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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Roko Tui Bau to get 'state honours' at funeral

The details for Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi's funeral are still being finalised but key leaders from the Pacific, including the King and Queen of Tonga, have confirmed they will be attending.

Fiji's former vice president from 2004-2006 died last Thursday on his birthday and will be buried on the island of Bau this Friday.

Frank Bainimarama has said Roko Tui Bau, or kingmaker, will be afforded 'state honours' and that the government's i-reguregu will be done on Thursday morning.

Just what the 'state honours' will be are yet to be revealed but Bainimarama has described Ratu Joni as a great learned man "who tried to work between me as Commander and then prime minister Laisenia Qarase in the impasse that was in place then."

NFP leader Biman Prasad has also paid tribute saying Ratu Joni was the embodiment of chiefly authority and wisdom "whose humility and care and concern for all our ordinary people and adherence to the rule of law, fundamental rights and freedoms was paramount."

The Labor Party president Lavinia Padrath says Ratu Joni was a high chief with an open mind that led him to readily embrace modern day perspectives outside of traditional construct.

Ratu Joni was Chief Justice of Nauru at the time of his death, a position he had held for two yeas, and that country has said he established integrity and honour to the court.

More coverage of Ratu Joni's passing to follow.


  1. The Indo Fijians should present a reguregu to this Great Multi racial fair minded chief. Shame on you Bainimarama for deposing this high chief in 2006. I dont think it is appropriate for FF government to present a reguregu to him. Let all the Fiji Indians pray for his soul and pray that he gets salvation. A true son for Fiji. Give him a farewell as we did to great Dr Bavadara. Truth and Justice will always prevail. We are all humans.

  2. With all the Sri Lanka juges in Fiji, maybe one can go to Nauru?

    Madraiwiwi will be missed.

  3. A great learned man indeed who drew up the legal map for Qarase and Frank to follow so that the right choice and better judgement were made in light of the standoff between the govt and Bainimarama . The result of that was disaster because armed Bainimarama had broken every law of the land by forcefully took over the govt from the legal PM Qarase .

  4. No one can tell Bai what to do. He has been unteachable and stubborn like an ass since he was young, but has gotten worse over the years. Things took an even drastic turn for the worst since 2000 when those whizzing bullets sand the music of death in his ears as he dashed through the Nabua cassava patch. He literally got mad and ended up seeing the man at St Guiles. His guilt, pride, arrogance, and fear combined into a volatile pscho state that not even Jone Madraiwiwi or his grandfather could help Voreqe. The man Bai is not an ordinary man, but a desperate criminal, murderer and a man obssesed with power control and constant fear for his life. He smiles occasionally, but no one knows the deep turmoil and suffering he has within. There is no peace for the wicked.

    To Jone Madraiwiwi. We thank God for your life. You have been a blessing for all people in Fiji. You were honourable, genuine, true and lived your life with the highest integrity. We your relatives, friends and colleagues commend you highly. I only hope that Bai, Khai and their avisers and cohorts would pause a moment in their ambitious and destructive strides to consider how one ought to live his life with honour, integrity and in harmony with others around them. Rest in peace John.

  5. @Tomasi

    Lasu! He never went to St Giles! God will be angry at you!

    You say unteacheable? He learned the lesson with the flag. No more change ever, he said.
    See! He is flexible.

    1. You make yourself a fool.
      This is the problem we have in Fiji. Lack of understanding and education by those wannabe like 7.50pm trying to run the country. We are dealing with one right now.

  6. Isa, May you Rest in Peace Ratu. Thank you for showing us the truth and all that you stood for during our beloved country's trying times. You truly a Chief for and with the people of all races. Ni qa gole ena vakacegu Ratu, Me nomuni na bula marau ena vanua sa vakarautaki tu me nomuni. Ni moce saka.


  7. Fiji First's Health Minister and her assistant today attended a meeting with departmental heads of the Ministry of Health at a Church at Toorak. The Honourable Minister talked during the key note address and were frequently seen looking at her palm where she wrote some stuffs to remind her of what to say. Well, is that the kind of people we can trust to lead and provide vital services to the people or just to be there to fill her pockets.
    It is also noted that both newly appointed ministers do not have backgrounds in health and how will they provide services if they do not know whats to be done? ONLY IN FIJI. A WASTE OF TAXPAYERS HARD EARNED MONEY.

