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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Rabuka resigns from SODELPA

Former Fiji PM and first coup leader Sitiveni Rabuka has resigned from SODELPA after revelations emerged that he was sidelined as party leader in favour of Ro Teimumu Kepa.

Apparently Ro Kepa’s application for party leader arrived after the closing date but the then party president Ratu Silivenusi Waqausa accepted it.

The five people who applied for SODELPA party leader - Sitiveni Rabuka, Ratu Meli Saukuru, Tupeni Baba, Ratu Jone Kubuabola and Anare Jale – were then told to withdraw their applications

Rabuka’s resignation has also been attributed to a joint statement by SODELPA President Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu and Ro Kepa.

Rabuka’s letter

Dear Secretary General,

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this letter to you in your capacity as Secretary General of the Party I had wanted to join to further my political service to the people of Fiji and the country I love.

I also find that I have no other alternative but to write to you in regards to the Page 1 article in today’s (Monday 31 August) Fiji Sun newspaper headed ‘Rabuka eyed for SODELPA post?’, and other matters.

I was approached by ‘phone by Hon Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu, who, I believe, was recently elected President of SODELPA, at 1458 hours, Friday 28th August, informing me that there is to be a Special General Meeting of SODELPA at the Epworth Hall on Saturday 5th September 2015. He also informed me that I would be nominated to be Vice President of the Party. He did not inform me that my nomination will require an amendment to the Party Constitution to allow for a third Party Vice President, nor did I know if there are other Vice Presidents of the Party. As you know, I have not been active in any of the Party matters since I was barred from contesting the Elections last year.

To implement this course of action intended at the Special General Meeting would tantamount to ‘tailor-making’ the Constitution of the Party to suit an agenda, namely my inclusion as a Party Official.

If the Party was to do this, then it would weaken its own arguments against the Fiji First Party and Government, whom the Party alleges changed the National Constitution to suit their own individual and group situations and requirements.

You will be aware that I am now not a Financial, or Card – Carrying member of SODELPA. I did not pay my Candidate’s Nomination Fees before the General Elections of 2014 when my application to stand under the Party banner for that General Election was rejected. I contributed to some candidates’ campaign because I thought those candidates would serve the people of my village, Tikina and Province well because they understood the needs of my area of Navatu and Cakaudrove, and I also believed they could contribute constructively to the development of our nation.

You are aware of the circumstances that led to my rejection as a Candidate for Party Leader, as well as a Party Candidate in the 2014 General Elections, as conveyed to me by the then President of the Party, Ratu Silivenusi Waqausa.

I was told that my record as Coup Leader of the 1987 Coup would jeopardize the Party’s chances in the Elections, and the Party Leader and now Leader of the Opposition, Hon Ro Teimumu Kepa, the Party’s Youth Wing and the Party’s Women’s Wing strongly objected to my being Party Leader and also my being a Candidate. Ratu Waqausa also stated, in the presence of a very good friend and comrade in arms during our Army careers, that the Hon Leader of the Opposition, also threatened to resign from the Party, if I was allowed to contest the Elections as a Party candidate.

The final decision, you will recall, was officially conveyed to me by Ratu Waqausa in the presence of one of the members of the Selection Panel, Mr Sekonaia Tui Mailekai, after Mr Laisenia Qarase had excused himself to attend to another pressing business.

I accepted the final decision that was conveyed to me, and expressed my regrets that those members of the Party who opposed my joining the Party and contesting the Elections under the Party banner, had not forgiven me for 1987. I also conveyed my regrets that the Youth and Women’s Wings that champion ‘non-violence’ found it acceptable not to object to my former son in law who brutally beat up my daughter before divorcing her and marrying a woman who became a senior member of the Party’s Women’s Wing and its PR/Media Cell.

I also regretted that the Party did not consider my participation in the corporate leadership of our nation between the years 1992 and 1999, when I was Prime Minister, and particularly my leading the Government Members of Parliament to work in a very cordial manner with the Members of the Opposition, many of whom were victims of the Coup I led in 1987, to reach an unprecedented accord in the promulgation of the all-embracing Constitution Amendment Act of 1997 – the Constitution SODELPA now wishes to champion and bring back into operation.

