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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Fiji ranked 80 in World Press Freedom Index 2016

Fiji has improved from 93 in 2015 to 80 in 2016 in the latest World Press Freedom Index.

We'd like to take you back to stories we published in the same month seven years ago, when there was no press freedom in Fiji.

This was two years after the Bainimarama coup, around the time when censors were sent into newsrooms to monitor and approve what stories the media could publish.

Apart from the Fiji Sun which publishes rubbish and should no longer be called a 'newspaper' (apart from media ethics, the stories it publishes are just a disgrace to journalism and the great journalists that Fiji has produced), the rest of the media in Fiji have come a long way since 2009.


Anonymous said...

And what was Fiji's press freedom ranking before the Bainimarama coup and the installation of his dictatorship?

mark manning said...

There's a big difference between freedom of the Press and quality of the Press!

Rajend Naidu said...

DW Freedom of Speech Award 2016
Sedat Ergin, the editor in chief of the Turkish daily Hurriyet is to receive Deutche Welle's Freedom of Speech award. Sedat has been on trial since March for allegedly insulting the President Erdogan ( read for speaking the truth which the President found unpalatable).
DW on Thursday named him the recipient of this year's award honouring persons who exemplify human rights and free speech. Sedat shared the fate of the hundreds of journalists in Turkey who have exposed to high risks every day in the struggle to maintain independent journalism and press freedom, said DW Director General Peter Limbourg ( DW 22/04).
In Turkey this sector of civil society is under siege by the State with 90 per cent of the media either directly or indirectly under the control of the Government. So maintaining independent journalism and press freedom in such an environment is no mean feat. DW award recognises that..
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

The hidden rot within exposed yet again ! Beware these false prophets preying on the innocent.

Labasa Pastor jailed for rape
11:25 Today

Taken from/By:
Report by: Praneeta Prakash

A 60 year old church pastor has been sentenced to 16 years imprisonment for raping a 10 year old in Taveuni in two years ago.

The court heard that the girl was in his care, living with him and his wife while she was attending school.

He committed the offence over a period of four nights while his wife was away on a conference.

Labasa High court Judge, Justice Paul Madigan said that the fact that the man regards himself as a father figure belies the despicable acts he forced on a 10 year old girl in his permanent care.

Justice Madigan also said that Ministers of Religion have a special role in the society to care for the development of their followers and to set an example.

The High Court Judge also said that the man clearly failed to live up to those standards.

The man will serve a total of 12 years before being eligible for parole

Rajend Naidu said...

THAT kind of Prime Minister.
The leak of the Panama Papers identified the links between many political and business leaders around the world and offshore companies and accounts. Among them was Pakistan prime minister's family as BBC's M ILLyas Khan explains ( April 21):
The leak reveals that 3 of Nawaz Sharif's children own offshore companies and assets not shown on his family's wealth statement.
The insinuation that the companies were meant to hide or launder I'll-gotten wealth or to avoid taxes has called his credentials into question. In fact corruption allegations have dogged Sharif from the 1980s.
What does this all say about Pakistan democracy?
Pakistan's vacillation between democracy and military rule has prevented the state from evolving an independent system of accountability.
Successive military rulers used corruption and accountability to target opposition politicians.
General Zia ul-Haq's rule during the 1980s took the matter a step further by raising a whole new breed of politicians and setting up financial procedures that made misappropriating government funds almost acceptable.
In a society where family and tribal links determine the distribution of jobs and official patronage, political corruption has not taken long to spread.
Politicians complain they have remained the only target of campaign against corruption while the military and the judiciary remain outside the purview.
The military and the judiciary insist they have their own separate system of internal accountability and do not need governmental controls.
Both have colluded in the past to oust politicians from power, but have abstained from calling each other's actions into question.
There have been instances were retired military officers accused of embezzlement in the civilian sphere have been co-opted back into the military to prevent them from being tried under the mainstream laws.
More recently,a sitting Chief Justice was accused of receiving perks from a real estate tycoon, and at least two judges, one of them now retired, have been named in Panama Papers as owning offshore companies.
In these circumstances, as Pakistan stumbles from one phase of confusion into another, democracy, rule of law and real accountability have become cliches with a negative connotation.
Notice any parallels with the circumstances in Fiji?
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

@Rajend Naidu
you are spaming this blog. why don't you start your own blog?

World press freedom is not so good outside of a few rich countries.
Fiji is not amongst the worst, but still far from being really free.

We went from a mild dictatorship to a harsh democracy... the glass was half empty, now it's half full.

There is no reason to think Bainimarama won't be re-elected. The opposition is a mess, except NFP but
they are still very far from being a mainstream party, and we don't see how the result of the next
elections will be any different. So Media freedom will remain the same, and the public will remain in the dark
to some point.

New Fiji, new flag, new loans, new whatever but same old news for the newsrooms!

Anonymous said...

Rajen Naidu, just fuck off you dumb piece of shit. You should spend less time online and more time checking your wife because your neighbour has been fucking her.

Rajend Naidu said...

Saving Planet Earth
I just got an email from President Barack Obama titled ' Our Responsibility to Act". It reads " Today is Earth Day - the last one I'll celebrate as President. Looking back over the past seven years I'm hopeful that the work we've done will allow my daughters and all our children to inherit a cleaner, healthier and safer planet. But I know there is still work to do.
That's why, today, the United States will join about 170 other countries in signing the Paris Agreement, a historic deal to reduce carbon emission across the globe..."
Yes, there is " still work to do" - a lot of work to do. We recall other " historic" agreements previously made but never delivered on the pledges made. We can only hope this time the deal is characterised by more genuine sincerity and commitment.
We get a sense of that in this brief one sentence letter of an ordinary citizen writing to the Canberra Times 19/04 : " I saw the first tree brought down on Northbourne Avenue on Monday. I cried" - Margaret Ryan.
Not too many politicians and their capitalist cronies cry when whole forests, parklands are decimated to make way for private profiteering.
Rajend Naidu.

Rajend Naidu said...

Something Rotten in the State of Australia
In his short and succinct piece on Australia's offshore asylum detention regime senior correspondent David Flitton captures all aspects of the morally decadent and disgraceful policies pertaining to Australia's asylum policy in the region ( ' Australia' s Pacific detention centres force it into moral compromises' the Age 23/04).
Flitton holds up a large, clear mirror that reflects the rot ( Australia's Pacific screw-up) in the detention regime and in so doing invites Australian society and government to do a reality check and rethink its shameful asylum seeker stance.
He provides an opportunity for Australia to address the issue and restore its national dignity in the international community.
Flitton shows why independent journalists are so critically important for good democratic governance anywhere.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Fiji times and Fiji sun are both shit newspapers. Too much cut and paste materials and no real news. Both should die a silent and worthless death. Fred Wesley and nemani delaibatiki can suck each other dry. lets all root jyoti pratiba and alumita nakeke in the ass. The female journalists are good at only this. Getting rooted for news article. Akapusi tuifagalele rooting alumita and kaiyum rooting jyoti. Let's give both a change in vudi. meow meow

Rajend Naidu said...

Corruption in High Places

We learn from Radio Free Eurpoe Radio Liberty 23 April that US prosecutors said the daughter of Uzbekistan's president and several associates failed to comply with a court order to turn over more than $500 million held in Siww banks as part of a long running money laundering investigation.
Gulnara Karimova is the eldest daughter of Uzbek's aging authoritarian president Islam Karimova. She was once considered his successor . Gulnara was also previously ambassador to United Nations agencies in Geneva.
In 2013 reports emerged first in Swedish media that Gulnara Karimova had USED HER POSITION TO SERVE AS A GATEKEEPER FOR INTERNATIONAL telecom COMPANIES looking to invest in Uzbekistan. As Central Asis's most populous nation, it was considered a fast growing market for mobile services... ( read more in ' US Demands Uzbek Leader's Daughter Turn Over $550 Million').
Yes, people using their position of power to profit themselves is an all too familiar phenomenon in politics in today's world of globalisation and international investments .
Rajend Naidu

Rajend Naidu said...

Inward and Outward Migration
According to Immigration New Zealand 31,905 Fijians received approved work permits from 2011 to the first three months of this year. For the same period 13/295 Fijians received approved residency ( Fiji Times 25/04).
How many Fijians have left the country to settle in other countries like Australia, America and Canada?
By contrast how many Fijians from the diaspora have returned to live, work and invest in Fiji?
What is Fiji's gain from the inward migration and what is the loss from the outward migration?
Why are so many people still leaving the country ( mostly young well educated and skilled people) when the architects of the 2006 coup are purportedly building a " better Fiji " and have given the people " true democracy" for the first time?
Rajend Naidu

Rajend Naidu said...

Women in Power.
Can be as ruthless, power- hungry and greedy as their men counterparts.
We learn from the News 24 article ' Ivory Coast former First Lady loses final appeal' ( April 21) that Simone Gbagbo is set to go on trial on charges of crimes against humanity after her appeal was rejected by the country's Supreme Court.
Nicknamed the " Iron Lady", the 66 yo had already been sentenced to 20 years in jail last year for " attacking state authority" for her role in the violence which followed elections in 2010 in which her husband Laurent Gbagbo lost, but refused to relinquish power.
She is the subject of a warrant issued by the ICC in The Hague which accuses her of a key role in the post election violence which left more than 3,000 people dead.
However the government refused to transfer her instead she was judged by the Ivorian court with her sentenced handed down in March last year.
Her husband went on trial at the ICC in January along with his former militia chief...
It is mind boggling what some people are prepared to do to grab or hang onto power.
They seem to have no conscience, no compassion, no humanity and yet they belong to the human species!
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

@Rajend Naidu, 12:16PM

Take the case of Niue. The population is about 1500. There are 20,000 Niueans in NZ (http://www2.stats.govt.nz/domino/external/web/nzstories.nsf/0/7f8f00d539a609cdcc256ccd0005488e?OpenDocument)

The largest ethnic group are Samoans (50%), Cook Island Maories (23%), Tongans (18%).
Fijians? 3%.

The old saying says that we can say anything with statistics...

You need to put in the balance the "island fever" or "island syndrom". When you live on a small island, it is normal to expect that some people want to see the Big World (not that NZ is really that "big"...) Not everybody could keep his or her sanity in a village or a small town (though I think that a small town in Fiji minus robberies would be pretty much the best one could expect in this life)

For sure, the coups have let to emigration. A lot of skilled people left because they didn't believe in the future of Fiji, and that was their reason for migrating. That is sad.

