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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Fiji's first Rotuman President

Jioji Konrote
Jioji Konrote will become Fiji's next President.

Frank Bainimarama has nominated his Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations for the position.

He  described Jioji Konrote as "one of Fiji's most outstanding and decorated military officers" who "has been awarded with numerous awards and decorations during his illustrious career".

According to s84(3) Fiji's illegal constitution, voting for a new President is done through a secret ballot in Parliament. If this is the case, then Fiji First already has enough numbers to vote Konrote in.

The Opposition Party had nominated Ratu Epeli Ganilau but Bainimarama would have wanted someone who is detached and doesn't have the power to call on the vanua to uprise against the democratically elected regime.

In his first speech after being appointed Minister, Konrote said young graduates should go back to the village and plant cassava!

In other news, it's Fiji Day - Happy Fiji Day!

The regime led government has encouraged Fijians to commemorate Fiji Day 2015 by reflecting on the country’s progress in the past four decades.

“This year’s Fiji Day program marks the 45th year of Fiji’s independence and commemoration and all Fijians are encouraged to fly the Fiji flag with pride at their residence as we approach the national celebrations," the PS for Defence, National Security and Immigration, Osea Cawaru said.

“As citizens of Fiji we can reflect on the progress the nation has made in the past four decades. We can reflect on the challenges that the nation has overcome and this has only been through the sound political leadership of the government."

Hmmm let's reflect!

For Fiji ....ever Fiji, let her voice sing with pride.


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Anonymous said...

Konrote or Ganilau don't matter to me who they pick-Why not an Indian
or Chinese or Peter Thomson our current ambassador to the UN?

Anonymous said...

Whoever he nominates is final. No consensus is required in this regime. Anyway congratulations to you Gagaj. Hope you'll do better than your predecessor. That role is also the commander in chief and for 8 years to date I'm still asking who the real commander in chief is, whether it's the President or the PM.
Now where is the new flag?

Anonymous said...

Konrote was the number two to Rabuka when he was sidelined and Rabuka put up the junior Ganilau to be commander RFMF to replace him in trying to please his chief Ratu Penaia Ganilau and the people of Cakaudrove. Now in the run of for presidency Konrote rightfully gets the top post from Ganilau who was put ahead of him in the army by Rabuka through the vakavanua channel. Congrats Major General Konrote.

Anonymous said...

Good choice...... Congrates to Mr Kondrote

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I totally Vote for Konrote to be our next President. This man
Resume speaks for itself? He was Rabuka number one man during the
first coup in 1987 He was also one of the major player in Sir George
Speight in 2000 and shift his support to Bhai in 2006? Mr COUP should
have been his second name and he is perfect for the role since he is
known as an ass kisser also! Bhai & Khai term could be on the line as
the cikinovu is picked as the FMF commander in chief!

Anonymous said...

Peter Thomson would be an excellent candidate for the Fiji Presidency
post. He was born in Suva, raised by Fijian nanny,educated in Suva
before going abroad for higher education.He was well schooled in
Fijian culture & protocols from the very young age to adulthood.He was
the former private secretary of the Governor General Ratu Penaia Ganilau and assumed the same post for the former President Ratu Kamisese Mara. Mr. Thomson is our current Ambassador to the United
Nation in New York. His Father-god rest his soul-Mr Ian Thomson was
the man Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna picked as the first Secretary for Fijian
Affairs before he died? Like his father-Peter is a fair person and has
many personal friendship in the Indian & other minority communities
in our small islands.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum not worried about about which dumb arse Fijian or Rotuman they make President or Commander of the Mataivalu Ni Solisona as he has total control over all these knignogs.

Muslims & Indians are there to fill their pockets and do not give a hoot about the Presidents position.Dumb VB is always .away on overseas trips while Khaiyum controls & manipulates to fill his pockets & total control of a dumb arse population .

Anonymous said...

In June their forecast was 6.5% , this month saw a decline by 2% of economic growth.I have pasted below from yesterday's FT an example of no progress by the government of the day. This village is still left to struggle. I tasted this upbringing in Yakete, interior of Sorokoba before the govt of that day built the road on my final elementary year. I also saw this life in one of the village in the tikina of Namuka, Macuata couple of years back where children as young as 5 had to brave the rivers and terrains walked and rode horses to school. They had to leave their homes every Sunday afternoon, spent the rest of the week in school dormitories before heading back home after school on Friday. Like the story below, some children lost their lives when they were swept away in floods
Come on FF where's the development and roads in this villages.
Fuuuuuckkkl! It's so easy to spend money for the royal family to watch the RWC. And the miliary budget kept on increasing. Whats the purpose of FICAC? The auditors and police are equiped for what FICAC is doing..what a waste of resource.
This is a sign of negative growth and under developed.
What's the fucken minister of education doing? This is his jurisdiction. Has he visited this village in Wainimala and all rural schools in the country? Is this the type of education we have in Fiji where families of this community/village have to struggle year in and year out just to get their kids in school. How can we bark about our FREE education when this section of community finds it hard transporting there kids to schooll? There's total lack of support in this area and I'm asking authorities to do the right thing and stop lying about our economic growth .

Thank you Wesley for bringing this to the fore.

A happy Fiji Day to you
Fred Wesley
Saturday, October 10, 2015
THE Wainimala River can get very cold high up in the highlands of Naitasiri.
Deep in this relatively unspoilt territory sits the village of Tubarua.
It is the last village in the district of Noemalu.
It is acceptable that this isn't a place for the faint-hearted.
It is tough. But then again, life wasn't meant to be easy.
Far from the reaches of urbanisation, from the luxury of tarsealed roads, the abundance of public transport and regular timetables, the people of Tubarua have learned to adapt to their surroundings.
It is the land of their ancestors.
And besides, life is what you make of it.
The people of Tubarua realise they need to keep up with the pace of development around the country.
They realise education will play a key role in nurturing their children for a future that is very different from their laidback lifestyle.
That is why education must be encouraged, even if it means overcoming huge obstacles.
And in this rugged terrain, it means their children have to cross the Wainimala River 32 times to reach Nakurukuruvakatini Primary School, the nearest one for them.
In the past five years, at least 10 students have lost their lives along the route they take every Sunday.
As our main report today reveals, Noemalu District representative Kaliova Tivulu said villagers of Tubarua had to watch in vain when a Year 3 student on horseback was swept by strong currents of the raging Wainimala River early this year.
Their children, starting from kindergarten, who are all boarders, still follow the same route.
They leave their homes on Sunday afternoon and return on Friday afternoon.
And when the cold sets in, they brave the elements, gritting their teeth as they cross the river.
It is the reality of life at Tubarua.
The children sing songs, share jokes and laugh. To a certain extent, it helps take away the cold, the tiredness and shortens their journey.
The irony is they cross over terrain environmentalists crave for. For most of them though, the beauty of their surroundings is far from their minds. They are taking little positive steps forward..........

Anonymous said...

Case in Point - Muslim .Leader, Muslim Lawyer .- Muslim Businessman .found not guilty of serious drug charges - Appeal by DPP's Office going no where-Christopher Pryde can use it as toilet paper..

Muslim Businessmen not given tax concessions by FRICA - .FICAC ordered to investigate FRICA Mgt.

FICAC another puppet of Khaiyum like the RBF as he freely transfers money overseas through Aunty Nur .

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Kondrote is from the Kubuna confederacy, it should be Tovata's turn...otherwise how's about a fiji Indian

Unknown said...

I-Taukei phrophecy fullfilled:

Me'u tukuna e dua na *Bose Duka (politics)
O Misi Voreqe e mai *kuata (puppet or spoke man)
O *Viti (i-taukei including the puppet) me *lauvana vakadua (resource, ownership, and power)
Na *lewena (power) me ra biu ki *Rotuma (Kondrote: rotuman)
Me tauri rawa kina na *koula (resource, ownership, power)
Sa sinai na noda vanua
Na *Matanitu (kaiyum) sa vakavuna
Na lewena (leadership) me ra biu ki Rotuma
Oqo na ka *vuni (politics) au via tukuna.

Frank your timeline is about to end in our phrophecy, and mine is about to begin.
Thank you for helping me starting mine.

Number Dua

mark manning said...

Truly hit the bottom of the barrel now!
Peter Foster for President of Fiji.
If we are going to live a lie, it might as well be with a master deceiver at the head!
This bloke is guilty of Treason as the rest of the Regime!
An illegal appointment by an illegal entity.

Anonymous said...

8.37.. our PM is not fair and honest. His nomination tells us more of an anti Indo asshole he is who purchased his way into politics through false promises to the Indo voters.
My indentured family...heed what's going on. Come next election kick this asshole out.

Unknown said...

I-Taukei phrophecy fullfilled:

Me'u tukuna e dua na *Bose Duka (politics)
O Misi Voreqe e mai *kuata (puppet or spoke man)
O *Viti (i-taukei including the puppet) me *lauvana vakadua (resource, ownership, and power)
Na *lewena (power) me ra biu ki *Rotuma (Kondrote: rotuman)
Me tauri rawa kina na *koula (resource, ownership, power)
Sa sinai na noda vanua
Na *Matanitu (kaiyum) sa vakavuna
Na lewena (leadership) me ra biu ki Rotuma
Oqo na ka *vuni (politics) au via tukuna.

Frank your timeline is about to end in our phrophecy, and mine is about to begin.
Thank you for helping me starting mine.

Number Dua

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter who is chosen as Fiji is already fucked. Rabuka took the virginity in 1987, speight raped it further in 2000 and bainimarama/kaiyum have been screwing Fiji since 2006. Fiji has become a coup whore. It's not been a land of freedom and glory since 1987 and will not become one in the future with the hungry vultures ruling. It's only going to die a slow and painful death.

Anonymous said...

Konrote is just another useless, overrated, two-faced ball sucking ex military piece of shit. This is the same piece of shit that Rabuka, Chaudhry and Qarase trusted but always flipped to the other side. Please stop giving this motherfucker kudos like his the son of god. he is a fucking wretched dog who earns his keeps from selling his asshole

Annx said...



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Update: 6:01PM THE National Federation Party's three parliamentarians intend to abstain from voting for the new President in Parliament tomorrow.

NFP leader Biman Prasad and party president Roko Tupou Draunidalo revealed this in a media statement this afternoon.

They have stated their reasons for intending to abstain from the election process for the new President and said they wished the next Head of State well.

Opposition Leader Ro Teimumu Kepa has nominated Ratu Epeli Ganilau as the President while Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has nominated Jioji Konrote, a Cabinet Minister in the Fiji First Government.

Anonymous said...

@6:42 PM
Please respect the spirit of love and fraternity that we are celebrating in Fiji.

The new flag will be the one with the lyrics of our national anthem. It is the best flag ever.
Look on Facebook.

For Fiji, ever Fiji.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Good choice the majority has your full support.

F. Kean said...

An Indian will NEVER become President. An Indian will NEVER become a PM. If they do then there will be another coup. End of story.

Anonymous said...

I find it amazing that to this day an Indian person cannot become President nor PM simply because of his ethnicity. I also find it very very stupid that the kaiviti have not progressed much in the last 45 years despite having kaiviti Presidents and PM's for all but 1 of the 45 years since independence. We have not developed much as a nation in this 45 years when other countries with less resources having made it to tier one nation status in this time. Does this say something about the leadership. For me it does. I think as a race all kaiviti need to do some soul searching and ask some hard questions and one of the more important questions is this ' WILL WE BETTER OF BEING RUN BY SOME OTHER RACE THAN OURS" If one really things about about it a PM is really the CEO of a nation and the President is the board Chairmen. They are really management roles and if we take out the emotions and glamour from it that is what it boils down to (Senior Management). We trust these 2 people to manage our money and make sure we the public get the best return from it. The question then is which race is better at managing money. I think the answer is obvious.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should have 2 presidents.
One Fijian, One Indian. Cut the wages 50-50.

