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Thursday, May 12, 2016

NFP leader removed from Public Accounts Committee

NFP Leader Biman Prasad says he is not surprised that the Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, has removed him from the Public Accounts Committee.

Prasad says he was removed because he was asking the hard questions.

"My removal was expected because the Attorney General accused me of politicizing the Committee. 

"If thoroughly scrutinizing Auditor General’s Reports and seeking information about controversial expenditure like payment of consultancy to an Accounting firm for a study into the operations of Rewa Dairy leading to its sale, miscellaneous expenditure of Head 50 and payment of salaries of Cabinet Ministers through an Accounting Firm is politicizing the work of the Committee, then taxpayers of Fiji can no longer expect any discrepancy highlighted by the Auditor General to be scrutinized and highlighted.

"If a Government policy leads to abuse and wastage of funds, the Committee should have every right to highlight it and raise it in Parliament. With the change in the Standing Orders restricting the role of the Committee to basically only browse through reports, this scrutiny will not happen. This is ridiculous and a grave injustice to the taxpayers of Fiji."

Prasad's removal now means that Government can elect its own Chairman because it has majority members on the Public Accounts Committee – just like other Committees.

"One has to ask the Government why the change? Why is the Government frightened that an Opposition Chair is leading the scrutiny of Auditor-General’s Reports?"

The AG is on record of having lamented about the work of the Committee in July last year, two months after Prasad tabled a Consolidated report of PAC on the Auditor-General’s report from 2007 to 2009.

That report has not been debated one year after it was tabled. The Fiji Sun of 22nd July 2015 reported the AG as saying “it was premature to have a standing committee in Fiji on corruption because political maturity was lacking”.

He said there has been a culture in Fiji of standing committees being used for political point scoring.

Khaiyum had said this would not work for a standing committee on corruption, because “enquiries of corruption need to be dealt with apolitically and, with confidentiality."


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Anonymous said...

If only Fijians knew all the corruption going on with Bainimarama!
Cynics will say that corruption is the vakavanua way of doing things and it had always been like that.
For sure.
But to say that Fijians lack of maturity to have transparency? If the government was clean like I am, it wouldn't be bothered.
The fact that it is unwilling to be transparent is a PROOF of corruption.

Over the years, we have seem so many cases pointing in the same direction. Take for example Naisoso island, where Khaiyum's mum bought land without money exchanging hands (!!!) and the manager of Naisoso becomes a member of the board of Investment Fiji? It is a sum of little observations like that that makes us confident in our position.

Fiji needs a clean-up campaign...

Anonymous said...

So it means that we will never know how much money was wasted in the advertisement of the new flag on TV? We will not know how much money was flushed in the flag committee if they were paid (something we still don't know)? We will not know how much was wasted to print ads for those 23 flags that were put in many supermarkets, nor the huge public sign boards around the country?

At least, the government had to listen to Pita Waqavonovono at last and back up on the whole issue, but still the money was wasted for nothing. Pita Waqavonovono is da man!!!

Anonymous said...

MP Biman Sir, they will never let you obtain information or scrutinize their works.You need to understand the dictator mindset,it tends to seek and increase their power, that is, their control over all branches and outcome.With the leadership or authority they posses, they will yield to those who project confidence in what they do and promise more than anyone can deliver.It is evident what we (the tax payers)see before us is tyranny of the highest order.If information are to be withheld and not to be scrutinised we might as well be dumb and silent and be led, like sheep to the slaughter.

Anonymous said...

So far what has been seen is:

1.Control of public information and opinion.
2.Undue official influence on trials and juries.
3.Usurpation of undelegated powers.
4.Militarization of law enforcement.
5.Suppression of investigators and whistleblowers.
6.Subversion of internal checks and balances.
7.Creation of a class of officials who are above the law.
8.Infiltration and subversion of citizen groups that could be forces for reform.
9.Increasing public ignorance of their civic duties and reluctance to perform them.
10.Political correctness.

Anonymous said...

In the last election, I managed to convince to people who wanted to vote for Bainimarama that it was a mistake. I succeed after explaining them what would happen in a parliament without a brain to check on the accounts, so I convinced them to vote for Mr. Prasad.
Today they can see for themselves why I was right.

There is no democracy without transparency. Transparency is necessary to make up our mind. Fiji has already been ranked as a state where information is hardly accessible....we are not enough "mature"!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Intake on merit

Nasik Swami
Thursday, May 12, 2016

THE Government will re-advertise more than 30,000 civil service positions to ensure that all intakes are merit-based.

This is a move by the State to ensure efficiency within the civil service as the restructure of public servants picks momentum.

Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Justice, Law and Human Rights, Ashneel Sudhakar, whose committee is overseeing the 2014 annual report of the Public Service Commission now the Ministry of Civil Service, said those employed in the civil service would need to re-apply for their jobs.

Mr Sudhakar said as part of the re-advertisement of the positions, new positions would be on contractual basis, pressuring civil servants to perform or ship out.

He said as part of the reforms, some civil servants would be offered with options which include:

* Phasing out or retirement;

* Replacement of those appointment without merit and;

* Transfer within ministries

Mr Sudhakar said the time frame of the new changes would take two-three years and advertisements of positions would start soon.

Civil Service Ministry permanent secretary Bernadette Welch, who also presented to the committee yesterday, said for civil servants, their expectations would be embodied in their performance agreement.

Anonymous said...

Here is a plain honest fact about Fiji. Frank and Kai are in control because we have let them take control. Second fact if we do not do anything now or at least if the opposition does not plan something now we the sensible lot will loose the 2018 election again. These are the facts. We can all spew as much hate against everybody from Muslims to Indians to anyone else you want to vent your anger at these facts will not change. The Military is the only ones responsible is so far as the FF government getting into power is concerned and the block heads who voted them in are the secondary parties in this.

The opposition in particular SODELPA needs to stop worrying about the freaking GCC who are responsible for the mass we are in now by supporting the first coup. If they were as wise as they were perceived to be than they should have told Rabuka to go back to the barracks and hand power back to Dr. Bavadra. For Christs sake we will be colonizing Mars soon well at least the developed world will, the least we in Fiji can hope for is a better health service as one of the many things we need to fix. Point is we have far greater challenges ahead of us than the GCC. SODELPA needs to get in touch with the young i-taukei and when you speak to them the last bloody thing in their mind is the GCC. In my opinion the following needs to be done:

Kepa must resign ASAP. She is for the lack of a better word a dinosaur living in the dark ages.

SODELPA,NFP,FIJI LABOR AND ALL other parties must de-register.

A new party must be formed with a new younger educated leader preferably i-taukei who is not racist and looks at every citizens future entwined with the others.
Biman becomes deputy and a whole lot of new blood from all walks of life must be invited to join a strong multiracial party.

Campaign must start right away with detailed misdeeds of the government printed in vernacular and English distributed through all mediums social media in particular. The party must reflect the ethnic makeup of our country and must been seen as strong and unified.

To defeat FF the above must be done or their is no hope. Their must be only 1 opposition party so as not to confuse voters. Too many parties will ensure that the people vote for the devil they know which is really basic psychology and that will be Frank.


Anonymous said...

@Ali Baba I believe if and when the FF regime leaves and losses power, the new Fiji government will have to do a lot of investigating.Heres why?

1.We don't know the real truths of all the financial dealings this government has done dating back from 2007.
2.We don't know the full agreements they made with countries like China,India,Russia and Indonesia etc.
3.We don't know the correct estimates of the country's deficit and how much it continues to loan from private sources, world bank and the IMF.
4.We don't know how foreign aid has been utilised and managed yet alone how much has been spent.
5.We don't know how tax payers money have been spent.
6.We don't know who is advising on these policies we see come out of nowhere to be implemented?
7.We don't know whether our public assets have been sold off to whom and why?
8.We don't know the real truth and the actual truth as to why the structural reforms and to liberalise the economy?Do the people know the pros and cons of a liberalised economy?Do they know the history of such structural adjustment policies and the outcomes of effects it had done on other economies through history?
9.We don't know why their has been restriction on real information in possession of this government.
10.We don't know whose on the black list and why have they been listed?what is the real purpose?what is the fear and concerns?

There is many hidden behind the scenes and once revealed it will show the realities of the mess it has got into.The next party to win the election after FFP will have to do a lot of hard work picking up the pieces and have a highly skilled team to manage every portfolio to put things back in order.It will take atleast another 30 to 40 years for Fiji to recover and see a brighter future.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum talking about political maturity? Isn't this the guy who probably starts of doing monkey chants and ends with Star Wars during parliamentary debates? No wonder there's no political maturity because his preventing it.

Anonymous said...

The biggest namus of all. All those mfkrs posing for that picture. Dou veivutusona. Somebody light a mosquito coil, please.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Alibaba. We need a single united party for all divisions of the country.
Someone proposed the Northern-Eastern-Western-Central United Party some time ago.
That makes for a great acronym, the NEW CUP.
The logo could be a blue cup of tea with a white dove of peace on it.

FF is not our cup of tea. Dictatorial democracy must end.

Anonymous said...

A new party could be started with this man who demonstrates such excellent qualities ...............

There is no use in increasing court sentences for perpetrators - Naivalu

By Semi Turaga
Tuesday 10/05/2016

Secretary for the Department of Christian Citizenship and Social Services Reverend Iliesa Naivalu

A high‑ranking official in the Methodist Church of Fiji has objected to the increasing of prison sentences for perpetrators of violence against women and girls.

Secretary for the Department of Christian Citizenship and Social Services Reverend Iliesa Naivalu stated at the Speaker’s debate organized by the Parliament of Fiji that there is no use in increasing court sentences for perpetrators, as it does not work.

He was one of the five panelists who was part of the debate at the Grand Pacific Hotel last night.

Naivalu said long court sentences only keeps sons, husbands, fathers and grandfathers behind bars and away from their loved ones for a long period.

The former court clerk and journalist said that there should be an opportunity for remorseful perpetrators to seek forgiveness from victims.

Naivalu said human beings are sinful in nature and women including girls need to be educated on the physical, mental and emotional state of men.

Anonymous said...

For fuck sake Allen!,haven't you got anything better to do but to come on here and pester everyone with your anti religious sentiment?Go and get the biggest Tanoa you can find and the largest bilo they have in your area.Call your friends and family over,and have a big session.Make sure you request for the largest share served to you to consume and cry your heart out to those in your company about how lonely you feel and ask for a good big hug because a reverend has made things personal between you and him.Tell them bloggers don't really give a fuck about your agnostic views and we already know you hate black people and you just want attention and sometimes you feel like a lonely voice on c45.Tell them to take you out of the house or go for a good long walk during the weekends,especially on Sunday's.You can't keep going on like this, blogging 2 months straight repeating yourself about how much you hate religion and the people who follow religions.You're becoming worse then the pastor because he worship on Sunday's but you preach every damn day on here banging it into the Internet forums of your hate for religion.Even many bloggers don't know how the blog adminstrator does not see your posts as spamming?

Marika Sauturaga said...

What a fucking idiot that cunt is. As an Itaukei from the same village as him I'm so embarresed by these idiotic views from a "Man of God".....what the fuck would he know about being rape and how it affects a person.

Rapists are rubbing their hands together and thanking the lord for speaking to this fuckwit.

I'm so angry as a christian. Justice fails again.

Very sad day.

Suomynona said...

Being kicked out just because you asked the very difficult questions and the Public Accounts Committee being heavily politicized as usual through nepotism is nothing new.

I guess thats what you get when you have a high school dropout for PM and a pathetic lawyer for AG who is calling most of the shots as if Bainimagana doesn't have a clue of what Ayarse is really doing.

Anonymous said...

Fark this government,Im moving to Australia or New Zealand the sooner the better.

Anonymous said...

Yuck off

KUA NI RERE said...

Interesting Bainimarama and Kaiyum get rid of the Credit reporting Agency, Data bureau, then they get rid of this guy Biman Prasad to stop asking where the Government Money or the people's money has gone.
The only reason they would do such a thing IS SO THAT THEY CAN SHIFT MONEY AROUND ILLEGALLY and CORRUPTLY away from the prying eyes of the people.

This is another conniving trick perpetrated by Kaiyum and Bainimarama INORDER TO HOODWINK THE PUBLIC.

I dont know how members of the FIJI FIRST PARTY can continue to go on in life knowing the CORRUPTION GOING ON AMONGST THEIR RANKS.
Jiko Luveni and the rest of the Ministers must be SO FARKED UP IN THE BRAIN if they cant see what is in plain sight.

Kemuni na Sotia sa sega tale ni dua na ka me tukuni vei kemuni. O kemuni saraga ni vakatekivuna mai na vanua da sa mai tini tu kina qo. Ni yavu CORRUPT BASTARDS.
I hope you all farking die in poverty , you all bunch of farking arseholes!

Anonymous said...

Dicatorship. Dictatorship. Military backed dictatorship. When will our boys look at the facts and decide: we will defend Fiji abroad and never intervene in domestic matters. Public has freedom of expression and they can question the dictatorship as they like.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of this Gvernment.They not worth it. They corrupt. They very corrupt.They Muslimise out country. Look how many strange looking arab type people on our streets now.We dont wake up, we gonne start going mosque and wearing burka.Our men then cant see our faces. That good because our men now becoming pufters already.

