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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Ratu Isoa Tokoca referred to Privileges Committee after Bainimarama complaint

Opposition Whip Ratu Isoa Tikoca has  today been referred
to the Privileges Committee for his comments during the debate on the 2016-2017 Budget.

The Speaker has left it to the Committee to decide whether he breached parliamentary privilege. 

The complaint was made by Frank Bainimarama yesterday.

Tikoca's referral to the Privileges Committee is despite a letter from the Speaker on August 9 saying the matter was dealt with by the

Deputy Speaker, who was presiding over the debate at that time. 

It is likely that Ratu Isoa faces suspension from Parliament, just like Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu and NFP President Tupou Draunidalo. 

The Committee is expected to meet this evening.


Suomynona said...

That is never a complaint by Frankie or his cronies, thats an attack on anyone who dare question their authoritarian rule which makes a lot more sense than the farce democracy thats disguising a dicktatorship.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama needs to learn to forgive.

Anonymous said...

he needs to learn to not to be a coward.

Anonymous said...

If you watched the fiasco of todays sitting you have to wonder if some of them are politicians of methodist talatalas

Anonymous said...

Politicians can be talatalas in a secular state.
The state is neutral, but MPs are entitled to their views.
Some think that Bainimarama is the messiah.
That's for sure a very religious country.

Anonymous said...

It is a bit rich of Fijileaks to complain about its email/website being hacked. Isn't it the same outlet that thrives on publishing stories based on leaked documents, hacked email/Facebook accounts. Maybe the only option available to its opponents to get back at it was by illegal/foul means since legal/fair means were non-existent for them. It is unfortunate that close family members of its editor have been dragged into this but it must be noted that Fijileaks in its zeal to publish any information, any sleazy detail about its enemies never for a moment paused to ponder what anguish, humiliation and distress this will have on the immediate family members of the accused. It thought that operating under the guise of a blog and from a distance provided it a safe haven and made it untouchable. But it's detractors had other plan in mind. It is suggested that it stop whinging about its privacy being violated and take it all on its chin and continue with its crusade. It should accept that in this tat-for-tat cyber war two people can play the game. This cyber war now appears to be more evenly balanced than the one-sided affair of the past.

Anonymous said...

Hey mate its not free for all in cyber space. Certain areas are taboo...it is a different case where people in public life leave their private lives (including journalists) at risk of being exposed...for the very reason that they profess to be of public interest. But a different thing all together to attack the personal life of the family members of the journalist.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama you fucking asshole.

Anonymous said...

Dr Jiko Luveni was gangbanged by 5 SODELPA MPs but they all were swimming inthere. Come on SODELPA MPs confess, were your dicks too teeny weeny for her or was she just so big and slack? Guess what, Dr Jiko Luveni is just so big and slack down there, the slut!!

Peter said...

12.10am you are spot on. When we the people want to steal and be corrupt,just who the hell is Fijileaks to expose us aye??
Leave us to steal ,give cronies jobs, be corrupt,and live it up, after all it is shortlived,say till 2018 only. So please Fijileaks and all the good people of this nation .JUST LEAVE US TO BUTAKO FREELY ,PLEASE STOP BRINGING IN EVIDENCE OTHERWISE KISORE KUMAR MIGHT START CRYING ON OUR BEHALF EVEN THOUGH HE GETS NO GOODIES FROM US. HE IS OUR SYCOPHANT JUST LIKE SOME JUNGLE BUNNIES FROM BA.

Anonymous said...

Victor Lal is a peodophile and a maniac.Good for those who expose him. We hate this Bai-Kai government. But we dont want devious people like Victor Lal carrying our flag.

