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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Fiji no longer a Pacific pearl

People living in tents after Cyclone Winston
Mother Nature has it in for Fiji at the moment sending floods and another cyclone post the worst cyclone in years, Cyclone Winston.

People are still struggling to get back on their feet and are living in tents as they await government help to rebuild. Ninety percent of the nation meanwhile are suffering from 'cika' or conjunctivitis after the cyclone and floods.

FNPF paid out thousands in the last month to people affected by the cyclone, unfortunately some recipients misused this money for alcohol and partying. It has become a joke with people treating the FNPF assistance as 'Christmas come early'. This was evident during the recent Hong Kong 7s win where people were seen with placards saying 'Thank you FNPF'.

Natural disasters aside, a concerning trend is the rise in the number of rape and murder cases in Fiji.

Mere Ailevu's body was found on Deuba beach. The Year 7 student of Lomary Catholic Primary School was found half naked, dead with a Tee- shirt tied around her neck at Loloma Beach. She had been raped and murdered.

A 39-year-old security officer of Vunibuabua settlement in Deuba was charged with the rape and murder of the 14-year-old girl.
Mere Ailevu

Today a 52-YEAR-OLD man was sentenced to 12 years for raping his three-year-old niece in 2010.

There have been a few other rape and assault cases this year.

It seems Fiji has become not only coup coup land, but a land of sex perverts.


Anonymous said...

Thanks at last we have another topic but the tittle doesn't sound fair this time in light of the devastation caused by nature's act. It's a natural phenomenon and beyond mens control. Would be better to promote Fiji on the board as still the country to be today.
Content is kinda stale and had been covered numerously in the last 2 topics.
Anyway for those misusing their FNPF funds, because of you and your actions the rest of the members will suffer if the FNPF board decides to stop issuing out funds. Now they have a reason not to.

Rajend Naidu said...

My reading is that this anomie stems from Fiji's coup culture which has led to an erosion of societal standards and values. More and more people have adopted the attitude that they don't have to abide by or even show respect to established norms of society. Others have done that and got away, even became rich and successful and powerful.
The coups have fostered that attitude . That is the context of the crimes, deviance and perversions noted in this article.
Ours is a paradise lost - caused by the coups.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Why is the blog owner ALWAYS critical?
The FF govt has done so well in the crisis that its a shame on qrase /mara govt who were only after their pockets
Baini may have made some for him but the fact is all Fijians were still cared for
Go FF forst
And Semi-dont bother about NFP!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Ninety percent of the nation meanwhile are suffering from 'cika' or conjunctivitis after the cyclone and floods."

90%? what?!? Nine percent maybe, but ninety? uh...

"It seems Fiji has become not only coup coup land, but a land of sex perverts."

Look at the number of indecent posts on this blog and it gives a good idea of the Fiji "behind the closed doors".
If all the perverts were sent on far flung Pervert Island, we could see some improvement maybe.
Time to report all crimes and punish them all.

Tomasi said...

Fundamentals are so critical for an organisation, society or system to function well, regardless of size and nature. Fundamentals must never be compromised. We do so at our own serious peril.

Values, principles, morals and ethics are a part of these fundamentals for our society. Basic values and standards of right and wrong, truth, justice, righteousness, and so on constitute the very core of our way of life and system of justice, law and order and well being.

But the problem is that values and principles are abstract and are not easily visible to ordinary eyes. Bread and butter, money, clothes, food and pleasure are very strong distractions and mental retardations for most of us. If Bai and Kai can provide the material needs people need, than the serious wrongs of treason, sedition, murder and torture and corruption do not matter any more to many. Not until moral decadence develops to the stage where people can actually see and feel the dysfunctions happening before their very eyes.

The military coups have destroyed our social and moral fabric, to the extent that the very people who have led this decline are being hailed as heroes, leaders, messiahs and cult leaders of the new Fiji. The control of the mass media has also contributed to the numbing and dumbing of our nation and the current elites have controlled the minds of the gullible. Coupled with the fear and intimidation tactics successfully engineered by those in power, many Fijians have been captured in this delusion and fantasy. So much is the degree of decadence that today, for many thousands in Fiji, good is bad and wrong is right and Government must control the people, no matter the cost.

Whatever we sow, we shall also reap. The murders, sexual perversions, corruption and other serious crimes being witnessed today are a logical development outcome of what we have sown as a nation. Apart from the coups since 1987, we have allowed the internet to pollute and destroy the minds of people through uncontrolled pornography, violent and erotic movies, video games, books, etc. We will pay more heavily if we do not do something to stop this decline. When morals decline, societies and civilizations collapse. That is fundamentals for us.

It is time to stop this decline. Where are all the Christians and religious and honest leaders of Fiji. There are moments when the situation justifies civil disobedience to get the Government under control. I say it is time we the general public take action before its too late. Leadership is not about having the authority to act. Leadership is more about taking effective action when the situation demands it.

Anonymous said...

@5:59 PM
"Where are all the Christians?"

It's sad to say, but religion is strenghtening the position of men over women, and that leads to more violence and abuses.
Fiji has a strong culture of violence, and I fear Christianity paradoxally reinforce it. Violence is not something new, it goes back
to the olden days. Missionnaries in Fiji wrote that women's life were horrible and miserable. They were abused when
young, and victims if violence in old age. That is where the whole issue come from, the dark ages.

Don't be a religious person, is probably the right message here as religion only contributes to perpetuate the problem.
Instead of believing all sort of crap, you should make use
of your intelligence. Wise people follow their own direction. Only then change can happen. Fiji has had Christianity for
so long, and look where we are now...


Fiji's violence rate high

WHILE Fiji has an image of itself as a society that values family, children and community, a Fiji Women's Crisis Centre survey shows that of the 3193 women surveyed, 15 per cent have been beaten during pregnancy, and one-third of these were punched or kicked in the abdomen by their husband or partner.

The shocking revelation was made in the centre's 2013 national survey on women's health and life experiences titled Somebody's Life, Everybody's Business.

According to the survey, Fiji's rates of violence against women and girls are among the highest in the world.

"A total of 64 per cent of women who have ever been in an intimate relationship have experienced physical or sexual violence by a husband or intimate partner in their lifetime, and 24 per cent are suffering from physical or sexual partner violence today," the survey said.

It further stated that of the total women surveyed, 61 per cent were physically attacked and 34 per cent were sexually abused in their lifetime.

"Rates of emotional abuse are also high. Fifty-eight per cent of ever-partnered women experienced emotional violence in their lifetime, and 29 per cent in the previous 12 months before the survey.

"Overall, 72 per cent of ever-partnered women experienced physical, sexual or emotional violence from their husband/partner in their lifetime, and many suffered from all three forms of abuse simultaneously."

According to the survey, 69 per cent of women had been subjected to one or more forms of control by their husband or partner, and 28 per cent were subjected to four or more types of control.

The survey also revealed that 39 per cent or two in every five women had to ask permission from their husbands before seeking health care for themselves and for 57 per cent, their husband or partner insisted on knowing where they are at all times.

The survey also stated that the complex web of control, intimidation, humiliation and multiple forms of violence needs to be recognised by all service providers who aim to prevent violence and assist women living with violence.

Anonymous said...

One can't get a more succinct analysis of the key reasons for the problems plaguing our island paradise - which of course is a paradise no more - than that provided by Tomasi above. Brilliant . A+ analysis.

Anonymous said...

@Tomasi 5:59 PM

You ask, "Where are all the Christians?", why?

Are you naive enough to think religion is going to solve the problems you talk about.

It is the very leaders of some of these Christian groups that are the cause of so many of Fiji's problems that worry you.

When some preachers in the Methodist Church spew so much anger, deprive the young of their right to education, destroy family life, act as dictators in the peoples Church and dictate when people rest or can sleep.

These "Christians" are the last to be used as examples or solutions to how things should be.

Open your eyes, Christianity is not all good !

Anonymous said...

Who is this Renee Lal?

Anonymous said...

"Religion is strengthening the position of men over women " blaming game again.
What religion are you talking about here? Christianity, Islam, Judaism ,Buddhism,etc?
I know its Christianity and you sound like Vili.
Inequality exists even before the Bible was written. Always find a way to point a figure and lay blame on Christianity.
Christianity teaches equality where men and women are equal in the face of God. This is a God's perspective not mens. How equal you want men and women be when roles naturally ARE DIFFERENT?. Of course we are not different because we are made from the same raw material. But when it comes to replenish, multiplly and survive, different roles ,boundaries and rules are required and part of the Holy equation. Not equal roles , never . On their own respective rights mens role is literary different from women. So is womens'.
Men cannot be all male species. Thats why we have females. Roles cannot be all manly that's why we have womanly. Men are fathers and women are mothers. The two are created to procreate and dwell the planet . When darkness like you said took over and laid it's claws on planet Christianity came in to put things in proper perspective- back on track. The Bible teaches that a man and a woman violate Gods law the moment they failed their respective roles and responsibilities. Why kept on fighting for such inequality when we are failures. Bible is not mens constitution subjected to change. It's eternal. It's either you live by it or destroyed without it. In other words darkness took over when men and women fall. Look at the animal kingdom. Animals are not Christians or Moslems but they have rules and natural laws that set each species different from one another. Birds of the same feathers flock together is biologically and naturally correct . They have different roles with a leading male. Never will you find a female leading the herd or flock. , Bible teachings remain unchanged till eternity. It's men's perception and how he interprets it that influence society in the past and today. Men is a beast and remain to be even to this day. They hunt and preyed to survive sustained through a proper and well roled mechanism. While mothers protect and nurtured their young fathers provide and secure. The roles are always distinctive and different which is natural. Isn't this one of the main root of inequality? If it is how will you address it when the answers the earthly provide don't work? It will remain this way till eternity until the greatest Ruler changes his mind, which I believe at the end of the world. Men will try to change what God had set and decreed in his holy Book. That's why we will hunger for answers.

