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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Debate of the 2016 budget

Abridged version of the National Federation Party's response to the budget, by whip Prem Singh.

Madam Speaker, the reduction of Value Added Tax from 15% to 9% has been praised in this Parliament. Any reduction in taxes is naturally welcome. But let me put this reduction in context and its corresponding effects.

What about those below the tax threshold of $16,000, earning $2.32 an hour as minimum wage or living in poverty or abject poverty? What about those ineligible for the social pension scheme despite being in retirement?

Madam Speaker, those eligible for $50 food vouchers will get fewer items than previously because basic food items that were zero-rated now see increase in price because of imposition of 9% VAT.

And most seriously Madam Speaker, is imposition of VAT on basic food items turning promises into deeds or mis-deeds?

As revealed by Honourable Members of the Opposition, was this deed promised by Fiji First in its manifesto for the 2014 general elections? The Fiji First Manifesto is worth repeating and I quote:

“Fiji First will continue to control the price of basic food items such as rice, flour, potatoes, dhal, cooking oil, and pharmaceutical and medical products.

Fiji First will continue to place zero VAT on powdered milk, rice, edible oil, tin fish, flour, sharps and medicines”.

Therefore Madam Speaker, the imposition of VAT on basic food items that have been zero-rated for many years is a betrayal of the promise made to the people of Fiji by the Fiji First Government.

We are told that the imposition of VAT will be cushioned by the so-called free water and free medicine schemes. We are interested to know how many people or households are actually benefiting from these schemes. Government should provide these figures for the sake of transparency.

And Government so far Madam Speaker has not clarified what is the actual saving to a household or person accessing the free water subsidy. From our calculations it is $13.96 per year or $1.16 per month – or $3.49 a quarter or every three months.

This pales into insignificance with the increased cost of basic food items like rice, sharps, flour, oil and tinned fish and kerosene. These are bought every week in every household.

This reduction should also have happened in the case of meat like lamb and chicken, which have become a basic commodity. This would have been a reasonable measure to cushion the effects of imposition of VAT on basic food items.

Madam Speaker, the same analogy applies to milk. While milk, butter, cream and yoghurt have reduced VAT of 9%, it still attracts an import duty of 32%. However Fiji Dairy Limited enjoys 0% concession.

But for the last three years, production of fresh milk by Fiji Co-operative did not increase, as the amount paid to farmers is not enough to cover cost of production. This is despite what Government through the Permanent Secretary of Trade and Tourism said a few months ago.

Fiji does not manufacture milk powder, then why such high import duty of 32% was imposed? Inevitably, Madam Speaker, this duty is passed on to the consumers. Milk can be much cheaper if the duty is reduced. The concession provided to Fiji Dairy is not passed on to the consumers.

Madam Speaker Government projects to rake in $ 127.5 million from Service Turnover Tax. The 10% STT means for example if I eat in a restaurant and the food bill comes to $10, $2 goes to Government. This is apart from 9% VAT and duties on food items.

The same applies to Hotels where tourists pay the STT. But are the workers of our hotels, resorts and restaurants sharing a piece of this revenue cake? While Government forecasts revenue of more than $127 million from STT, the salaries of workers remain stagnant. Madam Speaker, we have established that there is no uniformity in salaries and wages of our hotel and resort workers.

For example Madam Speaker, one resort pays only $2.89 an hour for receptionists. Another resort is paying $4.65. The lowest wage rate in the tourism industry is $2.50 an hour while the highest is $6 an hour. These are disparities that must be corrected. Affordability by hotel and resort owners is not an issue because some prominent resorts are paying lower wages than smaller ones.

Madam Speaker, we see Government is providing incentives like tax holidays and duty free imports of equipment for the establishment of state of the art hospitals and diagnostic laboratories. Public/private partnership is a good thing – we vigorously promoted this during the last elections.

But this has to become a reality. The last such proposal of the establishment of an hospital by the Apollo Group 8 years ago has not seen the light of the day despite the offer of similar incentives.

However Madam Speaker, in the absence of state of the art hospitals, it is utterly disappointing to note that tertiary health care – which is advanced surgical procedures like heart surgeries has been halted.

We also believe as part of the reversals being put in place by the health ministry, the grant of $F 10,000 has been reduced to $5,000 for these cases since 2015. This makes it even more difficult for patients to be prepared for open-heart surgery. No clear answers are forthcoming from the health personnel apart from the “No money” cry since July 2015. 

Why Madam Speaker?

These are critical issues that need to be addressed. And we certainly look forward to the Honourable Health Minister informing this House why the grant has been reduced.

Madam Speaker if similar obstacles are faced with any new tertiary health care provider who wishes to operate in Fiji and enjoy the tax holiday and duty concessions provided under this Budget, then our patients are doomed.

Madam Speaker, despite what we were told by Government through the Honourable Minister for Health, a patient awaiting heart surgery died. We were told that the Agreement with Sahyadri was terminated on 6th August. But on 12th August a patient travelled from Rakiraki for his scheduled surgery to be performed by Sahyadri surgeons.

He was never informed prior to his trip to CWM Hospital that the operation had been postponed or in this case cancelled until his arrival at the Hospital. Madam Speaker, the patient returned home and died 5 days later on 17th August. If this isn’t bureaucracy then what it is? Who is responsible for this negligence?


qasenivuli said...

Is it true that Bainimarama is trying his best to hide from being known as the main instigator in the 2000 coup..using civilian clothes CRW Soldiers as if it was really a Civilian Coup???

Look at the appointment of very key position in Government...all close and personal to him!!!

Look at the budget and answers from Ministers when questioned by opposition pathetic!!!

what say KNR....?

Mick beddoes said...

Sodelphans need dick

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hahahaha....@ anon 7:16...youre a dick now like all the FF clown ministers.

SEMI K MEO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Get rid of the army. Keep the navy, since they actually have a mission, patrolling our fishing grounds. Spend a third of the military budget on them, the other two thirds to be split amongst the "keystone cops" and pensioners.

Anonymous said...

How come the NFP MP only has tongue when Bhai is not in parliament?
afraid he might get pissed-off and sent over one of his thug(s) to
kick the shit out of you? Worst still he might exterminate you ?I guess Khaiyum still has a lot to learn how to kick ass? The Leader of
opposition Ro Teimumu has a very valid point in asking to shut down QORVIS rather than pay this CIA organization to operates in our country paid for by our Tax payer's-funds? How come no one dared to
say anything about QORVIS afraid they might come after you? "Don't
throw stone if you live in glass house?"