Anonymous said...

The running for the hills has already begun and more will follow,Fiji brace yourself for some major corrupt reforms.Middle classes start pulling out before it's too late!

THE permanent secretary for Communications and Information Technology, Ewan Perrin, has "left the Government".

Public Service Commission chairman Vishnu Mohan announced this via a government statement issued by the Department of Information yesterday.

With no explanation offered in the two-line statement, Mr Mohan said Mr Perrin's duties would be assumed with immediate effect, in an acting capacity, by Solicitor- General Sharvada Sharma.

Attempts to obtain a comment from Mr Perrin last night proved futile and it is understood that he left the country yesterday.

Mr Perrin's appointment, along with four other permanent secretaries, was announced in January this year — appointments which Mr Mohan had said were made following an extensive process of advertising and rigorous interviews and scrutiny.

Anonymous said...

THE Reform of the Sugar Cane Industry Bill will not add any value to the sugarcane industry, says former prime minister and National Farmers Union general secretary Mahendra Chaudhry.

"It's a misnomer to give it the title 'reform' because there is no reform, it is purely and simply a bailout Bill for the Fiji Sugar Corporation," he said.

"All this Bill will do is remove the almost $180 million debt owed by the FSC to the people of Fiji and convert it to equity.

"As I have stated on numerous occasions, this Government has arbitrarily been running the sugar industry for the past eight years and this new Bill will continue the process and make it even worse for farmers by giving all powers to the Sugar Minister, who is also the Prime Minister, to make the Sugar Master Award.

"And that is a straight out conflict of interest because he is part of the Government.

"Under this Bill, the process cannot be viewed as independent of FSC and this is a significant shift and not good news for farmers."

Mr Chaudhry said a provision in the Bill which allowed the Government to impose a special levy on farmers was also an imposition on growers who were struggling to earn a living in the face of high labour and transportation costs.

Anonymous said...

ONE question I get asked is what exactly does "transparency" mean? Transparency is about shedding light on rules, plans, processes and actions.

Transparency ensures that public officials, civil servants, managers, board members and business people act visibly and understandably, and report on their activities.

It also means that the general public can hold them to account. It is the surest way of guarding against corruption, and helps increase trust in the people and institutions on which our future depends.

However in this case with MP professor Biman,we see nothing but the complete opposite.The people of Fiji who support Fuck Fiji party are the most dumbest and gullible types any rational human being can come across.The dumbing down of the country is horrendous.

Anonymous said...

THE Sugar Cane Growers Council (SCGC) no longer represents farmers because it is controlled by the Government, says the National Federation Party.

During discussions on the Reform of the Sugar Cane Industry Bill last week, party leader Professor Biman Prasad said the SCGC was once a truly democratic organisation with an elected board.

"A Bill passed last year ended that and now we have a new structure where the SCGC will be totally controlled by the Government," he said.

"Government appoints its members and the chairperson and the two Commissioners — Northern and Western.

"In terms of actual representation and as far as farmers are concerned, this is a council of which they have no control. Government has control."

Fiji Sugar Corporation executive chairman Abdul Khan said the new reforms would remove the need to have two separate entities to deal with the same issues.

"It is worth noting the emphasis of avoiding duplication," he said.

"It removes duplication where a farmer either goes to the SCGC or goes to the cane producers association to air grievances."

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Economic Affairs will begin consultations on the Reform of the Sugar Cane Industry Bill in Sigatoka and Nadi today.

Anonymous said...

THERE was some misunderstanding on Wednesday over sections in the Reform of the Sugar Cane Industry Bill relating to the Sugar Master Award.

Nawaicoba grower Bala Dass asked the Standing Committee on Economic Affairs about Section 37 where the Sugar Minister had the ability to make or revoke the Sugar Master Award.

"This is how we read this section," he said. "It is now in the hands of the Sugar Minister to revoke the Master Award and also to make it. Before, all the stakeholders were involved.

"The danger is that if another government comes along, the Sugar Minister may have different ideas to the Bainimarama Government. They will come with different ideas.

"Will they revoke this Bill and come up with a different Master Award?"

Standing committee chairperson Lorna Eden said Mr Dass had not read the section in its entirety before making a comment.

"Read it properly, you can't just read the first part of the first sentence, the minister doesn't just decide, he has to do consultations," she said.

Mr Dass then asked the standing committee to explain who the consultations would be held with.

Ms Eden said she assumed the consultations would be held with all stakeholders.

However, NFP parliamentarian Prem Singh said Section 37 clearly stated that when revising the Master Award, the Sugar Minister would hold consultations with the Sugar Cane Growers Council and the Fiji Sugar Corporation.

"This is what we're talking about," said Mr Dass.

"It's 100 per cent controlled by the Government."

Anonymous said...

Every side corruption. Over $m salary for FSC CEO, when FSC bankrupt.

Govnment money not scrutinised. Waste everywhere. Debt high.Fiji destroyed by the bai-kai mafia.

Anonymous said...

Readvertise 30 000 jobs? What a fucking joke, fuck you cunts who are running the country. Cunt Bainimarama and Cunt Khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama cut civil servant's wages of 25% in the aftermath of the coup.
Then the dollar was devaluated 20% and inflation went up.

But lo and behold Bainimarama got elected... How's that possible? The people are afraid, that's for sure. You only had to discuss politics with people before the elections to see it for yourself. Bainimarama implicitly said that he would stage a coup if he wasn't elected (remember how he hit that NZ journalist's microphone when he was asked the question...)
So what can you do?!? Voting for a coup was not perceived as the best option; Sodelpa's backward rhetoric didn't help to win votes from the youth or from Indians either.

So here we are now. Fear fear fear fear... oh dear fear!
Bainimarama won't be kicked out by the frightened people of our country...

Anonymous said...

12.16. Please do not use the female genitalia as part of your insults. Most of us like that part of the female. Lets not compare something so nice with ASK and Bai.

Anonymous said...

AShneel Sudhaka and Bernadette Welch said that Civil Servants and other government appointees will be only on merit.
They will get rid off those who were not appointed on Merit.

I think the first person that should go is LITIA BAINIMARAMA. She was not appointed on merit.
Second would be Francis Kean. He was not appointed on Merit.
Third would be Qiliho. What the fark does he know about policing?

or are you just a big mouth like Bernadette WELCH.

Anonymous said...

YESTERDAY'S interesting turn of events on the political front are sure to raise many eyebrows.

National Federation Party leader and Opposition member Professor Biman Prasad was voted out as chairman of the Public Accounts Committee.

As our report on page 1 today reveals, Prof Prasad immediately resigned as a member of PAC, describing it as "toothless".

He alleged amendments to the Standing Orders restricted its role in scrutinising reports of the auditor-general and other financial reports tabled in Parliament.

The change to the chairmanship inched out responses from renowned academics who raised the issue of how the State will now scrutinise its own accounts.

University of the South Pacific's School of Government, Development and International Affairs Professor Vijay Naidu believes having an Opposition member as the chair was a credibility issue.

He insists with an Opposition member as chair, there would be "a greater likelihood of critical and close scrutiny of government use of public revenues".

There is a greater likelihood of more openness to the media, he insisted. Senior economics academic at USP, Dr Neelesh Gounder believes PAC is an important institution of checks and balances within democratic governance.

Dr Gounder believes there is a risk of it becoming "meaningless".

However, Speaker of Parliament Dr Jiko Luveni believes PAC will still serve its mandate despite the turn of events.

Calling the committee meaningless undermined its members, she said.

Defending the committee, she said "the chair merely chairs the meeting, the scrutinisation and all that is done by the committee members".

Prof Prasad yesterday said his removal was not a surprise. He obviously is not too pleased with how things have transpired.

The scenario now before us will undoubtedly place pressure on members of the committee to stand up to be counted, so to speak.

Now more than ever, they will be expected to be above board in their work.

There are obviously issues that will come to the fore. Attention will no doubt be on transparency, accountability and how the State responds to scrutiny, and whether issues of importance that should be raised are done so.

Clearly the committee has a critical role to play in scrutinising the State's financial accountability and compliance.

Surely it would even be expected to stand up to public scrutiny.

At the end of the day, public opinion will matter as well.

Moving forward, members of the committee have a great challenge before them to instil public confidence in the work of the PAC

Anonymous said...

Isa o Viti. To the powers that be, you can do whatever you please, but one big kerekere. Come down hard on these bastards who bring hard drugs into the country. No ice in paradise. Throw those sumabitches in jail and throw away the keys. Meth is very bad. Cheap and very addictive.

Anonymous said...

Anon@12.31PM. Agreed, let's call them goat cocksuckers.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:40 PM

Throwing the sumabitches in jail and throwing away the keys is against the thinking of the prominent church in Fij.

But perhaps you consider drug crimes more serious than the violation, rape and abuse of women and children?


A high‑ranking official in the Methodist Church of Fiji has objected to the increasing of prison sentences for perpetrators of violence against women and girls.

Secretary for the Department of Christian Citizenship and Social Services Reverend Iliesa Naivalu stated at the Speaker’s debate organized by the Parliament of Fiji that there is no use in increasing court sentences for perpetrators, as it does not work.

He was one of the five panelists who was part of the debate at the Grand Pacific Hotel last night.

Naivalu said long court sentences only keeps sons, husbands, fathers and grandfathers behind bars and away from their loved ones for a long period.

The former court clerk and journalist said that there should be an opportunity for remorseful perpetrators to seek forgiveness from victims.

Naivalu said human beings are sinful in nature and women including girls need to be educated on the physical, mental and emotional state of men.

Marika Sauturaga said...

Its an absolute joke. I wish the death penalty was avalible for men who rape anyone. Bring back the old testament way of life.

Eye for an eye. Apologies if I offend anyone but this is a joke.

Anonymous said...

@3:42 AM

For sure, and it can translate into major investment if the stakeholders are determined to support the action plan set up with the committee in charge of the project.

Anonymous said...

Bring back the cane.

Anonymous said...

PM calls for nationwide fight against mosquitoes

Nasik Swami
Friday, May 13, 2016

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Since a few local names of individuals and organisations have now appeared in the Panama Papers, relevant authorities should really go down to the root level and leave no stones unturned when it comes to the investigation.
I hope organisations found guilty are taken to task.

I'm wondering if the six names revealed by the Panama Papers are just the tip of the iceberg.

For sure, those whose names have been revealed are having sleepless nights already.

Avineel Kumar


Hahahahahaha hahahahahaha Avineel Kumar stop getting your hopes up in fact fuck all will happen because government needs these elites and also have already granted them amnesty for undeclared assets last year and even if they didn't declare it they would still be let off because I can assure you no laws have been broken due to loopholes.I know you want to jump the gun but here's the fact none of these people named are worried or having sleepless nights but what I can say is they are sick and tired of paying higher taxes for lazy assholes who can't get off their bottoms and fend for themselves.I hope you're earning over $16,000 and not one of them depending on all the subsidies and welfare.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@2:21 AM

What about the other ones?
Have they been left unattended for so long?
That is a puzzle!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see some of these FF ministers come work on a sugar cane farm or any types of farm in the country.Atleast come and work for 30 days crafting away as a farmer.I guarantee within the first 6 hours of the first day on the job they will throw the towel in and hop on the first bus back to Suva.These people don't even know how to even manage,maintain and run a country.Now they want to dictate the sugar cane farming industry.

Piss off you bunch of bullshit do gooders,throw this fucking bill in the bin.

ANY legislation that hands over total control of an industry to an organisation that is bankrupt is flawed, says the Fiji Cane Growers Association.

President Attar Singh made the comment while making submissions in Ba to the Standing Committee on Economic Affairs on the Reform of the Sugar Cane Industry Bill.

"This Bill tries to hand over management and control of the industry to an organisation that is bankrupt and cannot even run its own affairs," he said.

"I heard that FSC has come up with a strategic plan and this will be quite interesting because whatever the FSC has planned to do over the past five years, it has not been able to achieve.

"FSC can't be trusted and even if FSC could be trusted, the point is the industry should be controlled by farmers.

Mr Singh said the FSC should focus on its core business and on improving performance instead of trying to wrest control of the industry.

"If this Government was serious about improving the industry there would be provisions about improving cultivation methods and things of that sort but there is nothing like that."

Mr Singh added the Reform of the Sugar Cane Industry Bill and Sugar Cane Growers Fund Amendment Bill should either be withdrawn or delayed to allow for widespread consultation.

The Bill provides for reforms aimed at rejuvenating the industry

Anonymous said...

I just learned that the Military Commander is still going ahead with the flag change?!?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Renee Lal soon your name will be revealed in the Panama papers!!!!!!
You are benefitting so much from this corrupt government.

Anonymous said...

You did well Dr. Biman, but you that is all we can do,speak the Truth even if it costs us our lives.

Now we are governmentizing everything under Khaiyum while Baini enjoys his unerned money with his lies and false prmoises to the people, let us hope they will soon tire of their deceit and seek the Truth for a change.
even God seem to be favouring them with what they are doing. Vengeance seem a long way off from where our hope lies.

Next up - Opposition to be turned into a Ministry of Toothless Watchdogs under the Minister of all Ministries in Fiji - Aiarse.

