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Friday, December 16, 2016

Deported landowner: Khaiyum rationale flawed

Deported Canadian landowner Karen Seaton remains in Los Angeles but has not given up the fight to stop landowners being forced to build $250,000 dwellings.

Seaton told Coup4.5 she remains 'stuck' in LA but continues to raise awareness of the proposed Land Sales Act 2016.

"No word from Fijian officials: I hear from my loved ones there and very concerned and deeply distressed."

Seaton was deported to Los Angeles last week after voicing her concerns about the new land provisions, amid claims she swore at the President.  

She told Coup4.5 the issue is not over and that landowners are due to launch a major campaign.

"The boycott will be hard in the short term but shedding a light on this injuries, standing up for these Human Rights will be of benefit to Fiji in the long-term. 

"Fiji must not be allowed to go the way of Zimbabwe, Belize, and others which did these same short-termed covetous policies." 

Seaton says landowners have been trying to communicate with Frank Bainimarama and others in Parliament about the unfair provisions for two years. 

"There are so many options to pursue to seek remedy in this Global communications network, members in Hollywood, ties to Google, YouTube...the Fiji Land Organization Association will be soon initiating a boycott of Fiji until this legislated aggression and open season on foreign investors is no longer the policy of this government."

Seaton says the proposed changes have caused stress to her neighbours and had a devastating effect on her village.

"People are ceasing all further investment, midway in development, leaving the island; local Fijians unable to get employment with the exodus, this all on a severely impacted, post Winston island."

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum has tried to dismiss the legitimacy of the Fiji Landowners Association saying they're not 'registered in Fiji'. 

He also claims the new Act will force development and that Fiji suffers from an over speculative market and that the proposed provisions will stop speculation.

Karen Seaton says Khaiyum's rationale is flawed. 

"This will not force development. Applying it to investors retrospectively breaks the terms of the contract they invested under, is cheating, after the fact of investment. 

"There are so many stories of those who can't meet the terms who are faced now with two years of imprisonment. 

"No country in the world but Fiji does that. BANANA REPUBLIC! Investors are ceasing all further development.

"Khaiyum is wilfully wrong, espousing Muslim ideology 'that land shouldn't lay fallow', so doing a wealth land redistribution scheme is okay to achieve a good intent. 

"Upon inspection his reasoning for implementing LSA16 falls apart when put to scrutiny."


the last polar bear said...

We've been telling Fijians since 2006 that Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum's coup d'etat of December the 5th. 2006 was only ever about 1 thing! And that is the great land grab and obliteration of Fijian Culture and Tradition. Thanks to the Indigenous Soldiers, this has been achieved, but slowed down due to the efforts of bloggers on Social Media.
Now, the Regime needs the money desperately from land sales, to keep paying the soldiers their $5,000 envelopes of cash because the Soldiers are the only group who can save their necks! Can't sell the land, can't pay the soldiers, Soldiers will arrest them and the coup will be over.

Anonymous said...

This post is slightly biaised. Whatever "muslim ideology" says is irrelevant here, it only suggests its author is very bitter against muslims. This anti-"muslim" strategy was developped by some idiots who propably didn't know the meaning of nepotism in the first place. Khaiyum is the one who gave gays the right to fuck in peace, does that sound muslim to you? Khaiyum may have some muslim background, but its only that: a background. Like it is the case with Bainimarama, he can only trust his closet allies, and those closest allies will always be the family for obvious reasons!!! To say muslims govern Fiji instead of Khaiyum's mafia is gross and stupid. So from now on, I propose to use the proper wording: Khaiyum's mafia instead of "muslim". That's what's all about.

As for Karen Seaton, I feel sorry for her and I agree that lands bought before the law came into force shoudn't be subjected to the same conditions. One of the big problem with Fiji is that our country closes its doors to those who are interested by simple living. It's even true for investors (minimum amount of 250,000$ instead of 50,000$ like it used to be) That is why Fiji can hardly attract young and innovative entrepreneurs. These ki ds of limits should be reviewed depending of the area where one wants to invest. 50,000$ in Koro is a welcome investment. Probably not in Denarau... it all depends of the setting.

Dave Rand said...

"Khaiyum is wilfully wrong, espousing Muslim ideology 'that land shouldn't lay fallow', The statement is not out of line at all. There's even a deeper problem, a responsibility actually. In the age of a fragile perception of Muslims it is important, even crucial, for any Muslim leader to be careful and not act so dogmatically, to manhandle women, invoke fear with tactics like the way this law was deployed and managed, this law so unfair to "outsiders". To behave like a thug is only an insult to Muslims everywhere and the problems they face. To ignore it and give him a pass because he was fair to gays is no excuse.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid these two, Seaton and Rand in using 'religious faith' to try and support their cause have lost it.

I wonder if they tried this tactic from the beginning?

Anonymous said...

