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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Complaint lodged against Khaiyum

Opposition Leader, Ro Teimumu Kepa, has lodged a complaint against Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum for allegedly making a false declaration of his assets in the lead up to last year's election.

Ro Teimumu says in his declaration dated February 24th 2015, Khaiyum stated the value of his Lot 13 DP 9206, CT 37186 at $80,000.

"However on August 29th 2006, a certified true copy of Transfer No 593802, shows that Khaiyum’s company Midlife Investments paid Faiyaz Koya, Sahim Arif Khan, Mohammed Altaf and Anwar Hussein the sum of $100,000 for the Lot.

"Hon Sayed-Khaiyum not only has to answer for the value discrepancy between $80,000 and $100,000. He appears to have also overlooked the fact that on November 17th 2010, Lot 12 right next to his own Lot, was sold by Mr Siddiq Faizal Koya through Transfer Certificate No 738461 for $170,000. The respective size of both Lots is the same, 1099 sq meters," Ro Teimumu said.

She says the discrepancy in the value must be viewed against the Provisions of the Political Parties Decree , specifically Sec 24 (1), (2) (a) (i) and then Sec 24 (3).

Ro Teimumu said Khaiyum is known for taking speedy action against people he wanted prosecuted 
including some Members of the Opposition. 

She said it is obvious he deliberately delays cases that impact negatively on him or the government, like the police complaint made by former Fiji TV executive  Tanya Waqanika against him.

Khaiyum has also still not provided the public with the relevant details of acquittals on how $100 million of public money was a spent. 

Nor has he or the Prime Minister disclosed to the Public Accounts Committee details of payment of Ministerial salaries through the private accounting firm of Nur Bano Ali.


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Suomynona said...

Looks like Ayarse is trying to save his arse again like he always does, even if it means suing people who might rat him out or be a threat to him.

There's no way you could hide the truth about the amount of bucks you've been making AK-47, it always has a way of coming out into light and exposure to the fraudulent incompetent minister that you are who can't even hold his "hats" together as the AG, finance, tourism, etc.

That arsehole clearly has nothing to hide from the public about the mounting debt and misuse of funds if any.

The truth clearly comes out eventually anyways, vinaka vakalevu RTK.

Anonymous said...

Kepa really needs to choose her advisor's more carefully to limit the way she is making a laughing stock of SODELPA.

Whilst the 20K difference is in question the value of some adjacent plot is irrelevant.

The whole idea of declaring assets is so that it can be monitored if you suddenly start spending or owning more than what you have earned in a period.

Everyone knows land will go up and down in price just like gold or oil.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to find out that the Fiji First Party has commissioned a Tebutt Research project in the West.
I understand that the project is likely to last for 7 weeks and covers Sigatoka through to RakiRaki.
Numerous interview staff are involved and the whole project will be costly as staff from Suva are full time engaged. I hope that Tax payers money is not being used by a political party in this regard.
Can someone investigate ???

Anonymous said...

Anon@9.53PM. Take out Aiyarse's testicle out of your mouth and think you cocksucker. Your testicle donor Aiyarse is hiding something that he shouldn't. Now suck his other testicle.

Anonymous said...

At anon 9.53.
Another khaiyum fuck head. Had enough of such arguments. So what do you say of the missing one million. They say lies eventually catches up on a person one day. Let's not waste our energy on khaiyum. Feed him to the prisoners.

Anonymous said...

We have looked for a proper sight to air our grivience silently for fear of intimidation and repercussions from the still regime government.
The unions stand for ILO intervention is warranted.
Many workers rights have been abused and violated recorded and many unrecorded as fijians dont like confrontation and the cost of lawyers.
Regulators such as police, customs, biosecurity , and govt departments are all filled with khaiyums people.
Check with the unions on cases of unfair dismissal.
The stories of unfair dismissal on families who have lost homes, families, and the untold stories will unfold when ILO comes in. Even Labor is controlled by khaiyum just like he controls ficac and psc.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:08 and 9:06 AM

You are now both acting like Kepa.

Anonymous said...

I recently attended a function and spoke with parliamentarian Rosy Akbar candidly.
She told me that she does not agree with many of the governments actions, but because of some very powerful individuals e.g. PM and AG she feels she cannot speak out but continue to tow the govt line.
One day she says the truth will come out.

Anonymous said...

anon 1015
butthead - then why does rosy give her beautiful smiles and dress in the papers everyday more than any other person in Fiji?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:15 AM

Gee, we are getting desperate now if all we can come up with to put this government down is some alleged worthless hearsay.

Even Fijileaks is running out of ideas and any supportive following.

It's really laughable.

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked at those supporting Khaiyum here for his false declaration. Anon 9.53..the idiocracy at the most. ."just like oil and gold" ulukau! gold and oil are commodities and subjected to economic turbulence. Land appreciates in value.
This is blatant LIE on the part of Kaiyum. If Koya had sold his land(exactly the same size as Kaiyums property) for 170k then the 80k declared value is a BULL. good Ro Kepa ...you're doing the right thing! !
Bring this liar to the fore. Expose the thief.
Now who has the balls to bring Kaiyum to face the music?
I'm asking these institutions.. .election office, the irs, ficac .the military, police and judiciary..

Anonymous said...

" one day the truth will come out" of course in the fast coming coup.....she's putting dynamite in her own words.

Anonymous said...

The problem with the people of Fiji today and particularly the Fijian people is that they realise one thing. The Chiefs are worthless self centred egoistical biggots. I must add here that not all the Chiefs are this way inclined but you must also understand the different Chiefly tier system.

Fijians are very proud of their traditional system. The Chiefs have always ensued that they remember these traditional systems. Chiefs like Ratu Mara, Ratu Penaia, Ratu George Cakobau and many more Chiefs who have enjoyed a public life.

These Chiefs were also schooled on how to behave like Chiefs. Where they have failed is to teach their children how to behave.

Todays SODELPA party continue to have Chiefs within the party. Nothing wrong with that but it is quite clear that persons such as Naiqama, continue to want to relieve the days of old, which the people of Fiji are slowly and surely relinguishing. Well not entirely because Fijians are traditionalist and tradition is important. It is the importance Chiefs feel about themselves and how their ancestor fought led bled and died for their people was of significant importance.

What this points too is leadership. These Chiefs forefathers had leadership.

The Chiefs of tody lack leadership. I doubt if Fiji was at war, that anyone would want to fight alongside their Chief because the Chief would be a liability and cause many deaths.

People will follow only those who are brave, tenacious, have resolve, passion belief and hungry to achieve.

Chiefs today are only hungry for what they can get from their people and their people are sick of it.

SODELPA needs to realise these things rather then continuously push the Chiefly agenda, vanua agenda. These things are important but in a scale of a family living in the main land whose needs and wants have changed from that of a villager, this is becoming an expensive lifestyle affecting the survival of their families.

Chiefs need to be in the zone, be well educated, understand the social changes and impact upon their villages and people.

Unless SODELPA want to still be around in 2008, get rid of most of the useless idiots in the party.

FFP has many more idiots and hangers on in their party including the now President but these people chose to side with the devil. Though many of them see the problems with the Frank and Khaiyum rule, they prefer not to hear nor speak.

What this has led to is what I have said before - Fiji is one hell of a dumb country with dumb leaders resulting in dumb followers and dumb people.

You know dumb means you cant speak and literally being dumb, the people of Fiji have allowed Frank and the military and Khaiyum to rape them and they silently let things go on.

That is how DUMB people in Fiji are today.

Well who would protest against the military or Frank. The men from Ra did nothing and it is quite evident with the recent ruling in court and neither the military nor police will find any shred of evidence against these men. What the military and in particular Frank is doing here, is telling the people of Ra, qarauna de dou lau vutu... in doing so, the military and Frank sends the same message around the world.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:41 PM

"" I'm shocked ""

It's really not surprising when you lack brain function and confuse the difference between someone pointing out the obvious with that of someone supporting something.

You really need to come up with something of substance rather than the same old regurgitated hate game.

Anonymous said...

Funny reading the Fiji Sun and Frank the dumb ass PM seems to think that he has united the Fijian and Indians in Australia.

Far from it Franky... The impact of all these military coups and division have always kept Fijians and Indians apart. Even overseas Fijians do not unite. How many times have you heard a Fijian deported because another Fijian reported on them.

Indians have always organised and celebrated their own Fiji Day separately from other Fijians in Sydney. Fijians in Sydney themselves have two or three other Fiji Day celebrations splitting from the main group.

This Fiji Day organisation in Sydney should be a Non Profit Organisation. What they do should not be for profit.

Over the past 30 years, Fijians organising the Fiji Day have always been accused of stealing. In 2014, the main Fiji Day organised in Lidcombe had organised a sevens tournament with a winning prize of $20,000.00. A number of teams from Fiji attended and one of these teams won but sadly they did not receive their prize.

What became evident is that the organisers were not able to raise sufficient funds and or had used the funds inappropriately resulting in the sevens team winner not receiving any prize money at all. Very sad when one considers the Fijians coming from Fiji to try and make some money and many of them were supported by their villagers and families just to get to Sydney.

What this has resulted in is the two combining. The Fiji Day Organisers one of whom surprisingly is Waqatairewa and not Peter but his younger brother, accepting an offer by the Indian branch in Liverpool to run the two together.

Frank had nothing to do with it the BAKU. The Indians wanted to make themselves look good like they always do and one of these BOCI organised a day with the mayor walking around Liverpool.

If any of you have ever lived in Liverpool, this place is the dumps. From Liverpool backing up to Cabramatta is high unemployment, drug problems, crime and everything rotten. Fiji Indians and Indians from India live in droves in all these areas including Blacktown, which was for the Aboriginal people hence the name Blacktown. Sheer stupidity that Franky the BAKU allowed an Indian to influence and make him meet with the Mayor of Liverpool. The only one who gained was the Indian who organised it.

An Indian who was upset about the whole thing because he supported Frank said, Frank is such a dumb ass idiot that he let one of these Indians hood wink him to meet the mayor of Liverpool and walk around Liverpool like its special. Nothing special about Liverpool. Frank was lucky no one robbed him. I guess they saw him in his sulu and thought he might be a drag queen.

This is the truth though, Frank did not unite the people. The circumstances because of inept Fiji Day organisers who steal and are corrupt just like Frank, allowed them to shake the hand of the devil and dance with him.

Viva le Freedom... Long Live Revolutionaries.

Stop being Lazy and Dumb Fijians, fight against Tyranny.

Anonymous said...

Ro Temumu complaints should be followed with protest. Get all your lazy good for nothing MP out there to rally the people and protest against the Government and lack of action against Khaiyum.

They must lead from the front and get arrested or bashed or threatened by the military.

Too much talk with these people. Get out there and show the people your courage and that you believe in what you stand for and that is why you are up there... useless biggots

Anonymous said...