We could also have 2 PMs.
One watching rugby around the world, one doing the job at home. Cut the wages 0-100.

Anonymous said...

I think your question is already answered with the present situation. We have a Fijian PM but the country is run by a manipulative Indian in Khaiyum. How much worse do you think the Fijians will be if we have an Indian President to lend even more support to Khaiyum.
Look at how Ayarse controls the Parliament! Luveniyali is his puppet Speaker. Everyone in FF dances to his tune. He was the accuser, prosecutor and judge in Naiqama's case that resulted in 4years ban, supported by Luveniyalowai speaker. Only in Fiji democracy is the judiciary in Parliament a model of judiciary outside of parliament, where one person is in total control of all the process - accuse, prosecute, and judge.

Frank is playing his game of cat and mouse with Khaiyum to save his own skin. He will not allow anyone else to be in control of the army.

Anonymous said...

@10:48 AM

From my observations, I don't think you can trust anyone on this planet... In our very little country, I have heard a lot of stories of shopkeepers selling properties in Fiji and getting paid overseas, quite a lot of businesspeople actually keep 2 books... one official, one real...
In fact, I would say iTaukei don't know how manage at all, while Indians know how to manage in their own interest. It's a bit of a wild jungle in Fiji. There are of course exceptions, but this is a sort of common pattern.

I have always said that people love only themselves. I can see all the treacherous liumuri going on within families, both Indians and Fijians. People often preend to like/love their family, but this is often superficial, often you get to see the real picture soon enough... So if that is how it is at the family level, for goodness sake, who can seriously think that someone would love a whole nation like Fiji and administrate the country in the interest of the people? It seems far fetched to me...

Look at what Rabuka and Mara did with the Fijian assets (National Bank, etc.) Look at what Chaudry did with his millions for poor farmers, look at Bainimarama having a good time in London... Look how much the president is spending on alcohol getting drunk on the taxpayer's tab?

The only way to improve the country would be to have more transparency, investigation journalism, competent MPs (man they have to be taught how to read a budget...) We need to have more people able to put their noses in the books and keep and eye on what's going on. Right now the country is very opaque, we don't even know where that 100M$ was spent!!!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:48 AM

It really is not going to make any difference who's at the top it will not change progress.

The development and progress of the country has been and still is affected by the indigenous populations obsession with religion. The restrictions imposed and time spent in following religious interests has produced a population that believe progress comes from heaven.

Until such time as the indigenous go to church because they want to rather than feeling they have to things will not improve.

Anonymous said...

The fact that Frank Bainimaram chose Konrote reflects a lot concerning what Frank and the Military Council says about our Indian bretheren in Fiji.

When I say Indian brothers I mean the Hindoos and not the Indian Muslims.

Hindos make up 33% of the Indian population and they have served our country well. There are many Indians who have served Fiji and deserve this position more than Konrote.

With due respect to Konrote but who is he? Other than benefit from Military coups, what has he really achieved for Fiji. What criteria are these people using to nominate a candidate.

Obviously one of the criterias is not to pick an Indian. The threat that if an Indian is selected there will be another coup is far fetched. Fijians are sick of the military bullshit and their past coups that no one will support any more coups. People of Fiji have only resigned themselves to Frank because they feel there is nothing else they can do nor anyone else.

The fact that SODELPA's selection is another ex military man and a Chief does not say too much about SODELPA and the Chiefs continuing attempts to be involved in main stream politics.

Epeli Ganilau is a useless idiot who does nothing for people. What has he achieved other then being handed everything he has. Even his wife does nothing for the people of Nayau or Lakeba. Problem with Chiefs today is that they expect to be served but do not serve their people.

Im surprised Frank did not select his cousin Alex O Connor to be the President. Frank did ask Alex if he wanted to be President.

Sydney is celebrating Fiji Day this week and we are waiting for you Franky Boy.

Anonymous said...

The lyrics of the national anthem are clear:

For Fiji, ever Fiji.

But it seems that what most people hear is rather this:

For Me, ever Me.

or at best:

For my Clan, ever my Clan
For my yavusa, ever my yavusa
For my family, ever my family

People are always pushing for their own interests, that is the root cause of the world's problems and Fiji is part of the world...

I comfort myself thinking (even if I feel it is pure delusion) that the national anthem and a good flag could be a source of inspiration, and inspiration could change the heart of men. In that sense, national symbols are very important, and it's always nice to see that people can rally around them.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have any indigenous of the Pacific islands be president than a farking Muslim.Can you Imagen that?Lady's and gentleman please rise for the president of Fiji Abdul Mozar ali bagdada? If that ever happen it's going to be a full out coup!.

Anonymous said...

@1:13 PM

the problem right now in Fiji is nepotism, not islam. Khaiyum is not behaving like a muslim when he pushes for gay rights and all that, is he? the fact that he is muslim somehow masks the real problem in the eyes of people like you who lack the wisdom to see through the fog. Khaiyum is having a good ride with his gang of so-called muslims just like Rabuka, a model of Chritianity, had a good time with his fellow christians... better to keep god far away from the discussion!

It is people like you who are a threat to Fiji's future, you are no better than the current thiefs.
NEPOTISM, CLEPTOCRACY and CRYPTOCRACY. are words you should use instead of islam, which is no different from any other faith.

Bainimarama is using Fiji like if it was his little piggy bank. We need to unite against the real evil, which is to be found everywhere in the core of human nature, so stop your crap about religion.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:13 PM

Why don't you take your pathetic anti Muslim rants elsewhere. It's scum like you that are the problem, have you not checked that mirror today idiot.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.13 Can you please explain to me how a persons religious beliefs make him less of a human being or unequal to another. All i had to do was question the validity of race in choosing a PM or President and oops Democracy, rule of law equal before the lord and all those things that this website is supposed to be about gets thrown out the window. One dude Anon 12.23 separates Indians via religion. Let me tell you something fella Indian is Indian. I am not a fan of Islam as a religion but their are countless hard working honest Indians who practice Islam in Fiji who have nothing to do with ASK and are true patriots contributing millions in taxes and helping economic growth just like everyone else in Fiji. Fiji Indian Muslims are not barbaric Arabs. They are mislead just like all religious people are but you cannot continue to put all people of a certain grouping together with a few who are bad.That is called bigotry and this website is full of bigots some even call themselves Christians. About 15 years ago the Hindu Indians were bad because of Chaudhary and the fact that they worshiped idols, did not eat beef etc and the Muslims were good. Because ASK is in the picture suddenly Muslims are bad and its lick Hindu ass season. What i don't understand is why isn't Christians bad because the Army is almost all Christians and they are the ones who put ASK in power and Frank in power. Please explain to me why aren't you applying the Muslim brush to Christianity as all the coups were planned and executed by a 99% Christian Military. Please someone tell me why.In Fiji it has always been the Christians who have bullied beat up and killed innocent people. Not a single politically violent act has been perpetrated by people practicing any other faith but by Christians. It has been the Christians who have tried to impose their religious beliefs on people via the Sunday ban and call for a Christian state etc. I am an agnostic and practice no religion so i have no bias. I am stating facts here as i am sick of the small minded religious bullshit that is peddled in this country. People are people some bad some good.Race, color,religion, and where you come from has no bearing this. I just find it amazing when Christians say that there savior is Jesus and then make a statement filled with so much hatred that even Satan would feel beaten.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:51 PM

You are wasting your time with idiots like 1:13 PM.

This idiot is always turning up here with his 'anti' Muslim this and that but the fact is the idiot is so stupid he does not even understand the difference between race and religion.

He actually thinks he's clever but the reality is his rantings show him to be just another no school kid that will never achieve anything other than feeling inferior.

Eagle Tamer said...

To ALL of you who keep saying INDIAN, INDIAN INDIAN...lets get our facts sorted!!!!
We (Indians) are no longer referred to as INDIANS but NATIVE AMERICANS.
So don't say INDIAN or FIJIAN......It's NATIVE AMERICANS !!!!!....Accha?

Anonymous said...

The newly elected PRESIDENT should as a priority ensure that those who are still in custody in RA treason case be released as there are insufficient evidence to charge them.

Why are they still being held in custody. Victor lal, if you could so some research on it, you would be doing Fiji a great favor.

First thing this fraud government should do is release those who are still captive, what is the government afraid of?????

Anonymous said...

A Muslim and a Hindu may be Indians but they do not share the share values, traditions and culture. The two are totally different. There is nothing similar in any way between the two.

It is no different to the 100 plus or is it now 1000 plus Christian denominations in Fiji today. Every single one of these churches preach that if you do not worship their way, you are no worshipping God at all.

I had a CMF member say to me, you can do all the good you like but Jesus is the only way you will go up to heaven. Then he went on to say that doing good, helping the poor, being kind and considerate is not enough. That only through Jesus will one find salvation. I said to him... what of the words of Jesus Christ - "Love thy neighbour as I have loved you... Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers that you do unto me...

The thing about Fijians is that they are turning to religion like fanatics. It gets to the point that you will have some preachers like the most recent abusing and exploiting their flock.

Then you have those on this blog....throwing verses from the bible like it was in fashion adding in racist and hate filled comments...

Fiji is one of these countries that people are like sheep - dumb and stupid and will follow or believe anything anyone says.

That is why Fiji has a dumb Prime Minister and dumb soldiers, and this leads to dumb people who will agree with their dumb PM. That is the culture of Fijians today. Too stupid and lazy to think for themselves. That is why Fijians have been given a dumb PM to lead their very dumb lives for the last 9 years. Now you will have a dumb President who will rubber stamp the dumb PM and all you dumb Fijian people will have nothing more but a dumb country, resigned to letting dumb people rule your dumb lives.

Anonymous said...

I have come to the conclusion that Frank and Khaiyum have been allowed to rule Fiji and do what they please because the people and in particular the Fijian people of Fiji are nothing but COWARDS.

When they supported the Army in 87 and 2000, Fiji was like the animal farm.

What this says is that Fijians are GUTLESS and COWARDLY like their PM because the Fijian mentality is ... LET SOMEONE ELSE DO IT... The dumb Fijian will just sit watch and talk. After everything has been done you will hear the words - AU KILAI KOYA... O AU GA AU TUKUNA VUA ME CAKAVA...AU PLAN TAKA... AU..AU...AU...AU...

Now is the time for Fijians in the military, police, navy, Government and public to vei tauri kau because you are being rooted and still you just stare and hope someone else does your dirty work for you.

Well hello, Frank and Khaiyum will continue to exploit and root the people of Fiji up the arse and the dumb soldiers and police will keep saying... I am doing this for my two week pay check...

Anonymous said...

We want justice for those who have been charged from RA. JUSTICE JUSTICE JUSTICE. Lets do some graffiti asking for justice!!!TIME NOW!!

Anonymous said...


Assets sale warning

Ropate Valemei In Peru
Monday, October 12, 2015

THE Fijian Government has to be careful when selling State assets to meet fiscal needs, says International Monetary Fund (IMF) deputy managing director Min Zhu.

Anonymous said...

First we need to get the RA people out...while we are talking here,they are suffering for trying to fight on our behalf. Lets not forget them!

Anonymous said...

