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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Cafe owner claims he was beaten over email to 'destabilise government'

Rajneel Singh's scarred back. Photo: Fiji Sun
A 32 year old internet cafe owner claims he was beaten and tortured after reporting he'd found an email of a seditious nature.

Rajneel Singh is believed to have discovered the email on a computer that had not been logged out of.

He is reported to be under guard at Lautoka hospital after allegedly being beaten by police officers on Friday night.

It's believed he found the email to 'destablise the government' and sent it to Acting Police Commissioner Brigadier-General, Sitiveni Qiliho.

Qiliho has confirmed some of the details regarding Singh
Singh claims be was beaten and tortured with hot rods because the officers were unhappy he sent the email to Qiliho and Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.

Fiji media is reporting Qiliho has confirmed Rajneel Singh is under military guard and that police have been implicated. He has been quoted as saying an investigation is underway.

"They're looking after him to keep anybody else out who will have access to him," he is quoted as saying by FBC.

"You understand he's made allegations against the police and that's why I have kept the police in the Western division away from him and that's why I've sent a team from Suva who are only the police team that I have allowed access to him."

Qiliho told FBC he called the military in after he was contacted by the victim in middle of the night on Friday. 

He says the military were closest to the pine plantation where Singh is understood to have been abandoned by his alleged attackers.


Anonymous said...

Monkey see, monkey do.

Anonymous said...

Oh my...it's about to get very interesting indeed. Police officers planning on arresting Army Officers? Arresting the AG? How else could they destabilize the government?

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh! Qiliho is going to be challenged in his new posting. It's obvious his staffs are not supporting him and they deserve to feel that way after being singled out for the compol post ..common instinct . Won't be surprised more military officers are going to join him in senior positions in the police force. Sad. Sad..sad
See the repercussions of their actions in the military, now the police are taking things on their own hands. ... just mimicking the torturous behavior of the Military.

Anonymous said...

Speculations speculations and more speculation. Can we have some truth syrup please.

When coup 4.5 started, it had interesting opinions but is now reduced to speculations.

Anonymous said...

As the Military is our enemy, then that guy us our enemy too.
And so is the police who tortured him.

All are our ennemies. All.
Never trust anyone... Never.

The regime doesn't hold to that much. There are only about 20 people in Fiji who are actually in position of real power and influence. After all, when a country goes to the dogs, it is often because of a fairly small number of criminals. Some might think that it would be a "difficult" thing to get rid of the Bainimarama gang, but it wouldn't. Not at all. The only threat would be in the days following the next coup, as chaos is often a consequence of violence. Unless a powerful leader respected by the police force and a lot of the soldiers would emerge quickly to maintain the country in order, getting rid of Bainimarama through force could lead to chaos. That is why a lot of people voted for FF, out of fear. When you are too afraid to stand for democracy, you just don't deserve it.

As long as we want to live in delusion, there will be more torture and violence. It is impossible to avoid.

Orisi said...

Just another military diversion to take the heat away from the recent saga of military intervention in police works

Anonymous said...

@2:43 PM

Very true!

The military is the Plan B of rotten police officers... but "rotten rotten police officers" are their enemies... and rotten citizen who oppose rotten rotten police officers get protected by rotten military people... It's getting confusing, isn't?

Anonymous said...

Seeing that this bit of gossip is only being reported in the Fiji Sun and not the Fiji Times, one wonders if it is, as you put it, 'speculation.

Anonymous said...

Oh the monkeys are out again calling for another coup but the baboons caught the monkeys and this time burned them.Then more monkeys turn up and says don't trust that monkey or those baboons because we are the real monkeys and we want to do another coup and cause choas because we are monkeys.Monkeys says don't trust the baboons and some monkeys because they are all our enemies because we are the real monkeys who will bring in a gorrilla that is respected by all monkeys and baboons.According to the real monkeys,baboons and monkeys all like living in this delusion where baboons prodds monkeys anus and burn them for the fun of playing monkey see,monkey do as a mockery.According to the baboons,this game is called "thinking outside the box".

Anonymous said...

Well it is a speculation of what may have happened and we will make our own assumptions based upon these speculations.

Now the Fiji Sun as we all know it is a biased media forum and I do not waste my time reading it.

But like in any good journalism for which this forum is required to produce to maintain a generous number of followers, we need to establish truth before putting any blog item forward for the readers to ponder.

