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Friday, July 8, 2016

Grisly days ahead for Fiji with two-headed snake on horizon

Fiji's two-headed snake

Fiji takes yet another wrong turn.  

It was wrong when Frank Bainimarama was elected and it is wrong now that Sitiveni Rabuka leads SODELPA and will be in Parliament at the next elections. 

If there’s any justice these two old narcissists, who gutted Fiji, will kill each off and rid the country of their venom. 

Both are poisonous snakes and should have nothing to do with the running of the country.

We won't be running the 'snake' comment in full here but if you haven't seen it, click on the link below.

Teimumu wants no part of Rabuka coming into SODELPA
The one right thing so far in all of this was the refusal of departing SODElPA leader, Ro Teimumu Kepa, to accept the whale tooth from Rabuka at the Matanigasau.

FOOTNOTE: Just as wrong this week was the push by police to shutdown talk of the murder of a Russian couple whose body parts have been found at Natadola beach.

This is a grisly crime and whether we like it or not, it is a blight on our paradise.

Yuri and Natalia Shipulin

Bainimarama calls Rabuka a snake

Rabuka unfazed by Bainimarama's name calling
Tourists finds decapitated head


Anonymous said...

A sad state and shocking! Whats going on?
What's the purpose of the matanigasau? How many false apologies have you made since 1987 to date? Hypocrite!!! What I see is a stab in the back of Ro Teimumu . Why not shoved that tabua up your arse Rambo and leave politics for good.
We are sick and tired of the 2 of you( Frank/Rabuka). Yeah it's not only 1 snake but 2. Frank is the other snake.
The control of this country is again in the hands of the military. Predident,PM, Head of SODELPA.
And the grizzly crime is a just result of poor security and safety by the authorities..
What's going on??

SEMI MEO said...

The National Elections 2018 is many many moons away!!

Strategists are now at work to ensure the Fijian Public, especially the post Coup voters are well informed.

May be other Non-Military Leaders or Parties backed by religious, vanua or ethnic subgroups miraculously appear to play ball too, reshaping our political landscape for ever and for good...may be...

Anonymous said...

You fucken idiot C4.5. The shut down of talk on the Russian couple is because the evidence derived has to be produced in court and not in the media for trial by media. You profess democracy and rule of law and can't see what the police is trying to do. We know you Sofie Foster run this page and think you know it all when you're just a media person who can string together a few words of English like any other kid in school today however you fucked your way to the top.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 6:52AM
Hey you fucken idiot police. We already know that the Russian couple was murdered by QORVIS.

Anonymous said...

For the grizzly murder of the Russian couple look no further than the 3rd person who reported them missing- their business partner. That's the first suspect. Could be a result of business going wrong . An execution style too.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:40 AM

"look no further than the 3rd person who reported them missing- their business partner"

Now that would be rather silly wouldn't it ! Let's hope you never join the police force.

Anonymous said...

Silly your ass. First they were reported missing before the discovery of the body parts . I'm not a police but common sense.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:42 PM

"First they were reported missing before the discovery of the body parts"

and the relevance of that is?

"I'm not a police but common sense"


Give up before you dig a bigger hole for yourself.

Anonymous said...

@6.52 it's lal and narsey that runs these blogs.They live in Sydney.

Anonymous said...

Still talking to themselves hahahahahaha hahahaha losers!!!

Anonymous said...

Get your facts straight idiot! In any homicide the person closest to the victim is the no1 person of interest. In this case the only person close to the victims is the person who reported them missing- their business partner. Is he or she a suspect? Yes.
Now go back and yawn your brain to sleep because that's what you do..sleepy numbskull!
Anyway the holes I'm digging are to bury bullcraps like you.

Anonymous said...

Where's KNR the rich man who has a degree and lives in Europe in a big nice house.Watch him pop out of no where,Ali baba too should come out and say hi! We also have Eroni another character played by C4.5.They even got commander Taleni leader of the atheist league.Agnostic narsey and the likes lol.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:44 PM

Looks like you not only watch CSI but there's a possibility someone, likely your mother may have helped you out to understand some of the basics.

Now let's go back and spend some time 'investigating' your comments. Has that got you all excited?

1. "look no further than the 3rd person who reported them missing- their business partner"

Now it would be rather dumb of the police to 'look no further' than one person if they did not have sufficient evidence to be pretty sure that that person was the certain perpetrator. Get it?

2. "First they were reported missing before the discovery of the body parts"

And the relevance of that statement is that it has no relevance!

Are people always reported missing only at the time they are found? Are they not reported missing well before they are found?

Now hopefully you realise it's best to think before you write something if you do not want to be laughed at. Now run along and do those chores you mother asked you to do rather than waste your time.

Anonymous said...

5.08 hey policia!
..now he is waking up from his long yaaaaaaaawn. And where did I say that he is the only suspect? Idiot! My point is police investigation begins with the closest. Since he is the first on the scene why look further to begin. Being a suspect doesn't implicate someone until proven.
Seems like you did know something about this case,didn't you?

Anonymous said...

I want to know what is PREMILA KUMAR of Consuer Council doing or c=saying about the abuse by Hardware Co's exposed by the Labour leader !-the cash back scheme etc.The Co's named are R C Manubhai,Vinod Patel and Carpenters.C'mon Premila--open your mouth--even though you are a cheerleader for the FFP and RCM gave $400 K to the PM unknown fund !!

Anonymous said...

Do you watch forensic files?? Looks like you just finished watching one episode.

KUA NI RERE said...

@Anonymous 4:56PM
Hahahahaha you missing me?
Thats funny.
Anyway I still read the blogs and most of the postings but I dont post as much as I used to.
Anyway I think most people probably remember that I've always been against Rabuka as a leader for SODELPA but they have chosen him now, so we have to just go with it. It doesnt really matter for me. Either way whether Bainimarama is running the country or Rabuka or even if Satan himself is running the country I DONT GIVE A SHIT......because as I Christian I WILL ALWAYS WIN (Romans 8:28)

As far as the RUSSIAN COUPLE are concerned : If you know my postings I tend to look beyond what is in plain sight and I drift towards a more psychological explanation of things.
In this case there were body parts found . Were they cut in pieces or bitten by fish? If they were cut in pieces then ITS OBVIOUSLY by SOMEONE KNOWN TO THEM.
If you think about it...in a random kill the murderer wont go to the extent of cutting in pieces...unless the mathafaka had some sort of severe psychiatric problem.
Usually "cutting in pieces" means either someone really hates them (ie SOMEONE KNOWN TO THEM) or someone trying to leave little evidence behind...AGAIN THAT WOULD BE A HIT BY SOMEONE KNOWN TO THEM)
Like I said I tend to look at things from a psychological point of view. By the way I'm neither a psychologist nor a policeman...but these are just logical thoughts in my head.

Anonymous said...

10.04 KNR
Hahaha! ...."being a Christian I will always win"
KNR let me tell you that this statement is not from you but through you from HIM who gave his life for all. I'm touched and rejuvenated with such statement brother. We need people like you, Tomasi ,Paula and other anonymous bloggers in this blog to provide hope for every one including those still in the dark.
Thank you KNR.

Lal and Narsey said...

We are agnostics and defenders of freedom.We want bai and khai to resign so we can have a job and take over Fiji.We are the smart historians,economists and media editors of the underworld.We specializes in conflicts, coups and constitutionalism in multi-ethnic states. We like to create a lot of trouble and disorder by manipulating the masses.We want Fiji to be corrupt and another failed African state.We are the two headed snake of Fiji in the picture above.Hoo hoo haa hoo haa paa poo.

Anonymous said...

