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Friday, September 16, 2016

Fiji’s democracy cracks again

Leaders arrest 'nothing but a government-sponsored assault on democracy'

Last weekend, Fiji's police force arrested six prominent opponents of the ruling party. Their alleged crime was breaching the Public Order Act by making remarks about the constitution at a conference convened by Pacific Dialogue, an NGO, on Fiji's Constitution Day. 

The arrests were nothing short of a government-sponsored assault on its own democracy, and yet another worrying sign that the Fijian Government is uncommitted to the full restoration of democracy.

The six arrested were the leader of the National Federation Party, Biman Prasad; the party (but not parliamentary) leader of the Social Democratic Liberal Party and former prime minister, Sitiveni Rabuka; the general secretary of the Fiji Council of Trade Unions, Attar Singh; academic and former politician, Tupeni Baba; Jone Dakuvula, from Pacific Dialogue; and Labour Party leader and former prime minister Mahendra Chaudhry. 

They were not charged while in police custody for 48 hours but their cases have been referred to the director of public prosecutions, so their eventual fate is not yet clear.

The arrests were made under a 2012 decree that amended the Public Order Act to allow charges to be laid against anyone who takes part in a public meeting for which a government permit has not been obtained. Pacific Dialogue had not applied for a government permit to convene the conference but that's not unusual for a civil society event.

The arrests have exposed a key flaw of the constitution, and ironically one that Prasad (one of the arrested) has previously identified. In an opinion piece for the Fiji Times in June, Prasad wrote that the Fiji had a 'parliamentary democracy established under a Constitution that basically plays the role of bridesmaid to decrees and promulgations'. 

While the 2013 constitution (meant to be the supreme law of the nation) enshrines human rights such as the right to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, it also provides for those rights to be restricted using laws that were decreed by an unelected dictatorship rather than passed by a parliament. 

Just what threat was posed to public order by remarks made about the constitution at a NGO conference held on Constitution Day is not clear to anyone.

Like President Erdogan in Turkey, Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama appears to believe that the only way to govern successfully in a democracy is to eliminate all opposition (including by jailing dissenting voices). 

But Fiji has no Gulenist equivalent with access to the nation's military assets that can threaten Bainimarama. His party, Fiji First, has a significant majority in the parliament and he enjoys favourable coverage in the nation's media. 

A recent opinion poll gave him an 82% approval rating, with 51% saying he was doing a very good job and 31% saying he was doing a good job. If the Prime Minister spent more time governing the country and less time worrying about how to shut down a small number of public dissenters, he could be even more popular.

Since the September 2014 elections, opposition parties have played their part in rebuilding the nation's democracy by participating in parliament. Despite strenuous efforts by the government to discredit individual opposition MPs, these parties are still trying to debate legislation and contribute to public debate by engaging with civil society organisations. These arrests will make it more difficult for MPs and for some elements of civil society to persevere in their efforts.

It is hard to see what Fiji's international partners can do about this situation. Bainimarama proved prior to the 2014 elections and reiterated this week that he has no patience for international scrutiny of his government's actions. Further, his removal late last week of Ratu Inoke Kubuabola from the foreign affairs portfolio has cut off a valuable conduit for Fiji's international partners. 

The popular Kubuabola had established good relations with his Australian and New Zealand counterparts and played an important role in the gradual warming of Australia-Fiji relations. Bainimarama himself has assumed responsibility for foreign affairs. 

His well-known antipathy for Canberra and Wellington will make it very difficult for the Australian and New Zealand governments to continue improving their relations with Fiji and to express concerns to Fiji counterparts. 

New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key has already raised the ire of Bainimarama by remarking that the Fijian Government has the support of their people and 'don't need to do anything particularly silly'.

But Fiji's opposition MPs and civil society deserve international support as they strive to rebuild Fiji's democracy. Even if there is nothing practical Australia can do in response to these arrests, it is still important to express concern for dissenting voices in a democracy. 

Australia's Minister for International Development and the Pacific Concetta Fierravanti-Wells has done that by saying that Australia was 'watching developments' and 'viewing them from the perspective of a government that strongly supports as a matter of principle the universal rights of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly'. Similar sentiments have been forthcoming from New Zealand, the US and EU.

Australia and New Zealand will be loathe to go back down the path of complete estrangement from Fiji, but they will need to be ever more nimble in their approach to Suva if the Fijian Government continues to undermine its own democracy.


Eroni Volavola. said...

Why they didn't get a simple permit to have a meeting. A law is a law. The opposition with people like Mahen Chaudhry think that they are always above the law. It was interesting to see the combination there. Mahen Chadhury and Tupeni Baba couldn't see eye to eye. Likewise Baba and Rabuka. Even Rabuka and Chaudhry were haters of each other. In any country you have to obey the law of the rule.

