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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Bainimarama told 'lift travel bans' or it's just talk

The pressure is on for Frank Bainimarama to lift the travel bans on citizens and New Zealand journalists who’ve been blacklisted for speaking out against the military regime.

It follows Bainimarama’s visit to Australia and New Zealand, where he announced that any journalist would be free to visit and report without restriction, once they’ve been accredited by the Department of Information.

Field has a poke at Bainimarama and co.
Bainimarama has also urged Fijians in Australia to take advantage of dual citizenship to return and ‘build a house or start a business’ and 'come and go as they please' as global travellers.

Reaction to Bainimarama’s ‘generous’ invitation have ranged from amusement to scorn.

Fairfax journalist Michael Field, who was banned years ago, is keeping mum but has today posted on his Facebook a piss take of Bainimarama’s fear of leaving Fiji in case of a revolt, except for when it comes to rugby.

The photo shows two of the coup leader's closest acolytes with the quip: "Frank’s at the rugby, time for another coup? I know how to do them.”

Banned: Brij and Padma Lal
Some Fiji folk have also called on TVNZ journalist Barbara Dreaver, to have a go at Bainimarama since he’s now on her turf. Dreaver was also banned some years ago.

The National Federation Party says the ban on citizens needs to be removed immediately, to allow Fiji citizens to return to the land of their birth, otherwise it’s just tokenism.

“The name of academics Professor Brij Lal and his wife, Dr Padma Lal, as well as other individuals who have been placed on this list for frivolous, undemocratic reasons, must be removed if the Prime Minister really wants to show the world Fiji is a robust democracy,” says leader Tupou Draunidalo.

Draunidalo has also questioned how much was spent on Bainimarama’s trip to Australia and New Zealand and those in the entourage.

Draunidalo: asking questions
“…. why was the Commissioner of Police accompanying the Prime Minister to a Fiji Day function at the same time when the DPP’s Office has confirmed the inefficiencies of his office in detaining members of the Opposition, including the NFP Leader, Professor Biman Prasad…?”

She says the Commissioner of Police should be at home attending to the “spiraling crime cases, police brutality" instead of resorting to  "the all too easy, draconian solution of arming the Police Force.”

Dradunidalo says an NFP Government will remove the blacklist and repeal the excessive powers given to the Immigration Minister, Prime Minister or any other minister, public official or organisation that is not fair or just.

The party says it will also reduce the allowances and emoluments of Ministers and Assistant Ministers.

Daily travel allowances for Parliamentarians got a massive 300 percent increase on the old rate originally decreed in October 2014.

Editor’s Note: In New Zealand, Bainimarama has
Bainimarama in Australia. pic Bob Barker News Corp Australia
downplayed differences with Prime Minister John Key blaming media for ‘unrelentingly negative and unbalanced reporting’, saying away from the media gaze the atmosphere between them was ‘very cordial and we got on famously.’ In Australia he made light of the fact the Malcolm Turnbull government did not have a senior minister meet him, saying Turnbull and co was ‘having Parliament at the moment.’ Bainimarama's visit coincided with the Australian Rugby Union announcement that Fiji will join the National Rugby Championship next year.


  1. Time to stage another coup.

  2. Bainivuaka looks sick. Is his diabetes, high blood pressure and gout getting worse?

    1. Wrath of the vanua is kicking in. Lol

  3. Every dog has its day...his time is close...grave or cassava patch...whichever comes first

  4. Unless he actually does remove restrictions, this is nothing but a smelly fart where its all talk and no action since Frankie is notorious for coming up with endless smokescreens just to dodge the tough questions that put him on the spot.

    Even that so-called fear of another coup if he left the country is just typical paranoia as if another nutjob wants to overthrow his government its no wonder Ayarse is in charge whenever Frankie is away overseas.

  5. Bainimarama managed to unite Fiji to some extend, but we don't know if that can last after he is gone.
    That "unity" is actually desired strongly by the people, even if there are political disagreements ( I say political
    disagreements because at the grass root level, nothing changes... people still lazy, land idle, etc... and
    most Fijians happy together and easy going... still the way the world should be in many rural communities at least!)

    The real challenge for Bainimarama is thus to get investment from abroad. He sold Fiji in Australia recently
    using the famous "hub of the Pacific" phrase. I suppose the future of Fiji lies in foreign investment now...

    It is clear by now that a coup won't change anything at the grass root level and will never bring prosperity.
    If one can't win the 2018 elections, one should just shut up...

    Time for Opposition to get competent people and unite... and kick out Rabuka too!!!

  6. "In my opinion, we have led the way in making Fiji a true hub for the region. In fact, the Prime Minister said as much during a speech in British Colombia earlier this year, when he singled us out as a role model." -http://www.theworldfolio.com/interviews/we-have-led-the-way-in-making-fiji-the-true-hub-of-the-region/3868/

    the masterplan of Bainimarama is to position Fiji has the most important country in the South Pacific... which is probably not too difficult shen your neighbours are Tuvalu, Tonga, Niue, Cook Islands, Wallis and Futuna, and Vanuatu or the Solomon Islands...
    that strategy will serve Fiji well in the future. Fiji has always been the hub of the South Pacific, everybody knows that. that is why it will be the first destination for foreign investement. As long as people are reasonnable and don't mess up the country, there is potential. But it will come mainly from overseas... the Fijian culture remains a challenge for economic development. The next generation will probably start producing the first good business people, but they will likely be seen as unfijians, like Mere Samisoni...

    The best hope for Fiji is thus her location... The hub of the South Pacific indeed.

    1. Fiji is the hub of fuckers you dumb cunt

  7. I really miss fijileaks.exposed.com
    Sobo sobo ,what happened to the one week hero?,
    Boci Loloma mada yani seems to have gone into hiding....Qauri !!!
    I know who you are....you work with Mida chairman and director of human rights.

  8. OMG the ugly male baboon Tupou Draunidalo who can't get a man jumps up and down with its political bitching failing to understand simple English by reading and he Fiji Sun to see what Qiliho actually said. No where does it say he wants to arm the police. He talks about an armed response team from the military as his force is unarmed to deal with armed robberies using guns as they only have batons and pepper spray. It's not about armed police or military walking the streets but contingency planning. He talks about the rules of engagement being legislated. The problem is a baboon can't understand human language. On Qiliho being in Australia is a non issue as the Land Force Commander was there too for a top level briefing. The ugly male baboon Tupou Draunidalo should just explain why she hates the military and its personnel. The truth is she thought she snared a military major whom they had a romp in a western hotel resulting in a broken bed due to the baboon weight and the eager attempt of the major to satisfy her. She was dumped and never managed to get another man. OMG bawahahahahahahaha

    1. Madhar chod. Don't you fucken understand that if any extra powers given to the forces, is a means to scare the general public so they don't peak their minds openly coming elections. This is what ff is upto. No one should be given any extra powers, fight with balls if have one or two. Military is cause of Fiji's problem and you are one them. Fuck fiji military and fuck you, and the phoney gov't.

  9. True the wrath of the Vanua is kicking in for Bavaria, Kuini Speed and Savenaca Draunidalo. All fucken cursed lot including tupou Draunidalo the baboon who can't get a man. Her brother has also died after he couldn't make anything for himself in the army. Tried to ride on his fathers reputation but was just fuck all like his dad. Tupou the shit brain baboon is now trying to ride on her mother Kuini Speed and her step dad Bavadra''s legacy but is just totally fucking herself up.

  10. Let's talk on the subject and not bring tupou pls. The question is will Bhai be true to his words or be selective just to please our kiwi and aussie .

    1. Concern , you need to get your English sorted first,then blog afterwards.
      Do you mean "concerned citizen"

  11. Nice to see our beloved PM again at Eden Park during Aust vs NZ match .. He looks healthy though.Toso viti.

  12. Trump in his recent debates proved himself that he is not fit to be the President of USA.
    Our monkey-faced PM is thousands of miles behind Trump. Frank is franky but can't debate with Biman, hehe hehe- fiji junior failure.

  13. Before the 2014 elections, Bainimarama said in his campaign overseas that he would carryout another coup if his party lost elections. It is obvious he is going to lose in 2018. So based on this, Fiji will definitely have coup after 2018 elections. Fiji is a coup-haven hub. So what is Fiji's problem - it is the military and Tupou is 100% correct.

  14. Escape Goat

    Who is the person you are referring to?

  15. @9:30 AM
    Fiji is the hub of the South Pacific.
    That means we are likely to find people like you as well, unfortunately.

    1. Hub for AIDS lol. Go fuck a goat you dumb cunt.

  16. Bainimarama is watching rugby overseas.
    What is Fiji getting out of it?
    Bainimarama should get back in the hub of the South Pacific.

  17. TRUE!! Concern citizen October 22, 2016 at 9:38 PM...some people!

  18. Voreqe is the ultimate personification of a sham. His publicised coup motives was a sham ( lie). His ( Khai's) constitution was a sham to grant them immunity from all the evil things they know they had committed since 2000. His Parliament is a sham. All his carefully written words are a sham ( lies, distortions, cover ups, propaganda, mind control..). His title as the PM is of course a sham. What PM travels around the world watching international games, partying, shopping, and reading a few speeches which he hardly understands, from the greatest sham in the history of mankind- the UN itself.

    I am still waiting to ask him personally about all of these if he ever grants me the opportunity for a public and televised audience. Then and there, I will try and remove the blindfold from the eyes of many of our people who have believed the lie and sham of Voreqe and those behind him. If the 2018 general elections happens, it will be an opportunity to expose Voreqe and his sham of a public life of service to all in Fiji. What a sham, and what a shame many of us still believe his lies. But he is not the key player, The key is to understand what is really happening and who and what are actually behind these events. It may help to think about this question:

    How can a high school failure and mental/intellectual retard, naval patrol boat captain, most ineffective and coward of a military, commander, coup leader, torturer, murderer, thief, tyrant, liar, etc become so dominant and dictatorial and in the public attention and accepted for so long without mass civil protest? Congratulations to QORVIS, CJ and his bunch of fags, and the masked people in power in various places. Your time is almost up. Time for TRUTH and LIGHT to EXPOSE the SHAM and DESTROY the EVIL. Let the people be FREE to KNOW the TRUTH and DECIDE their DESTINY.

  19. @Tomasi 11:49 AM

    When the 2018 elections happen the wish of the majority, as in 2014, will determine the outcome.

    That's how democracy works, it is not a system in place to please individuals like you.

    Tell us what you are going to do if he is voted in again for another term, continue your whining from behind a keyboard?

