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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Mick Beddoes resigns from SODELPA saying party in trouble

Mick Beddoes has resigned from the Opposition Office saying his decision is personal but revealed the party was in trouble and needed a shakeup.

His statement below:

I am grateful to the Opposition Leader for her gracious remarks in announcing my decision to resign from my position effective December 31st 2015.

My decision has been in the pipe line for some time, but was deferred because of the Gaunavinaka Sham and the need to wait for the outcome of the Disciplinary Committee’s determination, which has happened and they have exonerated the Leader, myself and others of any wrong doing.

There is a need for me to refocus my attention on some personal matters in order to bring them to a successful conclusion and it does require my personal involvement. In addition I have been blessed with the arrival of my 2nd grandson 6 weeks ago so I want to be around both my grandsons and children and to lend them support and spend some quality time with them. I will be 65 next year.

It has been a challenging and rewarding 14 months here at the Opposition Chambers and I am grateful to Ro Teimumu Kepa for giving me the opportunity to be of serve to her and the members, the majority of whom I know appreciated my efforts and I am grateful for their calls and well wishes. I am also grateful to the staff who have performed admirably under often very difficult and frustration circumstances.

I am confident that the team we have in place will continue to do a sterling job for the Leader of the Opposition and the party and I have assured the Marama of my full support for her and the staff, the only difference being I will be located in the West and not at Parliament.

SODELPA our party is in trouble and it is in need of some serious dosage of moderate and level headed members who support multiracial policies, party unity and solidarity. I plan to become a very active member of SODELPA in Nadi and the West and I will take the time to travel all around giving members the facts of what is going on so they can be properly informed and can take corrective action to protect the party by voting in the right people.


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Anonymous said...

Ratu Ulu lala. Boci 9.07pm ( give me your biological name so that I can stop calling you names that you don't like)
4 things.
1. Prove to me my cut/paste pieces here.
2. You've been asking for our addresses, why not provide yours.
3. What KNR and others had been saying about you rings true..an idiot.
4. I was expecting your posts to be relevant and well literatured so that everyone participated. You didnt even write on the subject matter- Beddoes resignation instead your mimicking about "anonymous and vosa ca" over and over again and it seems the 2 phrases are pricking your arse. Write in a vernacular that we all understand kulina ..C45 audience is far and wide and not taukei alone.

Anonymous said...

Ratu..setiseti viavia vuku, bavulu!!
Obviously you are Siteri Masi.

Anonymous said...

@ RATU... O Anonymous cava o vosa tiko kina. E levu tiko na tamata era veivosaki tiko qo. Vakcava mo tuvana mai na ka osa achieve taka me rawa ni bau matau na veisureti ni gunu coffee. Se vavei?

Anonymous said...

@ RATU .... Why don't you make yourself a cuppa..May ignite some firepower in your belly.... You sound so dull and dated...

Anonymous said...

Ratu just fuck off will ya? Have another bilo and go play with your raisins..ie your wrinkled testicles.

Anonymous said...

What kind of an idiot is the Minister for Education Dr Mahindra Reddy.
He is blaming headteachers with zero marks awarded to Year 6 students who failed to write their index numbers on their answer sheets. Teachers and Heads of schools undertaking external examinations are excluded from the exam rooms. The exams are entirely manned by supervisors provided by the ministry of Education !
The minister is a total farce and a person who is certainly not a fit and proper person to hold the position of Minister for Education. He is a laughing stock among the Education fraternity. His standard of spoken English also leaves a lot to be desired !
Please , please PM find someone else who can deliver !

Anonymous said...

Hey man Look at Reddy's eyes. Then look at the eyes of other Fijians In the land of the blind isn't the one eyed the king? Even if he is naked.

RATU said...

Where ever you are Mr Anonymous you will be picked up soon.

Ok qai moce.

Anonymous said...

John Vugakoto is liumuring Bainimarama.
One dumbass liumuring another one.

Anonymous said...

@RATU... Sa rauta mada na varerevaki tiko. Lako mada lai tea mada na kemu tapi

Anonymous said...

Vugakoto Kean=🐽
Bainimarama = 🐷

So 🐽 goes to visit 🐷 to ask him to play with a friend's FNPF account so that he can
withdraw money. 🐽 got 500$ in exchange. Isn't that corruption?

