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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fiji budget: Millions for army vehicles and cash reward for Fiji Olympians who win medals

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum delivered his budget yesterday saying they will be redoubling efforts to rebuild and recover after Cyclone Winston. 

$7.5 million will be spent on specialised vehicles for the military with Khaiyum saying the vehicles will be used for recovery during natural disasters.

Khaiyum also announced that any Olympian who brings home a medal from the Rio Olympics will receive $30,000. Half a million dollars has been allocated for Rio.

Other promises:

*From next year, ministries will present 3 year and 5 year plans.

*Macro economic growth for Fiji is expected to be 3 percent for this year despite Tropical Cyclone Winston

*Nine consecutive years of economic growth years expected for Fiji for the first time

*Inflation is expected to remain at 2 to 3 percent

*FNPF is expected to credit members 6.25 percent interest despite paying out the Cyclone Assistance funds

*2016/2017 National Budget projects 3.64 billion expenditure and 3.18 billion dollars revenue

*Ministry of Finance will change its name to Ministry of Economy from 1st August.

*Government set up the Help for Homes Initiative. Government has spent $88 million so far to assist people living in cyclone affected areas. Another $20 million will be allocated in the 2016/2017 National Budget. $207 million allocated for rehabilitation efforts. $142.6 million has been allocated to rebuild education facilities.

*38 schools will take part in the Adopt the School Program.

*$5.2 million will be allocated for damaged primary schools.

*Replanting of pine - $0.5 million allocation.

*$8.7 million for water and sewerage systems damaged after Winston.

*Insurance companies need to do more.

*Public consultations will be held soon on insurance services and those who are under-serviced at the moment.

*$527 million allocated for the Fiji Roads Authority in the 2016/2017 National Budget.

*Rural roads have been allocated $95 million.

*$4.5 million has been allocated for high priority bridges.

*$0.5 million allocated for urgent repair of Ellington Wharf.

*$200,000 allocated for preliminary works for the development of a new airport in Seaqaqa.

*$308.6 million has been allocated to the Water Authority of Fiji, $229.4 million has been allocated for capital works.

*Increased salaries for Early Childhood teachers in the 2016/2017 National Budget.

*Grants for Early Childhood Schools increased by 33 percent.

*30 more scholarships available under the National Toppers Scheme in the 2016/2017 National Budget.

*Fiji National University to begin construction of its new campus in Labasa.

*FNU will begin to offer graduate medical programs from next year. This will increase the pool of doctors in the country.

*200 percent deduction for employers who take in graduating students for practical attachment, work placement or part-time jobs.

*$1 million allocation to build a world class pilot training academy in Nadi.

*Fiji Airways working with Airbus and Boeing to set up this academy which includes world class pilot simulators.

*Fiji National University may be involved in this academy.

*New Births, Deaths and Marriages offices to be set up Nabouwalu and Navua.

*Legal Aid offices to be opened in other areas.

*$3 million allocated for the extension of the CWM Hospital Maternity Unit.

*New remand centre to be constructed in Lautoka.

*New police station to be built in Nakasi.

*Construction of all police stations will now be standardized.

*$7.5 million allocated to RFMF to get specialized vehicles. This is to assist in recovery efforts after natural disasters.

*New vacuum street cleaners to be introduced in some areas including Suva from next year.

*National Micro Small Enterprise Council to be set up. This will be chaired by the Prime Minister. The council will provide funding, training, collect data, support and evaluate data.

*Tourism industry budget allocation increased to $36 million.

*Departure Tax eliminated for those visitors who stay in Fiji for less than 72 hours.

*Investment Fiji allocation increased to $2.2 million.

*New bill to be presented in parliament to have new retail hours. There will also be protection for shop assistants.

*Govt will relax the requirement for car park spaces for new buildings.

*24 hour Domestic Violence Helpline to be set up.

*Food voucher program will continue.

*300 percent tax deduction on wages paid to disabled employees for the first 3 years.

*Govt will pay for the vocational teachers teaching at the centres for the people living with disabilities.

*New regulation to be put in place tomorrow for the first two seats in buses to be reserved for people living with disabilities.

*Revenue collection - machines linked to cash registers will be deployed this year to ensure that there is tax compliance.

*All new hybrid vehicles will continue to enjoy duty free for the next two years.

*A modest duty will be charged for second hand hybrid vehicles from next year.

*FRCA will publicize details of vehicle prices when they are landed in Fiji and the price set by individual car dealers.

*Cigarettes and alcohol - fiscal and import tax increased by 15 percent. This rate will continue for 3 years.

*Excise tax for sugar sweetened drinks has been increased by 20 cents per litre.

*$14 million set aside for doctors’ salaries.

*FICAC allocated $8.5 million.

*Police constable salaries increased by 20 percent.

*Police budget - $131.7 million. This is an increase of $5.5 million.

*World Weightlifting Championships may be held in Fiji in 2018.

Full budget here - http://www.fiji.gov.fj/Budget/2016-2017.aspx


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Anonymous said...

Anybody surprised by the special standing of the military in Khaiyum's budget allocation? Khaiyum is where he is today courtesy of the Fiji military. Let us remember not to forget that.

Isei Vakatora said...

Let us also remember not to forget why Fiji is in shit to begin with. Christian dictators from the Military. Corruption in the GCC. Frank came in when Fiji was fucked to begin with. Its going to take a long time for the shit storm in 87 till now to be cleaned up. No intelligent God will clean it up for us...citizens of Fiji will need to stand up for equality and fair treatment in order to rid Fiji of past lessons. It will take more than the next generation to Rid fiji of idiotic nationalism way of thinking.

Fiji should go back to the days where it was the way the World should be. Ive only heard what it was like Pre-independance and wish i could have spent a week experiencing it.

Rajend Naidu said...

Social Cost of Military Spending
The United States of America is the richest country on planet earth. It has the most powerful military in the world. It's military spending is more than that of other top countries combined.
According to the latest data from IMF one in 7 Americans is living in poverty, including 1 in 5 children and 1 in 3 female-headed households. Around 40 percent of those in poverty are working...
When there is too much spending in one area ( the military ) there might not be enough for other areas, more directly impacting on the lives of the ordinary citizens.
Andy Hegh of Hamilton, Queensland tells us in his letter to The Australian 2/6 that last year when he and his wife travelled by train around east US the poverty they saw with their fellow passengers " was beyond comprehension".
How can the richest country on earth have " such a disaster in its own backyard "? ( Andy's words )
How indeed.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

@Rajend Naidu
And guess what ? Its the Americans, QORVIS, that's advising Kaiyum and Bainisona.

Anonymous said...

Rajend Naidu, GET FUCKED.

Anonymous said...

Budget 'more politics'

Nasik Swami
Thursday, June 23, 2016

Opposition spokesperson for Finance Professor Biman Prasad arrives at the Parliament complex ahead of the announcement of the 2016-2017 National Budget last night. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA+ Enlarge this image

Opposition spokesperson for Finance Professor Biman Prasad arrives at the Parliament complex ahead of the announcement of the 2016-2017 National Budget last night. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

OPPOSITION spokesperson for Finance and National Federation Party leader Professor Biman Prasad has labelled the 2016-2017 National Budget as "more politics, less economics".

Prof Prasad said the budget had nothing much in terms of addressing the rising cost of living which Government brought upon the people of Fiji as a result of 9 per cent VAT on basic food items.

"And there is little discussion on building confidence. The talk of broad-based economic growth, the incentives remain as they were before," he said.

Prof Prasad said the budget did not talk much about investment after the devastation brought about by Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston.

"We see that we are continuing to pile more debt, it is now close to $5 billion and as I said before, it's the people who will pay in the future and in the present time as well.

"All the excitement of the change in financial year which we said was unnecessary, all the changes that we see in the 2016-2017 National Budget could have been done quite easily in a revised budget and that would have been better, that would have given a better sense of the change in government expenditure and revenue.

"While there are some good, there are many bad as well as many unknowns that we have to entangle, scrutinise and analyse in this budget."

Rajend Naidu said...

Leaders A Country Should Not Have
We learn from The Washington Post article ' the world's longest-serving president just appointed his son as VP' ( 22/6 ) Equatorial Guinea's president Teodoro Nguema Obiang is the world's longest serving president, having ruled for almost 37 years.
He has further consolidated his power by promoting his son Teodorin to VP.
Power has been in the family for Equatorial Guinea's entire existence as an independent country. The current president toppled his uncle in a violent coup in 1979, before sentencing him to death by firing squad. Since then, he has consolidated hin grip over the country's industries and is accused of diverting tax money into his personal accounts.
The Apple hasn't fallen far from the tree . In 2014 US authorities forced Teodorin to relinquish his $30 million home in Malibu, Calif; a Gulfstream jet; a Ferrari; and dozens of pieces of Michael Jackson memorabilia worth more than $1 million, all bought with money funnelled through offshore bank accounts. Court documents reviewed by the Justice Department showed that Teodorin received an official salary of less than $100,000 but amassed more than $300 million in assets through corruption and money laundering.
" Through relentless embezzlement and extortion, VP Nguema Obiang shamelessly looted his government and shook down businesses in his country to support his lavish lifestyle, while many of his fellow citizens lived in extreme poverty", Assistant Attorney General Leslie R Caldwell said at the time...
Across Africa, leaders have historically resisted term limits and are often accused of doing so to continue lining their pockets. To try to counter this trend, a wealthy Sudanese businessman named Mohammed " Mo " Ibrahim announced a $5 million annual cash prize in 2007 to be given to African leaders who step down in the interest of promoting democracy. In 9 years it has been awarded 4 times. The prize went una warded this year . No African leader met Ibrahim's " very high bar " for " excellent leadership ".
That is not at all surprising.
No country should be burdened by such rotten leaders who are concerned with only " lining their pockets " while clinging to power.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

This idiot Rajend Naidu is worse than the Fijian nationalists in Fiji. Can you concentrate about your adopted country Australia rather than commenting on this blog site. No wonder your two neighbours Tim Gower and Bill Southey are very happy as they are rooting your wife.

Anonymous said...

I thought this website was about Fiji, yet Rajend Naidu is always harping about the United States instead. Still upset because they wouldn't give him a visa, it seems. Much of the povertyin America is due to people becoming too dependent on government lollies. One out of five American families don't even have a single breadwinner -- not a single one! The American consul can be forgiven for thinking Rajend was going to join them. He must not work, since he's blogging all day.

Anonymous said...

Rajen, yes US has poverty in its midst like any other nation but it's support programme to sustain lives for its people supercedes every nation. Why poverty is present in the US is basically the result of free government handouts, charitable organizations continued assistance, wealthiest donors, Churche donors , etc.-all in the name of CARE and LOVE. Aren't these why some Americans are lazy because there's always someone available to help . Poverty in America is created by those lazy people failing to utilize the golden opportunities in that country. If non speaking English are able to blossom in the US then it's still the place to live, and bring your dream to reality, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

What Rajend Naidu highlights about rotten African leaders are not specific to Africa. You have that same kind of rotten, crooked leadership in Latin America, Asia and of course the Pacific - leaders who have one thing on their agenda : how to stay in power and how to line their pockets.

Anonymous said...

Ok so here's a post about Fiji.

How is the country ever going to progress when the very institution that so many see as the moral guidance for the people, the Church, has dictators within it like the Methodist Church who at 4:30 in the morning are waking entire communities blasting out their preaching?

The Methodist Church is abusing the human rights of the citizens of Fiji.

Rajend Naidu said...

Understanding Poverty in America.
" One of the most prevalent and pervasive social problems in the United States is poverty. In the US far too many people live in conditions of poverty or near poverty; in 2002, an estimated 12.1% of all people in the US were considered poor ( Rank,2005 ).Given the significance of this condition and the commitment of the social work profession to seek its eradication, to what extend is the description and analysis of poverty a key component of social work education? How are students of social work educated about the theories of poverty in order to understand its causes and ultimately advocate for social policies related to the social, economic and political systems?..."
Answers to these questions and a deeper insight into the nature and extend of poverty and its eradication in America can be found in this literature cited below and many other well researched studies :
Understanding Poverty from Multiple Social Science Perspective
By Michael J Austin, Editor
BASSC Staff Director
Mack Professor of Nonprofit Management
School of Social Welfare
university of California , Berkeley
August 2006
What can we learn from these excellent American studies for our own social policy formulation and action?
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Poverty is present in all countries in it's different forms.

It is also present in Fiji and there are those within the Methodist Church that want it to remain.

The loud mouthed talatalas blasting it out hour after hour imposing on the rights of others will generally be found in impoverished areas.

They are deliberately reducing societies freedom and ability to learn, progress and be productive with the sole aim to fill their own pockets and live off others.

This is forced poverty, unfortunately something that is rarely noticed.

Anonymous said...

Rajend Naidu sits in front of a computer all day, and blogs in between watching porn. FUCK OFF YOU LOW-LIFE PIECE OF SHIT. You should be watching your wife cos your neighbors are fucking her in the garage.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:20 AM

What Rajend Naidu does is his choice and if you don't like it you can simply choose not to read it and ignore him.

The real low lifes are the Methodist raving talatalas that impose themselves on others when those others have no choice in the matter.

These are the real low life scum, they can not be turned off like Rajend Naidu can.

Rusi said...

Methodist TalaTala's in Fiji are the scum of the earth. What other religions in Fiji disrespect citizens on the day off and for some sunday is their only day off to rest. Must be a great God that speaks to these dick heads and lets them carry on like dick from 3-430am till late at night.

Anonymous said...

Anon@8.50AM. This asshole Rajend's posts are irrelevant. Perhaps he should utilise his time wisely by keeping an eye on his wife because she's been rooting the neighbours.

Anonymous said...

In the first photo it appears Baimagasona was staring at Khaiyum's ass.

Anonymous said...

@Rusi 10:05 AM

It's not just Sundays when these talatals disrespect citizens, it's every day of the week.

Some of these lowlifes are blasting it out till 10 at night and start again at 4 in the morning. The uneducated, ignorant Methodist talatalas who do this are oblivious to the needs or rights of others as they never had or wanted an education or to work in the real world.

