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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Naidu resigns over 'militarisation of Fiji police'

Richard Naidu
Constitutional Offices Commission member Richard Naidu has resigned over the recent appointment of Sitiveni Qiliho as acting Police Commissioner.

In a statement released today, Naidu says his 'concerns' about the way the Commission operates 'have been growing' and the appointment of Qiliho 'persuades me that there is little point in remaining a Commission member'.

Naidu goes on to say that the Commission has been 'effectively politicised' and that Frank Bainimarama's hand in the appointment of Qiliho was inappopriate.

Like others, Naidu says the most senior officer in the police should have been appointed Acting Police Commissioner until a new one was found.

The militarisation of the Fiji Police Force has been a concern for some time but more so with the departure of South African Ben Growenweld who has been replaced by long time loyal and military acolyte Colonel Sitiveni Qiliho.

The National Federation Party yesterday denounced the appointment saying: "This shows that military rule remains supreme in the country and above civilian rule enforced by the police".

NFP President Tupou Draunidalo says the latest events in the Fiji Police give citizens no confidence.

"It is evidently clear that Police Commissioner Ben Groenwald was given his marching orders abruptly by the Prime Minister because three police officers are facing prosecution for alleged brutality on an prison escapee," adds Hon Draunidalo.

"The forced resignation of Groenwald is wrong, the appointment of the Acting Commissioner is a case of nepotism and cronyism of the highest order. 

"Meritocracy has been trashed in favour of jobs 'for the boys'," Tupou Draunidalo said.

Richard Naidu's Statement

I have written to the President today resigning from the Constitutional Offices Commission. My concerns about how the Commission operates have been growing. However the way in which the acting Commissioner of Police has recently been appointed persuades me that there is little point in remaining a Commission member.

When the Prime Minister recommends acting appointments of Constitutional officers to the President, he is exercising powers entrusted to him by Commission members. He should not act as he pleases. 

In the case of the Police Commissioner, he should have recommended the most senior available officer in the Police ranks to act as Commissioner until a new substantive appointment was made. 

If he wanted to recommend a random acting appointment, outside the Police hierarchy, he owed it to Commission members to consult them first.

The Commission seems to operate in haphazard fashion, mostly on the basis of last-minute emails, reflecting either disorganisation or a lack of interest in good governance. Some things seem not to happen at all. 

Many months ago, the Commission advertised for applications for the positions of Auditor-General and Commissioner of the Fiji Corrections Service. No appointments have been made. There has been an Electoral Commission vacancy for many months. This has not been filled.

Under the previous Constitution, the Constitutional Offices Commission comprised only non-politicians as members. This respected the need for independent constitutional officers to be appointed by an independent body. The importance of independent public institutions, independently led, is self-evident to anyone who understands how an effective democracy is supposed to work.

Under the 2013 Constitution the Commission has been effectively politicised, with four Government members/appointees having the power simply to outvote the other two members. Despite this, Government leaders could still choose, if they wished, to work consultatively with the non-Government members on appointments. 

Instead Commission members are treated as rubber stamps. I am not a rubber stamp and decline to be treated as one.
I thank the Leader of the Opposition for nominating me to the Commission earlier this year. 

She has respected the independence of the Commission’s nominated members and has never sought to direct me on how to vote or what to say in Commission deliberations.

Richard Naidu 
15 November 2015


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your faithful service to the country, Richard. Wish I could say the same for the maichods that are still calling the shots.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for been a good Fijian citizen Naidu,every Fijians should
thank you for your decision & disgust over the way this idiot of a
PM conduct dictatorial business?

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Vinaka Richard for your service. You're one of the few that we are relying on to confront this tyrant Bainimarama. You're sounding the alarm again for the world to know the reality of Fijis leadership.
You can take a break bro..but we still need you .. And to the ruling and dictating party, to the honorable PM and the one only supreme auditor general my best wishes guys..! Drau qai veicai jiko ! Drau veivutusona talega! Go fuck Qiliho and root Luveni..Fuuuuuckkk!

Anonymous said...

The arabic mother/sister fucker at 1:39am. Can you take your filthy posting and shove it up the filthy and disgusting allah akubars ass continuously for the next one month. Make sure that the filthy son of bitch is fasting while you are shoving your posts up his ass so that he can easily digest your filth. If some is left, put that up pedophile muhammed and aiyaz sayed kaiyums ass. All of you are pathetic excuse of human beings like your pathetic religion. Kubu mada.

Anonymous said...

It was an inevitability that was bound to happen. High marks to Richard for giving it a short.

Anonymous said...

Like was mentioned, only the MENTALLY CORRUPT will kowtow to this current government's unlawful orders.

All good thinking citizens will never accept CORRUPT AND UNLAWFUL decisions from Frank or Aiyaz and their FF lot.

When will Fiji citizens wake up and realise that they are under THUG RULE OF A MILITARY DICTATORIAL GOVERNMENT and Frank and Aiyaz are LIARS.

Remember FRANK AND AIYAZ are the LAW. The Constitution is just a piece of paper that can be balled up and thrown into the trash or burnt as was previously the case a few years back - all depends!

The police is in the process of being militarized. There's more to come!

Anonymous said...

To add to anon 7:39 posts, the asshole should make sure to feed allah, mohammed and kaiyum porky salad with roast pork belly on the side. This will enhance both shits appetite to take in the lessons about civilisation and humanity. Also use pork vudi to make initial insertion so that the blogposts can easily enter the rectum of allah, mohammed and kaiyum. Drau veivutusona talega.

Anonymous said...

The problem is We the people readily marvel at the 'handouts' and false promises of the FF government. We are also distracted by the big lie half-truths and 'good' news fed to all by the sham Fiji Sun on a daily basis for the purpose of propping up the FF government. No matter how illegal, unjust or corrupt the actions of our two infamous Leaders are, the Fiji Sun wilfully and purposely defends them.