Those in favour say aye ... and there was no NO!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:50 PM

"even God seem to be favouring them with what they are doing"

How do you know?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So what

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Churchill said, "TRUTH is the most precious thing in the world that it is often protected by a bodyguard of lies!" How true for our situation. Everything that is now done is really to protect the TRUTH from being exposed.
The Constitution is to protect the TRUTH about the people who carried out the coup.
The laws are being passed in Parliament to protect the TRUTH about the government accounts and abuse of funds.
The Parliament is simply a house to protect the lies uttered by vocal government members who are trying to hide all their deceits and lies in how they are running/(ruining) the country.

WARNING: The TRUTH has a very starnge way of always turning up when you least expect.

GOD is our only hope. His patience is running out. Soon HE will act and there will be no place to hide. Note even the millions you have stashed away will protect and save you.


Peniasi Vakacegu said...

Because its the same God that spoke to Rabuka and permitted him to illegally take a government and do nothing about itaukei vandals terrorising indo-fijian citizens. That same God now favors the government of the day.

Or what?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, "... even the millions you have stashed away will NOT protect and save you."

Peniasi Vakacegu said...

The Methodist pastors that rape innocent children and teenagers can't hide either. Revenge will be sweet.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

And Bob is my uncle.. Drau veicai Renee Lal..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Suva Fiji Lawyer "RENEE LAL" Is a Crook a Thug and a Whore!!!!
Come out from your hiding place and face me..........

Rajend Naidu said...

Liar Admired
I am reminded here of the words of wisdom of the Lebanese philosopher-poet Kahlil Gibran. He said in a world so conditioned the honest man - the man of integrity - is reviled and the liar admired and rewarded with titles.
Now just how true is that!
Rajend Naidu

Rajend Naidu said...

Keeping Corruption Under Cover
We learn from DW ( made for minds ) news 14/5 ' Boy Dallas : Critical Voice in Kenyan Slum' that known as " the voice of Kibera, radio journalist Boy Dallas documents life in Kibera, in the Kenyan capital Nairobi, one of Africa's biggest slums, and LOOKS FOR ANSWERS ( something I gather Professor Biman was trying to do as well) to explain why the huge aid had done little to improves conditions here.
He discovered project money was either being siphoned off by officials or that the beneficiaries were other than the original target group.
He said people were afraid to speak out but that can't continue. We can't keep silent if we want to bring about change.
See also PBS NewsHour 11April ' How widespread corruption is hurting Kenya'. " In Kenya, corruption and bribery are commonplace in law enforcement and government..."
It's not hard to see why ordinary citizens are afraid to speak out in such an environment and those who do get hounded.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...


Litian Bainimarama, Francis Kean, Qiliho...these people are there NOT ON MERIT. They should be kicked out!

Ashneel Sudhakar (AS): OK. So yes Nasik, what we have talked about today in the committee is basically on these civil service reforms. So what used to be the Fiji Public Service Commission will now become the Ministry for Civil Service, right. And what that means is that, you know we had the old belief that once you enter the civil service, you are there for life, life guarantee, life insurance, whether you perform or not, you just hang in there until you retire and you get your pension. That's all going to change because all the recruitments will now be, that includes the new staff and also old staff who have been there, they will be offered new contracts as part of the reforms. So it will be a contractual system, the duration is still being worked out, we don't whether it's going to be three years, five years — but I think, I believe it will be three years. So everybody will be recruited on merit.

Nasik Swami (NS): Ashneel, does that mean that, you know, those who are currently in the civil service…

AS: Yes, yes…

Anonymous said...

What the freaking hell is going on?Have some people lost their minds in the country? I've always heard derogatory remarks made on here about goats and humans but never did I ever thought anyone would actually do such sub human actions.What the flying fuck is going on?

A cane cutter was yesterday ordered by the Nadi Magistrates Court to seek psychiatric assessment after he was caught having sexual intercourse with a female goat.

The order was made by Magistrate Mohammed Ajmeer before the case can proceed.

Apisalome Raigava, 19 of Nasau, Nadi was caught by goat’s owner while having sex with the animal.

Magistrate Ajmeer said the case is a serious one as the goat’s medical examination said there is a possibility the goat may not survive.

Raigava will appear in the Suva Magistrates Court on November 28.

By Nasik Swami

Anonymous said...

Aiyaz Khaiyum is full of shit. Why should corruption be a matter to be handled " a politically" and " confidentially"? Corruption is a crime against the public. Everything about it should be exposed to the public. The public have the right to know who is doing the dirty on them and how. The question of politics is irrelevant and immaterial . Corruption is criminal and must be dealt with by the law with due diligence and due process. Khaiyum should know that even if he is a shit lawyer.

Anonymous said...

This is no longer Khai and Bai's world,the immaterial has become the immaterial.The people demand transparency and questions of the tax payers to be answered.We want to know where our money is spent and who it is going to?By the looks of it,government kerekere from the hardworkers and takes it for itself.Splashing it on hotels,parties,luxury vacations,new SUV's,luxury clothing and shoes,jewellery etc etc.

Fuck your politics, where is my money going assholes!

James Narayan said...

It is very sad to see that the Fijians are being hood winked and fooled, by this current government which took power by force in 2000 and again in 2006 yet that idiot Bainimarama and Khaiyum who should be in gaol are only benefiting from the proceeds of crime.
They ask poor Fijians to be accountable , yet they are accountable to no one they, their families and friends are above the law in Fiji.

Bunch of demons running the country.

Anonymous said...

"My removal was expected because the Attorney General accused me of politicizing the Committee. If thoroughly scrutinizing Auditor General’s Reports and seeking information about controversial expenditure like payment of consultancy to an Accounting firm for a study into the operations of Rewa Dairy leading to its sale, miscellaneous expenditure of Head 50 and payment of salaries of Cabinet Ministers through an Accounting Firm is politicizing the work of the Committee, then taxpayers of Fiji can no longer expect any discrepancy highlighted by the Auditor General to be scrutinized and highlighted.






"If a Government policy leads to abuse and wastage of funds, the Committee should have every right to highlight it and raise it in Parliament. With the change in the Standing Orders restricting the role of the Committee to basically only browse through reports, this scrutiny will not happen. This is ridiculous and a grave injustice to the taxpayers of Fiji."



Anonymous said...

He he he..................


So you are no different than anyone else, did you think you were?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

7.36 Bainimarama and Khaiyum is spending your tax money right now as we speak.They bought all the luxury suites you can imagen.Where did you think all those money came from paying for trips overseas and rugby World Cup matches?The hotels?The wine and dines?The wide range of alcoholic beverages and luxury gadgets?

Do not take your anger out and wish ill events on others who are concerned about the same interests as you are.Practise restrain my dear,we are all in this together and we should not let our common enemy divide and rule us.This is what they want,to stir the masses into anger and turn on one another.Stay forcus and remember we must continue to expose the corrupt dealings of this government and its tyranny.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Can anyone please put this Thug lawyer in Jail (Renee Lal)???? Why is she still roaming around the world freely??

Anonymous said...

Rajend Naidu Fuck off you cunt.

Rajend Naidu said...

In SBS Dateline ' Enemy of the State?' ( tonight 17/5) Turkish actor Levent Uzumcu who is loved by millions tells us but President Erdogan is not among his fans. He believes he was sacked from the Istanbull City Theatre for criticising the country's politics.
Wonder if Professor Biman Prasad feels the same way about his sacking?
And, who can blame him for that?
In fact my take is that the rot in the country's politics got set following the first military coup of 1987 and we never really recovered from it because we were not prepared to deal with it honestly.
That dishonest pattern of politics is still very much in play. Professor Biman Prasad is only the latest Casuality of it.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Are there actually people so naive to think that the same 'rot' is not going to be within every aspect of life?

When there is 'rot' in some family life, some business fraternities, some of the teaching profession, some of the church leadership, some of the police, some of the civil service, some of the FNPF staff, some of army, some of the neighbours in your street why is it so surprising when it may appear in politics?

Gee, in Fiji people have sex with goats and 6 month old babies.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There is a rumour that the government might present the 5 finalists for the new Fiji flag before
the end of this month so that the people can give their opinion in a non-biding vote before the final selection
in June. It is expected that the new flag will be ready for the Olympics.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@4.24pm Fiji's new flag will be out in September this year.You can put your money on it that I'm right.

Anonymous said...

@7:56 PM
The flag change has been postponed...3 times so far! I wouldn't put too much money on that, even though I think the change is long overdue.
The more Bainimarama will wait, the more the issue might be challenging for the next election as it always take some time for some of the people to embrace change. The best scenario would be a gold medal in Rio under the new flag.

Since the competition closed 3-5 months ago and since it is the government that will select the 5 finalists, why not do it right now? It doesn't take months to browse through what might be a few hundreds flags and pick 5 of them... unless they chose to design their own 5 flags... but I don't advice doing that... That way, the people can start giving their view at least. The flag should be ready for Rio.

Anonymous said...

Not having the new flag for Rio would indeed be a big marketing mistake.

Rajend Naidu said...

Remembering the Past
We read in The Washington Post article ' Chinese papers break silence on Cultural Revolution, saying it could not, would not, happen again' (17/5 ) that two newspapers linked to the Communist Party have broken the silence on the 50th anniversary of the Cultural Revolution, publishing editorial that basically mouthed the official State line.
" ... But the articles broke no new ground, rehashing the official line determined by a clutch of cadres in a 1981 resolution . In it they condemned the violence of the era*, blamed Mao and his close associates, and advised everyone to move on. The Chinese people never got a say..."
"Over the years, some survivors of that brutal decade* have come forward to tell their stories, calling for truth and accountability, wanting to address old wounds. Under President Xi Jinping, though, space for reflection( public debate) has narrowed..."
ps* the cultural revolution has been described as the " ten years of madness" unleashed by the Communist Party on the Chinese people. An estimated 1.5 million deaths occurred . The cultural revolution particularly targeted intellectuals ( Reviews in History ' Debating the Cultural Revolution in China' Dec.2011).
The Cultural Revolution remains a stake reminder of the dangers of a handful of powerful people and their political party and foot soldiers
embarking on a fanciful utopian mission to create a perfect society.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think the cunt Vili Rakoro is back posting anonymously.

Anonymous said...

Haven't you girls got anything better to do than hang around here looking for every opportunity you can to act butch with your swearing?

Gee, go get a life or is it that no one want's to play with you?

Anonymous said...

A grand coalition of all Opposition parties is being touted as the only way they can topple the Bainimarama Government.

The idea is based on the experience of the last general election where the parties split votes and allowed FijiFirst a clear run to victory.

Some have dubbed it ‘The 50-seater bus’ reflecting a goal to win all 50 seats in Parliament.

But details on how it will work will have to be worked out.

The Fiji Labour Party, the National Federation Party and the People’s Democratic Party had competed for the same votes in 2014. The NFP came through with three seats at the expense of FLP and PDP. Most of their targeted voters include members of the labour movement, cane farmers and sugar workers.

The fourth Opposition party, One Fiji, was there but had no show. It would have been done better if it had combined with SODELPA.

So imagine SODELPA, NFP, FLP, PDP and One Fiji ganging up together against FijiFirst. It would only work if they have a common list of 50 candidates and their voters will vote for any of them

But this union will be fraught with practical challenges. How do you get the FLP, PDP and even NFP to sit at the same table. PDP was set up by Felix Anthony and others as a rival to FLP to represent the country’s workers. Both failed miserably.

Professor Vijay Naidu of the University of the South Pacific has once suggested that there was room for only one party. He said it was illogical that the workers’ solidarity was being split by two identical parties.

It is not clear whether Mr Anthony, the general secretary of the Fiji Trades Union Congress, will have another shot at politics and a seat in Parliament. He would have to resign from his trade union job. The last time he whipped up controversy when he slotted back to his union post after his 2014 election loss.

Mr Anthony and FLP leader Mahendra Chaudhry do not like each other. Mr Anthony left the FLP in protest against Mr Chaudhry’s leadership style. Their hostility culminated in Mr Anthony forming the PDP to represent the workers. Previously FLP was regarded as the workers’ party.

Throw the NFP into the mix and it becomes murky.

The advocates of the ”50-seater bus” are trying to replicate the powerful coalition of the NFP and FLP in 1987 which defeated Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara’s ruling Alliance Government.

This time the circumstances are different, the most prominent is the new electoral landscape. Today there is only one constituency as opposed to more than 50 with people voting on racial lines in 1987.

The NFP and FLP have not done anything major to make people sit up and listen. That’s why they have gone into the canebelt to create that impact. In Labasa we see the footprints of FLP in the cane districts although the NFP recaptured a major slice of the sugar votes in the last election.

Mr Chaudhry’s National Farmers Union was born in Labasa before it spread its tentacles to Viti Levu taking a large swathe of the cane belt from the NFP’s Fiji Cane Growers Association. But that status quo has changed.

If the FLP, NFP and PDP are able to sort out their differences and pool their resources in conjunction with SODELPA, they might possibly give FijiFirst a good run for its money.

FLP, NFP and PDP will focus on the Indo-Fijian support while SODELPA and One Fiji will target the iTaukei votes.

But if they want to stay separate, we are likely to see a repeat of the 2014 general election. At the moment, a grand coalition remains a dream for those talking about it

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Only one way to win the next election and defeat the FF party.