It was the CIA that did it!Hey Communist fucking around in Paradise
not so good!!! Hey putin could be sending Russian spy to the island
paradise???Gotta put a stop to his fuckin trick!

Anonymous said...

Isa but One fala got visited by god the other week after Rabuka was made leader of Sodelpa and was told Rabuka will lead in 2016 a couple days After he was actually elected? Dont premonitions come before something actually happens or is this extremely good christian a idiotic Liar? Using Gods name vainly like Rabuka did in 87 when apparently God spoke to him and persuaded him to do a coup? How can we rid Fiji of idiocies like these? Absolute idiots. I hope they rot in hell for their blasphemy.

Ha ha ha said...

Firstly I would like to tell that Rabuka was god sent to do the coup. Secondly now all Fiji Indians are Rewan's and don't call them as immigrant race or weeds or slumps of India. Thirdly Meli B has called i-taukeis parasites.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Russian mafia? they are quite capable of such gruesomeness.

Anonymous said...

Pryde sez that AG khaiyum does not interfere with DPPs office.
The whole of Fiji goes"Hahahahahahahaha..........."

Russian Mafia said...

I believe it was Russian Mafia. Came by sea, murdered them and returned by sea.

SODELPA said...

To Tovata and Bauan confederacies

Now you have to accept Fiji Indians as from Rewa - People from Burebasaga confederacy. You bastards accept now a PM from Indian race and don't do any coup in future.

Lal and Narsey said...

We like to report a lot of bullshit because we hate Fiji.We prey on the dumb and gullible Fijians because they are very easy to manipulate.We support no political party in Fiji,however one of us was a former minister in the Fijian parliament.We like to sit and troll the people of Fiji and sensationalise on topics to incite racial hatred.haaa hooo hoo hooo Haaa paaa pooo.

Tamani said...

The Rabuka choice is clearly a strategy to dismantle the Bainimarama and Khaiyum regime. Rabuka is a genuine soldier for whom soldiers up at QEB can associate with. The military council has long been disgruntled with the Bainimarama's leaning towards Khaiyum and the Muslim brotherhood and the long term conflict has seen casualties such as Driti, Mara and the list goes on.

Voreqe cannot push Rabuka around because Siti clearly understands how the military operates. Bainimarama's election winning message was about a Fiji that does not discriminate along racial lines but his greatest contradiction is maintaining a military that is 99% i taukei for self interest. This may be his downfall because Rabuka can easily convince the troops of their manipulation by Voreqe and his Muslims over the past 16 years which has seen the soldiers duped into killing their own kind, harassing their chiefs, restricting the activities of the Methodist church which has the largest i taukei attendance, taking away Fijian indigenous rights (land and identity theft), responsible for the largest exodus of indigenous Fijians out of their own country by force and so forth.

At the end of the day, Fijian soldiers were the ones manipulated by Voreqe and Khaiyum and they may see Rabuka as the one shining light that may restore everything that the real Fijians have lost.


Wilson Jamie said...

Interesting selection by Sodelpa of original coup leader,Rabuka as new party leader.This leaves Fiji's two major parties with..yes..two criminally untried traitors at the helm.

First of all, congratulations to Sodelpa for it's internal democratic system of election.This would never had happened if someone challenged Voreqe and Khaiyum in FF.They would have been stripped and made to run around naked around the military barracks before bring thrown in jail and charged with treason.

The move to install Rabuka can be seen to be a master stroke..ie..horses for courses case. Na Marama has had her time at the helm and my following explanation will justify that the decision is a correct one.Party followers just have to maintain the rage with Rabuka.

Some are saying that this move will spell the death of Sodelpa but Fijians have been proven to be fickle people who would politically vote purely on self interest. By placing coup makers at the helm of their parties, FF and Sodelpa are sending a clear signal to future coup instigators that they too can be accepted politically.

In Fiji, having a party leader not smeared by coup involvement is no guarantee to an election win. A clear example was in the recent elections where the prevailing thought was that Fijians were totally against the 2006 coup and years of harsh military dictatorship.The choice of Ro Temumu as election leader to win over the coup leader was all but a forgone conclusion. She was a paramount chief, a strong Christian who was not associated with the 2000 coup and condemned the 2006 coup publicly.

But the people saw differently and voted for a person who had tortured the country,its citizens and even their neighbors for the past 9 years. Bainimarama, being a traitor, dictator and coup leader was not an election issue with voters if he could fulfill their self interest. This outcome would never eventuate in the major democratic countries around the world.The fact that voters in Fiji will overlook crimes to elect coup leaders gives confidence to people like Rabuka and Voreqe.

Fiji's democracy has been ruled by elected coup leaders for 65% of it's post independence period.What does this say about the voting population? It is clear that Fijians (Fijians & i taukei) have supported all coups carried out in Fiji depending on the promises from coup maker.In the 1987 coup, the Fijians clearly voted for Rabuka after that, in 2006 it was the Indians and others which even led to FLP & other non i-taukei organisations jumping on the bandwagon.

Where does this leave Fiji? Well, the wheel has turned full cycle because coup makers are now a part of the political landscape..Some will continue to vote for Bainimarama and their opposition will vote for Rabuka. Bainimarama cannot rubbish Rabuka (Snake) and vice versa because it is akin to pointing the finger at one-self.

If you were anti-Voreqe /Khaiyum then Rabuka is the best available option to defeat them at the polls.Soldiers will identify with Rabuka because he is real soldier and not a navy man.He has higher rank that Voreqe, a former Empire Games Fiji representative, a noted boxer, an established statesman internationally, pro vanua, pro military, pro church and pro GCC. During the mutiny, whilst Voreqe had abandoned his post in the height of battle and breaking land speed records through the cassava patch, Rabuka arrived calmly at the gates, entering and intervening in the dispute between his troops.

Watch this space as the war of words heats up because a python (Voreqe) and an anaconda (Rabuka) cannot live in the same space. In the end, the anaconda will swallow up the python.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahhahahahahah Sodelpa is actually crumbling away to pieces.The party has started to split,in fact as soon as they installed their new leader,people started to resign.Theres even talks to form a new party where all the other smaller parties combine into one in order to win more votes.Sodelpa is finished,the move to bring Rabuka in is a blessing for Fiji first party.People all over Fiji are laughing at Sodelpa because their fear mongering tricks and lies are now exposed.Just look all over social media,majority are laughing at the foolishness of Sodelpa.Many are now saying its "check mate" why?because now they get to see the real culprits that has been destroying the nation.They know the hidden forces will have to come out and show its ugly head.Come next election, Sodelpa will collapse.

Nemsy said...

Wilson is correct by saying, coup leaders are now play an accepted leadership role in the political landscape of Fiji. Fiji First's Voreqe is a coup leader who was voted in by most of the majority non-indigenous people in Fiji.

Regardless of what Fiji First people say about Rabuka, Voreqe is a coup leader too.Those in Sodelpa and Fiji First who refuse to legitimise the leadership of coup leaders in both parties will leave and consolidate to form one party whose leader is "coup free".

Will this leader succeed in winning the next election over coup leaders? Based on past trends, the answer is a big fat "NO".

Anonymous said...

Rabuka will succeed and change Fiji for the betterment of the next Generation. I know this because he is forgiven for his past and the lord almighty will grant him the blessing to make up for what he has done in the past. The Lord will create a perfect Fiji through Rabuka.

Io sa donu

Anonymous said...

Anaconda will swallow the pythons ceke

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6:04 AM

There we go again, someone else will do it for you...................

Seva said...


Trust in the Lord and you will Reap the benefits of life

Anonymous said...

@604am and 0748am.