Anonymous said...

This is what was found in the archives of a English newspaper about Fiji Airways CEO.
Heading:"Air Mauritius CEO Andre Viljoen Missing"
Andre Viljoen has allegedly not resumed work following his leave period. Three other personnel from the higher management have been suspended pending and internal company audit.

Anonymous said...

FICAC must be shut down too. It is set up to investigate and fight corruption but instead supporting it . This body is heavily politicized. Only those that are seen or suspected to work against the FF controlled govt are dealt heavily and precise. Outcome is swift. As for cases of fraud in this govt, it will take years, if not, buried for good . The Milgate factor and false declaration of assets by Khaiyum will not see the dawn of any day. FICAC said it's legal when we all know that it's not. FNPF needs to be investigated for abuse of power. Is FICAC aware of it?. Bainimarama is using his power to overrule the FNPF which is owned by every single worker of the land both current and retirees. Why are rules of withdrawals of funds NOT applicable to some? Why?? Applicants are made to wait in long ques for the sake of very special cases..* Bainimaramas friends and families* This is ABUSE and CORRUPTION.
Is FICAC going to do anything?
No I don't think so....just shut the house down. Anyway, why set up this body when it's playing an overlapping role from the police. Waste of money.

Anonymous said...

Caught! The bugger. Conman and thief!
Can FICAC investigate this FF appointment?

Anonymous said...

Continuing the newspaper article.
"Andre Viljoen is involved in numerous multi-million deals with Air Mauritius such as purchase of brand new A350s, contracting management work to Lufthansa etc. Some have appreciated his tenure although a great many think that he has NEVER BROUGHT ANY NEW IDEA/CHANGE HIMSELF as CEO BUT paying 5 times more the price to contractors like Lufthansa to do the job for him.

Another article headed: Air Mauritius under projectors of new government.
The scandals of the last A350 purchase before the elections is under investigation. The new government already has information of the corrupt and unfair decisions the board and CEO took to approve the deal. Seems money and commissions are involved under the table.
Also, the Lufthansa consultancies for out sourcing local pilot recruitment is in question. Complaints made by Mauritian pilots were made to the Equal opportunity Commission (EOC) but the previous government managed to delay the issue.
Air Mauritius have become a biased institution when it comes to fair and equal opportunities for employment of crew.
There are rumours that the CEO is engaged in a recruitment agengy that recruits foreign pilots and a commission is paid to him for each pilot recruited by the airline. The percentage of locals and expatriate pilots in the airline tells the story.

Anonymous said...

9 22 pm Semi
Haven't read or heard much from SODELPA 's mouthpiece Mick Beddoes. Is it because he is gagged by his own party? SODELPAS budget responce would have been published a day or two after the address if Mick is still actively involved. Why not ask Rt Naiqama to respond? Anyway we don't need their responce now. Prof Wadan, Prof Biman and Prem are doing a great job for all. Mick is a veteran politician and is good in this game but I suspect he is silenced by his own party.

Anonymous said...

Big blow to Fiji Airways. Can't suppress it anymore. It's now in the open and what now Mr Chairman? What excuse are you developing now? you and Khaiyum?
Just get ready to loose a lot of money.

Anonymous said...

What an embarrassment for those responsible !

Exit 'reason'
Nasik Swami
Friday, November 20, 2015
FORMER police commissioner Ben Groenewald has issued a statement from South Africa reaffirming his abrupt exit from the force was largely because of military interference in peacetime policing.

Mr Groenewald yesterday claimed while a Fijian Government statement released on November 10, 2015, stated his resignation was because of personal reasons, more was to do with him not being able to carry out his duties as mandated in Section 129 of the Constitution.

"The personal and family reasons mentioned are well known by the Public Service Commission and is related to housing issues. We were accommodated in a Government quarter, infected by mould and declared unfit by the Suva City Council for human occupation," he said.

"Both my wife and I suffered with side effects and nothing was done about it. This was but one of the reasons why I submitted my request for an early release to the Office of the Constitutional Offices Commission."

Responding to claims made by Mr Groenewald, Acting Prime Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum told this newspaper Mr Groenewald told him he left Fiji in very good terms.

"My conversation with him was very positive. He said that he is leaving Fiji in very good terms, that he has no ill feelings and that he leaves as a friend of Fiji. That's the extent of my knowledge with him," Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said.

Mr Groenewald claimed as the head of the country's police force, his first priority was to secure the 2014 General Election and to implement organisational and operational changes.

"Unfortunately, internal resistance to change, a lack of political support to address critical shortage of resources were some of the obstacles in not achieving all goals," he claimed.

Mr Groenewald claimed Fiji's past legacy and the reality that the Fiji Police Force was managed by a military officer for more than 10 years, resulted in the force being labelled a brutal force by international and local human rights organisations and Amnesty International.

He mentioned several cases which "indicated the unconstitutional involvement of individual military officers as main perpetrators".

He challenged the force to open a criminal investigation and allow an independent and objective investigation against military officers who obstructed the course of justice in the country.

Acting RFMF Commander Rear Admiral Viliame Naupoto in an earlier comment refuted claims made by Mr Groenewald.

He said the two institutions had been working together to ensure all Fijians were well looked after.

Defence Minister, Timoci Natuva declined to comment yesterday, saying he has not seen the statement by Mr Groenewald.

Anonymous said...

Questions? ???
Who is lying?? The answer is obvious.
Why did Natuva act defiantly? his boss Khaiyum had responded.
For him "not to carry out his duties" is the reason why militarization of police in Fiji is real. No question and doubt . Every foreign national who want to take up the PC position will face the same fate. There's no climate of independance, free , fair, good governance and leadership in the police if this regime is allowed to rule. It's time that Police is allowed arms as part of its policing and I see no reason why they are denied this for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Semi ... SODELPA has too many dumbos worried about Itaukei rights and all that bullshit. They are important bullshit but its the same shit we got in 1987 and 2000 and they need to improve especially your turaga Naiqama... His fucked in the head. We have been waiting for SODELPA to come back with their budget attack but they too frigging stupid to figure it out. In fact some members of the opposition were overheard saying the budget is a good one. How fucking dumb and pathetic is that.

Anonymous said...

Funny Khaiyum imitating a monkey against Tikoca... The funny thing is that Khaiyum looks like a monkey in a suit with his flapping ears and squashed up face.

