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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Flag to remain unchanged as Fiji Times is accused of 'inciting communal antangonism'

Accused fronting in court
We might be celebrating our first Gold medal at the Olympics but the charging of the Fiji Times and four individuals for 'inciting communal antagonism' is a reminder that life under decrees is not so golden.

The paper, three of its news officials and a letter writer for its itaukei supplement, Nai Lalakai, have been charged under section 65 (2) (a) (i) and section 53 (1) of the Crimes Decree.

It's alleged the group incited antagonism against Muslims in the following article published on 27 April:

“Ko ira na Musulomani era sega ni taukei kei Viti, sai ira nai lawalawa oqo era a curu botea na vanua eso ka dua vei ira ko Bangladesh mai Idia, kara vei vakamatei kina, kucuvi na nodra yalewa, ra vakararawataki na gone me yacova sara nira sa lewa ka sa nodra tu edaidai”

The excerpt has been translated as: “Muslims are not the indigenous of this country. These are people that have invaded other nations, for example, Bangladesh in India, where they killed, raped and abused their women and children. Today they have gone to the extent of having a part in the running of the country”.

The four accused - Josaia Waqabaca, Nai Lalakai editor Anare Ravula, The Fiji Times Editor-in-Chief Fred Wesley and The Fiji Times General Manager and Publisher Hank Arts and the Fiji Times Ltd - appeared in the Suva Magistrates Court but we were all released on $1000 bail.

Frank Bainimarama has, meanwhile, done a u-turn on changing Fiji's flag as a result of the Sevens team winning a Gold medal in the OIympics for the first time.

Bainimarama was the prime mover in the campaign to ditch the flag - despite opposition - because of its reminders of Fiji's political past and mistakes and ties to colonial masters, Britain.

But the former coup leader now espouses the virtues of the flag, saying he has found it 'deeply moving' the way 'Fjians have rallied around the national flag as our Rugby Sevens team brought home Olympic gold.'

"While I remain convinced personally that we need to replace some of the flag's colonial symbols with a genuinely indigenous expression of our present and our future, it has been apparent to the Government since February (last year) that the flag should not be changed for the foreseeable future."

It's quite an about face, even hypocrisy, but it seems a Gold medal is a good enough reason to try a new tack, at least when it comes to the flag.

If only a Gold medal could fix as easily the problems that continue to bubble away in the new Utopia.


Anonymous said...

Have to agree, its not the sort of letter that should be published.

Anonymous said...

I agree too, it was unprofessional from the Fiji Times. As for the letter writer, he is very ignorant of the history of Bangladesh. Bangladesh was invaded by... Pakistan! (Bangladesh was former Oriental Pakistan) and India was an ennemy of Pakistan (kind of friend of Bangladesh) so the writer was really fucked up...

As for the flag, it was quite obvious that the Fiji Times was to some point instrumental behind that U-turn... They clearly ran articles that would make it very difficult for the government to pursue on their road after the gold medal... I suppose they will get wild on the Fiji Times for that too...

A lot of people seem to be trying to figure out what Bainimarama really meant about the flag. It's not very clear if the flag change is cancelled forever, or as Mick Beddoes put it "they just kicked the can down the road". Maybe the journos should try to get some more details...

Anonymous said...

For fucks sake, the article is true. Fuck you.

Anonymous said...

Yep the journos are here and advising you to shut the fuck up and accept the status quo. There's no flag change.
As for the court charges against the Fiji Times, what's wrong with it?
Is it true or not? Moslens are known all over planet that there's only allah and mohammed is the messenger. Non believers are infidels that must be killed. This is very inciteful.

Anonymous said...

WE WILL NEVER ACCEPT THE STATUS QUO. NEVER. O Slave, how comfortable have thou become?

Anonymous said...

Pack up and fish out if you can't take it. The open ocean is there.

KUA NI RERE said...

What's wrong with acknowledging the truth?

The Germans acknowledge that they killed thousands of Jews.

The fact is the Muslims invaded Bangladesh and that's why its farked.

We also acknowledge that the Muslims are also going around the world spreading their farked up message of killing others and getting 6 Virgins in Kama Sutra or wherever the farl Allah has prepared for them.

Now youré left with 6 miserable women to torture your brains forever. lol.
Who the fark came up with this stupid idea.
Allah cant be that stupid; Honestly.

Why is Kaiyum burying his head in the sand?
Its a bit childish isnt it?
Grow up and face the facts.