Baaaaang your Lord.

Anonymous said...

a few years ago, a Chinese man was stabbed in front of a night club in Suva.
it was a "first" for that sort of crime, the "signature" of chinese criminal organization.
we all know that after the 2006 coup, Fiji needed more investment from other countries.
China stepped in...

I believe the gruesome murder of those 2 Russians is also the signature of a criminal organization.
A lot of rich people in Russia have very suspicious backgrounds.
To me, it looks like a russian crime committed in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Less talk more action please!,right now you have no credibility.I wonder what Lord these Sodelpa types are talking about?it must be those same arseholes that's been fucking up this country.Is your Lord ready to come out of the darkness and talk?I hope your Lord is ready to protect their anus because the majority of the public has a special plan for the Sodelpa Lord.

Anonymous said...

It's was Sodelpa supporters that did it.they are the only ones that have a bad hate for Chinese and Russians in this country that is a fact.Time to start rounding up these sodelpa types for interrogation.The gulags will be good place for them because it will teach them how to do hard work.

Python Master said...

SODELPA's weaknesses revealed when Mick Beddoes left party.

Tomasi said...

Thank you Wilson. Rabuka’s selection as Party Leader/SODELPA is a political masterstroke. I had serious reservations against him, but after watching him closely during and after his appointment, and the interviews on TV, he can be the person to lead the party after Ro Teimumu’s term. He will take his 1987 coup secrets to the grave, and many would be skeptical of him. I have forgiven Rabuka, because it is the right thing to do, according to divine decree. He is a man of the people who has made serious error in judgement. He has expressed genuine remorse and has made great efforts to right the wrongs. But only time will reveal the hidden secrets of the heart, and things may really not what they appear to be.
Bai and Khai now have a real challenge - dealing with a genuine soldier and political statesman, with a vast and superior array of knowledge, skills, experience and networks. Voreqe is a political and intellectual dwarf compared to Rabuka. The current dictators have to constantly bribe the soldiers and the people to hold onto power. Rabuka has the political clout and personal appeal to win the respect of the nation. The twin dictators are amateurs and shall have to fight with even greater cunning and guile. Come 2018, when Voreqe and Khaiyum are having their days in court to account for all their tortures, murder, frauds, thefts, corruption, Rabuka may be the new PM of Fiji, under a new coalition of parties and a new Constitution.
Much has been said about the overwhelming support for Voreqe in the 2014 elections. This is intellectual garbage. One cannot derive too much conclusion from that process, simply because it was never an election as such. The whole process was an engineering marvel of cunning, political subterfuge, mind control and manipulation of the worst kind. It was in fact an evil scheme conceived by the devil himself through his minions such as QORVIS and Khaiyum’s people behind the curtains. They had to WIN or GO TO GAOL.
The 2018 election will be very different. It will be a more genuine election. Every candidate will have a fair go in a level playing field. The truth shall be revealed after years of media control. Rabuka will insist upon a transparent process. He will have his way. Khaiyum will not be allowed to be the Minister for Elections, his nephew Shameem will not be the Supervisor, no more manipulation of votes, and process. The soldiers will vote freely. Everybody, here and there will be able to cast their votes.. No more political hanky panky folks. Then the world will see the TRUTH, how fraudulent Khaiyum and Bai had been all these years.

Tomasi said...

Rabuka is very well connected to powers who hold enormous control over what happens around the world. He will finally tell QORVIS what to do and what not to do, or tell them to pack their bags coz their time is up. That my friends is a major blow to the Bai/Khai empire, which is really a sand castle that is bound to crumble anyway.
“Who were the people behind you Sir, please tell us the names..? These were questions put to the former PM during his interviews. Without admitting it, he agreed that Mara, Tu Pena and the former Alliance party were involved. Many of us know of others like Inoke, Bole, Bune, etc. career civil servants who depend on political hand-outs for their welfare. Some call them political parasites. Mark my words, some of them will return to the scene of their crime. Inoke might again cross the floor. There are other names of real people and foreign governments who were the real powers behind the coup. General Vernon Walters is known as the Coup Master. The CIA, the Israeli, Australian, NZ and the US government itself. This is why Rabuka had to lie in ‘No Other Way “ But I wish him the very best in his new venture after his Damascus encounter. He has matured as a man, husband, statesman and a child of God. His willingness and commitment to do the best for his country is admirable. Let us give him the benefit of the doubt. He is more desirable than the murderers, torturers, thieves and dictators ruling Fiji today. He can remove the evil BK dictatorship and lead Fiji to a more genuine democracy, where the rights and freedoms of all our peoples and communities are respected and protected.
Or there might even be a regime change, prior to an election??? Only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

@12:45 PM
a regime change before the 2018 election?!? 10 years after the coup? like if the people needed to suffer more?
just change the flag. Rabuka agrees, Bainimarama wants it. and wait calmly for elections and vote NFP.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha Tomasi your claims of Rabuka are baseless.Maybe you should ask for polls to be done across the country to see who really is in favour of Bainimarama or Rabuka.After that interview Rabuka did, many said what's the point of having him on the show when he cannot answer many of the important questions (87 coup)of public interest.There was nothing new,just the usual rubbish and nothing enlightening came from it.Most of the things regarding the Sodelpa party people had already known.Right now Rabuka has to unite his party and attract voters but that didn't go well within days of him being installed as new leader.The party is divided and sooner or later the idea of forming a new political party combined into one will be done,Sodelpa is on its own.

You use to talk about leaders influenced by hidden forces and shadowy figures in the dark and something must be done to expose them.But now you're in support of a leader whose willing to protect his little dirty secrets and lick the arseholes of the conspirators who enjoy corrupting this country.No names,no positions,no advise,no identity,no evidence hence because of his greed for power his willing to take it all to the grave like you said.You're becoming a hypocrite now Tomasi all credibility has been lost.Just another paranoid and deluded fool!.Go and join commander of the atheist league Taleni,Experts in manipulation,coups,media editorial and disorder Lal and Narsey and the likes of others who have received the RFMF booting out of the country.

Tomasi said...

The Lord is going to will Rabuka the election. Rabuka knows he has the public behind him and knows he has the election in the bag. They say the Lord works in mysterious ways though this is the only way for my beloved Fiji To move forward.

God will save my country and the indigenous with it. No other love like the lords Love.


Anonymous said...

Hahahahahhha got any statistics to back it up Tomasi?whats the number of membership for the Sodelpa party compared to Fiji First?Urban vs Rural areas?What about young voters in colleges and Universities such as FNU and USP?Whats the numbers looking like for both political parties of the grassroots?What about workers and business owners what are the actual numbers for who they support?need some data Tomasi.

Anonymous said...

Another classic from Tomasi

"God will save my country and the indigenous with it. No other love like the lords Love."

Why's he keep waiting Tomasi?

Tomasi said...

I am sorry I am not the only Tomasi here. I hope the folks can see that. Its a free country here at Coup 4.5, at least. We are free to express our views. Just want to clarify that I stand for God's principles and values. That slo means that I do not condone racial discrimination and exploitation of the kind that elevates one ethnic group above others. But I do believe that the God of the Bible, is the true God who created the universe and all races, and loves us all equally. He also commands us to love Him and to love one another, no matter what politics, economics or Khainomics say. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahhahahahaha caught taki! Tomasi you've lost credibility along with this blog, time to change your name to DELUDED FOOL.Come on put some actions into your words rather then drumming up and creating hysteria.We know you like narsey and lal sensationalising reports on Fijian politics through media and blogs,expertise in economics,indigenous culture and coups+ religion.A good recipe to fuck with gullible brains.Bainimarama will say you belong in the naughty corner along with everyone who had a boot print on their bum cheek out of the country.

