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Monday, August 22, 2016

Fiji fans shower Sevens team with love

Sea of fans eagerly waiting for team. pic fiji sun
Heroic team showered with love. pic afp

It was a welcome befitting heroes and that's the way it should've been.

The Fiji Sevens team arrived home from Rio yesterday with
Streets lined with fans
their gold medals to a glorious welcome from fans, many who decorated trees, lined roads and swarmed Prince Charles Park to show love.

Fiji is today enjoying a public holiday with the team due to get $30,000 each.

Enterprising fans: fiji times
SODELPA leader Ro Teimumu Kepa has called for the boys to be also given a piece of land and a house.

Winning gold for the first time in Olympics has triggered momentous interest in Fiji with the #Fiji hashtag apparently netting more than 283 million people on Twitter with Tourism Fiji's Facebook reportedly reaching more than 175,000 fans.

Ryan being 'led' through.
But we wouldn't be Fiji without the drama.

An elderly woman, described as an 'ardent fan' by the FijiTimes was reportedly marched out of Prince Charles Park for no reason.

She said she was just waving when she was taken out.

Fan was removed for 'waving'
There have also been murmurs over the way security and police pulled Ben Ryan by his shirt as he came out with the team to greet fans. 

In his speech, Frank Bainimarama thanked Ryan for helping the team make Olympic history but in an ungracious gesture went on to say the departing Ryan might be going on to 'bigger things' but not necessarily 'better things.'


Anonymous said...

"SODELPA leader Ro Teimumu Kepa has called for the boys to be also given a piece of land and a house."

Interesting statement. It shows that even iTaukeis, the land owners, haven't got a land in this mordern world where everybody wants to be squeezed in a 15 x 3 km corridor around Suva or about the same near Nadi. I believe that a lot of poverty in our country has got to do with the impossibility of people to own their own land even in the rural iTaukei areas. More research should be done on the cultural issues related to land (jealousy, disputes, et .) Life can be so nice and beautiful in Fiji when you live in the countryside. You don't need much and you can be pretty much self sufficient for everything. I find it sad that the modern world is all about creating deliberatly a new form of poverty, not to say anything about the loss of culture, language, etc.

Vinaka Ben Ryan for your great job, Fiji will remember you forever.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

It's only a fucking gold medal guys, no need to go over the top for that HAHAHAHAHAHA kaicolos

Anonymous said...

Actually many countries reward their Olympic Medal Athletes with some sort of monetary reward...


Highest cash rewards paid by different national Olympic federations
1 Singapore S$1 million (US $757,000) $370,000 $189,000
2 Malaysia A solid gold bar worth (around $600,000) $300,000 $150,000
3 Azerbaijan $510,000 (shared by athlete and coach if any) $255,000 $130,000
4 Kazakhstan $250,000 $150,000 $75,000
5 Thailand $314,000 (over 20 years period)
6 Philippines $237,000 (over 20 years period)
7 Kyrgyzstan $200,000
8 Latvia $190,000
9 Italy $189,800 $95,000 $50,000
10 Uzbekistan $150,000
11 Belarus $150,000
12 Ukraine $150,000
13 Russia $180,000 $90,000 $45,000
14 Australia $126,000
15 Tajikistan $63,000
16 France $65,000
17 China $31,400
18 USA $25,000
19 Germany $19,500
20 India RS 1 Crore ($150,000) $80,000 $45,000
21 Brazil Around $11,000 for every medal regardless of the color of medal (every memeber of Football team will get $100,000 for winning gold)
22 Sweden No cash prized for winning medals (Sweden Olympics committe supports athletes from 6 year old to all the way professional levels)
23 United Kingdom no cash prized awarded by Britain’s Olympic Committee
OTHER COUNTRIES Almost all the countries award cash prized to medalist in some form

Anonymous said...

Can the Niusipepa tell us if the flag change has been CANCELLED or POSTPONED?


"Some of us have perceived it as a permanent decision. Our national flag has neither not been retained nor lost in Mr Bainimarama's latest announcement.