Fijians call themselves silent protesters but really they are just allowing Frank to root them up the arse and silently saying.... woilei e mosi...

If Hindoos were the opposition... they will be screaming - rape, butako chor...

Indians were always looked upon by Fijians as weak. Indians are far from it. They have the resolve to fight long and hard but Fijians... like Chaudary said when Fijians at ATS protested . Given them one month and by the 3rd week they will be back at work. He said if they were Indians, they can go without work for one year but survive because Indians are tenacious.

Fijians...when the stomache is empty - sona ga na ka taucoko.

For people who like to boast they are warriors, the silent oilei e mosi is not good enough.

Hopefully the future Fijian generation will be learning today that tyranny and dumb ass leaders like Frank is bad for the country. Funny the Vanuaatu PM used Frank as an excuse for his pardoning himself and 13 others.

Anonymous said...

2 .18pm
the overwhelming evidence speaks for itself and I support the quick action be taken against the AG
Your classification of gold, oil and land is a sign of someone who thinks with his mouth. Land is not a commodity like the other 2. While values of gold and oil fluctuates in the market, land value stagnate and appreciate not drop as you mentioned.
now I'm pointing out the obvious lack in your brain and your support of the fraud declaration by your luv-kaiyum.

Anonymous said...

@ 3:00pm... It is a dumb thing to do to depend on this dumb Government with its dumb PM who has relied on this smart boy Khaiyum to pull the dumb PM and the military out of a difficult situation, hence the constitution and elections of 2014.

Do you really think this dumb PM will take action against Khaiyum. You really think the PM gives two hoots about Ro Temumu Kepa. She has a bigger problem in her hands and should step down from public figure after the allegation of porn making and the rape of a 15 year old girl by her son.

There is no moral nor integrity in Fiji's politics.

Khaiyum will show Ro Temumu the finger because Frank is there to protect him.

This allegation will go on and other things will creep up and the opposition as ridiculous as they are, will have no fire power to counter Khaiyum.

Dumb PM, Dumb supporters, Dumb President leads to a Dumb Country with Dumb People.

This is precisely how Frank wants the people of Fiji to be--- Dumb

So now we have Dumb and Dumber.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:00 PM

You are obviously someone that has not speculated with land.

Now think about this moron,

You can own a block and someone wants to buy it to put a hotel on, value rockets UP !

You can own a block and it gets an informal settlement built adjacent to it, value plummets down !

But the reality is that it makes absolutely no difference what you paid for it or what it is worth with respect to declaring assets in this situation. They had to be declared so that the public can monitor ongoing unexplained purchased or owned assets that could have been gotten illegally.

As for the 20K discrepancy it's peanuts and possibly an error, but ask yourself why anyone would deliberately do it?

He could have recorded it was worth $1,000,000.00 or $60,000.00 it would have made absolutely no difference.

Too many people clutching at straws in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Today in the Fiji Times there is an article about a lot of people not declaring their income/assets properly.
Millions sitting in bank accounts undeclared... nothing surprising.

I never believed Khaiyum's declaration for last year's elections... who did actually? If you look at the assets he declared and the income he is declaring from his job, there is a huge mismatch... for sure the ratio income/assets would be much smaller!!! he is hinding money and assets in many tortuous ways... for example, his mum bought properties in Naisoso and no money changed hands... and also Khaiyum declared only a few dollars in a bank account... what?!? Hitler said a lie must be really big for people to believe it, but when the lie is really tooooooo big, it doesn't work. He must have hidden a lot of cash overseas "just in case"...

I have myself seen a first case corruption (abuse of office) involving Bainimarama and one of his wife's relative. i can't say anything for obvious reasons, but the day the fat man will falI, I will speak. Mr Clean-up Campaign needs a good bath...

Anonymous said...

@ 3:54pm, For a nobody like you it would make no obvious difference but as the law requires, for anyone in public office it is required that they declare their assets and its true value.

Your right in the sense that the neighbouring property may have been sold for $170,000 but that does not necessarily mean the true value of all the surrounding land is the same.

Obviously a qualified valuer will put a value to the land and there are a number of variables that will determine this.

One of the variables is the value of other land of a similar size and scale sold and the date it was sold.

It is not clutching at straws but with dumb ass idiots like you, it is obvious you are like the person saying here... are really too dumb to bother and you have resigned to Frank and Khaiyum and the military rooting you up in the arse and just saying - oilei e mosi...

Stop your bullshit because Frank is dumb, your president is dumb, the military are the dumbest and the people of Fiji who support the Military and Frank are on the same playing field.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Mr Anonymous @ 4:00 PM is going to tell us where within the POLITICAL PARTIES (REGISTRATION, CONDUCT, FUNDING AND DISCLOSURES) DECREE 2013 (DECREE NO. 4 OF 2013) it states that the value or assumed value of assets is a requirement?

Or is Mr 4:00 PM just another one of these bush lawyers?

Anonymous said...

Well Mr ANONYMOUS 4:18pm... you are the epitome of a dickhead. A dickhead is one who sees something but denies its there. You mention the decree but you don't see the legality in the decree itself....Remember... your lover Khaiyum had created this decree.

I assume that you have read section 24 (1) (a)(b)(I) and 24(2)(a)(b)(I)
Part 3 requires that the information is accompanied by a statutory declaration - which is a sworn statement that the information provided is true.

Part 5 states: "Any person who fails to comply with the requirements of subsections (1) or (2), or provides any information
that is false, commits an offence and shall be liable upon conviction to a fine not exceeding $50,000 or to a term of
imprisonment not exceeding 10 years or to both."

Now Mr dumbass Dick head ANOMITY - hope you have learnt something today...

The problem with being so DUMB and this relates to the supporters of Frank, Khaiyum and the Military, is that you guys are so DUMB that you will accept anything these people tell you without you properly doing your own research. Grow some brain cells and some balls and when you see something be critical and challenge it. Stop this IO SAKA YES SIR IO SAKA SIR mentality. You guys are pathetic and Fiji is PATHETICALLY DUMB for following a military leader who does not expect anything else but that attitude....Bush Lawyer my ass... All you need is a few little brain cells which is interested in the truth to research and confirm what you already dumbly know but deny because your mouth is full of Khaiyum, Frank and the Military's balls.

Anonymous said...

The same sob. Where do you stand? Your downplaying the discrepancy of $20,000 as peanuts, erroneous and may not be deliberate. Well that's the substance of our conversation. Youre taking us on a wild goose hunt. To the point.The case is the $80,000 which the AG and legal custodian of law in Fiji had declared and signed true and correct value of the property. Why didn't he declared the selling amount?. Kaiyum is to be held accountable for making false declaration . Period.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:18 PM

So you could not answer a straightforward question then?

Perhaps that's why you attempt to deflect it by now mentioning the legality of the decree. There's no hope really.

Yes, I have read the decree very carefully, unlike others I suspect that are jumping up and down like you shouting 'we have got him'.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:30 PM

Taking you on a wild goose hunt?

No, you are the one that's doing that.

Just where did he sign a declaration to say "it's a true and correct value of the property"?

Anonymous said...

@ 4:18pm - the key word in subsection (b) (I) is 'total' - subsection (ii) reads total income

There is no definition provided of total - however if one reads subsection (b) (ii) the meaning of total is construed to mean the total value.

This is however a legal argument and there is no precedent to follow is there....

The question I raise is whether PM and Khaiyum have declared their income in Fiji and abroad. That definitely needs to be audited and if they are lying, are liable under this Decree

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:50 PM

"Total Income" ?

Now, when I was at school 'income' was your earnings, and as far as I know it still is.

Income is somewhat different to a bit of land you purchased and is sat there doing nothing, unless he's got someone camping on it and paying him rent that he has not declared !

VITI VOU said...

Fijian leaders are above the Law...no doubt the country is so confused and manipulated. Let's wait for the day when citizens come to there senses as to what it really means to uphold the law of the land. You can't support a thug and expect an acceptable outcome. As of now, Fiji is in the brink of collapse.It is of little value talking about this government, which has forced itself and rigged its way into leadership. Every citizen need to do some serious soul searching. Fiji has become a melting pot of thuggery. Thuggery is now a norm that we have chosen to live with it, rather than combat it. Fiji will continue to be ruled by the gun unless we have the audacity to start a revolution

Anonymous said...

The question that should be asked is why is it that after all this info has been public knowledge for so long has the SODELPA leader suddenly decided to try and make something of it to get at ASK?

Me thinks someone has taken the bait, hook, line and sinker !

Anonymous said...

Fk twad...I don't know what school you went to...but 'income' is monies coming in. He sold a piece of land, so he had money coming in. INCOME! You fking nincom...

Anonymous said...

Finaaaaly...the you - tube sodomizers will have their day in court. Took a while, but their day is finally here. The rest of you masipolos...waraka, namaka.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:45 PM


Anonymous said...

@ 7:45 PM

Please tell us what information you have that's different to what's been made available.

This could be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Lets hope 7:45s mother never sends him shopping. Hes not learnt the difference between buying and selling yet.

Anonymous said...

it's already the 21st.
In 2 months time, the end of the year and the flag competition.
where will Fiji be then?

Anonymous said...

Anon@ 5:15pm...Vili Raikoro you're just as nasty as ever, now take
that bar of soap I sent you yesterday go and washed your mouth!!!Oh,
by the way while at it, you should really check-out your Tampon and
you really should change it as well????

Anonymous said...

But what topic?

Anonymous said...

7.45pm..yes money coming in $ 80,000 which he falsely declared , what about the $100,000 from the sale of the $80,000 property? That's true income.
Perhaps Vili R or whoever you're, the question is which of the 2 amounts is real income? He should come clean with that. While this case is an easy one it won't take long to solve it because the evidence is available ..the next question is how long will this case be dragging?

kutusebe said...

Dear Editor,
Anon a@2.44 is very perceptive.
Too many farking bush lawyers arguing when really there is no case to answer.
And where is that idiot who keeps threatening Renee Lal?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:26 AM

Who sold what?

Anonymous said...

12 33. Sonalevu! Selling your arse..
Kaiyum sold your arse for $80.00 which he declared after whacking you the other night but was caught with $100 instead. Is that logic. where's the $20?? .futuki Koya.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't take long does it.

Anonymous said...

SODELPA is a quite stupid and they really need to get their act together. As an opposition they are ineffective and each seems to be pursuing their own personal agenda. Minus and losing confidence. We need confident and inspiring opposition.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately that's what happens when you have a party leader who's interest in the political situation and furtherance of Fiji is so blinkered and limited.