They are prepared to impose into your home, wake and annoy babies, school children and workers in pursuit of boosting their own selfish bloated egos and lust for a parasitic life off of others.

They make a mockery of Christianity by their hypocritical actions and if the government had any sense it would eradicate their oppressive ways if it truly wants to see progress in Fiji.

Rajend Naidu said...

Great Pleasure to Read A Good letter
Satish Nakched writes " It is always a great pleasure to read good letters ...in the Editor's column" ( Fiji Times 24/6 ). Here's such a letter titled ' Extreme Stupidity ' from the Canberra Times 23/6 written by Ian Morland.
" For Senator Zed Seselja to accuse the Greens of being extreme is extremely stupid.
Repeatedly cutting Australia's foreign aid budget, and breaking our nation's commitment to the UN Millennium Development Goals to eradicate poverty is extremely dishonourable.
Locking up innocent children in virtual concentration camps, then making it illegal for doctors, nurses and social workers to report abuse of those children is extremely cruel.
Claiming to be about marriages and families then blocking any serious attempts to limit their destruction by poker machine addiction is extremely hypocritical .
Ignoring the increasing threat of catastrophic climate change ( and expert advice on what to do about it ) and continuing to subsidise the fossil fuel industry is extremely reckless.
Accepting millions of dollars from coal.oil and gas companies in return for giving billions of dollars of taxpayers' money as subsidies is extremely corrupt.
Promising before an election to not cut health and education funding, then cutting billions of dollars from both services once in power is extremely dishonest".
So much said in one small letter. What a beauty!
It made my day - on my birthday!
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Rabuka appointed as new party leader for SODELPA

Friday, June 24, 2016
Update: 12:48PM

FORMER prime minister Major-General Sitiveni Rabuka is the new party leader for the Social Democratic Liberal Party.

Mr Rabuka's appointment was confirmed by party president Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu during the party's annual meeting of the general assembly at the Fijian Teacher's Association hall in Suva today.

Close to 100 people are part of the meeting

Rusi said...

Trues up bro. Christianity ruined Fiji for good. Should of stuck to worshiping our ancestral Gods instead of one that requires money to be given to corrupt "Men of God".

You are right. We should be like japan and ban religious evangelicalism then Fiji will be tbe way the world should be

Anonymous said...

Rajend Naidu come to the Facebook page "Fiji exposed" that is where the debates are at and many would like to hear your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I want to wish members of the SODELPA Management Board and the Party well in their AGM today
After much thought and prayers, I decided to resign from SODELPA 2 days ago. Majority of the reasoning, is to do with leadership styles and the exercise of duties, including attempts to block SODELPA Youth Representatives from sitting on the Management Board or even hosting a Youth AGM. This was all done in order to usher in SITIVENI RABUKA as the new Party Leader. Preventing young people from participating, so you can force the election of a Dictator is disgusting and that's the kind of thing I did not sign up for!
I will continue to support the work of the Leader of Opposition. I feel she has done a marvelous and admirable job in steering the Opposition and Party this far. I also wish to thank my fellow SODELPA Youth Council Members.
To the Young People of SODELPA, we have journeyed together through very trying times and enjoyed much success. It is a pity that our work continues to be sidelined by ridiculous decisions made by certain leaders.
Wish SODELPA the best! I thank Ro Teimumu Kepa for a splendid job as a Party Leader. And I ask people to watch this space, major details regarding my future will soon be announced.
Onward march together, God bless Fiji

P Waqavonovono

Anonymous said...

Well in that case Bainimarama was right after all,a vote for Sodelpa is a waste of a vote that probably will end up in the bin and leading you to no where.Instead of taking you forwards,they will only take you backwards! Hahahahahaha hahahahahaha

Savenaca Dakuivuna said...

I will no longer support Sodelpa. By ushering in Rabuka this has gone against the grain of what i believe Sodelpa stood for. Change. We needed youths involved and mentored by good leaders ready to pass the baton or someone with a spine. We needed fresh idea's rather than has beens in previous governments let alone a coup dictator.

Frank and AG laughing their ass off knowing how easy the next election will be to win.

I will see who has the best ideas for my next vote. No longer does Sodelpa have my vote. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Since SODELPA is on the verge of losing supporters which I suspect to be around 65% to 75% of its voters,who will this blog owner be supporting?

Anonymous said...

Good initiative by the Govt and sounds like our economy is back on track. From a quick recovery from Winston I cannot add the numbers. How did the Govt achieve so much in a short time to start crediting FNPF member funds 6.25% interest despite large withdrawals. Where did the Govt get funds to accommodate all initiatives listed by Kaiyum.
While on the same page could anyone in the civil service confirm the total donations made to Fiji towards the Winston relief. If it was published where can I see it.

Anonymous said...

Probably the party that will do better for Fiji than Sodelpa.

Anonymous said...

I, John, your brother and fellow partaker in the tribulation and kingdom and [g]perseverance which are in Jesus, was on the island called Patmos because of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus. 10 I was [h]in the Spirit on the Lord’s day, and I heard behind me a loud voice like the sound of a trumpet, 11 saying, “Write in a [i]book what you see, and send it to the seven churches: to Ephesus and to Smyrna and to Pergamum and to Thyatira and to Sardis and to Philadelphia and to Laodicea.”

12 Then I turned to see the voice that was speaking with me. And having turned I saw seven golden lampstands; 13 and in the middle of the lampstands I saw one like [j]a son of man, clothed in a robe reaching to the feet, and girded across His chest with a golden sash. 14 His head and His hair were white like white wool, like snow; and His eyes were like a flame of fire. 15 His feet were like burnished bronze, when it has been made to glow in a furnace,

Anonymous said...

Rajend Naidu--keep writing. I enjoy your contributions. its good you are ignoring all the filth that is being thrown at you by some Bai Kai idiots.Keep ignoring them---it really make them mad that they are being ignored.Never comment on the filth--thats the best treatment you can give them .

Surju Prasad said...

Rabuka v/s Bainimarama. What an election in 2018 if it is not rigged? Rabuka is a lesser evil than Bainimarama and Khaiyum. I live innd in overseas and I read all the developments in Fiji everday there. When I went to Fiji lately I didn't see any development in Raki Raki, Tailevu, Tavua, Ba and somewhat Lautoka. It is all bullshit media propaganda. Look at the state of Lautoka Hospital. Outside impression is very bad. Not have been painted inside and outside for many years. The birds poo every where ,stained on the windows. Ba once a flourishing town looks like a ghost town. Tavua, dirty and backward. Raki Raki and Tailevu filthy. Time to have a new centrist party led by Ro Kepa and Biman Prasad. Fiji is receiving lots of aid money, where is it going.

Anonymous said...

TO ALL OF YOU BLOGGERS WHO HATE THE CHRISTIAN "TALATALAs" who are PRAYING TO GOD FOR PEACE IN FIJI AND TO LOVE ALL FIJIAN AND I have this to say. It is a pity that these Talatalas, under your interpretation, that they were and are disturbing your peace at the early hours of the morning. So please go and report it to Khaiyum and Bainimarama to shut their mouth. They had done it before at the early days of their coup 2000 against the Methodist Churches as a whole. Some "Talatalas" were been threatened by Khaiyum and Bainimarama's Government and told to preach only about "ALLAH's Love share and care" Our Talatalas and us his congregation stood the pains
side by side with perseverance.

Please bare in mind that WE THE PEOPLE did not complaint about the MULLAH's loudspeaker in his morning Prayers to ALLAH AKABAR at 4.00am daily which can be heard 5-7 miles radius. It is so wonderful to hear and I do respect with admiration the various sweet different melodious sounds of the 1000 dogs howling in prayers too as in accompaniments with the Mullah's prayer, "ALLAH AKABAR"

I beg you all Christian Haters in this blogg please do leave us alone with our "Talatalas" in our PRAYERS on our own land and country before it is too late.

According to the Biblical Prophecy, "THE END TIME IS HERE"and bloodshed is coming to Fiji if we do not adhere to the warning of the Bible, Koran or Gita.

Love you.

Rajend Naidu said...

Treat Criminals Equally
We learn from ' Sydney Stockbroker Oliver Curtis Jailed for Insider Trading conspiracy ' ( abc news 24/6 ) that Justice McCallum said white-collar crime was a serious offence and evidence in the case satisfied her that a custodian sentence was warranted.This was a crime motivated by greed and committed by people with good education and privileged background, not poverty, mental illness or addiction.
The Australian Securities and Investments Commission ( ASIC ) said the punishments for white-collar crimes should be more severe.
" But I think if we as a community could at least get to the level where they're treated equally, that would be a good start," ASIC chairman Greg Medcraft said.
That's so true.
Often the white collar crooks get away because they are well- connected people, even enjoying political patronage.
That makes a mockery of the democratic principle of everyone being equal before the law.
In South Africa it has become something of a new norm for President Jacob Zuma and his political cronies in the ruling ANC party ( the ANC that fought for South Africa's freedom and democracy ) to shamelessly exempt themselves from the decisions of the courts in the country ( ' Op-Ed : When the State disobeys the law, people will soon follow ' by Marianne Thamm, Daily Maverick 24/6 ).
We must guard vigilantly against that corrosion of democracy.
Rajend Naidu

Rajend Naidu said...

State Priority : The People or The Political Elite?
Dan Urai ( FT 25/6 ) wants to know in light of the devastation caused by TC Winston whether " it is really necessary at this stage to allocate $5 million for executive residence upgrade and $5 million for PM's new office?" He also raises questions on the high " cost of living " of ordinary citizens.
Bhupendra Prasad ( FT 25/6 ) reminds us that the sugar industry is in dire straits and needs upgrading.
Amenatave Yaconisau ( FT 25/6 ) tells us there is " a lot of deprivation and inequality " and " the welfare of many people has gone worse ".
This kind of reminds me of the situation prevailing in some of the impoverished African states where the political leaders live in mansions and enjoy a " lavish lifestyle, while many of [their] fellow citizens lived in extreme poverty" ( The Washington Post 22/6 ).
Traditional Fijian society it is said was egalitarian and the leadership gained respect by not concentrating wealth in their hands.
Modern Fiji society is anything but.
It's elitist. The political leadership looks after itself and its economic elites first.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Just start another party and call it SaVeka!!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:05 AM

Often a post gives more of an insight into the person posting it rather than the subject addressed. Have you read yours?

You talk of hate towards the 'Christian', bloodshed and fictitious times of Muslim prayer because some do not agree with the behaviour of some talatalas.

Does it not occur to you that those that complain about the behaviour of Methodist talatalas disturbing the peace and rights of others can also be Christians?

Does it not occur to you that those that condemn this behaviour by these ignorant talatalas affecting their lives and that of their children's futures are not Christian haters or haters of any faith?

Does it not occur to you that Fiji is also the own land and country of those that complain?

Your post said more about you than anything else.................

mark manning said...

It's disturbing to hear reports of Fijians going to India for surgery, only to be returned in coffins. No relatives allowed to view the remains and 30,000 being demanded before the body is released. No Corronor's Inquest into these suspicious deaths either. I have to wonder if people are being shipped to India for surgery, but their organs taken from their bodies and returned dead. Is the Genocide, theft or both? Time for Aiyaz to have his testicles removed.

Anonymous said...

Sucker..pack your stuff and fuck the heLL out of Fiji ,will you. Whether you're Christian or not. You are a terrorist because your full of hate. Can you walk to the Talatalas and confront them with your issues You coward!!! Son of a coward! I call you terrorist because you cannot confront face to face but hid amongst the people ,wear a mask like you do here before carrying out your cowardly act.
You son of a coward!! Leave us alone. Whether you like it or not Fiji is still in good hands. If you don't like church prayers and sounds in the morning then shut your freaken ears and mastubate yourself to sleep. Damn shit!
I don't want to hear your rantings any more. If I do then this blog will be nasty....

Anonymous said...

I commend Rajend Naidu for his contributions on c45. Would be more excited if he responded accordingly to those commenting directly at his comment . He seems to ignore all questions and comments that he can only respond to by taking everyone for a ride away from the topic of discussion. The term that express this is BATB or BS.
bit around the bush...Bulls hit.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:23 PM

Do you read the posts you refer to?

Or do you read them but not have the capacity within yourself to understand what they say.

Terrorist, hate.................. gee thats some great imagination you have, ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

4.05pm...no ranting on this issue anymore..I don't give a crao7on what you write. FUCK YOU!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:17 PM

So you know when you are beat then! Unable to discuss and debate with any intelligent input the only thing you can then resort to is swearing.

Anonymous said...

Haha..on point sir

Anonymous said...

METHODIST TALATALA'S ARE ALL FUCKED. Annnnnd que the fuckwit @208pm.

Please get nasty mr fuckall

Anonymous said...

The morons are back

Anonymous said...

Morons as in Methodist TalaTala's? Saying Moron is rather nice dont you think? I would of said satans seeds. Robbing from poor families making them feel guilty for not tithing 3/4 of their pays.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous June 25, 2016 at 6:08 PM alias Jemesa Vugadaci.


Dogs love to HOWL IN PRAYERS with your MULLAH every early morning HOURS when your Mosque Loudspeakers saying "ALLAH AKBAR" The dogs stop howling when you and your Mullah stops too. What a dawn coordination between you, your Mullah and the Dogs praying to ALLAH AKABAR. Where I am we have 2 Mosques about couple of miles apart and there loudspeakers are so loud enough to bother so many residences in our arears. But we the people do understand it is the FREEDOM OF WORSHIPS of our MUSLIM friends. WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT COMPLAIN, faked Jemesa Vugadaci.

To be honest with you, Mr. Fuckall, the Mullah and the Dogs wakes me up too to say my prayer to my God and pray for peace and there be love between you and I.

Love you.

Anonymous said...