Lolo, Madan and Yani said...

hate speech is a crime accha?? what do you mean we hate BAI-KAI??
Now you listen here ,when Ratu Mara's wife had her grubby hands in every pie, no one complained, not even Victor, and she was unemployed at that. When Rabuka cleaned up the NBF with friends ,not many complained because no evidence there to prosecute.When Qarase helped himself a little (too much),nobody complained, When George Cakobau retired as Governor General, and Suncourt hardware sent 3 truckloads of timber for free ,for future favours, no one complained,BUT when Mary Bainimarama buys reserve bank governor's house with no employment or money, every one wants to poke their nose and complain. When Latifa Khaiyum buys 2 blocks of land at naisoso (2 million dollars) with no employment everyone wants to poke their dirty noses. When her sister does the same ,Victor gets all upset.When BOCI, LOLOMA MADA YANI becomes senate committee leader(big bulging eye fellow),everyone makes it their business. And why does everyone always attacks poor Aiyaz, he has done so well for himself, are you all jealous of his god given goodies.
Shame on you all for hating such good people !!!!!
Just vote, don't gloat accha?? loloma mada yani !!!!

Anonymous said...

Mate nobody denies the right of journalists including Fijileaks to exercise their freedom of expression, and where necessary, their right to expose public figures for unacceptable action or behaviour. But no journalist should be above the law. They should be bound by the same degree of responsibility and accountability as they demand and expect of others. This includes providing an opportunity for the right of reply, including recourse to legal redress, should the aggrieved parties feel they are rightly entitled to it. But how can you do this if journalists hide behind a blog and operate from another jurisdiction. And they operate under the law of the jungle, run a kangaroo court, publish anything they please based on hunches, innuendoes and gossips, pronounce people guilty even before they are brought to justice, continue to hound people for their past peccadilloes even when they have paid a price for it and moved on. The list goes on. Yes certain areas should be taboo and this applies as much to journalists as it does to ordinary people, unless you want to perpetuate this hypocrisy and double standards.

Anonymous said...

The thing is that Fiji doesn't allow for open dissent; the slack standards of such blogs become the consequence. Allow free press in Fiji and the problem is solved... don't allow it, and expect gossip to rule...and States can fall because of gossip. The vicious circle here is that the State will become paranoiac. We see that with Bainimarama. Someone living in my street said that he noticed Bainimarama "is losing it" lately... and he seems well informed...

@12:20 AM
One foreign businessman who was a very good friend of Mara told me that his wife stole millions (if I remember correctly, it was more than 10 millions....in those days!) and hided it overseas. lts well known story now. She was an greedy woman. A lot of Fijians didn't want to know, but what is sure today is that no one is delusional about it... How come Fiji can only produce super corrupt leaders? Overseas, corruption is also there, but not as bad as in poor countries.... why? maybe because our elite wants to emulate the behaviors of the rich overseas?

One has to reckon that stealing is the "cultural behavior" in Fiji, early missionaries complained about it, we are still complaining about it 150 years later... As long as people are lazy and (secretly) materialist then it will be an issue.

Basket Case said...

Ambassador, @12.38am
I used to read Fijileaks before its rightful demise and do remember Victor producing email evidence giving a small select few, the right to respond.
These people according to Victor, did not but we cannot verify this due to his agenda.
Fiji Sun is a "smart" company and rightfully deserves the Graham Davis award for honest journalism bagging a 5 million dollar contract in the process.
Since Ficac is a branch of the Justice department and not like a real fraud squad, all exposure about corruption will lead to whistle blowers paying the price, not the perpetrators.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Passing of Ratu Jone has greatly saddened many people in Fiji. A very fair minded multiracial and educated professional passed away today. A true son of Fiji. A very sad day for Fiji. RIP.

Anonymous said...

Today was death of 2 important things in Fiji: death of a true son of Fiji and a dedicated believer of democracy. Second was death of democracy and freedom of speech. God bless Fiji and grant sense to people of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

When I screwed your ass, no one complained.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Ratu Madraiwiwi was a great man.
He should have been PM.

Anonymous said...

Omg. Fiji PM can't even read the already-written speech by QROVIS. I am indeed very suprised that one can become a PM with limited schooling. Is he really a form 4 failier? His true colors were quite evident in parliament without his master.

Julab Dean said...

SODELPA MP's defy the President order and vote pay increase. Likewise some voted with FIJI First to suspend Ratu Tokocia. Is SODELPA disunited.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So sorry to see us lose Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi. He should have been PM, not this treasonous asswipe now usurping the office.

Anonymous said...