Wait for God to choose his candidate that will sway people into doing what is right for Fiji as He is doing in the US with Donald Trump.

To God be the Glory

Otherwise Assasinate Bainimaram, and for good measure do the same to his pet pig Ayarse and then we will be able to get a proper election result that is not rigged.

Anonymous said...

What was written by Ratu Isireli’s Vesikula in the Nai Lalakai column is ridiculous.He came across as some opportunist to muddy the political waters.It is nothing more then fear mongering and sensationalising.No Itaukei is scared of anyone, be it Foreigners,Indians,Muslims or Bainimarama and Khaiyum.

I wonder if he even knows what communism really is? because I can garauntee the GCC has more communistic characteristics than the Russian state. The claims of communist soldiers having a presence in the country is laughable.He mentions Indonesia,China and Russia but has he forgotten that Australia,New Zealand,The US,Tonga and yes even including the French have also paid numerous visits to the country over the years gone by?

It is because Chiefs like him I no longer respect their leadership.The itaukei commoners like myself,couldn't give a fuck and is scared of no one.Not even the government itself can tell us what to do.As long as the majority of the people are lead and looked after,are happy and prosperous then all is good.

However if majority of the country is not happy and the leadership is fruitless, prepare to face the consequences because the hooligan commoners like myself will be chasing you.

Anonymous said...

Since we are going to be changing the flag,can we also change the RFMF symbols?The lion,crown and star emblem is a reminder of our colonial past.The new RFMF logo should be a moon,star and a goat emblem instead.

Anonymous said...

Suva LAwyer "Renee Lal's" husband is MARK BENTLEY.

Anonymous said...

@12:20 PM
You will be prosecuted if you do so.
Still you can kiss the colonial flag if you feel like it.

Anonymous said...

@4:35 PM
If your god is so powerful, why don't she/he fix the problem now? Why wait for elections?
Yeah Donald Trump is da man...

you dumbie boy.

Anonymous said...

@5:44 PM

I heard the Military symbols will change too, but since it's from coconut wireless, I can't confirm.

KUA NI RERE said...

What QORVIS is doing in Fiji is to render the people Confused,and Powerless like Zombies.
So we will become Zombie Nation.
And like clueless animals, men are now farking women who dont want to fark with them.
Men farking babies.
Men farking animals.
Men farking other men.
We have become a farked up country and it will only get worse
Thats why QORVIS told Bainimarama to get a new flag for Fiji.A and Bainimarama will comply because QORVIS is keeping Bai in power. They are the ones getting him money and also taking him all around the world and speaking at the UN.
What the Fark has Bai got to do with the farking weather? Why the fark he has to speak at the UN about the farking climate?
Who gives a shit what he says?
Because Bai is CLUELESS.
He is farked up piss of shit and QORVIS has got him exactly where they want him and Bai will Comply.

The new flag will be a farked up piece of rag that has NO REPRESENTATION OF WHAT WE ARE AND WHAT WE HOPE FOR. Why? Because that is what QORVIS wants to turn this country into; A FARKING CLUELESS FARKED UP NATION...
And THANK YOU TO ALL THE PEOPLE THAT SUPPORTED BAINIMARAMA AND VOTED FOR HIM. Thank you dumb Fijian soldiers; thank you Shameem sisters; thank you Chaudry; thank you USP Academics. Thank you ALL, FOR ALL YOUR HELP IN FARKING THIS COUNTRY OVER!

Anonymous said...




Renee Lal is stealing millions of dollars from the people of Fiji.
Every day and night she is transfering monies to her off shore bank accounts.

Raina Lal Patel is another thug and a crook who is hiding her face.

Anonymous said...

Suva Lawyer "RENEE LAL" wears diapers and she pews in her pants......

Anonymous said...

Remember it's the same mob who removed Professor Wadan Narsey from USP and Professor Brij Lal from the country of his birth.
I am not surprised that Professor Biman Prasad is not surprised by his removal. He knows why he has been removed. It's the same reason the others were removed. The rogue rulers of the country see them as a thorn in their backside!

Rajend Naidu said...

Treatment of Opponents
We read in Reuter's 18/5 article ' Uganda's opposition leader ordered detained till June 1' that main opposition figure Kizza Besigye has been detained and charged with treason ( not for the first time). This time for being sworn in as president in a mock ceremony according to the charge sheet.
Besigye lost to veteran leader Yoweri Museveni in presidential elections in February, but he said the vote was rigged.
The conduct of the elections and the treatment of opponents has drawn criticism from western donors, who value Uganda as an ally in the fight against Islamist militants.
The government has denied charges that the election was rigged. But European Union monitors said the poll was carried out in an intimidating atmosphere orchestrated by State actors.
The United States has voiced concern about the harassment of opposition figures.
We know from our own experience where " state actors" engage in " the harassment of opposition figures" we can at best only have a waicala democracy.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Anon@10.10PM. Bring it on motherfucker, can't wait to wipe my ass with the new flag, and I'll wipe your face with it after hahahaha. Cunt.

Rajend Naidu said...

Army Should Side With?
We read in the BBC news 18/5 that Venezuelan opposition leader Henrique Capriles has urged the army to choose whether it is " with the constitution or with ( President Nicholas) Maduro", after he declared a state of emergency.
Capriles called on Venezuelans to ignore it and take to the streets on Wednesday. " We Venezuelans, will not accept this decree. This is Maduro putting himself above the constitution " he told journalists.
Time will tell what choice the Venezuelan army makes : the constitution or the president who puts himself above the constitution.
In our case we know our army's choice . It wasn't to uphold the country's constitution.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

@9:10 AM

You won't do it because you will be too afraid of the law and too afraid of me. Pufta.

Anonymous said...

Elderly woman raped in her home
12:29 Today
Taken from/By:
Report by: Farzana Nisha

A 54-year-old man has been remanded in custody for allegedly indecently assaulting and raping a woman in Wainunu, Bua.

The victim is a 69-year-old stroke patient.

Divisional Police Commander North, SSP Shiri Bhawan Singh told FBC news the victim was alone at home on May 14th when the alleged incident took place.

The matter was reported to police by family members.

The case has been referred to Labasa High Court.

The accused has been remanded in custody until the 25th of this month.

Anonymous said...

Wow, just what is Fiji coming to when the police have to advise that it's not safe to leave a 69 year old alone for fear of being RAPED !

But when you have dickheads like 9:10 AM around is it any surprise?


Senior citizen allegedly raped, suspect in custody
Thursday, May 19, 2016

Update: 2:18PM POLICE have pleaded with the community to look after their elderly loved ones and not leave them unattended.

The plea from Divisional Police Commander Northern, Senior Superintendent of Police Shiri Singh follows the alleged rape of a 69-year-old woman in the North.

"The woman was alone at home and we are pleading with family members not to leave their elderly loved ones at home alone," he said.

"It is important that we take care of them and have them supervised at all times."

SSP Singh said the 54-year-old suspect was arrested and charged with one count of indecent assault and rape.

He said the suspect has been remanded in custody to appear in the High Court in Labasa next week.

Anonymous said...

"But when you have dickheads like 9:10 AM around is it any surprise?"
I totally agree. 9:10AM must be a pervert watching porn on a daily basis
looking for an old lady to rape.

Anonymous said...

@2.46pm Happens all over the world,including first world countries.Every nation has its rapists, murderers, thiefs, peadophiles, drug lords and dealers,assaulters, fraudsters and gangsters etc etc.

I refer to them as the criminal population that live amongst the law abiding citizen population. Throughout the worlds history,criminals can be found playing some unethical role in society.Methods have been introduced to deal with such individuals who have a criminal mindset,such as prisons,military conscription, harsh laws, death penalty, even to the point of being deported from their own country to live in foreign lands.

The backgrounds of where these criminals come from varies.The rich,the poor,the middle class,the elite,the working class you name it you will find a criminal that belonged to that social stratification.The world isn't all sunshine and rainbows hence it is evident the world is a very mean and nasty place. It will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it.

If I were you,I'd ought to be on my guard at all times,after all mankind loves building but they also love to destroy.

Anonymous said...

"The world isn't all sunshine and rainbows" Well said 3.53 I got to laugh when the lefties come out and cry about crime.Like "wtf did you think?you live in a Rosie world?"Fiji is a 3rd world nation and of course rapes and sexual offences will take place.These lefties have a dependency syndrome on the government to do everything.From policing to wiping their bums,get off your arse and do things yourself.Invest into your security,take some judo lessons and hand to hand combat classes there's many out there now available.Learn about crime prevention and how to take measures of protecting oneself and family members.Visit your local police station and build relationships,obtain your firearms license from the compol,attend your local community gatherings and express your concerns about neighborhood policing and get a neighborhood watch scheme rolling.Stop living in isolation and complaining about everything under the sun because of your lack of awareness.Get out more of your houses these things are no surprise.

Anonymous said...

E vei na kuila vou?

Anonymous said...

The rape of a 69 year old Stroke Victim who was alone in her house in Wainunu shows how far we have fallen in Fiji.
Fiji has become a morally bankrupt country.
I'm waiting for God to unleash another judgement on these people.

In the old days one would help a stroke victim not sexually violate her.
What a sad sad state of affairs.

This is what happens when we are led by a Morally Bankrupt leader, like Bainimarama.

50 seater bus,via Naboro said...

Hey Fiji!, the bus is waiting for 50 passengers to get on board for Naboro.Please fill in the list below to confirm the 50 names.


Rajend Naidu said...

Torture Video
Kenyan police Inspector-General Joseph Boinnet on Tuesday ordered an internal inquiry into allegations of police brutality during an opposition protest.( LAHT 19/5).
Security forces received criticism after the release of a video showing riot cops kicking and beating a young man who fell to the ground.
A police spokesman said on behalf of Boinnet that the officers involved will be identified and subjected to disciplinary action.
The opposition Coalition for Reforms and Democracy has been organising weekly protests against the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, which they accuse of conspiring with President Uluru Kenyetta to rig next year's general elections.
Reminds us of some happenings in our own backyard, doesn't it?
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@6:56 PM

Why don't you forgive Renee?
The Power of Love is huge!

Renee is your sister in Christ!
Reconcile with her, find an agreement.
The both of you need to talk in a spirit of harmony and love.
Try to imagine a situation where you need help amd Renee
comes to save your life. How would you feel?
Life is like a myriad of possibilities. In some scenarios
Renee is your best friend; in others she is your enemy.
But the simple fact that you can imagine those scenarios
should be enough for you to consider another point of

Love Renee like yourself.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:31 PM

Now that's some dumb attitude and shows a lack of familiarity with Fiji.

Firearms licence from the police??????????????????????

But a good idea about security, judo lessons and self defence for self preservation. Perhaps we could send all children (from 6 months old to 16 years) and all oldies over 60 years to learn these.

Anonymous said...

@7.36pm What was dumb about his/her attitude?

There are around to my knowledge 1,400 licensed gun owners in Fiji including myself.I use my rifle for hunting and sporting purposes.I also attend general meetings with the shooting association where I can meet other owners with similar interest of hunting.

The individual did mention about looking after other family members not just oneself.After all the onus is on everyone to ensure safety for the whole communities.

Anonymous said...

Oh what we have here?another leftie trying to pass themself off as if they know Fijis firearms laws and possess the ideal attitude of the way the world should be?
Please can you enlighten us of your familiarity of Fiji?
The problem with people like you,is that you would rather die on your knees than to fight these criminals tooth and nail by law or by life.
You would depend on the state to protect you rather than you protecting yourself and family against a violent world.Now this man in the article should be a good example of taking the courage to defend himself and his family and staying within the law.Even though he was arrested,the courts determined he was well within his rights and he feared for his and his family's life's therefore his actions to shoot the invaders was justified and well within the laws to defend ones self.He was then released without charge and walked a freeman.Many in Fiji will know this true story as the "Kuku invaders who messed with the wrong house"especially if you live in Nausori.

A Fijian businessman is in police custody after defending his family from a home invasion by a group of men armed with dangerous weapons.

Six villagers armed with cane knives and pinch bars tore down the burglar bars on the windows of 26-year old Satish Chand's home at Kuku near Nausori in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Mr Chand fired a gun at the invaders, killing one man and seriously injuring another who is now in hospital.

When neighbours called police, the men, who police confirm were from nearby Kuku village, escaped

While Mr Chand was taken into police custody, his family had to be evacuated from their home for fear of retaliation from angry villagers.

One team of police officers is investigating the shooting while another is looking for the four suspects in the robbery who escaped.

In an editorial today, the Fiji Sun has called for householders to be empowered to fight the horrific home invasions which are becoming common.

It says the law needs to be re-examined so that honest and law abiding people are enabled to defend themselves without running the risk of falling foul of the law.

Anonymous said...

@9.37pm Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahaha these blurry anti's will whinge about anything, freaking hell I'd tell you that.Most wouldn't even know how to skin a wild boar,a cow or ride on horseback.They would be petrified to see the process and preservation of meat yet alone the domestication of horses.Its probably too inhumane for them to understand the journey to the slaughter house.

I suppose being locked in their caves all day has lead to them losing sense of the realities of what's out there.Now they've become too afraid after just reading news articles.Instead of being prepared for the unexpected and having resilience, they suffer with anxiety and dependency.Hail to the upper echelon of the right for always instilling the preservation of having order.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:27PM




Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Because of this vicious low down Suva Lawyer ( RENEE LAL ) my mum is in a critical condition and could die.