What is so disappointing is that the taxpayers are paying for nothing other than a personal vendetta with the sole purpose of raising one persons failing ego.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the current status cor in this country it is obvious that the opposition parties will not be able to tackle FF on their own. The people of this country are too dumb to get past the freebies and spin doctors that use the controlled media to weave their lies and propaganda. The oppositios parties need to except this fact first.
The only way to beat FF is this. Dissolve all sizable opposition parties i.e. SODELPA,NFP,LABOR. Unite under a new name like United Democratic Party of Fiji or something like that. Get rid of all the old timers who use emotion and nonsensical arguments. Bring in new blood from all races in Fiji with one I-taukei leader (must be young non racist and educated with Charisma) and a Indian deputy leader with the same criteria and a host of similar members of all races. Keep few old timers who are less controversial for advice and political know how only as party members. Start campaigning now using social media, and locality visits. Draw up a clear party manifesto and use logic and reason to derail FF's policies while highlighting the new parties counter idea's. Never talk about race or religion instead focus all races and all people they meet on a united prosperous Fiji.

This is the only way FF will be defeated i may be wrong but i think this is the only way.


Anonymous said...

But that is exactly the advice given by many before the last election !

The problems easier, new leadership in SODELPA now based upon someone the supporters respect for other reasons than what they were born into.

That way the party will start getting support behind it. The majority of Fijians are not so gullible as some think and this tiresome vendetta is not going to make their lives better.

Anonymous said...

Ro Temumu Kepa may be a good party leader but it is obvious the likes of Naiqama and a few others in the party are influencing the party direction.

Temumu seems to understand that Fijians today are drawing away from the political propaganda of land and identity threats and Chiefs. It has no substance anymore because those that claim to champion the Fijians in 1987 and 2000 did nothing to secure and protect Fijians in these areas.

The real and pressing issues is employment, opportunities, education, health, infrastructure etc.

I have never heard SODELPA discuss these issues and what they can do improve these issues. The little I have heard does not tell me much.

Unfortunate but SODELPA and its Chiefly members are long gone. They live in an era where their fathers may have been respected but they have lost the respect for their lack of leadership and quality.

There is so much that the FF are doing to Fiji that can be attacked. SODELPA must be courageous and fight hard and positively for the people to see that they are fighting for the people. Like Mandela said, if it means that he loses his freedom for the nation to prosper, so be it.

Many of these idiots in SODELPA are no different to the way the SVT sunk.

When Qarase took over power, they were adamant of getting rid of Rabuka so they set up the SDL party. When asked why set up another party, it was obvious many who were instrumental in the SDL party were there for their own personal agenda.

These people must understand that we are more educated than what Fijians were in 1987. People are not stupid... well with the exception of a few including Frank Bainimarama and the military who stood behind him.

Anonymous said...

At least we have some sensible and constructive conversation in here! Kudos @ Alibaba; @Anon 3.17/3.45pm!

A thought for better Fiji. said...

Ali Baba's proposal is very good. Form another party with a young charismatic Fijian leader. FLP, SODELPA and NFP should dissolve and join this party. Policies should be based on lifting the standard of living of all races. It should be a multiracial party. This way we can fight FF and win the next election. I don't mind Biman Prasad as the deputy leader. Time to thing guys.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it rests with the Fijian people because 47% of Fijians voted SODELPA. That is where majority of the votes sit.

The other unfortunate thing is that SODELPA members - most of them are dinosaurs with the exception of a few. Their views of things still remain in the area in which Naiqama is going around with Niko Nawaikula and championing Indigenous Rights. Nothing wrong with that but they are trying to tell the world that an Indigenous Fijian has removed their rights....Duh - they don't get that it does not make any sense at all....

Their best bet is to join forces with Frank - extend the olive branch. Work out a resolution. The way they moving there is no hope.

Labour Party, NFP and other small party's will need to re-think their strategy. Have they lost touch with Indian people. Are the Indians comfortable with Frank and Khaiyum?

It appears that most Indians are...

Anonymous said...

Let's take a minute to reflect on the lyrics of our beautiful national anthem before posting crap.

The problem with the main Opposition is that it is based on ethnicity. The Opposition has to become multicultural, otherwise how can a party pretend to govern a multiethnic country? How can a party turn its back on so many voters?

Wake up Opposition, you need to grow up... We need a new party for sure.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Anon 3.17 Yes that was what the parties tried to do before the election. The difference is that they all said we will form a coalition after the election. You see politics at the end of the day is a game, particularly during election time. It involves human psychology and careful attention to detail. When voting people prefer less choices. When the game is between 2 groups or 2 persons it is easier for people to choose and make up their minds. FF used a classic Qorvis run American style campaign focused on 1 person Frank and they won. The opposition had to many choices and was to fragmented. If you notice the election media coverage the FF party was focused only on highlighting Frank wheres the opposition had too many people to focus on in so far as the media is concerned. They all had strong personalities Felix, Chaudhary, Biman, and Kepa. This derails the process and people will vote for who ever is consistent and repeats the same message over and over again. What happens is simple this was a favorite trick of Hitlers which the Media world and PR planners use to this day and it is simple, keep saying the same thing all the time and do not confuse people. Eventually people will believe what ever crap you tell them. Even the smartest people when confused will vote for who they sort of identify with not because they know them but because they see them saying the same bull every day and get comfortable. Point is the choice should be simple Frank or someone else not a host of other folks. This voting system is designed by ASK and his advisers to do just this and we wont beat him unless we use the same technique against him.

I am a personal friend of Biman and advised him a great deal before the election most of which was unheeded. I respect him and consider him a friend but run a party as a deputy and fight ASK no. None of the current folks stand a chance. You see ASK has the gift of the gab and the power of government inside information. The opposition is no longer in touch with the modern i-taukei nor the modern Indian. The world is changing. People with a brain and access to the world via the internet don't buy the "Indians will steal your land" crap. Who ever takes charge of the new party needs to be able to fight ASK with specifics. For example NFP keeps saying the cost of living has gone up. Yes it has that is true. In fact it is up by about 80% on some items but they have not been able to articulate with enough clarity what the FF government has done since 2006 to enable this 80% increase to happen. Their are countless examples of how ASK can be shut up but the current bunch in opposition are still harping on about things that happened 100 years ago and the legacy of the chiefs etc.

If one just takes the time to look around you see people of all races and faiths playing, talking, laughing, mating and just enjoying each others company. Race and faith is slowly flying out the window. I am half kaindia half kaiviti born into the Muslim faith (but no longer practice the religion complete apostate). My best friends are from all races. My son is married to a part kaiviti girl and i have 2 grandchildren who are the future of Fiji in that you cannot classify them by race anymore. This is the future of Fiji and most right thinking Fijians can see this. Those who cant can be brought to the light. How many of you from other faiths and race went to someone you know to celebrate Eid this year and how many are eagerly waiting to join your Hindu friends for Diwali. I bet a lot. My point is the world is getting smaller let alone Fiji.The demarcations of race,color and creed is dying. We are humans beings with similar needs. We want love and to be loved back. We want a caring, free society which is built on consensus and democratic values. It does not matter who you are these are values most of us want and we need to get rid of FF as the first step in this direction.

Is anyone from the opposition listening.


Anonymous said...

Yes me.

Alibaba can you please email me???????

Anonymous said...

Mehhhhhhhh! Mehhhhhhhhh! Mehhhhhhhh!


Signed. .BJ

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Franky Boy has got no way out of power. The day he is not elected, he is in deep trouble. He is the Fijian Hugo Chavez. Only death can triumph of him. He is never gonna quit power. Never.

Anonymous said...

Alibaba eh? Forget it, we aint falling for your tricks-so you can
piss-off right back to Africa or Kuwait, we're doing just fine in
here small islands?

Anonymous said...

The Tokelau shipping company chairman is Laisenia Qarase? Anyone
know if this is the former Fiji Prime Minister?Interesting!

Anonymous said...

I just read news on teachers being implicated on having alcohol during staff social.What kind of justice is this, why cant teachers have grog and alcohol on school premises after school when they are having social. Which law prohibits them. The teachers should take the minister of education to court. The MAD MAN has serious mental issues.Every single school has staff social and its social event so drinking is normal. Whats the issue here.EIther our PM or Khaiyum should come to the the rescue of these people as they have won the election thru their support and this minister has totally crossed his boundary this time.

Anonymous said...

Correct. The Education Minister has gone mad. Mad with power. He should be investigate for abuse of office in appointing relatives, in promoting people on basis of political allegiances, of demoting people who he thinks didnt vote for him, or announcing policy changes without following procedures, etc. Failure to haul him now will see unmeasurable destruction to Fiji's education system.

Anonymous said...

Mahendra Reddy is a cock eyed bitch. Their is an old Indian saying which basically translates to "never trust a men who is cock eyed"


Dr Bigcock said...

If Mahendra Reddy is cock-eyed, does that mean that he has only one eye? A cock (penis) has only one eye.

Anonymous said...

This idiot man mahendra reddy is no limits , shows no mercy on any individual who dares to oppose him, its time for prime minister or khaiyum to coem in and intervene before its too late, dont do nice things when next election is near, damage will already be done, do it right NOW!This situation needs immediate attention, also, also the SMAF issue, they have been legitimately been chosen by bainimaramas gov reps, who the hell is mahendra reddy to snub them, it is very clear that SMAF was more than happy to be engaged and support him but he turns out to be a bastard. Forms another govt management association, bull shit. No one will buy his bullshit. The PM and AG should intervene or else trying to coax people during election will be too late, people want to see a transparent govt which is pro its people, which is supportive and caters for the need of people.Wake up khaiyum, vote ridging will not help you guys in the next election...just do what is right and what is fair!

Anonymous said...

Dr Mahendra Reddy has 2 eyes. Why making such a big deal . He is a rare species and that's why his second eye is dangling between his balls.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the teachers who don't like change are busy here.

Anonymous said...

@3:45 AM
"here in the islands"??? at 3:45 AM? mmm Island of America you mean?
It is not too difficult to spot the devil, isn't? What are the Fijians doing in Koweit btw? Making some money? Like you in America...

People in Fiji are cool, overall. Those barking from afar are idiots and hypocrites.

There are so many problems in Fiji, but I always feel there are solutions when intelligent people post clever stuff.
Alibaba's post is a million times better and more articulated than your childish and racist remarks.

Vinaka Alibaba, you reminded me of my friend's flag concept. Not only should we Fijians promote the new Fiji we want, but build it as well.


Anonymous said...

Mahendra Redyy has attained his PHD in agriculture and will be productive in the agriculture sector not education sector, the PM should reshuffle the cabinet and see what difference it makes, vote ridging has gotten them in the parliament but it cannot buy them quality MPs who can charter Fiji towards progress.

Anonymous said...

The govt is doing so many things wrong that people of this country are getting frustrated, what will happen one day when rebels storm the parliament or the PM or AGs houses and do whatever they had set out to do, this country will be in ruins again. So the government should mend its ways while there is still time.It is testing the patience of the common citizens of this country.

Anonymous said...