@Dave Rand

I had a quick look at Karen Seaton's facebook posts and I could see quickly she was a Christian weirdo!

I note that it is the christian weirdos and hindus who have big problems with Muslims, not non-religious peopke like myself.

Yes, Khaiyum is part of a mafia; yes, he is a criminal; yes Fiji has a long story of criminals running the country since 1987. And yes the statement you qupted is totally out of the line, completely irrelevant.

Khaiyum and Bainimarama's dictatorship is a new kind of dictatorship, I believe something never tried before.
They know what the modern world is all about (human rights, gay rights, etc.) and theh play that card well... even if
in the backgrounds they commit a few murders, torture, they also steal quite a bit, etc... the great frustration of the people comes from there. More "traditional" dictatorships wouldn't bother about "modernity"...gay rights, etc...

So yes, very clearly, khaiyum is NOT a real muslim... he is a bandit, a man from the mafia.

What I wonder is how come you invested in a country knowing how things work there... My advice to
outsiders has always been the same: don't fall in love, take it slowly...
that hypocrisy.

Here is an advice you should all take head of: "My Fiji lawyer said “Instead of building right away, why don’t you wait a while and learn how things work here.” We didn’t listen!". https://www.expatify.com/expat-interviews/collin-mckenny-in-fiji-expat-spotlight.html

Mr Rand, today you think you see in muslims your ennemy. Tomorrow it will be the iTaukei landowners after the next coup, and after tomorrow it might as well be...Americans behind global warming turning your piece of paradise into shit every second year... who knows...

My advice is simple: consider Fiji has a HOLIDAY destination. Bring you tent and do some camping a month or two every year on Koro, but forget about owning anything in Fiji. It's the safe option.

As for your boycott of Fiji, I doubt it could achieve much. Common sense would be for Khaiyum to drop the retroactive aspect of his law, but I believe speculators will hardly attract sympathy anywhere in the world...

Anonymous said...

@David Rand...

and don't forget to read this bit in the interview:

"Would you recommend your current location to other expats? Does it rock or does it suck?

The politics are crazy but the people and the physical environment are wonderful. "

So you see, politics sucks. Just like in America.

Karen seaton said...

Hey "Anonymous" if you are going to hit, man up and do it in the light with your name as author...."Christian weirdo" ...."real muslim"....."non-religious persons like myself"....atheism is a religion every bit as Buddist, Muslim, or other...and have no idea what a "real muslim is" ...or a "politically correct Christian is"....if you take offense to my using Chrustian language towards a Christian person, in aim to inspire, perhaps you would take the same offense if I used Astrotheology, or string theory, or law towards the same aim...perhaps your "non- religious person" category is what, really just cynicism...that is your faith...o.k....my comment regarding Khaiyum's stated rational for the land grab ie being "land should not lay fallow" , came from research, an essay on Muslim tennants and Private Property Rights, was surprised to see what he espoused, being part of that culture...called him on it ...simple...nothing beyond that...There are many research papers on this topic, get informed before you condemn...there are enough cowards in this world, if you have an opinion, man up and put your name beside it. ...here is one paper, there are many https://www.un.org/ruleoflaw/files/GLTN_Islamic_Briefing_Papers.pdf

Anonymous said...

Blog owner has gone so low to impersonate people.

Anonymous said...

So you're a researcher now, Karen?

A person so consumed with hate that resorts to pettiness and religious vilification can hardly call themselves worthy of rsearch! The first tenet of research is objectivity, the 'depths' of which has been on display for the world to see for some time now.

What you went through was despicable and I will always condemn the bullying antics of men on a woman.

What has been revealed of you since then however shows you're no saint either.

Suck it up.

P.S. I choose to remain anonymous. Your melodrama, attenuated more so in a faraway land where you anxiously await in misguided hope that someone will take your case up impresses nor moves anyone.

Anonymous said...

@ "Karen Seaton"

so according to your profile you are on blogger since... December 2016? and no capital to your surname? mmm suspicious.

anyway, in case you are the "real Karen", you are pretty much the person I thought you were: some weird grumpy lady who probably became hysterical many times in Fiji... Even the US embassy don't want to give a f**k about you so I suspect they are just rolling their eyes when you call them.

Yes, I said you are a religious weirdo, and that means you are welcome to Fiji because there are many of you here. Just apply for a religious permit, it seems everybody coming to Fiji to preach is allowed in. The police wont even tell you to turn your speakers down.

You are clearly desperate if you think anyone decent would be impressed by your attacks on Muslims... Khaiyum is a bandit, a mafia boy, and he runs the country with HIS FAMILY and FRIENDS. For some reasons, members of a same family tend to have the same religion, same language, same look, same whatever. Are you gonna say next that people with straight black hair are bad people?

