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Friday, August 12, 2016

First ever gold for Fiji at Olympics

Viliame Mata and Ro Daquwaqa celebrate. Photo: Mark KOlbe Getty Image

Fiji's Osea Kolinisau scores a try
Fiji style: AP photo Themba Hadebe

Fiji has pummeled Great Britan at Rio to snatch its first gold ever at an Olympic.

The former colonial masters were thrashed 43-7.

Osea Kolinau and the team's convincing win means they will be getting some of that loot allocated for Olympic gold in the recent budget.

Well done boys!


Anonymous said...

One wonders what that foul mouth parasitic son of our choro exPM has to says now. He has been constantly trying to demoralize our team with his negative posts.Arsehole

Anonymous said...

Get ready Fiji to receive $$$$ in millions as fallout from Sports prestigious stage- the Olympic. That performance has captivated minds,thoughts and hearts of every being who watched it. Fiji is going to be the place to visit a place where rugby magic is created.

Anonymous said...

Oh paaleeezzz!
Let's celebrate mada....it's new year in Fiji!!!!
Gold Fiji gold! Gold Fiji Gold!

Anonymous said...

WoW Fiji Times Top Stories, All about the Sevens.

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PM. Bainimarama said...

Come on SODELPA let us celebrate the success together. Let the rancour, bitterness, and hatred go away for time being. Lets give the credits to our boys. Today we are one. We all Fijians, Indians and Part Fijians, Rotumans are all one. Let us celebrate together to show the world

Tomasi said...

I told everyone that didnt believe me that The Almighty will bless our boys and make them succeed in todays final.

Without the Almighty's blessings we may have not even made the olympics. Its only because the Almighty has blesses our boys that were able to achieve our first ever Gold medal at all Olympics.

Having faith in the Almighty is the cornerstone of mankinds success. Now Rabuka is Leader of Sodelpa we will reign greatness across Fiji bringing Fiji out of its current GDP and bringing the economy back to surplus through the Almighty's guidance. The Almighty has selected Rabuka to be the vessel for change.

God bless Fiji and all Fijians.

Anonymous said...

Tomasi, Almighty has not blessed Rabuka. Almighty personally speaks to Rabuka. Rabuka confirmed this in 1987. How can we go wrong the leader who has spoken to Almighty.

Anonymous said...

Yes what else? Every medium of communication in Fiji must carry this astounding victorious message. All the papers published throughout the year must carry an insignia depicting the glorious Olympian rugby champion. Fijian dollars printed from today must include the rugby 7s pics with their gold medals. Post office in Fiji to create new stamps bearing their pics. A plague for the boys and coach must be made in the heart of the city capital . Buildings, Streets and bridges must be named after them. Babies born yesterday must be named after them .
And to conclude. Everyone has to drink a glass of Fiji gold beer.

Anonymous said...

As part of celebrations Rabuka and Rajendra Chaudry should have a public orggy banging each other. Oh no Praveen Bala just might have another brother or sister to Leilani Iris Chaudry by taking a tour to NZ. He might feel sorry of Rajendra Chaudry too because Rabuka is a big fella. Rajendra Chaudry is Praveen Bala's son from Virmati Chaudry.

Anonymous said...

Compare the Fiji Sevens Team that glorifies God versus the Fiji Army that hates God & beats up its own people.
The Fiji Sevens Team is Victorious
The Fiji Army were crying in the sand when Jabat al Noushra pointed the gun at them.
The Satanic Fiji Army should learn a very important lesson from all this.

Anonymous said...

"The former colonial masters were thrashed 43-7."

Isn't somewhat odd to see the Fijian flag next to the British flag on the podium?
One would think Fiji is a British colony. Maybe Britain should now have a small
Fiji Flag in the top left corner... that would be weird!

By the way, Fiji won because it has BY FAR the best team. Even if God had cheered
for Britain, Fiji would have won... :)

Ro Kepa. said...

PM Bainimarama did it again. Because of him our boys won the gold. Qarase and Rabuka ff as you guys are jounors.

Anonymous said...

SOB..yeah part of the credit goes to Bainimarama because hes the pm during this olympic. If Qarase is still the pm, he'll get the same. But credits go to the team and Ben Ryan for the gold and not forgetting the one Above. Despite our differences in opinion and faith our boys point to the heavens to acknowledge God for every try they made and millions are witnesses to it. So let's just accept the fact that the boys had showcased their faith in Jesus to millions on planet whether they win or lose and that is the bottom line.
After the game, did you watch them in their locker room with Ben Ryan singing and praising to God??? Accept it will yah!

Anonymous said...

To August 13, 2016 at 11:03 PM











Anonymous said...

Did Winston save the Fiji flag? It will be interesting to see if the PM will be strong enough to win his battle... "The change is inevitable" said Bainimarama... So who wants to bet? September is coming soon!


FIJI'S historic gold medal win in Rio has spurred calls for the country to keep its flag.

These views and sentiments were shared by hundreds of Fijians from across the globe on social media after the Vodafone Sevens side demolished Great Britain 43-7 in the Olympic Games men's sevens rugby final last Friday.

Popular social commentator, philanthropist and prolific letters-to-the-editor contributor Allen Lockington said he was praying that Government did not change the flag.

"I am speaking in my personal capacity but I know from my travels around the Western Division and my interaction with people all over our beloved country that the overwhelming majority do not want the flag changed," he said. "It takes a while for a standard to be established and known, and our noble banner blue has flown proudly in battlefields and in sporting arenas and last Friday it was beamed all around the world when we won our first Olympic gold.

