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Friday, November 6, 2015

Budget 2016: Military allocated over $100 million, VAT decreases and tourists to pay more tax

Is the PM sleeping during the Budget delivery?
The 2016 budget was released today by the man with many portfolios Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.

Themed 'A Strong Fiji, A Fair Fiji, A Healthy Fiji' the $3.4 billion budget has many promises but whether it delivers is another question.

Khaiyum has projected income for next year to be $3.13 billion. 

Still no mention of the missing $1 million though!

Here are some of the highlights of the budget:

  • The military will get $103.3 million 
  • VAT will drop to 9% from 15% but the cost of flour, cooking oil, dhal, kerosene and tinned fish and certain medicines will now increase

  • Tourists will pay more tax. At the moment tourists pay 15% VAT plus 5% Service Turnover Tax. From January 1, they will pay 9% VAT, 6% environmental levy and 10% Service Turnover Tax.

  • The Health Ministry will get $280 million

  • Smokers will pay more with tax on cigarettes increasing to 12.5% with an additional health levy of 5% also charged to the purchase of the item.

  • Fiji Airways will get $18 million

  • Land Transport Authority will get an increase of $14.9 million

  • Price of soft drinks to increase by 5c

  • $5 million allocated to Legal Aid

  • Importing used tyres will be banned from 2017

  • $500,00 allocated to assist low income families, farmers and lease holders with iTaukei Land Trust Board arrears.

  • Overseas investors who set up private hospitals with a minimum investment of $7million will enjoy a 10-year tax holiday.

  • All new and used vehicles imported by car dealers must at least be Euro 4 compliant. This means vehicles should emit as little carbon as possible.

  • Duty for basic toiletries like baby garments, undergarments, deodorants, skincare products, cameras, camcorders, sunglasses and binoculars will be reduced from 32% to 5%.

  • 390 local flights will be subsidised

Read the budget here.


Timoci Vunaceke said...

SODELPA Supporters were saying that VAT will go up from 15% to 17%. Shame on SODELPA bloggers always blaming Bainimarama government and the military. In coming days you will loose another 30% of your voters. Compare this budget with Rabuka and Qarase's budget. Oile Mari.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry it's the ability of "THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA. Timoci your either inside or outside the box.

Anonymous said...

Importing used tyres is banned from 2017 sounds pretty good. With poor roads in Fiji, second hand tyres contribute to road fatalities however get ready consumers to pay more for new tyres .
103m military budget - hunger for power -no question about it in a military controlled environment. ..it's no 1 priority.
Not a good move to let tourists pay extra tax? What message and method are we using to pull tourists to our shores. Remember Fiji is no longer the exotic island it used to. The world is aware of our domestic and political problems and their perception of Fiji has changed . Borabora and Mali are places in the South Pacific that tourists around the world are flocking to today.

Anonymous said...

3 28
What a joke? Do you think reducing vat will help the country sustain growth .. Govt is trying to recover this by applying heavy tax on the Industry that we rely on- tourism. Read 3 .45pm comment.

BUDGET 2015. said...

SODELPA racist supporters are trying to sidestep the topic on this good budget presented by FF Government by raising the issue on 2000 coup. Blog on the budget you Kanawais. (losers.)

Anonymous said...

@4.44 Your dumb and you think outside the box,how about going work the land vucesa.

Anonymous said...

Admin Blogger.
"Is PM sleeping during the budget delivery?"
No he is trying to think outside the box but doesn't know which part of the body to use, his brain or his dick. The answer of choice is the direction he is looking...downward.

Anonymous said...

what suits any Government is not to create intelligent educated people.

If society is educated, the Government wont be able to exploit the people.

If they are educated, the Government cannot subjugate the people.

In every country the people rise against the Government and the songs of revolution began in the Universities of those countries.

Just like when Khaiyum became a revolutionary following the 87 coup...Sorry Freddy Fesaitu - you were not a revolutionary. You were an opportunist.

So... people need to educate themselves and stop accepting as truth the bullshit the Government or Opposition is spinning and find out the truth themselves. Only then can the people of Fiji set themselves free of this tyranny.

Khaiyum knows this and has a hold on our educational system and in particular the USP.

To the USP students stop thinking outside but instead go inside.

At the rate your at with arrogance and weirdness you will never get hired by the business sector,going work on the land.

Anonymous said...

According baini adn khaiyum, GCC is irrelevant, the chiefs dont need to have role in todays society, what is important is that influx of muslims keep migrating to Fiji,tyhe refugees need to keep coming in and we need to keep takign more and more debt,everything else is irrelevant.This is just to cover up the debt that has been piling up.Hoodwink the public just like with the flag change and competition,it is a distraction.

Anonymous said...

you failed to mention the millions of dollars in debt the Fiji government has accumulated since the 2006 military coup.

you failed to mention the robbing of the FNPF by the Regime because it cannot generate enough revenue to meet cost and using foreign aid to pay off huge amounts of debts.

You failed to mention the vigorous money collecting campaign made by LTA and Police which is a nuisance to the public.

you failed to mention the militarization of various government ministries and bai/khai family and friends nepotism thus undermining good governance.

you failed to mention the increase in coruption brought about by Bainimarama and Kaiyum.

you failed to mention the unethical practices of the Regime in its dealings, vodafone wold cup trip scandal.

you failed to mention the increase in the undermining the Rule of Law in Fiji by the Regime. 

You failed to mention 71cents per ton on sugarcane farmers.

Anonymous said...

Anybody know where that $100 million went?

Anonymous said...

We need to see the full budget documents to make any meaningful comment at this stage. On the face of it, the military budget looks a bit too low to me. We have like what 3-4,000 troops in Fiji and 1,000 abroad at any point in time? Govt subsidises a good part of peacekeeping operations and the UN just gives a fuckall amount for allowances etc. Last year's budget was almost $200m so it makes more sense if the $100m is the increase and not the full budget. They cannot make drastic cuts to FMF, because that is basically their security. Those troops will continue to be uselessly overpaid and underworked and continue their peacekeeping junkets. Send them to combat missions and make our money well spent and the medals can be more deserving. We a re sick of seeing those glittering medals on their chest. They are the laughing stock of the Pacific regional military. They can't even fight out with scantily armed (flip-flop adorned) terrorists yet they continue to bully, threaten and look menacing at home. They are an embarrassment to Fijians all over the world.

mark manning said...

Fiji, a mystery, wrapped in a riddle, inside an enigma!

Anonymous said...

Any money put aside for the new flag?
I think it could be done for cheap if we can think outside of the box.

Anonymous said...


Tomasi said...

The national budget is one of the principal means whereby the BaiKhai administration expresses its intentions, strategies and agendas. It is also the expression of its economic and financial muscle that enable its various body parts to move according to the dictates and commands of its brain. Study the budget, ask the right questions and get a better understanding of this FF governing animal. What kind of an animal is it? Is it a monster in disguise? Srudy the outlines as well as the details of the budget. Compare the budgets as the animal continues to enslave the people through its well disguised lies and distortions, its overt and covert actions. The truth will be revealed eventually. Such is the nature of truth that secrecy, distortion and blatant suppression only serves to get it out into the open. Someday, one day Mafatu. The truth will come out and a sufficient number of people will gain the courage to speak out, stand up, and fight for the truth and for what is good, just and fair for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Even Fiji Sun has written an article about "THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX". It must be a big thing in Fiji today lol.