The more the subtle threats and intimidation by this government to the people through front headline publications, the constant degrading remarks about the Opposition no matter how unprofessional or uncouth the style of reporting by the Fiji Sun (one has to question whether lawful at all) the more successful it seems in their plot to silence and dumb down Fijians.

The Fiji First government is working tirelessly to remain in power.

Dumbing down the masses is prevalent in Fiji.

Is there a dial number for a super hero? Batman? Superman? Flash?

God is definitely in control. No evil has its way forever...fools however think otherwise.

Anonymous said...

The Militarization of the Fiji Police Force was initiated following former Commissioner of Police's departure from Fiji.

Anonymous said...

The Militarization of the Fiji Police Force was initiated following former Commissioner of Police's Hughes departure from Fiji.

Anonymous said...

When the man at the top of the police continually receives complaints from the people that the most basic of policing is not being carried out it raises concerns as to what is wrong.

Why did the police commissioner get an 80 signature petition complaining of poor basic policing from those in Makoi?

Perhaps it's time to have someone at the top to find out where the failing is in the police. Was it due to the man at the top not doing his job or those below him not following what is required of them?

KUA NI RERE said...

Today Fijians should pray to The LORD GOD,through His Son the LORD Jesus Christ and give thanks for His Protection and Mercy.
God has protected us from the EVIL QORVIS.

The ongoing aim of EVIL QORVIS in Fiji is to cause CHAOS and DISPOSSESS the Fijian people of THEIR LAND.

ITS ONLY BY THE GRACE OF GOD that the EVil Kaiyum and Bainimarama were STOPPED FROM DOING THIS.

So today I personally would like to thank the remaining Christians in the Methodist Church, the Pentecostal Churches, Baptist Churches, Catholics ( despite YOUR HIGH PRIEST MATACA siding with Satan); I would like to thank the Christians for their PRAYER TO GOD.

I WOULD LIKE TO CONTINUE TO ENCOURAGE THE CHURCH and ALL Christians to read your Bible everyday and talk to Him every morning; that God may continue to be Merciful and Gracious to us. Even though we dont deserve it.


Anonymous said...

Anon Muslim Cunt@1.39AM, go fuck your sister and mother you fucking piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

Richard Naidu 👍
Bainimarama 🍌
Non sense 🚧

The 📝 is mightier than the 🗡.
Bainimarama's problem now is this: he has created a "democracy" where people
can now ask questions (officially) but out of fear, the people remain silent has they
have been traumatised by the last 8 years.

Smart people like Richard Naidu are doing a great contribution for this country.
Hopefully more honest will stand on their feet!

May We Stand Together for the land of Freedom, Hope and Glory!

Anonymous said...

@KNR 9:23 AM

Make your mind up you blithering idiot.

You are today preaching that Fijians have been saved from having their land dispossessed by your evil enemies and it is only by the grace of God this has been stopped.

So what's happened since your last sermon?

If you are going to play at being the plastic Christian at least try and make it credible.

KUA NI RERE said...

@11:43 AM
If you know what I know, you would be shocked.

Fijians dodged a humungous bullet with EVIL QORVIS.

The Iraqis couldn't dodge the bullet and 650,0000 of them died at the hands of the QORVIS PARENT COMPANY.

Poor people all killed because of a LIE about WMD.

EVIL QORVIS is still in Fiji, continuously lying. Continuously manipulating gullible idiots.
Their evil knows no bounds.
We are fortunate that more Fijians haven't been killed.
QORVIS has been deliberately trying to bait Fijians to take up arms against the Army.....but fortunately Fijians didn't.
EVIL QORVIS has tried all kinds of things to try and cause chaos in Fiji....but ITS ONLY BY THE GRACE OF GOD that we haven't fallen for it.
Now they are still trying.
EVIL QORVIS IS THE ONE ADVISING BAINIMARAMA....and told him to kick out Groenewald.
Bainimarama and Kaiyum are both EVIL people that should be in jail. AND EVIL QORVIS SHOULD BE KICKED OUT OF THE COUNTRY.

Anonymous said...

that shut him up

Anonymous said...

Lawyer resigns, A-G says no politics

Siteri Sauvakacolo
Monday, November 16, 2015

THE Constitutional Offices Commission is not politicised, says Attorney-General and commission member Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.


Anonymous said...

Deception and Fiction

Deception may portray a negative connotation but it can simply mean contrary to the truth, purporting something to be true when it is not.

Similarly, human life is embedded in fiction, a world of 'make believe' in which imaginary events and people provide narrative threads that are replications of actual life experiences.

On the other hand, the pursuit of truth is a perpetual human trait underpinned by logic, the desire to understand why and how things are as they are. This desire for truth is best symbolised by the blindfolded figure of justice that adorns legal institutions worldwide.

It is odd therefore to note that law embraces the use of fiction in its lexicon of "legal fiction", representing as true what is known to be not true.

In fact some believe that "restatement of facts" is an exercise in telling an appealing narrative, even if it may not be true, thus legal fiction is a lawyer's "stock-in-trade" that is often wielded with impunity.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum is trying to divert the public by not answering the core question here.
Why giving impunity to those 3 criminals from the police?

The long term consequences of such corruption, abuse of office and so on is catastrophic:

Under "rule of law", Fiji gets only 25 for property rights and 22.3 for freedom from corruption...but that is only because they are understating the real level of corruption...

What kind of investors would invest in Fiji in such a context? Of course, a lot of the worst sharks!!!

Bainimarama's involvement in nepotism is shocking. It reaches even his wife's distant cousins asking for all sort of favours, from giving lands in Serua to loans from the FDB, from FNPF dirty dealings to all sorts of other advantages. Some of Mary's cousins simply show up at his home on a regular basis to ask for this and that...


Anonymous said...

Next big news: reshuffle at FRCA.......

Anonymous said...