BTW it has been reported that government doesn't have money in its coffers ad hasn't released the 40% of grant that all the schools were suppose to receive. This is inside news that schools from all over Fiji has been calling MOE for the remaining portion of the grant but Ministry is making excuses and saying oh we will give this money to poor schools in the interior. That is illegal, you cannot just take one schools grant and give it to another school or just cut grants like that. The word is the financial crisis is too much for the government, with Bainimarama in international tour every week and missing 100 million dollars and all those money unaccounted for by the government, not forgetting that we are loaded with loan, now the schools are being punished with ministry making illogical excuses because directive has given directive to cut expenditure so its easy to victimise schools. One one hand MOE talks about supporting education on the other hand It is cutting grants. Sad.

Anonymous said...

A village further up Wainimala wants a road and a bridge to connect them to the nearest primary school. Their children as young as 5 are still walking and riding horses to school today. If changes are required to be made by the Minister of Education, this is it.

Anonymous said...

It will be funny seeing this evil minister running like his running a marathon when the rebels will stage coup. Baini will run towards cassava patch, khaiyum towards mosque and where will the other MPs hide???/Will be interesting to see.

Anonymous said...

Totally agreed, Minister should focus on things that are important like this school and not be running up facebook to see how many teachers are enjoying social after school. HE should do what he is paid to do.

Anonymous said...

4:44am - Qarase has done so much in terms of guiding the people of Lau in investment etc. Many of the projects he has been involved in has been fruitful. The Yatulau Holding was one that kicked off with 50cent shares and there were many sceptical people but the returns today speaks for itself.

As a businessman, Qarase knows what he is doing.

Now Franky....ha ha ha ha ha ha haha hahahahahaha ha haha all he can do is still from the Government of Fiji.

What kind of PM goes off to watch the World Cup while people in Fiji are starving and struggling to get by each day, then flies off to Sydney to raise funds for FF, have a party and then visit the mayor of Liverpool.

Fiji did not gain from his world rugby trip nor his Sydney trip.

Wake up Kai Viti...

How much more dumber can you be.

You are resigned to your own fate and you have left your fate in the hands of a cruel monster.

You easily forget what Frank did and praise him because he is using your Government Tax Payers money.

Many say.... just leave him alone... Boy oh boy... you left him alone for 8 years and today $100 million plus countless other unsubstantiated Government funds.

How much more will Fiji allow this to happen. Someone has to pay for Frank's mistakes which all have not come to the furore yet.

Once it is revealed... or when Frank is finished... just as typical Fijians I can already hear people who supported him crucifying him.

Se vacava Ben Waqavou... Drau pamu sara kei Frank

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.45 is typical of absolute idiots who frequent this blog pretending to know something when they know nothing. Sadly most live abroad and have no sense of what the ground reality is in Fiji.

These people have no solutions but are like the village drunk who likes to fight everyone without even knowing why he is fighting. In other words all bravado, hate and bigotry but no solutions.

Fiji has problems and they can be resolved. It wont be solved by force because force i.e. the Military is already on the side of the incumbent. The only way is to carefully use the grey matter and use all the ASK doctrines and policies against him. The gist of my previous posts is genuine unity by the political opponents of this FF government. The people must feel and see the unity is genuine. That is the only way that one can start to take on FF and get lasting peace and harmony in Fiji. I am still surprised that some folks cant see this even after so many years of turmoil.


Anonymous said...

1 31. Lol! Mena sici...pamu vinaka me kabela hehehe!

Qarase is1000% better than FB and what's bad about him offering his expertise somewhere else. Tokelau Shipping will benefit tremendously from his direction and guide.

Anonymous said...

I agree with alibaba, that all opponents of Fiji First must first unite if they want to achieve something, united we stand, divided we fall.

Anonymous said...

2:59pm... That would be the solution but unfortunately, people prefer not to see the best solution. It does not work politically.

Indians and other races support Frank but only because SODELPA has nothing better to offer them.

Unless SODELPA realises this and changes their manifesto and get rid of the idiot Naiqama... SODELPA is doomed.

Fighting for indigenous rights, land, qoliqoli etc is good but it is useless if your an opposition.

Furthermore, an olive branch must be extended to other races by the Fijian people and they must take the first step and not expect the other races to do so.

Unfortunately I do not see this happening at all. There is too many self imposing and benefiting persons involved in politics today and half the SODELPA idiots should like Bulitava-cross the floor to join FF. They think like Frank and talk like Frank.

Anonymous said...

If the teachers are not happy with changes forced upon them by the ministry then call up the FTU, FTA, FTF officals to call members to stage a protest. Dialogue with the Minister and this regime isn't in anyones manifesto. Law of the jungle is in progress So.......
Just walk over to the Ministers office and offer his face a welcome KISS with your closed knuckle(s) one knuckle at a time. ...how about that? problem solved!
Dil dekodeko Dildekodeko Dildekodeko diiiiiiillll...Jana ni wala.....

Anonymous said...

It is interesting reading an article by Bulitava on the Fiji Sun. How should his article be considered. Is it from a learned persons point of view or opinion.

Unfortunately he has not provided foot notes of where he obtained his information and one can only consider his article as Bulitava's own version of history and in particular, tuva kawa of the Bauan and Verata Chiefs.

I have a very broad understanding of history as well and can only call his article as unsubstantiated.

Unfortunately many in Fiji will read and think it is true and his article will clearly cause a rift and blemish in the Bauan and Verata circles.

What Bulitava has done is against any Fijian protocol. No respect has been shown to the members of the Chiefly family from Bau, Vuanirewa and Verata.

We Fijians are known for our respectful nature.

What Bulitava has done is the manner in which Frank treats anything Fijian - without respect.

There is no honour in doing it the way Bulitava has.

He has brought the Bau Chiefly kawa ni bula, Verata and Vuanirewa into disrepute.

I am sure he would not appreciate it if someone who is not from Macuata writes about Macuata and its Chiefly system.

It is very sad to see Fijians today who deem themselves learned, forget who they are, where they come from and the protocol of respect and humility within our traditional system.

Bulitava thinks that in challenging the GCC's annexing Fiji to Great Britain that it will change anything. Or perhaps he just does not want to see the GCC involved in politics and questions their ceding Fiji and those involved in ceding Fiji.

There are many factors that existed at that particular time that caused the Chiefs to cede Fiji and these are not included in Bulitava's very limited article.

Bulitava unfortunately cannot practise law today because he himself broke the law and influenced others to break the law with him. He chases political ambition but that led to no where. He has his case coming up and the next best option was to suck Bainimarama's left ball because Khaiyum is sucking on the right side.

Well Bulitava, you have opened a can of worms. Now be prepared for the outcome.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that certain unionists like agni deo are full of shit,they are aware of so many wrong things happening but doesn't want to stand up against them because he is busy licking khaiyum and baini. AS long as he is paid, he is all set, his such a disgrace, not one have I read him standing for teachers rights. He should be voted out and replaced by someone who has the guts to do something.

Anonymous said...


Gloomy sugar outlook

Felix Chaudhary
Friday, October 23, 2015

FIJI'S sugar industry will not survive declining sugar prices and the economic impact when the EU's preferential quota system ends in 2017 if attitudes do not change, says Fiji Cane Growers Association general secretary Bala Dass.

He said there was widespread disillusionment among growers because of personal and industry uncertainty.

"While the Fiji Sugar Corporation, Government and industry stakeholders are talking like everything is rosy, the reality on the ground is another story," he said.

Mr Dass said farmers who had been involved in canefarming for generations were already turning to other forms of agriculture because of a growing lack of confidence in the industry.

Anonymous said...

What has happen to Bulitavu?????, he has change tune to save him from court, ...sa qai rere ko Pita.....lol.

Anonymous said...

He is the govts mole that wrecked the opposition to save his ass . Bulitavu is still the opposition mp passing secret information over today to the regime so that he can be pardoned in the graffiti case. He has already licked Vore/Kai s balls and is waiting for his next move which is obvious. .walk across the floor..

SEMI K MEO said...

14 jailed Vanuatu MPs told bribery is a cancer
Updated at 7:17 pm on 23 October 2015

Vanuatu's Opposition has renewed its call for the Prime Minister Sato Kilman to step down in the wake of the jailing of a quarter of the country's MPs.
Fourteen MPs including four ministers were sentenced on Thursday to prison terms ranging from three to four years.

The jailing has left the government benches half empty.
Sally Round reports
The deputy Prime Minister Moana Carcasses received the heaviest jail term of four years and the Speaker of parliament Marcellino Pipite received three years as did most of the other men.
Carcasses was described as the ringleader in the corruption scandal which took another twist two weeks ago when Pipite took advantage of the President's absence from the country and issued pardons for himself and the other MPs.


SEMI K MEO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SEMI K MEO said...

Ok..ok...Is the sale price necessarily the true value of the property?? Properties are sold for more or less the actual value. So lord Aiyuz may wriggle his way out of this one.

As for the 100M, well the Gov may invoke yet another "hidden" provision of the constitution to justify continued suppression of details of the spending.

Oh...and Decrees pre Election '14 may have appropriately covered the "legitimacy" of the previous interim Gov hiring private contractors of Private Accountanst and , of course Legal Fees and other consultants paid offshore.

Seems the SODELPA opposition turns out to further weaken their hold on the voters from this saqa not trying well enough and not doing their homework...

Why not the SODELPA turn their attention on the more pressing issues of the threat to the authenticity of present Fijian Chiefly network and soon to be scrapping of the VKB!!!!!!!!!!!

O vela...da vakawelei e na so na medremedrea lalai ni paisa, ka da kidacala sa da ciri kece i watui lesu tale i Aferika...

Unknown said...

What has religion got to fo in this arguement. Some comments should be removed targeting racism.

Anonymous said...

Anyone knows if they have removed the flags billboards in Fiji?
How many of them were set up approximatively?

Anonymous said...

How can ASK or any politician...first declare that he had an Asset of $80,000 in this case a property...and when queried he told FICAC that that that Asset was actually bought by a company that he had shares in? So in actual fact, that asset belonged to that company.

Everyone knows that if something does not belong to you, then you cannot say that; the said asset is YOURS! FICAC is responding to the difference in valuation, what they need to look into is (and also every tax payer should look into), that ASK falsely declared that the asset was his, when it was actually not !!His declaration has always looked fishy, now he has just confirmed it-through FICAC (lol!) Maybe ASK should change his accountants and please also declare his other assets like his FNPF balance.

Anonymous said...

FICAC is useless!.Disband the whole thing, sack the whole investigation team and bring in a new body that actually has the ability and resources to deliver real investigation into corruption.This case with ASK will be swept under the carpet as always.

Anonymous said...

Mr Bulitavu..... before, opposing Bai, now,??????cala tale...

Anonymous said...

Shut down the useless good for nothing fuckall mother fucker ass regime licker FICAC. .Waste time and money down the drain. A body created to massage and oil Frank and Khaiyums balls as and when needed. Ordinary people are sick and tired of waiting for promises of developments in their communities not yet fulfilled because money is diverted to where it must never go. FICAC must be shut down asap.