Eroni dear said...

Eroni dear
Seems you don't know that no NGOs have ever applied for a permit since 2014 for any event. Even our dear PM when making political statements at publics functions should apply for permits. Enjoy freedom of speech in FF style Fiji.One rule for self another for rest.

Eroni dear said...

Eroni dear
Seems you don't know that no NGOs have ever applied for a permit since 2014 for any event. Even our dear PM when making political statements at publics functions should apply for permits. Enjoy freedom of speech in FF style Fiji.One rule for self another for rest.

Anonymous said...

When you confuse freedom of speech with the requirement to get a permit for certain things you are on a loser.

Anonymous said...

With all those foreign navies sailing into port next month, there couldn't be a better time to stage an invasion. Call it, Operation Cleanup For Real.

Anonymous said...

Fiji's democracy stinks. Bai should pass out duct tape to all all fiji citizens to to keep their mouth shut. A dumb, notorious and arrogant PM this globe ever had.

Anonymous said...

If it is not already obvious to everybody, these two have had the final word in thing that goes on in the country. The arrest of opposition members...had to be Khaiyum; reshuffling of cabinet members, Khaiyum; Ice being kicked off the 7s team, Khaiyum; (injuries, my ass); Rawaca not in the final game, Frank. These two rule the world. Make no mistake about it.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama knows the power of the people when they start expressing their opinions.
Remember the flag?
How come it wasn't the same about the Constitution? Well because a constitution is less
important than a flag! And a flag is a simple thing to understand (but still the people got it wrong somehow!)

Anonymous said...

PRIME Minister Voreqe Bainimarama says it is his faith in God that guides him in serving the Fijian people as their leader and shows him right from wrong.

It is that same faith, he said, that had given him a deep respect for people of other religious traditions and has driven him to understand and value the ways they worshipped. He said people of faith were important in a free society, "a free society like we now have in Fiji as people of faith give a voice to morality and ethics". Mr Bainimarama was speaking at the Ganesh Utsav religious festival that ended yesterday with a final ritual performed at the My Suva Park, witnessed by close to 2000 Hindu devotees.

Beeehehehheheehehehhehee I wonder if God told him to do the coup?

Anonymous said...

WOW we have a Dictator PM guided by faith in God to become our leader by order the killing of the CRW and tortured civilians.Gawd is on my side.
CPD 2000 gold medalist remain unbroken!!

Anonymous said...

7:43 AM

"I wonder if God told him to do the coup?"

God is already quite busy making the world exist. Think about it: hundred of billions of stars in our galaxy, and hundreds of billions of galaxies. Each star can have plenty planets, and each planet is made from billions of billions of billions of atoms... So something like 10 to the power 78 atoms altogether, each atom made of subparticles and all those particles have to obey to a set of complicated laws every tiny fraction of a second (Planck time) and all that is only 5% of all the mass in the known universe of course, not talking about the possible multiverse...

And now you wonder if God has time for Bainimarama, in a small country, somewhere, in that huge universe?
Let's give God a break. If I had to calculate every position of each particle in this universe forever, I would drive mad.
God is indeed great. Men are not.

Abdul Rahiman - President ISIS Fiji Branch said...

Yes God told Rabuka to do the coup in 1987 and most iTaukeis believed that.

Anonymous said...

@ Abdul Rahiman-President ISIS Fiji Branch

Please do your job quickly in sabotage some places.
Hurry up Sir.
By doing that, people will know that you a true to Allah.

Anonymous said...

Yes God told Bainimarama to do the coup and all Indians believed that.

Anonymous said...

Guess who got spared on Bakra Eid? It is the munda bakra (shaven goat), ashwin raj.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama and his assfucking buddy Aiyaz Khaiyum are just shit scared. Their cowardly army boys are also ready to pounce. This is typical of armies who haven't been involved in combat situations against elements who are threatening the basic tenets and fundamentals of a free democratic society. They retain the false and ill-conceived notion that they may be the better means to controlling society. It is not surprising that they dropped their arms and willingly surrendered to barely armed elements when confronted in Golan Heights because they have been too weak and gutless to appreciate what they should be fightng for. Bainimarama's foolish utterances in public just confirms the stupidity, fear and cowardice of the regime. Fiji Military Forces is an embarrasment, simply a bunch of overpaid, underworked and incompetent ignorant motherfucking coward bloodsuckers who don't evan have an inkling of the long term damage they are inflicting to Fiji's future.

Anonymous said...

Very correct, anon 9.46am. The two have destroyed Fiji. They have destroyed the integrity of the army and police. They have these these into their private police. Soldiers now have no notion of their mission and vision, except to keep the two corrupt leaders in power. Police also participate in this.

Anonymous said...