I believe the "clean-up" campaign has ended a long time ago... probably 30 minutes after it began.

That story was told to me by a reliable friend.

Anonymous said...

Is this a surprise when anyone travelling past Delanavesi this weekend would have seen what policing has become in some areas. Police road blocks unmanned and disrupting traffic flow with a large group of police sat at a table.

Residents fear for lives after series of break-ins
06:36 Today

Narere resident - Narendra Gounder fears for life
Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Tokasa Rainima

A small community in Narere, Nasinu are fearing for their lives following numerous robberies and break-ins at their homes for the past two months.

Residents of Mana Street told FBC News, they want police to speed up their investigation so the culprits are caught.

More than thirteen houses along the street have been a target some unknown men since November, last year.

Items stolen include jewellery, laptops, mobile phones, cash, live chickens, clothes and wrist watches. The recent break-in took place on Thursday.

Resident – Narendra Gounder whose house was broken into twice says his family and neighbours are living in fear and they do not know what will happen next.
“It was broken once last month and two weeks ago they entered again in my bottom flat, and the again entered the top flat. The thing is the first time they came – they took everything, but then they coming again – we don’t have anything to give to them."
Another resident, Soko Vakacegu whose house was broken – into on Thursday says the unknown intruder cut her gate before she entered the house.

Ravin Prasad is concerned of the safety of his wife and children, although they have lodged their complaints with Police three weeks ago.
Police told FBC News that the complaints from residents are with their Internal Affairs Unit and they are investigating the matter.

Anonymous said...

Ratu 6.23pm..which Anonymous you'll pick up?. I'm recommending a pick up address for you to extend your coffee invitation to. He will be glad to accept your honorable invitation since you share similar dream and aspiration and your both connected through Frank. Hope the acquaintance would be the beginning of a strong lasting relationship which would be separated in death.
The name is John Vugakoto Kean and his address is Vakabalea settlement, Pacific Harbour.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is a radical Muslim..gays got no chance in Fiji under FFP. Voreqe's favourite saying is, "God might forgive gays but Voreqe will never do it".

And Khaiyum about to issue a new decree Fiji, if gays are caught in a sex act they will be thrown off the highest building in Suva as punishment.

Voreqe should come clean about his teen days..cavorting with Dee and petroleum jelly at the back of Lambert hall during a school dance night.

Anonymous said...

Pita Waqavonovono must be really disappointed with FB's comments that there will be no "Adam and Steve" marriages in Fiji. Fagots like waqavonovono are full of sin and a disgrace to gods kingdom. Fully support FB in this and hope that fagots like waqavonovono gets see the light and realise that Adam is made for Eve and not Steve. Hallelujah

Anonymous said...

What do you think of the coffee that QORVIS gave to Julie Alexander?
You know the one ordered by Francis Kean.
I hope you are not inviting these people to that coffee.
Dodonu me qarauni koya tiko o Semi Meo mai na veisureti nei @Ratu.
Na coffee ya e kena mesamesa tiko na losea o QORVIS.
Au rogoca ratou a via vagunuvi Ro Kepa e na coffee ya ni se bera na veidigidigi.

Anonymous said...

Ratu o sa kila vinaka Sara na blog Qo keimami na Qauri se is goneyalewa keimami Dau Volavola e nei Mi Liliuo o Waqavonovo Tiko Lo Ka moce ha. Keimami sa na Vakamau na Qauri ni fiji ena Caka dina. Ca vei iko lai rika I wai.

Anonymous said...

Ben Padarath
5 hrs ·

PM Bainimarama now undergoes kidney dialysis and is a confirmed patient at the dialysis treatment center in Suva. Enquiries revealed that no records are kept of his dialysis and thus it has been assumed that he is not paying for his treatment either while every other patient has to pay $250+ per dialysis.
Attempts to obtain confirmation of non payment from the Kidney Center were unsuccessful as the official said that the matter was highly confidential.

Anonymous said...

Ben..is this true? how is it that Bainimarama is still globe trotting without his dialysis machine? He is the 1st public servant (PM to be precise) so all his medical expenses will be met by the government. I do not agree with him on a lot of things, but I also would not hit him below the belt with a load of BS

Anonymous said...