Unless FFP fully clarifies how the 100 million dollars was spent, it is still assumed it went in the pockets of Bainisona and this master Khayum - the biggest thugs on this planet.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I like this: "when Mary Bainimarama buys reserve bank governor's house with no employment or money, every one wants to poke their nose and complain. When Latifa Khaiyum buys 2 blocks of land at naisoso (2 million dollars) with no employment everyone wants to poke their dirty noses. When her sister does the same ,Victor gets all upset."

"And why does everyone always attacks poor Aiyaz, he has done so well for himself, are you all jealous of his god given goodies."

Anonymous said...

The Muslims have done a Coup on Bainimarama and the dumb arsehole doesn't even realise it.
Tamata yalowai.
Its obvious that Bainimarama has been licking Kaiyums arse so much that he is now full of shit in his brains.
Bainimarama is now like former president Iloilo ie whatever they shove infront of him he reads it. Bai is now so farked up in the head that every tom dick and mohammed is taking advantage of him

Anonymous said...

Rabuka was also a dumb man who got screwd by businessmen. The scandal of the National Bank comes to mind...

History repeating itself. A dumb military man seize power but is too dumb to run the country... the good people leave the country, but the sharks come around quickly...

Anonymous said...

When Francis Kean killed Whippy, the scene was caught on camera by someone too afraid to talk because
the other witness soon got killed (to allow the murder charge to be converted into 'only' manslaughter).
Now that makes for a very huge crime, with premeditation, involving many people...

Francis Kean, you have already shaken the hand of the Devil.
The Kean family is doomed.
You should talk to your cousin John, in V.

Anonymous said...

What Hon. Tikoca said in parliament is quite true and people of Fiji are living with it because of the stupid decreess imposed on people. Muslims are put on all top level jobs. God help Fiji.

Anonymous said...

The efforts by the FF government to suppress the opposition is blantantly obvious. The masses just don't care. The propaganda machine is well oiled and running the hearts of the unschooled ,many whom are still struggling to make ends meet amidst the enormous amount of promises on paper

Anonymous said...

Fiji has only one way to salvage itself. Someone to lay down his life and take out this thugs once and for all

Anonymous said...

The quality of democracy will clearly suffer if opposition members cannot do their jobs and if government MPs are dissuaded from posing dissenting views.

Social media use has reinvigorated Fiji's long suppressed public debate, and media outlets have enjoyed slightly more freedom to publish criticism and comment. Free speech and the capacity of citizens to hold their government to account are as important as ever for Fiji.

The Fiji First Government claims a mandate to embark on a significant legislative agenda and continue its northward strategic rebalance. Yet this mandate was won in a "democratic election". All members of parliament represent the people of Fiji and they must be allowed to have their voice both in and out of parliament for Fiji to be considered a democracy.

Hum Nahi ReRe said...

Rabuka and Qarase never gave any respect to the opposition. The Indian MPs were laughed, rubbished, scorned , and vulgar words used at them. Just remember the word Indians are like weeds.

Anonymous said...

In GOD's record, handsome Bala is a murderer but in Monkeys' court of Fiji, he is a free man. His life is now becoming miserable day by day, as seen attacking the most learned academic, Hon Prof. Biman Prasad. Karma is everyones biggest bitch! Run Bala, run before it catches you.

Anonymous said...

I salute those opposition members who had the courage and balls to sacrifice their life to take on this government. They simply commit a crime for telling the truth . While the general public and others sit and watch the suspension of the opposition members one by one what else is left for true democracy. A dictatorship indeed is what this government is all about.

Anonymous said...

@3:18 PM

"sacrifice their life"? Mmmm

Man, they even got their "kava subsidies".
Now they can talk about poverty in many more villages.

Only the poor people of Fiji know the meaning of sacrifice...
Not Bainimarama, not the Opposition.

Anonymous said...

Basket Case, the "Graham Davis Award for Honesty in Journalism" -- that's funny! A bit like the "Bill Clinton Award for Fidelity in Marriage", the "Heinrich Himmler Award for Advancing Race Relations," and the "Aiyaz-Sayed Khaiyum Award for Good Governance."