I do not know if the claim that the Hon Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu had called for the Hon Ro Teimumu Kepa to reconsider her position as Leader of the Opposition after leading SODELPA to an Election defeat in the 2014 Elections, as made in one of the dallies a few days ago is factual or not, but, The Hon Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu made a similar call for me to resign the SVT leadership when he called on me with Hon Ratu Inoke Kubuabola (then a member of SVT), to take personal responsibility for the SVT loss and resign as Party Leader. I accepted their call and resigned which paved the way for Hon Ratu Inoke to become Party Leader and Leader of the Opposition in 1999 until Speight’s Coup of 2000. I eventually resigned from Parliament after I was elected Chairman of the Council of Chiefs because it was a ‘Public Office’ and it contravened the Constitution to be both – a Public Officer and Member of Parliament.

Now that I have been invited to attend the SGM, and accept nomination to be a Party Vice President, although I am not a Financial Member of the Party, I wonder what things have changed:

  • I have not changed – I am still the person who led the military takeover of Parliament and changed the government in 1987. Interestingly, the Hon Leader of the Opposition’s late husband served as Attorney General in the post-Coup Government from 1987 – 1992. Other Party candidates in the 2014 General Elections and Party Officials were under my command in the Army from 1987 to when I resigned in 1991;

  • I am still the person that led SVT to defeat in the 1999 General Elections;

  • Have the Party Youth Wing and the Party Women’s Wing changed their stance on my participating as a member of SODELPA?

  • Has Hon Ro Teimumu Kepa changed her views about my becoming a member of the Party she founded?

These, General Secretary, are some of the issues that SODELPA needs to sort out before getting me involved in Party matters.

Changing the Party rules or its Constitution in order to get me into the Party will not change the views of Party members opposed to my membership of the Party. If anything, it could further divide the Party and erode the support it currently enjoys.

With respect, I feel that the Party should have been on a Consolidation & Growth journey since the end of Elections last year. The Officers and Members of the Party should have been visiting their supporters and growing their numbers within Fiji in order to grow the Party support base and consolidate its support among the constituents. The Party should not risk losing the support of those already in the Party by including someone that some existing members find objectionable.

A final word, Mr. Secretary General, one cannot save a leaking boat by changing the Captain or the Engineer; one must fix the leak (no pun intended).

With the foregoing and if I have not officially done so before, I herewith tender my resignation from SODELPA, and wish you well in your future endeavors.

Yours Sincerely,
SL Rabuka


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Anonymous said...

What are our ministers up to while the country is about to go bankrupt?????Going to functions and having photos taken!!!!Posing as if they have done any good to this country.Hard work isnt it.

Anonymous said...

87 coup had alot of atrocities taken place,the same with 2000 and 2006.Sadly all these articles,documents,investigations had all been stopped,swept under the carpet,taken down,silenced,removed,terminated and ordered to never be open by some assholes who dont want to reveal the truth to the masses.Even some articles dating far back to year 2000 have been taken down on the Fiji times website.The daily post no longer operates and shut down no articles for the public to review and look back.A victim from the 87 coup who won his court case against the military was awarded compensation due to the torture and death threats they did him.Suprise suprise I dont know why the fuckers took that article too when i only red it few years ago.

Anonymous said...

7:29am... The Military was behind the 1987. They used the dockworkers (Fabiano and crew) through Taniela Veitata the Nationalist. The Military did not expect the level of looting and violence played out against the Indians to happen the way it did. They had to step in to curb that violence. The police could not do anything. Later the military realised the dockworkers and Nationalist were way out of hand and took them in and brutally bashed them. Many of them by the year 2000, refused to participate in the 2000 so called Fijian coup against Indians because they knew they had been used by both the Nationalist and Military.

The Military and particularly Rabuka cannot hide from all this. He was the cause of all the widespread violence, rape, murders and brutality and he was the head of the military organisation that meted this violence against the Indians and anyone who stood up against him Fijian or whatever race. He needs to atone himself with his maker before his day of judgement because he cannot blame others for what he did and caused. He brought down many a good family because of his actions and today, we continue to suffer as a consequence of what he did - 1987 coup.

The Military Organisation has and will continue to be used by senior military soldiers wishing to further their career. The same applies to Frank. He was about to be booted out by Qarase and investigations were being undertaken for his involvement in the 2000 coup and the brutal murder of CRW rebels and he carries out the coup. The problem here is that other senior officers like Seruvakula, JB and others knew his intentions but did nothing to stop Frank. They should have stopped him than but fled themselves and today enjoy their lives in other countries. Soldiers like Driti, Mara and others were jailed or fled.