Wow...that sounds unreal. The Mullah and the dogs wakes you up while your being doggy styled by diciples of Allah. It amazes me that you have come to the conclusion that im Hindu or muslim. Im actually neither. I am actually born and raised methodist Itaukei. As hard as it is to believe i actually am. Im sick and tired of seeing Talatala's driving in nice cars that have been paid for by struggling families tithings every sunday when that money could be put towards meal vans for struggling families. For too long this has been going on while i grew up in Caubati. Im sick of it. So Fuck you and your Talatala's father and their fathers before them. I hope and pray every last corrupt talatala rots in hell and us raped everyday in the afterlife. Devious cunts.

Anonymous said...

Its probly a blessing in disguise ol mate Marky. Dead set Absolute blessing cobba.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha....his blog name is Tomasi Vutusona

Anonymous said...

Hey loud mouth you sound like that homophobic sexual pervert Vili Rakoro back in the business of hate. You are the only one attacking the church specifically the Methodist. Your such a strong advocate working anonymously against it. Did someone fuck you up the nether,I mean cracked your viginity in Caubati, possibly at a church backyard? I beleive so because you inherited that from your whore mother. Your complaints against the Methodist ain't do any good for your health and future because someone will show up on you....and the coward you are will try saving yourself by doing what you always do - sell your arse.

Anonymous said...

Amon 8.19pm
What, Vili Rakoro? Is he back?
The sona levu is back!!

Fuck off! Caiti tamamu!

Anonymous said...

Gee!! he he! Of course your brain is full of shit. Behind the mask you coward. Do you have the courage to take your 1 issue to the church??? Can you help yourself and your likes by taking your 1 issue to the church and deal with it once and for all. Can you do that? I'm pleading with you if youre a real and true Christian as you purport to be.

Anonymous said...

Aiyaz you good thing!! Too good Sharp Shooter!!
Fiji First all the way...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous June 25, 2016 at 8:19 PM

The sad piece of your story of hate on the Talatalas that you were raped by your Teacher at class 2. I seems to know who you are, Caubati Boy. So let us remain Anonymous. What say?

Your kids has grown up and got married but they did not know the scar of your rapist remains with you for life.

Remember that 0.0001% Talatalas etc. worth to be sent to Hell and I am with your comments because of being Rapists and they had been arrested and imprisoned for their crime but there are some bad ones still walking free like Mullahs, Priests, Teachers, CEOs, Managers, Policemen, Army Officers, Lawyers, Government Ministers and many more.

Stop condemning the Talatalas (Mullah, Priest etc) in general for they have done great duties in maintaining peace, laws and orders over our land. Without them there would be more bloodshed, tears, pain and sufferings.

Vinaka vakalevu.

Saula said...

People are responsible for creating peace not priests. People are responsible for abiding by the Law not priests. People are responsible for having the common sense to maintain order not Priests.

The individual has a right to his own opinions and must not of had a nice experience with the methodist church as im sure hundreds more are in the same boat regardless whether ut be catholics,Anglicans or Methodists.

He/She can say whatever they feel. Whatever Hate they have toward sects is years and years of bottled emotions built up to breaking point. Dont assume to know what this he/she has gone through because Judgements are a sin. Any REAL Devout christian knows not to Judge.

There's always 2 sides to every story. Dont jump to your own conclusion before knowing all the facts.

You point out a perfectly rounded christian free of sin and ill point out a liar.

Fiji will never ever be free of Racial/Religious tension. EVER.

Fijians were in Fiji worshipping their native ancestral gods and living better before Christ was born,worshipped and was risen and guess what? We Fijians are still in Fiji living is a relatively constant state of jelousy,hatred and greed.

The Universe let alone Fiji will never be at one with each other. No such place will exist. Its Human nature.

Applogies if i have caused any offence. It was not intentional.

Kalougata Tiko.

Wilson T said...

Well,how about that..the only statement about inflation is that it will stay at 2-3% over the next 9 years whilst there will be an astounding GDP growth of 27%..ha,ha..even the boom in China did not reach these heights. Oh I forgot, is Khaiyum referring to negative growth.

No even a mention about the price of the proverbial basket of goods? Hello,are households still faced with exorbitant prices which are they still sky rocketing to the extent that children are eating grass to survive.

Not a thing about investment except $0.5m to plating pine..is this the cost of labor only? Much less that what the two PM's are earning alone.

It is obvious that the $600,000 Olympic incentive is aimed at the rugby 7's team to win in Rio. Do they need this type of distraction? No other country on the 7's circuit is offering this through a government national budget speech..what stupidity.

Non productive departments like FICAC, Military and Police are getting an increase of $22m..FICAC - extra $8.5m..for what? The military -extra $7.5m for Russian vehicles -for what? The Police - $5.5m, new Police Posts = new remand centres..is this a sign that crime is rampant due to poverty?

Why is a national government gloating about new vacuum street cleaning trucks in the national budget? Do we hear the Australia or NZ governments talking about garbage trucks, rubbish bins etc? Is this really a national issue? What about a clear strategy of cleaning poverty and crime off the streets?

What about the massive debt still owed to China, Malaysia and so forth? No mention of that in the budget.

The medical graduate program should be extended with the FSM rather than the FNU because they are historically linked to the hospitals. Why create duplicity to fund a so called "university".FICAC should investigate these types of funding corruption scandals.

Back to the Russian military vehicle spend of $7.5m compared to just $5.2m for damged primary schools around the country. It really gives a picture of how ficked up this regime is.

Anonymous said...

Saula said June 26, 2016 at 11:33 AM.

I believe in FREE AGENCY to make it very simple, Saula. That is the God given FREEDOM as the Individual Choices for each individual creations, be it human being, animals on the ground, fishes of the sea and birds of the air. All these Creations have the COMMON INSTINCTS and that is To KILL for Survival or To Love and Share. It is at our own respective choices.

KILLER INSTINCTS need no clever talk nor academic qualifications. It is an inborn genes. It is like you Saula and I at 6 months old babies when we slide our hands down our penis and play around with it without any teaching at all. Our Mothers and Fathers did not tell us anything to stop it or What? but we end using it to make babies when we are grown up. IT IS HUMAN INSTINCT and that is NORMAL.

We should thank the Talatalas, Priests, Mullah and Spiritual personalities (The Good Ones) alike who gave their lives, time and energy to minimize or stop any Evil energy in us. We all have Criminal Minds but the difference that some had used theirs and spent time in Prisons but some still hang on to it awaiting for the right time at the right place, and that is you, Saula and I.

Today, Wars and Bloodshed are all over the world and Fiji is not exempted from it but, our Spiritual Leaders could help us all to keep the Peace and Love One Another by listening to the words of God.

And I can tell you now by the look of our political scenes it does not look good now. Trouble is just around the corner because bloggers alike Jemesa Vu-ga-da-ci are stirring things up. Lucifer, Satan and their Agencies are working hard to destroy the Peace in Fiji because they know that their time is up to be thrown down into the Abyss.


Please, I beg those ANTI to leave our Talatalas and Spiritual Leaders alone.

Thank you , Sir, and I love you.

Rajend Naidu said...

People Are Sick of Their Elites
Former US House Speaker ( 1995 - 1999 ) Newt Gingrich ( 73 ) said Friday that the Brexit vote proved that, " people are sick of their elites... They're sick of the corruption and sick of being told they have to obey some weird set of ideologies they don't believe in."
He went on to ask, " Do we move towards reform and towards taking back control of our country, or do we continue to allow lawyers and diplomats and bureaucrats to set the path for us?".( Newsmax 26/06 ).
I am sure many people across the world and the world of globalisation can relate to that : being sick of their elites, who have hijacked the wealth of the country and its destiny to serve their own interests rather than the general population.
A good recent illustration of this is the election of Virginia Raggi as Rome's first female mayor . She and her Five Star Movement won on a platform of fighting the entrenched and rampant corruption and mismanagement. The Romans were fed with the status quo. ( Rome elects Virginia Raggi, first female mayor in 3000 year history ' smh 19/6 ).
Self-serving elites have become a pervasive phenomenon in both developed and developing countries.
Developing countries' development has often become stunted because of parasitic, self- serving elites .
It is in the public interest for people to challenge the status quo.
Rajend Naidu

Kameli said...

Latest news. Ratu Inoke Kububola to fight 2018 election with Rabuka. The real racist and mastermind of 1987 coup.

Anonymous said...

That's expected and not shocking. I.Kubuabola is the most dangerous fijian politician today. A double edged blade. He's prepared to jump ship again.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well said Rajendra Naidu,that's why Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States of America.Finally someone that will fix up the world.Donald Trump is the people's President,the people's champion,the people's voice and the saviour of the world.Our Trump will restore the world to peace and prosperity.All the political correctness nonsense will be done away with and we will say it like it is.

Lefty,communist,socialists,democrats,globalist,militant atheists,tree hugging,multicultural,traitors and unpatriotics shall be all removed once and for all.Its time for we traditionalist,conservatism,right wingers,right wing populist,Patriots,nationalists,republicans and christaindom to rule the world again plus the establishment.Brexit is a calling and well done to the Brits for showing those dictorial communist,socialist,globalist bureaucratic parasites that they don't want to be rule by assholes like them.

Trump is the saviour,it's time for America to be great again.I shall be celebrating and raising my sweet American flag with pride when his finally sat on the throne.Hail Trump,vote Trump,love Trump,respect Trump.God bless America and speed Trump to VICTORY!

Donald T said...

Anonymous Cunt @12.51PM. You and your cock-sucking Rajend Naidu should worry about what's going on in Fiji, not America. Go fuck yourselves you stinking cunts.

Anonymous said...

feel sorry for our marama,they just used her as a humanshield dumb her now they bring one cursed man so that they can be cursed altogether...dua ga na mortar me coba nomudou office...sivia na viavialevu...du yavu macawa na sodelpa admin...cava du nanuma va na neimami marama,, sa du wini rawa ga du sa biuti koya sara.. sa tekivu qo me laurai tiko mai na nomudou lasulasu...du qarauna tiko de du na qai laulauvacu kece...neimami vanua e intact vinaka tu...vanua cava du via tukuna tiko mai qori..mosi dina vei keimami na neimami marama... mo ni qaqa tiko cecebuya tiko na nomuni kuila na neimami marama... bulitavu dua na siga qo iko sa na lauvacu mada sivia tiko nomu viavialevu..macawa o tukamu...nio sa na lauvacu kua tale nio qai taroga baleta na warning ga sa qai tiko yani qo....kemudou kece na tiko mai cake qori...ke du sega ni kila ni intact vinaka tu na vanua o burebasaga du sa na qai vakarau raica qo...

Iferemi said...

SODELPA is self destructing itself. SODELPA should be renamed as Cakadrove party.

Laisiasa said...

Sodelpa is finished

Anonymous said...

Fed up of this lasulasu politicians like Bulitavo and Rabuka.....2 na tamata sona levu sivia na lasu ,,,,,,
sa rauta na politiki sona qo.....set up own provincial govts and rule in your own provinces so bulitavo and rabuka drau fuck mada ki vanua levu drau vicai

Jamie Wilson said...

Interesting selection by Sodelpa of original coup leader,Rabuka as new party leader.This leaves Fiji's two major parties with..yes..two traitors at the helm.

Some are saying that this move will spell the death of Sodelpa but Fijians have been proven to be fickle people who would politically vote purely on self interest. By placing coup makers at the helm of their parties, FF and Sodelpa are sending a clear signal to future coup instigators that they too can be accepted politically.

In Fiji, having a party leader no smeared by coup involvement is no guarantee to an election win. A clear example was in the recent elections where the prevailing thought was that Fijians were totally against the 2006 coup and years of harsh military dictatorship.The choice of Ro Temumu as election leader to win over the coup leader was all but a forgone conclusion. She was a chief who was not associated with the 2000 coup and condemned the 2006 coup publicly. But the people saw differently and voted for Bainimarama, being a traitor, dictator and coup leader is not an election issue with voters if they can get what they want.This outcome would never eventuate in the major democratic countries around the world.The fact that voters in Fiji will overlook crimes to elect coup leaders, provides a huge incentive for prospective coup instigators in the future.In Fiji, the coup cycle is then perpetuated by the people themselves.

Fiji's democracy has been ruled by elected coup leaders for 65% of it's post independence history.What does this say about the voting population? It is clear that Fijians (Fijians & i taukei) have supported all coups carried out in Fiji depending on the promises from coup maker.In the 1987 coup, the Fijians clearly voted for Rabuka after that, in 2006 it was the Indians and others which even led to FLP & other non i-taukei organisations jumping on the bandwagon.

Where does this leave Fiji? Well, the wheel has turned full cycle because coup makers are now a part of the political landscape..Some will continue to vote for Bainimarama and their opposition will vote for Rabuka. Bainimarama cannot rubbish Rabuka and vice versa because it is akin to pointing the finger at one-self.It may come back to..who they did the coup for which will be an election issue..and Fiji keeps going around in circles.

Tamani said...

The Rabuka choice is clearly a strategy to dismantle the Bainimarama and Khaiyum regime. Rabuka is a genuine soldier for whom soldiers up at QEB can associate with. The military council has long been disgruntled with the Bainimarama's leaning towards Khaiyum and the Muslim brotherhood and the long term conflict has seen casualties such as Driti, Mara and the list goes on.

Voreqe cannot push Rabuka around because Siti clearly understands how the military operates. Bainimarama's election winning message was about a Fiji that does not discriminate along racial lines but his greatest contradiction is maintaining a military that is 99% i taukei for self interest. This may be his downfall because Rabuka can easily convince the troops of their manipulation by Voreqe and his Muslims over the past 16 years which has seen the soldiers duped into killing their own kind, harassing their chiefs, restricting the activities of the Methodist church which has the largest i taukei attendance, taking away Fijian indigenous rights (land and identity theft), responsible for the largest exodus of indigenous Fijians out of their own country by force and so forth.

At the end of the day, Fijian soldiers were the ones manipulated by Voreqe and Khaiyum and they may see Rabuka as the one shining light that may restore everything that the real Fijians have lost.

Will Rabuka redeem his image by promoting racial equality? That may not work because his victims may never forgive him at the polls.

