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Monday, November 30, 2015

Rugby academy pioneer found dead

The founder of a new rugby organisation in Fiji has been
Sudden death: Julie Alexander
found dead, three days after she told Facebook friends she'd been threatened.

Julie Alexander was found at her Pacific Harbour home on Saturday. Authorities have classified her death as an 'attempted suicide.' It's been suggested paraquat was found in her system.

Alexander, who founded the International Rugby Academy of Fiji, posted on her Facebook on Friday night at 11.16pm this message: "Am off to bed now, see you tomorrow, if I am not murdered in my sleep! IRAFJ so many threatened - can't for the life of me think why - I wouldn't want to be working as hard as me! xx"

Correspondence shows she had been in dispute with Fiji Rugby Union chairman, Francis Kean, over a claim she had no licence and no permission to run an academy.

In a letter she published on the Facebook page of the academy (see below), she claimed he was bullying her.

Reports say Julie Alexander was taken to Navua hospital on Saturday night, then transferred to CWM where she died yesterday.

Alexander's Facebook friends have meanwhile been busy posting about her sudden death.

Her family have urged people not to speculate.

Meanwhile there has been no comment from either Kean or the Fiji Rugby Union. 

Kean: accused by Julie Alexander of bullying her.
Kean was charged with murder in 2007 after he kicked and beat to death a relative at a wedding reception at the Royal Suva Yacht Club, just three weeks after his brother in law Frank Bainimarama overthrew the democratically-elected government of Laisenia Qarase.

Kean is brother to Mary, Frank’s wife, and was naval commander at the time. He was initially charged with murder before pleading guilty to the lower charge.

He was convicted of the lesser charge of manslaughter and sentenced to 18 months in jail but was released after serving a week of serving his sentence.

According to information posted by Julie Alexander, the International Rugby Academy of Fiji is a non-profit organisation and had sought advice from former All Black palyer Frank Bunce 'who had agreed to join us on a voluntary basis.'

She also listed sportsman Iliesa Delana as an Academy member.


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Anonymous said...

Is it really any surprise there's all this hate thrown around on here when we read these examples of the way Fiji is.

Cokanauto charged with rape
16:36 Today

Taken from/By:
Report by: Tokasa Rainima

54-year-old Pastor Jone Cokanauto has been charged with one new count of rape which has been transferred to the Suva High Court.

However, he has been granted bail under strict conditions by the Nasinu Magistrates Court today on one count of indecent assault, for which he was charged earlier.

Cokanauto has surrendered his passport which was one of the bail conditions.
He has been told he can travel out of Viti Levu but he has to report to any nearest police station on Mondays and Thursdays.

Cokanauto is the head of the Jezreel Lion of Judah church is alleged to be involved in sexual offences involving church members.

mark manning said...

So basically it's true! No-one is safe in Fiji.
But I'm wondering why it was suggested Julie committed "attempted suicide"! Doesn't that suggest that she was "not" successful in her attempt?

Anonymous said...

Francis Kean is nuts. His brother in law Frank Bainimarama is nuts. The military is run by nuts. The police now has a nutty commissioner. The AG throws nuts at the FF monkey supporters and they all scramble and fight over who gets what.

This is the Fiji we live in today, full of suspicion, murders, brutal bashing and killing.

Its no wonder people think that Fiji is just another dumb black country full of stupid monkeys vying for something.

You got what you deserved Fiji... Nothing more nothing less.

Anonymous said...

this fat head kanaloto monkey from the kanaloto family is a serial killer hes hiding under the skirt of religion needs to be eliminated with all his kanaloto family.

Julab Dean Jihadist said...

The violence is orchestrated by SODELPA now. They are inciting to destabilise the country so that they can come back in the power. They did in 1987,2000 and 2006. When in power they have bankrupted the country before. The President took after the country in 2006 because of their failed economic policies and Fiji heading towards bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

The baboons and monkeys strike's again!!!.How low can you go?How low can you go?How low can you go?

@8:32 "Its no wonder people think that Fiji is just another dumb black country full of stupid monkeys vying for something"

Hahahhahaha I've been saying it on here for nearly a month but sadly they are just too proud to be monkeys.The world is struggling to have patience with them.They will have to keep sucking it in and swallow it with their pride.Don't matter just pass them both the banana and peanuts

KUA NI RERE said...

Again a few glaring problems in this story;
1)Firstly the theory that she died from Paraquat Poisoning.
Experts say that it takes 7-14 DAYS to die from paraquat poisoning(see gasexchange.com).
This lady was dead within 24 hrs. She went to bed at 11pm (according to her Faceboook) and by the next night she was dead. THAT JUST DOESNT HAPPEN WITH PARAQUAT POISONING.
The doctors in Suva obviously can tell that she has died from some sort of poisoning.
I think it is important the Police get a vial of blood from this patient and send it overseas for Toxicology testing to see what poison it was.
Once you know the poison you could probably trace the source.

2)Secondly The frame of mind she was in, It is unlikely that she committed suicide.
Know one writes that they are afraid of the threat of death if they are going to commit suicide.
Think about it. It doesnt make sense.
This lady WAS THREATENED as she has told us. And the threat was strong enough toward her so that she could make her claim that someone is trying to kill her.
She also names that person as Francis Kean.
I think this is an important lead that the Police should go after. May be Mr Kean hired somebody to do it. May be Mr Kean had nothing to do with it at all.

Nevertheless this is A HOMICIDE CASE and the Fijian Detectives need to trace it meticulously without Fear or Favour.
Otherwise they will just look like Keystone Cops.

If its a Homicide Case then there WILL be evidence.
Either of forced entry , fingerprints; signs of struggle; DNA under her nails; empty vials somewhere near the scene of the crime etc etc.Look for it.

The more likely story is someone has done something to her.
If she took Paraquat, she would have told someone the next morning.....but it looks like this lady was unconscious from the word go.

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS> The brother of Frank Bainimarama , Meli Bainimara has died.
No mention in the press as yet. Family still contacting relative I guess.

Anonymous said...

@Kua Ni Rere 1:00 AM

You manage to make an ass of yourself yet again.

Anonymous said...

Agree KNR

We can also go to Fiji leaks to read profound reports on the death of Ms J Alexander and assess. To me this is clear homicide. For a person who had indicated her life is threatened only to be found dead later is a red signal of foul play. The primary focus on the investigation squarely put Kean on number 1 list and work their way down. The question is Who is tasked to perform an autopsy? Our own people or from overseas? and if toxicology and DNA test will be carried out who is tasked to perform these tests. Collecting evidence found, who is doing it and how credible and trustworthy the person is ?
Placing paraquat chemical on the scene is a make believe case of suicide...no! don't get buy into this We need more.

Anonymous said...

Kean is a murderer and is prone to commit another one if provoked. Ms Alexander's written response to Keans letter had her reminding him that he is a murderer and had escaped justice . Isnt this provocative ? I would say yes , a RED light for a murderer to kill?

Anonymous said...

Talk about trial by media with the conspiracy theorists going overboard.

Interesting how Fiji Leaks changes its article on the death of Julie Alexander. Interesting how replies to F Kean's letter now disappear from some media because the content may put the victims state of mind in question.
Interesting how the F Kean letter is being associated with the word 'threat'.
Interesting that KNR gives misleading information about the results of paraquat ingestion.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 9:25AM
Can you tell us please what is the "misleading" information in KNR's posting.
From what I can read he is scientifically correct in what he mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Iko dua na tamata lialia....

Some reports state that Julie had put her house on mortgage for the rugby academy......which means she didnt have any money and was trying to raise money.....smells like a con job. She is 52 and living alone .....
Debt plus loneliness equals suicide. Kean was right to warn as we cant have any fly by night rugby academies set up as agents for players and they take a commission. These things need to be controlled.
Come on guys this is simple suicide by a lonely, 52 year old women with mounting debts. What other secrets did she hide? Besides why would Kean jeopardise himself ....he was remorseful and visited his victim's family and is contributiong to their welfare!!!

Anonymous said...

Paraquat poisoning can have lethal affect from between hours to days dependant upon amount consumed.

mark manning said...


Anonymous said...

It is amazing why C4 posts items after an event.Were the bloggers sleeping when the chairman of Fiji Rugby wrote that letter to this lady.Anyways whats wrong with the letter.No Tom,Dick and Harry should be allowed to operate any form of business without first getting approval from the relevant authorities.If the bloggers of this site are real genuine advocates,why didn't they take up this case earlier.
Fiji Rugby Union did the correct thing to write to this lady.These expatriates are here just to exploit our local boys.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:40 PM

Well said.

It's unfortunate Fiji has as its enemies such as the likes of Victor Lal and KNR who will take anything and twist it for their own means.

They have no compassion for anyone, their only aim in life is to get themselves heard through whatever means they can.

Anonymous said...

"Exploit our boys"
FRU is broke and corrupt and is felt intimidated when something good for our poor community is done. Why didn't it come up with an Academy of it's own to cater for our local talents. Can FRU offer lucrative contracts for our rugby talents to play locally? Our boys had to utilize their skills and talents and make a living out of it and this is what Fiji is doing. Stopping initiatives like Ms Alexander had created. So what now with the academy? another wasted gold. Have you been to Namatakula, Nadroga, borderline between Serua/ Navosa on queens hwy and have you seen the lack of development in that area? Lote Tuqiri, Noa Nadruku, Temesia Kaumaia, Isei Nasiganiyavi , and hundreds of local and world talents all hailed from this area. Has Fiji done any development of sports in this area? No! !!! Instead turn to the news- filled up with criminal cases commited everyday.

Anonymous said...

Leaving a bottle of paraquat at the scene. That is so amateurish. That's like leaving a knife at the and saying she stabbed herself to death even though it's obvious that she had been shot in head. Come on, guys...think...what poison works instantly? Cyanide.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:36 AM

Another amateur sleuth, has watched CSI and tries to be clever.

Instantly ?

What was instant?

Anonymous said...

@ Inspector Closeau (Anon 1123am).
She was found dead on the couch in her living room. Instant death.
Try watching some NCIS episodes, you might learn a thing or two.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:09 PM

But Inspector Closeau can at least read !

"Reports say Julie Alexander was taken to Navua hospital on Saturday night, then transferred to CWM where she died yesterday"

Anonymous said...

That fat bastard Francis Kean looks like a real criminal.

Anonymous said...

Alot of questions to be asked here and I'm placing this incident as suspicious.

I am a former US/NYPD Police Officer held to the rank of Detective First Grade . I know that Forensic Science is the scientific method of gathering and examining information on the cause of death. But its NOT just that as forensic science has many other related or affiliated subjects.

Its extensive and the list is long , but from memory you have Forensic Pathology, Forensic Biology, Forensic Archaeology, Forensic Odontology, Forensic Dentistry, 
Forensic Entomology.. the list is way too long to put on here. 
Forensic Science also has other related subjects that it deals with such as Body Identification, Forensic Toxicology, Ballistics, Fire investigation, Fire Accelerant detection and so on.

I have had to have the Forensic Scientists use their expertise and knowledge to assist me in my investigation when a tire factory was set ablaze. They could tell me what the accelerant was and where it may have come from. 
Having an adequate level of understanding of Forensic Science & good communication , working effectively as a team maximises the benefits to be gained from using forensic science in the investigation of crime. 
I think I have used their service a lot and they are so invaluable to our work. The Fiji Police Force should bring in experts with the right resources and follow the same route if they wish to be effective.I hope that the Detectives ordered everyone off site in order to prevent contamination.

Anonymous said...

So much speculation with regards to the death of Julie Alexander. She committed suicide from drinking Paraquat and died at CWM - this was revealed by a source close to her. Media ARE NOT running the real reason of this and is wanting to add more to all these speculations.
She was shut down with her Academy and could not face the humiliation of this after securing land from Nadroga, involving international players and was in the process of relocating to a new home on the beach. This coupled with her struggle with DEPRESSION led to her doing the unthinkable. It's time to stop speculating and pointing a finger at others when the truth is - she died from suicide and her struggle with depression - END IT HERE!

Anonymous said...

What was her source of income? Did she inherit her house or Villa
in pac harbor? Pretty hard to tell if she did commit suicide? The police needs to conduct a through investigation? Checked that bulshit
real estate Agent-Richard Snowsil-the bastard looks like a killer,FPD
need to talk to him and maybe beat the truth out of him? This guy may
be killing off single male & female in pacific harbor so he can get
his sick hands on their abandoned property? Some one should give this
info to the new stupid police commissioner-Qalahilo?

Anonymous said...

And the idiots continue...............................

Strange that these conniving sick back stabbing bastards ignore the real horrors in Fiji like yet another 6 year old raped and the perverted preachers.

Anonymous said...

@12.58 Yes your right forensic science is a branch of science that aims to provide as much information as possible about what happened at a crime scene, how a homicide victim died or even prove whether or not an accused person and a complainer in a sexual case had contact with each other. It can also help identify an unknown victim or even give information as to the identity of historical remains discovered. A prime example of this is the kulukulu murder where a
body was found in a septic tank (forensic biology and entomology comes handy here).

In criminal cases, under Fiji law, evidence has to come from two independent sources (corroboration) and forensic science can potentially be one of the independent sources required to ensure a case can be brought to court in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

another one of khaiyum deflective shield>first the dishonest
Minister of Education-Mahendra Reddy,then the bastard who was
beatup by the Ba police and now this Gal & Kean the PM brother in
law? I't one way to stop the opposition from demanding his resignation
from parliament for insulting isoa & the Itaukei as monikey. Even
the labour Party Leader got involved by calling khaiyum to resign for
insulting the Itaukei? The bastard just don't freaking know when to

KUA NI RERE said...

All the Fiji Police have to do is go to CWM Hospital and dig up all the deaths from Paraquat in the last 10 years. They will very quickly realise that none of them died with 48 hours.
It takes days to die from Paraquat.,
Therefore if this is poisoning ( as the doctors said) then its not farking Paraquat.

Anonymous said...

52 years old woman is almost in her prime? Someone above suggested that she may have committed suicide? sound good but don't think so.
unless she has a mental problem?

Anonymous said...

Anon@1.01PM. Go and drink paraquat you fucking cunt. It takes days to die from ingesting it, not within 48 hours you dumb cunt.

Anonymous said...

@Kua Ni Rere 1:32 PM

You never cease to amaze us with your verbal rubbish professing to know everything but in reality just being another loud mouthed dumb slob.

Open your eyes for once boy and look outside that box you crawl in each day. Fiji is not the only country where Paraquat is often used as it's such an easily obtainable poison.

Do some research on the affects of paraquat on the human body system, read and learn and you will get to know that your knowledge is limited and erroneous.

It may teach you to stop making statements you can not support and others can and will so easily disprove.

