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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Parliament told teachers loyal to Reddy promoted

The examination pass rates in Fiji has been shocking since Mahendra Reddy took over as Education Minister.

Recently, students sitting the year 6 examinations scored zero in English even though they scored 80 or 90 in other subjects.

The declining education being provided to students could be due to nepotism and cronyism happening in the education system.
The following cases presented in Parliament show that Reddy promoted teachers loyal to him and the Fiji First at the expense of other deserving meritorious ones.

Name of Officer
Current School
Current Grade
Promoted School
Promoted Grade
Mrs. Ragni Singh
A.D. Patel College, Ba
3B- Vice Principal
Niece of Hon. Minister Mr. Pravin Kumar(aka. Pravin Bala)
Veisaru Sanatan Primary School
Tavua Primary School
3C- Head Teacher
Promoted ahead of Acting HT at Tavua Primary School, Mr. Satish Chand, a confirmed 5A officer.
Mr. Raman has been seen regulary partying with the Minister and he has also been accused of stealing meat from a certain school, extra marital affairs at Koronubu, embezzlement of funds and many more issues.
Tuva Primary, Sigatoka
Nadi Sangam Primary School
1B – Head Teacher
Election Campaign Manager for the Hon. Minister for Education in Sigatoka;
NB. Does not meet the MQR, no qualification upgrade.
Dharmend Reddy
A.D. Patel, Nadi
A.D. Patel, Nadi
Brother of the Hon. Minister for Education; Does not meet MQR; Many senior Teachers were bypassed.

Ritesh Chand
Saru MGM, Lautoka
Lomolomo Public School
12th Year Teacher replacing a very senior with a 23 Years of service. Cousin of Hon. Minister for Education.
Inayat Shah
Lautoka Ahamadiyya Primary School
Lautoka Ahamadiyya Primary School
Broken Service, does not meet MQR, no experience as a Head Teacher
Muniappa Reddy
Naidovi Primary School, Sigatoka
Sabeto Sangam School
Cousin of Hon. Minister for Education. Many other suitable candidates within the District were overlooked.
Mrs. Khan
Nadi Muslim College
HOD 5E Confirmed
Nadi Muslim College
ED1D – Confirmed Priincipal
Did not experience AP or VP during her career.
M. Rofin
Nadi Muslim Primary School
Nadi Muslim Primary School
Many other senior teachers who had qualified for this Post have been grossly overlooked and denied the opportunity to get higher promotion.



SODELPA supporters are sick in their head. Magaichinana. When army beat prisoners before they were full of cry babies, condemning the army, etc. Now the Police has beaten this internet café owner they are supporting the police. It is SODELPA supporters who are trying to destabilise this government. They have tried before and trying best to topple this government. They don't have guts to use their own computers. Army is united in Fiji and will find any culprit who is trying to destabilise the government.

KUA NI RERE said...

Where does it say that the Police beat him up?
Rajneel says he thought it was the police. He is not sure. His head was covered.
So please check your facts before you write.
Otherwise it just shows that you are an IDIOT.
All we know is that The Police in Sigatoka actually helped this man and rushed him to Hospital.
For Mr Qiliho to say that he does not trust his Police is to denigrate the good work done by his policemen in Sigatoka.
Basically Qiliho is like you. Farked in the head.

Anonymous said...

Sodelphans are terrosit....dey need dick in der anus

Anonymous said...

The case of the Minister of Education was bound to happen...we saw it coming...this is the product of another coup. No different from Rabuka's. Shame on you Bainimarama

Anonymous said...

The FF government should be destabilised through the power of the pen...the reality being they are the cradle of legalised terrorism ..do not forget that we had Bainimarama through the gun and electoral manipulation. The constitution belongs to him and he continues to undermine the independence of his own ministries

Anonymous said...

ASK's Monkey act is prove that he is finally buckling under pressure. He is caught for corruption and will be remembered for his double standard. I do not condone racism however the reality is quiet different for FF and its so called fight against racism. Shame on you ASK.

Anonymous said...

SODELPA continues to show reasonable performance as opposition like any other. We would be left in the dark if issues were not made public by those who were elected to keep governing party in check. We have had this experience for 8 years, a period replete with propaganda and draconian rule

Anonymous said...

Nothing surprising, really.
Bainimarama is giving free land to his relatives in VKBL, and doing FNPF dirty deals for people like Vugakoto.
So many people know about it now because of coconut wireless...
Bainimarama should start watching his back because there are a lot of angry people who he thinks are friendly.
Vere vaka....... is always a possibility.


Anonymous said...

Commish says, any Police Officer who beats up civilians will be sent home. Fk that, send their ass to jail. Man, the morale in the Police Force must really suck. All the qualified senior officers and they bring in this kabuwacara who has no experience whatsoever in policing. And now they're blamed for something off-duty soldiers must have done.

SEMI K MEO said...
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Anonymous said...

All bloody Indians. By hook or by crook these bastards are scum!!!

Anonymous said...

@8:43 All bloody Fijians.Always sat behind a Police or military truck in cuffs,bastards are scum!!!.

Anonymous said...

Anon@7.29PM. And your mother's black anus is being rammed by....you you sick motherfucker.

I'm not surprised to see Indians being promoted by this one-eyed cocksucker.

Anonymous said...

Kua Ni Rere i actually agree with you on this. I read the story in the Fiji Sun and for a while was left wondering how this made any sense.To may holes in the story.