The challenge here, for those few who seems to love Fiji more than themselves, will be to come forward on the political stage, or in the media. Be brave, stand tall and defend democracy. Bainimarama is getting old, I won't be around forever. When he is gone, Khaiyum is done. So the political landscape will be quite different in ten years.

Hopefully, the huge majority of the people of Fiji will have the intelligence to understand that there is no future without unity. To be Fijian is more than just a label. it means to live together and more importantly to have FUN together. That is the thing hopefully that will remain, a spirit of unity.

Anonymous said...

Fiji I gather wants to become the " Singapore of the Pacific" . To what extend has that project been delayed and delibitated by the serial coups in Fiji? You can't turn Fiji into Singapore when talented people keep taking off from the country because of the coups and the uncertainties and insecurity it brings, can you?
And, you can't have it both ways - progress the nation like Singapore and regress the nation with coups - can you?
Perhaps the war lords in Fiji will get the Chinese to turn Fiji into Singapore...

Anonymous said...

So when kahiyum is left,the FF movement will finish?does that mean more people will emigrate?

"Be brave, stand tall and defend democracy"

But who is attacking our democracy? I thought our democracy is protected and we are back to normal?I thought we have equal citizenry and we are all united.

It's like dooms day is going to be here in 10 years or what?

Anonymous said...

If Fiji turns into Singapore over night chiiii that's Christmas come early hahahahahahahhahahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Fiji could never aspire to being anything like Singapore.

The Singaporeans have pride in themselves and in their country. The streets are clean enough there to eat off of.

In Fiji there are just too many people that use the streets to spit in and dump there rubbish everywhere, the cultures are way too far apart.

Anonymous said...

Fiji could have been better than Singapore had it not for the coups.
But the coups were a necessity, otherwise the indigenous population would have been unseated in their own land.
Fiji is still the leader in the South Pacific, PNG is quite behind given the lawlessness and corruption in that country.

Why would we want to be like Singapore anyway, we should be happy with what we have already!!

Anonymous said...

Fiji will be the next PNG more like if not worse if we don't get our shit together hahahahahaha hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Just make sure you got all your financial assets safe and protected plus able to respond quickly to sell off physical assets if you suspect a another crisis to be on the way.Start networking for overseas contacts to secure yourself employment and sponsorship.People are better off prepared and 10,000 steps ahead so when shit hits the fan you are able to withdraw and pull out safely running for the hills.Thats how Fiji lost all their skilful and experienced work force.They were able to have foresight and prepared for the unexpected since there was too many coups that caused instability.It was like they could see it coming,reading 5.14pm statement rings a lot of alarms and concerns.

Semi K Meo said...

@Anon April 25, 2016 at 10:25 PM...sooo what are your allegation against PNG that places Fiji in more righteous spot??

Back to the topic...I think we will all agree that at least a few Fiji Journalists could go home after a days work, look the family in the eyes with no guilt at all and have a peaceful sleep!

May be not so for others who may still live in denial...

Rajend Naidu said...

Monkey Story

Here is a letter from the Southeast Asian Times 20/04 which Fiji politics follows will relate to. Somsak Pola, Bangkok, Thailand writes " Cronyism and corruption are trite and standard accusations made by every coup since 1932. Show me a government that is free from both and I'll show you a polka-dot unicorn. Thaksin's demise was caused by his alleged disrespect for the monarchy, his unstoppable political momentum and, of course , envy by his adversaries. But had the military been a little more patient, Thaksin would have been voted out anyway and the country would have been better off than it is today. What is happening now reminds me of a Aesop's fable about a monkey who gets tangled up in a fishing net. The more it wriggles, the worse it gets".
To what extend I wonder that has been Fiji's predicament as well?
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

To all the Singapore-lovers, I share your love for Singapore cleanliness. How come most of us people of Fiji have got no understanding whatsoever of what beauty is has always puzzled me. I really thing that a lack of concern for beauty betrays a form of stupidity. All thoserubbish everywhere and most people don't even get it... it's there, in our face, everyday.

On the other hand, what I have heard from outsiders living in Singapore is that the locals like to remind them that THEY are the kings and that foreigners are not really that welcome. It's a sort of snobbish culture. I am not sure we want to see thatnin Fiji.

@10:42 I don't think the comment you refer to raise any concern, but it is an appropriate reminder that it will be up to us to take the good decision for the future. Rabuka and Speight managed to destroy Fiji a bit, but if you put numbers in persepctive, would you really say that 5000 or 10000 criminals in the streets and around the villages mostly in Tailevu are representing our 900,000+ inhabitants country very well? I think not. Fiji hasn't got a mentality of self-destruction like most other countries. I think that the after-Bainimarama will bring some drastic changes, the GCC is likely to come back, many decrees will be dropped and the Constitution will probably be changed again. In the process though, I don't think Fiji will go backward, like becoming a "christian state" or something. It will all be a matter of reasonable compromises.

When Fiji will become a real democracy where people are not afraid to speak their mind and where newspapers are not censored or corrupted like the Fiji Sun, when investors will not have concerns about Fiji having another coup, when the people will pick up their rubbish and maybe stop behaving like in the olden days (domestic violence, etc) then Fiji will start being attractive and investors will come back.

In one word, it's all about us to fail or succeed; it will take a good deal of reconciliation and a sense of unity to move on. So much shit has happened since 1987, we will definitely need to stand together to get through this ordeal.

Rajend Naidu said...

The Most Megalomanic Dictator
We read in ' Dutch journalist arrested for calling Turkey's President a Dictator' ( The Age 25/4 ) that Ebru Umar wrote a column critical of the President and his government's growing crackdown on freedom of expression.
[In Turkey's " democracy" it is apparently a crime to criticise President Erdogan]
Umar is the latest of a growing list of journalists, academics, cartoonists and others - nearly 2000 cases have been filed in Turkish courts - who have faced the Turkish justice system for insulting Mr Erdogan.
A Turkish consular official ( read a sycophant ) in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, asked Turks in the country last week to report any insults directed at Mr Erdogan.
Ms Umar who has dual Dutch and Turkish citizenship wrote a column in the newspaper Metro that took aim at that request. In the column she called Mr Erdogan " the most Megalomanic dictator since the foundation of the republic in 1923".
Turkey under the famously thin- skinned Mr Erdogan has for years SILENCED DOMESTIC VOICES THAT HAVE BEEN CRITICAL OF THE GOVERNMENT but lately has taken aim of foreign journalists as well.
We are of course familiar with this tendency from our own experience following the Bainimarama coup of 2006 and the setting up of a dictatorship from 2006 to 2014.
Some say the tendency remains in place in more covert forms following Fiji's return to democracy.
That probably explains the mediocrity of Fiji's mainstream journalism.
Rajend Naidu

Donald Trump said...

Rajend Fuckface Naidu, just FUCK OFF YOU MOTHERFUCKER, and take Semi Meo with you.

Anonymous said...


Rajend Naidu said...

A Dictator
* In government, a dictator is a ruler who has total control over a country with no checks or balances to prevent abuse of power.
* a ruler who is unconstraint by law.
* a person who behaves in a tyrannical manner.
It's not hard to see why the Dutch journalist Ms Umar called the Turkish President Erdogan a dictator.
He fits the bill.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Sooo...Mr Naidu...I'm going to go out on a limb and call Khaiyum a dictator. Based on what you have explained above.

RENEE LAL said...



Anonymous said...

@4:28 PM

Yes, but on the other hand, can we see some of the qualities of a dictator?
Sometimes, the people are plain crazy. Take Uzbekistan. It's a harsh dictatorship. There is a lot of corruption.
A lot! But the country is next to Afghanistan! There are so many islamist extremists overthere. When the Soviet Union
collapsed, the leadership was still in the hands of a non religious man, like it was often the case. As such, some dictators
can be sometimes the less of two evils.

In Fiji, our harsh democracy is seen by some as a necessary evil to balance the extremist views of a few nationalists, but
really time will come where will we have to get rid of it because no transparency = garantee of corruption.

No extremists = no need of dictatorship = transparency = more prosperity.
Get rid of extremist views and problem solve.

Rajend Naidu said...

Upholding Human Rights and the Rule of Law
We read in Yahoo 7 news ' Australia's asylum seeker detention on Manus Island illegal, PNG supreme court rules' that the incarceration was in breach of the right to personal liberty held in the PNG constitution.
Refugee advocates and human rights defenders have been saying from the very outset that the offshore detention centres were in breach of international laws.
The PNG court's finding gives oxygen to the campaign to have the centres shut down.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

There you go Fiji,the problem is extremist nationalist views hence we always have our democracy under attack=coups.

Now I would like to know what are the major causes for such extreme nationalist views?where does the roots of the problem start from?and what can leaders from all communities do to tackle these problems?Clearly the extremist has a plan with goals to achieve,they have come prepared and have created material resources where the objective is to spread their ideology and maintain a stance of we vs them.Who are these extreme nationalist targeting audience?why have they chosen this particular segment of population?Where are their breeding grounds?Are we as a nation challenging these views in debates without having a dismissive atittude but to approach it with open mind and to make clear judgements on what is clearly good and clearly evil?

Anonymous said...

@7:47 PM
the first wave of extremism in Fiji was due to iTaukei becoming a minority and the impact on the political side.
Rabuka coup lead of emigration, but also a major change of mind in the Indian community: smaller families Indians are emulators of the West. The understood before iTaukeis that what was needed to become succesful in this day and age. Smaller families means that one can give better education, and a better future for the parents. Having a large family of uneducated children is much worst than having 2 children who went to university when it comes to having a retirement peace of mind.

This is where the second wave of extremism finds some dark energy: as Indians are now perceived as more succesful, jalousy and hatred grows. That is the Speight era. The sad thing is that iTaukeis should instead emulate Indians to some degree: smaller families, better education and a better ethic of work. Of course, Fiji without Indians is the Solomon Islands, so to speak. But extremists are essentially lazy thinking people (they have no solutions to bring forward but sending Indians back to India thus making Fiji much much much poorer). Their goal is dumb, apart of being a crime against humanity... Their audience is lazy thinking people, who really think they will suddenly get rich... ha!