Anonymous said...

You and Rabuka just take a hike.. sa rauta mada..die already..

Anonymous said...

hahaha....both coup culprits leading the nation now!!!!

Rambo and Frank....they both benefitted from the illegal take overs.

Rambo used indigenous rights while Frank used Equal Citizenry.

Lesson Learnt - DO THEY GIVE A SHIT?
Response - Hell No!!! They are both hiding in there. They gonna expose each other....

Anonymous said...

I am indeed happy to read, hear and see the end of any future coups. WE THE PEOPLE OF FIJI especially the iTaukeis have had enough of false promises by ARMY COMMANDERS like Rabuka and Bainimarama. It is evident enough to understand the TRUTH, through period of times, that they were being funded, bribed, corrupted and controlled by business people. FOLLOW THE MONEY !!!.

My own gut feelings and intuition that our boys in QEB and Naval Base Walu Bay have had enough seeing the torturing of their own Fijian race, relatives, Chiefs, Vanua and Lotu. Being silent does not mean that all is well with them to carry out ORDERS be it LAWFUL or UNLAWFUL ORDERS. The boys are hurt because they have feelings too and they are Fijian, Christian with Cultural and Traditional race with respect deep down in their BLOOD. One way or another they knew that they are ONE FAMILY TRIBAL RACE or the LOST TRIBE OF ISRAEL. One day soon there will be break-up of ranks and files within the system because of COMMANDER’S UNLAWFUL ORDERS to Coup, Torture, Maim and Burn down residences etc. in PEACEFUL TIME for Commander’s own personal agenda FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Rabuka were supported by Hindu to change the Constitution and Bainimarama is supported by Muslim and Freemasons to eliminate The Great Council of Chiefs, change the Constitution, and takeover their Fijian Lands and Resources in FULL CONTROL. WE THE PEOPLE saw these 2 COMMANDER’S FOLLOW THE MONEY clear as crystal. The British People saw the same “Follow The Money” and they voted to get out from the European Union. This is PEOPLE’S POWER that cause Prime Minister, David Cameron to resign.

Sitiveni Ligamamada Rabuka should have presented his apology or Matanigasau to the Great Council of Chiefs and Lotu in his early days as PM rather than to the SODELPA in 2016 who knew nothing about his appointment as Prime Minister in 1987.

Can we forgive Rabuka and Frank? Yes or No, I will say, Thank you. But, globally watch for the PEOPLE'S POWER taking the streets and Leaders are running away in exile.

Rajend Naidu said...

Leaders Must Leave When They Fail To Deliver.
Within minutes of the final whistle England Manager resigned following England's 2 - 1 loss to minnows Icland. Iceland is the lowest ranking team in the Euro 2016 championship. Iceland has a population of 330,000. It's manager is a part - time dentist. England's manager is on a $4.5 million salary.
Just a couple of days before Britain's PM resigned because he failed in his attempt to keep the country in the EU.
Contrast that to what we have in Fiji FA and the country.
Nobody resigns no matter what shit happens!
Instead they engage in all kinds of Machiavellian mischief to hang onto to their positions.
It would be nice if our leaders learned to resign when their leadership become counterproductive.
Rajend Naidu

Unknown said...

Sa rauta na vosavosa ca wale tiko ga na blog, me o tamata tagena dina kauti cake na kena office mo dou lai vasavasava kina. Na via veivacu qori na e qito ni tagane. Sa rauta na vuni tiko mai dakuni keyboard vakaraitaki iko mai.

Unknown said...

Sa rauta na vosavosa ca wale tiko ga na blog, me o tamata tagena dina kauti cake na kena office mo dou lai vasavasava kina. Na via veivacu qori na e qito ni tagane. Sa rauta na vuni tiko mai dakuni keyboard vakaraitaki iko mai.

Anonymous said...

Richard Naidu says ( Fiji Times 28 June ), " ...when an economist starts writing about yoga, at my expense as a taxpayer, well, I get worried about it".
Well, he should be. And, so should all thinking citizens in Fiji ( non taxpayers and no longer taxpayers included ).
Not only because the economist in question Education Minister Mahendra Reddy made all that hypocritical noise recently about "intellectuals" needing to stay within the confines of their field of expertise in their public criticism of his government, but also because the yoga Reddy's FF government has been practicing since being elected in an orchestrated election is more like political Kama Sutra on the people of Fiji. The people seem to be getting it from all angles from Reddy's government.
That's why an Opposition party has appealed to the international community to look at the kind of political yoga Reddy's government has been practicing .
Of course the international community will do no such thing.
They are too busy with their own kind of political yoga/gymnastics.

Anonymous said...

Caiti Mainaceke, go fuck yourself you cunt.

Anonymous said...

Please keep a copy of that John Key and Frank Bainimarama smiling together photo handy to remind yourself every time you bank on the international community to bail you out, that nothing like that will happen.

Anonymous said...

If they can't bail West Papua out, what makes u think they will come to Fiji's rescue..ziit ziit, nothing.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka cake me taba mai PTE 4462 SEFANAIA SUKANAIVALU mai vei la e raqataka tu nai sulu ni vakadavedra, vakarorogo ena ena rere, labata na kai nona, dokadoka ka dadatuvu e cake.

TAI MATAINALULU, e vagauna na ka kecega....nomu tiko na lagilagi ena gauna qo, dua na siga ena qai oti kece ga!

Kalougata tiko nomui tavi.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.44 PM You Too Right!

Addition to previous said...

The appointment of Rabuka may be a good thing for the stability of Fiji in terms of taking away the excuse of indigenous extremism which Bainimarama has used for the last 16 years in his fear campaign to maintain power.

Under the direction of Khaiyum and his Muslim lackeys, Voreqe has been duped and used the military to crush all Fijian and military opposition.Fijians have no say in Fiji,their vanua, identity, land and culture has been crushed or stolen. 99% Of the army are Fijians who are hurting and seeking acceptance back into their vanua. Bainimarama and Khaiyum has cleverly manipulated the troops into carrying out their dirty work by committing heinous crimes against citizens whilst they sit back and gorge on the spoils.

The fact is, Bainimarama has no power without the support of the troops. The troops are real Fijians, they know Rabuka as a higher ranking officer than Voreqe. They know Rabuka as pro military, pro Fijian, pro chiefs, pro- Vanua pro-church and popular amongst real Fijians. Voreqe and Khaiyum are totally against all those things mentioned to the extent the military has become the most hated institution in the history of Fiji. Fijian soldiers are weary and tired of being sworn at by their own race.When they question the anti Fijian strategy of Khaiyum, they get kicked out of the military, jailed or have to flee overseas.

Voreqe is not the right leader to take the military or the country into the future. His mind is still in the past, always embarking on conflict instead of conflict resolution. He is opposed to reconciliation because of the fear of going to jail for his crimes. So he cannot be allowed to hold the progress of the country back.

Rabuka is the answer to gaining the trust of the soldiers back, to reconcile them to their chiefs, their vanua, their lotu and to the country.Enough of this bullshit regime protection, the Bainimarama/ Khaiyum cartel of Naupoto, Francis Kean and so forth have to be dismantled.All coup apologists and opportunists since 2006 have to be brought to justice to answer for their crimes in perpetuating a murderous regime.

Some may say, well Rabuka is also guilty and has no right to conduct a campaign but without a choice,it is better to use the devil to end tyranny than a life of the innocent.

My prediction is that the Fijians in the military are fed up with the power of Khaiyum /Bainimarama and eventually support Rabuka in changing the status quo.This will not be another coup but an event that will have the total political support of everyone else in Fiji

Anonymous said...

Who is running SODELPA? Who are the top brass? With Rabuka back in leadership is also a sign of his hunger for power. It's not his first. The man behind the 87 coup also played a key role in the 2000 mutinee that changed the course of what Fiji is today. So, Rabuka is always a major part of what Fiji is today- a Dictatorial island.
With the 2 military men at the helm of the major political powers ( FF/SODELPA) we can speculate changes and shifts in future but the bottom line is Fiji will remain in the hands of those men and women in Delainabua. The only institution that carried out its roles strategically is military. And part of that is the removal of the Marama bale from the leading role. We had developed a culture that will never leave us because we" the taukei politicians and and the greedy businessmen" had created our military to be what they are. The future of our politics is in the hands of our military. Just look in your own backyard, one of your own sons will continue this trend.

Chiku said...

Anon 2.12 AM you are right. Just see how many times the Pakistani military has interfered in civilian democratic rule in that country since the setting up of Pakistan as a separate State? India, by contrast, has not had a single military coup after Independence.
Pakistan has had six or seven coups or coup attempts and I wouldn't be in the least surprised if they have another one in future. The same applies to Fiji. We have had four. What's to stop us from a fifth or even a sixth? It could happen AFTER all the current kilaris - Khaiyum. Bainimarama, Rabuka etc - are long gone!

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Sodelpa,wow..even though Rabuka emerged as the party leader of choice..it is fantastic to see democracy operating within the party.Australia, the US and Britain are good examples of how leaders can change through the party caucus.Congrats Sodelpa.

But this cannot be said of Fiji First, a cartel run by Bai/Khaiyum..no democracy here.Followers will always be followers and heads will roll ISIS style if anyone dare challenge for the BK leadership.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

These politicians & associates (foreign and local) are parasites. Chiefs / Yavusa Heads and Vanua must now move away from these parasitical politicians (Rabuka, bai , kai etc) and set up self governing territories, partner with investors and focus on economic development and return to pre 1874 status of ownership of resources with help of UN Committees on decolonization and indigenous rights.

Anonymous said...

APIA, Samoa (Samoa Observer, June 27, 2016) – Fa’afafines might have become members of the modern Samoan community but in the traditional Samoan set up, they were not part of the picture.

That’s the opinion of the Chairman of the National Council of Churches (N.C.C), Deacon Kasiano Leaupepe, in the wake of calls from Samoa Faafafine Association for the community to respect their rights.

Speaking during an interview with the Samoa Observer, Le’aupepe said fa’afafines are human beings created by God and they should be respected.

But he objected to a commonly held misconception that fa’afafines are part of the Samoan culture.

“Back in the days we hardly heard of this word fa’afafine because there were hardly any fa’afafines around in our days,” he said.

“To be honest, there is no fa’afafine in the Samoan way of life. There is the Village Fono for the matai, there is a sitting of the untitled men and of course there is a saofaiga for tina ma tamaitai (mothers and females) but there is nothing in the traditional setting for fa’afafines

“[But] because people have decided to make such changes to their physical appearance, that is why all this stuff has become about.” Deacon Leaupepe said he has nothing against faafafine but he reminded that all the challenges Samoa is facing today stem from the break down in family values. “Like I said before, parents play the most important part in any child’s life and they are their children’s first teachers. “It all starts from home; home is the foundation of any child’s life.

“If the parents see that in their son’s upbringing that he acts like a girl and walks like a girl, they should start teaching them that this is not who they are and explain to them that God did not create them to be females. “The problem is that some parents laugh at their children when they see these kinds of things. They think it’s funny but little do they know that, that laugh is encouraging the child to do what they think is right. This is why we’ve got this problem today.”

Leaupepe added that in modern Samoa, fa’afafine are part of us. The are officially recognized by the government, with the Prime Minister being the Patron of the Faafafine Association. “Therefore in the church, we accept them because they are human beings and that they were created by God,” he said.

“So in the church, our belief is that we are all the same and we were all created by God. “So my personal view is that we leave the changes to the individual person to decide. “When it comes to faafaine, that is their right whether they want to change what God has already given them or stay the same. “For us in the church, as leaders we can only give advice, pray and tell them what the word of God says.

“If only the church has the power to change what it is already in place we would have not allowed them but because in God’s eyes we are all the same people and we are all His children created in His own image.”

Samoa Observer
Copyright © 2016 Samoa Observer. All Rights Reserved

Francis kean said...

Aiaz Khaiyum looks like a faafafine.

Anonymous said...

AK is neither a faa'fafine, nor a qauri but an asshole.

Taleni Eravula said...

A true christian would not have a racist/nationalist bone in his/her body. A true christian would welcome any race,religion or gender with open arms and not have bias.

Kalougata tiko

Anonymous said...

8.58am Fuck your true Christian bullshit rhetoric.The people are expressing their political opinions and beliefs.If you don't like it fuck off then.The British have voted out and told all EU foreigners to pack up and go,the Americans are going to vote in Trump and put a stop to Moslems from entering their nation,France has voices concerns about Syrian terrorists coming along with parasites and want them off their land and away from borders,Fuck religion this is politics you tree hugging lefty.

Anonymous said...

Christains can defend their religion,they have a history of violence too and if they feel threaten then good on them for defending themselves.Only a tree hugging militant atheist are too fucking dumb to see that.The militant atheist believe in anti human species,communist ideologies and anti religious sentiments.

Taleni Eravula said...

Like i said....

Anonymous said...

Hey militant atheist why don't you write about your intentions of being like Stalin and enslaving the masses to your sick communist ideals?I know your some tree hugging lefty,probably advocates against religion a lot,has been a political activist and probably has been in parliament.You probably have been on Bainimarama's black list and booted out of the country that's for sure hahahahahahahha.You must love to stir up a lot of bullshit and support any political parties but you was a former member of one.

Anonymous said...

That's okay with me if you hate the nationalist and racists I understand your frustration.Most of those racist and nationalist probably proclaimed to be Christians like Jesus but clearly spoke out of their assholes hahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

What do you think of Stalins league of militant atheism? Do you agree with the program?

Anonymous said...

We all wish we could live in a happy peaceful world and where equality exists and racism is non existence but the reality is all of those ideals are bullshit and is impossible to achieve.

Anonymous said...

That would be hilarious if Fiji turns into some sort of communist state ruled by a bunch of blood thirsty cabal atheists.Sounds straight out of a novel or conspiracy theory.

Anonymous said...