  8. 7.50pm
    It's a figure of speech and you run straight into it heheheeee

  9. Anon@11.26, it wasn't notes on her palm that she was looking at, it was a drawing of a penis.




    Joni Madraiwiwi
    Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi, Lord Madraiwiwi Tangatatonga (born 1957) is a Fijian lawyer, politician and was the Vice-President of Fiji from 2004 to 2006. He was sworn in on 10 January 2005, following his nomination by President, Ratu Josefa Iloilo and his subsequent approval by the Great Council of Chiefs on 15 December 2004. He was appointed to complete the unexpired term of his predecessor, Ratu Jope Seniloli, who had resigned in disgrace on 29 November 2004 in the wake of his convictions for treason concerning his role in the Fiji coup of 2000. Ratu Madraiwiwi's first priority was to restore dignity and respect to the Vice-Presidential office.

    Madraiwiwi was dismissed from office on 5 December 2006 by the Military Commander, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, who seized power in a military coup. He was forcibly evicted from his official residence and from his office on the night of 6 December. He announced in the second week of January 2007 that he was "on leave" and intended to resume private practice as a lawyer, at Howards law firm.

    1. Yes Bainimarama is one fucking lying cunt.

  11. If you read THE PRINCE of Machiavelli , it says that in order to become the ruler, you need
    first to be very cruel and frighten people, then identify someone else as responsible and get rid of him.
    Then you become little by little less cruel.

    Now Bainimarama is in that stage.

    Bainimarama can still do crimes like he did to save Francis Kean (killing an innocent witness), but
    it's more difficult now and the consequences can become more unpredictable...

    The truth always has a tendency to come out at some point...

  12. Frank Bainimarama said that he(Rokotuibau) will be afforded (accorded)" state honors".
    Will this be a full state funeral where his casket will be laid at Albert Park for the general public and hearse driven in the street of Suva all the way to Bau with school children lining up the route to the chiefly island? This was accorded to the late Rt Cakobau( first local Government General of Fiji).
    Does he mean what he say or only to please the general public. Ratu Madraiwiwi is a high ranking chief of Fiji, vice President, honorary law scholar, human rights pillar, democracy advocate and a law abiding citizen. He deserves a full state funeral.

  13. Bai the hippocry now wants to respect rt Joni he threw out in 2006

    Criminal bainimarama

  14. You can put lipstick on pig, but it's still a pig!

  15. Bainimarama is half-caste. He knows nothing Fijian chiefly protocol. Absolutely nothing. If you depose a chief, first you have to do matanigasau before you can go to reguregu.
    Bai should go to his muslim relatives and eat palau.

  16. Sodelpa in tatters.

  17. 8.53pm
    Matanigasau? I doubt it . Even half caste -our vasu- know tradition.
    Humility is the enemy of arrogance, stiff neck,pride and self righteousness.

  18. I won't be surprised to see high dignitaries from across the globe paying their last respect to the late vice President of Fiji. The Tongan royal family, president of Nauru, Heads of Pacific Forum countries, NZ and Aust ,US etc will lead.
    It's a good way to showcase our culture and values..the Fijian way.
    It should be a full state funeral.

  19. God bless Ratu Joni

  20. Good they rejected State Funeral. Bai and Kai would have gotten a stage at the funeral of a highly dignified man.This would have been grave injustice to Ratu Joni.

  21. Ratu Joni's death is providing hurdles for Voreqe because he is having trouble teaching his government administration about our culture because they are all foreigners. Bainimarama is really a Foreign Minister in charge of more foreigners coming into Fiji to take jobs from locals.They are given massive perks and all funded by tax payers money. Look at their credentials..surely we have more qualified Fijians who understand local conditions from birth and will spend their salaries in Fiji. Kick out Fiji First in 2018 and bring back these jobs to Fiji.

    Five expatriates hired as new Permanent Secretaries have been named.
    The Public Service Commission has hired two people from Australia, and from the United Kingdom, a Canadian and a New Zealand national.

    Nicole Jauvin is the new Permanent Secretary for the Civil Service. She is a former Deputy Minister for the Government of Canada, and President of the Canadian Public Service Agency.