Anonymous said...

We have thousands, maybe millions of Renee Lal all over planet but the Renee Lal of C45 is a common bitch and a born thug.

Anonymous said...

7.42pm is Vili Rakoro.
Did you take your complaint to the Methodist preacher during the early morning Easter service? And you didn't provide any feedback, did you?
One side tiko qori, tadola tiko nai kuvukuvu.

Tomasi said...

The Book of Proverbs was written by the wisest man on planet earth. It is an inspired work of God. It applies the principles of God to every aspect of life on earth: relationships, home, work, justice, decisions, attitudes, reactions, politics, economics, and everything we think, say or do. The times have changed but people have not. We have remained basically the same. We still have the same needs. We still have the same fears, doubts, anxieties, problems, temptations and sins to face. We still labour over which way to turn in our daily choices.

The Book of Proverbs solves these challenges. It outlines a sure way to approach daily living. It is God speaking eternal wisdom to humanity on how to live a fruitful, meaningful, peaceful and prosperous life even during times of change, turbulence and turmoil. The Book of Proverbs keeps the devil away. It is God’s way of saying to us, “ Wise up and live! “

We must learn that living a meaningful life means submitting our will to the will of God. Our children learn this from us. It is our greatest legacy and gift to them. It is the method through which we establish an everlasting home here on earth.
We must let God become our God at home, at work, in court, in Parliament, and every aspect and dimension of our lives. A life blessed by God absolutely means a life totally surrendered to God. God created us for His pleasure and purpose. We cannot create our own image of God we are comfortable with in order to live our own lives under false pretences. If we do that, you might as well worship the devil and his demons. Some of us prefer that and are forcing us all down that pathway. That will harvest us its own set of tragic consequences and God’s condemnation.

Righteousness exalts a nation. Sin is a reproach to any people, including Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@Tomasi 7:49 AM

We could of course say exactly the same for the "Law of the Land". Man made, not myth or fairytale.

Remember, Christianity or religion as an entity does NOT have a monopoly on goodness. Many do not need to idol worship to hold and maintain equal values in life.

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro of anon 6.54pm and 7 42pm.
You will need to ponder, not only read, perhaps listen to what Tomasi 7.49am is saying. A brotherly advise and a recipe for hopeful living. Fiji surely need it today. And take a glimpse of what anon 10.42pm is saying and think again of your stand on the church and it's members. I believe you were raised in this system and now trying to trash it due to the actions of those who brought disgrace to the church. There are some within the church hierarchy that are not strong enough in their faith and these are the ones that the devil is using to penetrate his church. Jesus went through it too within his own 12 disciples. Judas is the weakling amongst them and it is he that the devil chose to be his number 1 tool to stop the Saviour and his church from growing. Judas and the devil both failed and got their judgement .
This is the same path that we all go through whether you are a sheep or a wolf in the fold. One day we will all stand to face our Maker.

Rajend Naidu said...

The Essence of Evil
David Livingstone Smith gives us a profoundly philosophical insight into the essence of evil in his essay with the same title ( AEON, 24october 2014) : " You don't have to be a monster or a madman to dehumanise others. You just have to be an ordinary human being".
Rapist , murderers, military thugs are all ordinary human beings who have no qualms about harming others.
Humanity throws up all kinds - the good even noble, the bad even rotten, and the ugly even gross.
We have that human mix in Fiji as elsewhere.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

It is true that religion seems to always to be the product of a male brain. We see easily that Islam or Hinduism, also controlled by men, are not quite great for women either. Religion is the renunciation to one's intelligence, and that can lead to all sort of shit. Christianity was specifically blamed here because it is the religion of those who beat up 2/3 of their women, but the same seems to happen anywhere in the Pacific. The point here is that a patriarchal religion like Christianity just add one layer of challenge over women. That is the central point. Christianity is by no mean a solution, it's time to move on and learn from countries where the issue is not that bad.

You will notice that societies where religion has collapsed (and where women are thus more valued) show the best stats when it comes to violence against women. Atheist Denmark is faring much better than ANY christian/muslim/hindu country on this planet... what say about that?

Men and women are essentially different on one little thing, that is reproductive organs. Like for animals, that division into genders is an interesting outcome of EVOLUTION, not of God, so that it can produce more diversity and faster changes in genes, which is a critical way in life's arm race. Some species can reproduce with or without a female/male division, they are a sort of transition in the process. They choose whatever is best in the current circumstances where they find themselves. What God says about that? While the reproductive aspect of humans show a division in body, one wonders what you really mean by "men and women have to have different roles" because they have a different sex (which is useful only for a short period of life anyway) . How is that supposed to impact on employment? on rights? etc? You point of view if 100% based on your culture. In Amazonia, women were ruling! In Samoa, when a family has too many males, some have to become faafafine, and perform women's task. Again, a strategy to adapt to a reality where there are too many males and not enough females.

What you say is NOTHING more than saying that people with blond hair are different from people with black hair. It is a ridiculous observation. One shall be free to become whoever they want to become.

The solution to Fiji's problems are manyfold: maybe ban porn (there are a lot of DVDs and CDs and porn magazines around) , humiliate the offenders and keep them FOREVER on Shame Island (no more sending back offenders to village, or in the society, never) Develop a culture of respect for girls and women in schools, teach EVOLUTION so that children don't get brainwashed by a single cultural (parriarchal) perspective and can put religion aside slowly, teach philosophy as an alternative to religion somthat people learn to think, make CHILDREN THINK by asking them to resolve problems instead of just learning stuff, expose more people to foreign cultures where the situation of women is better by explaining how other people live so that everybody can see that their opinions/views/etc are RELATIVE and not ABSOLUTE, explain the consequences of violence.

Anonymous said...

There is something great about Fijians, and it was noted by missionnaries. One said that Fijians were the opposite of the Malay spirit (the Malay spirit was described as the "absolute block-head Asian mindset", so to speak, where old and ancient traditions were impossible to change. Fijians have rejected so much of their old culture in a short time, to embrace a more or less dominant European culture of the 19th century. at a time where Europe itself was giving up on Christianity (it was the century of Darwin). So what describes Fijians well is an ability to CHANGE, and very few humans are able to have the humility to recognize that they are wrong. It takes a lot of courage.

Let's hope Fijian men will have the courage to change. Let's not dig too much in shit if we have no hope or solutions to bring forward. Life is already miserable and difficult enough without having to paint a black picture every day.

Anonymous said...

"ALL forms of partner violence and non-partner violence against women are widespread in urban and rural areas, and in all divisions of the country, a Fiji Women's Crisis Centre survey has revealed.

The revelation was made in the Centre's 2013 national survey on women's health and life experiences titled Somebody's Life, Everybody's Business. The survey which surveyed 3193 women from around the country highlighted that the prevalence of partner violence and non-partner violence against women was considerably higher in rural areas, including control over women's mobility.

"The lifetime prevalence of intimate partner violence in the Eastern Division of Fiji is one of the very highest recorded to date in the world," the survey outlined."


The Eastern Division? Interesting. Why? Lau, Lomaiviti and Kadavu. How are they different from the rest of the country? Well they are for sure the most traditional, the societies where women and men roles (given by God, yeah...) are the most different.

No wonder women want to move to cities. A woman is better off on her own than with a man these days. Get a job, a carreer, get independent as quickly as possible... Asking churches in the Eastern Division to address the issue is ludicrous!!! The solution is to leave the island, the church, everything behind and start a new life somewhere else... let's get real.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tomasi said...

@Anon 9.02am. You seem like a thinker but a humanist nevertheless. On monopoly on goodness, I have a few questions for you.

1. Are you implying that we can live without God or any notion of Him?

2. If man must reject any reference to a supreme authority or supernatural deity, then who will define goodness and desirable behaviour and decide how we must live in harmony with one another and our environment? Who will define the rules or codes of conduct?

3. Who and How will our differences be settled and according to what and to whom?

4. Ultimately, those who will survive in your messy and chaotic world will have to decide some rules and codes of conduct.

5. Have you studied the history of human civilisations? Have you ever wondered why there has been endless wars and conflicts and no peace on earth?
Humanism is a smart label for atheism and agnosticism. From where I stand, it is foolishness and a striving after the wind.

6. Have you ever sincerely sought God? If not, please do so. He is more real than all your fantasies, more true than all your foolish theories. All you need to do is humbly and honestly call upon the name of Jesus Christ. I swear upon the authority of God's word He will reveal Himself to you and you will never be the same again.