Anonymous said...

Rabuka is the reason why Fiji hasn't got a national bank anymore. The reason why we became poorer.
Incompetent and corrupt, like Bainimarama.

Bainimarama is still giving sweet deals to his relatives... like no repayment of loans from FDB to the fat ass from Kadavu who is a cousin of his fat wife.

Tomasi said...

@327pm Only the Lord Almighty knows myself. I trust in him to guide me through my everyday life choices. He has never let me down. Just Like blessing us with Rabuka's appointment as Head of Sodelpa. God knows what Sodelpa is trying to do to better our nation and make it beautiful again. God knows Sodelpa is the only way forward for my people and his blessings in Rabuka prove to all doubters that Rabuka is the vessel to which God has travelled through to bring Fiji back to the world. We christian are the light to which people want to aspire to be. Fiji the way the world should be.

Vinaka. Donu.

Pita said...

Its stupid religious shit like this Tomasi is harping on about is really whats Dragging Fiji down. Rabuka and Ratu Mara were the masterminds behind the NBF scandal and should never ever ever ne forgiven for abusing the money of every citizen in Fiji. Rabuka and Ratu mara will burn in Hell for their sins.

Anonymous said...

Who the fuck wants a world like Sodelpa! and didn't you once imply Rabuka destroyed the 80s Fiji! and never to be trusted.The very peaceful,multi racial,democratic nation?You are now just contradicting yourself by saying "Rabuka is the vessel to which God has travelled through to bring Fiji back to the world".Haaaaaaa! I laugh everytime I read these Sodelpa types comments.It is baseless,non factual,manipulative,delusional,pessimistic,inward looking and full of bullshit nothing to back up their claims yet put actions into their words.

Tomasi said...

You can rubbish me all you want my brother but i will always love you as a brother in christ. I really believe the Almighty Lord will guide us through Rabuka to end the coup culture he started. Rabuka has been born again into a vessel that God will use to rid Fiji my homeland of all the sins of the past and bring glory to Gods name by making the place all people want to live,prosper and worship the Almighty.

God has a Plan and Rabuka is the Vessel to which he will execute gods will. Sodelpa will lead Fiji into the new lease of life God has planned for us.

You will all see Sodelpa win the Election and bask in gods Glory.


Pita said...

Tomasi my brother.....FUCK YOUR GOD AND FUCK SODELPA.

Donu. Kubu.

Anonymous said...

@Vili Rakoro 7:50PM Baiya You are confused . Why are you using Fijian names like Pita. Harre Yarrr? Barka chod!

Anonymous said...


Tomasi said...

God has forgiven him. God knows all. His blessing upon Rabuka is the final string Sodelpa needs to conquer the corrupt FFP. Rabuka will unite a divided Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Vili Rakoro now clothing himself as Pita and anonymous, Rot in hell!. You are the son of Lucifer...may you find peace sitting on his dick.

Isei said...

Tomasi kerekere. Kubuti Rabuka. Do us all a favour and bash your bible against your head and only stop when God tells Rabuka to tell you to stop. Shouldnt be too long as Rabuka has him on speed dial.

Tomasi said...

I do not know how many Tomasi are writing here. Only the owner of this blogsite can tell us that. But please, whoever is using my name, please identify yourself in a way that people do not confuse our separate identities. Your name may also be Tomasi or you chose to deliberately use my name to satisfy your own motives. While I do not mind criticism, attacks and negative responses, I do mind being blamed and wrongfully attacked through someone else’s words or actions. So I would appreciate if the blog administrator could kindly intervene in situations like this. If this continues unchecked, then I would have no other choice but to stop commenting on this site. Vinaka.

Tatti falla said...

Vote Rabuka the god sent to do the coup in Fiji.

Which god sent him to do the coup in Fiji? Which god sent him to terrorize and use violence against Fiji - Indians? Which god sent him to bring chaos and destruction to our peaceful Fiji? Which god sent him to bring poverty in Fiji?

Note god is for love, peace, equality. Vote Rabuka.

Rajend Naidu said...

Cornerstone of Democracy
We read the following in Nemani Delaibatiki's article ' The Lack of Truth Can Threaten Democracy ' ( Fiji Sun 11/7 ) :
" Truth is a cornerstone of our democracy. It underpins transparency and accountability and ensures peace and stability. The lack of it can threaten our democracy".
Isn't that the truth!
It is in fact a truism for democracy just as " Secrecy is the keystone of all tyranny" ( Fijileaks ). There is no real need to reinvent or redefine democracy with a spurious, pseudo debate about what constitutes democracy. The precepts of an open society and democratic governance has long been established by brilliant political philosophers ( see John Plamenatz Man and Society Vol 1 and Vol 2 for illumination ).
What we see in the contemporary world in ALL democratic states is a cynical and subtle or blatant disregard for the truth and an adherence to those established principles and values.
It has become something of a norm for State authorities in modern day democracies to be economical with the truth under one pretext or another - national security, border control, national interest or protection of free trade and commerce ( read protection of crony capitalism).
And, this is true not only for third world banana republics with loose accountability, transparency and public scrutiny ( see Nobel Laureate social economist Myrdal's notion of the " soft state") but true for so called leading First World democracies.
Hiding the truth from the citizenry, the public, purportedly in their name and interest is the " new ", " democratic " order. The new modus operandi of the modern democratic state.
This is why there is the intense and often irrational antagonism towards alternative media/ journalistic outlets ( like the Wikileak's, the Fijileaks , C4.5 etc ) that seek to expose the truth - with the view to holding power to account - which is key to the proper functioning of a democracy. The right to rule in a democracy ( majority rule, etc ) does not give the rulers ( any rulers any time ) an open licence to rule. That is the way of a dictatorship - no checks and balance - just the whim of the dictator.
The right to rule in a democracy, by contrast, is prescribed and proscribed.
Democracy is damaged and even risks descending into a dictatorship when rulers take for themselves more power than prescribed or proscribed ( Aristotle ). This is where the manipulating of the constitution and the existing laws come into play in today's democracies to justify the departure from the established principles of democratic rule and to gain bogus legitimacy .
The truth regarding these manipulating conduct of the rulers among others is often an effective check against that authoritarian tendency. Without that check democracy, as we know it, can indeed be under threat as Delaibatiki has pointed out. And the media has a major role and responsibility to provide that check .
Equally it becomes the duty of good citizenry in a democracy to seek the truth at every exchange and to question authority, to question those in power about what they are doing in their ( the citizens ) name.
Rajend Naidu.

Anonymous said...


Tomasi Karma said...

Tomasi? Whats your answer?

Rajend Naidu said...

Arrogance of Affluence and Power
We learn from Yahoo!7 News 12/7 article ' Salim Mehajer's wife seeks AVO months after " wedding of century " ' that the flamboyant former deputy mayor first came to attention in August 2015 with his lavish " wedding of the century " that involved an array of luxurious sports cars, motorbikes, helicopters and even a sea plane. Mr Mehajer was sacked in February and his reputation took a severe slide when it was revealed he closed off a Sydney street for his wedding party without council approval.
Mehajer a big building contractor has denied running for council out of personal interest and dismissed allegations he lobbied councillors to change their minds so it would benefit himself and his family members.
Mehajer's wife taking out an AVO against him such a short time after the grand wedding confirms that it is not the pomp and parade and paraphernalia and the conspicuous display of wealth that makes for a good marriage and relationship ...
The arrogance of affluence and power is still likely to come back to bite Mehajer. He has other court cases pending as well apart from the latest AVO application.
There must be a lesson in there for others with the Mehajer mentality.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

@Tomasi 7:49 July 11th

The drivel you come out with is laughable.

