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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

International report endorses blog revelations of Fiji torture practices

Revelations by blogs such as Coupfourpointfive re the torture of Fiji citizens have culminated in a report on the 'darker side of Fiji' by Amnesty International.

The report cites the torture cases revealed by us in recent years, saying under the military’s dominance, 'Fiji has seen an ingrained culture of torture take root among its security forces.'

The Amnesty International report says a decade after the 2006 coup, the military remains in control of key institutions, including the police, 'with a militarization of the justice system that allows torture and other ill-treatment to go unpunished.'

Beating Justice: How Fiji’s Security Forces Get Away with Torture details how uniformed officials have inflicted severe beatings, rape and other sexual violence, attacks by police dogs, shootings and other forms of torture and ill-treatment or punishment in violation international law.

The report endorses ongoing revelations by Fiji's blogs and helps keeps the pressure on the military government and former coup leader Frank Bainimarama and police commissioners who have continued to mouth platitudes about bringing an end to the brutality meted out on Fiji citizens.


Anonymous said...

This report is 100% true and one of the best ever. A similar report should be out how the Fiji Gov't is run by thugs also. Good job Amnesty International!

Anonymous said...

This is only the tip of the iceberg.

Some murders sponsored by the State have been hidden.
Remember when Francis Kean killed Wippy? There was ONE WITNESS of the murder, an Indian guy studying in tourism.
He saw everything, and he was murdered so that the charges could be lowered from murder to manslaughter, or something like that.
Remember that Francis Kean pleaded "not guilty" first and then changed his stance when the charges were lowered?

That was because they killed the only witness. It means THE STATE was involved in a murder...

Fuck you Francis Kean, and all the fucking Keans of Fiji who benefit of the regime.

Anonymous said...

How to torture the yet-to-be born Fijian:

Through its spending policies, the Bainimarama Government raised Fiji’s Public Debt from $2,863 million in 2006 to around $4,969 million in 2016-17, an increase of more than $2 billion.

Those who supported the 2006 military coup (including many from overseas) and those who voted Bainimarama into power in 2014, never thought of the consequences of this massive increase in public debt, for the future generations, while enjoying all the benefits that Bainimarama threw their way.

No civil servant in the Ministry of Finance or at the Reserve Bank of Fiji has ever enlightened the public, on the grave dangers of this cancerous “public debt”.

Anonymous said...

Seems the Methodist Church is on damage control regarding its practices following recent revelations a minister has acted inapropriately with a child?

MCIF President on "Spiritual Cleansing"... at the 2016 Annual Conference in August:

Understanding our Methodist worship is very important. In Section 4 of our Church Constitution, we are reminded that our worship must be “conducted according to the spirit and traditions of the Methodist Church.” “Ka me caka me vaka nai valavala ni Lotu Wesele kei na kena yalo talega…”

In recent times, there are some worship practices which have crept into our Church that do not reflect the spirit and traditions of the Methodist Church.

While the intentions of our ministers, lay pastors and lay preachers may have been good, some of our reconciliation, revival and in particular the spiritual cleansing programmes have had a negative result and in some cases ended up in court as trees, artefacts and belongings are destroyed without the consent of the owner or the whole community.

In terms of the spiritual cleansing programmes that some feel necessary to hold – I want to remind us all that the transforming power of Christ which we experience when we give ourselves to Him is greater than the power of any earthly object or spiritual force. In the church on Bau, the stone once used for killing has been transformed into a baptismal font as a symbol of this transformational power. The cross itself which was a symbol of oppression, shame, fear and death was transformed by Christ into a symbol of love, compassion, hope, redemption and eternal life. There is no power in any cultural or traditional item than what we give it.

I caution all our ministry leaders to ensure that our worship services are according to the spirit and traditions of the Methodist Church.

Please ensure that the supervision of the Divisional Superintendent is sought before any of these programmes are held and our Divisional Superintendents are asked to refer to the General Secretary or myself if they are not sure about this issue

KUA NI RERE said...

Amnesty International did a pretty good job revealing what Bainimarama government has been doing.
A pathetic government based on Violence.
Democracy is just a byword. They do whatever they want and the Police still cancel meetings whenever they want. What a farked up Society.