To all those who dismiss or despise religion, please do not confuse Christianity with religion. Religion is merely man searching for God. Christianity is a living and personal relationship and fellowship with the living God Almighty through His Son Jesus Christ. He is the God of Adam, Abraham and Noah. He is the God of all mankind, no matter what categories we wish to divide us into. He made us for a purpose higher and more wonderful that we can imagine. Please do not talk about God until you have talked with Him and listened to His voice. He is not a subject you study or theorise about. He is a Person, the One who spoke the universe into existence.

History, nature, science, etc. and the whole of creation reveals Him. Open you eyes and ears. He, God, wants to talk to you. Get off your TV sets, mobile phones, internets, and other fancy gadgets and agendas, take time to seek Him, know Him and make peace with Him. You will find yourself. Then and only then will you begin to LIVE.

Anonymous said...

@Tomasi 11:33 AM

""@Anon 9.02am. You seem like a thinker but a humanist nevertheless. On monopoly on goodness, I have a few questions for you.""

The answers are quite simple...................

1. Are you implying that we can live without God or any notion of Him?

Absolutely !

2. If man must reject any reference to a supreme authority or supernatural deity, then who will define goodness and desirable behaviour and decide how we must live in harmony with one another and our environment? Who will define the rules or codes of conduct?

Man himself, as he is perfectly capable of and demonstrates daily in all walks of life. As in deciding the rules in a game of rugby, deciding the speed limits on the roads, deciding the dress code in an office to making laws prohibiting theft !

3. Who and How will our differences be settled and according to what and to whom?

As in the answer to 2. above !

And as for ""Please do not talk about God until you have talked with Him and listened to His voice"" perhaps you should take heed, open your eyes and realise that there are many who can happily live without having to seek guidance from sources such as you do.

But more importantly, those that dismiss religion have a right to and you will find that those that despise religion, only despise those that attempt to force it or their beliefs on others.

The perfect example, the 4:00am Methodist Lali beaters and the 4:30am balling Methodist preachers.

Anonymous said...

@11:33 AM

1. Yes. 85% of the people of Sweden, one of the best countries in the world, are Atheist. They never pray, never think about God, etc.
2. Who do you think invented Christianity? And all other religions? Man. (not woman;). ...) Don't you think men are only some sort of du,b creatures who can't think and can't make rules for themselves? Who are making rules in Sweden? Men and women. Eh.
3. In Sweden, there are courts of law (like in Fiji) where differences are settled. Unless one has serious mental illness (in which case their are psychiatric hospitals) normal average humans are able to set up laws that care for people.
4. Sweden is less chaotic than Fiji for women. So you think that some God from some religion will come and fix our problems? Your are a lunatic.
5. Well, religious wars are right now one of the biggest problem of humanity. Islamists killing Christians, Christians used to torture and kill Jews, Buddhist attacking Hindus, Hindus attacking Muslims and vice versa... Men are the product of evolution, and evolution produces unfortunately all sort of crap. It is up to Man to overcome Man, and to realize who we really are instead of believing in crap is a good way to start. Any right minded person can realize that we shall treat others like we would like to be treated ourselves. There are no rules saying that human's destiny is not to perish because of our own folly, sadly.
6. God? What are you talking about? My advice to you is to catch up with History. Read about the developments in philosophy during the last 2 centuries, and you will understand what I mean.

Time has come to stop believing in Santa Clauss, stop thinking that we can be lazy and pray for things to get sorted out by some invisible force taking pleasure in looking us destroying each other. I believe that intelligent human beings can make the world better. I believe intelligent human beings can understand that abusing women is WRONG.

I rather believe in Her than Him.

Anonymous said...

It's a pity it can't take an equal stand against the way some of its ignorant preachers are deliberately destroying the lives of many by unnecessary noise disturbance in communities and forcing themselves on others.

It seems domination of others is a practice too commonly encouraged by the Methodists leadership.

Church makes stand
Nasik Swami
Wednesday, April 13, 2016

THE Methodist Church of Fiji says domestic violence and abuse of women are against the church's teachings and should not be ignored.

Church secretary for communications, Reverend James Bhagwan said the church believed in the full equality of women and men in the family, community and in church.

"Church sees marriage as an equal partnership between men and women," he said.

Mr Bhagwan said in their ministry and in personal lives, ministry leaders should uphold the protection of women because domestic violence was against Fijian laws.

"Ministry leaders shall not use their power to dominate their spouse, intimidate them or subordinate them," he said.

"Ministry leaders shall be examples of loving spouses and parents to show the love of God.

"Ministry leaders shall seek counsel to gain new understandings from Scripture and theology about the place of women in the Christian faith and how to avoid giving unhelpful advice to women that could lead to harmful domestic situations."

He said the leaders should encourage survivors of domestic violence to report the abuse and hold perpetrators accountable for their actions.

"Ministry leaders shall challenge any words and actions that perpetrate violence against women and children."

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro and others why don't you pack up and migrate to The Scandinavian countries. You'll finally get your peace and sleep. While in there one more obstacle remain. The Govt leniency on freedom of religion. Even though Sweden and Denmark are atheist countries the practise of religion is the right of anyone. So while you evict yourself out of a religious loving country you'll arrive at a country already encouraging the practising of the fastest growing religion on planet-Islam. Welcome to KABOOM!

Anonymous said...

Farmer jailed for raping step-daughter
16:59 Today

Taken from/By:
Report by: Praneeta Prakash

The Lautoka High Court has sentenced a 34-year-old farmer of Lautoka to 11 years and eight months imprisonment for raping his 6-year-old daughter.

The man had pleaded guilty to two counts of rape.

The court heard that the victim’s mother was in a de-facto relationship with the man since she was pregnant with the victim.

The man committed the offence on the 27th November last year.

In his mitigation, the accused’s father tendered a letter that he had approached the victim’s mother and sought forgiveness on behalf of the accused.

The court also heard that the victim had suffered physically and psychologically.

The High Court Judge also said the age gap between them is more than 25 years and in principle the greater the age gap the higher the sentence should be.

Justice Aluthge sentenced him to 11 years and 8 months imprisonment for each count of rape which is to be served concurrently.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:54 PM

How can a country be 'Atheist'?


Anonymous said...

Fiji First has the numbers in Parliament to immediately stop the rot.
By law:
1. Ban pornography;
2. Castrate rapists who rape adults and jail minimum 30 yrs no parole;
3. Hang murderers;
4. Hang rapists who rape anyone under 18 yrs of age;
5. Close nightclubs at midnight;
6. Ban alcohol advertising;
7. Close liquor shops outside cities;
8. Jail those who drink in pubic places 2 years minimum.

Question is why are they sitting on their butts?

Anonymous said...

9. Ban Facebook

Anonymous said...

@3:54 PM
"religious loving country"
@5:10 PM
"how can a countey be Atheist?"

1. there are no such thing as a "religious loving country" even if Fiji is the third most religious country in the world apparently (how does that relate to high domestic violence is interesting)
2. there are no such thing as an Atheist country or a christian country, etc. only a person has a religion. a country with 85% atheists is not an atheist country, it is a country with 85% of its population who don't believe that talking to the wall is smart. A country with 99% religious people is not a "religious loving country" , it is a country where 99% of the people think there is some sort of magic super natural power listening their mind and watching everything they do all the time everywhere.

If religion was the solution to our problems, we wonder what's wrong in Fiji. I believe every citizen of Fiji, if you take them one by one, can understand the absurdity of lazy thinking. We won't solve our problems by praying, NO! We will solve our problem by WORKING TOGETHER to take rational and pragmatic solutions to our problems.

If one wants to believe in any religion, I don't care. What I care about is to solve the problems of Fiji, and that will require a clever discussion, not some sort of superstitions that have failed us for too long.

KUA NI RERE said...

In 2006 after the Coup I predicted all this would happen.
I even said that even if the Fiji Army were to place 4 soldiers at every street corner in Fiji that CRIME WOULD STILL ESCALATE.

I also said that Domestic Violence would exponentially increase and I GAVE THE REASON WHY.

If you are interested then look up my past posts...I've written in there why ALL THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN.

The second thing is if we don't change tack then Fiji will become a WASTELAND.....

In 5 to 10 years time all these children who were abused will have grown up AND I TELL YOU THE FUN WILL REALLY START THEN.


3) Thirdly I don't know why the people are blaming God (of the Bible) for Domestic Violence.
The Bible specifically says "Husbands LOVE your wives".
It doesn't say there that we are to beat the crap out of her.
So all you anti-Christians should use your brain a little bit more. Apply a little LOGIC in your reasoning and you just might stumble onto the Truth.

Anonymous said...

@Kua Ni Rere 8:15 PM

The reality is that anyone with half a brain could predict that all crimes would increase and could have picked any year out of a hat.

Have you considered that the shit you are seeing now (or fun as you refer to) is being done by adults that were abused as children years ago? Too easy to ignore and overlook this because years ago it was hidden and not out in the open like now.

Traditional apologies, the Church covering up?

KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 8:50PM
After the Coup in 2006 the Indians (most of whom supported the Coup. It was known as the "Indian Coup") and some of them were very happy and said that now that the Army is in control that there would be less crime. That was when I wrote that even if The Fiji Army had Checkpoints and 4 soldiers at every street corner that CRIME WOULD STILL ESCALATE because of the very nature of the Coup.

A lot of Indians couldnt see this and thats why they jumped on board bainimarama's Coup.

You said that anyone with half a brain can see that Crime would have Increased....even with the Army in charge....
ARE YOU SAYING THAT INDIANS HAVENT GOT HALF A BRAIN, because they obviously could not see it coming.?

Tomasi said...

@Anon 12.31 pm.I can see that you have been selective in answering my questions. Of course it’s obvious you are more interested in defending your position rather than arriving at the truth. By doing so, you unfairly accuse me of trying to impose my faith on you. I am not a Muslim and I do not condone their practice of converting people to their faith by force. I care about you and am trying to help you realise your folly. I can see you are heading into hell if you do not humble yourself and seriously consider what I am telling you. You have the freedom to decide now, but make no mistake, God will still be God and you will have to account for every decision you make.

I am genuinely concerned about you and your eternity with God, apart from the present life. You see, many atheists/agnostics/humanists/hedonists like you do not really care about God because they simply choose to live according to their own desires. They mistakenly think that by rejecting God, things will be ok and they will be free to live their own lives. They make themselves god and have to depend on the capricious god of chance. But the tragedy is that ignoring God does not excuse one from His presence and sovereignty over all realms, principalities and powers. That includes you and your life and destiny. Someday, all of us will have to account for our lives here. That judgement will determine your eternal destination.

I would rather spend eternity with God and millions of others in exchange of a very brief life here on earth, rather than a very uncertain and selfish life here and then an eternity with the devil in hell. Will you want to share that future with your children and loved ones? That is the sad tragedy about humanism. They don’t really know where they are going, so they go anywhere and do anything here on earth, hoping that things will be ok. With life with Jesus Christ, you can know who you are, why you are here, and where you are going. It is a wonderful life of purpose, security, hope and confidence in the living eternal God. It only begins here but it never ends. Isn’t that more smart and wonderful than the capricious god of chance of humanists ?

I am simply inviting you to sincerely and humbly consider the truth for yourself. Then make up your own mind about what to do. I hope I have given you sufficient information to help you realise the futility and foolishness associated with atheism. May God look kindly upon you and help you make the right decision before it is too late. Wise up and live, please!

Anonymous said...

Ladies and gentlement how are you all doing today?
Where is this super thug Suva Lawyer RENEE LAL "HIDING"????
Why isn't she being punished for her crimes??

I suggest that the people of Fiji should all get together and send Renee Lal to exile,to Eygpt or Sudan.


Who are the above????

Anonymous said...

@ 4.48 AM RENEE LAL is hiding underneath my table doing some work for me, as soon as she is done, she will come over... is that ok??

Anonymous said...

@12:39 AM

Your are very entertaining.
Think more about what "eternity" means... what would you do for eternity that would keep you happy?

I have a philosophical question for you. Let's consider the following view:

(1) Humans are born with random genes. Some are associated to high aggressivity. One might become more easily
a killer with such genes.
(2) Humans are born in random situation (rich families, poor families, harsh environment, good environments). The kind
of situations someone will face in life will determine (according to religious peop,e) whether they go to "hell" or "heaven", but
those randoms situations are unpredictable and one person who would have a boring ordinary but ok life in one situation might
turn to a monster in another situation.
(3) Homo sapiens sapiens have been around for 100 000 - 200 000 years, with only 2000 years of the "right" religion for some, only a century or so for others.

Now come my difficult question: are you saying that all the ancestors of Fijians before Christianity are in Hell just because they had the misfortune to be born in Fiji at a time where people ended up being the way the were?

Here comes my deeper philosophical question: can an individual life in random circumstances be the full measure of what a person really is? If you were born 2 centuries earlier, wouldn't you have had the bad fortune to end up in Hell for...eternity?

This is why I don't believe an individual judgment is possible on any human being. Only a global judgment on all forms of life, including all transitions in the evolution of our ancestors, could be possible. But does that make sense? How do we judge of the value of morality?

I see from your writing that you have been subjected to a deeeeeep brainwashing from your cultural background. I am going to Hell, you are the good guy? what?!?!? Humanists are terrible people????

You have never learned to think for yourself, and you just parrot what you have been told.
Time for you to raise as a man. Think more about what you say.

KUA NI RERE said...

In the last few days I have been reading from the Book of Exodus. Yesterday and also the day before I have been stuck on Exodus 3:7-8.
I read two very important things as I meditated on these verses. In vs 7 God says "...FOR I AM AWARE OF THEIR SUFFERING..."

This is comforting to me that whatever SUFFERING you are going through in your life...God is aware of it...
This also means that if you are in Fiji THEN GOD IS AWARE OF YOUR SUFFERING.
If you have been sexually molested;
If you have been raped;
if you lost your job or was sacked unfairly;
if you are a victim of Crime;

The second thing I learned from these verses,it says that GOD HAS HEARD AND THEIR CRY...SO..



My friends I am so excited.
THERE IS HOPE FOR FIJI. This verses show to me that there is hope for Fiji . We can have deliverance from these rising Crime rate; rising suicide rate; rising rape rate; rising child sexual molestation and murder.

JUST AS THOSE POOR UNARMED SLAVES WERE DELIVERED FROM " THE POWER OF THE EGYPTIANS", we, the unarmed civilians of Fiji, too can be delivered from the power of Bainimarama and his corrupt Fiji Army.
They have THE POWER OF THE GUN, but God is able to deliver us. Hallelujah!

That Fiji would be led forth in RIGHTEOUSNESS ( as Tomasi says).

Brothers pray with me that God punish these evil bastards. That God would punish Bainimarama and his FFP and his Fiji Army.


In Jesus powerful name . Amen!

Anonymous said...

Your own words 5.10pm..when you mentioned 85% of its people are atheists, you are implying that the country is predominantly atheist. Whats wrong with that idiot?

Tomasi said...

Thank you KNR. @ 7.51 am, I want you to know that while philosophy may be useful in some situations, quite often, philosophy leads people into strange places and domains of thought with even more perplexing questions to trouble one’s mind and soul. I think it is better for me to respond to you in a more practical and common - sense manner.

In my previous comments, I had told you that God is more than a concept. In fact, the human mind is so weak and tiny to even try and reach God solely through the finite and corrupt human mind. That is why He took upon Himself human flesh and bones to express Himself more clearly and in a more tangible and unmistakable way. Philosophers can now focus on thinking about what they are thinking about His person, character, life, words and actions during His earthly visit. God is now more real than all our human fantasies, more true than all the fairytales and myths and lies and distortions and philosophical garbage being promoted today.

Most of all, God is accessible to anyone who genuinely cares to hear and know and understand and experience Him. Religion in terms of man searching for the unknown God has been made redundant by Jesus birth, life, death and resurrection. The majority of people who call themselves atheists, agnostics etc. are either too lazy to seek, too ignorant to understand or too proud to accept the truth.

Have I been brainwashed? Yes and know. No, I am totally free of the mind control manipulations of the devil and his minions through mass media tools and strategies. Yes, I am a new person in Christ, washed and redeemed by the blood of the Lamb of God, living a God centred life of love for God and my fellow men. I know my God controls the future and I am meeting Him someday soon, no matter what happens.

I also know that the Bible is God’s revelation for all men and is the most authoritative reference on the vital matters and issues to mankind.
His word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our paths, no matter where, who and how we are. May I suggest you stop philosophising about God and ask Him to reveal Himself to you. You will be surprised that He has always been there waiting for you.

Philosophy is thinking about what you are thinking about. Religion is man searching for God. Christianity begins with you at the feet of Christ Jesus and meeting God face to face. The rest is an exciting journey of purpose and eternal destiny with Him leading, guiding, protecting, loving and caring for you, as He teaches and use you to be a blessing to your family and all those around you. No more thinking about what you are thinking about, but a living, dynamic and exciting relationship with the living God.

Vinaka. I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

Boulders, rocks wash up on reef

Roland Koroi
Thursday, April 14, 2016

A coral rock that was washed up on the reef at Nayavutoka Village in Ra. Picture: ROLAND KOROI+ Enlarge this image

A coral rock that was washed up on the reef at Nayavutoka Village in Ra. Picture: ROLAND KOROI

This is the first time for Fiji to witness boulders and rocks being brought up by storm waters during the height of the Category 5 Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston.

Responding to questions regarding large boulders and rocks strewn all over the reef at Nayavutoka in Ra, acting director Mineral Resources Department Raijieli Taga said while it had never happened before, there was no telling it could not happen again.

"With the effects of climate change we should be expecting situations that are out of the usual such as a Category 5 tropical cyclone," said Mrs Taga. She said they weren't aware of the situation at Nayavutoka, however, similar observations were made on Ovalau and Koro.

"We have to understand that this was a storm with high category of 5 and it had sufficient energy and power to bring in rocks and boulders."