    Paul Bayly, is the Managing Director of Cranleigh – a merchant bank with offices in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and UK. He will take over as Permanent Secretary for Infrastructure and Transport.

    Ewan Perrin has been appointed Permanent Secretary for Communication and Information Technology. Perrin is currently an Information Technology Consultant with RPV Consultants in Australia.

    The Chief Executive of the Fiji Housing Authority Joshua Wycliffe is now the Permanent Secretary for Local Government, Housing & Environment. Wycliffe has 25 years of social housing, social infrastructure and business experience.

    The new Permanent Secretary for Youth & Sports is Alison Burchell – the Business Development Manager, Sport:80 Services Limited. Burchell is from Sheffield in the United Kingdom.

    Another foreigner, Public Service Commission Chair, Vishnu Mohan even hires a foreign company, Melbourne based NGS Global to do the hiring at extremely high cost.

    The unfilled roles of Permanent Secretary for Finance; Permanent Secretary for Employment, Productivity & Industrial Relations and Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs will be re-advertised soon.

    Could Mohan also advertise for qualified foreigners take up the posts of Police and Prisons Commissioner and Military Commander???

  22. I just came back from Vakabalea to buy vegetables.
    That piece of shit of John Kean, the fat man threatening farmers and who
    got a piece of land through fucking Bainimarama is still there.

    He got money from FDB lately (even though he is leasing a piece of state land!) and he is
    not paying for his lease. It's common knowldege in little Vakabalea.
    One funny thing, fucking John Kean is using his connection
    to Bainimarama to threaten farmers, but he is also liu muring Bainimarama! ha...ha
    Fucking local culture.

    If Bainimarma knew who John Kean really was, he would get balistic!

    Fuck the Kean family!!! Murderers and thiefs!!! Cai tiko to all Keans!

    Good case to investigate for Sodelpa...

  23. Mahend Reddy should be demoted to an Assistant Head teacher. His has a pathetic leadership style which is obvious from last couple of years to date. No improvement from this guy. Teachers don't worry, you'll have a better minister from September 2018.

  24. @Anonymous 2:58 PM

    Perhaps they will be as successful as Ratu Ben and his magic 7s team !!!!

  25. John Kean is a thug. He has terrorised neighbourhood. HE says no one can do him anything because frank is his relative. He says he also supplies Frank with meat from stolen cattle.

  26. A shame that Fiji has lost a great statesman of integrity who honored and valued the vanua and the needs of the people. Disappointing also that he was removed forcefully ten years ago by an uneducated blockhead like Bainivuaka who needed a petty lawyer to help him and eventually let that AK-47 guy to take charge.

    May God rest his soul.

  27. @11:31 PM
    John Kean is so lazy that he uses his daugters as prostitutes to pay farmers to work the piece
    of land he got from Bainimarama.

    Soldelpa should go to Vakabalea and pick up some stories around there.
    It might serve some purpose come the next elections!!!!

  28. I heard that Francis Kean sacked Bainimarama's cock for his freedom.

  29. I heard that Francis Kean sucked Bainimarama's cock for his freedom.

  30. I fucked one of John Kean's daughters and two others fucked her after me. Needless to say I swam in her vagina even though I have a massive penis.

  31. We see loss of brilliant minds and caring hearts; replaced by failures, greedy crooks, corrupt, lying and abusing men like Kai and Bai. When will this end?

  32. I want join Fiji First Party. The reason is I have a major corruption case pending in the Fiji High Court and I know I will lose this case and go to prison. FFP, please help me out because your monkey court will pardon me as no case to answer. Please reply.

  33. Why did House of Chameleon not go to the reguregu and funeral when Ratu Joni was one of them. There were other faggots at the funeral and it would have been a great thing if they presented their reguregu. Even another arse giver who shared the same cocks with Ratu Joni Graham Leong delivered the eulogy. It's nothing to be ashamed of as it is the truth that Ratu Joni surely had a good number of Fijian citizens cocks rammed up his and Graham Leongs arses.