What i can tell all the sensible readers and contributors of coup 4.5 that their is a hell of a lot more going on than what the local media is able to print or broadcast or is even aware of. Their is an army of spin doctors running the FF propaganda machine and it works on overtime at full speed. The idiot masses of this country are exactly that idiots. Most folks have their heads so deep in the grog bowel that they see nothing else or a just to dumb to read and understand anything beyond what they are told.

I will also say this that the only right way to defeat evil is through non violence or the Gandhi way. History has shown that violence only begets violence and we should not succumb to animistic behavior or in others words we should never become like the enemy who have used the threat of violence to keep the masses quite.

Their is hope yet and the 2018 elections are only 28 months away. I believe that all right thinking folks who believe in a strong united Fiji will have their day. We must use our voting power wisely.


Anonymous said...

Yes Meo. This is not new. It happens in every organization. That's what power can do. In all governments, private and public sectors nepotism and cronyism are part and parcel of leadership. When one reaches a position of leadershjp he/she., will somehow exercise this power to the point of abuse. This is dated back to the beginning of time.

SEMI K MEO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SEMI K MEO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Semi Meo, you're using the photograph taken 20 years ago. You look way way old and wrinkly now.

Anonymous said...

@11:17 AM
Some loans from FDB going to some of Bainimarama's relatives.... like the Vugakoto case.

Anonymous said...

And some goes towards paying for Semi Meo's care at a rest home.

SEMI K MEO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SEMI K MEO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ratu Singh, Savusavu said...

Moral diarrhea to go with verbal diarrhea from Semi Meo.

Anonymous said...

Really people, how can you all can be so stupid to fall for this
shit?Khaiyum is in major trouble in calling isoa in parliament a
Monikey he has been called to resign not only by the opposition whip
but by the former Prime Minister-Mr Chaudhry? In his attempt to deflect these heavy amonition he master minded these craps to save
his ass? Reddy is nothing but just another tool to be used? Come on
people he's used these Indians Ministers to save his ass every time
he's in a tight corner? He has Chaudhry kicked out from the Government
and had Anthony dumped & kicked in the ass by Bhai,had The health Minister slapped in the head,the bastard is a traitor to all Indians.

Anonymous said...

SUBMISSIONS for Fiji's new flag continues to flood in to the national flag committee, says chairman Iliesa Delana.

Mr Delana said Fijians were still sending in their submissions and they continued to see a wide range of ideas on what people would like to see as their new flag.

"Submissions are still being sent to me and to the Department of Information, apart from the 23 what we're receiving now are new ideas," Mr Delana said.

Mr Delana however could not confirm the actual number of submissions they received so far because of what he said was continuous submissions from the members of the public.

He said they were also waiting on Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama to inform them of the next step after the December 31 closing date of submissions for the proposed new flag.

The competition ran from March 2 until May 1 2015 before Mr Bainimarama announced an extension to the closing date for the submissions.

During the initial submission date before a selection of 23 that were finalists, more than 2000 designs were received from Fijians around the country and around the world.

Fijians has about a month left to give in their ideas of what they want on the new Fiji Flag.

ha! ha! ha!
talk about bullshit!!!
anyone believes some people are sending them submissions?!?

Anonymous said...

@2:34pm I sent in my design 3 weeks ago.It was a white sapo with skit marks on it.I think some people are still sending their design in because we all looking forward to the selection of the new flag.

SEMI K MEO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

One dumb fucking country filled with monkeys.Just look at that sexual assault on a year 13 student by a teacher?The school told her not to report it to the police as they will deal with the incident yet still allowed him to teach.

The asshole has been accused of sexual assault therefore the incident should of been dealt with on the spot,gather statements from the victim and witnesses if any was present.Pull the teacher out from the lessons and have the accused wait at principals office.Both victim, witnesses and the accused must be kept separated in different rooms and not allowed to see eachother.Once that process has been done report the incident to the police and wait for their arrival.The police officers (If they have a fucking brain and trained well on investigating) will collect the details of all parties involved and then after extracting the details will arrest the accuse under suspicion of whatever sections of the law he/she broke that where committed according to victim and witness statements(Don't forget to also mention his/her rights very important whilst processing the arrest remember your Academy training for you dumb baboons).Each person involved(Victim and Witness) must be given the JOB NUMBER or CASE REFERENCE NUMBER so when they visit the station and give you that number you can check your logs and know who you dealing with. This is usually the number that was given to you when you was called out,you must also give it to the inspecting sergent on duty so he knows the case assigned to him to investigate. Now back to the School,an immediate suspension should be dished out due to pending investigation of sexual assault by the police and also if the accused claim for bail he cant return to the premisis untill all charges are dropped or proven not guilty by the courts.

Now listen up monkeys and baboons in uniform.At no time shall a detainee be sexually or physically abused.This includes Anus prodding,Concrete dick smashing,Baton ramming of ankles,knees,elbows,shoulders,toes,fingers,head,anal rectum,mouth and ears.Anything physical to the human body intend to hurt is not acceptable and is against the law.Torture is not allowed so read the UNCAT module and book bash it into your brains till you know word for word just like you know the readings from the bible.It is your duty to take good care of those in your custody in a humane manner.

It's time to clean yourself up and start being humans not baboons or monkeys.

Anonymous said...