Now the military is run by the Navy who have infiltrated the military, police, prison and every Government department to spy for Frank.

We live in a Government of spies, suspicion and deceit. No matter what anyone says..... the military is behind everything that has happened and continue to happen.

They failed in their duty to protect the nation in 1987, 2000 and 2006. They committed the 1987 and 2006 and supported the 2000 coup. They failed to prevent all these coups from happening despite having the intelligence and awareness of the plots.

Today, they hold the people of Fiji at ransom and their powers are included in the constitution.

Rabuka should be shot dead and so should Frank for what these two men did to the country.

Anonymous said...

10:29am... your right... there has been too many half truths and no truth at all. Rabuka has never really come out and told the truth about the coup. He is a coward and will not do so. The same with 2000 and 2006. The military in their cowardice refuse to take responsibility for their actions and continue to blame the people, Chiefs and Religious leaders saying they were misled - baloney bullshit brainwash.

They have swept everything under the carpet. Rabuka and Frank's get out of jail constitution protected them and protected all the soldiers involved in murders, brutality and what not. Many people suffered in the hands of the military. Even today, the mere threat of being taken to the military camp is enough to make a person scared out of his/ her wits. The brutality of the military and the torture and beatings continue to be talked about and the fear of being taken to the camp. That is why people are afraid of standing up against the military.

Even with the Ra sedition case, the military through the coward Frank, in their stupidity sent 160 armed solders to threaten the general public. It was a way of showing the people that the military was going to go down hard. They carried AK47 and heavy weapons to fight the citizens of Fiji who were - get this - UNARMED. The allegation that the Ra people had weapons has not been proven and will never be proven because there was none. When the military realised it was a wrong move and it sent the wrong message to the Tourism industry and potential foreign investors, what was their dumb excuse made by Qiliho who cant control his nympho maniac of a wife - that the soldiers were driving pass Rakiraki and had stopped to shop.. Yes stopped to shop with their AK47 locked and loaded. Sure Qiliho.... just like Tagicakibau and Mara enjoying your wife when you were away and she shopped for them...dumbass.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

MM your a dickhead...You continue to ask for evidence on this blog site which is a dumb thing to ask for here. You will not get any evidence on this site. What evidence do you have against Frank to prove what you suggest.

Anonymous said...

Just who do we ultimately blame for our actions?

Today we hear that the collapse of a crane that sadly killed many was an act of God.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Ok..Now, cyber spews and insults aside.Let's all be futuristic and strategize on how to get SLR back to be PM so he could finally clean up all the mess he is alleged to have started.

Any changes to the holder of the esteemed position of the Leader of opposition's post in the coming months or changes to the post of CEO in the opposition Office still does not guarantee at all any changes in the Opposition bidding strength in Parliament.

Unfortunately, till National elections 2018 (barring any snap election in Nov '15) this Fiji Parliamentary Opposition MPs will continue to be pushed around from pillar to post by the very constitution they were respectively elected under and of course with the magic wand of the Speaker and her legal gurus in the shadows.

So why not we good boys and girls, stop this playground teasing and bullying and strategize to reinstate SLR, LQ or anyone else we believe could help clean up the mess we're in now?

What?...no mess?? really??

Now,Let's go back and summarise the electoral roll into ethnic, geographical and other demographic segments ...yep; numbers, convenience of the polling stations, the transportation of both voters and polling boxes and officials pre and post elections,hopefully the youth wings are courting new eligible voters, clarifying residential eligibility of members of the Diaspora and reinstating Fijian Citizenship early....opps, sorry Uncle Mic Beddoes must have covered all that...but...but...did not reflect in the speeches by the SODELPA National President and his legal sidekick who recently did their rounds within the Fijian Diaspora communities??

Or...do we desire my tauvu Haji, Pundit, Raja Vice Admiral Ratu Frank Bainimarama CF, MSD, OStJ, continue as Fiji's democratically elected PM throughout the term of his natural life???

A lot of homework boys and girls... a lot of homework!!

mark manning said...

Send me your email addresses so I can send you photos of CRW Soldiers killed in 200 under Frank Bainimarama's orders and you in return, send me proof that Rabuka's Soldiers committed atrocities against Indian Fijians, otherwise, shut your fucking cake holes!
I'm, guessing you were 2 years old or not even born and probably live now if not before, not in Fiji, but India or Canada!
If India is so good, why don't you return there to bring your family up.
You can take the Indian lout of India, but you can't take Calcutta out of the Indian!