It's better for you to think about your behavior first (yes I talk to you like a child) and when you are ready you can send a letter to apologize to the president. After what I've heard from you, I know you are a bit of a (censored). So I am sorry to say that I believe Khaiyum when he said you swore at the president... I had some doubts at first.

Anonymous said...

@ Karen Seaton

By the way I can't man up because I am a woman. If I put my name, I will get deported... hummmm...wait I can't get deported, I am Fijian....ok then I could get my legs broken or raped.

Anonymous said...

When one writes to the PM of a country you are not a citizen of, mentions "Banana Republic" and suggesting a senior member of parliament is "willfully wrong and espousing Muslim ideology" it's not too sensible.

Open letter:

Hon Prime Minister
Frank Bainimarama,

The government puts forward two arguments for LSA16.
1) this will force development.
2) Fiji suffers from an overly speculative market; this will stop speculation.

Can' t argue it both ways, either there is so much speculation and over development driving up the market price, or there is so much fallow land this will develop it.

One or the other not both.

1) this will not force development, applying it to investors retrospectively, brakes the terms of the contract they invested under, is cheating, after the fact of investment. There are so many stories of those who can't meet the terms who are faced now with two years of imprisonment. NO COUNTRY in the world but Fiji does that. BANANA REPUBLIC! Investors are ceasing all further development.

2) There is not an overly speculative market.....Approx. 91percent of the land is owned by native Fijians, largely undeveloped, 9 percent is freehold, what use to be classed as freehold, still marketed as freehold, but to the multinational investor it no longer exists. Of that 9 percent, on Koro for example, the seventh largest island in Fiji, there were approx. 600 lots, approx. 30 homes, before Winston now approx. only 11 left. Of the remainder multinationals would come on holiday, work the land, hire caretakers, plan for retirement, all of that has ceased with this Act. The man who worked for me for six years (robbed my home after Winston) he came to me looking for money, wanted me to get his previous employers to provide income to help feed his family of five, he had a boil a result of malnutrition because his crops were not producing. I did my best and secured,from one landowner, a contract for him, now I am, one of the many, gone from there. One less developing the economic viability of the land. We are all in this together, to Racistly exploit and injure one group based upon place of origin, has negative effects within the Community, and to the Country as a whole. There is not a overly speculative market, there is a case to be made for some brave souls who invested in this land trusting in the reassurances of law, their trust being, like a rug pulled out from them. This causes further uncertainty and derails the investor market.
Khayium is willfully wrong, espousing Muslim ideology 'that land shouldn't lay fallow,' then furthers that with a racist belief, so doing a wealth land redistribution scheme is o.k. to achieve a good intent. Upon inspection his reasoning for implementing LSA16 falls apart when put to scrutiny.

Kind aloha,

Your deported 'voice crying in the wilderness'
Karen Seaton

Diplomat said...

@9:10 PM
ha..ha interesting. Well it shows a little bit the character Karen is.

That being said, I am genuinely sorry for her: being robbed by her own worker (sadly a CLASSIC of Fiji), and I can imagine all the pain, tears and headaches ANY investor will have to go through (remember the story of Collin above, she actually wanted to write a book about all her mishaps) I've heard so many stories over the years, and for sure Karen hits the mark when she says that on islands like Koro the situation is different.

Karen says it can't be "argued both ways". In fact it can. A good example was a residential development outside of Suva that was bought many years ago by a foreigner, many years later subdivided and sold back 20 times the original price! For all those years, the land was vacant, while people packing up in crowded areas. In areas where speculation DO exist, there is a need to have real development at reasonable prices. The case of Koro is clearly different. It shows to me that the government didn't do its homework when it penned the law. There is room for improvement.

The kind of letter Karen wrote is typically American. It's very arrogant (never use CAPITALS in a letter) and stupid (all the Muslim crap). I am afraid she dug her own grave.

In the Fijian culture there is a possibility of matanigasau. Maybe she could try it, but then she will have to become less hysterical first. DRINK MORE KAVA!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To Karen Seaton:

The so called "anonymous" person pretending to be a Fijian woman etc and vehemently attacking you is actually non other than Khayum. This has been the pattern of blogs response we have seen over the years in all Forums on Fiji. Khayum practices reverse psychology - i.e. Khayum attacking himself (under anonymous) and his family as he has done here and saying that Khayum runs Fiji etc. This serves two purposes: 1, To attack you, which is frankly a small issue and you have to understand that; 2. second and the real concern to all of us learned and wise Fijians is that Khayum has been using the gullibility and lack of understanding of our people to spoon feed them and gain control by his reverse psychology. Spoon feeding happens at all levels from the grassroots to the highest levels. Forget Frank Karen he cannot help you because he needs Khayum to keep producing documents to keep make him like he knows what he is doing. At the same time Khayum is using this license from Frank to change laws etc. In this way Khayum is slowly placing himself as the Fijian saviour. He is a Muslim Trojan horse.
You have to be realistic Karen and reach out to real Fijians and prepare for the next elections. The descendants of white Christian people in Fiji have become a confused lot and supported dictatorship; exceptions are well known and they know themselves. But most have no shame and will sell themselves for a loaf of bread.
This is a long fight Karen. It is understandable that because you have been recently victimized and mistreated by Khayum you are reacting and he is defending himself against your reasoned and well informed attacks. (Who else would have the motive and time to respond and defend against your attacks/posts and ignore your reference to credible studies on Muslim ideology - only Khayum.) Do not forget Karen that thousands of Fijian have been attacked and victimized like you and much worse. Because of disunity and lack of moral principles virtually have suffered silently.
So Karen look to the future and stratergize with like minded Fijians and go for the elections, so that we can take back our country and land legally and in dignity. Remember revenge is a dish best served cold.