The creation of coup4.5 should be realised. What I mean is that when the military sanctioned media and did not allow a whole lot of information and distributed false information, coup 4.5 was one media site where people turned to find out about what really was happening and this forum was a pain in the arse for the military.

What Im saying is before printing this information, coup 4.5 should have attempted to find out some real facts themselves and counter the Fiji Sun report.

The picture and what happened raises a number of questions but is it true.

Dissent will always be in the military, police and every Government organisation. We have always experienced this since 1987 and today, Frank maintains his grip on power with the excuse my pun BS that he puts out there.

Are we to follow the same and create more confusion. Lets keep things real. Perhaps it may chase the porn addicts and sick individuals coming on this forum.

SEMI K MEO said...

Honestly..was a bit difficult to see the drift of this news piece.."He" said this and "He" said that...and...uh..who is the "He"???...

What scale of prominency is Mr Singh??...or are we referring to Com pol or AG???

..Or just may be the hot temperature in this SunState has dehydrated yours truly's ability to deduce the drift ...lol...

Anonymous said...

Well if this is true then it is evident that Fiji is runned by monkeys and filled with monkeys.How long does it take for the masses to realise this trend of Monkey playings?If life had a remote where we would hit the fast forward button I'd stop it to the point where everybody agrees there are monkeys everywhere and there lifes are taken over by monkeys.

Anonymous said...

Rajneel was probably caught posting derogatory comments on the regime's Social Media website by the Police. He was released after questioning, went home and laid down on the hot footpath and burnt his back, then called the Commish. "Seh, this falas hit me". Kemu! Play with fire, you get burn.

mark manning said...

RFN Titanic:-
Let's see who's the first to abandon the Regime's doomed ship!
As for the Internet guy, serves him right for being a TRAITOR.
I suspect post coup, he will get another dose!
He's basically a marked man now.
Looking forward to seeing where and when this will all end.
Aiyaz' monkey comment must have hit a raw nerve with every Indigenous Fijian ,man,woman and child, male and female, young, old and in between.
Still, funny a PIG calling someone else a monkey.
A question remains however, was there any truth in the internet Cafe owners allegations or were they just that, allegations and if they were, doesn't that suggest again, that "no-one" is safe in Fiji, not even the innocent.
I'm suspecting that the Regime's supporters are a little paranoid and fearful of a revolt against Aiyaz for his monkey comments, after all, there are a lot of people, Soldiers, Judges, Magistrates and Police Officers who will be accompanying Frank and aiyaz to prison post coup.
Make no mistake, the yanks aren't going to allow the Chinese government to just walk in to Fiji without a show of force.
So who is the monkey now Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum?

Anonymous said...

@Mark Manning its not the Chinese the yanks are concerned about,its the Russians that they fear the most.

Anonymous said...

3.02 and 3.15.
Are you looking for peanuts? We don't have it here unless you want bananas. You can have it if you want messr'.all sizes and thickness for you to choose from.

Ratu qanilau said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

3.59 you sqeeling like a pig again?Don't worry report it to amnesty international your farked!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Anon 4.03pm.....you are a monkey. Go get some nuts you bastard!

Anonymous said...

4.03 pm is getting a hard fark from another monkey. Monkey business, monkey noise and monkey smell.

Anonymous said...

4.56 Oh is that what Military and Police is doing to your family and people you know?You must feel very helpless?Why not seek justice?Did they enter your property in the night without a warrant handed down from the courts?Did they carry out these crimes in your presences of the bedroom or anywhere in the household you own?Did they just perform these sexual acts on your sister and mother?Did they perform any sexual acts on you? e.g object inserted in your rectum aka anus prodding?Object inserted in the mouth?ears?nostrils?wingley warntipple? Aka all holes filled.

Grab the constitution and have a read through see what rights were violated.Can you trust your court system?or is it a kangaroo court run by monkeys?can you report it to the police?or is it run by baboons?

Anonymous said...

"Qiliho has ordered soldiers guard Singh untill.."
Does Qiliho have powers to order military to provide securuty for Rajneel when he's no longer with the RFMF? I would expect Nauboto giving the orders.
It's either BS reporting by the FF mouthpiece of shit FS or weakness shown in the part of Acting Commander Nauboto under Qilihos strong influence in the army.
If reporting is true then Rajneel is lying. Literally he made up the story to save his ass. Bottom line is Rajneel was caught blogging and now pushing the blame to his customers. .. Now we'll see who gets the blame?

