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Monday, September 12, 2016

Detainment ploy a win for Fiji Opposition leaders

Leaders being processed at police station

Thuggery tendencies and an insecurity that will never go away because it was a never a democratic process. 

Such is the ongoing fate of coup leader turned prime minister Frank Bainimarama, despite the pomp and ceremony of Fiji's Parliament resuming this morning.
Leaders in custody at their families worry about them

And so it will be to the next election and for however long this sham reign survives.

The detainment of opposition party and prominent leaders over the weekend shows what’s always been known – the military regime will never take its foot off the throats of Fiji people because it knows it doesn't have the mandate it believes it has.

The weekend drama reveals, too, that Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum are fear the combined power of SODELPA, NFP and the Labour Party.

Long uncertain wait for loved ones
Bainimarama and Khaiyum's efforts to quell a forum on the Constitution on the day the country supposedly celebrates the 2013 document, has also trained all eyes again on the so-called democratic government running this country.

Typically, though, for New Zealand and Australia and others, it's a case of looking on and waiting for it to pass because that's the fate they signed up to when they bought into the facade.

And if the persecution was aimed at disrupting the Pacific Leaders Forum, no one has given Bainimarama that satisfaction.

Fiji's political parties should now harness their strength and survive any trumped up onslaught and build on this unity.

Prasad and Singh boycott opening
NFP has taken a step in the right direction by today boycotting the President's address with leader Biman Prasad and Parlimentary whip Prem Singh not attending the opening of Parliament.

The party's Management Board says the persecution of leaders over the weekend is just a 'continuation of many other offensive acts' since the 2014 election including the:

a) suspension of two MPs
b) the amendment of Parlimentary standing orders to pursue a one-sided legislative agenda
c)the amendment of standing orders to remove Biman Prasad as chair of the Public Accounts Committee
d) the excessive use of standing orders to fast track legislation to avoid scrutiny or public consultation
e)the refusal to remove decrees
f)the refusal to facilitate an office of independent parlimentary counsel
g)the ongoing conflict of interest of Aiyaz Khaiyum holding the position of AG and Minister of Elections as well as Secretary General of Fiji First. 

Their duty lies beyond the call this morning from President
Major General Joji Konrote to leave aside 'petty squabbles and rivalries' and to use Parliament to propel Fiji to 'the greatness glimpsed in Rio.'

Parties must work together for change
As of this morning five of those taken into custody were released last night. They were: Biman Prasad, Attar Singh, Sitiveni Rabuka, Tupeni Baba and Jone Dakuvula. Chaudhry as of yesterday was still being questioned.

Excellent work from Fiji's youth and activists (Kris Prasad and Pita Waqavonovono) capturing the realities of the detainment with their videos and pictures.



SEMI K MEO said...

Oh...Many of us were lead to believe my tauvu HAS changed!...what's brewing in the kitchen that many of us are not aware of?

Is he himself feeling heat in the kitchen ????

Anonymous said...

A year late, but still we can see some hope in the 3 parties coming together. Bai Kai will do everything to prevent this happening. Time for mature hands to take over and steer the parties into a powerful force. Time for petty point scoring is over.

Anonymous said...

Time for SODELPA to support Biman's stand.

Anonymous said...

the parties couldnt pull together previously especially in 2014, will they see the importance of doing this now?

problem could be question of who will be 'leader'.

Anonymous said...

NFP making a principled stand by boycotting. SODELPA should support that. Parliament is as effective as Lady Speaker's skid marked underpants!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:22 PM

The problem is not so much finding a leader to pull together a multi party approach now.

The greater problem would be the holding together of any successful multi party win without infighting taking a priority over the needs of the country.

Anonymous said...

when you oppress a poor impoverished people like those in North Korea it is easier to get away with things. Our people have seen freedom and lived freedom so we know what we are missing. We will not yield to would be oppressors no matter how many freebies are given. I think the people have heard an seen enough. This in my opinion was the final straw. I have said this before and i will say it again the only way to beat this hooligans called the FF is to form a massive party under one banner and take this motherfuckers on. All leadership decisions should be agreed upon now and an MOW must be signed to avoid future conflict.