The public is well aware that Bainimarama and his cronies have no desire to protect citizens .It reveals the level of cronyism that plagues Fiji politics .
The appointment of Qiliho speaks volumes of the military interfering in policing, evidently, Fiji is still along way from democracy.
Groenewald's admission of military interference and departure, and Col Qiliho’s subsequent appointment, are setbacks for Fiji’s rebuilding democracy project. If the military continues to assert its influence over policing in Fiji, police will struggle to perform their constitutional role effectively. The government’s commitment to the 2013 constitution and to the rule of law is therefore in question.

I suppose the situation is not beyond repair. The appointment of another independent and experienced police officer to the police commissioner’s job is critical. The Fiji government should recognise it has a constitutional duty not only to recruit a qualified person, but to also support the police commissioner in carrying out his or her duties independently of the military.

Anonymous said...

@5:35 PM
I bet you the next polcom with be a product of our little Fiji, a submissive kind of person, a yes-man.
Otherwise, the investigation will be reopened with the same result.... that would be too dumb.

In any case, the next polcom will be "obedient".

Qaraniqio lost his leg because he didn't understand the meaning of his name. But I suspect few citizens of Fiji will cry for him... all this debate is a matter of principle and good governance. Same thing for the guy who got beaten up in the truck. Weather we like it or not, that is how justice will be carried out for some time... lack of money to "store" criminals and judge them may explain partly why the police force has to resort to a kind of "sideline" justice... sad.

Jihad said...

I don't want bombing in Fiji. Please leave ASK and muslim community alone. Don't offend them please please my brothers.

Anonymous said...

🔮 I can see some changes at FRCA coming soon...

qasenivuli said...

drau bula sa dina sara...vinakavakalevu.

Anonymous said...

Why is the Fiji Times helping out the Bhainimarama Regime in lying
to the public on Saturday front page news by an article that Ben
Groenewald was handing over the "Police Commissioner job to the
new acting police commissioner-colonel Sitiveni Qalahilo and what was
said supposedly by both parties? What a bunch of bullshit that was...
since Ben Groenewald was unceremonially tossed by the ass & out of the country by last Wednesday or Thursday by the Thug-Bhainimarama
before going to the RFMF camp and TOLD Qalahilo to hop into his car & that he was taking him to his new job as he has been promoted to take over the Police Commissioner job? That was how all of this shit
had gone down? Ben & his entire family had been kicked out of the
country on Thurday November 12th,2015 with only the clothes on their
body? How come there was no picture(s) taken of Ben& his wife leaving
the airport in Nadi? Is this national paper also under the influence of Bhainimarama & Khaiyum?

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, watchout for the Jihad @6:07pm

Anonymous said...

2 46 am
Let him do it . We are seeking unity for a long time in Fiji and there seemed no strategy had worked . If 6.07pm is going to carry out a bombing in Fiji, all non moslems in Fiji (99.9%) will automatically united in a second and the attention will be focused on the Muslim community. .what say? Little damage will be done by the bomber but the tenacity and wrath of the 99.9% will never be contained. Let him do it...if he has the balls to do it. Anyway the best route to save your life (moslems) is the open Pacific Ocean and perhaps created the first contingent of refugees headed by Khaiyum, Bano, Shameem, and the rest out flowing from Fiji.
To the idiot 6.07. France has declared war on ISIS in Syria, Iraq, Libya, etc , thus had started the air bombings in Iraq, pulling US and Russia on the table. This is unity I'm talking about. War on terror is bringing countries together, even those at odds are united at one cause The sad thing is many civilian lives will be lost. As for our tiny Fiji, we don't need Russia or the US to help catch 6.07 pm..we will do the short cut method. .make every moslem swim away from Fiji. The largest ocean on planet is free for anyone. No passport, no visa, boat is not mandatory. Just SWIM and cry out Alluh akbar to meet 10 virgin hungry sharks on your way .

Anonymous said...

My foot in your arse and mouth!! You're so quick to speak out against reasons for Richards resignation but stonewalling the truth about your fake IRS declaration. Your (khai/bai) commission is a laughing body today. It has lost it's credibility and reputation. There's no justice in it as well. Truth of the matter is justice and ethics seemed to be the enemy of our ruling party. There's no justice served with all case's against govt and its leaders. Unethical standard is now the new norm. Law of the land is only applicable to the ordinary citizens, not to the ruling party , esp to its leaders. Period.

Anonymous said...

@ kulina jihad, don't kid yourself asshole. Fijians are not French. No offence to the French but if something like what happened to them would ever be tried in Fiji, fijians will hunt down and wipe the whole Muslim population from the face of this earth. We will not show any mercy as the shitty talk of human rights and unity will not stop us from dishing what we will shower onto you. Try your jihadi shit elsewhere. We will make allah regret the day that he dared to bring all you filth into Fiji.

Anonymous said...

No one I know who is supporting FF ever told me they thought Bainimarama was clean.
People voted for FF out of fear for the idiots behind nationalist groups or simply out of fear of Bainimarama.
Of course one could add those who benefit from the coup, but that goes without saying.

All that perfectly reflects in the poor ranking Fiji gets for the rule of law in the Business Freedom Index
and that explains why the economic situation remains a huge concern. The resignation of Richard Naidu
is only another confirmation of what we all already know.

In local communities, poor people see for themselves what is happening. Take that small settlement in Serua where
the Vugakoto family is getting freebies from the regime... everybody sees it on a daily basis, but no one dares to
talk. Fear is why the situation is getting worst.

Anonymous said...

@7:39 AM
If you had a bit of a brain, you would have understood that it was just a troll.

If you really think there is some sort of "god" enjoying himself watching humans killing each other and take
side with a particular group of idiots, then truly you are fit for St-Giles.

Don't you know that countries like Turkey who build free hydro dams for villages in
Vanua Levu are 99% muslims? The number of terrorists ratio to muslim population is insignificant.
Islam is just as irrational as any other religion, and the real fight is between rational people and irrational people.
Behaving like stone age men seems to be the standard for humanity even these days. How little have
we learnt from history.

