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Friday, September 2, 2016

Cafe owner attacked again - this time left for dead

Lawyer says footage of attack genuine.
Another unsolved case involving citizens and the dubious behaviour of security forces.

The cafe owner who last year told police of a plot to destabilise the Bainimarama government has been beaten again, reportedly by the same forces.

Rajneel Singh was found by family at his home on Tuesday with a plastic bag tied over his head and his hands and legs tied.

His lawyer, Aman Ravindra-Singh, has described the attack as 'attempted murder.'

Bizarre things are not unknown to happen in Fiji; neither are the beatings and torture of
Picture of Rajneel Singh last November.
citizens by police and military forces.

Police haven't said much on this case other than to confirm the wife of the victim has laid a complaint with Lautoka police.

They didn't say much either last time.

The details of the Rajneel Singh attack, as has been the case so often, will be no doubt left to the victim and family as they seek to find justice.

So far we know the 32 year old cafĂ© owner was beaten and tortured last year after sending to Police Commissioner Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho information about an apparent plot he found left on a computer screen that had not been logged out.

His lawyer, who has taken evidence from the house, says a Fiji police jacket was left behind on Tuesday.

"This man was tortured by members of the military and the police on or about the November 21 last year and there has been a concerted effort to cover up the persons who are involved in torturing Rajneel Singh."


Anonymous said...

Lawyer says footage of attack genuine.

does that mean its genuine footage or the content contained in the footage is genuine?

Pio said...

Typicle lamusona buturaki mentality. Why bother talking when we can kill him easily.

I hope these men werent christians. Christians wouldnt condone such behaviours.


Anonymous said...

If this was about Destabilising the government it would be very easy to catch the perpetrators.
The Army would have already found out who owned the jacket on the same night.
But looks like there's more to this story.
And doesnt this arsehole have CCTV in his Internet shop and at home?
And how come he has Commisioner of Police mobile number in his phone.
I think somebody really hates him and has deliberately planted the Police Jacket there inorder to throw off the scent.
Maybe he's having sex with somebody elses boyfriend and the other poofter is not happy.
Hahahahahahaha. Mate yani kaisi.

Anonymous said...

This is a reflection of our law and justice. How would we know the outcome of his prior case which is turning cold? If this is deliberately done to bring some publicity then yeah good . That guy and his family deserves some answers.
Our Judiciary and security is portrayed by the court acquittal of the black arse bastard Bala.
Where's justice??

Anonymous said...

Bullshit. How come he was left for dead when there was a photographer there?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:11 AM

You forget that these days the very first thing you do if you see a serious accident or incident is whip out your camera so you can facebook it in the hope that you get some more likes !

Anonymous said...

See the video, anonymous 10.11am. Its not a first reaction. Its a deliberate shoot, with the hero in his makeup - tracksuit and all. To detract attention from greater evil in the country under Kai.

Anonymous said...

This is a short version of Fijis Hollywood movie " Yellow Panther " featuring Rajneel as the detective trying to free himself after being attacked and tied up. What's not visible in the picture are the yellowish and brownish stains on the bottom of his pants with flies having a great time.

Vilimoni Natewa said...

To go NZ or Australian Embassy and seek for asylum. Run before they kill you.

Donald T said...

The scratch marks on his back confirm that the Fiji Police are FUCKING PUSSIES HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA and Bainimarama is also a FUCKING PUSSY HAHAHAHAHA.

Anonymous said...

This man Rajneel is fraud. Too many inconsistencies in his stories. Who will take video if he was dying?

Savenaca said...

Manasa Lasaro the racist Nationalist will be in hell now for instigating the 1987 and 2000 coups. Burn in burn bastard.

Anonymous said...

This episode reminds me of Narcos a film series on Netflix depicting the brutal reign of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, where he will send his Sicarios to beat up or kill an informer or rival.

Anonymous said...

The Indian scum (Savenaca) condemning Lasaro should know that Lasaro's nationalist agenda is very much alive right now amongst the Taukei. We're just bidding our time. It helps when you curse a dying Reverend like that because it just fuels the fire that will come as this thing comes around. Right now all Taukei nationalist clusters/cells are spreading these inflammatory messages to their members. Keep fanning the flames you kulina!!

Anonymous said...

Savenaca, stop using a i-Taukei name you filthy Indian cunt.

Anonymous said...

so another minister of FF bites the dust courtesy of the racist AG...
Savenaca, your time of reckoning will come in due course...

PETER said...

Wacchu smokin' hombre? Rabuka is coming as PM soon, I think you have forgotten that you blokes hated this man.
He is not coming to help idiots. He is only doing what he meant to do in 1997. Remember? He went with the NFP.
So keep biding your time.