Anonymous said...

@ 12:32PM - Mark Manning - Firstly you guessed wrong. I am not a Fiji Indian but an Itaukei.

Secondly you expose yourself as a Racist against Indians and we are sick and tired of idiots like you playing the race card games between Fijians and Indians. You have racial issues in Australia against Aborigines, Africans, Indians and Middle Eastern so why don't you stay put in Australia and deal with your racial issues.

The photos of the CRW killed has been seen by many just as the Rabuka beatings, killing, looting rape was witnessed by many however, you have not provided any proof of Frank's involvement. Photographs is not evidence of a smoking gun. What evidence do you have that Frank ordered their murder. Yes Im sure you have evidence to support that. Don't be a fool MM because you are exposing yourself on this site as nothing but a RACIST DICKHEAD.

Produce evidence that can be proven dumb smuchk

Anonymous said...

According to Manning there was no holocaust, no abroginals were hunted and killed by his white mates and there certainly was such a character as Jesus. Afterall he hasn't seen the proof. Idiot

Anonymous said...

Mark manning , hiding outside of Fiji thats why it is so convenient for him to be on that end and talk like our PM.He has learnt well from bush lawyer bainimarama. Manning, come down to Fiji, and we will personally take you to the villages and famlies who have suffered during Rabukas time. You personally take the pictures and documentary of those victims just so that you dont have any excuse of scrutinizing about legitimacy of the proof. Just come down, its easy to bark like a dog when you are far away and unaware of the reality or maybe you are and are so racist that you have come delusional, or maybe you are just mentally ill.

Anonymous said...

mark manning, you are a sad case, person like you is worse than animals. Its people like you who spread hatred. Do you not know that the reality in Fiji is that there is love and tolerance between teh two races, mixed marriages on the rise like never before, that hatred that you have is not what we have here, that hatred is sowed as seed by politicians and racists like you.

Anonymous said...

Take your meds MM and by the way.. we don't entertain racist bastards making comments on our blog...

We have suffered at the hands of Rabuka and suffering at the hands of Frank and we know and understand what happened in 1987, 2000 and 2006.

We don't need a useless Kai Valagi from Australia who is a NOTHING in his own country to tell us what we already know. You probably work in a factory as a process worker and think your better than us because we treated you well when you were in Fiji... fucking exploiting bastard. You will be found and sought out.

Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate that such people as Mark Manning loiter around sites like this but one option is to ignore them.

Manning seems to want to investigate the affairs of others, from a distance, appears to have little first hand knowledge and seeks information that with a little bit of effort could easily be found elsewhere.

His motives are questionable and possibly there is a sick want to raise doubt in peoples minds with the aim of stirring racial harmony.

I now await his likely dumb retort suggesting I have no credibility because I have not used my name and I should prove what I'm saying and send it to an email address.

Anonymous said...




I DECLARE WAR.......................

Anonymous said...

Rabuka must never be allowed to re-enter the political arena of Fiji. His pension should also be removed.

Why SODELPA or Ratu Naiqama is entertaining the idea of bringing Rabuka into SODELPA is reflective of the vision Naiqama has for SODELPA... it continues to reek of political racial separation and the same old politics of fear - fear of identity/ land etc, ... That was all Naiqama and Niko discussed.

Even Semi Meo believed in this bullcrap which Rabuka started in 1987.

They offered no solution if they took over Government from Frank. They also did not discuss how they intended to work with the various ethnic groups in Fiji to lead Fiji into a Democratic playfield.

Many of us who do not support Frank cannot view SODELPA as a party for all races.

Naiqama and Niko though what they may be spreading is correct...it does not put bread on the table, nor pay for childrens education, nor bring running water or electricity to the villages.

In fact Naiqama should consider resigning and letting credible persons with vision lead the party. If he has half a brain...he would also get rid of Niko


Fiji's economy has recorded a 5.3 per cent increase in growth for 2014.

This was revealed by the President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau during his last official address in parliament this morning.

"Our economy has recorded a 5.3 per cent increase in growth for 2014. We had sustained an unprecedented economic growth rates in excess of 4 per cent for over three years. We must as a nation capitalise on this trajectory."