Anonymous said...

Heard that Ratu Meli Baininmarama is dead !
Looks like the Bainimarama family is cursed.
Frank is next !

Anonymous said...

Your presumption at this stage is also a speculation even if source close to her is spreading such information. We still need scientific evidence for the sole pupae of transparency and pure justice. This great woman need to rest in peace . Her family and friends need closure.
With Fijis lack of resources and poor history of handling homicide cases I cringe at what the authorities would come up with. Still I prefer an overseas enquiry on this case .

Anonymous said...

@KNR You can just carry out a toxicology analysis by extracting samples from the victim. It’s all about separating and identifying poisons from a wide range of biological samples(hair,nails,fluids etc).Chromatography is used as a confirmatory test in the laboratory.It is a pathologist that estimates the time of death during the course of his/her autopsy procedures. 

In addition to this he or she may be called upon at the crime scene whilst carrying out their external examinations to try and judge or best guess when the victim died.Forensic team,detectives and pathologists all work hand in hand to investigate and solve a crime.

The police force or a police officer is not an expert in pathology or forensic science those fields are passed on to real qualified experts.

KUA NI RERE said...

@ 1:59 PM
Hahaha it looks like you are the one with his head stuck "in the box". ie Bainimarama's box.

Here is something for you to think about dickhead!

Australian Box Jellyfish bite- Neurotoxin - you die in 2 minutes.

Australian Taipan snake bite - Neurotoxin - kills humans in 3 hrs.

Fijian Sumusumu -Neurotoxin - kills human in 2-4 hrs

Paraquat - causes damage via Superoxide radicals.



Why dont you crawl back into Bainimarama's shithole and stay in that BOX , you dumb moron!

Anonymous said...

@1.24pm I agree that forensic entomology is useful and it is also another way in which the time of death can be estimated. By studying the insects found at the crime scene the pathologist is able to establish a more accurate time scale depending on which insects are found on the body and what stages they are at in their life cycle. 

Ahh yes corroboration was always exciting on playing part of the investigation.This is where the notebook and recorders were put to good use it certainly is a invaluable tool.Alot of psychology here and patience.

Anonymous said...

Anon@1.59PM. You're the one with a limited knowledge, and you're a typical 'google academic' lol. Shut the fuck up and go hide in mary's box.

Anonymous said...

why dont you qorvis boys take your notebooks & f--k off back to virginia.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:57 PM

KNR's mini me echoes his heroes stupidity. What's up, nothing original, substantive or relevant to squeak?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:00 PM

What's up girl, is the discussion too far beyond you and your'e feeling left out not being able to participate other than at a basic moronic level?

Anonymous said...

While i am no fan of Francis's Keen i am not one to just hate and judge for the sake of it. Yes Keen did kill a men. It was manslaughter and was as a result of alcohol and other factors which really could have happened to anyone of us. Get into an argument,half drunk,hit someone too hard or in the wrong place and walla you have a dead dude.
It was not premeditated murder. The fact that he is still looking after the dead fellas family is evidence of remorse and guilt. What is of concern is the limited amount of time he did for the crime and the fact that he is holding high office which is simple nepotism. However i cannot imagine Keen would plan to kill someone over a Rugby Academy which he could easily have shut down simply by filing a court case or using his Brother in Laws influence. It just seems to much of a conspiracy theory to me and perhaps another one of the haters on this site blindly finding something else to fuel their hate.
While KNR is very good at googling and giving stats these are exactly that stats. Any poison will have different effects on different people and a lot depends on consumption amounts, weather their was food in the system to absorb some of the chemicals how fit one was and how much the persons internal organs were compromised already due to heavy drinking etc etc. In short one size does not fit all. No point jumping to conclusions without knowing anything about the case.


Anonymous said...

"The police force or a police officer is not an expert in pathology or forensic science those fields are passed on to real qualified experts"

Then why is it that they speak on TV,radio and newspaper as if they are the real scientists hahahhahahaha only in Fiji bloody apes conning the people.

Anonymous said...

The post mortem result of a 52-year-old Pacific Harbour resident Julie Alexander confirms that she committed suicide.

Police spokesperson, Ana Naisoro says an inquest into Alexander’s death will also be conducted by a magistrate and anyone who has any information can present it at that time

Anonymous said...

Perhaps KNR will turn up with some hand picked stats and try and convince the experts he knows better to convince all so that it will fit in with his agenda.

But then he would get shot down again for what he is, simply a hater.

Anonymous said...

3.29 Can they release the post mortem report to the lawyers and family of Alexander.

Officers who were all present at the scene bring forward their names,badge numbers and time of arrival on the scene.

Was the whole house swabbed for evidence?Was their any force of entry etc etc etc this is not good enough Ana Naisoro.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahahaha short police statement means cover up,the monkeys and baboons are striking again!!!.How low can you go?how low can you go?how low can you go?

The more the lies the bigger that black farking nose grows plus those big black swallon lips.

Anonymous said...

Voreqe Bainimarama used the story of David and Goliath in his speech at Paris to describe his attempt at the Climate change issue. Funny that coming from a person who is against Christianity and prefers secular state. Perhaps he was only obeying his boss Aiarse?

and @anon Dec 1 2015, 12:54 - He looks like a real criminal because he is one, as he killed someone and was convicted for it, and worse, he did not even serve his sentence. He thinks he got away with it, but The Lord said, "Vengeance is mine, I will recompense!"

Anonymous said...

A MAN is worried that his complaint lodged with police may not be investigated following different responses from officers.

Atinesh Deo, who claims he was assaulted outside Labasa Hospital last Friday night, said when he went to the Labasa Police Station on Sunday a police officer told him the medical report was lost.

"And then another policeman told me that my medical report was in the hospital, but they needed a vehicle to go and pick up my report," Mr Deo said.

"So I took them to the hospital to pick up my medical report, but still there has been no feedback from police regarding my complaint.

"I am in the dark about how far investigations have gone and I hope police do something."

Police spokeswoman Ana Naisoro confirmed they had started investigations into the case.

"In fact, both taxidrivers involved lodged complaints with us and we are investigating," Ms Naisoro said.

She refuted claims made about no action being taken by police.

I smell a rotten cop job here,corruption infront of everyones face.Does Fiji police force have an internal affairs department?

Anonymous said...

The sad tale of itaukei village girls was relayed in the high court in Suva today by a fifteen year old who was raped by her uncle when her mother/father went to sell their produce at the suva market. The girl said that on the night in question, she was asleep in the passage leading to the kitchen when she felt that her sulu and penty was removed from her. She woke to find her uncle on top of her who closed her mouth and started deep thrusting her penis into her. After five or so minutes, when he was done, he told her to wipe all the blood and ensure to keep her mouth shut otherwise there will be more blood and pain next time. When she went to complain to the turga ni Koro the next morning, the turga ni Koro told her to remove her penty so he can inspect and see whether she has been raped or not. These are the types of fucking animals we call humans in this world. They should be hanged upside down and their penis put on fire with white benzine.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.23 Totally agree. We also have complete fucking MF'S like Tatalevu and Ali Khan who cant even leave a dead women in peace. They have the audacity to insult her even after she is dead. This is a result of too much porn and a sick depraved mind. If only we could trace some of these flea bags i sure would like to knock some teeth out of these pieces of shit. TATALEVU AND ALI KHAN I HOPE THE GHOST OF JULIE FINDS YOU AND GIVES YOU WHAT YOU DESERVE. I real live doona up your cici you sick fucks.


Anonymous said...

Kanaloto reshuffle

FijiExpose have been reliably informed that Murder Francis Kean will be replacing Qiliho in few months how can a murder be a police commissioner ??

Anonymous said...

Francis Kean replacing Qiliho???

"When you see and abomination standing where it should not, run and do not go back to your house for anything." Or is it, "When you see a bigger abomination replacing another abomination ......"

Anonymous said...

This made me laugh!!

Acting Prime Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says it will take time to remove the systemic issues within the Fiji Police Force and government offices.

While speaking at the National Youth Dialogue on Violence Against Women, Sayed-Khaiyum says the police force is not the only institution in the country that has systemic issues.

He says there are even people who are holding public offices today that got jobs because they knew someone.


He says this issue will only be solved when people who are not doing their job properly are identified and removed.

Sayed-Khaiyum adds that there are a lot of these people in the police force because they have received complaints about them.

Anonymous said...

Some of this people on here from overseas who are claiming to be ex detectives and police officers seem to be forgetting that Fiji police does not have the resources 1st world countries like Aus,NZ and the US posses.Our internal division was only re established last year and the training recieved for investigative officers recieved at academy is basic.Our detectives who had 10+ years experience are been put on international recognized refresher courses and only starting to learn about modern equipment like digital forensics and psychology forensics.We are lacking equipment and man power but government has invested and are bringing it in.International standards of policing would call our tactics old school and outdated and I fully agree.Fiji Police Force (Sergeants, Corporals and Constables) enrol its officers on human rights training workshop.The training event is convened with support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in partnership with the Secretariat of the Pacific Community’s (SPC) Regional Rights Resource Team (RRRT).The processes of up skilling the force cannot happen over night as it can take months or several years.

"Sayed-Khaiyum adds that there are a lot of these people in the police force because they have received complaints about them"

It isn't just that we have some officers who have lost morale or simply do not want to do the job through procedures as it is time consuming and too much paper work these are the ones that needs to be sacked instead of hoping for promotion and receiving payslip.

Anonymous said...

4 44 pm Ali Baba. .it's long overdue!
At some point we have to lose our sense. I applaud you for hitting out at these pieces gutless shits with no souls .
We are dealing with a dead citizen and do these people have any remorse or empathy at all?. Ms Alexander has done a lot to the community and to rugby. Her family and close friends are currently at a loss and this is how you react ?
Ni veicai taucoko! !!

Anonymous said...

Tatalevu and Ali Khan! You too should be locked, tied up and forced to sit on a pineapple fruit- fresh and half ripe from the farm. - one each. Rules must be followed. .pineapples must be unskinned. Leave everything as it is. The anals must take everything inside with nothing sticking out of the arse. This is to be followed by pounded hot chillies.
What's wrong with her having fun. She's a single female and women do that. I'm pretty sure that your moms, sisters and daughters do the same. Ask them how many dicks have they fucked, sucked and longed for? If they dont, then your mother is not a woman. She must be a dick. Ms Alexander was single, pretty and deserved attention from men and what's the problem with her having sex.

Anonymous said...

The lady had more balls than some of you bitch - ass mfkrs talking shit up in here. She had the balls to set up a rugby academy. Something our fuck - all government never even thought about. She had the balls to come assholes that run rugby houseand set up shop in these fkd up isles. Instead of showing gratitude and helping her out, the assholes that run rugby house decide to monopolize and say, "uh, uh..we're the only ones who can run this shit. Shut it down, or we'll take you down ". And the rest is history. Meanwhile, fk-nuts is still fking around overseas.

KUNI RE RE said...

@7.14 People should have morality. People cant behave or live like animals. As people age and mature they don't act as animals.

Anonymous said...

@Kuni Re Re 7:36 PM

On that basis the majority playing here must be kids then.

Anonymous said...

Majority are USP kids who type on here.UNIVERSITY OF STUPID PEOPLE.

Anonymous said...

Kua Ni Rere what morality you talking about. I have some news for you. Their are about only 2 sexes in this world males and females. No matter how blurred the gay or homosexual lines become their are still only 2 genders in this world and therefore sex between consenting adults is a part of natural life. Morality is about not stealing, lying, cheating being just and kind and treating others the way one wants to be treated.Its got nothing to do with how many sex partners one has as long as it is between consenting adults. The problem with you bible types are that you are so full of moral bullshit that you end up raping small kids. If some of the pastor types actually relived some of that tension in their loins legally with consenting partners their would be some drop in our rape numbers in Fiji.

All that aside what we are hearing or reading about Julie is coming from depraved lunatics who probably had all sorts of fantasies about a white women and a dead women's photo is fair game for their sick minds. Neither you or i know for sure who this lady really was as a person. She is dead by her own accord or by someone else s the least we can do is respect her and let her RIP.

Let me quote you a famous bible line that you KNR would surely understand. "Let those who have not sinned throw the first stone". As much as i despise religion some of these quotes are priceless particularly when dealing with hypocritical Christians most of who use this blog to spew hate and intolerance.


KUA NI RERE said...

@Ali Baba 8:24PM
I'm amazed you fell for it.
This mathafaka @7:36PM signed himself as Kuni Re Re.
He is obviously not me.
In fact if I were you I would call him out for being a dumb immitation of myself.
Such idiots. Most of them are in the Fiji First Party. Some of the dumbest people in the world.
He writes " as people age and mature they dont act like animals".
Its the mature people who are raping little 6year old girls.
They are worse animals than young people.
The guy is a farking dumb arsehole, to make a stupid dumb comment like that.
I'm amazed you couldnt pick it Mr Ali Baba.

Anonymous said...

That look and bearded photo of Kean reminded me of the Cleveland kidnapper,rapist, molester and murderer -late Ariel Castro who was charged for life plus1000 years in prison.
Could someone tell him to shave his beard because what I see is a picture of a criminal.

Anonymous said...

@1.47am He looks like a moslem terrorist the little kai loma bastard.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh its a fucking hajii!!! Quick pass me my M4 A1 let me pop its brains off (bang,bang,bang,bang) shuffle off this mortal coil.

Sici said...

Ka ena yaco ni sa jiko na yalo kocokoco kei na viavia dua na ka ni ko macawa tu madaga.
Bainimarama liu muri taki ira na CRW!!
Kean solimaka vei Bai me kua ni vesu ...e a laba!!
Kei na koco i tutu ni veiliutaki ena vei vanua ni cakacaka....na ka qori e vulici e bunoci gonei!!!!

jinijini ga laba!!!

Anonymous said...

@ 3.55pm

All the Leaders of the world converge to rubber stamp a CLIMATE CHANGE new religion on the entire planet where ALL must comply!

They're all singing to the same tune - TO SAVE THE WORLD!!!


