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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Mick Beddoes resigns from SODELPA saying party in trouble

Mick Beddoes has resigned from the Opposition Office saying his decision is personal but revealed the party was in trouble and needed a shakeup.

His statement below:

I am grateful to the Opposition Leader for her gracious remarks in announcing my decision to resign from my position effective December 31st 2015.

My decision has been in the pipe line for some time, but was deferred because of the Gaunavinaka Sham and the need to wait for the outcome of the Disciplinary Committee’s determination, which has happened and they have exonerated the Leader, myself and others of any wrong doing.

There is a need for me to refocus my attention on some personal matters in order to bring them to a successful conclusion and it does require my personal involvement. In addition I have been blessed with the arrival of my 2nd grandson 6 weeks ago so I want to be around both my grandsons and children and to lend them support and spend some quality time with them. I will be 65 next year.

It has been a challenging and rewarding 14 months here at the Opposition Chambers and I am grateful to Ro Teimumu Kepa for giving me the opportunity to be of serve to her and the members, the majority of whom I know appreciated my efforts and I am grateful for their calls and well wishes. I am also grateful to the staff who have performed admirably under often very difficult and frustration circumstances.

I am confident that the team we have in place will continue to do a sterling job for the Leader of the Opposition and the party and I have assured the Marama of my full support for her and the staff, the only difference being I will be located in the West and not at Parliament.

SODELPA our party is in trouble and it is in need of some serious dosage of moderate and level headed members who support multiracial policies, party unity and solidarity. I plan to become a very active member of SODELPA in Nadi and the West and I will take the time to travel all around giving members the facts of what is going on so they can be properly informed and can take corrective action to protect the party by voting in the right people.


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Anonymous said...

Good riddance to bad rubbish. It's time for a new party. Fresh young progressive minds to lead us into the future. FFP's rule will soon come to end.

Hip Hip Hooray said...

8.40pm...spot on. Fat Mick stood for...Fat Mick. Nothing to offer Fiji. Had a legacy of perennial fence sitting. Move on...to another lovo.

Anonymous said...

Oh how the mangy dogs like to snap and bark from a safe distance. It is what they do so they will get thrown a bone from their masters table. Well done Bill. You are a gentleman and have more commonsense and integrity than the whole of FF put together.

KUA NI RERE said...

QORVIS is an EVIL organisation. Their aim would be to destroy SODELPA.
The aim of QORVIS is to control the population of Fiji; And SODELPA is standing in their way. QORVIS wants to control Fijians, Indians and Others in Fiji. It is a very EVIL organisation.
For those who were happy to get rid of the Chiefs, What they didnt realise is that QORVIS has brought in a more EVIL form of control via TIN numbers and The Fiji Army etc.
Through the TIN number they control your FNPF, your Bank Account , what you eat, what you drink etc etc etc.
But too many people in Fiji are too farking dumb to see it.; including Indians.
QORVIS controls Bainimarama.
They control the Army.
Tikoitoga, Qiliho, Naupoto, Langman are all the same. Their mouth is clamped shut; controlled by QORVIS.
How ? via money of course.
I pay you , you keep your mouth shut.
I send you for a post overseas, so you keep your mouth shut.
If you agitate then we will do to you what happened to Julie Alexander.
Thats why Qiliho is LAMU. His Fijian army is useless. It has now become a Bainimarama Army ( not Fiji Army) and by proxy they have become QORVIS' Army.

Interesting that Wadan Narsey has also found out that INDIAN MOUTHS ARE ALSO CLAMPED SHUT...including academics in Fiji.


Bainimarama is controlled by QORVIS.
The people agitating in SODELPA, bringing false charges against Temumu and Beddoes were influenced by QORVIS.
Beddoes should sue this people for causing him unnecessary pain and anguish.

Why do you think they changed the Education policy?
If you are smart you can figure out the answer.
HINT: Its got nothing to do with improving the education of Fijians.
This is a very deliberate act by QORVIS.

QORVIS is too smart for most people. The only answer is Jesus. Jesus will give you the wisdom to fight them. ( if you ask Him).

Anonymous said...

I heard, someone wanted to poison Temumu before the election. I wonder who that was? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Oh dear KNR, not sure Jesus is giving anyone wisdom on who to fight.

Traffic was bought to a standstill on the main Queens Road out of Suva on Christmas day afternoon as mass fighting erupted sprawling across the road.

Anonymous said...

There is to many bosses in sodelpa. There is the president, the leader of the party and leader of the opposition. No clear authority hence the confusion which will cost them big in the next election. The people have spoken in the last election and has given Ro Teimumu the highest vote in the sodelpa party. With her popularity enabled some of these mischief makers to enter parliament. The next election is just over two years away. Don't sweat the small stuff...re focus your goals and plans. Arm your self for the next parliament sitting and show why you are the opposition with good debates and probing questions......good luck.

Anonymous said...

"A house divided by itself will surely fall!"

SODELPA will not be able to convince people that they can form a good government if there is no unity in the party. FF may be a party of traitors, murders and thieves, but the parliament members are so well controlled by fear and 30 pieces of silver that they continue to vote together on issues.

Only God through his son Jesus will be able to help Fiji become the land of peace and love again.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:38pm. Well said.

Anonymous said...

Nothing new sodelpha is already fucked

Anonymous said...

Anon@7.21PM. No you're the one who's being fucked....by a goat LOL

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I heard that since Bainimarama committed treason and took over the government in 2006 that there are now more poor people in Fiji than when Qarase was running the government.
I heard poverty increased from 25% to now 60%.
Also now increased murder ; increased child molestation; increased rape.
A small child would say then that Fiji was better under Qarase's government compared to Bainimarama's government.
Would you agree with that child's conclusion or are you dumber than a child?

Anonymous said...

Qarese style khana nikawa raica macaka....xmass....magaichinana sodelphan

Anonymous said...

Life under Qarase was better. Now the food price is very bad. I thought the budget will make it better but now after the budget the food price climbed even higher. Exercise book very expensive. When you poor and have no money have to kerekere to buy the exercise book for the children.

Anonymous said...

@7.54.... We r almost In 2016...da global price of goods nd service has increased since qarese.....it can not be compared
...stop thinking like sodelphans....take sme advantage of free education....nd learn sme economics dump head

Anonymous said...

There is no superior race or caste. In Hinduism Brahmins are the worst. Real hypocrites. Real exploiters. Very few Brahmins are poor in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:53 AM

So you 'heard' that poverty was less when a previous government was in power.

How would a small child have known things were better under the Qarase's government?

Fact, they would have not known.

A small child then would not have known how things would be in the future !

A a small child now would not have had a clue what things were like years ago !

10:35 AM is right.

But also consider years ago the priorities with money were not alcohol, drugs, partying, phones and TVs like they are now for so many that also want to plead poverty and whine about the cost of exercise books.

Anonymous said...

12.53am Typical idiot living overseas barking behind the fence." I HEARD, I HEARD, I HEARD, I HEARD"..How about you get off your ass,grab your passport and fly back here to see the mass amounts of changes and success that has been happening.You mention all the rape molestation etc hahahahah during the SDL government era it was even worse.They turned a blind eye to it all and told the media not to report any of it.House invasions was the norm and they let the thugs run havoc and said oh don't mention it they are Itaukei therefore they can do what they want.

You're a fucking house negro don't ever fucking reply to me again people like you belong back in the past.

Anonymous said...

It's unlikely that 12:53 AM lives overseas as he would not have had the brains to be able to get there.

12:53 AM is one of the minority in Fiji, went to school only for a short period but not long enough to learn that there's more to writing than just putting words on paper.

Had he of concentrated more he would of learnt the lesson that the words need to make sense as well.

Anonymous said...

@2:40PM Its obvious that your brain is worse than a small child's brain.
Typical Fiji First Idiot.
A small child would have worked out that :
Poverty under Qarase was 25%
Poverty under Bainimarama is 60%.
Therefore small child brain will say that 60% poverty worse than 25% poverty; Therefore Qarase better than Bainimarama.

Arrrreh Yarrr, you Fiji First people are so dumb,,,,what the fark was the long winded explanation about small child blah blah blah.
You Fiji First are farking Dumb.
Bainimarama say something, you say "Yes Sir Yes Sir Yes Sïr..."
That shows how dumb you Bainimarama supporters are.

BAINIMARAMA FARTS, you Fiji First people say "YES SIR YES SIR YES SIR..."

Anonymous said...

We, the people of Fiji first embraced genuine parliamentary democracy and have set a new constitutional course towards a brighter future for every Fijian. It has marked the culmination of our Government’s efforts to put in place changes that have yield long term benefits for Fiji and all Fijians (That is something many of these sodelpa idiots have a grudge about). We have a new Constitution to guide us, one that will allow Fiji to prosper as a united nation. However sodelpa the way they are is still harping and howling like a bitch trying to drag us back to the childish ways of politics that did no good for anyone.

These bastards hate the fact that for the first time, We Fijians have a Constitution that protects a wide range of civil, political and socio-economic rights. We the people, have a Constitution that demands accountability and transparency from Government officials, which builds strong institutions, and enshrines principles that are at the heart of all the world’s great liberal democracies. For the first time, our nation has a Constitution that establishes a common and equal citizenry, without denying anyone’s individuality or culture. We have made government services more readily available to more people than ever before. We have reformed social welfare to give more help to the neediest while creating opportunities for them. We have established partnerships with the private sector and are reforming state owned enterprises. We have revitalised the sugar industry, created a sustainable mahogany industry, and made our ports efficient. We have embarked on an ambitious program to correct the deplorable condition of our roads. We have reformed the civil service to make it more professional, accountable, and results-oriented.

This year’s 2015 Budget again demonstrates consistency and continuity in policies. Sodelpa had nothing to offer but to be schooled on it; the people knew that Sodelpa didn’t know what they were doing but simply pulling things out of their ass. Our government has build on much work that previous government failed to do, and they have fund new initiatives that offer practical solutions to old problems, and others that are the first steps in our Government’s drive to fulfill the promises made in the new Constitution rights, for example, to education and health care, water, a clean environment and access to the law. We are making changes and investments that we have long needed in education, health and infrastructure. Our government is correcting some injustices that have existed for a long time, something previous political parties who held power failed to do.
Fiji is now a fairer, more just and compassionate society, and that we have accelerated our efforts to alleviate poverty, thanks to a rapidly strengthening economy.

We the people of Fiji are proud to assure you sodelpa idiots, that today our democracy is working, our economy is growing and we are gradually lifting more people out of poverty every day. It is not an experiment, it is a very real and revolutionary change in the way we Fijians govern ourselves and treat one another.


"SODELPA our party is in trouble and it is in need of some serious dosage of moderate and level headed members who support multiracial policies, party unity and solidarity."

KUA NI RERE said...

Bozo, you talking thru your arse again. You said " We the people have a Constitution that demands accountability and transparency from Government officials..."

Hey arsehole have you read what you just wrote.
I mean did it make any farking sense to you.
Hey arsehole. Former Police Commissioner Groenwold said he could not perform his duties because of CONSTANT INTERFERENCE BY THE FIJI ARMY"....

So there you go arsehole Government Officials continuously interfering with the Police in their pursuit of Justice.
Even the DIKHEAD PRIME MINISTER HIMSELF intrerfered with the Police work against the soldiers.

And when the Judge gave their sentence, Prime Minister Bainimarama interfered and took these people out of jail.

You Fiji First people are farking brainless.
Did you even stop to think about what you wrote dikhead?

Anonymous said...

Sodelphans talk like peka...because der leaders name is rotten demu peka..

Anonymous said...


Oh oh what’s going on here? Another sodelpa cry baby. Let us remind you that the former police commissioner decided to submit a written notification for an early release from his contractual appointment as the Commissioner of the Fiji Police Force. He was not intimidated nor received any death threats to step down; He resigned due to personal family reasons. However he decided to express his own personal opinion about not being satisfied with the way that military interfering in policing and more things that couldn’t be put in one sentence. That is clear everybody knows this but he needs to understand that his employers are not concerned about his own self interests. He should be more concern in fulfilling his employer’s objectives and goals.
Now I'm not sure what he is referring to with military interfering with policing because the fact is Military and Police both have always worked together. The two institutions had been working together to ensure the security and safety of Fiji and this is an area of concern. The Fiji Police Force can never work in isolation and will need the RFMF to address issues; therefore the two institutions are interdependent. It is the same as 1st world countries like the US and Canada, where both law enforcement and the armed forces share intelligence such as drug raids, bomb threats, terrorism, cyber crime, human trafficking etc etc. It is our ultimate goal and it is important for the police, the RFMF and the Fiji Corrections Service to complement each other to ensure a safe and secure Fiji.

Now some of you are crying about some of our officers in the handling of past cases and why those who have been charged walked free or given a lesser sentence. Let us remind you that any offences committed by military or police between 2006 and the first seat of parliament last year can qualify for immunity. Some of these offences are within the remit of immunity. But any sexual offence is outside of immunity. That is the reason why the DPP (Director of Public Prosecution) has decided to charge these people many of you cry baby’s speak of, for sexual assault And not for manslaughter. It is evident that you sodelpa have not read the constitution and continue to spread lies by spinning and deceiving.

Wilson Tamani said...

Sodelpa is exercising proper party democracy in an undemocratic government system.Lets get real,to have Fiji as a single constituent is a farce that takes power of choices away from the masses into that of a dictatorship.

