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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fiji's democracy takes a hit

By Jenny Hayward-Jones, Director of the Lowy Institute's Melanesia Program, and Alastair Davis, an intern in the Melanesia Program

The process of rebuilding democracy in Fiji after eight years of military rule has taken a hit in recent weeks. Elections in 2014 engendered a sense of optimism for a return to representative governance, though Pacific watchers warned at the time that the successful elections should be viewed as a step in the right direction, not a panacea.

Last week the suspension of the National Federation Party (NFP) threw the state of democracy in Fiji into sharp relief. The situation has since worsened with the release of a statement from the parliamentary Speaker, Dr Jiko Luveni, on Thursday which suspended the three elected NFP members. The suspension was endorsed in parliament by the Fiji First majority on Thursday and the larger opposition party SODELPA walked out in protest.

The message from the governing Fiji First party that robust dissent will not be tolerated and its brazen attitude towards the rule of law are serious relapses in the restoration of democracy in Fiji.

The depth of the fissures in the Fijian parliament became clear in early January when the leader of the NFP, Dr Biman Prasad, openly considered withdrawing his MPs from parliament in protest. Prasad had signalled the opposition parties' frustration at the rejection of bipartisanship by Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama's Fiji First majority and the lack of resources afforded to the opposition parties.

Prasad's frustrations prompted the publication of a damning op-ed in the Fiji Times that argued that Fiji's democracy had become a facade. Prasad has been a vocal and pro-active opposition MP who has worked hard to contribute to the effectiveness of parliament. He is currently Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, a key oversight committee that scrutinises government accounts. His chairmanship was one of the most effective opposition contributions to governance, though due to changes to standing orders passed while NFP members were excluded from parliament, Prasad looks likely to be replaced as Committee Chairman by a Fiji First member.

Two days after the publication of Prasad's op-ed, Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem suspended the NFP for 30 days with immediate effect. The suspension notice cited non-compliance with the obligation under the Political Parties Decree to have party books audited by an accountant certified by the Fiji Institute of Accountants (FIA). The NFP confirmed that the company that audited their accounts — APNR — was certified in Australia but did not hold a Certificate of Public Practice in Fiji.

Section 19 of the Political Parties Decree gives the registrar the right to suspend the registration of a political party to 'enable' said party to remedy the breach specified in the notice of suspension. The section also provides a process for the registrar to inform the party in writing of the particulars of the breach and allow the party 60 days to remedy it. The suspension of the NFP in response to a minor administrative oversight that could have been remedied quickly and easily seems unnecessarily heavy-handed and hardly conducive to building a well-functioning parliament.

The exclusion of the MPs from parliament is more legally problematic. Section 27 (6) provides that a MP who belongs to a suspended political party shall continue on as an MP for the rest of their term. However, the solicitor general gave legal advice to the speaker that the suspension of the party extends to excluding its MPs from parliament, seemingly in direct contradiction of the Decree.

Solicitor General Sharvada Sharma works directly under the Attorney General, Bainimarama's close ally Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, who has also defended the suspension. As prominent lawyer Richard Naidu has pointed out, the lack of independent counsel for the legislature clearly undermines the separation of powers in Fiji.

The Decree itself predates the return to democracy in Fiji, having been introduced in 2013 during the period of military dictatorship. Along with the Media Decree, key pieces of legislation regulating the practice of politics in Fiji were introduced unilaterally by Bainimarama's regime. Democracy can only flourish in Fiji when the supporting laws and institutions are strong and independent. Bainimarama himself heads the Constitutional Offices Commission, a six member group created to advise the president on public service and military office holders. SODELPA leader Ro Teimumu Kepa and Naidu were appointed to the commission in mid-2015, but Naidu resigned in November and Kepa has stopped attending meetings due to concerns over process. The three month extension of General Sitiveni Qiliho's appointment as acting police commissioner on 10 February reaffirmed Prime Minister Bainimarama's reluctance to cede control over civilian institutions and preference for military officials to hold critical civil service leadership positions.