"Our distinctive blue flag and everything that is emblazoned on it may reflect many things of the past but it also defines us as a people, we know who we are and we know where we are going.

"Keep the flag please."

Mr Lockington's views were echoed on numerous social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter.

Government announced plans to change the flag in February last year. However, the decision was deferred.

Government announced further plans to change the flag again this year with the intention of hoisting the country's new colours on the country's new public holiday, Constitution Day, on September 1.

Just as there was growing opposition to the move when it was first announced, Fijians have gone rampant on social media calling for the flag to be retained in its present form.

Anonymous said...

FIJI should have its new flag flying high and proud by Constitution Day on September 7, says Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama.

Mr Bainimarama said the flag change was inevitable, adding that his Government would go on with their plans for a new flag despite calls not to do so.

Mr Bainimarama urged people on the island and around the country to actively participate in the flag designing competition that was currently progressing in the country, adding they should select the new flag design in a few weeks.

Speaking in the iTaukei language, Mr Bainimarama told members of the public in Wairiki, Taveuni that his Government had brought in a new reign.

Therefore, Mr Bainimarama said, it was only fitting that they changed everything from old to new.

Reflecting on his earlier statements about the flag change, Mr Bainimarama assured every Fijian the change would carry on despite calls from different political groups and certain people not to do so. He said Fiji was on its new journey to development and freedom, adding a new flag would reflect the change and progress that his Government brought about.

Responding to calls from members of the public on the island for the retention of the coat of arms because of its symbolic status to the people of Fiji and its history, Mr Bainimarama said the only feature of the flag to be retained would be its navy blue colour. Apart from that, Mr Bainimarama said everything in the new flag would change and be replaced including the coat of arms.

Some people had also requested Mr Bainimarama to retain the depiction of the lion on the flag as it was a reminder of the country's history with the English and their contribution to the growth of the nation. According to some members of the public, the depiction also reminded the country of its ties with the Commonwealth of Nations.

Anonymous said...

No flag change for September, but it will come one day this century.
The simplistic view, that of the letter @12:30, is a common view in Fiji.
It has to do with the thinking that Fiji = That Colonial Flag. Many countries have changed their flags and it takes
no time to create a new branding. Take Air Pacific to Fiji Airways.

I like the comment of Ben Ryan after the game, when he gave all the credit to our boys. That shows how
nice and gentlemen many British are. The fact the British were #2 and the Fiji coach was British also speaks
volume about the relation between the 2 countries. In a sense, I would say the timing for a flag change
has only become somewhat better, now that Ben is leaving. Ben basically said: "Look guys, you did it,
you own nothing to me, go ahead and do it again in 2020!" I actually think that Ben should design/pick the new flag
before leaving!
What about Ben Ryan on the flag committee?

Anonymous said...

good flag here: http://fijiflag.tumblr.com

Anonymous said...

what about here... https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3BrlIpbfa1XNWYtbXpZVF9jTk0/view

Anonymous said...

Keep the current flag Mr Bainimarama please!!! . What an emotional experience to see our flag hoisted high followed by the national anthem in Rio. Its more symbolic and historic than any flag the world has ever known about Fiji.
I got scores of texts ,emails and phone calls from people I interact with everyday congratulating me for Fijis gold. Most for the first time had just saw our national flag.
I didn't play though but I was on top of the world. How sweet,so saweeet!! to feel this way. Not a dream anymore but it's real. These people are from Nepal, Morocco, Israel, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Belgium, Madagascar, Congo, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, South Africa, , Kenya, Gambia,Eritrea, Ethiopia, Egypt, the Amazon, the US,UK, Aust,NZ , Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, China,India, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Greece,Mali,Tonga,Samoa, Cook Islands .
So I'm asking our leaders to keep our current flag. It symbolises far too many good than bad.

Anonymous said...

@5:05 AM
"Most for the first time had just saw our national flag".

That's very likely... and I bet you they thought it was a British territory competing under their own flag (like Guam, American Samoa, etc.)
Did your people tell you the flag was lovely? I bet you not... it actually looks so weird. You should not confuse the joy of the world to see a small country winning a gold medal (a joy that is very real indeed!) with the "love of a flag"...

If you just google a little bit about it, you will find many websites where people rank flags. I have found many, the most interesting and methodic is probably the first one I found: http://www.joshparsons.net/flags/meth.html
Fiji is used as a "D" standard, and that tells you better what the rest of the world really think of our flag (of course they won't tell it in your face...) . Not a single website I have found put the Fiji flag in the top 50 at least... Since a national flag represents a country on the world stage, one should be mindful about it. It's not all about what YOU think in your village/town, but what the flag ACTUALLY says on the world stage.

When I am working overseas and people see the flag on my t-shirt, they sometimes ask me if Fiji is "really a country" or just part of Britain. I believe Bainimarama understands that only too well because of the situation he put himself into with the coup. That is similar to Rabuka proclaming Fiji a republic in 1987 (Fiji is still a republic...which shows that sometimes we need to turn the page anyhow) and also probably explains why he recently said that Bainimarama can change the flag... Both can see there is an issue with the flag because of the coup they staged... but one doesn't need to stage a coup to see there is a problem. Actually, only half the people of Fiji supports the current design... nothing to be crazy about! The issue here is to find a really good flag... and that can take years...better to go slowly about it.

I am 100% sure Bainimarama will change the flag one day, he said so over and over, but he will let things settle down a bit...

KUA NI RERE said...