We have a monkey deputy PM with his monkey henchmen trying to prove a point. He is now cornered between his policy and his action. Vader was scapegoated for his class act which we all know was not racist

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.34pm
At least he came to his senses after putting the whole country in total idiocy in regards to the flag change. People are not fools to accept changes shoved upon them through iligal shortcut route. Whats so tough in obtaining a public concensus when you have the means and resources to do it? We now have ample time to provide more designs as practically possible as we can till the deadline. I commend you Bai for listening to the voice of the people by extending the deadline to more invitations.
Let me remind you Frank that the last 23 designs initially shortlisted were strongly rejected by the public. Therefore none of the 23 should never make it to the new shortlist come finalizing day in early 2016.

Ratu manoa said...

Itz funken funking to note dat sodelphans wants to be terrosit.
Go nd funken fuck ur koro

mark manning said...

Fiji's education standard that of B1 and B2 and their financial advisers Mr Peter Foster and Mr Squiggle :-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qs9OQTK0Cic

Anonymous said...

Students score zero

Sikeli Qounadovu
Thursday, November 19, 2015

THE Ministry of Education is trying to determine how some students scored zero in their Year 6 Examination.

Dr Mahendra Reddy said there were a few contributing factors to why the students may had scored zero...........

Anonymous said...

Fiji's interim prime minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, says he is not surprised by the reports of an alleged assassination plot against him.
A Fiji man living in New Zealand , Rajesh Singh, says police have told him the former Fiji Army officer Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara, and the former head of Fiji's water authority, Anthony Fullman, discussed ways to kill Frank Bainimarama and the country's Attorney General.
The police searched Mr Singh's house in Auckland on Tuesday, and seized a laptop and cellphone.
Commodore Bainimarama, who is in South Korea, told Radio Tarana he has not heard of the latest reports of a plot against him.
But he says he does know there are people trying to stop the good work that is being done by the people in Fiji.
"So it wouldn't surprise me if there was an intention to assassinate me, that's nothing new from that camp."
Commodore Bainimarama survived an assassination attempt 12 years ago during a mutiny in Suva.
Meanwhile, one of the men claimed to be behind the assassination plot says the accusations are ludicrous, and completely untrue.
Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara, who now lives in Tonga, says he's never thought of doing such a thing.
Absurd news to me, it's the first time I've heard about it and I'm quite surprised about they have put the blame for us on that. I've never heard of such a thing, it has never crossed my mind.
Ratu Tevita says he wouldn't be surprised to hear of an assassination plot, because most people in Fiji want democracy restored.
Neither the New Zealand police, nor the New Zealand prime minister, John Key, who is also the Minister in charge of the SIS, would comment.
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Anonymous said...

May god save Fiji from corruption

Kevan Seru. said...

1. What does SODELPA want?

Complete control of the country, the leadership, the resources including the land , etc.

Give SODELPA supporters Viti Levu and allothers should move to Vanua Levu.

- In five years there will be no towns and cities left in Viti Levu, all land will be full of jungles, people wearing leaves etc.
On the other hand Vanua Levu will be like Australia.

Tomasi said...

Many of us long for the day when there shall be open Q and A sessions with Bai, Khai, Reddy, Kubuabola, Pravin Bala and the others.

There are also those who would love to invite Bai, Khai and Reddy to a Q and A session at USP or at a Trade Union sponsored event.

Wait, has the PM of the new Fiji ever addressed a college or university audience on his vision for Fiji for the next 30 years? Yes he will read his script like the dumb parrot he is. But the real fun begins when he answers penetrating questions from intelligent minds. That is when he will run and hide in the box, and from there, try his best to think outside the box.

Bai, Khai and their QORVIS mentors thinks they can continue to keep us inside their cage, but to think outside it. This is absolute vanity and a striving after the wind. People are born to be free. Even the most evil military dictatorship will not succeed from forcing people to sell their freedoms and pursuit of truth and justice. It may take some time. But one day, these rogues and criminals will realise they were given many opportunities to repent, but decided to follow the path of treachery and folly. They have been sowing the seeds of disaster, Soon they shall reap the whirlwind.

Cheer up Fiji. Hope in God. Do not put your trust in man, There is a brighter day coming. Glory be to God.

Semi Meo is a Singh said...

Semi Meo Singh, what warriors names you talking about asshole? Take your medication and make sure your caregiver changes your nappy boci lol lol

Anonymous said...

Nothing new..this gas been happening for a very very long time in public service. All governments and ministers are guilty of it so scapegoating cockeye wont solve our problem. The rot that started in 1987 has contaminated the civil service so much that it stinks Far and wide. I was shocked to learn from a friend of mine from fru yesterday during our kava session that Ben Ryan is paid a whopping $500,000 package as Fiji sevens coach. Our very own maestro and King, the one and only Waisale Serevi, was paid $80,000 and he did a tremendous job. My friend said that though he was given this package, he hardly received payments because of mismanagement by Kenneth zinck and his cohorts. Fijian Players are paid 15,000 to $25,000. We are so embroiled into Fijian, Indian, Chinese, Christian, Hindu, Islamists etc etc wriggling that we are openly willing to crucify our own and bring a white fella instead. Don't know when really will most of you understand that when there is conflict between two parties, the beneficiary is usually a third party who generally have stirred the pot initially. I would rather have a local appointed to any position even through nepotism than give the job and rewards associated with it to a foreigner. Get a life and wake up to the reality.

Anonymous said...

Ahha ahha allahu akubar allahu akubar ahha ahha allahu akubar allahu akubar ahha ahha ahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....