Anonymous said...

What are they harping about.Halal chicken/foods have bee ritualistically killed and blood, offered to the moon god.It is purely satanic and we all know it.360 gods at the kabah, with only kubal alone to be worshipped.Not his wife or three daughters.The ritualistic calling on loudspeakers is actually, calling out to demons.We all know the secret writings, old and new texts, the foremost duty is to depose governments and society of unbelievers.
Fijians beware, this satanic wave will overwhelm you if you do not heed the written Word.
Pray,pray,pray, so Satan's religion do NOT rule Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@5.50 Take religion and stick it up your ass.One thing I'm disappointed in is why didn't they also remove religion as it is part of our colonial past?

We as Fijians are not christian,hindu,muslim,jew or whatever religion.Our ancestors were foolish enough to accept it and see the land invaded by foreigners.Remove it along with the old flag symbols,we should also change the national anthem and sing an itaukei song.

Grandpa Manning said...

moronic manning 3.49pm ...so what is your point? Blabbering again about what you know nothing about. Oh, thats right. You heard about it somewhere... so you must be an expert.

Anonymous said...

Manning go save your white race last time I heard they were complaining about a white race genocide?.Where mass immigration and multiculturalism is putting you to extinction?Something about being scared the people of colour are taking over hahahahahahhaa you know the 3rd worlders invading the 1st worlders conspiracy?Where the ethnic minorities are out breeding the hosts?and how they blame it on jews and cultural marxism?

Anonymous said...

Isn't it ironic that the Google doodle for today is the development of ape to man? Coincidence? I think not.

Anonymous said...

Submission is the name of the game guys.They will animate the ritualistic killing of animals on humans,as explained and wha..lah! Their belief is the same as quoted by Tom and Jerry cartoon...'Let's take over the world( impose sharia law').Under the guise of the "religion of peace"( which it is NOT), they operate,once on solid ground, they conspire,act and kill all unbelievers.Understandably, faithful who ascribe to this belief are irate but the truth is better revealed sooner than later.Pity, France,Russia, overwhelmed with these creepy crawlies and lax security, paid ultimate price.
Also, most importantly, Fiji's new flag MUST retain the Cross of Christ,ultimately, for its own good.

Anonymous said...

^^^^Sounds like Mereoni Kirwin^^^^^^

Good to see you back on here Mere,just be careful military is after you so go hide yourself if not they will put you inside the box.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the thieves came back for him, finally:

Businessman offers reward

Repeka Nasiko
Saturday, January 04, 2014

A LAUTOKA businessman has taken it upon himself to search for missing computers and technical equipment worth $30,000.

Owner of Rarosi Internet Cafe Rajneel Singh said he lost about 20 computers along with gaming equipment in an early morning robbery three months ago.

"I will give $1500 to anyone who has any information that will help me locate this equipment," Mr Singh said.

"I have tried a number of avenues that will help me find my missing computers and they have proven unsuccessful.

"So I will offer this cash reward as a last resort."

He said the missing items included 28 whole set computers and a 39-inch TV screen.

"I've lodged my complaint with police and I do hope that they catch the thieves behind this robbery.

"I am grateful to police for recovering two of the stolen PCs but I want the rest of the items for my business."

He added this was not the first time the internet shop was broken into by thieves.

"In the first one, I also had 28 PCs, the thieves took 20 computers."

Police confirmed the search for the missing items was continuing.

Anonymous said...

Really? this asseole back looks more like a women's back and the
scratches were more like paints applied with paint brush by an ameture
painter. But the question is-why? go through this bullshit at all???Is
it possible that the police Hierarchy maybe are on the verge of rebellion? Who would blame them for been treated like a second class
citizen by Voreqe in installing a dumb useless military idiot as head
of the country police force? Was this a ruse by the PM Voreqe to scare
the top police officers against defying Government directions?I mean-
how the hell does this man has the number in his pocket to call both
Khaiyum & Qalahilo in the middle of the night & reported that he was beaten-up by the police? Without consulting his top people the idiot
Qalahilo immediately sent over a group of police officers from suva?
Hello, something is not right-?