Indians in Fiji always refer to Fijians as monkeys. The funny thing is that both Indians and Fijians are the slow process of evolution and are still evolving from their monkey stage. Both are niggers and both are fucking monkeys.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

12 16pm...very offending budy! Just put sense into your words. Your heart is extremely dark .

Anonymous said...

Yes 12:29pm... your heart is very dark

Anonymous said...

@ 12:45pm... look calling darkies monkeys should not be offensive. Khaiyum did it in your Parliament but he himself is a black nigger and looks like a monkey. No FF ministers including the ape Frank thought Khaiyum making monkey impressions of Tikoca was offensive so if your Government does not think it to be offensive... you should accept that fact that you whether your Indian or Fijian are niggers and your all monkeys. You accept your monkey AG's monkey impression, well it wasn't really because Khaiyum looked at it as nothing but a NORMAL behaviour. Get it, he is acting normally like a monkey which is where he is descendant. So all you people of Fiji are so fucking dumb you would all bend over for your ape PM and squeal with joy if your AG sticks his diry fingers up your bum.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:29pm... ranting by a monkey who learned to read and write and use a computer... Wonderful work by the Gods. Just need to reprogram your lingo and attitude... but Dude monkeys do evolve but somehow still have that animalistic aggression... hmmm how to reprogram.

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Anonymous said...

1.05..if we are apes and monkeys which some had classified creation then you are a monkey too? The difference is we the Fijians and Indians don't change colours overtime. We remain black from birth till death As for you and your species of baboon you turn red when you get angry, turn purple when you're sick, turn white when you're pale, turn blue when you're sad, turn blank when your scared...Omg what type of species is this!

Suomynona said...

FijiFuck-up Party can't even stay true to its word in that manifesto of theirs, and yet NFP has ratted them out yet again on their flaws. The oldest party in the country does have a point here despite winning only one election temporarily a long time ago I heard.

I'm not surprised at SODELPA being a no-show or still staying quiet here since they've yet to get their act together immediately if they haven't done so already, especially with the constant bickering and feuds within their ranks.

Anonymous said...

@12.16pm I highly agree with you on that.They are so fucking backwards even their own Prime Minister they elected has to parrot away "WE NEED TO CHANGE THE PEOPLE'S MINDSET"(I have a whole lot of evidence to back this in fact I can extract it from many of his speeches).It is evident that their Prime Minister views them as total fuck up's who lack the capacity to utilize the human brain power processes of thinking and problem solving.

His government is on a mission to modernize the whole society of Fiji because they simply haven't evolved.We just have to be patient with them,just like the FF party leader said "SODELPA just wants to drag us back to the past and be a burden to us all,someone needs to tell them getting over a painful experience is much like crossing the monkey bars.You have to let go at some point in order to move forward."

I can't believe it even their own elected leader views them as some crazy bunch of animals swinging on monkey bars hahahahahahaha.......

Anonymous said...

People are not willing to change their mindset, because dirty politics....

mark manning said...

Basically, you can't trust a man in a skirt (Frank and Aiyaz) and Fiji First, is fucked!
Indigenous Fijians, thanks to their boci Soldiers in the RFMF, have been duped again, sadly, everyone in Fiji is affected though.


Former Commissioner of Police said

Groenewald maintained that there is progress in Fiji and the judiciary in the country is independent and healthy.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Hey thanks for publishing this statement. You just missed one piece that will define the type of person you are.
The former compol had made this statement in August 2014.
Sorry asshole!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

@5.37pm It's actually you and your people that are squeeling like a pig.You went to the United Nations Human Rights Council harping and howling of being prodded up the ass by your own military.Furthermore one of your own opposition leaders have stood on the world stage admitting military is fucking them over helplessly whilst we (THE WORLD) watch.Ro Temumu said "Their rights have been taken away because the interim regime dictates everything now and the people have no say"......That pretty much sounds like a Fijian mating season to me.Military says "JUMP" and you say "HOW HIGH?",Military says " Freeze buster!,hands up!,bend down and touch your toes,NOW SCREAM 279".

Don't worry don't give up just take it up the ass by the military and suck it in.Stay strong soon you will realise you have so many monkeys in your country.

Anonymous said...

The Prime Minister of Fiji-Voreqe Bhainimarama-was arrested in Paris
during the Terrorist attack on the people of this beautiful city.He was first seen in the midst of a group of black people standing in line outside the venue for the UN conference of climate changes? One
black man was seen to have dashed out from the control group and ran
south toward the Portugal border. He was seen been pursued by 5 Paris Police Cruisers & 2 French Airforce fighters who couldn't catch up to
him till he was been apprehended at the "Portugal" Border by immigration officers.The Fiji PM was found to be very offensively
smelly & irritable as he continuously struggled to free himself and
to keep running? He was later identified as the Dictator Prime Minister of Fiji and was officially released to a group of Fiji
Government Officials whom he had abandoned at the lineup in Paris
Venue for UN Global conference for climate change? He accused every
Fiji Government official in the group as trying to assassinate him
and demanded the Paris Police unit carry out a body search on everyone from Fiji to ensure they were all free of weapon of mass destructions? So far the Prime Minister of Fiji-Voreqe Bhainimarama-
has not said anything since he has no idea what is going on at this
conference for climate change after all?
see whether they have terrorist weapons

Anonymous said...

Nobel Prize for physics awarded to Fijian man who successfully connected to free wi-fi
November 21st, 2015

The Nobel Prize for Physics has been awarded to a man from Fiji who successfully connected to the free wi-fi in his local Supermarket.

The achievement was widely regarded as a functional impossibility by the scientific community, but peer-review of his actions has concluded that he did indeed connect for long enough to check his facebook and watch youtube videos whilst walking and pushing his trolley around the store.

Local plumber Samisoni Vula said it was a bit of a surprise when his phone connected without any fuss, but he wasn’t complaining about the fast loading speed and big data usage.

“The existence of free wi-fi occupies an interesting position within the concept of superposition in quantum theory, in that it can always be seen when you look for it but it’s never there when you actually try to connect,” Knud Sorenson of the Nobel committee told us.

“Under normal circumstances you can only connect to wi-fi you haven’t looked for, like when you’re trying to check your email over 4G at the shopping mall and it just won’t stop connecting to Tappoo city.”

“By both seeing free wi-fi, and simultaneously connecting to it, Mr Vula managed to resolve it to a superposition of states such that it exists in both at the same time – visible and connected.”