Ben padarath is the least trustworthy person amongst the human kingdom. Even a snake can be trusted but thus megamolonic con artists is Peter fosters daddy in conning people. He along with pita waqavonovono has joined the butusona club. His ex-girlfriend, Charlotte Peters, whom I fucked last night told me that Ben was always an ass pervert. No wonder he finds pita waqavonovono and Rajendra Chaudhary attractive. It would be safer to cut your throat than believe a cunt like Ben padarath.

Anonymous said...

Gay community breaking news Pastor Tevita is on our side our wishes to tie the not is looking promising in our beloved Fiji. I will be the first to get married and have a happy family. Can't wait to show the world, fiji is also belong to Gay and lesbian.

Anonymous said...

@9.36am YUCK!

Anonymous said...

PM: All villages equal

Tevita Vuibau
Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Children of Naividamu Village in Macuata enjoy water from their new purification system that was recently opened by PM Voreqe Bainimarama. Picture: LUKE RAWALAI+ Enlarge this image

Children of Naividamu Village in Macuata enjoy water from their new purification system that was recently opened by PM Voreqe Bainimarama. Picture: LUKE RAWALAI

PRIME Minister Voreqe Bainimarama says his government will not rest until every corner in Fiji knows it is an equal contributor to the growth and greatness of the nation.





Kishore Prasad said...

Pray for Victor Lal editor of Fiji Leaks. He is involved in an accident. See Fiji Leaks.

Anonymous said...

@Kishore Prasad, it's payback time as his sins are over the roof now. Pray will do for his horrible death filled with suffering. backstabbers and black omens like him should die a horrible death and he surely will. Last I heard that he got injured humping an old cougar from SODELPA...The asshole should get a life and look after his wife who is slutting and taking white vudi. Too much time spent behind spreading lies and rumours while shit is spreading in his own home. Die motherfucker die.

Anonymous said...

I understand how you feel about Franks stand on same sex marriage. If you dissect his message you'll realize that he did not object entirely but provide an opportunity for those who want to marry his/her partner. The opportunity is the land of the free- Iceland. What's the problem with that? Pack your stuff and fly to Iceland and when you get there, get married and live there..I see no evil or hate in this statement but a safe route to help this society fulfill their life..If Frank is showing you guys a way out, he simply meant that Fiji is not ready to accept same sex marriage.

Anonymous said...

@ Kishore Prasad..what a load of BS and anon @3.37pm just gullibly bought your statement and spewed his venom. I guess the hatred just doesn't seem to go away. Victor Lal is the only one that gives us a reasonable insight into the going ons of Fijian politics. Learn from him will ya! @ 3.37pm No one buys your personal attacks, those are likely to be projections of your own personal journey...it could be that your spouse is having good time with your enemy

Anonymous said...

Disciplinary action to be taken against officers
17:16 Today

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Ritika Pratap

Divisional Police Commander Southern Suliano Babakoro has been directed to take disciplinary action against officers who are found to be neglecting their duties.

Chief of Operations ACP Rusiate Tudravu has issued the directive in light of the recent media spotlight on robbery cases in Narere, Nasinu.

Over the weekend, FBC News highlighted the plight of residents who complained that there have been a spate of robberies over 3 weeks with no action taken by police.

ACP Tudravu admits there are shortfalls in service delivery with regards to attending to reports and the follow up action.

He has assured the Narere community that all efforts have been directed towards restoring the confidence of the people and this has been an ongoing exercise led by the Station Officer in Nasinu personally.

There has been an increase in foot and mobile patrols to ensure maximum visibility and presence on the ground.

ACP Tudravu adds those who continue to face difficulties with officers in their respective divisions should call the Divisional Police Commanders directly.

Tudravu has also requested the media to be responsible and fair with reporting after comments on the efforts being made in Narere was omitted from news reports.

Kishore Prasad . said...

8.31 PM. Read Fiji leaks:

Our founding Editor-in-Chief will resume editorial duties after he has recovered sufficiently from a recent accident - Acting Editor.

Anonymous said...

Good to see that Ratu has decided to spend more quality time with his Indian boyfriend. Stay away you fucking faggot.

Anonymous said...

The PM and his AG had knowledge of this conman Tongan from the US. I bet you that they're all in it together. Now that the conman Dr is under investigation by the FBI, ol' shitty pants is trying to distance himself from Sione.

