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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Pryde backs ruling to acquit Bala

Turning a blind eye: Christopher Pryde

As expected, Parveen Bala will get away with causing the death of a Lautoka man with Fiji's Director of Public Prosecutions formally deciding not to appeal a Magistrate's decision to acquit him.

Christopher Pryde
 says his office has reviewed Rangajeeva Wimalasena's ruling and accepts the decision to acquit Bala. 

Bala, who is now Local Government and Infrastructure Minister, was accused of killing pedestrian Puna Chand in 2013 as a result of driving dangerously.

He was charged but Fiji police failed to present evidence to satisfy Wimalasena.

Bala's freedom was tipped last month when the 
Lautoka Magistrates Court handed down a ruling acquitting of the charge. 

The Fiji Village cites Pryde as saying there 'are areas of disagreement' with the ruling but the DPP's Office accepts the central premise that the State failed to prove the manner of driving was dangerous in the circumstances.  


  1. If there are areas of disagreement with the ruling purported by the States poor performance why didn't he allow his conscience to guide his decision. The ruling by the court to acquit Bala and the subsequent decision by the prosecution office not to appeal the ruling is placing the 2 ( Wimalasona and Pride) inside Balas car that killed an innocent man. The 2 are just as guilty as the accused.

  2. So what is the 'EVIDENCE' that the death was his fault.

    Not 'heresay', 'rumour', 'spite', 'politics' or 'hate' but EVIDENCE.

    This seems to have got lost or overlooked in the media.

    1. The evidence is there but poorly represented in court. In a dictatorship regime they are the law and no one is above them. Judiciary is merely a puppet.
      The decreased family were working alone without any assistance to bring justice.It's portrayed here. State/ prosecution team and Balas team might have colluded to save that freaken bastard. I may be wrong but WHERE is justice?

  3. Kariwa is acquitted here. In five to ten years the murderer will face god and be ready to go in hell. It is all inside job by Khaiyum. Bring back Rabuka as PM.

    1. Please gently take Rabuka's cock out of your mouth and put it back in his pants brother Kamlesh .

  4. They said that the 2006 Coup by Bainimarama was an Indian Coup.
    A lot of Indians supported the Coup....Shameem sisters, Chaudry; Sharma etc etc etc
    but it hasnt helped Puna or his wife.
    In fact more and more Indians have finally realised that the Coup hasnt really helped them but has FARKED UP THEIR LIVES EVEN MORE.
    The Coup only helps a small group of corrupt bastards like Bainimarama, Kayum, Praveen Bala,Justice Wanka and Mr Gay Pryde etc.

    The Coup hasnt helped the Indians.
    In fact I see more Indians leaving the country or emigrating more than Fijians.
    You'd think if it was their Coup they would stay and rule.
    Instead we find that Fiji is in a mess.

    Murder rate has increased. Rape Increased. Child molestation increased. Drug running increased....
    All these have increased even though our population hasnt really increased all that much.
    There is a disproportionate increase in criminal activity.
    WELL WHEN YOU HAVE A FARKED UP JUSTICE SYSTEM LIKE THIS ONE, what the fark was Mrs Chand expecting to happen. Hahahaha.

    Whether you are Indian or Fijian or whatever race WHAT WE ARE LEFT WITH IN FIJI ARE BROKEN PIECES.

    The JUDICIAL SYSTEM HAS BEEN FARKED UP WELL AND TRULY PROPERLY BY the Sri Lankan Wanka, The Australian gay Pryde and The Indians and Bainimarama.

    The Judicial system is well and truly broken. Don't believe what the LIAR Bainimarma or LIAR Kaiyum tells you.
    Just like every other Ministry that is broken in Fiji; the Health system, the Education system.

    Thank you to all the Indians that supported the Coup.
    Dont run away.
    Come back and pick up the farking pieces and try and put it back together.
    Shameem sisters WHERE THE FARK ARE YOU?

  5. @Anonymous 1:51 AM

    You say "The evidence is there but poorly represented in court." but it's not is it.

    If it was you would be able to say what he did WRONG !