Anonymous said...

Must of watched Fiji one tv program outside the box and it became popular overnight hahahahahhahahaha.

Ha Ha Ha Ha SODELPA said...

"Contrast Bainimara 2015 budget with Qarase Budget of 2005 and Rabuka budget of 1998." USP Economic Develpoment EC 304 Question 1. 30 marks.

Anonymous said...

@7:25 PM

The 2015 flag budget must have been spent by now, so that's perfectly normal to ask about the 2016 budget as the deadline is coming very quickly.

When someone important dies, we put the national flag on the coffin so that's why I think time has come to think outside of the box before someone important ends up inside of the box.

Anonymous said...

We need to change that mentality of lazyness.There is no government and political party in Fiji that could possibly achieve great results and bring prosperity, when the people at the bottom still think and behave like they're living in a village right in the middle of the 20th century.

The reality is that most people on this forum are lazy thinkers. FF is embedded in corruption, many people know for a fact that Franky boy is doing bad things behind the scenes. Nevertheless they look at Sodelpa, the "main opposition"and who is unable to analyse the whole of governments accounts books,who then needs to ask the lesser party NFP to scrutinize the books because they are bunch of farmers and have a Professor/Economist...that's crazy. Only in Fiji.

One of the big problem for Frank is this: he granted more freedom to iTaukeis, and that's why so many voted for him. However iTaukeis have always needed a strong leadership which goes back to the warrior days. In a free world, one needs to have the discipline to work and look after oneself. Unfortunately, a lot of iTaukeis are ill prepared for the modern world.

It is ironic that a dictator like Frank, a strong man, is giving freedom to iTaukeis who then become more dependent than ever before. We need to find a way to change that and become more of hard workers, but from my personal experience.... good luck!

Anonymous said...

Flowery words, complaints without statistics, non-compliant by companies without prosecution?, reduced vat but new levy and the poor gets nothing overall, but like other years before, the benefit never gets to the consumer.

Look at the fuel price as an example:

When it was $120 a barrel, the consumer in Fiji was paying $2+ per litre, now that the price is less than $50 barrel, we are still paying $2+ per litre.

Looks good.
Sounds good.
Smells good.
But as always - another delusion by the master deceiver.

Anonymous said...

The problem with SODELPA is that they so way behind in the way they think and what this dumb party does not realise... is that most of their party members are easily swayed and aghe pitche... Native Fijians are the biggest dagger and snakes... and easily swayed with paisa... lavo.. money... Many of them are informants for our beloved National FF party ha ha ha ha ha.....

Is SODELPA wondering why we FF are always two steps ahead of them... yep that's why... Many SODELPA freely talk to us about their discontent with the party and those that pretend no to talk... one nice yellow bill does the trick... and io boso... io saka... too easy...when will you SODELPA learn that the native of today has no substance.... they only like the colour of yellow notes... guess what they do with the money... ha ha ha too fucking dumb they spend it same time on alcohol, women and pretending for one weekend they rich.... niggers will always be niggers.. have nothing they like rats.. have something they still rats...

Oh by the way... the flag will go and the yellow bill will one day gave our beloved leader Frank's picture on the bill... He will become the next President and this will happen whilst he is still alive like never before.... Long live FF.

Outside and Inside boxes said...

"Aitken Spence has a reputation for certain things my Government values most – innovation, imagination, thinking outside the box." Frank Bainimarama

"Think outside the box, PM urges exporters"

"Financial inclusion is about thinking outside the box, because what is required is beyond the norm. What is required is innovative thinking".

Thinking outside the box

“It should never come to that “conflict of interest” because we are dealing with people’s lives, breadwinners. Fiji needs people who are able to think outside the box and contribute positively towards nation building,” Frank Bainimarama

Outside and Inside boxes said...

"Fiji’s Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has called on journalists to think outside the box and cover vital stories facing a nation."
He said today journalists needed to be more analytical and investigative on critical issues that were been left out of the media.

“You need to think outside the box and that doesn’t happen much at all,” he said.

“I believe if you’re writing an opinion piece, if you want to analyse and question things, these are the sorts of things you need to be doing.”

I think the key characteristic of any tertiary institution is actually to engage in critiquing and thinking.  Not just for the purpose of a student to get a diploma or a degree  but also to make us think outside the box, also to more importantly perhaps contribute to the thinking process in the wider community at large in which that university does exist and indeed not just the country but within the region and internationally also.

This symposium  we think is very very timely because the Bainimarama Government is very much involved in modernising, in creative thinking, in  making paradigm shifts, and in having new paradigms altogether"

Anonymous said...

OK I'm sure the PM was totally snoring away when the hard working
Minister of everything was hard at it-working for people to have
a better life in our small island nation? I vote for Bhai to step down
and step into the President post, give the military to Konrote Bisikete, and upgrade Khaiyum to Prime Minister of FIJI! By the way
Khai its time to review the $500.00 dollars you allocated to those
who leased land from Itaukei but are in arrears of their payments?You
know that 98% of INDO cane farmers owes Lease arrears to the Itaukei?
How about a law to force these crooks to payup, and allow landowners
to foreclosed on lease requirement by taking their cattles,goats,vehicles,farm equipments & bank accounts? So since you're the minister of everything-I urge you to set this law up for
our economic development and remember your Fijian Son will appreciate
you & your work in the near future? Don't worry about those heathen hindu the're untouchable & the lowest caste in the Universe!!!

Anonymous said...

Budget should be tittled.

"The 2016 think outside the box budget"
This academic term that started overnight is spreading like wild fire on our social network. Is the term new to Fijis Frank? Obviously he got it from either one of his grandchildren during the usual royal dinner or from his partner in crime Khaiyum. Fijileaks will soon carry a cartoon on this .
Anyway, think outside the box simply means getting their ass out of the office and visit their voters regularly to hear them and take action. Visit rural places , poor settlements and those in need and help. Problems and hardships are rife in Fiji because wealth is unfairly distributed. Frank and his family while living comfortably and enjoying the luxury of life are allowing ordinary people to struggle everyday. Action speaks louder than telling the nation to think outside the box.

Anonymous said...

Timoci says that the truth wii come out. When it does, he and his sodelpa mates go "bow wow wow." Idiots.

Anonymous said...

Think outside the box? No, I think of putting Frank and Hey-arse INSIDE the damn box.

mark manning said...

Frank is sleepy,
Aiyaz is dopey

Anonymous said...

I don't get it.
If I was buying $100 worth of food, $50 in non-essential and $50 in essential foods - under old law I would pay 15% on $50 and 0% on the other. That is a total of $7.50 in VAT.

Under the new rules, I will pay 9% on the $100 - that is $9.00.

Total increase is $1.50. Is this what we are fighting about.