Weite!!! Bahahahhaahhahahah baci aimless tiko o TAI MATAINALULU,how long did it take you to photoshop that pix bro?Must of had a lot of time on your hands eh boy? What type of salutation do you want?The communist praise Stalin style?or the Nazi style Seig hail?

Anonymous said...

General Teleni Eravula, Commander of the atheist league

Sir, Why aren't you creating or starting a anti religious website for the people of Fiji?Why not start your campaign against religion in Fiji?Why haven't you advocated against government on its stance on religion and secularism?Why haven't you petition to introduce a policy to ban religious practice in schools,work place,public,in homes etc?

Anonymous said...

General Teleni Eravula,Sir Why not create a Facebook page and put your atheist league doctrine on there for the people of Fiji to view?You can also link this blog on there and direct them here so that they can read your anti religious literature?Why not speak to Bainimarama about your atheist doctrine?Why not get your atheist comrades and spread the doctrine to the public of Fiji?Why not get your atheist league to be out there giving leaflets out to people so they can see your atheist doctrine?

Anonymous said...

General Teleni Eravula,A Facebook page called atheists in Fiji has been created.However you must create your own as you have a doctrine to promote.If you are to be considered to be taken serious by your comrades you need to create your leagues page and promote it to the people of Fiji.Stakeholders will be highly interested in your work Commander.

Anonymous said...

Everybody come debate on the Fiji expose Facebook group.Thats where you get real debates and talk to actual people with real views and beliefs.Blogging is FINISHED!!!

Taleni Eravula said...

Im a Methodist

Pastor Atu Tamata Vutusona said...

@Commander Eravula.

Bang your father and both your religions. Religion is the driving force behind the demise of Fiji and will continue to drown Fiji further.

Nationalism will die with the last generation. Culture first and foremost should come before religion.

Anonymous said...

All rise and present arms for the Commander of Fijis atheist league Taleni Eravula!! Salutation Hail! Hail! Hail!Hail! Hail! Hail! Big bosso bosso WwwwEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

Everybody all stand up,okay choir 1st verse 1!,2!,3! THANKS BE TO THE LORD!!!!! FOR CHRIST WAS BORN!!! All right blast the music to max volume and everyone sing as loud as you can whilst the spokesperson shouts down the mic "Ladies and gentlemen praise the Lord for Pastor Atu is coming down the aisle prepare to receive his blessing as he splashes holy water all over you!! PRAISE ATU PRAISE ATU PRAISE ATU PRAISE ATU!!!"

Commander Taleni Eravula is here to promote the doctrine of atheism and to convert followers to become agnostics and join his fellow comrades of atheists that is part of the militant legion of Fijis atheist league.

Pastor Atu is here to ensure he promotes the interest of the head of senior management that governs the Methodist church and everyone listens to him because his teaching is right and you must accept God and no one else.He says you must be a nationalist and everything is a god given right and you are a militant soldier of God and the vanua.

Both are on the same coin and both proclaim to be Methodist, I wonder what bainimarama and rabuka would say of these two characters that are part of Fijis society?

Anonymous said...

Why don't Fiji create their own political ideology than following some foreign type?nationalism,communist,atheism,christaindom,moslemdom,Hindudom,coup d'etat,liberalism etc etc why follow something old and foreign?Why not create Fijianism,peacefulism,attemptist,goodism,communityism and so forth?

Anonymous said...

The vast majority already do...................

Anonymous said...

TAI MATAINALULU Is Fijis modern day Rambo,terminator,Hulk,captain America,spider man,super grover,ironman and Van damm.This falla is one tough guy who can do 10 million press ups in 5 minutes,run 90000 miles in 15minutes,do hand to hand combat in such a speed when you in his shoes it's like matrix,everything is in slow motion.This guy won the karate kid of the year award, holds a black belt in mix martial arts,his got highly specialised skills in escape and evasion,fast and furious driving skills,sky diving skills,undercover special agent skills,detective and investigator.His got a police,swat,fbi,csi,Nsa,atf,Fiji secret intelligence,army,navy,airforce,marine and special forces background written all over in his CV.You can tell his got so much skills and experience just by looking at it.His been on special missions to Australia,New Zealand,Canada,Europe,China,Russia,US,Somalia,Iraq,Iran,Cambodia almost all the country's in the world.His even work for NASA and been up to space working in the space station.I think Fiji should have him in the Olympic team this guy will beat Hussein Bolt any day on track and field.He can bring home Fiji some gold medals probably all the medals.

Anonymous said...

@2.09pm Funny how his name tag on the uniform doesn't match his name.What a sad soul,must of taken him like 10 hours to perfect that picture.He could of just ask someone to go and buy him a military style shirt,get some piece of paper and card board and make shapes of stars and shields.colour it yellow and pin it on the shirt,so he can be proud of the medals he made.If he couldn't afford the shirt at least ask his mum to sew him a shirt or ring someone in the military to give a green shirt.The name tag can easily be done by writing on a piece of paper and stick it on the shirt.

Rajend Naidu said...

Leaders A Country Does Not Deserve
I caught the end bit of a report on SBS News 30/6 that an activist was taken away by the police in Zimbabwe for protesting against the country's Vice President staying in $400 a night suite in a luxury hotel in the capital Harere for 18 months.
I then searched the Internet to get a fuller report and the following was obtained from the article ' lively video captures Zimbabwe police shutting down protest ' ( US News&World Report 28/6 ).
In Zimbabwe robust police responses to protests aren't usually captured on video or are quickly deleted at the demand of the authorities. But this footage shot by a journalist from a local newspaper group managed to get away. It shows anti- government protesters shouting in the lobby of the luxury hotel angry at Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko's 18 month stay in the luxury hotel.
The confrontation revealed the frustrations of MANY in a country where the economy continues to plummet.
The majority of Zimbabwe's citizens survive on just a dollar a day, the official statistics agency says.
The VP is refusing to stay in a $3.5 million house activist Sten Zvorwadza says in the video.
" We have a right to demonstrate" Zvorwadza says daring the police to crush the protest.
The truncheon carrying police oblige and bundle him into a police truck.
A magistrate has freed him on a $200 bail and ordered him to stay away from the hotel.
Human rights groups and the opposition say dissent is usually punishable by severe beatings, torture or even jail time in Zimbabwe where President Robert Mugabe's government has long been accused of repressive measures.
Police made sure Zvorwadza endured two cold nights in custody without a blanket, according to his lawyer.
" Vice President Mphoko cannot live like a king at taxpayers expense when the rest of us a suffering" Zvorwadza told The Associte Press after his release.
But we have seen time and again the leaders in many African countries live like that while their people languish in poverty and misery.
Such leaders are a disgrace.
Rajend Naidu

Rajend Naidu said...

Socialism Not Dead
We learn from ' Polls Suggest Socialists Won Mongolian Elections ' ( LAHT 30/6 ). That the socialist People's Party of Mongolia won the elections on Wednesday by a wide margin because of the disenchantment of the people with the ruling party and its policies.
The PPM took out 63 of the 73 seat Great Hural, the Parliament.
Around 1.9 million people voted and the polling stations were supervised by 400 international observers.
Voters turned away from the ruling Democratic Party after a four year rule .
In an interview I caught on SBS 30/6 a Mongolian woman who was struggling to make a living said they made the mistake of choosing the wrong people in the last election and that hopefully they can rectify that mistake in this election..
Apparently they did according to the election result published by the country's General Elections Commission.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...



Tomasi said...

Aiyaz, Aiyaz, Aiyaz. Boy oh Boy. You really think you are the smartest and powerful person in Fiji.
You disrespect people, trample on our rights and freedoms and lie to us in the face.
You continue to
You get your family and cronies jobs, lucrative Government contracts, statutory board memberships and chairmanships, and positions of power to further entrench your own power and base of political influence and control
You pamper Bai the puppet with flattering words, regular overseas trips and lots of salusalus and chiefly ceremonies, including regular UN visits
You give lollies, sweets and qulaqulas to poor Fijians and encourage them to rob the FNPF funds to alleviate their poverty.
You blatantly disregard the rights of welfare of many thousands of citizens of Lautoka by giving Tappoos and P Meghji vital city space to construct their shopping malls and hotel to feather their family nests from which you receive your own cuts and gifts.
You give Tappoo City land and funds to build themselves a monument at the expense of the members of FNPF
You stopped PAC and Biman Prasad from investigating the criminal and illegal role and actions of your aunty Nur Banko Ali

Khaiyum, Khaiyum, Khaiyum. Boy o Boy, what a fool and stupid cunning boy you are.

You have sown a million seeds of disaster, and what a terrible disaster awaits you and those who support your evil agenda.

Please stop boy. Please cease your cunning and evil actions. Please turn from your wicked ways. Please terminate the contract you gave to QORVIS.

Look properly and open your eyes to see. Listen carefully and hear the sounds and vibrations around you.

Steve Rambo is now finally coming to the open. He represents hundreds of thousands of people who do not like what you and your puppet have been doing. he is coming after you. We have been warning you for several yaers now, But you would not listen boy.

Finally, listen boy, and all your followers. God said this and it is not my words, so please listen and take it seriously, OK ?

" Whatever a man sows, that, he shall also reap "
End of message. Sa oti. Finito.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Khayum doesn't know yet what fraction of the population hate him. He should not fight 2018 election because he will make ffp lose badly. Without Khayum and Dentist speaker, ffp will win big time and their lover, bai can bend rules and get them in from side. Bai should use this strategy.

Anonymous said...

And what ideology youre proposing for Fiji?

Tomasi said...

I wish to talk about three things. They are related and very important. Understanding them will help us to see the invisible agenda of this dictatorship and those who are pulling the strings from behind the scenes. They will help us save lives and avoid disasters. Here they are folks.

One. The national budget is one of the most important documents for a government and the nation. Study and understand it.

Two, we must ask this question; Why was the $7.5 million allocated to the military for specialised vehicles? The devil is in the detail.

Three. Fiji’s dictatorship is part of a global and evil plan. There are enemies in our nation who are determined to destroy our country and take away all that we value and cherish.

First, the national budget reveals the heart and mind of those in power. It tells us about their intentions and how they would achieve that. It is like an operational plan. If you cannot do it alone, please ask someone educated enough in economics or finance to explain the riddle to you. Yes, it is like a riddle sometimes. Politicians will tell you one thing, and they actually do something else. An excellent example is point number two below. So please study the budget again and discover the heart, mind and soul of this BK regime.

Second, the military (dogs of war are being fed ) got $7.5 million for specialised vehicles for disaster management response. Questions???. Does Fiji need specialised vehicles for disaster management ? If so, why give them to the military? Why not to the Ministry responsible so that anybody can use it? Why create a ministry but allocate its strategic resources to the military? Do you see a smokescreen here?
Can you see where we are going? Io? Sega ? Acha ? Tum jano ? Wait karo yar. Wawa mada. Listen folks. What are the SVs really for? QORVIS, Khai and Bhai all know this. The special vehicles are not for the cyclones, but for the planned operations to control our people when the time comes. Trouble is looming ahead. They plan to stay in power. The people of Fiji are learning the real truth behind the lies. They are seeing the real people behind the veil and masks.Massive demonstrations are coming, in our city streets and around the country. The dogs of war (military) will be used to control the masses and protect our dictators.

Third. What is happening in Fiji is happening around the world. We are in the “final days” as the Bible calls it. Better get right with God and do what is right. The global elites have begun their final plan to control the world and install their One World Government. They will try and steal our God-given rights, freedoms, values, principles and our faith in God. They will use every means ( tricks, lies, force, cunning, money, entertainment, mind control, etc ) to get their way. Khai and Bai are simply instruments, but we must tell them ‘ STOP !.
What must we do? Observe what they say and do. Stand up and tell Bai and Khai, STOP DICTATING. STOP LYING. STOP YOUR EVIL PLANS. WE WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO SUCCEED !

Let us speak up and stand up for what is good, right, just, fair, true, kind, noble and godly. Let us speak and stand up to our politicians, civil servants, business people, foreigners and Fijians alike. Let us speak to our sons and daughters and families in the military and police to stand with us and fight with us against these evil forces. Let us live the values and principles we believe in. Let us love one another as God loves us. Let us restore justice, freedom and the rule of law. Let us allow God to be the God of our nation. Let us stop being victims and beggars. We must take back control over our lives and determine our future destiny. This is our land and our nation. Let us never allow anyone to take from us what God has given us. So help us God!

Rajend Naidu said...

The Myth of Democratic Engagement
Martin Davis writes in The Age ( letters 2/7 ) that, " Maybe a year living in a developing country is what many Australians ( and American and British ) disengaged voters need to shock them out of their apathy and make them realise that engagement in the political process is essential to advance our societies".
Davis essentially perpetuates a common myth of modern democracy.
Democracy has long ceased to be what it was originally conceived to be : government of the people, by the people and for the people and all that.
In today's democracies around the world ( both in the developed and developing countries ) powerful private interest groups such as the military-security complex, the pro-Establishment/status quo media, influential ( read monied ) lobby groups, agribusiness and extractive industries of energy, timber, mining, fisheries have come to exercise control over governments and politicians. Often these special vested interests have captured the State and hijacked the " democracy " meant to be in the peoples' hand.
The people are afforded a false sense of "engagement in the political process" through " democratic elections ". And where people have developed sufficient political consciousness to see that those in power are not serving their interest nor hearing their voice they are now mostly reduced to making noise and protesting from the sideline. Hence the anti- globalisation protest culture that we are witnessing around the world.
This is the reality of modern democracy which requires a somewhat more critical mind to discern than that displayed by many commentators.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

@Tomasi,Well what's wrong with putting money into the military to update its inventory?Don't you think it's time our military needs its equipment updated and to be on par with other military forces in the world?How do you expect them to provide effective security not just for the nation but also for international missions,when they have outdated weaponry and vehicles?

Our men and women of the armed forces must feel really embarrassed when they find themselves on a international joint exercise or mission because they posses 1970s equipment that's totally rusted or falling apart.Other nations military must laugh at them because of their outdated equipment and finding a few of the soldiers missing the right pair of boots,suitable camouflage uniform for the terrain,suitable helmets,body armour,appropriate transportation etc etc.They deserve to have an upgrade and need modern tools to provide security and react quicker to disasters and combat threats to the nation.