Bainimarama Government is dysfunctional just like its Leader.
This is why the Police is Dysfunctional
The Ministry of Health is Dysfunctional
The Ministry of Education is Dysfunctional
Sugar Industry is Dysfunctional even after they have been running it for the last 10 years.

Dysfunctional Society because of a Dysfunctional Leader.
And now the Country's Debt is Doubled.
What a cock up.

This dysfunctional Bainimarama has even taken power away from the Methodist Church. Its no wonder there are people rearing their heads in the church. Evil people which the Bible labelled as Wolves in Sheep's clothing.
They look like sheep but are totally farked up and deceitful.

Anonymous said...

AG tries to distance himself and the puppet PM from the conman from the US. You stupid mfkrs. Haven't you heard of Google?

Anonymous said...

There is confirmation today that the US citizen Karen Seaton had made a presentation to the Parliamentary Committee on Justice, Law and Human Rights last Friday and had asked the Chairman, Ashneel Sudhakar who was he to stop her from talking about the Land Sales Amendment Act.

Sudhakar says he was only telling Seaton that she could only make submissions on the Information Bill and the Code of Conduct Bill as the committee was only looking at those two proposed laws.

He says Seaton kept going on about laws being racist and making allegations against a particular minister.

Sudhakar says that when he stopped her the first time, committee member, Semesa Karavaki had said that she should be heard.

However he says that the woman continued to make claims and talk about laws that were not under consideration.

This continued again after the committee decided to hear her submissions after all the submissions were presented.

If it was a Fijian citizen there definitely would be a different outcome.That would be either a trip to the barracks or the backyard of Viti Levu deep in the jungle.We all know what happens next.

Anonymous said...

@10:13 PM

retroactive laws are immoral. how can you attract investors, then change the rules retroactively?

it shows Fiji has a place where laws are not stable, not predictable and that means less investment.

As for NEW investors, Fiji government may change the rules... thats different.

Robert Anthony said...
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Tomasi said...

Hidden secrets shall be revealed. What is hidden under the deep recesses of the heart shall be shouted from the rooftops. Nature has its waus, means and times of renewal and cleansing. Just as the laptop needs rebooting every now and then, every part of creation is subject to change for the total good of the planet and the universe. But the question is not only how, but why???

The answer to this question is not blowing in the wind of humanism and pseudo-science and false religions. It is also the answer to the deep turmoil and constant fear in the pit of Khaiyum's tummy. Khaiyum Aiyaz, the self=promoted king and god of Fiji, being the little arrogant fool that he is, thinks he and his lap dog, Voreqe, and their parasitic followers will win the war on righteousness, freedom and justice in Fiji. They think that with QORVIS and Gates and Qiliho and the invisible others on their side, they will WIN the war to reverse God's divine plan for Fiji through deception, force and immoral legalism imposed by the force on the many gullible public of Fiji.

Hear this Khaiyum, and listen well little boy. Your evil reign is doomed to fail. Your days of rule is numbered.No matter how many titles you place on your chest, you will never jind the elusive peace you desperately seek. Regardless of the many hats you place on your head, your confusion and ego and arrogance and power lust will bring crashing you down, much worse than Humpty Dumpty. No matter how many demons you have seduced and the number of soldiers who protect you, your imaginary power and influence will leak out of your ego and mind and position until you are wrenching with fear and guilt and confusion. There is no peace for the wicked. That is the word of the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.

We live in God's earth, are absolutely dependent on Him and are totally subject to Him.Every now and again, he reboots societies, jsut like he does the whole earth every single day. In response to the cries and moans and prayers of His people, God is actively involved in Fiji's affairs. He sees all you do and hears every whisper. Repent boy before it is too late. Tell QORVIS to go back to where they came from. Tell Gates to pack and go. Tell Aswin, Saneem, Nur Bano, Sudhakar, Praveen, Shammem, Thompson and all your stooges and network of evil conspirators to do the right thing and STOP their evil works. Let Dr Brij Lal, Victor Lal and all the Fijians decide what is best for Fiji. Stop acting god and king. Your time is up.