Why is Gay Pryde burying his head in the sand?
Probably because he's stuck on Kaiyum's dick.
What farked up arseholes?
Grow up and face up to the facts like a man. The muslims farked up Bangladesh!

Anonymous said...

Pack up and fish out if you can't take it. The open ocean is there.

Anonymous said...

@11:12 AM
That would be the easy solution. But in life, we have to fight.

Anonymous said...

Anon@9.01AM. FUCK YOU and Fuck your religion and Mohammed. Go back to India or wherever you came from CUNT.

Francis kean said...

MEMBERS of the Australian Defence Force and Fijian soldiers conducted a joint cleanup of the Suva foreshore this morning.

The useless Fiji military should be used to pick up rubbish daily since they're fucking useless.

Anonymous said...

Function of Antagonist:

Conflict is a basic element of any plot. The presence of an antagonist alongside a protagonist is vital for the typical formula of a plot.

The antagonist opposes the protagonist in his endeavors and thus the conflict ensues. The protagonist struggles against the antagonist who takes the plot to a climax and later the conflict is resolved with the defeat of the antagonist or, as in tragedies, with the downfall of the protagonist.

Example: Protagonist remove Fiji Times in all Fiji Airways flight and upsets many global travellers which could turn them around to antagonize the Fiji economy.

Protagonist is the main figure or one of the most prominent figures in a real situation be it Good or Evil.

To oppose what happened in Bangladesh is an Antagonist character because it was Evil in many facets and warned others to walk away from Protagonist elements and characters and seek PEACE AND LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

Many prisoners in prisons (98%) were the results of PROTAGONIST influence because of the enactment of certain Laws to protect them and the elites.

Being human we have both these characters. Please seek PEACE and LOVE EACH OTHER but allow people to release the freedom of their heart's contents. As it is there is a "Tit for Tat and Tat for Tit" episodes right now and one day it will explode and it will be worse to all of us as a nation. Please Protagonist put the breaks ON and Love One Another and seek Peace and Harmony.

We love you both.

Anonymous said...

Barking the wrong tree 12 48pm. I'm not Indian or Moslem. Try to understand the article before commenting.

Anonymous said...

It boils down to those who want to oppose the good. How can we achieve Love and live together in peace when the koran is telling moslens to kill infidels. How can we live in peace when they are on a mission to convert non believers to follow mohammeds teachings and one of the method they use is terror. Good and evil are opposing forces and as usual Good prevails in the end. So can you leave us alone to celebrate our Gold medal from the Olympic.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@1.22pm oK

Anonymous said...

Cause of Fire that destroys homes, buildings etc is only by striking one match stick. Foods cooked by only one match stick. No fire, no food cooked if there is NO MATCH STICK to ignite it.

The Match Stick should be accused for destroying homes and buildings and not the flaming Fire.

Fiji Times official should not be accused for telling (antagonize) the TRUTH to the Fijian people about Muslims raping women, beheading innocent people,killing children in Bangladesh. All what they revealing to us that we in Fiji MUST NOT take the same path because it is not our cultures nor ways of life in Fiji and the South Pacific Islands as a whole. The information published about Muslims jihadists was and is of global issues today to all nations of the world including United Nation, European Union, African Union Middle East Nations and Asian Nations etc.

Only a stupid and idiot person will misinterpreted what "The Fiji Times and Nai Lalakai" published because it seem he is guilty to the content of the message about Bangladesh problems without anyone resting accusation on him or her.

Fiji is still a peaceful nation right now but such stupid and idiotic actions against the Fiji Times will ignite the Fire that will destroy our Peaceful Nations and implant racial hatred. 60% of the Fijian people do not know about global issues that such evil activities does exists. It is better to let them know now so not to follow those global evil activities that will destroy our peaceful nation.

Protagonist put your breaks ON and No Match Stick please. We need each other's peace and love.

Love you all.

Anonymous said...

Visionary leadership, futuristic, excellent timing and a very good the call by our PM in temporarily shelving the flag change competition until further notice.

This is a temporary measure in our Government's prioritising of our nation's resources after damage created post-Severe TC Winston and concentrating fully in its rebuilding and reconstruction phases to all those Fijians devastated and affected.

Some of us have perceived it as a permanent decision. Our national flag has neither not been retained nor lost in Mr Bainimarama's latest announcement.

It is still our national identity until such a time our Government deems it necessary to be replaced with a new one.