If SODELPA MPSs make their abstention from parliament permanent, Fiji will face the prospect of a sitting parliament populated only by the 32 members of the ruling Fiji First party. The quality of democracy will clearly suffer if opposition members cannot do their jobs and if government MPs are dissuaded from posing dissenting views.

Social media use has reinvigorated Fiji's long suppressed public debate, and media outlets have enjoyed slightly more freedom to publish criticism and comment. Free speech and the capacity of citizens to hold their government to account are as important as ever for Fiji.

The Fiji First Government claims a mandate to embark on a significant legislative agenda and continue its northward strategic rebalance. Yet this mandate was won in a democratic election and is balanced by the 18 elected members of parliament who do not sit on the government benches. These 18 members also represent the people of Fiji and they must be allowed to have their voice both in and out of parliament for Fiji to be considered a democracy.


  1. One day I was visiting one of Bainimarama's relatives, who happens to be a conman and dumb (let's
    call him Mr. K)
    Mr.K. had just come back from Bainimarama's house for some sort of kerekere/corruption attempt and told me that
    Bainimarama was dumb, and Khaiyum was the brain. That was a comical situation, as mr K. is
    dumb himself. His wife, or partner whatever, was sitting next to him and looked like surprised...
    What kind of woman would be in a relationship with a dumb man who is smart enought to say
    that Bainimarama is dumb, but herself unable to figure it out?
    I often feel like the people of Fiji are just like that woman...

    We are government by malicious, dumb and authoritarian people.

  2. Fiji is run by 3 arseholes:
    1) QORVIS

    and in that order.

    Bainimarama thinks he's the boss,but he is actually the dickhead being farked in the arse by the other two. They write his speech and tell him what to do and of course keep him happy by giving him money and massaging his ego.

  3. I don't think Frank and Khaiyum will give a damn about the suspension of NFP or the opposition walkout nevertheless the comment here by Jenny Hayward. The two gay partners and their ever supporting junior dentist speaker Luvenicaita are running the show today wether the rule is by the book or by the arse, the bottom line is they are the government.
    Let's ask the opposition to stay out of parliament as long as it takes to drive the international community like what Jenny is starting. Good work Jenny! Hope it doesn't stop here.

  4. Ro-Kepa & the opposition you got it right by walking out,let the 3 assole runs the country without your contribution? Stay out until
    the NFP has been re-instated?

  5. Yes, God is listening, the international community now is getting to know about the façade that's happening in Fiji. Seems like this time khaiyum went too far and dug his own grave. Those close to him say he doesn't give a damn about international community, he is getting his armed forces ready (with Russian weapons) and they are ready to face any retaliation.

    Lets see what unfolds

  6. @2:43 PM
    I think you are high on drugs. If Australia or NZ was to put travel ban to Fiji, that would be the end of it in a matter of months... Nobody wants to waste money, let alone lives, in Fiji... Fiji? Where is that by the way, would ask most people overseas!!!

    No my friends, the reality is that 60% of Fiji voters voted the wrong way.
    Now enjoy the show.

  7. 2.56pm
    I think you're more stupid than a drug addict. Aust and NZ cannot afford to institute a travel ban on Fiji for economic and trade relationship reasons. Tourists flock back and forth and generate revenues for both countries.
    And your take of the unknown Fiji, I live outside Fiji and only the third, poor nations and underdeveloped countries do not know where Fiji is. I live in the US and Fiji is known through -Fiji water,Vijay Singh,Serevi,Jimmy Snooker and it's tropical beauty. Did you watch Wrestling-WWE? Last week on Monday night Raw(Feb 8th 2016) in Seattle, WA a special announcement was made on TV watched by millions on planet by the famous ring announcer-JBL on our one and only world greatest sevens player Waisale Serevi who was sitting in the crowd. He clearly mentioned that" Serevi is from Fiji"
    And you still have the nerve to ask "where Fiji by the way?"
    Your next one on "voting the wrong way". What do u mean? We all know that Fiji is governed by a bunch of idiots who control and fight to own everything. People are not fools to vote the wrong way. They are forced to vote under a new system designed to win them more seat during election whether they like it or not.
    Khaiyums armed forces with Russian weapons ready to face retaliation. ......against who?
    Our military is good at retaliating against its own unarmed civilians including women and weak senior citizens They have lost the courage to take on any outside military. It's something that they grasped from their commander in the 2000 mutiny during his infamous flight down the cassava plantation leaving a trail of yellow and brown stools on the trek.

