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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sore losers Bala and Naidu use police to disrupt TISI AGM

Fiji First Minister Parveen Bala and former Sagnam president Dorsami Naidu's bid to control TISI Sagnam has reached a despicable low with the pair resorting to using puppets and the police to disrupt the AGM where office bearers were supposed to have been elected.

Sources have revealed the disgruntled pair orchestrated the mayhem from Naidu’s Nadi office, just 500 metres from the venue where the AGM was being held, last Sunday.

They have also exposed the fact that the plan to disrupt the meeting so police had to be called in to stop it before elections could take place, was hatched on the eve of the AGM.

The key troublemakers have been named as one Govind Padiyachi, a high school assistant principal and a puppet of both Bala and Education Minister Mahendra Reddy, and one Yogesh Krishna, who is understood to be employed at the Education Ministry HQ.

Both were evicted by security officers, after which police led by the Divisional Police Commander Western and his Deputy, came in and called the meeting off.

Several have criticized the decision by senior police officers to stop the meeting and demand the permit – without discussing concerns with the TISI management – as heavy-handed and unnecessary.

The AGM had only one item on the agenda – election of office bearers – when police suddenly arrived. This is despite the fact that the High Court of Lautoka had ordered the AGM to be held on that day – August 28.

According to our sources, a few of the disruptive elements led by Govind Padiyachi were taken out of the meeting by security officers engaged by TISI. This happened in front of a few police officers, who stood by as were as the disgruntled few hurled abuse and questioned the authority of the executives.

They say when the last item on the agenda was announced, that is holding of elections, police suddenly appeared in large numbers and announced the meeting had been cancelled, ordering the more than 700 members to leave.

Police claim they stopped the meeting under the Public Order Amendment Decree. Yet our sources have established that under this Decree, a meeting of members only – as was the TISI AGM –  does not require a permit.

Readers will recall that the struggle for control of TISI has been waging for some time and that the High Court at Lautoka had dissolved the ex-parte injunction/motion obtained by Bala (Sangam vice-president), lawyer Naidu and Avinesh Reddy, TISI Sangam vice-president Raja Kumaran and Parmesh Lingam.

The decision effectively meant that Bala, Naidu and co could not contest the TISI Sangam elections.

Yet, two days later, Bala who has been desperately trying to become the President of Sangam, and Naidu pulled the low down stunt to derail the AGM.


Anonymous said...

Bala and police once again colluded this time to derail the election. Didn't he employ similar tactic that spared him from the murder charge against the late Puna .

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it the same group now claiming that the police acted for Bala also utilized the same police to call of the meeting in May?? It seems that it didn't go their way this time and they accusing the police and Bala.

Anonymous said...

Bala u just lost votes for the next elections u nut.

Anonymous said...

Let us give a hand of applause to the new self appointed Minister of Defense Hon Rear Admiral Voreqe Bainimarama after the resignation of Mr Natuva.
Sky is the limit.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Told you cunts before, Bala colluded with the fucking corrupt police to let him off the charges. And fuck the new minister of defence.

Anonymous said...

There was no need for a Minister of Defence in the first place. Only countries under constant external threats or those who had their defence forces actively involved in externally-oriented defence combat missions usually had one. In Fiji it is merely to lend more superficial significance to our insignificant Fiji Military Forces. They have not served in active combat missions since Malaya but strictly confined to low threat, heavily govt-subsidised and expensive peacekeeping missions for a small country like Fiji. Their only near experience with combat situation was highly embarrassing for the country when a fully armed platoon (or company?) cowardly surrendered in the face of barely armed terrorist elements in Golan. They were too scared and had no idea nor any experience on what to do in that situation. These cowards are silently loathed and seen as scum by the majority of Fijians back home. On the face of it the populace seemingly appear to accept them as normal soldiers doing the honourable thing protecting its people. Beneath all the typical Fijian 'liumuri' smiles, the army are despised especially with their exorbitant salaries and the privileges they have, courtesy of a Government that is basically buying the protection of an undertrained, inexperienced and ignorant army. What is worse the army doesn't seem to realise their predicament and the real perception of the people. It is anyway expected especially when you have uneducated and ill-trained soldiers filling the ranks. Gone are all the professionally trained and high achievers who use to be in the officers' ranks until recently, including Natuva. One by one they have fallen on their own swords because the military now in Fiji is far removed from the high standards of the military in the past years prior to the coup of 2006 and was fast eroded thereafter. What we have now is a military that is nothing more than a bunch of fat, ill-trained, overpaid opportunists who are only there to protect their coward boss (PM), his family and cohorts, and also fill their greedy pockets.