The last election was a farce...why...?? It was a ticket setup by the treasonous Bainimarama traitors in an attempt to legitimise their illegal rule.Lets not forget or stray away from the fact that an illegal regime had total control of the elections and how the current non consensus constitution was put in place. The proof of its existence is a society still chained to the misguided coup of 2006.The Bainimarama constitution is rotten to the core because a multitude of heinous crimes are being given so called immunity by so called constitutional law.What a legal & judicial joke..!!

The party politics within Sodelpa is healthy for party democracy where the party Caucus has the ability to exercise their rights in how Sodelpa operates.Fiji First and current government officials are too scared to voice their opposition to PM Khaiyum and his sidekick Voreqe. The choice anyone has in Fiji concerning criticism leveled against the current regime is face the consequences (harassment, punishment and detention) or flee the country.

Fiji First supporters must realise that their fellow Fijians are being imprisoned for lesser crimes than the Bainimarama constitution is trying to hide.The only way to experience true freedom and equality is to vote the current regime out of office and vote in a party that is willing to clean up the rot that is restricting Fiji of real progress.

KUA NI RERE said...

So you are saying we can do a Coup in 2016 and wipe out the whole Bainimarama Clan and claim IMMUNITY via a new Constitution.
I like your idea.

I think we should do that.
We should kill off Bainimarama. Kill his wife , his children and all his grandchildren. Kill all the bastards off and then claim IMMUNITY.
Thats a very good farking idea.

Thats what he did.
And we should do it to him.

Anonymous said...

Anon@10.35AM. It's obvious that you have been fucking a goat too many times. Stop your goat fucking and go back to school to finish off your fourth for year.

Suomynona said...

Good riddance, they may need some new blood in that party who will bring new ideas helpful to the party apart from the occasional bickering that these parties are infamous for.

Was wondering when an old politician like Beddoes was finally going to retire since its already past his expiry date with nothing new but the same old crap.

As for FFP, they're already loading up on debt but hoping for better things in the new year like the fall of the Bhaiyum era.

Anonymous said...

Now...now...now..calm down, Mr Rere. Two wrongs don't make a right. We're trying to take a few baby steps forward, but all this killing talk is just take back to the old days. We've had enough of killing. Let's just wait for them to croak.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 11.55
talking of goat fuckers--I wonder where is that idiot who kept threatening Renee Lal.

Anonymous said...

Wow was in rewa koro for three days it's just fuck up shit dea pple shit on roads take drugs dea....if u planing to visit dea thing twice coz da leader it self peka on road

junior said...

December 29th marks the 125th anniversary of when U.S. soldiers surrounded a band of Indians at Wounded Knee creek, seized their weapons and slaughtered at least 150—many of them women and children.

The 1890 Wounded Knee Massacre isn’t given much attention in history books, but it’s an uglier part of our country’s past that arguably contradicted the second amendment—giving citizens the rights to bear arms— violated human rights while designating 20 soldiers heroes by awarding them with the Army’s Medal of Honor.

The massacre was the result of the U.S. government’s desire to seize land and move indigenous people from their homelands. This bubbled to the surface in 1890 as Indians at the Lakota Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota took part in the Ghost Dance Spiritual Movement—a practice to reject the ways of the white man with the belief that God would create the world anew.

On Dec. 29 the U.S. Army’s 7th Cavalry surrounded a band of ghost dancers near Wounded Knee Creek and Col. James W. Forsyth demanded they surrender their weapons and told them they’d be relocated to another camp.

A fight between a soldier and a deaf Indian named Black Coyote resulted in a shot being fired—though it remains unclear who fired the weapon first. U.S. Soldiers began shooting at the unarmed group and managed to kill as many as 300 Indians—many of them women and children. The soldiers were aided by cannon rounds from Hotchkiss guns.

Prior to the attack, women and men had been separated. Despite this, the soldiers took no effort to spare their lives. As women began running, the soldiers hunted them down.

Eye-witness accounts were recorded in by the 1891 Commissioner of Indian Affairs and gave a chilling synopsis of the ways women and their children died at the hands of the soldiers:

“Right near the flag of truce a mother was shot down with her infant; the child not knowing that its mother was dead was still nursing, and that especially was a very sad sight. The women as they were fleeing with their babes were killed together, shot right through, and the women who were very heavy with child were also killed.”

The account continues on, stating that small boys who had emerged from hiding thinking it was safe were also butchered by soldiers.

A woman who survived lost her daughter and baby boy. According to her account, one shot passed through the baby’s body and hit her elbow, causing him to drop to the ground. She was also hit twice in the back.

Several days later, government authorities dug a mass grave for 146 bodies of children, women and men. They stripped the bodies naked and piled them on top of each other in the frozen ground.

The mass grave at Wounded Knee.

The U.S. Army suffered 25 causalities in the fight and 20 members were awarded the Army’s Medal of Honor—it’s highest commendation. More soldiers received the Medal of Honor in Wounded Knee than the 64,000 South Dakotans who fought for four years of World War II. According to author David Grua, the US government considered Wounded Knee the final chapter of a “race war” between whites and Native Americans.

In the years after 1890, the U.S. Army made Wounded Knee a central event in American public memory, awarding 20 Medals of Honor to the Seventh Cavalry and erecting a monument to the soldiers killed in the engagement. Wounded Knee was heralded as the final victory in the 400 year “race war” between civilization and savagery, the event that laid the foundation for the American nation’s subsequent prosperity.

Native American activists have long called for the medals to be withdrawn and in 2001 the National Congress of American Indians passed two resolutions condemning the awards. Despite years of petitions, Congress has failed to rescind the medals. Today, the Lakota tribe continues to fight to have their perspective of events included in the US Government’s “official memory” of the massacre, as well as seek reparations for the descendants of Wounded Knee victims.

Anonymous said...

Anon@11.36PM is the goat fucker who's been posting shit in here about Renee Lal, Kepa and SOLDEPA. Hey goat fucker hope the goat's testicles rub on your balls when you doggy style or goaty style your lover the goat LOL

Anonymous said...

WTF is with the US history lesson. The US also seized Hawaii by force.. What you want us to do??

Anonymous said...

@3:45 PM
" What you want us to do ?? "

Of course Learn from History.
Because those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
We learnt that in Class 6 at school back in the village.
If you dont own land then you dont have to worry.

Vili said...

POLICE suspect that overseas residents were involved in the alleged plot to destabilise the Government.

Acting Commissioner of Police Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho confirmed they had involved their overseas counterparts to help investigations.

The overseas residents are understood to have exchanged emails with local residents allegedly discussing the destabilisation of the Government.

He said they were trying to track the IP (internet protocol) addresses of those whose emails were part of the alleged plot.

Anonymous said...

with more than 32000 views, the fiji flag was the most popular article this year: http://portlandflag.org/2015/12/28/our-most-popular-posts-of-2015/

we should talk about that instead of Mick.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@6;07 PM
can't you use better words to convey your opinion?
be kind.

Anonymous said...

Police and Army working together my foot..!!!!!bullshit!!
The two disciplinary forces are at logger heads.......watch out!!!!

Don't play around with the Police!!

Anonymous said...

I love you Laisani Qaqanilawa. Don't leave me for that old pig. I will make you very happy if you give me second chance. Promise not to fuck around anymore with your sister. Come back to me baby.

SEMI K MEO said...

(For those who may have missed this good news)

Fiji is second happiest Country in the World in 2015

FIJI has again polled highly on the Global Happiness Barometer, beating 66 other countries to be listed as the second happiest country in the world for 2015.

The survey was conducted by the Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research (WIN) and took into account the views and beliefs of 66,040 people from 68 countries across the globe, including Fiji and Papua New Guinea.

Eighty-six per cent of Fijians said they were happy while just 4 per cent said they were unhappy giving the country a Net Happiness rating of 82 per cent.

Colombia was the happiest country in the world with a Net Happiness rating of 85 per cent.

Fiji also looked positive in the Economic Optimism Index and the Hope Index appearing in the top 10 for both.

According to the results in the Hope Index for Fiji, 70 per cent of Fijians think 2016 will be better than 2015, 9 per cent think it will be worse, 16 per cent say it will be the same while 5 per cent are unsure.

In terms of economic optimism 52 per cent think 2016 will be a year of economic prosperity, 13 per cent think it will be a year of economic difficulty and 31 per cent say it will be unchanged (the same as 2015) while 4 per cent are unsure.

The survey was conducted by WIN's member in the region Tebutt Reasearch and principal Caz Tebbutt said the reults were positive for Fiji.

"Fiji is a consistent performer on the happiness index, and when you combine this with the results on the hope index and the economic optimism index, it would be fair to say that confidence is strong looking to 2016," she said.

President of WIN Jean-Marc Leger said though 2015 had been a tumultuous year for many across the globe, the world remained largely a happy place.

"Forty five per cent of the world is optimistic regarding the economic outlook for 2016, up by 3 per cent compared to last year," he said.

In each country a representative sample of about 1000 men and women over the age of 18 were interviewed either face to face, via telephone or online.

The field work was conducted during September 2015-December 2015 and Fiji's field work was completed in November 2015.

Fiji was ranked as the happiest country in the world last year.

Tevita Vuibau
Thursday, December 31, 2015


SEMI K MEO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SEMI K MEO said...

uh...But am not sure if big Mick and others in the SODELPA camp were interviewed in this particular survey?

Not that all FFP MPs are all happy either ..

No doubt thought that probably all my NFP MPs were all interviewed and gloriously happy in their plan to win more seats in the next National elections.

Jokes aside...a blessed 2016 to all my cyber mates in this highly esteemed column, and of course the C4.5 Editorial and families.

May the Good Lord bless all of you richly in 2016 and beyond ...what matters is that He knows all your names, where you respectively live and IP addresses.... and God loves you same as He loves me..

See yah next year..

Anonymous said...

Ro Teimumu calls on Fijians to engage in push for change, justice

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Update: 10:31AM WITH a few hours remaining to welcome the New Year, Opposition leader Ro Teimumu Kepa has called on every Fijian to make a New Year's resolution to engage in the push for change, truth and justice for Fiji.

"Let us come together so that the just, fair, transparent and accountable governance we seek and the freedom to which we are entitled can once again, become the reality," Ro Teimumu said in her New Year's message.

She has called on everyone to pause for a moment to reflect on the year that was and examine the journey so far on Fiji's return to parliamentary democracy.

Anonymous said...

The decision on Fiji’s new flag has again been put off by the Fijian Government for another two months after the process was delayed by Fijian Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama, by six months in June. It is now expected at the end of February next year.

This has come about since the government has received new submissions after it released 23 designs earlier this year, but is still seeking more.

Five designs will be chosen in March through the Prime Minister’s office then the public will have three months to select one.

The new flag is expected to be announced on 1st July which will be raised on the country’s Constitution Day on September 7th.

This plan to change the country’s flag was first floated in February, which faced wide spread opposition in which Mr Bainimarama planned it to be raised on the country’s 45th anniversary last October.

So the flag committee has been disbanded? I suspect that's because someone in the committee spoke to foreign media about Khaiyum's interference in the process... Now there is no more risk of interference eh? it means that Bainimarama will be able to design HIS OWN flags and we will have to pick one... :( eh...

Unless they do like in New Zealand and pick 5 flags from the PUBLIC (that is 5 flags made by FIJIANS with their NAMES) it will only be another big farce... would be good if we were living in a democracy and media would publish some designs so that we can see what's really happening behind the scene!!!

Anyway... may Fiji end up with a nice & cool flag that all other nations will be jealous of. Happy 2016 to all (except to those who swear all the time)!

Tevita Tuiwai said...

Debate over a new national flag and a threat to poison baby formula with 1080 were the country's two toughest PR challenges for the year, according to a new ranking released today by BlacklandPR.

The company rated the flag debate as the toughest PR challenge because it combined the highest public profile with the strongest emotional reaction, impact, and complexity.


Anonymous said...

So what's going to be the toughest PR challenge for 2016?

Dealing with the problem of domestic violence in Fiji and it's main causes.

KUA NI RERE said...

The aim of the PR Exercises is to CONTINUOUSLY DISTRACT THE MASSES while these CORRUPT bastards LEADERS like Bainimarama , Kaiyum and QORVIS go about their EVIL ACTIVITIES without the public noticing it..

A lot of stuff - like e-ticketing; Free Education; Free Bus fares; Changing the education policy; Climate Change Discussion; Flag Discussion etc etc etc WERE ALL A DISTRACTION.
These were but to DISTRACT THE MASSES while these arseholes carry out their agenda.

I remember that for the month of November, Fiji One TV would EVERYDAY present a Talkshow on Climate Change.

Meanwhile Women are getting raped; Little children are getting raped; Bainimarama releases soldiers who are doing the raping. MEANWHILE THE PEOPLE ARE DISTRACTED BY ALL THIS TALKFEST AND HOTAIR REGARDING CLIMATE CHANGE.

See how our Leaders continuously HOODWINK US.

And this will be what will be on again next year.

Does America give a fark about Climate Change? Are you kidding me. They are the biggest polluters in the world.

ITS TIME FIJIANS OPEN THEIR EYES AND SEE what Bainimarama and QORVIS are doing to you. They are well and truly farking you properly.

THE FLAG IS JUST ANOTHER DISTRACTION, people. Meanwhile the mathafakas are stealing your Land; stealing your Money; Stealing your Livelihood. Raising prices of FOOD while they distract you with the FLAG.

Since 2006, Bainimarama continuously lies Time after Time after Time and yet STUPID DUMB PEOPLE, FIJIANS AND INDIANS continuously fall for these lies.