Anonymous said...

I guess this is final and true version of the article after 3 changes were made The poor Rajneel suffered (1)loss of computers to theft which was missing from the initial and final reporting and(2) beaten by police.
I can draw out 1 conclusion: Rajneel had to contact the two corrupt leaders bypassing proper channel because police in the west were not performing and,could not able to catch those involved. .. In the second version of this same article, c45 had published a Rajneel suffering 2 thefts incidents where his PCs were stolen .He was offering financial reward for their recovery too. These are portions carefully cut out from the 2nd posting.
Whatever the truth is, what Rajneel had done was literally exposing the poor handling of reported cases by police in the west. Maybe Police is also corrupt. The poor bloke had to risk his life .

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:55 AM


A*****e, women's back, scratches, paints, brush, painter?

Anonymous said...

This is fishy... the calls, the torture, no names of numbers of police doing this, being dumped in pine. If the PCs were insured, then its most likely a case of insurance fraud.

Anonymous said...

Ah ah allahu akubar allahu akubar ah ah ah allahu akubar allahu akubar ah ah ahhhhhhhh


This a completely fabricated story to justify the existence of an army man in the echelon of the Police Force
The media got fooled and jumped onto the band wagon. This fabricated incident only surfaced when there was obvious intimidation of the independence of the police force. Yes...the army are the good guys and the police are always the bad guys.Wake up people! things are much more then what meets the eye


Career Police Officers Andrew Hughes and Bernadus Groenewald were obviously being bullied... Just a reminder of all military man who have held the top job since Rabuka

- Isikia Savua
- Esala Teleni
- Ioane Naivalurua
- Sitiveni Qilihio (currently acting)

Now... are there not enough top policeman who can take on the job. It is obvious that the most senior of career policeman are either not fit enough or they are so fit that they have become a threat to a bunch of thugs warming the seats of parliament

Anonymous said...

US,UK,AUS,NZ have governmental ministry of 'innovation' and encourage and seed-fund new ideas/inventions.This tiny segment of economy have proven to be winners of global awards and have developed into large industries creating new jobs for its citizens.
Fiji with its wealth on our youth should follow suit. It just maybe the missing link to our discovery as a nation,thus solving the unemployment problem.

Anonymous said...

@9.51am..The solution to the rising unemployment is having a sound political climate...What we have is a system of vote buying rather than one that encourages risk taking and entrepreneurship

Anonymous said...

ASK has finally revealed what is in his heart....the racist monkey

Azir Khan said...

Ah ah allahu akubar I fucked your sister and your mother licked my balls.

Anonymous said...

Allahu akubar allahu akubar, my cock and balls are itching. Can you come and suck it kaiyum or any moslem bitch.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:34am Propoganda....

Let us examine the impact of those military officers who have taken the role of police commissioner and what they have done in policing the country.

Firstly one must understand the difference between the role of a military men and a police men.

Military and police are two distinct roles. The training is different, the thought process is different, the skill sets are different and the expectations are different.

A soldier will think like a soldier and a policemen like so.

These four men you speak of Savua, Teleni, Naivalurua and now Qiliho, all took to the Police Force their thought process built from years of training in the military.

This makes the task a lot more difficult for them but to suppress that, is to enforce that military expectation of a senior officer to a junior... when I say jump, you don't question why, or how high, you jump... even if it is ones peril.

Savua built numerous police posts throughout Fiji. The idea was a good one but the implementation was different. The posts acted more as military check points and they were set up in critical positions throughout the country that if there was a movement by any group of people within these areas, the military can easily take over and manage the people from these police posts which is turned into military check points. We have seen that time and time again.

Teleni - well this man was a lunatic and had no business in the police force. He tried to change the police force into Gods Religious First Methodist Force. I remember sitting waiting for my flight at the Nadi International Airport and listening to two teenage tourists, making calls to every police station throughout Fiji and laughing their heads off because in every station, the response when a police officer answered the phone was.... Praise the Lord followed by the police station or some other religious phrase. Even Hindus and Muslims were forced to accept this without question and this is again the military way.

Naivalurua - Flamboyant and savy and a strict disciplinary but still military. Was instrumental in moving a large number of territorial force and reserve force into the police. These military officers who joined the police treated the police like it was the military. You will find that many of these were behind most of the murderous beating and killing of suspects taken in for questioning. They took into the police what they learnt in the military and Frank gave them the freedom to do what they wanted because he vowed he was there to protect them if they were doing it for the protection of his Government and the Military.