Mrs Taga said this was an opportune time for relevant agencies to plan for resolutions or counter measures in case another Category 5 cyclone or something even stronger happened again.

Anonymous said...

Remedy for this evil curse of rape and murder. Castrate rapists and hang murderers. Simple.

Shammima Ali and her lesbian and gay friends will cry foul and talk crap about the perpetrators human rights if this castration/noose concept is even talked about.

What about the dead victims or the rape victims rights?

The perpetrators, evil doers and perverts so-called rights stopped the minute they committed those dreadful crimes!

C'mon Frank and Aiyaz I bet you to have the balls in bringing about this penalty. Castrate the rapists and hang the murderers!

This way the prison population will decrease somewhat which would equate to less meals, prison clothes, toiletries etc and subsequently savings of thousands of dollars in taxpayers sweat in taxes. Money saved could be better utilized in health and education.

Anonymous said...

Stop all he lengthy mouthing and writing and do something!!!

Rajend Naidu said...

Scandalous government vandalism
In a letter to the Sydney Morning Herald 16/04 Cleveland Rose poses this question : " Elizabeth Farrelly's article ' Parks and trees make way for profit' April 14, in highlighting the loss, degradation to Sydney's public space amenity poses the obvious question : Who is really looking after our urban public space?".
The same question can of course be posed in the Fiji context with what Farrelly has called the devouring of parklands for private profit. She has called the land grab and degradation " scandalous government vandalism".
It's hard not to agree with her. She points out " everywhere you look, beauty is being turned to ugliness, the gently daggy to the wildly unsustainable, public delight to private profit. Why are we OK with this?".
Why indeed ?
When one considers the conversion of our mangrove forests, and public parklands to private capitalist enterprise one can fully understand why Farrelly says it is " scandalous government vandalism".
Elizabeth Farrelly is SMH columnist, author, architect critic and essayist. She is amply qualified to offer the commentary and criticism she offers in the article mentioned and others .
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Suva Lawyer "RENEE LAL" is very worried as her days as a "con artist" are now soon coming to an end.

Hes si oson inog ot ailj ithw erh lugy usbahdn...

Anonymous said...

WTF my FNPF money is my money, if I want to withdraw, that's my right..fark off..

mark manning said...

I suspect there is worse to come for Fiji, especially given that many it seems, are not heeding the warning sings!
In any Country where there is inhumanity and lawlessness, where the people have abandoned the principle of respect for others and God, catastrophe follows.
It's Biblical and the outcome, indisputable.
It happened in Germany, in 2 wars, it happened to Remises the 2nd. and it will happen to Frank Bainimarama.
There are many in Fiji who need to start preying on their knees and turn away from greed, money and deception for the sake of a good time.
People need to stop listening to idol worshipers and get back to grassroots Christian Principles if more sorrow is to be averted.
I truly feel sorry for those who have departed, knowing their Country is in the hands of the Evil Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and that they left knowing it was falling to pieces day by day. Perhaps god is waiting for one man to take a stand! With God on my side, no-one can defeat me!!

Anonymous said...

Tsunami warning for Fiji

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Update: 2:11PM A TSUNAMI warning has been issued for the whole of Fiji, especially coastal areas, following a major earthquake in Ecuador.

The 7.7 magnitude earthquake which was at a depth of 10 kilometres struck at 11:59am.

In collaboration with the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii, the Mineral Resources Department's Seismology Unit has issued the tsunami threat.

"A potential tsunami is forecasted with waves below 0.3 metres. The whole of Fiji, especially low-lying dwellers will expect the first wave to arrive in 14.5 hours (Lau Group)," the department said.

"We advise all residents on low-lying coastal areas to take necessary precautions and remain watchful.

"Please do take note of any changes to wave patterns and keep listening to the radio/media for further updates."

The department said it would continue to closely monitor the situation and provide further updates.

Anonymous said...

No problem. It's your money. It's your right. Go and try to withdraw some today and see the outcome. If you get it thumbs up. If not then your fucked.

Anonymous said...

@4:24pm Since you said that let me refer you to the link below that you need to copy and paste in your browser.


mark manning said...

Well, Frank did say he wanted to be closer to South America!
So now Fiji is sharing in their earthquake!

Anonymous said...

@9:03 Am
"WTF my FNPF money is my money, if I want to withdraw, that's my right..fark off"

Why was FNPF set up in the first place already?
Well because most people wouldn't have the maturity to manage their money (ok here you don't
need to tell be all the crap about FNPF management, I know that, I am talking "in principle").
When those people would get say 55 and find themselves without any income, they would
kerekere the government for welfare assistance. That's quite simple to undertand.

So the government being aware that people tend to live by the day, with hardly any financial
knowledge, let alone discipline, they set up the FNPF to do so.

There might be cyclones when you turn 55... and so "your money" is indeed "your money",
but it's "your money" for later use.

Anonymous said...

@3.21pm You tell that to the poor,not us ones who have various of other assets of where we make income from,such as land,property,an investment fund and dividends on shares we own.Money is fuck all for people like us, it's wealth that counts!.If the poor don't know what to do with their money, then they should go do their research and hire a financial adviser.Let them claim their welfare assistance since they worked and paid their taxes and also contributed to reduction of the country's deficit,therefore let them take back the money they put in.If they paid no taxes that's their fault and receive not a cent.Fuck the government,they just put in place policies for people like us to make sure we don't move our income abroad and continue investing to make more money and upgrade public and private sector infrastructure plus creation of jobs and we reap the rewards through its profits.The biggest kerekere in town is the government,they receive millions in aid and loans from overseas and make you work till you 55+ to pay off the debts it has raked up through loans.

Anonymous said...

"The biggest kerekere in town is the government,they receive millions in aid and loans from overseas and make you work till you 55+ to pay off the debts it has raked up through loans"

Thought provoking 5:11 If that's the case then what about is government also using people's pensions to fund the budget or any other types of dealings?

Rajend Naidu said...

Persecuting Journalists to Hide the Truth.
We read in The Peninsula, Qatar's Daily Newspaper article ' 43 Palestinian journalists in Israeli jails since October' ( April 16 ), that the Committee to Support Palestinian Journalists said Israel has detained 43 journalists in the occupied Palestinian territory since October 2015, including two foreign reporters.
The New York based committee said in a report that during detention and imprisonment journalists have reported torture, medical negligence, and unreasonable and illegal rulings by Israeli authorities.
The journalists' rights committee released Saturday's report marking Palestinian Prisoners' Day held on April 17 every year in solidarity with the approximately 7,000 Palestinian political prisoners being held in Israeli prisons.
And Israeli State representatives lose no opportunity to proclaim that Israeli is the best democracy in that part of the world.
Not very convincing,is it?
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Let's talk about problems closer to home !

The BELLOWING IGNORAMUS PREACHER WOMAN disturbing the peace in Lami.

When are these SCUM going to consider others, plastic Christians all of them.

Anonymous said...

Bai and Khai must go. Not to Dubai or Malaysia to enjoy their wealth. They must go to Naboro. They have brought nothing but misery to Fiji. They have robbed Fiji of its wealth.

Anonymous said...

Tukai Lagonilakeba sosovi lago na boidada should be deported to Indian for suggesting that QVS name be changed to Satendra Nadan College.....
Murimuri ni Kai Viti tamata sona levu

KUA NI RERE said...

Tukuni va qo ni o ira na Tui ni matanitu o Assyria, so na tui voravora. They were "ruthless and cruel". Sa qai talai Jona na Kalou me lai solia na "warning" i Ninive.

Nineveh is now Mosul in Iraq...where ISIS now lives.

Tukuni ni rogoca na tui na kaci nei Jona e ra veivutuni ka mani sega ni yaco na RUSA ka sa namaki ira tu.

Fiji is now in the exact same position. There is too much wickedness in this country AND GOD IS FED UP.
THE TIME OF JUDGEMENT HAS COME....unless we make ammends ourselves.
The first ammendment is BAI AND KAI MUST BE THROWN IN JAIL.... and the Americans (QORVIS) get kicked out of the farking country.


I think Fijians must take seriously the warnings of Cyclone Winston and Floods and Earthquakes ....One expert said yesterday that no major earthquake will hit fiji.
I guess thats what they said to Noah when he was building the ark on top of a mountain.

Throw Bai and Kai in jail and kick QORVIS out and that will calm the storm.

Anonymous said...

@arrogant 5:11PM
"Let them claim their welfare assistance since they worked and paid their taxes "

the taxes they paid served for the services the needed at that time in the PAST, like hospitals, schools, roads, etc.
so not available for future welfare assistance.

If there is no money put aside for future, there is no welfare assistance in the future.
FNPF is there for that. Poor people don't have the skills or let alone trust in financial advisors.
The government, if competent, is there to manage part of the assets. Same thing in all other countries.

So you are obviously a selfish guy who don't give a damn about others and trying to get money out of Fiji...
You are just as bad as the government...

Anonymous said...

@8:27 PM
I feel sorry for you...

There is nothing worst than a noisy church... maybe barking dogs but that's about it.
Talk about it with the local town council and try to see what are your options.

Did the church started after you moved to Lami or was it there before?
A town with a "shalom" sign board is for sure a religious town... the garden town right? garden of Adam :p

Anonymous said...