Anonymous said...

Karen you have our backing. Continue the fight and be our voice. We'd rather have someone like you to take these asshole thugs on. Don't stop. Keep up the fight. You don't know how many thousands out there waiting patently for something like this to happen.

Anonymous said...

Karen Seaton holds US, Canadian and British passports?

Fiji's Law Society said immigration laws allow for a person to be deported if they insult someone.

It said the Minister has the power to declare a person a prohibited immigrant under the Immigration Act if the person is deemed to be a person who is or has been conducting themselves in a manner prejudicial to the peace, defence, public safety, public order, public morality, public health, security or good government of Fiji.

It said it is also an offence under the Crimes Decree to indecently insult or annoy any person.

Karen seaton said...

Remember A.G Khaiyum gesturing like an Ape towards native indo Fijians, Racistly telling them you look like an ape, have the intellect of one, in Parliament, then yet again lying about his actions in public ,.....perhaps he should lead by example and deport himself for that offensive behaviour......more examples of Khaiyum's idiot decrees.......repeating a lie does not make a truth Khaiyum, the tabled Parliamentarian doc.'s revealled the effects of Racist policies, revealled conversations that revealled your arrogance when those injured under your law did not even merit the response you promised...revealled a Human Right Commission that would not stand up for violations of Human Rights when they were a matter of your policies...revealled a nonfunctioning free press totally under your 2910 media decree, unable to stand by those injured by your law, revealled Parliamentarian members misrepresenting the actions and effects of this LSA16 within Fiji Times..and you want to spin this as me uttering two swear words in a public place...sure ....the only people who are threatened by the Truth are those who are living a lie. Bullies are cowards that lie and shirk do their deeds in the dark....

Anonymous said...

To Karen Seaton:

There are numerous and countless examples of Khayum and his brother at FBC being above the law....!
But look deeper Karen into what is really happening. For a start, think of the people from your island Koro and elsewhere that are still living in tents; they will never have their dwellings rebuilt to the standard that they once had or hope for. Until they eventually get desperate and drift away from their land to urban areas. You see the strategy is simple. By passive economic strangling slowly and gradually force Indigenous Fijians to urban areas and into real economic hardship. They will be desperate and not return to their land (except for very few). The rest will try to go overseas and eventually over years Fijians land lie fallow and the Islamic land decree begins to be slowly implemented.
Additionally Fijians have been lagging behind in education and with this FF govt's so called equal opportunity education policy Indigenous Fijians are even more disadvantaged and will remain the bus boys in hotels and or migrate overseas to add to the statistics of economic migrants.
We know Khayum's tactics of marrying and fathering children with local women (a common practice among Muslims seeking to take over countries; like Bin Laden marrying several women (girls) all young enough to be his granddaughters). Khayum went from one woman to another; married one woman so she could pay for his studies and then dumped her. Now married a Fijian in order to plant himself into Indigenous Fijians domain. He had been desperately looking for a Fijian woman to marry until he found one gullible enough.
Karen I could go on and on. Khayum is now beyond greed, avarice and now he is into hubris.
Fiji is and will always be a multiracial and people like you will always be welcome. We need each other. See what a white man did for our sevens team?
By the way the retroactive land decree is only the start; the long term objective is to eventually question the Indigenous ownership of "Native Lands". If you read Khayum's thesis it is clear that he is challenging everything that was put in place to safeguards Indigenous Fijians. Khayum will eventually; when he judges the time is right; use the same deductions in his thesis to question whether the land in Fiji was handed back at Independence to Indigenous Fijians or to the state. That will be his basis for strengthening the state claim to all unused Fijian land in accordance with his land decree. All lands will be leased out and eventually Fijians will become alienated in their own country and Khayums relatives from Pakistan and his financial backers from Qatar and the Emirates will show up!!!

Anonymous said...

Some people here are high on drugs!

I find it frightening that some idiots think that targeting muslims is a good strategy.
There are too many little Donald Trumps on this forum.

