!
    I never supported Rabuka's coup d'etat and still don't and you will know this if you read my comments on facebook and here.
    As for denying violence in 1987, that's my point, I don't know what happened behind the scenes, I wasn't there and need your evidence, which you don't seem able or willing to supply and I'm guessing that's because it doesn't exist and that your accusations are baseless and false or because currently, your agenda is to gather sympathy for the Indian Fijian population, even if it means slandering and defamation of another.
    By the way, why don't you back your big words and your big mouth up with divulging your true identity.
    As for boxing Kangaroos, that's cruelty to animals and something I just wouldn't advocate nor take part in, provide the evidence of Rabuka's abuse of Indians or just shut up you infantile fool.

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  168. First coup-10am on the shores of Levuka 6th June 1871-KKK Responsible and gave Cakobau the title of KING.Yes the KU KLUX KLAN

    second coup-Sitiveni Rabuka carries out coup after 10 year planning by ALLIANCE party. It was meant to happen in 1982 if NFP won again as in 1977.ALL ALLIANCE PARTY MEMBERS KNEW,EVEN THEIR BIG MOUTHED CHILDREN KNEW.

    Third coup-Sitiveni Rabuka after being frustrated by his henchmen.

    Fourth coup- planned by many but some planners have died since....Savua et el.Motormouth George took the rap for it.

    Fifth coup- Current members of our FMF.With late commers like Naz Shameem,Aiyaz, Nur Banao.

  169. I used to get up caught up in the heat of the moment at times, like many here, but then I realised it was a strategy by Frank's supporters to distract us and keep us arguing about anything, but the topic at hand!
    On Frank, I forgot to mention that it was an indigenous female RFMF Soldier, not Frank, who stood on a pregnant Indigenous woman's back at the Barracks on new years eve 2006, 19 days after the coup d'etat began.
    It's has occurred to me, since I've had no response to my email address for evidence of Rabuka torturing Indians in 1987, that my detractors are fully aware of the ability to trace them and so they've decided not to respond!
    Yes, it will take someone better than a thief and thug to win with me.

  170. MM your a bigger fool then I thought and you insult tge Indians who were victims of the 1987 coup. If you did not know or was not there dont make dumb comments because thousands suffered at the hands of the military in 1987. That is a fact. You look for your evidence and you will find it.

    By the way it would not be crielty to animals becausr you wont stand a chance against a kangaroo mate. Even a wallaby would outbox you.

  171. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  172. @ anon 901 p.m.
    Pot kettle!
    Still you produce no evidence that Indians were tortured or beaten under rabuka and still I ask you or those accusing Rabuka of such atrocities and human rights abuses, to produce it. Failure to do so implies that there were no such incidences under Rabuka's coup d'etat. please provide some evidence at least as I would like to know!
    I'm on the side of Justice for all and that can only be achieved with evidence so instead of fighting me, allow me to convey your evidence, if you have any!
    We can continue to disagree and argue as we go along.

  173. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  174. Hey goat! You keep jumping between Fijileaks and c45 to get attention. Your former school mate had advised the world not to trust you. You conniving liar. Just look for the $1m lawsuit from Princess Renee filed against you. Get ready to flee while you can. The terrains of Afghanistan is a good hiding place. Vanish there to meet the one eyed caveman Mullah Omar to root your ass.....and cry loud like a suffering goat
    Meh! Meh! Meh! Meh! Meh! Meh! Mehhhhhehhhhehhh!

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  175. Anon@3:01pm...K.k.k coup was indeed the first coup in the history of
    Fiji coup and the leader was Bainimarama Great GrandFather David Whippy from Boston USA? The bastard had a concubines of 10 Fijian women and at the time of the coup he had already sired 12 bastards
    kids. yep, its all in the family tree????

  176. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


  177. The people must continue to practice and voice their democratic rights.

    Whatever is illegal can never be accepted as legal. No matter what transpires after, through the false proclamation or judgment of the judicial system, the wrongful amendments of the Constitution to suit the lawbreakers, the introduction of new decrees and laws to protect the corrupt and treasonous lot and vice versa, to use these new laws and decrees as an illegal weaponry to bringing their enemies or dissenting voices to total suppression.


    This word WHOEVER, refers to ALL who have participated over the years in a forceful Coup de Tat against a ruling democratic government.

    Only in Fiji do we see an unjust unrighteous and illegal rule that is being applied through the Courts.

    The main leaders who have conducted coups are roaming about free and enjoying their ill-gotten gains while their accomplices are serving life sentences.


    What is illegal drugs
    What is illegal speed limit
    What is illegal trading
    What is illegal property claim
    What is illegal contract
    What is illegal discrimination
    What is illegal immigration

    If we can understand what the above means, then we might be able to discover that taking over a legal government is ILLEGAL. It can never be just. The people who commit this crime, commit TREASON. They should be serving time in jail and not change laws/constitution in order to have a new ELECTION. THIS IS ALL FARCE.

    The dumbing down of Fijians is very sad because the people have become naive and so trusting -they are easy to win over through constant LIES & PROPAGANDA.


  178. A celebration of ignorance year after year after year after year!

    What is Rabuka trying to prove?

    Why do we even want to lend our ears to what he has to say?

    What is George Speight and others doing in jail while Rabuka and the rest of them (they know who they are ) all are enjoying free time for the great crimes they have committed??

  179. Yes these Government is numbered it wont last long Just watch and see something Will be done , there a sign indication happening that Military is silent about....so it will be on the KNOWS....Waraka namaka ...!! Intelligence in Fiji is weak.

  180. @mark manning 1:38 am

    " Still you produce no evidence that Indians were tortured or beaten under rabuka and still I ask you or those accusing Rabuka of such atrocities and human rights abuses, to produce it." Failure to do so implies that there were no such incidences under Rabuka's coup d'etat."