Qiliho - Well we will have to wait and see but it is obvious he is there to quell and subdue any police officers who think that justice is to be pursued and attempt to bring to justice those police or military officers involved in murderous and brutal beatings and any investigation into the military.

Now was this Fiji Sun article a farce. Someone said there is very little said by the Fiji SUn about the whole saga and the Fiji Sun is the mouth piece of propoganada for the military and the Government.

The sad thing is that many many people in Fiji today are blinded by what the military and Frank and his Government are doing to the people of Fiji.

They have been indoctrinated into believing that Frank and the Military are saviours. No amount of argument about the military and their role in the 1987 coup nor the 2000 coup will have any impact. Funnily this is also particular for the Indians because they were the ones who suffered in the hands of the military and particularly in 1987.

Isikia Savua - This guy built police posts all over Fiji like military check points. How effective are these posts. Well its

Anonymous said...

8 23 anon is getting rooted hard and is wailing and chanting at the same time. His ass is going to be exploded with his own shit..

Anonymous said...

Anon@8.23AM is chanting while his wife is screwed by the old fella next door.

Anonymous said...

Left for dead

Felix Chaudhary And Nasik Swami
Wednesday, November 25, 2015

ACTING Police Commissioner Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho has confirmed a businessman is under military guard at the Lautoka Hospital.

Rajneel Singh is admitted at the hospital and is recovering from injuries he allegedly suffered after being beaten up and tortured in a house in Ba and left for dead in the interior of Sigatoka by masked men he alleges were police officers.

Mr Singh said he believed he was allegedly beaten and tortured because of information he gave to police about two months ago about plans of a supposed overthrow of the Government.

Mr Singh, an internet cafe owner, alleges that among the information and documents he handed to police were detailed plans targeting individuals at the top level of Government.

Brig-Gen Qiliho said he was taking Mr Singh's allegations seriously.

Brig-Gen Qiliho also confirmed that an investigation was continuing to determine if police officers were involved in the alleged brutal beating and torture.

Speaking from his hospital bed, Mr Singh claimed he received a call from the Ba Police Station early on Friday.

He alleged that what transpired after that was nothing short of horrific.

Mr Singh said he believed he survived the ordeal because his torturers had left him for dead.

"Brother, I thought I was going to die and the only thing that was flashing in my mind was my family and what was going to happen to them," the 32-year-old shared.

"They covered my head with a cloth and told me they were going to charge me at the Lautoka Police station but we never went to Lautoka.

"We drove for a long time in a white twin cab with a private number plate and when they took the cloth off my head, I did not know where I was.

"We were in a wooden house and they began to question me about the documents that I had given to Lautoka police.

"They began to beat my backside with an iron rod and burnt my body with cigarettes.

"After a while another police officer came in and I knew he was Indian because of his accent and he told them not to beat me like that and for them to use a cloth to cover my back.

"They did that and continued with the beating and questions.

"I couldn't take the pain and I knocked out.

"I must have woken up because I felt heat in my legs and I saw that my pants were on fire. They must have thought I was dead and rolled me down a hill in the interior of Sigatoka.

"A truck driver found me and took me to the Sigatoka Police station and the police took me to the Sigatoka Hospital.

"I called the Acting Police Commissioner because I was worried something else might happen to me or my family and I want to thank him and the military for looking after me."

Brig-Gen Qiliho said he asked for military officers to escort Mr Singh from the Sigatoka Hospital to Lautoka to ensure he had safe passage.

"I had called them (military) asking for their assistance on the night of the incident on Friday after I had spoken to Rajneel.

"He made allegations of police involvement, so I did not want to take the risk of allowing police in the West to get close to him.

Anonymous said...

Who's going to investigate when all the police officers are fucking dumb and incompetent?

Anonymous said...

@ 1:07pm... there are a number of things about this report that does not make any sense at all.....

Did he make a statement to the Fiji Times because the manner in which this is written does not suggest as such. A news reporter would also be expected to confirm these but there is no comment as such.

Investigative reporting is so important to get facts right and I am surprised the Fiji Times printed this without substantiating various facts.