  6. 7 28am.
    Fact of the case is why no appeal is granted when its possible by law to revisit the case and appoint a new prosecution team. Is it possible or not? If Bala is not Fijis bastard killer ( of course he is) why going to the extreme to stop the family from appealing the decision .
    If it was me I will give another chance for an appeal to be made. There's no problem challenging Wilimagasonas decision unless something dark like Balas ass is at work on the background to foil every attempt to convict your black ass SOB Bala . Justice is all we want and still is not granted.

  7. Bala paid the police to acquit him, and that's a fact.

    1. Your fact is wrong my friend. A little education for you. Cases are acquited in a court of law.

  8. Christopher Pryde, you farkin coward. A shameful disgrace to the profession. You are just as bad if not worse than those Sri Lankan judges. You are the most fuckall, idiot and compromised Solicitor General and DPP one has come across in Commonwealth countries. Go home you piece of white shit.

  9. And still not one person can come along and say what Bala did WRONG !

    How did he BREAK THE LAW?

    1. 11.27am.
      Boci. His own word to the police had convicted him. In retrospect his physical presence at the scene reaffirmed it... Judiciarys role is to overturn Balas conviction.
      How did he break the law? He murdered Puna and is allowed by the courts to walk free.

  10. Boci @10.41AM, read this;

    "He was charged but Fiji police failed to present evidence to satisfy Wimalasena."

    This ugly cunt Bala paid the police to do just that.

    1. Baku 12.48pm
      Read what you wrote on your post @10.00 am again. Do you think police has the power to acquit cases? Bavulu! Once the case is before the courts, they have no powers to acquit cases. Go find a dictionary and study what's the meaning of the word acquit and how it is used in a sentence.
      By the way we got your message.

  11. @Anonymous 11:53 AM

    How about answering this;

    How did he BREAK THE LAW? That is the most significant piece of information that has not been provided!

    As an aside, do you know what the crime of MURDER is?

    The intelligence and illiteracy of some on here is beyond belief.

    1. Oilei Labasa! "As an aside " ga na nomu arse.
      Bye friends. See you in the next topic.

    2. True ka dina 1 29pm
      Lol!! Hahaha...the wannabe wanna..know-how are here. 1 13pm it's time take a nap..mom will be here soon.

  12. Cunt @1.24PM. Read between the lines you cock-sucker. Why do you think the police failed to present evidence? It's because the black cunt Bala paid them to do just that. Carry on sucking a goat's cock.

    1. 2.26pm
      Mom is coming to change your diaper kiddygal. Hurry go to the potty.

  13. Let's say you drive your car at normal speed and someone wants to commit suicide and jump in front of it.
    According to the law, would the driver be charged?
    In other words, is the simple fact of killing someone, no matter the circumstances, leading to jail?

    In this case, what I see is that Bala is 100% guilty of killing the man. The only question to solve is basically whose fault was it? Fiji is full of bad and dangerous drivers, and my feeling is that Bala was probably driving carelessly. On the other hand, Fiji is full of jaywalkers and irresponsible pedestrians..l

    Could the prosecution prove that Bala was driving dangerously or that the victim wasn't reckless?
    It seems the answer is no. Why?

  14. Rajendra Chaudry claims Leilani Iris is his daughter when Praveen Bala impregnated his new bitch during a trip to NZ. Just look at the skin color. I think Rajendra Chaidry is also the son of Praveen Bala.

  15. @Anonymous 5:18 PM

    "Let's say you drive your car at normal speed and someone wants to commit suicide and jump in front of it.
    According to the law, would the driver be charged?"

    He would only be charged if he caused the death by BREAKING THE LAW. By breaking the law that would include, speeding, driving reckless, over the alcohol limit, no documents or did it deliberately etc.........

  16. mboola!

    Anthony from the Southerner's. We kind of running an article on the New Zealand flag change process and why it failed.
    I'd like to know how you guys in Fiji doing right now, what's happening with your flag? any update?
    can't see much on newfijiflag.com

  17. @7:49 PM
    all I know is that the new Sodelpa leader said that Bainimarama could go ahead and change the flag, and the youth leader Waqavonovono is out of the way. So unlikely to be any opposition.
    Probably flag change for Fiji Constitution Day in September. Some say October, Some say next year. Fiji time.