Isaiah 24

The Lord Will Destroy the Earth

24 The Lord is going to completely destroy everything on earth.
He will twist its surface.
He’ll scatter those who live on it.
2 Priests and people alike will suffer.
So will masters and their servants.
And so will women and their female servants.
Sellers and buyers alike will suffer.
So will those who borrow and those who lend.
And so will those who owe money and those who lend it.
3 The earth will be completely destroyed.
Everything of value will be taken out of it.
That’s what the Lord has said.
4 The earth will dry up completely.
The world will dry up and waste away.
The heavens will fade away along with the earth.
5 The earth is polluted by its people.
They haven’t obeyed the laws of the Lord.
They haven’t done what he told them to do.
They’ve broken the covenant that will last forever.
6 So the Lord will send a curse on the earth.
Its people will pay for what they’ve done.
They will be burned up.
Very few of them will be left.
7 The vines and fresh wine will dry up completely.
Those who used to have a good time will groan.
8 The happy sounds of tambourines will be gone.
The noise of those who enjoy wild parties will stop.
The joyful music of harps will become silent.
9 People will no longer sing as they drink wine.
Beer will taste bitter to those who drink it.
10 Destroyed cities will lie empty.
People will lock themselves inside their houses.
11 In the streets people will cry out for wine.
All joy will turn into sadness.
All joyful sounds will be driven out of the earth.
12 All the buildings will be knocked down.
Every city gate will be smashed to pieces.
13 That’s how it will be on the earth.
And that’s how it will be among the nations.
It will be as when workers knock all but a few olives off the trees.
It will be like a vine that has only a few grapes left after the harvest.

Anonymous said...

Its MURDER full stop!!!
For those who did this horrendous act GOD KNOWS ALL!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9am You are a fucking donkeys uncle. Do me a favor dude. Why don't you pick up a copy of Christoper Hitchens book "God is not Great religion poisons everything" and read. Your stupid bible was written by dumb ass bronze aged men who had no idea what they were talking about. How about going to this website truth be told and reading the many articles about religion listed on it. Religion is for simple idiots like you who have a blocked fucking mind. You equate everything to god simply because you cant explain it.Go do some research.


Anonymous said...

PM cutting short his vacation in Paris. Heading back home due to personal reasons. Might be some truth to the rumours that his brother did pass away.

KUA NI RERE said...

Its interesting that that "stupid bible written by dumb ass bronze aged men" enabled FIJIANS WHO ONCE WERE CANNIBALS to be able to read and write.
This by the efforts of The Wesleyan Missionaries to Fiji.
THE MOST FAMOUS OF THEM ALL WAS A YOUNG 19 year old by the name of John Hunt who left Plymouth, ALL BECAUSE OF THE GOD OF THE BIBLE.
And now the descendants of those Fijians have become Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers ALL OVER THE WORLD. And one even flies an A380 in the Middle East.
What a legacy!
The young John Hunt gave his life for Fiji.
God loves you Alibaba and we love you too.
Jesus is LORD and to HIM be ALL the glory.

Anonymous said...

Margaret Wise, the whore reporter from Fiji Times that became famous for assuming the role of the sex slave for Rabuka during the 87 coup and bearing him a bastard child is reportedly whoring herself to semesa Karavaki now. The lustful duo were photographed checking into motel 6 late yesterday evening. The photos are now viral on fijisluts.com. So it rings true-once a slut, always a slut. Reporters and their ethics for doing anything to get news.

Anonymous said...

KNR glad to have you back. I am glad that your ancestors gave up cannibalism and yes i agree that the Bible or Christians had something to do with that. Literacy has nothing to do with the Bible. The Bible was not written in the English language. Reading and writing in English is simply because the English first came to Fiji. Had the Spanish or the French on any other civilized culture at the time arrived earlier to the British you would have still stopped eating each other but your reading and writing skills would be totally different.

You and i both hate child molesters and anyone who harms a child of any color or creed.Agree! What kind of a God kills the first born in every Egyptian home. What kind of a God orders men to treat women the same as cattle. The Christian and Muslim God that's who. You really should read the Book called "God is Not great". Since you like to Google why don't you Google Truthbeknown.com and read without prejudice and preconceived ideas. While i respect your beliefs it is illogical and makes no sense when contextualized against what we know now as advanced homo sapiens in the 21st Century.

I was once a block headed close minded religious nut. When i started seriously researching with an open mind and applying logic i changed my view on religion completely. The evidence that all faiths are man made is simply to hard to ignore.


KUA NI RERE said...

@Alibaba, where in the Bible does it say we are to treat women as cattle?

From my reading of the Bible it says: "Husbands love your wives AS CHRIST LOVED THE CHURCH, and lay down His life for her."

OK so how much is a man to love his wife?
Answer : Just as much as Christ loved the Church.
And how much is that?
Well , the answer is right there in that verse. It says "He lay down his life for the Church" ie He died.


You must be talking about Islam.

The Bible does not say we are to TREAT HER LIKE CATTLE...Where the fark did that come from? That is definitely NOT in the Bible.

Islam treats its women like shit.
They constantly put women down.
Women are not equal to men.
Women are classed as Unclean. WTF!
Islam definitely treats women as second class. Even now days in Saudi Arabia etc if a woman gets raped, ITS NOT THE MAN WHO GETS PENALISED, THE WOMAN GETS THROWN IN JAIL. WTF

If a couple get caught in adultery, GUESS WHO GETS STONED TO DEATH.....Definitely not the man.
Its definitely the woman that will get stoned.
WOMEN ARE SO MISTREATED BY THE KORAN , ITS NOT FUNNY. Sometimes treated worse than their animals.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:33am, Isaalei, if it was semesa Karavaki, he was probably there to satisfy his craving for milk. If you remember, he doesn't support the idea of drinking cows milk so he must have gone to get a sip of the milk that he likes. No harm in that. I only hope that there were some left after Rambo''s tenure with Margaret wise otherwise Karavaki would have to go back on his gospel and drink cows milk. All the fucking false prophets and their secret deeds. Margaret, when you free call me. I have a long craving for some milk as well gulp gulp gulp..............

Anonymous said...

KNR. You want quotes. Give me some time and i will quote you all the horrors of the bible verse by verse. Just asking you have you read the Old testament and the Koran and the Tora? I have. If you have lets see if you have understood them. In a day or so i will list down passage by passage. Have your bible ready.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

People of Fiji have allowed themselves to be ruled by a lunatic Frank Bainimarama and have lost all decency and respect.

A woman has passed on and all we read from idiots on this blog is their sick minds.

Her death is unfortunate and we all would hope that a proper investigation is undertaken to determine whether she died as a result of suicide as the media have indicated or whether there is foul play.

There is no point making dumb comments here without being in a position to do anything about it.

In fact, people should question and raise the issue of her death with the relevant authorities because what is evident in Fiji today, is that we have a police force that is controlled by the military to some extent, which has resulted in people regarding the police as incompetent.

There are many things about her passing that does not make sense but writing on this blog and not showing any sense of dignity towards a human being is truly tragic.

Those of you attempting to write about the bible and God and cursing other religious beliefs, I can only say WOW... If you truly believe in your creator I am sure you realise that one day you will be confronted for your thoughts and actions.

Lets be sensible about what we say or don't say anything at all. The moment you speak or write something, you already contradict yourself. Peace and Love

Anonymous said...

Last blog. Well said. I agree totally.

Anonymous said...

@ Alibaba - In saying that your glad our ancestors gave up cannibalism are you trying to insinuate something.

The human race Alibaba goes through a certain phases or cycles in life.

Every human race have gone through a violent phase because it is the nature of men.

War, killing, cannibalism and all this feudal system is part of that phase. Indians, Europeans, Chinese, Japanese all have been through this phase. Some have come out earlier than others but within you, genetically you are inclined to be violent.

Perhaps you make that statement to refer to Fijians being savages and uncivilised at a certain time. So what if that was to be the case.

Fijians were happy to live in such atrocious conditions but the Europeans with their weapons and bible and yes... violence - influenced the change in the Fijian system at that time. Bringing Indians into Fiji was part of their ploy and Im glad your ancestors brought you over from your flea ridden, poverty stricken, cow dung living poor assed low life in India, where today you and thousands of Indians have managed to prosper.

Would you ever return to India and regard yourself as Indian. No you wont but you want to have a part of Fiji but still consider yourself Indian.

You cant have all the cake Alibaba, though you claim your mother is from Beqa you still think and behave like an Indian. If you did not know, three men from Beqa were in India before your ancestor was brought to Fiji on board the Leonidas as coolies of white men.... Namaste ni sa moce.

Anonymous said...

@anon 11:44am, you should also be thankful to God firstly that lutunasobo made that trip from wherever he originated from and settled in Fiji. If he hasn't, imgine the life you would have. Probably be starving to death or infected with AIDS or skin disease in some war torn savaged country. You would have been fighting over every drop of water and food that were dropped by othe countries including India. You will be shitting and someone else like your own child would be eating it. Yes, that a sheer reality of the African continent that I-taukeis are deemed to have originated from. Had it not been for the missionaries, Indians and lutunasobosonbo, you would be cursing the day that you were born. Love what you have got and appreciate the people who has helped you get to where you are. Dont be a selfish rat and pig.


I agree with Alibaba that he was once a "blocked head close minded religious nut"..that is what we are currently witnessing - extremist religious ideology. And this very principle also holds true for those who revile religion at the mercy of their own ideology. Works both ways

Anonymous said...

Kean looks like a fucking ugly monkey.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:15pm... another ignorant Indian fool joining in on the band wagon... Every human being on this planet originated from Africa you dildo and you are describing yourself in your comments. What a laugh.

You talk about starving... Bro your country of India is the poorest scum on the planet and they eat all sorts of shit and live in houses built from shit.

We did not need you curry munchers coming to Fiji... in fact we were better of without you gunts... We would not have had coups or the problems we have today if not for you gunts...

All of you Indians who came to Fiji were the lowest of low castes in India and that's why you all came here as coolie slaves...

If your so proud of your mother India... bro get on the next plane and piss off back to India... Go live in your slum land... your so proud of...

Be fucking grateful we allowed you to stay and did not massacre all of you when the Europeans wanted us too back then... We should have killed every single Indian in 1987 and kicked the rest out of this country but we did not and your frigging lucky to live here but if you don't want too... pack your shit and get back on your Leonidas and fuck off...

Everywhere Indians go you take with you your smell and your frigging millions of Gods your corruption and garlic smelling onion breaths stinking skinny ass black ass smelly selves. Now piss off.

Anonymous said...

Next shit that ill happen in Fiji... Indians will bear the brunt of Fijian anger and this time... the rivers and seas will turn red... Fuck you Indians... what will happen you got it coming. You bastards support Frank who is part of the very military that fucked you guys in 1987... they ruthlessly and unmercilessly killed, raped and fucked you guys and today, you support this very same sinister organisation which you forget is filled with Fijians.

These same Fijians committed and were part of the coup in 2000 and again in 2006.

Things will turn around and when it does... you will wish you had fled when you guys had the chance...... Don't believe for one minute the military will protect you because they will be involved and will be the most brutal against you lot. 75% of soldiers their blood are boiling with what is happening but they are waiting just like the rest of us are waiting and when the time comes... Indians will wish their slum dog ancestors never set foot in Fiji....

Anonymous said...

@ Alibaba…It is true that there a wealth of material in the bible that speaks of the “wrath “ of God, “horrific”as it is as far as critics are concerned, it does not make God unworthy . The bible does put into perspective the reasons for this as laid out plainly is the verse below:

“The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness, since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. Romans 1:18-19

The wrath of God should not be understood in a crudely literal fashion. The divine wrath is very different from human wrath. It should certainly not be understood as an irrational passion. God's wrath against sin and wickedness does not mean that he is likely to fly off the handle at the most trivial provocation, still less that he loses his temper for no apparent reason at all. For there is nothing arbitrary about the holy God. Nor is he ever malicious, spiteful or vindictive. His anger is neither mysterious nor irrational. It is never unpredictable but always predictable, because it is provoked by evil and by evil alone.

God is not an irrational human, but humans portraying God as they are will amount to senseless conflict

Anonymous said...

Race baiting is only for the unlearned..we all have some racial bias but we also as a nation have suffered in the hands of a tyrant. Our anger should be vented at him,not each other. The only beneficiaries of his action are the political, business and the military elite

Anonymous said...

@ 1:30pm... this is not race baiting... This is telling it how it is.... Indians forgot that the military were the very ones that committed the coup in 1987 and 2006 and they were very much a part of the 2000 coup.

The Military were the ones who came out with the racial propaganda and used Ratu Sukuna's words to effect - A good Indian is a Dead One"...

Now the Indians think the military is there as their saviour and will protect them.

The Indians are too fucking dumb and stupid to realise that 99% of Military are Fijians.

Fijians were brought up to hate Indians for the way Indians are. Even Frank has an intense dislike for Indians and today pretends he likes Indians. One cannot change his stripes overnight and definitely not the military comprising mainly of Fijians and neither will Frank. Indians are being used for Franks political mileage and he uses the race cards to separate the two but in reality... the soldiers and Frank despise Indians... If Alibaba and the rest of the Indians have not realised it yet, they should realise it now because when shit turns around and hits the fan... boy oh boy... the Fijians will let loose against Indians like never before. The events of 1987 will be nothing compared to what will happen to Indians this time around. Already Fijians are looking and working back towards their roots because Frank is trying to change things and Fijians realise these things will tremendously affect the Fijian way of life. The modern Fijians don't care too much but still we have 85% of Fijians who worry about what Frank is doing to our culture and tradition and land. You guys may think it is a hindrance but it is Fijian and it differentiates us from you.

Be aware now because when Fijians will unite... Indians will take the brunt of it and the military like I said... will be the most brutal against Indians. I am not saying this because I hate Indians but because this is true. The Fijians whisper about it every day and their hatred for Indians for supporting Frank is growing and growing. Very soon it wont be contained and Frank and his 3000 soldiers will not be able to stop what happens. Like I also said 99% of soldiers are Fijians and like in 2000 when a large number of soldiers rebelled, there will be another rebellion but this time at a very large scale and the violence against Indians that will follow, when everything settles down the population of Indians in Fiji will be reduced to below 20%. This is a reality waiting to happen. Don't you worry about Indian businesses, they will burn and be destroyed and looted when all this comes to pass.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:10 & 1:17 are classic examples of a black pot calling another pot black. Truth hurts and it seems to have hit the G spot for you. Indians know where they eventuated from and so are proud of the heritage. They are also greatful to the level minded I-taukeis who have shared their resources being the first inhabitants. It's ungreatful pigs like you who only see one side of the coin that most of us loathe. You are willing to lick clean a white ass for throwing leftover bones your way but not willing to show a simple appreciation for all that the Indians have done for you from turning you from animals to humans. The coups were not a reflection of Indians. It's a reflection of your own failures which you keep blaming on other races. Coup daddy rabuka himself declared that the coup was a work of some greedy failed politicians and imposter man of gods who used the gullible and illiterate villages by brainwashing them with a load of garbage that you took as gods gospel. You have the nerve to criticise Muslims for extremism. look in the mirror and you'll see a bigger demon looking back at you. The same curry that you loathe so much are eaten by loads of I-taukeis today. I'm sitting right in front of an I-taukeis colleague who is licking his finger after having a hearty lunch of lamb curry and roti. Yes, not miti, rourou but curry and roti. He is one of the many that doesn't mind the stinky smell and taste because he has grown up from the low mentalitilty that still controls some assholes like you. There are many like my colleague who appreciate and have learnt to appreciate the meaning of being human. Some like you are lost causes and no amount of church sermons are going to get you changed. You were and are devils child and will remain that. Good luck with your intentions. There is a higher authority who determines the destiny of every human kind. Grow up son. Nothing you do or say can change gods will. If God has willed for Indian population in Fiji to go through all the suffering that you promise will befall on us, we are no one to change that. Of course evil breeds evil and sinners get just punishment. You can await your turn and pray that your sins does get taken away as promised. Don't want to live to see the day my lovely collegue has to leave lamb curry and munch on boot soup during lunch.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:10pm, one of the benefits of eating garlic is that it helps reduce blood pressure. Try some and you will be cool again. Another useful tip is that the "happiness of ones life depends on the quality of ones thought". Preach love not hatred and see the difference that it makes to you, your family, community, nation and the whole world. God bless lost souls like you.