@ 2:47pm... sivia na vosa... kua tale niko vakamacala bullshit jiko... CARUBI SARA... MAE NA MAE - Se cava... sa Lamu... Me veisau nai bole mai Ra... Sonalevu ga sa Sonalevu... Ni vei dulu na kai Ra viavia separate State jiko mai... FF kei na mataivalu ena buturaka sobu na delana mai Kauvadra... Nomudou resources ena tarava... na koula kei na waiwai... Dou na rai tu ga dou sa lau vutu....

Anonymous said...

An Indian president of Fiji? Fuck NO, NEVER.

Anonymous said...

Konrote is just the same as Nailatikau...puppets of Bainimarama...so let's move on to the next topic

Anonymous said...

I vote for Muslim President!!better than kaiviti or indian anytime.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, and what is opposition doing to have the rebels released???Any idea?????

Anonymous said...

A lesson to learn...the party that wins the most votes gets to elect the president..so to all the itaukeis..lets get behind ONE party that will not only make a difference to your lives but to the leadership...to the itaukeis - this is your country so take some pride in fighting for what is yours. Don't just sit and stare and let people dictate how you think

Anonymous said...

Fijian Chiefs have been weakened considerably...It is time to start from scratch and win over the itaukeis who have lost confidence in our leaders.

Anonymous said...

@3:28 PM
The rebels wont be released unless I suppose they present a formal matanigasau.

@3:26 PM
You will change your language right now or actions will be taken against you!

@2:41 PM you cool man!

Anonymous said...

Rebels need our support. They need our voices, who ever organized the rebels activities, I suggest you start working on graffiti especially in tourist destinations, thats the best way to gets out fraud PMs attention, he might read it in the overseas news since his hardly in Fiji. His just busy spending tax payer money in his overseas trips!!

Anonymous said...

@4:04 PM
That would be unefficient.
Rebels have to present their matanigasau. They are strong people and don't need anyone to fight for them.
The strongest people are those who can apologize.
I am sure for the benefit of our little Fiji we can sort out this matter in the Pacific way.

Anonymous said...

@ 3:33pm - wtf you talking about. Get off those drugs man... we voted Frank in ....So take a chill pill instead and go with the flow... Now we have a Rotuman President. Next we will have an Indian PM or Kai Loma or Chinese PM for this wonderful country of Fiji. On top of it, we are all Fijians today which is such a wonderful thing given many of us of other ethnic origin have contributed immensely towards the progress of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:15 - its inefficient not unefficient. Did you go to school se warai...

The Pacific Way is like Fiji and Vanuatu whose PM pardoned himself and 12 other cabinet members for corruption. No different to Frank and his pardon constitution. Same as Rabuka. That's the Pacific Way - ulu lala's vakarorogo's vei iras na liuliu's. Iko talega's vakarorogo's madas.

Anonymous said...

Why say sorry when they are not guilty, they have no reason to charge, NO EVIDENCE, WHY SAY SORRY WHEN NOT GUILTY, did khaiyum say sorry after drowning Fiji in international debt????

Anonymous said...

@ 4:55pm....they have no reason to charge..... woilei... don't say anything when you cant put together a sentence... what you trying to say dogai... Lai teve mada ke sega lai cebeta nomu klito haha ha ha ulu empty...

Anonymous said...

@4:55 PM
Well maybe we should wait for the charges. In the mean time, we should be more constructive
and try to find a way not to damage the economy of Fiji with this somewhat ridiculous "christian sedition".

According to the law, prisonners are not supposed to be subjected to any kind of mistreatment or torture.
I think it would be better to focus on the corruption issues that are massive and also work towards
unifying forces towards a democratic replacement of this dumb government.

All the opposition of Fiji needs to rally around a new party without the extremist elements.

Anonymous said...

Franks selection of this langfatmaro taroro from Rotuma, who is also a former Military man is a kick in the black stinking garlic curry asses of the Kai Dia Carawai Pani.

Ha ha ha ha hah ha ha ha ha ha h ahahahah haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

I told you guys before, the Military is Fijian. They committed the 1987 coup because of Racism not from Chiefs and Fijians but from them soldiers themselves, 97% of whom are Fijians.

These Niggers of Fijians are the most racist bunch. You think Im racist but I call it as I see it. These military guys kicked INdians out in 1987, killed, raped, brutalized sodomized and licklised Indians muslin and Hindoos alike.

I told you guys that today, Frank and his Military are pretending to be saviours of the Indian people. I told you guys that when you Kai Dia Cara Wai Barchods voted for Frank, you fucked youselves up in the arse by denying the freedom fighters.. girmytias who came on the boat like refugees today, sailing over thousands of miles and dying on board the boats like they were nothing only to be enslaved in Fiji under the white guise of indentured labourers. Girmityas were subjected to brutal labour and treated like coolie dogs and they fought back for their independence and for equality through the NFP and Labour parties.

Today the Kai Dia decided to dance with the devils in green and Frank's selection is telling you Kai Dia's.... he does not trust you. Khaiyum for Frank is dispensable. Why the hell do you guys think that the Muslim Indian in the camp was never picked to be the Commander of the Military. Same reason, because he is Kai Dia....Before you guys realise that Frank is nothing but a racist pig and the military council are nothing but racist dogs who love licking Frank's shitty arse constantly just to keep it clean, these dogs will be set against you Indians.

You know there is a Fijian saying - Never to trust Indians. If an Indian ask for a cigarette, he will want a packet from you but this saying, typically matches the Fijian of today. The only difference is that the Fijian will not ask you for a cigarette, he will ask you for a packet and when you don't give it, he will rip it out of your pocket and steal it and when your lying on the ground, he will kick you.

INDIANS IN FIJI TODAY ARE UNREPRESENTED ETHNICALLY AND YOU GUYS GOT SHAFTED BY FRANK LED BY KHAIYUM... Have any of you documented what was given in donations to Frank... Lol very funny no.... If Chaudary stole from all the collie beggars in India, imagine what Frank is doing with your money.... lol.... you guys thought you bet for the right horse but the horse has a hard on and your Indian asses got the horses name on your ass.

Manning Watch said...

How about Moronic mark manning for president? He seems to know everything about nothing. Doesn't matter he don't live in Fiji. He is an expert in hypno- quackery so qualifies.

Anonymous said...

Fiji can't afford a president.
Convert the palace in 5 star hotel.

Anonymous said...

BTW,one cannot call those from RA rebels, as they say, innocent until proven guilty. Just get them out of Jail and back home, by doing this, the government is only inviting problems,khaiyum and baini are scared shit we all know that, they are clearly scared of RO-Kepa, and have become very jumpy, too scared that their luxuries might be taken back by people who have the confidence to stand for Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Vakaraitaka mai na yacamu tagane ke via vosataki keimami na kai RA au kila iko tiko na Mataivalu dau SODOMY ..Rape taki yalewa ke ni Tagane BIUTA NA DAGAI NI VAQAQARA SARAGA YAVAMUNI KEI LIGAMU NI QAI KILA NI NA LAUVUTU MAI NAKAUVADRA me dra nomuni SONA..NI Yavu sonalelevu..waraka tiko dua na siga.....Levu ga nomu vosa ni tu na dakai.....Taura ga na dakai kena barrel ni sodomaka nomuni SONA me qaralelevu.....

Anonymous said...

@3:36 AM
you are writting from overseas, at 3 AM. Otherwise you would be watching porn considering your language.

The problem with useless idiots like you is that it pictures Fijians as dumb&uneducated porn addicts.
We have enough dumbness to fight in the government without having to deal here with the equivalent in the Opposition.

One of the biggest problem in Fiji is that we can hardly have intelligent debates. Too many idiots.

Unknown said...

Konrote is a God fearing man! While there are mixed feelings around, give this man a chance to see what God can do through him.

Anonymous said...

Oiauwe!! Makrava bankrupt the NBF, he gave loans to Rotumans to start their Supermarket called Eimcol... Rings the bell??
Rootstrata Band led by Freddy Fesaitu were given a loan of 1 million, todate it is still not paid. The Rotumans raped and screwed NBF Bank.
If you go to Rotuma, you can see his house is like a Palace. That's all from stolen money.

Now!! Another Rotuman for President, makes a good team combination with Bhai and Khai. The 3 stoogers... Thieves!!!

Anonymous said...

He has finally surrounded himself with all his little minnions. All his 'yes-men'. He sends the army rugby team on a public - funded vacation in the UK, more officers going abroad. I'd say this regime is firmly entrenched. They'll be around for some time. And the suffering continues.....

Anonymous said...

@ 3:36 Rogoci vinaka qo... dua na gauna na vuaka loa e tamata qaqa. . Ira na turaga ni bau kei waimaro era tamata qaqa. .. nikua sa tu ga na da kei na cici levu koya e lutu mai kina na da ... ya ko Viti nikua... ni sa sonalevu taka e dua na kai loma na kai Kiuva ... ira qo na Dau kei Bau... era tamata sona levu ... nomuni vei liu muri taki jiko mai Ra kei Naitasiri... ni sa bau tamata sona levu dina...levu ga na vosa kei na gunu yagona vakamacala boi dada ..... ko Viti ena veika utoka nikua ko Frank kei na FF. O talei taka se sega.... na La ena La chu ga... ni vosa bole bole sona levu jikoga mai... talai ga yani vica na gone mai na keba looking na buini. .. lol sa sona levu kai viti nikua. Sa tekivu qo na kena na mai taura kina na veiliutakai na kai yani. ... sa tekivu mai nai tutu vaka peresitedi ..... ni na kana tarogi nikua... ko Ra nodra na muslim... mai Rakiraki Koro siro yani e mataka tu .... ni kawa ni tamata voli rawarawa vei ira na kwai dia.... tata's qo ena pm dua na kai loma... sega ni dua na ka dou cakava rawa... macawa....

Anonymous said...

Bainimara has lied to the Indian community anybody remembers in one of his speech(diwali) when he said Fiji awaits the day to have a Indo-Fijian president for Fiji?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:19 PM

That's hardly a lie is it?

He did not say the next president would be an Indo-Fijian.

Kutusebe said...

Dear Sir,
I read your blog often but write seldom. Its interesting; open to racists, realists, people of opposing opinions, fundamentalists etc
even an ineffectual idiot who keep!s threatening some one called Renee!
Be it as it may. The appointment of the new prez is quite good even though the person appointed is an arse licking wonder. They have broken that sense of entitlement that Chiefs had that it was post reserved for them and should be rotated between confederacies. What a stupid idea.
Is it true that the duty on biscuits will be removed as a gesture of respect to our new Prez? See never mind who you appoint where; it is
always the kai india who wins--in this case Mr. Punja who manufactures biscuits!

Anonymous said...

This blog is filled with idiots what's more hilarious is that they all live overseas(Australia and New Zealand).Fiji is better without you losers,I think it's time to move forward and leave you losers in the past.However it is most entertaining and a laughing stock to watch you idiots vent out all your frustrations about the people's government.

Anonymous said...

A MAN who is facing charges of rape and pornographic activity will be produced in the Sigatoka Magistrates Court today.

Police chief of intelligence and investigations ACP Henry Brown said a 44-year-old man had been charged with three counts of rape and one count of pornographic activity contrary to section 62 (b) of the Juveniles (Amendment) Act, 1997 for offences allegedly committed against a 17-year-old.

"The accused is alleged to have raped the 17-year-old victim on three different occasions between 2013 and 2015," Mr Brown said.