"I really believe the Almighty Lord will guide us through Rabuka to end the coup culture he started."

So how are you or anybody going to determine, measure or define when a 'coup culture' has ended?

Will it be Fiji going for 2, 8, 15, 27 or 136 years without a coup that will convince YOU the culture has ended?

But put more simply how do YOU decide when any culture has ended?

Tomasi said...

Because i trust the Almighty to make it happen. Miracles work in mysterious ways my brother in christ.

Rabuka would not have contested had the Almighty not willed it to occur.

If you are a strong christian and you have the utmost faith in God the Almighty anything is possible bro.

Anonymous said...

A man who can't be faithful to his wife can't be faithful to his country.
Rabuka is OUT, OUT, OUT. Very bad choice from Sodelpa members, and the party will
pay a dire price for it. Lack of wisdom.

Waiting for Teimumu's Plan B.

Anonymous said...

The End of Sodelpa can become the beginning of a new party.
We need to unite all Fiji in a transparent government.
The current parties are not our cup of tea.

Vote for the NEWCup Party (Northern, Eastern, Western, Central)!!!

Anonymous said...

@Tomasi 3:56 PM

You are a joke Tomasi.

Let's hope there's a big stage and microphone up in heaven where you can continue with your career as a top shelf comedian and keep us all laughing forever.

Anonymous said...

Isei or Kasei? Anon 7.11am
Why dont you do that to Rabuka yourself since your good at it. Rabuka is a changed man and has learned from the past. Give him a chance to lead a political party. Are you scared??? Hes not even declared his desire to stand election and your already scared in shit. Go and suck Bainimarama tu mada and make luv with his soresore.

Anonymous said...

A great and devoted man you are na wekaqu . You are what WE the people need to fight what we love and cherished. For these Bible bashers here- a minority- they have nothing else to do but mocked and ridiculed. From the beginning till now you still stand tall brother. You fight for what's right and just.
I'm voting you in to be the next PM of Fiji.
To all agnostics,atheists and Bible bashers I have 2 words for you- "Screw you!"

Anonymous said...

Weilei!!! A vote for Sodelpa was a vote going straight to the bin lol.Who remembers all the rhetoric of removing coup plotters,hidden shadowy figures,con artist businessmen,military corruption etc etc.Remember the core base of Sodelpa was to get rid of all these things + to use indigenous rights as a platform to pedal it even further to claim a bigger majority vote.They've become now a hypocrite and damaged themselves by putting Rabuka into the party.Instead of doing what they promised it's voters,they brought the devil into party.This move lead to frictions and a split now resulting in resignation and loss of member supporters.Those who are leaving are keeping their integrity,loyalty and commitment to what they believe in=remove the coupsters who destroyed the nation for the last 30 years through democratic means.They will put democracy to the test,they will fight it out and campaign.Tomasi your comments just shows how out of touch you are with the supporters of your own party.You ought to tap into the grassroots of your supporters instead of listening to that board of seniors that are only in it for their selfish gains.

Anonymous said...

Fiji times article

WHILE Sitiveni Rabuka's appointment as the new leader of the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) has been met with criticism, the party's parliamentary leader Ro Teimumu Kepa says she has a "plan B" in place for those who are disappointed with his appointment.

Not revealing much about the plan B, Ro Teimumu said "everybody needs to have a plan B".

"I can't tell you the plan B now because that's for later, not right now," the Roko Tui Dreketi said.

She said the general feeling from constituents was that they were not satisfied with the decisions SODELPA was making as a political party.

When contacted yesterday for a comment on the matter, party vice-president Anare Jale said he would not comment on the matter as per the party's constitution.

Watch this space folks I put my dollar on it that plan B will be the creation of a new political party for the breakaways.

Jekope Nawalu said...

Rabuka commited adultery upon his wife. He is a sinner and will always be. You cannot trust a cheater. Rabuka tries to oreach to others....dont preach what you cannot not practice on more than one occasion.

I have never ever cheated on my wife and never will. This woman has given me my children and has stood by with me in dark times and good. No woman deserves to be cheated on. Alcohol is no excuse...the fact people use the devil as an excuse bewilders me.

I will vote for Ro Kepa should she breakaway from Sodelpa. I know she isnt perfect but she doesnt carry out coups or tortures people.

I want a united Fiji for my kids future not a nationalist one.

Kalougata tiko

Tomasi said...

The Almighty will prove all you non believers wrong. The Almighty's spirit is flowing through Rabuka and i whole heartedly believe he will bring Fiji into a new light of change. All evil spirits will be cleansed out of Fiji.

I cannot wait for God the father and the Almighty to restore our great land to the top of the 1st world countries. You will all see the fruits that will bear when Rabuka is sworn in as prime minister.


Anonymous said...

Tomasi, you are a weak man in two ways.

1) Rabuka, like Bainimarama and Khaiyum, are narcissists. Narcissists are MASTERS at manipulation. Of course, Rabuka "looks" nice now... of course. He won't tell the truth about 1987, he won't pay back the money lost in The National Bank of Fiji, but he looks nice now. You are so naive.
2) Your submission to a naive form of religion shows your weakness, which links to point #1. Weak people, those who are insecure, those who are not strong, they are those who need narcissists. Think about the case of sects where people commit suicide under a guru's guidance. Those of you who can't stand on their feet like real humans, like super humans, are somewhat a threat to the country. If more people in Fiji could stand up, it would be fucking hard to stage coups here and idiots like Rabuka and Bainimarama would never make it to the top!!!! Never!

Anonymous said...

Well said bro.

Anonymous said...

Plan B is Bainimarama... dividing the opposition a little bit more, how smart is that?

I suppose that if this NEWCup Party is created, and if Rabuka ends up isolated, like a pariah, then "division" could be a strategy. If you have 10 members of Sodelpa divided in a 1-9 ratio towards NEWCup, and then NFP and disgruntled FF members joins it, then it can work. Sodelpa has been too tainted with its backward christian state crap and needs a new image anyway. NFP probably needs a refresh too as it is seen as too "indian" even though they genuinely try hard to attract iTaukeis.

Rabuka is a loser. Can he just stay in his village in Vanua Levu and try to get some money picking up coconuts to pay back his debts to the people of Fiji?

Tomasi said...