Kamlesh Kumar said...

My best MP's so far are Ro Kepa, Dr Biman, Tupo, Prem Singh, Salote, etc. The worst are Meli, Kini and all FF MPs.


Anonymous said...
"When I screwed your ass, no one complained.

September 30, 2016 at 1:02 AM"

Areh it was very nice till you discovered that you contracted HIV from my ass. You must be either a Marist,QVS or RKS boy... only people who talk about ass all the time since they didn't have women in their growing up years. ONLY ASS !!!!

Anonymous said...

The best person would be you!

Anonymous said...

bau lotu

Anonymous said...

annon@09.38=He's a real ASSHOLE and what-more a joke!!!Where the
f... is Ro Kepa? Is she still the opposition Leader? Where is
Rabuka-I thought that he was been accepted into the opposition
party as a new member of parliament?
Listen up guys, you want the ASSHOLES out someone has gotta lay
down the rule and take them out by any mean neccessary? If you can,t do it by the ballots than by all means use the bullets-its
one or the other?

Anonymous said...

@2:12 AM
Easy to say from overseas...
I have heard some people telling me "you know, it would be easy to kill Bainimarama, if I didn't have my 2 kids I would do it!"

If the people keep voting for Bainimarama (he gets currently 80% support despite all his crimes, which include premeditated murders) then well... we can only say that the people of Fiji have very slack standards of ethic and they deserve whatever shit happens to them. If there is no justice for those who got killed, why would you expect justice for yourself?

That's the bottom line here: Fijians love a dictator. Maybe Fijians NEED a dictator. The weaker a nation is, the more they need a dictator. Look at Putin in Russia, at Donald Trump in USA, or at Bainimarama to name a few. They all share a common style... and each of their country is somehow fucked up... The more a country is good, like Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the cooler is the leader because the more mature are the citizens.

Fiji is a country of "babies" now that most brains have left. And Khaiyum thinks iTaukeis are... Dark Vadors... hum. something like that.
So the Dictator is there to stay... until another one comes. It's not gonna be Rambo,

Tomasi said...

Its time we the people realise that change through the current parliamentary democracy sham will never work because it wa never designed to work in our interests. All the shams and scams and secret plans and audacious and arrogant claims by BhaiKhaiGrorvis Criminal and Evil Syndicate were designed and executed ruthlessly for a single purpose.


So the only way out for us from all these scams and shams and endless insults and lies in our faces is to kick them out of parliament into the rubbish dump of Max Sec Prison while they await a properly convened court process with the current Prison Comm, Pol Com and Chief Justice.

The other alternative is to wait until the sun and the moon come down from their monthly prescribed routes to have a swim in Suva harbour, whch is now becoming the criminal and evil harbour of the Pacific.

Oh, by the way, there is hope yet. If only one of the so called men of God of Fiji finally hears God's voice and marshalls the courage to tell the dictator and his advisers in the face what God's purpose is for Fiji, then, we may hope of a peaceful resolution soon.

Anonymous said...

@Tomasi 11:23 AM

Or those that so choose to, as in the last election, can vote for who they want in power.

The majority will get what they chose and those like you will continue to cry because you can't accept not getting your own way.

Then there are the even greater losers that will moan and moan but did not even bother to vote.

Anonymous said...

Couple face rape charges
12:05 Today

Taken from/By:
Report by: Praneeta Prakash

A couple believed to be in their 60s have been charged with the alleged rape of a 14 -year-old student.

The two will be produced at the Nasinu Magistrates Court this afternoon.
The matter was reported at the Nasinu Police Station by the victim.

It is alleged the incident took place sometimes in August this year when she was requested to clean the suspects home.

The two have been charged with one count of rape each.
The accused persons and the victim are neighbours.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama Gov't only intimidates it's own people, talks about bigger things and and only does temporary fixes to look good. I can't believe Anil Sudharkar bad mouthing about khayum and bainimara in their absence but praises them in the parliament. This shows party is fragmented. Time to fall is sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

Murders committed under Bainimarama are covered by amnesty.
Fine for the time being (until the abrogation of that "constitution")
BUT how come the Opposition doesn't question the murders of innocent civilians,
like the TWO men killed because of Francis Kean, including the
only witness when he murdered Whippy in the parking?