  18. @7.49 PM support for Bainimarama @ 80% + so the flag issue is no problem but nothing has been published about it lately.


  19. When the new flag comes. we'll wipe our arse with it and show it on Youtube.

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  23. @912-16-41.

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  25. To the conspiracy theorist theorizing above. We all know your message. Just give us the book name and author. We will take it from there. Alternatively Google will give us your source if we don't hear from you.

  26. The chance to win the first Fijis olympic gold is getting better with the rugby 7s 24-19 win over the US this morning.

  27. The Almighty has given our boys the strength to continue their talent showcase. Our Father will bless them with all they need to win the gold and win Fiji's first medal.

    Things are coming together real nice for Sodelpa aswell with Rabuka winning to leadership. The Almighty's plan is blossoming real nicely for Fiji.

  28. Tomasi: If only the ALL MIGHTY Stopped playing and watching Rugby may be we will have a better world to live in. The bastard is asleep and when he wakes up he has the freaking TV remote in his hands which he uses to guess what watch rugby. 11 babies died today in a fire where was God. I guess in Rio helping the Fiji team win. 350million children starve everyday all over the world and guess what God does yes you guessed it watches rugby. Corrupt politicians fuck the world and its citizens everyday and guess what God does yep he trains with the Fiji team through Ben Ryan to make sure they win. Sometimes he screws up and forgets about the Fiji team or goes to sleep and that's when some other team wins. You God loving superstitious imbeciles make me sick and so does your impotent God.

  29. @anoymous 11:23AM
    One Day The Almighty will come down and JUDGE the people.
    The Bible mentions the times when that will happen. What is happening in the world now is a culmination toward that point.
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  30. @8:38PM
    That would be a criminal offense in most jurisdictions around the world.
    Make sure you think twice.

    I hope the PM will introduce the new flag in RIO if Fiji wins the gold medal.
    With the current flag, Fiji looks like a colony like New Zealand.

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  33. God, the get out of jail free idol.

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  36. It's in the same as 'if you don't go to sleep now the bogey man will come and get you' !

  37. Don't be too harsh with those who have religious hallucinations on this forum...
    In order to better understand them, you may watch this Ted Talk video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uTL9tm7S1Io

    @7:26, the guy explain something fascinating about the old and new testament...

    Apparently, humans use to suffer from massive schizophrenia, and religion is a byproduct of it.
    That makes some sense to me...
    I have met a lot of people who obviously suffer from sporadic schizophrenia... it's a very common illness and very under diagnosed.

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  39. Wadan narsey talking shit again.

  40. Boci when are you and victor going to fix Fiji leaks?

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    Where the fark in the Bible does it say we are to SUBJUGATE WOMEN?
    I read in my Bible that God says " Husbands love your wives" and be willing to die for her.
    It doesnt say I am to bash the living daylights out of her.
    Where the fark did that come from?
    It only comes from dumb farks like you who nitpik the Bible and dont know what they're talking about.

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  44. 5.09pm
    Yeah that's how humanity has to continue
    just like Adam and Eve created from the same raw material.. Aren't we the byproduct of the same, that is? Don't look far back when it's right there at home . Your dad and mama who produced you had planted Noahs' DNA in you. -btw arent they byproducts of what you termed" Noah and family fucked each other up" just accept the fact that it is how it is.
    To All bible bashers here..in everything give thanks to HIM that controls the universe. It is through HIM that we are. Be appreciative and thankful for being on his planet .
    Now turn your attention on the TV to witness that nothing is impossible on planet and glorify God for Fijis first Gold EVER medal in the Olympic.

  45. Ben Ryan for President!!! I don't want anybody else to lead the country other than the man who guides Fiji to the top of the world ! Fiji is number 1 in World Rugby sevens and no 1 in the world greatest sports battleground- the Olympic. Ben Ryan deserves it.
    Today I'm honorably bestowed the tittle Ratu upon Ben. His name is Ratu Ben Ryan.
    And to the boys!! How sweet sweet sweet to create history for us. Isa noqu Viti...I'm writing this 8000 miles away from home, the only Fijian in my adopted city jumping and cheering wildly in front of my TV watching Fiji ran riot over GB. There's no answer to the boys.
    Fiji Fiji Fiji Fiji.
    And to conclude...Fiji just seconds ago is the most searched country on social media..check it out via tweet.