  8. It's Official, there's no argument, Frank Bainimarama is the Boss:-


    When the Body was First Made,
    All Its Parts Wanted to be Boss...

    THE BRAIN SAID : Since I control everything and do all the work I should be boss.

    THE FEET SAID: Since I carry man where he wants to go and get him to do what the Brain wants, I should be boss.

    THE HANDS SAID: Since I must do all the work and earn all the money to keep all the rest of you going, I should be boss.

    THE EYES SAID: Since I must look out for all of you and tell you where danger lurks, I should be boss.

    And so it went with the Heart, the Ears, and the Lungs.

    Finally the Asshole spoke up and demanded that he be boss. All the other parts laughed and laughed at the idea of an asshole being boss.

    The Asshole was so angered that he blocked himself off and refused to function. Soon the Brain was feverish, the Eyes crossed and ached, the Feet were too weak to walk, the Hands hung limply at his side, the Heart and Lungs struggled to keep going.

    All pleaded with the Brain to relent and let the Asshole be boss, and so it happened. All parts did the work and the Asshole just bossed and passed out a lot of shit.

    MORAL: You don't have to be a brain to be boss, just an Asshole.

  9. I advised Jenny Hayward years ago about what the realities were in Fiji! She chose to prefer to have her research done by Taxi Drivers and people in Fiji. When I quizzed her about the possibility that people were pretending to support Frank Bainimarama out of fear of retaliation, she seemed to dismiss those concerns as my imagination and or bunkum!
    You can't change history.
    But I'm amazed that people who have had it wrong for so long, still advise the Australian Government.
    The Lowy Institute, the stink tank for the Australian Government, and anyone else stupid enough to listen to them.
    If these people are Australia's brightest, then like Fiji, we are fucked!

  10. Khaiyum is making all these changes. He should be dropped from Fiji First or this party is doomed in the next election. See what happend to Fiji Labour party. Mahen was doing what Khaiyum is doing now.

  11. Lowy institute is backed and funded by corporations and a Zionist jew!!!.Get the fuck outta here with this typical Aussie propaganda.The region is now fucked if Fiji lets Russian and Chinese influence into the pacific.Those suckers in Canberra know this often too well that their major allie (The US) is preasuring them to start building a more appealing relationship with the Fijians or all hell will break loose and have communists and socialists in their own back yard.The Fijians have Russia and China as buddies on the political world stage.From supplying soft loans and aids during times of sanctions,building infrastructures and foreign investments.Business trades and offers of visa free waiver.The exchange programs of law enforcement and joint military training.Boy oh boy!
    now they have been supplied with Russian arms.It is evident that the relations between Fiji,Russia and China is strengthening.By the looks of things this government is capable of pulling anything off even to the point of having Russian and Chinese nuclear submarines docked at its ports.Yup shit is getting serious.

  12. Yes, khaiyum is playing smart, he is now showing the real Taliban side of his, whats in your blood cannot be hidden, it will show one day,he cant hide it anymore.Bringing in Russians, he know no country in their right sense will support them, he wants to hide behind chinese and Russian skirt.