Thank God for the opportunity to express ourselves. However, there are those like Isei who exercise their freedom to abuse others. I do not apologise for my faith in God. I do not apologise for believing that God is our only hope, and that it is in Him that we live and move and have our being. The Bible declares that His Word literally holds the universe together like a glue.
My advice to the lost souls still wandering around in the shadows, please stop cursing God or use His name in vain. Many kings and emperors have challenged God before you. They have all realised that is an exercise in futility. Your words reveal your foolishness and the state of your heart. Your abuse does not affect me one bit. Just please do not let your pride, arrogance and foolishness control you. You might end up like that king who ended up eating grass. Ask your dad or your mother or grandmother who raised you. Ask them to tell you the story of King Belshazzar of Iraq ( Babylon ). It might help instil in you some good manners. Apparently, you have picked up some bad habits and your language is coming out of the sewers of hell.
Please study Proverbs, one of King Solomon’s reservoir of wisdom for mankind. It might help you become wiser than the fool that you are today. Begin with the first chapter, It tells you the reason why you should let God speak to you more often. Then move slowly through to chapters 3 and 4. Read carefully Prov 4: 23. It talks about the eyes of your heart. Yes Isei, it is your heart that determines what you see and hear. It is also out of the abundance of your heart that your mouth speaks. It is also your heart that determines how you are. Got that ? Good boy.
I forgive you, even though I do not really know you. You may be a QORVIS stooge, or just one of our fools who think they can say anything because it does not matter. Well, you are absolutely wrong, because you my friend are held accountable for every thought, word and action. We all are. One day, you will stand before God and account for your life. You and I do not even know the number of our days. This might be your last month or year. Only God knows. Or you might sleep tonight and never wake up again. What then ?
So please, stop acting like a smart aleck. Get right with God. You do not impress me one bit. I only feel sorry for you and people of your ilk. If you are a QORVIS person or one of Voreqe’s boys, let me give you a word of advice. In spite of all the lies, propaganda and psychological manipulation you guys have done, you will never triumph against the Word of God. Heaven and earth will pass away, including your dictatorship, but His word will stand. The Truth will always triumph no matter how evil or despicable you people become. You can use the Fiji Sun, FBC TV, coconut or mango wireless, or any other medium to broadcast your lies and control the minds of gullible people. You can spend all our tax dollars to bribe the people through all your free riding goodies, the whole truth will be revealed. People will know the truth, and the truth will set them free. Then they will turn on you. Where will you run and hide? Even before that, know that you will never hide from God. You better get used to hearing me Isei, because as long as I am alive, I will proclaim God’s truth, and there is nothing that QORVIS, Voreqe, Khaiyum and all you their bodyguards can do to stop God’s truth from setting people free.
One final message. Share it amongst your boys. Do not forget Khaiyum and Voreqe. Share this with them too. Are you listening Isei?. “Do not incline your heart to this passing world of shadows. You can have real substance in life by allowing God’s light into your hearts. May God help you change your thinking, correct your faulty vision, heal your distorted focus and open your eyes to behold God’s beauty, truth and glory all around you.” Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

Plan B ga tiko e vale ni po.
Enough of this mis use of the vanua and girmits (see events of Rewa Day in weekend) as a base for a new political party.
Once again the people are being used as pawns,,,,,note the key players from Rewa ousted by Rabuka were key players in Girmit apology and anti Rabuka SODELPA faction also present beside Kepa in main stage in Rewa Day......

Clear as daylight but will get zero support........mixing politics and vanua as usual and confusing the people.....good thing GCC is disbanded!!!

Anonymous said...

why doesn't kepa call it a day and accept fact that SODELPA had stagnated as she didn't have capacity to take it to the next level???
didn't she say she was retired from politics?

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like Tomasi = Rabuka

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ro Kepa has expressed her concerns on the current exodus out of racist and chaotic sodelpa party.

She even told prominent exodus leaders of sodelpa it is better to vote for Bainimarama than Rabuka because both are coup leaders but Bainimarama has done good for Fiji. She also told them that Rabuka had his time but he did nothing good.

Ro Kepa told the exodus out of sodelpa that Rabuka during his time as PM, threw a blanket over the National Bank of Fiji scandal then slept with ladies while being a preacher in the Methodist Church.

Kepa also told exodus that Rabuka while being a Prime Minister, was too busy sleeping with other young girls and having child out of wedlock.
Ro Kepa told the exodus movement that she got Plan B and would only reveal when the time is right. However, she did confess, that if you have to vote for a coup leader, better vote for Bainimarama because he did far better for the nation when compared to Rabuka.

When asked if this meant that she is asking exodus to join Fiji First Party, she said; she was just comparing two coup leaders, Rabuka and Bainimarama. She said if you have to vote for one of them, better vote for Bainimarama because there is no other better option.

Anonymous said...

@7:08 PM
when she was young, Teimumu is said to have been a typical immature and cheeky girl.
you have a point that she did not perform in politics. she was too fade, not really educated. important questions were dealed by... NFP's leader! that's weird.

as for Rabuka, the man who met Jesus, the man who cheated on his wife, the man who brought violence to Fiji, he is plain dumb and dangerous. A theft, a liar, a man who hides himself behind immunity. A loser.

@ Tomasi
you are one of the the most delusional person ever... don't you realize the true nature of your relative existence? you could have been a very different person under different circumstances, so how is your god gonna judge you? all the things you could have done under the infinity of circumstances you could have existed, don't they matter as much as your actual life to judge you? how lucky your god didn't created you in Fiji in the 1800s... you would be in hell I believe? how unfair from god some of us were born in Fiji in those years! get real. there can be no fair judgment on man. man is a nightmare. Existence is darker than we like to think, but you need to be a superman to see it.

Anonymous said...


Are the Fijians from the early times before christ and ad going to hell because they worshipped their own traditional ancestoral gods?

Which is ghe lesser evil? Hitler for killing millions of jews or Rabuka for commiting a racial coup that terrorized indo fijian families,stole from NBF and having had a few people bashed and in some cases those past away? Which person out of the two is the lessr evil?

Anonymous said...

If they want to create a new political party then they must start pulling in a team together.They better start planning and getting finance in order.It takes a lot of time to find 5000 supporters and to get the party registered.There is now dissidents from Sodelpa hence it is essential to start winning them over.I know for a fact that no MPs in opposition including those who are opposed to Rabuka's instalment as leader will join the new party because they will lose their seats in Parliament under the political parties decree.They will wait for the next elections and then join the new party.If I was them I would still leave and take my chances because Sodelpa is not making any difference in parliament and making a fool out of themselves for the last 2 years.The nationalists and idiots like mereoni Kirwin have also contributed to this effect and decaying of the party.The electorate are not dumb and when they see things that resembles the old dark days they will not vote for you.

Anonymous said...

Leaked torture photos during Fiji drug raid now trending on social media.Visit Fiji exposed forum to view.

Anonymous said...

Judging by the photos these men were tied up and dragged on the gravel road or some sort of white pavement truly shocking and inhumane.

Anonymous said...

The Commissioner of Police Brigadier-General Sitiveni Qiliho has ordered that a thorough investigation to determine the alleged misconduct of officers who are part of ‘Operation Cavuraka’.
The photos circulated on Facebook show some of the people tied up and some carrying visible injuries.

In a statement, the commissioner said that he has been alerted about photos circulating on social media.

QILIHO: “I can assure members of the public that I have ordered a thorough investigation be conducted to determine what took place.”

“During an earlier visit to the Operation team in Keiyasi, I had stressed the need to respect the rights of suspects and any reports indicating otherwise will be dealt with accordingly.”
Brigadier-General Qiliho said he in his capacity as the Commissioner of Police would not tolerate the abuse of power by police officers

QILIHO: “I do not condone any of my officers abusing their powers and necessary disciplinary action will be taken against those who do.”

There is no confirmation whether the photos were taken during ‘Operation Cavuraka’.
‘Operation Cavuraka’ consisted teams of officers from the Fiji Police Force and the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) who were tasked to raid marijuana farms in the highland of Navosa with more than 44,000 plants uprooted during the operation

Tomasi said...

@Anon 8.40 pm and 9.31 pm. Please do not blame me for your inability to think clearly. I would humbly advise you to learn to think clearly and carefully what you are thinking about before you even respond to my comments. May I also remind you that based on your comments, it appears that we live in two different worlds. We do not share the same world views and therefore it would be very difficult to see things eye to eye. As I have said many times, you will always see and hear what your heart wants to see and hear. Even if the truth is staring at you in the face, you would not recognise it as the truth. You speak about relativities because without the absolute God in whom I believe and worship, everything in your world is relative. Nothing is absolute. Therefore, the dog, monkey or even you my friends can be your god and the ultimate frame of your realities. Unless and until you discern the absurdity of your existence, there is little that I can do to help you out of your impending doom, except to pray that my God and heavenly Father may forgive you and help you see the light. Vinaka

Anonymous said...

you really want to beat the C4.5 record of dumbness... You are delusional!
answer the simple question: where are the bad people of the 19th century? rotting in hell forever?