Phantom said...

You full of nothing.....too much blame game......sound like others I know off.....be realistic....this is not a political issue.....evidence first...one mans word.....do we believe ....... Read between the lines......

Phantom said...

You guys are worst.....believe in lies.....and are becoming lies tooo....no evidence....too much hot air.....group up.....

Anonymous said...

Anon@9.09AM. Wake up because your father is sexually molesting your sister Ahha ahha allahu akubar allahu akubar ahha ahha allahu akubar allahu akubar ahha ahha ahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:48 PM

Run along home kid, your mothers waiting for you to do some chores.

Anonymous said...

Violent impact
Siteri Sauvakacolo
Friday, November 27, 2015
VIOLENCE against women costs Fiji about $210.69million a year, about 7 per cent of Fiji's gross domestic product, the Reserve Bank of Fiji revealed.

The Health Ministry has also stated that at least one victim of violence was admitted at the CWM Hopsital per day with an estimated cost of $1500 per day and an estimated ward cost of $600 per day.

In a separate study presented yesterday, the Fiji Women's Crisis Centre stated the annual cost of violence against women was $8m per year in terms of injuries borne by patients, families, children, friends, the cost of non-productive work, permanent scrarring and damages both physical and intellectual.

Anonymous said...

By the way, what happened to Mahendra's cock eye?

Anonymous said...

Fiji women's right need sharia law.
If ladies can stay home and be ladies we wouldnt have any problems. Thats why we muslims are successful in handling women and our famlies dont suffer.

Anonymous said...

Gee, rape is rampant !

Beware those perverts passing themselves off as religious men with special healing powers and infiltrating society for their own sick means. They speak in strange tongues to confuse the uneducated, take your women and your money.

How many more of these Pastors hiding behind the cloak of religion are going to be revealed for what they really are. Sad dirty old men.

Village head, pastor face rape charge
Friday, November 27, 2015
Update: 10:35AM A 53-YEAR-OLD village headman of Labasa has been charged with eight counts rape of a 12-year-old student between July and November this year.

Acting Commissioner of Police, Sitiveni Qiliho said the turaga ni koro will appear in the Labasa Magistrates Court today.

In a separate incident in Tailevu, a church pastor has been charged with five counts of rape for allegedly raping five women under the pretext that he had healing powers, on different occasions in a village.

Brig-Gen Qiliho said the accused will be produced at the Nausori Magistrates Court today.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:23 PM

Fortunately the vast majority of the world has evolved for the better.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:23 PM

If most of us feel the need to OWN some living being and CONTROL it we get a dog and put a lead on it.

Anonymous said...

Anon@11.23AM. It's because of sharia law that your mother and your sister were sexually molested by your grandfather. Sick motherfucker.

Anonymous said...

Sexual attacks a concern: Qiliho
Friday, November 27, 2015
Update: 12:12PM SEXUAL attacks on women and children continue to be a serious concern for the Fiji Police Force.

Acting Commissioner of Police, Brig-Gen Sitiveni Qiliho said the Force will not ease on its pursuit to bring those involved to justice.

"What is even more concerning is that those who we deemed as holding positions of trust and a solace during times of trouble and need, are the very ones preying on those we are trying to protect," Brig-Gen Qiliho said.

"We will continue to call on religious bodies, the vanua and civil society to help us find ways to fight this social ill from within our communities as we try to protect our women and children from becoming victims of sexual attacks."

Anonymous said...

Report all these extremist to the police guys.If you live overseas report it to your local police station.The world is working together to put these terrorist out once and for all.Whether you live in Fiji,Australia,New Zealand etc etc report them.I have reported to police about some of the extremist views on here been posted such as 11.23am.We will find you and we will bring you down.

Grandpa Manning said...

moronic manning... the new rajend naidu. Cut and paste, quote others, insert youtube videos. Meaningless comments, slow day at the clinic?

Anonymous said...

Slow day too at the geriatric care facility where Semi Meo resides.

Anonymous said...

Why is Mr Qiliho calling on religious bodies?
I thought the FF Government doesn't like religious bodies?
What's happened to their Secular god and secular committees in government. Why aren't you calling on them to solve the child abuse problems?
Why don't you form another group of "steak holders" ? lol
So now FF government clutching at straws asking religious bodies. Just like when al Noushra captured the Fijian soldiers. They suddenly asked every one to start praying.
FF government is one hell of a confused government.

Anonymous said...

Secular God and committees, ha ha ha...............

Where do these comedians come from?

Anonymous said...

Mahendra Reddy the self-rated cane cutter self-purported economist cock-eyed cock sucking motherfucker who thinks he is the smartest person in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@5:55 PM

totally agree!!!!!!!!!
Get rid of all those flags. None of them seems to even respect the rules of good flags...
looks like corporate logos, light yellow on light blue....wtf?!?!

I hope the government got their lesson and will at last stop interfering with the process and pick some of the flags that were submitted by actual people.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:35 PM

I suspect he at least has the intelligence and is smarter than you and not have to revert to profanities to state a point of view.

Anonymous said...

You have to ask Bai who advised him to worship the secular god. Must be the dumb people at Qorvis.

AAA said...

Please add another to the list Bharti Devi Singh promoted as Principal of MGM High without meeting MQR. 3B directly to 1D coz his husband was friend of Mr. Reddy. Bharti has 16years experience and is a degree holder currently doing PG in leadership which MOE doesn't recognize. So there you go the credibilty of the Minister is also questioned.