Sure the poor guy, who only used to buy $50 essential items, he will now pay an additional $4.50 and that is a burden for the poor.

And sure, my businessman friend who will be buying a $150K luxury car for his son, he will now save $9,000. For him it is Happy Diwali. And someone with $150K for a car really does not need a break as much as the poor dude who can't come up with an extra $4.50.

So rather than giving a relief by reducing the VAT from 15% to 9% which both Sodelpa and NFP seem to like - it may have been a better idea to give the poor a break someplace else and not a across the board break as in here.

Anonymous said...

Looks good!
Sounds good!
Smells poop!
Taste sewerooge
A delusion by the son of the father of all lies!

Anonymous said...

What kind of revenue does the Fiji Military return to the people for that kind of budget???... Are we going to war with Tonga sometime soon!!!

mark manning said...

If Soldiers were paid $450 a week, then you would need close to $79,000,000 per year, the left over $22,000,000 would go in to Frank and Aiyaz' Bank Accounts offshore!
But to answer the question, who is the Military at war with?
The answer is, Frank's fear of imprisonment for murder, human rights abuses, torture and high treason!

Anonymous said...

Why are FF Supporters making a commotion about the reduction of VAT to 15%.
Is it a new thing?
Every other governments have done it in the past!
2006 - 2015 = 10 long years, why did it take too blivion long to reduce VAT?
You jumping up and down...its just shifting the focus to something else doddgy.
Mataivalu does not need that much money, but obviously its all part of their "personal security"BHAI and AIYARSE.
The military that surrenders on tour but tries to intimidate unarmed civilians.
FF Retard Supporters.

Savenaca Waqa said...

@8.22 Your SVT was the one who put the VAT in the first place to 10%. It was your SDL government who increased to 15%. It took ten years because your past governments bankrupted the country. Who has made Education free in Fiji, Any one can go and study at USP, Better Health services, free Primary and Secondary education, Free books, Free water and prescriptions for poor families, better roads, lower taxes, more jobs, more economic growth, etc. Even your SODELPA leader is happy with the budget.

Anonymous said...

8.22pm hahaha hahaha how about you going work the land like how most of your sodelpa lot harp and howl about.@8.45 sodelpa lot don't need to go to university there too dumb send them to church and make them work the land.We the FF will keep the sodelpa dummys inside the box,this government has created more opportunities then SVT and SDL combined in its history.

Anonymous said...

I STRONGLY believe the biggest winners after the delivery of the 2016 National Budget are all ordinary Fijians.

To me, the biggest highlight of the budget has been the drop in VAT from 15 per cent to 9 per cent.

This is the cornerstone of this budget. This is a record low level when comparing with the past percentage rates.

I believe it will go down as the lowest rate in the history of the Fijian economy.

Although some may claim that there will be losses in revenue because of this change, however, Government has looked at other avenues to source the loss in revenue.

This is surely going to put a lot of smiles back on all Fijian people.

Finally, they have been rewarded for their hard work and sacrifice.

It will bring relief to the poor as they could buy things at a lower cost keeping other factors in mind.

It is definitely a timely decision from the Government's perspective, which is surely going to benefit all Fijians.

Although some may feel that things have not gone in their favour but I surely believe this budget is not a lopsided one. I am sure the budget has included the aspirations of all Fijians irrespective of race, colour and creed.

It is a budget that will set standards for Fiji's secure future.

I strongly believe this budget will be a recipe for a strong and sustainable economic growth.

As we always say Rome was not built in a day, so as Fiji, but the best part is we are slowly working towards it.

Anonymous said...

Franky boy is our KING because he is thinKING outside of the box all the time.

Anyway, I am looking forward for some updates about the new flag.
WTF is the government doing?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

@10.29 The current flag will go on for another year or two.There is no rush,right now it is better to generate ideas and hear the publics concerns that's what is happening and we have debates on any disagreements. However I can guarantee you we will have a new flag.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning you Da Man!!!Contribution is always on the button.
However, Fiji under the two thugs-Bhai&Khai- will never truly
be free under their traitorous & seditious manipulation???How do
we get these suckers out of power? Go ahead Mr.Manning tell us?

Anonymous said...

Budget 2016
9% vat reduction is not across the board. The very basic necessity - food is not, meaning only the upper class is again rewarded.The 9% loss to the govt will be recovered from somewhere, right? Are the pension funds going to foot that? Budget somehow looks a little better but still sketchy due to lack of transparency. Government must be transparent when it comes to MONEY. How can we trust this budget as true and fair when govt is stopping the auditor general from carrying out it's duties free and fair. The same group that had been accused of falsifying informations and declarations, hid and stole millions of dollars and stop anyone from carrying out any investigation on alleged govt fraud are behind the formulation of this budget . Can we trust them?
Bottom line is , it will steal from the people what it gave them.

Anonymous said...

A budget that reduces the unfair financial support this government has been continuously giving to the poor.

It was about time those that have put the effort in to earning a living were rewarded.

Anonymous said...

An interesting budget with more questions than answers..
assuming that FRCA can get their compliance systems up and running from the beginning of next year, to seal those 'tax evasion' leakage allegations.

While ASK was trying to be believable, one really needs to ask if that is enough esp. since; he cannot properly declare his assets and liabilities and he has a long & hard time trying to explain where the missing $100m went t,o by using the budget unit to explain the allocation, but no acquittals on how those funds were actually used (that's where the Auditor General was coming from). Fiji Sun who might as well be called the new Ministry of Information has applauded this explanation however they are more worried about the $225k provided to the Opposition Office.... maybe to the sun $225k > $100m?

Anonymous said...

Rajendra Chaudry's new wife who has borne him his pride baby Iris used to be fornicated in the back door by Praveen Bala. Rajendra Chaudry thinks she is some virgin but try the back door. Now we understand why he hates Praveen Bala so much and calls him blacks when they are the same color.

Anonymous said...

Hold on there Lone Ranger, I was the one that picks her cherry when
she was 15 ,sorry but I was of the same age and I wasn't even a nice
looking Fijian!!! Praveen Bala? I don't think so-she doesn't like him
in the first place? Praveen has a 3 inch dick-what can he do with that
little twig? Hey Rajen you're ok & safe? But I'm coming next week to
Sydney-see you guys?

Anonymous said...

MAY I request that all businesspeople are reminded that the reduction on VAT will happen on the first of next year.

Please don't reduce the tax yet.

Oh, sorry, that's a reduction. Maybe my missing the Melbourne Cup has affected my vision.

But thank you to the Government for what looks like a good budget.

Meanwhile, one of my grog mates said that a 5 per cent sales tax should have been put on yaqona because there was too much abuse.

Anonymous said...

HATS off to the new CEO at Fiji Airways for clearly indicating that he believes in locals.

A major drive to see more locals are employed as pilots is a welcome decision.

This surely should serve as precedence for other firms in the country to believe in their local employees and give them a chance.

I am quite certain that locals have what it takes to match the best at the workplace.

It is also an opportune time for the workers to prove themselves. Only they need to be provided with opportunities and employers need to believe in them, definitely they are going to give their best shot.