Anonymous said...

I see it Kishore....things happen, that's the state of our world. Why is it such a big deal? At least Fijileaks has has continued to do its calling

Anonymous said...

Get well soon Victor.Hope you'll get over the small challenge which I'm sure you will.We need updating and real breaking news..and thank you Kishore for manouvering the ship slowly in the absence of the captain.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Army imports sophisticated waeponry from Russia. What they need more is lots of qanibulu to sogo the cic kabasu that was so evident when a platoon of 45 well armed men were confronted by a handful of scantily armed (and dressed) terrorists in Syria. These Russian weapons are just a waste of money and will only be used against unarmed civilians whom they are supposed to protect. FMF is the laughing stock of military establishments in the region. Bunch of self overrated no combat experience soldiers who like to intimidate, maim and kill their own citizens but bend over and drop their pants tobe rooted well upthe arse when confronted by armed elements. Me tauri ga na dakai kece qori ni Rusia me sosomaki nodrai cici lelevu tekivu sara ga vei PM kei President. Ni veicai.

Anonymous said...

Fijians duped by FFP government scam..!!

For those who know how the equities market work..this scheme espoused by Bainimarama is so ferkin ridiculous.Poor villagers taken for a ride again by Bainimarama's empty promises.

Couple regrets deal
Losalini Bolatagici
Thursday, January 14, 2016
A COUPLE who bought shares from Fijians Helping Fiji Co-operative Ltd (FHFCL) said they were promised an investment return by 2017.

The couple said they regretted buying shares after the news of the company being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the US.

The $120 they paid, according to them, was to buy stock shares from the American Stock Exchange.

Choosing to speak on conditions of anonymity, they told this newspaper that they bought shares with the company in November last year after a group of company officials visited their village.

Their village is in the western side of Viti Levu.

They said they were convinced because they were told the Government and its leaders were aware of the company and its investment plan for the country.

The husband claimed his village could probably be one of the villages that recorded the highest number of membership for this institution.

"We were told that if a lot of people register, then it would be easy for them to come and sell shares," the man said.

He said they were also told the company would visit the village next week to buy cassava from the farmers. The cassava would sell at $1 a kilogram.

"If we are members and we don't have cassava to sell, we would still get an investment return. But for those who have produced, they sell. They would get their money and part of the payment would again be added in their shares under the American Stock Exchange."

Anonymous said...

Whilst Bainimarama and his cronies travel around the world continually and in luxury,his $2 offer is an insult to all Fijians. As mentioned before Bainimarama has no ferkin idea about how to run a country.A street BBQ vendor earns more per sale than what this ferkin idiot is offering cane farmers..JUST FERK OFF BAI..THE BULLCRAP COMING OUT OF HIS GOVERNMENT is justification for him to be kicked out and sent to jail where him and his wife Khaiyum belongs.

$2 cane payment
Felix Chaudhary
Thursday, January 14, 2016
MIXED reaction have been recorded from sugarcane farmers in the Western Division after Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama announced the Fiji Sugar Corporation would be making an advance payment of $2 per tonne this Friday.

He made the announcement while speaking at the opening of the Labasa market extension, issuance of approval notices for informal settlements and issuance of small and micro enterprise grants in Labasa yesterday.

"Given the recent prolonged drought and the hardships faced by our canefarmers, I am also pleased to announce that this Friday, the Fiji Sugar Corporation will be making an advance payment of $2 per tonne to all canefarmers," the PM said.

"This payment will be deducted from the 3rd and 4th quarter payments.

"What this means is that the tonnage that each farmer delivered to FSC last year multiplied by $2 is the amount that will be paid out this Friday. No deductions will be made from this advance payment."

Rarawai Penang Cane Producers Association president Girish Kumar said the majority of farmers harvested 200 tonnes last year and the advance would not have a significant impact.

"They will receive $400 and while this is appreciated, it will not make much of a difference to low income earning growers," he said.

"At the very least, the payment should have been turned into a grant for the poorest farmers who have been the hardest hit by the prolonged dry weather spell."

This sentiment was also echoed by the Lautoka Cane Producers Association.

"Many of our members are thankful but they also feel that $2 per tonne will not make much of a difference to those who produce 200 tonnes or less," said Lautoka Cane Producers Association president Praveen Singh.