Khaiyum is a crook. The country is controlled by nepotism, not Islam. Khaiyum and his croonies provides
the "brain" part ofmthe government (I am not suggesting they are intelligent here!!!!) and Bainimarama
the force. Both are parasites feeding on Fiji.

As I said before, it is only the great stupidity of the church leaders and the chiefs in the years 1987-2000
who lead us where we are today and if Bainimarama gets si much support, it is also because of some
underlying vengence.

Hatred brings more hatred. You should refrain to play that childish game. What makes Fiji somewhat
different is exactly that most people are not inclined towards violence but rather towards the
"Pacific Way". Each time there was chaos in 1987 and 2000, it was because of small groups of
extremists just like the ones you are bashing... what an irony!

Anonymous said...

@7:59 intelligent asshole, try your sweet and intelligent talk elsewhere motherfucker. Reality is you fuckers gave a deep rooted problem. Why us if your kind can't get along with any other race or religion. Forget that, your kind can't even get along with another if your kind. Look a Iran, Syria and Iraq. There are one Muslim type fighting another. Over the world, it's Muslim fighting Christians, Hindus, Buddhists etc. for them, all the fighting is because it's other people problem and not theirs. Yeh right. The whole world is wrong except you son of bitches. Grow up assholes. Realise that there is a lot wrong with what you are taught and follow the path that will lead to light rather than darkness. Get your and all your brotherhoods and sisterhoods mentally treated. You and your fucked up kind need it and not us. The problem is with your kind. Either you fix it or let us do it for you our way. You and the whole lot of your filthy kind needs mental intervention to make you humans. Leave the shit allah akubar slogan and join the only true religion in this world. It not Islam you motherfucker. Islam us a cult of demon.

Tomasi said...

Vinaka Richard. Many of us who know you have been asking when will you decide to quit the sham and farce of the CC of which you were a member.You did your very best like you always do and have nothing to be ashamed of. You also made the right decision. You are certainly a man of principle. I only wish Bai and Khai would possess half a percent of your goodness and moral character.

We also know and applaud you for many noble deeds and countless other things that define you as a man , a professional and an upright and wonderful son of our land. Thank you always standing up for what you believe to be good, right, just, fair and honourable. May God bless and guide you always. As you know, things will change. Fiji will learn from its leadership follies, but it must also suffer the costs of political leadership gone wrong. We must learn that our indifference will bear us very heavy and serious consequences. We will talk again soon my good friend. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:22, forget humans, they have a problem with animals as well. Mention pork and see how mentally challenged they get. You said it right- for them, everyone else has a problem and not them. They consider themselves the superior human kind. One look at kaiyum and his antics will reveal their thoughts. They are living with the thought that everyone else is a fool and they are intelligent. News flash- we can see right through your thoughts and intentions. Take your bitch and f***off.

Anonymous said...

@8:22 AM
No you are grossly mistaken! I belong to the good Lotu, or my ancestors did actually.
I swear I dislike all irrational thinking (thus religions) the same way.
Dumb people like you are many, smart people like me few.

By the way, how come we atheists are always the kindest and more sensitive people?!?
Look atbthe dumbs in 2000 or what we see today... dumbness rule!
and so does Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Their is a common school of thought in AMERICA that 30 to 40% of folks living in America are retarded. These folks are anti everything. My estimate is in Fiji that number is as high as 80%. Anon 8.43 and 8.46 seem to fall into this category. First of all lets get some facts correct here. The 2006 coup, the 2000 coup and the 1987 coup were all planned and conducted by native Fijians who happen to be Christians and predominately Methodists. All the killing, beating up of innocent folks, stealing raping etc have been done by Christians. True throughout the world it is the Arab Muslims who are doing nasty things but Fiji Muslims as delusional as their religion maybe (because it is a copy of stupid Christianity) have nothing to do with that and have never had any incidence of hate based violence. ASK is a Muslim last. He is first an arrogant fuck who things he knows it all. He is just as corrupt as any other leader in Fiji's sordid 44 odd years of post colonial history. What he prays to or calls God is secondary. He is a bad human being who has the failings of any other bad greedy manipulative human in other words most of us when we have power.
The funny thing is he is being protected by 4000 men in green who really are the power base behind this "vile Muslim" men who are Christians. The dumb 80% fail to point a finger at these folks and use the same language of hate and violence that is used against all Muslims in Fiji who in 99% of the cases have nothing to do with ASK and in most cases despise him themselves. The problem with bigots and racist fucks is that there little useless brains just cant get past their own failings and look to find their own smallness in every one else.

Someone raised the issue of pork and Muslims. Let me ask you so called Christians this question. The Christian doctrines purport that Jesus, God and the Holy spirit is one and the same. In other words God is Jesus. Their is but one God and he is eternal. In other words been their since the beginning of time.
Why then did God/Jesus forbid Moses from eating pork or the flesh of the swine as described in Levictus (old testament). Pork was forbidden and to this day Jews and Muslims do not eat pork and yet most Christians do. Was Jesus/God wrong? Are you wrong? Or was the God of Moses not Jesus/God and was someone else as some seem to suggest that the new testament i.e. Jesus allows the consumption of pork (please quote verse and chapter). Or more importantly was Jesus/God confused and did not know at the time of Moses which of the animals he created was unclean and which wasn't. Can God/ Jesus be confused?

Absurd,confusing does not make sense yep that describes religion. As Anon 7.58 said quite rightly the battle in this world is between rational and irrational thought. That's why i am an agnostic. Religion is simply illogical and an insult to once intelligence.


Anonymous said...

@10:19 AM


Now talking about a very rational issue, here is a bit from the Fiji Times:


Prof Biman labelled the sale of Government assets as shocking.

"But the most shocking thing about the sale of Government assets — the FEA, Airports Fiji, Fiji Ports Company Ltd — is that the money we will collect will not be used to reduce debt. It will be used to fund ordinary Government annual spending. It is like selling your house so you can pay for your groceries. When we are left with no assets, what will we do then?

"This is akin to selling one's soul for 30 pieces of silver."