So come on graduates now is your time,don't listen to SODELPA they want you to bury your heads in the books and be bible nerds plus work the land.They will keep you inside the box rather then letting you out of it.Graduates you are the future of Fiji and the modernized generation remember you are worth more then these SODELPA lot.

Phantom said...

Bullshit......can't enter USP for free......this is a sham of a budget......he should first front up to his assets declaration lies.....and his boss to treason....

Anonymous said...

OMG Blackie Bala chodoring Rajendra Chaudry,s wife's tati-hole. No wonder baby Iris look like Blackie Bala even though Rajendra Chaudry is an ugly black shit. Maybe 3inch in length but very thick in circumference.

Anonymous said...

Why is the Fiji Govt giving $18 million to Fiji Airways?
Fiji Airways made a profit of $17.5 million in the first 6 mths of this year 2015.Thats on the Fiji Airways website.
So why the fark is the govt giving $18 million?
Did the Airline actually make a profit or was this ANOTHER CREATIVE ACCOUNTING DECEPTION TO FOOL THE PEOPLE.

Or is the Fiji Govt setting up the Airline to be sold?
fark these corrupt bastards.
They are not telling us the truth. CONNING US AGAIN!

WHO OWNS WAQAVUKA INVESTMENTS which is the company that actually owns Fiji Airways planes?

I think Bai and Kai are getting money from WAQAVUKA INVESTMENTS and they will sell Fiji Airways INORDER TO HIDE THEIR CORRUPTION UNDER THE CARPET.

Anonymous said...

The Fiji Govt. as a shareholder of Fiji Airways is allocating $18m to the Airline...what for? who knows...

In a private company, it is only when the company is in need would shareholders be pitching in to salvage the operation or if they have some big plans up their sleeves. We only know that the airline will be leasing their next airbus, showing that there's not enough to buy/loan for a new one. Without any financials available for all tax payers to see, we can only guess what's going on inside our airline. Sure the new CEO has great plans...which two new prior CEOs didn't?

This is the interpretation of transparency under this government.

Anonymous said...

Savenaca Waqa said...
"@8.22 Your SVT was the one who put the VAT in the first place to 10%. It was your SDL government who increased to 15%. It took ten years because your past governments bankrupted the country. Who has made Education free in Fiji, Any one can go and study at USP, Better Health services, free Primary and Secondary education, Free books, Free water and prescriptions for poor families, better roads, lower taxes, more jobs, more economic growth, etc. Even your SODELPA leader is happy with the budget." UNQUOTE

HAHAHAHA!!! :) :) :)Save pull your head in bro!!! = theres nothing free in this world. My prayer for you is that you live long life to see the disaster where your FF government is going to take both our children in the future.....they will be a generation of loan payers.

I am not a fan of SDL/SVT either but they were better cos it was a democracy in operation, this FF and just fucktards backed by mataivalu lamulamu. Good on you Save for supporting them...just watch...

November 7, 2015 at 8:45 PM

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
8.22pm hahaha hahaha how about you going work the land like how most of your sodelpa lot harp and howl about.@8.45 sodelpa lot don't need to go to university there too dumb send them to church and make them work the land.We the FF will keep the sodelpa dummys inside the box,this government has created more opportunities then SVT and SDL combined in its history.

November 7, 2015 at 9:40 PM

Anonymous said...

@11:27 PM

" The current flag will go on for another year or two."
What?!? the deadline was said to be December for submissions. Can Bainimarama by truthful to his word once in a while?

"There is no rush,right now it is better to generate ideas and hear the publics concerns that's what is happening and we have debates on any disagreements."

There are no discussions whatsoever right now in Fiji. Not a single mention in the news. No rush for sure. That is a poor attitude! What's the point of hearing the public's concerns when the public hasn't got a clue what a flag is supposed to be anyway? There is a flag someone put on Facebook some time ago (the simplified flag of Cakobau) which is perfectly fine and world class, so let's just move on with it. The people will get used to it very quickly, it's not only a much better concept but probably the most symbolic flag in the whole world!!! 5 stars for sure.

"However I can guarantee you we will have a new flag."
I hope so. The sooner the better, Fiji has to become a real independent nation with its own flag at last, it's about time!!!

toso Viti toso!!! tu cake noqu Viti!!!!

Anonymous said...

I FIND it pathetic that SODELPA continues to try and derive support by bringing up nonsense issues regarding native land.

I believe native land has always been protected and continues to be so and because it makes up the majority of land I can't understand what the fuss is all about?

The question that needs to be asked is why the majority of this land isn't utilised? I believe the potential is huge, but all we hear is futile talk with little to no action.

Action speaks louder than words and it's about time SODELPA encourages their people to work hard and plant mahogany, yasi and other native trees on the vast amounts of land available to them.

Stop the nonsense and get down to the real business end of developing native land.

Anonymous said...

Damn there is some serious butt plugging by Praveen Bala on Rajendra Chaudry's new wife. No wonder baby Iris is a Praveen Bala look alike.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:55 PM

But what else can you use to try and gain support when your party and especially it's leader have no vision or ideas.

They are as bad as the Methodist church, a group con artists taking advantage of the poor and gullible.

Be a citizen, NOT a moron said...

Too much venom in this blog from both sides of the aisle...let's be mature about the state of our nation. There are many good and bad things about each government. How about we come up with solutions, be bipartisan on workable solutions proposed by our leaders and respect each other when we disagree.Let's try that first rather than shouting the house down.

Anonymous said...

Venom is a result of the asshole Baimagasona and Aiyarse. Too much anal prodding, too much adultery, too many rapes, too many asslickers too many cocksuckers and too many motherfuckers.

Anonymous said...

@8.55 You say "The question that needs to be asked is why the majority of this land isn't utilised?"

Don't worry sodelpa supporters told a university graduate to going work the land but it ended up in a childish debate and back firing when someone said "Going show me someone in Fiji who is being imaginative and thinking outside the box." Turns out the whole of Fiji,their own Prime Minister and it's government are being imaginative and thinking outside the box.Isn't our agriculture sector booming?Isn't our agricultural exports reaching higher output achievements then any other government?Last month government gave out business grants for start ups and majority of receivers said it was for agriculture projects.So the land is being utilized for generating income and the rest probably is for themselves.

Anonymous said...

3.40pm You want to go to camp?or you want to stay in the back of my truck?

Anonymous said...

There’s certainly lots to be optimistic about on that front. The figures are encouraging. Thanks to this Government’s policies, we have seen five consecutive years of economic growth. Growth of 4.2 per cent in 2014 and similar growth forecast for in this year. Job advertisements up by 12.8 per cent. Low inflation between 0.1 and 0.2 per cent.

But I know that we as a nation can do better. We know that our potential is limitless if we work together as a united and proud nation to keep our reforms on track.

This budget is certainly good news for the country especially the reduction on VAT.If this government keeps performing on par for the next 2 years than they will win all 50 seats in the next election vinaka FF and to the nation and it's hard workers we shall reap the rewards.

Anonymous said...