The advance payment comes in the wake of a request from farmers to the Sugar Cane Growers Council for a special cane payment to help with preschool preparations.

Anonymous said...


Sa kerei moni lai cakava edua na cakacaka yaga mai na vosa vaka tawa yaga ko valata tiko. Bau lai wereca yani edua na loga tapi mo ni yaga kina.

Ia kevaka o ni via vosa tiko ga, mo ni laveta cake edua na bui ni vusi ka qai vosa kina....nomu mic ya.

Kevaka o ma ni tube tabua sara mo kakua ni vosacataki ena forum qo, sa bau wadrega vutulaki!!.....kenai wali ga mo vakatikitiki laivi yani ko na qai galala mai na vosacataki tiko.

Keo sega ni rawa ni tara na vosa ca, ia me ratou solevaka na bulimu na wekada na gay community....drau veivutu kei tubumu enai bulubulu.

Sa baci moce tale.

Anonymous said...

RATU Binibini ni Da,




Anonymous said...

20 containers? And why all the secrecy behind it? I mean, it's so fkn obvious and conspicuous. We were in the bus and we saw them. What is in those containers, by the way? The taxpayers paid for that, and they need to know what was bought with their monies. De lavo beka nei ta?

Anonymous said...

Breaking news Bai Is bringing in large amount of weapon to the country for his protection. It won't be long na kemudou tale na Dakai o lai kauta Tiko mai qori.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news, 20 container loads of Russian dancing girls bought in to Fiji undercover.

This is rumoured to be the latest stance by the government to counteract the surge of low quality entertainment provided by the Chinese good time girls working along Victoria Parade.

Anonymous said...

Happy new year C45 adminstrators. Can we start a 2016 topic?

Anonymous said...

C45.still researching!! Here we go.


Fiji opposition demands Government reveal contents of 'covert' Russian military shipment PACIFIC BEATEARLIER TODAY AT 7:24AM

A shipment containing weapons and ammunition is being delivered to Fiji's military, the opposition says.


Fiji's opposition has called on the Government to reveal the contents of an "unauthorised military shipment" arriving in the capital, Suva, from Russia.

Opposition Whip Ratu Isoa Tikoca, of the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA), has speculated the shipment contains small arms, ammunition, two trucks and a helicopter.

Mr Tikoca said a private security firm had barred police from inspecting the 20 containers, a claim rejected by the Acting Police Commissioner Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho.

Mr Qiliho said Fiji Police gave approval for the consignment and had been part of its planning and reception team.

But Mr Tikoca told Radio Australia's Pacific Beat the operation "has taken the country by surprise".

"The covertness of getting this across without notifying the public, without notifying ... parliament. This is not an issue that was even raised in the committee that looks after foreign affairs and defence," he said.

"We, as taxpayers, know $75 million ($AUD50 million) of our own budget is being used to set up another military camp in the Western Division.

"We've shown our concern that another camp is ... an establishment for the political gain of the existing political leadership, so it's the political army rather than the RFMF [Republic of Fiji Military Forces]."

Last year, Russian media reported Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev had signed a deal with his Fijian counterpart to supply weapons and machines for Fiji's army.

Mr Tikoca said the secrecy surrounding the shipment was suspicious.

"I demand that the Government, the Prime Minister, the Commander of the RFMF open those consignments and reveal what it is," he said.

"We have no enemy as such to be worrying about what sort of number of weapons.

"We belong to a military assistant program that engages Australia, the British, New Zealand, the Americans — we are part and parcel of the security interests of our Pacific region.

"But it looks like the building up of these arms and ammunition could certainly be what the Prime Minister has been trying to do to control the south-west Pacific, specifically controlling the Melanesian Spearhead Group and actually bringing his will over the Pacific Island Forums as well."
Now this is daylight smuggling caught by the public. What about the iligal arms smuggling of Lautoka after the 87 coup which had falsely implicated some civilians. It's the military all along. ...What's Frank trying to do to the US, Britts and Aust? Don't play with fire Frank. How can you tackle the wrath of our big brothers when you don't have the courage to fight a real battle. Let me remind you of the popular local idiom" iko caqeta tiko na mata ni moto"
( you're kicking the sharp end of the spear) and rethink your stand when it comes to diplomatic trade and relationship. Do not do everything that Khaiyum advises you or tries to manipulate you in doing. Can you think on your own and seek second/third opinion. Sa rauta mada na vakamumuri. The Fiji Russia China and India trade and policy agreement is only seen as backstabbing our long lasting friends and allys since the the first and second world wars. Did Russia, China and India save us or fought with us in the 2 wars?