It is still our national identity until such a time our Government deems it necessary to be replaced with a new one."

Was that a wild guess or it came from someone who has connections?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:55 PM 22nd

You raise a very valid point in that the trend at present is to allow the increasing expansion of communities without any expansion of the space available to them. This in itself leads to low quality living standards and all that comes from that.

Something is drastically wrong when we see houses (hovels) being allowed to be built on swampy foreshore land knowing that in a few years time these very people are going to be looking for handouts from others as sea level rise affects them.

Anonymous said...

Cant see the reason why cant they be given Land and a house..........Ilieasa Delana was rewarded the same thing when he got a gold for the Paralympics.

Now its 12 or more houses and land, come on FFP, no double standards!!!

Anonymous said...

They can't because Fiji is broke mate.

Anonymous said...

Iliesa got it because he was the FIRST gold medal.
Land and houses... well... it depends WHERE. Land in Ono-i-Lau is cheap, in Domain it's expensive.
Don't they all already have got a land somewhere?
How come everybody has got land but nobody has got land?
If iTaukeis don't own land, who owns land?

Are we trying to pack up slowly the 900,000 inhabitants of Fiji in the 6-7% freehold land of the country
because nobody can own the 90% iTaukei land?
What an absurdity.

KUA NI RERE said...

I think Bainimarama wishes he was this popular.

Anonymous said...

@Kua ni rere

Bainimarama is 82% approved! Even at 60% votes, that is very rare by world standards.

You too you are popular.

Anonymous said...

I have said this many times while trying to explain one of the many reasons Indians are more financially successful than the i-taukei. The i-taukei's own all the land but the i-taukei (note the singular reference) own nothing nada zero. The very system of communalism that keeps the i-taukei in charge of the land is what also keeps them poor. You see a kaiindia goes to the ITLTB and requests for a piece of land wherever it may be. After due course which includes survey etc in a period of say 2 years or so the applicant gets a deed or title which becomes and asset. That deed can than be used for borrowing money. This money is than used for further asset creation such as setting up a business etc etc. It is ultimately the assets that make the kaidia rich. This very basic knowledge is sadly lacking in most i-taukei people and until this communal ownership system is re looked at most i-taukei will be individually landless unless they buy in the open market and pay market prices. Many many laws that were created for a different time in our history needs to be re-looked at and modernized as they do not serve the Indigenous people anymore. 50 years ago this planet and indeed Fiji was a very different place. We have to change and evolve to fit into this new era.


Anonymous said...

Alibaba...your inputs of course is factual and is a reflection of our modern system. Have you tried to be in the shoes of a native who is worried about losing the only one thing that matters to him- his land? It's the future of his children. Govt is the legislator on planet. They reserve the rights of ownership on anything. They have powers that be ....to change, to create, to overule and overturn . They have the powers above and below the land including the minerals. One day he will lose his land to the state.If a native doesn't have children somewhere along the line his land will fall into the state. It's not done as yet but it will. Look at the Maoris,Aboriginese and Red Indians. They have lost almost all.
Before the native losses everything let him enjoy what's left.
Most natives have accepted and blended well within the new society. That's why you see my tauvu from Lau, Vanuatu Levu ,naita from Lomaiviti ,kai from Kadavu leasing and buying off properties in Viti Levu. So am I. While its not only the kaidia who benefits from the new system the natives who moved to work and get higher education shared the same.

Anonymous said...

Alibaba, there's nothing to stop you fijians doing exactly the same thing as the kai india.
Second, the rent is paid to the fijians through TLTB...and maybe badly managed either by them or the landonwers or both.

You fijians need to be more commercial minded...you already own the land...the government cannot do that for you.
get off your backsides and do something with what you have man

Anonymous said...

Deport all Indians back to India or wherever these over-stayers came from.

Anonymous said...

painful lessons can be learnt from communal land ownership and efforts to wrest away from that restrictive structure in places like new zealand. fiji will need to work hard to come up with a solution because no one's going away as fiji is home to all of us ... itaukei and kai india.

Tomasi said...