  13. I suggest that donor agencies like European Union and every other donor agency should stop investing a single penny in this country, they shouldn't give a single cent to this government, for all we know, that the only people benefitting from financial help are khaiyum Bainimarama and their families. They are now living millionaire lifestyle and cannot let go of their luxurious, it says money can be intoxicating, these two are intoxicated with money and power.

  14. Anon@6.23AM. NZ and Australia don't need Fiji, it's the opposite you're talking about.

  15. That fareed shit from Sri Lanka and one of the many regime polo suckers from Sri Lanka is responsible for giving hint to his Muslim brother saneem regarding the accountants. Fareed who holds one of key position in Fiji institute of accountants have never done accounting degree but is listed as ca. This shows the level of corruption in this accounting body. The masipolo fareed has highjacked the operation of Fijian Holdings Limited and is now helping kaiyum to fleece the organisation dry towards bankruptcy. Immediate concrete action is warrant to stop the muslimization of the civil service. Kaiyum has outdone Chaudhary by giving all his relatives along with other Muslims key positions in civil service and now has total control of government. Wake up people? Let's join hand whether you be christain, hindoo etc to root the evil kaiyum and his brigade out of Fiji. Fiji is heading towards Islamists rule with the current trend.

    1. Just having a muslim name doesnt make one a muslim. Islam is practicalMost of these cartoons do not classify as muslims.A real muslim would never do what these cartoons did.

  16. 11.06am.
    Aust and NZ need Fiji just as much as we need them. Apart from our trade Aust and NZ had more responsibility in the region in terms of keeping our relationship with the UK, US and Europe. Frank had broken this and jumped ship. He is treading on delegate grounds in partnering with Russia and the East .

  17. @6:23 PM
    people like you reminds me of what a great german philosopher said, that when you look carefully, most people
    have emmpty heads.

    Fiji DEPENDS of tourism from Australia and NZ, not the other way around... the idea of invasion you suggested
    would anyway lead to the collapse of tourism, my point thus being that a simple full stop to travel would be
    catastrophic for Fiji. What is Fiji to Australia? A land of kerekere?

    As for your ridiculous statement that it is the electoral system the problem, that 60% of Fijians are "forced" to vote
    the wrong way, well that will make my day. Dumb, dumb, dumb. It's very easy not to vote for FF, you just vote for a
    NFP or Sodelpa, better NFP of course, but see...very easy!

  18. there is only two weeks left before the deadline for flag submission.
    I believe there might be a one month extension as the flag will only be selected in July.
    we will need to unite in order to agree on the new flag.
    the former military commander said the flag will change, so better to make sure we don't
    end up with a gay pride kind of flag.

  19. The experts from Lowy Institute was rationalising and justifying all that was happening in Fiji since the Bainimarama takeover of 2006 and the installation of a military dictatorship. This is the first time they have come up with something that corresponds to the reality of Fiji politics masquerading as democracy.
    Better late than not at all.

  20. The stupid soldier posing with his new RPG should just go ahead and pull the trigger and zap everybody standing behind him. Too bad it's just a dud, just like him.

  21. Bainimarama is corrupt.
    He gives land to his family members.
    Vugakoto has lost his land, what will Bainimarama do this time?

  22. Did u listen to what NZ's foreign minister just say about the same thing?

  23. 6.59pm.
    If what your writing is correct regarding Vugakoto loosing the land that was adminstered iligally to him then I should thank the person who raised this up with c45. It sure reaches out and motivates someone to make it work . From what I see, Frank might had abandon Vugakoto too for one and only reason and that is. .Vugakoto(V) is a real pain in the arse to everyone. If Frank can do that to his relative then V must be a devil. Thanks c45.

  24. @1:28 PM
    Frank will dump anyone who is of no relevance to him if he/she does something dumb.
    Sodelpa should investigate and go to Vakabalea to get more details from local farmers.