Fiji is know ready to right the wrongs of 3 decades of shit in particular of the last 9 years.

Freedom must be obtained for their is no other way to live.


Anonymous said...

All 4 divisions of Fiji should unite and put aside their divisions.

Northern, Eastern, Western and Central United Party is the future for Fiji.
Vote NEWCUP if FF is not your cup of tea.

Anonymous said...

Minister tells of mining effects

Luke Rawalai
Monday, September 12, 2016

OUTGOING Lands Minister Mereseini Vuniwaqa says bauxite mining had negative impacts on natural ecosystems because of failure in monitoring systems.

Speaking during an interview, Mrs Vuniwaqa said negative impacts of bauxite mining included dust emissions and the dirtying of waterways, which needed to be strictly monitored by the Mineral Resources Department.

Mrs Vuniwaqa said since bauxite mining was new the ministry initially found it hard to monitor mining works, adding that it was better with it now.

"It has been a learning project and we have learnt very fast in bauxite mining because of the objections to it," she said. "The company mining bauxite at the initial site in Bua is now replanting trees after mining, which is part of their licensing conditions. They need to fulfil it before they leave the country."

Mrs Vuniwaqa said mining at the first site had been completed adding that the mining company had a 20-year lease over the land.

"They mined for seven to eight years and if you go there now you will find it green," she said. "As per the conditions of the licences they plant things that were there before they began mining and the idea now is to plant pine."

Anonymous said...

Former minister for Land Mereseini, why now???

Anonymous said...

What a splendid idea to form a united front and call the new United NEWCUP.Iwill go for that

Anonymous said...

NEWCUP Party is indeed a great idea. The logo could be 4 pieces of a puzzle linked together with a cup drawn on top of them.

Fiji needs ONE Opposition party, not 3-4-5 or 10!!!

The REAL battle here is simple. It's not about lowering the VAT or putting ahead a new strategy to help the sugarcane industry.
NO! It's about DEMOCRACY and not being afraid anymore!

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum is masterminding all of this but Bainimarama is so fucking dumb to realise it. They're running scared and shitting their pants daily as they both know that they will be held accountable for their actions. It's not if but when, Bainimarama you will pay dearly you cunt.

Coup 4.5 said...

Anon at 4.46pm, who are the mature hands?

Anonymous said...

"The greater problem would be the holding together of any successful multi party win without infighting taking a priority over the needs of the country."

We will all remember that prior to the 2006 coup, SDL and the Labour actually joined together... letting narcissist Beddoes alone as "the" opposition, and the crazy man was happy about it! The matter of uniting Fiji is actually more easy than it seems because in practice whatever politics we have doesn't change much things on the ground. For example, the "land issues" may be what they are, but nobody wants to farm anymore because of vucesa fever and most of the land will remain idle... nothing to say about the GCC, which is just talk, talk, talk, anyway! The sole big issue is REAL DEMOCRACY.

The real problem is to find a good leader, and quickly. It can't be Rabuka or Chaudry for obvious and ethical reasons.
As for "mature hands", well I prefer "competent" to mature. Age is not the issue. But I believe the first logical step is
to agree on creating a new party WITH the support of the old Opposition (that is of critical importance) as the current
Opposition will have to go. When the party is created, hold elections to pick its leader.

That new party could very much be the NEWCUP party. It's a short, clear and meaningful acronym to describe exactly what we need.
Slogan: because Bainimarama is not our cup of tea!

That new party would be setup in OPPOSITION to FF and its antidemocratic stand: that is what shall be the "unity". When democracy is restored, that party could be disbanded or split in smaller parties, whatever suits the interest of Fiji.

Ramesh Lal said...

Babara Deaver reports negative things about Fiji. She said on TV 1 the Foreign Minister Ratu Kububola has been sacked. This is not true and in fact he has been made Minister of Defence the biggest post in Fiji. Any one who controls Army and Police controls Fiji. Babara should be banned from Fiji.

Mumtaz Ali - ISIS Branch Fiji. said...