Changing of the Flag is a suggestion made by the Americans to Bainimarama.
Its all about farking up the peope's mind so they dont have a sense of belonging.
Its all about Mind-control.
Because the Americans ie QORVIS are all about SUBJUGATING THE PEOPLE OF FIJI.
They want to demoralise them.
They want to take away the Land from Fijian ownership.
They want to DUMB DOWN the population. And they do that by interfering with the Education of Fiji students. That's why they dont allow exams but just let students move up a grade.
They want to control the population and thats why everyone of you has a TIN Number.
They tried to control you further via Electronic Bus Tickets.
Io o Jisu ga ena taqomaki keda mai na vere nei Setani.
Da wilika vaka levu na i Vola Tabu.
Ni rogoca na i vunau nei Joseph Prince.
O keda na kai Viti meda qaqa tikoga.
O jisu taudua ga e na taqomaki keda mai vei Bainimarama, mai vei Kaiyum , mai vei QORVIS kei ira kecega na tamata kocokoco.
Veitalia na Kuila.
o Jisu ga na noda DROTINI VOU.

Anonymous said...

Flag was due to change during TC Winston,but cancelled due to the cyclone. anything could happen again if we change the flag

Anonymous said...

@10:03AM & 10:26 AM
both of you are indeed neurotic...

In Fiji, we can't have TIN numbers. That's only for rich countries I suppose.
In Fiji, we can't have bank cards, bus cards, etc. We are too dumb for that.
In Fiji, we can't keep our land idle AND have free education, quality health like in Alice in the Wonderlands.
In Fiji, we can't remove inappropriate colonial symbols because we will have cyclones. (that one takes the cake)

Well, what else can I say?

Anonymous said...

KNR will only be happy when he's allowed to live in the forest swinging from the trees and not have to come in contact with any change to his life.

Anonymous said...

@2:15 PM ha ha ha very true....

if we don't change the flag quickly, the SEA LEVEL WILL KEEP RISING! we need to stop global warming. That is why the current flag has to change. hallelujah!

that's about the level of intellect of some people on this forum, isn't?

anyway see for yourself: http://www.fijitimes.com/story.aspx?id=366904

Another Mali villager, Jovesa Tuikubulau, said they had earlier thought the construction of the sea wall would address the sea level rise.

Mr Tuikubulau said they now realised that the problem would continue to escalate because the water levels continued to increase with every tide.

"It is a sad reality that we have to live with because we have heard from climate change specialists that the sea level is going to continue rising," he said.

"At the same time we are appealing to donor agencies to lend a helping hand to our effort to protect homes and families."

Anonymous said...

"Hey Fiji. Nice flag, idiots." - https://mobile.twitter.com/TheSpoonyOne/status/764013359935074305

while that person is a real a**hole, I reckon our flag can easily be the topic of mockery...

Bananas + Union Jack is quite something. But the ideas of maturing bananas is really crazy!!!

It's quite obvious the flag will have to change, and Bainimarama will change it.
The problem is to find a flag most NORMAL people will like. A flag full of MANA.

Anonymous said...

Who the fuck is Bainimarama to change the flag? What he needs to change is his fucking corrupt government, and remove his fucking family and friends from higher posts. Fuck you Voreqe. And fuck you Mary, and fuck you Meli. Thinking about it, FUCK ALL OF YOU who are benefiting from this fucking useless monkey Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Surely the decision on the flag change comes down to what God wants?

Anonymous said...

@3:07 pm
surely God gave men the freedom to decide?

@2:57 pm
bainimarama is the man people love at 82%... I suppose one corrupt government or another? sad...
change the flag AND 95% of the politicians.

don't be afraid of change

Anonymous said...

Certainly we want change but what difference would it make if a new flag represents Fiji. What would you associate the new flag with as opposed to the old one.

Anonymous said...

@5:05 PM
well I looked at the twitter link above and at other sites as well to see what people outside Fiji tend to say about our flag, and I would say that most comments are MAKING FUN of it. One comment on twitter says Fiji is a colony... and yes the current flag says that we are one!!! A flag with the Union Jack in the top left says "British Territory" and whatever you put on the right side (very often the coats of arms) is just a detail you can't see anyway, and that's allright because what matters is simply to know you are on British territory... Most people here not being aware of it (which is just common sense btw) think it means "link to Britain". That's just ridiculous. To make it more colonial, the designer removed the Fijian warriors, the motto and the canoe so that the British cross and lion are bigger and more visible... making the flag of independent Fiji even more colonial than the colonial flag... only in Fiji.

So the current flag says that we are not a grown up nation to the rest of the world. I think the flag display at the Olympics must have seem so odd to Brazilians. A new flag COULD say Fiji, but since I have seen the 23 flags designed by the Bainimarama team, I came to the conclusion that we had a problem at the top... and probably also at the bottom but we haven't seen too many designs from the public so hard to say! For that reason, I would say to my fellow Fijians to go back to the drawing table and ask for transparency! I can't believe we can't agree on a simple and cool design like Vanuatu, PNG or Nauru.

Yes, Fiji needs a new flag. And a good reason for a start is to AVOID BEING A LAUGHING STOCK. Fiji is an independent nation. It's not the British Virgin Islands, Pitcairn, Falklands or what else!

Anonymous said...

Hey mate 5.45pm...tell an Australian or a New Zealand that they are British colonies and British territories and you definitely will have your Indian head punched off its socket....you talk crap.

Anonymous said...

So Australia must be still a Colony of Britain
You are an Idiot.

Anonymous said...