AAA said...

Lots of people promoted are the Rishikul Teachers as they were friends of Dharmen Dayal. Even in MOE 80% staff are from Rishikul who worked with Dharmen Dayal. Where is this ministers credibility.Please PM do something and bring another minister who is not even bias otherwise good teachers will retire without getting any posts.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:53 PM

You ask 'why is Mr Qiliho calling on religious bodies' to help solve the child abuse and sexual ills problems in Fiji.

Surely its fairly obvious.

Firstly, aren't you aware of how many of these religious teachers in Fiji are presently alleged of sexual abuse and rape and before the courts?

Secondly, certain religious bodies in Fiji are seriously aiding in the breakdown of family life.

They achieve this by their insistence of splitting family units for too many hours in the week, parents in Church, children home alone.

The Methodist Church uses the practice of disturbing some entire communities with their deafening raving angry evangelistic style of preaching for three hours a night every night of the week. The hatred in these preachers voices suggests nothing spiritual or religious but simply a wish to attempt control.

For the Methodist Church, showmanship at the lectern and bringing the money in is far more important than the welfare of a community.

So yes, the authorities do need to get the religious bodies involved in these social problems and their first action should be to clamp down really hard on the hours and the way they are allowed to operate.

Anonymous said...

What a monster of a being in Mahendra Reddy have Dr. Ganesh and Dr. Biman created. Reddy's legacy is destroying Fiji's education system, and destroying FNU which was shining under Dr. Ganesh's leadership. Dr. Ganesh gave many of the opportunity to complete diplomas and degrees. Fiji was becoming educated. Reddy and Khaiyum wanted none of this. At there behest FICAC combed the FNU records for months to find dirt on Dr. Ganesh, only to find him saving the life of Filipe Bole as a charge. What a joke. We all know that Reddy is dismantling tested education system. At close of school today, teachers were on circular no 74. Each day Reddy wakes up with a new dream, he puts out a circular. Most of these are hilariuos. Teachers have sleepless nights. Many are now looking for jobs outside teaching. They dont want to remain under mercy of Reddy and Khaiyum. I know first hand as I have seen the daily tensions my wife went through this whole year. We both voted for FFP. Good God, how dumb were we?

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is fucking doing dirty deals for Vugakoto in Serua and you expect the whole country to stand right?!?
What you see at a small scale, you see it at the top level.

Everybody knows the story in Pacific Harbour!!!

SEMI K MEO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Sexual assault should be a concern for those in the army...they are the offenders

Anonymous said...

Long time never see Meo...good to see you back.

As for the corruption, promotion et al its nothing new. When a dictator assumes power and begins to enjoy the perks of office he is blind to what is happening around him. As long he continues to enjoy his overseas trips, free drinks, and abundant cash to stash away he is oblivious to the corruption and abuse of authority he has brought upon the nation.

But alas! when he falls he is going to fall heavily. The example of Rabuka remains fresh...He is now virtually a no body and no one cares about him. The same is coming for Bainimaramarama.


In April 2015 our Investigative Intelligence Research Network of this forum posted that Sodelpa is planing a coup worse than 2000 coup. Now the latest discovery saying similar findings but from a different independent source. Yes, sodelpa had plans to kill Fiji First Parliamentarians from 2014 but in 2015, sodelpa also had two of its own member of parliament in the assassination plot. Sodelpa coup board also ordered assassination of Bulitavo and Radrodro who questioned Ro Kepa's leadership...

Anonymous said...

Impossible, God fearing people would not do that.

Anonymous said...

7.39..the people who came up with these allegations were the same ones passing false information to the military prior to 1999.
I'm surprised that Bulitavu's name is back in the fore. Is this another cooking recipe to evade justice in the graffiti case? Bulitavu is only SODELPA by name today. His loyalty is bent towards FF...whats he waiting for? just cross the floor and move on.? Is he scared of his constituency, or pretend to be a SODELPA when obviously he's not today.

Anonymous said...

@Fact about SODELPA.... you suffer from the same paranoia as Frank.... get a life....or produce evidence rather then making things up .... you guys are unbelievable.......

Anonymous said...

@zfat afrah, blood in your daughters pussy from my extreme fucking and in your sisters ass from the ass pounding she receives. Check both and lick it clean so some more can kaboom kaboom it. Quack quack quack quack...piggy porky piggy porky piggy porky tonight.

Vilimoni Natewa said...

Why is SODELPA an extremist, violent party? The did the coup in 1987,and 2000. Now they want to kill FF party parliamentarians and two
of their own.


Claiming SODELPA is behind an assassination plot is another " bati ni tanoa" scoop..such allegation is an attempt to muzzle the voice of itaukeis who believe whole heartedly in their right as the owners of their land.
Why blame SODELPA when it is clear that it was the military who were wielding guns in Parliament! It was the military who were plotting the overthrow of an elected government. Were not Kubuabola and Bainimarama part of the plot? How quickly have you forgotten history Vilimoni!

Anonymous said...

Fiji's parliament is tainted...tainted by those who slept with the enemy of the state.. whether it be '87, '00
or '06...Fiji needs a new breed of politicians who share a new vision, not one tainted by propaganda. Unfortunately the truth is tainted. What we hear is not what we see. Behind the scenes is a plot to usurp power as long as the populace is fed with temporal happiness. Wake up Fiji, it is time to read between the lines. My only advice is to observe promises that are followed by action. Context is important, not soundbites.