KUA NI RERE said...

Wouldn't surprise me if QORVIS is behind this Indian vs Fijian thing.
The mathafakas should go back to America.
QORVIS desire is for ongoing Military rule, suppression and Oppression. They have a bigger Agenda....which consists of STRIPPING INDIGENOUS FIJIANS FROM OWNERSHIP OF THEIR LAND.
They are the ones who advised Bai to put Qiliho as Police Commissioner.
That's why these QORVIS MATHAFAKAS should go back to America. NOW!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1:46pm... Im glad you know where you originated from and Im glad your proud of your heritage...

We blame nothing on other races... Rabuka blamed the men of God and failed politicians but he had a duty to serve and protect the people of Fiji and he failed to perform his duty and the military commanders failed to perform their duties in 1987, 2000 and 2006.
Remember Indians were used as a racial tool to be blamed and this was created by the military propaganda machine and they had everything to throw at the Fijians to hate and despise Indians and this stems from the fact that you Indians continue to push and push and push to eat the entire cake and your not satisfied with what we Fijians have given and shared with you. You also want to take over our political leadership after we have been subjected to almost 100 years of colonial rule.

The same would have happened in the very India your proud off if we Fijians attempted to even participate in politics and every other country whose people are proud of their heritage. So you cannot blame us for wanting to kick your Indian coolie asses and we will continue to kick your ass until you realise and accept that we want Fiji to be led by Fijians and for Fijians and we will grant you to live in these lands and make your money and enjoy your prosperity if you respect that but many of you Indians do not respect that.

Oh yes we love your curry. But that is no surprise as you should know that today curry in England is their national food and so isit for other countries where your kind have infested their countries. So there is no surprise that wherever Indians go and take their curry other people enjoy it as a different cuisine to their own... Just like the way you like your lovo today and your pork and beef even though your religion prohibits you from eating this. Besides though the English love your curry and love screwing your women, they will still always call you black stinking garlic smelly curry munching Indians. That's just the way it is whether you like it or not.

I never said anything about muslims because I group muslims and Hindoos as the same race of Indian people. You both stink of garlic and onion.

Oh yes I agree there is a higher authority who commands our destiny but hey... when shit happens in Fiji, your destiny will be in the hands of those that will destroy you...

Like I said... you think the military will protect you... yeah right... they are Fijians first and not Fiji First and many of them their hatred is burning deeper then you think. They will smile with you and laugh with you and take something away from you like the bullies they are and that's all they are and when it comes down... they will be the ones leading the way and we the once taught to hate you... might be the ones helping you survive... Just remember that...Otherwise... get on your fucking Leonidas and fuck off back to your coolie slum land. Let me ask you a question... would you even go back and live in India... Yes that's right. I thought so... You will be eating cockroaches and fucking insects and living under cow dung shit house if you did. Fuck off you maggot and do some work... isn't that what your paid for.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:03 Go fuck yourself you dickhead... This world is on a spin at the moment and this spin no matter how much you pray will not change anything. It is on a course of destruction...It will happen here in Fiji just as it will happen in other parts of the world. Right now hatred is in the hearts of men and this hatred will need to be released. You want to speak philosophically.. piss off to an ashram or the fucking temple in Nadi and bake yourself a cake and speak to those myriads of statues and symbols on the walls... Go to Tata's after that and have your curry.

Anonymous said...

@ KNR... you and Gorvis can go fuck each other... your a fucking idiot. No one takes your frigging comments seriously but yourself. You Alibaba and Gorvis can lock yourselves in one room together boci. You don't know what you want obviously.

Anonymous said...

@anon 2:25pm, the last census revealed that there are around 8% of people in Fiji of Indian heritage who practice Christianity. What's your suggestion for them? I believe that when you are raping, killing and throwing Indians out of Fiji, you will do the honoroble thing that butadroka once said and will rape, kill and throw them out of Fiji last after doing the same to Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs etc.... Here I was thinking that you call each other brothers and sisters as you proclaim to be the children of the real god and would treat each other with love as your bible commanded. Then again, it's all a farce show. The reality is that lowlifes like you are no children of God but wearing a mask to portray yourself as true believers of God. Reality is and always will be that you are Devils child wearing masks to cover up your real self. The Europeans think that they have saved you and turned the Devils into human. They were mistaken as ones like you pathetic cursed souls will remain a devil. You were born to eat shit and remain like at until you meet your creator, the devil almighty. People who are praying for lost souls like you are wasting their valuable time. They should instead throw the curry shit from kinoya swearage dump onto you as that is what you are born for and enjoy the most. Lick my onion and garlic flavoured dick. I'm told that most of you don't openly say this but you like onion and garlic flavoured dick a lot. Don't be ashamed brother. Come to daddy and he will show you haven on earth.

Anonymous said...

Ali Baba , again what are you searching for in this life? Are you searching for something or nothing. I don't understand why your hard pressed on religion when people who had nothing to believe in had made a pint of the 7 billion humans on planet. Mathematically you're amongst the unseen and forgotten of the entire populace. Secondly I read with respect your recent attack on those swearing and ridiculing the late Ms Alexander but are you serious in your attack where you are actually swearing. As an Agnostic is swearing right or wrong since you don't beleive in the teachings of the bible. Is there a God who draws a line between evil and good. Who taught Fijians that cannibalism is evil? If Cargill, Hunt, Baker, et al had these teachings brought to us who, how and why they were inspired and risked their lives to come here with it.
Since you're a son of Fiji , a child raised to adulthood by people of faith why are you attacking all faiths generally? Why are you attacking the people who nurtured and nourished you . What would your mother from Beqa and your Muslim father said of your view of religion?
By the way your name is linked to the religion of Islam and who ever come across your name doesn't have to pause in finding out who you are. Have you ever thought of changing your name to reflect someone who is Agnostic. I'm a Christian and to me the name Ali Baba is a Moslem.
Finally why is it when a man of cloth who committed rape, robbery or sinful acts , the whole believers are to be blamed and attacked. His acts are literally wrong and sinful and we don't condone these acts. He is responsible for his actions, neither the teachings of the bible nor God and believers. We all commit actions that either bad or good. The Bible and other holy books are saying that rape is sin , wrong and evil what's the Agnostic take on this?

Anonymous said...

@1.45pm. on one hand you blame the military for the atrocities but on other you allege that Fijians will unite against Indians..this is typical race baiting. I question your allegation that Fijian were brought up to hate Indians..I guess you can only speak for yourself but I can remember being instilled "the love your neighbour" philosophy that has sadly being replaced by racial vilification. I am sure most Indians and a good chunk of Fijians realise that racial vilification destroys the fabric of our nation. We no doubt have to start somewhere but the "somewhere" does not start with Frank but by "we the people". We have had years of being manipulated by our politicians and traditional leaders and now the buck stops with us. We either stand up or shut up...Towards the end of your statement you make predictions that is reminiscent of 2000
It could be that, you unlearned or still in "La La" land.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:21, we are under no delusion that 99% of military personnel are i-taukeis. Infact, you are deluded to believe that 70% of them are like you. Get this straight in your fucked up brain that has gone into sleeping mode since birth-you and I don't decide what's instore for us tomorrow so stop living in yesterday and tomorrow. Tomorrow is a dream and will remain as such for many. Yes, I love lovo with a good mixture of onion, garlic and ginger. Like curry, it's just another form of food and enjoyed by all humans including Europeans. As far as screwing of women is concerned, women in every race and religion is screwed by those of other race and religion. There is no shortage of I-taukei women enjoying European, Indian, Chinese, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh etc cocks. As were Indian women, I-taukei women were and are still screwed by Europeans from colonial days to current. You may be a fruit from one of these. So stop bitching and lift your lazy ass of the keyboard and do some productive work. No mana is going to fall from haven. Jesus send you to earn a living not steal one like the devil.

Anonymous said...

@ 1.45pm..may be you should go back and learn to be civil. I am itaukei and I disagree with most of your sentiments. I realise that you are passionate as I do about our culture but we must also be mindful that we live in a multicultural society where people are passionate about their own. In principle Bainimarama (as much as I hate) spoke the right message, but implemented wrong policies that created a firestorm (As much as I can say,are truly suspicious). Aside with that, I think this is an opportune time to reflect on where we stand, and what changes we can make. Unfortunately the current political climate is a hotbed of "whose right and whose wrong". I only wish we could have some sensible discussion, but first we must admit that we are all wrong and start all over again

Anonymous said...

@ 3:18pm... Bro you keep reflecting because it has taken you 8 years to reflect and all it brought is fuck all. Something wrong with you cowards.

Admit we were wrong.... Fuck that... History proves what has happened. What did we do wrong but watch the military commit the coup in 1987. Join the rebels in 2000 and commit the coup in 2006.

You want to admit you did wrong... you go ahead and bring Frank into the picture. He fucking did wrong all right in not stopping the 2000 coup and committing the 2006 coup and now Fiji is fucked up...

We have created the violence and hatred in our country which is evident today and things will only get worse before it can get better.

Frank and his military has for the last 9 years, vented and abused the people of Fiji and used the race cards between Fijians and Indians and this is a race card which will be played out to its max when shit hits the fan next... You guys don't like the sounds of it but this will happen because the military have shown it will continuously happen. Why have we had 4 coups in a span of less then 30 years. That's right because the military could not get it right and understand their role in our society.

EVery soldier in the army today is thinking and plotting because that is the way Rabuka and now Bainimarama have made them think and eventually a group will break away and all hell will break lose.

You cannot stop this just as Frank did not stop the 2000 coup and did not think not to commit the 2006 coup.

The people of Fiji today think violently more so then in the past. This is only a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

@ 3:06pm... I am glad you realise that now that 99% of the military are Fijians. If you think that majority of those 99% do not think the way I do... you will be surprised. They may not say it but they do. Remember they are Fijians and not Indians and they were taught from young that Indians are the enemy just as Indians are taught that Fijians are bad and violent and lazy and uncivilized.

You cannot understand how and what a Fijian thinks because your not a Fijian.

The only reason soldiers support Frank today because it is a job and many of them have taken advantage of the situation. How many soldiers go up to businessmen today and demand or kerekere for money. Offer a favour to gain something from Indians. This is their way of taking advantage of a situation of power presented to them by Frank. This is nothing new. It happened in 1987 and after the 2000 coup and it is happening under Frank today. It probably has happened to you and do you think that Fijian soldier is your friend or your colleague is your friend... Bro if an uprising happened today, your friend will be the first to take you down.

I don't need mana and I don't need Jesus but you do when shit hits the fan because you will be begging one of your Gods to help you live when the Fijians turn back to their violent ways. You have seen only a glimpse in 1987 and 2000. The real deal is coming soon.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:48pm... I do not utter words from the bible here... I do not need that but you will need your Torah or your Koran or your Verda for what will happen to your kind.....

This is not a religious battle but a battle of vengeance. You have had yours now. Indians support Frank because he attacks the Fijians and has killed and murdered and injured many Fijians. This is his turn just as it was the Fijians turn in 1987 and 2000.

Like I said things change. He is the leader today but it will change tomorrow. Khaiyum is there today but he will be replaced tomorrow.

Lick your smelly onion flavoured dick.... My brother the day shit hits the fan, a Fijian will cut off your dick and shove it down your throat or shove it up your rectum and they will do it... This is how much Indians are hated in Fiji today because of what has happened.

You think I am saying this out of anger or racial issues... No I am saying this because it is a fact... The hatred Fijians feel for your kind Indians today... is far worse then ever before...

Ratu Sukuna prophesized this will happen and that is why Frank has removed his statue but Frank cannot remove the hatred in the hearts of Fijians and the time will come... Not now but it will come and you will be eating shit like the soldiers made you and your father and your relatives did, in 1987. You will be swimming in their excrement at the camp.... Believe me. You will try to fight but you will be destroyed.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:57pm.... where the fuck did I say Fijians will unite with Indians. That will never fucking happen. It has never happened and it will never happen. Indians do not want to unite with Fijians and vice versa.

Read my comments carefully before you respond you dickhead.

What I am telling you is that the violence that will happen against the Indians, it is only some of us who will try to help you when you beg for help.

Remember in 1987 when the military went around and allowed the Fijians to burn, loot, rape and attack Indians... that's right they allowed it to happen.... A number of Fijians felt pity and helped... unite fuck off... That will never happen.

Don't bring me any preacher bull shit as well because I don't preach on this site. I tell you what is going to happen because it is evident that people and I mean the Fijian people, will explode one day... They have tolerated this long and if you believe in your Vishnu, Kali, Krishna, Shiva or the elephant or monkey or whomever you believe in, you better pray that some Fijians have senses and will prevail.

Anonymous said...

To claim god is on your side always has been the territory of venal scoundrels.

Verily it comes as no surprise to find Fiji Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama in these ranks.

Using a bribe paid to him by Vodafone Fiji, he has flown with his family to London for the Rugby World Cup.

There, according to a florid account in the Fiji Sun, Bainimarama gave the team a “stirring speech” in which he said there is one god and “we believe he will lead us” to victory over England at Twickenham.

Only some kind of congenital idiot would feel he could say that; weird godmen across the world have made these kinds of predictions before, only to crash and burn when fact replaces mythology. Next week is supposed to be “end of days” according to some who see significance in the blood Moon.

The implication of what happened in Twickenham, of course, is that Fijians have sinned so badly that god is so displeased she denied the side a win.

Or you could say they did not play well enough or that Satan had taken possession of the TMO.

But then England comes from a nation with provided the King James Version so its more than likely god is with them.