Of course, with the last coup, people are now getting to understand that violence and coups are not the way forward. Make no mistake: there is only one way forward, and it's the good one, that is everybody should give the best of themselves and fight the nay sayers who say that Fiji can't be a model of success in the Pacific.

Time to reach the 21st century and adapt to the new reality. The nationalits of the last 30 years already look like clowns.

Anonymous said...

I don't think we should have the GCC but we definitely need a upper house just in case the lower house passes a bill that is ridiculous for example ban all pig hunting activities because I certainly will be protesting outside parliament and very upset for making a bill become law.We still have a long way to go to be on par with Singapore.Our public infrastructure needs a lot of investing because right now it's not really 1st world standards.We need top of the range healthcare,a world class power and water grid system,an equipped environmental agency to tackle whatever hazards and obstacles,effective policing that has all the resources at hand to tackle and prevent crime,less bureaucratic etc etc.We need to reduce the employment rate and push the minimum wage to $5,get rid of squatter settlements and put them in appropriate housing,boost trade and lower the barriers,be more competitive and innovative.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:47 PM

Extremism in Fiji is simply a mirror of some of the extremism found within the Methodist and its break off Church movements.

These extremists prey on the illiterate and gullible in an identical way that some of the Church representatives do. They are dictators, or wannabe dictators and the illiterate do not know the difference between when they are being brainwashed or not.

It will only end when the majority become more educated, can think and reason for themselves and not just follow the ones with the loudest mouth.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:30 PM

And where's all the money to do those things going to come from?

Anonymous said...

Well primary and secondary education is free now so today extremist really can't argue about being disadvantaged and not being able to send their children to school(Thanks to Bainimarama and the tax payer). Malicious envy and sloth how very immoral of such types of behaviour.Well it's better to rescue these lazy thinkers and reveal the truth.After all the extremist is exploiting them and they are simply too weak to realise it themselves.

Anonymous said...

@8.44pm Well foreign direct investment shall do the trick,tax payers who use the service and oh yes of course get an investment fund going.Lets look at all our stakeholders who have an interest in our public service, let's ask them are they willing to contribute in such a brilliant proposal?

RENEE LAL said...

And what about me?
Im a thug and a crook of all crooks!

Rajend Naidu said...

Don't Lie As Public Office Holder
Twenty seven years after 96 soccer fans were crushed to death in Hillborough an inquest has found the police lied to coverup the true cause of the crush. Now consideration is to be given to laying criminal charges of perjury and misconduct in public office against individual officials.
One of the main lawyers for the families of the victims said the lesson from this is public office holders should not lie because eventually their lie will be caught out.(Aljazeera news 27/04 ).
Rajend Naidu

Fatman said...

Today is the birthday of our Supreme Leader. 🎂
Anyone doing something special to celebrate?

RENEE LAL said...


Anonymous said...

Expect water supply disruption, WAF tells Nasole customers

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Update: 1:10PM WATER Authority of Fiji customers living in the Nasole subdivision area will be experiencing intermittent water supplies from now until 5pm today.

This is result of works carried out by WAF workers in the area and water supply is expected to be restored by 6pm.

A statement from WAF states customers living in this area should use water wisely during this period.

"Water carts will be on standby to service the affected areas as and when the need arises. The authority highly regrets any inconvenience caused to its customers," the statement said.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dikhead

Time limit

Nasik Swami
Wednesday, April 27, 2016

In the corridors of Parliament, Opposition Leader Ro Teimumu Kepa presented a cheque of $77,000 to Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama yesterday. The money was deducted from wages of SODELPA MPs.Picture: NASIK SWAMI+ Enlarge this image

In the corridors of Parliament, Opposition Leader Ro Teimumu Kepa presented a cheque of $77,000 to Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama yesterday. The money was deducted from wages of SODELPA MPs.Picture: NASIK SWAMI

A PROPOSED change to Parliament's Standing Order 37 could limit the Opposition's time to no more than five minutes to respond to a motion moved by a Government member.

This, as the Government tries to limit debates on petitions in Parliament by using its numbers to push for the change to the Standing Orders.

In a one-and-a-half hour heated debate during yesterday's sitting, the Opposition labelled the proposed change as a "façade" to democracy and "abuse" of Parliament's rule.

NFP leader Professor Biman Prasad said such "nonsense" by Government in Parliament needed to be stopped because it was painting a wrong picture of the "genuine democracy" Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama always talked about throughout the world.

"This is a complete abuse of the parliamentary process to change the rules when it does not suite the Government side," Prof Prasad said.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:35 PM

Excellent news to hear WAF are undertaking maintenance work on their system.

Fatman said...

I love birthday parties because I love eating sweets!


Anonymous said...

Ever since Bainimarama came into power, every week they have to close one part of some town due to water problem.... Now 10 years and still cant fix the problem.
I guess this is what happens when you vote for Bai.

His party should be called the Fiji No Water Party.

Anonymous said...

Who is this Fucken piece of shit writing lengthy notes here. Go check your writings and get someone to proof read them. Perhaps take some English class. You also write like Frank Bainimarama..anon 7 47pm, 8.39pm,etc

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Anonymous said...

Worst leader ever in the history of Fiji. Behaving like a diktator. And all the masipolos including Jiko Luveniulukau and all the arselickers. All the FFP arselickers. No wonder Fiji is the way it is because you FFP too much arselicking and saying IO SAKA . You big suckers. You people are brainless just like your leader. None of you use their brain anymore , Just Io Saka io saka. vakamadua. Sega ni yaga moni vakatokai ni kaiviti. ni yavu macawa. ululala.

Anonymous said...

The water problem has happened under every government.There needs to be an upgrade across the grid hence heavy investments to be allocated in our public infrastructure.We need major engineering investment and pumping operations that can consume large amounts of energy to transport water to areas.Pipelines should be reviewed in order to detect where further water stress occur.Even the removal of old decaying rusty pipes that have been an ever nuisance of causing bursts and leakages should be replaced.Those customers who qualify for paying their water bill expect value for money and excellent service.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:13 PM

The things you talk about can not be done whilst the people pay so little for water.

Do you realise a sensible family of 4 each having two showers a day, using a washing machine and keeping their car clean pay the same for 1 months water useage as a large cup of coffee in Gloria Jeans cafe in Suva costs.

We all need to pay far more for our water and stop relying on the government to subsidise everything.

Anonymous said...

@10.23pm Absolutely and I'm sure many are willing to foot the bill if we want high standards of service.If we increase the bill then we can achieve our goal of investing into upgrading our grid.After all government has recently signed for a loan from the world bank to improve our infrastructure and I give praise and full support for making such a good decision.With hard work and remaining an optimist we can achieve anything.

Anonymous said...

72-year-old gets seven years for rape
05:32 Wed Apr 27, 2016

Taken from/By:
Report by: Praneeta Prakash

A 72-year-old man who raped an 8–year-old girl in Rakiraki last year has been sentenced to seven years and seven months by the Lautoka High Court.

The man pleaded guilty to the two counts of rape.

The man committed the offence on two occasions between August and September last year.

The man was a neighbour and distant grandfather of the victim and the court found that he breached the trust of a young child and exploited the victim’s vulnerability.

A non-parole period of five years has been imposed.

Rajend Naidu said...

Con-man's Rise to Power
We learn from the LAHT article ' Court: Claim Against Trump for Fraud can go to Trial' ( April 27) that a New York court ruled Tuesday to bring to trial the lawsuit for fraud presented by the attorney-general's office against businessman and Republican presidential contender Donald Trump for operating a university without license and allegedly " defrauded more than 5000 consumers out of millions of dollars".
The Trump centre offered courses in real estate and financial negotiating and charged up to $35,000 to students for tuition. It has been the target of other lawsuits in California which claim it made empty promises to students in its advertising and promotional materials.
Donald Trump is now doing the same con job in his presidential campaign with empty promises and lies.
And the conman is poised to become America's next President !
I can't say Only in America because this kind of shit happens all over the place.
Don't we know THAT !
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

How was the paaaaaaaaaaarty yesterday?!?

61 years old and still going strong. 61 is the new 41.

Anonymous said...

What is 61? A 72 y o is still going strong and having an Unlawful chuttar party with 8 yo girl ...

Anonymous said...

Only 61. I thought he was 81. He is bloody demented. Cant even remember the grandkids names. Much less running a country.

Sunil Kumar said...

Fuck off Rajend Fuckface Naidu, and please take Semi Meo with you. Vinaka.

Now to more important issues. How can a 72-year old fart rape a 8-year old girl? This is fucking insane and this man should have his testicles chopped off and then shoved into his mouth. After that his cock should also be chopped off and shoved up his anus.

Fiji is now a sick society, law and order is at it's worst, corruption is forever growing, the parliament is now a circus full of monkeys. Just look at Khaiyum, he's a splitting image of a chimpanzee, Bainimarama looks like a monkey who's just had his ass fucked by Rajen Naidu, and the list goes on.

Sad to say this but FIJI IS FUCKED.

Anonymous said...

If idiots like you live there, you are correct.

Anonymous said...

National airline records 3-year loss on Hong Kong route

Nasik Swami
Thursday, April 28, 2016

FIJI Airways made a loss of $58.7million on its direct flight to Hong Kong for three years since 2010.

Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum made the revelation while responding to questions by the Opposition on why the Government gave $18m to the airline for the marketing of the Singapore service when the airline made a profit of $70m in 2015.

Anonymous said...

@2:32 I reckon a 72 years old would probably be a record, but all countries
have a whole bunch of perverts and that's the way it is sadly.
This is not representative of the whole country!

A country is fucked only when a lot of people choose so. Germany was fucked when
they voted Hitler in, but now they are doing fine. There is a future for Fiji, but Bainimarama
will have to retire...

The parliament lacks of competent people. The opposition is full of farmers but not
too many chartered accountants, economists, etc...etc... it's a big joke, that's for sure.

But then the MPs comes from the people, and that means we should work harder to
produce the skills we need in the future.

Rajend Naidu said...