One word of Wisdom : Bainimarama does not give a SHIT ABOUT THE FLAG...he will use whatever opinion to advance his own selfish aims.
Think about it.

Wish all of you a Happy New Year.

ONLY DUMB PEOPLE BELIEVE what comes out of BAINIMARAMA's mouth. That includes you Mr Qiliho.

Anonymous said...

@8:58 PM
The problem with people like you is that you think that government, that is more than one person, is supposed to address ONLY ONE issue at the time. Domestic violence is a cultural issue that will require a lot of time to address. What do you expect? All MPs going from house to house, one by one, to tell each man to behave? In the mean time, who shall run the country?

Bainimarama is a petty dictator, that's for sure. And corrupt. And the people voted for him!!! more than 200000 votes, wasn't? Sodelpa was trying to figure out what went wrong with their message... honestly, very easy to find the answer, but they don't want to look into the mirror... we need a new opposition.

A good government will come one day hopefully. As for the flag, it might be seen as a distraction as you said, but that doesn't mean the colonial flag shouldn't be changed. It probably takes 1 hour to go through non-ridiculous submissions from the public... and maybe 15 minutes for the government to pick 5 flags. After that it's a short and sweet process to get the public opinion about it through newspapers. When the choice is made, that's it. Cost: 0$. You change the flags as the old one get damaged, they hardly last 3 months.

Qorvis is a shame.

Anonymous said...

800,000 people in Fiji and only 1 that keeps ranting on about QORVIS !

Makes you wonder doesn't it?

Perhaps everyone is not as dumb as KNR.

What's up boy, didn't you get the job you wanted?

Anonymous said...

Just read the FBC News Site Poll for this week.

Q "Was 2015 a successful year for Fiji"

82% voted YES

Ha Ha Ha.......................

So come on KNR why's that?

Was it rigged by QORVIS?

KUA NI RERE said...

@11:12 PM
"FBC News Site Poll" Hahahahaha, Yeah that's a really credible site.
Takes a DUMB person to think that's a credible site.
Who were polled?
82% of Bainimarama's family?

More young people in Fiji committed suicide in 2015 compared to 2014.
More students killing themselves that even cockeye Reddy became concerned.
More murder than 2014
More rape
More child molestation...that even the Police became concerned.
So 82% of Fiji thought that was fantastic?


Stop being such a dickhead.
Stop parrotting Bai's lies.
Take a step back and EXAMINE THE FACTS. Its a new year brother.

Tomasi said...

Thank you KNR for speaking the TRUTH boldly, clearly, loudly and continuously. I can understand your frustration sometimes when you have to use swear words to make your point. Imagine the faces of QORVIS criminals and the two dictators Bai and Khai when they read your comments. Each truth you speak makes them cringe and wonder how many people are reading, listening, thinking and understanding the truth about the dictatorship of Bai and Khai and their evil machinations. Keep up the good wok my friend. Please know that many are reading and listening to you. Many are supporting you. Many appreciate your efforts to open people's eyes and minds to see this dictatorship for what it really is.

I agree with you that QORVIS is absolutely involved in manipulating the minds of the gullible public. Their company has been notorious for doing that in other countries. There has to be a numbing and dumbing of the public in order for the dictatorship to continue its rule with minimal protest. Many of our people may not know this, but it is our duty to inform them, and you are doing an excellent job at it. Vinaka vakalevu.

Someday soon, maybe in 2016, as more and more people realize the truth, they will finally decide to stand up and fight against this evil regime. But until then, let us continue to be God's sentinel and speak out against any form of evil, injustice and corruption. As we do so, more people might find the moral courage to join us and condemn this government for its hypocrisy, serious criminal conduct and blatant disregard for the rights of all its citizens to decide what is best for them.

Anonymous said...

Why do you have an Emergency Line when there's no one manning it..
Good Job FEA!! Full of shit anyway..

Anonymous said...

Fark you FEA, after all this years of new technologies and shit you still cannot stabilize your power even during a cyclone. Waster of money..

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I'm anonymous January 1, 2016 at 11:17am and I'm a goat. Hihihihihihi

junior said...

"Your petitioners are atheists, and they define their lifestyle as follows. An atheist loves himself and his fellow man instead of a god. An atheist accepts that heaven is something for which we should work now – here on earth – for all men together to enjoy. An atheist accepts that he can get no help through prayer, but that he must find in himself the inner conviction and strength to meet life, to grapple with it, to subdue it and to enjoy it. An atheist accepts that only in a knowledge of himself and a knowledge of his fellow man can he find the understanding that will help lead to a life of fulfillment."

Now in its 51st year, American Atheists is dedicated to working for the civil rights of atheists, promoting separation of state and church, and providing information about atheism. Over the last fifty years, American Atheists has:

Fought fervently to defend the separation of religion from government
Appeared in all forms of media to defend our positions and criticisms of religion and mythology
Held atheist conventions and gatherings throughout the United States, including "Atheist Pride" marches in state capitals
Demonstrated and picketed throughout the country on behalf of atheist rights and state/church separation
Published hundreds of books about atheism, criticism of religion, and state/church separation
Published newsletters, magazines, and member alerts
Built a robust and diverse community of local affiliates, partners, and activists
Fostered a growing network of representatives throughout the nation who monitor important First Amendment issues and work on behalf of the organization in their areas
Grown a network of volunteers who perform a variety of important tasks in their community, from placing American Atheist books in libraries to writing letters and publicizing the atheist perspective
Preserved atheist literature and history in the nation's largest archive of its kind. The library's holdings span over three hundred years of atheist thought.
Provided speakers for colleges, universities, clubs, and the news media
Granted college scholarships to young atheist activists

Since 1963, American Atheists has been the premier organization fighting for the civil liberties of atheists and the total, absolute separation of government and religion. American Atheists was born out of a court case begun in 1959 by the Murray family which challenged prayer recitation in the public schools.

That case, Murray v. Curlett, was a landmark in American jurisprudence on behalf of our First Amendment rights. It began:

"Your petitioners are atheists, and they define their lifestyle as follows. An atheist loves himself and his fellow man instead of a god. An atheist accepts that heaven is something for which we should work now – here on earth – for all men together to enjoy. An atheist accepts that he can get no help through prayer, but that he must find in himself the inner conviction and strength to meet life, to grapple with it, to subdue it and to enjoy it. An atheist accepts that only in a knowledge of himself and a knowledge of his fellow man can he find the understanding that will help lead to a life of fulfillment."

Now in its 51st year, American Atheists is dedicated to working for the civil rights of atheists, promoting separation of state and church, and providing information about atheism. Over the last fifty years, American Atheists has:

Fought fervently to defend the separation of religion from government
Appeared in all forms of media to defend our positions and criticisms of religion and mythology
Held atheist conventions and gatherings throughout the United States, including "Atheist Pride" marches in state capitals
Demonstrated and picketed throughout the country on behalf of atheist rights and state/church separation
Published hundreds of books about atheism, criticism of religion, and state/church separation
Published newsletters, magazines, and member alerts

junior said...

its QORVIS the Atheist in Fiji................beware!!

Anonymous said...

Anon@4.16PM, watch out cos Qilihos's nanny will gore your testicles hahaha

Anonymous said...

The Fijian Government has again put off a decision on the country's new flag, delaying the next stage for another two months to the end of February next year.
This comes after prime minister Frank Bainimarama delayed the process by six months in June.
In a statement the government says it has now received new submissions since it released 23 designs earlier this year, but is still seeking more.
In March five designs will be chosen through the prime minister's office and then the public will have three months to select one.
The government says it expects to announce the new flag on 1st July and that it will be raised on Constitution Day, September 7th.
The plan to change the flag, which has faced widespread opposition in Fiji, was first floated in February last year and Mr Bainimarama had planned to raise it on the country's 45th anniversary last October.
Fiji's prime minister Frank Bainimarama says feedback shows the people of Fiji definitely agree on the need to change the flag.
has pointed to information coming from feedback teams which have been visiting a range of communities and more than 70-thousand hits on the national flag website.
In a statement Mr Bainimarama said that shows participation in the process.
He said the mood for change is strong and the challenge is to find a design that speaks to everyone.
Consultations on the new flag have been extended until the end of the year after mounting debate over the need for a new flag.
A Tebbutt-Times poll published last week found 53 percent of those questioned wanted the current flag retained, and at least 86 percent would prefer to vote on the matter.

well, in NZ, I would say at least 66% want to keep the current flag, my friend reckons 75%. We will see that in March.
The fact that the Fiji flag gets only 53% support overall means that it it would be very likely replaced in the near future, anyway. So far both New Zealand and Fiji haven't been able to produce any great/inspiring design. In the case of NZ, the referendum is likely to fail. It will be really interesting to see what will happen in Fiji... Exciting year ahead indeed...

SEMI K MEO said...

Amazing, but sad how some are so mesmerized by the side show periodically bumped up by the FFP Government, like the long drawn out flag issue and others to distract many from the pertinent and urgent bread, tavioka and roti issues.

The other unfortunate side drama created by the SODELPA's imploding saqa only adds to the blinding effects encouraged by the FFP Gov through Nemani D's daily and other frightened News Editors.

Sympathies all around towards the 3 Defence Force Actors.Inadvertently in compassionate responses to rumors of foreign plot to create instability only solidifies allegiance within the ranks and files of the 3 Defence Forces.

No doubt, the rock solid unity within the 3 Forces only affords the Vice Admiral and his side kick Aiyaz the guarantee of the comforts of Government...even if some disgruntled FFP MPs dobbed in by agent Binod now secretly fuming from their nostrils.

Would 2016 bring to us Fiji Citizens more of the same as in the last 11 so memorable years??...or..uh...?????

Good bye Big Mick..who will be next for us all to bid farewell to within the SODELPA ranks???

..or..may be farewell to some disgruntled FFP MPs who may site previous precedent excuse of " medical and personal" to abscond the FFP ship while the going is good..

That leaves my NFP, Churches members, Temple and Mosque visitors, NGOs, civic families and the non-elites to campaign, contest and form the next Government should FFP call a snap election early this year or in 2018...

Simplistic vision?...well, its 2106, isn't it, and miracles do happen you know...and isn't 2016 still the year of Jubilee??;

Anonymous said...

@6:06 PM
a flag a side show?
someone who thinks so doesn't understand the importance of national symbols.

you may eat cassava as much as you want and live a boring life if you want...
I suppose that most people have no purpose beyong basic material needs anyway.

Great people have interests outside of eating cassava and roti.

Anonymous said...

Governments embark on trivial matters such as name changing and flag changing because they have no idea on how to fix up the mess created by their ineptness in governing the country.

Treasonous military officers like Bainimarama have no effin clue about running a country so they leave everything in the hands of equally clueless effwits like Khaiyum and Giggleho. God help Fiji..!!

The economy is in a shambles and propped up by money sent by Fijians overseas, the Fiji dollar is a worthless currency, inflation has rocketed through the roof, unemployment is at an all time record high, illiteracy is climbing, public medical services at an all time low, Indigenous revenue based enterprise affirmative programs are just a memory, Indians, Chinese, Part Europeans etc are wandering around confused because it is difficult to reconcile how they have become "kai viti" overnite.The Kai Viti is lost because they have to be called an incomplete noun, "effin i taukei"???

Dictionary meaning -

a person who owns something.
"the owner of a Dog"
synonyms:possessor, holder, proprietor/proprietress, homeowner, freeholder, landlord, landlady, master/mistress, keeper.

WTF..!!! can stupid Bainimarama complete his identity.. i taukei ni cava?? Could some bloggers complete Voreqe's identity please..???

Is he suggesting that "i taukei is suppose to mean" i taukei kei viti or i taukei ni qele...????

My definition of Voreqe is ' "i taukei ni ka ca kece e yaco tu qo i viti" meaning , he is the originator of why Fiji is effed up today..(treason, murder, torture, nepotism, corruption etc,etc)!!

Quit all the bullshit about flag changing etc..lets vote these idiots out and send them and their effed up families to Naboro where they belong.

SEMI K MEO said...

Phew!! Anon @6.31pm..Go easy on Anon 6.06pm as she may not have crossed over to 2016 yet!

Anonymous said...

Hey @ 6.31pm...that is an effing cool post...the flag issue is really a triviality to divert attention to the bigger issues as the effing struggling economy. The effing media propaganda machine likes to put some spin into how "millions" of dollars are injected into the economy, one that not often happens from memory. Yes, we have yet to come out of the deep forest, may be it's time to think outside of the "tapioca and roti" issues, and put some patriotism behind a bullshit government, that depicts idiocity of the highest level

Anonymous said...

@10:16 PM

I can't disagree about the level of incompetency and corruption of Bainimarama: I have witnessed some of his dirty dealings myself.
That being said, I believe that flying a colonial flag (and being proud of it like Pita Waqavonono!!!) explains partly why we ended up where we are today... think about it for a second. We still have a colonized mentality and that's why such a little group of dumb military people can run the show today, in a sense it's not very different from what it used to be before 1970.... same old... same old... So to put it in a sarcastic way, we might as well revert to the 1969 flag, at least it had some Fijian symbols on it... but in my opinion, even when we are sailing in the darkness of Bainimarama, I believe that a flag that would symbolize our independence and strenght might reminds us from time to time that we have a responsability to take ownership of our country (I am assuming here that such a new flag would be the product of a Fiji citizen, not Khaiyum!) As for now, it's time to wake up and start preparing the next elections. Our #1 enemy: FEAR.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Pls update. My fav site, but we still in 2015.