“Trust me on this, that defies all known laws of Physics. We’re going to have to rewrite the lot from the ground up.”

“My brain hurts,” he added.

Inspired by his success, Samisoni says he hopes to win the Nobel prize for Chemistry next year by teaching the Americans how to make a decent bowl of Kava.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

These guys have been up all night.. C45 start deleting. Obviously 6 25am is not from here...

Anonymous said...

Maybe this blog has been flooded with monkeys hahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

The impression of Monkey that Khaiyum made to Tikoca is reflective of what Indians like Khaiyum think of Fijians. DUMB MONKEYS. Frank and the Fijian members of the FF party laughed the hardest but that impression was also meant for them. The speaker of the house did nothing about it. Comments made by Naiqama about the speaker of the house is nothing comparable to Khaiyums impression of Monkey directed towards Fijians and SODELPA if they had half a brain should lodge a complaint. Every Fijian should take offense to this monkey impression and if the PM thinks it's nothing then there is something wrong. No representative of the people of Fiji should be allowed to compare another or their race to monkeys in the manner Khaiyum did in a Parliamentary session and every Fijian should be offended and stand up against such atrocities. It makes a mockery of a Government.

BE FAIR said...

@ 1.45 You are twisting the whole thing, you have twisted the whole thing in 1997, 2000, and since 2006. This was not against all Fijians.

Anonymous said...

@1:56pm... Khaiyum intended and made the monkey impression in a Parliamentary session and it was clearly directed towards a Fijian an Itaukei. The Parliamentary session is a Government session comprising of representatives of the people and what they say, act or imitate clearly reflects how the feel or see others. Khaiyum would not have imitated a monkey if he did not see Fijians as such and he is telling Fijians in a Parliamentary session how and whar he thinks of them. If a member of the opposition made similar imitations Frank and his FF party would immediately crucify the SODELPA for being racist. Khaiyums imitation makes a mockery and monkey of Franks Government and tells us that they have no respect whatsoever for individuals or the Fijian people. Khaiyum should not have imitated a monkey and directing such an impression against another human being of a Fijian race and I don't care what explanation anyone gives.... KHAIYUM HAS INSULTED THE FIJIAN race of people with his impression and if you are a Fijian and laugh at it and think nothing of it.... you have accepted Khaiyums insult that you act and behave like monkeys. It is an insult and should not be construed in any other way. Khaiyum owes an apology to isoa and the Fijian race. If the SODELPA party does not report this insult they should question their role and get out of Parliament and let true fighters of democracy take their place.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:45 PM

Are you sure Frank and Fijian members of the FF party laughed the hardest?

Where was Frank?

Strong Fair Government said...

In 1987 Alliance/Taukei Movement/SVT/SDL and Sodelpla supporters wanted to lovo Richard and Nik Naidu in the Parliamentary grounds. Now in 2015 they are trying to support him. These Nationalist supporters want to topple any good government by using race factor. Fiji needs a very strong leader and government so that government and the leader is able to run the country without favouring any race and crush rebellious/factitious/warlords/ultra-nationalist groups.

Viliame - Nabua Military Barrack said...

@4.01. Name sake as KUA NI RERE,(PITA W). You are just twisting this and making it as a racial issue. You have done this in 1987, 2000 and since 2006. Fear god. You are trying to win support from innocent gullible i-Taukei supporters to turn against Bainimarama government.

Anonymous said...

Hooo! Harroooo! Hooo! Hoooo! HOOO!! watch out king kong is here.

mark manning said...

So let us put things into perspective shall we?
Fijians, all, have had to endure the unimaginable so a handful of selfish fuckers can benefit from what is essentially, the rape and pillage of Fijians Land, Economy and Government.
I say, fuck the niceties, it really is time to hold these stupid fucking RFMF Soldiers to account and demand that they immediately remove this useless fucking bastards (FRANK & AIYAZ) from Fijian Society and put him and his equally supporters in their place.
How many more insults can Fijians endure before they take a stand?
Were I an Indigenous Fijian, I'm certain i would have done something to Frank Bainimarama in person, along long time ago. As for this useful Indian Moslem, his arse would have been history back in 2007! For Christ's sake, will you stupid fucking soldiers wake up to yourselves?

Anonymous said...

@Mark Manning (or whoever you are) 5:00 PM

The problem with people like you is one minute they say stop the army interfering with the government and the next minute they call for the army to remove the government. In this case over something you say you had not even seen but just heard about.

So putting things in perspective, as you suggest that you did, what we have is some dumb ass foreigner poking his nose in something he knows little about. Whilst doing this he also brings in remarks pertaining to an individuals ethnicity and faith which are totally irrelevant.

So what is your point Manning other than shit stirring?

Anonymous said...

@ 4:13 where was Frank... fucking your wife

mark manning said...

@ 520 p.m..
I know you are having trouble reading and it seems you don't know me or you wouldn't be suggesting I was someone I'm not! Ask around and you'll soon find out that I have always used my true identity. I'm not a shrinking violet, one to hide from a band of thieves and thugs and Toy Soldiers.
Unlike you, anonymous!
I don't need to see something to believe it, haven't you heard of God?
I have credible sources and don't pander to propaganda as many in Fiji do today.
Call me whatever you like, it doesn't phase me because I don't take any notice of a person who is quite frankly, too cowardly to use their own true identity, though they expect it of me.
As for putting things into perspective, you're not very good at it.
You object to me speaking the truth, calling Aiyaz an Indian, which he is, Moslem, which he is. Though it's obvious that he doesn't see himself as Fijian, preferring it seems to be being seen as an elite Indian within the Fijian Community, a vastly different thing. How's that for putting things into perspective?
As for me knowing nothing about the problems within Fiji, you are totally incorrect, though you wish you were probably.
Aiyaz' ethnicity is very relevant considering he was applying for Australian Residency when Frank Bainimarama elected to commit high Treason on December the 5th 2006.
Aiyaz' religion I suspect, is actually a cover so he can pillage and plunder Fiji's Treasury, I doubt personally the man knows anything about Islam and that he never reads the Koran.
In a predominantly Christian community, the arse-holes Religion is very very relevant.
My point is, you fool, Aiyaz has called every Indigenous Fijian a monkey and that's a little hypocritical, not to mention insulting, coming from someone who has claimed that everyone in Fiji, is equal!
In Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum's mind, some are more equal than others.
I'm looking forward to seeing him in prison uniform and facing the very people he has chosen to insult and so openly disrespect.
Aiyaz is a useless piece of shit and a pig.