Anonymous said...

If Bulitava has studied some Fijian history what he should find is a system of politics fraught with deceit and betrayal. An act he is committing today. Perhaps he is relieving his ancestors legacy... it flows in the blood....should we start with his family history. ..

Ahhh betrayal and deceit. .. the fijian of the past relives the future

Anonymous said...

7.28pm You really know how it's done ;).

Anonymous said...

5.03pm...Ask Bulibaku.He has the answers to those questions.

Anonymous said...

9.02pm..it's already started.. FICAC survival depends entirely on how long would this regime last.


This has happened before in 2000 to poor old George Speight... First he gets hired by Borenge, used then discarded, now these soldiers of misfortun..... When George and these fellows come out of prison, there will be a very big bad gang rape of someone. Hope he isn't asleep all the time, like now.

Anonymous said...

The LEGAL PRACTITIONERS UNIT(LPU) also needs to be shut down. They are not doing any work at all. They are taking bribes.

Anonymous said...

Anon@4:59pm...so you don't appear to agree to Bulitavu's version
of our Fijian ancient history? I'm all ears and I'm pretty sure
500,000 other ears as well,would want to hear your version, so go
ahead and mesmerize us all???

Anonymous said...

since we now have a vacancy in Parliament due to Konrote's recent
appointment as president, I wonder if an election to fill this
vacancy will happen? Will the former President be eligible to run
for that seat?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that Khaiyum was not been considered for the
President post? I mean look the man has got many talents & holds
many ministerial posts with Voreqe-so why not, give the man a break
and let him be the President? He was born in Suva so he is a born
Rewan? Sorry Tau!!!But the man knows how to backhands almost anything
and everything? Just ask Vili Raikoro she's be delighted!!!

Anonymous said...

Why byelection for parliament? I say give the seat to Aiyaz Khaiyum. He is the minister for everything. One additional portfolio of representing of Konrote would be a piece of cake. Afterall he will be doing Konrote's job in the White House in any case.

Anonymous said...

What is the name of the current secretary of the Independent Legal Services Commission?????

Anonymous said...

@5:03 PM
No more need to display those ugly 23 flags. After the beautiful week we just had, our Fijian flag is flying high, veeeereeery high!

For Fiji, ever Fiji! Let Her name hail far and wide!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lol looks like this back fired on Ro temumu.Obviously ASK got away with it FICAC have no say but only to agree with current government.All they can do is suck ASK marbles and mushroom tip!.I Can see it all now as it happened in the office. "Alright investigation team you can't say anything about me because I'm your employer and you exist today because of us!!.Yes that's right we the FF party gave you this job,and if it weren't for us you wouldn't be here today.So let me tell you as the AG there's a special saying that goes like this "Never bite the hand that feeds you" so remember that and accept it.ACCEPTANCE YES THAT'S RIGHT LEARN TO LOVE IT SO CAN THE LEADER OF THE TEAM SUCK MY LEFT TESTICLE AND ASSISTANCE LEADER SUCKLE ON THE RIGHT THE REST OF YOU CAN HAVE MY VUDI" ......."FICAC HERE TO HELP AND FUCK THE PEOPLE OVER ON CORRUPTION".

Anonymous said...

@2:30 PM
One can win the fight using intelligence and love for the nation.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:30 PM

Back fired yes, but that was because it was a non starter.

It's what happens when spite, hurt pride and listening to the office boys advice are put before common sense.

No I'm not an ASK supporter, just someone that's becoming less and less of a SODELPA one.

Anonymous said...

@4:00 PM
SODELPA is ready for dissolution, like FLP.
The name itself, SODELPA, is quite a childish attempt to preserve a party that never was a National Party.

Fiji needs a New Democratic Party for all, with competent people at the top rather than clowns.

Anonymous said...

Never voted Sodelpa or any of the parties as they were all the same either involved with coups or frauding and looting the treasury.Most of the leaders today are useless.I'd rather move to Europe where nationalist and socialist are booting out all the elite corrupt assholes at least they have a strong opposition and can debate with evidences,facts and statistics putting the bourgeois to shame and exposing them of all their dirty acts and lies proven.

Anonymous said...

I know what you are doing with the LPU and the INDEPENDENT LEGAL SERVICES COMISSION.


Anonymous said...

@5.45pm Let's hope this new democratic party is articulate and constructive in debates.

I'm sick of watching our politicians from both sides read from a piece of paper parroting away things they have no freaking clue or idea about but is only saying it because their intelligence analyst adviser has recommended they do.Most have simply forgotten why they have been elected to represent them.Throw that damn paper away you've been burying your head in and practicing in the mirorr to see if you look good and just express things freely and what many are saying and voted you in for.

Anonymous said...

Guys I invite you to watch this really great video HERE especially the last part where Roman explains why having a great flag matters.

We can see on this forum the lack of thrust in our country. All the corruption and problems and so on. And we need a great banner to fight that! There are only 2 months left before the deadline and we should try to come together and rally around a new symbol!

I agree that the Simplified Cakobau Flag is the best we have seen, by FAAAAAAAAR!

For Fiji, ever Fiji!

Luke Rasiga said...

I only wish Qarase would have taken the sugar cane land from all the Indians. We itaukeis should only do sugar cane farming in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Great to see the comedians are back from church.

Anonymous said...

@Luke Rasiga 8:01 PM

But that would mean working?

Anonymous said...

@8:01 PM you are serious about working? you really want to sweat? Come on... lease the land and let the Kai Jaina work.

Anonymous said...

Fk Khaiyum, fk Kepa, fk politics. ...right now, the only thing that matters is World Cup Rugby. And big ups to my my main. Sir Serevi for an awesome job analyzing the All Blacks vs Boks game on American tv.

Anonymous said...

@9:04 PM that's the problem with Fiji. I thought you were being sarcastic, but you weren't.
It shows the level of intelligence here.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka, Len Usher.

Anonymous said...

Len Usher piss-off back to you grave,leave us living alone, you've
done enough damage already-so go & lie low???

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@9:59 PM The truth hurts, doesn't it?
As for Usher, you might remember that few major institutions believed that they could manage without having Usher on their boards in his days. Why? Well because the people of Fiji car more about bloody rugby, A BRITISH GAME, than their own country, FIJI!!!!! If you love your childish game that much, why don't you piss off from this forum? This place is for adults only.

@2:13 AM you seem to be living overseas... what an hypocrite you are!

Anonymous said...

@9:59 PM
you must be working for FF. They actually managed to "save" Fiji some time ago by allowing all Fijians to watch the games. We don't give a damn Fiji will have to borrow 200M$ to pay the previous loan! Dumb people ONLY WANT rugby. Fiji, who cares!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@2:13 AM

Are you able to read this: http://www.fijitimes.com/story.aspx?id=327241

What a joy to see again, isn't? Maybe someone needs to remove your cataracts.

Anonymous said...

Once again Khaiyum evades allegations and snubs and raises his middle finger at the SODELPA and the people of Fiji and says...


Anonymous said...


Why do we need government at all?

Why not have a voluntary society?

Government is just a small group of elite forcing their WILL upon the REST of the POPULATION.

Why do the people have to obey so few?
People in a FREE SOCIETY can have rules to coexist.

People do not need rulers.

No one can delegate a right to another that they themselves do not have.
One cannot delegate to another the right to steal or kill.

A real study of history will show that governments are not a creation of the people. Government is a creation of a small group of psychopaths that within their own minds think they have a right to tell you how to live your lives. People do not need rules backed up by force to get along with each other. When anyone forces their will upon another it is tyranny or slavery.

Sadly people today do not want real freedom. All they want are softer shackles or a little longer leashes. There is no such thing as a good government. Can a plantation have a good slave owner?

History has shown that governments always expand until it consumes everything. The people will always be unsuccessful in using force to role back government. Governments are experts in the use of force. A new tyrant will take the place of the old tyrant when a violent revolution happens.

When you read about the real history of America, you will see that this is true in North and South of Ameruca and in Africa. The only way to take back ones freedom is to starve the beast by shunning all in government. The people in government know this and that is why they keep the people fighting against each other so they will not unite against their oppressors.

A world government is inevitable because government must expand until nothing else remains. A world government will just get bigger until it destroys everything.

What happens after the many meetings of all Religious Leaders of the world that was called by the late Pope Paul? Did they able to bring PEACE and LOVE to the population of the world according to their signed agreements? No, No, No but more wars,deaths,hungers,corruptions and divisions.

Anonymous said...

12:43pm... go take your meds idiot.

Anonymous said...

1.05pm The person has a point.Your nothing but a fucking sheep a porn product raped by politicians.People like yourself is simply outdated because you have a deluded closed mind!.

Anonymous said...


"Sadly people today do not want real freedom. All they want are softer shackles or a little longer leashes. There is no such thing as a good government. Can a plantation have a good slave owner? "

That sounds like colonialism and capitalism to me.

Anonymous said...

1:41pm... ha ha ha and you my friend are reflective of the words you speak... Careful because you build your character around your words...

Voluntary Society will never ever happen in anyones lifetime. There is no such thing as a voluntary society other then Charitable Societies that carry out voluntary work but they need funds etc and whether they remain voluntary is debatable.

What do you hope Fiji would achieve out of such a society where vast majority still live in abstract poverty and the rest are idiots like you who think they have the answers but say Yes Sir whenever Frank or Khaiyum farts in your face.

Anonymous said...

12:43 and 1:48 - drau vei tauri kau drau vei cai mada....English - hold each others stick and root each other ... hindi - Ēka dūsarē kī chaṛī pakaṛa aura jaṛa ēka dūsarē kō

Anonymous said...

"When you read about the real history of America, you will see that this is true in North and South of Ameruca and in Africa. The only way to take back ones freedom is to starve the beast by shunning all in government. The people in government know this and that is why they keep the people fighting against each other so they will not unite against their oppressors."

Those people who were part of the higher echelons were nothing but fraudsters,bankers,liars,manipulators,war and fear mongering,imperialist's,colonialist,unethical profiteers filled with greed!.They have taught their filth amongst their circles of vermin subhuman creatures who deserves to be burned and stoned till death.Nothing but preachers of divide and rule upon the earth,burn them for the bastardization they have caused.

Anonymous said...

1.56pm Another homo erectus idiot who hasn't got a clue what they talking about.Fuck you and your khaiyum go suck his cherry mate.

Anonymous said...

"What do you hope Fiji would achieve out of such a society where vast majority still live in abstract poverty and the rest are idiots like you who think they have the answers but say Yes Sir whenever Frank or Khaiyum farts in your face"

"you my friend are reflective of the words you speak... Careful because you build your character around your words..."

A reflection of him/her self :") lmao

Anonymous said...

Give it a vudi

Anonymous said...

IQ going down on this forum.

Why don't you make good use of your time instead?
You could try to design a new flag for Fiji?