A Wise Old Man
We learn from Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty 26/4 that Nikolai Suvorov, 85, filed a lawsuit naming President Vladimir Putin an " enemy of the people" and calling for his removal from office.
The Russian Secret Service wanted to know who put him up to it. Suvorov said he wrote his 17 point complaint himself by hand drawing his material from watching television . The lawyers then typed it. " They don't type my things up anyone- they are afraid", he added.
Suvorov made headlines earlier this month when he filed his suit against Putin. His district appellate Judge Tatyana Leskina caused even bigger scandal by accepting the case and setting a date for a preliminary hearing. But just days later, the court reversed itself, deciding that Putin had constitutional immunity from prosecution. The case was quashed and Leskina resigned " on her own accord". Suvorov said " But they are lying...I think the judge was fired. She paid the price for letting the case go forward".
And that's when the secret police showed up to question Suvorov.
Suvorov's friends and relatives " unanimously supported his case against Putin", Suvorov said. The experience with the ill-fated lawsuit has added one more point to Suvorov's indictment.
" Our judges are not independent and Putin can never be held to account. What do we need such a president for?".
( read more in ' An 85 Year Old Pensioner Is Russia's Most Unlikely Dissident".
Atleast the old man had the courage of his conviction to follow through and publicly stand up to the authoritarian ruler of Russia.
You can't but have respect for him.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

If there was good governance and industry harmony surely we would constantly be free from all the social,economic and political restrictions.We have lost all our productive skilled and experienced work force to events of political turmoil.It will take time to train and upskill the current and upcoming entrant's to the labour market.What we see before us in parliament is what's left pushing for change and a better future.The people have voted for these MPs hence the onus is on the politicians to represent their views and concern's.The first requirement of politics is not intellect or stamina but patience.Politics is a very long run game and the tortoise will usually beat the hare.

Anonymous said...

@7:44 PM
If intellect is not the first requirement, I hope it comes next.

Anonymous said...

@8.23pm Character is higher then intellect.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahahahaha well there you go Fiji,the lesson for today is

1. "All countries have a whole bunch of perverts and that's the way it is sadly."
2. Protect yourself and others in your family and communities.
3. Understand the laws and your rights,let no one exploit you and take advantage of you by breaking the law.
4. Say no to rape.
5.Remember there are sexual predators in our society and if they attempt or break the law,report it straight away to the police.
6.We want competent people so work hard and aquire those skills and experience.
7.Work towards building a better future.
8.Promote "good governance and industry harmony."
9.Lets support all our MPs for the work they do in trying to move the nation forward and debating issues whilst finding solutions.
10.Lets uphold and protect our democracy.
11.Say no to coups because in the end we all suffer from the consequences of those actions.
12.Politics require patience,character,intellect and stamina.

Hahahahahaha we all don't want to have a character and intellect like anonymous April 25th 2016 7.55am

Anonymous said...

@10:08 PM
Franky Boy is a character. So everything is fine...

Intellect is only for dumbs.

Anonymous said...

Isis fighters' destruction of Nineveh Gates captured in before and after photos

Recently taken pictures show how Isis have destroyed two of the great gates in an ancient Assyrian citadel in northern Iraq.

These photographs seem to confirm the Nergal and Mashki gates in Nineveh have been bulldozed into rubble.

While the original gates date back over 2,500 years, those just destroyed were replicated in the mid-20th century, National Geographic reported.

Their destruction was confirmed by Dr Michael Danti, the co-director of the Cultural Heritage Initiative (CHI), who works alongside the US State Department to document destruction of cultural and religious sites in the region.

The archaeology professor from Boston University told National Geographic: "We can verify... that the Mashki and Nergal Gates have been destroyed."

He said the images were obtained from trusted sources inside the surrounding Isis-controlled-city of Mosul.

The remains of the Nergal Gate after Isis fighters destroyed it (ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives)

A bulldozer is clearly visible in the picture of the destroyed Nergal gate.

At the time these gates were built in 700 BC, Nineveh was at the height of its prominence as the largest city in the ancient world.

There are unconfirmed reports that the remaining gates left standing are currently being brought down.

Professor Danti said: "It's reasonable to assume that [Isis] is destroying other gates [in Nineveh], but we need to get more information before we can make those assertions.

"[Isis] is essentially sending a signal to the government of Iraq that if they continue with their offensive on Mosul they can expect a scorched earth policy from Islamic State, in both Mosul and the Iraq theatre, but also in Raqqa in the Syrian theatre."

Isis have already devastated Mosul museum in addition to destroying the city's libraries, obliterating manuscripts dating back centuries.

Tebutt Poll said...

On a scale from 1(disagree) to 10 (totally agree), how much would you agree with the following statements:

1. Bainimarama is a "benevolent dictator".
2. Bainimarama solved racial issues for good.
3. Bainimarama is not using violence (physical or non-physical) against the people.
4. Bainimarama is welcoming free press.
5. Bainimarama is still very popular in Fiji and would win an election tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

6.NFP will take over Sodelpa seats they currently hold.
7.NFP will be a better and impressive opposition if it didn't win majority vote.
8.NFP will be the better alternative in the election if it was held tommorrow.
9.NFP will work hard with no complaints to resolve all our past and present day problems.
10.NFP demands and appeal for real free press and freedom of speech.
11.NFP believes violence is not the way to bring about change and trying to move everyone forward.
12.NFP is ever growing with popularity.

Anonymous said...

14. Sodelpa is attractive to non-iTaukeis.
15. Sodelpa is attractive to most iTaukei commoners.
16. Sodelpa is more attractive now than it was in 2014.
17. Soldepa is attractive to iTaukei youths.
18. Sodelpa has competent MPs.

Tomasi said...

Khai and Bai were handed petitions a few days ago, offering them options. The petition has the backing of people in Fiji and abroad. Its main objectives and explicit requests are:

1. for Khaiyum to resign and face the full brunt of the law

2. for the Govt to convene a national reconciliation meeting for the nation.

3. For Khaiyum to be banished or exiled to another country or isolated island if he refuses to comply.

4. Integral to this process is the thorough investigations and legal and moral processes to be followed to ensure that those who have abused power shall be brought to justice.

5. Fiji shall have a fresh beginning, a clean slate so to speak. New elections under a new Constitution. Let the people of Fiji decide their own future and how they live their own lives, True democracy, restoration of freedoms, protection of human rights.

Copies of the petition are available. All ambassadors, Chiefs, religious leaders have been copied, including HM Queen Liz the Second of Great Britain.

Rajend Naidu said...

Court Rounds Up On Rogue Ruler
The Sureme Court in South Africa has ordered President Jacob Zuma face over 800 charges of corruption which was previously dropped.(ABC 24 News 30/4). Zuma faces growing opposition for corruption, incompetence, nepotism, rape and a demand for his resignation.
The rogue rulers days now appear numbered.
It is a shame that a nation that has given humanity a great and highly respected leader like Nelson Mandela should be lumbered with a shit leader like Zuma.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

@8:35 AM

What a circus.

Sick of all that crap.
What is the Opposition doing to win the next election?
The government is running the country in the dark, with no information about expenses etc...etc
In a normal country, they wouldn't last a week!!!

Stop the crap about christian state and crap that frightens the people and DO YOUR JOB!!!!

Anonymous said...

@Tomasi 8:35 AM

"The petition has the backing of people in Fiji and abroad"

How many people that are citizens of Fiji and live in Fiji?

If you can answer the above, do you consider it a fair representation of the voting population?

Anonymous said...

ISIS freezes 45 people to death after they tried to flee terror group's Iraqi stronghold

ISIS terrorists forced 45 of its own terrified men into a forensic freezer and left them to die slowly, it has been reported.

The terror fiends committed the sickening act because the men retreated from advancing Iraqi government forces, reports Al Sumaria News.

A source said the victims were placed in a forensic medicine freezer in the ISIS stronghold of Mosul for 24 hours.

After slowly dying from the extreme cold their frozen bodies were placed at roads leading into the city to act as a warning to others.

Last month Islamic State proudly released a sickening video showing two men being tied up in a building - which is then blown up.

The harrowing footage - produced by the terror group's slick propaganda machine - shows the two clearly terrified men being interviewed before their horrifying death.

The video, titled 'It does not benefit you to flee' was reportedly filmed on March 8 in Syria.

Islamic State may have released the video to discourage defectors and those living under their brutal regime from fleeing.

As the terror group loses territory to its opponents and cash due to air strikes on oil infrastructure, many of its fighters have deserted.

Tomasi said...

@Anon 12.20 pm. Based on your question as to how many people backed or supported the petition, we may conclude that truth and justice is primarily a function of numbers. If more people say it is good or right or just, then it must be so.

Please know that justice and righteousness and truth are not necessarily a function of how many. You see, the majority may be wrong and blind to see the truth. The truth is incontrovertible, Malice may distort it, ignorance may deride it, but there it stands.

That is precisely the assumption of Khai and Bhai when they engineered the election process to gain legitimacy and respectability through a majority vote count. The majority may be wrong and the minority may be right. In fact, that is generally the reality.

So I would ask you to try and obtain a copy of the petition from any of the sources I have told you. Study the petition and judge its merits and demerits for yourself. Please ignore what others think or say. Be honest about what you think about it. Then decide where you stand in relation to its substance. I am sure you are smart and wise enough to discern the truth.

Rajend Naidu said...

The families and friends of the 96 soccer fans crushed to death in the Liverpool Football Stadium collapse fought for 27 long years to get truth and justice on what really happened on that fateful day. They said from the very beginning of their campaign for truth and justice that the official version of events was a lie and a coverup and an attempt by the police to shift the blame onto drunk and rawdy football fans.
The police were themselves to blame for precipitating the incident.
Now with the inquest judgement handed down the activists have been vindicated .
Truth and justice have a way of coming out in the end. Only sometimes it takes longer.
In our fight for truth and justice we must persevere and not despair no matter the odds.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

@Tomasi 1:02 AM

Tomasi, as always you spend more time pontificating than simply giving an answer to a straightforward question.

We can see straight through you.

Anonymous said...


The coup that Franky boy did to save his life was made by a minority of 1 against a majority of many.
I believe the majority was right.
How can we actually know who is right and who is wrong just from "numbers"?

If only Qarase didn't pay the 50,000$ lawyers fee of those extremists that were on trial after 2000 and didn't accept them in SDL, if only he had been more confident in his chances to win, then we wouldn't be there today. Scrapping the reconciliation bill was no big deal. Look where we are today... a petition....really?!?! you should know better by now...

Anonymous said...