There NEVER was a Noah, an ark and a flooding of the whole planet, it's a story, a metaphor!
You have been brainwashed, maybe to leave near one of those noisy churches like in Lami...
Get real, this is planet Earth. There always was cyclones, earthquakes and always will be. Always!
No matter what you do, what you think, how much you "sin", how often you go to church, etc...
Think about your logic: if that was true, your god would punish without discerning a good old woman
and a rapist? What kind of god is that? that is despotic theology!!! Crazy.

Fiji has the good fortune to be located right in the middle of a tiny plate called the Fiji Plate.
Major earthquakes happens on fault lines, where Vanuatu, Tonga, New Zealand, Solomons, PNG, sits.
Fiji is somehow blessed by her geographic location, but every now and then a cyclone can come.

Better to build small of sturdy houses for cyclones, that's #1 concern. If possible, higher than 15m above sea level...but careful with landslides...

No matter what we do, one day we die.

Anonymous said...

And, no matter how much power or paisa we possess ( including that amassed by crook means), one day we die. Remember dictators have no special standing with God ( if there be such a thing). They too die - and some prematurely and horribly ( Mussolini , Muammar Gaddafi )

Anonymous said...

3 56 pm
Can you prove that the universal flood and the Ark is a metaphor, a story, and not true! Prove it with scientific facts. There were archeological excavations carried out by renowned scientists to prove that a universal flood is not only a myth but the reason why some seas and rivers exist today on areas used to be on dryland.
Await your response.

Anonymous said...

Bark as loud as you can and growl as hard as you possibly can till you fart,pee and crap or bleed to death no one will give a shit of what you're complaining about.
People like you is why Fiji is today. You no longer believe in God. You're fighting against those who exercise their freedom of worship. The only sound bothering you comes from one place ;The church ,not from a bar, a nightclub or public centers. As one had put it here, if you don't like what you hear from the church, pack your stuff and eff to Sweden. You have every right to eff off out of Fiji. Sweden is the right place for you. 85% atheist in that land had made it an atheist country second only to the KGB prior to the end of the cold war. So the problem closer to home is YOU yourself. T

Anonymous said...

@3.41pm So everybody who has worked hard has paid for past public services through their taxes but what about their contribution they paid towards reducing the country's deficit?not all governments are competent and trustworthy.

There's nothing arrogant or selfish about protecting ones assets,everybody chooses what they decide to do with their money.Now, that can't be selfish?.Whether to put it in FNPF,save for a rainy day,donate to the church,invest in a business start up,go on vacation trips or watch the 7s,move it abroad or spend it on what they want,after all they have earned it for themselves through their productive work.

Anonymous said...

Who is this atheist guy,what's your problem with the church we have freedom to practice our religion is that what you want to stop?

Anonymous said...

And, when we are talking about the place of religion and religious freedom and mutual respect and tolerance in Fiji we must not forget the firebombing and looting of non Christian places of worship and the religious persecution of non Christians after the racist military of 1987 and the fascist " civilian" coup of 2000. Some of the Christian leaders of the time who fomented that dark episode in our recent history are today sitting pretty in Bainimarama's " multiracial" government!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:59 PM

Interesting comment.

So someone who raises the subject of loud blasting noise from a preacher who does this with no consideration and respect for others outside of the church in which they are performing in must be an atheist in your opinion?

And then, people who complain about this noise are the reason why Fiji is like it is today (whatever that means), with another assumption that these people do not believe in God?

As for bars, nightclubs and public places generally people would not have a need to complain about noise from these because they do not affect people within their homes.

You are right in that all people have a right to exercise their freedom of worship but this should be done in accordance with laws, the constitution and common sense consideration and respect for others.

A true Christian would understand that, only a bigoted, selfish, ignorant, dictatorial ego filled attention seeking religious showman would not.

Anonymous said...

Yes , because you're always against the church. I have a reason to believe that noise from churches during worship services is a nuisance and a pain only to a (1) atheist/agnostic(2) satanist .
From your responce and how I see it yes you're absolutely corret. Youre not an atheist but a satanist. Look at yourself properly and do something to save your soul. How many innocents did you kill or destroy in your many rituals? If you don't like to hear prayer worship and praises from churches pack your stuff and eff off to another country because that church you loathe in your community will stay. Anyway where will you move to in Fiji where churches are seen in every corner. The option open for you is to leave Fiji. And when you leave don't leave your mentor and friend, the devil. You're grown to be like him.
Bye bye Vili.. moce mada luveniqala.
Drau veifutu finaka kei na nomu teforo.

Anonymous said...

6 5pm
..." sitting pretty in Bainimaramas multiracial government "
Why are you pointing fingers? The question is when are you going to join them. You were there in 1987 and a witness to the event plus the events that followed. Did you do something to stop these events or on the side line cheering.
Looting and firebombing of non Christian house of worship is not new. Religion fanatics are everywhere on planet and you are becoming one of them. Synagogues, Temples, Mosques, Churches had been bombed, attacked, defecated, etc and Govt are doing a better job in bringing the perpetrators to justice.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@5:33 PM
Sea level was 150 m below actual during last glaciation. During dinos time, average temperature was much warmer, and sea level higher. A huge mountain chain like Himalaya can take about 10M years to wipe off if the force between tectonic plates ceases. Everything is ever changing.

Uplift of marine landscape is so widespread around the world, maybe you should start reading a bit? We can imagine that in the olden days, when people were ignorant of plate tectonic, geologic processes, etc, that they would create myths to explain what they couldn't explain at the time. I look forward for your "evidences" of Noah Ark... after all it is YOUR responsability to prove your ridiculous claims, isn't?

Fiji is a free country. Born here and refuse to believe crap will never mean you have to go to Sweden. It is up to the people to raise against such radical people. Rambo was such a man at once, but he matured a bit. Hopefully, you will too.

By the way, not everybody lives in the same century. There are a lot of people living in the middle ages in our country. So let's be mindful not to irritate our neighbours who still live in the past.

As for nightclubs in Lami, I don't know but the law as far as I know would concern NOISE, whatever the source and the last thing I would want around is a noisy nightclub with drunk idiots. Church is only noisy (some) and mosque a bit noisy too. There is also the smoke issue, people burning crap in our towns with no respect for neighbours. At the end of the day, it's all about respecting neighbours and being considerate. Some people can't understand that.

Anonymous said...

@2:06 AM
writing from overseas right and telling people to get the f**k off Fiji? ha...ha
yeah right, all people who are educated and not dumb and senile like you are "satanists"?
you are such an idiot, the absolute bigot.

one day historians will have fun reading this column to understand the evolution of human mind over centuries...

Anonymous said...

@2:06 AM

"I have a reason to believe that noise from churches during worship services is a nuisance and a pain only to a (1) atheist/agnostic(2) satanist . "

You forgot (3) a nurse working night shifts who need to sleep, (4) a sick old person already in pain and (5) a lot of the clever people who made it possible for you to write that comment on a thing called computer and who probably have a more mature view of the world.

you are a man of the dark ages.

Anonymous said...

@2:06 AM

"I have a reason to believe that noise from churches during worship services is a nuisance and a pain only to a (1) atheist/agnostic(2) satanist . "

You forgot (3) a nurse working night shifts who need to sleep, (4) a sick old person already in pain and (5) a lot of the clever people who made it possible for you to write that comment on a thing called computer and who probably have a more mature view of the world and of course (6) people with a different faith.

you are a man of the dark ages.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 2:06 PM

You really do need to start thinking before you write such rubbish. Perhaps you continue to write such rot simply because of a lack of education, awareness, selfishness or maybe you are one of these noisy preachers trying hard to justify your actions that so many now despise.

Anonymous at 11:00 AM has given you some good examples of those that also do not appreciate the noise from these church activities and there are many many more. If you can not understand this let me know and I will continue with the list.

Bigots like you seem to have the idea that some can act in any way they want as long as their actions supposedly had something to do with religion. No doubt you consider the rapist preacher and fanatical suicide bomber are acceptable in modern society as long as they also use 'religion/faith' as a basis for their actions.

It is time for you to come out of the dark ages, or to stop trying to put others back there with you, act like a true Christian, respect others simply by turning the volume down to what is only necessary for those WITHIN the Church not a 500 metre radius !

Rajend Naidu said...

Stealing A National Norm
That's what Simon Hazelman of Savusavu says in his letter to the Fiji Times 20/04. He writes " I'm sure many will agree that stealing has become a national problem of epidemic proportion".
I agree. But when did Simon realise this " has become a national problem "?
Not when Frank Bainimarama stole the Government of Fiji in an armed robbery with his military men ? Not when Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum stole the Fiji First Party name from the original owners ?
Instead, Simon has been a loud cheerleader of the Bainimarama - Khaiyum regime.
Now he says " It is quite disturbing that this evil conduct continues unchecked and uncontrolled and has become a norm!"
Was the armed robbery of the Government of Fiji an " evil conduct "? Was the imposition of a dictatorship on the people of Fiji for eight long years an evil conduct?
Yes, Simon you are right : " It is destructive as it corrupts the nation and sends very bad signals of the kind of people we are".
We are indeed a better people than what our bad politics has portrayed us to be. But you Simon are very selective about what you find wrong in our country.
If you want to be taken seriously try a little consistency!
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...