People of Fiji are not rational that's for sure, and so are the huge majority of human beings. I doubt there is much difference between countries. What we see down in the street depends of random circumstances.

If there were more rational thinking people in Fiji, and more courageous people able to STAND, we wodn't be stuck with all those assholes at the top!!!!!!

Khaiyum gave gay freedom and will probably remove the word God in the national anthem, so talk about a muslim... all of them are CRIMINALS, that is their only religion.

Anonymous said...

"all of them" not being targeted to the word "muslim" of course but the "khaiyum gang"

Anonymous said...


SODELPA MP Semesa Karavaki has called on the government to stop the Free Milk Program for the Year 1 students as he says human beings should not drink animal milk.

While speaking during the 2016 National Budget debate in parliament, Karavaki says the 3.6 million dollars for the milk program should be used to buy the students fruit and vegetables.

Anonymous said...

I for one am so ever grateful that we have good Leadership qualities in people like RAJENDRA NAIDU and PROFESSOR BIMAN PRASAD and the many others who dare to uncover the deliberate "FLAWS" of this FF government that are meant only to DECEIVE the people.

Thank you Coup 4.5 and Fijileaks for providing factual updates for the people of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Na sotia na dui luvedra era sega ni kila o cei na tamadra dina. Nira gole ga ki middle east.. lau cai na wajidra... veicai qo e caka jikoga vaka sotia... lako ga e dua... caka na gunu yagona nona vale... lau vutu tale o watina... lesu mai o main boy sa bukete rawa jiko o yalewa...

Ira na senior officers sara maleka na vaka caiji ira na wajini sotia... kacivi ga na office lai caka tale na vei cai... Voreqe madaga... nona sa qai mai tiko na mataivalu ka gole ki middle east.. Mary laga sere saratuga vei Tarakinikini kei JB... lagata toka o koya na sere ya... ni sa domici rau jiko.... Mary had a little lamb... Dua na marama ni loma dau vei dulu o Mary... vakaga na waji Qiliho... ni yalewa talega ni loma qai air hostess... sa maleka na dramica na Magana... ueee...

Sa yaco nikua na sotia sara vei cai vakataki ira... lau cai na wajidra qai caiji ira tale jiko na senior officers.. ra sa lau cai jiko era qai kaya toka mai... au sa vosota toka madaga ni sa rawa tu na job... ni yavu ulukau sona lelevu

Anonymous said...

Semesa Karavaki is right... Some of these students may not be able to drink milk as they may be lactose intolerant. Children in Fiji lack a lot of nutrition that fruits and vegetables offer. Is SODELPA offering free fruits and vegetables though if they come into Government or are they full of talk and no constructive plan.

Anonymous said...

There is two good letters in today's FT- one by Nishant Singh who questions wether a God would give orders to kill another human being and another letter is by one Amenatave Yaconisau who correctly points out that the perpetrators of the Paris terrorists attack are incarnation of the devil itself. Mr. Yaconisau has answered Mr.Singh's question in one simple sentence- such acts are never the act of God but that of the devil. Everyone that gets pleasure in harming another human are sons and daughters of Devils and does not belong to the human race nor to the kingdom of God. God doesn't discriminate nor asks anyone to kill another human being to prove that one is worthy of being gods children. Only a devil will demand such kind of actions. Moral of the story-the perpetrators of such heinous acts such as the Paris murders are Devils disciples and nit gods children. They deserve no mercy nor any humanity.

Anonymous said...

@1:45 knob jockey number 1 and 2:13pm knob jockey number 2, Going get T-BAGGED then suckle and swallow on a horses dick and scrotum....Lako yani on the field, Fiji saw you's suck,stroke and swallow at infinite miles an hour.

Anonymous said...

Ali baba just going swallow one vudi.

Anonymous said...

The responce and address by Prof Biman on the 2016 budget had made Khaiyum and his budgetary team a fool.The term he uses in his opening address is " consistent on their inconsistencies" is very true. For the past 8 years their budget had been changing each year -no formula. What was added last year is subtracted this year to fool people. In retrospect-we willl find 2015 budget reintroduced some years ahead..I advise everyone to read his budgetary responce on Fijileaks to know the flaws, holes, gimmicks, cover ups and uncertainty that this govt is subjecting Fiji to.
Can a I ask Khaiyum or any of his supporter here to respond to Prof Biman budget address.. We the people deserve explanations.

Anonymous said...

3:37 You still parroting away?have you got anything new to contribute?what you have just mentioned is already known to the wider public.What the people want is a alternative and solutions,not just jumping up and down parroting away "THE BUDGET IS FLAWED!,THE BUDGET IS FLAWED!".To be a effective, opposition should critique,riducle,highlight the impacts and influence the government by persuading and providing solutions.Making them look dumb as fuck and exposing how corrupt they are.Everybody is aware of the budget and downloaded it from government website,newspapers,radio,tv etc etc etc.

Anonymous said...

Fiji is fucked with huge debt the only way to save their assholes is to boost foreign reserves.We need to rake in a lot of US$ currency and even lucky the British currency£ this way we can hold them for long in the market and hope the US dollar falls and then use our foreign reserves hopefully a hell of a lot to pay the debts.The $200m bond of public assets sold by Fiji gov is fuck all. We need to bring the debt percentage back down to atleast 20%-£30% and then we can start a cruising life for everyone.If not if all goes to shit,then we can end up like Somalia or Zimbabwe walking around with wheel barrow piled with shit load of notes totalling $1,00000000000 FJD=USD 0.01C

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.27. No one will respond. The problem with sites like coup 4.5 is that the majority of the contributors from both sides are simply filled with hate and have no more to contribute than 2 short pieces of stick. Rational thought is too hard and to much work. Its better to simply rant and swear. Classic example is ANON 2.40 who seems to have a fascination with the Vudi. The usual style is to start swearing and cursing usually with explicit sexual incantations.

When one puts down facts and rational arguments their is a deafening silence from both sides.