Anonymous said...

@ Siteri..Bainimarama has done some wonderful things in my opinion, but at the expense of alienating a section of the community and mutilating the economy. Many Fijians value their culture but I am afraid he DID NOT deal with the issues in a civil manner, just as Rabuka touted his during his tenure. I guess the three legged stool has failed to live up to its principle, in fact, we have become confused as ever. My view is that, only when we separate the state, tradition and church from each other will we be able to clearly define their place in society. I am afraid it has to take a coup for us to start discussing these issues..is it a good thing? I don't know. As far as I am concerned the status quo seem to be " divide and rule". Just to address your concern about the filth that can emanate from this forum, I guess that should tell you that Bainimarama's leadership has brought out a lot of hatred in people. I respect your boldness to declare your allegiance but you may as well find out why there is stiff opposition

Anonymous said...

@ Siteri.. I am not a supporter of anyone is government be it Bainimarama or anyone else (inclusive of previous governments) but I will vouch for any good policies they put forward. But it is frustrating that the electorate have a very shallow understanding of the democratic process. I understand that people are exhausted of listening to people like me whining about the past but I am afraid that we have no desire to resist any attempt to remove our elected government by force. First and foremost, we must understand democracy, secondly we must choose leaders who have very little skeleton in their closet, and last but not the least we must accept defeat when it is fair game

Anonymous said...

@ Siteri.... vakacava na kuila vou? O ni taleitaka se sega?

Anonymous said...

We should never forget the POWER OF LOVE. 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

KUA NI RERE said...

@Siteri Masi
You say you believe in Jehovah and a loyal supporter of Bainimarama.
May I remind you of what Jehovah says in His book: speaking to His people he said;


BUT O let JUSTICE roll down like a RIVER and righteousness like an EVERFLOWING STREAM. "

-Amos 5:23 - 24

Here we can see the heart of God. God obviously rates JUSTICE as more important than singing songs on Sunday at Church.

GOD is fed up with people turning up to church on Sundays BUT DONT CARE ABOUT THE INJUSTICE TO THEIR FELLOW MEN.

Mr Vilikesa Soko was inhumanely treated by soldiers. He was sodomised with sticks until he finally died.
And when these CRIMINALS were brought before the Court, Mr bainimarama INTERVENED to release them. THAT IS GROSS MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE.

You claim to be one of God's people AND YET YOU SUPPORT THIS CRIMINAL bainimarama.
This man bainimarama has been carrying out UNJUST acts;
Murder of CRW soldiers
He personally bashed women
He ordered the assault on a man who requested his payment for the song he wrote for Bai's election campaign.
Releasing soldiers who RAPE and KILL other citizens.
The list of INJUSTICE by Bainimarama goes ON and ON and ON and ON....

I dont think you can be a child of Jehovah and at the same time support this evil man.

Just to let you know Siteri...if the Fijian soldiers were to RAPE your mother with sticks until she died....and Bainimarama released the perpetrators; We would be the first ones to stand up for you.

Anonymous said...

Released, bailed ?

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

And what difference would that make to the content of the post?

If I put my real name down you would not have a clue who I was anyway.

Anonymous said...

Siteri Masi. Happy new year to you buna!
"I was there from the start untill now"
Do you mean you were also involved in the iligal 2006 takeover which your saviour pm had carried out ? Have you seen or heard him come forth publicly to apologize for ousting the elected govt of Qarase. He has not come clean on his involvement in various tortures and deaths during his dictatorship. We have gone past 9 new years celebration and here we are on the 10th yet Frank is still silent and pretended to be non guilty. While I applaud you for your advise to pray to Jehovah seeking his blessings and to proceed to the new year, forgetting the past , I will certainly move on but quite frankly I'm reluctant to trust and support a leader who is a liar and a murderer. How can I forget his attrocities of the past?. In your last sentence you mentioned "don't hide any truth". I don't understand what you meant here but the only person who's hiding the truth is your mentor and savior Frank. Did you ask him to reveal the truth and be accountable for his actions in 2000 and in 2006?
If this is not asked, then go, obtain his responce and come back here.

Anonymous said...

Siteri Masi, you BITCH

Wilson Tamani said...

Siteri Masi is another coup apologist.Come on Siteri..you talk about God but praise the works of the great SATAN (Bainimarama) whose deeds include attempting to usurp a kingdom of God(Fiji) and imposing evil,chaos, hatred,idol worship. Bainimarama and his rule has never exhibited the character of God.Pride, treason, torture, murder, lies,corruption, evil,theft, worshiping other Gods are all what Fijians have witnessed in this illegal regime since 2006.

Wake up Siteri,new bridges, new roads and piece meal government programs will never change the fact that Bainimarama's house is built upon the sands of SATANIC evil.

Fijians (if you are one) really need to do Gods will by getting rid of this evil and fully restore Gods will on Fiji as how our forefathers did.

Anonymous said...

Siteri Masi (polo)..another idiot supporter of this idiot regime.

SEMI K MEO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SEMI K MEO said...

.mmmm...we may not all agree with some of Ms Siteri Masi's drift..uh...but, at least she shames a few in this highly esteemed column by identifying herself...

Shouldn't we all by now in the new year be more transparent?...after all we cry and demand transparency all around, yet many of us from all sides of the cyber ring may continue to live in life of contradiction by not being transparent with their real ID.

Opps...sorry..they fear the Vice Admiral and his side kick Aiyaz may send their watch dogs to visit them...or should they put their real name, they may then not have a licence to swear curse and spew...even some from the safety of their overseas mansions live in fear. From what we ask??

Since 2006...over 4,100 days gone by, that's nearly 100,000 hours!!! many of us have been in hiding..and we preach that changes in beloved Fiji will be brought about by the brave..really????

Anonymous said...

@Siteri Masi...if you really need people to identify themselves then you need to first give us your full profile so that we know who you really are.. Your name is not enough.. But to your credit, you've told us who you support and that is just as good as someone who anonymously supports an opposing view. We need to discuss issues, not looking for targets we intend to vilify. You should be privy to the brutal treatment of those who dare oppose this junta so it is not surprising that people will choose to remain anonymous. Until we have a government that respects freedom of speech, anonymous blogging is the safest way to go

Anonymous said...

People who reveal their identity end up to be people like you.
They just sit on the fence.
In fact we find you abusive to the Opposition Party but clearly tolerating the corrupt Prime minister.
I think you are scared to call Bainimarama Corrupt.
Can you write it in bold writing please Mr Meo so that we can all read it.
Bainimarama stole $100mil from Ministry of Finance. That is corruption.
Can you please write in your next blog in BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS that Bainimarama is a liar, and a corrupt individual and is not worthy to be our leader.
If you cant write that then we know why you cant , because you are just another loudmouth, fence-sitter.

Anonymous said...

Vaka me sa lamu tale o Meo.

Anonymous said...

@3.29pm ..Semi has a love-hate relationship with the regime,he likes who puts his feet on two ships whilst they drift apart. I must say though that the regime is deceitful aiming at annihilating those who oppose the unifying image they wish to potray. We all know that it is far from being truthful

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Semi Meo and a Siteri Masi is the same person. Siteri being the cross-dressing version of Semi...OR...Semi, the butch version of Siteri. Kaila!

Anonymous said...

Semi , just write it bro.
Bai wont allow the investigation of missing $100mil from Ministry of Finance. He is obviously involved. Why else would you hide it and withhold info.
If that was in Australia, Mr Turnbull would be kicked out of office and straight to jail.

So Semi, do you think Bainimarama is corrupt or not?

Anonymous said...

@5:40 PM
Hard to say who is the most corrupt.
From a reliable source, I know that Mara's wife sent over 10M$ overseas... add to that the collapse of the Yanuyanu resort in Vanuabalavu and what else.... bring that in today's $ and you are well over 30M$ FOR ONE COUPLE ONLY!
Shall be talk about Rabuka who fucked up the National Bank of Fiji? amongst many other things....

The sad thing is that we have been poorly governed (and still are) to the extent we couldn't even do a good ranking of who's the worst!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Semi, $100mil could send 200 students from your village all the way to University Degree in any university in the world.
How about that Semi?
You could get doctors, pilots, engineers, nurses, teachers etc etc. Any career those village kids want they can get.
Imagine how influential your village could become in the whole of Fiji.
But instead Bainimarama spends it on his kids and nothing to show for it.
Don't you think , he should be thrown in jail for stealing the people's money?

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo 2.15pm
How long have you been away from Fiji? You better think twice if your planning to return because yours is a household blacklisted name. "More transparent this year??" Before advising us here about transparency can you explain why after every comments you made on c45 you went back and delete them . Are you hiding evidence and tried to save your arse from something looming. Not smart enough. You had succeeded in deleting your own comments but your name.I don't see you being transparent at all, so don't act like a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:03 PM

So money makes a will to succeed and makes the brains to go with it.

Anonymous said...

@9:18 PM
good observation...

Anonymous said...

@9:34PM Not true for Bainimarama. He stole $100mil but it didnt make him a success nor brainy. Only more demented.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo
How come you wont call BAINIMARAMA A CORRUPT BASTARD for stealing $100mil .
Lamu tale o Van Damme.

Semi I thought you want us to show our names but now we see you are fucking lamu.
because Bainimarama knows your name and if you say he is Corrupt he will shove a big gun up youre arse.
He will get Penioni Naliva to use the sniper gun with the long barrel on you.
Hahahahahaha hehehehehehehe hihihihi.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo one big lamusona.
He wont call Bainimarama a CORRUPT PRIME MINISTER, because he is lamu. Bainimarama might come after him and shove the big gun up his ghan.
Bainimarama stole $100mil from Ministry of Finance.

Big mouth Meo cant talk now because his picture is everywhere and now the fall lamu to talk.
Come out and play you big pussy!

SEMI K MEO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SEMI K MEO said...

Wow..me coward??...ko cei sa vosa??

Why should I judge the Vice Admiral and his side kick Aiyuz when mums and dads in Fiji can do a better job?

And as Anon January 4, 2016 at 7:45 PM says...history judges the other Fiji leaders. Who ever takes the cake is a matter of arithmetic..

You want to start counting??

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha just like we said Semi Meo cant write the words.
Semi Meo fence sitter.
You are now basically useless Meo.
You are a shame to your family.
You now dont know which side you are on. hahahahaha. sitting on the fence like a dumbasss.

See Mr Meo this is what we said.
We said as soon as you reveal your identity you can no longer take sides...JUST LIKE YOU.

So from now on dumbass stop telling people to reveal their names, because otherwise they become all big cicilevu like you.

So now you cant call Bainimarama CORRUPT, even though he stole $100mil.

I bet $100 you cant write " BAINIMARAMA IS A CORRUPT BASTARD"...because you are too scared.
Thats what happens when you reveal your face Meo. You become null and void. A useless piece of da. JUST LIKE SEMI MEO.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo is one old crappy faced confused man. He referred to Bainimarama as Rear Admiral, and another time as Vice Admiral. Semi give up and enjoy your remaining days in your cubicle at a rest home.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo is a big conman. He is well known for betraying Fijians in Australia.
Just watch how he defends the statement above.
Now we know he is trying to betray us here at C4.5 to the regime. Telling people to stop being " anonymous".
So we called him out and tell him to write these words in his next post that " BAINIMARAMA IS A CORRUPT BASTARD"
We are not asking Semi to lie. It is the TRUTH. Bainimarama stole $100mil from the Ministry of Finance.
All we are asking is for Semi to acknowledge the truth , but he won't.
Meanwhile he is imploring us to all become CONMAN like him and worse to expose our identities.

Semi Meo tamata liumuri. Vakamadua nomu i tovo.

Typical Semi Meo, forever betraying his own people.
You are an embarrasment, brother.
When are you ever going to stop betraying Fijians?
What a an effing piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

"" Bainimarama stole $100mil from the Ministry of Finance.""

OK, so let's read your evidence that he 'stole' it.

Or are you just another parrot?

Anonymous said...

Are you a new blogger here?? The findings of the PAC had exposed a shortfall of $100m which Khaiyum and Frank didn't provide an explanation. Their silent on the missing $m is admitting guilt of fraud and theft.
That's the evidence.

Anonymous said...

To make it worse Kaiyum and Bainimarama refused to cooperate with the Auditor General on the missing $100mil. And they advised the Ministry of Finance not to give any paperwork to the Auditor General.
THAT IS TOTAL CORRUPTION. Its not even their f*%king money. The money belongs to the people.
Meanwhile the Anti-corruption body FICAC, turns a BLIND EYE to it all.
And Police Commissioner Groenwold was quickly kicked out of the country to stop him from investigating.

Anonymous said...

Training program for 323 villages
Losalini Bolatagici
Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Senior training officer of the iTaukei Affairs Board
provincial training division Ro Aca Mataitini during an interview with The Fiji Times yesterday.

Senior training officer of the iTaukei Affairs Board provincial training division Ro Aca Mataitini during an interview with The Fiji Times yesterday.

THE iTaukei Ministry will conduct training in 323 villages this year under their leadership and management training for the vanua program.

The training program aims to uphold traditional values and beliefs, strengthening ties and relations as well as ensuring that everyone knows their roles and places in a village setting.

Senior training officer for the iTaukei Affairs Board provincial training division Ro Aca Mataitini said this would be a continuation from May last year when the program began.

He said only 177 villages were covered last year.

Mr Mataitini said they would start conducting training from next week where six teams would leave for Vanua Levu.