    1. Praveen Balas murder charge and Abedeans swindling of money from Edu Ministry and Reddys nepotistic actipns will all come back to haunt Bainimarama in the next election

    2. Praveen Balas murder charge and Abedeans swindling of money from Edu Ministry and Reddys nepotistic actipns will all come back to haunt Bainimarama in the next election

  25. 2.02pm
    Yes Vakabalea residents have one word for him. " Good riddance!"

  26. anonymous@5.41pm, Feb17.

    The stupid soldier posing with the RPG is just a reflection of the mentality of the Fiji Army. Real soldiers who have fought in real wars and have used those weapons in the face of real enemies, will never mimic that for publicity. Well, we don't have real soldiers but cowards who drop their arms (and maybe pants too) when they faced barely armed elements in Syria. Just like their leader who dashed for his life soiling his pants when his men (who were real soldiers back then) were being fired upon by mutineers in 2000.

    Yet, they intimidate, maim and kill their own unarmed innocent civilians at the slightest alleged threat to their coward leaders at home.

  27. @3:05 PM
    Vugakoto managed somehow to get a bank loan using his land as a security, and he thought
    that being a relative of Bainimarama gave him the right not to pay back the bank... HUGE MISTAKE,
    typical of Fijian mentality (that's basically the way people con each other in Fiji)
    So tHe bank took over the land. The story was told to me by a resident of the area... small village,
    everybody knows everything...
    I suppose that Bainimarama would be very angry to be associated to that story of nepotism...
    so Vugakoto ought to get the shit out of that place and go far away...

  28. New Zealand and Australia both benefit from Fiji as the imbalance of imports from them against our exports to them are disproportionately in their favour by two to three times. Check out the statistics on the balance of trade. Why do you think Australia and NZ did not completely cut Fiji off after the coups? They would have stopped trading with us and many of their people would have been laid off because what they were producing and costing Fiji millions in imports would have to be shipped to new markets or stopped being produced. Not as easy as we think.

    "Vengeance is mine, says the Lord!"

  29. I love how the so called ‘good’ guys (Aus and NZ)get to revise events to make stuff more convenient for them.Someone ought to tell them to butt out of our domestic political affairs.You don't see a Fijian institute think tank meddling with Australian or New Zealand politics.Do they see us writing articles and plastering propaganda all over the media for them to let refugees on boats to enter their shores?Do they see us talking about their "Pacific solution" policy of utilising other smaller Pacific nations to host asylum seeker detention centres?They better look in their own backyard then to venture on our turf.

    @6.56pm I agree with some of your points on the emphasis of international trade with Australia and New Zealand.However political influence and power over the region plays a pivotal role.The relationship between Australia and New Zealand isn't as strong as before the 2006 coup.Fiji has attracted other nations such as BRIC nations which has openned up even more opportunities for trade and investment vis-versa.Folks back in Wellington and Canberra see this as potential threat of losing influence on the region.China is now carrying out infrastructure projects across smaller Pacific nations,making huge investments and becoming a new potential donor of aid.The new shipment of arms from Russia even increases suspicion and anxiety of what is the actual intent and purpose of being in possession of these weapons or furthermore the types of aresenal and caliber.Look up on google the Australia, New Zealand and United States Security Treaty.

  30. Al Nusra would like to thank the Republic of Fiji Military Forces for accepting the Russian weapons and are looking forward to the "handover ceremony" in the Golan Heights (inshallah) in very near future. Allahuakbar!!!

  31. @9.50pm Have you found the keys to paradise yet,you stinky Sunni!!!.Al Nusra and Al qeauda founded and created by Mossad and CIA,sponsored by Saudi Arabia and proud to be a proxy (middle man)into the Middle East to destabilise the region.You dumb fuck slave wahabbi salafis. Go back to your white colonial slave master you dune coon!!.Mashallah Hezbollah on Hujr Ibn Adi’s Grave you will pay for the sins you have committed.Allah will have no mercy on those who kills in the name of Islam.You're a Sunni and the western media fails to inform the public that it is Sunnis that practice the doctrine of possessing radical views something your slave master loves fucking your head with you gullible camel.You Sunnis will receive no mercy when you have been exposed for your lies and deceits,you are the whore that was written in the scriptures that is marched by a slave driver through the land,valley and sea.Who brings plagues of corruption,deaths,gambling s,theft,sickness and famine.Death to the Sunni caliphate.