Jeke said...

Why didnt God stop Fijian people from voting FFP in Tomasi?

If he was actively involved in Fiji political scenes why didnt he stop the Christian soldiers from bashing the poor dead prisoner soko?

Where was God when Ratu mara and Qarase stole Millions from NBF?

Where Tomasi?

Anonymous said...

God was definitely not in Tomasi's heart. Whether HE was up his arse is of course another question.

KUA NI RERE said...


I guess next you'll be asking Tomasi where was God when the Romans and Jews nailed Jesus to the Cross.

If you can answer that question then you will be able to answer your own question to Tomasi.
You are a smart person. I'm sure you can answer that question.

Have a Blessed Christmas brother.
God loves you and sent a little baby Jesus. No one new about him either, except for a few wise men who happened to read a special book.
Even the Innkeeper did not know that God was going to be born a man that night. So he gave Him an animal shelter to be born in.

Have a Blessed Christmas.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 8:15 AM

Tomasi's answer will always be something along the lines "God works in mysterious ways".

There is of course then no provable facts to base or debate this on and this is the way people like him work.

Like the recent minister who used a young vulnerable girl to spice up his crusade to brainwash the gullible, the Tomasi's of this world will use similar tactics.

Goat said...

Jeke Khan ,you may be aware that lots of indigenous votes were purportedly stolen and given to YOUR FPP. There is a lot of smoke regarding the rigging of the last elections, so there must be fire and it's only a matter of time before the fire is made visible. A free and fare elections observation is made on the premise that peep were allowed to come and vote without hindrance. It does not mean vote stealing internally via electronic means.So indigenous votes were offered to their own candidates but It purportedly ended up against Frank and Aiyazs names.
So now you conference's ????

Anonymous said...

Francis Kean, fuck you.

Anonymous said...

Immigration sheds light

Aqela Susu
Wednesday, December 07, 2016

THE Director of Immigration, Nemani Vuniwaqa, has shed light on why Canadian national Karen Seaton was deported last Friday.

Mr Vuniwaqa confirmed Ms Seaton was deported after she breached the terms of her residency permit by yelling an obscenity at the President Jioji Konrote during one of his official engagements last Wednesday.

"This unprovoked use of the "F word" directed towards Fiji's Head of State cannot be tolerated and Karen Seaton was subsequently detained and escorted on to a plane bound for the US," Mr Vuniwaqa said.

"Karen Seaton's appearance before a parliamentary committee had no bearing whatsoever on the circumstances of her deportation."

Ms Seaton claimed Fiji Immigration officials broke into her hotel room and forcefully removed her phone and refused consultation with the embassy before she was deported.

Anonymous said...

When will people learn.

You simply can't use the F word in Fiji.

The word FREEDOM has been removed from the Fijian dictionary.

As for foreign investors, they research a country before they throw money into the pot. They look at websites like this one to get a perspective on the true state of affairs.

Would you give Mugabe or Bainimarama/Khaiyum money ????

Instacharge has been making the news across the world. Just when you think we could not get any more pathetic our genius leader pulls another one.

Anonymous said...

Aiyaz is going to transfer Ms Karen Seaton's property to Midlife Investment,look out!!

Tomasi said...

The self-appointed and the Khaiyum constitutionally immunised PM of Fijiana has been portrayed in the international public domain as a champion of global climate change. As such, he appears to be a most caring person and one who is genuinely concerned about people, his country and the future of Pacific Island states who are supposedly most vulnerable to the disastrous effects of an alleged rise in earth’s temperatures. But what most people do not realise that it is just one of the most cunningly engineered sham to transform the dictator into a noble character of serious intellectual grasp and international standing. The facts speak otherwise. In fact, his current desire to be the global champion for global climate action really confirms how absolutely shallow, stupid and desperate he is. He will continue to clutch at straws in order to increase his immunity and avoid being held accountable for his evil and illegal decisions and actions since 2000. Let me explain.