This low down whore of a woman stole all our money and left us as beggars. Today my mum is so sick and there is no money for her treatment.



Anonymous said...

Anon@12.59PM. I'm not afraid of you CUNTFACE. Bring it on motherfucker. And hey, you better get some help because you come across as a pervert who preys on old women. Fucking cunt.

Rajend Naidu said...

On Being Guided By One's Conscience
We read in Gili Cohen's ' Facing Ax, Israel Defense Minister Slams Benjamin Netanyahu's 'Lack of Moral Direction' (Forward 19/5 ) that Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon said Thursday he has been surprised of late at a " loss of moral compass on basic questions " in Israel society.
" We need to steer the country in accordance with one's conscience and not whichever way the wind is blowing" Ya'alon said at a seminar of Israel's Youth Movement. He also said " there's an expression that ' the truth will lead the way', and I'm a big believer in that".
Me too.
And that lesson about steering the country in accordance with one's conscience and not aligning oneself to feather one's own political ambition and agenda is something some of our mob should heed.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:07 AM


Rajend Naidu said...

Critical Thinking
We notice from the Fiji Times editorial 20/5 that mediocre media wallahs have joined some academics in lamenting the decline in critical thinking among students in Fiji.
But critical thinking is not in decline only among students.
Critical thinking in journalism, for instance, calls upon journalists to ask the hard questions regarding corruption, the abuse of power, abuse of office, abuse of public funds, etc regardless of the status of the leader, politician or party ( like former BBC Hard Talk and current Deuche Welle Conflict Zone journalist Tim Sebastian).
Now tell me how many journalists in Fiji ask the hard questions? How many do any critical thinking?
Journalism in Fiji has become a cesspool of conformism, it's distinctive quality is kowtowing journalism.
It sounds hollow when Fiji media people talk about critical thinking.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

There is of course another description for Fiji journalism : lamusona journalism.

Rajend Naidu said...

Anon@11.31AM. Sounds like you've just fucked a goat!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

"bring it on" ? since you are a keyboard pufta warrior, you need to give your details
first and then you can talk...

Rajend Naidu said...

What Parliamentary Democracy Entails.
Mossi Bhim's letter to the Fiji Times 21/5 titled ' Biman Out, Ashneel In' points out that parliamentary democracy requires a strong opposition to hold government accountable.
In Fiji's post coup parliamentary democracy the government has got rid of opposition member Professor Biman Prasad and installed government member Asheel Sudhakar as the chair of the parliamentary Public Accounts Committee.
Makes one wonder just what kind of parliamentary democracy Fiji has after over eight years' of dictatorship?
Or, has the dictatorship only acquired a democratic garb?
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

"THE "Fight the Bite" campaign is not only to be fought by a few but by the nation as a whole — to stand together as one uniting under a common cause to keep Fiji clean."

We need to stand together guys.

Anonymous said...

I looked up the subject of totalitarianism and it was quite interesting.
Briefly, it is a political system where the state recognises no limits to its authority and strives to regulate every aspect of public and private life wherever feasible.

Unlike democracy, which is a form of government in which the people have a say in who should hold power and how it should be used.

As in the common saying, it is a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Lydia Bukarau.

Lydia you should also research these concepts "illiberal democracy" or "hybrid regime" and "Constitutional liberalism".

You said "As in the common saying, it is a government of the people, by the people and for the people."

But for which people?a selected few with special interest?The rich or the poor?Professionals or non professionals?Intellectuals or non intellectuals?Businessmen or workers?Nobility or commoner?those that want to rule by tyranny of the majority or liberty of the majority?

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Anon@9.42PM, show your details and we talk you motherfucking cocksucking goat-fucking cunt. I'm ready you cunt.

Anonymous said...

Ni veicai na vakatevoro tiko qori.

Rajend Naidu said...

Honouring A Good Human Being
A Sinhalese who is the first cousin of former PM Chandrika Kumarutunga and a nephew of two former PMs, was given a prestigious award by a main Tamil diaspora group to honour his lifelong commitment TO FIGHT INJUSTICE against Tamils.
The award was presented to Professor Dr Brian Senewirante in New Work on May 15 by the PM of the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam Mr Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran a New York based lawyer. Dr Senewirante was hailed " as a voice of reason of the Sinhalese".
Despite his privileged background he chose to wage a courageous and often lonely campaign against the atrocities committed against the Tamil community.
When Dr Senewirante saw the rights of Tamils impinged upon by successive Sinhalese governments of Sri Lanka and peaceful democratic protests were put down by government sponsored pograms and by military force, he made it his mission to defend the rights of the Tamils to live with equality, dignity and security and without discrimination in the country of their birth.
In 1972 when he was a Professor of Medicine he went around the streets picking up and taking to hospital Tamil victims of State atrocities so that they could die with dignity ( read more in ' Sri Lanka : A Sinhalese Honoured By A Main Tamil Diaspoa Group by Awarding A Prestigious Award' EIN Presswire news 20/5)
Humanity is dignified with the presence of the likes of Professor Dr Brian Senewirante.
Rajend Naidu

Rajend Naidu said...

Coupfourpointfive editor/ monitor/ publisher, I should like to clarify that the offensive comment posted under " Rajend Naidu said ..." Was not posted by me: Rajend Naidu, Atlantic Blvd, Glenfield 2167, Sydney. It might have been posted by that same scoundrel who once posted a comment attributing that I said the Boston bombing was right and America had brought that upon itself... Later on Coupfourpointfive closed the subject claiming the person who had posted that comment had owned up ! But I was never told who the scumbag was! Apparently he is still around.

Anonymous said...

@11.53am It must of been that "oh look at me,I'm the smart ass blogger".Always on here calling everyone a "moron" and has the characteristics of someone who suffers from narcissistic personality disorder.Another disruptive and attention seeking opinionated fool,who cannot accept the fact that many people have different opinions regardless of bloggers background,religion,social values,cultures and traditions they come from.

If your opinions or political outlook on life does not adhere according to his or her socially acceptable conventions or standards,him/her immediately go on a hump of rage with childish tantrums and display a dictatorial manner.Forcing their agenda onto bloggers talking down on them as if we (the audience) are little children.

The individual is nothing but a pompous bigot scoundrel,I reiterate a pompous bigot scoundrel!.This individual has no life at all but it's purpose is to be a parasite to bloggers.Him/her always likes to lead the socialization of bloggers into decaying.Notice that every blog posted people tend to give their opinions and a healthy debates start but then comes along the parasite who starts muddying the waters?I understand why this vermin does this,it is to disrupt and hinder political maturity.

This parasite actually believes his/her views and beliefs are worth more then others hence he or she always likes to come across as the ideal way the world should be.Until reality hits them in the face and finds out not all people will conform to his/her views and beliefs.Therefore since the parasite has lost control and faced by bloggers rebellion, the parasite then decides to be a constant nuisance and adopts a full assault of verbal abuse and impersonating others to cause havoc and chaos.

In conclusion it is best to ignore and avoid engaging with such individuals for debates as we all understand the processes the parasite will lead us to.Dont reduce yourselves or give attention as this is the food the parasite lives off.

Rajend Naidu said...

Just saw the Auckland v Suva OFC match on NITV. Coach Gurmit Singh said he is happy with the way his team played despite the 3 nil loss. As a former Suva rep I too was happy with the quality of soccer displayed by Suva. There is of course room for improvement. The Auckland coach said his side " dominated possession" which was the key to their successful performance. Suva often gave away possession too cheaply. At that level it can be very costly. Hopefully there are lessons learned. How about trying the goalkeeper as striker? He has a bit of the Vula Vate flair!

Anonymous said...

@5:26 PM
you probably have a small penis and that's why you are so frustrated.

Sekove Mataitini said...

That's not journalism bro. Its Fijian Culture. They need a GCC to help them think, they need a pastor to tell them what to believe in and even better they believed Rabuka when he said God spoke to him and permitted Fijians to rape,steal and beat innocent info Fijian families during 87. That is the Itaukei Culture.

I am ashamed I had to grow up in this culture until I was old enough to realize for myself what the Church is really all about.

Fuck the methodist church.

Sekove Mataitini said...

Indo. Apologies.

Anonymous said...

9.01pm I don't think that's a fair and balanced view on the Itaukei.The GCC is mostly favoured by the older generation and those of chiefly families.Many of the young generation and a small minority within the older demographics from ages 35+ really ain't bothered about the GCC nor see its purpose.They are more forcused and concerned about modernisation and developing their family unit,communities and the country itself.

Leadership is what matters now for those Fijian's who are embracing modernism.I believe this new generation of Fijian's no longer judge people by ethnicity,religion,nobility,social class or social status.Today,this generation judges a person by their thoughts,actions,character and practice.

I understand your frustrations about pastors telling people what to think but the facts are that not all pastors behave and preach this way.I will admit that there is a minority of pastors who do go out and take advantage of individuals who are clearly suffering from a lot of emotional,financial and troubled family or personal problems.I've even witnessed a pastor blame a government official of why they are poor and going through financial hardship during the years growing up.I've also heard and spoken with relatives and other church goers who were victims of a scam and had their own hard earned money taken out of their own pockets by a Talatala to buy himself a car,3 houses and go on luxury shopping sprees.The ethically right thing to do was to reinvest that money back into the church and start community projects,self development courses,personal finance courses or counselling.

Is that Talatala's behaviour morally right in our modern society today?No it's not at all and the majority have now become more aware of these types of acts happening in the past and today.I will not let a few bad apples represent and speak for the whole Itaukei culture.

No offence if Rabuka reads this but I think he was suffering from a mental illness during the time of 87 coup.When He said that voices were telling him things and its from God,I immediately presumed he was suffering from psychosis.What happened during his time in the Middle East where he saved a French officer when they were under heavy artillery and machine gun fire must of really tormented him.I don't think he received any psychological help after the incident.

Congratulations to Ben Ryan and all our boys for winning the series once again and I'm sure many Fijian's are celebrating world wide.Vinaka,have a good one everyone we deserve it.

Anonymous said...

@1:17 AM
"I believe this new generation of Fijian's no longer judge people by ethnicity,religion,nobility,social class or social status.Today,this generation judges a person by their thoughts,actions,character and practice."

I think this is a bit naive when it comes to "social class". Fiji is becoming a consumerism society, where the mighty dollar determines who you think you are. People might make fun of talatalas, chiefs, etc.... but they will always be jealous of a rich person!

It is very true that it is the older generation that will prefer the GCC, alongside of those who benefit the most out of it, that is the relatives of the chiefs... That is human nature. When Bainimarama lowered the voting age, it was probably done after realizing the mindset shift for the new generation. The longer the GCC will be abolished, the more irrelevant it will become. That is a sad thing for the countryside. I think that a "free" GCC, that is a meeting of the chiefs at their own expenses, could be a great idea if they come forward with ideas and are dynamic. There are so many simple ideas that could be implemented in the rural communities to create employment as iTaukeis own the land! But there is a general lack of leadership I believe.

Rajend Naidu said...

Acknowledging A Dark Past Essential for Righting Historical Wrongs
Cal Flyn's article ' My relative was a mass murderer of Aborigines. Can I make amends?' ( the guardian 22/5 ) gives real form to Andrew McGahan's fictional novel The White Earth ( Winner of The Age Book of The Year and The Courier-Mail Book of the Year. Miles Franklin Literary Award 2005 Winner).
In his novel McGahan tells us the story of how a granddaughter is appalled to learn through her diligent research of the massacres and atrocities her grandfather had committed to get rid of the Aborigines so that he could grab their land. She wants to do the right thing by the few remaining survivors .
In her account retracing her ancestry Cal Flyn tells us her ancient relative Angus McMilan was an explorer of early Australia, but he has also been identified as the man responsible for a series of massacres of the Gunai people of Gippsland, in southeastern State of Victoria.
In the first 10 years of settlement in Gippsland, the Gunai population fell by more than 90%, to a little more than 100 individuals. Cal says " my relative has come to embody some of the worst excesses of Australian colonial history".
I think Cal Flyn acknowledging that - the grave injustice done to the Aborigines by her early white ancestors - is in itself a profound step in making amends. ( Many are still in denial and still pretend that part of Australian history does not exist).
McGahan wrote " There was only the reality of occupation, and it was a brutal business".
Cal Flyn tells us just how brutal it must have been for one Aboriginal tribe : the Gunai people of Gippsland.
There were others right across Australia.
Are there people in Fiji prepared to come forward to acknowledge the grave wrong they perpetrated against the Indo-Fijians by scapegoating them in the first military coup of 1987?
They should because they can't go on strutting about in the garb of respectability when their dark past is well known.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

8.05am There will always be a section within the population of any country who envy the rich but we can't also forget about other people who are happy and grateful for what they already have.Some people don't base their life around money or materialistic items.But put their loved ones and family first above all else.What about a persons health?,education?,food on the table?,shelter?,water?,security?love and care? I'm sure many will value these things far more over money and materialistic goods.