@7:18 PM
If I was Indian, I suppose it could offend those ignorant and dumb FORMER British who don't quite get it in NZ and Australia and that would be *really* dangerous, but I am not Indian for a start and I don't think a lot of people would want to have a fight with me! I believe there are already 45% of Kiwis who don't like their flag (if they had managed to get a better design, well they would have changed their flag by now) so I don't think one needs to be of any particular ethnic group anyway to see the absurdity of a colonial flag. One just needs a BRAIN. Ask John Key to explain it to you... or visit http://www.ausflag.com.au and see for yourself that support for Australia flag is down at 30%... see! even white people can get it!

BTW, look for yourself at the comment of Lenora Qereqerenatabua when she said (talking about shitty people like you) that "they are so wrong and don't even get it!" on Facebook... If Australia and New Zeland are not British territories, the Union Jack has nothing to do on their flag.

@7:27 PM ulukau! If Australia has a flag that says "british colony" but IS NOT a British colony, then YES they have a problem! Look at the link above , you dumb.

Anonymous said...

@7:27 PM Why the Australian flag should change...


"As a defaced British Ensign it is an Imperial flag which signifies our subordination to Britain."

"In Heraldry, the upper left hand corner of the flag (called the canton) is the position of honour. The implication is that Britain still commands our loyalty more than does Australia. The British Empire no longer exists, Australia now participates as an equal member of the Commonwealth of Nations, not as a colony, but as a sovereign independent nation."

So now, if we look at your comment: "So Australia must still be a colony of Britain. You are an idiot."
For the first part, wEll YES their flag SAYS SO but Australia IS NOT so you have been able to identify the problem. As for the second part, I think there is only one idiot here and that is why I need to explain it to you very slowly.

I suppose idiots see idiots everywhere except in their mirror.

Anonymous said...

You obviously dont know the definition of a "Colony".
Colonies dont have the Kingdom flag in the corner.
You are the Idiot.

Anonymous said...

@8:18 PM
ha...ha... it was COMPULSORY for all British Colonies to have the Union Jack in the corner! And that made much sense! That's how NZ, Fiji, Australia, Tuvalu, Ellice and Gilbert, India (yes India), Zimbabwe (can I stop here?) got their first flag!
Maybe you could do a bit to research before posting such a stupid comment, lazy asshole.

"you obviously don't know the definition of a colony" ?!? like what? You need a definition of a British Colony?
you are beyond help I fear, but I will give you a good one.

A British Colony is one of those territories with an Union Jack in the corner: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flags_of_the_British_Empire
I am sure you will get it one day.... one day.

Anonymous said...

Mate, you are just full of your bullshit logic...you are the idiot my friend,...the more you open your trap the more crap comes out of it. Just shut the fuck up, man

Anonymous said...

When in doubt mention crap..............

Anonymous said...

Looks like you've revealed your lack of understanding.
A colony does not have the Union Jack in the corner.
Only FORMER COLONIES have a Union Jack in the corner.
Australia , NZ & Fiji are FORMER COLONIES...They are not "Colonies".

A Colony is not the same thing as a FORMER COLONY.
So they you go dummy.
You must be one of those students that was climbing the guava tree during English Class.

OK once again FORMER COlONY is not the same as COLONY.

Former = means it used to be
Therefore Former Colony = Used to be a colony

So there you go dumbass.

Anonymous said...

The new flag tells the world that Fiji is a coup coup land and the man behind it had removed a democratically elected government and appointed himself, his family and cronies to run Fiji. He abolished the Constitution and replaced it with a charter to save him from treason . This is what the new flag will tell the world. It's not about getting rid of colonialism. By the way England did not force its way to control Fiji. We invited them in in 1874. We owe alot to them. Indians should thank them for bringing their fathers and mothers here. Everyone should never forget that they creared democracy in this country. They penned the law of the land and created the first and possibly the wisest leader Fiji has ever produced- Rt Sukuna. They are the reason most lands are still natively owned. As much as we tried to create awareness about the new beginning through a new flag, the world is aware of Fijis dictatorship and the plan for its ilegal leader to bury the past. Keep the current flag because it symbolises more Greatness and success for Fiji to the world.

Anonymous said...

1.Change the flag.
2 . Remove the queen from our currency.
3. Become a new Chinese colony.

This is Fijis new beginning.

KUA NI RERE said...

Today is 16/8/16 and today I REIGN IN LIFE !

And because I Reign, I have my own flag.


I dont really give a shit about the Fiji flag or Bainimarama's flag.
You can change it if you like.
Even change it hundreds of times, I dont give a shit!

I have my own flag and I wear it everyday.
The flag of Joy
The flag of Peace - in my heart
etc etc. Its all written there in the Book of Galatians.
Jesus is my Flag.

Anonymous said...

I share your feelings and opinion to a certain extend.
What you said has a lot of truth in it, though I think a lot of people overseas (actually most of them)
have NO CLUE WHATSOEVER what or where Fiji is, let alone about the coups! I've met visitors here
from far away who were surprised to learn we had a dictator... For the same reason Fiji didn't
give up its "republic" status after Rabuka coup was over, I believe we can't conclude that EVERYTHING
done by a dictator or authoritarian government like now is always wrong.

So here is something I want to point out: https://mobile.twitter.com/TheSpoonyOne/status/764013359935074305
The discussion goes like this:

- Noah Antwiler: Hey Fiji. Nice flag, idiots. How long did this one take you?
- Taniakaya @TheSpoonyOne 30 seconds in MS Paint
- Anthony Jones: @TheSpoonyOne they may of beaten us for the gold, but our flag is on theirs. GLORY TO THE EMPIRE!
- James Hill: @TheSpoonyOne Technically I don't think THEY did. See the British flag in the corner? Yeahhhhh that's a colony for ya.