@PhantomNovember 8, 2015 at 4:40 PM

The FijiFirst Government is to make our nation a clever country, a smart country, by giving all of our people the opportunity to gain an education. It’s not a pipe dream, as some might think. Because I’m convinced that when you give people an opportunity to learn by breaking down the barriers to education and especially the barrier of poverty they will seize it.

There is now no reason for any Fijian no matter what their background or family circumstances – to miss out on getting the best education they can. Our free schooling and the scholarships and tertiary loans we are providing have transformed the prospects of even the poorest Fijian children. We have given them the key to a life of opportunity through learning. We have given them the best chance any Fijian has ever had to carve out satisfying and worthwhile careers for themselves and contribute to the development of the nation. It is up to them to take that key and unlock the door to a world of opportunities. To work as hard as they can and to the best of their ability to acquire the skills they need and our nation needs to fulfill our collective dreams.

Team Fiji isn’t only about succeeding at the Rugby World Cup or in Football. It is about every Fijian treating the process of learning in the same way as mastering the skills of a game. The more skills each person masters whether it is in a trade or profession the stronger the intellectual capital of the national team. And just as our sporting teams punch above their weight in international competition, our workforce needs to do the same. For a small country such as ours to make a mark in the world, we need to be as disciplined and skillful as the best of our sportspeople. We need to play hard intellectually use our brains and acquire as much knowledge as we can.

What we are doing in the education system is to train our players and provide them with the best education we can afford. But if everyone embraces the value of learning and we work together intellectually as a team, I am certain we will be a clever country. It is only those among us with no imagination or the lazy who think it can’t be done. Because, yes we can! And when we do, there will be nothing to stop us achieving our dreams for ourselves and for each other.

This is why the FNU and USP is so important in our national life. A university with its sights set on excellence. A place where Fijians can learn the skills they need to make a mark on our nation, our region and the world. And the wonderful thing about FNU and USP is the hardheaded approach it brings to that process.

Suomynona said...

I find it quite stupid developing a budget without mentioning the amount of forever-piling debt that the regime has yet to clear out, especially that missing one million.

I won't be surprised if another random debt comes out from anywhere, especially this budget which I find quite underwhelming when the military gets a bigger piece of the pie....clearly uneven and unfair.

Its like a rarity for less money to be spent on the forever-abused military who is infamous for helping a couple of selfish individuals further their own personal agenda at the expense of the people since 1987.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6:05 PM

Yes you are correct in that education is the key to advancing and whilst this government is pushing this why is it that the Methodist church is fighting against it and no one is doing anything about them.

How many children and students that have that opportunity or dream of advancing to FNU or USP are being held back by the Methodist churches practices?

Students are not performing in school as well as they could because some religious dinosaurs have decided to keep waking them during the entire night with their lali beating.

Some narcissistic loud mouthed preacher believes that it's best for everyone that they hear his raving at 3 in the morning but what would he know about the needs of others if it's not written in idols book of guidelines?

Then how about the worker that's pressured to attend the village Church service at 4 in the morning, because the ignorant church leaders believe pampering to them is far more important than family life and supporting your children or your employer.

Yes we should all be for education and support this government or any government in their endeavours to improve the life of all and the best way to support this is to come down hard on these Methodist leaders who are doing all they can to hold society back.

Anonymous said...

Its not "missing $1million"
but the missing $100 million from the Ministry of Finance.

People keep talking about the Methodist Church but what about YOUR CORRUPT LEADER , YOU DUMB KANTS.


Is that question too complicated for you dumb FFP Kants?

What is Bainimarama trying to hide?
All his talk about TRANSPARENCY is so shallow now.
What a farking loser!
SO BE A RESPONSIBLE LEADER , for once and take some ownership of your stealing government money.


If the money had gone somewhere legitimate they would have opened up the books, BUT ITS OBVIOUS NOW, THESE TWO MATAHAFAKAS STOLE THE FARKIN MONEY.

You don't deserve to be called a FIJIAN.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha hahaha they are afraid of people getting smart,they want everyone to be bible nerds where everyones heads must be buried in the books and force their religion on others.When the constitution was written the Methodist church and Sodelpa supporters hopped on the bandwagon saying no to "Secularism".These people are those idiot's like in America the neo conservative right wing idiots.Watch the documentary about the "Waco incident" some nutcase religious leader brain washing families and controlling their life's.

Anonymous said...

@8:23pm You forgot to mention they want everyone to pay the talatala and chiefs with their hard earned cash lol.Pay for the sky bill,wine and dine,big pajero,new church and hall.Also what about these convicted talatalas that were preying on women and children?

Anonymous said...

Why not teach Nietzsche instead of the Bible to make people smarter?

Anonymous said...

All those idiots on here saying this government is fuck all and and theres no future for the young then what fucking solutions do you have?rather then complaining tell us what your solutions are?

Atleast this government is helping young and old through its micro and small business grants program.They are giving ordinary people (some of them already market vendors) the ability to either start new businesses or take their existing businesses to another level.They are fullfiling the objective they promised which is to empower ordinary Fijians and give them what they need to gain a bigger economic stake in our nation’s future.The fact that this countrys economy is striving with success is a result that shows we are moving forward together as Fijians and our economy improves year after year, we are able to pass on the benefits to the people who most deserve it. Decent, hardworking people who are the backbone of our nation. TOSO VITI FORWARD MARCH TOGETHER.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:13 PM

There are some that that remove the blinkers, think outside of the box and consider ALL that is wrong.

Fiji and its future does not just revolve around those that you despise so much, you are just one person.

Maybe you are one of the supporters of the Methodist church and don't consider stealing a child's hopes and rights a concern because they do not have a dollar sign in front of them.

Anonymous said...

Feeji is getting more expensive for the poor.
I think it's about time to bring by income tax to 32% for the rich,
then 40% like in many other countries.
Why should someone earning 100 000$ in Fiji pay only 20 000$ when
in the US or Europe o koya would pay 50 000$?
Where is the logic?!?

If the rich want to stand with the poor (of course they don't want, but we can dream)
then they should pay their fair share. But they are talking kindly to Frank
so tough luck... FF stands for Frank's Friends.

Anonymous said...

Where is SODELPA's alternative budget? Why are they supporting this budget instead? They should come up with their own budget. They shouldn't worry about landownership. We want to hear SODELPA's policies for economic development. Are they lost and have no answer to ASK. Matea SODELPA.

Anonymous said...

I watched the budget announcement like many in Fiji with bated breath as i thought business people would get hammered once again. I was however relieved that the budget is not so bad after all. What i do find rather distressing is the continuous attempt by government to control everything. I am talking about the help line for doping in businesses who have not reduced prices on duty reduced items and vat the attempt to link cash registers to FIRCA etc. While to the ordinary layperson these would seem great measures to rain in the cheats their is an inherent danger in this which most will not see. This is ASK attempting to control the business world and is contrary to all doctrines of capitalism and free economies and i am surprised that accountants and people in the know have not cried foul yet. How will the consumer council know what the mark up for a particular product is for non PIB items as all business have different base mark ups. The point is if a subject business marks up more than his competitors he wont do well as customers are savvy and will buy where they get the best value. This is called market forces something which perhaps ASK cant get into his head.