You have been saying their will be massive demonstrations ever since the FF has come into power but yet there's nothing at all.Its become a laughing stock now.

Anonymous said...

And let's not forget how useful additional good vehicles will be at times of natural disaster to assist in speedier access.

Anonymous said...

@Rajendra The word your looking for in your case of hijacking governments and taking control is what lefties call corporatocracy.The people who are anti globalisation are nothing but losers in the world.They are lazy,peasants,plebeians,racists,fascists who complain about everything and blame others for why their lazy useless bottoms are poor.

Take a look at some of their anti globalisation propaganda they pump out.They are against multiculturalism,they blame hardworking migrants for taking jobs they wouldn't do in the first place,they create conspiracies of migration is genocide,they are paranoid about international trade,they blame banks for destroying their life's yet they took a loan and didn't bother to payback the interest on it yet clear it.They are against unions,they hate capitalism and want to bring about socialism,they have a dislike for the WTO and they condemn the United Nations existence.

Don't be fooled by their propaganda because in reality they are nothing but nazis in disguise wanting to control the world.The establishment are the good people.

Rajend Naidu said...

People vs Profit
In his letter ' Society : Brexit vote a warning shot across the bow ' ( The Age 1/07 ), John White elaborates as follows :
" The Brexit decision was a warning that people are beginning to understand the impact of globalisation - that their lifestyles, but not those of the born to rule are being sacrificed on the altar of economic rationalism. The destruction of western manufacturing and primary industries and the corresponding exploitation of workers in the developing world is a crime of profit put before people. However, the greater crime of globalisation is not the inequality, between capital and wage growth and worker exploitation but the massive acceleration of pollution and damaging greenhouse gas emissions. It started with the US- Canada Free Trade Agreement in the mid 1980s and continues at reckless pace to this day.
There is a direct ratio between the growth in globalisation, free trade agreements, individual debt levels and the damage to our climate and environment. The threat to food production is massive, while extreme weather will require relocation of whole populations. These facts are well understood by economic rationalists , the fossil fuel industry and the right wing media, who deny as a myth all evidence of climate change. To acknowledge the truth they would have to acknowledge the damage their deceit is doing and the need for change in political and economic processes.
Brexit is just a start."
John White eloquently articulates my own thinking on this issue.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Okay Rajendra,I see these so called "economic rationalist" really don't like the idea of a open free market,lowering the barriers and the entities+rights of multi national corporations posses.They want nations to be completely isolated from trading with the world and demand mnc's to pay 65% or more of tax deductions from their profits which will probably go towards paying all the lazy bottoms social welfare and healthcare bill.If that was to go ahead then a nation might as well declare itself a socialist state.Brexit is a laughing stock because those peasants who voted out because of their lifestyle are only shooting themselves in the foot because they forgot who contributes the majority of taxes paid to fund their welfare and healthcare bill.

In the papers they said they wanted out because corporations and unelected bureaucrats of the EU had destroyed their life's.One person said he voted out because the mass influx of immigrants from EU countries coming over to England and stealing all their jobs or pushing wages down.Another said he wanted out because the factory he worked in closed down and moved jobs to Poland.Some who voted out claimed they (immigrants) are taking up all the social housing,jobs and destroying their healthcare system and reducing opportunities for local British citizens.Hahahahahahhaha yet in London,Scotland,Northern Ireland they wanted remain because all the opportunities and prosperity they had and experienced whilst in the EU.

According to statistics majority of the voters who voted to remain in the EU were 18 to 50 whilst the older generation 50+ opted to vote out.The majority of the leave side were mostly 65+ pensioners (the generation that got them into the EU in the first place).So why change of heart?was it because their state pension benefit was not enough?

Oh since they talking about the environment Rajendra please tell use about these environmental scientist who are promoting the depopulation idea.Why don't they talk openly about the idea of having the human population decline and save other species?I can bring up a whole bunch of links to websites that advocates for it and all the scientific research of ways of depopulating the planet and policies that can be implemented.

Anonymous said...

Rajendra even if they remove corporations and adopt a style of domestic business only policy,they too will pay for lower wages and find ways to produce goods for less.You see they are hypocrites,they can't compete with larger companies.They like to kick up a fuss and lie to people about corporations paying them low wages.when in fact,if corporations didn't exist they would be the ones paying an even lower wage,a wage that's way below a country's minimum wage law like what some Fijian companies do here in Fiji.These are businessmen who have grudges against corporations because their business venture was a failure and couldn't compete with them.

Look at the financial news now on the UKs FDI's,investors are nervous to pump money into the economy now.Projects that were suppose to be in the pipeline have been halted as investors pulled out.Infact it might not go ahead,because investors know about risks involved and can see uncertainty for the British future.Major corporate banks such as HSBC and Goldman Sachs might pull out and relocate their HQ leaving 70,000 jobless.The financial sector is a crucial contributor in the UK economy and is the largest.Look at the FTSE 100 and FTSE250 markets how it crashed over night during trading hours.How much did its economy lose in that space of an hour?1 billion?2 billion?or was it more?The FTSE 100 may have gathered back some ground but the FTSE 250 hasn't.Imagine if it continues to decline how many companies would be going bust and people losing their jobs up and down the country?The value of the British currency has lost a lot of value and if nothing is done about it to counter the loss they will continue to suffer even more making purchasing power useless.

Think Rajendra globalisation isn't bad,don't be fooled.

Rajend Naidu said...

Slavery as free trade
Blake Smith informs us in his essay by that title ( aeon 29/06 ) that " The 18 th century thinkers behind laissez-faire economics saw slavery as a great example of global free trade.
For nearly four centuries, the Atlantic slave trade brought millions of people into bondage. Scholars estimate that around 1.5 million people perished in the brutal middle passage across the Atlantic. The slave trade linked Africa, Europe and the Americas in a horrific enterprise of death, torture and profit. Yet, in the middle of the 18th century, as the slave trade boomed like never before, some notable European observers saw it as a model of free enterprise and indeed of " liberty " itself. They were not slave traders or slave-ship captains but economic thinkers, and very influential ones. They were a pioneering group of economic thinkers committed to the principles of laissez-faire : a term they themselves coined ..."
Has modern day globalisation resurrected that pioneering profit making modus operandi under a new and more deceitful design?
Rajend Naidu

Tomasi said...

@Anon 12.00 pm.Thank you for your comments. I was talking about the budget as a means of implementing Government policies and strategies. The $7.5 million worth of specialised vehicles was for the military. But the reasons given was for disaster management response. It was not for upgrading of tools and weaponry for international peacekeeping duties. Apart from this and the major allocations and increase in their overall budget, the military will enjoy others, like increases in retirement benefits.

As much as we love our families in the military, the RFMF is a very unproductive branch of Government. It is in fact the most unproductive part of the Fiji civil service. Since 1987, they have become the most destructive force in Fiji. This is because of the nature of their work, the way it is managed, and the sheer irrelevance of having such a division in the first place. It was once a source of pride and a positive force for development. But all the coups have been the result of their active role in conspiracies to oust legally appointed members of Parliament. The trend is worrying because the situation gets worse after each coup detat. Rabuka knows that and is very guilty about what he did. He wants to clean up the sordid mess that he was part of. That is another reason for Bai and Khai to worry and fret.

Khaiyum and Bai depend on the loyal support of the RFMF. The RFMF has turned its back on the ordinary people they swore to protect. They have tortured and killed many people and have been promoted and rewarded for it. They now have become nothing more than dogs of war. They have sworn allegiance to the dictators and they know who is feeding them well. But they also know that what they are doing is wrong and they are not all united. The civil service has been heavily militarised by Bai and Khai. They have no choice but to do that, because the dogs might turn on them anytime if they are not properly fed. The problem is that they are feeding a hungry monster. The longer you feed the monster, the greater the potential threat you create for yourself. A small monster is better because you can manage it more easily. But a huge monster like our current force makes the zoo keepers have sleepless nights.

By allocating an extra $7.5 million to the RFMF and justifying it by saying it is for disaster management, it tries to camouflage its real intentions. Why do we need specialised vehicles? We all know what we need in times of disasters after having lived here under 16 cyclones and more floods for over 50 years. We do not need Khaiyum’s lies to tell us what we need. But you see, the lie is covered up nicely with a truth, to make it appear right and wonderful.

Mark my words. A very bad storm is fast approaching. It is a storm manufactured by the lies, deceit, covetousness, oppression, and the blatant disregard for the rule of law and the rejection of God’s sovereignty and will. Many people will be caught by surprise. They have always thought we are kind and caring people. They have taken us for granted for too long and patience is being stretched to the limits.

Something really bad is about to happen. The specialised vehicles will be needed to rush Khai and Bai to the airport or to the naval boat to escape Fiji if they can. But the point is that we can avoid all these disaster. We can make a fresh start. We can all work together and start rebuilding our nation, base on lasting values and Godly principles of righteousness. Hear the word of the LORD. ”Righteousness exalts a nation. Sin is a reproach to any people. “

Rajendra open your eyes! said...

So far, among the printable descriptions, company bosses have called it the biggest foot-shooting exercise in history, ballot-box masochism and even “a self-skinning turkey” – presumably referring to the poultry voting for Christmas. If there’s one thing you can say for it, the Leave vote has unified business.
One chief executive has been texting me furiously, and often, over the past week demanding that we “do something” to stop Brexit from happening. But in his heart, he knows there’s nothing he can really do about it.
Given that helplessness, businesses, through direct lobbying and organisations such as the Confederation of British Industry, are now seeking to impress upon the smouldering remains of the Government, several demands which would mitigate the damage from leaving our biggest global trading partner. In the longer term, this regards what we need to salvage from the many benefits businesses enjoy from being part of the EU. 

There are industry-specific issues, naturally: financial services firms want to retain their “passporting” rights allowing them to sell to EU countries; universities want to remain in the international funding programmes for European students; creative industries want to retain the European intellectual property and copyright system.
Then there is the broader structure of the overarching trade agreements that will frame our relationship with Europe for a generation. There are many options: Swiss-style bilateral accords; a Turkish-style customs union; or the World Trade Organisation model with no access to the single market. But the favoured seems to be the Norwegian approach, which replicates the status quo the closest. Britain would join the European Economic Area, granting us full access to the single market but with the proviso that we would have to adhere to EU standards and regulations over which we’d have no say. Even this best-worst option would mean we’d probably sacrifice the ability to do our own trade deals with other parts of the world – whipping away one of the main benefits of Brexit that were sold to the people by the Leave campaign. Oh yes, and we’d also have to keep contributing to the EU budget.

Arguably better could be a series of free trade agreements. This would be the most likely way of getting full control over immigration, but would take the longest time to negotiate.
Time is not on the policymakers’ side. The current chaotic lack of certainty is highly dangerous. While there is so little clarity on what Britain is going to look like even in six months’ time, investors are delaying decisions to put long-term money into the UK. Equally damaging for growth and jobs is that British firms are likely to delay investing in their own businesses.
It is crucial that a new Prime Minister is put in place rapidly, who can give a clear message that Britain remains the world’s most open country for international investment.
Furthermore, the Government must assure EU citizens working here that they are not going to be kicked out of the country – in the short, medium or long term. Thousands of businesses depend on European workers and need to keep their moral up. The Government must stress loudly, and repeatedly, that Britain welcomes and respects its migrant workforce.
This must be part of a wider, loud campaign by ministers to drown out the damaging image abroad that Britain is turning its back on the world. The Government must launch high-profile “world tours” showing that Britain remains friendly and welcoming to foreign visitors. Media stories of racially motivated attacks on Britain’s streets since the referendum are hugely damaging to businesses trying to woo foreign customers or investors.

Rajendra open your eyes! said...

We need to make sure we do not turn off the taps on infrastructure investment. Major projects in road, rail and utilities must be continued to safeguard the jobs and businesses which depend upon them as the economy cools. Shelving yet again the Heathrow decision sent a terrible message to business that important government decisions will be put on ice for months to come.
A glimmer of hope for businesses has been the final realisation in the Conservative Party that George Osborne’s fantasist target to achieve a budget surplus by 2020 must be dropped. While companies are generally keen on keeping some measure of austerity to rein in the country’s debt, many were horrified at the pain that was looming in 2019. An end to the target could pave the way for some tax cuts, particularly in targeted areas such as business rates, which have been crippling small businesses like retailers.
But you know what companies want more than anything when it comes to the referendum? A re-run. There’s a firm belief among employers that the British people have now seen what carnage their votes have caused and would, next time, cross the box saying “Remain”.

Anonymous said...

Tomasi the managing of the RFMF is fine,it's the leadership that has always been the problem.The way things are done is autocratic,the command comes from the top and ensures it's heard all the way down and understood.Soldiers opinions and loyalty must be in line with the military beliefs,values and culture it wishes to promote.The top ranking commander of the military decides on what these values,culture and beliefs should be.If they are not met or upheld to the standards of the commander then he or she falls to disciplinary action.

It is not the ordinary soldier who is to blame or is at fault after all he is only following orders and doing his duty.They swore an oath to this nation and to the institution.In their minds,their loyalty is to the country(the Vanua) and the military (institution).They will do whatever is asked or ordered by the military in order to serve the country.When they say jump the soldier will jump,they say walk,quack and jump they will do all 3 at once as told.In their minds they know failure to obey an order can lead to breaking your oath and breaking many serious discipline offences which in result could lead them of being charged on breaking military laws.

I'd like to ask you who do you think is making them (RFMF as a whole)unproductive?senior officer ranks or non commission ranks?

Anonymous said...

Tomasi nothing bad will ever happen,I think your just over exaggerating or being totally paranoid.What has made you feel this way?are you in fear?Is it because you have been reading a lot of anti Christian literature written on here by some atheists?Those are only people trying to be provocative and cause religious hatred incitement.

Eroni said...