Anonymous said...

3 55pm your right. These assholes too had been after locals living abroad. They had every right to speak and condemn the govt if they so wish. Our govt is a laughing stock today. Budget is fake, constitution is the law only for some not all

Anonymous said...

4.48..thanks Ali Baba.
3 42 pm
" Everybody is aware of the budget" why didn't you and everybody voiced these flaws the way Prof Biman had vocally addressed them. Did any of your"everybody" had explained in simple and easy to understand terms point by point for the general public. Not all are economists and I read with eye-opener Bimans speech. I read c45 and Fijileaks everyday to know the truth and Bimans address is different from the copycat rants in this blog. The onus is not for me or you to find solutions. It's on those who formulate this budget to answer, adjust, be bold and credible. At least provide an explanation .

Anonymous said...

Fiji's Military are the culprits that have ruined Fiji. Even today with Fiji a supposed democracy the military sits there like a watch dog at Franks whim to instil fear. There is nothing honourable about the Fiji Military anymore. Discipline is lost. Soldiers are promoted not on merit but who does the senior officer or Frank's bidding. Fiji's Military is no different to what we watch in African Countries today but those countries have moved on and Fiji is stuck with its military.

The problem today is there is no more loyal soldiers. When I say loyal I mean loyal to the country and its people. These soldiers are only loyal to their Commander and their PM. If they had any loyalty towards their people, they would not treat the people has they have over the past 15 years.

What we have today are a bunch of indisciplined soldiers who lack moral and integrity.

The problem with Fiji is that these senior military officers are thriving in the power it gives them. Once when no one would take any notice of a lieutenant or Captain or even warrant officer, these guys go around Fiji like they are bigger then the Minister and all this because they know Franky their king will be there to protect them.

Alas, through all their brutality and murder, when one day they will be greeted by their maker.... Franky will not be there for them.

Anonymous said...


You just sound so stupid trying to be so smart!

Whose side are you on anyway smarty pants?

Anonymous said...

May Fiji rise from the dirt to the blue sky.

What is the Opposition doing right now?
They should already plan for the next election in 3 years and unite under a same banner.
Only one opposition party, focussing on the huge democratic issues we have and get
rid of the useless stuff like the christian state that is only dividing the people and giving
votes to FF.

BTW, I wonder what FF next logo will be...

Anonymous said...

Thank you Richard for your efforts on a principal and conscious stand. If you were to look in retrospect the PM has a negative outlook on the Police force. Maybe the former Compol Hughes had something to do with it when he almost brought him to justice. This still frightens him today hence his attitude towards the police. The police are made to struggle with a lack of resources and out dated equipment. Police budgets are kept to a minimum with shortage of vehicles Police in Police posts and stations are made to walk the beat in the day and night..... something unusual in this day and age of technology. Pls keep up the pressure.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Soldiers are nothing but dumb cunts. The feller who wrote about them on this blog is right. They use to be respected but today... who respects an army who should be protecting their people yet bring back their fucked up military ways from the middle east and brutalise and terrorise the people of Fiji. Yes the Fiji fucking cunt of a Military that's who does that. These military gunts are only brave because they have weapons. I remember in 1987 after the coup the soldiers would go to night clubs and push everyone around then people started to react and beat the shit out of these cowardly soldiers. The next day, the military truck running around chasing these people who beat up their cowardly soldiers. Fucked up big time.

Yes they fuck each others wives. A married soldier leaves for peace keeping, his horny wife cant keep her legs together. Bank book and everything in nightclubs booging away... convoy and everything... vakadua...

The funny thing is that these behaviour starts from their senior. Rabuka the motherfucker was an animal when it came to affairs. He fucked anything that had a hole in it. Frank... well he needs Viagra and that's affecting his heart today so he did not mind when Rabuka, Tarakinikini and JB had a taste of his Kean wifey... got it kean wifey lol... Colonel Sitiveni Qiliho from Nadroga... na ohe... well when his wifey Esther Blake pulled down his pants....ha ha ha ha ha..... Esther would joke to the air hostess the only thing stiff Qiliho had was his starched ironed shirt. The bugger could not keep it up... Funny that Esther used to joke about him being bad in bed and sleeping with Mara when she was sleeping with him at the same time..... Well Mara too is an animal like Rabuka....

Fuck the military anywhere. Now you have a thug that tortured and committed arson the Commissioner of Fiji Police. The fucked up motherfucker Sitiveni Qiliho from Nadroga - ni vei cai.

This motherfucker will close any case that should be open for investigation and nothing more will be heard of all the other brutal murders and beatings that the former COMPOL wanted to open for investigation.



Anonymous said...

Groenwald states:

It is plain and simple. Frank Fiji's nigger monkey of a PM does not like what I did, investigating those kaffir nigger police and military who beat up and shoved the baton up the escaped nigger convicts arse. If it was up too me, all you black cunts Indians and Fijians alike and half breeds can kill and torture each other because your bi products of animals anyway and that's the way you black Fijian niggers behave and think. That's why you need us white masters to control you. Look what happened have you niggers independence and you kill each other. Once black frizzy haired monkeys you will always be monkeys.

Your monkey PM does not want me to investigation that beating and anything else so that's why the monkey brought in another monkey from his green army zoo to take over.

Now you dumb ass nigger Fijians will never know the truth. The dumb thing about you nigger Fijians... your so fucking stupid you believe anything anyone tells you, fucking dumb bastards.

Now all you who voted for Frank... go give him a heart transplant you fucking stupid fucking sheep.

Niggers like you Fijians and Indians were bred to be slaves to white men and to follow and do as your told. That's why when one nigger like Frank did it to your poor deceased black people, he acted just like a fucking black animal and worse. So go suck Frank off. I fucked his wife anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hughes factor.......Bai is still spooked....

Anonymous said...

9.04 and 9.48 just beware I've reported you to the Fiji police.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous child at 6:36 AM

Obviously you are some pathetic lowlife that thinks it's clever to use such filth. Sorry, but you are just a sad joke.