Anonymous said...

The two Indians who are claiming the assassination plots are likely to be cooking up allegations that seem to undermine the opposition. The Indo- Fijian populace in reality do not wish the existence of an opposition because of the risk of undermining the pet treatment they are receiving from FF. A good Indian as far as we know is a dead one.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:51, if all Indians die, have you ever imagined who will satisfy your mother, wife, sisters and daughters itchiness in the pussy and big ugly ass. While you are out drinking grog and being a good for nothing keyboard asshole, it's the Indians who are ramming your wife, sisters and daughters and your ever horny mother. For Indians, a good itaukei is someone like you who leave their ass exposed all the time and claims that others have shit on their ass. Get your moronic dead brain revatilised by staying home tonight and enjoying the free show by the Indians with your wife, sisters, daughters and mother. Meow meow in your wife's pussy tonite....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

If it costs $2100 Dy to be treated at CWM (anon 27/2015 at 10:15) then it is cheaper to go to the Suva Private Hospital at $1000/day with better facilities. What a scam we live in. Only with Fiji First we get lies on top of lies. Ask ASHK the monkey he knows.

Anonymous said...

My heart and prayers go out to the families and friends of murdered IRAF founder Julie Alexander.
Isa isa isa. ..Fiji is stooped so low..
Can this make the international community do something to this regime? A homicide of a foreigner on our soil. New Zealander, Alexander had spent her money, strength and effort to build this rugby academy in Nadroga for her love for rugby talents in Fiji is dead.
The crafty calculating hand of the regimes death squad is seen here...NO DOUBT! The murderer FRU chairman and PMs own brother in law Francis Kean is back in the news .Thanks Victor Lal.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:06 AM

Whilst we are all sad at someone's death lets not start throwing the dirt on others before facts are known.

And why class Julie as a foreigner?

Anonymous said...

11 21am.
NZ should intervene and be precise in this homicide case. This a big call . Julie is New Zealand born. She's not local. Even if she has permanent or citizenship status she's still a New Zealander.
What would you expect the facts would be? ..natural death.?
NZ must send their own team to do the investigations beginning with postmortem.

Anonymous said...

Vilimoni Natewa.... You have obviously been duped by the military in believing your statement just like every other person in Fiji today, who support FF and the Military.

The people did not execute the coup. The people may have supported the coup but did not execute the coup.

If you are from Natewa, you should know that the man from Navatu (Drekeniwai) Rabuka was the one who executed the coup in 1987. He is a military man.

In 2000, the soldiers were deeply involved in the coup.

Thirdly, your saviour Frank the clown failed to prevent the 2000 coup from happening when he could have. He knew about the coup but did nothing to stop it.

The 2006 coup is Frank's vendetta and the move by the military to prevent the suggestion by SDL Government for the military to be down graded. Since 2006, your God Frank Bainimarama and the Military is responsible for many deaths and brutal beating of civilians.

The military have spread their propaganda of blame so well, that even Indians who were the victims of the 1987 coup support the military today.

Before you open that ass of a mouth... don't be a dumb stupid monkey of a Fijian by believing everything the military tell you. That's how they want citizens of Fiji to think, like monkeys. Now that they have you under their control, your nothing but a monkey.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:49pm... enjoy it whilst it lasts. The day the tide changes... the violence that will happen against Indians in Fiji will be unprecedented. The level of hate against Indians rising today will reach a level because of dumb stupid cunts of Indians like you who make comments dumbly thinking you will be protected forever by Frank. Remember one thing, Frank and the military are still Fijians not Indians and they change like the tide. They were behind the 1987 and 2000 coup and then changed things around and committed the 2006 coup but this does not mean things wont change again.

When it does change, you my friend will be the subject of what we call a one week convoy. If you can flee Fiji now, you better start running because this will happen very soon.... Sooner than most people think. The wheels of change and violence is rising.

Fijians have tolerated so much and particularly from Indians but like anything...it will get to a point where our tolerance level has been passed and Fiji waters will turn red......

Mark my words and this will happen sooner than you think.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:37 PM

As you so obviously have limited knowledge of what you are talking about it would be a good idea if you did some basic research before you start spouting off.

Speculation is a dangerous thing.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo, you're a wannabe christian. For fucks sake old senile pussy, stop mentioning Christianity, Singh or whatever, ISIS, Islam etc, you need help old pussy. lol who's the boci now pussy?

Anonymous said...

Bomb threat

Nasik Swami
Monday, November 30, 2015

OPPOSITION Leader Ro Teimumu Kepa will call a special meeting today regarding the safety of Opposition members who were subject of death threats made through social media.

The threats by a local man on a prominent social networking site stated that he could act as a "suicide bomber" and even "make a bomb" to destroy "some evil people who create political unrest in Fiji", referring to the Opposition.

Ro Teimumu said she was aware of the threats posted on the social networking site.

"I think it is a very serious matter that the police should look into. To me the posts are very concerning and has wild allegations concerning the safety of everyone," she said.

Responding to the "open threat" posted at 5.26pm on Saturday, which went viral, Acting Commissioner of Police Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho appealed to members of the public to control their emotions because it could create unnecessary fear.

"The least we need is for people to be throwing threats at each other and causing unnecessary fear that could have ripple effects on many things, including the economy," Brig-Gen Qiliho said.