Ha Ha Ha Rabuka got the medicine after 29 years. He used to do this to the legitimate PM of Fiji Late Dr Timoci Bavadra. Reap what you sow.

Anonymous said...

Mumtaz you may think that is is funny to identify yourself as ISIS "Fiji branch". It certainly is not. I do not even have words to describe what ISIS is. One thing is for sure they are a murderous draconian motherfucking lot who deserve nothing better but to rot in hell for all eternity. You my motherfucker of a friend is the ISIS leaders small prick. The only thing that will suck you is another rag head motherfucker with a beard.

What happened to Bavadra was tragic and yes we are all paying the price for the shit that Rabuka started. Perhaps it is time that we finally give him the chance to fix the shit he started.Forgiveness "abu bakars" penis is the only way to heal something perhaps you ISIS lover do not understand. GO climb under the rock you came out of. Not in Fiji.


Anonymous said...


never give a chance to a narcissist, they are manipulators.
Rabuka belongs to the past, not the future.

Anonymous said...

No one is addressing the problem. While 1 party for all may provide the answer it is not the solution.
Who can come up with a solution that will end all coups- our 1 and only enemy??
Fiji has the spirit and what it takes to be the world rugby 7s super power but when dealing with its biggest threat at home it takes the bench.
While we have some great brilliant minds in the country no one has think out something to make a difference basically because of isolation and the fear to act.
I salute the actions of those in the past for breaking the law by trying to smuggke arms into the country. These are individuals who had the courage and spirit to carry out what they believe is the solution . They took heavy risks. The answer is out there.....

Niko said...

I think the "Mature hands" that our bro @4.46pm is talking about is his left and right hands as he pulls himself off to his fuckwit idea's that turn him on.

Anonymous said...

Mumtaz Ali, go fuck a pig you dirty mother-fucking cock-sucking Muslim pig. I'll hunt you down you pig.

Anonymous said...

The two homosexuals of fiji, bai n kai are shitting their pants seeing oppositions being united. One day these the two will make circles around the Gov't buildings shitting pants again. Cassava patch runner! Lol.

Anonymous said...

@10:02 AM

You says that coup is the #1 problem because coups are...illegal.
Then you praise those who smuggled arms into the country... which is illegal too.

Thinking clearly seems to be above your intellectual capacity.

Anonymous said...

1.30pm Do you have a solution? What is it?
We have tried all avenues to end all coups except 1 . And that is to confront the enemy using the same method and tools they use. 30 years living in fear is spending life in bondage. There's no freedom. Today we can appoint a civilian like Chaudry, Biman or Qarase to lead the country but what garrantee do we have that some dickhead in the military won't pull out his pistol again on the elected leader.
The problem in Fiji is the failure of its people to come together as one and confront face to face it's no 1 enemy- the military. We all recognised the problem and who created it but is something done to solve it? No..
Smuggling arms may be illegal but if that's the way to stop future coups bring it on. At least some have come up with it because people like you are so dumb coward. Just trodding along and go with the flow with io saka ..io saka....sucker! . We all know that they are both ilegal and as always military , the coup Instigator simply gets away with it?
Can you come up with a solution to end all coups in Fiji?

Keni said...

The number 1 problem are the Indians. The low lives from slumps of India.

Anonymous said...

1st of all, those sakuca looking police officers and soldiers need to get their uniforms in order. You don't wear tan suede boots with green, or God forbid, blue. It just looks tacky. Tan suede boots go with desert camouflage uniforms. For those who fight in the desert. Not for those who walk around on base or patrolling the streets just itching to grab civilians off the street, from birthday parties that do not have a permit, or weddings , or baptisms. So, take those stupid tan boots off and put on your black boots. Then, stick it up your asses, sideways.

Anonymous said...

@5:04 PM
Me, a "dumb coward" because I don't think putting more weapons in the hands of untrustworthy people will solve the problem? Where do you think the military people come from? Another planet? Nope. They are from all Christian villages and towns around the country. The only blessing for Fiji is that only a group of dumbs have guns, so that is why tragedy has been contained to some extend. That sets Fiji apart from most war-torn countries.

A solution to solve coups could be to have a single Military for all the Pacific Islands, including preferably Australia and New Zealand. That could mean better wages, more professionalism and in the long run no more expensive coups.

For those who think the people can't oppose the Military rule, you might like to remember what recently happened with the flag saga. It was even a young GAY activist who lead the charge and he managed to win his point! If the people stop being afraid and TALK and are non violent, maybe even Christian (but that is very difficult) and come together then everything is possible.

If there is still a beautiful colonial Union Jack on Fiji's flag, it's not because we used weapons. Remember that.

Anonymous said...

1st of all, those sakuca looking police officers and soldiers need to get their uniforms in order. You don't wear tan suede boots with green, or God forbid, blue. It just looks tacky. Tan suede boots go with desert camouflage uniforms. For those who fight in the desert. Not for those who walk around on base or patrolling the streets just itching to grab civilians off the street, from birthday parties that do not have a permit, or weddings , or baptisms. So, take those stupid tan boots off and put on your black boots. Then, stick it up your asses, sideways.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:04 PM

"30 years living in fear is spending life in bondage."

"There's no freedom."

With your expertise in exaggeration and imagination you should be a screenwriter for thrillers.

Taati Khan - ISS Secretary Fiji Branch said...

I don't think the Nationalists want a multiracial opposition party. We want a genuine multiracial party not unity just for the sake of winning an election. I cant see Mahen Chaudhry working with Sitiveni Rabuka or Tupeni Baba working with Mahen Chaudhry. Either Sitiveni Rabuka and Ro Kepa working together.

Anonymous said...

This motherfucker Peter Thomson really works his PR to the max. Every fucking mundane thing a diplomat is suppsed to do as part of his normal duties he makes sure his homosexual partner Graham sings about in the media. He is a fucking bitter useless piece of colonial white trash like his father and forefathers

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

You mean Peter Thomson Fiji's ambassador to UN in New York? I totally agree , he is a reknown homo paedophile that motherfucker

Anonymous said...

@12:47 PM
"colonial white trash"... so I understand you are against keeping the Union Jack on the flag?

Anonymous said...

No keep the union jack, just can't stand the likes of Peter Thomson overprojecting himself like he is the best diplomat we've ever had when we've had brilliant quiet achievers like Berenado, Winston Thompson, Yarrow, etc. Those guys achieved real outcomes not fucking standard routine UN committee representations like this asshole promotes like a cap in his feather. He should fuck off back to Australia fucking self-rated useless motherfucker.

Anonymous said...

Obviously jealous of someone else's success loser.

Anonymous said...

@7:03 PM
"keep the Union Jack" but you said "colonial"? mmm.

You are indeed some sort of loser as 7:18PM said.
Tell us more about your achievements so that we can compare.

Thomson has a wife and kids, he is not gay.
What about you? Are you gay?

Anonymous said...

Hehe ...some Peter Thomson supporters geting on huh ! Sound also like his homo partener Graham Davies...don't give a fuck if he's got wife and kids, the simple fact is, he is no where execeptional as he is made out to be. Just fucking rode on his father's coat tails but nothing like the old man. Luke Daunivalu will do a much better job, than this sycophant who has done nothing but unneccessarily and expensively (unaffordably) expanded Fiji's foreign policy interest. Just send the
motherfucker back to the outback of Aust where he came from.

Anonymous said...

The only thing worse than Peter Thomson is that overrated diplomat in Tokyo Isikeli Mataitoga. He is absolutely useless and always acts and talks like he is always holier than thou. He is nothing but a ball sucking arse licking so called lawyer. The legal fraternity in Fiji does have its share of fakes and this is one of them, no more no less than the fuckall Aiyaz Khaiyum who is no better a lawyer than he is an economic policy fuckwit!

Anonymous said...

Bai steps further to dictate Australia and New Zealand let alone Fiji. What a sham...

Anonymous said...

@8:39 PM
I hardly know Peter Thompson, I am not a supporter of the regime.
But You seem to know him very well and have a particular interest in him, so I thought you might have applied for the job in the past but didn't get the job.