For one - Rajneel says he gets a call from Ba Police Station. We assume the callers said they were calling from Ba Police Station when they contacted him.

Rajneel says that they picked him up in a twin cab. When he says they, he does not emphasize who. Does this mean he does not know who they were. Fiji is a small place and one who lives in any Town and particularly a Town like Ba would be familiar with most if not all the police officers who serve there or have seen them in town and recognise them.

There is no mention if the officers who picked him up showed him any identification and why he was willing to go with them. Secondly the method of covering his head with a cloth is not a police method of apprehension. It is only done by the military for obvious reasons.

He talks about torture and losing conscious. Then says he believes his captors said he must have been dead and rolled down a hill and he woke up feeling heat and his pants are on fire. If his pants was on fire before he rolled down the hill, the fire would have been put out. Remember the drill, if your on fire, roll on the ground it smothers the flames and puts the fire out.

Furthermore, with the Military and particularly panic scared Frank.. anything like this and you will see the military moving around with guns. Remember what happened in Rakiraki.

Nothing seems right about this story and I am surprised the Fiji Times printed this.

Whatever it is, it seems like another military move.
Fiji will never rid itself with this military involvement unless the people does something about it.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:29pm... lets not start making ignorant statements. The Police have suffered prejudices themselves because of all the coups that have happened in Fiji. Throw in military involvement in all their investigations and Military Commissioners - today the police have been reduced to nothing but a military working machine available at the behest of the military.

Prior to 1987, these two organisations distinct roles were clear and they worked within these boundaries with mutual respect. Since 1987 and till now, the Military basically runs the police so you as an individual are still in the control of the military.

If they want you arrested, the police will arrest you. It is not hard fabricating anything.

The Military has control over the police and the Government and the people are subject to military fear. What do you fear though and why. This should not be the case.

The Military and Police should be protecting the people and the people should not fear their well being because of the military or police.

All a soldier has to say is... bring him to the camp and that is it. The soldiers know this and you fear this.

The sad thing is that people deny this and allow themselves to be subjugated as such.

A foreigner said that he had never met any group of people as tolerable as Fijians. They can be made to look like monkeys and they will laugh and say.. its okay... he meant to look like Darth Vader and accept that when the AG an Indian to boost, made a monkey impression of Isoa Tikoca.

mark manning said...

Would this same Internet Cafe owner have done the same thing had he come across a similar email in December 2006? I doubt it very much.

mark manning said...

I'm just wondering why some who hide behind "anonymous" choose to insult and attack me for my contributions.
If my comments don't make any difference, why attack me?

KUA NI RERE said...

This Rajneel story doesn't quite fit together logically.
Probably a MILITARY AGENDA masterminded by QORVIS.
If anyone has a different view I would like them to reply to me logically and NOT TRY AND MUDDY THE WATERS.
The problems here:
1.Rajneel says they were Policemen. He didn't say he saw them. So how the fark he came to that conclusion is beyond the joke.
2.He said his pants were on fire. But no photos of burns to his legs.
3.The article says that THE POLICE (at Sigatoka) ACTUALLY HELPED HIM and TOOK HIM TO HOSPITAL.
4.This man Rajneel has Qiliho's personal phone number.
5. Qiliho says he does not trust the Police so he called the Army to look after Rajneel.
What the fark is Qiliho going on about?

I think it was actually SODIERS WHO BEAT UP RAJNEEL....and the story is concocted to MAKE THE ARMY look like they are THE GOOD GUYS.


Qorvis mathafakas should be kicked out of the country. THEY ARE PERVETED AND EVIL.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHa How the fuck did he know it was a private number plate since he said his head was covered with a cloth lol sounds suspicious to me.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka KNR ,,,,sounds logical.
Main reason is to vesu mona the public that its was right to put Qilisoresoreho there and that the police hierarchy cannot be trusted to keep Fiji safe and stable.
Little do they know that we the people know their boci tricks.

Anonymous said...

This is the reaction of the people of Fiji.

Khaiyum makes monkey impression of Isoa.

Khaiyum makes Government statement -

"I did Darth Vader impression"
FF supporters - ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha was very good impression of Darth Vader and Isoa talks like Darth Vader.... Ha ha ha that was very good deputy PM... you showed that fool Isoa..."