For the leader of a multi-cultural nation declaring there is only one god is senseless: without getting into the ins-and-outs of Hinduism, they are 28% of Fiji’s population. They might just have a different view of what god, or gods, think about a game of rugby. Your destiny is determined by your deeds.

Getting god involved is useful for Bainimarama. It hides the fact that he has been running the Fiji Rugby Union since 2011. And things have gone wrong, money gone missing.

In fact the RFU is so broke they could not afford to pay for Bainimarama, the union’s president, to attend the Rugby World Cup (why he needed to attend hasn’t been explained). World Rugby rather embarrassingly and pointedly said they would not be paying for him to fly to London.

Bainimarama pays himself a salary of $278,750 but he was not willing to pay his own way to London.

Now we all remember Bainimarama staged his coup-to-end-all-coups in 2006 in a bid, he said, to end corruption at high levels in Fiji.

He must remember it; he said it often enough.

So how to explain what got Bainimarama and his family to London other than to suggest it was outright corruption?

Vodafone Fiji came out and announced that “Bainimarama has a done a lot for the development and good administration of the sport in the country and deserves to be at the Rugby World Cup.”

Interestingly no other prime minister has felt this so far.

Its important to note that Vodafone Fiji is not actually Vodafone as we all know it. Vodafone last year sold out of Fiji, selling its 49% share to the Fiji National Provident Fund (FNPF).

Vodafone Fiji is now a mishmash of the FNPF and ATH Holdings, the latter of which is controlled by FNPF.

It can thus be said that Bainimarama’s family holiday has been paid for by Fiji’s current pensioners and all the pensioners to come.

They can thank god for that.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahha how hilarious is that just scroll up and read some of the monkey tantrums lmao.I'm not going to waste my time reading paragraph after paragraph of some angry ape beating its chest complaining theres not enough trees to swing on.I wonder if there still wondering if the country is filled with monkeys,chimps and gorrillas chewing on bananas and having brawls over scattered peanuts.I thought the U.S black friday animal stampede riots in stores were worse haaaaa check Fiji out its far worse they actually grab objects and fondle eachothers anus.

Anonymous said...

5.28 you still ringing up relatives overseas to send you money and asking for latest gadgets,clothes and shoes?Stop being a porch monkey and going work the land.

Anonymous said...

5.28 copy that link into your browser this guy has something to tell you.


Anonymous said...

Anon 3.43. The funny thing is the few i-taukei who have been beaten up have largely been due to petty criminal activity.The army took these folks in and beat them to death. The other point to note is that aside from Peter,Laisa and a small group of i-taukei democracy advocates the rest of the resistance to Frank has come from Indians. Richard Naidu, Wadan Narsey, Biman Prasad, Felix Anthony,just to name a few. Some of these folks continue to voice their opposition to the government. You are like a mindless moron saying whatever comes to mind thinking everyone is like you. Frank did not win because of Indian votes but i-taukei votes. What you going to do about them. Your nonsense that Indians do not integrate is BS. My daughter in law is kaviti my grandchildren are half breeds. Hell even ASK is married to a kaviti. My best friend is a kaviti and half my staff are kaviti one of them is a Manager at one of my stores. Just what the fuck are you talking about. You are a evil minded sick relic from the past. Fiji is changing. I am no supporter of Frank but you say ain't going to happen. I find it quite comical that the likes of KNR and others keep referring to India as some sort of failed state. India is the seventh largest economy in the world and third in terms of purchasing power parity.It is an industrialized country with the 3rd largest Army in the world. Yes it has probably 4 times as many soldiers than Fiji's entire population. Despite all its problems it is a true democracy and one of the first civilized countries in the world. It produces some of the best doctors and software personals in the word.In fact almost all of Microsoft's programs are now written in India. It has its own R&D department and produces its own missiles for space explorations and Military use. Yes it has problems with poverty but which country doesn't. Fiji has 68% living under the poverty line. In America more people are homeless now more than ever. I am a Fijian. I love my country and have nothing to do with India however this constant ignorant ranting about how India is almost a failed state and somehow we have come to paradise is complete BS and utter nonsense. We are grateful to the i-taukei for their acceptance of us and we have worked hard to make ourselves successful. In return for your hospitality we have toiled hard to develop Fiji. You gave us nothing free except the air we breath. Its been a long time since we first put our foot on Fiji soil. Don't you guys think 150 years is a long time to hate hate and hate.

KNR if you are reading this i never insinuated that the kaiviti were savages. You feel that way not me. My comment was a genuine one in that i am sincerely glad that you have stopped savagery. Reading Anon 3.47's comment i am not sure if all kaiviti have though.


Anonymous said...

Man sentenced for assaulting father
16:34 Today

Taken from/By:
Report by: Farzana Nisha
A 32-year-old man has been sentenced to 3 months and 17 days for assaulting his 72-year-old father under the influence of alcohol.

Tenesio Kasaboru pleaded guilty to the charge of assault and causing actual bodily harm last Friday.
Kasaboru was to be sentenced to six months but due to him being in custody for two months and 14 days, it was reduced.

The Suva Magistrates court heard that Kasaboru assaulted his father- Akuila Vaganalawa after he came home drunk on September 13, this year at Bainivualiku settlement in Suva.

Kasaboru told his father to dish out the food which he did but was assaulted for no reason.

Jihadist Julab Dean said...

@3.43, be prepared to face suicide bombers if you advocate violence against indians this time.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.54 I think you misunderstand me and my dislike for religion. First i hope you understand that Alibaba is my online pen name and it is not my real name. Second i have considered changing my name but realized that it is not my name that matters but what i know to be right. To answer your other questions I am human and am not beyond the occasional curse when i am angry. You see that is the problem with religion. All that is natural is regarded as wrong. Everything from how we behave when we are naked and with whom to cursing. The point is the evidence over time points to religion being the greatest poison of hate prejudice and ill will on this planet. From the Mayans who needed to have a chest opened to see the beating heart as sacrifice to their Gods to the Christian Inquisitions to ISIS. They all have one thing in common they were and are doing what their holy books tell them. You are insinuating that somehow my moral bearings are being brought about from religion and only religion can give moral lessons. Have you actually studied and i mean studied the so called good books both old and new objectively. Frankly i would rather get my moral lessons from elsewhere. A recent study done by 7 leading academics on Morality in Children found that religion made the subjects less moral. You can read the study here The Negative Association Between Religiousness and Children’s Altruism Across the World. It appears that Morality is ingrained and we seem to know the difference between right and wrong from birth. Oh and by the way most of the moral lessons in the Bible and the Quran were just copies of great minds likes Socrates, and Pluto etc. About my parents i respect them for loving and caring for me but i resent them for bringing me into this dumb horrible dying world. They had no right to bring me here, and they had no right to have me brainwashed by a mullah and make me believe in Islam when my brain was week and i had no say in the matter. That is child abuse. I do not hate the believer or anyone for that matter. I see religious nuts trying to paddle the old "mine is better than yours crap and that is what angers me" They do no research and stay close minded. That becomes dangerous when it is mixed with politics and that is my concern.

Lastly i am not seeking anything. I am content to live a good honest life. If i die and the Abrahamic God that you worship does not like how i lived my life well so be it. From what he promises to do to his own creation (who was created in his image) if they disobey him i guess i am a goner and you know what i am OK with that. Its the religious folks who fear not me. I GUESS THEIR IS NOT MUCH DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A DICTATOR AND THE ABRAHAMIC GOD. This is my last post as it is difficult to argue with logic on this site. Just for the record i am a Fijian who loves this country. I believe that without unity Fiji has no future as we will be facing far greater challenges than Frank in the near future. Divide and rule only suits the incumbents. Moce mada.


KUA NI RERE said...

Alibaba. Never in my writing did I ever say that India was a failed state.
I don't know where the fark you get these ideas from.

Secondly I've never written anything anti-Indian.

If you go back and read my posting today you will find that I said that IT IS QORVIS MINIONS WHO ARE writing in this blogsite, WORKING OVERTIME TRYING TO BRING ABOUT ANIMOSITY BETWEEN INDIANS AND FIJIANS.


I just read today in the News that America has been supplying ISIS with food, water and ammunition via their helicopters.

How farking twisted are these Americans.


Anonymous said...

KNR you and some other Fijians are way behind to figure things out.So you ment to tell me you just manage to find out about ISIS etc?

"I just read today in the News that America has been supplying ISIS with food, water and ammunition via their helicopters"

The yanks have been doing this since day 1 of creation of FSA (Free Syrian Army).Out of FSA came other branches such as ISIS and ISIL.Its history is rooted deep to the times of Saddam Hussien.History repeating itself like the Taliban/al qeada where the CIA yanks aided them with surface to air missles and weapons to remove a Afgan communist government and attack the Russian supply lines.

What about this an Eygptian village was a attacked by jihadist where they killed christians but the locals said on that night these terrorists weren't speaking Arabic! They were speaking ENGLISH!!!!!! and were foreign.Today that village is known as the egyptian maytrdom village.Christians who died because of their faith and did not disown the lord in the face of death.


Do your research don't just look at wikipedia their are many other sources who are credible.They said ISIS AND ISIL IS THE ENEMY BUT NOW THEY ARE SAYING ITS ASSAD!!!! GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE IF YOU BELIEVE THAT.

Anonymous said...

Thats good Russia is bombing the shit out these cunts.France has now cuddled up to putin and finally woken up.Its only the US trying to distract the masses and say Assad is the problem.America should be the last fuckers to talk since they caused all the mess in the middle east.Now that Russia is taking over global security issues they should tell the yanks to zip it.

One Eye jack said...

Bainimarama took 40 people to Paris for climate talks. Amazing junket trip for the public ""servants"".

Anonymous said...

Again with that monkey shit
Thats enuf!!!
Im fed up of people saying monkey shit!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.47pm...you moron..go back and revisit my comments..don't waste time replying if you don't understand what I said.

Anonymous said...

This fucking government has a habit of ass licking foreigners. Ben Ryan is paid a whopping $500,000. Our Waisale Serevi was paid $80,000. The Sri Lankan judges are paid $250,000 packages. Local judges are paid between $65-100,000. Talks about looking after the locals is as farce as kaiyums big talk that he is not racists.

Anonymous said...

I remember when FB came into power on 5th Dec he confiscated all the four wheel drives from the government ministers and others saying that these were too expensive and a lavish style. I went pass the Parliament and saw all the new ones parked in line and there were lots of them. All were Chevrolet mostly.

Anonymous said...

@anon 7:25, great reflection of why we are dumb. We try to cut throat each other but go to great lengths to please the foreigners. We are so embroiled in the hatred for each other that when a foreigner says jump, we ask how high? When they say lick our ass, we say can we lick your dick as well? Such is the fascination with foreigner supremacy. When it comes to locals, our ass burns if a local of another race gets promoted and a better pay. We come out all guns blazing trying to ensure he/she is resented and make life horrible to the extreme for them. Applies to people of all race, religion and creed in Fiji. No wonder we are played against one another on a daily basis and others are taking the cream while we are happy with the scraps.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:25am- our players are paid $10-15,000 a year for doing all the hard work. Why can't our own King Serevi get paid the same amount and rewarded for years of loyalty to Fiji. Simply as another blogger has put, we are too deeply rooted to ass licking the foreigners that we can't see the difference between a gem and shit. We choose shit because it is new and looks different. The sad reality of why we are fucked and going to get totally fucked more in years to come. Let's cut each other's throat and allow the foreigners to reap the benefit.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:32 PM

Yet you are the first to ask for help and investment from these same foreigners. You want them to lease your land, you want them to build hotels so you can work in them. You want to buy their crops they have raised by hard work then sell them in the market.

Gee, stop blaming everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:42am, seems to have hit some nerve there. My point exactly. We give our money and resources to others to use and take with them to their countries while we sit in our lazy ass drawing up plans on how to hurt each other. We have abundance of land but wont farm it ourselves and won't give it to Indians to farm because if we do they will grow ahead of us but we will give it to the Chinese. We have great business opportunities but the Indians won't consider us for partnership because they consider us threat/inferior and nor will we try asking for partnership with them because that will be low of us being natives. We have ample land to farm but we will go to the market and buy our fruits and vegetables from a Chinese vendor because it tastes better. Our biggest downfall is that when we do farm and fish, we will go and sell the cassava and Dalo and use the money to buy rice, sell the fresh fish and use the money to buy canned tuna or beef. Jees, if you read my posts, wasn't blaming everyone else but ourselves. We brought the misery on ourselve with our actions. We prefer not to give locals a chance to be it in business, farming, sports or life but would fall heads over heel if a foreigner justs hints of investing, playing, or living here.

Anonymous said...

Good luck bloody dumb monkeys.Keep getting foreigners and keep letting them bang your arse hole.Disband the fucking universities and abolish all fiji educational degrees and certificates.You Fijians are fucking dumb you know.You've destroyed your own country so too late to complain.

Anonymous said...

Talk about dumb immoral and corrupt monkies living in the land of beautiful Fiji! You only have to take a look at the cheapest fashion show held in the west where the Organisers were able to display how DUMB they were by having a DUMBASS Itaukei walk STARK NAKED down the walkway holding a giant teddybare to cover his bare front whereas his bare A was on full display.

I mean what the heck is going on here?? You have monkies in Parliament who have no regard for the rule of law and you have for the first time ever in Fiji a LIVE ART PORNO show held in the west. According to the main Organiser, they're only concerned with how much they raise so to speak.

While RAPE and INCEST statistics are on the rise, you have a bunch of DUMB MONKIES at work in their drive to boosting the sexual crime rate by introducing such a SHOCKING AND DISGUSTING display of X-RATED STARK NUDITY in what they assert is FASHION!!!


Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:25 PM

Did you complain at the time you watched him walk down the runway?

Anonymous said...

Only in Fiji !!!!!

Is this;

1. Media restrictions at their best?
2. Poor journalist reporting?
3. Poor police reporting?

Police seek public help in search of rape suspect
Thursday, December 03, 2015

Update: 11:00AM POLICE are asking the public to assist in the hunt for the prime suspect in the alleged rape of a six-year-old girl in Lautoka last week.

Police chief of intelligence and investigations ACP Henry Brown said the man was last sighted in Sigatoka.

Meanwhile, investigations into the alleged rape of a seven-year-old in Lautoka last month is also continuing.

Those with information on the two incidents are requested to call their nearest police station or Crimestoppers on 919.

What does a prime suspect look like? OK we have a clue, it's a man? ............................

Anonymous said...

@ 8:42 and 9:35am... your both dickheads do you know that... continuously you keep bringing up that Fijians are not doing enough with their resources and we should blame ourselves.

Indians are a race of people whose thought process has been programed over hundreds and thousands of years to think economically. The reason is because of sheer poverty and the massive second largest population of Indians in the world. In fact Indians surpass Europeans when it comes to this and today it is reflective in the leaps and bounds India has come too.