Teenaged girl suspected to be abducted

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Update: 3:03PM A SEARCH is underway for a girl who was picked up from her school yesterday by a man claiming to be her brother.

Police spokesman Inspector Josaia Weicavu said a man allegedly picked Alpana Archana Kumar, 14, from school during lunch break.

Alpana, who is originally from Nadi but currently lives at Namadi Heights in Suva, is a Year 9 student of Ballantine Memorial School.

Insp Weicavu said the man was travelling in a mini-bus with Suva Nadi Suva printed on the side and SOTE written on the windscreen.

He said Alpana was wearing her green school uniform with a black socks and sandals, and was carrying her pink and black school bag.

Police have appealed to people with information to contact the nearest police station or Crime Stoppers on 919.

Anonymous said...


This is comical, next it will be a pack of mongrel pups scraping and drunken youths brawling away on sun down and sun rise on the agenda. Here is a better alternative that other bloggers haven’t mentioned, simply move to an area where such disturbance is non existence. By doing so can help reduce your anxiety and stress levels, it will also be beneficial for you and your family (if you are in a family unit).After all we shall assume you have tried reporting it to the police but the result was a disaster and the situation not dealt with. You may want to consider first finding another property in a suitable location where all your concerns are met, such as noise reduction, peacefulness and quality policing. Venting your frustration on here will not do any good, have you written to the local town council or your constituent? If you have and still get the same response then write to the Prime Minister.

Anonymous said...

@2:06 PM

You should read what Nobel Prize winner Bertand Russel had to say on Christianity: http://www.users.drew.edu/~jlenz/whynot.html
and start thinking like a MAN, like a philosopher.

Here is a good extract that will suit you:

" That is the idea -- that we should all be wicked if we did not hold to the Christian religion. It seems to me that the people who have held to it have been for the most part extremely wicked. You find this curious fact, that the more intense has been the religion of any period and the more profound has been the dogmatic belief, the greater has been the cruelty and the worse has been the state of affairs. In the so-called ages of faith, when men really did believe the Christian religion in all its completeness, there was the Inquisition, with all its tortures; there were millions of unfortunate women burned as witches; and there was every kind of cruelty practiced upon all sorts of people in the name of religion."

At least Bainimarama is not as retarded as you. In respect to irrational crazy religious behavior, Fiji made some progress...

Anonymous said...

"Fear, the Foundation of Religion

Religion is based, I think, primarily and mainly upon fear. It is partly the terror of the unknown and partly, as I have said, the wish to feel that you have a kind of elder brother who will stand by you in all your troubles and disputes. Fear is the basis of the whole thing -- fear of the mysterious, fear of defeat, fear of death. Fear is the parent of cruelty, and therefore it is no wonder if cruelty and religion have gone hand in hand. It is because fear is at the basis of those two things. In this world we can now begin a little to understand things, and a little to master them by help of science, which has forced its way step by step against the Christian religion, against the churches, and against the opposition of all the old precepts. Science can help us to get over this craven fear in which mankind has lived for so many generations. Science can teach us, and I think our own hearts can teach us, no longer to look around for imaginary supports, no longer to invent allies in the sky, but rather to look to our own efforts here below to make this world a better place to live in, instead of the sort of place that the churches in all these centuries have made it.

What We Must Do

We want to stand upon our own feet and look fair and square at the world -- its good facts, its bad facts, its beauties, and its ugliness; see the world as it is and be not afraid of it. Conquer the world by intelligence and not merely by being slavishly subdued by the terror that comes from it. The whole conception of God is a conception derived from the ancient Oriental despotisms. It is a conception quite unworthy of free men. When you hear people in church debasing themselves and saying that they are miserable sinners, and all the rest of it, it seems contemptible and not worthy of self-respecting human beings. We ought to stand up and look the world frankly in the face. We ought to make the best we can of the world, and if it is not so good as we wish, after all it will still be better than what these others have made of it in all these ages. A good world needs knowledge, kindliness, and courage; it does not need a regretful hankering after the past or a fettering of the free intelligence by the words uttered long ago by ignorant men. It needs a fearless outlook and a free intelligence. It needs hope for the future, not looking back all the time toward a past that is dead, which we trust will be far surpassed by the future that our intelligence can create."

- Bertrand Russel

When are we gonna have great philosophers, writers, mathematicians, etc. like him in Fiji? We first need to open our eyes and stand together, let's help those lost in the midst of crazy beliefs to learn about the world. It will take some time, but Fiji can improve.

Anonymous said...

Well there you go folks! there's your lesson for the day "RELIGION IS BASED ON FEAR" and Bainimarama is not a retard but the people of Fiji are Hahahahahahahahahaahhahaha.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 7:15
I am sorry I have to disagree with you.
I did not become a Christian out of fear.
I became a Christian because Life itself was meaningless to me. You get up in the morning , have breakfast , drive to work . Work all day then come home , have dinner, watch TV then sleep.
Then repeat the whole process again the next day. FOR WHAT?

I searched for meaning. Most people drown these questions with Alcohol or Drugs or Work etc etc etc.
I only found my purpose in Jesus.
Now I live happily and try and help people who are also searching for answers.

Anonymous said...

The IDIOT Robin Nair son of Raman Nair is back .I thought this arse licker wanted to spend time with his grandchildren.What went wrong ?What wrong have we done to deserve him ? OMG--he and his goaty beard --back in our midst.---must be the wrath of God !!!

LydiaLoftis said...

It reflects a sad picture of Fiji's people affected by Cyclone. It is hard to survive from the environmental disasters. It takes time to come back to the normal life after these kinds of natural disasters. Buy dissertation onlineservice is here to save people in Fiji.

RENEE LAL said...

Hello everybody.... Im sure by now you all know who I am..... Im Fiji's Con Artist Lawyer "Renee LAL".
A pen is mightier than a sword is my motto.
Im a crook and a Thug.


Tomasi said...

@Anon 7.90 pm. Do you really know your mentor Bertrand Russell? Please fast forward from his atheism and seemingly intelligent statements. Tell us what happened to him later on in life. Tell us how his godless life ended. That would be the best illustration of how wonderful his life’s philosophy was. We are waiting. I hope you know. If you do not know, then perhaps I can tell you so that you do not end up in the same situation. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

So he died of influenza.

Perhaps if he had believed in some idol he would not have succumbed to this unfortunate illness and lived forever?

Rajend Naidu said...

State of Global Press Freedom
We learn from DW news 21/04 that " the world has seen a clear deterioration in media freedom according to a global watchdog". Reporters Without Borders says press freedom had experience a " deep and disturbing decline" in 2015. There is worldwide clampdown on free speech. According to the World Press Index ,which ranks 180 countries according to things like media independence,self- censorship, rule of law and transparency every region in the world saw a major decline.
We saw a major decline in media freedom and free speech in Fiji since the Bainimarama takeover in 2006.
Some say the blatant overt clampdown under the Bainimarama dictatorship has now acquired a more subtle complexion since Fiji's " return to democracy" with Bainimarama now the elected prime minister.
That probably explains why Fiji's most popular newspaper the Fiji Times devotes its letters page to rugby and stuff like that, steering clear of things political.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

@Rajend Naidu 11:19 AM

It could also be because the majority of letters it receives at certain times are from those wishing to voice their view on a subject passionate to them?

Then of course there's the possibility that the editor places more value to writers who demonstrate originality (whatever the subject/debate) rather than those that daily trawl the WWW looking for articles to copy and paste with the sole intention of sarcastically implying these are relevant to Fiji's political situation?

Anonymous said...

"For my part, while I am as convinced a Socialist as the most ardent Marxian, I do not regard Socialism as a gospel of proletarian revenge, nor even, primarily, as a means of securing economic justice. I regard it primarily as an adjustment to machine production demanded by considerations of common sense, and calculated to increase the happiness, not only of proletarians, but of all except a tiny minority of the human race." Bertrand Russell

HAHAHAHAHHHAHAAHHAHAHAHA we might as well turn Fiji into a welfare state if we are heading in his direction. Let’s take away their land, properties and business ownership. Let’s use the hard earning workers pay for all the work shy and lazy bottoms, give them all kinds of freebies through government policies such as social housing and breed endless amounts of vile nasty degenerates who will continue to live off the tax payer through a socialist system. Let’s make the hard workers pay more tax and the lazy pay nothing at all, let’s take away free markets and limit the exchange amongst the people and bring in controlled ways through government. Let’s not make the one who does more work, more thought and puts more effort get ahead of the one who works less, thinks less and puts less effort into anything.
Bertrand is a typical lefty and a socialist, sorry but this does not go down well with me on some of his political beliefs especially on the emphasis of prosperity to be shared and for a single supreme world government.

Rajend Naidu said...