"Further to that, the accused who is facing a charge of pornographic activity is alleged to have participated in record of pornographic activity of the victim who was 15 at the time of the incident."

Anonymous said...

sa baci kau cake mai me dua na holiday ni Girmit...........CAITI TAMAMU BAI

Anonymous said...

Anon@1.29PM, Fuck you magaitinamu.

Anonymous said...

anon 2.19
vosa tu na tamata sona levu

Anonymous said...

anon 12.03
tamata sona levu

Anonymous said...

I can see a link between the 3 last comments and @1:41 PM
There is a link between porn language and indecent assaults. I note an obsession for anal sex and female genitals these days.

Well back to the serious stuff, we are not here to discuss about maga and sona.

@10:40 AM vinaka for the observation.
Sadly, people have already forgotten about the NBF disaster. The reason why we pay high fees today and why we have to deal with foreign banks is because we haven't been unable to run OUR own bank. That is what I call a hidden fee of the coups... not even talking about the profits sent overseas.

I noticed the same thing on a certain island in the Lau group. One NBF bank abandonned in a particular town...... even a large hotel that was supposed to become a destination for the rich......... but now inhabited by rats......... and also very nice houses belonging to a certain famous man....... how much money has been wasted in Fiji is beyond imagination.

I think time has come to cede Fiji to Britain again.

Anonymous said...

Konrote would not last long as that is the position of the iTaukei highest Chiefs, Konrote a commoner and kaisi to take it freely is not on

Anonymous said...

@10:11 AM

god-fearing man?
That is a very irrational statement.

So you decided he was a god-fearing man? which god in particular? how can you prove your fod is the good one too?
I think there is a strong link between religiousness and poverty, am I right?

Anonymous said...

@2:24 PM
"commoner and kaisi"

I hope you don't think all commoners are kaisi because we would have a big problem in Fiji.

The thing is that we people of Fiji live in different epochs. Some are living in the Middle Ages, some in the Stone Age, some in the Computer Age...

The president is just an expensive and useless bill to foot for the tax payers.
I propose to give the position to the person who paid the more tax (including donations) during the last 4 years. I doubt any chief would qualify.

Anonymous said...

What a shame that Fijian Cheifs has been relegated to commoner status by kaiyum and his puppet baini magaichinana. Indians have dug their own grave by trusting the two greatest evil to befall on Fiji. Now, they are no more than slaves to a racists sob. Ask the few Indians working in ministry of labour and they will tell you how Indians have been isolated from holding positions in the ministry and are not being selected for the seasonal workers scheme under the leadership of Conrote. baini and kaiyum rewarding only themselve and a select few so forget about the equal Fiji dream. You would have been much better off with rabuka. Atleast, he had the nerve to openly declare that he was wrong in 87 and is apologetic for his actions. This Conrote asshole has been involved in all four coups but never apologies for his action. Suffer you Indian/Muslim pigs. Lick some more of baini and kaiyums ass and balls and keep hoping for salvation.

Anonymous said...

This President aint nothing but a PUPPET. Enough Said.

Anonymous said...

What about the Ex-PS education seeking judicial redress, this Minister for Education must be sacked for non-performance and for sabotaging the education system in Fiji. His attitude towards the teachers and management is disgusting & disrespectful.
I wonder why the school management are entertaining him, he has shown nothing but disrespect to the school managements.

Anonymous said...

Ex PS-Education is a whore. She used to have kinky sex sessions with Agni Deo singh and Felix Anthony at tropic towers. She is a good riddance from the education system as her place is in a brothel or in streets.

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe that Bainimarama hide himself away in London because of the flag mess.
Maybe in fact he loves the Union Jack?
What a coward!

Anonymous said...

The problem in choosing a president in Fiji is that no one is apolitical....so whoever becomes the president learns bipartisanship on the job..could this occur within a militarised government

Anonymous said...

The presidency is a complete waste of resources.....why not create more jobs with that money, rather than worshipping an old fart that lives up that hill

Anonymous said...

Mr konrote cannot even prove himself in fighting the labor cases which khaiyum has interests on. If you cannot run the labor ministry and prove to ILO compliance, what qualifies you to be the president of Fiji. Another rubber stamp president.

Anonymous said...

I would be curious to know how many Kg the fat man leading this nation put on during his reign.
I would be curious to know how many Kg the top military officials put on during the same time.

There goes the economic growth of Fiji. IN FAT! While at the same time the poor people have to put on weight eating sugar imported from India... not the same quality of FAT.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is a coward and he shits I his pants in front of RO KEPA, whole of Fiji can see that. He acts all tough but his actions give it away.At least the Ratuman Community and breath properly now knowing that someone is there to represent them, unfortunately, the only other community represented are muslims, no representation for others including I-Taukei. When I say representation I mean in real term, not including the puppets in Fiji First.

Anonymous said...

@7:04 PM
People in Fiji worry about rugby, not politics.
They don't give a damn about NBF disaster. Most don't even know what inflation is, let alone a multiplication.
A large number wouldn't know where Japan, America and even the Middle East is on a map.... yep Jesus land, where's that?!?
We are thoroughly ignorant, with no interest whatsoever outside of watching dumb movies (or porn judging from the language here) listening to music and gossiping.

What really matters the most is rugby. And religion just for the facade. And some junk food, cigarettes and kava to go with it.
We get the country we deserve.

In order for the country to move forward, we will need competent MPs (there are not too many) and I fear we haven't got a large pool to draw from... I fear chiefs are of no use anymore.

mark manning said...

Qorvis, their agents and supporters have done a wonderful job of misleading and fooling the Fijian population since possibly before December the 5th. 2006!
As they say, the 1st. casualty of war is truth!
Make no mistake though, despite the fact it has taken 9 years so far, Frank Bainimarama and the people who support his coup d'etat, still have one goal in mind!
And that is the complete and total control over the LAND of the Islands of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Renee Lal and Amani Bale used to have kinky sex sessions inside their office at FNPF PLACE, VICTORIA PARADE.
Renee's place is in the brothels and the streets.
This week is Anti Money Laundering Week.
I hope all these crooks get punished.

Anonymous said...

The future Republic of Ra would have the shortest name for a country, shorter than Fiji and Togo.
But I wonder how the border would be managed with Ba and Tailevu, say you want to travel to Suva from Tavua.
And would they use the Fiji dollar or Australian dollar, or have their own Ra dollar?


Anonymous said...

Tejash Motibhai is another crook who illegally transfers monies to his secret offshore bank accounts in the U.S etc etc.

Suomynona said...

Since it was Fiji Day last weekend, it still makes me wonder who was the genius that removed Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna Day that honored one of Fiji's founding father's if not famous sons. Whether it was AK-47 or Bainimagana, it still doesn't make any sense for its removal whatever reason it may be.

Frankie sure loves putting in his own goons from the FFP cronies squad so that isn't a surprise that any outsider might threaten his interests and plans.

If they can still keep Mohammed's birthday, then why not bring back Sukuna Day also.

Anonymous said...

Its anti money laundering week and Renee Lal and Amani bale are in hiding.
They are afraid to be seen.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@8:42 PM

what a shame indeed they removed Sukuna Day. The only decent stateman Fiji ever had.

I have noticed over the years a growing tendency of hidden hostility against the regime, even amongst those who voted for Franky boy. You ask them if their economic situation is better than before the coup, and INVARIABLY they say its worst. Yet they voted Franky boy in.
Franky boy will borrow more money to keep the state running, but as soon as we get the next devaluation, hostility will grow with the cost of living...

Anonymous said...

Ro teimumus son, Filipe Kepa has been charged with the rape and making pornography movie of a 15 year old girl. Wow, PM's son is a wife basher, opposition leaders son is a rapists and porno movie maker and the cabinet from both sides of the house are full of coupsters, killers and pedophiles. No wonder Fiji is so screwed. Poor mere nailatikau. Seems like she can't satisfy her husband and that is forcing him into looking for satisfaction elsewhere. Bainimarama and Teimumu can't even run their own households properly but want to run an entire nation. They should get their house in order first before giving suggessions to improve Fiji. Losers....

Anonymous said...

The raping of the 15 year old girl and the porn acts by the accused is more violent and brutal than the treasonous acts carried out by those responsible in the 2006 takeover. Yes its a heavy crime in Groenwald police book.

Anonymous said...

I definitely think the rape etc was done by AMANI BALE.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Update: 8:11PM THE Sigatoka Magistrates Court has transferred to the Lautoka High Court the case of a 44-year-old man charged with three counts of rape of a juvenile.

Filipe Kepa is accused of committing the offence on three different occasions between 2013 and 2015.

Mr Kepa is also alleged to have participated in the recording of pornographic activity directly or indirectly involving the juvenile who was reported to be 15-years-old at the time of the incidents.

A statement from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions said bail was granted on strict conditions, which included to produce a reliable surety with a bond of $500.

"The accused is still in custody as he failed to produce a surety in court today," the statement said.

The case has been adjourned to November 2.

Anonymous said...

Update: 11:32PM A MAN who raped his brother's stepdaughter thrice was jailed for 14 years by the High Court in Lautoka yesterday.

Justice Thushara Rajasinghe jailed the 51-year-old man for 14 years on each count of rape and ordered that the sentences be served concurrently.

He also ruled that the accused would not be eligible for parole for a period of 12 years.

The accused committed the offences on the 13-year-old girl between October 1, 2004 and September 30, 2006.

Justice Rajasinghe told the accused that he had abused the trust and confidence the victim had for him as an elderly family member in her own domestic environment

Anonymous said...

CHILDREN should be allowed to enjoy their childhood and not to have it robbed by someone else, says Chief of Intelligence and Investigations ACP Henry Brown.

The Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation Ministry had released statistics during the prevention of child abuse and neglect workshop last November that showed police recording more than 600 cases of child sexual abuse for 2014.

Without releasing any statistics for this year's sexual abuse on children, Mr Brown said the concern should be that those cases still occurred.

"The main issue for the Fiji Police Force is the fact that cases are occurring and that should be a concern for all," he said.

"Any case where children are victims should be a concern for everyone and not just the Fiji Police Force. We are the last line of defence as these cases are only brought to our attention after they are committed.

"This is why we are continuing to work with relevant stakeholders to create as much awareness on preventing the occurrence of these crimes which have such a devastating long lasting effect on the victims' life.

"A child should be allowed to enjoy their childhood and not have it senselessly robbed from them because of the action of others."

Methodist Church in Fiji general secretary Reverend Dr Epineri Vakadewavosa said the church was "committed to addressing this terrible crime".

"We have already begun our gender-based-violence and child protection awareness programs and this will continue over the next few years," he said.

In its commitment, the church also has provisions in their code of conduct on violence and sexual abuse.

It comes into effect on January 1, 2016

Anonymous said...

Sea wall gang rape

A 17-YEAR-OLD boy allegedly raped and assaulted by four men at the Suva foreshore is pleading with the police to fasttrack investigation and arrest the men.

The young boy has been admitted at the CWM Hospital since March 28.

His mother could not control her tears as she relayed to this newspaper how the incident had affected her youngest son.

"He wakes up from his sleep and screams. He is traumatised by what happened to him," she said.

She said the medical team looking after his son had never explained to her what injuries her son had sustained or if he was getting any better.

Police spokeswoman Ana Naisoro confirmed a report was lodged by the victim and that investigations were underway.

She said they were pursuing some leads.

"The statement of the victim has also been recorded and investigators are awaiting his discharge to conduct other aspects of the investigation," Ms Naisoro said.