I will tell you what is your worldview: you love yourself, you think you are special, therefore your god made you born in the right century, in the right family, etc...etc... YOU are special, YOU are blessed, etc..et ... your religious view is really a distorted form of the Ego. In that regard, you are also a kind of narcissist.... but a submissive one, paradoxally.

You can't reply in a clever way because you refuse to think. You just keep repeating stuff written by others in an old book because you can't do any better. Try to grow up and ask yourself a simple question: if you were born in a different body and a different epoch, facing all the infinite possibilities of existence, could you be able to look at all the other possibilities of yourself without being ashamed? The answer is NO. So how a god could possibly judge a variable creature like man properly? From a sometimes short life (sometimes a few minutes!) and relative genetic (prone to violence, hallucinations, etc)? That's absolute non sense. You may as well have a single judgment for all living humans, or why not all living animals since we are the product of a long evolution process, but that makes no sense either... If you are not done with religious crap after this, then you can go back to church and live us Real Thinkers in peace.

Anonymous said...

why is the choice of a terrible one is easy to understand.
take this:

A : number of votes for FF
B : number of votes for NFP
C: number of votes for Sodelpa
D: other votes

So D is marginal, let's forget about it. NFP votes have always supported democracy and are at war with dictators. They will never vote pour Sodelpa. So B is unlikely to go down. C will lose the support of all real democrats. It won't gain any votes from A, as the A people are either Indians, kai lomas (very often) and urban youths who don't like that old dumb man of Rabuka.
So Sodelpa of course can only split. If a new E party is formed, there is no garantee all rebel Sodelpa votes will go there! Some might go for NFP, some even to A, in case some think Franky boy the corrupt man is doing actually the best job possible in Fiji! So really, a big VINAKA VAKALEVU to the Sodelpa voters for their enlightened choice! Tomasi is very happy about that mysterious godly choice somdon't worry, be happy, paradise is around the corner, waiting for you.

Anonymous said...


The fact that your failure to recognize that our ancestors worshiped their traditional Gods rather than your seems to look like you think your a Kaivalagi? Ignorance must be bliss for you.

People like you need talatala's to keep reminding you every sunday that god will give you everything as long as you pray because people like you are scared to think for yourself. How do you call yourself a christian but you have nationalist views? In a sense you judge other people based on race? Is that fair? Is that christian like?

Chiku said...

When ANYONE in authority in Fiji - I mean state officials - say there will be a " thorough investigation " into anything, don't believe it. It won't happen. Rogue rulers don't do thorough investigations into anything. They only hound ordinary people and opponents. The big fish, their cronies, can get away with all their crooked dealings. This is the new political culture in the " New Fiji " of Bainimarama and Khaiyum's design.

Anonymous said...

Tomasi go and tell that to those men who have been tortured about your God.Where the fuck was he (your God)when they were getting bashed,tied up and dragged on the road by a truck?where the fuck was he when their anus was getting prodded by bamboo sticks and rifle barrels?Where the fuck was your God when they were having hot scolding water poured on their backs tied up?Where was your God when they were bashing these men as they walked up into the hills and back down again?Nobody in the village helped as they were beaten and marched back.Fuck your god he doesn't exist his nothing but full of bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Boy Bainimaramas men really farked up on this one.Oh no please be done away with the "Fiji,the way the world should be" that should be forbidden.Bunch of sub human bastards you're all savages!!! I guess beating people to the verge of death is where your happiness finds you.Your certainly up their in the ranks of terrorists and rapists.

Anonymous said...

Less drugs on the street is better news then Rabuka's appointment. Unlucky what happend to the suspect dealers but the more drugs we have off the street the more comfortable i will feel for the young kids growing up without exposure to it.

Anonymous said...

@anon 8.00 AM
How would you feel if a loved member of your family who fell foul of the law was dealt with in the same manner as the " unlucky .. suspected [drug] dealers" rather than by the due process of law which all law enforcement and judicial officials are required to comply by?
Would your reaction be the same? You are not a clear thinking person, You are certainly not a respecter of the rule of law which is the defining pillar of democracy. You sound to me like a military/police thug.

Anonymous said...

@anon 8.00 AM
What about young kids growing up with exposure to the violence exhibited by so called members of the disciplined forces of the country - which you apparently find acceptable?
You are a fuckin idiot, aren't you?

Tomasi said...

Thanks Chiku. Well said. As for the Navosa farmers, we often have high profile news on them, being rounded up, taken to court, plants being uprooted, etc. Its so odd that the sellers, the buyers in Suva, Lautoka, and the other towns are never known or investigated.

I do not condone the cultivation and trade of marijuana or other illegal drugs. But simple common sense tell us that the drug trade needs buyers and sellers, supply and demand. But is is the poor farmers who always get knocked down and tried and locked up in Fiji. What about the businessman and middlemen and women who are equally guilty and involved?

At Flagstaff, along Rewa St, there is a house that sells drugs. Even the Polica buy from there. This is an eye witness account, not heresay. The first time I witnessed this a few years ago, I thought the police will take care of it. Then I asked the shop next to the trading post. The shopkeeper said, The Police also come to buy their rolls from there.

In case you are wondering, the trade is still going on today. Its common knowledge around there. But nobody hears about it from the Police, Press or TV. But the world nation and the world gets to see the police and military thugs manhandling the Navosa farmers.

Anonymous said...

@Tomasi 11:45 AM

So what was the response from the Police when you went to them and reported your allegations?

Tomasi said...

@Anon 11.45 am. I went to the Com of Police then, Esala Teleni. I mad an appointment to discuss that and other issues. He missed the first appointment, then the second and the fifth. I gave up on him. But I have not given up on the citizens of Fiji who are willing to stand up for what is right and juts and good and honourable, people who believe that there are fundamentals we must respect. Once we become carefree and careless and indifferent to these fundamentals, our society will give us up unto our most selfish inclinations and collapse becomes a reality.

I fear Fiji is moving closer to that each time we observe the blatant disregard of our scared values and norms. When ordinary people, either unwittingly or otherwise break the law, we expect the police and our leaders to act in defence not only of the laws but for us the people. But when the law enforcers themselves are the perpetrators of these crimes and legal breaches, then it becomes a matter of very serious concern. As in this current case where the military and police collude to take the law into their own hands, it is a matter that needs timely and appropriate action. But if the police and the military are acting with impunity in such illegal activities because of the assurance that they will never be held accountable, then that is absolutely a totally different matter altogether.

That is where Fiji is at the moment. The PM and other close associates are the very people who break the law and rewrite the laws with impunity. Their police and military therefore no compulsion to act otherwise. We are therefore doomed, except that we can go back to square one and declare. Let us enforce the Law ourselves. To hell with this government. To hell with the polica and the military. We will be the law unto ourselves. Now, that is a very bad situation to imagine, but it exists nevertheless.

However, back to the Qiliho and tortures of marijuana farmers. If I was the PM. I would immediately summon Qiliho and the Naupoto and give them an ultimatum. get this matter sorted out or I will have you terminated. Now, I can only do that because I am not beholden to aby other authority but to God and the nation. If I was guilty of any crime myself, I would not dare speak out against others. That my friend is the very mess situation we have right here in banana land called the New Fiji under the BK regime.

Rajend Naidu said...