No wonder the opposition is a waste of time and Bainimarama is still abusing this country.

Really, what a circus.

@1:50 AMerican: vengeance or christianity, you have to choose.

Anonymous said...

Its all about money! It has been right from the very beginning. When this illegal government came into power they wield all their power to secure their control by controlling all the money in the country and filling their pockets while giving smalll changes to the soldiers in the army.
First they sacked all the highly paid officers in government.
Replaced them with their cronies/families/buddies/friends/muslims/ and favoured ones, while paying them peanuts.
Pay themselves(Bainimarama/Khaiyum) huge salaries
Rob the country of many of its wealth:- government, FNPF, sugar industry, NLTB, etc by changing the law to break contracts as with FNPF to force people to take lower pensions, so they can take more money for themselves.
Taking money from donors and anyone who wishes to invest in Fiji.
Killing anyone who stands in their way.
And the list goes on and on ....

Don't personalise this Karen Seaton. Its not personal.
History is only repeating itself. They did it to many of us and they will do it to anyone who comes after us.
We have been suffering with this ever since these two evil people came into power.
It will not last forever as nothing last forever. Some are just longer than others.
Believe in the Living God as His time will come and Justice will be done. Even God allowed these two evil people to do this to turn His people back to Him.
Remember Tump? His victory is not by accident. Every evil empire will crumple to the ground one day.
"The meek shall inherit the earth".

Dave Rand said...

No one targeted Muslims, but I have no problem calling your current approach that of cowards and trolls. Man up. Stop cowering.

Demelza said...

Anonymous needs a reality check and a life. Get one

Anonymous said...

FLOA Fiji Land Owners Association.

These funds will be used by the international owners of small properties on the islands of Fiji to create and distribute a press release through eworldwire.com

Some of my neighbors in Fiji and I have formed the FLOA group to get this started.

The purpose of the press release is to gain coverage in the international media regarding a new Land Act that is difficult to inquire about, or comply with.

The way the law currently reads, the end result could be that people lose their savings, their property, and even their freedom in Fiji.

We'd like to believe Fiji is better than this and that once a light is shined upon it. A better way will emerge.

Please contact me if you have any questions. Go Fund Me has a link through which we can communicate.

You can donate anonymously.

Anonymous said...

@Dave Rand
Ok now no one targets Muslims...? I must be getting senile or what.

Troll, coward... and what not? I am warning you of the dangerous and stupid strategy you two have adopted. Don't you realize that is probably why your very own embassy is reluctant to help you? Talk about getting a reality check.

You have pretty much dug your own grave and it has become near impossible for decent people like myself to help you. good luck, you will need a lot of it to make up for your deficiencies in reasonning.

Raks said...

There is not enough information on the post itself to formulate a debate.

What I have gathered so far is that, Karen was deported for arguably mouthing off to the President. However the real reason supposedly was about the land contractual issue.

On the issue of the contracts, the Information coming out is "Two Years".

However there is no contexts as to whether the client was aware of the possible changes to future policies that may affect the terms and conditions or whether the Government acted fraudulently.

And obviously there's the question of evidence to any such claims by either parties.

The devil is definitely in the details!

Any clarity on the matter would be much appreciated.

Anonymous said...


Very true. It is my opinion though that changing the rules in a retrospective manner is wrong. Am I right to believe that Karen bought and build her house before that ill-designed piece of legislation so that it actually didn't affect her personally? In this case, she would have been targetted as the spokeperson of Koro landowners, which is very antidemocratic.

Of course, as an anonymous adviser (not a troll as Mr. Rand thinks) I strongly suggest the two of them to drop all the "muslim" crap. That is total non sense and it really makes the situation more difficult for all landowners to find a solution with this so-called democratic government. If Mr Rand wants to repudiate Anonymous 11:54AM, it would be appreciated so that at least we are on the same page, that is against dictatorship, human rights abuses and religious propaganda.

Anonymous said...

"Mr Vuniwaqa confirmed Ms Seaton was deported after she breached the terms of her residency permit by yelling an obscenity at the President Jioji Konrote during one of his official engagements last Wednesday."

For sure, if Karen YELLED an obscenity, its a bit of a problem. If I drop my groceries on the ground and I drop a swear, I am not gonna "yell". Reading from Karen posts (BANANA republic) and use of CAPITALS, I am somewhat suspecting that she may have done so, but I don't have any evidence and it is to the government to prove she did yell obscenities. Who are the witnesses?

In any case, deporting someone in the manner Karen was is really unprofessional. It sends a very bad message to the international community. Hopefully the rule of law will come back one day soon.

Raks said...

@ anonymous 7.31 pm,

Yes of course, changing any contract once agreed to suit one party is the very definition of corruption.

However like I've stated in my previous comment. There's simply not enough information or evidences to formulate ones opinion on who the guilty party is!