A person starts a business for one simple reason and that is to make money. Most businesses are honest and pay their fair share. It is governments job to find the cheats like they do in all countries not introduce measures that defy the very idea of capitalism.

We may as well move to North Korea. Even China does not do this. This is as low as it can get.

We are truly living in LALA land. You know whats worse the opposition are so dumb they cant get past their Chiefs and the so called Vanua bull shit and argue about the issues that are on hand to show the people that they know how to run a country should they get into power. They probably don't even understand what capitalism is. We normal sensible people of this country are truly caught between the reincarnation of the devil FB and his hell hound ASK on one side and probably the dumbest opposition in the history of this country on the other. We might as well have 2 lamp posts fighting FF that's how dumb our opposition is.

God help us all.


Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:12 PM

"SODELPA should come up with their own budget."

Now that would be rather silly wouldn't it.

Anonymous said...

@9.09pm Why should the rich people pay for the lazy lot that can't get off their ass and work?If you're complaining that you don't have any money why don't you give up whatever bad habits you have like quit smoking,buying and drinking kava,nightclub alcohol?Do you have a job?or don't want a job?And if you have a job is it paying enough?if it isn't then get a job that pays well or get more jobs to supliment your income.Rich people too was once poor and worked their way up or got an education that pays.You can go back to university get a degree or diploma,I suggest you read 6.05pm comment.Unless you been stopped by the church?or whatever is holding you back?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:20 PM

"We might as well have 2 lamp posts fighting FF that's how dumb our opposition is."

I now realise I live in an opposition street because the lamp posts don't work !

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:09 PM

You ask "Why should someone earning 100 000$ in Fiji pay only 20 000$"?

They actually pay slightly more but that's beside the point.

Those that do earn a living are getting tired of continually hearing about the poor and why they should support them more.

Many see the poor now as those that sit around a grog bowl all night and sleep in the day, the drunks on the street and when not drunk begging. Those that spend as much time in church as those that work toil to make a living.

It's the institutions that have allowed this to become the norm for some of the poor that have ruined societies support for the deserving poor.

Anonymous said...

"Why should someone earning 100 000$ in Fiji pay only 20 000$ when
in the US or Europe o koya would pay 50 000$?
Where is the logic?!?"

Because in Fiji they reward hardworkers!,The harder you work the more you receive.You know where those $50,000 go to in those countries you mentioned?It goes towards lazy people who don't want a job and rather sit on their ass burdening society and governments.They use other hard workers money to going drink,smoke drugs,buy clothes they shouldn't be having,going to nightclubs,having children after children that they cannot afford to feed but depend on the tax payers to feed the lazy bastards.They are parasites to society.You think those governments in those countries want to dish out hard working tax payers money to these lazy people?You are moving Fiji back wards instead get a job and work hard so that you can benefit from modernization.

Anonymous said...

Wow can't believe it-the illegal Prime Minister has finally said
something smart on the weekend, when he told the media that Fiji
cannot afford to allow the Union organization in Fiji to hold our
small country economy in hostage for the benefit of a few? Can you
believe that? The man has finally said something smart! Now, someone
in his illegal Government really need to tell him that the law or
Decree pertaining to his concerns (Union in Fiji) has already been
in operation for over a year? All you need to do is ENFORCE IT!!!
Former Fijian Governments had been taken for a rides by these crooked
no school Union leaders & they have taken every Governments hostages
and even removed them at their will? Khaiyum has already passed a
Decree to curb their power and all you need to do is ENFORCE IT????

Anonymous said...

@November 9th 6:05pm Can you ram this in your thick skull peanut brain that Fiji is one hell of a dumb country with dumb leaders resulting in dumb followers and dumb people.

You know dumb means you cant speak and literally being dumb, the people of Fiji have allowed Frank and the military and Khaiyum to rape them and they silently let things go on.

That is how DUMB people in Fiji are today.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:50 AM

I'm sure the dumb may agree with you but fortunately there's many not so dumb that are quite happy with things.

Anonymous said...

To the guy talking about Nitzsche (anon @8.42).
Nitzsche was carted off to the asylum after he was caught kissing a horse in some street in Paris--probably effects of third stage syphilis! Idiots will tell you that god got him

Anonymous said...

Areh bhaiya Rajendra Chaudry, they talking about you washing Preveen Bala's pot. Back door on your wife and baby Iris could be Praveens reh!!!!!!!!!!

qasenivuli said...

50-50 budget to me...

BTW what if the ministry of education doesn't allow any repeaters in any class/form in our education system????
To me this equates to thousands of students will be going with the flow until they reach year 13/form seven so to speak...

Ok,from here they will definitely stand still and have to move out/dropped off/let out/kick out/forgotten/miss out/abandoned/blamed/ by the very system that put them in that situation.
Who will answer to the thousands of students who will be victims of this system?thousands in next year!year after next and so on and on....

Is there a support mechanism in place to take them in?

I suggest the ministry must be quick enough to detect slow learners and offer alternatives instead of wasting everyone's effort and in the end empty handed.

Established more technical/trade schools to cushion the impact it will have to the economy and negative impact to communities.
Are they budgeted???????????.....HAPPY DIWALI..!!!

KUA NI RERE said...

You are right.
You are 100% CORRECT in your analysis.

I look at what is happening to the Fijian people and I see QORVIS' hand in ALL this.

The TIN number (introduced by QORVIS) was not about making life easier , BUT AN ATTEMPT AT CONTROLLING THE PEOPLE....otherwise why the fark should an 89year old man living in his village in Kadavu need a farking TIN number for?

The e-ticketing system (introduced by QORVIS) was not about making public transport more efficient. No. It was all about Control.

In this budget you see GST on food items and goods that THE POOR need to survive will actually increase.

Again this is a deliberate attempt to push more Fijians into poverty.

They talk about FREE EDUCATION....but who gives a fark about free education when your dad has been sacked from his job and now YOU HAVE TO GO CLIMB COCONUT TREES AND SELL BU INORDER TO SURVIVE.So which one is it Feed the family or Go to school? Of course you need food to survive. Fark the school.
Dont get me wrong , I support Education wholeheartedly.
I graduated from USP + other tertiary institutions in Europe, NZ and Australia. I also taught at University. SO I UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATION.


What is happening in Fiji now is a DELIBERATE, CONTRIVED AND CONCERTED EFFORT mainly masterminded by QORVIS and ratified by THE FARKED UP ULULALA Bainiamarama, to push down the Indigenous people.
If Fijians dont wake up, they will be in a deeper hole in 5 years time. Thanks to this BRAND NEW EDUCATION SYSTEM...
Again like I said this is a deliberate attempt by QORVIS to disempower the Indigenous Fijians.


Anonymous said...


Well bugger me, I never read anything about different VAT rates based on ethnicity, this Qorvis lot must be a real smart mob to hide that.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they are smarter than you.

Anonymous said...