Ok before going further, Looking at the picture profiles, Noah, Anthony and James seem to be white, and Taniakaya from Asia, probably Japan. Anthony is obviously British. Now, from the short following discussion, wouldn't you agree that we have a problem?

The problem my friends is this: whether you like it or not, our flag says COLONY of Britain and we look like the village idiots even to the British! People won't go on wikipedia to read 500 pages of our history how Fiji was ceded to Britain then to Australia investors to plant sugarcane and bananas... bla bla bla They just look at the flag and go huh?!?!? Foreigners will conclude that we are "colonized people" (if not a colony) and maybe that we are dreaming to join the UK, which many wouldn't oppose and probably would fix a lot of our problems! But as that is impossible, having a NORMAL flag would fix that issue, and there are certainly ways to show respect to the British without having the big Union Jack, lion, etc... And no need of bananas, seriously!

See what people say when they discover our flag at the Olympics: https://mobile.twitter.com/stephencgrant/status/763859278990020608
Stephen Grant:

The Fiji flag:
Union flag
A British lion
A cocoa pod,
A palm tree
A sugar cane

Well done Britain. That's a bloody shopping list

It might hurt guys, but that is the TRUTH. A lot of people here just love a crazy flag and can't see what's wrong with it. I believe that having a flag 55% of us love but maybe 90% of foreigners make fun of is problematic.

Anonymous said...

@8:49 Kua ni Rere
"I don't really give a shit about the Fiji flag"

Of course you don't! Of course not! You are not even a Christian for a start!

See how long it took for the truth to come out of you? I was arguing with someone deeply DISHONEST.
Obviously, I have won my point...

BTW, New Zealand and Australia will also change their flag one day. The common characteristics of our flags is LOW support locally (around 50% take or give) and TOPIC OF MOCKERY on the world stage. It's just a matter of time before the change, but it will happen. When the Pandora box is open, you can't close it.

A good flag should not make us the topic of mockery internationally. For once, democracy might not be the best way to go about it...

Anonymous said...

The flag should have a monkey on it because Fiji is full of Indian monkeys. Well Indians are descendants of monkeys.

Anonymous said...

@11:08 AM
you are not a Christian.
if you want to learn more about evolution, just google it. you might be in for a big surprise:

"Evolution, a doctrine that Pius XII only acknowledged as an unfortunate possibility, John Paul accepts forty-six years later “as an effectively proven fact.” (ROA, 82) - http://law2.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/conlaw/vaticanview.html

Isn't life absolutely ironic? the history of Man is the history of Humiliation.
that's a good reason to be humble.

Anonymous said...

10.07 man/girl/boy/wannabe...you won no argument because your argument is not based on fact and truth...you are just another baini/kaiyum shit head stfu mate...

Anonymous said...

Methodist Church plans to increase deaconesses’ base salary

The Methodist Church will increase the salaries of Deaconesses under its new constitution, “The New Exodus”.

President, Reverend Dr. Tevita Bainivanua says this has been neglected over time.

“However, one outstanding issue that remains is that part and parcel of the equal status of minister and deaconesses, is the equality in stipend that they receive. Currently many of our deaconesses only receive half or what our ministers receive."

The proposal is to increase the salaries of all ordained ministers to $10,000 and probationers to get $8,000.

Anonymous said...

So much hatred, bigotry and condescending remarks. Is not it time now to cheer, celebrate and be happy together....the people of Fiji are unified with a common factor - a first ever gold medal for our country in the Olympics. Well done to the boys who played with passion and pride, well done to all Fijians who stood behind in with conviction and well done to our great nation. Toso Viti Toso!!! No damn politics here please.

Anonymous said...

@3:27 PM
I think the tweets published above show clearly he/she's got a point based on "fact and truth"...
But sometimes the truth hurts and is hard to accept.
And he/she is not too nice either with the "dictator" so your "baini/kaiyum shit head" theory
doesn't hold on. Actually, what I have seen here on this forum is that the anti-Bainimarama crowd (of which I am!)
have used the "colonial banana flag issue" in order to oppose the regime, but... it it's not the smartest idea ever
for obvious reasons... Bainimarama has got a good point.

When it is the very White man overseas making fun of our flag, well how are you gonna call them? Baini/kIyum shit heads? And what about when they are British?!?
you should get it by now...

"Hey Fiji, nice flag, idiots."

Anonymous said...

Yeah you're obviously right and I am glad that it concerned you that people outside Fiji were making fun of our flag. I didn't have time to click the given Web page where you forked out what those people said but people have different opinions and views of things. While some will of course make fun of our flag because of its design others will not but research to know the meaning before perceiving. I don't live in Fiji with my family but whoever enters my house is greeted by our Flag. I explained the meaning if questions were raised and usually they understood the reasons behind those designs.
Noah, Tanyaka,Anthony and James represent the group that do not know the true meaning of our flag design and how symbolic and important it is to the peole of Fiji thus their comments you posted. I didn't challenge their views but it is only fair if they can do more research before hasting into conclusion.
You do mentioned about foreigners making fun of our flag is problematic? Does it?
It is only problematic to those advocating the new flag and the ones manipulated by foreign opinions posted here.
Whatever happens to the new flag is beyond everyone's jurisdiction. Only those in power will decide on that. Meanwhile get ready to celebrate the Olympic gold holiday Aug 22nd when the much talked flag will again fly the sky.

Anonymous said...

@6:22 PM
Yes I see your point, I expected such a view, and you are certainly right that what will happen with the flag is "beyond everyone's jurisdiction". To me that is where the REAL problem is.