First, Voreqe is an intellectual imbecile. He failed his Fiji Junior Certificate. He was a very poor English, Science and Maths student. He does not even understand how a water molecule is formed and cannot even do very basic formulae for chemical reactions. Imagine what he must be thinking when he read his speeches on climate change, economic development, international trade, human rights and international relations.

The other thing to note is many leaders are either silent or remain low profile on climate change. They allow the island idiot to globe trot around reading speeches from his brain trust QORVIS. Even USA President Elect, Mr Donald Trump speaks against the global climate initiative as a huge scam. Does he know something that our FJC failure Voreqe does not??

For Voreqe and those who have swallowed the lie by the UN and their invisible movers and shakers around the world, please do some independent and vigorous research and discover the truth for yourselves. There are so many lies and scams being presented to us as facts. Please be more vigilant and judicious about what you read and hear. The mainstream media is also part of the scam by the global elites, in their goal to deceive the masses and to usher in their New World Order. As for the so called imminent threat of global climate disaster due to rising temperatures, please try and read about the scam by scientists at the University of East Anglia in the UK. They were found guilty of manipulating the scientific data to justify the hoax that the earth’s temperature has been rising and this rise in temperature constitutes a global threat to our planet.

Sound familiar folks? Same MO with our puppet Voreqe. They make up all kinds of stories about corruption to justify their military takeover. Evil men must not be allowed to lead us. They will only use us to achieve their own selfish goals. It is true in Fiji, it is also true on a global scale.

Tomasi said...

Thank you KNR. As for Jeke and people similar character, please try and address the issues raised rather than assasinate the character of people whom you do not even know. By attacking people rather than the issues, you automatically put yourselves under Voreqe and Khaiyum's category of fools.

But I am not insulted by your idle words. What incenses me more is your arrogance and attitude about God. But again, you display the same basic character traits on both counts. You do not care about people, neither do you fear God. You are still walking around blind and desperately wandering like zombies. You must be intellectually dead or just plain stupid or too lazy to think for yourselves. Hence you attack people rather than address issues. Please know I feel so sorry about you. Open your mind to allow some light to enter. Open your heart to accept the truth. Otherwise you will be one of those dead people walking.

the last polar bear said...

The 1st people to ask and demand humane treatment post coup, will be Frank and Aiyaz and their supporters, but the reality might be vast different once individuals seek their revenge.

POLAR GOAT said...

AS usual, some idiot who thinks he/she can coup the coupmeisters....hahahaha the mighty bati polar bear has spoken....everyone should shit their pants....oops excuse the pun PM, when the mighty fijian soldier speaks for he is a warrior.....till such time as they meet indian looking rebels in their pyjamas....all the hero status reverts to playing "simon says hands up " at the sight of black pj wearing untrained mighty bati of the desert.

KUA NI RERE said...

What I find intriguing is that 99.9% of the Torture and Abuse was perpetrated against the Indigenous Fijians.
All who were tortured to death by the Bainimarama Government were all Indigenous Fijians.

It seems like there is a Deliberate attempt to abuse native Fijians, Take away their Land from them and Attack their Education.

They attack their religious gatherings too.
And any attempt to speak out by the opposition government is quickly shut down or people shipped out of the country; even this week.

Bainimarama is NOT BENOVELENT. He is a farked up arsehole being manipulated by Aiyaz and QORVIS.

Funny, the Bible says whatever you do to others will be done to you. Just as Bainimarama farked up Iloilo's life , now Aiyaz and QORVIS are doing the same to him; fucking him up and his fuckwit Military , well and truly properly.

The Fiji Military arse rotates around Bainiamarama's finger. He's got his finger up their arse and they do whatever he tells them. The Fiji Miltary are WEAK and COMPROMISED. Bainimaram has shut their mouths with money and now all you have is a bunch of unprincipled fat poofters running around with guns.
The Fiji Military has lost its moral compass and lost its guts too. All its good for is to abuse little old ladies and children.
Ni yavu tamata ulukau.

And Bainimarama continuously lies to these Indigenous Fijians.

I don't know whether Bainimarama is just a psychopathic arsehole with a chip on his shoulder or WHETHER HE IS ONE OF THE DUMBEST MUTHERFUKERS ON THIS PLANET being manipulated by Aiyaz and his SUNSET THESIS ON INDEGINIOUS FIJIANS or whether its a wicked manipulation by Satanic QORVIS.
Whatever it is Bainimarama has brought nothing but misery to most indigenous Fijians.

Anonymous said...

Just back from Fiji, flying Fiji Airways. Anyone know why they have security check just before you board plane? They removed bottles of water and held our duty free to just before boarding. Bizarre. We already went through security when we came through. Also on our flight, Fiji Airways staff gave out a survey on their service, but attendant only gave to Kavalagi she was friendly with.

Anonymous said...

What's new bro/sis...they check you just before you board because they think someone like one of the workers could sneak in a bomb for you to pick up at the departure lounge...only in Fiji, they don't do that in Australia or even in the other Pacific Islands....the suspicious lot...only tells you that they are crooked themselves and think everyone is crooked...moce viti

Anonymous said...

Their security measures suggest a lot of fear and worry that someone will rise up. Not unlikely given the way they seized country by force. More than two years after free fair elections, Bainimarama and Khaiyum still walking around with bodyguards. If they were voted in fair and square and have the love of the people, why so scared?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:03 AM

You obviously have not travelled through many airports around the world.

Fiji is just doing what most of the others do.

Anonymous said...

most others do???? you sound like a fiji sun reader

KUA NI RERE said...

@11:21 Which airport does that?

I've been to airports around the world including JFK and La Guardia. No such bullshit.

Even Sydney Airport they'll give you your Duty Free straight after going through Customs. You don't wait until you are walking down the gangway like they do in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Those Military personnels who tortured a former teacher Mr Joe Bilitaki should be taken in to Justice too. There were witness and were told not to report it.

Anonymous said...

the most important crime to bring to justice is the murder of the Indian student who
witnessed the murder of Whippy by Francis Kean because it shows the STATE OF FIJI
organizing the cold blooded murder of a citizen!!!! in this case, any right thinking person would
say fuck the immunity and let's just revolt!!!!

don't forget what David Humes said: the real power is between the hands of citizen.
Fiji military is only 4000 dumbies, most of them will liu muri and vere anytime so that s
only one dumby soldier for 250 persons...
the military can t survive without the people. the other way around is possible though...

That case is just too scandalous.


Tomasi said...

Folks, the Report by AI is a valuable and independent document that sheds light on the illegal, immoral and evil actions by Voreqe, Khaiyum, Gates, Shameem and their associates. It constitutes credible information for the public to know, digest, and act upon. Information is useless if it is not acted upon. The information by Amnesty International confirms what many of us have known. We the people must not remain indifferent when situations demand our courage and action.

To put it more clearly. When a person sees a smoke coming out of a Fijian Bure, he wonders what it is. Upon closer observation, he realises the Bure is really on fire, but it has just started. So what does he do?

He can pretend the Bure will remain even though the fire will continue to burn. He also realises other people are already trying to douse the fire next door. It was his neighbour's house. He was OK. So he does nothing and continues to drink grog, watch rugby sevens and laugh with his friends. After a while, his sitting (watching ) room is engulfed with smoke, but the Fiji 7s team has just run onto the field. So he decides to close the door to the kitchen and watch the boys run in the tries under the posts.

It was a great match. He was glad and time to celebrate the victory. Just as he turned to open the door, the shouting from outside his Bure reached his ears. "Get out of there quickly. Your Bure is burning down. GET OUT NOW!"

Too late, he realised. If only he had acted appropriately in time. The fire did not not burn and destroy his Bure. It was his inaction, his decision not to ACT NOW.

May we find the wisdom and the courage to speak out and act appropriately wherever we can to protect what we love and treasure. Our nation, our life, our peace and our future. Apart from our obligation to love and protect one another, we are expected to stand up and act promptly to nip the evil and potentially disastrous decisions and actions that seek to destroy our society. GOD expects nothing less from us. He holds us accountable for our decisions and indecisions, actions and indifference. May God bless Fiji with families, and people with the kind of moral character that will speak out, stand and fight for Godly values, principles and lifestyles.