"Initial action taken after the report was lodged had a team sent to the scene of the alleged incident to conduct the necessary investigations and get statements from any persons who may have witnessed the incident."

Ms Naisoro said considering the isolated location of the alleged crime scene, it was not easy finding people who may have witnessed the alleged incident.

"The victim was admitted in hospital when investigators managed to get his statement.

"However, we had to wait for clearance as to when he would be fit to assist us in other aspects of the investigations outside of the hospital," she said.

The teenager claims he was walking along the seawall when he came across four men who were consuming alcohol.

Questions sent to the Health Ministry spokespersons Sunil Chandra and Evlyn Mani last week remained unanswered.

Anonymous said...

Promote MASTURBATION in Fiji. It's far better than RAPE !

Anonymous said...

Filipe Kepa in his affidavit has claimed that he resorted to having intercourse with a 15 year old as his wife (mere nailatikau) had a very loose vagina and asshole. He wanted to experience a tight vagina and asshole. The reason why he filmed the incident was to keep a reminder of his experiences. What a piece of shit this man is? Mere nailatikau is a super hot bomb and a sexy piece of meat. Why the fuck would she want to remain with a junkie like Filipe? As for the motherfucker Filipe Kepa, stop watching too much porn. All the orgies and the shit you see in porn movies are dramatisations. Those shits that is turning you on so much also have loose vigina and asshole.

Anonymous said...

No! Where's the poor animal you've been raping all the time. You should be charged with animal rape. The beastly acts upon your male goat is a sexual violation of the animal right..Ref chp 69 clause 96 of the Bhai Kai current constitution.
Come on Reema! confess! !

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:21, his virgin ass will now get rooted in the prison by prison officers and other inmates while mere will enjoy her freedom with that Morris fella responsible for her loose vigina and ass. Surprised to see that no one has so far claimed that this is a conspiracy by kaiyum. Come out of the shells and realise the reality. A slut's fruit will never turn into a saint. Kaila SODELPA......

Anonymous said...

Different weather

JOHN Ruskin once wrote: "There is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather."

I was so happy waking up on Monday morning to the sound of continuous rain. It has been awhile since we had this much rainfall, especially after the hot and humid weather we experienced throughout the festive season.

To celebrate, I wanted to run outside bare to rain bath but then I thought of the neighbours who might report me for "indecent exposure".


Anonymous said...


Man in court for allegedly raping juvenile

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Update: 8:11PM THE Sigatoka Magistrates Court has transferred to the Lautoka High Court the case of a 44-year-old man charged with three counts of rape of a juvenile.

Filipe Kepa is accused of committing the offence on three different occasions between 2013 and 2015.

Mr Kepa is also alleged to have participated in the recording of pornographic activity directly or indirectly involving the juvenile who was reported to be 15-years-old at the time of the incidents.

A statement from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions said bail was granted on strict conditions, which included to produce a reliable surety with a bond of $500.

"The accused is still in custody as he failed to produce a surety in court today," the statement said.

The case has been adjourned to November 2.

Anonymous said...

Politicians are the mirror of our society.
If you see dirt at the top, there is dirt at the bottom.

We can see on this blog a lot of porn and violent language, so what do you expect anyway?

Few are wise, most are dumb.

Anonymous said...

Not suprised at all,even in a debate with their supporters they resort to vile vulgar sub human thoughts freely expressed openly.This is a huge reason why they are laughing stock.

Anonymous said...

WOMEN bringing marital rape cases to the Fiji Women's Crisis centre say there were instances where vegetables and other objects have been used to sexually abuse them.

FWCC director Shamima Ali revealed to this newspaper that this year 67 women had reached their office seeking assistance on these and other marital sexual abuse issues.

And she believes this matter will only be addressed if men know and understand that women are not made to be their slaves.

"Men need to stop treating women like sex slaves and change their mind-set that they own women," Ms Ali said.

She said about 28 per cent of all partnered women were forced to have sex with their husband or partner, 25 per cent did so because they were scared of what their husband/partner might do to them, whereas the other 15 per cent were forced to perform sexual acts which they felt was degrading and humiliating.

Ms Ali said there were three kinds of marital rape — anal, coerced and the use of objects.

She said in some cases women were forced to perform the act in front of their children.

"We still are shocked because this is something we don't do and these are just cases of women who visit us and share their problems with us."

Ms Ali said some women suffered psychological and emotional trauma and even sustained severe internal injuries because of what they went through.

For this year alone FWCC have attended to 339 domestic violence clients from January to June.

Of the 67 marital rape cases, 30 were recorded in Suva, 14 in Ba, 4 in Lautoka, 12 in Nadi and 7 in Rakiraki.

She said marital rape continued to be an ongoing issue every year.

Anonymous said...

Update: 9:25AM RELIGIOUS leader Jone Cokanauto has been further charged with one count of rape and one count of indecent assault.

In a statement Chief of Intelligence and Investigations, ACP Henry Brown says this is in relation to a separate case and he will be produced at the Nasinu Magistrates Court today.

Investigations continue in to other allegations made against the accused.

Meanwhile, Cokanauto's bail ruling in another  case of indecent assault will be made today by Magistrates Charles Ratakele

Anonymous said...

FOUR men were given custodial sentences yesterday by the High Court in Suva after they were convicted of raping a 29-year-old mother of three on December 10, 2012, outside a nightclub.

While passing sentencing Justice Paul Madigan said much had been said recently by the courts as to the gravity of rape as a crime and the tragedy such an unthinking and impulsive act had on the lives of the victims and perpetrators.

Justice Madigan said the assault on the woman was a nasty violent group attack and as such must attract penalties over and above the usual penalty of rape.

He said the young men, Manoa Nairogorogo, Josefa Rauto, Kameli Sauduadua and Abarama Siri, who are in their 20s, had employment and were leading useful and productive lives in the community before they embarked on an evening full of alcohol leading to the despicable assault on a vulnerable young mother.

"More importantly it is the victim's enjoyment of life that has been shattered," Justice Madigan said.

The court heard the victim recovered from bruises on her face, legs and injuries to her sexual organs, she suffered trauma and alienation of her family.

"It was a brutal and undignified experience for her," he said.

Justice Madigan took into consideration the fact that the four men were first offenders and they have asked forgiveness of the court.

As the instigator of the rape, Nairogorogo was sentenced to 11 years in prison. Rauto will serve nine years while Sauduadua received 10 years for two counts of rape. Siri was sentenced to eight years

Anonymous said...

Well, thanks to the police and judiciary for upholding the law and bringing the perpetrators to justice. Now what about the biggest pedophile , rapist and murderer of them all -Voreqe Bainimarama?? When will police and judiciary bring this Culprit to the court of law??

Anonymous said...

Fiji has declined morally since the 1987 coup and all thanks to the Rabuka - George Speight and Frank.

With the military backing, they have brought the evil and violence of war torn countries to Fiji. Prior to 1987, Fiji was beautiful. People lived together in peace and harmony. Rape did happen but not at the scale and as deviant as today.

Fiji is also one of the top ten countries in the world that spends a lot of time watching porn, group that with marijuana and other illicit drugs, you have a recipe for disaster.

Drugs is a common problem in Fiji today. I spoke to Anare Masitabua who is the DEO in Fiji and he mentioned that at least 1 in every third household takes some form of drug or another.

Poverty is stricken in Fiji and there has been mass urban drift from villagers causing an up flux in shanty houses leading to crime, drugs, sexual offences, prostitution and other social problems.

The problems in Fiji will continue to escalate and there will be more rapes and particularly with under age girls and drugs if it has not already, will become a major issue.

The coups have all had detrimental effect in this change. The problem is that the Military wont acknowledge this and they will continue with their bullying.

Military PM. Military President. Senior Military Officers cabinet Ministers. Senior Military Officers holding senior Government positions.

I guess the people of Fiji are happy to have the Military rule them and treat them like idiots and dogs who should only listen to commands and not question any they dish out.

Congratulations Fiji

Anonymous said...

@12:39 PM
This is what I call the "portmoresbysation" of Fiji.

@10:19 AM
That's right, people using such fool language display openly their inner self. Look at the number of references to sodomy and female private parts on this forum and you wonder really what kind of people need to resort to such "arguments" to make their point. It clearly shows intellectual limitations.

The greatest tragedy of Fiji is that the country has become repulsive to intelligence. The brain drain is so problematic and now we end up with incompetent idiots at the top. Can you name one capable economist / planner in the government or in Sodelpa? Nope.... when it's time to deal with numbers, Sodelpa passes the ball to Biman... what?!?!?! aren't they the Opposition supposed to get us somewhere? how can you get rid of a corrupt, dumb and violent man like Bainimarama if all you have are dumb, corrupt and vulgar MPs?

Bainimarama watching rugby in London really tops it all.

Anonymous said...

Just realized that Fiji has exceeded PNG on sexual crimes committed for 2015.By the end of this year I wouldn't be surprised if Fiji tops the chart statistics wise in the whole region.We seem to have a plague of sex offences and convictions always written in our papers and media.

Anonymous said...

@1.01pm it's been happening every week my friend.I'll bet you in the coming weeks ahead there will be more new cases of sexual crimes.You got most of those idiot's on here too spitting all their venom and filthyness I can't believe some of them live overseas imagine what they are doing in their households to come up with such dirtyness?

Anonymous said...

July 7th 2014

Son of Fiji strongman Bainimarama arrested

The son of Fiji's military strongman has been held in police custody over the weekend after being arrested for allegedly assaulting his new beauty queen wife.

As a soldier Meli Bainimarama helped his father Voreqe Bainimarama overthrow democratic government in 2006, but since then he has got off-side with his father.

In January he eloped with Miss Idaho Tean USA and now journalist Hosanna Kabakoro, 21, and they married against family wishes.

On Saturday police sources said Kabakoro fled to the Fiji Women's Crisis Centre and was later taken to hospital. The centre says she is now at a "secret and safe location".

Meli Bainimarama was shortly after arrested and charged with four counts of domestic violence.

He counter-claimed against this, alleging that she had assaulted him.

Fijilive news website said both appeared before Chief Magistrate Usaia Ratuvili this morning who bailed both of them on F$3000 (NZ$1899) bail with strict reporting clauses.
They will next appear to make pleas on August 11.
The Fiji Times reported that lawyers acting for Kabakoro said she suffered lacerations to her hands and bruises on her body.

When Bainimarama seized power in a military coup in December 2006, Meli was among the dozens of soldiers on the streets. He was on the front line trying to seize deposed Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase.

Whether dad trusted him is open to question; he was given an M16 automatic - but without any bullets or magazines. The commodore's suspicions about his own soldiers had good grounds; in 2000 they tried to kill him.

In 2011 Meli set up Fijian Solutions Group International - one of the many mercenary companies involved in finding security work for ex- soldiers.

His wedding this year was exactly 12 years after Voreqe Bainimarama gave his daughter Ateca away in marriage.

At the reception at the Suva Yacht Club a guest, John Whippy, was said to have been drunk and insulting.

Bainimarama's brother-in-law, navy Commander Francis Kean, beat and punched him, killing him.

Initially charged with murder, it was dropped to manslaughter and Kean kept his rank and full military pay.

He eventually got 18 months jail but served less than a month

He is now head of Public Works and Bainimarama recently gave him a civil medal for services.

Anonymous said...

This is how the nation treat it's women?

Anonymous said...

@1:01 PM
I know violence against women in the Highlands of PNG is catastrophic, like 85% plus. I remember an article about a tribe where women started killing their male infant to solve the problem in the long run... oilei!
I doubt Fiji is THAT bad, but we don't have access to the real figures. Fiji would top the charts because the country is more developed and therefore data tends to be a bit more accessible.