    1. Hmmmm,seems you have had your fair share of bigger cocks up your arsehole. Naughty,naughty.

  34. @ Anon 1.32pm how did you know?...were you one of the givers or takers? But on a serious note, nothing in Fiji could be substantiated. The rumour mill has unfortunately taken over the sugar mill

  35. Ratu Joni cannot be compared with the current crop of dick heads. No one ever knew that the bigoted Bainimarama had the gall to offer state funeral to a person he deposed. That itself is a recognition of his statesmanship that unfortunately the citizens of Fiji could care less. The lethargic public has probably had enough

  36. @5:14PM
    Possible. Those stories are public knowledge in Vakabalea and around. I have heard many disgusting
    stories about him.

    Sodelpa should investigate. Start by going to Vakabalea, ask for John Kean and look
    at his land and how things are there.
    How did he get the land in the first place? Did he pay for it? When?
    Did he get free money loans from Bainimarama?

    I have heard he uses his influence with Bainimarama to get goodies from "friends"...
    I belong to a mataqali related to the mataqali who owns John Kean's illegal land.
    They told me the story. I know the prostitution claims are true.
    I know he also conned a lot of people around. All his sons left him because they were
    fed up, so now he has only his daughters to "work the land"...

  37. We are proud of Ratu Joni and Graham Leong from the LGBT community as they are both one of us. Ratu Joni always and will always be the Adi that we know. Graham is our Asian princess. To those of you from the same age group as them know too well who you are who have slept with them men on men. Let's all be poofters together!

  38. Anon@9.25PM. And you're one of those cock-suckers asshole.

  39. Yes I'm one of them cock suckers like Ratu Joni and Graham Leong and I'm proud of it Anon 3:14PM. They were our LGBT role models, they were smart, intelligent, never ashamed and sucked and fucked cocks hard throughout their lifetime.

  40. Anon@4.46 pm. You're one sick cock sicker, you deserve a bullet to your balls you pig.

  41. It is a great travesty that one of our great leaders was a homosexual. He now forfeits his place in heaven and will go straight to hell. The Almighty does not look kindly on the Homosexuals and their kind.

    The Almighty wants us to trust our hearts and minds to the bible and its teachings whole hearted. I think the reason the Almighty chose Rabuka to lead Sodelpa is that he embraces the full power of the bible and is ready to fulfill his role as the new leader of Fiji that will really launch Fiji into the furture economically and spiritually.

    Trust the the Almighty and he will love you unconditionally.


    1. Bro, at least have some decency, even if you have no sense. The man has passed on. Let him rest in peace.

  42. Tomasi you are an ass.

  43. Fiji is doomed because of the cock-sucking, anus-prodding, male to male sex people that are running the country. Disgusting.

    1. Kamlesh,how about,you suck Tomasi cock, cock sucker.

  44. "LIFE is tough right now for Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston-affected homeowners who live in tents and makeshift shelters."

    This goes to show that Fiji is fucked. How long will it take for these people to get a house?

  45. "How long will it take for these people to get a house?"

    We need to start asking the questions why they have not already built themselves something, better than tents.

    If you wait to get something free you can't expect it straight away.

  46. @Tomasi
    Rabuka was caught having sex with someone who was not his wife. That's called ADULTERY. Therefore like Homosexuality , Rabuka must be going straight to Hell too.
    And you Tomasi, all those LUSTFUL THOUGHTS about other women you see in the streets. And when you were MASTURBATING, God saw you too.
    So you must be going to HELL too.

  47. Who would have done this on our waters and why didn't we catch them. Maybe from a sunk oil tanker. Authorities need to act as fast as possible to save marine and human life along the Lami foreshore. How about our Navy? They probably would have known since the security of our territorial waters fall under their jurisdiction.

    Fiji Times
    Oily residue
    Matilda Simmons
    Wednesday, October 12, 2016

    THE Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has confirmed receiving reports of what is suspected to be oil spill along the Lami foreshore.

    Permanent Secretary Paul Bayly said he received calls from concerned residents in the area of what seemed to be a "kerosene" like substance along the foreshore and had directed the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji (MSAF) to investigate it.

    "Yes, we have received calls from the people in the area and we are awaiting the results from MSAF's investigations. Until then we cannot make any further comments," he said.

    When this newspaper visited residents along Vatuvia Rd in Lami yesterday, a team clad in heavy overalls and helmets were seen along the beaches near the residents' houses collecting leaves and branches and checking the remnants of oil residue.