You cannot compare this with Fijians. The Fijian system pre-colonisation was bartering or take by force.

Fijians had very little concept of money or material value and this is reflective of how most Fijians live their lives. Indians on the other hand worship money and material things and understand that money is right up there next to oxygen when it comes to survival today.

Fiji only gained independence in 1970 and at that time, 75% of Fijians still lived in villages. Education was not important and Fijians were satisfied because the lands and seas had plenty to provide.

Why work your dumb ass off for 8 hours to be paid $2.50 per hour or less when you can survive in the village not paying rent, electricity.

Indians on the other hand needed to survive and fight their way through the colonial racial system and thrived because they were equipped as such to understand money and today are far ahead.

Will Fijians catch up - definitely not. We can only improve and we are improving in our understanding of economics.

Look at Rabuka and Frank when these bastards took over the country. Rabuka ran the country bankrupt and Frank is heading in the same direction.

Why should Fijians lease out all their land. Fijians today are educating themselves and understanding things better and one day if not already, will utilize their resources rather then being conned by fucking Indians and fucking foreign investors who pretend they in Fiji to help the poor villagers.

Fuck the Indians... They should all fuck off anyway. They don't want to lease the land to plant sugar cane. There is no money in sugar cane farming unless you have more then 30 acres of land. They use the lease as an asset to gain loans from banks and build businesses and live off the land.

You all have been fooled by this dumb mother fucker Frank Bainimarama's calls that Fijians are lazy and don't want to work. Far from it. Fijians put in an onest 8 hours of work whereas an Indian will complain for 8 hours and want to be paid for 10. If you are a businessmen and employ an Indian, before you know it he has set up his own business and stolen half your customers. If you pay for the University education of an Indian, before you know it he has used it to migrate and your left with thousans of dollars of investment in an individual Indian whose thought process has taught him/ her to take and take and take.

This is the only reason why Fijians hate and despise Indians. We have given them so much since they landed their freaking coolie slave slum dog asses in Fiji and they still want more. They want to run the country as well and want our native land to be sold as free hold. They know these values.

Stop your bullshit talk because your falling into the trap of the military propaganda. These military leaders and Fijian politicians for FF are using this to denounce Fijians and to keep the races separated and all you dickheads who think like this two bloggers, have been sucked in. Stupid fuckers.

Anonymous said...

@ 12.00pm






Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:38 PM

We want a road, we want a bridge, we want a seawall. We want someone else to provide these for us.

We have had a good education system for the past 40 years, but so many have not used it.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:42 PM

Oh, so you went to the internet to look.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:38, let me guess, you just saw niko nawaikua's DVD moments before writing those comments. Someone once said to give certain people like you two cents but not brains, I fully agree. Since two cents is no longer a legal tender in Fiji, I will give you fifty cents instead to shove it up your arse so that it can fully open the nerves leading to your retarded and dead brain. Yes, it has been proven medically that in special people like you, the brain is connected to your rectum. That's the reason you spew so much shit after shit without tiring. Do provide your mailing address in your next posts which I know will surely be written soon so that I can make the first instalment payment for one your native land that has being converted to invisible freehold land by Indians since 1970. I rather not meet skunks like you personally in case the effect rubs on me. Till then, enjoy the curry, stinking garlic, onion and my smelly fart. I know, I just stole your full of godly love lines for Indians as is the habit of Indians to steal everything from the abused and tortured I-taukei. Oilieeeeeeeeeeedeeeeeeeeeeee. Don't forget to jump off your ass this weekend and praise the lord Ben Ryan when Fiji wins the Dubai Sevens. If for some reasons Fiji loses, then the Indians welcome and thanks you in advance for making the Fiji Sevens team lose. I'll save your energy for writing a lengthy posts justifying how the sins of the Indians in supporting FB and ASK has led to the Fiji sevens team to lose. Ohhhh, before I forget, please forgive the Indians if you just farted after reading this posts. It's all our fault that you are miserable. We are trying to refloat the leoindas so can pack ourselves and drift. See, I again saved you the pain of writing your favourite lovelines for Indians again. Till when we trade our undying love again, here's wishing you trouble free digestion of the curry, garlic and onion.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Hey when you go to the Zoo everybody loves the Monkey exhibit the best.

The fashion show had a biiiig badass Monkey strutting his stuff.

Too much alien and not enough monkey in him he had to shield himself with a lifeless bear.

As for me I will follow the path of the Pink Panther. LOL

Anonymous said...

Can we all come back people to the topic . Some bloggers like 10.48/11.25 are joining in for a short break from their natural naked swinging from tree to tree hunting for nuts, bananas, and fleas suckling on the hairy fleshes of their arses. Some have gone to extreme length taking everyone with them leaving the poor case cold in this blog. Its almost a week since the suspicious death of Ms Julie. Alexander. What's the latest on this case? I don't know if Qiliho is still the acting compol? There are too many news flying around and I don't know which is credible. I'm sure the representatives of the tree swingers are reading and will carry the news back to the trees with him/them for the others to scrutinize.

Anonymous said...

@2.11pm..let the dead bury the dead. Let's move on to other matters that concern the living.

Anonymous said...

So you are a fan, I guess and imitating the trail of the pink panther. . sniffing and tasting all kinds of crap , pee and ammonia gas left behind by whom you stalked for DNA extraction....What a smelly job!!
No objection sir but all the best in your exciting career. May all the craps, pees and farts have fun with anon 2.07pm - the Pink Panther fan.

Anonymous said...

2 27..phew! are you starting another bible debate. The concern of the living in this case is to help locate who/what is behind Ms Alexander's suspicious death.. Let the dead bury the dead is letting the culprit get away freely without facing justice.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:55pm... Typical Indian cant debate and throws back the same rubbish you always do against Fijians - religion... screw you dickhead and you are the epitome of exactly what I have spoken about on this blog.

You guys are pathetic and crawl and lick arse when it bests suits you. Frank suits you today so you all lick his hairy shit covered rectum because it suits you financially and economically.

Your definitely not worth having a debate with so piss off and have a shit and wipe that curry ass with your pani and can of paint... As forward as Indians are today, you still take your can of paint filled with water to the toilet to clean your shitty ass and you still squat on the toilets like fucking monkeys... arehh yaar barchod

Anonymous said...

@ 12:49pm Another dumb fuck trying to be smart.. You Indians or FF supporters are fucked up... Those infrastructure is part of what the Government should be providing the people of Fiji to improve. There is no need to ask for it. The Government should have plans in place to provide for the people of Fiji to benefit all. Piss off and choor and fuck an Indian up the arse or better still... stick a bottle up his arse or your own arse.

Anonymous said...

Depending on how much you take it certainly can take just hours

Anonymous said...

@ Alibaba comments of 7:32pm...

My brother... your full of shit and are a dip shit to throw in. Your not a fucking Fijian...your a fucking Kai India.... an Indian... You think that those Fijians working for you or those Fijians that you greet each day like you..... ha ha ha Believe me when I tell you this.

Now you argue that the Fijians voted Frank in.... That's rubbish. The Indian votes did it all and that's why the Labour party and NFP got fucked up the arse. The very parties that belonged to Indians are now fucking minorities.

Those Indians you speak off who today continue to voice their distaste of Franks Government realise that Indians have made a big mistake backing the very military who fucked you Indians in 1987 and 2000. These are the beasts that executed the coup resulting in the looting, fires, rape, murders, bashing of Indians and you have all been sucked in to believe the religious leaders and chiefs were behind it all.

The military could have stopped it but did fuck all. They wanted it to happen because every Fijian is told that Indians are fucked up and want to take over Fiji and a good Indian is a fucking dead fucking Indian. Those words continue to be expressed today even amongst soldiers..... they hate your kind of people and that is the way it has always been since you landed your coolie skinny black slum dog ass on our shores....

Where the fuck did you think all Franks votes came from. Why didn't NFP and Labour get votes... That's right... you Indians fucked yourself over by voting for Frank.

To keep it the way it is, Frank continues with his race divide and this will be at the expense of Indians because he is only making Fijians despise and hate you Indians more with what is happening. To top it off, his propaganda of church and chiefs are seen even here on this blog when dickheads like you comment on religious and Fijian traditional issues.

You Alibaba don't know what the fuck your talking about and what you write about.

What I am telling you now you should take heed of because nothing lasts forever. Frank will not last forever. Khaiyum will not last forever. What lasts is hatred and Fijians know how to hate. They were taught to hate from the past and this lives within them. Religion tries to subdue this by teaching them love and you should appreciate the fact that they have accepted religion otherwise you will be fucking pig food, cut up quartered and eaten raw for some of your comments on this site.

Realise this and I will continue to warn you guys that Fijians hatred for Indians grow every day and one day, Fijians will turn and fuck you Indians till the seas and rivers run red with your blood.

The Fijian you meet and work for you will never tell you how much they hate you but given the opportunity or if you provoke it, they will slit your throat and kill you.

You carry on about India....Who gives two fucks about your motherland. Fuck India and fuck the Indian people. We don't care about Indians because they have over populated this world and they need to be reduced and hopefully one of these dumb cunts Obama or Putin will send a nuke to India and China and get rid of 50% of the population. It will not leave a dent in the world population because there are too many fucking Indians and Chinese.

Be warned bhaiya... don't think what you think is true because the very Fijian who calls you a friend, will be holding a knife on your throat when the day comes and it will come soon.

All you dumb fucking Indians making comments on this site do nothing but stir more and more hatred and there will be no mercy believe me. If half of you could hear what Fijians think today... you will try to get out of the country as soon as you can.

Anonymous said...

It may take a week, a month, a year or ten years or even longer but when the Fijians turn... areh yaar... Indians get out of Fiji as soon as you can and while you can. Flee to Australia, NZ, Canada, USA as refugees. Frank and the military will not save you because the soldiers are Fijians and they like they did in 1987 and 2000, will turn again. Fijians are known to be the biggest liu muri in the world and this will again happen. Franks play will play against him and Khaiyum will be taken down.

Dumbo watch said...

anon@3.26pm...so full of hatred yet you go to church..I presume? Pretty simple, your hatred is driven by jealousy of others economics success...which they worked hard for, their fathers worked hard for and so on. Chinese and Indians who you want to kill. Your logic is if you can't beat them, kill them and thats how you beat them, huh? Pretty thick headed, hate-filled dumbo. Ask yourself why you hate? Becos you are jealous. Say what you want, you just a small minded jealous school yard bully.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.26. You one real piece of shit boy. For all your talk of bravado and how the I-taukei race is some kind of super warrior race that is hell bent on killing everybody and anybody is so full of crap that i feel like puking. You sound very much like one Indian yourself who is trying to create undue tensions or you one of this lamusona fucks who left Fiji by crying to the Aussies and Kiwis that Frank was going to root your ass. Me really thinks you one of them ex SDL Lamusona's. As a kaiviti i detest your ascertain that i am some liu muri Brutus type character. Granted we still have some dumb fucks in our society like however most of us have stopped being savages and have realized a long time ago that our own people are our worst enemies sometimes. Boy if only i could get my hands on your sorry ass what fun i would have shoving a ball of safety pins up your black cici.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:26 PM

Hey girl, why you so bitchy? What's up, you still wondering why everyone is moving ahead except you?

Here's a clue, get some pride and self respect then you will stop feeling so insecure and inferior to the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

53 Year old Charged with Rape of Child
16:51 Today

Taken from/By:
Report by: Jacquee Speight

A 53 year old man charged with one count of rape appeared in the Suva High Court for mention today.

Serupepeli Bolalailai is alleged to have raped a seven year old child in October this year.
He is also charged with one count, each, of attempted rape and sexual assault.

The Court today ordered that he be escorted to the Legal Aid Commission to apply for legal aid.

The matter has been adjourned to the 17th of December for mention.

He has been further remanded in custody.

Anonymous said...

We have factual evidence that FICAC is under there control of the Attorney General. FICA only advertises in the FIJI SUN. This was a directive from AG and this directive was also given to FIJI AIRWAYS by the AG.

Anonymous said...

Gee, if they advertised in each daily paper you would be moaning that they are wasting money !!

So you now know which paper to get to apply for a job in FICAC.

Anonymous said...

Guys, Meli Bainimarama is dead.
Voqere Bainimarama will live longer so he has to raica mada na kunea....

Anonymous said...

Fuck Meli Bainimarama. He can go and rot in hell and prepare a place for his brother Frank and the rest of the magaijinana Bainimarama family. His soul will never rest in peace. May all the devils in hell fuck his soul up nicely... Now he will realise what he has done wrong on this earth. Fuck Meli and fuck the Bainimarama family.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:34pm... Where did I say that the Fijian race is a warrior race you fucking dick head. I am warning you fucking cunt of an Indian race of what will happen in Fiji. You all talk crap and think that Franky boy will be around for ever. You all think that the military will support Frank forever.

I am warning your sorry asses that today...right now as we speak... Fijian hearts are filled with venom and anger over what Frank is doing and Indians because Indians have always been in the midst of all our political situation. Indians voted for Frank enmass allowing him to become our PM and Indians don't realise that the very military they support today, was and is the same fucking military that fucked them in 1987 and 2000. That killed them, looted them, raped them and fucked this country up and they today side with the devil.

For that the venom of hatred against Indians is ever increasing but a cunt like you who supports Frank and probably a FF supporter or even in the military is too fucking dumb and stupid to see this. One day mufasa... your sona will become mine... Now go and bury Meli Bainimarama and prepare the next grave for Frank... Dou vei cai magaijinmudou...

Anonymous said...

@ 4:30pm.... Hatred is built from the very well that you drink from. This country has been filled with hatred from day 1, when Fiji was ceded to GB and Indians landed on our shores. This hatred has developed over the many years to the point that it first exploded in 1987 resulting in the fucking brutal attacks, murders, rapes, plundering by the military and the Fijian people against the Indians. Hatred continued in 2000 and today, hatred fills the hearts of the people.

Hatred filled the hearts of the soldiers who without mercy tortured and brutally killed many citizens of Fiji that's hatred and the hatred in turn burns against them and those that support them.

Hatred fill the hearts of Fijians knowing the conniving ways of the Indians and hatred will one day unlease their venom against the Indians.

You asking if I go to church... Those soldiers including Frank who attacked murdered and beat up many citizens of Fiji go to church. You do wrong but you still go to your worship don't you, fuck head.

Don't spin that bullshit against us because the very same brutal cunts like Frank and other soldiers did what they did and today they live their fucked up lives like nothing happened. Fuck that.

Meli Bainimarama the first cunt to go and find out what awaits these cunts. We will all follow after but the venom and hatred will remain.