Anonymous said...

@8:13pm.... what a shame that Fijians like the PM and the Soldiers of Fiji have the blood of Fijians on their hands. That's right....you so called holier then though Fijian Christians have bashed and killed your own and it starts from your PM. That's a shame and though the PM and those soldiers involved in the brutal bashing and killing live their live like it never happened... just as Cain lived a tormented life after killing his brother Abel...so shall Frank and those soldiers. You will be cursed and your families will be cursed and nothing will be the same for you have sown the seed of death in your family and as you sow...shall you reap.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:54 I must admit we had a 3some.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:54... had a 3sum with your wife and Frank as well... Frank likes to take a dildo and strap on up his nether region. That's why his son likes it that way as well. I had sex with Hosana climb the village and she told me. I was the 1st in line.

Anonymous said...

I work at FNPF and when I see that Bainimarama is giving instructions to allow some people to withdraw money from their account when they are not supposed to, I really get pissed off!!! What a criminal!!!

The "vugakoto" case is shocking.

Anonymous said...

Anon@1.33PM. No you had sex with Frank's dog woof woof.

Anonymous said...

2:13pm... The people of Fiji have not learnt that Fiji Government is Bainimarama who does whatevcr h pleases and no one can do anything about it because he has the military monkeys and now the police protecting him.

Fiji got what it deserves though. You vote a monkey you get peanuts.

85% of people I know who supported Frank from 2006 and had screamed and shouted with joy when Frank committed the coup and when Frank won the 2014 election, are now wondering what happened to the reasons behind the coup and getting rid of corruption and nepotism.

If you 2:13pm did not vote for Frank in 2014 election... you have a right to complain.

If you did not, suck it in and take it like a man because Frank, Khaiyum and the Military are fucking Fiji up the arse so hard, that when this is all over, there will be shit everywhere.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:56pm... Did not know he had a dog... How did you know that and man.. you know how to make the dog mating call....

By the way... the only dog or bitch I know is Franks wife... The only other one is your wife and she has been my bitch since you been wasting your time on this blog site. Go home and please her or someone else will. miaow

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Anon@3.00PM. You should know a lot about dogs because your mother is one, and your wife is one and to top it off, you masturbated while watching two dogs mating oilei. Get help fuckface.

Anonymous said...

Mr Natuva said the Acting Police Commissioner should not be seen as the militarisation of the police.

Minister Natuva really thinks we are idiots to swallow his big LIE.

It's hard to accept as truth what the Fiji First Government says these days. Too much hypocrisy and lies!

Anonymous said...

Funeral today of Fiji photographer assaulted after coup


One journalist died working in Fiji. Isa, how low has the RFMF gone?

they will have to be prosecuted for that, and the only way to do is to abrogate the 2014 constitution.

Anonymous said...

2 13pm .".the vugakoto case is shocking" what link do we have here? Netball, blood or power?
Thanks for highlighting this and bring it out to the public because it's straight out abuse of powet. Of course you deserve to feel this way.
CEO I guess is another ' yes sir' person., right? ? No guts..the only true leaders with integrity and principle are those that stood their ground in the face of Fijis main adversary - Bainimarama.
Hughes, Groenwald, Richard, Vijay, Wadan and others are examples of real leaders who worked by the rules and refused to be intimidated.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Sejiseji...ulukau. Is that the best you can do? Get a fkn life, biatch.

Anonymous said...

Sitiveni Qalahio told the Fiji Times last week that the safety of
every Fijian was paramount and at the end of the day we want a safe and secure Fiji so all Fijians can enjoy life and do what they are supposed to do? I mean here a man who in 2006 was responsible under
Bhainimarama direction, in burning down a Supreme Court Judge Villa
in Pacific Harbour? He has been continuously involves in killing of
Fijians on direction of his leader-Bhainimarama. Was it a big surprise that he has become a high ranking officer in the RFMF? No,
but Bhai may be afraid of him and that is why he is trying to keep
him real close so he can be control?

Anonymous said...

Thebutt Research....poll results aren't really convincing, coming from a firm with a name like that.

Anonymous said...





Mark Manning said...

The Paris terror attack and the subsequent developments have taught everyone that Moslems are a race that can't be trusted. They will act like friends and will be ready to stab you on the back at the first available opportunity. They are the type who will cut the neck of the person feeding them without a second thought. Many are asking the question as to why the so called Moslem non supporters of the terror network (the satans state) aren't speaking up. Simple- it's because they all support what the terrorists are doing because they live with the same ideology that their fucking peodophile prophet and donkey fucker allahu akubar taught them. Australia, New Zealand and Fiji have opened their homes to the devil itself. Australia is suffering the consequence already, soon New Zealand and Fiji will realise the grave mistake that they have made with this refugee ressettlement deals. Don't be fooled in thinking that Fiji Moslems are any different. At the end of the day, they are fruits of the same rotten tree that preaches openly to exterminate non believers. Let's bond together and wipe these assholes from the face of this earth. Only then will there be peace in this world.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning wanna be. Can i correct you humbly. "Muslims" is not a race you dumb shit. It is a belief, a religion a stupid faith just like all other faiths in this world. How will you wipe of about 100 million Chinese Muslims, about 250 million Indonesian Muslims and about 30m Malaysian Muslims. The problem is the Arab Muslims following a particular kind of Islam called "wahabisim" which is an intolerant version of Islam. For idiots like you 'wahabisim' is like the extreme version of Christianity practiced by the Amish people albeit without the violence.

Fiji Muslims are Indians and do not practice wahabisim.

Get your facts right before posting dumb comments.


Anonymous said...

@Anonymous idiot using someone else's name 12:35 PM

What your post has taught everyone is that you are just some dumb, stupid, ignorant freak of a human being.

Go play somewhere else boy, you are not wanted here.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

They will all die like dogs, Khaiyum, bainimaramayum and all those stupid ff supporters commenting above.