Soon we will be killing each other while Bai and Kai continue to make money and full their bank accounts in Dubai. Our leaders should wake up. Rabuka busy drinking wine with Bai while Bai and Kai sell Fiji to the muslem world. We must say: this is enough.

Anonymous said...

@3.38pm Well said professor Dumbledore,the Big Bang theory is a fantastic recipe to illustrate the creation of the universe.Nevertheless the Messiah Bainimarama has discovered a multiverse where his brain has psychokinesis, the ability to move objects with his mind.The idea of people being able to move objects through mind power alone has intrigued people for centuries, though only in the late 1800s was it seen as an ability that might be scientifically demonstrated. This occurred during the heyday of the early religion Spiritualism, when psychic mediums claimed to contact the dead during sΓ©ances, and objects would suddenly and mysteriously move, float, or fly by themselves across the darkened room, seemingly untouched by human hands. Sometimes small tables would tip or levitate, disturbed either by unseen spirits or the psychic's mind.

Many people believe that there is physiological or psychological evidence for the human brain's capacity to do far more than we imagine: after all, they say, we only use 10 percent of our brains. They claim that psychic powers, including telekinesis, are merely the result of psychics being able to use more of their brains than others. After all, they ask, what wonders could we accomplish by tapping the other 90 percent of our brains?Today Bainimarama the Messiah has discovered that multiverse and has those special powers.

Anonymous said...

I love the way you mock the Big Bang and thus look like a backward idiot... We are in 2016, in Fiji. People have access to the Internet.
But there is no such thing as the expansion of the universe and there was never such a thing as past. Science is bullshit.
Welcome to Fiji.

If you understand that, you understand the level of LOGIC here. And if you understand that, you know why we have coups and uneducated military leaders at the top. It tells the whole picture.

Maybe we need a new church.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is indeed moving mountains and not only is he making things move he is also shaping the future for the many generations.Therefore he earns the title Messiah in the people of Fijis hearts and minds.This is where his rivals lose the upper hand.No leader in Fijis history has had so much power,influence,control and order.He is indeed majority of the people's champion.His rivals are fighting a losing battle for themselves.Come next election the Fiji first party will be installed again because he is the Messiah.He has the hearts and minds of the people of Fiji.Even academics can't do anything to convince the people of Fiji that he isn't a Messiah,the ones who have tried to disrupt the Messiahs powers have all been booted out,stripped and told to never return.Thats awesome display of power right there,no one can question that hence what the Messiah says goes according to the way he says it.Even if they did question it the Messiah still wins because the people says his right.The same goes for this incident,the majority of the people of Fiji will say the Messiah is right!

Anonymous said...

Y only arrest dem fuck their asshole also

Anonymous said...

Yea after they fuck your big arsehole first.

Anonymous said...

@10:42 PM

Nietzsche would love Bainimarama for one reason: he is the very incarnation of the Will to Power.
A good example: Bainimarama didn't give a shit about the 500$M of the European Union after he staged his *personal* coup

Yes, personal reasons could justify anything, even the loss of traditional support from NZ, US, Ozzy, etc.
One needs to be very *willing* to do that.

In a sense, it is very true that Bainimarama is moving mountains, and the reason why he is able to do so has to
do with the historical incompetence of iTaukei leaders (the "church" gang, the "village" mentality of back-stabbing)
and that is why the young iTaukei today is moving away from Sodelpa. A very funny letter from Viliame Gavoka was
published in the FT some time ago where he said that the youth were great supporters of Bainimarama but should change
their mind because Sodelpa will give... free university! Looking at the kava consumption and the general attitude of
most people, maybe at the student's marks as well, and one will understand the full irony of that statement.

Bainimarama is NOT FACING any decent opposition. That's why he rules. The "Messiah" has become very corrupt,
Fiji is raked as one of the less transparent states, and people are alright with that because partly they are afraid, dumb and
also they really dislike Sodelpa (I would add Chaudry's Labour). Everyone should consider the latter very carefully.

By electing Rabuka, Sodelpa made sure that Bainimarama will win again. I would even say that Bainimarama's only defeat - or humiliation- the flag issue, was only a temporary one. Read carfully the wording of his statements ("foreseeable future", "I still think some symbols should be removed", etc..) and I bet you come next elections (after the foreseeable future) the issue will be quickly dealt with. The current flag screams "British territory, colonial administration" and that is something deeply incompatible with Bainimarama. Bainimarama knows one thing: people will oppose remove the GCC, oppose the coup, oppose the removal of Queeny on the coins/notes or change the flag, but still he will go ahead and after not even one year, people will agree! Tebbutt poll said that most people were supporting Qarase against Bainimarama just before the coup. Today Bainimarama gets 80% support... Who complains about the removal of Queen Elizabeth's picture? How many youths are scandalized by the disbanding of GCC? I tell you, when the flag will change, people will see the light and will rally. Yes, Bainimarama rules...

Anonymous said...

The people of Fiji have watch closely what were the underlying reasons for the uprising of 87 and 2000 coups. None of the ethno nationalist concerns were genuine. It was all greed. In the middle of that was the hardwood industry corruption and NBF collapse for which many would have gone to jail for their part in owing huge sums of money.

The people of Fiji have listened and watched closely, They have found many Sodelpa MP's walking into the parliament house to support the instigator and conspirators of Rabuka and speight coups. How can the lot of Sodelpa individuals stand up and say "we want your vote"? Theirs is an agenda of divide and rule. Till today Sodelpa has the same agenda and now electing RABUKA has shown us Fijians that they will go on the same road once again if gicven a chance.

You see the battle is to ensure the indigenous fight amongst themselves so they can line up their pockets whilst they not looking.If the people vote Sodelpa,NFP or any other political party they will be bringing back the old politicians to start re-looting.Now tell me what happened to NBF and who all went to jail for that?What about all those who took the money? What about FHL whereby the mataqali shares were re-classified into Q10 and Cicia holding? What about Ballu khan running away with 13 million by dumping all the second hand computers which never worked at NLTB? What about back hand dealing where money changed hands to convert Momi prime land into a Freehold and replacing it with a hill piece?

Anonymous said...

We have never seen this much progress in a short time by any other govts. When 87 happened we were all behind Rabuka. Few years later when he tried to work with others we dumped him. He gave us a 234million loss in the peoples bank. Why are we not talking about it? Then Chaudary happened and same fate repeated. Came Speight who took 50,000.00 to give the sole right to harvest Mahogany. Soon after that Qarase happened and he brought greater misery on the name of itaukei supremacy. In doing that he duped us all in getting Ballu to loot us for 13 million in return of all the defunct second hand computers that was dumped. Qarase re classified MY mataqali shares into Q10 and Mavana Holdings and made a huge profits. Later on they took kick back to convert Momi and fooled the people in giving them a hill in place of a prime land. All villagers were left out of scholarships. His and his corhorts got all the favouratism. If anybody want to accuse this govt of any misuse or corruption please come up with the facts. Dont tell us about the borrowings. Every govt in the world borrows to advance their nation. America is in 20 trillion debt.Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

Abdul Rahiman, just keeping fucking a pig and licking it's ass you Muslim pig. And fuck your mother too cunt.

Tomasi said...

Many have come to know what has happened in our Fiji since 2000. However, most of us do not really know all that has happened. The people in power will only allow us to know the good while they try desperately to hide the bad and the ugly.

Many have come to know the few good things that Bai and Khai and their secret advisers have done for Fiji. However, most of us will never know the evil, immoral and illegal agendas and actions they have taken since 2006.

Many have seen and heard Bai and Khai and their servants telling Fiji and the whole world about the so called unprecedented economic growth and other achievements since 2006. But they will never tell us the whole truth, because if we, the people, know all their secrets, that will be the end of their evil reign in Fiji. Bai, Khai and their cohorts live in fear, but try so hard to hide it. Their fear is about losing control and all they have gained since their illegal and evil rule, when more people of Fiji come to know the whole truth and will exercise their rights and their freedom to put them in prison for the rest of their lives.

In his book, The Ministry of Fear, Graham Greene said this;

“When a man rubs out a pencil mark, he should be careful to see that the line is quite obliterated. For if a secret is to be kept, no precautions are too great.”

Most people are simply followers because it is the easiest thing to do. Many people will remain silent and just watch when people tell lies and do wrong against their fellow men because it is the safest and comfortable position. That is what Confucius called the Golden Mean, and what is now commonly known as sitting on the fence. Many people will believe what they hear from news sources because they are just good people who believe in the common values of honesty, goodness, love and goodwill. Most people believe that elected leaders are generally good people of high integrity, intelligent, kind and visionary. But this is what tyrants and dictators use to exploit, deceive and control the people for their own selfish and evil ambitions. This is precisely what is happening in Fiji. Since 2006, we have had a dictatorship which has evolved into a legal dictatorship after the 2014 fraudulent elections.

Deception is about appearance, images and mind control. In its absolute form, deception ultimately is like magic. People see the magician cutting off the head of a beautiful damsel without even a drop of blood or a whimper. Then in the time span of a minute or two, he draws back the curtain to reveal the beautiful smiling lass rising up from her resurrected state, amidst the applause of the audience who were moments ago caught up in a suspended state of wonder, mystery and anxiety. For a moment there, the audience believed what they had seen, a beautiful woman was beheaded by the magician. Later, they were brought back to reality. All they had witnessed was not really real. It was just appearance, form without material, shadow without substance. The magician, who momentarily committed and a most evil and cruel act was now forgiven, applauded and worshipped even more from a very gullible audience.

Tomasi said...

Please take time to know the hidden secrets under the ocean of public words and motions. Rather than be captivated by the lies of Bai, Khai and their spokespeople, let us look deeper behind the curtains of deception, and pubic facades. Do not believe everything they say, but analyse, and evaluate. The ultimate purpose of all their public ‘speeches’, actions, salusalus, smiles and giveaways is to make people believe they really are good and honourable people who love and care about others and all in Fiji. However, if you remove the salusalu and the false pretences of love and care, you will see them for the real ugly selfish depraved, ambitious, arrogant, thieving, calculating, murderous people that they really are.

Bai calls himself the PM, but does not do the serious, solemn, complex tasks and responsibilities of that office. He cannot be the PM because he simply is unable, incompetent, shallow, uneducated, simplistic, and absolutely unqualified to properly carry out the role. But how can he pretend to be the PM? Simple. Appear to be it. So, he travels around Fiji and the world, reading written speeches, giving out money and assistance paid for by the people of Fiji, wearing beautiful bula shirt and his skin deep smile, opening buildings, and grounds, and playing with our sevens boys at the Rio Olympics. They call him the Sugar Minister, but the industry is dying under his dictatorship. Now he wants us to believe that he can be the Foreign Minister. If he cannot even read and understand an ordinary high school novel, write an essay on the essence of leadership, or speak without reading on the topic of the Fiji indentured labourers, tell me how he can be a Government Minister, let alone be the the PM. But many believe in magic. A high school dropout who joined the navy, became the Military Commander, saved Fiji and became the people’s PM.

Khai knows and controls everything. He is the Minister of Economy. The FFP has more MPs than the number of Government ministries. Yet Khai insists on controlling every strategic sector of our economy and life in Fiji. They burnt Prof Ghai’s constitution and imposed their own Immunity Charter. To make it appear as the constitution of the people of Fiji, they highlighted a few sections and bills and earmarked one day as Constitution Day. When some people wanted to organise their own meeting to discuss their constitution, they get really mad. Why? Because it is not a Constitution as such. It is their immunity charter plus a few extras for the people of Fiji. You see, Bai and Khai and their various advisers and servants are very aware that they have committed treason, murder, torture, frauds, and other very serious crimes. They have caused much suffering and unnecessary conflicts and damage for many in Fiji and beyond. They will never allow the people to know the whole truth.

The 2014 election was not fair. The current regime is a legal dictatorship. Those who think or claim otherwise are either deceived, ignorant or equally guilty as them. The current parliament is at best a sham and an evil conception to fool the people of Fiji and the world. It is engineered to project an image of transparency, accountability and service to the people of Fiji. But it is in essence a public gallery, a political showroom and a sham. It is one of the most diabolical expressions of deceit, absolute control and tyranny in its most beautiful and effective disguise. Khai and his secret advisers are evil magicians. Beyond the realm of magic, they have actually murdered people, tortured many, caused a lot of personal, corporate and societal suffering and devastation without many people realising it. They are committed to keeping all these secret. They continue to invest in image projections and circus acts to confuse, delight and entertain the general gullible public. They think that their magic spell will never lose its power to deceive, manipulate and control the minds and hearts of people.

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free”.

Anonymous said...

Chaudry said that Indian businessmen were also behind the 2000 coup.
It has been shown that corruption in the iTaukei leadership was also rife (including G. Speight).
The ultime irony is Chaudry hiding millions in Australia...

So basically, we can say we had a very corrupt country that fell down because of a few selfish interest
under the name of "racism" and the general public is paying the price for it?

It is believed now that Bainimarama, who put Qarase as PM, was also supportive of 2000 coup
but internal quarrels led to a split. Bainimarama ended up getting married with Khaiyum to save his ass?
A kind of vere vakabau of the modern day?

Is that a summary of Fiji's last 20 years or so?

Anonymous said...

"From corruption to Coups", "from coup to corruption".

Is that the history of Fiji?

And what about Bainimarama's secret land deals with his close family? Long time since we had updates...

Anonymous said...

More commands from up above...................

The trial for a 74-year-old church pastor charged with four counts of rape began at the Suva High Court this morning.

The pastor pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.

The Court heard the pastor allegedly called six young girls to the church every day and spent time with each of them separately.

During this time he allegedly raped two of the six girls.

The alleged offences took place between March 2013 and August 2014.

The court heard the pastor told members of the church youth group that God commanded him to speak to the girls individually as he was their doctor and spouse.

The case continues.

Anonymous said...

which church?

Tin Tin said...

Thank you Tomasi for your posts above.
You have indeed said a mouthful !! FFP supporters should read and learn, because they contain the truth behind all these facade Bai and Kai want us to believe.
The 2018 election results will be a great shock to them.

Anonymous said...

@ 6:53pm Back To Eden Church.....

Anonymous said...

Back to Eden the SODELPA church which has developed from the Methodust church that did the road blocks in 1987. Now it's into fucking church.

Sivo said...

Pastor Atu. This is old news by the way.

Anonymous said...

I am always surprised to see the number of ridiculous religious groups popping up from older groups.
There is also a multiplication of the same churches over a small territory ( like the methodist church building
a church down the road and also a new one on the hill so that people living up the hill don t have to go
down and up (officially) but the real reason is to create 2 talatala jobs instead of one!)

All that is sooooooooo ridiculous! It has become so obvious that running a church business is the only thing
so many idiots can do. It seems to be an inevitable path: money and sex scandals, then people turn their
back on church, get an education, become agnostic or atheist, in that order.

Poor little girls who got raped. Fiji has become a circus because of the church now...
That explains partly why Sodelpa is screwd, and why Bainimarama will win again in 2018.
(sorry Tin Tin, though I dislike Dumbi Bainimarama, he's gonna win again, it's so obvious already)

I wonder if Soldepa will come back with their Christian State thing... :)

Anonymous said...

@9:18 From Seven Day:

"State prosecutor, Siteri Navia told the court that Vakadranu was the leader and pastor of Back to Eden Church Ministry which is a breakaway of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Navia said that the 75-year-old ministry leader and pastor was living with 12 members of a youth group in Vunika, Labasa.

He allegedly told the members of the group to leave school as education is not important.

Navia said Vakadranu also told them that they are not to go to hospital but to go to him when they got sick."

All that sounds really "religious" and sadly "fijian".... education is not important, we've heard that one before.

There is no need to disband churches, they will soon collapse on their own... Youth have the choice between
ridiculous churches, tradition, restrictive customs, no possibility to run businesses OR freedom, open prostitution, violent movies, nightclubs, lack of guidance and "modernity".
Somehow Sodelpa and FF embody those two extremes. Neither are good. But the youth will pick option #2.

Anonymous said...

The church and religion has been used for years to provide a cover where these sick predators can feed their perverted ways.

It's nothing new.

Sivo said...

Cant believe people are still in denial about the type of shit pastors get upto. They are the scum of the earth. They feel like their entitled to whatever they want and use God to permit their disgusting habits.

Hope all the deviant cunts rot In hell

Anonymous said...

This 74-year old pastor must be going through a lots of viagra pills because at his age his cock should be dead mate...I hope next time his cock will stay hard permanently so that the goats can fucking bite it.

Anonymous said...

how come some ladies are THAT naive?

when you look at the comedy of humanity, all the people ready to believe all sort of crap!
In Fiji, anyone can create a new church and sure enough followers will come.

May Fiji grow up! Be careful people and use your brain!!!

Apparently the ladies gave consent and being over 18, the talatala's lawyer will probably win.
He should be back soon for more private "counselling".

Anonymous said...

Fiji is by far one of the most sexually regressed nation on earth. Fijians live in a perpetual state of denial about there sexuality and need for it. We have so much taboo surrounding sex and the natural inclination towards it is being regressed by a fake culture and religious beliefs.Despite this nature always wins and our natural urges if not fulfilled correctly and legally pushes some to rape and other forms of abuse.

We are probably the worlds most religious country. I live in Nadi and between Nadi town and the Airport their are probably 50 different places of warship ranging from Churches to temples and Mosques. It appears that the religious BS is just for show and to make us feel good. It is a fact that the word PORN is googled more times in Fiji then most countries in the world. It appears that despite our so called religious nature we are a nation of perverts in denial about sex externally and full of lust and kink internally.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:14 PM

I would disagree that we are one of the worlds most religious countries. Fiji is just a country where a very high percentage of people pretend to be 'religious' and want to make such a show of it.

Most of them have nothing better to do than use religion as a club to spice up their otherwise dreary lives.

If the vast majority of people were religious and actually acted in the way they will tell you their teachings instruct you to, Fiji would not be sinking in a pile of rubbish, spit, incest and selfish morons everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Asshole is over there, shooting his mouth off in NY. And the rest of the world leaders are thinking, "is this guy for real? What a fkn idiot! "

Anonymous said...

I don't think there are differences between countries, it's just that conservative countries with new internet access
may display for some time higher percentages, but look at the number of strip clubs in Australia, USA, etc...
If Fiji had strip clubs between places of worship between Nadi and Nadi airport, maybe people would spend less
time on porn sites. Many church leaders wouldn't bother about "converting" young ladies and just go straight to the
strip club...

Anyway, of course religion is more or less a cultural facade for 95% of church goers!
Having strip clubs would help clean up the churches.
The aim of religion is to control violent/perverted/selfish behavior of humans after all.

Anonymous said...

Pastor tells court he had sex with 2 of his followers, and it was consensual

The 75-year-old leader and pastor of Back to Eden Church Ministry Iowane Vakadranu today told the High Court that he had sex with two of his followers, and it was consensual.

While taking the stand in his rape trial this afternoon, Vakadranu said that he did not commit rape as he did it for a purpose.

Vakadranu told the defence lawyer Semi Tinivata that he advised the women from the bible and his advice was based from a program on what they were going to study.

When asked to explain the program, Vakadranu said that it has a lot of information and advice about God - firstly about the body and then about spiritual life.

Vakadranu maintained to his lawyer that the program is based on the bible and he can show them if he is given a bible.

The 75-year-old pastor said that he does not consider this as rape as he has been preaching to the women for a very long time.

Vakadranu said that the two women who are the state witnesses, had given their full consent to have sex.

When asked on why this was being done, Vakadranu said that the women were being prepared for a mission not to commit adultery so that they know the taste and will not go and do it outside but only do it with him.

He had told them that he was the only one who should do it as he was their leader and advisor.

Unknown said...

Because there is no need of a permit. We know that we have freedom. Don't we.

Unknown said...

Because there is no need of a permit. We know that we have freedom. Don't we.

Anonymous said...

Should be time these pastors need to get a permit and be monitored

Anonymous said...

Bai has has an idea. Castration to be prerequisite for becoming a church pastor. Rabuka next!

Anonymous said...

If the politicians are allowed to fuck up the country; I find it very unfair that the pastors are not allowed to do the same to their congregation. Any idiot that believes in the nebulous idea of something called god, needs to be fucked.

Anonymous said...

Sitiveni.Kalouniviti's religious cult had operated in Suva between the 70s and 80s was in fact viral. The acts carried out by the 75 year old pastor is no different from the cult policy in Siti's cult. Using verses from the bible to justify his incestuous teaching and action.In Siti's cult sexual orgy was part of worship services, done in closed doors. Married couple shared their bodies with other cult members as a way of cleansing and fellowship. Men have the right to have sex with a female member and vice-versa as long as it's within cult policy.The worship services and subsequent after service events were declared open, right and sinless by the leader- Sitiveni.Kalouniviti and his right hand wife who had slept with all male member of the cult.
Siti's teaching lingers on.

Anonymous said...

Fiji is the most fucked-up place in the world. Bainimarama fucked up the country, some pastors fucked up some followers, too much rape, too much masturbation, too many gays and lesbians, too many pedophiles, too many men looking for a fuck, and lots of men are fucking goats. In other words, Fiji is fucked.

Anonymous said...

Obviously you have led a pretty sheltered life.

Anonymous said...

Nothing that happens in Fiji doesn't happen in other countries.

If you want to see real fucked up societies, have a look anywhere else!
I don't think there is a single country that could be described as "normal".

It is sad indeed that Fiji has been eaten by corruption.
Too much human selfishness.

Whether people are religious or not doesn't matter to me. What matters is
how genuine people really are. You will hardly find genuine people in
life so let's get real: Fiji is not more f***ed up than any other country.
Trump versus Clinton in the US is a good illustration of what I mean here.

Anonymous said...

The are a lot of sex related crimes in Fiji. Just for curiosity, may be kava is the cause of this. Does kava has some similar properties as vigra?

Anonymous said...

Anon@12.27PM. NO, Fiji is more fucked up than any other country, so SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU COCK-SUCKER.

Anon@12.45PM, kava and viagra do not have similar properties. Viagra makes your cock hard as a rock, ask the Pastor bro, and kava makes your cock scaly, ask Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:15 PM

If they had put down a few more like you at birth it would have been a far better place.

Anonymous said...

The seventy-five-year-old pastor of Back to Eden church, Iowane Vakadranu who faces four counts of rape was cross-examined by prosecutors this morning.

It’s alleged that Vakadranu raped two girls from the Church between 1st September and 31st October 2013.

During cross examination the Pastor admitted having sexual intercourse with the girls saying he only did it to prepare the girls for Gods mission.
Vakadranu claims it was God’s calling and he has the evidence from the Bible.

He also claims the act would prepare the girls to spread the word of God.

State counsel then asked him whether the girls were given the opportunity to preach afterwards, to which the Pastor replied no.

The state counsel then asked him whether it was a false promise given to the girls and that the act was adultery.

Vakadranu maintains the acts were consensual.

Suomynona said...

Those so-called remarks about the heavily flawed constitution make alot more sense than that farce Public Order Act bullshit thats nothing more than a smokescreen to take out any opposition toward that demoracy-disguised dicktatorship.

I won't be surprised if Australia and New Zealand put up those restrictions again from before although Frankie himself would most likely tell them to either "help me and respect my rule" or "kiss my @$$ I'll look towards others like China to help out because they show respect."