  32. If one is sentenced to almost 5yrs in jail for accepting about $10,200 in bribes, how long would Frank and his butt-buddy have to spend in jail to settle their debt to society?

  33. Se baci vosa o Siteri Masipolo.

  34. Like they say if you can't beat them, then just join them..Fiji First.. all the way..

  35. So what now, brown cow? What should happen to Saneem for getting it so wrong and suspending the Federation party, duly elected representatives of the people, as compared to him. A single strand of pubic hair in Khaiyum's arse.

  36. Goes to show that Fiji is indeed fucking corrupt.

  37. Fiji is facing a lot of corruption, that's for sure.
    We need a clean-up campaign now to solve the problems,
    and that means a coup.
    There is no other way possible.

    Do I sound like a dumb guy who hasn't been able to complete
    Form 4 maths?

  38. Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama says he would like the country to have a flag that takes us into the future, to where we are going rather than from where we have been.

    While speaking at the commissioning of the Naitutu Electrification Project in Namena Tailevu, Bainimarama says the new Fiji flag, always with our beloved Fiji blue, can stand for the kind of people we are, the kind of nation we aspire to be and the kind of country we will leave with our children.

    The deadline for the new Fiji flag design submissions is February 29th.

    Bainimarama says the government will select five designs to before the people in March.

    He confirms that there will be a national consultation on the designs.

    The Prime Minister says the new flag will tell the world that Fiji is a modern country, a leader in the Pacific, and a country on the move.

    Meanwhile the electrification project has been completed at a cost of $44,319 and will provide a reliable supply of electricity to nine families in Naitutu settlement.

    Bainimarama says he will not tolerate a Fijian society comprised of the haves and have-nots or a society that rewards privilege over merit.

    He says the government is committed to giving every Fijian an equal shot at life, no matter where in Fiji they call home.

    The Prime Minister says this starts by taking infrastructure and essential services to the rural and maritime communities.

  39. "The Prime Minister says the new flag will tell the world that Fiji is a modern country, a leader in the Pacific, and a country on the move."

    "Bainimarama says the new flag needs to capture the beautiful imagery of our country and symbolise our unity and independence."

    how is a flag supposed to say that we are a modern country? a leader in the Pacific?
    a country on the move? and on top of that say the kind of people we are?
    and capture the beautiful imagery of our country? and of course symbolize our unity and independence?

    and of course that flag must be very simple... good luck to you designers!!!

  40. Sweet speech indeed. So what kind of design will tell the world that we are the leader in the Pacific, modern and on the move?
    The design I'm thinking of to represent his sermon is:
    A military person in full uniform holding a gun at the top to portray that Fiji is the leader in the region for holding the most number of coups within 5 decades of its independence. In the center is three big letter words" WIP" meaning that Fiji is not stopping and is a "work in progress" and at the bottom right corner is a design of a couple(man/woman) each wearing a bikini and a bra to show that Fiji is modern.
    Anyway the back and foreground is blue. This design however carried clear meaning unless you have stars in different colors and each colour has a meaning.

    May the great design be accepted by the people through a public consensus .
    My Fiji.

  41. @5:25PM

    people of Fiji, don't waste your time designing flags that will go straight in Bainimarama's rubbish bin.
    I note with a smile that those people behind this webpage (https://www.facebook.com/Fiji-Flag-Designers-Pool-1637343976506597/?ref=ts&fref=ts) have given up in July 2015...

    it will be a repetition of last year... the 23 flags were doctored/produced by the flag committee.
    this time it will be by the government itself.