@12:58 PM You may have been to university, but that doesn't mean that you are "educated".
Education is often just an umbrella for people to set themselves apart. I see quite a lot of flaws in
your logic, and your language doesn't match that of a good academic...

I keep saying the same thing: most students we see at university shouldn't be there.
Now it's all about getting a REAL EDUCATION and I don't know if that can be done.
The vucesa mentality endures...

Anonymous said...


At last some common sense. Vinaka.

I respect to kind of bloggers:
- those who bring to our attention misdeeds of our politicians
- those who bring constructive ideas

all countries and culture have their fare share of dumbs and smart people.
a fairly small proportion of the population is damaging the country.
it was also true by historical standard.
Fiji was the way to world should be not that long ago.
that's where we should be aiming to.

One great inspiration should be Cakobau.
He was initially one of the wickest man who walked on earth.
but didn't he change quite a lot at last?

most people can't even achieve 1% of what Cakobau had to do.
I respect people who can change for the best.

Your last words reminded me of that flag proposal on Facebook:


The more I look at it, the more I like it.
I hope the people of Our country will understand its larger-than-life meaning.

Before looking forward, one should know where they came from.

Let's march together forward!
Sky is the limit.

Anonymous said...

"You may have been to university, but that does not mean you are "educated".
Sounds like the uneducated talking again. lol.
So what is your definition of being "educated"?
So, a person can stay in the village and not go to university but be "educated"?
What is the Fiji First definition of being "educated"?
You talk about "vucesa".
Is climbing coconut trees to support your family and not go to school, come under your definition of being "educated"? Huh?

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 1:45PM So going to University is not "education".
Are these people funny or what?
Must be one of bainimarama KANALOTO children blogging.
Hahahaha. Very funny.
Yes, we know you got your job, because your father committed treason.
And we know that you arent qualified for your job. Just like all other bainimarama's relatives. Mr Kean should be in jail for Manslaughter.
But as it is you can be an emptyhead and run a Fiji government ministry. Just ask Mr Kean.
Very funny.

Anonymous said...

You cannot overlook the poor amongst you . They are part of society and dwell amongst us. For those who are complaining and calling them parasites and lazy you're basically denying the truth and reality. Everyone is born different and are different unless you're superhuman to live in a country where no one is poor. Anyway if you want to live in a place where there's no poor, then I can tell you how to get there. Read the bible, stop attacking the church, help the poor amongst you and involve in charity.

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro and his few enthusiasts here will strongly deny your comment especially where the church is mentioned.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:17 PM

So based on your logic as so many read the Bible why are there so many poor?

As these Bible readers are all so well off are you suggesting they have not been helping the poor?

Anonymous said...

@2:12 PM
@2:25 PM

No no no, you got it all wrong.
Bainimarama and family are criminals, no question about it.

What I mean is that a lot of so-called "educated" people talk like dumb.
50% of kids at university would fail anywhere else in the world, and a good deal are just not performing. But as soon as they get out of univeristy, they boost they are "educated" but can't do much more than repeating like little parrots.

Btw, I know village people who have got more intelligence and common sense than a lot of graduates!!!

Anonymous said...

3 40
It doesn't take that long to smoke your rant again on the bible and believers...one of the kindest people on this earth are the poor. They are because they share what they have. If you enjoy the life of plenty that you have but do not have the love and compassion for your neighbor who is less fortunate then you are a greedy selfish person .Your blaming the church again. It is because of selfish people like Rakoro and you that poor people go to church to find peace and comfort. In fact they are the church. Attacking the church is attacking the poor. Jesus said that" we are responsible for the poor" By the way do you go to church?

Anonymous said...

@5:31 PM
can't you be a good person without the church?
can you attack all the abuses of the church without hating the poor?

your statements are not very convincing...

Jonathan Smith,Liverppol UK said...

People like you are a disgrace to the society. You got educated by the FJ government and but now you are criticising the same government.You were also educated in Europe but surprisingly your nationalist thinking hasn't changed. People like you should embrace multiracialism rather than doing the opposite in this globalised world. Bainimarama's government has had successive years of economic growth which has created more jobs in Fiji. Fijian rights and supremacy in Fiji my foot. The rights were never threatened since independence but idiots like you used the propaganda to destabilise the country in 1987,and in 2000. Had it not been the military Fiji would have been in deep shit by now. You will burn in hell for being anti Indian and spread false lies about indigenous rights being threatened. As an educated person you should be ashamed by using swear words.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:31 PM

It's pretty obvious that you will find any reason you can to accuse those that raise concerns about the church of 'attacking' it, rather than want to hear what they say.

Why ask if I go to church, are you suggesting that anyone who does should not dare question what it does and that only those that don't go would dare to speak out?

No we are not responsible for all of the poor, there are many poor who deserve it, some spend too much time in church rather than working or looking after a family. Some poor drink, grog and party their money away. Some of the church cause others not to be able to work and children to do poorly with their education.

Stop being led and ask yourself why more and more people are questioning the way the church is not helping poverty.

Anonymous said...

"You were also educated in Europe but surprisingly your nationalist thinking hasn't changed"

Nationalism is nothing new in Europe its actually growing at a rapid rate along the likes of Socialists.Isn't Scotland a nationalist nation now?Isn't Englands government opposition Socialists who holds 45% of the seats?It doesn't take long to do some googling or also watching youtube videos at the hundredth thousandths of protesters and riots that take place on their streets venting their frustrations of the inequality they face.Fiji is no different to Europe and the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:56 PM

5:31 PM is one of those religious followers that believe that only they have a monopoly on being a good person and to them if you don't flaunt your membership to their faith club you are beneath them.

5:31 PM talks about compassion for others but I would love 5:31 PM to explain how waking children throughout the night by his religious club members lali beating so they fall asleep during their exams depriving them of a chance in life is helping the poor.

I would suggest it's these religious club members that are the selfish greedy ones, the greed being the taking of another's opportunity.

Anonymous said...

So they can mock the christian faith hahahahaha might as well mock the hindu!,muslim!,jew!,buddist,sihk etc etc

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6:47 PM

So where do you see that someone has mocked anothers faith?

Anonymous said...





.....AND SO....AND SO...AND SO...


Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:01 PM

If you think that's a budget it's time to go back to school.

Anonymous said...

For some weird reason I think most of the people on here use to go to the Suva library,read Mai life,either are journalists,politicians,former politicians,University students or lectures,pastors,preists,activists,part of advocacy groups,the usual trolls who likes to piss someone off,soldiers or former soldiers,police force personnel or anyone that deals with government.That is all I see on here from those commenting.Most people in Fiji really dont care about politics unless called for election and given a last minute summary.Bainimarama is doing alright there are some good and some bad like any other government.The price of food etc is nothing new they have always been high from rabuka times,george speight,Sdl and even now.This sercular thing is written in the constitution and thats fine by me.I dont know why we have this believer vs non believer argument going on it will never end.It is also written that one has freedom to practice ones religion but not force it onto others or discriminate the differences of each religion.These people who are judging the christian faith do they live in Fiji?There have been some foreigners on social media one was found out by police to be typing from Pakistan spreading extremist and radical views and he started of the process by judging the christian faith.I hope these people are not radicals,report any suspicion guys to your local police station these things have been an increase.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh...something is going down. Land Force Commander has been shipped off to Totogo, Commish is going back to Soweto...or wherever the fk he came from, and the Able Semen has been promoted. The Army had better wake the fk up. Navy is taking over.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:21 PM

You certainly have got some imaginative reasoning there of the contributors here.