Ratu Epeli attributed the economic growth to policies and economic reforms.

"There is no doubt my Government's policies and initiatives and economic reforms are paying dividends. But we cannot rest on this. We must take it to the next step. It requires a commitment to this national goal from both sides of this Parliament.

"We no longer can afford to debunk or run down the economy for political expediency or to score political points. Building a strong economy requires confidence building measures by the nation as a whole."

Ratu Epeli said borrowing to build for the future is not a bad thing.

"Many of the great countries that have built their capacity in infrastructure have done so, and some today are doing so, by borrowing to build for the future. Therefore, in talking about the economy and debating about the economy in a responsible manner, we need to remember that borrowing or acquiring debt is not necessarily a negative thing.

"Debt if properly managed is good if you borrow to build for and invest in the future

Anonymous said...

Did SODELPA question the findings of the supposed economic growth and how it was measured. What's the point of being an opposition when they cant pick apart what FF presents. SODELPA Fuck All Party at moment. Too many Chiefs no Indians to do the hard work. Prove your worthy of being voted to represent the people who are not satisfied with FF or get out.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

SODELPA needs to get rid of Naiqama, Niko and others in the party who continue with racial policies and bring in more Indians and other races.

The ideals set by the SDL is now defunct and needs an immediate change.

Unless they do this... the party is doomed to failure and in the next election, we will vote in NFP and Labour.

Alternately, SODELPA should join ranks with NFP and Labour who are fighting the same fight as SODELPA.

Sa rauta na kana buta.

Anonymous said...

SODELPA needs to get rid of Naiqama, Niko and others in the party who continue with racial policies and bring in more Indians and other races.

The ideals set by the SDL is now defunct and needs an immediate change.

Unless they do this... the party is doomed to failure and in the next election, we will vote in NFP and Labour.

Alternately, SODELPA should join ranks with NFP and Labour who are fighting the same fight as SODELPA.

Sa rauta na kana buta.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 5:38
Can you please tell us Naiqama and Niko's "racial" policies.

I haven't heard them saying anything "racial".

Maybe you are just another conman who cant bear losing in the next election. lol.

Unknown said...

Nameless and Faceless of 2:50pm, 4:47 PM, 5:20 PM...apart from your Lordship Haji Pundit Raja Ratu Vice Admiral Bainimarama; who else?...hence, my SLR revolutionary suggestions!

Difference between SLR and FB?..glad you asked...SLR created the 1987 mess he owned up to clean it up until others jumped in and promised all of us they can do better job and kicked SLR out!

FB promised in 2006 to CLEAN UP the mess, others from the Military and Civil society, rightfully so joined him in the promise of clean up campaign.Difference is they forgot to take a sanctified and sanitised bath as they clean, resulting in being immune to the pile of mess and alleged to be mixed in the mess themselves!!

Of course...of course...the Cosmetic Nailatikau perfume and Luveni's magic wand blinds some and gags MPs, glorifying heavy sovereign borrowing as necessity, and the speaker magic wand to gag MPs from quantifying the borrowings and summarise to layman ligo...oh...no...else the populace might know the depth of the sticking mess...no...no..

So we loose, as the FFP perfume factory with chief perfumer Aiyuz continues to bottle more scented debt and mess through experienced perfume salesman, my old mate ND at a local daily.

..and while we're still stunned by the FFP perfume, a snap election is called, may be before Christmas ' 15...and...and... SODELPA is still arguing who's gonna be boss to distribute the next round of public funds to run the NEW opposition office..

May be SODELPA has more than stunned by the FFP perfume, but has swallowed the blooming perfume bottle too. Oh, and my NFP is just tagging along waiting for the Ratus, Ros, Micks and the rest of 'em to make up their mind,,.

.goodness..what the matter with us????...again we say...homework...homework...it is NOT too late!

Or may be best for SLR, JRR, RAC and the rest of 'em to form their own political Party!!

Anonymous said...

5:54pm... All Naiqami and Niko talks about is how the Decrees, Land Bank and Fijian name for all citizens will affect the itaukei people. Naiqama did not even like the term Itaukei and likened it to being Itaukei of a pen or a book or a car which is rather foolish. He is trying to unsettle the mind of a Itaukei.