Just as the boys had won and the match is completed,

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@11:53 AM

maybe you are one of those dumb Fijians who think they are the lost tribe of Israel. I have always been fascinated my under-men, that is men who need to identify the selves to other men in order to have some dignity.

As for Peter Thompson, he is an idiot, like the idiots running Fiji because many idiots voted for them ...because the opposition is made of idiots. all that make sense to me.

Anonymous said...

Cant believe i wasted 1min of my life reading Tomasi's words of wisdom. I can never get that 1min back

Anonymous said...

If anything should happen to Frank (heaven forbid) where would that leave Aiyaz and Shameem? Anyone want to take a guess?

Anonymous said...

@4:30 PM,
Aiyaz will become PM.
And the show will go on.

It's a real possibility.

Goat said...

If something were to happen as forecast above than the two NAMED individuals will claim political asylum most likely in Switzerland where big bank accounts are held.These two are the most vindictive personalities ever to walk this Earth. They practice narcissism as a religion and are fervent followers of this religion.
The indigenous will go on a rampage and a lot of the current government's sycophants will rue the day they voted without thinking. Ask the victims of George Speight, the mass rapes,theft, slaughtering of family pets and general destruction caused by the natives, leaves a very sour taste in everyone's mind to date.They get into some kind of evil ,satanic frenzy and then smile and call you Baiya the next day.

Anonymous said...

9 years on

Nasik Swami
Friday, December 09, 2016

Merewalesi Liloga and younger brother of Nimilote Verebasaga (pictured left), Semisi Raitamata, at his brother's gravesite at Nakaulevu Village in Nakelo, Tailevu, yesterday. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU+ Enlarge this image

Merewalesi Liloga and younger brother of Nimilote Verebasaga (pictured left), Semisi Raitamata, at his brother's gravesite at Nakaulevu Village in Nakelo, Tailevu, yesterday. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

SINCE that dreadful day on January 5, 2007, when schoolteacher Semisi Raitamata saw his elder brother's body in the mortuary at Suva's CWM Hospital, he has never given up in his prayers for the safety of every Fijian in this country.

Mr Raitamata, a father of three from Nakaulevu Village in Nakelo, Tailevu, is the younger brother of alleged torture victim Nimilote Verebasaga, one of the names included in the Amnesty International's torture report on Fiji who suffered brutal beatings at the hands of one of Fiji's security institutions.

What numbed Mr Raitamata completely was seeing his brother on a mortuary tray, tightly wrapped in a white sheet.

Mr Raitamata said the next few minutes were a blur.

Mr Raitamata said he was struck with waves of mixed reactions and could not believe what he was looking at.

Stitched wounds on the cuffs of both legs, bruises that tattooed his legs, thighs, arms, chest and face and what he felt was a broken neck, completely broke him down.

In an interview yesterday, Mr Raitamata said on that Friday morning when his brother was taken in by the military, he was on his way to Nausori Town to buy groceries.

"I went to buy groceries and all of a sudden my conscience told me to go back," he said.

Mr Raitamata said while he was returning home, his cousin called him to relay the message that the family received an "anonymous" call informing them that

Mr Verebasaga died while in custody.

He said he came home immediately, collected some photos of his brother and his birth and marriage certificates, thinking it would be required for identification at the hospital.

"When I went there (hospital), I asked them if I could see my brother's body.

"I was told that the body was already wrapped and sealed and that I was not allowed to see."

Mr Raitamata said while hanging around the hospital morgue, he met a doctor whom he was able to convince to allow him to see the body.

"When the sheet from the body was removed, I could not recognise that it was my brother who was on the bed."

He said the only way he was able to recognise his brother was through the similar birthmark they shared on the sides of their left palm.

Mr Raitamata said the injuries on his brother, who was a surveyor, could not be the result of beatings inflicted by one man.

"It's a group that beat him up.

"The family will not stop until we get justice."

Mr Raitamata said the Amnesty International report had brought back hope for the family, who were still seeking justice nine years on.

"I will go to the police station to lodge a complaint for fresh investigations," he said.

He said the family would tap the doors of all relevant authorities in their quest for justice.