I am still puzzled by your hatred for that "white colonial" man and your love for the Union Jack.

One interesting thing to remember: Rotuma was ceded to Britain because Rotumans had a "religious war" between clans and couldn't agree about their leadership so they asked England to step in.
The same was true for Viti. Tribal warfare, Cakobau unable to run a modern State (he was prevented by white people anyway) and Tongan invasion... so again Fiji ceded to Britain!

That is the history of Fiji: a country that refuse to run itself alone like a big grown up country. Can you imagine the Union Jack with a flag of France in the corner? eh...

In a sense, you have a good point about Peter Thompson. We could add here the long list of white people coming to run this country in thr background to prevent it from collapse. Look at all NGOs, top civil servants, banker at Resrve Bank, CEO of many corporations... are they representative of Fiji demographics? Nope... But instead of being angry at white people, one should look at oneself and wonder what's wrong with us her...

I tell you Fiji will keep the Union Jack as long as the country will feel it needs a diaper (no offense to the Union Jack here, just a metaphor for the attitude of the people) Bainimarama keeping the Union Jack is really funny, it looks so out of place on a Military uniform during a coup...

Anonymous said...

Taati Fucking Khan, I'm coming after you you pig-fucking piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

hey 8.39 your account of history is not correct...go read the archives not just someone's interpretation of history

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous of September 15, 2016 at 9:33 PM and September 16, 2016 at 8:44 AM

Isikeli Mataitoga is a Reverend and a Pastor of the Assembly of God. He is Lawyer, a former High Court Judge and a respectable Advisory to many people and so as our Government of the day and he is an experience Diplomat of Fiji. Never been a dull moment in his life. OK! That was why he was chosen ahead of you by AG Khaiyum and PM Bainimarama to be what he is today, in serving the people of Fiji and abroad. What do you think my goodsir ? If you do use a foul or fine language in reply than you are identifying your real goodself with your Mum and Dad who brought you up to this world

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:11 PM

Being a Reverend and a Pastor is not something that is associated with merit these days in case you had overlooked it.

Now just how many reverends and pastors are before the courts in Fiji at present?

Anonymous said...

@12:11 PM

Our PM is a man of Faith:

"Update: 12:07PM PRIME Minister Voreqe Bainimarama says it is his faith in God that guides him in serving the Fijian people as their leader and shows him right from wrong.

It is that same faith, he said, that had given him a deep respect for people of other religious traditions and has driven him to understand and value the ways they worshipped. He said people of faith were important in a free society, "a free society like we now have in Fiji as people of faith give a voice to morality and ethics". Mr Bainimarama was speaking at the Ganesh Utsav religious festival that ended yesterday with a final ritual performed at the My Suva Park, witnessed by close to 2000 Hindu devotees. "

Narcissists often end up as talatalas, dictators, pms, etc...etc... so it makes some sense if that Isikeli behaves somewhat like a "superior man" but then such is the comedy of humanity.

Think for a second that all those people live in total delusion... TOTAL DELUSION...
Bainimarama is a man of faith.... he killed people by faith. so did Rabuka.

No wonder we will end up with 2 dictators in 2018 elections... when you have top narcissists at the top, you know that a nation is weak and somewhat dumb. Come on Sodelpa, what did you do?!?!?!?!!?! how could you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We must also consider the totally delusional people that have been brainwashed by this idea they refer to as religious faith.

How many people in Fiji have said that it was religious faith that helped the boys win at the Olympics?

Now how many of those same people would have openly stated and bragged if they had lost it was because their religious faith was not strong enough?

None of course, those boys were who they were. Was their religious faith going to miraculously change between the winning or losing try of the match?

Of course not.

Suomynona said...

Well its always been a political battle between three parties and two (idiots)...individuals.

SODELPA, FLP, and NFP in one corner with Bhaiyum in the other, so this boxing match is all criticism and clueless decrees implemented without even one single consultation because the idiots that did it think they're in the right.

So Wrong!

Mayor Vargas said...

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Anon said...

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