Look don't get me wrong but SODELPA should be addressing how they intend to run the country, unite the people and address the deficit that will be left by this Government. They should talk about the Military and their role and how they can reduce their role or get rid of the military altogether but no - it was all about how Franks Policies have affected the itaukei. Bloody hell, Frank is a Fijian and the Military are Fijians and 87% of land is Fijian and the Opposition is a Fijian Party and ......What more does SODELPA want...

Keep going the way they are to their own demise. Just saying...

Anonymous said...

Semi your suggestions is a hopeless one. The message must be sent out loud and clear that the citizens of Fiji do not embrace coupist just as Frank is making fun of the SODELPA party. Rabuka may have owned up to it and tried to clean it up but we had to suffer as a consequence of it and we continue to suffer. At least you have fled to another country and can bark from there.

We don't need Rabuka back. He is just as immoral as Frank... Bloody hell between him and Draunidalo, they nearly rooted any half decent looking women that crossed their path.

Find another solution within your NFP party which holds very worthy candidates.

Anonymous said...

President Rt Epeli in his speech today said "

"To know that an idea is better than yours, to know that an action or policy is going to be for the benefit of the country in the long term and to still debunk them, is also intellectual dishonesty...."

HMMMMMM??? he finally grew a spine.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Oh Faceless one of September 14, 2015 at 6:39 PM.

Sir, sooooo tell all of us your solution, please??.

.so how many spoils did you garnish from following SLR and D's alleged path you so aptly described??

Ka da kaya o keda ga...se va'a evei?

Anonymous said...

President is going out of office.
What's next?

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 6:19
The people of Bua feel that they were deceived into giving their land for Bauxite mining. They are worried about the Environmental impact.
They were obviously either NOT REVEALED THE FULL IMPACT OF MINING...OR they were given another CON JOB BY BAINIMARAMA to sign on the dotted line. Heres $5 for every member of the tribe.

In another Province, The people of Namosi have protested and did a Rally and put up placards but BAINIMARAMA COMPLETELY DISREGARDED THEM AND SAID WE ARE GOING TO MINE YOUR PROPERTY.


If they are not doing their job YOU SAY THEY ARE LAZY
If they are doing their job YOU SAY THEY ARE RACIST.

If you don't like them then vote them out in the next election.


If someone took your property by force and slowly MADE A DECREE SAYING YOU CANT HAVE IT BACK....


Would you be happy if Fijians came and took your house by FORCE AND KICK YOU OUT and say WE HAVE A DECREE, SORRY BAIYA?

Of course you wont be happy.


mark manning said...

Sure I have my prejudices, some based on personal experience, so technically, they're not really prejudices are they?
Predominantly though, I fight for Democracy, therefore the right to be racist and the right to have those views challenged.
What do you stand for?
I still haven't seen any evidence of Indians being bashed, tortured or raped during Rabuka's coup in 1987!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Obviously the Al Presidento-Eveli was drunk again during his
speech regarding Bainimarama personal Illegal Constitution and
the mess it has created in Fiji?

Suomynona said...

About time the coup-maker resigned since I believe that he's done more than enough damage for the country. I wouldn't be surprised at Frankie being almost identical and similar to Rambo.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6.19pm...I'm with Naiqama Lalabalavu in opposing the new
name Fijians-i.e Itaukei? Why don,t they called the indegious of
the Indian continent-something similar like Owner?)do the same with
China as (chinka or whatever?)?Who the fuck is Bainimarama to arbitrary
imposed the name Itaukei to us Fijians without our majority consent?
Now we've become a Itaukei first & Fijian second but Khaiyum is Fijian first and indo second-why?.There is no need to change my name
to Itaukei with majority consent of our people!I'm surprise that Kyaihum and other Indo-Fijian leaders that lives through the 1987 coup
have not learned anything from that experiences? Even though no one
was killed, some were hurt but never maimed, lots of indo were scared
& who wouldn't be scared at the sight of such a wild mobs etc,etc?
you better pray that nothing of the sort will ever happen again,cause
if it does today- I'm pretty confident that there will be lots of dead
bodies all over the country? I was very you when it happen in 1987
and I was scared for you but this time around I am matured & am pissed
and I want Bainimarama & Khaiyum to pay for all the problems they've
caused against the native Fijians???

Anonymous said...

The president was supposed to quit with the elections in 2014 according to what the government said then.
How come it took a year is the question.