    Chances are there are some whiners that did not even vote?

  20. Voreqe looks pale and sickly.... Semi Meo looks younger than him even though Semi is 95 years old.

  21. @8:37 PM
    Your language is inappropriate.

    As the hub of the South Pacific, Fiji may be more likely to face some problems related to AIDS,
    but that can be handled with better teaching of morals and ethics. The other option would
    be to close the country or what?

    Bainimarama is PM for life. He has 80% support apparently.
    Everybody knows he is corrupt, it's just so plain obvious...
    Of course staging a coup to "clean up" corruption is bullshit...
    But the people are afraid because if the government change,
    some trouble may happen...

    Rabuka is now bathing in Dawasamu to heal his mental illness... good luck!

  22. Anon@4.17pm. Who the fuck say that Fiji is the hub you boci? Get our of Bai's ass you cock sucker.

  23. @5:10 PM

    Fiji has always been known as the hub of the South Pacific, it's a well-known phrase.
    Maybe you should do some research.
    It's a good strategy from Bainimarama to put Fiji back on the map.
    Fiji needs foreign investment, and playing the "hub of the SP" card is a brilliant strategy.

    HUB! HUB! HUB!

  24. Never mind the hub, the grand coalition is coming.
    Rabuka will be PM soon as well as Donald Trump POTUS.
    It will be an amazing year according to astrologers..come 2018

  25. @9:20 PM
    you are just being jaleous!!!
    Probably you live in the margins of Fiji.

    The hub is where everybody wants to be. There is so much potential for growth in the hub.
    Wait when Bainimarama is gone, there will be even more growth!

    @8:28 PM Rabuka's popularity, from what I see on the ground, would be less than 25%. Probably 20%... it's way too low...no wonder he needs to swim in the "magic" water of Dawasamu.

  26. 7.41am, you sound worried about your future at work. Don't worry, every Indian is voting to get rid of this cancer called Fiji first. You will no longer be able to drive in your Prado with flashing lights anymore. You're obtuse and RABUKA IS COMING !!!
    SERVES VOREQE RIGHT for being hijacked by the Islamic community.

  27. @9:29AM
    "OPPOSITION Leader and former Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) leader Ro Teimumu Kepa is not happy with Sitiveni Rabuka's leadership."

    Even for Kepa it's obvious what the 2018 election's results will look like with Rabuka.

    I am not worried one second about my future, I am a Fijian. I don't have a Prado either, what a waste of money. I prefer to spend good time with my family.

    In the meantime, we will try to promote Fiji to move forward economically so at least everybody can at least have a decent life because Bainimarama is not about to go with the kind of incompetent opposition we have in Fiji!!!

    For that reason, we need to support whatever is good for Fiji, the hub of the South Pacific!

  28. Anon@7.41am. You're in Bainimagasona's hub..ie his anus hahaha that's why you're full of shit hahaha

  29. @12:05 PM
    you may have been vulgar unintentionally.

    a hub is a meeting point between different routes, not the end of a colon. All the digestive system is fairly linear,
    so it's not a good example.

    With the international airport in Nausori, there are even more links across the country.
    Fiji is like Hub 2.0 now.

    1. You'd know seeing you've been licking Bai's hub for ages.

  30. Fiji the hub of the Pacific? Perhaps yes without the military coups. Talking of "hubs" - Australia and New Zealand are hubs of the Pacific. Fiji was given that chance Oct 1st 1970 but failed 17 years later in the hands of the military. We are still circling in that dark realm trying to get out. Until we get ourselves out of that darkness we will never be the hub of the Pacific.
    Escape the goat- Youre tied up with astrology that CNN is advocating. No one knows the future accept the One who created it. I'm a strong conservative but the way things are in the US polls, America is going to create history again with the first woman president, a couple who are both USA presidents and the first male First lady in the white house. Even with the poll results giving the green light to Clinton it's still either Trump or Clinton.

    1. Billy goat ( no relation to Escape goat)October 27, 2016 at 5:00 PM

      You're confused dude ,contradicting yourself every sentence.
      Are you a Fiji last supporter?

  31. I can't wait for Donald Trump to become president of the United States of America.You all wait and see,once this great man gets into power, the world will be a better place.He will make America great again and bring back prosperity not only to the US but also to the world at large.His already won the election so don't be surprised when they announce him as the new President of America.

  32. Fiji is the Hub of Corruption.

  33. All you lamusonas go lick Bai's black hub hahaha.

  34. Kaiyum is lamusona of the hindus he knows the hindus are planning to assasinate him hes bowing to hindu gods and girmitians...


  35. Fiji the hub of the pacific has 60% of population living in poverty.

  36. Yes but look at whats within that hub.

    It has likely got the most church buildings per capita of most other countries and so much potential for becoming rich by working in the religion industry.

  37. Bai reading another speech in New York. The sham continues, but the truth will all eventually be revealed. Light overcomes darkness. Truth will destroy lies. Information will replace ignorance. Gullible voters will become enlightened citizens. People will know and exercise their rights to choose and criticise Government. Freedom and justice will reign again. Love, Peace prosperity and unity and blessings will characterise our life.God will be sovereign and Lord again.

  38. Fiji is hub for military who scare away its own people. Fiji is a hub for false equal citizenary. Fiji is hub restrictaed media. Fiji is hub for murderers. Fiji is becoming a hub for terrorist. Fiji is hub for false democracy. Fiji is hub for torture. FIji is hub for coup if military preferred govt loses election. Fiji is hub corruption. The list goes on. Foreigners be aware and stay away from Fiji and do not invest in a country that does not have a concrete foundation.

  39. Fiji is the hub of criminals running a country. Hub of poverty, hub of squatters, hub of ass kickers, hub of cock sucker. Bainimarama's ass is a hub of activities if someone wants special treatment, just ask Francis Kean cos he was made to wipe Bai's ass for freedom.

  40. Billy goat aka escape goat 5.00pm
    No you don't understand. Go to your clairvoyant to tell you the result of the election because that's whats influencing you. Nobody- not a soul, never, will tell us the result of the November 8 election.
    If Clinton wins- history again is created
    The first was in 2008 when US got the first black president.
    (2nd)Hilary becomes the first female US president if she wins.
    (3rd) Mr & Mrs are both US presidents if she wins.
    (4th)Bill become the first Male First lady of she wins.
    (5th) you turn onto a dumb Goat if she wins.

  41. Bainimarama against human rights abuse ( Fiji Times 28/10). He does not condone such abuses of any kind and says perpetrators will be brought to face justice.
    I laughed when I read this.

  42. Keep dreaming Hillary is finished!!!!! Trump is the new president of United States of America.Prepare yourselves for the saviour of the world,the man that will change politics forever and say it like it is.

  43. Frank Bainimarama is the only person who considers himself Prime Minister of Fiji!
    He must have really felt left out when nobody took him seriously in his recent visit to the fake fiji day celebrations in Liverpool. Poor deluded sod! A narcisists worse night mare!

  44. Editor,
    The news that an Australian state minister used his position to chauffeur his pampered poorches to his country estate ( Dog - loving minister Steve Herbert spends $113,000 on taxpayer funded travel. The Age 30/10 ) and the more general public perception that " Australian parliaments are characterised by dog- whistle politics" has led a letter writer to ask : " Have our systems of government finally gone to the dogs?" ( Graham Cadd, the Age 30/10 ). That certainly appears to be the case in that country described as the " leader of the free world ".
    Now, if First World democracies like America and Australia are showing signs of going to the dogs imagine what it must be like in coup coup lands?
    Rajend Naidu

  45. Fiji First is finished because of corruption. Time for SODELPA to take advantage of Hindu votes in the next election who are fed up of muslimization of Fiji including government contracts, jobs in government and favouritism of muslims everywhere.

  46. Fiji HUB of the Pacific.
    High rate of rape. Second only to PNG.
    Fiji has increasing rate of child sexual molestation. This went up exponentially after Bainimarama's Coup in 2006.
    People in Fiji just emulating their leader who was known to have tortured women who were protesting for Democracy. One of them he stripped naked & then jumped on her pregnant stomach. The woman subsequently had a miscarriage.
    Bainimarama was also know to have hit a female reporter's hand, when her line of questioning came too close to home.
    The Demented Leader doesnt seem to understand that when he is talking about Human Rights abuse he is pointing the finger at himself.
    That's how Dumb and Stupid , Fiji's Leader is.

  47. Naidu Bhaiya no need to leave anything to the imagination. In coup coup land characterised by patronage politics, rampant bribery and corruption and where the independent institutions of state and society that are meant to act as checks and balance against abuse of power
    act as hand maidens to the power holders , the dogs have taken over.


  48. 19 cases a month

    Ropate Valemei
    Sunday, October 30, 2016

    THE Ministry of Health confirmed 115 breast cancer cases from January to July, this year.

    Minister for Health Rosy Akbar said that was about 19 confirmed cases per month.

  49. Everyday i walk and talk and read I realize that the world is divided more and more by the level of intelligence people have. In America for instance 40% of the population is just plain dumb AKA DONALD TRUMP crowd. Survey after survey done in the US shows that that this is true. Go onto you tube and search for dumb Americans and you will be shocked. Most cant even name one country starting with U. Jamie Oliver asked year 13 level students where butter comes from and the answer was from corn. I feel the percentage of dumb folks in Fiji is probably higher.It is clearly reflected in our politics when a foul mouthed bitch like Frank can be elected into office via a landslide when we had an intelligent autocratic party like NFP standing alongside them. It is also reflected in statements like those made by "escape goat". their is no such thing as a Muslim race. Islam is a dumb ignorant religion not a race just like all the worlds dumb faiths. Fiji Muslims are largely Indians with some i-taukei converts (very small number). Please know your facts before making ignorant comment's. So when you say Indians will vote FF out. You are both correct and incorrect as yes most Indians have seen the light and will vote these idiots out and wrong because those Indians also include people who follow the Muslim faith as i have met many hundreds who absolutely hate this government.
    When someone makes bold sweeping race or religious based ascertains it only means that 2 things either they are ignorant of most facts and are just dumb or they are deliberately doing it to ignite racial and religious discourse in other words the person is a bigot. A bigot is the lowest form of life on this planet below even the bacteria that eats shit and their are plenty of bigots in Fiji. They thrive on blogs like this where you hide behind the keyboard. It does not matter how you hide shit is shit and bigots know who they are.


    1. Bacteria baba, only a shit eater knows how to identify another. And there's only one reason people hate Fiji First.....Aiyaz baba and his band of 40 thieves, perhaps also bacteria eaters.