Anonymous said...

@Mark Manning 6:15 PM

You believing that using your identity supports any credence in your own comments is as pathetic as suggesting an anonymous comment has to come from a coward.

mark manning said...

@ 648 p.m.
I never stated using my own identity gives me credence!
Please learn to understand and comprehend what you are reading or just shut the fuck up!
When people choose to attack others and hide behind "anonymous" as an identity, to me, that's cowardice and typical of Frank and his cronies! Using anonymous as an identity per-se, is not however.
At least everyone in Fiji now knows Aiyaz' true colours now, not only has he insulted his body guards and the Indigenous Soldiers in the RFMF, but he has also exposed his true feelings about Frank Bainimarama, the idiot who gave Aiyaz the platform to take control of Fiji's Treasury and soon, its LAND..

Anonymous said...

Very true, Mark. I hope his security detail will finally open their eyes and see him for what he truly is. And hand him over to the Police Force. But, knowing them, nah....."at least we're getting a fat pay check... let him say whatever he wants to say. Who gives a shit". Idjits. Just hope they wake the fk up before it's too late.

Mick beddoes said...

Dump ratu isoa is funken kaiviti monkey

Anonymous said...

@Mark Manning 8:25 PM

So how the F do you assume everyone in Fiji supposedly knows Aiyaz's true colours now and considers he has insulted so many.

Are you some sort of mind reader idiot?

You need to pop out of your dream world boy, stop reading so many blogs and being conned by the minority.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning...You da man, I've always like your contributions in
here and you said it like it is???? I think that Khaiyum is going
nuts with his power and he has the false idea that he can insult any
one & anybody he wants without repercussion? He is in a position to
use our money to manipulate everyone in the country including Voreqe
and Jiko. He's probably open a private bank accounts offshore for those he wished to manipulate & control? Hey it has been done before
in dictatorial ruled nations. But Mark thanks for continuing the good fight to make these crooks know that there are people around the globe
who love Fiji & like to see the country governed by people of goodwill,peace & harmony??? Vinaka !!!

Anonymous said...

I had to watch that video to believe it.
What a sad state of affairs.

As a pale shade of "monkey", I can only say there seems to be no end to men stupidity.
In a real democracy, Aiyaz would be a finished politician.

Again, the characteristics of Narcissistic Personality Disorder appears:

- Shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes.
- Has a grandiose sense of self-importance
- Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance...
- Has a sense of entitlement
- Is inter-personally exploitative
- Lacks empathy

The kind of world we live in selects the most dangerous people for top positions. It's true in politics, religion, business, sometimes universities, etc. We have to be aware that people like Bainimarama who can beat and kill people with rage and no regrets just like a little Stalin or manipulators like Khaiyum are far from being the nicest of people. They will play with people's emotions without qualm.


Anonymous said...

add on to that i suspect that Bainimarama is using khaiyun to shield him from being investigated on is crime since 2000...and in turn Khaiyum making use of Bainimarama to grab this opportunity to fill his pocket and crooked is way all along wit families and close friends.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Mastermind Gorilla in action the other day in Parliament is simply believing that he is above all. So far he seems to be ahead and on top of everybody including Frank, the Military, the Judiciary and so forth........

Perhaps there is a good reason why he is the Head of the Fiji Government today, AK makes the rules and you all must obey whether it be unjust or whatever come what may - this man is in charge and he definitely proves it to the max!!!

“He it is who has sent His Messenger (Mohammed) with guidance and the religion of truth (Islam) to make it victorious over all religions even though the infidels may resist.” Koran 61:9

Islamic violence is a religious problem.

Islam derives meaning from physical supremacy, so war becomes an act of faith. To believe in Islam, is to have faith that it will conquer the entire world. And to be a true Muslim, is to feel called to aid in that global conquest, whether by providing money to the Jihadists or to become a Jihadist.

The fulfillment of Islam depends on the subjugation of non-Muslims so that violence against non-Muslims become the essence of religion.

When Hamas states that, “Killing Jews is worship that draws us close to Allah” or the ISIS rapists tell Yazidi girls that rape “draws them closer to Allah”, they really do mean it.

They are not perverting a great religion, as our politicians claim, they are living it.

Everything they do is based on the Koran, the body of Islamic law and the greater history of Islam.

What the Ten Commandments are for the Jew, or the resurrection of Jesus is for the Christian– the physical dominance of Islam is to the Muslim. It is the basis and fulfillment of his faith.

Jihad is the force that gives Islam meaning. It is the deepest expression of faith."

D Greenfield

Anonymous said...

Douchebag Luveni should not by any stretch have allowed ASK to go scot free from an apology...this issue has created a substantial injustice to opponents such as Naiqama who "insulted" the speaker outside of Parliament but was still handed a heavy penalty for apologising

Anonymous said...

While morally and socially ASK's behavior was repulsive in parliament factually we are all primates including ASK and the FF party members and all the 9 billion people on this planet. To me he looks more like a primate then the guys across the room. Evolution is no longer a theory as the evidence over time has proven it over and over again. Most religious scientist have grudgingly excepted this now as fact as the skeletal evidence and observation evidence is overwhelming. Those who have not are plain dumb. For anyone interested in learning more about evolution pick up any of Richard Dawkins books on the subject and if you can get mentally past the totally fabricated BS that is the Bible/Quran etc you will find that ASK is as much a primate as Niko or you and me.

What is clear from the evidence that our physical bodies is basically of a primate albeit a highly developed one due to evolution we do appear to have a soul which is some form of energy that is eternal which is basically our consciousness. If one studies the evidence closely as i have you will note that their is nothing religious about it. The fact is that we seem to have empirical evidence on what the soul is and its correlation to a creator but no body really knows for sure and open minded scientists are working on this. I believe we will have the answers soon enough but it will have nothing to do with religion as we know it that is for sure.The problem with us in Fiji is that we choose to stay ignorant. We are happy to yell and scream the name of God as we understand it without doing any research. We seem to accept Global warming which rightly has a lot of evidence and yet most of us choose to ignore the same amount or greater evidence that we are highly advanced "monkeys" because it does not suit our brainwashed view which is derived from a book which basically is wrong from its first Chapter in that the earth is only 6000 years old which it clearly is not.


Anonymous said...

Where is that Video??

Tomasi Rokotuirara Tabanidalo said...

