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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

FRU shamed over lack of support for its rugby players

Gold medal in Rio: Ryan with the team.

From one of Fiji's favourite sons to a 'liar.'

That's how the Fiji Rugby Union is treating former Fiji Sevens coach, Ben Ryan, after he had the temerity to point out a truth: the FRU hasn't been awarding players contracts as it should've been doing.

Ryan tweeted last Sunday "A fantastic effort by Fiji at @CapeTown7s @WorldRugby7sseries. FRU - please start paying these amazing men. No one contracted again." 

The embarrassed FRU opted to try to tarnish the
Honoured as a national hero
Olympic winning coach as a liar rather than own the criticism.

In a media release, the FRU denied the loss of sponsorship and funding saying "there is no truth in Ben's comments."

"FRU has been having ongoing discussions with the Fiji National Sports Commission and our sponsors in relation to the contracting of our 7s players both men and women."

Yet, reports have merged that three sponsors, Carpenters Motors, BLK clothing apparel and Fiji Airways are scaling back their commitment.

It's reported the trio's contribution to the FRU was in the vicinity of more than $1.5million.

Ryan's comments hurt because they point to the discrepancies in Fiji rugby and ultimately Fiji politics.

Frank Bainimarama, the chairman of the FRU, has invested millions in the military because he's paying the army to keep backing him, so he stays in power. 

He doesn't cough up for the national game, despite professing to love rugby (he allocated a miserable $30,000 for the boys who brought Gold home) and cashing in on the glory of Rio, because he knows he doesn't have to.

Ryan's candid comments about the failure of the FRU to look after its players is spot on and the FRU should learn from it, instead of being peeved.

The 44 year old Ryan, who is now based in London, was given the Fijian name Ratu Peni Raiyani Latianara after he and team won at Rio. He was also gifted three acres by the people of the Serua province and was made a companion of the Order of Fiji. 

His concerns about Fiji rugby are traversed fairly and openly in the story below, which came out after the Fiji win in Rio.

An Englishman in Fiji


Anonymous said...

The FRU should seek advice to the CEO of Fiji Sports Council, She probably knows more than FRU.

Anonymous said...

File for bankruptcy,there's no more money.

Anonymous said...

Fiji players should go and play overseas where the money is.
Use Fiji just as a school.

Isn't the whole philosophy of ordinary Fiji citizens as well? get away from Bainimarama...

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:22pm

The CEO of the Fiji Sports Council is Bainimarama's daughter; Chairman of FRU is Bainimarama's brother in-law; Development Office at FRU is Bainimarama's son in-law; CEO of FRU is Chairman of FRU's friend/relative...and the network spins. Remember there is now 2 O'Connor at FRU. There are also other minor connections through peers, friends, relatives, kila vata etc. Khaiyum also has connections to the same web and his influence is controlled by the interests of his stakeholders through their own web. What am i trying to say?....The networking has become so messy and complicated that FB and SK are now lost in their own web. They are now so confused that "aimlessness" will begin to take its toll.

God Bless Viti

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Anonymous said...

Ben and the 7s boys, we the people of Fiji are with you as we are all part of the big mass of people who have been mistreated, persecuted, even killed by this military government as it continues to build its exclusive club of corruption, nepotism, favouratism, kilavata-ism and all the unpleasant characteristics of evil people who worship the devil.
We the mass are poor through loss of jobs, unfair treatments, daring to speak the truth or simply not having the correct religion or being related to the favoured names of Bainimarama, Khaiyum, Kean, O'Connor, Shameem, Gates, Mataca, Kubuabola, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc ...
Thank you Ben for standing with the poor exploited people of Fiji.
One day the True God we serve will look kindly on us and get us out of this situation. HE said, "Blessed are the meek(the mild, patient, long suffering) for they shall inherit the earth", and HE never lies.

Anonymous said...

Our players should be given the same pay (if not more) as the government Ministers. The Fiji 7's team is out performing the Gov in every aspect. They bring in more dollars to the Fijian economy via tourism, endorsements, foreign remittance etc. They dont steal from the public and yet what they bring into and for the country is for the benefit of the entire peoples of Fiji in many shape and form. God bless Fiji and many the Fiji 7 boys shine again. If nothing changes soon my advise to the players look somewhere else???.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Fiji, the Hub of Corruption.

Anonymous said...

This man knows the real story

Rev Rapuama Nadiri Presentation 16NOV2016

Rev Rapuama is a Methodist Minister in Fiji who claims is given vision from God to reveal the evil of Fiji. To listen to his prophetic stories, click on link: http://bit.ly/2f5pZF1 (download and listen).

For those that want to learn more, you can call him directly on his mobile 9224216

Anonymous said...

Poor naive people... keep praying, it's easy/lazy and for sure nothing will change.



Anonymous said...

Frank Bainimarama, John O'Connor, Francis Kean kei Sale Sorovaki you have fucked up Fiji Rugby through and through. Vacava mo dou veitonocici sara vakaukauwa oti dou qai veivutu tale me vaka ga ga dou se cakava tiko ga mai.

Anonymous said...

For Fiji to remain the Hub of rugby, FRU will have to be replaced.

Anonymous said...

What can you say when u have this family of idiots propped up by those who have a hold on them like gates, shameem, aiyaz and the sri lankans... tides are turning you motherfuckers..genocide beckons...

Anonymous said...