At the moment all we have is heresay and sadly with a touch of ad hominems.

Hypothetically if the contract was changed to suit the governments position and only affects Karen, then that is grounds for a class action suit.

However if the policy was changed to incorporate a national policy that was voted for in parliament and affects everyone then Karen's case boils down to the terms and conditions of her contract.

Usually contracts are drawn up taking into account unpredictable future events.

This is why more information and evidences are vital because its conclusive rather than both parties and their supporters biased opinions.

Like I've said before, the devil is definitely in the details!

Anonymous said...


Very true. Ad hominems won't do here, weather I am Khaiyum as someone suggested (!) or I "man up" or "woman up" by putting a name (whatever a name means in this debate!) I was trying to point that Karen seems to be a bit of a weirdo in that her logic comes down to attacking Muslims customs (!) and she seems to be some sort of Christian lunatic and prone to TANDRUM (with the capitals...) That was more or less a warning to bloggers before blindly supporting her since we could be targetted by association to be a bunch of racists an lunatics.

Let's stick to the 2 real issues, which are 1) is it acceptable to deport someone in the current unclear circumstances? I think not. 2) is the amendment to the land sale act taking into account the diversity of situations in Fiji? I think not.

Anyway, good luck Karen. As I said, you should mind your language about Muslims, apart of that I have no big problem with you (maybe also stop using CAPITALS and proof-read what you send to the government so it looks more professional...) In one word, be professional.

Raks said...

To anonymous 9.31 am,

Good post. Some valid points in there.

However I am reluctant to believe that the "Karen" posting in here is authentic.

We are conscious about the fact that some of our people who claim to be Christians have some very questionable views about other faiths and ethnicity. They usually preach tolerance but don't exactly practice it.

So it's not entirely impossible for one of them to post as "Karen" in here.

In terms of acceptable deportation. Every state have certain guidelines that needs to be adhered to by immigrants.

And verbally abusing the head of state will lead to deportation in majority of states. However in circumstantial cases there needs to be a process followed to determined the validity of any allegations.

The length of the process is determined by the evidences provided. In this case if Karen committed that offence in the presence of witnesses, then that is conclusive evidence.

So the length of the process in this case will be pretty short.

However if the process was not followed then the government will face the consequences. Probably by losing the case in court.

Our government have made some questionable decisions over the years, that is without a shadow of a doubt. If they were indeed dishonest in these particular case then there needs to be repercussions.

However I am not yet sold on the details because there's not much available.

We have to remember decisions made by any government world wide will always have its criticism. Their decision making usually involves long term and majority cases.

In terms of the ammendments made about the land sale act. I haven't read it therefore I can't comment on its validity.

There's something about this case that just isn't right. There's lack of information.

If we really want to deal with issues and get to the bottom of any cases then we need to demand more information.

Unfortunately some of the commentators and the blog owner are very obvious about their biased opinions. They don't miss a beat to bash the government with any information regardless of how unclear or inconclusive it is.

We all want our government to be responsible and we question them if they appear to be devious. That is healthy and a mark of modern society.

However we need to be factual in our critism and honest about it. Also we need to be responsible for our actions because fear mongering and slandering can have a very negative effect even if it's unintentional.

If we expect a bona fide government, we should also be scrupulous in our research before we start questioning anything.

Anonymous said...

"Upon inspection his reasoning for implementing LSA16 falls apart when put to scrutiny."

Upon inspection, that sentence falls apart...when put to scrutiny. Ungrammatical = not serious.

Anonymous said...

Is she trying to tell the reader something about LSA16?
Is the meaning different if there's no grammatical error?

Anonymous said...

@6:43 PM
it means she writes quickly, she thinks quickly, she swears quickly.
vakamalua mada.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter. The message is well clear and understood and is biting. The effect is negative on the economy. Bottom line.

Anonymous said...

You cunts are all stupid. It's obvious someone was impersonating Karen, just read between the lines and you'd know. You guys have sworn lots of times to fucking Bainimarama (ooops I better not swear anymore or I'll get deported). Also heaps of 'fuck yous' to Khaiyum so what's different if someone said get fucked to el Presidente?

Anonymous said...

As a Jew, all I know is if they had to send a lamb from outer space to become a sacrifice for me then that must be one frikin EXPENSIVE LAMB!

Coup 4.5 said...

C4.5 is not impersonating anyone; we have, however, decided that going forward registered users only will be able to comment on our blog. It is up to you what name you use, but a name will be required. Editor.

Dave Rand said...

Thank you for filtering out those cowards and trolls.

Anyone who looks at the timeline should be able to see through the spin

Karen swears outdoors, is questioned and RELEASED. Two days later the Opposition party and Mick B.help Karen Gine a very revealing and politically damaging report in front of Parliament, all documents go on record after several attempt to stop it. Karen hotel room is broken into, she is illegallty abducted REFUSED consulate or ANY communication dissallowed from securing her home, her phone and iPad are taken from her. She is put on a plane and sent to the cheapest location in the USA.