    Remember how the constitution was drafted?... same thing.
    totally undemocratic.

  42. Hahahahahaha taki!good laugh on here the talanoa.whats next there is rumours that 6.36pm white sapo with skit marks on it will be the new flag design?Fiji will start building coconut missle launchers to protect its air space from alien UFO's which in fact is really just an Aus qantas plane.Doing a huge meke session in front of a new Airbus thanking the gods,rubbing and purifying it with coconut oil and baby powder to chase the other devil ufo's away.FICAC still trying to convince the local population their institution is not corrupt but others are,so they made the rule that you can't point fingers at them.FNU still using paper,pencil and rubber to create a spread sheet and do their accountings.This helps to rub some stuff out and cover up missing funds when nobody's looking.Somebody saw FNU staff hosting a beach party at deuba,the witness said "They seem to have also hired a luxury yacht and dinghys,1000 cartons of Fiji bitter,wines,bongos,twisties,bean,laggaree,chicken,corn beef,row row,cassava,dalo etc etc etc.Some EU delegates were also seen asking for the person who hosted the party and everybody wondered why?The Fiji education mp also received news a flying school is deciding to close down and move abroad due to safety reasons and dumb politicians.

  43. The missing funds from the trust is now totalling up to 3 million dollar. Bill katia the man who threw money around, a god father got fucked when he left his ass exposed. But the man who is said to be a miilionaire isnt bothered about the trial and publicity. He is said to have inpregnated many young girls through the lure of money and alcohol. FICAC is unfair in investigating 3 million and prime ministers 100 million. I say the same treatment should apply
    If ypu steal 1 million or more no investigation, less than a million than you be investigated. Propose to khaiyum this decree because it will encourage people to work hard to abuse 1 million and go to jail and stop wasting courts time and money on $50 theft. This petty crimes waste our money and they should go to FNU to study how to steal 1 million.

  44. @7:41PM so maybe you can send your design, since you find that funny.

  45. Can we please get our English correct !
    It's not SKIT marks. It's SKID marks you dick head !!!!


  46. Go on cyclone WINSTON!!!, wipe out everything that FF government done without peoples concern.
    The riches they built, take it down! take it apart! make it a waste of time and space! make them mourn!
    Save the grassroots who honestly do not have any support of this corrupt government.
    Deal with those who support the murderous regime accordingly and through your fury may FF supporters and leaders know all governments money will be spent on rebuilding the lives of the people (where all the money was suppose to go, not in their pockets)
    GO WINSTON! GO WINSTON! save the people, wipe out FF and their die hard supporters.

  47. I can see now why Sodelpa supporters end up in QEB getting a good hiding lol.

  48. @3:55pm You ought to have your grammar checked, porch monkey.

  49. Sodelpa and NFP why are you giving cedence to this sham parliament and sham democracy.

    Please expose the absolutely CORRUPT Bainimarama regime by walking out and STAYING out of this sham parliament

    Let them vb etc make a fool of themselves in the face of the International community by sitting and deliberating in their sham parliament on their own.

    It is as clear as day that democracy in Fiji is a sham so why be a party to it.

  50. @4.57am Drau yavu boci..... Lai tei mada na tavioka me levu ....vei vacu ni sona baku!!!!

  51. 1.20am..no this is not a joke mf. Your post @7.41pm is not hilarious like you think but only shows how crap your brain is. It seems you hobby is watching fantasy movies, isn't it? I have this for you asshole" may a coconut tree( everything- roots, leaves, stem,nuts be shoved up your nether for good. And when you do, shut your freaken mouth up!

  52. It takes a phenomenon like Winston to lay bare all the hoopla surrounding the Bainimarama/Khaiyum so called,"modern democracy".Fiji is left once again begging for international aid because there is no money in the proverbial government kitty.