@6:42 PM
The retirement village industry would be great for Fiji, providing that wages for workers would be good.
The problem is the somewhat "frightening" reputation of Fiji after 4 coups.
There are 2 kinds of investors that will stay clear from an unstable country: the rich ones, and the elderly.

It shows the importance for our country to mature. Keep preparing the 2018 elections, they are around the corner.
It's time to have a new party, a democratic and multi-ethnic one.
To win the next elections, a political party will have to be able to attract those who voted for Bainimarama by fear (that's a lot of Indians) and those who feel disconnected with the rurual world (a lot of the more educated workers) and those kai loma from Solomon background and so on.

It would be better to dissolve SOLDELPA, FLP and NFP as they all fail, just like FF.
We need a new alliance party.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article by the Australian National University: http://ips.cap.anu.edu.au/sites/default/files/SSGM%20IB%202015_42.pdf

Social media should not be used to express opposition to government policy...

Anonymous said...

Dixon Seeto the biggest sycophantic ball licking arse sucking leech to the regime just cannot stop giving praises about their fucked up policies and claimed successes. This chingy asshole lapping parasite is singing praises while workers in the tourism industry are suffering. Fiji is now the most expensive tourist shithole in the asia pacifc region because of the likes of Dixon Seeto.

Anonymous said...

I L█VE TH█ S██P███I█D C██OB█U █L██.
I█ I█ █O B█A███FU█!
I ██PE █T W██L W██!

KUA NI RERE said...

Does anyone know what's happened to the $100million missing from Ministry of Finance?
Why is the Minster obstructing the Auditors from investigating?
That is a crminal act.
Obstructing Police,
Obstructing Justice.
Come on Police Commisioner Groenwold, you useless prick. What the fark are you waiting for.
You should throw the Minister of Finance and the Prime minster in jail for Abuse of Office and stealing Public Money.
Did Mary Bainimarama use this money to buy her house?
What about the little bainimarama piglets? Did they put their hand and steal money from there too.
Police should investigate it and they should be made to pay it all back.

Kaiyum keeps lecturing us about Transparency , meanwhile the mathafaka is STEALING PUBLIC MONEY.
Comme on Groenwold, prosecute these corrupt bastards.
THERE IS NO IMMUNITY AGAINST STEALING, so prosecute these thieves.
Dont deny the people of Fiji the justice due them.
Prosecute Kaiyum and Bainimarama for Obstructing Police and Obstructing Justice.

Anonymous said...


The only way to know where the money has gone is to have a new government.
As long as FF is there, there won't be any transparency.
That's how it works.

So we need a new political party to win the next elections.
The message will be simple and clear: democracy and transparency.

Anonymous said...

"WOMEN around the country have been challenged to venture into farming."

- http://www.fijitimes.com/story.aspx?id=321851

They should have added: "since men are not doing much."

Unknown said...

Anon..September 15, 2015 at 10:17 AM...OMG...PLEASE no more link to any similarity to "Alliance Party" of any form, sound or inkling...please NO!!

But, point taken though! How about each 14 (plus Rotuma) Provincesform their own Political Parties...of course with multi ethnic mix.

Sometimes a multi party coalition Government has more accountability and healthy rivalry than the over lording one party rule with a blooming dictator on the helm.

Just look back at our dictatorial Mara dynasty, Chaudry Dynasty, Qarase Dynasty now Bainimarama/Aiyuz dysentery...opps Dynasty...oh...SLR did NOT have a Dynasty, as the Mara influences was very much rife in the SLR Government. Remember? .. the Mara gang that kicked SLR out after his use by date was up!!

Let the game begin!!

Anonymous said...

I cant believe you liken Mara to a Dictator and refer to Dynasties. You kidding me. Dynasty in Fiji. What Dynasty. Your a joke.

You know very well that Ratu Mara was the greatest leader ever produced from Fiji. He had vision, charisma, intelligence and was highly respected by the various leaders of larger countries. He had the skills to negotiate efficiently and he knew what he wanted when attending any number of summits and he got for Fiji and other Pacific Countries what he demanded.

When did Chaudary or Qarase ever have a dynasty. If you speak dynasty you talking about the Kardasans and those very rich and powerful not people from a little miji island in the South Pacific which most other countries have never heard off and the average salary is $5,500.00 per annum.

Then you accuse Ratu Mara and his gang of kicking Rabuka out. Are you continuing the military propaganda tool or you were so sucked into it you believe it.