Another 10 teams would leave to conduct three weeks of training in all 60 villages of Kadavu.

"We will then visit Yasawa and cover all the 51 villages. This is to complete the training we conducted in the Ba Province last year where we covered 56 villages," Mr Mataitini said.

The training also helps in resolving conflicts that exist in a village, and reconciliation concluded the training if it was a success.

Mr Mataitini said they had positive feedback from all the villages they visited.

"An evaluation is usually carried out after the training and we have been getting positive feedback from the people. The training has been a success," he said.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:47 PM

"Their silent on the missing $m is admitting guilt of fraud and theft."

Gee, you should become a lawyer.

Anonymous said...

Why has $m gone missing...we don't know...but we do know we had a rogue regimen governing at the time of it disappearance...that is strong circumstantial evidence and I am not a lawyer

Anonymous said...

@6.20pm...what is the purpose of your post?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:12 PM

Surely that's obvious.

Isn't it an example of the great work this government is doing?

RATU said...

Sa sega ni dua na via toso ki Liu e tu vei ira eso na volavola tiko ena blogger qo. Ni vosota okemuni na volavola tiko bau vola eso na ka ni nanuma meda vakavinaka taka kina nai lakolako sada toso tiko kina qo.

Na wekaqu na toso qo esana toso o iko ga mo vodo mai.

Na vuravura eda tiko kina qo ebula tu ena dinau ka wili kina na vei mataqali Bisinisi cava ga lelevu eda kila, koya gona sa kua soti mada na vaqaqatiko nai lavo ni matanitu. Eso vei kemuni na volavola tiko qo e rogo talanoa tu ga mai ka mai vola sara sega ni dua na ka e vakadinadina taka.

Na vosavosa ca se caka tikoga, au kerei iko na wekaqu ke o kila niko cudru kua ga ni via vola se vakaotia na nomu gauna ni na vakaivalavalaca taki iko ga kina. We all come from some where and somebody so what is the use to you swearing?

Mai na noqu wilika tiko eso nai vola au raica ni levu era viaviai turaga tiko ni Lewa, ka so era viavia dau veibeitaki ka levu talega era sabau tiko vinaka enai VolaTabu.

Au kerei kemuni
tiko na noda meda sa vakanadakua mada na ka makawa ka meda laivi iraga na sa veiliutaki tiko qo mera kauti keda yani. Na lesu tale kina early December 2006 sa na sega ni rawa. Sa sega sara nidua na tamata sai valavala dodonu sa sega sara. Na Kalou talega kemuni na wekaqu e dau vakatara eso na ka me dau yaco ka sega ni da dau duavata kece kina.

Sa rauti keda mada qo ni tei moce toka mada.


Anonymous said...

Kena i balebale o iko kaya tiko ke kucuvi e dua na gone lailai ( child molestation) o keda meda galu ga.
Ke rape-taki o tinamu me da galu ga ka cuva vei Bainimarama.
O Jisu mada ga e mokulaka e so na tamata e na Vale ni lotu mai Jerusalemi.
Ke butako tiko e dua o keda meda galu ga.
O iko dua na tamata lialia.

KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 10:38PM
Its not an example of the great work this government is doing but an example of THE STUPIDITY OF THIS GOVERNMENT.
Its an example of the half-cooked or half-baked , mindless knee jerk response so typical of Bainimarama's government.
Honestly , you have to ask as to WHY ARE THEY DOING IT?
Why arent they going around to Indian Settlements and doing the same thing there?
Isnt this DISCRIMINATION by Bainimarama government?
The Indian Culture is changing too.
I see more Indians committing suicide than Fijians, so why is Bainimarama just teaching culture to Fijians?


For me to give a Full Analysis of this will take one whole page but I'm going to write 2 points and that will be it.

1) Firstly, Fijian Culture is like RESPECT. It is caught rather than taught.
And that is why there is no "School of Culture" in any Fijian village, even before the white-man came. But Dikhead Bainimarama wants to show us WHAT A WONDERFUL JOB HE IS DOING..

2) And secondly,Jesus said that you will know A TREE BY ITS FRUITS, rather than by what comes out of their mouth......ie THE BAINIMARAMA GOVERNMENT's aim is to disrupt Fijian Society.
via 3 main pathways
a) by disrupting their Culture - Chiefly system and Christianity etc etc .
b) by disrupting their identity - changing their name to iTaukei
and c) by dispossesing them of their Land ( via a Land Bank etc)

What Bainimarama is doing is called TOKENISM.
It is to give AN ILLUSION to Fijians that he is really their friend. Whereas in fact, its a pointless exercise in futility.
Stupidity at its best. its a waste of money.
The money is better used as support money for those village-kids whose parents dont have money to support them.

SEMI K MEO said...

Faceless and nameless nobody of January 5, 2016 at 9:43 AM...your curses and spews boomerangs back to you 10 times!!!...what you show; you reap..oh..and make sure to read all you write here to your family at dinner table..and your talatala, priest.They may just be shocked that YOU live a double life...they will then call you a ..yep...CON!!

But, to not forget to flash it in the toilet where your post belongs. Just that, the longer your post lingers in this highly esteemed column the longer the torment will be eating you,oh faceless and nameless.

Though I have forgiven you, the consequence of your curses and lies follows you every day!

Back to the topic...SODELPA is finished...FFP is dying within according to the agen vinods...my NFP will rule after the next national elections, and Fiji may see the first Lady Prime Minister in this generation.

Oh...only us Fiji Citizens with real names and faces will be allowed to vote!! The nameless cowards will wait to blog incognito again after the new PM rules...

Anonymous said...

Au kerea vua na persitedi ni matanitu Maj General Koronte ke rawa ni vakasuka nai tutu baleta sega ni dede me kakua ni leqa na nona bula ni rua tamata vinaka vakaturaga. qo noqu vakasala ga ni baleta na ka cakava na matanitu Voreqe e biuta koya ena loma ni nona kisi ni mate ni kila vnaka tu qori kya ni tutu ya e taura ga koya ira na turaga. Sa dri yani.

FFP Secretary said...

Thank you Mr Meo. We will make sure that your vote counts.
As you know sometimes computers make mistakes and start to allocate more votes to one person, more than usual. Like in the last election, we have processes in place.
In such a situation we will stop the vote counting and take the votes from that one person and give it to our beloved Leader Voreqe Bainimarama.
In this way , we will have a fair and unbiased election.
We will also have steak holders from Australia to make sure that this process is well done.

RATU said...

Ni sa bula vinaka tale na wekaqu na noqu I vola sa oti au kerea tiko kina me sa kua mada na vosa ca baleta esega ni rogo vinaka.E dua ya sa kaya niu tamata lialia ia au sa vakavinavinaka ka vosoti iko tale ga.

Ki veikemuni na wekaqu eda kaya ni da sa lotu but we can't even forgive each other na kena vakadinadina mai na ka eso era vola tiko. O Mr Bainimarama sa veiliutaki tiko ka sa da kila ia na cava ga se tagicaki tiko? Ke dua na ka meda cakava da biuta eso nai vakasala ka rawa ni cakacakataki. Mo ni kila ni so tale ga na vei liutaki era wilika tiko na page qo, ia ke sega ni dua na ka vinaka evolai tu kina era na kaya ni vakalusia ga nodra gauna.

Sa maiu cava tale toka mada eke loloma yani and may the Lord bless us all.

Anonymous said...

Taken from/By:
Report by: Ritika Pratap

Prime Minister Voreqe Baininarama has urged Fijians to join the pursuit to design a flag that represents the new Fiji.
The government has further extended the feedback period for designs for the new national flag to 29 February.
In his New Year’s message the Prime Minister says that a number of new submissions have been received since the twenty-three designs were published last year.
“The new time frame will be as follows: From 1st to the 19th of March 2016, 5 designs will be chosen, through the PM’s Office, for you all to vote on. Members of the public will have 3 months to vote on the 5 designs through public consultations, social media and text messaging. It is expected that the design with the most votes will be announced on 1 July to be our new national flag.”
The new national flag will be raised on Constitution Day, the 7th of September.

- See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/36227/fijians-urged-to-join-pursuit-to-design-new-flag#sthash.VzvOI8kR.dpuf

Anonymous said...

@8:27 AM The new Fiji is full of corruption. So if we have a "flag to represent the new Fiji" then may be we should have a flag with a pile of tatti on it.

Anonymous said...

Yup, tube - steak holders. The bloody whankers.

KUA NI RERE said...

@Ratu 7:47AM
Boso, sega ni macala, au kila niu sa wili tale tiko ga e na nomuni vosa ni vakadre.
You are asking that if we could also put some directives in our postings because politicians sometime read our posts.
In my last posting at 1:22AM I said that I did not have time or space to explain everything.
Even in the rebuke, I have hidden directives in there.
1.I wanted politicians in FFP to wake up.
The problem is they are just "Yes " men. They are not thinking. Bainimarama says something and they do it.

Boso au via tukuna yani qo e dua na ka...... e levu na directives e solia tiko o Bainimarama e lako tiko mai vei QORVIS.
O Bainimarama na tamata ulukau.
Iko kila vinaka ya.
O koya sega tu mada ga ni kila na cava nai balebale ni "percentage" .

Gauna rau a debate kina kei Ro Kepa, before the Election, tukuna tu o Bainimarama ni 20% of $400,000 is $420,0000.

Kena i balebale ni next time e vosa o Bainimarama dodonu mo vakasamataka se cava sara mada e tukuna tiko.

Ya meratou wili tale ga kina o ira na politician ni FFP.

You have to ask "WHAT THE FARK IS GOING ON?" Politicians need to ask this question.

If you note in my posting above I said that this Culture School is a "typical knee-jerk reaction"; typical Bainimarama leadership style."
Every word I write is written carefully and hidden in it are directives to the politicians.

This is why I call it a knee-jerk:
Firstly its good that they recognise that there is a problem of a total loss of control of Fijian Culture happening in the villages and in towns. ( Slight exageration there for impact purposes)
Anyway their answer is to immediately JUMP UP AND DOWN AND TELL EVERYONE "WE ARE RUNNING FIJIAN CULTURE SCHOOL" in every village.

Kevaka o FFP Politician you have to ask yourself " Why did Bainimarama give this DIRECTIVE"
YOU HAVE TO ASK THE "MOTIVE"...because motives have a bearing on your RESULTS...
Kevaka o taroga sara vakamalua, au kila na directive qo e lako mai vei QORVIS.
ON THE OUTSIDE IT LOOKS FANTASTIC....but its actually a can of worms.

Fijians have no idea about what is happening to them.

Bainimarama and QORVIS are killing them slowly.

Qo na wekaqu, Mr Ratu, na result ni ka e kitaka tiko qo o QORVIS e na sega in votu mai ni mataka se next uyear. O ratou ratou rai sara tiko i liu. 5 year , 10 year plan.

O Bainimarama na tamata lialia kocokoco lasulasu butabutako. O koya nona rai e yaco toka ga i ligana. Me tawa tiko ga nona i lavo; lai gade tu i Amerika , lai vosa e na UN ( QORVIS gave this to Bainimarama to inflate his EGO).

OK sa rauta mada. Ni sa moce. Go back & read what I wrote at 1:22AM because there are messages hidden in there.

O QORVIS, nona i valu e sega ni sicini ni dakai o koya e vakayagataka tiko na ka e vakatokai na "psychological warfare".
Ya na ka e levu na politician , including Bainisona era sega ni raica rawa tiko.

Moce na wekaqu.

SEMI K MEO said...

"FFP Secretary" of January 6, 2016 at 2:37 AM ...uh..Once bitten, twice shy!!

Soon and very soon, we shall welcome Fiji's first Lady Prime Minister from the NFP ranks....!!

Anonymous said...

@9:23 AM

I get your point. I will respect your comment IF the new flag is NOT a Bainimarama flag (that is a flag designed by him, or his friends, family, flag committee, Khaiyum, etc.) IF it is a flag from the public AND has a large support from the people, it will be a flag of Fiji. There lies the issue. That is why some of the Opposition is still crying (even some of those supporting the government side) Some people in the opposition might be just too ignorant to understand they are flying a flag which is even more colonial then the former flag (the colonial flag had the Fijian warriors and the boat at least) as the current flag has a bigger lion, bigger english cross, etc... That is probably unique in history... a flag of an independent nation looking more colonial than the colonial flag... and the people are proud of it?!? weird.

If you've got nothing to do, kick your ass and design a new flag yourself... Fiji desperately needs a new flag.


THE Opposition has reiterated its stand saying the FijiFirst Government does not have the mandate to change the flag unilaterally.

This follows the announcement by Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama that the new flag will be raised on Constitution Day — September 7 this year.

Leader of the National Federation Party Professor Biman Prasad said Government should undertake a proper national referendum to ascertain that people wanted a change in their flag.

"It is unfortunate that Government now once again, after aborting the process for a while, has decided to continue on its original path of imposing a new flag on the people of Fiji," Prof Prasad said.

He said the Government should go back to the people through a referendum.

He added Government should not waste any more money on the process they had adopted earlier.

Meanwhile, Mr Bainimarama said the final flag design would be announced on July 1 after three months of voting through public consultations, social media and text messages.

Mr Bainimarama said Government had received a number of new submissions since the 23 designs were published last year.

He said Government decided to further extend the feedback period for new designs to February 29.

Anonymous said...

Ratu at 12.30pm

Ratu is a classic example of what is wrong with many Fijians in this country including some chiefs.His advice to others accept whatever evil Bainimarama has dished out to the citizens of Fiji since 2006 and get on his bandwagon.