  50. As we watch Voreqe reading his speeches wherever he goes around Fiji or overseas, O often wonder what people are thinking about him. For many overseas, they can tell whether or not the speaker really understands what he is saying, or whether he is simple reading words written for him. The same is trye here in Fiji around the Pacific. People may wonder whether Bai really understands what he says. Because the truth is that he understands very little of the substantive issues concerning leadership. government, justice, management, economic development, etc. This is why we will never see him engaging in serious discussions about matters of the highest national importance. Imagine what must be happening during the meetings with other foreign leaders and dignitaries. Imagine what other leaders are thinking and saying behind his back. "Is this idiot for real? Does he have any conscience at all? How long can he pretend to be the PM and Foreign Minister?

    What a shame for Fiji. One of the worst bloody idiots in our nation has been the Dictator, Finance Minister, and PM for the last 9 years??? Amazing.

    But this coward knows a dau of reckoning will come. His days are numbered. One day Mafatu.

  51. Donald Trump! the greatest man in the world that will crush the leftists forever.Its time the American people have a leader that truly cares about them.Its time that the common man rises up against his oppressors and put an end to their rule since they never really cared about the common people.This is the man that the people of America have been waiting for to give them a voice.The problems many Americans face now such as poverty and violence at home, war and destruction abroad will last only as long as the people of America continue relying on the same politicians who created them.A change in leadership is required to change these outcomes hence Donald Trump is the only hope and saviour for the American people.I cannot wait till his in office,the world will be a better place and America will be great again like it once was.

    "You know the funny thing, I don't get along with rich people. I get along with the middle class and the poor people better than I get along with the rich people"
    Donald Trump

    1. Thank you Donald Duck.

    2. @10.47pm You reckon he will win?

  52. Editor,
    We read in the article from the Washington Post reproduced in The Age 31/10 that a Korean man , Adam Caspser, who was adopted by Americans when he was three is now been deported when he is 41 ( ' Americans adopted this Korean man when he was three. Now 41' he's been deported') Emily Kessel of the Adoptee Rights Campaign said she finds the deportation " appalling". As someone who dealt with adoptions, including inter- country/ international adoptions for over two decades as a welfare worker in Fiji I too am appalled.
    We learn that simple paperwork to register him for US citizenship was left undone by parties responsible to do so.
    Is America a sane society?
    In his review of Erich Fromm's A Sane Society Noam Chomsky writes " Erich Fromm speaks with wisdom, compassion, learning and insight into the problems of individuals trapped in a social world that is needlessly cruel and hostile ".
    That is clearly the case for Adam Caspser.
    In his review Asa Brigg's, The New Statesman writes " Dr Fromm is deeply concerned with the most important unifying questions that can be asked about contemporary western society - is it sane? He criticised very sharply those social psychologists who act as expert apologists for the status quo".
    The decision taken by the American State to deport Adam Caspser makes one wonder whether this is the behaviour of people in a sane society?
    Rajend Naidu

  53. @1:29 PM
    why is that woman not coming out publicly now?
    don't forget: the fact that crimes committed by Bainimarama are temporarily "forgotten" because of his constitution
    doesn't mean one can't bring those crimes to public scrunity!!! The real judges are the PUBLIC.

    I find it weird that so many victims seems to keep quiet now.

    1. Billy goat ( no relation to Escape goat)November 1, 2016 at 10:56 AM

      Taukei have a habit of being quiet.
      The Balaclava crowd from 1987 are still at large.
      These good people just take all their secrets to their graves.

  54. Anon@11.35AM. It doesn't mean that it's in the constitution that Bai is free. He has shown that a constitution can be changed if you have a majority, and I hope the next election will give the opposition a majority. Now that is a scary thought for Bai and all his corrupt friends.

  55. Ok smart ass, and how do you proposed to remove Bainimarama and Khaiyum from power
    in the next election? First off they don,t need your vote cause they've got all the
    important spot covered by their own people.The election was totally rigged and as long
    as they're alive they will remain the power in Fiji and whether you like it or not-sorry to bust your bubbles thats the way it's going to be? Unless some strong military group overturns the current power by taking out the current Government?Otherwise these bastards will continue to rigged the elections, rigged our democracy
    and run our Government like a Mafia organization.

  56. The fall of Ratu Mara government was late Dr Ahmed Ali.
    The fall of Hillary is Abudein.
    The fall of Bainimarama government is ASK.

  57. @anon 4.55 PM. I agree with you a full 100 percent. Bainimarama and Khaiyum will NOT be removed . They have the seal of approval of the UN and all those other elitist international political actors. All the people who want these two fuckers of the people of Fiji gone, can make all the impotent noises they want to make. Bai and Kai are here to stay in power - for a long long time. The business gang and the local elites know that. That's why they are sucking up to them, big time.

  58. Editor,
    While still in politics as trade minister Andrew Robb was a major player in negotiating the questionable Australia - China free trade agreement .He worked tirelessly in support of the agreement. Now after leaving politics he has landed himself a cushy job with the Chinese company that controls the Port of Darwin. ( Ex-Trade minister Andrew Robb gets job with Chinese firm that leased Darwin Port' smh 31/10).
    What a coincidences!
    When Chinese State sponsored merchants can get politicians in an advanced First World democracy like Australia into their pockets imagine how much easier it must be to get politicians in a Third World banana republic to do their bidding?
    Rajend Naidu

  59. @10:56 AM
    The Balaclava crowd from 1987 would be 30 years older now.
    A man of 20 would be 50, a man of 30 would be 60.
    in a country where people start dying of NCD at 40...
    A lot of the Balaclava people are probably with Jesus. Or Lucifer. Who knows.

  60. Only Manasa Lasaro, Ratu Mara and Ahmed Ali are with Lucifer, the rest of the balaclavas are still here on Earth, oh lest we forget Savenaca Draunidalo, another balaclava who's with Luciferbut left behind his daughter to finish off his evil satanic deeds.

    1. 5.17pm Your not excused from Lucifers' list either.
      Rot in hell!!

  61. Editor,
    Doing the lowdown to stay in power.
    In her letter to the Canberra Times 2/11 Barbara Fisher writes :
    " Having recently re-read The Gulag Archipelago with its harrowing portrayal of innocent people indefinitely jailed, I am appalled at Turnbull's latest attack on refugees. I cannot believe that anyone could sink so low as to curry favour with the ignorant bigots of One Nation, no matter how desperate he is to hang onto power".
    I can.
    People can do extremely low down things to hang onto power. History is replete with examples of such leaders.
    According to Steven Opat ( Letter, The Age 2/11 ) Malcolm Turnbull and his political cronies' " new policy ( not allowing refugees who tried to get to Australia by boat to ever set foot here ) needs to be backdated to include those who have arrived by boat since 1788".
    Sounds logical, doesn't it?
    Rajend Naidu

  62. Fiji Gov't should abolish all its Director and Permanent Secretary positions immediately since none of them are seen doing anything. Only the PM and his ministers are seen doing everything. Or this is just a show by cock-sucking media for next next general elections.

  63. @Anon 8.14 am. Good observation. It seems that our most unqualified and illegal PM and his band of criminals have been doing all the "work" by Government. They are seen "working" with smiles and garlands and ribbons of various colours and backgrounds, with smiles and waves to the curious crowds.

    Government is not only working overtime, it is working all the time, dictating almost all parts of our lives, including our finance, economy, sectors, villages, towns, forests, seas and oceans, unions, schools, hospitals, police, army, navy, prisons, roads, airports, ports, press, media, meetings, parliament, courts and the judiciary, companies, businesses, and individuals,etc etc

    There is absolutely no doubt that FFP is a dictatorship designed and actively engaged in constant activities to control the people of Fiji and all our resources, structures and systems under its total and perpetual control. Being in total control is their ultimate strategy, for once they lose control, their house of cards will crumble, their lies, crimes, deceit and thuggeries fully investigated, and they shall be brought to account.

    So all that we see everyday, is part of an elaborate and costly agenda to show the people and the world that we do have a government that seems to care for all the people of Fiji. But in reality, all that Bai and Khai really want is to seize greater power and control in order to continue accumulating more and more for themselves, their families, friends and supporters.

    Let the people be warned. This FFP dictatorship is an evil curse upon our nation. It is the result of our silence, indifference and indecision to the evil being displayed way back in the 1980s. We must stand up to evil. We must speak up against any and every form of crime, injustice and corruption. We must live the high moral values and principles and code of ethics based on love for God and for one another. We must hold these criminals to account. To do less or nothing is to allow this evil monster to grow more powerful and to bring even greater devastation to our nation.

  64. PM must spare some time (of course after photo shoots) to answer questions raised by NFP on racism. If not, Fiji will declare him most person a country can have.

    1. Bai and his sweetheart's constitution is not working out. They both are having sleepless nights. About 400 days left when the two most toxic souls will be brought to justice.

  65. Praise Donald Trump!

  66. @Tomasi 9:25 AM

    The reason the FFP are the government is because the majority of people voted for them.

    The majority are not crying like you.

    Next election you may be lucky and get what you want, but you need to at least get off your whining backside and vote.

  67. I'll vote for any political party that minimizes the power of government and maximises the freedom of the people.Instead of having indirect democracy we should have direct democracy where most of all the policies and decisions are made by the people through voting.Also the wages of all politicians who earn over $100,000 to be reduced by atleast 80%.The prime minister will also receive $60,000 annually after tax,the people should also have their say and vote on whether the ministers should be able to travel overseas if they are going to use tax payers monies.People want radical change and I believe this is the utmost radical of them all,I personally believe it will also stop all the coups and racism because it is direct democracy and all responsibility are rest on the people.People will vote what leader they want and then vote for policies of their choice leaving the leader to quickly implement the decisions thus respecting the people's votes.

    1. How about just put them on minimum wage and stop the govt from dictating peoples lifes.Speaking of direct democracy not once have we read any article in the news of a referendum to be held so will agree with you on direct democracy.

  68. @Anonymous 2:30 PM

    There's nothing like living in a dream world but you need to be realistic and sensible about it.

    Let's look at some of your ideas.................

    "I'll vote for any political party that minimizes the power of government and maximises the freedom of the people.Instead of having indirect democracy we should have direct democracy where most of all the policies and decisions are made by the people through voting."

    So how are you proposing the people are going to vote to decide policies and decisions. Perhaps you want a system where for two days a week every voter sits and listens to a proposed policy change and on the third day they all trot off to the voting station and vote!