You think hatred that has built up over more then 100 years will easily wash away. No it doesn't and it has to be let loose and only and until it has been let loose will Fiji slow down and pick up again but the hatred in the hearts will continue to fester. So fuck off you fucking Fiji First or Military or fucking Indian and prepare yourself.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:34pm... you don't think you are a kawa ni liu muri.. Nomu sona sara... its in your blood you fucking dick head. Look at the FF line up starting from the Foreign Affairs Minister to the President of Fiji today. Look at Bulitava and the many Fijians who sold their soul to the devil. Look at the military today, the police, the prison, the various Government Departments with the Fijian staff back stabbing each other to gain promotion. Fiji is fucked and full of liu muri like you who deny you are but you will at drop of a hat, liu muri your gandu father just to get something from Frank you vutusona... You think you can handle me... fuck you... boci... Fuck off and do something usefull with your life like shoot that motherfucker Frank Bainimarama so he can join his brother Meli dou vei cai.

Anonymous said...

4 34pm...I'm also I taukei and couldn't fathom the propensity of what 3 26 is directing here. On one hand he is spewing out his anger upon the other race because he was initiated through racists comments here. On the other he is standing up to fight for what he was led and believed in. Read the blogs again to know what I'm writing here. That terrorist with his continued threats and those degrading the opposite sex and race are examples of why we have this type of retaliatory comments.
Go back to basic and cool it off and return when sense prevails.

Anonymous said...

6:28pm.... Your not a Fijian you fucking dick head. A Fijian will read and understand perfectly well what I am saying.

You call me a terrorist but you forget that Frank is the fucking terrorist who committed treason against the nation of Fiji and fucked Fiji up.

You think he has Fiji first at heart. Fuck him and fuck you.

My comments may be construed as racist but it is far from it. I am telling Indians what is in the hearts of Fijians today because of all the events that has happened up till now.

The Fijian is such a creature that even Frank and the military know this. Why do you think they have used brutal force against Fijians to keep them subdued but this will not last forever.

Fijians turn and turn against each other and they will turn against Frank. That is why he trusts no one.

Alibaba thinks that he employs Fijians and all that that they will be good to him when shit hits the fan. Many Indians in 1987 and 2000 realised this when Fijians they thought were family and friends led the attacks against them.

Understand this, the momentum of hatred against Frank, Khaiyum and Indians continue to build and will reach a stage when it will erupt and when it does, what I have said and warned you Indians about will transpire because that is the venom that burns today in the hearts of the Fijian. Many Fijians who support Frank today will turn against him because it will be a Fijian thing.

Now run off to 4:34pm and you two vei tauri kau and vutulaki each other drau vei dulu....

Anonymous said...

@ 6:28pm.. Anger.. you think I speak with anger... you have not seen nothing yet. There is no anger in what I write. I say it as I say it and you may construe it to be anger but this is not anger. This is the future and this is what will happen.

Sa sucuva na ca o Bainimarama and that is hatred and anger. The Fijian people may seem like they have mellowed and accepted what has happened but that is far from it.

Every day hatred and venom festers and grows. Just because I write using profane language and seem like I want this to happen to the Indians does not mean Im angry you fucking dick head. I am warning everyone of what will eventually happen and when it does happen, none of you will remember this blog because your hearts will either be filled with hatred or fear. At that point nothing else matters. Jaldi Karo yaar.... fuck off and jodo 4:34pm

Anonymous said...

Someone here said Francis Kean looks like a monkey... He does not look like a monkey.... The mother fucker is a fucking monkey.

Mark Moaning said...

anon6.57pm....you are one angry boy,,,did your neighbour Ram Sami molest you when you were in class 5? Tell the truth, get it off your waxed chest now boy. You will be a better person for it. Then go for a walk in the neighbours cassava patch, may be steal a cassava stick or two since you are too lazy to grow your own. Then molest yourself.. because now you can. And no, I am not FF, military, an Indian or even a Fijian. So you reckon, Fijians have built up hatred over 100 years, yet done nothing about it? I guess its typical jati style, malua fever and hope they get everything for nothing. You must really hate yourself boy.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:32.... Another fuck wit stereo typing Fijians... who gives a shit what you are... if anything you can be a fucking dog or a fucking rat or a fucking cockroach or just get fucked... if your not a Fijian, then fuck off out of Fiji Islands you fucking moron. What the fuck you doing there dick head. Oh wait... your there to get a black Fijian or Indian boci up your white, yellow or fucking pink rectum you fucking maggot.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly what Im talking about.... cunts like this 7:32 and many more on this site.... Waraka namaka ni vei cai.... the time will come and when hell is unleased on Fiji... you fucking Indians, half castes and others who think the way you do of Fijians will learn.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.12 Looks like i touched a nerve. It does appear that you are a former SDL free rider hiding amongest white ASS cracks somewhere in Aus or NZ. For your information. Indians make up about 36% of Fiji's population and not were eligible voters . Not all of them voted for Frank as NFP and other parties also got votes. Frank won by close to 67% which means that roughly 35% to 40% of the i-taukei voters gave FF a tick. This guy is a fool folks. He is on some sort of stupid hate quest for whatever reason i do not know. However the more we react to him the more he seems to grow in stature well at least in his own little mind. Best not to feed his lunacy and leave the dooms day prophet alone. Those Indians on this site fueling the fire by using derogatory language against the i-taukei should also look at themselves in the mirror as you are not to far of from this lunatic. For Christ sake we are all going to die one day and no one knows when. Do we really want to live our lives filled with hate and prejudice. The world has already got heaps of hate does Fiji want to become like the Congo or Syria or the Central African Republic. Hate only bring more hate. When will the so called descendants of Noah learn.

Moron watcher said...

wow..what a hatefest. the hate filled lunatic is really angry now. hair must be even curlier than ever. Give it to him boys and girls. lets weed out the lunatics. Full moon was last week. so this one must be slow and delayed.
listen, lunatic if you hate Indians and Chinese why don't you boycott their businesses for a start and patronise Fijian ones. But wait, there are no Fijian businesses selling shoes or fridges. hahahahaha. hehehe.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:13pm.... another fuck wit here trying to assume things and typically a fucking supporter of Fiji First or a military man or a Frank ass licker who loves to lick Frank Bainimarama's stinking rectum for the sake of gaining something like all other FF Parliamentarians and Government workers... All in line with their tongues hanging out of their mouths...

You just put the numbers there yourself you fucking dodo bird and you should be able to see that the Indian numbers propelled FF ahead and fucked their NFP and Labour parties who hardly got any votes to be even considered a threat to the FF party.

Only a fool like you realises this to be true but denies its existence.

Dooms Day prophet... I don't give a damn about religion cause religion is nothing but just that... religion.... but you... fuck you, you want to talk about descendants of Noah... Piss off you dick head because you ask if Fiji wants to become like Congo or Syria or CAR but it already has... The fucking soldiers turned it into one and we have our Idi fucking Amin Dada Prime Minister today, who brutally attacked defenceless women taken to the camp and ordered his soldiers to brutalise resulting in the death of many citizens and you turn your fucking blind eyes away and deny all this happened during your fucking God - Frank Bainimarama's watch.

Fuck you imbecile. The very existence you talk of Hate, thrives in you.

That's the problem with Fiji today... the Fiji First and Military have made every conceivable excuse for every indecent act, brutal act, murder the military and Frank has committed against citizens including treason and today, people turn their eyes away and refuse to see the blood stains on the hands of these soldiers and PM of Fiji.

The blood stains remains and the blood of those that died cries out from the grounds soaked in their blood and the people of Fiji look at Frank and bend over and get fucked even more by this fucking lunatic.

Hate was spawned by Frank and vengeance is Franks game and name.

You think I speak of hate but you have seen Franks hatred and you have seen Frank's supporters and soldiers dish out hate but you refuse to see it today because Frank has hidden himself and protected those who support him with his cloak of Constitution. A rubbish document which will burn when the time is right.

Indians have been fooled and blinded by their hatred for Fijians and supported the fucking devil the military that did not stop the 1987, 2000 and 2006 coups. The fucking beats the military that caused the havoc wrecked upon on society today that even when living in fear, Indians being cowards as they are will stroke the cock of a soldier and admire him but the hands of time shows itself. The latest with the three soldiers who continue with this trend by Frank and tried to obtain money from an Indian businessman.

You see it but refuse to acknowledge it because your are afraid and you want to gain something from Frank or his supporters you fucking dick head. Fuck off and stop reading your bible because it is doing Fiji no good at all. The only good it is doing is stopping the Fijians at this very moment from acting upon their hatred against the Indians and this is true. But eventually the simmering hatred will boil over and Fiji will burn with the Indians once again being the victims.

That is my fucking message and it is clear that this will happen again and no matter what, you cannot stop it because Frank created that hatred and someone will eventually react to it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Moron... your another fuck wit but boy you don't have the tools to even debate or raise anything against me because your too fucking dumb and stupid to realise and understand what I have written so crawl back into your moronic hole or better still, crawl into Frank Bainimarama's hole and tickle his tonsils with your fucking tongue you fucking idiot.

My posts have definitely touched a nerve with you FF and military supporters because like sugar, you think my words is of hate and its drawing you haters out but because your blinded by Frank and his propaganda, you can read and understand what I am really saying.

The Indians who are reading this will open their eyes and realise this because it is true... history repeats itself and will repeat itself once again.

Fijians are conniving and fucking liu muri fuckers and Frank is feelng the pressure on his back. Eventually hatred will simmer over and Frank will be bent over and fucked but the Indians will bear the brunt of it all because the hatred that Frank has created will manifest itself when the moment comes.

clever boy said...

well, dicko we can't reason with an idiot so why bother trying to debate as you call it. You seem to think you know everything and abuse one and all yet call for clever debate. Dicko. Still haven't told us where you will buy your shoes. Hope you haven't eaten the only one you got.

Anonymous said...

@11.25am about the naked guy on stage with a teddy hahahahhahaahhahahaha mate Im with you on that one.What the fuck is going on in Fiji we really have some idiots.

Anonymous said...

@ Clever Boy... you cannot be one or all. your are either one or the other or maybe your a fucking poofie ghandu chutia barchod.. @ 9:03pm... that's Fiji today reduced to a muslim who declares all women should wear hijab but wants a Fijian man stark naked with his cock hanging out so poofters and ghandus chootia like you will be drooling to suck on the Fijian cock, hand in mouth you cock sucker.

I hate shoe eaters said...

hater boy...you want people to debate issues yet abuse anyone with differing opinions. You reckon some of us express stereo types but aren't you doing exactly that calling Fijians liu muri and Indians, whatever. You contradict yourself. perhaps you are having a debate with yourself? Just becos ram sami molested you doesn't mean all Indians want to molest you. When you gonna answer me? Where will you buy shoes? Its not a trick question. question too hard? Ok ok let me help. perhaps at value City. Owned by a part Chinese Fijian. I am sure you have a frequent shopper card there. You really got to stop eating your shoes dicko. You will make yourself sick from the shoe glue. yum yum

Anonymous said...

@ 9:24pm - Hey cock sucker.... Ghandu ... I throw innuendos at you just as you throw it at me so take it as you like it. One thing is for sure...what comes out of you is no different to that which comes out of Frank's rectum so you better run to him and ask him to make sure everything I say does not come to pass.

Anonymous said...

The reality is itaukei's are hurt by what has happened..and I don't disagree with the current hotbed of racial vis a vis political whitewash..the temperature is approaching boiling point. I guess a cohort of itaukei's would appear somewhat moderate but the reality is what goes behind the curtains is more than what meets the eye. I guess we need to take heed of the warning....Rabuka lost the election fair and square, and bowed out gracefully (as it appeared) but lo and behold parliament became the real-estate of disgruntled elements. Could it happen again..its anyones guess..

Anonymous said...

Fellow readers state of emergency has been declared. Raving lunatic ANON 8.50 has just escaped from the max security level at the ST Giles Hospital. Doctors warn that he has a severe fascination with Indians and Frank. He is tortured by the time Frank and his boys at the Camp gang raped his sorry ass. They also warn that he has not taken his pills for 3 days and has been seen eating his own shit. The men is classified shitty and smelly and no one should approach him without a fire hose or a team of boys in green. Doctors warn that he gets all gay and docile when he sees men in green a lasting after effect of the deed done to him at the camp. He has pale skin and does not appear to be either Indian or i-taukei as he seems to hate them both. His mouth they say smells like someone died inside it and has been left their for 2 weeks partly because of the shit he has been eating and the fact that he likes to curse. He is easy to recognize as he usually looks like an over used dick on a Monday morning after a busy Sunday evening. If seen call the Fire Department first to hose him down, than the SPCA to tranquilize him and call the boys in green to give him some "medicine" after which call SCC to pick him up and dump him at the Naboro landfill. We don't want him. Champagnes on the house tonight!!!!!!!!

Lunatics warden


The itaukei's are loving, caring people who have been bullied and manipulated over the years. Indians are still Indians and you cannot change an iota of their ideological DNA even to the point of infusing them with paraquat.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:30pm... spot on and what may transpire is scary because the underlying elements is unknown.

People think that the military has a lead on everything but how much can you continue to beat people down. How much propaganda can you continue to dish out.

How much more can you make people suspicious of one another and this is why I say Fijians are liu muri. How much more racial divide will be created and only heat up the steaming hatred of the Indian race by the Fijians. The Indians and other races are only hoping that Frank and the Military will keep all this in check and that's why they think nothing of the violence and brutality the military is committing against the people of Fiji even their own Indians.

Fijians are a different bred of people, cut from centuries of feud creating an unpredictability that many think is a genuine smile of friendliness. When unleased the beast within is terrifying and we have seen that in 1987, 2000 and with Franks soldiers from 2006 till now.

Religion is keeping the people in check but Fijians today are whispering and talking and hatred is brewing and unfortunately, the hatred for Indians is even more so now then ever before. I have been to many villages and spoken to many people and they all pretend to like Frank and when Frank leaves, they wish someone leads them forward and destroys Frank and Khaiyum, particularly Khaiyum.

This is why I am saying, very soon, Fijians will have had enough of the bull shit from Frank who is running this country like it is the Bainimarama family business and Khaiyum family business. Something will crack soon and when it does.... the beast will again be unleased and unfortunately, the fucking Indians will take the brunt of it all. Peace out.

By the way... this fucking cunt 10:31 has noting better to offer but make fun of Fijians... and he probably is a FF supporter and Franks arse licker and ball tickler. Go fuck Meli Bainimarama in his grave you dick head.