Anonymous said...

3.49pm...o Voreqe me sa kerei vua me sa rauta na kania jiko na viagra. Nona uto e na rusa mai. E cava, sa loma leqataki Mary? Tukia eso na Wakani jiji kei na duva, ologa ena drau ni salato qai gunuva. Na kena kosa me qai sosomaki e matanidena...ya e vinaka cake mai na gunu viagra.
O Khaiyum sa gera mai ena levu ni nona lasu..sa vakavotui mai ena yavana. O koya e rawarawa sara na nona qaravi.. Vutuki vata ga e 20 na borogaga lalai ena dua na I sulu. Lobaka kina e dua na moli karo. Vesu vinaka na ligana kei na yavana ni luva oti na nona tarausese. Sosomaka nai olo-olo e matanidena me yali yani e loma, qai dreta mai tuba nai sulu me tu ga yani i loma na kosa. Ya ena break taka o koya na record a biuta tu e Voreqe mai na loga ni veitavioka e RFMF ena yabaki 2000.
Gonei o via kila na cava sa yaco jiko vei rau,?
Rau na yavu ga mai me vaka na sovu.

Anonymous said...

O Voreqe na wajina o Mary dau vutuki koya e liu o Master Aliposo Waqaliti. Qo dua na turaga dau vei dulu. Ni rau sa raboka na vei dulu o Aliposo kei Mary ena lomani squash court mai Marist keimami sa matalau na sarasara..... Na ole mate mai na gusui Mary.... oh poso ph poso.... poso poso... Gauna koya... e vutulaki Frank sa qai gole jiko yani ni Marist Club me laki raici Mary... Vei dulu rau cakava toka qo o Mary kei Aliposo na veimataqali style rau kitaka...qai dua na turaga kau levu o Aliposo...esa mavoa o Mary...se maleka beka vua... Sa oji nodrau vei kaba... rau lesu yani kina mata gunu... kidava o Sela ni dua na ka e yaco..... vakasagai Mary talega o koya... Kalougata ni yaco totolo yani o Frank... keya sega... Io o Percy nona cakacaka ga na vaka vosaca taki Frank... sega ni kaya dua na ka o koya ni vutuki nona sis o Aliposo... Ya na bula ni tamata vei liutaka tu nikau....

Suomynona said...

Thank you Naidu for your service, at least you're one of the very few who is not buying into this despotic regime where any outsider elected into any government posting can be a threat to Frankie's personal agenda and interests.

Naidu pretty much summed it all up about nepotism and favoritism and how the last constitution did not involve that compared to this flawed constitution written up by none other than Bhaiyum himself.

Pity that the military is nothing more than a bunch of ass-wipes that would blindly follow anyone, even if that person turns out to be a dicktator like Frankie.

Woso said...

@12.08pm..Nomu talanoa sa vakaraitaka ga nio tamata garosa..Keimami via rogoca se dua nomu vakasama
e na kena liutaki o Viti ,me vakadodonutaki tale na i lakolako e Viti..Baci jealous ga o iko ni kau levu cake o Aliposo mai vei iko! Sa dri yani

Anonymous said...

@12.08pm..Sa bau tala rawa o Aliposo..vacava i keri..lol!...bai load sara tu ga na taga Simede!..

Anonymous said...

Isa, no class saraga this fala. Real low-down. We don't need to read all this crap. Get a life, bro.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha...vinaka nai talanoa...kau levu nei poso mo dabeca @anon 3:52...cava me vuvu taki kina edua na tamata kau levu...vavo keo via ikarua kei Mary mo tovola ra....na uluna walega veitalia o rau na drua...keo via mosi ena qai biligi sobu na ulumu, biligi cake mai na mumui poso...ya o raici ratou sara ga na tubumu vakatolu...lol

Anonymous said...

ANON@9:56PM...Vinaka na prescriptions ni wainimate mei Bhai&Khai and
in order for the medication to work-both patients needs to cooperate
and "resistance would be futile"? Sa mosi na nodrau I benubenu!!!

Tomasi said...

Folks, there are only a few questions we and our parliamentarians must ask the dictator Baini-vuaka and his sidekick Khaisi-yum.

1. To Baini-vuaka : How long do you intend to hang on to power in order to avoid arrest for your serious crimes ?

2. To Khaisi - yum : Do you want Fiji to become a Muslim state?

As many of us already know, asking the right questions may lead us to the TRUTH.

And the truth is: There is God Almighty, the God of heaven and earth. He is the God of Abraham, Yitshak and Yaacov. He is not allah the demon in Mecca.

The sooner we realise that and do something about it, the quicker will we realise what actions we ought to take to save our nation from being systematically transformed and destroyed by people who masquerade as agents of change but are really disciples of satan the devil himself.

I do not hate muslims, but I absolutely detest the false religion of Islam and their paedohile and false prophet mohammed and his demon allah. They are leading millions of people straight to the lake of fire in hell and eternal damnation. I know this may sound racist, and politically incorrect. But I would rather offend people by speaking the truth and helping them come to know the God of love and the One who created us in His image and in His likeness for Himself, just as the Holy Bible describes Him.

Anonymous said...


44-year-old Filipe Kepa who has been charged with three counts of rape of a child remains in custody as he has failed to present his sureties before he is released on bail.
Kepa was produced from remand at the Lautoka High Court today.
Kepa is alleged to have raped a child on different occasions between 2013 and 2015 and allegedly participated in recording of pornographic activity directly and/or indirectly involving a juvenile.
He is also charged with one count of pornographic activity.
The state sought further time from the High Court and the matter has been adjourned to the 9th of December for Information and Disclosures.
Bail has been extended by the High Court however Filipe Kepa is still in custody as he failed to produce his sureties in court today.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:22 AM

Seriously, what in the heck do infer by the term 'abandoning'?

Thoughts, yes, it can only be assumed you are wanting to take a cheap shot at someone.

Anonymous said...

Qiliho is on the wrong side of the prison bars.