IF ONLY Frank Bainimarama had respected the court decision instead of hand picking Qarase and installing him as PM then perhaps we would still be a democracy that puts the primacy of the rule of law over the country's army commander. But shit has happened and the people of Fiji will have to learn with what they have now - a dictatorship masquerading as democracy with all the accompanying paraphernalia .

Rajend Naidu said...

We learn from Roland Koroi's empathetic article ' Tale of Pain' ( Fiji Times 2/5 ) that " At 60 years and with no income or financial support " for Mereani Maramaji life is a struggle for survival compounded by the fact that she has " two primary school aged granddaughter who were abandoned by their mother" to look after as well.
Was the Social Welfare Department asked why this widowed grandmother was not receiving welfare support?
Isn't she the kind of people Social Welfare is meant to support?
Does the SWD still have the allowance appeals system I had instituted?
Rajend Naidu
Former Assistant Director, Social Welfare Department, Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@Rajend Naidu 10:28 AM

As you very well know the standard of reporting in Fiji especially with articles like this is abysmal. Like many of these stories there is a total lack of the most basic and obvious questions asked and reported on by the journalist so that a balanced article is presented to the readers.

Why did the journalist not ask and report why after 30 years of marriage and on the death of her husband, the husbands pension went to his children of a previous marriage?

Why did the journalist not contact the SWD for their position/advice on the matter?

Something is wrong somewhere and it does not help when Fiji has a total lack of basic investigative journalism often confused with media censorship.

Anonymous said...

The Fiji Times journalist wrote an empathetic piece on the plight of the 60 year old who had no income and was without any financial support. But he should have delved deeper into why that should be so and he didn't . That was the point Rajend naidu made. But yes journalism has become very superficial in Fiji, hasn't it? And, training workshop like the one they had recently in Nadi has apparently brought about no real change.

Anonymous said...

@11.17am Probably because he owed child maintenance from the previous marriage therefore his pension was stripped and given to them to cover whatever costs he failed to pay.

Anonymous said...

Too many dumb cunts on here,the woman(grand mother) is only telling her side of the story.There are many people involved in this issue,3 have passed away(Her son and grand son,husband) leaving unanswered questions and a mother who is irresponsible and a complete fuck head who abandon her 2 children.Now who knows wtf happened with her husbands previous marriage,he could of been taken to court and had some confidential things regarding with family law sorted out.SWD would tell the journalist to butt out as its in the hands of the courts,lawyers and the recipients of his pension.The journalist should be looking for the mother,I'm sorry I meant looking for the irresponsible bastard who abandon these two kids and held accountable for negligence.Come on Fiji police get your act together and clamp down on these parasites.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with the grandmother " only telling her side of the story"? Whose side should she be telling? It was for the journalist covering the story to get other sides of the story. But half-baked journalism is the new norm in journalism in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@12:55 PM
the very family of Bainimarama is facing similar issues, from what we have learned on this blog.
that bastard who is using his daughter as prostitute in order to pay for work on the land he got from corrupt Bainimarama.
I bet you she must be pregnant all the time with many babies!!!

How can the law put its nose in people's affairs?
I believe they should provide better sex education to young girls especially as they are more likely to end up being taken
advantage of. Men won't put condoms, so they need to have access to female contraception. Otherwise, this sort of crap will keep happening and it's a huge burden on the state.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:55 PM

"Too many dumb c**** on here"

Your'e right there, and a good example of them.

Whilst the SWD are not at liberty to comment on individual cases, and rightfully so, they would have, or should have been able to advise a journalist as to how they can assist in a situation such as this.

This type of information then put out in the media acts as help and guidance to others also.

The issue is that the children need and deserve financial support, the press reporter failed to ignore or did not recognise the basic question as to why this was not happening via state welfare systems.

Anonymous said...

@2.10pm Who is going to give financial support?I hope it's the mother whom abandon them.

Anonymous said...

Highly agree 2.06 it will keep happening and they will keep expecting FREEBIES!

Anonymous said...

Fiji Army should find the mother and beat her up. Make her run around the rugby ground at Delainabua and Bainimarama should jump up and down on her stomach like when he did to Buadromo.
Meanwhile while we are al looking for this woman , the Social Welfare Department should support these 3 citizens.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:30 PM

"Who is going to give financial support"

Hopefully there is something within the welfare system that they are entitled to due to the circumstances it is alleged they are in. If there isn't there should be.

"I hope it's the mother whom abandon them."

Well it appears she has not been from the article.

Anonymous said...

AT 60 years and with no income or financial support, Mereani Marama says survival has truly been through "God's grace".
She has chosen to publicise her struggle because she is finding it difficult to take care of her two primary school-aged granddaughters who were abandoned by their mother at a Lautoka depot when they were babies, the younger barely four days old at the time.
Their life has been one marred by misfortunes, tragedy picking off the male breadwinners in their lives, beginning with the children's father who was murdered in 2007.
Mrs Marama and the girls, now aged 12 and 11 years, live at a settlement just outside Lautoka.
"My son was involved with the girls' mother but they never married," she explained.
"Their mother was separated from her previous husband who was overseas but was still paying for her rent because they also had children together.
"Once her ex-husband found out she was pregnant with her second child to my son, he threatened to stop all financial support.
"So one day she took the two children and left them at the Lautoka depot. My elder grand-daughter was only a year old and the younger one was just four days old at that time."
Mrs Marama said a worker at the depot recognised the woman and called her son and alerted him of the abandonment of the babies.
"My son picked them up and brought them straight to me. I will never forget that day when he stood at my doorstep, carrying both children. He looked at me and said, 'Mom, these are my children, and they have nowhere to go.
"What did I do? I just wept and told him, they're my grandchildren, this is their home."
Mrs Marama said her efforts to reunite the children with their mother had been unsuccessful.
"I got in touch with their mother on numerous occasions and told her no matter what happened, the door to our home was always open if she ever wanted to visit her daughters. Unfortunately, from that day until now, she has never made contact."
She said the girls were curious about their mother and yearned to know what she looked like.
"It pains me every time they ask but I've always told them that God has a plan for them and that if it's His will for them to meet one day, then they will."

Anonymous said...

Everything seemed fine for three years until disaster struck.
"In 2007, the girls' father was murdered in Kashmir, Lautoka. It was a sad day for us but we moved on and were being supported by another grandson of mine who was working in Lautoka as well as my husband's pension."
Not long after the girl's father died, her grandson who was supporting them suffered an allergic reaction and also died.
"Finally it was just my husband and I supporting our granddaughters but eventually, my husband died of old age. He was 73."
When this happened, all Social Welfare support ceased as his pension, she claimed, went to his children from his previous marriage.
"My husband and I were married for almost 30 years and when he finally died, I felt really helpless. Especially when I found out that I wouldn't be getting any more financial help."
Since then, life has been an endless tale of pain and struggle.
Mrs Marama wiped her tears as she revealed their daily routine.
"Sometimes when we wake up, I divide what little food we have into two so we can have enough for breakfast and for dinner and we go without lunch.
"At times, the girls already know that we have nothing to eat so before I can say anything to them, they just tell me that we will all be fasting on that day.
"But I thank God that every time we run out of food, He always provides for us."
The Fiji Times team arrived at their house just before dark to find the two girls returning from gathering firewood.
At night, they use an old mason jar filled with kerosene with a wick stuffed through the lid as their source of light.
"I'm very thankful to the teachers of Drasa Primary School. They bought us a battery operated lantern that the girls can now use to study at night and they also brought us some food."
When asked about their future and how she thinks things will turn out for them, Mrs Marama chokes back her tears as she relates her daily advice to the two girls.
"Whenever I get the chance, I always tell them that I am old and I don't have long to live. I keep giving them advice about life so they can be ready for whatever happens. I keep telling them that if I die, God will provide a path for them and they should take it with a positive attitude.
"For now, we are just living by God's grace. It's really difficult, I will not lie about that, but I believe that it was God's will that brought my two beautiful grandchildren to my doorstep on that day in 2004, and I will stand by them through thick and thin, no matter what happens."

Anonymous said...

When I hear or read stories like this I always wonder where are the close or extended relatives?Where is the village ties?You cannot let your own wonder like that,If I was in such a desperate situation I will send them to my village because I know my people will always look after our flesh and blood no matter what you will never go starving in the village or doing nothing there is always something to do and a close bond amongst the people.I hope something can be done.

Anonymous said...

@anon 3.37PM. When did you last visit your village? Do you know how many indigenous Fijians are on state welfare?

Anonymous said...

@8.13 Last month how about you?Its not a matter of how many?it's more of what is there to do to reduce dependency on welfare.Being on welfare won't solve any problems unless you want to promote a dependency syndrome on the government and tax payers.

Anonymous said...

She should write to MP Rosy Akbar explaining her situation they will send people around to do an assessment.She can get help from the benefit scheme, I know some people here in my neighbourhood on it.They get food vouchers and money every month to assist them for the month from government.Some local NGO's donate a lot of clothes and shoes to try to help them find employment etc.

Anonymous said...

Can the old woman get the assistance she needs without having to write to MP RosyAkbar? Will writing to Akbar and getting the assistance mean voting for her and her Fiji First Party at the next election?

Anonymous said...

9.55 She will have to submit an application to social welfare department seeking assistance,they will then evaluate her circumstances and give a score whether she qualifies for the poverty benefit scheme or not.A welfare officer will be sent out to her home for a visit and further interviews conducted, the decision is down to the department.If her application is successful,the case will be registered in her name and she will be required to obtain her TIN registration to open a bank account to receive funds because all payments are done through bank mode.Fiji First is in charge of the social welfare portfolio it is their reforms and policies they implement.It is down to the recipients who receive their service determine whether they are satisfied or not.

Rajend Naidu said...