Anonymous said...

Why there's no topic yet to be posted here of Natuvas resignation. What's the reason? C45 anything on this??,

Anonymous said...

Savenaca na carawai pani. You said that the late Rev Lasaro instigated the 1987 and 2000 coups, really? Did you understand your statement or not because obviously your telling us that you're a Fool. Thanks for the wild guess and would you please wash your hands properly and thoroughly with soap and water and sanitize them so that no one gets sick. The hands you wipe your arse after crapping are the same ones you feed yourself with.

Anonymous said...

The power of Love can solve all problems in Fiji.

A new flag would have been great to show that.

Savenaca said...

I am Savenaca Toganivalu from Lautoka. I cannot understand why racist nationalist are calling me an Indian. Why cant they accept that not all Fijians are racists. I never nor will support any military coup including 2006 coup. Our beautiful country has been destroyed by nationalists since 1987 and Manasa Lasaro was one who was one of the perpetrators of the 1987 coup. Burn in hell Manasa and reminder to all nationalist racists your d- days will be coming soon. Like Manasa you guys will burn in hell. By the way I am not an Indian. It shows that Indians are soft targets for you nationalists.

Anonymous said...

Nationalists can't win because LOVE is more powerful than HATRED.
When SHAME starts building up in a nationalist's mind, everything becomes clear.
I believe that Fiji in 2016 is very different from Fiji in 1987.
Rabuka will lose the elections for obvious reasons and we will have to wait again 4 years
of corruption and lack of transparency before getting an alternative.
That is of course if there is no Plan B... I think it's about time to have a decent
multicultural opposition in Fiji. Brand new party preferably.

BTW, what happens to Manasa Lasaro now that he is dead is not our prerogative to decide...

Anonymous said...

Now you make sense." Instigator and one of the perpetrators" in both posts you made against the Rev are two different things. He and some church members in 1987 came in the fore to offer their support after Steve Rambo had taken over the govt.
The Instigator and the main perpetrator is Rambo himself and his military, not Lasaro.

Tomasi said...

The Almighty has chosen Rabuka to lead Sodelpa into the new government and will win the elections. Ive known all along the Almighty has planned Rabuka to lead. Rabuka was forgiven for his past and will rise up into the light and blast the evil in Fiji out of the darkness and back into the Lords Light.

You watch Sodelpa and Rabuka will pave the way for Fiji to become the way the world should be once again.

Anonymous said...


You are being delusional.
Fiji First, I believe, will hardly lose any voters to Sodelpa.

On the other hand, Sodelpa is facing a kind of mutiny. Teimumu's Plan B is not yet clear, but I can only see Sodelpa losing votes.
At the end of the day, we will be in for another xtra 4 years of Banana Republic ruling. No transparency, selling the State's assets, etc.

The choice of Sodelpa assumes that voters are WEAK, for only WEAK people need Rambos.

KUA NI RERE said...

I think Rajneel Singh is the arsehole that calls himself Vili Rakoro.
He is obviously trying really hard to make a photo album so that he can show to NZ Embassy that he needs Refugee VISA for New Zealand.

Only problem Vili ( aka Rajneel Singh) is the KiwiS ARE NOT DUMB LIKE YOU.
They will not fall for your stupid antics.

IF YOU WANT A GENUINE PICTURE OF YOU BEING ASSAULTED BY THE POLICE : you should get your relatives to take a photo of you bound naked with flour on your body and a liga ni marama half way up your arse...BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT THE P[OLICE DID TO VILIAME SOKO.

The Kiwis are not DUMB. They will only give VISA to those assaulted by the Fiji Army...SO START ANOTHER DIFFERENT STORY AND LEAVE AN ARMY RIFLE LYING NEXT TO YOU IN YOUR NEXT PHOTO , you dumbass.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mate yani kawaca!

Anonymous said...

Finally tired of being fucked in bed with same position by his bosses Kaiyum and Bai.

Anonymous said...

Take your new flag and wipe your Khai/Bai asses then you can keep it to blow your nose or panpan.

Anonymous said...

Rauti koya vinaka.

Anonymous said...

Savenaca Devi or Savenaca land piyo hahaha

Suomynona said...

So they fuck up anyone who comes up with anything against the government like the typical cunts that they are, a real shame that even the police can't protect you. In fact, almost nothing can protect you from those government gestapos in disguise regardless if cop or soldier.

Bruce Matana said...

Rajneel is a fake.......What a drama, someone should really kick his ass.

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