I see on TV and YouTube videos of war torn nations been bomb blasted to nothingness,videos where hundreds of thousands of innocent women,men and children fleeing for their life's from wars for the sake of safety and freedom.Fathers,Mothers,brothers,sisters and relatives watch before their very own eyes of a loved one or someone they knew die in their hands.People starving to death and in need of food and water.The epidemic of Ebola virus taking the life's of many people who were in need of medical assistance and to find a cure.Children who have lost their parents because they were killed in a war they did not want upon them.Not one of them shown in interviews said they were jealous of rich people or said money determines who they are but instead they shouted out with tears they just wanted peace,love and their families brought back to life.Therefore I am so grateful for the life I have right now because in other parts of the world people are suffering far more than I am and my own family.What some may see as poor,they see it as riches.

Yes leadership is a big concern in rural areas in my point of view.I believe many would like to see a balance of development between rural and urban areas.If this can be done then the migration levels from rural to urban will decrease.I hope opportunities can be created and more community based projects kick started but again leadership is an issue.We need trusted leaders who deliver and can get the job done,instead of sugar coating and giving the rural dwellers false promises because we had this in the past far too many times.The GCC is of no interest to me right now and I've also informed my elders about this.Theres far more important things to solve than old dead wood.That is just my opinion and I hope I don't offend anyone but please don't take it personal if anyone disagrees with my view on the GCC.

Anonymous said...

@11:16 AM
you only look at the issue from a small window.

Ask to a sick man what he wants, and he will say health.
Ask to a sufferer in a war torn country what he wants, and he will say peace.
Ask a healthy man in a peaceful country what he wants, and he will say more stuff.

As soon as the basic needs are fullfilled, people want money. Most of them. It is so true
that we yave corruption everywhere. If money wasn't valued, there wouldn't be corruption.

I believe only a tiny fraction of humans are wise enough to rise over materialism.
Look at the newspaper in Fiji. The Fiji Times has a f****ng section every week
about shopping (shopper of the week) and look at the Fiji Sun with its Bollywood crap
about rich and famous actors! The whole system is geared towards materialism and
useless stuff. As soon as basic human needs are met, money rules.

Olini said...

I hope the new generations of Fiji will help build a better Fiji and a non racial Fiji. The coups of Fiji was racial and only a few benefited from that, majority of good intellectual people have migrated and the rest have suffered.

The old times of 1987, 2000,and 2006 coups had a generation of no schools , but the new generations are more better educated and no technology well and will not be fooled as their ancestors were.

God bless Fiji and save the people who are a silent majority of good citizens.

Anonymous said...

@12:59 PM
"more better educated".
that is very extremely true ;)

well, of course Fiji has changed in the course of history.
Bainimarama likes to believe that he is building that new Fiji... but he is as corrupt as old politcians.
For example, he will have to hesitation to use his influence to help family members, just
like in the good olden days.

We can see everyday how undemocratic Fiji really is. Medias are still censored, we can't access
economic information, everything is hidden.

Anonymous said...

Fiji will have a new flag I heard. It seems there is a 50-50 support for the change in Fiji, is that true?

Anonymous said...

who cares about the new flag? I'll fucking wipe my ass with it.

Anonymous said...

@2:48 PM
your face will be on the flag.

Anonymous said...

Anon@3.00PM. You mean your face after I wiped my ass with the new flag?

KUA NI RERE said...

@Olini 12:59PM
I'm sorry to burst your bubble but its obvious that you haven't thought about what you just wrote.
There is now more DROPOUTS from school than ever before.
Little kids cant afford to go to school and their parents have no employment so the kids have to go and Cut sugarcane to survive.

Now more and more children are committing suicide because of the HELPLESSNESS OF THEIR SITUATION...
and then you say YOU "HOPE" these disillusioned kids will build a better Fiji.
You Bainimaram supporters are so UNBEILIEVABLY FARKED IN THE HEAD.


Anonymous said...

@3:38 PM
You don't know how to read. I said your face.
Since obviously you are already bowing to the colonial master, that's quite obvious.
What a farce to have british symbols on the flag of an independent country.... that speaks volume
about the mentality of dependency of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@3:54 PM

There is no such thing as the "secular god", dumb ass.
You are as dumb as Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Casino, where are you?

Anonymous said...

@12:09pm For me,it does not matter how big or small a window is you look through.However I feel that it is much healthier to look out at the world through any window than through a mirror. Otherwise, all you see is yourself and whatever is behind you.

It is down to the individual what he or she cherish and values most in our society.When I ask many modern Fijian's today about what they truly want to be done?they will usually answer and say unity,peace,progressiveness,transparency,accountability,integrity,equality,opportunities,security,employment,fairness,justice and continuity of good governance and real democracy.

These ideals are cherished more in our society today and people all have their stories and experiences of coming to their conclusions of why they value these ideals.Without building a strong foundation we will never be successful.In the past,the foundation stones for a balanced success for everyone was not delivered because all our leaders lacked honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty.They were only in it for self interest and for specific groups of people.They left the nation to fight amongst themselves,they divided us and nurtured hate to be grown in all sectors of our communities.People were left deluded,some shunned,some suffered horrendous acts of terror and some lost loved ones.Many had their psychological well being tormented due to the coup crisis and unrest they witnessed before them,whether it be infront of their very own eyes,through the TV or listening to the radio.It affected and destroyed the hearts and minds of the nation as a whole.

We are no different from other nations who suffer from wars and political conflicts.We know what a coup is and many have suffered at the hands of it.This reminds me to say that staying local should never be about looking at the world through a closed window, but about making a home then throwing the doors open and inviting the world in to learn from their experience and how to avoid such events so that we can better ourselves as a whole nation.

I don't read much on material things but if I ever had an attention to it,I always ask myself what's in it for me and others?how will this item benefit me or others?what does it contribute to my life and others?Will it help better my country or lead it too another chaos?Is it educating myself and my family and the wider community?Who is it targeted at?What is the purpose of its existence?What type of marketing strategy is this company using in its marketing style?How does the companies business model work?Does the business give something back to communities?example community projects,youth projects and acts of charity.Does it behave and conduct business in a ethical manner?Does it uphold corporate social responsibility?These are the many things I ask myself when considering materialistic goods.

Anonymous said...

"There is now more DROPOUTS from school than ever before."

but at the same time....................

"Beer sales are now at an all time high"

I would suggest the majority of drop outs from school are not because the parents can't afford to send them but the parents just don't care about them.

Rajend Naidu said...

Towards Totalitarianism
We read in ' On Second Anniversary of Coup, Thai Military Regime Closer to Totalitarianism ' ( LAHT 23/5 ), that Thailand's ruling military junta completed 2 years in power on Sunday as it inches further away from fulfilling promises to solve the political crisis, root out corruption, reform institutions and achieve national reconciliation .
Even as General Prayuth Chan-cha, Prime Minister and Chief of the National Council for Peace and Order ( NCPO ) - the official name of the junta - congratulated himself on the anniversary, there were fewer voices among civilians cheering him.
Dissidence among citizens is sizeable but not public as the " nightmare where Big Brother monitors your private conversations is becoming reality" said former Thai senator Jon Unghakorn. " Under the NCPO we're creeping towards 1984", he added, referring to George Orwell's famous novel on the Totalitarian State.
Since the junta assumed power, military courts have tried 1629 cases and summoned 1340 human rights and opposition activists, according to Human Rights Watch.
The situation has prompted 3 former PMs to condemn Prayuth " in unison".
Meanwhile the military backed draft constitution - already partially or wholly rejected by the country's main political parties - is set to be subjected to a referendum on Augusr 7.
If the draft constitution,- which among other things, includes provision for a Senate handpicked by the junta - is rejected by voters, a new text will have to be prepared, further postponing the 2017 elections.
However Thitinan Ponogsudhirak, director of the Institute of Security and International Studies (SIS ) at Bangkok's Chulalongkorn University, warned that " having overthrown two military dictatorships since the 1970s, Thai civil society is unlikely to put up with the NCPO indefinitely ".
Ever since the end of absolute monarchy in the country in 1932, the Thai military has made 19 coup attempts.
So many coups and so little progress in heading the country in the right direction.
Must be a lesson in there for other coupsters - including our own.
Rajend Naidu

Tomasi said...

Anon 7.36 pm. Thank you for your wise words. It is heartening to hear wisdom in the midst of chaos and chatter. It is inspiring to hear truth in times of confusion and despair. It is wonderful to know that God will use people such as you to be His messengers to a nation He loves and cares about. Than you for your courage to speak the truth and your compassion to share the truth with others, even though we know that many may never listen to the truth. May God bless you and use you to continue to be a channel of truth, wisdom, courage and hope to people around you, our nation and the world around us.

Anonymous said...

@7:36 PM
If you don't get my "window" perspective, then try my "video" one: in the beginning, people actually share the values you mentioned, but as they move up in the social ladder, "peace" becomes more important than "equality", etc...

Ask anyone at the bottom what they want, and they will say equality, but that is actually a selfish view (!)...
Give 1000000$ to that same person, will they ask for equality? Eh. That was my point. That explains why politicians, business people in the past and right now, have become so easily corrupted. It's the same the world over. Money rules man's heart.

Remember after the coup. Business people asked for an income tax cut, and they got it! At the same time, wages decreased in real term!

One needs a LOT OF WISEDOM to resist going down that road. Fiji will need a lot of good leaders to inspire a radical change. I believe Fiji is still special, but that beauty is under threat.

To change a country, you need inspiring "symbols". They may come from religion for some, or from art and sports for others. But something is sure, there will be a need to bring back the taxation level of the rich to what it was before the coup... even higher. To have social peace, we need a sense of justice and equality. We only have replaced the GCC by a military council... same old nepotism...

How can we actually pick good leaders is the big question.

Rajend Naidu said...

A Vibrant Democracy
You know a vibrant democracy is in place when a citizen can express the following in a letter to editor without fear . In her letter ' Dearth of a Salesman' ( The Age 24/5 ), Mary Kierman writes :
" Tony Abbot was (in) famously reported as saying he'd do anything short of selling his arse to be prime minister.Sadly, along with adopting most of Mr Abbot's ideas, Mr Turnbull appears to have adopted that one ... and maybe even taken it a step further".
Yes, apparently " the Lure of the Lodge" was too much for Mr Turnbull to stay true to his more progressive and principled side.
We have our own in Fiji who got overtaken by their greed for power but in the new Fijian democracy sensible people don't criticise them openly.
I take it there is no need to explain why.
And, that goes to also explain the popularity of Fiji blog sites.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Fiji should get the Queen back and appoint Epeli Ganilau as Governor - General and continue his fathers role. Since 1987 Fiji went on downward spiral now Muslims have join in the RFMF band wagon which was once a very loyal and obedient Royal Fiji Military Forces.

We want Fiji to progress and not worry about racial tensions look at other countries so many nationalities live in Australia and NZ and other developed countries including Muslims yet they don't have coups like Fiji did.
People also accept the ballot box not override and put their own choice of government

Anonymous said...

@3:06 PM
The real problem in Fiji is hidden in your very first statement. "We want the Queen back". Translation: we are crying babies unable to run our own affairs. It's a sad state of mind, but very pervasive in Fiji. It is very well illustrated in the dependency syndrome unfortunately so common here. I would even dare to say that it shows on our flag, where Britain is honored not once, but thrice: Union Jack, lion and cross, all in positions of honour! Fiji should be a British colony and everything would be fine. That's factually true!!!

Bloody military, yes for sure. You seem to have a problem with muslims, what have they got to do with the 1987 or the 2000 coup? Now it appears that a small clique of muslims around Khaiyum are raking $$$$$$ like mad, but the fact of the matter is that it is a coup made by iTaukei...again!!! People should not be fooled.

Hopefully the next generation of mlitary people will pull out of politics and the military size will be radically downsized. What a waste of money!

Anonymous said...

what ever happened with corrupted&smiling Kunatuba?
he was corrupted under Qarase, and corrupted under Bainimarama!!!
what a f****ng thief!!!!

Anonymous said...

@8.25am Yes,few or many already know,that once they start to progress up the social stratification they then acquire more money for themselves.Its very simple,work hard and gain more or nothing ventured,nothing gained. Values change,so does their culture and traditional sense as they progress up the ranks over time.However many forget about the many responsibilities they will have as they move up.

I believe some politicians and business people are corrupt because they have a hunger for power and posses an attitude to dominate and influence a whole society.They refuse to have or take responsibilities.They have this awful greed,lust and addiction to power and is in need of money to wield that power for whatever purpose they have an interest of.Everything goes out the window for them and no longer needs looking out of.The mirror is then brought in to replace it and all they focus on is themselves and filled with self interest.They refuse to have balance between the window (Our fellow human beings in the world) and the mirror(Themselves).The fundamentals of moral or ethical guidance is no where to be seen in them and most of them refuse to see the consequences of their actions.

Thus we continue to view events of everything that follows with corruption such as nepotism,favouritism,clientism,theft, fraud,abuse of public office or funds and so forth.The people suffer in the end but they will always reorganise and come together with ideas to pick up the pieces and move forward.

I'm glad we both agree for more moral and ethical leaders to step forward.They are out there building the foundations,learning and working on their ability to understand not just about themselves but also others in the wider community.They are observing,listening to and questioning our communities,societies and this world.They are continuing to pay attention to the conversation of current leaders and holding them accountable for the wrong decisions they make.They are looking at every culture out there of what good they can take on board and all the bad done away.Looking at every possible problem and finding solutions.Learning from every mistakes done by past generations throughout the country's and world history.