@ Lunatics warden..you must be sleeping on the job! I suggest you tender in your resignation. Please do the honourable thing and find somewhere else to go. The " raving lunatic" has found freedom, so let him speak his mind. We have had 8 years of being muzzled and propaganded.. This is the reason why we have blog sites like C 4.5. Take a "chill pill" mate..."state of emergency" my ass...any tiny provocation is a state of emergency...you're just spewing the same FF manure

Gordenward said...

Khaiyum if you really mean and intentionally called me a MONKEY? AS A NATIVE FIJIAN!!

This is for you...Look around you, especially in Suva where your kind [kaidia]erected their house and mosque and mandir.You'll see most are sitting on native land own by mataqali and tokatoka.
These land belongs to SVT,SDL and SODELPA stalwarts but still they are accommodated without any fuss.We don't treatthem as MONKEY forgtten by their leader NFP & Labour.On Humantarian ground we welcome them coz we fear GOD not you!! We respect fellow human beings not like you insulting!!
Just recently you pointing finger to police department as some are worse/bad etc....i warned you don't play around with policing or Police Civil Servant for that matter!!they soft like water but blast like a Dam!!!
Watch out for FICAC they will turn as witness against you!!!
Every civil servant read your lips and read your speech word by word and jointing dots all along and networking between civil servants is so professionally done! warning to you Mr KNOW EVERYTHING!!!
Its too late Khaiyum you've been screen left,right,centre and only way out is NABORO!!

Anonymous said...

6.26pm, 6.46pm Dec 3rd plus his later comments.

One word for you gonei! You think I'm Indian?
No I'm I taukei
Iko na tamata viavialevu! Dokadoka An arrogant self serving son of a bitch. Evil is what I see in your heart. .Do you have any Fijian heart of forgiveness left in your body like I and ALL taukei still have ? Do you have a drop of Sunday school upbringing left in you? Your blogs tell me that you probably is a seed of a Rwandan refuge accidently germinated somewhere here or outside Fiji and carried here by your mama/grandparent or one in your lineage. Your heart is filled with rage and hate...one solution to shut your mouth.. Fijian style iko kila. No manmade weapon but bare knuckles on your face, nose, teeth and jaw.
This will be done to YOU and your enemy Voreqe Or let me put it the other way...Let Voreqe and his deadly squad do it to you...sa rui levu na gusumu boy..da kai viti vata tiko ga qo...Iko warai ni vuli dua dua vei keda. And the army are just waiting for the moment to take vengeance on taukei like you. The bad thing is I and others will also suffer because of the continued inciting and attacks on the army/ police. Fijians turning against Fijians is not new. We still have that in our blood and I don't give a bloody damn iko na kai vei. Fuuuuuuck!

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that this site has become the sounding board for just 3 or 4 people to spew their hate in an attempt to convince themselves that everyone thinks like them.


Anonymous said...

@ 8:55pm... You have described Frank Bainimarama and the military perfectly in your first our sentences.

The evil you speak of was not brought about upon this nation of Fiji not by me... but by the monster that you serve Frank Bainimarama.

He is the epitome of arrogance, dokadoka, viavialevu, qaciqacia, siosio and every thought you may have of me and that has been translated to the military, the police, the prisons and the various Government Departments throughout Fiji because we see and experience it in our every day lives.

Are you blinded by your foolishness and cowardly nature to believe and accept that all that Frank is doing is right and for the best of this nation.

You ask me, do I have any Fijian forgiveness in my heart.... It is not for me to forgive nor atone myself because I do not have blood on my hands. I did not brutalise, murder and destroy the livelihoods of the citizens of Fiji. I did not impose my rule and self beliefs and with greed took what I wanted from the people of Fiji.

How can one live his or her life when one has committed such brutality against their own... Fijian soldiers have killed Fijian men and the blood of these men will stain their souls and the blood of these men cry from the ground upon which it was spilled and it is only up to your God, to forgive not me. I am but a mere mortal.

My heart is not filled with rage or hate. Rage and hate is within the very essence of a human being that is stirred up by emotions of thought and manifests itself in cruelty...We have seen this hate in the deaths of many Fijians including the latest victim, Rokosau, murdered by the hands of another Fijian and a soldier.

I can control my hate and my rage but Frank and the many soldiers, police officers and prison officers who have murdered and brutally bashed Fijian citizens obviously cannot control theirs.

Remember when Cain murdered his own brother he understood what he did was wrong. After the first brutal bashing and murder, it has not stopped for Frank and his military and police. It continues on today. They go to church after all that and pray to their Gods, because the God their hatred prays to is not the same as mine. They preach and denounce people, their very own people and their very own existence. How can one live their lives in such a manner.

All this has done to the nation of Fiji is breed more hate and contempt.

This is why I warn the Indians and other races of Fiji. Like I said before, if you were a true Fijian, you would understand what I say.

Obviously you are a monkey of Frank Bainimarama or a soldier or FF supporter and cannot see beyond all this hate and evil that Frank has spawned upon this nation of Fiji. This hatred and evil has manifested itself and today you will see Fiji is riddled with crime that we have never heard or seen of before.


Anonymous said...

cont.. from 10:16

Your own heart is filled with evil and rage...Your thought propel it to wish me harm by these very soldiers who have already done so much damage to our nation and today, their lame excuse is because it is their job and they were ordered to do it and it is their source of income. 30 pieces of silver for the price of the nation of Fiji. 30 pieces of silver for the price of the lives of the many Fijians murdered and brutally bashed by their hands. 30 pieces of silver for the detriment that has been caused upon the peaceful existence of the vanua.

You want to go mano o mano... Taciqu... vosota sara io o iko na sega sara ni rawati au. Kevaka e dua talega vei ira na laba mai na mataivalu e via moqe vata kei au... ena boi dada nona tarausese. Na ka walega e kaukauwa tu kina na sotia nikua... na dakai e roqo toka e ligane... Sega ni nona knuckle... Your teeth will chase each other down your slimy throat, which has collected 9 years of propaganda from Frank and today, you worship this murderer and treasonous Fijian who claims to be the saviour of our Fiji.

Sa oji na gauna ni vesu mona.

When shit hits the fan... it will not be Fijian against Fijian believe me.

That is why I warn the Indians. They will take the brunt of all this hatred because this is Franks doing and his propaganda. The hatred the Fijians feel for Khaiyum is so intense that it will boil over to harm innocent Indians. That is what I fear and I proclaim it as though I am racist and my heart filled with hate but it has been brought to your attention and hopefully to the attention of many.

We cannot continually be blinded by this evil man Frank Bainimarama or do you prefer licking his soresore because you gain something from it don't you.

You today live in a Rwanda led by a Dictator of hate but you look at him and the military with affectionate love. Mera vutuka ga nomu sona cici levu. What other Rwanda are you referring too. Fiji has had its Rwanda and continues to have its Rwanda because those evil men who caused our Rwanda today, lead and manipulate this nation. Obviously with the approval of many citizens but out of FEAR and not appreciation or LOVE. Fuck off sara yani Boci....

Anonymous said...

10 16
If you're given an opportunity to kill Bainimarama or Khaiyum will you do that?
Yes or no?
Don't give me a full sermon. Just yes or no,?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:16 AM

Run along now boy, your repetitive drivel is nothing but your self loathing. You profess to talk for so many others but the only one you talk for is yourself.

Grow up, open your eyes and look around you, yes, you are the odd one out.

Anonymous said...

Nations honour Ratu Meli
Siteri Sauvakacolo
Friday, December 04, 2015

RATU Meli Bainimarama has been remembered as a friend whose simplicity and "quiet nature" were admirable qualities.

This was highlighted by his former colleague and former Fijian resident in New Zealand Dr Satendra Singh as he joined the Bainimarama family in mourning the life of Fiji's High Commissioner to Malaysia and the Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama's eldest brother Ratu Meli who passed away in Suva this week after a short illness.

Dr Singh said Ratu Meli had served Fiji with much love.


Anonymous said...

@ 12:49pm... if that's the best response you can give to someone who is reminding us of Fijians killing Fijians, Fijians brutally bashing Fijians and the atrocities Frank has committed against the people of Fiji and what may and can eventuate in the future, then it is you who should piss off and go waste your time and breath on another blog site. Your a typical FF and Military and Frank Bainimarama supporter. You only want to read and hear the Bull Shit you get about Frank and deny the murders and bashing and killing. Fuck off and go bury the dead mother fucker Meli Bainimarama... We will shit and piss on his fucking grave and all the rest of the Bainimarama family graves. The day Bainimarama dies, the whole of Fiji will rejoice and his days are numbered. Tell your father Frank he needs to beg for forgiveness because his time is coming the fucking ceke oso... Lai dramica yani nona ceke sona uso.

Anonymous said...

The magaijinana Meli (where the fuck they got Ratu from)... he is a kaisi bokala luveni joro butako... he would not have achieved his position if not for his thieving brother Frank...

Mate laivi yani sega na kemu yaga... macawa kana buta... mera vutuki iko na tevoro... lai vakavara taka jiko na nona sa vakarau gole talega yani na tacimu o Frank Bainimarama.... Mate laivi yani luveni kawa ni manumanu...

Anonymous said...

@ 12:49pm... sa qai rauji iko ya luveni caiji tamamu... kua mada na via via mai vosa jiko eke. Sa matata na vanua o vosa jiko mai kina niko dramica jiko na ceke nei tamamu o Frank Bainimarama. Sa mate laivi yani qori o Meli... sa vakarau tarava yani o Frank kei ira ne kena vo... keimami na qai yavalati Viti ena qai suka tale na veika e noda... Magaijinamu luveni maqe tamamu... caita ga na gusumu kei nomu vosa...

Anonymous said...

Ratu na sona... Meli is not a Ratu... caita... viavia turaga levu... ni vei cai na Bainimarama... That's your role... to protect women but Frank first to beat up women sona levu.

Anonymous said...

Same bakuwavivi droto of Anon 10.16 am
If you're given the chance to kill Voreqe and Khaiyum will you kill,?
Yes or no?

Anonymous said...

@ 2:11pm... lako madaga yani lai domica nodrau boci na nomu Voreqe kei Khaiyum luveni caiji tamamu... kua ni levu nomu via via... me cavai vei iko na taro o qori. E cava o iko. Kubuta ga qalai Voreqe baleta na ka oqori dou sa cakava jiko me rawa kina nomu bula... luveni yali sona levu kawa ni maqe... sa rauji iko ya.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:49pm... that right... Fijian soldiers and Frank have the blood of Fijians in their hands. They have murdered and killed Fijian citizens because of their hatred. So piss off if you don't want to hear it being repeated because this is what reminds us of Frank's leadership and what he and the military have done and committed against their own people. It does not justify anything that they have done to kill and murder defenceless people who unlike soldiers, carry weapons. Who ties peoples hands up and when they are defenceless, brutally bash them until they are dead. Fijian soldiers. Who did they kill? Fijian people. You think nothing of all this. piss off to another site and bother someone else. @ 10:16 keep it coming...

Grandpa Manning said...

hate to admit it but 10.16 is right. The girmitiyas have it coming. Enough is too much already. Its the Indian owned real estate companies like Titus and Harcourts who are selling off Fiji to the foreigners. Shivas Singh, owner of harcourts regularly boasts he owns Fiji and will sell it as he pleases.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.16 and 2.39. Ok so we all agree that Frank has blood on his hands. That blood was drawn by i-taukei soldiers instructed by i-taukei henchmen like Mara, Driti, and of course Frank. As always some and i reiterate some i-taukei are very good at blaming the lamp post when it was the coconut tree that fucked their arse. These sons of whores keep blaming Indians for all their trouble when Indians had nothing to do with either coup and the successive brutality. Do you know why Indians voted for Frank. Its because he threatened another coup that is why. Indians know that another coup would have cost this country big time something the likes of Anon 10.16 does not care too much about. You sound so frustrated maybe no sex for a while or just plain angry???. How about you go up to the Army camp and ask them to give you justice. In fact tell them what they did wrong and how they beat up people etc etc.You want to fight somebody take your sorry black ass to the camp and tell the boys in green what exactly you say online hiding behind a computer. After all a solider is trained to fight and they probably need a workout. Boy i am sure you can beat the crap out of them green boys you tough fella you. I am sure you can show of your Karateeeee, maybe a bit of akidoooo and maybe in the end just give your ass to them to stay alive. In my 60 years or so i have seen tough talking punks like you all riled up thinking killing someone is easy and cool. Fucks like you always end up in one place bending down to pick up the soap for the real tough guys.
The soldiers are your real enemy as they support and look after Frank and ASK and they killed people and beat up folks or are you pussy like ISIS who only pick soft passive people who don't want to fight them. Vacava rawa se sega??? Tovolea Boci

Prison Warden Narsey said...

@3.32pm...hit the nail on the head. But lets see what the big mouth 10.16 spews out. More hatred and bravado behind his dirty fingernails hitting the keyboard I guess. yeah the same old rubbish about Indians being the reason for all that is wrong with Fiji is getting a little tiresome. Pretty evident that 10.16 is very unstable and self loathing and thinks killing Indians will solve the i-taukeis problems of poverty, low self esteem and lack of drive.

Anonymous said...

Lamusona ga au raica. Levu ga na vosa.
Vaqakoro..vacava ga mo taura e dua nai lesilesi ni vunau mo laki vunau kina keba ni mataivalu. Kaya kina ni cala na ka era kitaka qai vosacataki ira talega. Bolei ira talega. Vunautaka na 30 na tiki ni siliva era ciqoma ka mate kina oira na lewe ni vanua.
Ke o tagane cakava ya me macala kina na kodrokodro o cakava jiko vakabalavu.Au nanuma ga deo sa vuli ena nomu volavola ia e vuku cake e dua a ta sukulu. Sa rui polopoloa sara ga a utomu.
Lako lai bulia a omu vunau. Tikini volatabu kei na vosa ca me rau vei curumaki.
Qai nanumi Vili Rakoro talega ena nomu vunau.
Moce sara yani..baku!

Anonymous said...

Frank Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Just saw Wadan Narsey's article on his blog about Mere Samisoni and he is simply full of praise for her entrepreneurial efforts with Hot Bread Kitchen. Bit of a turn around here as he use to highlight Mere's connections to the 2000 coup and HBK supplying bread to rebels, etc. Wow Wadan, typical kaiidia aage piche stuff here. BTW Mere only supplied the idea after see hot bread shops in Hawaii. Tony Philp Senior of Lami and Tiko Eastgate of Tikos were the driving forces initially. they were the brains and entrepreneurs. Mere was simply an nurse then. they established the business and sold out to Mere later. Wadan - as an academic, I would have expected you to do some research. I see HBK also set up shop in Nasese but withdrew becos they couldn't keep up with the competition from the Chinese shop next door.

Anonymous said...

Judas Iscariot

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