Anonymous said...

Some of the items in the containers are blow-up life like dolls for the soldiers to cuddle up to at night. These dolls have rubber vaginas and assholes as ordered by Voceke Baimagasona himself.

rajend's karua said...

Always good to see Victor Lal of Fijileaks showing up the hypocrisy of rajend chaudhry. Racist pig Chaudhry should just shut up and try and build up his law firm which has zero clients in sydney so he is moving to Auckland. fathers money allowing him to set up office as usual. He bought a block of flats in Nasese years ago but papa chodo had to come up with the deposit. Beat up your wife lately, raj boy??

Anonymous said...

@ Ratu:
Sa yawa na veisureti ni gunu cofee. Vacava me lai caka i Ratu Sukuna park.

Anonymous said...

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has accepted the traditional apology of a village in the Cakaudrove province regarding the 2006 takeover, and their reaction towards it at the time.

Lote Turaga, chief of Nayarabale in the district of Vaturova, performed a matanigasau to Mr Bainimarama which was confirmed by Commissioner Northern Joseva Vocea.

Mr Vocea said the chief had told the Prime Minister that the villagers opposed the takeover but as time passed, they had begun to see the positive changes taking shape.

“They looked at the many developments and activities the Government has been doing for the people,” Mr Vocea said.

Anonymous said...

Farken BSP, can't withdraw the whole bleddy day.. Idiots!!

Anonymous said...

Ratu you black bastard hahahahaha you're typical house negro.Your forefathers must of been one of these blackies that sucked the white mans cock as they landed on the beach.Hahahahaha you dumb black bastard who gave the country away.Now where is that bush bunny Vili Rakoro and his half kast friend who has a slave masters name?probably still trying to trace her family roots and wondering why a white man fucked her great great grand itaukei mother and ran off to AUS OR NZ only whats left is registered on her birth certificate a slave masters name baaaaaahahahahahah.

Sundrassen Reddy said...

Rajen Chaudhry opens a new law office in Manukau. Now he has two offices, one in Sydney and now one in Cavendish Drive. I wonder who is managing his ydney office as he has moved to Auckland.

rajend's karua said...

no one managing rajend's office in Sydney. No need to. he has zero clients. Who would trust a con man? he thinks Auckland will be easier with lots more pacific Islanders to con. Sorry boy, we see right through you chodo.

Anonymous said...

Anyone has updates on the status of victor lal on the ass injury he suffered as a result of butusona with naiqama lalabalavu. Last heard he was to go through rectum realignment surgery at Oxford Uni Hospital. His guy supporters are organising a give a little campaign to cover the operation costs. Those that want to contribute can contact pita waqavonovono at the opposition party chambers. Give generously to this holy cause.

To naiqama " butusona pervat" lalabalavu, stop giving generously. You have derailed one of sodelpas most loyal and dedicated cocksucking and arselicking supporter. Oileiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Kailaaaaaaaaa..........

Anonymous said...

Yes very good news for our armed forces,its time to update the inventory.Out goes the k2 and m16 they can use that at basic training for recruits.In comes the AK74M and AK200.Its good to see that Russia has provided us with the latest modern weapons.Now we have the latest russian sniper rifles,assault rifles,pistols,rocket launchers,GPMGS and two trucks.Can the prime minister also ask for some of those t90 main battle tanks atleast 20 will do good for us and also new navy warships and patrol boats so that we can patrol our sea borders effectively.We also need to built up an airforce.One day we will even have our own submarines.

Anonymous said...

RATU said,




Dou moce tale toka

Anonymous said...