What's rather weird is the references to the Christian faith and people judging it because I'm not reading that here.

There have been none of the anti one faith occurrences for some time but it was so obvious they were from an idiot or extremist.

Anonymous said...

Lol @ 7:21 How accurate is this

"For some weird reason I think most of the people on here use to go to the Suva library,read Mai life,either are journalists,politicians,former politicians,University students or lectures,pastors,preists,activists,part of advocacy groups,the usual trolls who likes to piss someone off,soldiers or former soldiers,police force personnel or anyone that deals with government."

Anonymous said...

Fiji is a fairly free country with many nice people.

The problem is that we have fairly incompetent leaders and Opposition leaders.
Corruption is endemic, as soon as $$$$$ is involved, a lot of people are willing
to "sell their soul" to the biggest devil. Too many weak people unable to stand
up to moral principles.

There is a wide range of issues that we need to address and it will take some time before
we can overcome them, but one of the biggest problems is the underlying fear that still
exist in the background of our society. People won't speak their mind, will vote out of fear, etc.
Fiji's democracy is still in its infancy, but there is hope.

In such a context, the grassroot people have to be able to rally around symbols and values
that are meaningful to them. Something noble, not political parties, not any particular
religion or anything like that. We hate to love Fiji, no matter the problems, it's that simple.

Love demands sacrifices. Always.

For Fiji, ever Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:34pm Nov 10
Are you true with that news...

casino online indonesia said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

The motherfucker police commissioner has resigned and shooting off tomorrow. Took his time to leave. How much did he rip off before deciding that it's enough to survive in South Africa. Moce asshole. Don't come back ever.

KUA NI RERE said...

I think Bainivuaka did not like Groenwold chasing his criminal soldiers all the way to the Army Camp. Remeber , the soldiers who sodomised Viliame Soko and others until they died.
Bainimarama is one corrupt bastard. He must have put the gun to Groenwold and ordered him to resign or else.

C4.5 should contact Groenwold and ask him to spill the beans on this corrupt government..

Anonymous said...

@kua ni rere, if bainivuaka did this, it's the only good thing he has done since taking over. This asshole was a waste of taxpayers funds anyway. Under his command, the police force was more of a circus joker than a law and order custodian. All big talk and no action from the sonalevu. It took isikeli ligairi to press charges on the police officers responsible for benditos death. The saffer was more interested in arselicking kaiyum and sucking balls of government and anyone that will throw some meaty bones his way. Lako vale magaichinana. RIP in SA.

Anonymous said...

Those 3 ex police officers are now untouchable. They will never face justice. Or even if they do, it probably won't be for a while. Wouldn't be surprised if they are on the next lift out to the Golan Heights.

KUA NI RERE said...

Bainimarama was beginning to feel the heat....ie his corruption and criminal activity was catching up with him and that is why he got rid of Groenwold.
Putting Qiliho as Police Commissioner is another strategic move by bainivuaka.
He knows that Qiliho can do a Coup against him so Bai has begun to move him away (from his solders).
Qiliho commands a lot of allegiance from the army and thats why he has been moved.
There are other people that could have been given this temporary job, including present Assistant Police Commissioners, but Bai put Qiliho there.
This is very strategic move.

Qiliho must now do two things, if he still wants to be relevant.
1) Firstly he must maintain contact or communication with his trusted Army Officer. And I'm not talking about Naipoto.
The longer he stays as Police Commish, the weaker will be his link with the army.

Bainimarama is very CORRUPT and sooner or later THERE WILL BE CONFLICT BETWEEN POLICE COMMISSIONER QILIHO and Bainimarama.
No IFs or BUTs. That will surely happen.


This is what I think Bainimarama will do next: HE WILL TRY AND GET RID OF QILIHO....or render him useless...just like Groenwold when he started.
He will try and get rid of Qiliho by either sacking him (not right now because Qiliho still has influence with army) or SENDING HIM AWAY FOR A POSTING OVERSEAS.

My advice to Qiliho is : Bainimarama will use you to his advantage. HE DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU. HE IS FARKING NARCISSISTIC ( go read up the definition of that word)). He only cares about himself.
You know what is the RIGHT thing to do.
You are getting on in life and one day soon you have to face up to God and give an account.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile what are all this song and dance in the media about our retiring President. This impotent drunken useless piece of shit was worse than Rt Iloilo. At least his predecessor was senile and didn't have fucking clue what he was doing, but this one is worse because he was there all for the sake of maintaining the lifestyle as long as the powers that be allowed him to. Good riddance to this bad rubbish who likes to masquerade as the people's man roaming the streets and hoping to be greeted willy nilly. His successor is no better, being another overrated military fuckwit who likes to project himself as a dignified statesman. This guy fucked up the trade union negotiations no having a clue how he should apply govt. policy and negotiate in a strategic manner. Rt Epeli Ganilau would have been just as bad if not worse than either two mentioned above. Enough of this typical useless military shit who keep getting placed up there. We need real statesmen, not military people who think the country owes them a taxpayer funded lifestyle. They have never proven themselves to defend the country and its people against an external enemy or threat and shed their blood for that matter. But they like to parade their glittering medals on their chest for fucking useless taxpayer-funded peacekeeping missions which bring nothing but misery to the people. Shameless gutless cowards are all they are!

Anonymous said...

Our livelihood in the tourism industry is just being slapped with additional cost to our products charged on our tourists. Meanwhile this motherfucker chingy-eyed regime cock sucker DIXON SEETO, who purports to be a fighter for the industry is nowhere to be heard or seen fighting our cause. This idiot is probably somewhere sucking Aiyaz's tiny weeny uncircumcised cock or getting rooted up the rear, all the while heaping praises 'what brilliant budget, what a brilliant budget' And likewise for his overrated undersexed wife who knows everything about anything. These leeches should exterminated from society.

Anonymous said...

Yes, why are the FF supporters harping about the reduction of VAT when the reduction will be implemented also on the current zero rated items like flour, tea, tin fish,etc. These items are now VAT free but the reduction to 9% will also affect these zero rated items.

This is daylight robbery by Govt. and their stupid followers

Anonymous said...

ACTUALLY its like this. With a Military run government like ours, there is NOTHING anyone can say or do. WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY remember?? The facts, the truths uttered are like feathers blown about in the wind.

May I remind you that we have lost all sense of JUSTICE for Fiji!!!

Sadly the current circumstances will remain in force for as long as we have the same people in power.

And so we will be taken for a good ride by these ruthless Leaders of the Fiji First Government.

Actually they are convinced we are idiots. One has to look at the outright lies and the in-your-face corruptive behavior going on with Frank and Aiyaz at the lead.

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