I support and look up to organizations who are in it for good social change,sustainability of the environment,protection of wildlife,development of human well being,rights and progress.Organizations such as the Red Cross,UNICEF,One.org,The Naqaqa Giving Foundation,world wide fund,Green peace just to name a few.I believe fundamental social change does not occur because government acts and legislation,but because it's civil society, the conscience of a country, begins to rise up and demand,demand and demand for change.There are various social movements out there and many demand to have a say and influence on policies made by governments,because they know how wrong policies can be hurtful and affect the masses but favours the few.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Tomasi,The almighty has never forsaken me even in times of hardship.I am happy to be always his beloved child.I am still learning even in the times of painful struggles that thy father has shown me.It is a humbling experience that cannot be described.After every teachings he has shown me in this journey of life,I give thanks and praises to him for pointing out to me my foolishness and teaching me even more on how to go the right way.He will deliver us to the promise land,we just have to believe in him and open up our hearts,mind body and soul,let him in and do his works.He will teach and answer us,and we will listen,question and learn between good and evil.

Anonymous said...

@11:01 PM
If you had to live every single human life of the last 100,000 years, your perspective on life
would be very different. I believe that our reasoning is way too much distorted by the unimaginable
limitations of our own little person. If you could see yourself living the life of a man here in Fiji
200 years ago, or in medieval Europe or under any despotic regime in history, if you could see the
sum of all human miseries and cruelties and you had to make sense of it, your "experience" would be
different. Many who have been through Nazi camps have never "forgotten" God... the sort of
"experience" you are talking about is in my opinion a form of voluntary delusion.

It is impossible to clearly define what is "good" and what is "evil". For instance, some cultural practices
in one country, like eating meat, are evil, but not in another; having many wives in one culture is allright, but evil
in another culture. The only wat to have "fair judgment" on humanity, even on life, would be for every human/animal to be
only one person, or for one person to live every single human/animal life. In this scenario, no matter what we mean by good
and evil, there would be justice. Life would be its final judgment on itself.

I believe we should live like if we were everybody. Science has yet to tell us what our "minds" are, what our
perceptions actually are, but we can't rule out the most probable scenario in my opinion, that is that we are
made of *dumb* subatomic particles. If that is true, then the feeling of being YOU or ME, or HIM or HER, or
anyone for that matter, is the SAME. A good rational outlook at the world leads us to think like that.

The terrible reality behind such a worldview it is that of course we are also the worst shit people who ever lived,
but if you have a close look at religious books, it seems they effectively support similar views... Like your
enemy like yourself...

Tomasi said...

@8.52am. You have made some true and profound observations which I generally agree with. But I can also see the very real dilemma you have and perhaps a certain degree of confusion. If I understand you correctly, you are saying that our experiences ultimately shape our perspectives, attitudes and worldviews. So it follows that the longer our lifetimes, the more perfect would be our life’s attitudes and perspectives. It would therefore be possible for humans to develop and adopt an accurate view of life, truth, justice, etc if we were to live forever.
Your observations assume that humanity is capable of defining his / her own sense of identity, purpose and destiny, which is good for the whole human society for all lifetimes, even for eternity. You reinforce this assumption with your reference to science and its vital contributions to human knowledge and understanding of life and minds and being.
Please kindly consider the following thoughts. For while they may agree with some of your own statements, you may gain new insights into our understanding about the nebulous and profound topics you have discussed with us:
1. Science is a very useful frame of reference, but ultimately, it is still finite knowledge at best and is therefore unable to explain everything. Even when it does explain things, it does so from a human perspective, which you admit is distorted, limited and partial, inaccurate and biased.
2. Science is limited to natural and physical phenomena and defined by our own finite and imperfect human lenses, filters, reflectors, absorbers, etc. But life and human realties are much more than what our finite senses are able to register. Consequently, even if we live for eternity, our eternal experiences based on our limited and finite senses will always remain imperfect, partial and just a tiny fraction of our distorted realities.

Tomasi said...

2. Serious thinkers from all philosophical persuasions, including scientists of the Nobel Laureate variety, have generally agreed that there are other realms beyond the human and natural. Thanks to our cumulative knowledge and experiences over the last few millennia, humanity has been forced to realise that we humans are just a tiny insignificant part of the ever-expanding cosmos. This alone is a very sobering reality that many find difficult to accept. But once we understand the larger reality, we will be faced with the three most profound questions of our existence as we understand it, namely; Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going ?
3. In the God of creation, as beautifully told in the Torah and the Bible, humanity will find the most comforting and challenging answers to the above questions and the most important issues and topics confronting humanity, including yours and Bainimarams’s flawed climate change theories.
4. It is from God’s eternal perspective and within the vast and complete narrative and understanding of His creation can we arrive at the most wonderful, perfect and true answers and solutions to all of our human questions and challenges. Our God of creation is not a man, but the Eternal, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Perfect Spirit who is also love truth, beauty, and justice personified. It is in whom we must all live and have our being.

Tomasi said...

2. All of reality is a just a tiny, infinitesimal, limited aspects of the One Eternal Reality who is YHWH. He the One and only true God, the God of Avraham. Yitshak and Yaacov. When we remove Him from our equations of life, we condemn our calculations and lives into years, lifetimes and millenias of nothingness. Remember Shakespeare’s famous life prose :
“Tomorrow and tomorrow, and tomorrow, creeps on its petty pace from day to day, to the last syllable of recorded time, and all these yesterdays have trusted fools, the way to dusty death. Out, out brief candle. Life is but a brief candle, a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. “
Finally, it is time to remind Bainimarama and his Minister for Everything, Khaiyum Saiyad Aiyaaz that their little crafty minds and deceitful lying hearts are all known to God. Their foolish decision to remove His Name from Fiji’s sham parliament is a major curse upon this government and on our nation. No matter how brilliant the equations for development may sound, how crafty QORVIS and their other accomplices behind the scenes are, the sum total of all their plans, and machinations is NOTHING. A dud cheque promised for the nation. Ultimately, it is YHWH (GOD) who decides our destinies. He places leaders and replaces them according to His will. He has planned the best for all humanity, regardless of race, creed or colour. But we must live in harmony with Him. We shall all be accountable to Him. The Public Accounts Committee is just a reminder of our ultimate accountability to GOD Himself for the way we have lived only a tiny fractions of our eternity. Let us fear God alone. Do not be deceived by climate change pawns who think that this world will be destroyed through our own actions. Remember, the LIE behind that statement is there is no God, we are responsible for own destiny. Well, the last time I checked, which was this morning, when He talked to me. He is absolutely totally and really always WELL. He reminded me that His Name is YHWH. He is the I AM, the Aleph and the End of everything. He is eternity in Person.
Now, who are the little frogs and mushrooms talking about the seas washing over planet earth. Just look at the sun, created millions of years ago, a huge ball of exploding nuclear radiation, sending out billions and billions of heat throughout our galaxy, over hundreds of thousands of years, but never exploding out of control. Consider the mystery of the human DNA, the vastness of space or the immeasurable beauty of the sunrise and sunsets, summer and spring, autumn and winter, etc , etc, etc, etc. Cheer up Fiji. Our hope is in YHWH, the GOD of the universe. Shape up people. Speak up and let the dictators know your hope in God is greater than your fear of Bai and Khai and their lapdogs.

Anonymous said...


Water disruption in parts of Ba

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Update: 1:00PM PEOPLE living in parts of Ba will face disruptions in water supply until 8:30pm today

Anonymous said...

@11:15 AM

I think you are very confused. Climate change is a hoax? Ah! Go and tell that to villagers living around the coastal areas! Sorry, but people like you are a serious threat to humanity. You are telling everybody to be lazy and do f****ing nothing about it?!? Shame.

If you look carefully at all gods that have been invented by man through History, you will notice one funny - I would say ridiculous - thing: they are all named using sounds (phonems) found in the nation's language who invented them! More interesting, languages have changed on a regular basis through history. So seriously, how likely is it that that a god like Ketewalu (and old Fijian god) has a name borrowed from...the Fijian language? How likely that Krisna has a name borrowed from... hindi? And how likely Yahweh from...jewish language? Men needs easy explanation for everything and a good dose of hope to go through this crazy world. I can understand it, but I doubt very much God would have a name borrowed from a human language... I prefer to think that nobody has a clue. Everybody's ignorant.

Apart of that observation, there are apparently very good odds that we might be living in a multiverse where all possibile outcomes would actually happen, over and over again, forever.... how can you make sense of it? Very difficult. If the many world theory is true, there might be universes where Bainimarama never staged a coup, and one where Fiji is yet to be discovered.... If all possible outcomes do happen, then we have the explanation why we experience all the crap in our lifes...

Anonymous said...

A PATRIOTIC Hampton artist says the lead up to the Rio Olympics is the perfect time for Australia to sport a new flag.

Bob King Crawford has campaigned for our national symbol to be replaced by his version, which he has named the “Flag of Unity”, for nearly 30 years.

He said with the massive global reach that the Games had, now would be a magnificent stage to launch a new flag that better represented Australia.

His design has elements featuring a kangaroo, the Southern Cross and the indigenous sun symbol, but deletes the Union Jack.

“It is time for a change, now is good as billions of people would see it on TV at the Olympics,” King Crawford said.

“Everyone is sick of the fact that our flag says England owns Australia, while my flag says something, it says who we are as a country.”

New Zealand recently held a referendum to replace their flag, but that idea fell flat and the original has been retained, while Fiji will dump the Union Jack from their emblem with a new design expected to be chosen later this year.

There are no plans to hold a flag referendum in Australia.

Non-profit group Ausflag’s executive director Harold Scruby said only a third of Australians wanted to keep the current flag.

“We are a grown-up country, we are not a colony anymore,” Mr Scruby said.

“We are a proud, sovereign, mature, independent nation, we deserve a flag which says so, unequivocally and irrefutably.”

He said he was not in favour of King Crawford’s design as it had too many elements, was too complicated and not instantly recognisable.

Australia and New Zealand, and the tiny island nation of Tuvalu, are the only Commonwealth countries as well as the United Kingdom still sporting the Union Jack on their flags.

We too apparently like a flag saying that England owns Fiji... 53% of Fijians want to keep the current flag, against 55% for New Zealand and 33% in Australia.... (a good flag should get at least 80% support after so many years!) I think the author has agood point about the Olympics. That would be the best time to present a new flag. I don't understand why Bainimarama can't bring those 5 final designs ahead. 1 month to decide and that's it. Ready for Rio.

Anonymous said...

actually, the Rio Games should be cancelled because TOO MUCH shit happening there in the water and on land!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:59 PM

Your free water is in a truck at my house filling my pool, so you will have to wait for the next one!

Anonymous said...

@6:28 PM
There are a lot of people living in Rio, so of course the city produces a lot of shit.
The more people, the more shit. That's the first law of shit.
Of course, some people eat more so they shit more. People in Brazil are getting
very fat nowadays, so that means even more shit. That's the second law of shit.

l think Brazil should change its flag too. Very ugly and complicated flag, with text and all that sort of crap.
Not too late to do so before the Olympics.
I also think that Mozambique, Myanmar, Bhutan, Saudi Arabia, Serbia and Mexico should
change their flag. The flag business needs change.

Anonymous said...

Why is it getting farking cold in Fiji???

Anonymous said...

@ 8:52 AM Indeed,I agree it is hard on how do we define good and evil?hence this is a very good question when asked.I think it involves ethics, metaphysics and ontology.There are many philosophers who have their points of view on the topic especially Greek, Neoplatonism philosophy and early Christian thought.

Now in the Christian philosophy of late antiquity within which becomes mostly sharp that good is whatever derives from God.Thus,the entire creature is good,and in general,everything that exists is good,since good and being are almost equivalent notions.This idea is also responsible for the paradoxical argument that if we accept that evil exists,then, given that all existence derives from God and hence is good,it should be also good.Also if we look at the evolution of the Christian late Antique and Byzantine philosophical tradition is that we should rather turn towards the faculty of the will to locate evil, than to invent metaphysical principles.Evil is opposed to God and to God's goodness not as essence but as the decision to oppose to God.It is the opposition and the contrary to good.For this tradition,the power that creates,produces,maintains and sustains the world is God's divine energies (activities). Therefore,opposition to God implies opposition to the presuppositions of life.From this point of view,evil substantiates as corruption and destruction.

If evil is connected to the will,then the freedom that has been granted from God which allows us humans to act even against God and others is free to decide.Whether we humans decide to act against God's word and his will(I believe the word of God must not only be understood as an ethical commandment for a morally accepted life, but also as the ontological foundation of the cosmos)it is our choice.Hence,evil appears as that which opposes to God,who is the Good.

From my perspective,evil is introduced to the cosmos only through beings that have the ability to use their freedom in order to act against God.Therefore,evil appears when a rational being decides to act against his creator,against his creative algorithm.In the hierarchical understanding of cosmos,an understanding developed already within Neoplatonic philosophy,that rational beings are not only the humans but also the angels,the demons and the souls.The loss of humbleness of some angels prompted them to think that they can reverse the parameters of the creation,namely to replace him(God)who created the universe.I can see why science is extremely interested to go deeper into the mystery of the human being and see, or understand somehow,how this corruption affected not only the angels, but also us the humans, our souls and our minds and how we human beings believed that they can become God in the place of God and without God's help.Take for example the Milgram experiment, the David Reimer case, The Monster study experiment and many others. Some will call this advancing human knowledge,others will say it is immoral and unethical.