Anonymous said...

1.59tonoka nomu sona beeeeeheheheehhehehehehehhehe maaaahahhahahahahahahah

Anonymous said...

Why change our flag it is better the way it is

Anonymous said...

2:13pm... ha ha ha typical of a coconut from the Pacific... Cannot debate properly and resorts to abuse... Like a said, careful of what you say as it is reflective of yourself.. You sound just like Chaudary...when anyone disagrees with him he flies into a rage and gets abusive and reflects his sordid self...

What has Khaiyum not done for you that makes you crieth...

Anonymous said...

2:35pm... Because it is an imperialist Colonial Flag forced upon your ancestors by marauding white men with their West Minister legal system coupled with syphilis, gonnorhea, measles, chicken pox, TB and a host of reminders like Slavery (Indentured) Labour) and Racism. Fiji was black and white at one time - whites only SA type apartheid....

You want to keep one your most welcome. Wipe your ass with it... No pride in a flag with a coconut tree, dove and a banana on it. Is it a vudi - stick it up your nose...

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum again do you really love mentioning this guy who I give two fuck's about? and then you resort to Chaudary the biggest laugh in town lol.The guy who ended the labour party under his leadership,he should of stepped down after the 2000 coup and take the back bench.Voluntary society can exist only if in turmoil which is what is happening in Fiji right now.

Anonymous said...

@2.39pm No your just clearly offended by it.

Anonymous said...

Indians have always hated the British.Doesn't take long to do some digging up to figure that out.

Anonymous said...

2:39 PM but who's gonna take care of you when you get sick? When you have cataracts or cancer? Who's gonna provide you with wonderful technology, like computers and all that?

A lot of whites were really bad and racist, that's for sure, but that has nothing to do with skin color. Humans are sharks, true for Indians (some call them "white men with dark skin"), true for Fijians too... Look for yourself.

@2:35 PM The flag has to change because it is somewhat ridiculous, completely out of date. It says that Fiji is a colony, period.
Apart of that, it just has to many colors, too much stuff on it. It doesn't look like a proper national flag. What a shame that so many people still don't get it.

Anonymous said...

4:48pm - leading Doctors come from Indian including technology and computers, which also comes out of China, Korea and Japan... Are they your white men in dark skin... Im black and my arse is white... your funny and stupid...

Indians are negroes... black as the ace of spades and smelly with poor hygiene and garlic onion breaths and they have this particular smell that follows them around....

White people are different - they have white soft pale skin..there is a big difference in the nigger black char coal skin of a coolie Indian with that of a white person. Do not compare the two...They are two different species of people. Just like you have an Alsation and a Doberman though you can call them dogs... Indians are not white men - they are char coal nigger black ass filthy smelly race of human scum.

Indians believe in all sorts of weird Gods including animals and they love to rape their women and sell their sisters and mothers...

Anonymous said...

@4.48pm You still looking at the damn fucking past 16th-20th century bullshit."A lot of whites were really bad and racist, that's for sure" yes in the damn fucking past! and a few minority in the world still live today not just whites but all races.Every continent on the earth where humans live and set foot on have all recorded history on some form of discrimination.But we as species have evolved to understand what is good and bad,right and wrong!.Sadly some have been deprived to see the truth!.Some have grown up and influence to judge or believe in whatever they have been told since birth!.A person isn't born racist but taught.It is down to pure ignorance,misanthropy,stereotyping,divide and conquer.

The Flag cannot be changed yet it will take time to have it done.Who says it is a colony?I'd like to challenge those views.The government has only been elected in its 1st year it will take time and Bai himself knows this.

"who's gonna take care of you when you get sick? When you have cataracts or cancer? "

Have they even found a cure to rid such heart breaking illness?

Everyone knows in the world if they go through such pain that hasn't been cured the best thing they can have is to have their family member's and friends there to support them and that beat's technology that cannot find a cure that destroys human life.

Anonymous said...

3:07pm.... Offended....how about I just don't like it. Its a Commonwealth Flag reminding us of the white imperial ways which is partly to blame for the coups and racism in Fiji today.

Once we get rid of the Fijian Flag, we can then perhaps change our history lessons and get rid of all the history lessons concerning white people and teach Fijian history.

85% of countries that were colonised today have major problems with their Government and we need to get rid of the English hold. The Queen means nothing to Fiji anyway... Who gives a shit about Charles or Carmille...

Fiji is growing and we need a new identity..... Get rid of the flag...everyone today is called Fijian...Very soon we can perhaps convert 50% of Native Land to Freehold and Fiji will become one of the richest Countries in the world.

It will happen and none of you shit heads can do anything about it. The flag will change and the land tenure will change. Already changes are in place that works extremely well for us all.........
If you want a new flag, go up to Nadarivatu in Ra and bend over to the Gods over there...they will give you a Fijian wipe ass...

Anonymous said...

@5.18 biggest fucking tool box satire or what?

Anonymous said...

The only people in Fiji who wants to keep the flag are half caste and SODELPA... Half Caste Kai Loma of Fiji think they are white and believe they are superior to Fijians until they open their mouths and bam... best way to shut their mouth one nice big black fat vudi and the only sound you get is hmmm hmmmm hmmmm....

The Flag is British - designed by some white woman living in Fiji at that time and still trying to relieve the Colonialistic past, like many Kai Loma today... when they looked down upon the nigger Fijian and black nigger coolie Indians.

It was designed at a time when Fiji was a British Colony run by racist Colonist who never showered and had stinking bad breath and destroyed Fijian history.

You will find Kai Loma people today fighting hard to keep their flag because their white ancestor spilled his seed in their nigger Fijian ancestor or their nigger Fijian ancestor spilt his seed into their white woman ancestor...

SODELPA - In reality they want to change the flag and when SDL they almost did. They don't give two hoots about the stupid flag which reminds us of the past and gives nothing towards a future.

Fuck the flag... Franky my man and Khaiyum --- go ahead and get rid of the flags please and while you at it... convert 50% of the native land that has not been claimed by the natives into free hold... It only makes sense because natives are too stupid to know their history and reclaim their land and even if they did, they too stupid to do anything with the land.

Anonymous said...

5:30pm... I have a tool for your box biatch ...

Now open wide your big ass mouth but do not let me in....

You will never forget me biatch....

Anonymous said...

@5.27 A lot of hate coming out of you huh!

"Offended....how about I just don't like"

"Its a Commonwealth Flag reminding us of the white imperial ways which is partly to blame for the coups and racism in Fiji today"

How can you teach Fijian history when you have said

"Once we get rid of the Fijian Flag, we can then perhaps change our history lessons and get rid of all the history lessons concerning white people and teach Fijian history."

"85% of countries that were colonised today have major problems with their Government and we need to get rid of the English hold"

The British have released many of those countries and they wanted independence so therefore they were released.Those governments are run by their own people not the brits.

"The Queen means nothing to Fiji anyway... Who gives a shit about Charles or Carmille."

That is an individual's choice you don't speak for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Frank knows exactly what he is doing and going about making the changes in Fiji that will help all of us and grow Fiji.

Already the changes are imminent and in 10 to 15 years... you guys will be greatful. Fiji would be advanced in the South Pacific.

Fijians will be proud to be Fijians. The natives can keep their Itaukei title it suits them.

Though the natives own 87% of the land in reality they don't... Majority of this land is unclaimed land and will be moved into the land bank and finally we will have access to this land.

Eventually most Fijian villages will go. They are a bloody eye sore and look more like squatter settlements than villagers. This is one thing on the top of the to do list.

Who likes driving through Fiji, passing native villagers and seeing how they live in their small tin shack or unmaintained concrete block houses, dirty unkempt village lawn, dirt everywhere and children with red eyes and snort running down their noses which they lap up...

We want it to be the same as NZ, natives can have like Marai where during the day they can go there and pretend to be villages and go back to their suburban homes at night.... The Islanders can be moved into Towns and their Islands sold off. With Climate CHange islands will go under water anyway.

There is so much potential with Fiji and unless you dumb lot who do not support FF realise this, you will be left behind...

Anonymous said...

Waw the trolls are active lol.So much racism 5.38 lol exposed exposed

Anonymous said...

Lmao the satire is out in full force exposing their agendas.

Anonymous said...

The problem with SODELPA is that they so way behind in the way they think and what this dumb party does not realise... is that most of their party members are easily swayed and aghe pitche... Native Fijians are the biggest dagger and snakes... and easily swayed with paisa... lavo.. money... Many of them are informants for our beloved National FF party ha ha ha ha ha.....

Is SODELPA wondering why we FF are always two steps ahead of them... yep that's why... Many SODELPA freely talk to us about their discontent with the party and those that pretend no to talk... one nice yellow bill does the trick... and io boso... io saka... too easy...when will you SODELPA learn that the native of today has no substance.... they only like the colour of yellow notes... guess what they do with the money... ha ha ha too fucking dumb they spend it same time on alcohol, women and pretending for one weekend they rich.... niggers will always be niggers.. have nothing they like rats.. have something they still rats...

Oh by the way... the flag will go and the yellow bill will one day gave our beloved leader Frank's picture on the bill... He will become the next President and this will happen whilst he is still alive like never before.... Long live FF.

Anonymous said...

5:51pm... what was racist about what I said... That was precisely the way Imperialist Colonisers created the country they colonised. You just don't like to hear the truth no.

Anonymous said...

@6.05 hshhahahahahaa

Anonymous said...

5:53pm - the satire is to cover up the bull shit you guys are spreading..... and the truth is easily revealed. Look at Frank coming to Sydney...Democracy movement and all that bull shit threats on Frank...He bravely and valiantly marched through the Fiji Day celebrations and never batted an eye lid...He united the Fijians and Indians and Kai Lomas and other races in Sydney like never before ever done, with Indians and Fijians celebrating Fiji Day together.

It was said that this year was the best ever Fiji Day celebration ever had in the past 30 years...

The 20 or so idiots who held up placards could not even spell properly and they came with hand written card board placards... ha ha ha haha and they live in Australia... woilei... never change kai viti still as backward as ever....

Fiji is moving ahead, join in or stay out... Temumu is gone. Naiqama is an idiot and dick head... All Naqama interested in is money and pussy... Niko Nawaikula... he will flip very soon watch... his the next Mosese Bulitava... and will change allegiance... He is at his end now with SODELPA and this is evident...

Anonymous said...

6.08 No but you are encouraging racism, "Half Caste Kai Loma of Fiji think they are white and believe they are superior to Fijians" lol that's stupid man what you smoking lol

Anonymous said...

6.14 I'm not even sodelpa supporter neither FF or any political party.I just want all the bullshit coups,fraud,bribery,nepotism,torture etc to all stop.

Anonymous said...

@ 5:46pm

Should I go through and respond to your dumb opinion point by point..

Damn your too stupid to see beyond what you believe do you... Your like a Christian or a Muslim who cannot see though it is in front of you.