Julab Dean said...

The guys who are complaining now are hypocrites. You idiots wanted Fiji to be declared as a Christian state which Rabuka did for six months in 1987. Remember the saabth day imposed. See the results of having so many churches in Fiji now. I urge all Fijians to join Islam - the most scientific and peaceful religion in the world.

Anonymous said...

Julab Dean pig-fucker, Islam is responsible for all the fighting and killing in the Middle East. Peaceful religion? Go join your mother and father in fucking more pigs you cunt.

Anonymous said...

Anon@2.52PM, go fuck a banana tree stump you cock-sucking germ.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Two Sodelpa MPS involved in sex scandal. Aren't they following their leader Sitiveni Rabuka?

Anonymous said...

Hey it's a free world, people can have sex with who they like.

Pastors do.

mack said...

Rabukas party should be called sex party

Anonymous said...

@5:52 PM
at this point, no details are available and they are innocent until proven guilty.

@3:23 AM
there will be a change of leadership and MPs if needed.
Changing the name of the Party to break with the old tradition might have become necessary.

Dr Phil said...

Mack FFP is aptly called Fiji Fucking Party. Bainimarama and Khaiyum have been fucking the country, some of their MPs are fucking secretly, even Khaiyum is fucking around but his wife doesn't know that. The Indian MPs in FFP are having a good time fucking around. Mack you better watch out because they will fuck your wife too.

Anonymous said...

@12:38 PM
Your language is not appropriate.

Anonymous said...

@3:23 AM

Please no insults on this blog. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

"But Fiji's opposition MPs and civil society deserve international support as they strive to rebuild Fiji's democracy. Even if there is nothing practical Australia can do in response to these arrests, it is still important to express concern for dissenting voices in a democracy. Australia's Minister for International Development and the Pacific Concetta Fierravanti-Wells has done that by saying that Australia was 'watching developments' and 'viewing them from the perspective of a government that strongly supports as a matter of principle the universal rights of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly'. Similar sentiments have been forthcoming from New Zealand, the US and EU. "

"The Prime Minister of Fiji, Frank Bainimarama, has delivered a keynote addressed the UN General Assembly, during which he detailed plans for a major foreign policy shift.

Mr Bainimarama who took over the foreign affairs portfolio just last week says Fiji is re-evaluating its past principle of being "friends to all and enemies to none".

In future he says Fiji will be "more discerning" in its choice of friends and align itself more closely with those countries that share its underlying values and principles, including adherence to international law, human rights, human dignity and and non-interference in each other's internal affairs.


so NZ, AUS, USA and the EU on the black list?
Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, UK and Tuvalu should always be friend because we share the Union Jack.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama and human rights and dignity all go hand in hand...

Anonymous said...

Apparently 5 SODELPA MPs were caught red handed gang banging the horny Madam Speaker Jiko Luveni! She was moaning for the whole damn lot but they just could not keep up with her Parliamentary protocols.

Anonymous said...

Please don't use abusive language and try to contribute positively.

Anonymous said...

Why send all those idiots to Geneva, when they could have had the same training in NZ or Australia. What a waste of taxpayers monies.

Anonymous said...

Anon@10.53AM. Stop lying you cunt, it was your mother moaning when the Indian fella next door banged her.

Anonymous said...

6.44pm Sep 24th
..." The PM says...Fijis reevaluating it's principle of being friends to all and enemies to none "
This statement has more questions and doubts . It's obvious if we look back in the past 10 years our regime has been mending relationships with the international community at the country's expense. We cannot afford to take another step knowing that every action the PM takes against our off-shore partners has a negative effect on our economy.

Anonymous said...

Opposition whip and Sodelpa MP in court.

Anonymous said...

Which idiot is saying Muslims fuck pigs, that is not correct.It is the pigs who fuck Muslims and both man and woman enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Muslims should be eating halal pork....

Mayor Vargas said...

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Peter said...

Jews don't eat pork either. In fact neither did Jesus as he was a Jew.
Only reference to pigs in the bible is when Jesus exorcised evil spirits from a person and cast it onto pigs who then committed suicide by jumping off the cliff.

Peter said...


Anonymous said...

The Hindus tried running the country in 1999 but failed after 2000 coup.
The Muslims are having an easy ride thanks to Frank and (Allah) who is actually a demon pretending to be God of Israel.

Muslims and Hindus should convert and become Christian as I heard Jesus is coming back soon and a lot of Muslims even believe this now see U Tube on Jesus returns and end of days and he will take control of this evil world and corrupt people.

Jesus is the only way all other religions are false and demons pretending to be gods.

The Lord of Lords and King of Kings will come back to earth soon, teach each other and forgive each other and repent from your sins