I feel pity for Mahen Chaudhary now. He use to be at the receiving end of such theatretics while in opposition. Remember his supporters blantely labelled as weed, smelly etc with no action taken by the speaker. Now, the tides have changed and the same people who used to laugh at such jokes feel offended at something that was never even said. thanks kaiyum for opening my eyes. I used to hate Chaudhary but I have started to understand his frustration and the actions he took. He wasn't the bad person that the media and the politicians that I trusted made him to be. I wish he was still around and in the parliament. Chaudhary, you have my vote in the next election tauvu. I made a dreaded mistake of trusting a lot that are useless and think that rest are all stupid. Comes back Chaudhary. Some of us have started to miss you after seeing these clowns in action over the year.

Anonymous said...

3.04pm Check youtube,Fiji gov video release of parliament sessions.You can also go on Fiji gov website.Fbc and Fiji one news released on tv as well.Do you live overseas? Heres the link


Anonymous said...

@3.27 Too late for that now only thing the country can learn is coup's are not good.Labour will never get back into parliament until Fiji is finally ready to accept and practice real and true democracy.

Anonymous said...

@tomasi, agree with you brother. We seem to realise the importance of some people when they are gone. No matter how Mr.Chaudhary was for personally, he was a damn good politician. Current lot are full of shit and believe that we can't see what they are doing. Miss you to Mr. Chaudhary.

Ratu manoa said...

Mr chandhary was better and smarter Dan da current sodelphans opposition......throw da pigs away and bring labour.

Anonymous said...

@3:27 PM
I disagree.
Chaudry made some sexual comments to a friend of mine, and I think that a man who can't be clean with women can't be trusted for anything. As a proof, Chaudry is a criminal who has been recognized guilty of tax evasion.

I think that one of the only decent man in parliament is Biman. I didn't vote for NFP, but who has the job to look into the books when financial matters arise?

Anonymous said...

Chaudhary would have shown the joker kaiyum the middle finger long ago in the circus of the Fiji parliament. Kaiyum outplayed him and got rid of him before he became a threat. Reddy will face similar consequence so will everyone that will be a threat to kaiyums position. The jokes on us and the joker has won the first round. The joker has used our envy of chaudharys guts to get rid of him. Now his focus is tikoca and naiqama.

Anonymous said...

@5:09pm, there are much worse criminals in government and opposition side than Chaudhary. I would prefer a devil whom I know than one I don't. We are all aware of Chaudharys and his antics. The ones in government and opposition are the types who we can class as the silent killers. They are squeezing the life out of us and we don't even know it. The opposition is all but a empty drum making unnecessary noise that is so slow that even my fart can beat easily. Agree with all above that Chaudhary gave a real test to government while in opposition and performed the best while in government. Biman can make all the difference alone. He needs support which are hard to come by in th current lot.

Anonymous said...

There was no credible rebuttal of the budget by sodelpa. By giving the shadow finance minister portfolio to nfp, sodelpa has done a great dis service to its supporters.

Being an economics professor doesn't make you a better finance person. Especially if you have do be your PhD in agriculture economy

Does Australia, NZ, us, france etc have their minister of finance a economic professor?

Had the elections been first past the post, NFP would have zero seats in parliament.

Biman is an academic. There is a big difference between theory and practical economics.

Didn't biman say that if vat falls to a10%, you could buy 2 chicken instead of one.

Vili Rakoro said...

Fiji is a fucked up country. Just look at the amount of swearing in this blog!!! You are all motherfucking anus-licking cock-sucking goat-fucking horse cock sucking bastards. Fuck all of you and stop fucking swearing you motherfuckers!

Anonymous said...

And LQ isn't? So what if he did tax evasion thats his compensation he deserves for the 2000 coup.If you was Prime Minister and some apes dressed in militant camos,rebel balcalavas,gas mask and a fucking rifle come dragging in their knuckle heads screaming,harping and gun tooting threatening to kill you and forcing you to resign,I'm pretty sure you would want compensation.

Good luck because of coups the assholes have fucked up the country.Handed themselfs over to the baboons and enjoy having their anus prodded at military barracks.Now we have baboons laughing at chimps in parliament bloody same lot of assholes voted in.I bet Biman and Tupou have lost hope sitting with SODELPA.Let this be a lesson to those fucking nationalist.You fucked the country up and dont complain about it in fact dont ever show your face again fucking disgraceful bastards.

Anonymous said...

And His lap dog fiji times published on the front page that every $3 in revenue, $1 is used for debt servicing.

Can't even read the data corectly. The difetence between his data and the fact is a massive $800,000,000.00.

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro you the last person to show up on here fuck off yani luveni bum sucker tonoka nomu cici.

SEMI K MEO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SEMI K MEO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

SODELPA the country is still waiting for you to give an alternative and solutions to the budget.When will we hear from your side?NFP has critique,ridcule and expose on the budget,time for you to step forward.

Why rattle over khaiyum statement? why not give a big laugh and say "Madam speaker it's good to see the AG has finally woken up this morning and recognized himself in the mirror.Since we have a system based on merit can its animal trainer reward him with a banana.Its a great circus act but surely Madam speaker you and I both know the people of Fiji deserve better, escpecially when it comes to the matters of Government budget." and then fire away on the budget.

Anonymous said...

@5:20 PM
you talk like if we have only 3 choices or so for a PM... I am too educated to swear, but I suppose this is where I would swear at all of those criminals if I was somewhat dumber.

If you really think that Bainimarama, Kepa, Chaudry and Khaiyum are the best Fiji has to offer, then this country is in deep trouble.

An "academic" like Biman is waaaaaaaaaaaay better than those clowns & criminals in most cases.

Anonymous said...

@6.41 If Biman became Prime Minister do you know those clowns and criminals you mention will do a coup?The likely suspects who would do it is thats right you said it "Military or Knuckle head Nationalist".Have you not realised the country is fucked?Do you know how bad the current debt is?Do you know the risks involved of how our country could end up like another failed African state?Since the 1st coup did you know Fiji hasn't progressed rapidly in economic and technological terms?If I said to you that Fiji was supposed to be a 1st world country along with Australia and New Zealand in the pacific,you probably wouldn't believe it.