A letter writer Gulsher Ali (FT 19/8) has rightfully questioned Government on the unnecessary burning of monies and that the taxpayers' money-wasting exercise could be put to better use as he alludes to while at the same time he is seeking an explanation from the Ministry of Economy on the expenses already incurred.

The temporary halt to our national identity is not a waste of monies as expressed but Government is only reprioritising its agenda as we move on the recovery path, but will recall it at a later date when the time suits.

Nothing is lost yet but let's celebrate for the time being and bask in the glory.

Bainimarama said "for the foreseeable future". In Fiji, the foreseeable future is hardly more than a year.
Hopefully the non-sense of bowing under a bunch of bananas will end one day.
It's just a matter of time before COMMON SENSE prevails.


Anonymous said...

And who brought this accusation against the FT?
According to your post above (9.57am) it's not the FT but the accuser is inciting communal antagonism,right??

Julab Dean said...

For god sake Muslim is a religion not a race. There are Arab Muslims, Pakistani Muslims, Fiji Muslims, Indian Muslims, UK Muslims, NZ Muslims, Aus Muslims, American Muslims, Canadian Muslims etc. Soon some Fijians will join Islam because it is the fastest growing religion in the world. Just see Africa. Look at Mohammed Apisai Tora, Sonny Bill Williams, Mohammed Ali, etc. So please don't drag India by saying Muslims should be sent to India. Muslim is a very peaceful religion. Western Society is Kaffir because of the stink it has, high adultery, cheating, it condones same sex marriage, etc. We have groups fighting of the injustices by Kaffir. So please i-taukeis don't provoke us. We have cells in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

New website created. It's called Fiji leaks exposed soon c45 will be next.http://www.fijileaks.exposed

Anonymous said...

If anyone ever thought that Viliame Gavoka was a smart man:

"The trial involving Nadi’s Reverend Laione Lutunacevamaca, was vacated yesterday morning after Suva lawyer, Aseri Vakaloloma appeared in his defence.
Reverend Lutunacevamaca was charged with one count of malicious acts where he allegedly disseminated emails between March 8 and June 16, 2010, of a prophecy that Fiji was going to be struck by a disaster on June 23, at 2:30pm.
The accused was not represented throughout the course of the case until yesterday.
His lawyer told the court that his client was not denying that he made the prophecy, however, he disputed the charge against him and maintained a not guilty plea.
Mr Vakaloloma said the issue in its context was that the prophecy had been relayed to his client’s followers whom he thought could be widely reached and warned through technology (email).
Mr Vakaloloma added the accused sent the emails to Fiji Rugby Union former chairman, Viliame Gavoka, who was also the Fiji Visitors Bureau’s chief executive officer at the time. Mr Gavoka then sent out the warning to tourism operators resulting in a public alarm."
- http://fijisun.com.fj/2013/05/16/prophecy-trial-vacated/

The same Viliame Gavoka who thanked the youths for the good job they did to keep the bananas on our flag:

"I just wish to salute the youth for their tenacity, making the stand we should have all taken about our flag.
And I was proud to have presented their petition in Parliament, which took the issue to committees, enabling the national dialogue we needed to have.

Quite simply, the noble banner blue is the most beautiful flag under the sun, and I don't think I'm being parochial"

That is the same Viliame Gavoka who told us that education will be free at university and youths who are "also strong supporters of Bainimarama" should not reconsider their choice and vote for Sodelpa...

Sounds like Gavoka is targeting the youths... but anyway, what a joke of a man!

Tomasi said...

Its ok my brothers and sisters. The Almighty father has given us Sitiveni Rabuka to lead us out of the dark days of Sodelpa and guide us into the light. Rabuka has the blessing and will given by God to redeem all wrong doings of the previous Sodelpa leaders.

If Viliame Gavoka got his message about a natural disaster then its no doubt the Almighty passed it on to warn our brothers and sisters. God bless him.

Whatever comes this year the Almighty father will protect us and guide us through it. I also believe the Almighty has shown the world our rugby talent and will give our world cup team the blessing to win the world cup from the All blacks and bring it home to Fiji.

Kalougata tiko

Donald Trump said...

Sitiveni Rabuka will get Bainimarama and all his corrupt officials, including his fucking family.

Anonymous said...

Drau vei cai ga kei sitiveni rabuka.

Anonymous said...

Where is the unaccounted millions from government coffers?

Anonymous said...

Vote Fiji First -Vote for Ratu Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama.