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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Fiji police arrest Opposition leaders who attended Constitution forum

Two in custody - two more being targeted
Fiji police have swooped on political party leaders who
Attar Singh: Former FICTU leader arrested
attended a debate on the Constitution earlier this week.

The public forum was about the controversial 2013 Constitution, which many continue to criticise as being a regime exercise.

Two leaders have been taken in for questioning already this morning -
NFP's Biman Prasad, and former trade unionist, Attar Singh,
Arrested: NFP leader Biman Prasad
was escorted from his Samubula home in Suva by CID officers about an hour ago.

Police picked up NFP leader, Biman Prasad, soon after. 

Two other leaders are being sought - incoming SODELPA Party leader, Sitiveni Rabuka, and Labour Party Mahendra Chaudhry.

The Pacific Dialogue's Forum on the Constitution was apparently held without a permit.

The forum was held on Fiji's Constitution Day, a public
Rabuka: panellist at forum

Chaudhry: panellist at forum
Just ten people are believed to have been at the forum.

Lawyers are on hand to assist Singh and Prasad but they could be in custody until Monday.

Details are still emerging but the leaders being targeted by police today were all panellists at the forum except for who Singh was just in the audience.

The family of those arrested are keeping calm but obviously concerned about the safety of those who've been taken in.

The 2013 Constitution was two years in the making and was signed into law in September that year with the so-called 'free elections' following in October 2014.

There was wide criticism at the time of the Constitution being drafted and parts of it continue to be challenged, namely the provisions that allow coup perpetrators who are in government today absolute and unconditional immunity from the 2006 coup and the abrogation of the Constitution in 2009. 

The regime Constitution cemented the illegal decrees it manufactured in 2009 and 2010 to allow Frank Bainimarama and other coup perpetrators and supporters to stay in power.

The 2013 Constitution further protects the regime masters by stating that their immunity or the decrees cannot be reviewed, amended, altered or appealed or revoked.

Etched in many minds are the pictures of a tearful Dr Yash Ghai, the international Constitution law expert who'd brought in to run the consultations after police confiscated his drafts and burnt the printer's proofs in front of him.

Bainimarama threw out Ghai's draft saying it harked to the past and brought in his own version.

Police burn printer's proofs of Yash Ghai Constitution draft


Anonymous said...

Qo na ka ena yaco........we still do Not have freedom.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am really shocked!

Anonymous said...

This is an open forum to commemorate the constitution on Constitution day. What's wrong with holding this session and why seek approval when govt had gazetted this very day to commemorate the 2013 Constitution. What a fake democracy! BTW the 2013 constitution must be celebrated as 2013 Immunity charter. I didn't even give my approval for that piece of crap document.

Anonymous said...

Look at Public Order Act a law which was passed through parliament well before Bainimarama's time. They are merely enforcing Fijis law. The Public a order Ammended Decree has been removed however people fail to realize that the Act still remains. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. When an ordinary citizen brakes the law nobody cares.mwhen high profile people as those arrested break the law it now becomes a human rights and freedom of expression issue.nhow about Rabuka saying to "blow them" in the meeting when a speaker was referring to military and police intelligence. It could mean a lot of things coming from Rabuka. As a preacher who had many partners and children out of wedlock it could mean giving a blow job sexually. As a former military commander and a person who was involved in the year 2000 mutiny it could mean blowing them with a gun or explosive. As a military person he can also mean blowing their cover and using physical violence against them. Rabuka has become over confident and overstepped the mark. His arrogance in having many sexual partners and craving for power is clearly at display and the other people who love to associate themselves with him now.

Anonymous said...

Anon@7.51am your interpretation of the law sucks. What is happening here is selective enforcement of that law. Where is the public threat to be curbed which is the primary intent of this legislation. Oh now i understand, it is the Govt's impression that some people may have different or their own views of this fucked up so called constituion. Qilihos, Bainimarama and Aiyaz are just 'blowing' each other out of fear!

Anonymous said...

One of the problems we all face now is that everyone believes they have the right to say anything about somebody.

Freedom of speech has been taken as an excuse for the idiots to assume there will be no consequences for their verbal actions.

It is in all our interests that someone has to monitor what and what's not a threat to others.

Unfortunately it has to be the police and security services that take on this responsibility and we should all be thanking them for doing this.

Anonymous said...

@7:51 AM

Of course, the meaning was not clear, and probably it was intended to be so.

It doubt he meant giving a blow job in that context though, especially as a preacher.

The sex workers at Fiji Sun will probably tell us the truth very soon.

Fact of the matter is that we need to get rid of Bainimarama and Rabuka democratically.
Sodelpa should take the opportunity to replace Rabuka by someone decent, otherwise we will lose an other 4 years.

Anonymous said...

This country cannot entertain leaders who rule with fear..pm pls stepdown we need afearless and righteous leader..

Tomasi said...

Guys....The Almighty Father has a plan for us all and that is why he put Rabuka as leader of Sodelpa. The Lord Almighty knows all and knows Rabuka will right the wrongs of the past and move Fiji into a new powerful begining. Rabuka was chosen by God twice to lead different tasks.