He said he would wait for the Opposition Leader to lodge an official complaint for it to be investigated.

"We will have to get a report from someone to investigate. If the Opposition makes a formal complaint, we will of course investigate."

Some other things posted on that person's social media page cannot be published for various reasons.

Anonymous said...

Fijians are the type of people whom you cannot really predict. They may smile and look happy and act like they wont hurt a fly but their flip side is violent. We saw this in 2000 and 1987.

We don't want to see it happen again but one cannot help but get this feeling that many Fijians and I mean Itaukei really hate Frank and what he has done to the people and this hatred is growing every day.

One wonders what it will take but one realises that it may take 1 day, a week, a month, a year maybe ten but when it does..... ohh la la ... I feel sorry for Indians. This new wave of violence against Indians will be unprecedented.

Already Fijians speak of Indians with such venom and hatred in their hearts it makes me wonder why they go to church at all.

Lets hope Frank can contain his own people.

Anonymous said...

Whoever controls the military or whoever the military allows to control them, will have mandate over the people.

This is what the military have led people to believe today.

Frank knows this and everything he is doing from budget allocation increase to the Army, promotions, ministerial portfolios, diplomatic posting etc....reflects this.

But this is his moment an moments always change.

I agree with Anon 1:07pm and 3:57pm... the hatred Fijians have for Indians today is far worse then before and when something will happen again in Fiji, the Indians will take the brunt of it all..... Lets hope those Indian who are acting macho are around...Lets also hope this does not happen at all because of the actions of onlya few Indians creating this race hatred and it all seems to come from Indians living overseas because they seem to think Fiji is the same racial melting pot.

Anonymous said...

@3:57 PM
I drove from Lautoka to Vakabalea (a settlement just before Navua) lately to collect veges and there was big discussion going on about a half caste relative of Bainimarama living there and having a big time fighting iTaukei landowners, I think his name was Vugakoto or something like that. He seems to be getting free land, house loans and so on. The guy has a record of being a big conman and apparently Bainimarama is happy with that! The PM is doing too many dirty deals under the table for iTaukeis to be happy... One day people might get angry, but the sad thing is that Indian farmers are still often the poorest. Just a small group of assholes are fucking up the country. We should refrain from linking nepotism and corruption to racism. A new justice system will have to clean up the mess one day.

Anonymous said...

All this hatred thing about Indians is crap. We are far better knowledged know - we know the difference between gujarti, muslim, hindu indians. Our enemy is gujarti and muslim. My people will protect others if need be. We have decided on this. SO come done to reality.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.07 You are a typical dumb ass kaiviti. Thankfully most kaiviti are not like you.I have asked assholes like you a million times the same question. What have the Indians done to you or anyone else in Fiji that the likes of you hate so much. All the coups and i mean all the coups were planned and executed by kaiviti under the pretext of Indians are taking over Fiji BS, well at least the first 3. The 3rd one was done against a kaiviti PM and his government by another kaiviti. NO INDIAN ASKED FRANK TO DO THE COUP. The Military is almost 95% kaiviti so is the police and the entire Civil Service. The FF government is about 70% kaiviti and so is the opposition.
You own all the land and all the resources. The Indians at least most of them have had no benefit from the coups and have been doing what they have been doing since 1987 and that is minding their own business and going about life as best as they can educating their children, contributing tax dollars and just living.

Please clarify for me what exactly have the Indian community done in Fiji and to you that makes you want to spill their blood.Let me tell you something. Their is about 1.6 billion Indians in this world. As a country India is a super power and a nuclear armed one at that. If India wants to they can eradicate the entire kaviti race from the planet all 400k. Do you know why racist fucks like you talk big because so far Indians have not fought you back. You have maligned them, raped them,beaten them and treated them like 3rd class citizens all because you need a scapegoat for all your failures as a race. You have been fortunate that Fiji Indians have a peaceful nature and just want to live in peace. Do not however confuse our love for peaceful co existence with cowardice. I do not like nor support Frank and his party. My reasons are corruption, and all the dumb and inhumane things Frank has done to all Fijians. What i do not do is hate anyone for what they look like and who they are. As i said earlier most kaviti have seen the light and are not like you. YOU AND THE INDIANS ON THIS SITE WHO PADDLE HATE DO NOT BELONG IN THIS COUNTRY. YOU PROBABLY DON'T LIVE IN FIJI. GO SELL YOUR SHIT TO ISIS.

Anonymous said...

@ 5:39pm... Unfortunately it s the way it is... Indians have always been the source of problems in Fiji and Indians will never be Fijians in any way because Indians are Indians... Now why don't you pack your Indian ass and fucking fly back to Indian and you can leave there... Im sure you will... yeah right... You came out of the slums like coolie dogs and your lucky to leave in Fiji yet you guys treat Fijians like 3rd class citizens, are corrupt and the worst breed of human beings second to chinese. Indians are one of the most hated immigrants in the world... Use to be Chinese but Indians have taken the baton.

You don't realise it but what Im saying is very true..... Very soon shit will hit the fan in Fiji and Fijians hate for Indians now is a venom that is only becoming worse because Indians are too fucking dumb and stupid to realise the truth an have backed Frank Bainimarama for the wrong reasons. You wanted your vengeance against Fijians but you should take your vengeance against the military of Fiji not the Fijian people yet, 90% of Indians support Frank and the military and your reasons is because the military Fijians have been dumb ass monkeys and beat up their own kinds...