    A strong smell of heavy diesel fuel hung in the air as the team approached the back yard of one of the residents — Bruce Southwick — who was willing to show the evidence of the suspected oil spill.

    The black residue seemed to stretch about two kilometres along beaches near Lami Town Council to near Mosquito Island.

    When this newspaper reached the site it was nearing low tide and there were lumps of black oily residue on the roots of the mangroves growing along the foreshore.

    "On Friday night (last week) at about 8pm, we could smell a turpentine oily smell which we thought was one of our turpentine cans that had spilled somewhere but upon investigation, we saw our whole beach front covered in metres and metres of black thick oil and not until our dogs went and played along the beach and came back into our house that we discovered the extent of it," described Mr Southwick.

    Mr Southwick hopes something is done quickly to fix the suspected oil spill which he says has resulted in dead fish and sea snakes washing up along the beaches over the past four days.

    "On Saturday, I could see kids playing here and they were covered in oil, they don't know the hazards of it," he said.

    Questions sent to Acting CEO Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji, John Tunidau, on the source of the suspected oil spill were yet to be answered when this edition went to press.

  48. @Anonymous 9:54 PM

    No one is going to know if a ship in the harbour disposes of heavy oil or sludge at night whether deliberately or accidentally.

    It may have been blown in with the wind due to the weather conditions over the past few days.

    It may have come from one of the sunken vessels in the harbour.

    It may have been dumped by one of the industrial cleaning companies tankers.

  49. The following is a statement from Partnership for the Environmental Protection of the Pacific, Inc., or PEPP, a recently-established Micronesia-based not-for-profit corporation. Ratu Joni was a member of its Board of Directors:

    Statement on the Passing of the Roko Tui Bau, Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi

    Oct. 6, 2016 -- Tomorrow they bury our very good friend and Fijian colleague, the Taukei Naicobocobo na Turaga Roko Tui Bau na Vusaratu, Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi.

    Ratu Joni’s body will be escorted to Fiji’s chiefly island of Bau today by the chiefly members of the yavusa Ratu. It will then lay in Vatanikawate for a night, under a vigil maintained by the bati leka from Namara, before interment tomorrow at the sau tabu on Bau. Numerous delegations have presented their i-reguregu to honor Ratu Joni, including the Gone Marama Bale Roko Tui Dreketi, the Roko Tui Viwa, Roko Tui Kiuva, Taukei Nabou, the Roko Durucoko, the Kubuna Confederacy, the Methodist Church, the Republic of Fiji Military Forces, a Samoan delegation led by her Highness Masiofo Filifilia Tamasese nee Imo, and the King of Tonga, King George Tupou VI.

    Ratu Joni was a distinguished Fijian stateman, high traditional chief, attorney, and Fiji’s last Vice President. He was a staunch supporter of human rights, serving on the Solomon Islands’ Truth and Reconciliation Commission and then on the Supreme Court of Nauru. He held the Samoan orator title of Suluape and was created Lord Tangatatonga, a life peer, law lord and privy counselor, by the late King George Tupou V of Tonga. Joni was also a friend and valued Director to us here at PEPP.

    Ratu Joni proved himself a man of great integrity during a very difficult period in Fiji’s history, marked by the failure of its greatest institutions. He was an honest and modest man of great dignity and eloquence. Lesser known was his strong passion for the environment, which I first came to experience when we shared a symposium on the subject at the University of the South Pacific in 2009. We channeled some of that passion into our efforts at PEPP. His passing creates a void in PEPP that can never be filled.

    Ni moce saka, our noble friend. Rest in peace.

    Richard K. Pruett
    Executive Director

  50. Anon@10.08PM. Cock-sucker, how was Tomasi's cock when you sucked it?

  51. EIGHTEEN Fijian seasonal workers who left last year for work in Australia are still on the run.

    This was revealed by Employment Minister Jone Usamate, who said of the 137 workers that left Fiji only 119 returned.

    Fucking bastards will spoil it for everyone.

  52. Could the oil in Lami have come from the sunken Navy vessel the Kiro?

  53. NEWS FLASH!!!!! Bainimarama is holding a media conference later today to announce that the oil slick is actually oil seeping from the sea bed. There's oil in Fiji!!!!!