@1:09 PM
the filthy language used here as "arguments" is a very clear proof of what is going on behind the curtains... It betrays both the intellectual bankrupcy of a large section of our society and also the sexual problems we are facing on a daily basis.

even if the internet was censored for porn, we would still have issues. in villages, military people come back with porn magazines and you can see children in the villages walking around with them!!!... I think porn leads directly to many of the issues we see today.

if coup 4.5 was to ban the words "maga" and "sona", 90% of the opposition here would be silent... seriously!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:39 AM

Fiji's problems are not dissimilar to other countries, but where Fiji has failed and continues to fail dismally is that the institutions that should help maintain basic law and order have not moved with the times.

Today we can no longer rely upon the traditional systems such as chiefs, village headmen etc to maintain social behaviour and there is nothing effective to replace them.

The police are the main problem in Fiji in that they have not yet taken responsibility for being the custodians of law and order. It is their lack of interest and unwillingness to deal with the most basic of crimes such as drunkenness and drugs that has allowed things to get so out of hand. Very simply the police only respond when they are forced to and have little knowledge of the law or their responsibility to the public.

As for porn watching too many are reading the figures wrong. It is simply the most searched subject in Fiji because the majority of internet users are so uneducated and have no interests in their lives that it is the only thing they can think to search for.

So what Fiji needs before anything else is a more effective police force that does not think it's just there to get paid.

Anonymous said...

@1:48 PM
The police lacks of motivation, very true. I once reported an attempted break-in at my place and the fat lady just kept sitting in her chair, saying some dumb "mmmmmmm" and that was it!
When you pay peanuts you get monkeys, and I fear we are even running out of peanuts...

You are right about porn, but you will also notice there is very little intellectual curiosity in our country. Children are not exposed to anything intelligent, just church, soapies, rugby, etc...etc... (remember the article "dumbing down Fiji" of Wadan Narsey?) I suppose porn and videos in general are all what matters to many and that will never change.

I also think there is a strong link between too much religion and too much dumbness. Countries start developing when religiousness falls. Religions doesn't invite to thinking, you just have to "believe" whatever you are told and that's the end of it. No wonder students are poorly performing in science and logic. Look at the kind of "debates" we see in the newspapers, it's just as dumb as one saying "vosa tu sonalevu" and the other replying "cai tiko maganitinamu" on this forum. Dumbness, dumbness, dumbness.

Where to from here?

Anonymous said...

So shocking what our media outlets are reporting every day. Anything sexual or explicit are headlines on our local news but what about cases of government flaws and corruption reported by social networking such as Fijileaks, C45, Intelligencia etc that didn't make it to the mainstream outlets.. The Minister of Educations' adultery case is never known. Is this journalism in Fiji?
Looks like this regime is fascinated with this kind of reporting because it brings excitement and sextacy while articles exposing their devious actions are heavily censored. If it's not hard for them to censor what's coming out of the media why is it not easy for them to censor what is coming out on tv and Internet. Is it because they're watching pornography as well???
Bunch of idiots and sex maniacs These cases are reflective of the type of leadership we have.
The Fiji women's crisis center must step up and widen their spectrum to create awareness to young girls and boyd across the nation, both urban and rural. Girls and boys are vulnerable and susceptible, so they need to be educated and guided. Target those not wholy raised by both biological parents but by a single parent, grand parents, uncles and aunts or a relative.
Dressing code for girls must be addressed. Cell phones also play a major part in this. ..sexting. There are too many causes to think of that will come to the fore if this initiative is carried out.
Please Do something!!
Isa noqu Viti.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:39 PM

It does not take long for anything to be turned into an 'anti' government' rant does it.

In one breath you say to much about the sex problems is in the media and with the next you say the FWCC must step up and widen their awareness. Make you mind up.

But more to the point what has the personal affairs of the Minister of education got to do with you?

As for what's in places like Fiji leaks, surely you do not believe it all? Have you read Wadan Narseys bit in the FT this week about ministers salaries pay system?

Gee, dressing code for girls must be addressed WHY.

It sounds like you are one of the very causes of the problems, also looking for someone else to blame.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:01pm... Fiji exeed PNG sex crimes.....No sure how accurate this is but if it is true and if you also look at the difference in population, this should send shock waves throughout the community and the question of why this is happening should be identified.

What history has proven is that there always seems to be a correlation between war/ violence with an upsurge of sexual crimes and unfortunately it is always the weak -women and children who suffer as a consequence of this.

Prior to 1987, the sought of crimes being committed in Fiji today was unheard of. Since the Military Coups, the level of crime related violence has increased tremendously.

The Military presence and violence metered out by the military and rebels has escalated violence and this cannot be denied.

There is a sense that people do not care anymore and you can see the younger generation living in Towns today are under tremendous pressure from their parents and externally. This has also resulted in the increase of suicides by the younger generation.

Unemployment in urban centres like Suva is extremely rife. Young people are aimless and have very little opportunities. With a new President saying people should go back and plant tavioka, one wonders whether the remark was made in context or outside context but it is a remark that should not be made by a President whose role is to ensure the Parliament and PM acts within the interest of the people and one of this is creating opportunities.

As it is, we will probably see continuous increase in violence, sexual offences, violent robberies and all sorts of other problems.

This is what happens when we support violence and the military.

Anonymous said...

We want new government, this government has achieved nothing but exponentially increased the following but many more unlisted:
1. Rape cases, most horrific in nature
2. Fraud
3. Illegal importation of illegal drugs-all time high
4. Robbery
5. poverty
6.. Unemployment
7. People dying due to neglect from medical practitioners
8. Increase in international LOAN...our future generations will continue to pay the debt accumulated today
9. Sale of state assets-warning was issued by many professional institutions but no heed has been given to this
10. Nepotism- Only bainimaramas family and muslims as a community are getting the privileges to get jobs, whole of Fiji should convert to Islam if they want their children employed, read newspapers than you will see that all top positions are being held by either Muslims of bainiamaramas family.

Someone please add to this list....lets more to add here..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention that this MP is now the PRESIDENT OF FIJI!!!!!HAHAHA....we have become a laughing stock because of this group of JOKERS!

Anonymous said...

@3:02 PM

Give me 5 acres of land and I will show anyone how to plant dalo and make 20000$ a year.
Why doing nothing in Suva instead? That was what Konrote meant I am sure.
We keep saying rural people are unable to run businesses, have no vision etc etc
so they have to send their children to Suva to get "educated" (whatever that really means in reality) and we expect them to get
degrees in business management etc etc and then go back and develop their homeland... what is wrong with asking them to
go back to the village and show what they are worth? I suspect "education" for them means in fact sleeping, gettind Ds and expecting a
good job in an air-con office, no going back and work the land...

How can we really think that SUVA will provide employment to the whole country when the real economy is sugarcane and tourism, in the WEST? the real money is not in Suva, only sleepy civil servants and politicians.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:02 PM

"" this should send shock waves throughout the community and the question of why this is happening should be identified""

It's happening because so many believe they do not have to work hard to get something. Why work hard to find a partner when you can steal some innocent child and use them for no effort.

""Prior to 1987, the sought of crimes being committed in Fiji today was unheard of""

Because the church pressured their followers to hide the problem as they continue to do.

""With a new President saying people should go back and plant tavioka""

Absolutely right. There is no point in most of them coming to the towns from the villages because they are uneducated, lack discipline and the ability to fit in socially and are unemployable. At least if they go back to the village they can plant and sell and stop being a blight on the system.

The problems have nothing to do with the military, if you think they are you are then suggesting everyone is dumb enough to follow bad examples.

Anonymous said...

Fiji is indeed fucked because it's governed by Fiji Fucked Party.

Anonymous said...

Chootiya President-elect

Anonymous said...

@ 3:21pm... your remarks stinks of stereotyping a select group of people.

It is also indicative that one such as you, thinks very little of others but yourself. Your attempt in trying to explain the social chaos in Fiji today is laughable.

The major problem lies with the Military because they created the problem yet deny this.

The Military apart from Rabuka continues to deny the fact that they set Fiji back. Everytime there has been a coup, there has been unprecedented violence, rape, robberies etc. On top of that the economy sink, money is devalued, cost of goods increase and when people have very little opportunities, idleness sets in and you have an increase in violent and sexual crimes.

People of Fiji have been dumb enough to support and back the military even though the military is the dictator who caused all these woes and that is without a doubt. They also have been ruled by the Military with fear and fear is the biggest subjugator and undoubtedly, this is the case in Fiji - When Fearful leads to Dumb decisions.

Only dumb stupid people would support the military and that is the case in Fiji. The Fijians supported the Military in the 87 and 2000 coup and today, half the Fijian population and a vast majority of Indians and other races have supported the Military, the very organisation that has led to the economic downfall of Fiji.

Only a dumb idiot would support a Military that tells its people that they did not need to account for $100 million of tax payers funds because there is no Parliament.

Only a dumb idiot pays for their PM to go and watch the National Rugby team play in the wold cup when there are people in Fiji begging on the streets, poverty is rife and people are struggling to put food on the table.

You want to hear it...you 3:21PM are one hell of a DUMB IDIOT for supporting the military and believing in their bullshit that there was no impact from what they did.

Anonymous said...

who really cares ????

Ro Teimumu clarifies nomination

Vuniwaqa Bola-Bari
Wednesday, October 14, 2015

OPPOSITION leader Ro Teimumu Kepa has clarified that the Opposition's nominee for President of Fiji was not hers but that of the Opposition office.

Ro Teimumu said she did not nominate Ratu Epeli Ganilau because it would have been a personal conflict of interest.

"I wish to stress that I did not personally bring up our nominee's name as he is a very close relative. That is well known to my party," Ro Teimumu said.

"However, the party president, our members of Parliament, and our management board endorsed our nominee and as I am here on behalf of my party, I shall defer to the wisdom and choice of my party. That is what democracy and participatory democracy is all about."

Ro Teimumu said SODELPA was of the firm belief that Ratu Epeli Ganilau was eminently suited to the position as stipulated in the Constitution.

"His decorations include the Order of Saint John, Military Cross, and Meritorious Service Decoration."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:45 PM

Oh dear, you seem to be off on that 'let's blame the military or government campaign' again.

If only you would engage your brain and read what is written rather than role out the same old verbal diarrhoea like a broken record you could progress.

Now lets see if we can teach you something. Read what I wrote very carefully, probably three times is required in your case and then come back with an answer to this question.

Where in my comments did I say or does it suggest that I am supporting the military?

Good luck, and remember to read s l o w l y..............

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:57 PM

I think you are missing something.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.01.
So what might you suggest the cause of sexual crime in Fiji????
I squarely blame the govt for not only address the problem but partook in it. Dr Reddy is an example and you mentioned it's personal. . damn he is a role model in that position ..anyway rape and adultery are sexual crimes and are punishable. .
I brought in FWCC because victims are underage girls and boys. They are the experts in this area. Why not expand? It's sad that this crime is skyrocketing yet very little is done by authorities. .
I brought up the dress code for our young girls because!! be real!! this is not US, NZ, Aus, etc. This is Fiji and we expect our girls to dress decently.... short transparent skirt is inviting male attention, am I correct or wrong?

Anonymous said...

@3:21 & 3:45 PM

iTaukeis + no forced discipline = chaos
iTaukeis + forced disicpline = order

In other words, give too much freedom and you are in for trouble.
iTaukeis need a strong leadership at the top, they need to be told what to do by "someone".