To answer your question "if I worry about what others think of our national flag", the answer is yes, because the very purpose of a flag is to represent a nation on the world stage. Let's take a simple example: let's say that in our culture the symbol for "thumb up" was instead to raise the longest finger of our hand and that was something peculiar to our country. Let's say that for some reason we had it on out flag on the coats of arms. You understand that it would mean something different to 99% of the rest of the world, right? So while the answer to your question could be a tempting "fuck what the rest of the world think", I believe that common sense might say "Well isn't there a better way to represent Fiji that would be just as 'good' and wouldn't be ambiguous to outsiders?"

Our real problem is simple: we haven't got such a flag and I have never seen one so far. Worst, it will be produced by the Bainimarama government! it won't be designed by one of those who entered the competition. the whole process is antidemocratic. I rather prefer to give the "contract" to flag experts. When I need a new TV, I don't design it myself... same thing for flags... why ask schoolchildren to design Fiji's flag?!? that's CRAZY!

Anonymous said...

He also owes an explanation to his fellow-Republicans, some of whom now suspect that he may be trying to lose. As for Clinton, as a Methodist she may be driven to consider John Wesley’s lengthy sermon on divine providence. To be sure, Wesley’s view that God takes an active role in determining what happens to the Christian faithful is a bit old-fashioned. But, if a higher authority had anointed Clinton as the forty-fifth President of the United States, that authority could scarcely have taken a more effective step than insuring Trump was her opponent.

Anonymous said...

why do you take notice of these dickheads making fun of our flag...white or black, red, yellow or green...why do you allow these idiots, bigots to influence an unnecessary change...and baini/kai have no point about the flag...they are just disrespectful ignorant dicks who use propaganda and political reasoning as sound reasons to make a change to wipe out the very basis and core of Fiji's history.

Anonymous said...

The first case of defamation involving social media – Facebook was heard yesterday at the Suva High Court.

Emosi Radrodro, a former radio personality, is being sued by Fiji Fashion Week Limited and managing director Ellen Whippy-Knight for defamation.

The matter stems from series of postings made on Facebook by Radrodro making allegations against the company and Ms Whippy-Knight of sexual misconduct.

Ms Whippy-Knight’s lawyer, Emmanuel Narayan, informed the court that despite a pending case, Radrodro was still posting issues related to Fiji Fashion Week Limited and Ms Whippy-Knight on Facebook. His postings are related to issues for which he is being sued.

The matter was called before Judge Justice Mutu Nayagam as a civil matter.

Radrodro is being represented by Isireli Ramanu.

Ms Whippy-Knight took the stand yesterday and gave witness in court. She informed the court that she worked for Radrodro in 2004 as a Production Manager for his event called Join the Band.

Ms Whippy-Knight while giving evidence said: “It was a difficult eight months working with Radrodro as he would make remarks like: ‘Do you think you would look good with that skirt, it looks like netball net’, ‘This is my show and you are stealing it. You are not going to talk to the media anymore as your photo is always in the media.’”

The court heard that Radrodro had been posting statements on Facebook alleging that he was the reason of Ms Whippy-Knight’s success and that Fiji Fashion Week Ltd were “selling” off their models to “rich white men”.

Mr Ramanu will be presenting his four witnesses today, including Radrodro.

During cross-examination Mr Ramanu asked Ms Whippy-Knight if she remembered Radrodro lodging a Police complaint against her, to which she said yes. She informed the court that the basis of the complaint were allegations that she was “selling” the company’s models to “white men” and that she was sleeping with male models and that she was running a prostitution ring in Pacific Harbour and had clients from Papua New Guinea.

When asked what were her responses to these allegations, Ms Whippy-Knight said she was not involved in any such activities in any “way, shape or form”.

Ms Whippy-Knight informed the court that following allegations by Radrodro on Facebook, ticket sales for Fiji Fashion Week events dropped and they also had difficulties in recruiting models.

She also informed the court that till date her husband had spent close to FJ$2million in financing the events and that she had not “made a single cent from the events.”

The court heard that Radrodro was also urging public not to buy tickets to the Fiji Fashion Week events on Facebook.

Ms Whippy-Knight’s personal assistant and model manager was the second witness to take the stand yesterday.

She informed the court that she was embarrassed to be related to the company after Radrodro made allegations on Facebook about sexual misconduct.

She informed the court that after Radrodro’s postings on Facebook, they had seen a decrease in models coming to audition for their events.

The case continues today.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Fijileaks

Anonymous said...

Its as entertaining as Shortland Street......................

A war of words erupted yesterday in the Bose ko Viti (annual conference) over adultery claims against Methodist Church ministers.

Two motions introduced, seeking longer, harsher punishment, for offending ministers, were defeated by a show of hands.

They were scoffed at by some delegates who felt the conference was the wrong forum to discuss it. They suggested they should be dealt with by the respective circuits.

One motion proposed lengthening the suspension period from five years to 10 years.

The second motion called for stripping the ministers found guilty of their pastoral duties and responsibilities.

The current law of the church stated that any minister caught in act would be suspended for five years.

Speaking on the motion, the mover, Makoi Methodist Circuit minister, Reverend Semesa Sereicokocoko, said in iTaukei: “

“Dua na leqa levu ni cakacaka vakai talatala sa i koya qo na yalewa. (One of the problems facing ministers in their work is women).”

Peter said...

It's not Fijileaks. The Fiji Government's has taken control of the sites and are now in the process of catching the bloggers
The hacker BLUE SCORPION is a local boy pretending to be The real Blue Scorpion. This GOVERNMENT is also pretending to be Fiji First. They took the application and decreed all new parties and then came back with the stolen name. Breaching the decree itself by being a new party.