Crackdown on Media Freedom
We read in Reuter 2/5 article ' Eygptian police raid press syndicate, arrest two journalists ' who have been critical of the government in what the labor union called an unprecedented crackdown on the media.
Labor union officials said this was the first time that police raided its building - a traditional spot in downtown Cairo for staging protests - as authorities seek to quell rising dissent against president Abdel Fattah Sisi.
Protest erupted on April 15 against Sisi's decision to hand over two islands to Saudi Arabia, with thousands calling for the government to fall, a slogan from the 2011 Arab Spring uprising.
The protests signal that the former military general no longer enjoys the broad public support that allowed him to round up thousands of opponents after he seized power in 2013.
Even the local media which once suggested Sisi could do no wrong have been saying the government has been mis governing.
The recent death of 28 year old Italian student in Cairo with torture marks on him indicating he died at the hands of the security forces is the kind of State brutality that led to the Arab Spring uprising.
Power corrupts and with his power grab and dictatorial style of rule the former military general Abdel Fattah Sisi gives good proof of that.
He of course is not the first nor will he be the last military general to do that.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Just when we thought this CUNT Rajend Naidu's gone he appeared out of nowhere!!! JUST FUCK OFF RAJEND MOTHERFUCKER.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 8.44 AM
Where did you get that idea that " just when we thought this cunt rajend Naidu's gone he appeared out of nowhere" . Rajend Naidu has been around without taking a break from 14 May 1987 when Fiji had its first military coup!!! It's only an arsehole like you who wishes he'd be gone. But that's not going to happen arsehole. Get used to that!

Anonymous said...

Anon@9.27AM. Yes you're correct, the cunt Rajend Naidu has been around and you're always sucking his cock.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:45 PM

Shouldn't you be outside playing with you school chums rather than making a fool of yourself.

Come back when you have something constructive to say kid.

Anonymous said...

anon@10.53AM. Sorry did someone disturb you and Rajend sucking cocks? hahahahaha Maybe you vutulaki while staring at Rajend's picture? oilei hahahahaha

KUA NI RERE said...

Na ka ga a yaco vei Rt iloilo sa yaco tu qo vei Bainimarama.
Bai is well and truly manipulated by QORVIS.
Bai is an evil person. He is full of himself; egotestical; narcissistic and a psychopathic bitch. That is why even though people are fooled into thinking that we are living in a Democracy; the truth is we aint. Bainimarama has willing evil partners like Jiko Luveni and the rest of the FFP who CONTINUOUSLY ERODE THE DEMOCRATIC PROCESS INORDER TO SERVE THEIR MASTER Bainisona.
And then ontop of that you have egotestical maniacs like Reddy and kaiyum.
And this is why Fiji is FARKED!

Qo na ka sa yaco tiko e Viti e na gauna qo. Kemuni na sotia ulukau ni totaki Bainisona tiko, ni sega tiko ni kila na ka e sa ratou monataka tu o QORVIS, oya moni volitaki na kaiViti ka kautani mai vei kemuni na nomuni qele.

Sa ra lai vakatavulici o ira na gone lalai ena SEX EDUCATION.
Mei cavai?
E sera gone. laivi ira mada mera kitaka na bula ni gone.
Qo o kemuni na turaga kei na marama e mona taka mai o QORVIS me rawa ni vakamlumalumutaki kina na noda i tovo na i taukei.
Kevaka ra via vicai o ira na kaivalagi yabaki 12 laivi ira mera veicai tiko yani.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree too.

If a lot of women get raped and since abortion is not an option, then intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD) is a great solution, thought it doesn'tt protect from diseases.
There are also hormonal IUD lasting for 5 years.
I am told that in some of our secondary schools, one in three schoolgirls gets pregnant before finishing her studies! That is catastrophic,
It would be advisable for a nurse to talk to those girls and let them know about preventive options.
No one in their right mind would want to have babies before 20-something in this day and age. The Government has
to take into account the reality of youths these days.

Having too many unwanted babies will lead to serious social problems, collapse of order, rise of crime, etc...
Let's protect Fiji girls first since apparently men are not about to change...

Anonymous said...

Church raises sex education worry

Felix Chaudhary
Tuesday, May 03, 2016

THE Methodist Church in Fiji says any type of sex education taught in schools should be conveyed from a moral perspective.

Speaking in response to questions raised by this newspaper about explicit sex education to Year 7 and Year 8 students, the church's secretary for education, Waisake Ravatu, said they were already aware of and had raised concerns with the Education Ministry about sex education in a subject called Healthy Living.

"When church leadership met with the Minister for Education last year, this issue was raised by us, especially the need to have moral values education to be part and parcel of Healthy Living with regards to any type of sex education," he said.

"The Permanent Secretary for Education informed the meeting that this would be removed from the curriculum.

"We are following this up with the permanent secretary."

The church's response came in the wake of concerns raised by concerned parents, grandparents and the Fiji Teachers Union about what children were taught because it conflicted the values the information shared subject matter being taught to Year 7 and Year 8 students in regards to sexuality and relationships.

Education Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy has ordered an investigation into the subject matter and how it is being taught.

Anonymous said...

There is such a huge gap between the position of the church and the grassroot reality. I have seen kids not even 10 years old walking around with porn magazines in small villages with competing churches...

Anyway. Good luck.


A common plant used by Hindus for prayers is now linked to a date-rape drug, Police confirm.

Datura is commonly used by Hindus during the worship of Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga. The fruit and its flowers have long been known to have intoxicating effects.

Now, Police have confirmed that the seeds of the plant are being crushed and mixed with kava (yaqona) which is then given to unsuspecting women.

Police drug unit officer in charge Inspector Anare Masitabua confirmed that Datura was now “widely used in villages” to intoxicate women who were than sexually assaulted.

“Datura has been around for ages. Once before in 1998 and 1999 it was being used in Navosa, but now we have started receiving information that it’s being widely used in villages by people who add it to yaqona to intoxicate women.

“From the reports that we have been receiving, a lot of people have been victims of this. However, not many have been coming forward mainly because the effects of consuming Datura lasts for days and the drinker’s recollection gets hazy.

“Those who drink can also pass out and leave them susceptible to sexual assault.”

Police have called on people especially women to be vigilant when out drinking with people they are not familiar with.


Sadly, women should probably be careful when drinking with people they ARE familiar with too. The huge majority of rapes are commited by people known by the victim!

@1:14 PM Another good reason for women to be on IUD at all times... Crazy.

Anonymous said...

Good initiative of Mr. Teleni.
It will help curb the problems Fiji is facing.


GOVERNMENT is developing a strategy to address the country's security issues, which would include a possible ban on the accessibility of obscene websites in Fiji.

This was confirmed by the chairman of the National Security and Defence Review Committee, Esala Teleni, who said the new strategy would be finalised in the coming weeks.

"Right now, I am looking at an overarching strategy that will address the security issues and concerns to Fiji," Mr Teleni said.

Defence Minister Timoci Natuva said at the moment children were able to see things that they should not see on the internet.

"In the security council, we are trying to come up with initiatives, if possible to stop all sites (the obscene sites)," Mr Natuva said.

He said while this was a bit difficult at the moment, his office was liaising with telecommunications companies on how to do it.

Speaking in Parliament last week, Mr Natuva said attempting to ban obscene sites in the country was difficult because it was a source of information for people who used it.

He said while blocking obscene websites would somewhat assist in the eradication of domestic issues in the country, parents played an important role as well on the issue.

"Now, if all the parents of each house give what is supposed to be good parenting and tell the children what to do because the children of today display very volatile behaviour," Mr Natuva said.

Anonymous said...

They should also ban social networking websites like facebook it is damaging communities.The coup blogs should also be banned because they are anti government and promote extremist nationalism.Some videos on Youtube must also be banned like videos that promote racist nationalism and xenophobia.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Teleni,I hope government will implement such a welcoming policie.Social media,pornography,violent videos and inappropriate content can all be removed from the public eye and ears as this has lead to poisoning the minds and decaying our society.

All these nude pornographic megazines to be removed from all book shops, service stations and retail stores.Some of the music that are played on our radios must be banned, as I've heard the artists lyrics are very misogynist and degrading women,promoting crime and violence,vulgar and the encouragement of doing and selling drugs.

Mr Natuva said "attempting to ban obscene sites in the country was difficult because it was a source of information for people who used it." Who the freaking hell sees such obscene things as source of information? It is nothing more than absolute garbage filth.

Remove and ban it all,Fiji does not need it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's the way to go. Let's ban everything that could possibly have a negative impact on someone and society.

We'll start with cars, some drive them dangerously so they can all be banned.

Alcohol next, because there's always someone it might tempt to consume too much so let's stop it all together.

Then there's the buses because the fumes from some are killing our children so to eradicate all possibility of this all can be removed from the roads.

Perhaps what we should really be doing is asking the parents WHY they are allowing the children to have unsupervised and uncontrolled access to the internet?

Also ask those who think they are going to come up with some way of stopping access to what THEY consider a bad influence exactly WHAT substantive evidence they have that those things are the cause of the problems.

How many of those convicted daily in Fiji for sex crimes were driven to their actions by seeing obscene and pornographic material?

Anonymous said...

Good lets ban it atleast government is going straight for the roots of the problem.If cars and buses are next on the list,well think of all the good things it will do to our enviornment.Fiji will have one of the cleanest freshest air and we can go green eco friendly.You think stupid parents will answer your questions of why they give their children access to the internet?Since they are already stupid they will probably reply with something like "We do what the fark we want betch!,whose paying my bills you or me?"Most of these parents will probably come from well off backgrounds to supply their children with gadgets and unlimited supply of internet.Ban it!! good riddance.

Anonymous said...

THE Ministry of Education is investigating an incident where nude pictures of a teacher were posted on social media.

Minister for Education Dr Mahendra Reddy confirmed a preliminary investigation has been carried out.

The matter was brought to light by concerned parents and teachers who were worried that students who had access to social media could come across the nude pictures.

The investigation would try to establish whether the teacher had posted the pictures herself as alleged by some or whether it had been posted by another person.

Dr Reddy said his ministry would take appropriate action following the completion of their investigation.

However, he also reminded teachers that they were role models to students.

"Education is not only about teaching mathematics and English but more than that.

"It also involves teaching values and virtues that will assist us to secure well-cultured Fijians in future Fiji," he said.

Meanwhile, the incident has sparked a stern warning from police that posting pictures of people without their consent was a crime.

"Stop doing this. It is not healthy to do these things when our children are also using social media," director of investigations and intelligence ACP Luke Navela said.

He said there was no law against those who uploaded their own pictures but to upload someone else's picture was an offence.

Rajend Naidu said...

We read in the Guardian 4/5 that Amnesty International has given its top 2016 human rights awards to Grammy award-winning musician Angelique Kidgo and to three African youth activist movements for their work standing up to injustice.
Kidgo fled her homeland in the 1980s after being pressured to perform for the country's repressive regime.
Kidgo and her fellow awardees have shown exceptional courage to campaign for the right to freedom of expression, the right to peaceful protest, against corruption and land grabs, for social justice and democratic governance.
Humanity benefits from the presence of such people in our midst.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:43 PM

There is a school of thought that suggests that pornography is not the root cause of such things as rape or encouraging sexual predators.