FOr that, Indians will pay when Frank is removed from the equation. The poor Indians can remain as coolies the very reason Indians came to Fiji. The rest of the Indians... well keep bringing it on and when shit happens... yuou will beg for your life. Remember we were once vioent cannibals andit is not hard to return to that violence and when we do... no church will be able to stop it.

Anonymous said...

Indians beware... right now Fijians are smiling at you and being nice. You will compliment Frank and they will also compliment Frank but the Fijian heart has been hardened and as his anger and hatred grows, it will eventually spill and Indians will be the ones whose blood will spill. Unfortunately, it will be far worse then ever in Fiji's history and the military wont be able to do a thing about it...

Fijian rights, land, culture, tradition is being shoved and trodden upon by Frank and Khaiyum.

When the Fijian eyes finally open... the waters of Fiji will flow red...

If you listen carefully you will hear the murmur of hatred is gathering momentum.

Already within the military there is dissent and this will grow and when it overflows...I shudder to think what will happen to Indians. How much longer do you think the Fijians will put up with this crap from Frank, Khaiyum and the Indians...that's right... The world today because of politics is full of hate and Fijians despise and hate Indians for what Indians have done to Fiji...Continuously demanding and demanding ad now they gace what they want to be called Fijians, they say... we never want to be called Fijians as we are proud Indians but if that's what the country offers, that's fine but Im still an Indian...

Anonymous said...

@ 5:39pm... unfortunately though you may be right Indians have always been used in Fijian race politics of hate and INdians playing the same game against Fijians are only cultivating the hatred and worsening the situation.

Go to villagers and sit and talk in whispers with people and you will hear and see how much hatred there is..... Fijians are like this... they want things for nothing. Frank makes them promises and delivers do you think a Fijian will support Frank... No the mouth piece of the village supports Frank.

In the last 8 years, Frank has been brain washing his soldiers and the people of Fiji in believing that it is the vanua and church who have misled the army resulting in the 1987 and 2000 coup. There is more to it then that.

What the vanua realises today is that Frank and the Military's hands is tainted with Fijian blood. Frank and his military have killed and injured too many people for people to forget and let things pass. The memory of those killed remains in the minds of Fijians and when the day arises, all those who support Frank will meet with hatred and anger. Not only Indians will be the target but Fijians as well.

Anonymous said...

The recent beating of a youth from Raiwaqa by a military man is yet another example. The military are taking the law into their own hands. Too many military is in the police now and they are turning the country into a state police with the manner in which they are dealing with people. Qiliho is a butcher and what is happening will not stop.

Anonymous said...

Oh oh oh what we have here?The monkeys,baboons,chimps and gorrillas all fighting amongst eachother again?So you want to cause another rise of the apes again?Run your black asses on the streets screaming coup! coup!?Indian monkeys vs Fijian monkeys? Let the media take pictures of you again?film some apes robbing tv's,computers burning everything?have monkeys kill that monkey then this monkey got eaten by that monkey then chimp came along and ate him but gorrilla wanted a bigger slice so he ate both monkeys whilst chimps suck on the bones?

Your a dumb fucking black bastard, its monkeys,gorrillas and chimps like yourselves that destroy the country.Your a fucking black nigger slave who lacks the ability to move forward and build a better future.Its fuck ups like you that gave this nation away,dont ever come on here again and talk because it is your kind of monkeys that are the types that lead the nation into choas.Fuck off yani you black bastards

Ratu qanilau said...

In Bible sodelphans read,.
We shud be terrosit
Nd we shud destroy da country
Do terrosit act

Anonymous said...

6-year-old becomes latest rape victim
17:37 Today

Taken from/By: WEB
Report by: Akosita Talei
A six-year-old girl is the latest victim in an alleged child rape case in Lautoka.

Police are now hot on their heels to arrest a suspect as investigation continues.

Police Chief of Operations, ACP Rusiate Tudravu, says the Lautoka girl was allegedly raped by her step father between Friday and Saturday last week.

The case was reported to the Lautoka Police Station by the victim’s uncle and the child is still under care at the Lautoka Hospital.

“Yes I can confirm that and an investigation is currently undergoing and I would like to warn people that thorough investigation will be done; an aggressive investigation will be done. We will be moving in the quickest time so we can have them apprehended interviewed and taken to court.”

A special investigation team has been tasked to look into this case thoroughly.
They’re also looking into the recent alleged rape of a 7-year-old girl.

Police are appealing to community leaders, chiefs and those holding high positions in societies to be responsible as recent cases have been reported with many as suspects.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:08 pm and between all those monkeys chimps and apes, there is you the baboon or should we say buffoon. You sound just like those monkeys you speak off baboon.. find a tree will you and I will toss you a banana or would you prefer nuts...

Anonymous said...


Oh oh that awkward moment when a big lip monkey trys to talk to you but you can't understand.Better give the monkey its treats since it likes nuts and bananas....

Anonymous said...

The inmates are now running the asylum. Fiji First, your wives and daughters next!

Suomynona said...

Favoritism's a bitch, Mahendra not-so-reddy will drive most of these young aspiring students into brainless wastes that even some of them can't read properly. A real shame that most of these handpicked teachers are not chosen on merit like they're supposed to.

Anonymous said...

also imvestigate releshni karan lawyer with no managerial experience holding position of corporate manager ministry of education.given that post as soon as minister came into power.
she is married to ministers nephew

Dominick said...

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