    One wonders how much more corrupt and insensitive a government can get towards its citizens when it illegally shells out $20m+ of taxpayers money on Russian arms (weapons, munitions, vehicles and chopper). Illegal, because it was done in secrecy without knowledge and consent of parliament or the Police?

    Civil and economic infrastructure is in tatters, crops destroyed, food and clean drinking water is in severe shortage.Civilians need aid to rebuild their homes and lives but the only investment Bainimarama has made is putting bullets in storage for another day of coups.

    The quicker Fijians get rid of this corrupt government the better it will be for everyone.

  53. Any sign of the Chinese and the Russians helping out Fiji at the moment?

  54. hahaha!! Fiji Fucken First !!! Lets see what this FF party is gonna do. TC Winston is a message for them to show that many Fijians don't like them and the way they leading the country.

    YOU WANNA LEAD US, NOW DEAL WITH WINSTON'S SHIT!!! I wonder what that fucken dick head of Bainiqalana is thinking of right now. He looks old and worn out on the delivering his PM speech yesterday.

    Where is his Partner in Crime???? Run away to Singapore, if you want to lead than be with your people....don't desert them.

    Magaitinadrau...dua ga me vanai rau...ni sa cala na ka kece, ena soli tiko kuita mei vakatakilakila.
    Me nomuni na vakacegu na wekai keimami kece sara oni vakaleqai ena vakacaca nei Winston. Me mavo na mavoa kece vakayago/vakayalo e sotavi ena ravuravu ni cagi.
    Ni dei tiko ena vakabauta, ni na ruru na draki ca ni bula edau sotavi keda.

  55. Quite appalling isn't it.
    Post budget the Government (In particular that fagot of an AG) condemns businesses in Fiji. He takes a shot at them every opportunity he gets ..... And now the Government is pleading for businesses to help in providing money, rations and the like in the aftermath of TC Winston.

    All I can say is shove it up your arse !

  56. 'Aust and NZ need Fiji just as much as we need them?!' WTF Fiji could disappear into the ocean tomorrow and we wouldn't notice until jetstar advises us they were offloading our bags. We would then go to Cook Islands, Samoa or Tahiti.. The 'relationship' is based on one party (Fiji) needing the others, but hating that it does. It survives on remittances form those luckily enough to be in a country that actually pays people a decent wage to have high standard of living and tourism in Fiji supported by those very countries. If you think there is any comparison to China then go for it.

  57. Democracy in Bainimarama's Fiji has not BECOME a façade. It was ALWAYS a façade.

  58. Apart from getting military goodies from Russia since Frankie's arrogance has stood strong and with assistance from China, I won't be so surprised if the Russians, like the Chinese, end up exploiting the country and its resources.

    So no wonder why Frankie is only a pawn while AK-47 continues calling the shots based on how HE wants to rule with a dictator's iron fist.

  59. Every time I watch Bainimarama on the telie, whether in Parliment or on the news the thought that always crosses my mind is that he is half educated. Just found out he went up to only Form 4.
    No wonder the people keep saying that it is Khaiyum who runs the government. Ni tiko ga vei Bai na vuku ni Form 4. O ulu pepa.

  60. Sotia kece ni Viti (fucked up corrupt RFMF) Ni sarava na mativalu ni Ositerelia kei NiuSiladi.

    Australia PM & parliament act on the wishes of the citizens of Australia to help their fellow citizens in Fiji.Dua na yaloyalo e vakaraitaki tiko qo, na mataivula e vakarorogo vei ira na lewe ni vanua. E nodrai talai. Ia, na mataivalua ni Viti..ni yavu tamata sonalevu, dokadoka..criminal vaka nomudou PM. , AG kei Peresitedi.Self interest fucked up the Fiji military and government of Fiji.

    Vinaka ga me caka dua na coup me ia na vei savasavataki dina..

  61. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  62. Too many dumb fucks commenting no wonder the country continues to be lead by idiots.

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