    ".Also the wages of all politicians who earn over $100,000 to be reduced by at least 80%."

    So the politician that is earning $110,000 a year now under your suggestion would revert to earning $22,000 a year.

    Did you think that one out?

    ",the people should also have their say and vote on whether the ministers should be able to travel overseas if they are going to use tax payers monies"

    Perhaps your idea is that they vote on this on the fourth day of the week?

    Yes, your ideas are radical, but also totally stupid. Lets all hope you never try and become a politician !!!

  69. 2.30pm
    Your ideas is possible and can be carried out only in one place....The Loo!!
    Your just wasting time in this forum.

  70. @Anonymous 7:25 PM

    It's safer for Fiji if 2:30 PM continues wasting his time here.

    Then at least he's not out in the real world causing chaos with his stupidity.

  71. @2.30pm Indeed your idea is radical but there really isn't any political party in Fiji that posses such a mandate.Fijians are not capable of running their own government yet have they fully understood the mechanics of how a democracy works.Bainimarama's model of democracy is currently been put to the test and it seems to be working,however no doubt it is evident the opposition is supressed on certain issues.His model ensures that coups will never happen therefore your idea on direct democracy is a big risk to this and I agree extremley radical.With indigenous Fijians being majority of the population direct democracy maybe abused to supress the indo-fijian population who are minority therefore it will not stop racism.If the ultra nationalist wanted full control of government then direct democracy will ensure their control over government despite the minimization of power you mentioned.Rabuka probably have this up his sleeves if he won power.

  72. Build more thought into it 2.30,id like to see that happen.its what fiji needs 'direct democracy' even rabuka has spoken about more freedom for the people hence his focusing on social issues.

  73. @4.52am They will never give you and the people direct democracy because of the fear of losing grip of power,influence and control.I can guarantee you the house will never call for a referendum on anything because they do not trust the people of Fiji.Opposition is only there for show to say we are a democracy when in fact we are not.@2.24am Well that's your opinion and I've got nothing against it but if majority support the idea of us being all Fijians,surely there will be no racism or is that a fallacy as well?

    1. Well said 7.11am which is why im going to ask you to vote Rabuka.Id advise you to just listen to what the man has to say and take it from there.You speak about people recieving freedom well Rabuka has also said the same thing.His even mentioned the point of taking on board all the different interest groups and working with society.He's seen how limited in freedom the people are.Even politicians were detained just for conducting a meeting which was deemed a threat to govt despite there was nothing of a nature to threaten a govt but simply them being paranoid and making false accusations.Theres no freedom of assembly and no freedom of expression.Where in a democracy politicians are arressted just for conducting a meeting?

  74. Editor,
    American Democracy : Leader of the Free World and All That.
    In his article ' All hell could break loose' : Democrats prepare to legally tackle nightmare election scenario ' in The Age 2/11 Paul McGeough informs us the Demoratic Party has taken pre- emptive action and applied to a New Jersey court for the Republican Party to be ordered to abide by a 1982 court approved agreement under which the Republican National Committee ( RNC ) pledged not to intimidate voters going to the polls.
    McGeough registers his surprise at this . He writes : " Stop right there and think about that : they actually have to have a deal on the books to prevent intimidation of citizens exercising a democratic right".
    Why the surprise?
    America has a long history of voter intimidation . For an insight into this dating back to 1873 read bestselling author Lalita Tademy's Red River : An extraordinary novel of true lives in the Deep South (2006 ).
    In contemporary America blacks can now go through the voting ritual like other citizens but black lives are far from free from other forms of intimidation as the Black Lives Matter movement tells us.
    This is captured succinctly in Mychal Denzel Smith's book Invisible Man, Got The Whole World Watching : A Young Black Man's Education ( published June , 2016 ) in which he analyses " ... A country where a black child can grow up to be president, but where living while black is still dangerous " ( Kirkus Review )
    Think about that!
    Rajend Naidu

    1. Good input rajend naidu.

  75. @Tomasi October 25, 2016 at 11:49 AM, You said "Let the people be FREE to KNOW the TRUTH and DECIDE their DESTINY."

    What do you think of direct democracy?also the minimization of power for government and maximum freedom for the people?

    If people are to be free,to know the truth and decide their destiny why not give direct democracy ago?
    Do you agree on letting the people have their own say on some or all policies?Do you trust the people to make decisions for their own future and destiny?

    You have also said Tomasi "Government is not only working overtime, it is working all the time, dictating almost all parts of our lives, including our finance, economy, sectors, villages, towns, forests, seas and oceans, unions, schools, hospitals, police, army, navy, prisons, roads, airports, ports, press, media, meetings, parliament, courts and the judiciary, companies, businesses, and individuals,etc etc"

    I fully agree with you Tomasi and it is the truth.So do you agree with minimizing the power of government and giving maximum freedom to the people?Can we have direct democracy?

  76. @Anonymous 10:28 AM

    As you agree with Tomasi how about explaining how the 'government' is dictating these parts of YOUR life,

    a) your personal finances. (Tomasi as always assumes he knows and speaks for every one else)

    b) what happens in your village

  77. Rajend Naidu, fuck off.

  78. Rajend Naidu-10.11am
    Thumbs up. The DEMS legal action doesn't mean the REPUBLICAN won't do the same. That's exactly what's happening now in the US pre-election. The 2 running presidential candidates are issuing out legal action against the other because they are accepting the fact that both are criminals( Hillary- email fraud, Trump- tax and women issues) Its a matter of saving their arses from going to prison.

  79. Both candidates are corrupt but I'll be voting Trump as the Clintons are just as more corrupt.This election will be one of the closests its ever going to be.Good to see some Trump supporters in here.If he gets elected as president the first thing he'll do is drain the shit outta that swamp in Washington.

    1. Get a president that will clean up the mess they've caused all over the world.You yanks are nothing but destroyers.Just look at the state of Europe,total chaos.Full of refugees and hidden extremists who have hijacked a religion.Maybe you can take in some of these refugees from Iraq,Afganistan,Somalia and Syria countries where the US has stuck their nose in.Next these refugees and extremists will pour into the oceania region.its good on Australia for taking a tough stance on the issue.

  80. Despite all his rant and rave, would it be correct to label Mr. Trump as a pussy?

  81. @3.10am 5 more days to go!!!!!! don't you worry Trump will win.The people of America want their country back and are fed up with all the political correctness and bullshit the dems have created for the past 8 years.Its time to reshape the order of things and put a leader that is for the people.VOTE DONALD TRUMP!!!!! #TRUMP4PRESIDENT!

  82. You cunts should not be concerned about the US election. You cunts should be more concerned about your next elections because Asshole Khaiyum will rig it again. Dumb cunts.

    1. Why be concerned when the people know its rigged?The people are powerless and brainwashed.Fiji is now the mini North Korea of the pacific.Only a handful of people are left who are sane.political parties are more concerned about how to operate under the FF democracy because they fear of making moves the FF see as anti FF.Let them carry on hailing their leader,but there will come a time when they've realized that all along they were all hypnotized into believing all the lies.

  83. I am just wondering what the fuck are some American dumb asses doing on this blog commenting about Trump. This is a website where comments on Fiji are relevant. Americans are dumb as shit. Donald trump is a nut job who has no idea what he is talking about 99% of the time and some MF's still support him. Its official 40% of Americans are dumb as 2 short planks. They would not know how to spell Donald Trump correctly even if their life dependent on it.
    For all you right wingers out their. The secular liberals are overtaking you dumb ass shits all over the developed world. The internet is educating people about many things from religion to the way the world works. Their is only one hysterical whining bitch in this election and that is Donald.

    1. Their all learning that religion was formed to brain wash people into giving money out of guilt. Well in Fiji anyway.

  84. Go fuck the Clintons dickhead. Go Trump Go!

  85. Can someone advise whether Jese Sikivou and Kepa are planning a new political party? what a bunch of losers !!! Piss Off!!

  86. Anon 3.42. At least Hilary has something to fuck. She ain't that bad looking either for an old lady. How about you. You go fuck Donald. Or better yet get fucked by him. Donald he so big and strong eh boy.

    Anon 4.22 You are quite right. There are countless well argued websites and you tube videos which totally debunk all the religions in particular the 3 big monotheist faiths i.e. Christianity,Islam and Judaism. Religion by its very nature is regressive. It stops people from thinking and its not confined to Fiji. Here is a cut and paste from a rich list of pastors:

    "Bishop David Oyedepo: Bishop David Oyedepo is a Nigerian Preacher, Christian Author, Founder and Presiding Bishop of Winners Chapel known as Living Faith Church World Wide. Has been hailed as the wealthiest preacher in Nigeria with a total net worth of $150 million and properties like 4 private jets and homes in the United States and England. After the foundation of the Living Faith Outreach Ministry in 1981, it has evolved to be one of the largest congregations in Africa and has a flourishing mission in Nairobi.
    Read more: https://www.naij.com/55285.html"

    This dude is the 2nd richest pastor in the world. Think about it he is making his money from a congregation whose income annually is less than USD$700 a month. The fellow should be flogged. He is a criminal period.
    Religion is a brain washing tool used by all the great civilizations from ancient Mayans to the Romans to the modern day governments and con men. Has any one ever wondered why the most secular countries are some of the greatest countries to live in. Norway, Japan, Sweden,Denmark, Finland. It does appear that the less Religion we have in our lives the better the intellect and the better the society. The proof is in the pudding i guess.

  87. Piss off and pray to Satan dickhead.
    We Christians don't need you ......what's your problem? If you don't like the religions - piss off no one is forcing you BOCI! You sound like a poofter who was raped.............

  88. Only idiots waste their time on RELIGION. REMEMBER THIS WELL!!!
    Religion doesn't put food on your table and neither does it PAY your TAXES.
    We Christians my arse. There are no Christians in this God abandoned third world shithole of a country.
    Itaukei are NOT CHRISTIANS, JUST LIKE ISIS is not muslim. Both these groups of a people are a sick example of terrorists hiding behind religious hysteria.

  89. did you get fucked by satan the goat?? no wonder you named goat!! moron! nobody is forcing you to be cristian so piss off satan!

  90. the goat - fuck off back to Mumbai barachod

  91. Who was the witness when Francis Kean murdered Whippy?
    Who murdered him so that Kean's conviction could be lowered from murder to manslaughter?

    Maybe someone can ask Francis Kean?