Some say it has a purpose in that many will satisfy themselves looking at such stuff in books or on the net rather than seek out victims for their lust.

I do not know the answers, but am aware that in some countries where porn books could be purchased from vending machines on the street 40 years ago, red light areas and prostitution were and are still widespread sex crimes are now minimal.

Whatever, Fiji would never be able to control what is accessible on the internet, it can't even stop the illegal sale of DVDs from shops in the centre of town.

Anonymous said...

While I agree that mobile phone and computer is an important communication tool I do not think it's a good idea to allow students to have unfettered access to their usage during classes or even after school hours.

If I had my way I will ban the students from carrying their phones to school.

It must be understood that young children particularly those of primary school age are often very inquisitive and have a strong propensity to being easily influenced by others' behaviour. Admittedly our primary and secondary school students are not matured enough to exercise their own judgement to discern for themselves as to what is good and what is bad for them.

This new wave of communication shock is too much for them to handle at this tender age. Lately I was horrified to see how some kids exploit their freedom once they are in possession of a mobile phone to try out all the features to the extent of accessing internet and joining facebook chat groups like Fiji expose.

The impact of their exposure to social media sites such as Facebook can corrupt their innocent minds hence I will have to agree with those who wish to see it banned.

By the way is there any restriction on the age of the person seeking registration of a mobile phone?

Anonymous said...

Hhahahahahahahaha this reminds me of the days when they pulled down and banned the sotia central website.Well there you go internet addicts its time to start banging some pots and bans and holding placards saying "WE LOVE OUR INTERNET!"

KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 3:11PM
Can you please tell us the name of that country so that we can research it.
And what does "minimal" mean ?

Anonymous said...


Indonesian police have confiscated a sex toy from a remote village after its inhabitants and some on social media mistook it for an "angel".

The doll was found in March floating in the sea by a fisherman in the Banggai islands in Sulawesi province.

His family took care of the doll, and pictures soon spread online along with claims it was an angel.

Police investigated amid fears the rumours would cause unrest, and found it was in fact an inflatable sex doll.

Anonymous said...

@Kua Ni Rere 3:35 PM

Denmark is one of the countries where studies have been done suggesting the legalisation of pornography has reduced certain sex crimes, take reduced as they have not increased at a rate equivalent to the general trend worldwide.

Personally I have never studied the subject but as with everything there are always two sides.

KUA NI RERE said...

Can you tell me which STUDY or Figures you were looking at, because I just quickly looked up Wikipedia and it say that DENMARK HAS THE HIGHEST PREVALENCE OF SEXUAL VIOLENCE AND PHYSICAL VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN in the whole of Europe .....



Although only approximately 500 rapes are reported to the Danish police annually, several studies estimate that only a small minority of all rapes are actually reported, and only one in five reported rapes result in a conviction in court.[70][71] For example, according to a 2014 study published by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, Denmark had the highest prevalence rate of physical and sexual violence against women in Europe.[72][73]

The Danish government was harshly criticized for inadequate laws in regard to sexual violence in a 2008 report produced by Amnesty International.[74] The Danish criminal provisions regarding sexual crimes had remained nearly unchanged for 30 years, which lead Amnesty International to declare that "legislation on rape and sexual violence [conflicted] with human rights principles concerning the need to protect an individual's sexual and physical integrity and right to self-determination."[75] The organization repeatedly urged Denmark to bring legislation on rape in line with international law over several years,[76] which lead to an amendment to the sexual offences code in 2013, following a change in government after the 2011 elections.[77][78]

Sexual offences (Danish: Seksualforbrydelser) are defined in the Danish Penal Code, Chapter 24, Section 216-236. References in legislation to marriage were removed following the 2013 amendment (previously providing for a reduced sentence or a pardon),[75] and sexual acts performed on victims in a helpless state now also count as rape.[78][79]

In Denmark it was only 1999 that the first rape crisis centre was established.[80]

Anonymous said...

@Kua Ni Rere 4:25 PM

What you refer to is the concern regarding the legislation treating sexual offenders. That is totally different to the affect of pornography access on society.


Berl Kutchinsky (1935 - 1995) was a Danish Professor of Criminology at the University of Copenhagen.[1][2] He became internationally famous for his studies in the public health effects of pornography.

He was based in Denmark, which in 1969 became the first country to legalize hardcore pornography[1][3] Sweden followed suit in 1970, and West Germany in 1973.[1] Kutchinsky was therefore in a unique position to study the effect of pornography on a massive scale. Over the next two decades Kutchinsky carried out extensive research into crime statistics in the three countries.[1] His findings were that increased availability of pornography had not led to an increase in sexual violence.[1] He found that the incidence of certain sex crimes had in fact fallen, including rates of child sexual abuse in Denmark.[1]

His first work on the subject, Studies on Pornography and sex crimes in Denmark (1970), was a scientific report ordered by the United States' President's Commission on Obscenity and Pornography. It found that the legalizing of pornography in Denmark had not (as had been expected) resulted in an increase in sex crimes.[4]

Anonymous said...

Denmark and Europe is filled up with too many Muslim immigrants and refugees,60% of sexual assaults were committed by Muslims.In Germany Syrian refugees went on a sexual rampage assualting women.In the UK growing tensions between the English and Muslim South East Asian communities again due to grooming,sexual exploitation and human trafficking.Again France,Italy and the Netherlands we see the same thing.They don't belong to European cultures and soon they will try to enter the Southern Hemisphere let's hope we take the same approach as the Aussies and tell them to piss off!.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't use a study in Denmark as a reference point.
If porn is accessible in a village, my belief is that it will lead to more crime, not less.
Denmark, I suppose, is a very urban country where prostitutes are everywhere, like in Suva or Nadi.
But where are the prostitutes in a village?

Anyway, the whole thing is not good. I think banning indecent stuff from the internet is important.
If it can be done easily, let's do it.

What is the Sextapo doing?

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 5.28pm Hahahahhahahahahahahaha sorry to burst your bubble but they are already here.

FIJI has 13 confirmed refugees in the country.

This was revealed yesterday by Immigration Department Director Nemani Vuniwaqa, who said the foreign nationals arrived in the country through legal means.

There were initially 17 refugees.

Three, however, have since relocated to New Zealand and one Congolese national has moved on to France.

He said each asylum seeker who staked his claim at the border would undergo a Refugee Status Determination Process administered by the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

And if their claims of why they cannot return to their native country are verified, they are then given refugee status and cared for by the UNHCR, he said.

Mr Vuniwaqa said Fiji was accepting those asylum seekers because it was a signatory to the 1951 UNHCR Convention relating to the Status of Refugees.

The 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees is the key legal document in defining who is a refugee, their rights and the legal obligations of states. The 1967 Protocol removed geographical and temporal restrictions from the convention.

He explained those whose claims were not verified were sent back to their native country.

"So far, we have confirmed refugees from Afghanistan, we have Somalia, one from Pakistan, Nigeria, Eritrea, Ghana, one Congolese who moved on to France and Russians moved on to New Zealand," Mr Vuniwaqa said.

He added there was one Tunisian and one Bangladeshi who were awaiting the outcome of their refugee status determination process.

He said Fiji did not have an open door policy regarding accepting asylum seekers but would honour its obligations under the convention. Mr Vuniwaqa said Fiji was also looking at issuing refugees with a refugee passport but added there was more to do

"What Government needs to do is put in place policies of how we can accommodate or facilitate if there is a mass arrival of a boat of people of asylum seekers into the country.

"We have to put in place how we can accommodate them in terms of resources, in terms of medical care and education, and so forth, Those policies need to be put in place for us to move forward as a nation

Anonymous said...

Every refugee in Fiji will be screened appropriately to protect national security, says a top immigration official.

The number of refugees coming into the country is expected to increase says Immigration Department acting manager compliance and Investigation, Ifereimi Dakunikuila

“The department of immigration is doing a very good in job in screening refugees coming into our country as this would be a threat to our country because we are not really sure about these people’s background,” he said.

“Some can be involved in terrorists groups or activities which are a threat to our national security so it is our duty to screen them very properly before allowing them to stay in the country,” he said.

He said most of the refugees currently in Fiji were from Middle Eastern countries.

“So far there are 22 refugees registered with us and most of them are from Middle East countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan with the inclusion of Bangladesh also.

“These 22 registered refugees are all accommodated at our safe house here in Suva. This includes those that have already been approved and those that are in the process of getting approved.”

“The number of refugees in Fiji has been increasing for the last years and is expected to increase,”Mr Dakunikuila said.

Anonymous said...

Fiji has an obligation to house refugees under the 1951 Convention on Refugees signed in 1972, says Director for Immigration, Nemani Vuniwaqa.

Mr Vuniwaqa said the Convention sets a benchmark on how every signatory should facilitate any refugee or asylum seeker in any country.

“Fiji as a sovereign state and has the prerogative in abiding by these Conventions and to deal with asylum seekers or refugees. However, if Fiji chose not to abide by these Conventions then it can be regarded as a country that doesn’t fulfill or does not observe human rights issues,” Mr Vuniwaqa said.

Fiji had 17 declared refugees; three have been relocated to New Zealand and one to France while 13 others are in the country. These people have undergone refugee status determination process to be declared refugees.

These people are from Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ghana, Congo, Russia and Tunisia.

“These groups of people have the right to shelter, food and also just for their basic necessity needs,” he said.

According to Mr Vuniwaqa the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) assists the refugees in terms of funds, monthly allowances.

He said they also liaised with the Immigration department to ensure that these groups of people were cared for.

“They are not living in accommodation provided for by the state or the department but they are fending for themselves by allowances that are given to them.”

He confirmed that an asylum seeker from Afghanistan had been repatriated after his claims were not verified by the UNHCR.

Mr Vuniwaqa said many of these asylum seekers and refugees had been running to Fiji because they feared for their safety.

“Not all that has made claims have been classified as refugees. Some were still in their asylum seekers stages and have been removed because their claims have not been verified that is they may have given false claims.”