From what we can observe in the political and public front, Bai and khai are exploiting the Rugby 7s victory in Rio to the fullest extent to prop up their regime, transform their image, increase their popularity and win the hearts and minds of all Fijians here and abroad. To some extent, they have gone overboard to reward our players. By doing so, they want to be identified with the sports heroes and become the heroes themselves who deserve the applaud and worship of all Fijians. Very well planned indeed. But ...

How much is enough? What is the most appropriate reward for such sports achievements? After all, its only a few games of rugby. Yes, the international publicity generated can translate into millions of dollars in tourism arrivals, investments, and goodwill. So they do deserve to be acknowledged and rewarded appropriately. Given the background of the boys and the potential benefits their win would present to Fiji, it would be great if the boys and the officials were given cash, full time - jobs, and appropriate training. The sports council would then give them further acknowledgements in their annual awards. But to award them medals of honour for winning gold in Rio is rather going overboard if you ask me.

But I can understand why such a series of events have taken place and why more shall be taking place in the future. There is an election coming. Bai and Khai and their image-makers, QORVIS have decided that the Rio Gold will be used to paint Fiji First with a golden face; beautiful, shining, glorious, perfect, attractive and most desirable. They will court the boys and use them as props in their election strategies and events. Bai and Khai will use the cyclone aid, Rio Gold and other wonderful stories to try and paint over their ugly image of illegality, criminality, torture, murder, financial mismanagement, cronyism, nepotism, fraud and dictatorship.

I think they are planning for an early election. But they must ensure that the people will hear only the wonderful stories, even though it has very little or nothing to do with them. They will want to eliminate the bad and ugly stories. That is why they will use all the means and ways available to them to control people's minds and to control the result of the elections. The freedom of Information Act is only one of those means. The freebies wagon will roll out in greater numbers and frequency. Watch Bai;s photo op with the winning rugby heroes. That will be one of the dominant faces come elections week.

As KNR had said, Bai and Khai must have wondered how can they become as popular as the Rugby 7s team? But the answer is all too clear. They will never be as popular, even though the polls may try and indicate that is so.So you see, they know they are very unpopular with many and they will never be as popular as the players, no matter how dirty and cunning they become. Therefore, they can ride with the boys, or let the boy's rid with them, take photos, capture the image, and download them to the hearts and minds of the gullible public through their vast mass media network. DONE. Come election week. Will they WIN like the boys. Perhaps, yes. But will it be gold, silver or bronze? The answer is blowing in the winds.

Congratulations boys for work well done. May you get your proper reward. May God bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Someone said before that it's only a gold medal for fucks sake...BUT the crook Baimagasona is using this as a campaign. Wake up Fiji you have been conned by a conman Baimagasona

Anonymous said...

indigenous lands are all communally owned, be it fiji or nz or australia...that is not the problem. its the lack of commercial understanding of ownership and entrepreneurial skills of the indigenous peoples that is the problem and the lack of governments including fijis first party true and honest political will which are the problems...

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:00 PM

The only ones that will be conned are the gullible.

Then the even more gullible like Tomasi will believe that when spreading his conspiracy's there will be some more gullible than him that will believe them.

Anonymous said...

Postponing the flag change was an astute move to also gain more support as you said.
Many Fijians asked to retain the flag for a few more months and the Bainimarama government listen to them.

Tomasi said...

@Anon 2.06 pm. Four years before the 2014 general election, we were trying to warn our people about the great deception that the dictator and his cohorts were going to impose upon our gullible public. We also predicted the results of the election well before the event took place. We also went on to give an outline about what the new Parliament would be like, including the concentration of power and control in the few hands of Bai and Khai. We also talked about the significant role that QORVIS and other invisible forces will play to achieve the secret agenda of this regime. We did so amidst a very strong chorus of cursing and condemnation from Bai's supporters. But we did so because we love our nation and all its people and communities. We did that also because we believe it is the right thing to do.