  92. @1.09am Disagree on "Fiji is now the mini North Korea"

    We used to be when it was under a military junta in 2006-2014 but now we live under a hybrid regime semi democracy.We no longer take soft loans from China in fact we are paying it off with whatever money that comes in to get output results.The system that is in place now is a one party dominant system no doubt everyone will agree.Thus those political parties who like you say "how to operate under the FF democracy" are not only in fear but confused by them.The opposition is denied competition of sharing a little power thus reducing government accountability.

    Some will say on here that "I'm full of shit, the Government leaves enough political space for political parties and organizations of civil society to form,for an independent press to function and for some political debate to take place." However they have also forgotten that the fact is it will only go to an extent of being within their control and suits their agenda. Anything beyond and not part of their liking is silenced and they do it deliberately.They don't want free competition because they want improvement.Not what improvement you want but their very own secret improvement agenda.

  93. Editor,
    Political Donations Undermining Democracy.
    Graeme Scarlett ( The Age 5/11 ) writes :
    " Donations have one purpose : they are a blatant attempt to buy political favours for the donor. They must be stopped ... Governments today seemed focused on buying favours and looking after mates, the public be damned. We are on the same slippery slope that is plaguing the politically bankrupt US".
    Is this also the predicament of the " new ", " true " democracy put in place in Fiji by Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum?
    Rajend Naidu

  94. @Anon 10.28 am, friends and fellow countrymen. Thank you for your thoughts. It is sad that exchanges on vital issues such as this cannot be allowed in our mainstream media outlets. Imagine if the papers and radios and TV are allowed to host these kinds of forums. Imagine if people are allowed to organise public discussions on such matters in a peaceful and constructive way. That would be my ideal Fiji. In fact, that is not our present. But it was the Fiji many of us grew up in, the Fiji that was full of freedom and open hearts, peace and tolerance. But alas, here we are today, in a mass prison and concentration camp of sorts, where the new gods of the new Fiji, Bai and Khai dictate every aspect of our lives, with the explicit decree to silence all dissenting views and discussions. People ‘voted’ them in as government. They installed themselves as god, and only they will decide. The rest of us Fijians must only listen, obey and follow. Or else.

    History has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that too much power corrupts, and absolute corrupts absolutely. Lucifer is the very personification of that. Human nature is of even a lower being. World history is a record of selfishness and self-centredness throughout the ages. This is true on a personal, community and national and international levels. People are basically selfish, and they naturally tend to seek after their own best interests. Even in national governance, so called national leaders tend to look after their own interests, hence corruption, nepotism, etc.

    This is why we have standard universally accepted norms and principles and practices in governance. This is why we have such things as separation of powers, limited tenures, accountability and transparency protocols, etc Dictators who have their own agenda will seek to erode our freedoms and waive or suspend rules and laws that protect our freedoms. They want effective control, the more, the better for them.

    Government is about us the people coming together to discuss, agree, disagree, and decide what, where and why and how we want to be as a nation. Parliament represents that process, They are not the people, they only represent us the people. It is a very dangerous thing to hear that Governments decides this and that, and those. It is very dangerous to see Khai and Bai not even allowing discussions, and preventing peoples views entering Parliament through referendums and motions, Democarcy is people exercising their power and freedom to decide what is best for them Demos means people. Kratos means power. When the governing party sees itself as the only people with the mandate to RULE and DECIDE for all of us, then that party has lost its mandate to lead its people.

    That is where we are today. That was where we were way back in 2006. The situation has gotten worse. Please wake up my people. Let us remind bai and Khai that this is our land, our home, our country, our nation. There is excessive power in the hands of the few ( Bai/Khai FFP ). They need to accept that they are there for us. But sadly, they are not there for anyone but themselves. They will always come first. They are very afraid that they will be brought to justice because of their own selfishness. We the people must decide. It is up to us. Our destiny is in our hands. Vinaka.

  95. @Tomasi 11:48 AM

    It really is time you started living in the real Fiji Tomasi, your self centred repetitive whining is making you look a total fool.

    If you had been in Suva early this morning at Albert Park you would have seen the real Fiji. Hundreds of people mingling, some playing rugby, some running, some racing wheelbarrows with people in, some cheering and all smiling.

    These people have freedom, they were using it for both their own and others good. Those people were all different colours, no doubt many different religions, no doubt different political affiliations but I doubt if any of them noticed. They were all too busy enjoying what they have in this country.

    On the other hand there are those like you, forever looking for an excuse to blame someone else for your pathetic boring life. They will always remain the losers, laughed at and felt sorry for by those that have the initiative and intelligence to do more with their lives than moan.

    Grow up boy, open your eyes or do you want to remain the insignificant dinosaur you portray every time you tap that keyboard.

  96. @anon 12.22 PM You castigate Tomasi for being one- sided; looking only at the negative situations in Fiji. But you unwittingly do the same. Only difference is that you look through rose tinted glasses " to see only the pleasant things about a situation and not notice the things that are unpleasant " ( Cambridge Dictionary ). Hence your extrapolations from what you saw at Albert Park this morning to define the " real Fiji ".
    How come you see only the pleasant things in Fiji ? Are you a regime wallah or a regime arselicker?

  97. @Anonymous 1:53 PM

    I see many unpleasant things as well, but I do not keep whining on about only those as perceived by Tomasi, because I also consider many of the reasons why these 'appear' unpleasant to many of the blinkered minority.

    As for you, so predictable, someone has said something that has touched a nerve so immediately politics and regime. Another broken record on the turntable repeating the same old boring mantra

  98. @anon 2.29 PM
    What's really predictable in the Bainimarama - Khaiyum regime in Fiji is the defence of the status quo by arselicke like you. You remind me of Gandhi's three monkeys who see nothing bad, hear nothing bad and speak nothing adverse. We write under anonymity because we fear victimisation by the thug rulers of Fiji.. You write as anonymous because you know you will be exposed as a regime arselicker if you put your real down.

  99. Friends. Let there be no confusion. Let there be no doubt, quarrel or argument. Members of Parliament are essentially our servants, the servants of the public. Khai and Bai must be re-educated about this fundamental truth. They may be called leaders, Ministers and so on. But they are really people chosen to serve us the people of this nation. From the PM to the tea-lady, the driver to the highest diplomat in the land, from Thompson to Jobson, Mary and Carl, Isoa and Tinai, Dinesh and Wati, all our civil servants are first and foremost servants, our servants. They remain subservient to us, not to dictate but to listen.

    I strongly agree we need a radical change in our politics and parliamentary elections in Fiji. It is a priority. We must engage in serious and comprehensive discussions about how we must govern ourselves. We must rediscover,redefine and re-emphasize the critical definition of public servants. All our public servants must first acknowledge that they are primarily and ultimately servants of the people.

    Second, our rights must be reflected and enshrined in the Constitution. They are inalienable rights given to us by God. It is God who defines and gives us our rights and freedoms as well as our responsibilities and obligations. All laws, decrees and the Constitution must reflect these and be the basis of their protection. Third, Bai and Khai must not be allowed to run another fraudulent election process. We must have an independent body of people and processes to decide our next group of people to serve us after the next elections. Khai and his nephew must be relieved from their respective roles. A new Electoral Commission must be appointed. A clean slate is necessary to elect our next MPs who will serve us with their utmost and highest. Take care of the fundamentals first. The rest will then follow. Forget the basics, expect more and even worse scenarios.

    Finally, less Government really means that we the people must be the primary decision makers in all that affect us. Government comes in only where and when they are needed and where we and our smaller communities need them. Government takes care of major infrastructure, essentail services, international relations, etc. But let the people live their own lives, make their own decisions within the the Constitution and its various institutions and processes. Dictators are evil people. Dictatorship is an evil scheme with an evil agenda, no matter its various faces/ fronts. The FFP is a dictatorship. It must be put down during the next election, and eliminated from Fiji for good. NO MORE. QORVIS, their henchmen must leave our land and never ever return. The cabal behind it must be exposed, neutralised and put to rest.

    Let us not allow people to call good evil and good evil. Whether they be leaders or dealers. Stop watching silently. Excellence is not accidental, we must work hard and constantly to achieve it. There are criminals leading us, serving us today. We have allowed more of them to take important positions in our government and institutions. They preach justice, yet they practise and allow injustice to happen. They set anti-corruption FICAC, while they actually engage in corruptive activities themselves. They prosecute and intimidate and threaten and torture people of lesser crimes, while they steal, rob, murder and torture, speak at the UN, open schools and hospitals and travel around the world to watch games and wine and dine. STOP. ENOUGH. We the people hold the key to our own progress. We must stand up, speak up and tell these criminals, ENOUGH. SA RAUTA. BASS. It’s time for change, Radical change. New direction. New way. Better future. For all our people today and tomorrow. God bless our land. God bless Fiji.

    BTW, Anon 12.22 pm, your comments do not address the issues I raised.

  100. Anon 12.22 pm wants to act the smart arse but he is merely an arselicker of the dictatorial regime in Fiji. His comments dis not address the issues raised by Tomasi. His comments where designed to deflect attention away from the real issues of governance in Fiji under its twin dictators.

  101. Rabuka turned into snake

  102. Editor,
    American democracy.
    Suresh Chand displays his superficial understanding, if not ignorance, of American politics and government in his letter ( ' Presidential race' iFiji Times 5/11) in which he " congratulates Americans for nurturing and believing in true democracy" and waxes lyrically about the " transparent and democratic American presidential election process".
    That is the America of his fantasy.
    Anyone genuinely interested in acquiring a proper understanding of the real America, it's politics and government and elections, should read Paul McGeough's insightful and illuminating analysis titled ' Forget Clinton and Trump - America's democracy is broken and they can't fix it' in The Age 5/11. The article is a status update on the rot that has come to characterise American democracy captured under sub- headings like " How the gerrymander works " and " The quest to ' shrink ' democracy ".
    We read that according to former Democratic congressional adviser Tad Daley, " it's no longer hyperbole to say that American democracy is broken".
    These are Americans who know their democracy a whole lot better than some Suresh Chand in Nadi.
    Rajend Naidu

  103. Without our Nfp party sodelpa can't perform in parliment

  104. VInaka Vinaka, We the people in the outer islands continued to planting our own food after the cyclone but still living in tent no complain and with a zero balance on the PM relief fund account is a no hope for this government.