The Nationalists are ruling SODELPA again. Those who were at FTA building the other day you could see the smiles on Nationalist faces. The comments bastards were making against Indians.

Suomynona said...

All those funds going into further militarism is what Frankie and Ayarse wants in order to make sure that no one questions or challenges them. The healthcare system is already a disaster and yet they prefer to spend it more on guns than medication.

Anonymous said...

Tomasi sa rauta mada ra vujulaki
rua na tamata qo bai kei rabuka rau tamata butabutako ,,,,ra vakayagataki na sotia qi rau sa milionea tu rauca na boci no school qo o bai kei rabu.....
Sa rauta na vakamuri ira na dau politiki sona qo

KUA NI RERE said...

Why should Tomasi be afraid?
Anti-Christian rhetoric on this blogsite or wherever, is nothing new.
In fact as Christians this is part and parcel of our lives. In fact the Church was born out of persecution in Jerusalem. So I dont see Tomasi being scared one little bit.

All I see in this blogsite is the same dickhead who calls himself by Fijian names like " Eroni" or "Eranavula" or "Timoci" etc etc. Same dickhead all the time; Just keeps changing his name.
He sounds like the idiot Vili Rakoro. Has the same pathetic whinhge everytime about Christianity and Religion. Same dickhead also talks about Indians hating Fijians and vice-versa. Same dickhead that when the going gets tough he starts to regurgitate " 1998 coup " and how Indians died in their thiousands. SAME OLD FARKING LIE"
And now he is harping on about "Nagtionalism".
This arsehole uses Fijian names but he is obviously not an Indigenous Fijian.
In fact I think he is an Indian who has a farked up identity crisis. You will even see him saying Fijian words like "Vinaka" and Kalougata tiko"; the farking snake!!!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha KNR the person got banned and kicked out of the country by Bainimarama.The true story is that the military who had done surveillance on this individual considered him a threat because he held militant atheist views.The person likes to play devils advocate and stir up a lot of trouble.This individual does not support any of the political parties in Fiji but in the past held a position in government.Some politicians know who this person is,some respect this person and some don't.

Apparently Bainimarama could see right through the bullshit this individual would do when critiquing his leadership.Bainimarama couldn't afford to have this individual in Fijis society because the views this person had was too extreme and could divide the country and unstable communities.This person was endangering the Indo-Fijian community.Ask the Indo Fijian community about who this person is and they will tell you.This person wants to manipulate Indigenous Fijians to hate and beat up Indo-Fijians.

You can often find the individual on here,sometimes pretending to support Bainimarama and on the other hand pretending to be someone else who supports Sodelpa.I think this person likes to cause a lot of confusion and challenges the status quo.

Rajend Naidu said...

Loss of Democracy
In her letter to the Canberra Times ( 2/7 ) Pauline Westwood alerts us that under the Turnbull government's scheme of things "... all our human services will be up for " contracting out ", ie, technically not privatised, but run by the private sector. We are told this is to promote competition and efficiency. But is this really the best way?
...the primary aim of business is to make a profit [ maximum profit ]. This is the American model of public administration, and even American commentators have been warning us for years not to follow their example.
... If the Trans-Pacific Partnership comes into effect, large foreign companies have said they intend to move into service delivery over here. They will be allowed to bring in an unlimited number of foreign workers, without labour market testing, and to repatriate their profits.
Should our governments dare to regulate their activities, they will be able to sue us for millions of ( unfounded ) dollars in foreign tribunals not subject to appeal. When we cede control of our services to profit-making foreign companies, we give up control over our budget, cede sovereignity and lose our democracy".
Professor Wadan Narsey, formerly of the USP, has been alerting us of this in the Fiji and Pacific context from the very beginning when the Trans-Pacific Partnership was first proposed.
Have we been paying any attention to the inherent dangers of such grand globalisation schemes to the welfare and well- being of our people and the threat it poses to our democracy?
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Rajendra now you have just become a laughing stock now.Are you now joining all the work shy and tree huggers?

Anonymous said...

Rajendra didn't Bainimarama say Wadan Narsey is a threat to our democracy?

Iferemi Nadalo said...

Why cant we form a centrist party with One Fiji, Ro Kepa , Pita, NFP , FLP and others all amalgamating together and voting RO Kepa as its leader. Sodelpa is a nationalist party. Ro Kepa will be a good leader. Fiji First is a Muslim party (ISIS). I heard from grapevine that Ratu Inoke Kububola will contest the next election SODELPA ticket. The centrist party has the best chance of winning the election and only being multiracial party in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Fiji first is a hybrid party,they have taken on board mostly left wing and some centre right politics.Bainimarama does not support feminism,gay marriages,ultra nationalism and some right wing politics.Most of his government policies are more left leaning but his stance on liberalising the economy,allowing religious practice and refusing gay marriage is the only move I've seen him do for those on the centre right and right wing.

I think his trying to appeal more to traditional conservatives of indigenous background.Conservatives who will support the existence of a government,the military force,police force,businessmen,religion,traditional and family values,nobility,protection and development of the rural areas,moral order,modernity and so forth.The only area he fails with them is on having the GCC and the senate brought back,the freebies to be done away with because their belief in natural law.The conservatives who decided to support banimarama did it because Sodelpa became anti government instead of anti corruption.

Tomasi said...

Ifereimi, I am glad more people are now seeing for themselves what we have been telling Fiji for a few years now. The FFP is not a democratic party but a false front. The FFP is a cleverly disguised dictatorship ruling Fiji under the guise of a government that promotes democratic principles and really cares about the people. Yout reference to ISIS may be more true than many realise. We have tried to help people to realise what kind of a political situation we are in today. Islamic taqiyya is about being absolutely committed to achieve a goal regardless of the means. It justifies and recommends lies and cheating and murder and anything else in order to achieve the goals. Islamic taqiyya and dictatorship are two faces of the same monster.

Back to dictatorship. Look at the number of MPs in the FFP government side. What a kandslide “election victory” for them in 2014. Their dominant numbers in Parliament would imply that the responsibilities of government would be shared amongst its members. But that is not the case, and it will never be the case. Dictatorship means a concentration of power and control in a few hands. Who has the greatest power and control in Fiji’s government? It is certainly not Voreqe, he may know a lot about what is happening, but he lacks the intellectual capacity to understand what, where and why things are happening.

I wonder what it is like in the FFP Cabinet. We hardly hear about Cabinet meetings, Cabinet decisions, and FFP caucus meetings. Who then is making the critical decisions in Fiji? Of course that is not so difficult to see. One man holds the most number of Ministerial Portfolios. One man controls the Speaker. One man controls the whole Parliament. One man controls the majority of the Government budget. One man controls an overwhelming proportion of our national resources. One man dictates the laws, controls the judiciary, civil service, security forces, infrastructure and finance. He is so powerful and he knows that. Because he effectively controls the critical factors of our economic and political life, he has changed the Finance into the new Ministry of Economy. He really wants to be known as the King of the new Fiji. That’s right, he’s the man, Aiyaz Saiyad Khaiyum. I wonder how his father raised him to be so full of himself and be so blind to hiw own stupidity and foolishness. He thinks he is climbing up, but he better prepare for the sickening thud when he falls. Reminds me of the original AS Khaiyum, Lucifer himself. So full of himself, that he thought he was higher or equal to God Himself.

There are some good people in FFP. Lorna Eden is one of them. The others are Matai Akauola and someone else. The others have resigned, Pio and the Nadi businessman. Why does Aiyaz control so many portfolios? Why is the FFP allowing him to do so? Why is Fiji allowing AS Khaiyum to continue to rule Fiji without the slightest murmur of disapproval from our MPs and national leaders? By deciding to remain silent on this matter for so long, the FFP and all of Fiji have successfully bred a political monster. But then again, for how long shall he remain in power?
One thing is certain. His huge concentration of power may actually be a sign of fear, anxiety, guilt and insecurity rather than greed. I feel sorry about the man. But I do pray for our country. I know this is only a season, and God has a purpose for everything. There is a time for everything under the sun. AS Khaiyum knows his time is running out soon. But he intends to hold on to power for as long as the RFMF, QORVIS, his Wahabi Muslim clan and the people behind the curtains can prop him up.

Exciting times we live in. Nothing is constant or permanent here on earth, only the passing of time from day to day, to the last syllable of recorded time. How many people wish they could stop the clock and command time to Halt! , so that they continue to enjoy the trappings of power and fame. Too bad paradise is also a function of time, and when time is up, paradise drifts away, waiting to welcome someone else to its shores.

Anasa Vunakece said...

Religion in Fiji is the absolute seed of all evil.

Anonymous said...

What a ridiculous comment

Anonymous said...

What a simpleton you are.

Anonymous said...

Everybody head over to the Facebook group "Fiji exposed forum" we have over 40,000+ members and debates are active 24/7.We also monitor comments 24/7 and remove members who are only there to cause nuisance and looking to stir up trouble.If your wondering why comments have dramatically decline over the years on here is because people are now migrating to social media,blogging is now finished!

On behalf of the team of Fiji exposed forum we look forward to welcoming you.

Anonymous said...

@Anasa Vunakece 6:32 AM

Obviously you neither have the brain or intellect to give reasoning that can support your comment.

Anonymous said...

@KNR I have a solution to your problem of these types of bloggers and how to put an end to it.With over 40,000 members and growing popularity amongst the local Fijian population, the Facebook group "Fiji exposed forum" is here to meet your needs.We have debates that are active 24/7 and provide a monitoring service for our members free of charge.We remove any member who is causing a lot of nuisance and simply there to stir up trouble.If you are fed up of having to deal with trolls and blog owners not doing anything about then join our Facebook group "Fiji exposed forum".It will be the best move you have ever made.

Anonymous said...

Anal-ass Vunaceke, go fuck a goat.

Anonymous said...

Well Rabuka won't tell us who was behind his coup and Bainimarama will do the same.One thing is certain Fiji will continue to be a fucking big heap of shit hole in the South Pacific if the people don't find out who this secret cabal network is.This dark evil force has been fucking,looting and plundering the nation ever since independence.Time to wake up!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I believe Rabuka when he said he had no involvement or pulling any strings of the 2000 coup.He is innocent on that but his dealings of the 87 coup is a huge mystery.I will go read his book but I doubt it I will find the answer to any of the questions of who the real culprits were and the cabal behind the scenes pulling all the strings.

Anonymous said...

Tomasi was right after all about this secret cabal these bastards need to be found and brought to justice.

Jesse Sikovou said...

Rabuka destroyed the "way the world should be in 1987." Till today our beloved country has not recovered due to his two coups. He preached racism, nationalism, tribalism, treachery, corruption, thugerism, etc. By replacing Ro Kepa as the Leader of SODELPA is same as he a commoner becoming the President of GCC. How on earth SODELPA members voted him as a leader? This is the death of SODELPA party for good. God will burn you in hell for your wrong deeds.

Anonymous said...

Why can't Rabuka just tell the people straight who is the assholes his defending?he keeps saying there's some of them alive ask them! Fark off how about you tell us the public,stop protecting them.Bring those filthy crooks out from the shadows they have been hiding in.We know they are also doing their dirty dealings with Bai and khai.We know you want to take the blame for them but that does not mean we the people will stop searching for these crooks and the truth.If you want our votes then tell us who are these assholes that were telling you to do things during that year and day of 87! Was it the Chiefs?the businessmen?the Methodist church?the foreigners?Military?someone in government?wadan narsey?somebody in senate?

Anonymous said...

You can tell when a Fijian has become a puppet and both Rabuka and Bai are certainly puppets for their coups!Speight himself was just another frontman and a puppet.We as a nation need to dig right down to the roots of this cowards hiding in the shadows lurking.They have been taking advantage over our people and manipulating us.

Anonymous said...

I hope he gets raped while being burned

Anonymous said...

The most likely reason he can't say who they were then is that they are the same ones controlling him now.

All may not be as it seems.

Anonymous said...

Both sides of the house are corrupt,it's time for new parties to start fighting for real democracy.Get rid of nationalism,militarism,coup sympathisers,racists and all the assholes of the yesteryears who had a role in them.Fiji will never move forward if we continue to have all the same people in power.Its time for radical change the cabals in the country must be defeated and exposed.

Anonymous said...



"Prince Charles tells British Muslims “IF YOU LIVE IN OUR COUNTRY, ABIDE BY OUR VALUES”
PRINCE Charles issued an extraordinary rallying cry today calling on Muslims living in the UK to show more respect for British values.

10:57, Sun, Feb 8, 2015 | UPDATED: 12:09, Sun, Nov 15, 2015

The heir to the throne railed against the radicalisation of young British men by Islamist extremists as he launched an impassioned defence of Britain's "Christian" heritage.

Telling British muslims that they should show more respect for "the values we hold dear," the Prince revealed that he was terrified by the influence of radical preachers who spread their teachings on the internet.

In an unprecedented outburst, he said: "The radicalisation of people in Britain is a great worry, and the extent to which this is happening is alarming, particularly in a country like ours where we hold values dear.

"You would think the people who have come here, or are born here, and go to school here, would abide by those values and outlooks."
He added that it was "frightening" that young British Muslims were being radicalised by "crazy stuff on the internet".


Anonymous said...


You would think the people who have come here, or are born here, and go to school here, would abide by those values and outlooks
Prince Charles

The outspoken comments are a further sign that the Prince is not prepared to keep quiet on political causes close to his heart, despite assuming more and more responsibility from the Queen.
They came as he started a six-day tour of the Middle East in his mother's place, during which he has been urged to speak out against the barbaric practises of some Gulf states.

It is understood that the Prince will challenge new Saudi king Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud over the terrible punishment handed down to blogger Raif Badawi when the pair meet face to face this week.
The free-speech champion was sentenced to a thousand lashes and ten years in jail after being convicted of insulting Islam over comments he made on his website which were critical of the autocratic Saudi regime.

Diplomatic sources close to the Saudi crown say there is much more chance the new king will listen to a fellow royal than to a foreign political leader.