I will not list the very public heinous crimes Bainimarama has committed but will give Ratu one very good advice.By not speaking out or attempting to bring justice to all the victims of the dictators evil reign, Ratu is the worst type of human being on the planet.

Anon 12.48 is concerned and correct by asking, "Ratu - if your daughter is getting raped by Bainimarama, are you suggesting turning a blind eye and still support what Bainimarama is doing?

Please Ratu or whoever you are...do not comment here because you are an idiot and a lowlife, vakaloloma nomu bula.!!

Anonymous said...

@1:05 PM

well, of course it's a good point, though using the words "idiot" and "lowlife" somewhat pictures you as a child, unable to argue within civilized parameters.

What you are talking about is actually not an "idiotic" problem, but has complicated one with deep reaching philosophical implications.
Shall we accept Cesar, that is the question here.
That question was asked thousands of years ago, and still was in Rwanda, Yugoslavia, Cambodia more recently...
It is not an easy one. The problem here is that to get rid of Bainimarama through a court of justice potentially leads to chaos. There is also a lot of discontent against the traditional leaders, who have all proved to be corrupt... So your average citizen look at it this way: corruption, rapes, murders etc.... OR ... maybe chaos, rape, murders, corruption... I think this is why some people want to jump in the Bainimarama wagon.... it's called the least of two evils.

Life on earth is far from paradise... animals kill each other, humans kill each other, from immemorial time until today and tomorrow. Life is miserable, full of hatred, diseases, anger, lies, cunning, etc... Bainimarama is nothing new.

The people of Fiji have voted Bainimarama in. From what I see on the ground, it seems that he gets avout 60% support. So what can you do in that case? After loosing the election, Kepa said to journalists that she was wondering why some iTaukei votes went to Bainimarama... the fact she was asking why ITAUKEI votes went to Bainimarama explains partly why she lost... her party is only iTaukei party, and I would say rural party.

The thing to do now is to create a new party AND convince the people of Fiji that they should not be afraid to vote against Bainimarama.

Capt Bligh said...

Semi Pusi, is your idol Bainimarama a Vice Admiral or Rear Admiral?

SEMI K MEO said...

Capt Blight...opps...bligh..January 6, 2016 at 1:48 PM...who cares..Your god Bainimarama is an Admiral...FULL STOP!!

Anonymous said...

@1:48 PM Rear Admiral (ret)

Anonymous said...

Too simplistic, anon 1.38pm and BTW, I use the words idiot and low life sparingly when justified. Your long winded explanation about animals etc..is kinda childish when considering it being your justification for voting Bainimarama out as a solution to Fiji's problem.

The most apt solution is for everyone to speak out in one collective voice against him.If everyone said to him.."No..Voreqe.. you are wrong in breaking the law and we will not support any of your schemes or leadership". There is no need for an election to do this because the problem lies with people who cannot correct his ways.We do not hesitate to correct a child or someone we know so why not Bainimarama? This question is military personnel, those in government, judges, pastors,party leaders, individuals and Bainimarama's family members.

Will you do it?


Anonymous said...

@2:28 PM
The people of Fiji said YES to Bainimarama @60%.

The people of Fiji will say NO the day they will think they are ready to take the pain that comes with it, that is... never!

But maybe out of those 60% a good 50% really don't give a shit about what the military people did. Ethics are not really on top of the agenda of your average human being. Most people are practical. They look at the big picture and vote for what they think will serve their own personal interest better. If some people had to get raped or killed, well... it's gonna be forgotten next year...next month...next week. Sad, but true.

Bainimarama is unlikely to ever get punished. He will never leave power. There are too many people around him with blood on their hands... and Fiji is simply NOT a country of revolutions.

RATU said...

Sa ni bula vinaka tale mai na noda eso era se cudru tikoga ka volavola tiko, ia sa dua mada na noqu vakasala vei iko na wekaqu KUA NI RERE au kerea mo vola kece na ka ko beitaki Mr Bainimarama tiko kina and make an appointment to go and see him ka mo drau dabe vata face to face mo drau vei talanoa taka eso na ka ko kila tiko baleti koya.E ka rawarawa sara baleta you will hear from the Horse's mouth( kua ni rere.)

Moce tale mada na wekaqu.

Anonymous said...

@7:04 PM
O koya rerevaka na vunivalu!!!

Anonymous said...

@Ratu...O Bainimarama e leca vosa ka sega ni kila vinaka na veivosaki kei ira era sega ni dua vata kei koya. Sa kilai tu vakasigalevu ni na tini ga ena vale ni vo na veitalanoa. Sega nio se rogoca na nona tukuna vei Biman Prasad me rika ena wai titobu kei Ro Kepa ni kerei me dikevi tale mada na yavu nI vakavulewa...oya na wekaqu nai saluwaki ni veitalanoa kau na kurabui ke na laki vakalusia o KNR na nona gauna me laki vei vosaki kei na Ose

KUA NI RERE said...

@Ratu 7:04PM
Its obvious that you are farked in the head.
Honestly I think you Bainimarama's supporters have A SERIOUS LACK OF LOGIC.
I mean just think about it. USE YOUR FARKING HEAD YOU DUMB KUNT.
Do you really think Bainisona is going to sit there and listen to me?
Are you farked in the head or what?
-Have you heard of Josefa Bilitaki who asked Bainimaram for his payment for the song Bainimaram used for his election campaign.
-Have you heard of Apenisa from Kadavu who was beaten up at the main gate in Delainabua when he wanted to discuss something with Bainimarama.
-Have you eard that only last week Biman Prasad was told to go jump in the lake by Bainimarama himself when Biman asked for a discussion of the Constitution.

AND YET AFTER ALL THAT you ask me to take a list of my complaints to bainisona.
Are you for real?
Typical farked up FFP politician.
Go fark yourself.

Lako sara Ratu lai dramica tale na sona nei bainimarama, baleta sa laurai tu qo na levu ni nomu ulukau.

Anonymous said...

@5.12pm...you've made some good points and the bottomline is simply that no one really gives a shit about democracy.. @Anon 10.38pm posted above an article stating the government's initiative in introducing training programs that is aimed at educating villagers to "uphold traditional values and beliefs, strengthening ties and relations as well as ensuring that everyone knows their roles and places in a village setting"..he or she calls this "great work by government"? ..as far as I am concerned it is a reflection of the height of stupidity that is replete within the ruling party. Fijians value their tradition and know who they are...it is unclear what value these programs will add to the already rich tradition that has been in existence before Bainimarama developed eyelids.I would rather see a push to increase awareness of the democratic process, the rule of law, and the right to self-determination. Unfortunately the last 20 years or so has been a cycle of legitimatizing criminals through the democratic process. The coups have been declared illegal by the courts (that is a no brainer) unfortunately a revolution to restore the rightful holder has never occurred ..WHY?..It is because people are apathetic, dulled and uneducated.

Anonymous said...

If we oppose Bainmarama then it is about time we vote him out. He has ruled illegally for 8 years and the illegality of his rule was legitimatised by a fearful, racist and uneducated populace for a further 4 years (and I am not singling out a particular race) . What he has achieved though is the work of a well "crafted machine" to which (to use biblical terminology) "even the very elect will be deceived "

RATU said...

Nawekaqu o Biman edau ni politiki ka dua tani o KUA NI RERE. O Mr Bainimarama se bera ni sotavi K N R vakadua. Na vuni noqu tukuna me laki raici PM kina o K N R baleta sa balavu mai nona vakalelewa so the best thing to do is go and see him personally.

Vei iko tale ko sa cudru tiko mai ko sa kaya tiko mai vei au eso na vosa sega so ni rogo maleka au vosoti iko.

Drau moce tale toka mada na wekaqu.

RATU said...

Kua ni cudru na wekaqu KUA NI RERE,na vuni noqu tukuna ya baleta sa balavu mai nomu complain.

Moce tale mada.

Tomasi said...

@Anon 2.28 pm. Thank you so much. Its Time to Say no More. We the People Have Had Enough. We shall not wait for an election to do that. We must do it asap. The mess of murder, torture, rape, mismanagement, theft, deceit, lies, fraud, deception, manipulation, nepotism, cronyism, etc, etc, etc etc goes on and on.

Must we have another three years of calculated and systematic destruction of our culture, lands, education, economy and society to take action ? NO. I think not. We must take action NOW. We must march as a nation to tell Bai, khai, QORVIS and their puppets ENOUGH. STOP THIS MESS. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH.

If we do that, they will know we the people are in control, not them. It is us who put politicians in Parliament and they serve us the people, and not the other way around.
If we do that, we will remind them that we still embrace beliefs, God-given rights, values and principles that even Parliament has no legal right or power to change.
If we do that, we will remind Vore and Khaisi and all their pupprts and so called followers that not even the evil twisted minds at QORVIS, nor the money power of Tappoos, Meghji,, CJ Patel and others shall overpower our will to stand up for our rights and defend our nation and protect our children, and our future.

Why don't we talk about how we can do this please.

Anonymous said...

@Tomasi 3:09 PM

""We the People Have Had Enough""

So who gave you the mandate to speak for others?

You sound just like another self professed dictator.

Anonymous said...

Grog swipers 'harass' vendors

Joanne Vaetiti
Thursday, January 07, 2016

Regulars at the Labasa grog stall have come under the spotlight for their behaviour.

LABASA market vendors have raised their voices against the arrogant attitude of some men who drink grog at the stalls near the market.

Amid their complaints are men who pass rude remarks at women vendors, and men who urinate near the market area.

Women vendors have urged the Labasa Town Council to act on this concern because it was affecting business and turned it into an unpleasant trading area.

Vendor, Kiran Devi said they found it annoying when most men consuming yaqona at the stalls would pass rude remarks at them.

"Some of the men just urinate behind the market which is a very offensive behaviour since we have women vendors at the market," Ms Devi said.

She said this left an unpleasant odour in the area.

Anonymous said...

Semi Vusi, the man, Bainimarama, whose ass you licked is a thief.

Anonymous said...

Good bye and moce mada Ratu. Frank is a coward and cannot be confronted without his armed securities on his sides. Lead up to the 2006 coup he ran to his x boss's office the late Col Waqanisau(PS) to call him out for a fist fight but the coward was accompanied by 2 of his bodyguards. Attorney Rt Komaisavai, did you remember after the coup that he challenged Frank publicly on TV for a fist fight? We all know that Franks strength depends entirely on his armed bodyguards and he is a weakling with a loud mouth.
Asking KNR to approach him face to face is stupid and childish, why don't you call the 90% c45 bloggers here who are anti Bainimarama/Khaiyum to face off with him.
Not only is he a coward and weakling but is also a numbskull, a blockhead and an idiot. The $420,000 as 20% of $400,000 is the climax of his "qanibulu" a self made math formula he came up with-result from reading too much comic books in school.
So vinaka vakalevu for the advice and qai loloma yani vei Bainimarama. Tell him to be like former President Nailatikau who were seen most Saturdays walking alone- with no body guard to shop at the local market. Ya na "tera".

RATU said...

Ni sa bula tale mai na noda vei kemudrau na wekaqu o KUA NI RERE kei Anonymous you are very good in swearing please stop it.

The best thing you ca do now is go and see Mr Bainimarama personally baleta nai sau ni nomudrau vakatataro kei na vei beitaki e kila tikoga okoya.

Drau vosota na wekaqu au sega ni cudru ena nomudrau vosa ca taki au but au lomani kemudrau enai vakarau ni nomudrau volavola. Both of you two came from somebody so as me and Mr Bainimarama koya gona me kua kina navosa ca.

Drau moce tale mada na wekaqu.

KUA NI RERE said...

Boso au kila ni iko sa qai dua na tamata lialia, yalowai.
O koya mada ga na nodra i liuliu na Ovisa e Viti, Police Commmisioner Groenwold, a cemuri koya o Bainimarama,me biuti Viti.
Baleta na levu ni ka sa tekivu vaqaqa yani o Groenwold.

O qai kila vakacava o iko me na qai na qai vakarorogo vei au na tamata lasulasu butabutako kocokoco qo o Bainimarama.

Tovolea mada mo vakasamataka na ka au tukuna tiko yani.

Na ka au raica rawa o ya ni o kemuni na lewe ni Fiji First Party, wili kina o ira na Minisita e leqa tiko nodra koro turaga.

YOU PERSONALLY Mr Ratu have a serious lack in LOGICAL THINKING. A lot of Fiji First politicians are like you. Just look at how Ro Aca is behaving.
Have you had a stroke or a brain injury in the past? Iko a buturaki beka e na dua na gauna makawa, se levu beka nomu lau butu ena gauna ni rakavi.
Se dua beka a butusona taki iko?

I heard bainisona reads C4.5 anyway so he should be familiar with all that we write here.
If you are worried then why dont you take him a farking list.
Only his grandkids will cry for him. No one else will.
QORVIS will desert him and desert his son Meli too.
You tell him that brother.
I know what QORVIS is like. They will drop him at the drop of a hat.

Anonymous said...

@ Mr ratu
If you don't like the swearing at C4.5 then its very simple, DON'T COME HERE.
Go and read Fiji Sun blogsite. A very wholesome and uplifting site. NOT.

RATU said...

Kemudrau na wekaqu e tukuni tiko e dua na ka me bau oti kina na nomudra vosa vosa otherwise you will just keep on bucking.