We are so insignificant that there have been in over 40 articles an broadcasts in the last two weeks alone. Both the US and Canadian consulates are investigating this. We are so insignificant that Khaiyum had to have a speech written for him about us being so ....insignificant !

When a country that depends on tourism from the modern world to sustain itself inherits politicians that treat internationals this way
It becomes possible to take those politicians those apart with an iPhone.

Anonymous said...

To be honest I doubt if there are many who really care about either the timeline of posts here or the fact that an 'international' was deported out of Fiji. And it's likely that some of those that appear to care are simply spouting off because it's another angle to hit the government from.

It's not going to make the slightest difference to tourism or the main problems Fiji has to encounter to move forward.

You are welcome to whine on about cowards and trolls because a big boy like you has bothered to take the time to put a name to your post but it gives the thrust of your cause no more significance than the thrust of any comment here.

If you really are looking for support how about some detailed information on how specific (can remain anonymous) individuals have been affected. We do not want to just repeatedly hear how many stand to lose a lot of money, because all investments have a risk.

I would suggest the lack of details of peoples specific circumstances is on a par with the lack of detail and ambiguity of the act that came in in 2014.

Dave Rand said...

Plenty care, not only are there details in the very article this thread is from, but dozens of others online, in social media, and radio broadcasts, the coverage has bee substantial from Island Business, RNZ, ABC, and now getting picked up in the USA. I always use my name it really doesn't take any longer, and it is the right thing to do, stand behind your words especially when you're fighting for your rights and what you believe in or commenting on others plights. You see thousands are losing their life savings and fighting for it, and if that means demonstrating how Fiji is a bad investment then I guess you're right, its just a bad investment, no one goes to Guatemala anymore for the same reason, it's now beautiful but destitute. Seems to me that when most of your GDP comes from internationals willing to spend their money there maybe they should be concerned, bit like you said, looks like Fiji is a bad investment, I just believe the people of Fiji are good people, your current administration is corrupt, and may soon lose its commonwealth status again. Not only is the international press supporting us but so are the other political parties, and the youth groups. So tell us what you've been doing to help with the main problems in Fiji? I'm sincerely curious.

Dave Rand said...

I find this video on you tube when I google your name and Fiji. https://youtu.be/ZpJT5B73BHs I can't get it to play where I am but will try when I have a better connection.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the amount of publicity a situation receives does not necessarily equate to the amount of care or concern others have about it.

From articles I have read there is nothing to support your statement "You see thousands are losing their life savings". Whilst I would agree that retrospective changes can and will affect some, to me it seems reporting has been very much generalised.

You will not see anything in my post above to suggest that Fiji is a 'bad' investment, for some it is a good investment, but investments are not always about how much money you make or lose.

As for what I'm doing to help the main problems in Fiji, and we all see 'problems' as different, would that make any difference to my views or comments on this topic?

But seeing as you are curious enough to want to find out the background of someone who comments on a topic on a blog I raise concerns that affect me and the environment we live in and how it could be improved. Some are listened to, some are not.

Unknown said...

As a project manager with 27 years experience in Fiji,a FD250k home construction budget is not going to produce a luxurious end product. Even more true when the project is being implemented on an outer island. Begs the question as to what budget the property owner had planned when the land was initially purchased? Agree retrospective legislation like this undermines foreign investor confidence, but try being objective about the investment itself.

real landowner said...

Last I heard landowners are the indigenous so faggots change you name to foreign freehold land proprieties association and get the f..k out

Coup 4.5 said...

An open letter to Fiji Coupfourpointfive from Karen Seaton shows Bill Gavoka, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum's father-in-law, was the lone voice of reason in parliamentary debate on the proposed changes to the Land Sales Act. Seaton prefaced her letter with the comment that lack of a free press in Fiji has meant neither the Fiji Sun and the Fiji Times have given the issue the coverage or investigation it deserves.

Radio New Zealand, 16/12/16, quoted a statement, a variation of which has been put to Fiji’s government, in hundreds of letters, over a two year period. “Retrospective law is unfair and there are many other Countries where people can invest without the hassle.” “And these are law abiding Countries where the Authorities respect the laws, the Authorities respect the Human Rights of people, where people don’t get summarily deported in flimsy excuses, where Ministers are accountable to the investors of Fiji. Fiji is absolutely giving the wrong signal in all these fronts.” As a boycott of Fiji has begun to be enacted by Fiji Land Owners Assoc.

As Fiji is, globally being signaled as an unwise place to invest, how did that come to pass?

Thursday 11th of December 2014, the Parliamentary Record reflects…

Hon. V.R. Gavoka stood as very much a lone voice, stood up for respect of the value of debate, disclosure and transparency, as 15 bills were being put to vote without that consideration.