    1. Fiji is for Itaukei's only. Only an Itaukei for president.

  46. Vili Rakoro,I just want to say good luck for tomorrow.You're definitely going to need it and I'll be looking forward to hearing about the outcome.

  47. FICAC should now get interested in this case that is if it is true to its principles of truth & justice. Sometime ago a former Assistant Commissioner of Police (Crime) in Fiji Mr Nasir Ali had some information about this case and involvement of then Acting Commissioner of Police Ravi Narayan, whereby Mr Ali had highlighted there being a potentially a high degree of probability that some external influence in the processes and proceedings of this case. Is there a miscarriage of justice or another crime has been committed by one or more persons or other parties to say " Perverting the cause of justice". Perhaps FICAC can get to the bottom of this thorough its own independent investigation of all parties involved in the case including and not limiting to Police (Investigator, Directing Supervisors, Prosecutor etc, dereliction of duty, negligence or performance of Police issues), Mr Bala, The Magistrate and AG and any other person, agency or Institue. By the way was this case referred to DPP in the first place, if not why not and if so why was the nexus of the offender and dangerous manner of driving with all other evidence not considered then? Thank you. Just my thoughts.

  48. Oh no. FICAC is the worst of all.

  49. Researching for your case tomorrow?

  50. Also consider this. The Fiji law Society,any individual lawyer or group of lawyers should volunteer to take this case before the high court on behalf of the late Puna Chand's family:

    1. To test in court if this case can be appealed in the High Court by any other person irrespective of the DPP deciding not to appeal.
    2. What is the Constitutional right of the late Puna Chand's family to appeal this case? They may be prohibited due to financial constraints, the reason for a volunteer lawyer or group of lawyers to file this case in High Court. Just another thought.

  51. @Anonymous 4:44 PM

    What's needed before any of this can happen is some EVIDENCE, do you have some?

  52. Anyone looking forward to the Whippy vs Radrodro case?It will be one of the first defamation cases of its kind.

  53. 6 15pm
    Don't wade into waters that you don't know how deep it is. Do you understand the questions?
    The answer to both questions is Yes. Get an attorney who's good at what he/she does to take up the case. That attorney is somewhere out there who may volunteer to take up the case. If no man is above the law in Fiji, then yes everyone has constitutional rights in the country spelt out in the Constitution. It's all about democracy. The family can use this right to fight that appeal in court.

  54. @Anonymous 1:37 AM

    But you are ignoring the lack of evidence.

  55. 9.24am
    After Bala finished crapping in the toilet you go yourself and wipe his ass. Don't use toilet paper or water but your hands. While Fiji celebrates the Olympic gold you on the other hand are celebrating the gold stain in your hand...
    Go Fiji go ! Go Fiji go!!!

  56. When all else fails talk crap, ha, ha, ha.............

  57. Anonymous 10 22am . He gets gold finger.
    Lol! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA. From the hour Bala was acquitted in court Anon 9.24am had stepped in as his toilet paper. That's why he is defending Bala all the way to the loo.

  58. 1.17am...." hahahaahaaaa" That's why he is defending Bala all the way to the loo " ...to get more golds! Bwaaaaaaahaaaaahaaa hahahaahaaaa!

  59. Obviously 1.17 and 7:04 AM confuse asking pertinent questions with 'defending' someone.

    Come on girls, can't you do better rather than continuing to demonstrate your lack of common sense?

  60. C4,5 you seem to be casting aspersions on the court decision in this case. It is not surprising you will do this because long before the judgement you pronounced this man guilty. So much for the presumption of innocence unless proven guilty. You seem to run a lynch mob and operate under the rule of the jungle ready to pronounce anyone guilty whom you have a dislike for especially the regime supporters. If you have any information in this case that was not brought before the court and which you think would have led to a different decision then put it in the public domain or pass it on to the right authorities. But if your doubts and aspersions are purely based on hunches, innuendoes and speculation then you fon't have much strong ground to stand on.