KUA NI RERE said...


Keda meda sa vakararavi ga vei Jisu. Wiliki va levu nona Vosa. Baleta na veiliumuritaki caka tu qo i Viti sa tawa vala rawa!

Anonymous said...

Jisu,,,Rerewaka Na Kalau, Na Doka Na Tui...what is missing?

Anonymous said...

He should be dead with his head wrapped in a plastic bag. Why didn't the attackers finish the job?
Is it real?? Why NZ media picked this up first in front of our nose?

Fiji whistleblower left for dead
A Fiji businessman was left for dead after being attacked in his home on Tuesday, allegedly by security forces.

Rajneel Singh had earlier blown the whistle on what appeared to be an assassination plot against senior members of the Fiji government.

Mr Singh's lawyer, Aman Ravindra-Singh, confirmed Mr Singh was attacked in his home on Tuesday afternoon.

A screenshot of video showing Rajneel Singh in Fiji lying on the floor of his home during an attack. The video has been confirmed as genuine by his lawyer Aman Ravindra-Singh.A screenshot of video showing Rajneel Singh in Fiji lying on the floor of his home during an attack. His lawyer, Aman Ravindra-Singh, says he believes the footage is genuine.

"After he was beaten a plastic bag was tied over his head and fastened with industrial tape" - Aman Ravindra-Singh
A video also emerged on social media showing the attack and his lawyer said he believed it to be genuine.

Mr Ravindra-Singh said Mr Singh was still suffering after allegedly being tortured by security forces last November.

In the latest incident, Mr Ravindra-Singh said two men in police attire arrived at Mr Singh's home while his family were out.

He said Mr Singh was beaten, a plastic bag was tied over his head, his hands and legs tied and he was left to choke.

"This was an attempted murder on Mr Singh," said Mr Ravindra-Singh.

"It is very difficult for him to even speak with all the trauma associated with the attack."

He said family members arrived back and called the police, who arrived and saw Mr Singh motionless on the ground.

Family members took him to hospital and he has since been released.

Mr Ravindra Singh said he has since visited Mr Singh's home and taken photos of the scene.

He said a Fiji police jacket was left behind after the attack and the police, despite being aware of the attack, were yet to take any action.

No one was interviewed or brought to justice over the November attack despite the evidence given so far, he said.

"This man was tortured by members of the military and the police on or about the November 21 last year and there has been a concerted effort to cover up the persons who are involved in torturing Rajneel Singh."

Last year, Mr Singh found details of plans to destabilise the government on an unattended computer in his cafe, and then called police - who he claims later assaulted him.

He said he was beaten by police, burnt with a piece of metal and abandoned in a pine plantation.

Investigation under way

The Fiji police say an investigation is under way into this week's incident.

A police spokesperson, Ana Naisoro, said Mr Singh's wife lodged a complaint with the Lautoka Police on Tuesday.

Ms Naisoro said the police were investigating and trying to establish the identities of those behind the attack.

Anonymous said...

Sangam must be really scraping the bottom of the barrel if it has to appoint Mr. Som Padayachi as the national treasurer. Wasn't he suspended from Nadi club for cheating at cards while gambling? Was he not also charged for stealing money in another organization? Beware. You have be warned.

Anonymous said...

To the fucking Minister of Defence, the Tongan patrol boat will sail into Suva harbour and your useless Navy cunts can't do anything about it.

Kim Jong Il said...

Student walks free from manslaughter charge. Another asshole who walks free after hitting someone with a truck and later died. What the fuck's happening to the judiciary and police if Fiji?

Suomynona said...

Same old Bala who got lucky by avoiding conviction of an accident he caused and now uses the police to stop an AGM as if he's as high and mighty as Frankie.

Democracy is nothing more than a lousy joke in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

This man was tortured by members of the military and the police on or about the November 21 last year and there has been a concerted effort to cover up the persons who are involved in torturing Rajneel Singh.
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