Anonymous said...

More conspiracys, the plot thickens because we all thought it was just taking a holiday.

Anonymous said...

Weak talatala's. Cunts

Anonymous said...

Adultery is normal today across the general community. So it's not a big deal. Let the church deal with it within its own policy. We have nothing to do with it but to learn and be vigilant. Be wise and understand that the world is getting darker as it ages.If Dr Reddy and Rabuka were not implicated for their adulterous affairs why wasting space and time with this article .

Anonymous said...

@11:25 AM
Why should we take notice?
That's a good question. I think it's important to be intellectually honest.
The insults may hurt some - I don't mind them - but what matters is to know if they have got a point.

I think no one would be talking about the flag if nothing was wrong.
Who talks about the American, Japanese, South African, Canadian, Italian flags? Nobody.
How come the support from Tebutt shows that only 52.7% of Fijians really want to keep the current flag? http://www.radionz.co.nz/international/pacific-news/277569/fiji-flag-poll-defended
That is pretty low... I think that is the true test for a flag. We have had that flag for 46 years and we get only 52.7% "clear" support?

Considering the fact that our flag is clearly controversial, I would rather prefer to consider an alternative. The problem is which one. Bainimarama seems to be willing to listen to the people (he actually came to realize there was a point saying those 23 designs were horrible!) but there won't be much transparency. There is a real risk that we will end up with an ugly flag...

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:12 PM

Its not the adultery or punishment its that one of the problems facing ministers in their work is women.

Anonymous said...

Yeah ,the women, but did you dig more information on how the conference will deal with the problem. If women is the problem then what are steps taken/ or will be taken by the church to address it. Punishing the talatala is not addressing the problem. Right or wrong?.
The freaken article is an example of poor journalism.

Anonymous said...

"Adultery is normal today across the general community"

I would remove the word "today" and the sentence remains correct.

"the world is getting darker as it ages"

It has ALWAYS been dark. Humans have always been cruel and violent. Look at History!

The problem with such a WEAK religious mindset is INTELLECTUAL LAZINESS.
Because it is "written" in the Book, why bother trying to make the world better?
One needs to raise over darkness and superstitions and STAND in front of the challenges ahead of us.
I only respect STRONG religious mindset, and one here would get immense reward in reading philosopher/Christian scholar Kierkegaard, or for lazy ones, at least watch this great video about what the man had to say on faith:

If bloody talatalas can't STAND in their duty, they have nothing to do in Church. And by the way, those who
SERVE God should charge 0$ for their services and take the mataiva and work the land to set an example.

Anonymous said...

Episode 2 .........................

Reverend Sereicokocoko said for two years he praised the number of women ordained as ministers during an ordination service.

He had then suggested that the church recruit more women ministers because he believed that men were more prone to sin.

However, Reverend Sereicokocoko said he was mistaken when he found out later that one of those women ordained was six months pregnant.

He also alleged that some students training to become ordained ministers at Davuilevu Theological College had been bringing in girls into their rooms.

“A taxi driver one day told me he has been feeling guilty because he knew one of the trainees at the theological college who brought a girl to his room at around 10pm and he had to pick her again at 3 in the morning,” Reverend Sereicokocoko said.

When objections were raised, he said if the debate continued he might have no choice but to start revealing the names of ministers that he knew were allegedly involved.

“I still don’t why the church is still condoning a minister who was caught in adultery and giving him posts when they know very well that woman is his problem,” Reverend Sereicokocoko said.

He said that the church needed to come out clean and stop sweeping such issues under the mat.

Reverend Sereicokocoko further argued that suspending offenders for five years was not enough and even if they were stripped off their status, it would not affect the church at all.

He further mentioned that a woman who allegedly owned up of having an affair with one of the ministers, mentioned in a letter written to the church that their spot for making love was at the theological college dormitory.

Anonymous said...

Is this a case of adultery between married couples or love affair between two unmarried students?

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
I strongly advocate that the talatalas should be allowed to fornicate with the women in their flock. They have , after all, been psychologically fucking with their minds for donkeys years. A physical fuck is far less painful and dangerous!

Anonymous said...

Sound like that Fiji had won olympic Medals prior to the 12 golds?
Anyone knows who won the Medal and in what year? Oh by the way-
Thanks Ben Ryan for been the best Rugby 7 coach the entire planet
has ever known-! Please if you're really going to move on? Don't
go to New Zealand or Australia? You DA MAN and we thank you and
your family from the bottom of our hearts?

Anonymous said...

NZ don't need Ben Ryan, by the way NZ didn't send a strong team because their stars want to play for the All Blacks.

Anonymous said...