Maybe time the Opposition show Fiji the EVIL SIDE of Bainimarama?
By doing so, it would influence voters for the next election.

If you have a sense of ethics, don't vote for Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

No visa to the US for 6 months. Isn't it exciting and a breakthrough?


Any news from the govt in this regard??

Anonymous said...

@6:42 AM

Interesting. Now you wonder about the government reaction?

Will read this first: https://theintercept.com/2016/08/14/nsa-gcsb-prism-surveillance-fullman-fiji/

Here is the "spicy" bit: "Four days after the raids on Fullman and his fellow campaigners, New Zealand foreign minister Murray McCully traveled to Fiji for trade talks. Fullman believes that the timing was no coincidence — and that the raids targeting the pro-democracy group were used by the New Zealand government as a bargaining chip to curry favor with the Bainimarama regime. “The minister can go to Fiji and say, ‘look we saved you, let’s be friends again, let’s start talking about how we can help each other again’,” Fullman says. “It was part of the frame up.”

Yep. NZ was willing to sell Fiji Democracy activists to please the US.

The reason why NZ, and to a lesser extend Australia, have been nice with Bainimarama after the coup is because
of the US pressures on them. They don't like the influence of China. You may remember lately the speach of Bainimarama
at the United Nations about reconsidering friendships? It came after the NZ PM said that Bainimarama was "foolish".
Here is probably an attempt by the US to keep Fiji in its sphere of influence... So that is why there hasn't been a reaction
from the government so far... it was probably a surprise!

Bainimarama has won another battle. Amazing how a little dictator can dictate hus terms even to mighty USA!!!
Oilei... sa na tini evei?

Anonymous said...

This is gold for Fiji...A breakthrough indeed for Fijians to go back and forth. That little dictator is really something..sa yawa

Anonymous said...

Why is Fijileaks not coming up again? has its credibility been so destroyed that it is buried forever? Shame on Victor for manipulating and doctoring documents to bring down people who his warped mind didnt approve of.

Anonymous said...

Let them be. They were the best but could only do so much to avoid being hacked. Thank you Victor for blowing the whistle.

Anonymous said...

@11:23 AM

where can we find information on that scandal?
which documents were doctored?

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama you sick cunt. Francis kean you murdering cunt. Mary you ugly cunt.

Tomasi said...

Please remember this people of Fiji. QORVIS, the PR company behind all the images, presentations and magical shows of Bai and Khai dictatorship is the same company working for countries such as Saudi Arabia. They are paid huge sums of dollars to lie, cheat, confuse, stun, distort, discredit, embarrass, motivate, discourage, infuriate, intimidate, and any other actions necessary to keep the governments, regimes and dictatorships that pay them in power and absolute control.

QORVIS has no conscience, no sense of Godly character, moral values and principles. Their code of ethics is defined by the amount od dollars they are paid. They are essentially mercenaries and rogues of the worst kind, fighting their own selfish cause to destroy the lives of people, communities and nations for the sake of a few millions more for themselves and their families. They are in reality lost souls who are evil to the core and are absolutely committed to advance their interests at the cost of others and the nations they work in.

The fact that they have done well without much outcry in several countries is a serious matter of concern. There are organisations and nations known to be actively involved in subverting and destabilising other nations.The CIA is one example. The question is: Is QORVIS acting alone in what it does or is it a part of an elaborate and much more complex global agenda by people and secret cabals to achieve their own evil goals?

Finally, as we approach the 2018 Fiji elections, will the leaders and people of Fiji wake up from their zombie state of indifference and demand freedoms from this dictatorship to speak, meet, discuss and organise themselves on matters that concern our lives and welfare and the future of our nation?

Peter said...

Please refrain from using those vile words against Mr morals,Graham Davis.

Vasolmi said...

Who will Ratu Inoke support now? Since now he is incharge of Military will he
go with Rabuka and do another coup.

Mayor Vargas said...

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