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember the days when SDL was in power and they would pay the media to advertise commercial ads about "DON'T SELL YOUR LAND,IT CAN LEAD TO SOIL EROSION OR DON'T SELL YOUR LAND LOGGERS ARE CUTTING ALL THE TREES DOWN AND POLLUTING THE ECO SYSTEM ETC ETC"

Okay so how the fuck am I ment to make money?Why not invest in me to work my land or build property estates and rent them out to local population or business people?Why not increase the land lease rates?Why not build a new super highway and have a pay toll to enter for running through my land?Why not drill my land and check if I have oil and pay me for the extraction but I name the price?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:30 PM

Why don't you invest in your land yourself?

Anonymous said...

Buying 2 chicken for the price of 1 if vat is reduced to 10%, and you agree to it. Whaoooo you must be a mathematical (lol)

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see yesterday's Fiji times picture where everyone seems to be clapping and singing happy birthday and one particular MP just could not resist and was feeding himself.

guess who is the MP

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:22pm, that's nothing compared to the feeding frenzy of the big sharks in bainimarama and kaiyum. They are feeding Fiji towards more debt and a possible bankruptcy. A picture can tell a thousand stories but actions tell a million. The conk eye adulterer is a new hungry shark to the long lists of hungry shark already in the mound from 2006. He is feeding himself when he can as he knows that his day are numbered as kaiyum has got a replacement sorted for him already. Fill up while you can asshole.

Anonymous said...

@8.07pm Just going get prodded up the ass at QEB please.

Anonymous said...

@8.22 Well why not its a frigging party,I'd tuck in hip hip and hooray with joy.

You can have your banana sitting quitely whilst the a baboon prods your anus with a vudi hahahhahahahahahahah hooooo hoooo hoooo hooo
King kong hooo hooo hooo.

Grandpa Manning said...

Moronic Manning...so what if you use your real name? You are located in Australia, far from midnight raids by the army, one-sided punches on the roadside and everything else involved in living in Fiji. You really know nothing about Fiji other than from what you glean from the news, Kenneth Zinck and Virisila Buadromo. Just mind your own business, boy and stick to your hypnoquackery.

Anonymous said...

Just finish watching the khai responds to Tikoca accusations of government corruption hahahhaha Why on earth was Tiko grueling in such a heavy voice as if he was possesed?Sodelpa lost this one.

Anonymous said...

Biman got cold feet and resigned from nfp leadership after the 99 elections.

Thus time around he did a coup go ask attar, parmod and others.

And wasn't biman the dean at Usp when wadan got kicked.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:29pm, Dr. Wadan Narsey was kicked out of USP on the instruction of the motherfucker kaiyum through his ugly ball polisher Iqbal janniff and by his arselicker rajesh chandra. Dr. Biman Prasad fought with the council and was given an ultimatation either to accept the decision or ship out. He chose to ship out and fight the election to make things right. I know the whole story as I work in HR section. Dr. Biman is a person if integrity unlike the crooks in FF who have no ethical bone in their disgusting bodies.

Anonymous said...


How come your source is different when I also work for Usp.

Biman resigned almost 3years after wadan left.
Get your facts right.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:46 PM

Why, is your wrist aching from being such a w****r?

Anonymous said...

Ratu tevita kulina, my sister is kaiyums mother. You will be setting yourself on fire even if you dream of doing that. Fiji will see the first case of beheaded vudi from the Fijian Taliban. Better for you to such kaiyums vudi which you are so good at as told by kaiyum.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^November 22, 2015 at 11:36 PM^^^^^^^^^^


Anonymous said...

Anon shiteater @ 10:54pm, when did I said he resigned immediately. You are as much full of shit as your master kaiyum. Answer this if you really work for usp- who is senior HR officer-industrial relations? If you can't, go back into cleaning your wife's pussy that I just wrecked.

Anonymous said...

Their is a lot of talk about Biman Prasad here. Most good some bad.
I am a close personal friend of Biman and a strong supporter of the NFP party and a adviser during the elections. First of all their is some misunderstanding about the chicken story. What Biman was trying to contextualize is that if Vat is reduced to 10% households will save enough money to buy 2 chickens instead of 1. The gist of the arguments was that the poor were not able to eat quality foods and Chicken was used as an example. Most households can barely afford 1 chicken and thus the example.
It is nonsensical to argue about this as anyone with half a brain should understand what he was trying to get at.Second thing Biman is not the perfect person to be PM and that is why he will make a good perhaps a great PM. He does not pretend to know everything nor does he live in fairy land. He listens, understands and tries to make decisions based on mutual respect, dialogue and consensus unlike the current lot in power.

Let me say this categorically. The future of this land is in the hands of the kaiviti. We know SODLEPA is basically a dead horse with no intellect. Fiji has been ruled by kaiviti for 43 years post independence and what have we got show for it.Nada. The kaiviti is worst of today than they have ever been.Indians will vote for Frank only if they think their safety is an issue and that is why they all voted for Frank because of the threat of another coup. If the kaiviti realize that the best thing for them is the NFP party which in my opinion is, knowing the respect and goodwill that NFP has towards the kaiviti and all races of course and block vote them into power we will not recognize Fiji in 10 years time. If they get into power for 4 years and the Indian community see that their is no coup they will all switch to NFP and we will be able to than build an utopia in Fiji. A county which the world will look to as a beacon of hope for all of mankind.

NFP is the only hope left for this country and i just hope and pray that the kaiviti sees this. The future of this country is at stake.


Anonymous said...

@Alibaba 7:45 AM

It's obvious you have your preference for a political party to run the country and I respect your view, although may not agree with it.

I think the reality in Fiji is that whatever party, and its members can and will be varied, is going to have the same goals and the same hurdles to overcome. Very simply we all want to see a better Fiji with a better future for the young.

In most democracies there is little real difference between political parties aspirations in the same way there is little difference in how the average responsible family have to manage their finances and lives to meet their own aspirations.

Whatever party is running the show the greatest hurdle to overcome will be the education and control of a significant percentage in Fiji that have not yet realised that you can not progress in this world without working eight hours a day. This work may be planting, fishing, cleaning, engineering, brain surgery or being a politician e.t.c.

Until such time as a political party is in place with institutions that support this, change the mindset of those who believe some one else is going to put food on their table without them having to work for it Fiji will move backwards.

Anonymous said...