Arrogance of Affluence and Power, Part 2
Flamboyant former deputy mayor and property developer Salim Mehajer will not be spending the first anniversary of his wedding with his wife ( SBS news 13/7 ) after all that fancy wedding because the court has extended his wife's AVO.
I know people who got married on borrowed suits never missed an anniversary in 35 years of marriage.
In marriage as in most other things humans do, ultimately, it's not the wealth and power and all that that's important. It's what people do . They have to do the right thing - by others.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

@ July 13, 2016 at 7:04 AM
Tomasi”s GOD of LOVE is watching your Evil God of HATE, SATAN ALLLAH AKBARCHOD, teaching and giving orders to his faithful and trusted men on how to ILL TREAT people in the best ways and means for the world to see. When your God of Evil Satan is done with his men then Tomasi’s GOD OF LOVE will move in and rewarded YOU and your God Stan Allah Akabara Chod plus those Satanic soldiers and policemen to the Flames of Fire in Hell.

Do not forget that those beings that were tortured and those torturers (soldiers and policemen) including YOU ALLAH AKBARACHOD are of the same believers and faithful of Satan your God.. We all can witness right now (from the video we saw) what Hell is like when YOU and the Demons are very good at by enjoying to hear the CRYING of Pains and Suffering of Sinners. And of which is very very normal to YOU ALL the children of Satan the EVIL GOD.

Where was The GOD OF LOVE of Tomasi? Why can’t He stop it? In real fact that He was right there and He saw everything what you and your demonic soldiers/policemen were doing. Even HELL and ALLAH AKBARCHOD your Evil God cannot stop it too. But, only when you “REPENT” from following Satan Alllah Akabarchod, the EVIL GOD of HELL and follow Tomasi’s GOD of LOVE CAN STOP IT. There will be no more tears, no more crying, no more pains, no more suffering and no more death because we all Love one another.

With many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Bainimagaitinamu calling Rabuka a snake? If that's the case then Bainimagaitinamu is a Penis or Cock.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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Ỏ̷͖͈̞̩͎̻̫̫̜͉̠̫͕̭̭̫̫̹̗̹͈̼̠̖͍͚̥͈̮̼͕̠̤̯̻̥̬̗̼̳̤̳̬̪̹͚̞̼̠͕̼̠̦͚̫͔̯̹͉͉̘͎͕̼̣̝͙̱̟̹̩̟̳̦̭͉̮̖̭̣̣̞̙̗̜̺̭̻̥͚͙̝̦̲̱͉͖͉̰̦͎̫̣̼͎͍̠̮͓̹̹͉̤̰̗̙͕͇͔̱͕̭͈̳̗̭͔̘̖̺̮̜̠͖̘͓̳͕̟̠̱̫̤͓͔̘̰̲͙͍͇̙͎̣̼̗̖͙̯͉̠̟͈͍͕̪͓̝̩̦̖̹̼̠̘̮͚̟͉̺̜͍͓̯̳̱̻͕̣̳͉̻̭̭̱͍̪̩̭̺͕̺̼̥̪͖̦̟͎̻̰ Ỏ̷͖͈̞̩͎̻̫̫̜͉̠̫͕̭̭̫̫̹̗̹͈̼̠̖͍͚̥͈̮̼͕̠̤̯̻̥̬̗̼̳̤̳̬̪̹͚̞̼̠͕̼̠̦͚̫͔̯̹͉͉̘͎͕̼̣̝͙̱̟̹̩̟̳̦̭͉̮̖̭̣̣̞̙̗̜̺̭̻̥͚͙̝̦̲̱͉͖͉̰̦͎̫̣̼͎͍̠̮͓̹̹͉̤̰̗̙͕͇͔̱͕̭͈̳̗̭͔̘̖̺̮̜̠͖̘͓̳͕̟̠̱̫̤͓͔̘̰̲͙͍͇̙͎̣̼̗̖͙̯͉̠̟͈͍͕̪͓̝̩̦̖̹̼̠̘̮͚̟͉̺̜͍͓̯̳̱̻͕̣̳͉̻̭̭̱͍̪̩̭̺͕̺̼̥̪͖̦̟͎̻̰




Ỏ̷͖͈̞̩͎̻̫̫̜͉̠̫͕̭̭̫̫̹̗̹͈̼̠̖͍͚̥͈̮̼͕̠̤̯̻̥̬̗̼̳̤̳̬̪̹͚̞̼̠͕̼̠̦͚̫͔̯̹͉͉̘͎͕̼̣̝͙̱̟̹̩̟̳̦̭͉̮̖̭̣̣̞̙̗̜̺̭̻̥͚͙̝̦̲̱͉͖͉̰̦͎̫̣̼͎͍̠̮͓̹̹͉̤̰̗̙͕͇͔̱͕̭͈̳̗̭͔̘̖̺̮̜̠͖̘͓̳͕̟̠̱̫̤͓͔̘̰̲͙͍͇̙͎̣̼̗̖͙̯͉̠̟͈͍͕̪͓̝̩̦̖̹̼̠̘̮͚̟͉̺̜͍͓̯̳̱̻͕̣̳͉̻̭̭̱͍̪̩̭̺͕̺̼̥̪͖̦̟͎̻̰ Ỏ̷͖͈̞̩͎̻̫̫̜͉̠̫͕̭̭̫̫̹̗̹͈̼̠̖͍͚̥͈̮̼͕̠̤̯̻̥̬̗̼̳̤̳̬̪̹͚̞̼̠͕̼̠̦͚̫͔̯̹͉͉̘͎͕̼̣̝͙̱̟̹̩̟̳̦̭͉̮̖̭̣̣̞̙̗̜̺̭̻̥͚͙̝̦̲̱͉͖͉̰̦͎̫̣̼͎͍̠̮͓̹̹͉̤̰̗̙͕͇͔̱͕̭͈̳̗̭͔̘̖̺̮̜̠͖̘͓̳͕̟̠̱̫̤͓͔̘̰̲͙͍͇̙͎̣̼̗̖͙̯͉̠̟͈͍͕̪͓̝̩̦̖̹̼̠̘̮͚̟͉̺̜͍͓̯̳̱̻͕̣̳͉̻̭̭̱͍̪̩̭̺͕̺̼̥̪͖̦̟͎̻̰





Anonymous said...

To the cunt who's spamming the site, why don't you use the talents that you have wisely...and these talents rae:
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Suomynona said...

We'll see who is more venomous than the other apart from the obvious similarities where one started the coup culture and the other is supposedly trying to end it once and for all which is highly doubtful.

Come elections 2018 is where the biggest snake out of both these two will reveal themselves fully.

Jamie Wilson said...

Source has it that since Rabuka's appointment to the Sodelpa leadership, one VB has been tirelessly commuting between government buildings and the camp to re-enforce military support for the FF dictatorship.Given that the likes of Naupoto,Qiliho,Kean,Seruiratu etc..are now "out of the camp", the young up and coming troop of RFMF military officers feel that they do not have allegiance to the "coup mob" of 2006.

Given the recent Turkish military coup debacle, these new regular Fijian military officers have seen how devastation can be inflicted on their nation when greedy and corrupt military commanders become traitors to their own people.The Fijians also learn,"People Power" to stop military traitors overthrowing democracy as in 2006.Citizen loyal military officers should make every effort to overthrow dictators like Bainimarama and bring them to justice.

It is time to right the ship, get rid of the evil "Immunity From Criminal Prosecution" Decrees in the Constitution (No-one is above the law), throw coup beneficiaries in jail and have a major clean up of the military, government and society.Everyone who supported the coup of 2006 should be rounded up and thrown in jail.

If Turkey can do it so can Fijians...!!!Throw military traitors and their supporters in jail to face the death penalty...!!!

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