Khaiyum speaking to his muslim buddies... fucking monkeys they too stupid to fucking realise anything these dumb gorilla Fijians.

Oilei na kai Viti... too much tolerance is the cause of your demise.

Anonymous said...

4 24pm. Caiji tamamu!!

Grandpa Manning said...

moronic manning... you are right, your comments make no difference. We only want comments that make sense and contribute to robust, intelligent discussion...not ill-informed, non-sensical crap from someone who has no business in Fiji's affairs, has never been to Fiji and whose only source of information on Fiji is through reading the news. Hardly an expert here. So bugger off white boy. we don't need your patronising crap. Now, buggery, thats something you should fight for.

Anonymous said...

Soldiers did this to him. Qo na ka vulici mai valagi sa mai caka i Viti. Hood over the head, driven to some remote location, beat the living daylight out of him, then throw him out in the middle of nowhere. Then rush back to Black Rock and pretend like everything is fine and dandy. Can fool some of the people, but you can't fool us all. Once the Commish finds out that it was his own subordinates who carried out this cowardly act, they'll be on the next lift outta Dodge and the case will be closed. Sogo, bhand kharo...Moce Jo.

Anonymous said...

@ 5:36pm.. you may not like it but it is true.

If this happened to any other race in the world, there would be demonstration and the impressionist would be sought out.

In Fiji... Khaiyum impresses upon a Fijian Isoa he is a monkey with his impression of a monkey... what does the Fijian people do.......


Fijians are being screwed in the arse by Khaiyum, Frank and the Military... What do Fijians do....


Today a young 23 year old Fijian man has been killed in custody... What do Fijians do....


That's the Fijian of today reduced to snivelling grovelling begging conniving monkeys.

Anonymous said...

The police didnt like him going straight to Qiliho and Khaiyum

Anonymous said...

@ 3:34pm
The army did actually help him in a matter of fact they found him in a mosque in sigatoka and took him to the hospital, even police officers told him at the hospital to change his statement coz they did like hes statement. Lest we forget this guy is a CAFE OWNER and HACKER!! How do you come across an email soo important you give it straight to Qiliho himself?? No one forgets to log out such an important email. This email probaby had dirt on some police officers and this inmocent man was just trying to do the right thing. How did you get qilihos personal number?? Well thats another story. Smh

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:42 PM

" Lest we forget this guy is a CAFE OWNER and HACKER!!".

How do you know he's a hacker and if he is, is it relevant?

"How do you come across an email soo important you give it straight to Qiliho himself??"

Is that what he did? But if he did, anyone can find the contact details for the police.

" No one forgets to log out such an important email."

How do you know that?

" How did you get qilihos personal number?? 2

No doubt the same way as anyone else can, easily.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

you said you can get Qiliho's number easily.
Do you have it?
Can you get it for us please.
I've been trying and no one will give it to me.

Anonymous said...

totoka tiko na soqo.......
ena qai yati mai na colo

Tomasi said...

Beauty gives birth to the beautiful.
Honour gives birth to the honourable.
Humility gives birth to the graceful and the courteous.
Love gives birth to the lovely, kindness, caring and gentleness.

The human heart is the most deceitful above all things.
Human nature is as capricious as the direction of the wind
Without the fear of and love for God, man merely degrades into an animal state.
The law of the jungle takes precedence over the law of love, principles and grace.

Military rule and discipline was never God's intention for mankind. But because of human degradation and depravity, violence has become the norm and force has become the preferred option for instituting justice, discipline and order.

Once upon a time, Fiji was so genuinely beautiful, kind, loving, caring and simply wonderful. Our private industries and public sector were born, nurtured, bloomed and gave birth to the beautiful, honourable, and the wonderful. That was Fiji, the way the world should be.

But gradually and surely, we the people have surrendered ourselves to the humanistic, worldly, dark and ugly side of human nature. We have embraced the very values, beliefs and attitudes that have torn apart and destroyed other nations before us. These have become the underpinning forces that have shaped our new values, principles and practices. The inner gives birth to the outer. The spirit gives birth to the physical.

Alarm bells rang out way back in 1987. Many of us tried to sound the alarm. We were castigated and branded as alarmists, rebels, and nonsensical. We predicted that 1987 would set a new precedent and a most dangerous one for our young nation. The majority voted no to our message. Siti with his glamorous moustache won many gullible minds and hearts. Then regret followed, but never true repentance. Wolves give birth to more wolves. 1987 gave birth to 2000. Frank being Frank, sold out the CRW. Fiji sank deeper into the dark murky grip of greed, corruption and evil agendas.