NFP will win next election.Those seats Sodelpa hold will be given to NFP.What the fark is going on in opposition?Biman and Tupou are doing the job that Sodelpa is suppose to be doing.The nation now knows that Sodelpa don't know what their talking about or to do.Next election if NFP keep stepping up and being brilliant at these parliament session critique,ridiculing and exposing surely membership will increase.Viniaka Biman and Tupou keep the work up.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.11. Until recently i was almost apolitical. I had no particular preferences and viewed all politicians and as such all parties as the same. During the build up to the elections i took time to study the political landscape of Fiji and came to the conclusion that time and time again the only party that have not wavered from their stance has been the NFP. I managed to get close to the party and in doing so discovered that they have very liberal views and are interested in a genuine and truly democratic Fiji where the i-taukei are respected for who they are and feel safe and secure in their own country. They also want a inclusive Fiji where everyone is prospering. The problem with FF is that they say they want everyone to do well yet make policies that are making 3 or 4 companies and individuals very very wealthy and i can highlight these to you specifically if you so wish. My point is that i have a particular bias towards NFP at this time in Fiji's history. I may switch to another party if one does cone along better than NFP. What i am saying is that the hope is with NFP at this stage as all others seem incompetent.

I do agree that people need to work a solid 8 hours a day. My guess is you are referring to the kaiviti. Mate this is a stereotype that needs to be dispelled. I have met many Indians who are as lazy as can be.I think people are people. I have seen very hardworking kaiviti who do more than their fair share. In fact my store Manager is a full blood i-taukei and he works his socks of. The problem is not that the kaiviti do not work (some don't)it is the cultural values that are not running with the times. The community based life style is the problem. In a time when the world is moving so rapidly the cultural values that are bringing the ethnic community down need to go otherwise they will be left behind.

We need to look at which party is best for Fiji for the short term future and that in my opinion is NFP.

Anonymous said...

NFP is full of Indians who only wants to be the leader. They'll turn on each other like hyenas that they are!!! Fiji is fucked because it is governed by Fiji Fucked Party.

Anonymous said...

@ 1018am... I am not here to attack your opinion of the Kaiviti and I am sure you have shared you only as an opinion rather then a belief.

As you have said, in every particular people there are those that work hard and there are those that are lazy. Not all people work hard and not all people are lazy.

How people choose to live their lives gives other people different perspectives of how they live.

Is cultural values the culprit.

Is the cultural values practised by Fijian Indians who are lazy the cause of their laziness. Does it impact on how they live and what they do. It may to some extent.

The values of these two distinct cultures Fijians as in Itaukei and Indian are extremely different.

Indians are a unique and distinct race of people and one of the two races of people of the largest population in the world.

The Indian culture is totally different from Fijian and the value of an Indian is totally distinct from a Fijian. One cannot compare the two because each is bound by different factors which is another topic altogether.

Indians have thrived in a community based life style and they have learned to adapt such a life style to meet the vigorous demands of todays society.

The migration of Fijians or the urban drift of Fijians from community based life style (village) to that of the urban of course will have a major impact on their lives just as it is for the Indentured labourer who landed on the shores of Fiji and the rural Indian Farmer who moved to Delhi.

We are witnessing all that today. Even amongst poor Indian farmers who used to work cutting and planting sugar cane and being paid $20.00 per week for their hard labour. This is no longer appealing. There are better paying jobs offered in towns for less hard manual labour and people will opt for that which is easy but the adaptation is another process.

Cultural values do not bring ethnic communities down. It is the adaptation from one to the other that a Fijian will have to learn, that will help and provide the tools for a Fijian to strive. Why change a cultural value which is unique and respectful, useful and enlightening.

Political party - well that is a choice just as it is a choice to practice once values.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:27 AM

Try reading some of the comments here and you may learn something rather that acting like like a moronic pervert.

Grow up kid.

Anonymous said...

Gee, if only your brain were the same size.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:12 PM

Sounds to me like you are making some rather irrational assumptions as to some one's race.

Tell me something, do you feel inferior to everyone else?

By the way moron, who is US?

Anonymous said...

Qori, another case of police bruatality. Monkey see, monkey do.

SEMI K MEO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SEMI K MEO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:06 PM

One day you will grow up boy and not have to keep fantasising.

Until then keep at the keyboard and don't get up too fast because that chip will fall off your shoulder and squash that weenie bit of worn out skin gripped between the fingers of that pulsating hand of yours.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:37 PM

The only pleasure you will likely get today is from yourself, that's if your wrist can stand up to the over use you give it.

Anonymous said...

The most recent findings is that one out of every 8 Fiji citizen suffers from some form of mental disorder. It would appear that Nauluvatu must have let some of its citizens out over the weekend and they are trolling this site or, its full moon, or we have some very sick people in Fiji which accounts for the extremely high sex crimes or its the FF and military throwing in their garbage to disorient people who are trying to make worthwhile comments and contributions. Whatever it is, one must realise that what one writes is the product of ones thinking and behaviour.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:45 PM

I don't think it's a troll but some sad individual seeking attention. It's pretty obvious from the content it's the same person each time.

Anonymous said...

This idiot is still beating his chest,wailei bush bunny going pick up a educational book.Going do something productive with youself like learning Science,Maths,Economics and Geography.

If you don't enjoy learning then go train outside,going run 10,000 miles trying break the world record.Or train to make it in the Fiji Olympic team.Set a challenge for yourself swim across the bay from Suva Wharf to Lami then head up Veisari river.You can be like Rocky do some Shadow Boxing and be biggest man in the Jungle.What about Van Damm do some karate kick high yaah!!! trying be karate kid of the year.Your wasting your time on here preaching about your monkeys and co because people will just give you the title you want "George of the jungle".

Anonymous said...

Tomasi Rokotuirara Tabanidalo@3:27pm...aka asseole Khaiyum,hurling
insults at others is immature and what the fuck is wrong with you? Now
that you have been call-out to explain your childish behavior by those
that you've insulted? You're scared to death? Don't know what to do & trying your best to makeup stories about Darth Vadder etxc,etc? You need to get this into your thick skull-you are not indispensable,what-
ever power you think you have over Bainimarama-that's a false sense of
security which can finally brings you down? Whatever,holds you think
you have, over PM Bhai can also means that your dead body could be found one of this days floating down the Waimanu river,Sigatoka River etc,etc.? You've had your hands in too many dark secrets and staff
that maybe you shouldn't know? You know who the dictator is and it's
certainly not you? If & when you dissatisfied the dictator that would
be the scarrious time of you life?Since you really won't know when &
how the dictator will unleashed his absolute judgement? Good luck!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@ mark manning
Mind ur own business and stay out of our affairs u piece of shit

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