Bainimarama is both destroying Fiji and preserving the country from total chaos.
Rabuka did the same.
The 2000 coup was a case of "rule by the civilians/ no one in particular"... what a mess it was...

So you are both right somehow. RFMF is the devil, the root of all evils but at the same time many problems lie in the civil society, which is unable to catch up with modernity so we need the RFMF to preserve the country from total chaos. Nobody ever opposed the army in Fiji, they are too strong.

I wonder what 2000 would have been without the Army. Plain civil war?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:10 PM

""So what might you suggest the cause of sexual crime in Fiji????""

Weak men that are too lazy and dishonest to undertake the legal conventional route to achieving sexual gratification.

Irresponsible parents that do not respect and value their minors and allow them to be too often in positions where they are vulnerable to abuse.

A culture, led by the church to keep silent and hide these matters that has caused ignorance and unawareness of these life problems to the majority.

""I squarely blame the govt for not only address the problem but partook in it""

I suggest you will find there are far more hiding behind the cloak of the church involved in illegal sexual deprivation than within the government. Why not blame the church. Why not blame the chiefs.

""Dr Reddy is an example and you mentioned it's personal. . damn he is a role model in that position""

So what has he done that is illegal?

""I brought up the dress code for our young girls because!! be real!! this is not US, NZ, Aus, etc. This is Fiji and we expect our girls to dress decently""

What you expect does not matter. Girls have a right to dress as they want as long as it is not illegal.

""short transparent skirt is inviting male attention, am I correct or wrong?""

Perhaps you are sick enough for it to invite your attention, the vast majority would not.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.11pm. Your argument is the typical military argument behind their involvement in all these fuckups. There other ways we can instil order within the country and not with these idiots using the veil of order to impose their will and usurp the country and its people of its fundamental rights, values, assets, and sovereign wealth (taxes). Their only advantage is that it is very easy for them to restrict the flow of arms to civilians to make it a fairer game. I certainly don't buy your argument, because despite our differences ethnically, class or whatever, the essence of a democracy is that it repairs itself over time even through bloodshed for the long term good of the country. We are all mature enough to go through that process in as peaceful a manner as possible. But not with these so-called army who are nothing more than over-fed cowards (proven in the face of combat!) and idiots who are merely being bankrolled by a thieving Caesar-like regime under the fa├žade of democracy. Yavu sotia lamusona!!!

Anonymous said...

@4:41 PM

I think order must be imposed by tradition, and not let to open debate.
Short skirts in a country filled with porn and hardly any brothel is an invitation to disaster.

I know it sounds harsh, but it's the bloody truth. In a Fijian village, your shoulders must be covered.
May sound strict, but that is how it is. I think Fijian modesty is all right.
We should not let to NGOs and such organizations to impose western views on us.

Dress according to the custom, and the custom is the rule.
why having a rule for the village and one for the city?

that being said, there shall be no pity for sex offenders. castration.

Anonymous said...

@6:43 PM

mmmmm I know a nice Fijian man who once told me that "one day we will start killing Indians".
I was really shocked.

You know, there is a lot of mental illness in our society. In 2000, the church and chiefs had a pact with the devil. That is very much the civil society, isn't? Whether you like it or not, Fiji needs a force to impose order when required. That force only needs to be made international. One single army for all Pacific nations could be the solution. I doubt Tongan, Samoan or Micronesian soldiers based in Fiji would ever take part to a coup.

The military is necessary, but it can't be a 100% Fijian military. The institution is just not professional.
Even the police commissioner is imported. we import everything at the top... why not the same for army commander? and for all top officers? send fijian soldiers in foreign armies, overthere they won't make trouble... let's call it the reverse brain drain... ha..ha

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6:44 PM

Unfortunately, tradition has failed but the law overrides it along with human rights.

Do you honestly believe that short skirts, or lack of brothels is an invitation to disaster, I think not. Do you believe that a man or woman who commits these sexual atrocities is going to think any different based on length of skirt?

Village elders will always want to impose rules in villages but they have no jurisdiction out of the village. You will also note that it is always the women they wish to control.

How about starting to impose rules on men?

No male over 15 years old to be alone with a female wearing a short skirt unless married to them.
No church minister to be alone with any child or adult female at any time.

Anonymous said...

The 'Short Skirt' myth as the reason for unwanted sexual advance.

A theory put about generally by seriously overweight women who are jealous of those that look so beautiful dressed like that !

Anonymous said...

@7:20 PM
I understand your view, but I want to expose a philosophical point here.

Only in "modern" societies do we find such a concept as equality between people, because everybody is left
to fend for oneself. Modern societies are closed and somewhat selfish. In such an environment, equality can only be the rule.

One should look at traditional societies more like an organism, say a tree, where roots perform a different role than branches and leafs.
What is perceived as sexism is often only a distortion of the reality. Women curves are a real reproductive strategy of nature, and we should avoid too much temptation. Invariably in our country, it will lead to more sexual misconduct. I know that view will shock many, but I am fairly convinced there is a threshold where the lenght of a skirt can mean the difference between problems and no problem. The worst sex offenders, of course, wont bother at all about it...

I think church is a huge problem, as those ending as priests are statistically more prone to personality disorder problems like perverse narcissism. I would get rid of it altogether and try to hire more psychologists and psychiatrists to guide unstable people, especially those who see ghosts I think one doesn't need to belong to any religious group, if you are interested by a religion, well just read the book and make your own mind about it. That would reduce sex offenses by the same way.

Religion, militarism, porn, short skirts are bad.

Piskete said...

that Ratu favouring the village dress code obviously doesnt know that the village dress code came from the europeans and not kaiviti custom...the villagers were half naked cannibals when the europeans landed in viti. the europeans taught the natives how to dress and not to eat and rape each other. sadly, all the kaibitis can remember is how to dress....so so sad kaibiti...thats why u need a kai biskete to show you how to run your country...faiaksea fate...

Anonymous said...

@ 9.21am Mere Nailatikau is married to Sailosi Kepa not this idiot Filipe..

Anonymous said...

@8:25 PM
Every human culture and traditions are subject to change throughout history.
There is nothing wrong with being half naked in a hot country.

In the last century, long dress have become the norm because of the good lotu.
Will that continue? Maybe, maybe not.
But short skirts I believe are a problem. Better to keep with tradition when possible.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with being half naked in a hot country...........


But short skirts I believe are a problem..........

The mind boggles.

Anonymous said...

@8:55 PM
There is nothing wrong if you live in a society where it is the norm, like in the 19th century Fiji.

When the new norm is to wear sula jaba, then forget about short skirts.

Human values change all the time.
When the people can behave with short skirts, then well I suppose we shall change our views one day.
For now, too many people are lost and we should not push too far from our 20th century traditions.

Porn and short skirts are an invitation to disaster. We need to get rid of militarism, religion and paternalism first.
Then only when men are more civilized and modern, maybe we can tolerate short skirts.

vakamalua mada.

Anonymous said...

mate, we need to get rid of you first...not the skirts or everything else...ur perverted mind is what;s out of touch.

Anonymous said...

too rite vakamalua mada...u farked in the head...whats the difference between half naked and short skirts??? so its ok to wear a leaf like Adam but not good to wear a short skirt...u really need help man...some sex therapy....go to the army camp....im sure they can more than accomodate you;...lol...u farked up kaiviti...

Anonymous said...

typical dirty old man...blame the victim...y cant u leave your dick in ur sulu ratu...or just wank urself...u bitch...

Anonymous said...

Didn't take long for a member of the public to highlight a growing trend in the media,kudos to the individual.Whilst all these crimes were happening which many will agree with me and many stated, I saw the increase of vermin type language sparked all over this blog(could it be linked to whats happening out there?I wonder.)This just shows we have a lot of uneducated nuts in our country who refuse to open books based on Maths,Science,languages,Engineering,computer science,economics and so forth. My message to those who come on here spread such filth is STOP IT the nation condemns you with your acts.rather then looking at something that does not contribute any good to society(pornography)Pick up a book or research a field that the country lacks.Fiji needs a lot of engineers,doctors,physicists,marine biologist etc to better the nation.

Anonymous said...

Fiji is not the only country that rapes their women folks, read the
world news it happens all over the planet. The worse is in India they
even rape women in the train in front of the public community? Women in Indian a not safe to travel alone on the trains, Bus or any other public transportations. India is the rape capital of the planet.Recently a group of boys in Culcatta raped a girl in a public train who was on her way to work.These bastards did not only raped her
but after they've done their awful stuff then they used bottles & other implements to shoved up her vagina.This was in the world news
and the UN and other world organizations responsible for women rights
went over to that country to protest to their Government for this violation of human rights?

Anonymous said...

@10.37pm Just because it happens in other countries does not mean we have to follow or be the same.We start to have an advantage when we stand up against things that are wrong.That's when we decide to be different from others.For example the US has the highest rate of gun crime and gun ownership in the world.Britain however took a different stance low gun if not very rare crime high medium levels of gun ownership and is heavily legislated and regulated something the US lacks.They decided to take action and be different and yet more effective.What we need now is come up with solutions to reduce problems something many activists groups are good at but governments fail to listen to them.

Anonymous said...

Hey whats going on? Sailosi Kepa is dead and has been dead for at
least over 10 years? He was married to Ro Teimumu & not Mere-Nailatikau has no sister.

Anonymous said...

Who was it...Sailosi or Filipe obviously Khaiyum is seriously
trying to destroy any & all opposition to Bhai's rule? If he doesn't
get to you directly he'll do it indirectly? Check out the girl responsible for this outrage...who paid her or promise her a job or
a pass in her school exam? I wonder if the minister of education-SCREWED EYESIGHT REDDY-was Khai co-conspirator to this tradegy? Funny
isn't it, how Bhai took his family to the Rugby world cup in England
and be away from Fiji when this atrocity happen?
No whose next? Biman Parasad & Family? Tupou Draunidalo & Family or
another opposition member(s)? What we need to do is to take these
illegal Government right out along with their new President!!!

Anonymous said...

Haaaaa looks like one of the bloggers who mention something about sexual crimes statistics of Fiji being the highest compared to PNG could be spot on and in fact TRUE.1 rape reported a day but in reality it's 5 a day just look at the breaking news that comes through tthe media,most are sexual crimes.

Even the Prime Minister admits it's a "NATIONAL CRISIS" read the article posted

Violence against women a national crisis

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Update: 1:43PM PRIME Minister Voreqe Bainimarama says the incidence of domestic violence and violence against women is still far too high.

"It is, in fact, a national crisis. And so is the incidence of rape and child abuse in Fiji," he said while opening the second National Women's Expo in Suva today.

"I'm told that there is now an average of one rape a day in Fiji filed with the courts."

Mr Bainimarama also had a message for the men of Fiji.

"Real men don't hit women. They protect them. Real men don't rape women. They respect a woman's right to say no.

"And they certainly don't abuse children, a heinous crime that warrants the strongest punishment.

Anonymous said...

Fiji current Governance is beginning to feel like you're been
administered by the Mafia organization? If you refuse to do what
they ask you to do for them-they either killed you off,have the
police arrest you,or pulled a triumped up charges or framed you in
order to make your life a living hell? We need to take out these
bastards-no other way?

Anonymous said...

Bro/Sis...its not feel like...it is happening.
voice an opinion against the government, and u are done.
as in dictatorships, criticise the government and u are going to be charged with sedition...new democracy in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

5 34..haha ha...."real men don't hit women"....
What about the women who were hauled in camp to be abused by the military under his direction. ..what a joke!