  54. @Anonymous 1:10 PM


  55. The Kiro sank because it ran out of Kero.
    Hehehe dredre ga mo cegu.

  56. Latest news...the Keystone Cops want to arm themselves. What a disaster! I can just see them shooting each other while the bad man gets away. Give them slingshot or tasers. But no weapons, please. These fkrs would not be able to shot a fish in a bucket, let alone an "armed bank robber".

  57. Perhaps the sunken Kiro was necessary to justify a more sophisticated naval boat. Getting a new naval ship with modern advanced tech is a dream come true for our Navy but there's no taxpayers $ allocated for such expensive vessel. The only way is power since they are running the country today they have no problem in getting it.

  58. Whinge, whinge, whinge, that's all you losers can do!
    Let them make Fiji a bit better than what it used to be. Backward !!
    Only the former free loaders are complaining.
    Let's move this third world shithole ,forward. Complaining won't help. Just roll up your sleeves and ask what you can do for your shithole Viti.
    At least these guys are giving it a go in their bumbling manner,unlike you former freeloaders of Qarase and Mahend Chordhary and Mr NBF ,S.L.R.

  59. Peter please wait until you let the cock out of your mouth before you type your comments because clearly you're gagging you fucking poofter.


  61. Peter, you fucking poofter, yes you're right about your school having women. That's because you went to a girls school you cock-sucking anus licking bitch hahaha

  62. Sometimes it's best to just keep quiet 12:43 PM as your only achievement is demonstrating what a vile slob you are.

    But maybe that's what you intended to achieve?

  63. Anon@4.59PM. Fuck you, I think the post was directed at the cock-sucking anus-licking Peter. Fuck off.

    1. Qauri boy, Are you hiding something like having sex with your male schoolmates?
      You sound like an angry person,who needs counseling due to your arse business...

  64. "PRIME Minister Voreqe Bainimarama wants every Fijian to consider themselves as citizens of the world, capable of making a difference."

    What the fuck!!!!!!!

  65. @Anonymous 10:39 AM

    Does you mother know you use such profanities?


  66. Fijians on the run

    Litia Cava
    Thursday, October 13, 2016

    EIGHTEEN Fijian seasonal workers who left last year for work in Australia are still on the run.

    This was revealed by Employment Minister Jone Usamate, who said of the 137 workers that left Fiji only 119 returned.

    He was speaking at the Lau Provincial Council meeting in Suva yesterday.

    Mr Usamate said because of this, employers from Australia planned to recruit only 33 people for seasonal work from Fiji this year.

    "This is why we have decided that we will recruit from rural areas because many of these people who left in this batch last year and have not returned were recruited from urban areas.

  67. @anonymous 01:40 AM
    that "citizens of the world" he is referring to is obviously about The New World Order which is presently being enforced upon us ( ie the world) by Obama.
    In Fiji the New World Order agents is QORVIS.

    Its main aims are to control the population ( that's why they introduce the TIN number . Also tried to introduce E-ticketing etc) Also having a Military Government is a form of control.

    Secondly their aim is to DUMB DOWN THE POPULATION by farking with the Education system( eg no exams in lower grades in Fiji etc).
    When you have a DUMB population they they are easily manipulated.

    There's a whole lot of things going on but I don't have the time to elucidate it here....but enough to say that this is what Bainimaram means by calling us "citizens of the world - The New World Order"

  68. @Kua Ni Rere 3:31 PM

    You talk about control and dumbing down the population by f*****g with the education system and again its some outside conspiracy force thats doing this according to you.

    Why not open your eyes and see the real culprits that have been doing this for so long, the Methodist church of Fiji, the experts at control.

    Who on earth other than a f*****g dumbass Methodist talatala would be disturbing the peace with his raving narcissistic showmanship during exam weeks in the evening?

  69. @10:34PM
    You are probably right. Some preachers have been known to be full on Devil Worshippers and performers of Witchcraft and then masquerade as Christian Preachers on Sundays.
    We Christians know that this goes on in Fiji and other countries as well. So its not surprising if some "Methodist talatala" are also involved in deliberately dumbing down the population. They are the devils children and they do Satans work.
    This also includes the current Pope. Recently he said that he did not believe in Creation as mentioned in the Book of Genesis and a few other things.
    Pope Francis might as well be an Atheist. And why the fark does he give the devils sign with his hand.
    And why the fark is he wearing that stupid hat?
    Did Jesus wear a stupid hat?