Speaking to BBC Radio 2's The Sunday Hour ahead of touching down in Jordan last night, the Prince also called for an end to the persecution of Christians in the Middle East.

He told the show that if nothing was done, the time could soon come when "there are no Christians left in the Middle East," adding: "They are intimidated to a degree you can't believe."

During the forthright interview, he said: "The tragedy is even greater because Christians have been in the Middle East for 2,000 years, before Islam came in the 8th Century."
Islamic State terrorists have slaughtered thousands of Yazidis and Christians in Northern Iraq, whilst atrocities against Christians have been on the rise in other Muslim countries including Egypt.

The Prince also quashed speculation that he plans to give up the traditional 'Defender of the Faith' title, in favour of the more multicultural 'Defender of Faiths', when he becomes king.

Confirming his intention to take up his place as head of the Church of England - a tradition which dates back to Henry VIII - he said he would use the role to protect the free practice of all faiths

Anonymous said...

@8.28am Less talk and show more of your actions.Right now your statement is meaningless and pointless!.How many years have you been calling for revolution and screaming you are fed up yet you have done fark all!!!!!!! Stop making a fool out of yourself and get a reality check!

Anonymous said...

@8:26am wheeeeew! Booi!!!!!!! You one strong key board warrior eh?I heard you won Karate kid of the year award chiiiii van damm super star! Going put on your camos and pink gum boots plus the cardboard box helmet.I heard you can run 30000000 miles in 5 minutes and expert in hand to hand combat.You better going get your water pistol and paper guns ready.What time you going to shout in the speaker this is not a emergency drill?

Anonymous said...

Rabuka is the man, and I know you fucking Indians don't like him. Get over it you cunts, if you don't like Rabuka then fuck off back to India you cunts.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:26/8 AM

You are just one dumb illiterate person.

Before making a fool of yourself here you would have been better off getting an adult to explain exactly what the article you have referred to was about.

Anonymous said...

10.36am waden narsey is that you again hahahahhahahahaha

Anonymous said...

I love these key board warriors calling for revolution and violence to take place they are huge laughing stock.Hurry up and do it already you dumb fucking cunts.You don't even have the balls to do any shit!!! Bainimarama has beaten your assholes and kept you there in the corner.He has bashed you violently that your now nothing but big pussy holes!!!!!!! Hahahahahaha hahahaha.Do your revolution you will just end up getting bashed to death by the RFMF and others.You know they will parade you fools to the public once your caught lol do you even know what happen to all those rebels funded and supported by mereoni Kirwin?They were bashed till they confessed who planned it all.Kirwin is a dead woman walking along with others who support her.So do your revolution just expect the same violence you dish out to be brought right back to you!

Rusi said...

Hahaha...."Come join us for Operation Jericho people. We will rise up and use people power to show Bai we can take over easily"

Hahahaha.....what happend there all you sonalevu Itaukei's?? Ahh? SONALEVU....HAHAHAHAHA.....TYPICAL VOSA LEVU!!!

Vinaka Viti. All talk no action. Cornerstone of Fijian diplomacy.

Hahahaha....FUUUUCK ALL. The more you keep your tough talking toward Voreqe the more you look like useless idiots.

Que keyboard nationalists. Pity they cant do it infront of the camera or on Fiji Exposed forum. I welcome it.

Anonymous said...

To all I Taukei

Anonymous said...

Oh god...those idiots trying to show people power like Ukraine and Egypt. Only problem there is that they Not Lamusona in Egypt and Europe. If people want to fight back on their beliefs they will. Not Fiji...Lamusona's everywhere in Fiji. All talk and all Fuckall actions

Anonymous said...

no one is stupid enough in Fiji to stir up the armed might of the FMF because that is exactly what they have prepared for compliments of our tax funds. they are so scared shit even knowing no one is armed in Fiji, but they still buying Russian arms. ni taura ga nomuni dakai ni sosomakak nomuni cici lelevu koya tadola mai Golan kei Sinai. if only had half or even just a quarter of what they have, they will buckle and scatter their shit everywhere. they could not even fight terrorist in dresses and flip flops, and archaic ak47s. in Sinai they ask to be transferred at first sign of trouble. just a bunch of overfed and overpaid cowards who don't know what real combat is. but they surely know how to bully, kill and harass unarmed civilians for sure. me sogo mada ga na I cici lelevu era tiko qori mai na keba. sa dri yani

Anonymous said...

Well said bro

Anonymous said...

Blimey, they have let the idiots out today...............

"no one is stupid enough in Fiji to stir up the armed might of the FMF because that is exactly what they have prepared for compliments of our tax funds."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - July 5, 2016 at 9:40 AM.

Your admission of facts is fairly taken down as a global record in case more FREEDOM SPEAKERS in this blogs faces the same DEATH comments that THE RFMF IS THE KILLER OR MURDERER AT THE QEB CAMP: This is what you said, “.Do your revolution you will just end up getting bashed to death by the RFMF and others. You know they will parade you fools to the public once your caught lol do you even know what happen to all those rebels funded and supported by mereoni Kirwin? They were bashed till they confessed who planned it all” I am not a revolutionary but I can tell when one is brewing up because I have ears, eyes and feelings.

Let me warned you that many army boys in QEB are not Fools nor will EVER be Murderer/ Torturer again like you because THEY SAW THE END RESULTS of your former Commander Voreqe Bainimarama and yourself are still standing to face MURDER CHARGES FOR THE BRUTAL DEATHS OF 5 CRW OFFICERS AND FEW CIVILIANS WHICH YOU JUST ADMITTED PUBLICLY.

The former Commander Rabuka did not murder one soul in his two 1987 Coups but he bashed up few and that still wrong.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - July 5, 2016 at 9:40 AM

The whole world is witnessing the radicalization of Islam killing of inncocent Christians and burning down of their churches and homes. What did they have done wrong to the Muslim society they live in? "Soon there will be no more Christian living in Middle East."said HRH Prince Charles.

I am a Christian and I can see and read between the lines what is coming towards our peaceful Fiji. You do not have to teach me and/or others what this one Muslim Aiyaz Kaiyum is doing. One day, those PEACEFUL GOOD SOULS AND SPIRITS will no long hold on to their patients and they will one day strike heavily be it Christian, Hindu, Buddhism,Muslim or Atheist if troubles be at their doorstep. And that is what I am saying that I do not like to see happens here in our PEACEFUL FIJI. It hurts me what is happening to my innocent fellow Christian Faiths Brothers and Sisters and their families all over the world by radicals Muslims. Can Fiji be exempted from any revolution, protests, civil wars, militants etc. etc. like in other nations against their respective corrupted LEADERSHP in the Government?

Everyday the NO SCHOOL people and alike along the streets, parks, markets, buses and shopping places are talking about that the Government is run and controlled by the Ghost PM Aiyaz Kaiyum and not Ratu Voreqe Bainimarama the elected Prime Minister. Call it GOSSIPERS or whatever, Truth or Lies in their gossips no one can stop nor correct them. Can you imagine when academic scholars talks? These “small type of talks” were about abusing of their Rights of Ownership, Lands, Fishing, Indigenous Rights, Resources, Chiefly System and one day will get results either be it GOOD or BAD to all of us in Fiji. The accusation is on Aiyaz Kaiyum the Ghost Muslim Prime Minister of Fiji. There are many good Muslim but not Aiyaz Kaiyum, the Minister of Anything .

My personal opinion and do not be surprised that the United State of America will one day exit from the United Nation like British United Kingdom exit from the European Union. WHY? WHY? WHY? It all began in that SMALL TALK of the people and by the People, be it politician or voters, public officers or publics, young or old, male or female, scholars or no scholars etc. etc. against bad and corrupted LEADERSHIP!! LEADERSHIP!! LEADERSHIP!!!.

Anonymous said...

What a load of shit I just read,again you are still meaning less.It's all hearsay and words without action!.Maybe if you put some actions into those words you say then just maybe people will start to take you serious.Right now people are laughing at you with all your paranoia and anxiety. You are afraid and even worse you are afraid to even admit it.Please go and see a doctor,you really need some help!!....For now I think I'll take the advice of someone who said to head over to the Fiji exposed forum as debates there are more balanced and rational in their conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahah you ain't no freedom speaker you're just a terrorist ultra nationalist hiding behind the oh I'm a political activist bullshit.You are the enemy that comes from within,the enemy of the state and it's people.Your the whore that has been destroying this country,it's communities,it's families and it's democracy. You are full of shit!!!

Anonymous said...

Seems to me like 6:04 PM is scared of himself. Chill out and stop the paranoia, look around you.

Anonymous said...

WTF has America exiting the UN and Britain exiting Europe got to do with Fiji?Those are 1st world nation's that aren't even in our region of the world.I didn't know Fiji was part of some south pacific union where we have freedom of movement, trade,access to a big single market,ruled by a bureaucratic system,had a separate parliament of the south pacific union etc etc lost a few bolts in the head there you have.

Sekove Mataitini said...


Bro if thats how you really feel why dont you stand up for your beliefs and confront those that are do wrong by your beliefs?

Use your real name and face also use your mouth to speak up. No use being a keyboard warrior and hoping to find others like yourself to one day rise up. People in Fiji are to LAMUSONA to speak up. Stop being anonymous and use your real name on Fiji exposed forum and have an intellectual conversation to get your argument across other concerned citizens and if you dont like the answers your getting back just accept it people have different views and move on.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

All that paragraph writing just to expose ones agitation.Must of had a lot of time on their hands this afternoon before tea.Next time just write I'm scared of khaiyum.That would of save everyone's time.

Anonymous said...

Beeehehehhehehehe Going look at mereoni kirwins video in London about reclaiming Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Na tamata taga me dina w sega ni dau veivacu..na tagane dina e lomana na nona matavuvale, e tamata lotu dina, spends time with his family and writes constructive stuff for other people to read..

Anonymous said...

I just feel sorry for you sir, as to how you can insult a man like that...it shows your mentality and how you might have been gang raped by dogs..

Anonymous said...

Strange how so many fear ASK, sounds more like jealousy to me.

So the guy can speak, is reasonably well educated, is liked by many and works his bollocks off for Fiji, is it envy we smell?

Anonymous said...

The ultra nationalist Itaukei have always been jealous of khaiyum or any other successful Indo Fijian.Thanks to many people who have woken up to their lies and false promises the people of Fiji finally see these nationalists for what they truly are.Come next election FF will win majority vote and Sodelpa and the nationalists will be completely removed from politics.Hail Bainimarama,hail khaiyum and hail the FF party.

Anonymous said...

So true, Ratu Isoa: "The fury with the stigma of “one man “leading the nation with his kind! Madam Speaker, the Ministry of Economy has direct oversight over the strategic sectors: 1. The Sugar Industry: Under the Management of Mr Abdul Khan; 2. The Fiji Hardwood and Fiji Pine under the management of Mr Faiz Khan; 3. Fisheries: PAFCO under the Chairmanship of Mr Iqbal Janiff and who is also the Vice Chancellor of FNU; 4. Tourism and I refer to Airport Fiji Ltd managed by Mr Faiz Khan as Board Chairman and CEO; Air Terminal Services chaired by Mr Riaz Sayed Khaiyum; 5. Border Security: Is managed by Mr Xavier Khan 6. State Broadcasting managed by Mr Riaz Khaiyum which has been allocated 6.7 Million for Public Service Broadcast (Radio) and Public Service Broadcast (TV) 4.6 million; 7. Commerce Ministry managed by Mr Shaheen Ali ; 8. Commerce Commission has a Board Member Mr Firoz Ahmed Ghazali who is of Pakistan descent. 9. The Central Bank is co-managed by Mr Arif Ali. 10. Finance Intelligence – managed by Mr Razim Buksh. 11. Elections Office managed by Mr Mohd Saneem; 12. Government ITC: Management headed by Mr Nisar Ali. They are also digitalizing the Vola ni kawa bula in TLTB; 13. Our Geneva Mission where WTO is based is managed by Mrs Nazhat Shameem Khan; 14. Hamid finder of the road contractor NAIM from Malaysia, close friend of some people on that side. 15. Recently FICAC laws were amended and now given same powers as Police. So now Fiji has two Police Force one Controlled by Commissioner of Police and another is controlled by the AG, it could be a privately owned police paid for by Tax Payers for the benefit of a very few. The recent bickering in parliament has drawn the concern of the Fijians in negative feeling against certain elite groups in Fiji being the minority group however assuming chairmanship and CEO leadership positions in Fiji. Madam Speaker, there appears to be rampart cronyism of the economy and FIJI FACES THE BIGGEST THREAT SINCE INDEPENDENCE; WE HAVE NEVER FACED SUCH A THREAT BEFORE IN OUR HISTORY. OUR CIVILISATION, LIFESTYLE AND CULTURE IS UNDER THREAT. THE NATION IS UNDER THREAT."

Anonymous said...

The only threat to Fiji would be if couples conceived more children with a mindset like yours. Then Fiji will be truly Fucked and under threat from idiots and zealots like yourself.

Fuck sakes. What people raise an idiot like this.

Anonymous said...

So what Isoa, they are doing a better job than you and your party.What farking threat?Your the ones that are the threat to the nation.Next election I will ensure all you types get booted out of politics and never win a seat in the next election.The people of Fiji deserves better than types of idiots like you!!!

Anonymous said...

The one that's writing all this bullshit is the blog owner himself.

Anonymous said...

Ratu Isoa kerekere. Kuuuubuuu ASK

Anonymous said...

Normally when one is on the losing side or feels inferior to others the best action to take is to become better than those you envy so much.

Unfortunately the Isoa's of this world will use religion or race within the various selective tactics they use to try and hide the real reason for their inadequacies.

This is nothing new, but so obvious it's pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Has anybody seen kirwins latest video?What an embarrassment,can the Fijian government please not only ban her from traveling to Fiji but strip her off Fiji citizenship and put a international warrant out for aiding and abetting terrorist activities.This is another deluded and racist hate mongering troll.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and it's the perfect example why some women should remain in the kitchen !

I did say some !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

She is about as useful as a cunt full of cold water.

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