He also confirmed they were in the process of facilitating these refugees with refugee passports. At this stage, he said the refugees have only been identified with refugee ID cards.

He said if some met the requirements of gaining citizenship, they could also apply. Even some, he said had gain Fijian citizenship after meeting the requirements.

“This is something employers too will have to accept the fact that they will be coming with those refugees ID’s and for them to be accepted. What we need to accept is the fact that it would be a brain gain for Fiji; the level of expertise and skills that these refugees will come with.”

Mr Vuniwaqa however said these refugees needed to get through other processes before they would be eligible to also work while being here as a refugee.

“As a way forward what Government needs to do is put in place policies and how we can accommodate and how we can facilitate if there’s a mass arrival of refugees or boat people or asylum seekers into the country.

“We have to put in place how we can accommodate them in terms of resources, medical care, education. These are policies need to be put in place in order for us to move forward as a nation.”

Anonymous said...

Ban the pornography,social media and violent material however keep the educational and news articles open for everyone.Controlling and filtering out all the bad can hopefully restore a clean and educated mindset for all.We should remove all things that are damaging our minds and keep all the good things that improves us.We cannot let technology take over us but instead we take control of technology.

Anonymous said...

The Congolese who moved to France was interviewed by the Fiji Times. I think he was a taxi driver.
Fiji will probably never be more than a transit country, let's get real. Why do you think he moved to France?
Why are the others going to NZ? With that "invasion" of 10 or so refugees, I don't think Fiji is really under threat at the moment... maybe we can thanks Franky Boy for that... Our refugees are Chinese investors and Chinese kalavos.

Anonymous said...

SPECTATORS thanked and commended police officers and organisers for a job well done in ensuring a violence free and safe 2016 Coca-Cola games over the weekend.

The crowd were mesmerised by the edge of the seats performance by athletes of the various schools who competed with such great competitiveness.

Hundreds of supporters flocked into the ANZ Stadium in their school colours whether they were current students or former scholars, they were just there to cheer their schools on.

Inoke Nakacia, 26, who was part of the crowd said they were happy with the efficient work of the police, the game's securities and organisers.

Mr Nakacia said this was one Coke Games that no one was dragged outside for misbehaving, maybe there was one flag that was burned by some and some quarrels but nothing major happened.

"They really helped us in a way that we could enjoy watching the games with their ever watchful keen eyes," Mr Nakacia said.

Police spokesperson Inspector Josaia Weicavu said they had dispatched around 46 officers to the games to ensure the safety of both the supporters and the athletes.


"maybe there was one flag that was burned "
what?!? This is a outrageous!!!!!
with the new Khaiyum law, it is a serious crime!

Anonymous said...

@5:12 PM
Its obvious that Professor of Criminology Mr Kutchinski was wrong.
He said Violent Sexual Crimes went down, when the latest 2014 statistics shows that DENMARK IS NOW EMBARRASSINGLY THE MOST SEXUALLY VIOLENT COUNTRY IN EUROPE.

Boso kerekere mo analyse taka vaka vinaka so na ka o wilika tiko BECAUSE WE DONT WANT TO WASTE OUR TIME READING BULLSHIT.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:53 PM

"It's obvious that Professor of Criminology Mr Kutchinski was wrong"

It's not obvious to anyone that cares to read his studies, take account of the subject and consider when it was done. Suggesting that he was wrong with nothing to substantiate that, well, that is bullshit and a waste of time.

His study was to do with the results of sex crimes after making pornography legal, or in other words more easily available.

You are confusing his studies back in the 1970s with basic sex crime figures and comparisons with other countries of today.

Crime of all types has increased significantly. 20 years ago you would hardly ever hear of someone walking into a school and shooting a bunch of kids, it happens regularly in the USA now, guns have always been easily available it's the people that have changed.

Anonymous said...

The increase of gun crime in the USA is linked to present modern day culture. This involves violent video games, violent block buster movies, violent music, mass advertisements of gun ownership, YouTube videos of military battles in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Mexico and South Africa in fact any modern day war conflict around the world. The promotion of gang culture and crime by Hollywood films like Sicario, Gangster squad, Get rich or die trying, Godfather, Scarface, Boyz n the hood etc. This is all available to view on the internet without regulation and control. Go on YouTube and type fire fight Afghanistan US Marine soldiers or Syria war combat videos or the new trend search "GO PRO CAMERA" Iraq battles. What about gun advertisement? Search FPS RUSSIA or Shooting my AR15 all on YouTube.
1996 was much safer because people didn't have much time on the internet or computer. Many had jobs and a life to attend to. Many were still using type writers and computers were only seen in government and business organizations. Students were often seen completing their assignments or in a library reading millions of books. Children in those days were less obese and had numerous sporting activities to attend too whether basketball, rugby, swimming, canoeing etc. People were far more social and seen in groups chatting away unlike today where you find everyone at such a young age found being idle and aimless looking down staring into a screen (mobile phone).For those who are calling for a ban well let’s hope there can be some measures introduced to safe guard what can be seen and cannot. The internet is vital for information but information must be filtered so that all the garbage and unnecessary material be rebuked.

KUA NI RERE said...

To the person that hacked into my posting at 8:53 PM; I want to share a verse from the Bible with you:

REVELATION 20:1-2 " And I saw an angel coming down from Heaven, having the key of the Abyss and A GREAT CHAIN IN HIS HAND. And he laid hold of The Dragon, the serpent of old, who is the devil and Satan and bound him..."

LOL. Hahahahahahaha. Hahahahahaha. Are you crapping your pants yet?

Answer me dumb arsehole, how many angels did it take to TIE UP YOUR BOSS?

Hahahahaha. Yes! ONLY ONE ANGEL. Hahahahahahaha.
Thats right Dumbass. Takes only ONE angel to tie up your Boss Satan. And GOD Jehovah has thousands of Angels. Hahahahahahaha.

Guess how many are protecting me Dumbasss? Hahahahaha., More than one.

So you go tell your boss Satan, I am not afraid of him.

Have you finished crapping your pants yet LOSER.

Yes. I am on the WINNING TEAM and you are on the losing team; LOSER!

Rajend Naidu said...

Across The Board Accountability
We read in Reuter's 4/5 article ' Pakistan army launches inquiry into political worker's death' that Army chief on Wdnesday ordered an inquiry into the death of a political activist in custody of the paramilitary Rangers Force .
The MQM a secular party has accused the Rangers of having carried out dozens of extra judicial killings of party members since 2013.
Aftab Hussain, a prominent activist and aide to Farooq Sattar the MQM leader in the National Assembly was arrested at his house on Sunday and died on Tuesday. The Rangers initially said Hussain died of a heart attack, but the MQM said Hussain was " extra-judicially killed" in the Force's custody.
Army chief Gen.Raheel Sharif said ensuring " across the board accountability" was essential for good democratic rule.
Who can disagree with that?
Good democratic rule is often undermined when people in political power and people in the military regard themselves outside the scope of democratic accountability - not only in Pakistan.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon 5.28. I agree that we will need to take a hard look at the type of refugees we will take in if any. However may i correct you on something. Islam is not a race. Please understand this as this is very important. The folks who are "polluting" Europe are largely Arabs and Africans who happen to be following the religion of Islam. These are some of the most uncouth and uncivilized people on the planet who have not really left the medieval dark ages. Their are millions or billions of other Muslims from other parts of the world Indonesia, Malaysia, China (100 million), Russia India and other places who are unlike these folks settling in Europe.
Islam is a draconian barbaric faith just like Christianity however unlike Christians some Muslims have never stopped taking the religion literally and thus the likes of ISIS.

Rajend Naidu said...

Press Freedom
You know press freedom is alive and well in a country when an individual citizen can speak his mind freely as Hugh McGowan does in his letter to the Canberra Times 4/5.
He says " Immigration Minister Peter Dutton's comment about advocates for refugees are absolutely appalling. The Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull should immediately remove him from this portfolio as he has, again. displayed serious ineptitude for this role. Mr Dutton should be utterly ashamed of his attitude towards those who are fleeing persecution from where they came".
Many other citizens have publicly questioned Mr Dutton's suitability for this ministerial position. His lack of empathy, bombastic attitude and warped reasoning.
You know you living in a free country when citizens can do that without fear.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...


Rajend Naidu said...

Political Propaganda v Political Reality
Gwenyth Bay helps us with a good distinction between the two ( letter Canberra Times 6/5 ). She writes " Israeli ambassador Shmuel Ben Shmuel says " No other nation in history ...has ever adhered to higher standards of human rights, been more sensitive to the safety of innocent citizens or been willing to take more risks for peace"
Does that include stealing Palestian land and building settlements, setting up hundreds of check points, burning or uprooting Palestian olive orchards,incarcerating children , arresting people in the middle of the night, executing of imprisoning suspects without trial or building a separation wall that prevents Palestians from leading normal lives , to name a few of Israel's high standards of human rights?".
One, of course, should not be surprised by what the Israeli ambassador says. As a State functionary he will peddle State propaganda. Not too long back the Sri Lankan ambassador to Australia was doing the same. He was trying to portray Sri Lankan as a country where democracy was alive and well and all that at a time when a UN investigation had reported finding overwhelming evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Sri Lankan State security and military forces.
Often one will find the propaganda has no real correspondence to the ground realities.
We have had some experience of our own in that regard in the aftermath of the Bainimarama coup and the establishment of a military dictatorship.
And, in Australia's case the official propaganda about the euphemistically called " detention centres" in Manus Island and Nauru does not match the concentration camp like conditions that actually prevail there as the PNG Supreme Court ruling has confirmed.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Rajend stinking cunt Naidu, Fuck Off

Anonymous said...

Get away from here you devil!, in lords almighty name I rebuke you.Be gone back to the pits and fires of hell where you belong yee gentile heathen!

Suomynona said...

Freedom of the press and quality of the press is still in a dump that one cannot even publish Frankie's bad side or his cronies without finding themselves in an interrogation room with the intimidating yet cowardly military personnel that can't even fight off terrorists or face other real world threats.

Sevuloni said...

In light on the rank I think Fiji still rank number one most defiantly at Lamusona and Kerekere.

Tui said...

There a rumors that some members of the Fiji Sun staff are on the regime's payroll. This may explain why we have not had full disclosure of the regime's spending of government funds since 2007 and the blatant bias towards the regime by the Fiji Sun!

Anonymous said...