2000 gave birth to 2006. Not even Com Pol Andrew Hughes could stop it. The traitor became the leader. The murderer became the hangman. The bomb maker became the lawmaker. The monkey became the king of the new banana republic of fijifirst baikhai land. So here we are folks. The future depends on our decisive action NOW. I know what I will do. How about you?

Anonymous said...

@Tomasi 2:47 PM

One man's interpretation of a belief may not be another's !

Besides, stand back and think about the ridiculous words you have said.

"" Without the fear of and love for God, man merely degrades into an animal state.""

Like so many bible bashers these days you have to revert to persuading people they must FEAR something to try and justify it.

You say that without FEAR or LOVE of this belief man merely degrades into an animal state.

You lie, which is something supposedly within this belief you talk of that is forbidden.


Tomasi said...

@ Anon 6.48. Obviously, you do not share my belief in the God of heaven and earth, as revealed in the Bible. You brand my words as ridiculous, yet you fail to justify your unbelief. You pose another question in defence of your unbelief.

I feel sorry for you and people of your ilk, especially those who foolishly think that man can ignore or defy God and get away with it and live their lives according to their own philosophies and whims. I do have a message for you. You can come to know God personally through His Son Jesus Christ. People of all races, cultures and eras have done that by seeking Him earnestly with all their hearts. That is not speculation, but pure history.

May I invite you to invest in buying a Bible and studying it. Begin from the Boof of John in the New Testament, or the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament. Both begin with the same declaration that mankind needs to hear and constantly remember. There is God in heaven and He is Absolute Sovereign, Creator and Ruler of all realms, kingdoms and principalities. You and I are here for a reason and a purpose and we are here only for a very brief moment in eternity. One day soon, all of us will have to account for our lives here on earth. That day is coming soon. That day will be greeted with absolute celebration and thanksgiving by those who are ready to meet Him. But for those smart alecks and foolish people amongst us, may God help us to be ready.

I hope you study your Bible and study world history before you make another similar comment like that. Or simply observe and understand the current world affairs, including that in Fiji, and be honest in asking questions that really matter. When and if you do, you will come to realise that the world is rapidly racing to that moment in history where a false prophet and a global leader will emerge, to declare himself the ruler of all nations and later the god on earth. That will be the final red line to be crossed before man meets God and the creatures meet their Maker.

BTW, do you know whether you will still be around then? Life is so precarious and uncertain. What if you sleep today and never wake up tomorrow like many thousands this year. Are you ready to meet your maker? Learn from the wisdom of eternity speaking to you today:

"O Lord, teach me to know the number of my days"

I love you and God bless you in your search for truth. Vinaka

Anonymous said...

@Tomasi 9:55 PM

Oh dear, you fail again.

You expect someone to 'justify' an 'unbelief'. Do you really not understand how ridiculous your comments are?

Everything you have written is based upon speculation and imagination and you expect someone to justify that it is not correct?

You talk of global leaders emerging and a leader of all nations, myth and fantasy with nothing substantive or either facts to support it. You are welcome to your belief but please stop trying to dupe others.

Remember, no faith or religion holds a monopoly on goodness.

Unknown said...

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. See the link below for more info.


Unknown said...

I really enjoyed reading your article. I found this as an informative and interesting post, so i think it is very useful and knowledgeable. I would like to thank you for the effort you have made in writing this article.


Anonymous said...

Ok, the comedy continues...when FFP is triumphing real change..up springs the usually bullshit reality of whats going on in Fiji to prove that the dictatorship saga is dragging on.

Instead of appointing a competent acting Commander..they bring in Inept Naupoto (who cannot get a job anywhere else), when the PC resigns, they bring in MR GigglesHO.How effed up is this Fiji First regime??? Are no there bright military and Police officers to replace them..?? Oh yes, I forgot...they are all too scared to say anything..cowards in uniform as Al Nusra proved..!!

Anonymous said...

Tomasi, thank you for your wise eloquence.

Rajneel Singh sounds like a pro-regime stooge.

This whole episode sounds like a pretext by the RFMF to purge the police force.

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