War Criminal Visits the US.
I can't see how anyone can justify a complaint about Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum being allowed into the US when the US can allow a Sri Lankan war criminal to visit the US.( EIN Presswire 19/04).
Former Sri Lankan Defense Secreatary Gotabaya Rajapakse along with former President Mahinda Rajapakse were the main architects responsible for the whole scale slaughter of Tamils in early 2009 and the rape of Tamil women. The UN internal review estimated the killings at around 70,000. Some international legal experts believe the killings could amount to Genocide.
Tamil groups in the US have appealed to President Obama that the US should not miss this opportunity to arrest and prosecute one of the main war criminals in recent times currently visiting the US.
The UN HRC led by the US last year passed a Sri Lankan resolution to hold those responsible for the killings and the abuses and atrocities to account.
It should follow through on that an arrest the war criminal.
But I don't think that will happen. In politics preaching and practice don't always match.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

@April 19, 2016 at 3:41 PM farking bullshit if everybody is paying for services than WTF! Is going on with my electricity and water being frequently cut almost on a daily basis? My bin collection not arriving on days its suppose too and litter piling up all over the streets oh and heres more the freaking street lights not even repaired and in working condition. I want my money bak now!!!!!! The shittest service!. I agree with 5.11 i want a refund and claim all my money bak.

Anonymous said...

1.49 Have you thought of doing less work and earning less?You will get freebies that way you dont need to put up with paying for services lol.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:49 PM

Take the advice of the laughing hyena up and coming politician at April 20th 3:43 PM and move to somewhere where you will get all these services, with no problems.

Anonymous said...

@1.49pm Have you thought of doing anything about it? Would you invest in solar power and a correctly designed water tank? and on the issues of litter hopefully someone out there can deliver a better service that values it's customers concerns on the environment and their needs.Are you willing to pay for an alternative?one that offers a competitive edge to its rivals, has an innovative range of waste management and recycling services?one that is able to meet any waste requirement that you have and equips you with better recycling equipment? One that is a doer and takes pride in serving the people through regular bin collections, the usual one off clearances, worrying hazardous waste services, public toilet cleaning services, shredding or waste electrical equipment removal, one that can take care of it for you and actually get the job done?

Tomasi said...

@Anon, 10.30 am I can understand why Bertrand Russell was confused and ignorant about the most vital reality of God. He lived during a time when modern science and other fields of knowledge had not attained the level of intensity, extent and complexity and detail that we have today. But for a person like you, to continue to believe in the very sad humanistic philosophies that deny God's existence is quite sad.

Let me put it very simply to you. The birth of Yahshua (Jesus Christ) and his life on earth, death and resurrection nullifies every belief in any other pagan god, belief, philosophy and theory that searches for God. Atheism died the moment Yahshua was born. Agnostics now have a reason to examine God for themselves. Quantum physics has discovered that everything in the universe is connected and are made from the same basic sound wave. The human DNA is made up of elements that spell the YHWH, the name of God. Non believers are seeing the light and pagan gods are losing their lustre. The whole Bible is full of codes from beginning to end that reveals secrets and realities about life, eternity, God, etc.

Like many other atheists and non believers, Bertrand Russell died a very lonely, depressed and unhappy man. At the end of a very illustrious career by worldly standards, he realised how futile and absurd life was without God. Man is no more than a cosmic accident, without purpose and meaning, only existing to die. Without God, man is nothing different than a mouse, cockroach snake or a dog. We only a accidental creatures, coming out of nothing, existing for nothing and our only purpose is to die into nothingness.

Compare and contrast that with a life of purpose and happiness under the God of eternity who created us for Himself as revealed in the Bible. We know who we are, where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going. Death, when it comes, is only a doorway into the other eternal realm to live with the God of eternity with the best, kindest, loving, caring and most wonderful people on planet earth with God our Creator Himself. That is heavenly life for you.

Please stop wasting your life in empty stupid foolish vain futile philosophical garbage. Life's deepest questions have been answered. God Himself had intervened personally into our physical realm so that no vain satanic mad person or scientist or preacher or priest or imam or philosopher will lead you astray. Examine God Himself through the life and death and resurrection of Yahshua His Son. That is the best and most rational way to test your atheism. I hope it is not your mind that stops you from seeing God. Most people will never see God because of their hearts. They would rather in people like Russel, Darwin, Mohammed and Satan himself. That is the sad reality, but cheer up, God will reveal Himself to you if you really long for the truth.

Anonymous said...

@Tomasi 12:15 PM

You really are becoming quite a comedian here.

The rubbish you spend your time writing suggests you are more confused than many. For now let's take just two things from your latest drivel...........

1). "Please stop wasting your life in empty stupid foolish vain futile philosophical garbage"

So who has written the 'philosophical garbage'?

2). "God Himself had intervened personally into our physical realm so that no vain satanic mad person or scientist or preacher or priest or imam or philosopher will lead you astray.

So who was it that led the young girl who was raped astray?

Seems like you are the one that really needs to start questioning yourself Tomasi.

Anonymous said...

Taken straight out of A History of Western Philosophy, where according to Bertrand, “Men are born ignorant, not stupid; they are made stupid by education”.

Well in that case we are all ignorant including Bert himself and if education makes us stupid then blimey Philosophy and Science education may as well be done away with hahhahahahahahahhahahaha.

I disagree once again with Berty here on his statement regarding education. Can you imagine a world without education? Isn’t the main purpose of education is to educate individuals within society and to prepare and qualify them for work in the economy? Doesn’t it integrate people into society and teach the people values and morals of society? I see the role of education as a way of means of socializing individuals and to keep society smoothing and remain stable. If there was no education how then a nation prepares its young population for adulthood and also creates its next generation of leaders? How will it build strong families and strong communities? Indeed, parents taking an active role in their child’s education can produce a willingness in children to learn but isn’t learning also part of the process when it comes to education? If there was no education then where can the people go to discuss, evaluate and solve problems from a balanced and comparative, social and economic perspective?

Anonymous said...

Berty said on page 11 “To understand an age or a
Nation, we must understand its philosophy, and to understand its philosophy we must ourselves be in some degree philosophers.

There is here a reciprocal causation: the circumstances of men's lives do much to determine their philosophy, but, conversely, their philosophy does much to determine their circumstances.” Bertrand Russell

Well all I have to say is those who are unaware of history are destined to repeat it and if you don’t know where you’re going then you don’t know where you came from. Now what you think of that folks? hahahahahahahhahahahahaha

Tomasi said...

Thank you Anon 4.42pm. @Anon 12.39 pm. Please do not confuse God with people, even Christians. God must be examined on His own, through the evidence abundantly available all around us. People must be judged by their own behaviour according to whatever standards one may use. But God, our Creator invited you and all of mankind to discover and know Him. I have mentioned above the ways in which He has chosen to reveal Himself. In fact, all of creation testifies to His power, majesty, love, intelligence, and indescribable wonder. That is why no matter where you look, history, science, philosophy, etc, He our Creator, is there, visible and audible. If your heart is open, you will see him. It is your heart and your world view that might affect your perception. Examine the evidence for yourself and SEE HIM.

Just a simple question to you. Do you own a dog or a cat? Are you just the same as your pets? Why do you think you are more precious than your dog? If somebody comes to your home right now and kills your wife, or child. What would you do? Would you celebrate the event and reward the murderer? Think about that deeply. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

Fiji was never a pearl of the Pacific you dumb cunts.

Semi Meo said...


Anonymous said...

"Pearl of the Pacific" This is tourism marketing bullshit.Whenever pearl comes to mind many will think of Tahitian pearls.

Anonymous said...

@5.15pm Well in that case what's the color of your favourite pearl?hahahhahahahahahahha

Semi K Meo said...

@ Anon April 23, 2016 at 8:06 AM.

Qarauna vinaka boy, na butako yaca e dau vaka vu mate..

Rajend Naidu said...

Military Corruption
We learn from ' Chile's Former Army Chief Under Investigation for Corruption' ( LAHT 30/4), that the Chilean A-G's Office is investigating former army commander Gen. Juan Miguel Fuentes-Alba to determine how he amassed a fortune of more than $4.5 million on his salary .
The probe follows the discovery of documents showing that the retired general owns 5 properties and 2 late model luxury vehicles. authorities also found evidence of 2 additional residencies listed under his wife's name.
Fuente-Alba was army chief from 2010- 2014. His salary was not enough to have acquired the listed properties and assets.
Prosecutors suspect they have stumbled onto to a new facet of the " Millcogate" case, in which army officers were found to have diverted more than $3 million in public funds during the 2010- 2014 administration of President Sebastian Pinera.
Corruption and army chiefs are almost like Siamese twins. It is your classic case of Abuse of Power.
I take it additional country examples are not necessary to support the assertion.
Rajend Naidu

Suomynona said...

First a cyclone, now sex-crazed perverts that can't even keep those tiny peanuts in their pants. Talk about adding insult to injury whenever it comes to crime after the chaos

Unknown said...

It shows the natural disasters in Fiji and the pathetic lives of people in Fiji. You have pointed out the issue in a good manner. To learn more new writing style, take a look at buy dissertation online

Anonymous said...

Patricia Talbor,oh please you're definitely the pathetic one here advertising your gimmicks.Pull your head out of your anus and get rid of that holier than thou attitude.A reality check is certainly what you need.

Anonymous said...