    I think it is important that people READ their Bible and see what God actually says and stop following some stupid clown.

  70. Anon@10.39AM. Fuck you, anyone can swear, even Bainimarama swears, Khaiyum swears, Francis Kean swears, Meli swears, Mary swears...in other words, everyone fucking swears. Fuck you.

  71. @Anonymous 1:20 PM

    You seem to competing for todays prize of who can contribute the most banal input here that has no other substance or worth than showing you have learnt how to swear.

    Well done, you are certainly a great example of a waste of space and sure to win that award.

  72. Madraiwiwi was truly a statesman to Fiji and an honorary dignitary who has done alot and not just for Bau but also for the country as a whole.

    He will be truly missed and will always be remembered as a man of honor and humility along with his service in national and traditional matters compared to that dicktator Frankie. The dicktator himself and his second-in-command Ayarse are both nothing more than a bunch of no-lives who would shoot anyone who dare challenge them (metaphorically speaking).

  73. Anon@1.20PM. Why don't you just shut the fuck up and post your comments instead.

  74. Bai is out of the country so is Koronte and so is vutu sona, why isnt there a coup now??

    He needs a taste of his own medicine

  75. @Kua ni Rere

    Creation is a creation of primitive humans.
    We are in 2016. The pope can't keep telling bull-shit without losing credibility.

    You are yourself a very primitive human.
    How colonized are many Fijians!
    Some even identify themselves as the "lost tribe"!
    That's so ridiculous, funny and crazy...

    When will Fiji be mature enough to look towards the sky instead of looking towards the ground?
    Wake up Fiji...

  76. @anonymous 4:47PM

    OK so you and the Pope believe that you evolved from a monkey; just like the Kaivalagi teach you in their books.

    No surprise then, I can see the resemblance in your thought patterns..

  77. Thank you for your miracle Doctor Osemu Okpamen

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  78. @Mayor Vargas 8:29 PM

    Did he give you any guarantee of how long his spells will last?

    You may have wasted you money if she trots off again in a weeks time.

  79. Any comments from Commissioner Qilaiso about the conduct of his men? Same sort of brutal treatment he used to hand out while in the army. Maybe he trained those police officers, who knows. And by the way, didn't a contingent of senior government officials just return from a Human Rights meeting in Europe? Blowing hot air up people's asses and wasting taxpayers monies. Fkn hypocrites.

  80. Sokos murder case is back in court and justice is going to be served. While we await the outcome let's continue to create awareness of police brutality. We have every right to be treated equally. Take pictures and recordings as much as possible if you witness police beatings on anyone and post them on social media. Don't forget that the power of social networking had exemplary force. It has the power to bring down leaders and nations.

  81. Fully agree 7:17 AM

    Bringing these incidents to light on social media so often as seen these days is going to certainly wipe the smile of the faces of those in charge.

    Whilst the main reaction to seeing the latest one at Pac Harbour has been regarding morals, ethics and human rights the most serious aspect has been totally overlooked.

    It has shown that there are some police employed that have the mentality to not even realise the public will take pictures and videos when they do this at the side of the road and there will be consequences.

    If that same mentality is used in their day to day police work they are a waste of tax payers money and an embarrassment to the force.

  82. "Boila said his legs were spread apart and he felt someone rub chillies on his private parts.

    He said Soko who was on the ground a few metres from him received the same treatment.

    "Whatever was done to me was also done to Soko."

    He said after the chillies, he saw an officer shove a stick into Mr Soko's private part"

    I hope the assholes who did this eat their lunch there and then without wasning their hands. These cunts need to be taught a lesson, catch them alone and beat the fucking shit out of them.

  83. Man arrested after escaping custody
    13:02 Today

    Taken from/By: google
    Report by: Tokasa Rainima

    A man who escaped from lawful custody on the 14th of last month, has been arrested and remanded in custody.

    Manoa Baleinakeba is alleged to have escaped from the Suva Magistrates Court, while waiting for his case to be called.

    He was arrested by Police in Lautoka, three days later and will be produced in court this afternoon.


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