Where is the Ratu Mara riches which the military propaganda said he had in 1987 and 2000 and again by you, claiming he had a dynasty.

Rabuka kicked himself out and he surely did not need the help of Ratu Mara to do that.

Chaudary understood the Indians hated Rabuka with a vengeance for what he did in 1987. He realised this when he formed a coalition with SVT in 1994 and the Labour party lost by a landslide.

Your beloved NFP party was the demise of Rabuka. The 1997 Constitution which Jai Ram Reddy was instrumental in its production and NFP coalition with SVT, spelt the doom of NFP.

The Labour party rallied hard and with the help of PANU - got rid of your kai vata and Military Dictator Rabuka.

Now grasp that difference if you have not. Ratu Mara spells DEMOCRACY like never enjoyed in Fiji and by Rabuka, Speight and Franks actions, Fiji will never enjoy for another 100 years.

Rabuka or your SLR is a DICTATOR. Frank is a DICTATOR. Do not confuse yourself.

Anonymous said...

12:21 - domica na kau nei Naiqama... ulu lala. Sa yaco mai na rarama dou se toka ga mai na buto.

Anonymous said...

@10:52 AM
well I get your point, I mean we need a new party, whatever the name, and a party that will be able to draw people from all backgrounds.

one obvious feature of Fiji is unfortunately "division": 300 languages, probably 300 religious denominations, thousands of tribes each one with a very strong sense of identity and until recently about 30 political parties...

I fear that is why we are not moving forward in our fight for democracy and transparency.
We need one single political party in the opposition, and not a sort of religious/tribal kind of party but a real modern party that will be able to run the country in the best interest of everybody.

In my opinion, SODELPA, NFP and FLP all belong to the past.
We need a new party to get Fiji out of the Bainimarama mess.
As soon as Bainimarama is voted out, things will get interesting...

Anonymous said...

Isn't Dixon Seeto the brother of Holland Seeto who was brutally murdered.

Anonymous said...

This is the castle of Bainimarama:

█ █ █ █ █ █ █ █

It is heavily protected.
The walls are high and thick.

How will you get inside?
Dig a tunnel!

Anonymous said...

@11:24 AM


"Dixon Seeto, the elder brother of Holland in his eulogy explained how the family was still coming to terms with the untimely and cruel passing of a father, loved dearly by his children, wife and family."

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama will get voted out in 2018. The same thing that happened to Rabuka will happen to him. Rabuka returned Fiji to Democracy and went into election in 1994 and created the constitution in 1997 and the people of Fiji voted him out in 1999.

Frank created his and Khaiyums constitution, returned Fiji to Democracy and in 2018... He will be buried.

Anonymous said...

@12:02 PM
He will be voted out if there is a better party to vote for...
A Christian State party wont do.
An Indian party wont do.

Here we are now.

Anonymous said...

Sir sonalevu ratu Epeli volitaki viti yalo wai. O iko kei bainisona drau rawata na nomudrau bula ena vuku ga ni Bose levu vaka turaga. Iko bai ni sonalevu o sotia rawa kina, iko sir Epeli sonalevu rawa tu kina nomu bula. Drau vakarau taki kemudrau ga na vuku ni veika na caka vei kemudrau. Bainisona qarauni ira tiko na luvemu yalewa, iko peresitedi, o sa vaka malutaka tu ga ni dua tale e dau draiva Niko lako tu..

Anonymous said...

█ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █
e dodonu me da solia na noda nanuma, baleta ni lewe levu e ra sega ni duavata na 23 na kuila ka sa tabaki oti tiko mai vei keda.

raica mada na itaba qo: https://www.facebook.com/A-New-Flag-for-Fiji-1117120371648599/timeline/?ref=ts
au taleitaka na kuila nei Cakobau.
█ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █

Anonymous said...

Agreed, with all the jobs going to bainamaramas family and all the Muslims, the rest of us have to look for fertile land otherwise we will die hungry.

Anonymous said...

FICAC should have started the investigation on the 100 million long time ago. But as someone here has mentioned, its role is compromised,its possible that they are carrying the documents because Khaiyum is afraid the information is been leaked and the records will be taken to FICAC and will be kept under high security to prevent leaking of information.

FICAC is no longer independent I have no doubt about it. It is working under the instructions of baini and khaiyum and is partners in covering their frauds. This is my thought but I ma sure I am 100% correct.

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