Bai and Khai are determined to remain in power because that is the only way they can escape their prison sentence. They will do whatever is possible to remain in power, and there is no other way for them. My advice to you is to keep an open mind, listen to what people are saying, observe the drama that unfolds everyday, exercise your own good judgement, seek the wise counsel of someone you trust, and let God speak to you so that you may know the truth, because it is the TRUTH that will set us free.

By making public statements, we are putting our credibility on the line. What we predicted years ago are now unfolding before our very eyes. There is more to come. The future will not be as rosy and paradisic as Bai, Khai and his followers would hope for. Because whether they like it or not, the principle of sowing and reaping is always alive and operational. Whatever we sow, that we shall also reap. They know they are guilty of very serious crimes. They are so guilty that their guilt haunts them everyday, and they will do their worst to keep the truths hidden from public view. They travel around with bodyguards because they know they are not liked. They know what they should do, but yet, they lack the humility and the character to do the right thing. Because of that, they are digging themselves a deeper hole into which they will surely fall. Their lies, deception and pride will finally catch up with them. What then?

"There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof leads to death."

Tomasi said...

"But the cocketh of the almighty goneth unto insideth my moutheth"

Anonymous said...

@Tomasi 11:07 PM

It's amazing that people with such a poor track record, so evil, and so bad for Fiji as you keep implying and whining about had 8 years to really piss the populace off, but then still got voted in by the majority.

It must really hurt because the majority did not want to listen to you.

When you come up with such tripe as people having to travel around with bodyguards because they are not liked and this repetitive obsession of yours to have to bring God into everything you remain a laughing stock.

Anonymous said...

Tomasi conveniently forgets that it was God behind all those that voted in the last election.

Anonymous said...


The flag will be retained in the foreseeable future, but not forever.
The new Fiji needs new symbols, but we can't do everything in one day and now is time
to focus on Winston's victims.

Anonymous said...

VOTE for Fiji First Party. In Bainimarama we trust

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys move on now and do more constructive things for the development and progress of Fiji. Leave 7's win aside now. Ben Ryan has other things on his mind. The song and dance about gold is well and truly done and dusted. Move on.

Tomasi said...

@Anon 11.07am & 11.48am and the fake Tom. It appears that you are either very shallow in your thinking, too dumb to understand, or just plain stupid or foolish to care about the truth.Because of that, you personalise issues, avoid the argument or come up with your own confused mental pictures of the realities I am talking about So let me help you please.

My article can be summarised by the three words, deception, obsession and gullibilty. Bai, Khai and their "invisible" advisers have launched a major campaign against the people of Fiji to deceive the nation. The result is many have been duped to believe their lies and accept their evil agenda as the "best strategies for the new Fiji".

Bai and Khai and their cohorts are obsessed with power and they will never want to relinquish it on terms that will lend them in prison for the rest of their lives. If you are smart enough, try and convince us with evidence that what I have stated is not the case.

Finally, the people have become so gullible because of several reasons. One is that they tend to believe that leaders are generally people who love people, know right from wrong, are decent and honourable citizens who cannot lie or deceive others, etc. But little do people know that they have been absolutely deceived that their current leaders are in fact dealers in lies, deceit and psychological manipulation. They are the worst type of criminals, because they are the very people whom the citizens trust, yet they lie and deceive and manipulate the people primarily for their own selfish gains.

To you followers and defenders of Bai and Khai, let me say this again. God's principles are always alive, fully operational and active in every aspect and dimensions of our lives. Your ignorance or malice or foolishness will not exempt you from it. Whatever people sow, that they shall always reap. ALWAYS. Someday soon, you and your criminal bunch of dealers who pose as leaders will be held accountable. I know that will happen because GOD is not a man that He should lie. Listen up and be wise.

Tin Tin said...

You are very right Tomasi. Bai and Khai will utilze all within their means to cling onto power no matter how much they dig out of the nation's coffers to keep on increasing the pay packets of the already overpaid, fat and unfit soldiers at Delai Nabua.Bai is even already using the Rio sevens gold hype to make campaign speeches to the crowds at ANZ stadium and Labasa. How inappropriate and shameful !!But they are already fearing for their lives as proven by the stories of the bodyguards and close families members.

Anonymous said...

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