Au kerei kemudrau nawekaqu mo drau tu ina veidigidigi mai muri baleta you will be a very good opposition. Ena sega ni drau minisita vinaka baleta you a only good ena vakalelewa.

Dua noqu taro vei kemudrau na wekaquna cava mada drausa baucakava ena matanitu oViti? Drau vosotana wekaqu niu sa taro baleta tikoga na nomudru complain tiko.

Au kila ni sa matata vinaka na ka au tukuna that is make an appointment with Mr Bainimarama mo dou laki vei talanoa taka kina na nomudra veibeitaki kei na cava tale drau kila tu baleti koya kei na nona veiliutaki.

Drau moce tale mada na wekaqu.

Anonymous said...

Ratu au sa vakamoce oti yani e na noqu blog 9.07am. Sa dodonu mo ni lako. Dua tiko ga na ka o telua tiko mai qori vei au kei KNR. O sa taroga sara na cava na ka vinaka Keirau sa cakava e Viti.
O au Ratu e levu cake na ka vinaka au cakava mai na levu ni ka ca e cakava o Voreqe. Au sega ni tamata butabutako ka dau laba me vaka taki ratou na vei liu taki. Au dau soli ka- charity ki vei ira na dravudravua (sega ni dua e kila). I worked once in the civil service, an x private educator, an x administrator and an entrepreneur in Fiji. I paid a lot of taxes in my working life. I helped my poor families , cakacaka ni noqu koro and my church. In 2015 I remit thousands of dollars to Fiji to help the economy. I'm a law abiding citizen of Fiji and had never brushed with the law.
Au sa vakamoce tale yani. Ni moce.

KUA NI RERE said...

@ Ratu 10:49
Boso sa rairai leqa dina tiko na koro turaga
Au sa vakamacala taka oti na vuna a u sega ni via veitalanoa kina kei bainisona.
Lako tale mada lai wilika na vakamacala.

Anonymous said...

Ke daru tautauvata na wekaqu Anonymous na ka daru sa cakava oti kina nodaru vanua ka sa vinaka beka ga me sa kua ga na veibeitaki ni sega ga na vanua ena tini kina.

So, from now on the best thing to do is just continue the good work you are doing to the community as whole and may the Lord bless you both and you family.

Drau moce na wekaqu vinaka vakalevu. Au sa cava talega eke.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meolina, just fuck off you fence-sitting bullshitting diabetic.

RATU said...


RATU said...

Sorry Semi sega ni oyau na Anonymous ka vosaca taki iko tiko I'm the one before that.

KUA NI RERE said...

What @ Ratu does not seem to understand are TH CONSEQUENCES OF BAINIMARAMA'S ACTIONS.

People watch their LEADER and follow them.

That is a very human and natural thing to do.
If a LEADER is bashing women = like Bainimarama ( he bahsed Buadromo ; then assaulted the TV reporter from NZ etc etc) then of course the people will bash their women too.

If Bainimarama goes against AUTHORITY and commit treason and that is why people are now doing horrible things to each other.

And so it has become.

CHILD MOLESTATION is a form of COUP. It is the BULLY abusing the

People see their LEADER stealing money and getting away with it AND THATS WHY THEY DO IT. THAT IS WHY CORRUPTION HAS GOTTEN WORSE UNDER BAINIMARAMA all over Fiji.


And that is why this farking FIJIAN CULTURE SCHOOL is the WRONG solution to the problem.

So you RATU go fark yourself, You and all FFP you are all farked in the head.

Anonymous said...

8.29am Thanks for bringing this to light. I guess all complaints had fell on deaf ears.
What's the town and police doing to bring those groggy lazy bastards to task. Sa levu ga na gunu yaqona sigidrigi tiko ena bogi, moce tiko ena siga. Is there a public rest room in the market area? If it is, is it hygienically fit for public use? Local markets are food centers so it must remain clean all the time. Does the market have an opening and closing hr or straight 24/7?. Are Vendors allowed to sleep in overnight in the market with their produce. If it is, then the Labasa Town council must foot the blame for poor control.
3 simple solutions.

1 get police to involve and enforce rule of law.
2. Start charging vendors extra for sleeping in the market or simply lock it up in the evening.
3. Improve the restroom to attract every Tom Dick and Harry to deposit their package in the loo not anywhere.

RATU said...

KUA NI RERE au kerea me veisau na yacamu kina RERE baleta e vakaibalebale cake ka ganita tale ga na ka ko ca kava tiko because you can't face the one who has the right answers to your complain.

Dua ga naka au raica vei iko ya na vuni vana.


Anonymous said...

@8.29am...what your point?

Anonymous said...

@RATU.."Kua ni rere" na yaca e veivakyaloqaqataki...na yaca o vakayagataka tiko e nodrai cavuti na noda turaga...O iko kei Bai o drau Kaisi...drau pini!

Anonymous said...

PSC announces details of expatriate PS’s January 06, 2016 04:08:48 PM by Reginald Chandra

The Public Service Commission has announced the names of five expatriate Permanent Secretaries who will take up office by March. Mr Ewan Perrin an IT Consultant with RPV Consultants in Canberra, Australia has been appointed the Permanent Secretary for Communication and Information Technology. Ms Nicole Jauvin, a retired Deputy Minister for the Government of Canada and President of the Canadian Public Service Agency has is the new Permanent Secretary for the Civil Service. Mr Paul Bayly, the Manager Director of Melbourne based company Cranleigh is the new Permanent Secretary for Infrastructure and Transport. Current chief executive of Housing Authority of Fiji, Mr Joshua Wycliffe is the new Permanent Secretary for Local Government, Housing and Environment. And UK based Business Development Manager of Sport 80 Services Limited, Ms Alison Burchell is the new Permanent Secretary for Youth and Sports.

Just like the Pol Com appointment, this is another exercise in futility...the government has lost every iota of trust in the current pool of civil servants...Either they are suspected of not towing the line or there is not enough available to carry out their cunning plans
So sad for Fiji!

Anonymous said...

@7:15 P!
how come we don't have IT Consulttants IN FIJI?!?!?!?!?!
how come there are like 12000 graduates looking for job, but NOT A SINGLE ONE can be an IT consultant?!?!?

Mind bogling.

Anonymous said...

I just wonder where people like Tomasi and KNR were during the other coups.? They sound so hypocritical talking of democracy etc now. It proves the point that it is far more painful when it goes up ones own arse.

KUA NI RERE said...

@7:31 PM
I was a young boy at University overseas. And there was no mobile phone and no such thing as Internet. Communication was mainly by writing letters.
As a poor student I remember in order to ring up relatives I had to que up at the Phone box and go through 2 sets of "Operators" over the 2 countries.

Ahhh the good old days.

Anonymous said...

@Kua Ni Rere 5:43 PM

So the people of Fiji will follow and do what their leader does according to your logic.

So by your same logic for every other country in the world that has identical crimes or bad behaviour undertaken by it's citizens the reason and cause can be attributed to its leader?

Are you following and copying your leader?

Anonymous said...


KUA NI RERE said...

My statement is a True statement.
A child will generally walk in the footsteps of his parents, his first Leader. Everyone knows this.
If the father is a drug addict and thief, the children generally turn out the same.
If the father bashes his mother; the child usually grows up to be a wife-basher.
"Everything rises and falls on Leadership "says Dr John Maxwell.
I'm sure if you look up Ghandi he probably said the same thing too and that's why his movement became effective.
Mandela was a great Leader and lots of people everywhere still try to imitate.

I don't have time to explain to you about Leadership , even from Animals and to Humans.

Alexander the Great conquered a lot of countries because he was a great Leader that inspired his men.

The word "inspire" means the follower has caught something of the Leader.
And we human beings tend to follow a Leader . Whether its playing Rugby or whether its running a Country.
As humans this trait can be the force for our greatest achievement or it can also be the force that leads to our biggest downfall.

Remember when your mum warned you not to hang around with those kids over there.
Yeah she knows what the wrong Leader can do to a good boy.

Io sa rauta mada na veitalanoa.
Moce mada.

Anonymous said...

@Kua Ni Rere 9:01 PM

But are you following your leader KNR?

Or are you just going to keep spewing your drivel?

If you say you are not, that would suggest others are not as well or are you different than the vast majority?

Oh yes, try staying on track. Or is it that you don't want to admit criminals in Fiji are just the same as everywhere else in the world and their behaviour here has FA to do with two specific men in government.

Anonymous said...


Fiji military guys always love prodding around the anus when they torture their detainees.Do you think they copying Voreqe's habits??

Might ask some FFP followers whether they experiencing the same thing??

Anonymous said...

These programs should be aimed at non Fijians like Indians, Chinese etc...and included in the national school curriculum at early age.Teach only English and the Fijian language and culture..that way everyone becomes a Fijian and officials don't waste the villagers time by lengthy and expensive sevusevu rituals, magiti and extended grog sessions.

Anonymous said...
Training program for 323 villages
Losalini Bolatagici
Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Senior training officer of the iTaukei Affairs Board
provincial training division Ro Aca Mataitini during an interview with The Fiji Times yesterday.

Senior training officer of the iTaukei Affairs Board provincial training division Ro Aca Mataitini during an interview with The Fiji Times yesterday.

THE iTaukei Ministry will conduct training in 323 villages this year under their leadership and management training for the vanua program.

The training program aims to uphold traditional values and beliefs, strengthening ties and relations as well as ensuring that everyone knows their roles and places in a village setting.

Senior training officer for the iTaukei Affairs Board provincial training division Ro Aca Mataitini said this would be a continuation from May last year when the program began.

He said only 177 villages were covered last year.

Mr Mataitini said they would start conducting training from next week where six teams would leave for Vanua Levu.

Another 10 teams would leave to conduct three weeks of training in all 60 villages of Kadavu.

"We will then visit Yasawa and cover all the 51 villages. This is to complete the training we conducted in the Ba Province last year where we covered 56 villages," Mr Mataitini said.

The training also helps in resolving conflicts that exist in a village, and reconciliation concluded the training if it was a success.

Mr Mataitini said they had positive feedback from all the villages they visited.

"An evaluation is usually carried out after the training and we have been getting positive feedback from the people. The training has been a success," he said.

January 5, 2016 at 6:20 PM

Anonymous said...

What's the sole purpose of this training? Is it for publicity to showcase the person conducting it or to prove the wasteful resources in running this program. Prof Paul Geraghty of USP ( professional Linguist) had conducted similar training across Fiji sometime back. There's no better trainer to conduct this than Vaula. He is the best. Bainimarama should invite Prof Paul to conduct this training because he understands, speaks and writes not only Bauan but all and various Fijis dialects. He knows our various traditions too.
Someone had also mentioned that what traditional values and ties do they want to teach when each province, district and village have there own traditional system and is different. Do not enforce a system where a system had existed thousands of years. I was taught Bauan sevusevu vakaturaga in school but at home I'm not allowed to follow it because I'm not Bauan.
To those who came up with this program perhaps it's best to reconsider their stand on the BLV.
BLV is the body of real and recognized chiefs. Today we have too many overnight and self proclaimed Ratus', Ros', Adis' who are running the show and dictating. Frank is one of them. Ratu of c45 is another. Tradition and culture are directly linked with chiefs(veivakaturagataki) There's no traditional culture without a chief.
To conclude:: this exercise is merely a waste of money and time....tp's money down the drain.

Anonymous said...

5 permanent secretary positions going overseas leaving our locals dumbfounded. Keans position must be taken away from him too...arrogant asshole..good for nothing. Illiterate and conniving.
Might as well advertise the PM's post overseas and kick the bugger custodian out of office. He is a national embarrassment. These people joining govt soon have good track record, heavily qualified and experience with what they do.
I would love to have Mahendra Chaudry back in power to kick these expats out of Fiji.

Corruption Fighter said...

I would like to report a CASE OF CORRUPTION.

CRIME: Obtaining a government lease in Vakabalea through "contacts" in the Land Department. The piece of land is left IDLE and is being used only to generate income from ADVERTISEMENT along the main road! This has been going on for a few years. Mr Ali gets about 1000$ free money from advertisment per year keeping a good government land along the main road totally IDLE.

This is totally illegal and completly IMMORAL. Liaquat Ali is an OLD MAN unable to farm and his land is NOT BEING FARMED.

Mr Ali's lawyer can be contacted at 9992719 (Iqbal Khan, Lautoka)



Anonymous said...

anon @ 10.59
But if you got Chaudhary back , he would give it all to that idiot foul mouthed son of his. Then we would be truly farked

Anonymous said...

Mother pleads for back to school assistance

Keresi Nauwakarawa
Friday, January 08, 2016

Gyan Wati, 48, front, with brother Amar Kumar, left, and daughter Michelle Roy, 16, at their home in Raiwai, Suva yesterday. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU+ Enlarge this image

WHILE families all over the country prepare to send their children to school, for some the idea of sending their children is a hardship they cannot meet.

This is the case for the Wati family of Raiwaqa who were the victims of the fire that razed their home last year.

When The Fiji Times team visited their home at the Public Rental Board flats in Raiwai, Suva yesterday, their uncle, Amar Kumar, 45, was at their home to provide support to his sister's family because she was bedridden from an infected leg which she fears could be amputated.

Mr Kumar said the children's dream of going to school would not come true this year because of the lack of financial support.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Where's the asshole Vili Rakoro and his support of free education in Fiji..free education my ass.

Anonymous said...