  105. Editor,
    Leader's Phoney Claim
    In his letter ' Nauseated by that benevolent smile ' ( The Age 6/11 ) Pat Coe says " ... To see Malcolm Turnbull stating that Australia treats these persecuted people ( the refugees and asylum seekers ) with " compassion " is a disgraceful downgrading ( a debasement ) of that comforting word, especially when he displays the new, false, benevolent smile he learnt during the election campaign".
    That nauseating, phoney, benevolent smile is the trade mark of insincere leaders who have no real commitment to the human rights values and norms a good democratic society is meant to stand for.
    They have one primary concern : how to stay parked in power.
    Rajend Naidu

  106. @10:28 PM
    Sad observation.
    It tells a few thing about that "rural party". Full of "farmers", but no qualified economists, planners, etc...

    The reason why Rabuka's story ended up with a financial collapse was similar. As a military idiot, Rabuka couldn't see
    what was going on with all those crooks around him...

    Bainimarama is just the same. An idiot who needs to have the State managed by "intelligent people".

    We can see clearly here the consequences for people not to get educated, not to work, to be lazy.
    In a sense, Fiji's instability has more to do with very poor education than so-called racial issues!

    I will vote for NFP this time around.

  107. Editor,
    National Leader.
    In its hard hitting, openly critical Editorial : This Man is Manifestly Unfit for Office ( Nov. 6 ) The Age spells out why.
    Here's an extract :
    " A serial abuser of women, an invertebrate liar, a racist... Donald Trump is ... America's " home- grown demagogue ". The absurd, narcissistic ramblings of this reality TV star convinced the angry, mainly white voters that he was the only one who could fix it all, make America great again!...Trump has been repeatedly unmasked as an appalling conman. His reaction to criticism, exposure ...to petulantly lash out at his[critics] in ...derogatory language. This man is manifestly unfit for office. He has encouraged violence against protesters - and used a type of dog- whistle language to incite violence against his opponents... He is manifestly unfit for office"
    Trump is all the things the Editorial says he is and that clearly makes him unfit for office.
    But so many others who display the same traits hold high office in countries around the world.
    As Russel Brant, the author of Revolution , pointed out in an Australian television interview it was amazing, he said, how many intellectually short- supplied, shitty people end up as Prime Ministers and Presidents.
    So if a shitty man like Trump does become President what will happen? The sky will not fall down, will it?
    Trump will than go to places like the UN and rub shoulders with some other shitty national leaders who are regulars there.
    And life will go on without overly disturbing the status quo.
    That's how politics is played out nationally and internationally.
    Correct me if I'm wrong.
    Rajend Naidu

  108. I want to cai and vutusona a wild baboon. Can someone send me Tupou Draunidalo or is she content with her threesome of Kamal Iyre and Biman Prasad?

  109. I want to cai and vatusona a wild fat dentist. can someone send me dentist speaker, Luveni or she is content her threesome of Bainisona, Khai or Mahen kanwa reddy? How do you like this?

  110. Bring together the most educated people of Fiji.
    Bring together the most influencal people of Fiji.
    Bring together those who never had any part in any coup.

    What happened with the Northern-Eastern-Western-Central United Party?!?

  111. @Anonymous 5:03 PM

    And there would still be many that would not be happy with that for whatever reason they could think of to blame someone.

  112. Does anyone know who are the political advisers to the FFP?who are these people consulting them?

    1. I've been thinking the same for many years.No doubt foreign advisors have some hand in all the policies and strategies enforced.Don't be surprised if the Chinese and other east Asian countries are part of this political advisor group.LQ had an Aussie as his advisor during his time in office.Bainimarama will have the Chinese passing advise but he will cherry pick and modify it to match his suit.

  113. Vote Nfp
    Ituakai in opposition are idiot without Nfp dey r just pigs

    1. Another racist magaitinana barachod

  114. @11:15PM
    while Sodelpa's MPs are not the bright sparks they should be, there are still people around to replace them.

    Sodelpa are too lazy. they voted to cut sitting time by 50% and voted for increased salary.

    we need a real opposition.

  115. For Rajend Naidu, the intellectual eunuch.

    "A man must serve his time to every trade
    Save censure--critics are all ready made
    Take hackney'd jokes from Miller, got by rote
    with just enough of learning to misquote" BYRON

    In his attempt to prove his pseudo intellectual credential, he resorts to name dropping. He reads the blurbs and the reviews but not the books!
    His constant whinging makes him makes him sound like an arsehole

  116. Editor,
    Citizen with Conscience
    In her letter to editor ( smh 7/11 ) Anna Flynn says " I would like to commend Elizabeth Farrelly on her excellent article. [ " The lucky country that turned cruel" Nov 5-6 ]. I am Australian by choice, having been naturalised in 1957. But when I see and hear what our government is doing ( or should I say not doing ) for refugees, I feel ashamed to call myself Australian".
    You only hear a citizen with a social conscience speak that way.
    It makes me feel good to know we have citizens like Anna Flynn in Australia whose critical thinking has not been submerged by the good living Australia offers its mainstream citizens.
    Her thoughts and concern are for the plight of the desperate refugees dumped out of sight by a cruel, heartless government.
    Rajend Naidu

  117. Francis Kean murdered 2 men. The one we all know, and the one some of us know...

    Hey Francis Kean, how are things?

  118. Editor,
    John Laurie writes ( The Age 7/11 )," The great experiment of American democracy lies shattered by rampant capitalism ..."
    How is free enterprise capitalism doing in the " new " Fiji; in the " true democracy" order installed by Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum?
    We get a fairly good idea from the Shirley Park saga where a public park was conveniently " rezoned" to cater for private capitalist enterprise. And, we get a fairly good idea also from Professor Wadan Narsey's repeated lament about the removal of mangrove forests to cater for commercial " development".
    Is the great utopian experiment in creating " true democracy " in Fiji also in the clutch of rampant capitalism - both local and foreign?
    Rajend Naidu

  119. Really??????????????

    "ACP Tudravu said if anyone was meeting more than three people in a public place discussing matters of national interest, they would require a permit."

    So four people (anyone) aren't able to sit in the park or at the beach (public places) and discuss;

    Addressing the sexual offence rate in Fiji...................

    Addressing the road death rate in Fiji.......................

    Addressing the building standards in Fiji....................

    Addressing the cyclone recovery plans in Fiji................

    Addressing the education system in Fiji......................

    All matters of national interest and importance!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Parties need permit
    Nasik Swami
    Monday, November 07, 2016

    AS political parties prepare to roll out their 2018 General Election campaigns, police have advised that every public gathering in the country will require a permit.

    Chief of Operations Assistant Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu clarified that any meeting in a public place that discussed issues of national interest would need a permit.

    "Permits must be applied seven days prior to the proposed event," he said.

    ACP Tudravu said if anyone was meeting more than three people in a public place discussing matters of national interest, they would require a permit.

    "Also processions on the road with five or more vehicles will need a permit.

    "All circumstances are thoroughly considered before the granting of a permit," he said.

    Meanwhile, the Fiji Labour Party held its annual delegates conference at Trans International Hotel in Nadi last Saturday.

    The conference discussed the party's preparation for the 2018 General Election.

    The National Federation Party leader, Professor Biman Prasad, declined to comment on its preparations for the elections, saying the issue was not on the agenda as yet.

    Meanwhile, the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) held a workshop at Viseisei village recently, where the party leader Sitiveni Rabuka was present.

  120. Might as well discuss everything on the internet as its a lot safer,or are they also going to restrict this and require everyone who has internet connection to hold a permit hehehehehe.

  121. Sorry we can't respond 1:37 PM as we have not got a permit.

  122. @anon 12.56pm . The " true democracy " designed by coupist Frank Bainimarama is but a Police State in democratic disguise . Some people like anon 12.22 Pm 5/11 is very happy with that. It's not hard to guess who are the kind of people that are happy with what has become of our beloved country.

  123. Every meeting in a public place of more than 3 people to discuss issues of national importance is TOO MUCH! It should be reduced to Two. Or, better still it should be reduced to Zero. Where is the need for the public or any one else from other political parties to hold a discussion on anything of national importance when Bainimarama and Khaiyum have ALL the answers to Everything in Fiji ?!

  124. Fully agree 3:39 PM

    There are far too many meetings, a waste of resources and time.

    If all meetings were banned people would have far more time available to increase productivity and decrease expenditure on venues and food along with traveling time.

    This would provide an increased revenue for the government towards the betterment of Fiji.

  125. Qiliho "the sodomizer" is going to study overseas in a muslim country.
    I thought we were supposed to study before getting a job.

    In Fiji, things happen in the wrong order. Order doesn't matter.

  126. Training is at the War College in Malaysia. For the military. He is the Commissioner of Police. Why can't they send someone in the army? What a waste of money. Good to see these freeloaders racking up their air miles. They will need it when it comes time to find a place to live in exile.

  127. Editor,
    We read in the article ' The most and least peaceful countries in the world, ranked' ( Yahoo! Finance 7/11) that the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) compiles yearly rankings of peacefulness in 163 countries based on 23 different types of data. The 2016 annual report has just been released. Botswana, Kuwait, Morocco, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Angola and Bukina Faso have one surprising thing in common : They are more peaceful than the US. The US is ranked 113. The US ranking comes as no surprise given the gun culture and violence in that democracy.
    I could not find Fiji in the rankings. But I am sure Fiji would have done well in the rankings. Because of the peaceful nature of the Fijian people. The same of course can't be said about the Fijian State and its coup- prone military.
    Rajend Naidu

  128. Vote Nfp

    Itaukai are just mother fuckers

    1. Barachod pls spell taukei properly BOCI

  129. @2.30am When you say Chinese are you talking about the People's Republic of China/Beijing? or are you talking about the Republic of China/Taiwan? Communist China's influence in the Pacific region is purely geo political,geo economics and business.China's presences and influence in the Pacific region is a clear motive of economic warfare between China and the West.Read this article below.