Mr Raitamata said what was more painful for the family was that the reason for his arrest and cause of death was still a mystery.

"The long arms of the law should be dealing with these kinds of issues."

He said no one was above the law.

"Every Fijian would love to live in a country where there is no torture."

On January 6, 2006, The Fiji Times published an article on its front page titled "Mystery death at military camp" stating the man identified as Verebasaga was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Barracks and later died.

The article also stated that Verebasaga was brought to the Colonel George Mate Hospital and was pronounced dead on arrival.

It further stated the military confirmed the death.

Tomasi said...

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) -- South Korean lawmakers on Friday impeached President Park Geun-hye, a stunning and swift fall for the country's first female leader amid protests that drew millions into the streets in united fury.
After the vote, parliamentary officials hand-delivered formal documents to the presidential Blue House that stripped Park of her power and allowed her No. 2, Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn, to assume leadership until the country's Constitutional Court rules on whether Park must permanently step down. The court has up to six months to decide.
"I'd like to say that I'm deeply sorry to the people because the nation has to experience this turmoil because of my negligence and lack of virtue at a time when our security and economy both face difficulties," Park said at a Cabinet meeting after the vote.
Once called the "Queen of Elections" for her ability to pull off wins for her party, Park has been surrounded in the Blue House in recent weeks by millions of South Koreans who have taken to the streets in protest. They are furious over what prosecutors say was collusion by Park with a longtime friend to extort money from companies and to give that confidante extraordinary sway over government decisions.
Organizers said about 10,000 people gathered in front of the National Assembly to demand that lawmakers pass the impeachment motion. Some had spent the night on the streets after traveling from other cities. Scuffles broke out between angry anti-Park farmers, some of whom had driven tractors to the assembly from their farms, and police. When impeachment happened, many of those gathered raised their hands in the air and leapt about, cheering and laughing.

"Can you hear the roar of the people in front of the National Assembly? We need to overcome the old establishment and create a new Republic of Korea by passing (the impeachment motion)," Kim Kwan-young, an opposition lawmaker said ahead of the vote, referring to South Korea's formal name. "Our great people have already opened the way. Let's make it so we can stand honorably in front of history and our descendants."

What a story. What a leader, so powerful and successful, and yet so human and humble enough to admit she was wrong. May we learn from the lessons of history. May we be inspired to action before we regret it forever. Vinaka.

Raks said...

It has often been said that Amnesty International's agenda tends to fit nicely with the political needs of the Western Countries especially United States,Great Britain, Australia etc.

Around the world, supporters of the Nicaraguan people's struggle for self-determination were outraged by the timing of a 1986 Amnesty report critical of the Sandinista government.

This helped the US President push another Contra Aid appropriation through a reluctant congress, at exactly the moment when the anti-Contra movement was beginning to get serious political traction.

With regard to South Africa's apartheid regime, Amnesty International was critical of the human rights record of the South African government.

However they never condemned apartheid per se. By the time Amnesty endorsed the Hill & Knowlton nursery tale concerning Kuwaiti infants pulled from incubators by Iraqi soldiers, many otherwise sympathetic observers of Amnesty's work became increasingly alarmed. This was the manufactured false incident used to start the first Gulf War.

The coups in 87 and 2000 included torture too. The Labour party M.Ps from PM downward were beaten and poked by rifles. Kicked and beaten.

The point I'm making here is Amnesty International should be fair and consistent of its reports of all coups and governments Worldwide.

Torture should be banned and Amnesty International should report any Government regardless how small or big, Western or non-western.

Their credibility for decades have been very poor.

Interms of the Fiji reports Amnesty International failed to treat threats to security as a mitigating factor.

the last polar bear said...

I want to buy some land in Fiji, for a bag of marbles!

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Suomynona said...

Its usually typical for Ayarse to "defend" the government because there's nothing TO defend except your tiny ego when you feel attacked over the bitter truth in a report by a foreign NGO. Military influence is almost everywhere that government is not taking any chances with commoners or ordinary citizens to become leaders of this country.

Amnesty International's report is alot more logical than the typical bullshit of AK-47 that still doesn't justify the numerous torture cases that are either hidden or already exposed.

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