  61. Well said 5:36 PM

    You only have to read the comments from these morons to realise that not a single one of them has come up with any reasoning based on evidence that suggests the person they so readily accuse is guilty of anything.

  62. Next is the Whippy vs Radrodro case,come Tuesday and Wednesday.Lets see the outcome on how things go since this is the big talk in town right now.C4.5 should be covering this as well as it is the first of its kind in Fijis history.

    1. 9.00am
      Explain what's going on and why it's the talk in town? How can you relate it to our Judiciary?

  63. The first case of defamation involving social media – Facebook was heard yesterday at the Suva High Court.

    Emosi Radrodro, a former radio personality, is being sued by Fiji Fashion Week Limited and managing director Ellen Whippy-Knight for defamation.

    The matter stems from series of postings made on Facebook by Radrodro making allegations against the company and Ms Whippy-Knight of sexual misconduct.

    Ms Whippy-Knight’s lawyer, Emmanuel Narayan, informed the court that despite a pending case, Radrodro was still posting issues related to Fiji Fashion Week Limited and Ms Whippy-Knight on Facebook. His postings are related to issues for which he is being sued.

    The matter was called before Judge Justice Mutu Nayagam as a civil matter.

    Radrodro is being represented by Isireli Ramanu.

    Ms Whippy-Knight took the stand yesterday and gave witness in court. She informed the court that she worked for Radrodro in 2004 as a Production Manager for his event called Join the Band.

    Ms Whippy-Knight while giving evidence said: “It was a difficult eight months working with Radrodro as he would make remarks like: ‘Do you think you would look good with that skirt, it looks like netball net’, ‘This is my show and you are stealing it. You are not going to talk to the media anymore as your photo is always in the media.’”

    The court heard that Radrodro had been posting statements on Facebook alleging that he was the reason of Ms Whippy-Knight’s success and that Fiji Fashion Week Ltd were “selling” off their models to “rich white men”.

    Mr Ramanu will be presenting his four witnesses today, including Radrodro.

    During cross-examination Mr Ramanu asked Ms Whippy-Knight if she remembered Radrodro lodging a Police complaint against her, to which she said yes. She informed the court that the basis of the complaint were allegations that she was “selling” the company’s models to “white men” and that she was sleeping with male models and that she was running a prostitution ring in Pacific Harbour and had clients from Papua New Guinea.

    When asked what were her responses to these allegations, Ms Whippy-Knight said she was not involved in any such activities in any “way, shape or form”.

    Ms Whippy-Knight informed the court that following allegations by Radrodro on Facebook, ticket sales for Fiji Fashion Week events dropped and they also had difficulties in recruiting models.

    She also informed the court that till date her husband had spent close to FJ$2million in financing the events and that she had not “made a single cent from the events.”

    The court heard that Radrodro was also urging public not to buy tickets to the Fiji Fashion Week events on Facebook.

    Ms Whippy-Knight’s personal assistant and model manager was the second witness to take the stand yesterday.

    She informed the court that she was embarrassed to be related to the company after Radrodro made allegations on Facebook about sexual misconduct.

    She informed the court that after Radrodro’s postings on Facebook, they had seen a decrease in models coming to audition for their events.

    The case continues today.

  64. Emosi Radrodro had been trying so hard to have a sexual relationship with Ms Whippy but was unsuccessful. So he turned to Facebook.
    Why didn't she sue Radrodro and Facebook? That will be the first of its kind.

  65. Boci. His own word to the police had convicted him. In retrospect his physical presence at the scene reaffirmed it... Judiciarys role is to overturn Balas conviction.
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  66. @Amy Amy 1:17 PM

    Another armchair lawyer we see;

    "his physical presence at the scene reaffirmed it". WHAT?

    "Murdered"? You need to go back to school and learn the meaning of murder.

  67. 5 27pm
    Obviously she's not from here. That goes to show that we have followers abroad who are visiting c45. To you Amy Amy you're most welcome. Your feedback is definitely noted. Thumbs up too to the author- anon 11.53an Aug 10.

  68. OMG!! So I can hit-and-run all I want with this precedent case on file. We already have soo many deaths on our roads, this is a reason for more!!

  69. Vote Fiji First- vote for Ratu Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama


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