What is the use of learning about Captain Cook and Bligh and England when it has nothing at all to do with planting tavioka and living a mundane lifestyle. It is an irrelevant part of our history. Fiji needs to learn about themselves and we already have built a history and the flag and deed of cession can become part of that history...that's where the flag belongs in history no where else. It does not deserve a spot in todays modern Fiji.

Even the kiwis want to get rid of their Colonial hold. Its useless...I don't care what the modern new flag will look like as long as the Union Jack goes.

Though the Brits released many countries they fucked it up nicely before they did. They brought in a system of Government that did not work for the native people of each of those countries and when they left, in many countries there have been civil wars and coups and Fiji is on top of that list...

If you want to suck on Prince Charles knob...go ahead but you cant convince me that he is worthy to be my King...

Im sure this will answer your question.

Anonymous said...

6:15pm - encouraging racism... boso your the one that's high. Kai Loma Half Caste people are proud of their white heritage... How many Kai Loma you know speak Fijian distinctly or proud of their Fijian heritage...

That is the norm for Kai Loma and they were raised and to think as such... the good thing is that it is not as strong as before when Fiji was a Colony because they still had their white colonialist fathers and grandfathers still hanging about even though most of them their mothers were house girls or Chiefs daughters.

Do you know that not one Chief in Fiji today does not have some English blood in them and I am talking about the so called GCC Chiefs.. All are Kai Loma and the subject they don't want to talk about but you can see the traces of white or other race in their skin and eyes.

Nothing racist about what I am saying...this is always the way it has been for Fiji... Natives Indians Kai Loma and Fijians were segregated...... Still same today... EVen our beloved leader is Kai Loma and we proud of it. WHat about you.

Anonymous said...

@ 6:22pm.... You want it to stop but what we can guarantee is the Coup will stop... We have the military council and military behind us today. our role with Military is defined in the Constitution and we more then lap dogs... we will protect and prevent any future coups from happening and none will happen again.

With the other things... well it will never stop. That is a part and parcel of life. Name a country where what you want to stop is not rife. Not one country in this world today it does not happen. Fiji is no exception.

Understand the truth and it shall relieve you. Stick with the wrong bunch and you will always think wrongly all your life. Don't you agree.

Anonymous said...

@6.26 They left and gave us independence though and we ran our own affairs.I'm not religious,what system of governance would you prefer then?

I'd rather fight it all out and correct where we went wrong and the coup is not only the root's of it but also how education was taught and stereotyping plus certain institutions.I'm not convincing anyone but to understand others views and questioning them.We all have our opinions the world isn't based on a single entity.

Anonymous said...

@6.32 Of course many are proud of the multiracial heritage we have in our country.But all the segregation stuff happen in the past you sound like you have a huge grudge with something in the past?were you actually there too experience the British rule in those days?
I have Kai Loma mates myself and they too also try to learn the language of the motherland though not fluent but at least they make an effort.

Do you know those people in the 17th 18th century are not as well educated as the humans are today of 2015?

Anonymous said...

@ 6:43pm... The English interest in any country that they colonised was either economic or military. They left us and gave us independence after they had taken away as much as they could and ruined many lives. The bastards brought in the Indians and we stuck with them today. Now don't call me racist because it is true. If the Brits weren't here... no kai dia and no kai loma. We ran our own affairs... that's a laugh... the affairs we ran was based upon what the Brits left us and what they left us, had little to be desired.

You want to fight it out... Bro ... there is nothing to fight anymore... its over... we are back to Democracy... Frank is the unsung leader and was voted by a staggering majority. Even Indians and Kai Loma voted for Frank like never before in Fiji's political history. That is the most exciting thing when Indians and Kai Loma look to a Fijian and realise... yes he is deliverance. The old voting system was polarised where Indians voted Indians, Fijians voted Fijians and Kai Loma and other minority groups voted their own kind.

You can carry on all you want about right and wrong but you can only make a difference if you do something and FF is there to support your initiative.

I challenge anyone on here to a debate on it and you will learn the truth.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.51. I concur with you on most of your arguments. Yes we need to fix the rural villagers and get the i-taukei to join the 21st century. All good except the way FF is doing it. Most of you FF supporters wont be able to see the elephant in the room from 2 ft away. I am not a SODELPA supporter. I hate their brand if racism and archaic way of doing thinks. Their leader is worried about ASK'S declaration while her freaking party is sinking. They have no clue on how to fight a modern politician like ASK who is a cunning tactician. ASK is eating them alive and all they can think of is lodging a complaint against him to the very organization he has founded. Dumb

I want Fiji and the Fijian's particularly the native Fijian to change and better their lives but not with rampant corruption not by paying $250k to PS's and over $300k salaries to the Ministers while the average person in Fiji earns less then $150 a week, not while companies like CJ Patel, Kanvan Papers and a handful of others are milking the system by being in ASK's good books and raising money for the party. Not by marginalizing the indigenous people, not by making rules without consent and discussion,not while practicing media censorship, not while pushing the cost of living to heights that only the rich can afford a bottle of peanut butter.Not while sucking up to countries with the worst human rights records like China, and Russia. I can go on for a very long time with the list of ills.
Point is this government is anything but democratic. They have done some good but when weighed against the bad the good pales in comparisons.The indigenous community need to be pulled out of their slumber and it can be done with education, consensus and goodwill.
they must be made to realize that the other races in Fiji are not their enemy and most want them to do well so that we can share the wealth of this country for in that is lasting peace and a harmonious society built on trust and goodwill. The FF way is "their way or the highway" and that is not going to work.In fact they have probably created more fear and distrust between the races then any other party in this countries history.


Anonymous said...

6:55pm.... Bro your off the mark with our discussions. What I am talking to you about is the flag and the legacy of the Brits and COlonial Rule and the impact it has had on Fiji and why we need to get rid of the flag and recreate a new Fiji.

It is already in progress.

Kai Loma learning the language today is good because today they now realise they are not kai loma but Fijian and if Frank did not call all Fijians Fijians, Kai Loma would not want to be interested in learning.

Kai Loma only spoke English in their Kai Loma way.

Those in the 18 Century may not have been well educated but they knew the difference between power and power was something that the Brits had and controlled those in that era using the same power.

You cannot use that as an excuse anymore. Today we are educated and if we question Naiqama... he should not say Im a Chief and you show me disrespect. Fuck Naiqama.... Same with Temumu... The same applies to Frank but... bro we behind Frank and we protect Frank but cant say same about other parties who betray their own

Anonymous said...

6.58pm When I mean fight it out I meant debate wise to challenge in conversation not some type of terrorist or violent stupidity.Frank's done alright with getting rid of the communal voting system based on race no doubt many modern Fijians will agree.What we need to do now is practice true democracy by having debate's and listening to other people's opinions and if some disagree then challenge those views.anyway it's been good today especially on the satire lol vinaka.

Anonymous said...

Alibaba Alibaba - what the hell are you talking about...

What makes you think the itaukei is marginalised. You been listening to Naiqama and Niko... Those guys are full of shit and when they had the opportunity to make a difference when they were in power with SDL, they did not. They took advantage of the system and the Fijians fared far worse then before.

Today the opportunities for the itaukei is never like before. Even you can see that. The educational opportunities are there and itaukei are working harder then ever before. We are working hard to changing their mind set to think of how they can be better citizens.

Making rules without consent... you were listening to Niko... I warn you brother that guy is an idiot.

One day if Fiji is led by an Indian or Kai Loma or White man and Niko was around, he can be believed but Frank is a Fijian..... His heart is Fijian.....He thinks breaths, sleeps Fijian. Nothing else.

Frank will not marginalise Fijians. He will give Fijians opportunities but Fijians have to work for it today just like everyone else. The field has to be a level playing field. Look at the way the Australians did it for the aborigines and the Abo's continue to cry we are marginalised this is our land and every two weeks they drink till they drop...

We don't want Fijians behaving like that and we will change the Fijian mind set to realise this.

That is what all this is about

You say China and Russia has the worst human rights... Bro our neighbour Australia did not agree to call aborigines humans until 1966... Aborigines did not have passports until they became human beings. That's white colonial rule for you and we are getting rid of that with FF.

Just like the stigma of Indian - Fijian- Kai Loma- Kai Solomone etc stigma the colonials left in Fiji.

Change your mindset Alibaba and I promise you a magic carpet to fly you to Beqa and back

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Australia dirty Pacific solution policy.They are more racist then the brits,American's,Europeans and kiwis put together.They violated more human rights then any other.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:08pm - you may not realise this but what Frank is doing is getting rid of those idiots who called a dog a cat and a pig a chicken and were behind and supported the 87 and 2000 coup in his actions.

People ask the question why did he commit the coup in 2006. The answer is simple and right in your face like the elephant in the room but we don't have elephants in Fiji.

Qarase was given a mandate to follow. He chose otherwise. Everything everyone is accusing Frank of committing today, Qarase did during his tenure as a PM. Qarase was corrupt, he sold Fiji to Australia. Qarase was racist against all races. Qarase treated the Government like it was part of the Methodist Church organisation. Qarase started selling Fijian land using Connex. Niko who was with NLTB did nothing at that time to safeguard Fijian land. If Qarase was permitted to continue... boy oh boy...

Now Democracy will come eventually.

Think about it... There is no democracy in a village because the Chiefs decision is final whether you like it or not.

Things will change and the people will eventually learn and when they do... democracy will fall into place and only Frank can do it. Temumu and Naiqama will reverse everything and we will be back on square 1 - Indians against Fijians against Kai Loma against everyone else.

We are all Fijians today. We will all eventually rise above all this and it has taken a common man to do it. Never was it allowed in Fiji's history. Even Rabuka was made to look like he was a Chief but Frank is more common then Rabuka and that is why he is approachable and easy to talk too.

Go over to visit him. He wont make you wait believe me. Keep your mind free and open.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:08 - I have no intention of fighting it out with you.
You like the many on this blog have your own opinion and we have ours. We are all Fijians though.

The greatest thing about Butadroka was that he denounced Indians in all his political speeches but after that, he sat down, drank grog, shared and discussed things with Indians without racism. In fact he had a lot of respect for Indians and realised the Fijians did not get it and were stuck in a time warp.

Today, Indians respect Butadroka because he remained a Nationalist all his life.

Where are the Nationalist of today coming from... Jeez not many of them supported Butadroka. They actually called him a fool.

Its the usually adage, it does not work for them so they refuse to acknowledge it.

Anyways hope you stew over what we debate about and come out realising that there are still fools out there trying to hold on to a system of old, that has separated Fijians and there is a Fiji to look forward towards and it is up to each one of us to contribute towards its future.

We can only move forward.

Anonymous said...

Dear editor

Please help me.

KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 7:20 PM
It sounds like you are CONFUSED and you don't know what you are talking about.

Do you know what the term "marginalised " means?