    Failure to do so could also imply that those with the knowledge of what happened have no intention of passing it on to some cyber bush laywer.

  181. Well, I may have to concede that at least where there is smoke there is fire. Though no evidence has been forthcoming, nothing in my email account at least, I have found a few articles online which "suggest" only, that indeed Indians were beaten, threatened and some women even raped. Their shops looted and robbed etc. but I'm not sure who was responsible!
    Was it under orders from the Military Commander or Rabuka himself.
    I had heard as far back as 2006 that Rabuka actually sent his troops out to rescue the Indians from the mobs, so conflicting information!!
    On George Speight, there are youtube videos depicting a narcissistic thug with no regard for the Law, or it seems, the consequences of breaking those Laws. I have heard he is a changed man having seen the light, but I suspect a leopard never changes its spots.
    Frank is a whole new level of depravity however.
    The solution is Justice for the victims, without fear or favour and abolition of a corrupt and uncontrollable Military.

    1. MM is saying something for everyone to think of. To those barking and mellowing their voice to be heard here ,were you in 1987 in the street's of Suva (bus stand, Suva market, bean carts all the way to the Govt Buildings). The army and police couldn't even control the mobs in the first 4 hours of its starting. Coup was carried out at 10am May 14 1987. By 12noon Fabiano and Vaubula( x heavyweight boxers )were seen in the market mobilizing youths from the Raiwai/Raiwaqa and the Suva districts around 12noon. Bazaar carriers (trucks) from the Highlands came to the city unloading youths between the market and bus stand areas. What started off as smashing shops windows and doors turned out to looting, stealing, kicking, punching and running. This acts of violence was seen in picture clips all over the world. The pictures of the army's brutalities in 1987 that I saw on youtube were the brutal-less figures of them carrying rifles manning checkpoints in the city on that day and days after.
      Brutalities of 1987 were carried out by youths of Fiji who did it blindly because they were encouraged and initiated into it.
      To those blaming everything on the army for the events of 1987...Kua na va ques guess, vakilakila , boi cici...BOCI...ni lako sarava na yalo yalo. Most bloggers here are what I call" deni ua lokaloka" crap of the tide- output of ocean tides. We have the genuine and intelligent bloggers here and those caught up in the middle who at some point find themselves part of the event.
      Anyways as for me, I was at Cummings St on that day up the floors of one of the stores building when a fuel bomb almost landed at my feet scaring the Indos for life who owned the building . I witnessed the fear in those little eyes(the adorable 4 and 6 yr olds). I picked the half burnt kerosene bomb and diffused it and stayed with them for a while to protect them. I left after the mobs went passed us.
      This is different from the 2006 coup where the army had actually brutalised the people.
      And Frank Bainimarama is responsible.
      Ni sa moce.

  182. @11:25

    how come you don't understand.

    itaukeis NEED a ruler, a dictator, a chief, a vunivalu, anything like that.
    They are just like Russians. They need a Putin.

    if you can't think for yourself, you need a strong leader.
    Rabuka gave free hands to Fijians in 1987, when the shit hit the fan, he put back Mara in power.
    Then everything was back to normal.

    as long as Fiji will have a dictator or a vunivalu , there will be no problems.
    Democracy is a foreign flower...

    moce mada

  183. It's been a long time since we talked about the flag issue.

  184. Pass or Fail the Exams in Fiji
    All go up
    Serafina Silaitoga
    Tuesday, September 08, 2015

    THERE will be no student repeating any class up to year 11 even if they have failed their exams, Education Minister Doctor Mahendra Reddy assured.

    And he has encouraged students around the country to believe in themselves and do their best in their final exams this term.

    Reiterating misconceptions that students need to pass exams to proceed to the next class, Dr Reddy said under the Bainimarama Government, the Compulsory Education Policy required every child to proceed to year 12 even if they failed their exams.

    "There is a misconception that students who fail exams will not proceed upwards," he said.

    "Whether the students pass or fail, they will proceed to years eight, nine, 10, 11 and 12.

    "The exams are there to help you know how your child is doing in school and which subject the child needs to spend more time on."

    Dr Reddy said exams were prepared to help the children do better academically.

    "Exams are not prepared to discourage the children or for them to fear about anything," he said.

    "It is also an opportunity for teachers to identify which students need extra help through afternoon classes and which are the weaker students.

    "Exams are there to better the student's performance so under the Bainimarama Government, we ensure that every child will go through the education system up to tertiary level."

    He said even if students failed at Year 12, they could pursue courses with Government's technnical campuses around the country.

    Dr Reddy said most school have completed the curricullum and have started revision work for the exams.

  185. MM enlighten us then... show us proof of the so called artrocities you claim was committed by Frank himself...

  186. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    ::: WARNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :::
    ::: TIME IS RUNNING OUT !!! :::

    December is coming soon.
    There are only a few months left to send your proposal.

  187. Can the Govt please make a market in the half asleep SODELPA leader's village.
    At least this way, all innocent I TAUKIES can sell their produce and pay all collections of cash direct to the leader.





  189. @Anonymous 3:45 PM

    Why does it need a government to build a market?

  190. I don't value accusations without evidence and arguments about people being frightened to pass on evidence for fear of retribution.
    Don't make the accusations if you are not prepared to back them up with proof.
    And start using your real identities if you want to be considered as credible!
    Pot kettle once again, calling me a bush lawyer! and what does that make you?








  193. With all the speeches the half blind minister of education is making, he thinks the government will survive till next election, he is just setting platform for voters, he thinks we are idiots and do not know what his up to. I wonder what happened to basundara case. She has paid price for standing up against him. Unfortunately, she has paid price for supporting Fiji First. You feed snakes, they will bite you sometime.


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