Those talatalas committing adulteries are no different than ordinary people committing the same. It's a disease that needs to be controlled. There's no cure but it can be controlled. Apart from spiritual counselling within the church, these talatalas should be encouraged to seek professional counselling outside the church. It's just a matter of accepting and acknowledging that the offender is sick and there are other God given ways to get it diagnosed . Eg,If you have an allergy, visit a doctor. In a church environment, prayer always comes first while the physician is the last resort when condition is not improved. A physician and a talatala are both ordained by God. One deals with spiritual matters the other- human biology.
As for the church(methodist), there's a long standing issue that church hierarchy has been ignoring and suppressing during the last 200 years since it's inception.
The issue of drinking KAVA. Kava is consumed after or during bible study,choir practices, church services, church celebrations, church functions, bose-o-viti,baptism,funeral and wedding services ,etc, etc,etc, and consumption of Kava is uncontrollable and can be consumed for hours till the weehours of the morning. Not only men is involved, women as well.
In one particular case, this talatala ,a heavy kava drinker was disciplined by the church for his extra marital affair with one of his own congregant. The woman was also a kava drinker and part of the group he drank kava with.
To address kava drinking, the church created a policy where any elders, lay preacher,deacon,divisional heads, church holders, etc are caught throwing up during or after consuming kava is suspended from preaching for a certain period. This policy is similar to watching the animated Tom and Jerry movie. It doesn't address it! but making a mockery of the policy.
Now we can see why Rev Seruicokocoko whom Ive known so well is ready to spill names if the church continue in its business of sweeping issues under the carpet.
Kerekere saka...na veidokadokai , veimaroroi, veinanumi eka vinaka ia ke sa warai ni walia na nodra lasa tiko i tuba nai talatala sa da qai vakaisini.
Transl....To our church leaders..
Respect, comfort,member support, spiritual encouragement are very helpful in spiritual building but when the offender talatala is caught again with another woman, then woe! what a bunch of hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

BS. 12 42pm
Fiji was the best in the tournament. No doubt no question. All countries participated at the olympic had sent their best. All Blacks had opened its doors to Tiejens to pick anyone from the current 15s, likewise the Wallabies, French,Springboks, Welsh, GB, super bowl champ Patriots released one of his star player to the Eagles and so forth. The
dream team of the rugby 7s in Rio is Fiji. That's the bottom line.

Anonymous said...

The Kava drinking is a way of helping to retain a following and the hierarchy surely realise this. It is an effective way to maintain a non productive, low income easily led support that ensures the money rolls in to keep the leaders comfortably.

It is also a cause of family breakdown, domestic troubles, inequality of women, low esteem and poor school attendance suppressing the advancement of living standards for so many.

It works.

Anonymous said...

Fiji is a fucked up country that is fucked by your clown PM.

Anonymous said...

It has been deeply moving for me as Prime Minister to witness the way Fijians have rallied around the national flag as our Rugby Sevens team brought home Olympic Gold for Fiji. And I know this sentiment is shared by most Fijians.

While I remain convinced personally that we need to replace some of the flag’s colonial symbols with a genuinely indigenous expression of our present and our future, it has been apparent to the Government since February that the flag should not be changed for the foreseeable future.

It is a question of resetting national priorities as our people continue to recover from Tropical Cyclone Winston. The cost of any flag change is better spent at the present time assisting Fijians back on their feet.

I urge every Fijian to display our flag when our victorious Sevens team returns to Fiji on Sunday and during our special national holiday on Monday. It is a time to celebrate not only their remarkable achievement but our collective unity and national sense of purpose.

It's not all that clear to me... will the flag change one day or not?

Anonymous said...

The PM speaks and that's the bottom line....Retain the current flag!! Yipee...hooray !!
Teza Hazelman ...Mam..now you can rest in peace . Your design is still reigning not only at home but across the planet.

Anonymous said...

2 42pm
Yep you're right. Maybe we can ask the church to invite academics from USP to speak to a talatalas forum on leadership roles. Or get the church to form an oversight committee comprising of church reps, academics, government, health, business, women , human rights and youth reps . Something has to be done.
If this is how the church hierarchy are treating its followers for ages then its no different from anarchy .
Christian Crusade- the army of the pope- started off this way by building an effective support base ,created an empire before invading the Arabic Peninsula and much of Europe stealing wealth, land and murdered thousands of innocents.

Anonymous said...

4.06pm .An emotional experience indeed.
I can only see the true Fijianess of Frank. In his face and in the face of billions ,the boys reminded the world that Fiji is not only special at Buckingham Palace but the bond is still intact.
Isn't this the occasion that moved his heart and changed his mind not to change the flag???

Anonymous said...

@5:13 PM

Pay attention to the choice of words: Bainimarama said he still prefer to replace the colonial symbols (which means everything on the flag except the blue background...) and he can't see a change in the forseeable future. What does it mean? Not "soon" or never? I believe he keeps the door open.

I am not so happy about that decision, I thought Fijians had grown up and were strong enough to stand on their own... but apparently not.

Anonymous said...

Former Opposition leader Mick Beddoes, who was involved in the protest against the plan to change the flag, told the ABC's Pacific Beat program that he welcomed the decision.

"First and foremost, I welcome the decision by the Prime Minister," Mr Beddoes said. "But in fairness, the protest (against the flag) was mounted by our youth ... and it created a lot of awareness."

"Essentially I think the Government responded by kicking the can down the road.

"kicking the can down the road" could mean a flag change after the 2018 elections, who knows what "foreseeable future" really means.
Bainimarama said that the flag change was "inevitable".
I still think that 52% support for the flag is too low and the "Rio effect" will slowly vanish.
The debate remains.

Anonymous said...

And who said there's too much poverty in Fiji

Church to train communication officers

THE Methodist Church in Fiji is planning to train an additional 22 communication officers to join their 35 communication personnel who are stationed with their divisions.

Church's secretary communication and overseas mission, Reverend James Bhagwan said the request was made to the conference to have them trained and ready by next year.

Mr Bhagwan said each division without a communications officer would be asked to send their candidates to be trained by the specialist within the church and then return them to their divisions.

"They will serve as a channel or a conduit for information flowing from the church office to the community and flowing from the community back to us," he said.

He said the funding for their training would come from the church's communications budget.

Anonymous said...

VOTE Fiji First, Vote for Ratu Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama.

Suomynona said...

I won't be surprised if those punks in govt led by their kingpin Frankie doesn't pay up whats due for the boys in regards to their huge achievement.

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