Anonymous said...

@9:42 and the like

I clearly said the custom in Fiji before missionaries came was to go about almost naked.
That was a custom of the time and it was allright at that time in that society.

Now things are different. Whatever custom a country has is the custom of the land, and if you
want to change custom you are in for confrontation.

Do you seriously think that labelling bloggers as "old pervert ratus" and getting a few dumb
replies to support your view will change anything to the fact that the custom in Fiji is not
to go about wearing short skirts? It is not more a custom in Fiji than it is in almost all
Asian or African countries!

"Are short skirts acceptable?" will always remain a question of epoch and culture. What we see in Fiji is
a strong opposition between the countryside and the nightclubs (the city), which is somehow
summarized by the opposition between sodelpa and FF.

FF is pro-Short skirts, Sodelpa is pro-modesty.

Anonymous said...


very true.
it reminds me of the fake trial of Keni Dakuidreketi.
he was found not guilty but then the judge was told to reverse the decision!
there is no justice in Fiji at the moment if you are somehow in the way of the regime.

It is pleasant to note that since the link between porn, sex crimes and e filthy language on this blog
has been suggested, we see that some bloggers chose to keep silent.
Oh I am sure they will come back soon enough to expose their limited intelligence
and pervert nature.

The Hub said...

when the so called prime minister rapes democracy and beats up women, how do you expect him to have credibility to be telling the people not to rape and beat up women....fiji the JOKE of the Pacific and the hub of rape and child abuse of the Pacific.

Anonymous said...

A National Crisis

DOMESTIC violence, rape and child abuse is now a national crisis, says Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama.

While opening the National Women's Expo yesterday, Mr Bainimarama said the judiciary, on average, received a rape case per day.

He said this was apart from the ones that did not proceed to prosecution even if reported and the unreported cases that left victims to suffer in silence.

Because of this, Mr Bainimarama said, no longer does a rape victim's sexual history have any bearing on a case nor is bulubulu (traditional iTaukei way of seeking forgiveness) accepted to let rapists go free.

He said cases of this nature against women were still "far too high".

"...Yet I'm sorry to say that the incidence of rape is still high because it is about basic attitudes and those attitudes haven't changed.

"I again want to say to the men of Fiji, real men don't hit women. They protect them. Real men don't rape women. They respect a woman's right to say no. And they certainly don't abuse children, a heinous crime that warrants the strongest punishment."

Mr Bainimarama reminded women that Government did not tolerate "domestic violence, rape and child abuse" and they must not as well.

"It is not acceptable under any circumstances for your husband, partner or any male family member to beat you. It is not acceptable under any circumstances for you or any other women or children around you to be assaulted and abused in a sexual or any other way. And if it happens, it is your duty to report it to the police."

He said the nation's hope of dealing adequately with this crisis lay on women who could assist only by adopting a position of zero tolerance.

Anonymous said...

10:29 fake trial Keni Dakuidreketi... You kidding... He and Ballu Khan started Connex which is no different to the Land Bank. Keni is a fraud, conman and thief. Like many in Fiji today....including your dumb ass prime minister.

The thing about Fijians is that people are so dumb and stupid it does not take much to con Fijians.

Touch on their sensitive issues and their ego soars like a bird.

Keni was a mastermind in doing that. He conned Kadavu and many others.

The judge saw better than the assessors and overturned their ruling and rightfully put Kenny in jail. The bastard should rot in jail.

Anonymous said...

@10.12am, ratu, you are clearly wrong...the custom at that time was to rape and kill and eat each other....still happening now. all u done is change your dress code...behaviour code not changed much...only change is that u stopped eating each other.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:12 AM

Are you for real?

""What we see in Fiji is a strong opposition between the countryside and the nightclubs (the city),""

""which is somehow summarized by the opposition between sodelpa and FF.FF is pro-Short skirts, Sodelpa is pro-modesty....""

What a strange outlook on life you have. Hopefully the bigoted dinosaurs like yourself will remain in the villages and the difficulty with access to them remains as it is.

Anonymous said...

Pro short skirters
Keep in mind if you yourself or if you encourage your daughter or family member to enjoy your/ her RIGHT to wear tight short skirts with high heels for a night out at the pub or with friends , be ready to accept the outcome. How protected are you/daughter/family member if you are drunk and walking at night with tight skirts, huh? Sexual predators live amongst us.

Anonymous said...

To those talking about naked Fijian women in primitive age, how about your women?. Weren't they naked as well before civilization came in.? The sad thing and shocking is the people that brought us civilization are the ones telling us its not bad dressing half naked and its not wrong wearing nothing at all. Go to that Australian summer public beach where everyone is to strip naked to use the beach. ...idiot!

Anonymous said...

to all your dog gone males blaming the short skirts for your daughters being raped, shame on you all. How about castrating those depraved males who cunt keep their dicks in their sulus...u pricks.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if these morons that sound like a broken record keeping on about the dangers of short skirts are simply jealous obese women.

How many rapes in Fiji were caused due to the victim wearing a short skirt?

How many children abused by their relatives were wearing a short skirt?

How many of the women and juveniles molested and raped by the recent village minister were wearing short skirts?

But the reality more than likely is, it's not some obese woman but some sick perv who has a sexual obsession with them as well as the high heels he now brings into this.

Anonymous said...

@11:29 AM
European barbarism surpassed cannibalism. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Of_Cannibals

I am not living in the village actually. Have a look at the electoral map and tell me that Sodelpa didn't mostly win the rural iTaukei areas only? 45% of Fiji is rural. Sodelpa won about a third of the votes... that's quite simple to understand.
Dumb prime minister even said he would stop development of the North!

Strange outlook? If that makes you happy. But strange facts too. Strange electoral results.
Youth move to the city to break free from the village strict rules. In the process, traditional values, customs, language, order, everything is collapsing. I would like to remind you that even under Qarase home invasions and sex crimes in Suva was a huge issue. Fiji is becoming an urban country with a lot of youth running away from the villages. Tell a Fijian to go back to the village and that is probably the greatest insult you can tell him... Look at the reaction after Konrote's cassava statement. That is why Sodelpa is screwd, they have lost touch with urban youths. Bainimarama offered them short skirts and gay rights, and the NGOs are happy, even if they officially need to disagree with the regime.

iF most people want to see short skirts or why not bikinis in our streets, well that's fine. That will become the "new custom". But don't expect better male behavior, I see it all the time in the streets that young men (indians and fijians alike) are telling obscene things to women.

I think it is better to keep our modesty for now. No need to tempt the "devil".

Anonymous said...

@1:15 PM

You ask "how many rapes are caused by short skirts".
Well think about it. Do you expect that women wearing short skirts are gonna get raped more?
I think not. But that may have the same "trigger" effect as watching porn. Nobody would try to "rape" the porn star right?
So same thing with short skirts. A young lady somewhere might pay the price, that's what the news are telling us.
You have to look at it in a broad perspective.

Apart of the rape issue, modesty is an issue on its own. We can't justify short skirts because there are more or less rapes. We justify our position based on ACTUAL custom. Would you go to the village wearing a short skirt? No. Why would we have 2 systems of rules in our country? that is discrimination.

Your point of view is valid in itself, you have the right to be pro-short skirts, and if that is what most people want, well keep defending your point. You will win in the end, as urbanization is a one-way process and the rural Fiji will soon be less than a third of Fiji's population. It's just a matter of time. In the end, short skirts will win.

Anonymous said...

Listening to what comes out of the mouths from many of the girls that have come from the villages to the towns is a far greater problem than what they wear with regard to unwanted attention.

Let's stop making out that the villages and life that goes on within them is any better than the towns.

The youth will leave the villages because they are fed up with being strangled by the church and traditional protocol and no one in their right mind will blame them.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:29 PM

""Would you go to the village wearing a short skirt? No""

Only because it's a rule made by some diminishing dinosaurs that believe it's the route to all evil and the devil will notice.

Not because the wearer believes it is not modest or acceptable.

Anonymous said...

Hey u dirty old men and gals...I am not pro-short skirt.
I am anti- dirty old men and women who think that if a girl wears a short skirt and gets raped she is to be blamed...wtf are you thinking...the dick that sticks his boci in despite the skirt is to be blamed 100%. What news are you talking about...the news that is written by the same assholes like u who propagate the myth that its women who wear short skirts are the ones asking to be raped...u fup dicks...so in your old village days, there must have been rapes and orgies every minute cos you natives were half naked all the time????..u for real old man???

Anonymous said...

hey @1.29pm...man ur logic is way out...trigger??? pay the price???...wtf. brother you r not thinking in the "broadest sense"...you are thinking in the "broad" sense...if you get my thrust....lol. u r so funny that a clown would cry...pls go back to ur koro and hide behind the ivi tree till the next short skirt comes along...lol

Anonymous said...

Has anyone even conduct a survey on why youths from the villages are flocking to the urban areas?What is the real reason behind the movement?What are the differences between village and urban life that the youths like?Surely there's much more behind this and it is better to get to the bottom of it.

Anonymous said...

@1.15 You sound like you want to ban the mini skirt

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:19 PM

My comment at 1:15 PM does not suggest in any way I want to see the mini skirt banned. Absolutely not.

I'm a normal red blooded male and the sight of a mini skirt does not tempt me to act in any different way towards the wearer than what it would if it were longer or even shorter.

Think you made a simple error?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:11 PM

Its quite simple, there's nothing of interest to keep them there.

They have now learnt that there's a big wide world out there full of interest, technology and excitement.

They are sick of being held back by a decrepit system and the older generation that believe there is nothing else than the grog bowl and church in life.

Anonymous said...

1:57 PM
l am still young and I am not from a village. I am not even iTaukei!

Men don't walk with short skirts, why should women do?

Anonymous said...

omg you r really beyond help young man...lol

KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 2:56 PM I think you were a bit too simplistic with your view of "the older generation".
You actually denigrated them to 2 words "grog bowl " and "church life".

Have you ever wondered why its the sophisticated YOUNG people that are killing themselves (suicide) and not the old generation.

May be its the "big wide world out there full of interest, technology and excitement" that's killing them.

Have you ever wondered why their older generation that sit by the grog bowl and go to church, have gone on to become Teachers , Doctors, Airline Pilots etc etc despite having tavioka and tea for breakfast etc but the sophisticated young people are struggling?

Anonymous said...

Hey 1.15 you moron! It's not only the short skirt. It's the slit in the skirt as well. Some slits are in the sides to show off the upper legs all the way to the panty line while some are in the back to show off her vaginal shape as she bends down to pick up something from the ground. Whether she did it deliberately or not, the issue here is she's inviting men for sex with her dress code. Period. Your rational way of thinking is overwhelming overtaken by reality. It's fact and is happening.

F. Kean said...

Bainimarama is a dirty old man, he shat and pissed his pants when drunk.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:14 PM

It would certainly help in answering your question if you let us know which sex you are. Clue, male or female?

When we know we may be able to understand your question because it's totally unclear if you are either suggesting that women are being forced to wear short skirts or you are upset that men aren't.

Anonymous said...

@3:36 PM
That is irrelevant. What is relevant is to show that you are wrong.
You can keep insulting those preferring modesty, which is the custom of the land, but that won't achieve much.

I have never said women were forced to wear short skirts, did I?
I think there is a middle between walking naked and being dressed like in Saudi Arabia...
In Fiji, people don't want short skirts. Women can otherwise wear what they want.
The final say should belong to the people of Fiji. Let's have a survey!

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