You watch guys Rabuka will win by landslide at the next elections. People will vote for our christian brother in christ and trust him whole heartedly.

Anonymous said...

Sa levu na rere, keina via vakarerevaki. Safety and National security my ass!!

Anonymous said...

Fuck you and your bullshit you cock sucker!!

Anonymous said...

Go blow job Kaiyum Bainimarama and Qiliho you lowlife bum sucker.

Anonymous said...

Thomas Newton the Maldives rapist say his anus was violated by Indians in prison in Maldives so it is OK to blow all Indians in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

I like to see that future Prime Ministers released soon. Current Gov't is too scared of the opposition parties. The turnout in Raki Raki last week is the biggest threat for them. Corrupted FF party is trying to get rid of these people so they cannot run in the next elections. Oppositions: stay strong and get rid of this corrupted government when time comes. Let's pray for Fiji and the future leaders who are now detained. Trash or use it as toilet paper the Bai/kai-2013 constitution.

Anonymous said...

Dump bai/kai imposed 2013 constitution. This constitution is to save bai from treason, kai from corruption and many in the military for their blow job to bai. Bring back the constitution that was made during Rabuka's time.

Nailiva said...

Babara Deaver always reports bad things about Fiji. She is antiFiji.

Anonymous said...

Oh what... again?!? That's it... there you go... for what? for who? and how?
We will have to wait.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama has learned many lessons, his doing a prevention is better than cure. He learnt this before the coup in year 2000 when he was told that there will be a coup and he totally ignore it and went to Norway. Infact he should be charged for Fail to Suppress under the Manual Military Law.

Anonymous said...

Another former Naval Officer Joeli Cawak is now a Minister of "Rural Development " is visiting Kdv next week and I believe he is from the FF party to hold 1 week talk for government services.Fiji First is not welcome to Kadavu to be honest.

Anonymous said...

...."that could affect the safety and security of all Fijians?" What a crock of shit. Those two bastards are paranoid, that's all. They are living in a world of fear.

Anonymous said...

Fiji is indeed fucked up by this fucking dumb-ass Baimagaitinamu. Seriously this cunt Baimagaitinamu needs to be removed.

Anonymous said...

If the 6 do not get charged with some trumped up BS charges than this incident will cost the FF government big time. The people are watching and the people are not stupid any more.

In the history of Fiji i do not think we have ever had a more corrupt government ever before.

2018 is not far. One day MAFATU IS ALL I CAN SAY.


Anonymous said...

Dua na tamani voro levu sa yacovi rau tu qo o Bai kei Kai.
Telling the world that they are concern of the security and safety of all Fijians is just an excuse.
Everything has a time; Bai and Kai, your time is coming soon.
Waraka, Namaka.

Anonymous said...

Tamani voro rau hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Some idiots who went to Totogo fell for the trap put by the police. By arresting these political leaders and unionist and using the 48 hours detention they purposefully drew out their supporters whom they have profiled and continue to profile. It showed too the minimal support the arrested have. The police special response and military were ready to pounce. Now they know who to round up and it's a group of faggots and lesbians from the women's crisis center. Leading the faggots was Sakiasi Ditoka whose wife fucks around like a female dog, Pita Waqavonovono and the two little boci's from SODELPA youth who are not even itaukei from their small size and probably from Wailoku or of Solomon Island decent.

Anonymous said...

The other two big faggots Simi Rasova who women dump because he can't satisfy them and Aseri Radrodro who is married to the bitch Sainiana Slept with Draunidalo, Driti, Tove, Manasa, Paje, tome, tomani, Sanaial etc etc.

Anonymous said...

Go fuck yourself with your guessline bullshit theory,fucking arsehole

Anonymous said...

Go fuck yourself with your guessline bullshit theory,fucking arsehole

Anonymous said...

Hehehehehe ain't no theory bitch. The truth hurts huh?

Suomynona said...

Constitution Day is definitely a bullshit day to which the only people that give a fark about the constitution being legit are those @$$holes in power.

Typical intimidation right here for anyone who dare to challenge this dicktatorship in disguise when that forum was a lot more legit than that crap Frankie and Ayarse came up with three years ago.

Ghai's draft was definitely what almost everyone wanted in a decent constitution so no wonder it got destroyed by Frankie with his own interests in mind.

And screw the so-called protest without permit crap when one is most likely to either get shot, end up in the military barracks, or be detained just for protesting peacefully.

convolutedexperiment said...

Frank Bainimarama and his hangers on will need more than a supply of diapers once Fijians overcome their fear of theses uneducated thugs and thieves. Once the opposition begins in earnest, it will be an unstoppable avalanche of violence and retaliation. Question is, will Frank and Aiyaz have placed their own families in mortal danger?

Anonymous said...

No uttering please only Bai can and Kai can call Fijians monkeys others do not have a basic freedom of speech.

Why don't Fijians unite the throw this FF govt out of power.

A bunch of muslims and RFMF Royal Fiji Muslim Forces should be ousted.

Since when the military has the final say in all countries military are submissive to the govt of the day.

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