    As China has risen to become the world's No. 2 economy, it has repeatedly used its business and financial clout to get what it wants on the world stage, say foreign policy experts Robert Blackwill and Jennifer Harris.When Norway gave Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010, China dramatically scaled back its salmon purchases from Norway and halted trade talks. When tensions escalated between the Philippines and China over a territorial dispute in the South China Sea, China let Philippine bananas rot.
    Over the years, Beijing has retaliated so strongly by cutting (or threatening to cut) business ties with any nation recognizing Taiwan that only 22 nations still formally call Taiwan the "Republic of China." These are only a few examples that Blackwill and Harris lay out in their new book, "War by Other Means." Their thesis is simple: The U.S. should be using similar tactics to China's and doing it better. Right now, America is getting crushed. "Despite having the most powerful economy on earth, the United States too often reaches for the gun instead of the purse in its international conduct," they write.
    China doesn't just use punitive measures to get what it wants. It routinely gives loans and aid to countries like Venezuela that are at odds with the United States. Beijing also wields its massive sovereign wealth fund to invest tactically in parts of the world where it also wants to build political ties. The Chinese even engage in "soccer stadium diplomacy" where they fund and construct brand new stadiums, mostly in African countries with natural resources that China wants.The U.S. used to flex its economic muscle more
    The U.S. used to excel in this arena. As most American school children know, Thomas Jefferson nearly doubled the size of the nation with the Louisiana Purchase. He didn't go to Paris with an army, he went with a checkbook. For $15 million, the results were effective.
    Similarly, Abraham Lincoln threatened Britain that if it sided with the Confederacy during the U.S. Civil War, it would lose billions that it had invested in U.S. assets. And when Britain invaded the Suez Canal in 1956, Dwight Eisenhower (himself a decorated WWII veteran) threatened to collapse the British pound if the U.K. didn't withdraw.
    "Geoeconomics tends to be easier and cheaper" than military conflict, Blackwill and Harris write in "War by Other Means." It's one of the reasons China, Russia and others are doing it.

  130. A critical time
    But in the past 30 years, Blackwill and Harris argue the U.S. has largely stopped using geoeconomics, preferring military force instead. The one exception is sanctions like those against Iran.
    It's a particularly critical time to change that approach, they say, as markets become more global (i.e., what happens with Brexit impacts the world), and countries are reconsidering which economic tie is more important to them: the U.S. or China?
    These ideas aren't Republican or Democrat, the authors argue. Blackwill was a senior official in President George W. Bush's White House. Harris served in President Obama's administration in both the State Department (under Hillary Clinton) and the National Intelligence Council.
    Of course, much like military campaigns, economic warfare doesn't always work out. China islearning that in South America. Its plans to build a huge train line running from coast to coast of the continent are backfiring as Brazil's economy tanks and its political system is in disarray after a massive corruption scandal. All the money China pumped into Venezuela is now in doubt as well with the economic turmoil there.
    Still, China is gaining a reputation as the lender of last resort. That gives it a lot of power on the world stage.
    "Nations do not fear China's military might; they fear its ability to give or withhold trade and investments," wrote Leslie Gelb, president emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations, in an essay in the magazine "Foreign Affairs" in 2010.

  131. @2.30am You might also like to take a look at some of these reports posted by the economic policy institute regarding China trade and how it's been affecting the US.


    1. @9.21am If Hillary wins and with the direction she wants to take the US, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if China really wanted to be the next rising power to collide with a declining power. China is allies with at least four countries with nuclear weapons but has very little experience with their leaders being ready for battle but the United States does have plenty of experience. China's economy might be the second largest economy in the world, but for now the US is still the first largest economy. Their founding fathers fought and died to defend their country and handed it down through generations for them to do the same. America needs her people to get back on track and quit loaning money they don't have to countries that could ask for it back at any point of time. Internally America is shaky and faltering severely, we're stepping away from the biblical principles this country was founded on which is messing us up big time. China is a huge threat to the US and I'm not going to side idle and watch this great country spiral downwards and be broke.Decision day is here and Trump must hold office and administration.Its time to bring back all the jobs,finance and wealth.

    2. @5.10pm They're using methods of the current Singaporean government to dominate representative democracy.

      Representative Democracy is where a ruling body is elected with the responsibility of acting in the public's interest. This is often in the form of a parliament, or congress, seen in the USA and the UK. This elected body is supposed to represent the public's interest, and have enough power and authority to exercise initiative in the face of rapidly changing circumstances. It also is meant to represent the public, and the majority of voters, like all democracy.

      Representative Democracy attempts to achieve this, by dividing the public into a number of electorates or districts, and these electorates elect a member to represent that electorate or. In a two house system, this is often the lower house, the upper house, is likely to be elected proportionally, and represents the states equally (at least in the case of the USA, and for the most part, Australia).

      This is flawed for a number of reasons. These include: the possibility of electing a candidate/government, that didn't win a majority, the unaccountability of the ruling body once elected, unequal representation and vested interests.

      Firstly, with plurality voting, it is possible for an electorate to elect a candidate, that didn't even win a majority in that seat. This means that, said candidate is only representing a small portion of that electorate. Preferential voting can lead to the same conclusion, and may result in the winner not even holding the highest primary vote. This can lead to a government that was not elected by a majority of voters. This is a rather undemocratic outcome. This isn't the case with Proportional Representation, however it has it's own set of problems. Proportional representation, is unlikely to yield a definitive result, if there are minor parties involved. This leads to an unstable government. If there are only two parties, that produces another set of problems, which I'll get to later.

      Secondly, once the ruling body is elected, what's to say that the ruling body will act in the public's interest between elections? Only the threat of being kicked out of office, yet it is still imperfect, because during election year, everything changes, the candidates make promises, and pretend to represent the public, but what's to say that the candidates not lying, just to get into office? This means ruling body is unaccountable during it's ruling term.

      Unequal representation is a problem of fairness for representative democracies. Simply put, the electorates are never equal in size, and some people get more power than others due to this fact. Whether done deliberately as an attempt at electoral fraud, or just a fact of life, it means that a voter in one electorate, will have a different amount of power than another.

      Politicians always seem to have some kind of vested interest especially in Fiji. That's the reason for campaign donations from large companies or lobby groups. The companies seem to buy representation and leave the voters without representation. Media companies are especially powerful, and can sway voters easily, so politicians will always want to be on their side.

    3. Lets not also forget that political scientists will tell you that representative democracy protects the rights of minorities.Okay so it ensures the rights of minorities than what about the rights of the majority?What if the minorities dictates the majority does it really become a democracy or a false democracy?The problem is since 2000 Fiji's democracy has been corrupt.Theres never been any legitimate democracy since the 2000 coup.They've wasted years after years.Bai will remain in power,loot the treasury,operate under a false democracy,tell the world everything is fine,we have stability and consistency,bring your money in for investment whilst we reap the cream.I'd advise those who are interested to research the politics and history of Singapore to see some of our similarities with them.The regime have been looking north! So look north to understand what their doing.

  132. Editor,
    Helen Ho writes :
    " Has Malcolm Turnbull totally lost his moral compass? On the news this morning he was pressing Bill Shorten to support his hard lined " border protection policy" to maintain our " most successful multicultural society". We might have been that once but now the politicians are interested only in turning fair dinkum Australians into bigots"( smh letter 8/11).
    Helen Ho is spot on in her observation.
    That's why the Canadian journalist Naomi Klein - an author and climate change activist - has skewered Australia for its treatment of asylum seekers on offshore detention, comparing the policy to one proposed by Donald Trump in response to an audience question : what's the difference between Australia's Pacific Solution and Donald Trump's border wall?
    Ms Klein said the conditions on Nauru and Manus Island were an " international atrocity".
    She, of course, is not the only person to say so.
    Malcolm Turnbull is not alone. There are many political leaders with defective moral compass. To hang onto to power they do what is politically expedient rather than what is right, whilst making lofty pronouncements about doing what is right,
    Rajend Naidu

  133. I would like to see more love on this forum.

  134. au nuitaka e dua na kuila vou.

  135. Vuda chief and Ba Provincial Council chairman Ratu Tevita Momoedonu supported the move by Government.

    "I am someone who moves forward and I would delete all things that are archaic and not relevant to these times," he said.

    "In regards to this issue, we have gone past the colonial era and Fiji has gone through a lot since those times.

    "I think it's time that we move forward and be inclusive of the different cultures that now exist in Fiji.

    "We have to be practical with our views and as for me I support government's decision."

    as long as the old flag will fly, the old mentality will prevail. true eveywhere.
    keep thinking wisely.

  136. Anon@12.29PM. Fuck you, piss off cunt.

  137. THE Ministry of Employment, Industrial Relations and Productivity is facing difficulty in finding employers in Australia under the Seasonal Workers Scheme.

    The ministry said the situation arose after 19 Fijians went on the run after completing their work stint there.

    Round up these cunts and deport the fuckers back to Fiji.

  138. What ethnic groups does these arseholes belong to ? Because it will tell you a lot about these people's mentality.
    Since cyclone Winston, all the outer island people have come to the mainland under the guise of being victims and are causing a lot of junglee nuisance on the mainland. Robberies have increased,cruelty to animals have increased and home rentals have increased. Send these islanders back home quickly so that the good people of Fiji can have some peace.

  139. Dictatorship in Disguise
    The leader of Opposition Kepa protests that the way the public of Fiji has been informed of Commissioner of Police Qiliho's 12 month study leave at a military college in Malaysia " illustrates the dysfunctional nature of the Bainimarama Government". No it does not. It is very consistent with the way of a dictatorship in democratic disguise. She says the announcement of the details of study and the replacement acting police commissioner should have come through the Constitutional Offices Commission chaired by the PM in accordance with established processes and procedures, not by Qiliho himself.
    But she tells us she is aware " the Commision has not been functioning properly for a long time".
    She should know the Commission is just for show, a democratic masquerade.
    It is therefore fanciful for her to expect " transparency and accountability" and adherance to " proper procedures".
    The leader of the NF Party claims the deputy police commissioner announcement that any public meeting of more than 3 people required police permit was a breach of freedom of assembly. How can you have a free and fair election in a socalled " true democracy " under such draconian requirements?
    The NFP leader should know there is no " true democracy" in Fiji. The Bainimarama dictatorship has extended its stay in power with a democratic garb.
    The police commissioner Qiliho and the deputy are all regime henchmen doing what their political masters want them to do.

  140. @2:56 PM
    That is the language of Satan!

    take this: ✝ now your eyes must be burning!!!

  141. The next election will be won by FFP because the voting system was engineered to favour them.They've already secured urban areas where the population is high,making this its power base and pool of voters.The FFP will rule for the next 10 years,other political parties are wasting their time.Its even harder for opposition to conduct meetings yet alone speak publicly about issues that are of great concern to the citizen at large.So the question is how to do you defeat this system in place by following its laws that governs it?Even if an alliance was built it wouldn't secure them an out right majority vote.


  142. Critical stage

    Aqela Susu
    Tuesday, November 08, 2016

    THE shortage of medicine at health facilities in the country is at a critically low level, according to the Minister for Health and Medical Services Rosy Akbar.

    As a result, the ministry has had to shift its drug stock from one facility to another to cater for the shortage of medicines at various facilities.

    Ms Akbar said the ministry did this to ensure health facilities were well-equipped with medicines.