Ha,ha,ha...President Ratu Mara who was forcefully removed by the Bainimarama coup on a naval boat at Dakuibeqa on May 29, 2000 prophesied that no government created by Bainimarama will last.How true, we only see instability in the military and his regime with extremely high turnover of misguided people who sought to jump on the bandwagon and normal people who find that a career in government is a road to no where with nepotism, cronyism and excessive corruption rampant.

Like most of the judges from Sri Lanka, these 5 expats are only in Fiji for a holiday and to line their pockets of precious Fijian taxpayer money.Government deficit will continue to skyrocket through PS overseas pay rates. If theses expats have a conscience, they will work hard to rid the government of Bainimarama's cronies who got their jobs through the 'no military officer will profit form the coup" and"job for the boys" program since 2006. If these expats continue the masi-polo tradition then locals in the PS should give them hell.

5 permanent secretary positions going overseas leaving our locals dumbfounded. Keans position must be taken away from him too...arrogant asshole..good for nothing. Illiterate and conniving.
Might as well advertise the PM's post overseas and kick the bugger custodian out of office. He is a national embarrassment. These people joining govt soon have good track record, heavily qualified and experience with what they do.
I would love to have Mahendra Chaudry back in power to kick these expats out of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather be governed by Mahendra Chaudry who is 101% better than our dictator and lunatic PM. Why bringing expatriates when we can run our own govt.If FF is unable to find any dishonest people to run the civil service, then step aside. Fiji has locals who are capable and honest and who can navigate the ship better than their puppets.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:40 and 1:59 PM

Gee, you want the government via all the taxpayers to pay for the exercise books, pens, pencils, shoes and uniforms for those that go to school?

Get real man, can you name another country that does that?

If you can't afford to provide these basic necessities for your kids may be you should have not brought them into this world.

Real genuine hardship cases excluded.

SEMI K MEO said...

@Ratu of January 7, 2016 at 4:01 PM ...ni vosati au na wekaqu...ni qaqa ka yabaki vinaka vei kemuni kei na nomuni matavuvale na 2016 kei na vei yabaki tarawa...

@Anonymous of January 7, 2016 at 8:38 AM..Look, no one in this highly esteemed column cares about your intimate relation with your god Bainimarama and all you worship him by...
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@Anon January 7, 2016 at 3:52 PM...fence sitting ga i keri...o sa guilecava na yacamu..de lakolako o na guilecava na davodavo o na moce kina ni bogi qo...waraka na nomu mate ni suka ke o sega ni veisau taka na walewale ni nomu veitalanoa vaka tamata matua...

NFP will form the next Fiji Government!! ...no..no..NO freebies by NFP..

Anonymous said...

Oh shit Semi Meo is back. Now he's vouching for NFP when we all know that he's a Bainimarama support all along. Semi just stop embarrassing yourself and cease commenting. You're a joke and yes I agree with you being a fence sitter.

In fact I should refer to you as Humpty Dumbty sitting on the wall and had a fall. You do look exactly like Humpty Dumbty though LOL

RATU said...

Ni sa bula vinaka tale mai na noda se baci o au tale qo au kerea me kua ni dua ebaci vosa ca.

Vinakavakalevu na wekaqu SEMI MAY GOD BLESS YOU TO AND YOU FAMILY.

Au kerei kemudou na yacamudou tiko mai ko Anonymous de rawa ni dou solia mada mai
your rightful address .so I can pick you up and go have coffee together wili talega kina ko RERE (KNR)

Dou moce tale mada na wekaqu.

Anonymous said...

Ratu.4.41pm.sa dodonu mo ni yali yani. Sa laurai mai na kemu roka dina. Au nanuma ga de o ni turaga dokai. Na nomuni volavola e basika toka kina na veivakaisini. O ni cavuta toka na God bless kei na vei vakalougatataki ni Kalou mei cavacava ni nomuni volavola. Rau sa veicalati dina.
O vaka o veisagai ka buki vere voli.
O via kila sara na address, me kani cava vei iko?
Ni vosota au sa kacivi kemuni ena yaca e veiganati kei kemuni. Ratu Boci. Drau qai veicai vinaka kei na wekamu o Ratu Voceke.
Ke ca qai kubuta tu yani soresore nei Ratu Kaiyum.
Dou yavu Ratu midimidi overnight.
Ni vosoti au na wekaqu niu vosa ca but you fucken deserve it son of a bitch. Fuck your arse out of here. Go to another site you piece of shit.

KUA NI RERE said...

@Ratu 4:41 PM
Au kila na veisureti ni gunu coffee qori e na lai tini sara i Delainabua.
Au kerea mo drau sa qai lai gunu coffee to ka ga yani kei na qase o Semi.
Au rogoca ni o Venioni Naliva esa sureti tale tu ga ena gunu coffee qori.Hehehehehehe
Sa na maleka dina o Semi.
Au rogoca o Venioni dau kitaka tale tiko ga na tarakuka. Qarauni iko Semi.

Anonymous said...

Ratou sa na lai 3some o Semi Venioni kei Mr Raju.

Anonymous said...

Liaquat Ali, John Vugakoto Kean and Bainimarama are criminals.
Liaquat Ali is using Lot 1 in Vakabalea for advertisement only (!!!).
He doesn't even own the land, but he knows "someone" at the Land Department.
He is trying to get rid of a fat conman squatting on his land who is a relative
of Bainimarama, himself trying to get the land using his connections...

Looking for corruption and nepotism? Just go and have a look at Lot 1, Vakabalea.

RATU said...

Mr Anonymouos au sega ni mataqali o nanuma tiko qori ku a mada ni ko rere .

Au kerea mo drau ciqoma na veisureti ia ke sa sega ni rawa tukuna ga mai but don'swear.

Vinakavakalevu kemudou na wekaqu dou moce tale mada.

Anonymous said...


SEMI K MEO said...

Come lately Anon of January 8, 2016 at 4:02 PM..fyi...have been an NFP member and supporter probably well before the present NFP MPs..am a former unsuccessful National candidate in 1982 and NFP Youth Vice President under my real and same name!!. Never supported or member of your god Bainimarama or his FFP elite club...Go NFP!!!!

Kua ni Rere of January 8, 2016 at 6:19 PM and Anon January 8, 2016 at 7:21 PM...do you think your son or daughter, or even your own mum would be clapping after you read to them your post in the blog??

I do not think so!! For you see,people life you sees your image in the mirror and forgets how you look like a second after..

Worst still, forget your name, values, morals and even who you married to or even forgets your son and daughter's name..that's the reason you unashamedly indulge in dark side of you heart and brain..with out any respect for your loved one.

Just that how you respect your loved ones mirrors how you view the world outside of your home..

But..but...you should return home and hug and be grateful to your wife and children as their sanity and righteousness keeps that heart beating one more day..feel your heartbeat...it must be racing at top speed like a jackrabbit now!...poor soul or free and borrowed time!

My NFP is sure to win the next elections as our party machinery are poised in election mode already, while SODELPA is badly limping and FFP is too occupied in explaining themselves to voters who've change their minds!!

Fiji may just see her first Lady Prime Minister soon!! Go NFP!!

RATU said...

To that Mr Anonymouo s who is swearing at me and Mr Bainimarama, boy or who ever you are i thinkyou have a very filthy mind ya mai na noqu vakamuria tiko mai na nomuni volavola.

Mr Anonymous kemuni etiko o Tinamuni kei Tamamuni but the way you swearing seems you don't have one. Dua ga na ka au raica rawa veikemuni erawaga ni kemuni solia ia e dredre ni kemuni ciqoma ni lesu yani.

Moce tale mada na wekaqu.

KUA NI RERE said...

Yesterday they had an Education Conference at Suva Grammar School to try and address some issues. They also established an Education Commission to " harmonise the synergy in the education sector". WHAT FARKING SYNERGY ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT.

Ever since the Colonialists and then Rt Mara government and then Rabuka, Fiji's education went in leaps and bounds. Indians achieved a lot. Fijians achieved a great deal. Engineers, Doctors , Nurses etc etc .A lot of them working high up the tree in Overseas Countries.

However ever since Bainisona took over the government in 2006, the Education System got completely farked.
Now they have the biggest dropout rates. Fijian education has gotten worse. With the " Free Education " even some Indians cant afford to send their kids to school. WTF!
And a few weeks ago the Dux of a school in Labasa committed suicide due to his Education Marks.
And now they want to extend "NO EXAMS" all the way through High School.

The Australians have a saying " If its not broke, dont fix it".

The education was system was working well until the arsehole bainimarama stuck his nose in it. Farking up the scholarship system; the exam system; and now kids are killing themselves"

Maybe they should ask the doornail who calls himself "Ratu" above to help them out.
The problem in FFP is no one uses their brain anymore. When you have a tyrannical Leader like bainisona, unfortunately these will be the type of people you accumulate in government.
Getting expats into the system is like throwing fuel into the fire.
They wont help the situation. Its just a Holiday Junket for them. Its the people who will get the i samu ni dawa.

Anonymous said...

Ratu, fuck you. Semi fuck you too.

SEMI K MEO said...

My naughty and "prodigal" son of January 9, 2016 at 10:14 AM...I still love you!

Any more spew and gutter filth from your heart left over to post here or have you spilled most of 'em at your home before visiting this blog...eh??

We pity and pray for your family..indeed we do!

Anonymous said...

Democracy at its best, if you can't compete or accept difference put it down. Mr Nawadra, you are a hypocrite simply trying to hold on to your own failing cult.

Church warns flock
Sikeli Qounadovu
Saturday, January 09, 2016
THE Methodist Church in Fiji has sent out a circular to all its circuits to be wary of a Korean cult sect that is in the country.

President of the Methodist Church Reverend Tevita Nawadra said they were given the warning through its Methodist partner in Korea, the Korean Missionary Fellowship in Fiji.

Mr Nawadra said its communications department was informed to ensure announcements were made in all Methodist churches of the presence of the cult sect.

"The problem with this Korean cult sect is that it is misinterpreting the Bible for its own gain, and this worries the church."

Mr Nawadra said it had a strong relationship with the KMF and therefore would not take any of its warning lightly.

He said word from its Korean counterpart that Good News Mission, Good News Church, International Youth Fellowship, Grace Road Church and Grace Road Company were a Korean cult.

A letter circulated by the Korean Missionary Fellowship had accused the church as a "cultic movement" and that the fellowship wanted to "sound an alarm to all Fijians to be wary."

"These churches have been announced by the mainline churches in Korea as cultic movements, hiding their identity they are now trying to expand their influence in Fiji.

"These cultic movements are already proven harmful in Korea."

Church superintendent and IYF mind educator pastor Kim Jinsung has denied these claims stating they were baseless.

Speaking through a translator, Mr Jinsung said many who entered their organisation had opened up their hearts and felt at peace with the teachings they received.

He said there were many people who criticised them without any reason, even in Korea.

Mr Jinsung added that a lot of people criticised Jesus as well, in particular the religious sect.

The letter further stated that the IYF had been deceiving its followers by misinterpreting teachings from the Bible to push their own agenda.

Anonymous said...

Go to Iceland!!
Voreqe Bainimarama to gay marriage.
Will he change tune later after recruiting expats from countries which support gay marriage? The new PSC-PS hails from Canada a country championing gay marriage.

Prime Minister of Fiji Voreqe (Frank) Bainimarama has simple advice to offer those in his country who fight for the legalization of same-sex marriage, according to fijisun.com. For any woman who wants to marry another woman, he advises, “Go and have it done in Iceland and stay and live there.”

The comment was made on Tuesday in response to human rights activist Shamima Ali, who would like to see Fiji allow same-sex marriage. The prime minister said, “Tell Shamima Ali, there will be no same sex marriage in Fiji, a topic pushed by NGOs such as hers under the issue of human rights.”

Since 2010, sexual activity between people of the same sex has been legal in Fiji, but the country does not allow same-sex marriages or civil unions. A travel guide to Fiji states, “it is strongly recommended for gay and lesbian travelers to Fiji to not display their affection toward each other in public.”

Same-sex marriage has been legal in Iceland since 2010.

Anonymous said...

To the gay community. ..Do not push your luck. It's too soon. As long as Frank is in power the right to same sex marriage will remain shelved. Leave it alone and never touch it. I salute you Voreqe for your stand on same sex marriage. A lot had been said and published by big media about this topic here and abroad to promote this right but little had been published about those opposing it.To Shamima Ali it's plainly clear and prudent to accept the PM'S stand on this topic and move on. Homosexuals are part of society and are already accepted in our community but same sex marriage is not accepted in Fiji. Its now out of the horses mouth so just let it be.
Thank you Frank.
Qo e dua na topic au tick taki iko kina .

Anonymous said...

Ratu Ulu lala. ..Ke tawa na mona sa dodonu mo yali yani vakadua. . Kua ni vaka tautauvata taki iko kei au baleta o sega ni o volekati au vakalailai. Au rawa ni solia na vakasama e dina ka dodonu kau ciqoma ni lesu mai keu raica ni dina ka dodonu. Your basic input is an indication of your shallow mind. Just walk away will you.

RATU said...

Mr Anonymous e sega sara ni dua ka lailai okila kemuni ni cut and paste tiko sorry.

Sega sara ni kemuni qoroi ena levu ni copy ni caka tiko.

You will just keep on bucking for nothing. Dua ga na ka e laurai vei iko na viavia vuku but you not.

Mr Anonymous where I am now and what I have achieved e sega sara ni ko volekata vakalailai ke ko ni vinakata solia mai nomu address dina meu pick taki so you can come and see and at the same time we have coffee together.

Ni moce tale mada.

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