8.54pm..poorly supported
At the expense of the tp's money military had chewed away much of what the country needs for development. Education needs an overhaul. To get quality and healthy education for our children much is needed to be done and money is required. We are still in the third world on our health infrastructure and personnel. Our doctors pay are so minimal and how can we attract professional health caregivers here with advance med technology when the health ministry's budget is not enough. Lack of incentives because there's lack of brain by those running the govt.
Fiji generally needs development and improvement in agriculture(what's happening to sugar cane??),roads and transportation, utilities, welfare, rural living, tourism, etc . Today these developments remain outstanding because military is taking the largest chunk of money to fill their pockets and buy arms and weapons that we don't need. What the military is doing with the purchase of weaponry is only seen as encouraging to fully equipped the institution to carry out strategic and decisive coups on us- the vulnerable civilians not on the battlefield.
Fiji's military is the best equipped force on planet when it comes to combating it's unarmed citizens including women, media personals,pro activists, churches and traditionalists, offenders and adult citizens.

Anonymous said...

That's great...they finally got new weapons. How about new uniforms? That ol' green gotta go. And what's up with some wearing black boots and some wearing tan boots? Get with the program...either everyone wears black or everybody wears tan. You all look a bunch of ragtag guerillas.

Anonymous said...

Yep 8.43am
The new uniform is water resistant and can hold water and crap as long as you want. Made of very fine material and special design to withstand climate and condition. Our boys in the military are prone to a quick release of pee and crap like their leader when confronted
in an enemy fire. So the material is just right for that. A little problem though, it cannot hold stench for too long. That's why it attracts flies.
Certainly they all look like a bunch of swarming flies ragtag guerillas in battle.
Waste of money anyway!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Newly reinstated Capt. Apimeleki Niumataiwalu who was demoted in early 2015 over work related Anger Issues yesterday mercilessly literally threw his 75-year-old aunt, his late mother’s elder sister Ana Sekoula Niumataiwalu out onto the streets in broad daylight, at his 43 V M Pillay residence in Lautoka, Fiji.

The aged relative is known to have brought her nephew up (born out of wedlock) and solely looked after his primary and secondary tuition fees and stationary in the mid-1970s up to 1983 where Niumataiwalu received the dux prize in high school.

Without this poor lady's struggle to give her nephew the best education she could afford Niumataiwalu wouldn't be where he is right now in the aviation industry.

Capt. Niumataiwalu was demoted after vociferously berating a purser in-flight and in another incident loudly criticizing and rebuking a French expat colleague, again within earshot of cabin crew and alarmed passengers.

Just a month after being reinstated to “command” Niumataiwalu the next of kin threw out his aged mother.

Sadly, her mother is unable to care for herself, her mobility is heavily reliant on her ‘walker” and is basically cognitive impaired and is mostly forcibly confined to her room.

A report has been filed at Lautoka Police Station with an “elderly abuse by neglect and abandonment” tag hovering in the air.

According to reliable sources Capt. Niumataiwalu usually takes his spouse and son out during days-off to resorts leaving his poor mother alone without care.

This is not the first time he has shamelessly conducted this cruel act. 3 ½ years ago he threw her mother out at midnight with all her belongings.

A good Samaritan Laun family, the Drasunas, residing in the neighbourhood kindly took the lady in for 9 months before Capt. Api Niumataiwalu took her back in.

Sadly Capt. Niumataiwalu conveniently masquerades his cruelty and anger issues by disguising himself as a humble gentleman to the public and attending church regularly.

Wednesday night devotions are convened at his residence when he’s on the ground, with his mother under strict orders, to stay in her room and not to come out. Even toilet breaks are withheld until the church members depart after “devotions”.

He is also known to be a wife basher when “he hits the roof”.

Whilst the above could be conveniently and quietly swept under the carpet, or moved to the “it’s his personal business tray”, my question is, in light of the safety of paying passengers and fellow crew members, is this the calibre of pilots being employed by Fiji Airways? We all know Safety is paramount in the aviation environment.

His employers will acknowledge Capt. Niumataiwalu does have an anger issue and will also acknowledge that Niumataiwalu has undergone appropriate anger management counselling but as mentioned above just after month of reinstatement he discards his parent like an object, in anger.

Does the Board and the relevant Ministry’s PS (Public Enterprise) and the relevant line Minister (Hon AG ASK), let alone the media know of such a pilot who's mental state is a safety hazard in their midst?

Could we entrust our lives in such hands when he does not even regard or show compassion to his own mother?

I dread and fear the safety of his passengers when his “episodes” come around if in the air!!!!

God help us!

Na viavialevu kei na dokadoka e sega ni yalo va Kalou!!!!

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