Anonymous said...

@7:02 AM

Since the behavior of all living organisms is determined mostly by their genetic and their environment, I am puzzled.
For example, some murderers have been found "not criminally responsible" because of they had "evil genes"
so to speak. If you are unlucky to end up with genes that will make you violent and unable to express compassion,
you might behave like a psychopath with no capacity to feel remorse, etc. You are like that from birth...
Now it will be obvious to anyone that our ACTUAL behavior depends also of our circumstances. Let's say that you are
naturally prone to violence, but for some reason you have lived in an environment where you were never "forced" to
become violent. The only thing that would distinguish an "evil man going to hell for eternity" from an "evil man not
going to hell" would be...random events!

So here comes the big question. How can a God "giving" us random genes and putting us in random environments
can actually judge us properly? We only live a short life.
Why would a cannibal in the 18th century end up in Hell for eternity while his great
great great great great grand children lucky enough to be born 2 centuries later and enjoying a much better
"cultural/social environment" go to "paradise"?

My point is that we are not even responsible for our own make-up/circumstances. How then can there be an
individual judgment? I could only conceive a judgment for the whole of humanity, and that would be a weird thing
to conceive as well. Where does humans start being humans in the first place? What about Neanderthal man?

Life is a complete mystery, and morality is even more obscur. I believe truly honest and sincere people can
see my point. We are not quite who we think we are.

See if Bainimarama had had the "chance" to drown at a young age when he was an innocent child, his
"future judgment" would have been, I understand, different from what it will be now that he had made
a coup and killed people. How can random circumstances in a short and random human life determine
our future?

I look at religious people as idealists who want to bring a particular order to an otherwise chaotic world.
As thousands of religions have existed amongst the thousands of human civilizations over thousands
and thousands of years, it seems obvious that the "religious" need is somewhat a feature of human
existence, But when we dare look at our reality in a very humbke and honest way, we see that so many
evil versions of ourselves could have existed.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

"I want to make it perfectly clear what my own attitude is and that of the Government I lead. There is no justification, no excuse, for any man to inflict violence on a woman or abuse her in any way. Those who do so are cowards and criminals."

The above was a quote from your dumbass PM Voceke Baimagasona in Turkey. What a fucking joke.

Anonymous said...

@2:17 PM

It is the trademark of Bainimarama to do the opposite of what he preaches...and it works!
Other countries have nothing to do about the truth, they only need to hear the good words
and that's it, they're happy!

Thank you new Constitution, so we can forget about the crimes committed against women by the
military! The real barbaric attitude of many men towards women was displayed clearly in QEB...

One day History will catch up with these thugs. Shame on you all.

Isei Vunisa said...

Isa bro. I mean no offence. But my pastor said if I pray everyday,give tithing on Sunday so my pastor can drive a nice car and buy nice houses for his family members then a seat will be reserved for me in heaven. Why would a methodist pastor lie to me? I'm going to heaven bro. Even if I lasa I tuba as long as I keep my tithings updated I'm set bro!!


Anonymous said...

@7:53 AM
Lasa i tuba...ha ha... why having fun outside is a sin? people should spend less time in front of TV.

but you made a good point. I believe those who use their brain to question not only their talatalas,
but everything, from morality, existence, life relativity, religion etc. will see for themselves the absurdity of
believing any kind of crap...

I still wonder what one would be doing for eternity in heaven... it's just a thought experiment... Like let's say
you love kava and rugby. Fine. How long would you be able to sit and watch rugby? Well maybe a short
human lifetime might be fine for some but too long for others who need more intellectual stimulation.
But that doesn't matter. Pick whatever thing you like and ask yourself how long you could do it before getting bored?
10 years?
It's still a very small number next to infinity...
Would you still remember what you did 3468686737371838 years ago? If not, what would be the point to forget everything after a while?

I don't think most people really think about what they wish for... but certainly paying a SUV to a talatala to drink kava and watch rugby in heavens for eternity would be scary...

Anonymous said...

I’m sure many religions will have some form of explanations on why does God give some genetic disorders and others not? Evolutionist also have various theories on how nature creates lots of different varieties within a species and then the best one gets to reproduce, I believe they call it evolution by trial and error. There have been many scientific experiments conducted on this as well, again I must say few or many may find some of these genetic engineering experiments immoral and unethical whilst others say its forwarding mankind’s knowledge.

As a Christian, on studying and trying my best of understanding Genesis, I concluded that God’s original creation was very good and a reflection of his good nature which is full of life and joy (Genesis1;31). I believe He designed the universe so that everything would work together for his glory (for example,Psalm19:1).Since He created Adam in his image from the dust of the ground, he gave the first man (and a short while later,the first woman) a very good combination of DNA. He encouraged them to be fruitful and multiply.Now I personally believe if things had stayed the way they were in the beginning, that very good genetic combination would have continued combining in very good ways as Adam and Eve brought forth children.

For those familiar with the scripture, we know that things did not stay the way they were in the beginning. After Adam disobeyed God’s command concerning that one particular fruit,so God placed a curse on his beloved creation the just punishment for the commitment of high treason against the creator of the universe. Particular aspects of the curse are spelled out in Genesis chapter 3. The culmination of the curse is separation from God forever through death. As accompaniments to death, we have pain, suffering, disease, and genetic disorders. (But that does not mean we should lose hope)
I personally believe that the brunner syndrome (along with all the various other genetic disorders) isn’t God’s fault. Genetic mutations (including spontaneous chromosome deletions) are a now natural result of no longer living in a very good world. So to answer the question, did God create the evil gene in this sense? In my opinion no.we(human beings), sinners in the hands of a holy God,are the responsible parties.

The Bible has taught me that God is the author of life.He forms each and every one of us and knits us together in the womb (Psalm139:13-16). The Bible also clearly teaches me he is sovereign over his creation and he is the one who is in control (See, for example,Deuteronomy3:24,1Chronicles29:11-12,Jeremiah1:5,Daniel4:34-35,Nehemiah9:6.)

Again I personally believe just as God is in control of the intricate workings of the universe, he is also in control of the intricate workings of conception. As such, I can’t escape the thought that we are who we are genetic mutations and all as the result of God’s handiwork.Moses learned this lesson when he pointed out to the creator and said he was “slow of speech and slow of tongue.” However God said to him, “Who gave man his mouth? Who makes him deaf or mute? Who gives him sight or makes him blind? Is it not I, the Lord?” Exodus4:11,NIV)

Does this make God a monster or less than completely good? My personal opinion, not at all. Because his very nature is good (Pslam25:8,34:8,145:9 and Mathew19:17). Whatever He does is good.
And I believe that He creates everyone for a reason to bring glory to himself (Isaiah43:7,Romans11:36).In answering his disciples question about the reason a certain man was born blind, Jesus replied“Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life” (John9;3). And Paul tells us that God “works all things after the counsel of his will” (Ephesians1:11)....continue to second post.

Anonymous said...

God is the only one that gets to decide our eternal fate, which is why I believe to judge not when it comes to heaven and hell because the same charity we afford in our judgment of others will one day be extended towards us. Thus extending charity to people we don’t like or disagree with is something most of us are pretty terrible at, it’s probably a good idea that those who choose to believe in God heed to his words and stop declaring who is and who isn’t going to heaven.Otherwise, the day may come when we, not they, are the ones who find ourselves warm and toasty.

Anonymous said...

@Kamlesh Kumar, Bainimarama's statement speaks for himself and his cowardly troops in QEB. They are nothing but cowards and criminals. The shitloaded cassava patch dash by Frank himself, bashing of women, excessive use of physical force on and intimidation of unarmed civilians, and of course the surrender in Golan Heights by our fully armed troops against only a few scantily armed Al Nusraf terrorists. Yet they frequently and unashamedly parade around Suva resplendent in impressive military costumes and unearned glittering medals. But the truth is "sa levu ga na butako, lasulasu kei na cic sona levu". Go find some real war or combat and prove your mettle Fiji Military, you are laughing stock of the world you cowards!!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't actually answer any of the fundamental questions in my opinion.
While keeping the "evolution" fact aside in order to avoid wasting time with creationists,
I am of the opinion that you can't judge fairly people with different genetics and different
cultural/historical set up.
Think about it:
- if you are "lucky" enough to die after 1 week, you go straight to paradise;
- if you are "unlucky" enough to live to 29 years old and murder an old & poor Indian lady in Lautoka, you might go to hell. That dumb ass who stole a few tins of fish and a torch probably wish he had a heart attack the day before...

In such a world as that, better to die quickly... Why risk going to hell for eternity if you can die quickly and thus avoid to sin?
That makes no sense to me.

There is also a bigger problem, which comes from physics. Apparently, the whole universe might be duplicating over and over
in an infinity of ways (google multiverse & many worlds theory) in such a way that you end up actually doing pretty much
everything that is possible to do! Every possible mutations, random events, etc p. can happen! Weather it is actually true
doesn't matter to a philosopher, because the current reality is already random enough to make my point. I don't think you
can fairly judge humans...

What I like about non religious people who are good people is that their motivations are not based on fear of God or on
desire of being rewarded, which to me is the attitude we have towards children. Good atheists are simply pure and good.
It may sound paradoxal to religious people, but the best people have to be
those who act without any hidden agenda. I believe there are few of them around.

If one is good because one wants to go paradise or one is afraid of hell, then one is not genuine, but a sort of hypocrite.
Never renounce to your intelligence and question everything. Less scripture and more thinking is a better way to make sure nobody will take advantage of you. Be free, be noble, be a superman.

Anonymous said...

@1.48pm The regime banned many brilliant academics,professionals,doctors,lawyers,judges and politicians etc.One of them was a well known Atheist.Some said he was good and some said he was bad.For me, whether he was good or bad it does not matter. I see it as a loss for Fiji.He certainly was a free,noble and superman the way he would critique them hence I believe they (the regime)saw him as a threat to their power base and supporters.So they put him on the so called blacklist.

Kai Bau said...

Fiji is for Fijians. Indian weeds should be deported. Because of Indians we have all the problems. When Rabuka becomes next Prime Minister he should repatriate all Indians back to slumps of india.

Anonymous said...

@11:49 AM
Rabuka apologized to Indians for the crimes he committed. So you ask someone who is clearly aware of his wrong doings to "repatriate" people born in Fiji?!? You are clearly dumb. IQ. < 60.
In case you want to know what a melanesian paradise look like, go to lawless PNG or Solomon Islands where tribal warfare is rife. Are Indians to be blamed for civil disorder in Honiara? You pufta.

Isei Vunisa said...

Spoken like a truthful Methodist... Vinaka bro...God will gift you with all the blessings God gave to Rabuka when they personally spoke before the 87 coup.

Vinaka na bula!

Rajend Naidu said...

Beautiful Fiji and Fijian Hospitality
Just saw on tv Adventure Angler With Chris how couple Aussies have a grand time enjoying fishing in the rich Kadavu waters and Fijian hospitality at Matava resort( One, 28/5 ).. It must have felt like heaven for them except the grog which one correctly said was an " acquired taste". Many Fiji people, including those in the diaspora, having no problem acquiring the taste for grog which is consumed in the only way they know how : in lump sum!
Watching the Aussies enjoying themselves in Fiji makes me homesick.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Bombaiya khitchdri stirring shit and piss up again.Every blog,every social media,industry and politics.Either the bombaiya khitchdri is mimicking,evading,lying,manipulating,crooking or hiding.Areee yah! give it up,you've destroyed Fiji and you still trying to cause race tensions to pocket yourselves some riches.No wonder that every government that comes to power is fucked! because the people don't know it's the bombaiya khitchdri hiding in the back pulling all the strings and calling the shots,not the whole Indo Fijians but these bhenchod guju chutiyas.

Pio cokanasiga said...

What I love about non-religious people is that when they do something wrong they don't blame the devil for doing it. They blame themselves.

The devil made me rape those young primary school girls. Forgive me please even though I sleep well at night after I pray to God.

Pastor Atu is the man.com

Anonymous said...

FIJI ARMY WITHDRAWS FROM SINAI BECAUSE OF RISK. Ni yavu lamusona. Qori sara ga na ka ni saumi tu kina vakasivia. Ni yavu cici laqa levu ga vka taki nomuni liuliu sona levu o Bainimarama. Bwahahahaha!!

Niko said...

It is a know fact that majority Fijians hate Indians. We regard them as foreigners. You give one inch and they will take meters away from us. Fiji is Fijians only. Our party SODELPA is the only that represents. We don't care about Fiji First and its pro indian policies. When SOELPA comes into power we will chase the Indos to the slumps of Calcutta.

Chiku said...

Madrasi Mob
I didn't know Fiji still had some " garamkoon" Madrassi left in the country until I read in The Fiji Times that the Sangam AGM got cancelled after " tensions erupted between members "( FT 29/5).
I thought only Madrassis like Dr Mahendra Reddy and Praveen Bala was left in the country.

Anonymous said...

@Niko 12:56 PM

I think you hate yourself.

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