One of them being Land Sales Act 16(LSA16). To the issue of LSA16 he stated..."Freehold in this Country is always sacred. All over the world, my life has been in the Global Community, traveling, tourism and all that. To change this, only 10 percent of the land in Fiji, to touch something that is so sacred is an indication of this Government, which I brand as the most fearless government in the history of Fiji, fearless and touching things that are sacred.”

But those statements where set adrift amongst calling up subconscious prejudices against immigrants to Fiji.

As Hon. Sudharkar was standing up in support of all 15 bills without further scrutiny, allowing five minutes of debate for all of them being respectful in his opinion … goes so far as to erroneously state the opposite of effect it has had in Koro island, “What this intends to do, Madam Speaker, is to have development all over the Country.”

As further xenophobia (fear of immigrants) was called to the surface by Hon. A. Sudhakar, with “As soon as I mention that foreigners will be restricted, there is a lot of interjections and noise from the other side. May I ask them again; did the Fijians vote for you or the foreigners?”

Coup 4.5 said...

(Part two of Karen Seaton's open letter)

And while not even a mention of aberration, from the Global community, in utilizing an application of a retrospective law was mentioned, Hon. Sudhakar stated further “There must be a building on the land of 250,000.00$ or more.”

Hon. Ratu I. Kubuabola interjected “Tell them, tell them!”

Like a Lord of Flies mentality had swept thru the Parliament.

Where the Constitution which amongst other rights stood against the arbitrary passage of legislation discriminatorily based “upon place of origin.”

And as Hon. A. Sudhakar continued an assault upon decency with the statement, more conducive with a person with a Truth deficit disorder than with an Honorable member of Parliament, “No matter how much they sensationalize it,the proposed amendment does not affect the land that is outside the town, boundaries.” It does not affect the land, honorable Member as you mentioned, SavuSavu, it does not affect specific tourist developments. It is there in the Act and they were given a chance to read this amendment during tea and lunch break. I do not think they read anything.”

This was the member that stood in support of “all the amendments that the government proposes.” The main advocate siding with this legislation of Hon. A.S. Khaiyum’s, to ram thru 15 bills with no public consideration.

LSA 16 has in fact been applied to Tavenui Estates, Land’s Minister saying this was, arbitrarily, deemed a “failed integrated Tourist scheme”… and as is Koro Island, Maui Bay etc. All falling prey to this predatory Act.

As the largest law firm in Fiji has stated in affirmation, “Current non-resident owners of vacant lots within or outside town/ city boundaries are required to complete a construction of a residential dwelling, with a minimum expenditure of 250,000.00 by Dec.2016."

Where, A.S. Khaiyum, suffering from that same Truth deficit disorder stated “The Land Sales Act where we require people to build homes within a period of time EXACTLY the same in Australia.” “It is not something peculiar to Fiji, per se. The reality is Madam Speaker, that these people are not be deprived of the ownership of their land, as the Hon. Member Sudhakar had spoken at length about it. But the fact is that it does not in anyway change ownership of the land.”

When I challenged him to the retrospective application of these laws, - that no developed Country in the world utilizes a retrospective application to harm its investors, stakeholders, landowners like this law does, one year ago, as now, he remains silent.

So upon this Christmas Season New Zealand and Countries around the world are stating loud and clear based upon these actions any investment in Fiji is unwise. It would be wise to remember that lone voice ….

Hon. V.R. Govoka “Let us keep the freehold land as they are integral to a place in the Community. Do not touch it, do not fix it. Nothing is wrong with it. It keeps our integrity as a people in this part of the world. We are part of the Global village, we are not an island adrift, we are not on our own and we need to link up to the community.”

Karen Seaton


Raks said...

@ coup fourpointfive

I appreciate the additional information you have provided. However a complete disclosure on both parties would provide context.

The UK government in 2012 under former PM Cameron, introduced a retrospective tax policy. This was introduced to combat businesses and individuals who practice tax avoidance schemes.

In Karen's case I personally believe that there is more to it than what meets the eye. It has been widely reported that the Government have attempted to establish an investor friendly environment such as taxation friendly polices.

I doubt that they would intentionally sabotage that with personal vendettas.

Through out our history we have seen landowners short changed by devious foreign investors.

Generally they are sweetened with short term sizeable cash donations and on top of lack of education they usually agree on a fallacious deal.

This is why I have stated that more information is needed so we can formulate an opinion on the matter.

Karen may well be absolutely innocent. However we need to see evidence that conclusively proves that.

Otherwise we would forever be stucked in a loop of biased opinions on either side and nothing ever eventuate from that.

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Suomynona said...

Frankie being the usual dummy since most power comes from Ayarse Suckit-Khaiyum since he has all of it and would boot out anyone for false claims of misdemeanor unless they're Chinese.

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