    "We have already made arrangements so the drugs can be in the country by this weekend. I'd just like to assure the public that the main stock of drugs will be arriving in the country by November end," she said.

    "We have reached a critically low level. We have medicines, we are trying to reshuffle from one facility to another and our doctors are working on that."

    Ms Akbar said medicines were critically short in supply and would arrive in the country by the end of this week.

    "Orders have been made to our suppliers."

    Meanwhile, out of the 142 types of medicines under the free medicine scheme, 141 are available in 63 pharmacies that are part of the scheme.

    "As I speak, it is being dispatched to the 63 pharmacies that are part of our free medicine scheme. These drugs have been dispatched there," Ms Akbar said.

    The important thing, she said, was for the public to register with the ministry to qualify for the scheme.

  143. Vote Nfp

    Google research
    Sodelpa means ass of a pig

  144. @Anonymous 5:10 PM

    You ask "So the question is how to do you defeat this system in place by following its laws that governs it?"

    Find a party with enough representatives within it who people respect for their good past and current work related performance, good political vision, sincerity and honesty.

  145. 1.04am
    China cannot thrive without the US. As the largest buyer of goods China will simply relegated to another North Korea if US decides to stop trading with China.

  146. What shortage? We d0nt need medicines. We got miracle water!!!
    Even the Bloody idiot of Archbishop goes there and encourages superstition.
    God and his followers are such uneducated arseholes...............

    1. The archbishop practices idol worship....just go to the Catholic church across from the police station where crw were murdered and you will see a statue of Mary, and people sit in front of this idol and worship it.

  147. Editor,
    Perverse Leaders
    In his letter ' Pretty Painful' ( smh 9/11 ) John Byrne tells us, " It's pretty clear what has happened to Malcolm Turnbull's moral compass( letters, Nov.8) Judging by the strained look on his face recently, he is sitting on it".
    Judging by the political Machievellianism of many other national leaders they too are sitting on their moral compass - but with a perverse smile on their faces!
    Rajend Naidu

  148. Read Rabuka's comment:

    "For Social Democratic Liberal Party leader Sitiveni Rabuka, Mr Trump's campaign has struck a chord. Speaking in his personal capacity, Mr Rabuka said the colourful entrepreneur's campaign was honest and thought-provoking.

    "As the 'outsider' in Fiji politics, I backed Trump who many see as starting with zero chances, but I like him as a go-getter who is ready to call a spade a spade," he said.

    "I attended a national prayer breakfast where Mrs Clinton espoused the values John Wesley promoted, but was disappointed that she did not show these in her campaign speeches especially in the debates.

    "Trump has fought a 'first-time' uphill battle with a hard nose and will probably lose but I will still be glad he entered to fight."

    That tells you everything about narcissist Rabuka who loves narcissist Trump!!! Trump is...honest?!? Did fucking Rabuka even had a look at the endless list of lies that Trump said?

    Stupid Rabuka, Stupid Bainimarama, Stupidity everywhere!!!!!!!

  149. Editor,
    British Colonial Mentality
    In his letter ' Girmit era ' ( Fiji Times 9/11 ) my older bro Professor Vijay Naidu writes, " Professor Brij Lal is the most eminent historian of Fiji indentured labour and I believe it is an irony that he and his wife remain persona- non- grata in this country".
    It is indeed.
    The ban on the two was imposed during the Bainimarama dictatorship . After holding democratic elections in 2014 we are led to believe Fiji now has " true democracy", which is what the coup makers claimed they wanted to do.
    The continued ban on Professor Lal and his wife makes a thinking man wonder what kind of " true democracy" Fiji has following the Bainimarama coup?
    It seems to me the contemporary rulers in Fiji have taken a page out of British colonial rule which banned charismatic leaders like Apolosi Nawai and Doctor Mani Lal who questioned and challenged British colonial rule.
    The White colonialists have apparently left an enduring and shameful legacy of their rule.
    Rajend Naidu

  150. and now clown Prasad:

    "National Federation Party leader Professor Biman Prasad said the US presidential campaign was proof that freedom was alive and well in one of the world's biggest democratic nations.

    "It really does not matter who will enter the White House," he said.


    Ok democracy is "well" in America? Politicians talking full of bull shit and swearing more than on coup 4.5? That is all "well"?

    And really it doesn't matter for Prasad who will win? Like Trump wants to forget about Cop21 and says there is no global warming?!? That doesn't matter for Fiji?!?!

    Fiji is full of fucked-up leaders!!!!!! with no solutions and no ideas!!!!

    all island countries like Fiji where tourism is important should come together and impose new rules to tourists, like they should be forced to spend at least one month. Less tourists, but more time spent. if only we had brains at the top, things could improve. but no... we have Rabuka, Bainimarama and Prasad.... all is well!!!

    humanity is a disaster, a succession of delusions.

  151. @2am Lets see how it all goes for Fiji for the next 8 years.The same gangs of 87,2000 and 2006 are all still in politics playing their games.It is now up to the next generation who enters politics that determines where Fiji will go when the old gangs have passed.

  152. @Anonymous 11:28 AM

    You say, "all island countries like Fiji where tourism is important should come together and impose new rules to tourists, like they should be forced to spend at least one month. Less tourists, but more time spent."

    How many people do you know that can get a month off of work at one time to go on holiday?

    How many people do you know that would want to spend a whole month in Fiji on holiday?

    How many people do you know that can afford a month long holiday?

    How would your idea increase revenue and jobs in the tourist industry?

    Please never consider a job in politics !

  153. Anon@6.44PM. Go fuck a goat.

  154. #Trump4President
    I can't wait to see this fine man as the President of America.The time has truely come to reorder this world.

  155. @12:19 PM

    Your brain is not enough powerful to see the light!

    The world has to change! The time when people could travel 10 days to get a break
    in some tropical island has to come to an end. It means that your trip to Fiji, if you want to visit,
    will be something like the "trip of your life". You might have to wait for retirement in some case.

    You see, the world right now is in DEEP SHIT. We have to cut drastically our emissions while
    the population is still growing... People like you are actually a threat to humanity, nothing short
    of that. You just care about the very short term. Out of lazyness, out of personal interest?

    So for you it's good to commit suicide and keep doing the same dumb things?!?
    Fiji will have to develop other industries as well. Tourism will have to become local.
    Stop importing SUVs. The rich can travel in Fiji instead of going overseas for a start.

    Please never consider a job in politics!!!

  156. @12:19 PM

    "How many people do you know that can get a month off of work at one time to go on holiday?"

    - that is their problem. they will have to wait for retirement if they can't.

    How many people do you know that would want to spend a whole month in Fiji on holiday?

    - well they can stay at home and not take the plane, that's fine. There will be less tourists and those coming will stay longer. that's very much the point to reduce greenhouse emissions, idiot! there is no other way to do it.

    How many people do you know that can afford a month long holiday?

    - instead of spending 2 weeks in Fiji and 2000 and go back 2 weeks in 2010, you will go once. save the money and wait, idiot!

    How would your idea increase revenue and jobs in the tourist industry?

    - my idea is to replace (10 x 2$= 20) by (2 x 10$ = 20$) to put it simply. It doesn't create revenue, it CUTS POLLUTION!!!
    as for creating more job, I would focus on stabilizing the population first! More, more, more, more, that is the favorite
    word of politicians. And the reason why we are digging our own grave.

    So now questions for you!!!

    How can Fiji have more tourists and cut greenhouses emissions?
    How can Pacific Island Countries survive to the next 50 years and keep the economy growing?

    What will you do with Denarau in 100 years when the sea level is 1m higher?
    How will you handle the many super cyclones that will hit Fiji and cost 1-2-3 Billion $ each?!?
    How many tourists we need to pay for the 1,5G$ damage of cyclone Winston???

    Keep digging your grave if you are lazy. We need a new brand of politicians AND citizens.

  157. Excellent idea from 5:04 PM, increase the 'retired oldies' visitor rate in Fiji !

    The very ones that don't want the hot sun, and are the lowest spenders.

  158. Trump declared new President elect of the US. The Republicans now control the house, Senate and the presidency. Real change is coming.
    Ni sa moce.

  159. They said he will never become President well today he just proved them all wrong.The people proved them all wrong,just shows how out of touch they were.President Trump is finally here! It's time to reorder the state of things,it's time to make America great again! #Celebration cheers to all Donald Trump Supporters we're going to have a wonderful thanks giving,Christmas and New Years!!!!!!!!! #President Donald Trump #WELOVEDONALDTRUMP.Its time to pop the champagnes and smoke on cigars the GOP is finally back in power!

  160. Yes. People have elected their President and the government of the day had obliged and respected their choice. That's in America. Real democracy. At home in the last election it was the government that elected its' leadership in the election. , not the people. That's dictatorship not democracy.
    Trump during his campaign said that the election was going to be rigged but was not. In Fiji Frank said the election was not rigged but it was.

  161. Will Trump be charged for rape for what he did to Hiliary? What a man> What a win. And I would never have voted for him!!!

  162. Anon@4.48PM, go fuck a pig.

  163. @anon 2.54 am . You couldn't have been more succinct!

  164. 8.45am
    His speech after the win had shown some humanity in him. Trump will not do as most maybe all think he will as president. This man will bring change, real change. Clinton would have continued from Obama. What I want is the removal of the affordable Obamacare act. I'm paying exorbitant money to the health insurance every year since this act was forced upon us. I decided not to for a year because my health was good . I saw the doctor only once in that year. Because of my decision not to register with Obamacare I'm still paying the govt today for that violation.

  165. Brexit and now GOP back in power, life is going to be great and the world a better place.The whole foreign affairs and its policies under the Obama administration was a mess! Not only were the people of America fed up with the establishment but the whole world were sick up to their necks of all the bullshit.Fuck the 1% elite and its corporate wankers,it's time the people of middle class and working class take back control.Finally it has been done and real radical change will take place.

  166. @ November 9, 2016 at 1:04 AM Trump is President let's celebrate!!!!!!!!

  167. Anon@11.26AM. Don't you worry about America, worry about Fiji you fuck-face because your dumbass leader is fucking the country to the ground. Go fuck a duck.

  168. Hahahahahaha God bless America!!!!!

  169. People have voted for our Prime Minister of Fiji and who are the arseholes in this forum running him down. Listen mother fuckers, you got to respect the will of the people. International observers said it was a fair and well run election so what the fuck are you lot poking your arses deep about rigged election? Bawahahahahaha continue finger fucking your big arseholes or sorry you wount feel it so shove your two fists in.


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