Bainimarama burning the Ghai Constitution is a deliberate act to marginalised the Fijians, because Bainimarama wasn't happy. He completely ignored the VOICE OF 400,000 people , so that his lone voice can be heard..

Manipulating laws governing and protecting Fijians ownership of their Land is a way of Marginalising them.

Taking away Fijian Holdings is a way of Marginalising Fijians.
etc etc

Bainimarama has not brought about equal opportunity.

This was supposed to be an Indian Coup- but did you know that more Indians have committed suicide in Fiji since 2006 than Fijians.

Did you know that Bainimarama has farked up the Sugar Industry in Fiji. Whatthe fark are the Indians going to do now?
Bainimarama the BIG SAVIOUR is not actually saving them. He is farking them up.

So I suggest to you...look at what Bainimarama has achieved then you will see how this arsehole ahs farked up Fiji.




MORE SICKNESS AND DISEASE...Indian doctors from India were shocked at the way we were treating our people.
etc etc etc.

All these escalated since Bainimarma came into power in 2006.
What a bunch of empty-headed dickheads.

You calling Nawaikula an Idiot, what the fark is your qualification?
Niko graduated in Law from an Australian University. What the fark did you graduate in?

At the end of the day BAINIMARAMA IS VERY CORRUPT LEADER. He has well and truly farked up this Country.


Anonymous said...

Without Europeans coming to Fiji, I don't need to tell you what you would be now...

when you get sick and you go to hospital, who is looking after you? probably an Indian doctor or an overseas white doctor if it gets slightly more complicated than putting a plaster... so count yourself lucky to have Indians and Chinese and so on...

Anonymous said...

@ 8:03pm.... if Europeans did not come to Fiji, we would continue to live in a society that we were well suited.

We never had any of the disease today that requires doctors because the foreigners Europeans brought it with them then they made it worse by bringing in the Indians.

We lucky - Consider yourself lucky if your Indian not to be living in a poverty stricken slum. If your white, consider yourself lucky you were not a thief sent to Australia or one of the penal colonies. Pests of the earth.

Anonymous said...


we have to be realistic: most developing nations like ours go through periods of chaos because the economy can't possibly keep up with the high population growth. The iTaukei population still double every generation, how can you double the economy that easily? People move to cities thinking that jobs will just fall from the sky, but it doesn't work like that. That's also a reason why there is so much crime.

You need to kick your ass at school and seriously have you read Wadan Narsey's latest article in the Times? it's like 20% of students pass their exams, and just a few of them actually get "good" marks!!! we need to change that mentality of lazyness, no government in Fiji could possibly achieve great results when the people at the bottom still think and behave like their are living in a village right in the middle of the 20th century. Most children are not interested in anything but western crap on TV or games.

And how do you explain that 25% of the agricultural output gets stolen? that's the Brits fault?
How come Mauritius who was also colonized by the Brits is 4 times richer than us? can the racist people answer that one?
The problem is US now.

the reality is that most people on this forum are lazy thinkers. FF is quite corrupt, I know for a fact that Franky boy is doing bad things under the table. And I look at Sodelpa, the "main opposition" and they need to ask tiny party NFP to scrutinize the books because they are a bunch of farmers... that's crazy. Only in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@ Kua Ni Rere - You are a bigger fool then anyone would think and your blog name is one of a fearful person. Don't be afraid... Its ok. Everything gonna be alright now. Don't worry about a thing.

Now I don't know where your getting your opinion from but your misguided.

Qarase was the one that screwed Fiji in 1987 with NBF and his racial policies when in Government.

Does it mean that Niko gains legal qualification that makes him a genius or brilliant person.

Niko is an idiot. An idiot goes to the Geneva convention and alleges that a Fijian PM is marginalising Fijians. He has only made a laughing stock of himself.

An idiot makes unfounded allegation of false declaration against Khaiyum who has done so much for the nation of Fiji and asked for so little and cant substantiate their allegation. Temumu should know better than to make false allegation. The answer was pretty simple and easy to explain. She should have just asked Khaiyum in private.

Kids dying of malnutrition in Fiji - ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ah ha ha haha ha ha ha ah aha ha ha ah aha ha ahahahahaha ha ah ahahahah

Any kid that dies of malnutrition in Fiji, the parents should be thrown in jail... what proof do you have of this Kua ni Rere...
Is this something Naiqama and Niko conned you about.

No one dies of malnutrition in Fiji. No one in Fiji should be hungry unless they lazy ass. Are you a lazy one Kua ni rere who just likes to drink grog all night and sleep all day and talk big to impress people.

C'mon Kua ni Rere - get real - Frank is the best thing that ever happened to Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:26pm... you made a statement saying - I know for a fact that Franky boy is doing bad things under the table.

Please do enlighten us and don't be like Kua ni Rere - come up with unsubstantiated facts... You think you do because everyone else is telling you that does not support Frank but hey - where is the proof in the pudding.

Don't be dumb and let people misguide you the way Kua ni Rere is misguided.

If you want to prove something - have the guts to do it but otherwise - don't say anything stupid.

Anonymous said...

@8:13 PM
"well suited"? you obviously have got no clue what life was in Fiji before...
hahahahahahhaha that's a good one..... well suited....

I think the Lotu has been in many regards the worst thing that papalagi brought in the long run, BUT it was the only way to change the "well suited" lifestyle in Fiji then...

as for diseases, there was no filariasis, no thyphoid, no cataracts, etc...etc? you are very much responsible for you bad lifestyle habits... you seem to be a fat and lazy man.
btw, life expectancy would have been very short in Fiji before Europeans came. Not even 20-30 years considering the number of murders at the time. so high blood pressure was not on top of your priorities then.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

@8:29 PM

I can't tell too much for now, but I like to think that Franky boy must be uncomfortable that too many "people know" ... that is what matters, he is the one I am warning.

Anonymous said...

@Kua Ni Rere 7:58 PM

See we have the same old regurgitated rubbish spewing from you.

No doubt there's the same lack of fact behind this lot as with your reasons for suicides in Fiji and nurses not getting paid for what they work, zilch !

I suppose there's more vehicle accidents now than in Qarase's time as long as we conveniently forget there's more cars on the road !!!

Anonymous said...

To all those who think the flag will change, why did Frank celebrated Fiji Day in Sydney...after his long trip to watch rugby in London?
Looks like more a coward to me.

You will notice there hasn't been any update on their website for a loooooooong time.
Not an article in the paper. Why? Because the people don't want to change the flag...
Remember Tebbutt poll?

If there was any serious desire to change the flag, there would be messages in the media like "hurry up, only two months left before the deadline..." and so on.

Anyway, to change to flag you need a new flag. Have you seen what the "artists" submitted?
Nothing else to add.

Anonymous said...

To my knowledge, the Flag Committee was disbanded after the leakings were revealed in the media.
That's the end of it.

KUA NI RERE said...


SO BEFORE YOU WRITE OR LAUGH , USE YOUR FARKING BRAIN ARSEHOLE! Better still crawl back into Bainimarama's arse where all brainless idots like you live, IN THE DARKNESS.
What ? You cant even type GOOGLE?

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha , Kua Ni Rere caught out yet again.

Facts boy !

Anonymous said...

Can someone here please tell "Renee Lal" to give my money????

Anonymous said...

Please editor/blog administrator

I urge you to please tell "Renee Lal" to hand over our money!

Anonymous said...

Governor General of Australia, Lietenant General Cosgrove and Prime Minister of NZ watching World Cup rugby. Where are the smart asses who were complaining about our PM watching our team play? Oh and Governer generals of NZ and Australia are both retired generals of the army.

Anonymous said...

@10:51 PM

Both of you are right and wrong.

I am growing veges in my backyard like my forefathers did and I have so many of them that I actually share them with birds.
I put a little plate with pieces of ripe capsicum. Parrots just love them, and I love parrots!
My garden is only a very part-time hobby, yet I could feed a family of 10 easily.

I suppose that if I can share with birds, some parents can kick their asses and share with their children?
I have met one expat working in a hospital in my town and she confirmed the malnutrition problem.
She said that in Kadavu, people go fishing, they sell their product on the mainland and they buy... cigarettes, noodles, etc. So children end up eating crap and have severe deficiencies. Cigarettes represent a huge chunk of a family's budget in Fiji, sadly.
She also said that tradition was sometimes a problem as men eat first and the best stuff and so Women and children are often left with inferior stuff like cassava and rice.
Children malnutrition is linked to poor parenthood, probably to large families too and a new culture of laziness in Fiji that wasn't there before. If you talk to people over 80, they will tell you it was different in their time and that people have become more and more lazy over time. That has to be taken into consideration in your analysis.

If you want a large family, you better be ready to work hard. VERY HARD! but in fact not so hard as far as food is concerned. Just PLANT!!! By the way I am vegetarian.

Ok guys I am going to feed parrots now, I'll let you "parrot" on this forum in the meantime.

Anonymous said...

Ok done.

Now some more examples:

Some time ago, I had a 20$ kerekere from a marijuana consummer living in my town. It was for his grand- father funerals, he told me: "we all have to give 20$". I haven't got a clue what his name is but he thinks that because I talk iTaukei I will give him the money... That very guy spends his day playing billiard with other weed consumers and drinks kava. And that guy, just like that thinks I would give him 20$? One day soon I will make plenty young women pregnant... you think their children will be well nourished? I think not.

Another time, a few weeks before, on SUNDAY, one iTaukei dressed for church asked me some money for him and his friend to go to Suva to visit his father who had a car accident. The funny thing was that we has talking foul language, a little bit like on this forum. He was telling me how sometimes he likes to f**k Indian ladies. He said: "f**k and forget!" and laugh like mad... I though it was hilarious as he was dressed for church. As I was coming back from swimming, I didn't have money on myself but the guy kept kerekere for a few bucks... he even followed me for some time until he got tired and started bothering someone else. When he was kerekereing me, he said: "I have got land, you can make use of it.". I just could't believe what I heard. Talk anout vucesa.

One of the big problem for Frank is this: he granted more freedom to iTaukeis, and that's why so many voted for him. But iTaukeis have always needed a strong leadership, and that goes back to the warrior days. In a free world, one needs to have the discipline to work and look after oneself. Unfortunately, a lot of iTaukeis are ill prepared for the modern world.

It is ironic that a dictator like Frank, a strong man, is giving freedom to iTaukeis who then become more dependent than ever before. We need to find a way to change that, but from my personal experience.... good luck!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Never in the history of Fiji has it been more critical for the people to unite and stand together to build the Nation.

Non-iTaukeis who have business skills have to share their trade and expertise and also integrate better the iTaukei values (non-materialistic)
On the reverse, iTaukeis have to learn to change their ways a little bit so they can sustain themselves and take advantage of all the great possibilities the modern world has to offer.

When the people and kind towards each other and stop bitching, everything becomes possible. Sky's the limit.

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