Maybe 'Im wrong to a majority, may be all but it seems that FRU since its' inception is facing only 1 big problem - money. The administration over the years till now lacked the direction and expertise on how to build FRU into a blossom entity. I suggest a businessman or collective of successful businessmen to run FRU. The likes of Tappoo owner, Vinod Patel; etc. Rugby is big business world wide. While the tradition of running FRU should always belong to someone who had played or understood rugby it's time to change it and run it like a business.
My thoughts only.

Anonymous said...

Yes...Fiji water is big business all over the world . I don't know why FRU has not come up with teaming up with Fiji Water. The natural artisan product that can represent the Fiji 7s Rugby - the rugby olympic champion. Fiji 7s is good investment for investors because of its consistent winning streak in 4 decades. Please think out of Fiji. .employ an aggressive foreign marketer to search and secure investors. Look to the owners of major soccuer club in Europe or visit NFL team owners in the US. Someone will surely look to Fiji 7s as rich and potential ground for investment.

Apisai Natuva said...

I don't recall Voreqe ever playing rugby for Marist or the Navy

Voreqe Bainimarama and his thieving cronies who militarized the FRU have corrupted the organization beyond belief.

Voreqe and his cronies were corrupt PRE COUP they were corrupt POST COUP they were corrupt PRE RIGGED ELECTIONS 2014 and they are even more CORRUPT POST RIGGED ELECTIONS until now.

Vinaka Vakalevu Mr Ben Ryan all Fijians are behind you and you will never be forgotten by us the common,silent and decent people of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Voreqe Bainimarama didn't play with the rugby ball in his young days, he actually played with his balls.

Anonymous said...

@7:03 AM

Fiji is indeed the hub of world rugby and one can seriously wonder how come
the team struggle with money... Very poor management, and that is not surprising
with all the nepotism around. Family is better than competence in Bainimarama government.

Anyway, take care with this tiny cyclone about to hit the hub of cyclones.

Anonymous said...

Cant trust a Palagi. They are worse than indians and chinese. They are blady bad gossipers and backstabbers.

Anonymous said...

you lucky palagi gave you law and order....you wrong there bro about palagi and about indians and chinese....muslim and bainimarama worse.

Anonymous said...

@8:35 PM and @7:19 PM

No no no you got it all wrong again.
The New Fiji is not a racist country! It's a country of unity.
No right-minded person who make such childish accusations against a whole ethnic group.
You all go and get stuffed.

The New Fiji is the Way the World should Be. And the Hub of the World.

Raks said...

The financial situation with the FRU is kinda like a catch 22 situation. Usually sponsors of sports team analyse the short term and long term goal.

They assess specific aspects of their investment and apply risk and reward guidelines.

Take the Fiji Sevens team for example. Prior to the Olympics the rewards for sponsors was greater than the risks.

Following that they reassess. Arguably their two core interests are consistency in players and management. When Ben and more than half of the Olympic team leaves, this affects consistency which affects sustainability in products (Sevens team) performance. This time the risks becomes greater than the reward. So it's not entirely surprising to hear the sponsors scaling back.

That is business and happens everywhere. Businesses invest in products that's sustainable. So when Ben and half the Olympics team left, the sustainability potential of the Fiji 7s product is greatly diminished.

Those boys who leaves for pastures green are looking for an income to support their families. FRU can't provide that because sponsorship is inconsistent. Like I said, catch 22 situation.

So it doesn't really matter who are the officials in various position at FRU. The results will pretty much be the same.

The only solution is a long term strategy to build FRU's product to the point it's profitable enough and attractive enough to get a balance of sponsorship and profits monetarily.

A good starting point would be to expand their horizon. The Fiji 7s team is global brand especially with the Olympics image. It's not a matter of if but when they find new markets to present an attractive product.

Ad hominems and racial slurs doesn't help move anything forward. A proper debate filled with ideas and imagination is more fun and productive.

Anonymous said...

Good point. Being 1 of the 2 greatest rugby 7s team on planet yielding good returns since Kata Ratumuri, Jo Cokanauto, Rupeni Ravonu, Ilaitia Tuisese, Ilami Lutumailagi and the team of the 70s ran into So Kon Po, FRU must take a different approach in securing sponsors. Probably their short/long term plan is not working, of course it is. That's why they have financial problems all the time. Why focused locally, when the horizon offers opportunities.
The action FRU took on the media against Rt Ben is only seen as defensive when they should take it positively and invite him to be FRU'S agent in Europe and US. We need someone to market our team outside Fiji and that is Rt Ben, my bet. He did it not only for us but our neighbours as well and the IRB is now involved.

Raks said...

Absolutely mate. Ben was consulting for the NY Knicks basketball team in the NBA after the Olympics.

He said that the players knew who he was and watched the Olympics final and were very impressed with Fiji.

Out on the street he was recognised. The potential is bigger than anyone anticipated. FRU should make use of this and tap into Bens contacts and the Fiji 7s popularity.

Take the All Blacks 15s team for example. They're sponsored by AIG a US insurance company.

In the World Rugby awards Fiji were one of the team nominated along with the All Blacks 15s as team of the year. They lost it but to be even nominated speaks of the volume of its popularity.

On top of that they won the best man's team award for the Olympics so the environment to secure sponsorship is very positive indeed.

It does beg the question if those officials at FRU have the ability to think outside of the box rather then accepting defeat so easily.

Perhaps a positive debate about this on a national platform will assist in changing their perception of the possibility of an outside option in terms of sponsorship.

Anonymous said...

Palagi's are definitely backstabbing people. They all got that way from reading a book famous Palagi's wrote called THE HOLY BIBLE. Dumb fucks like you still read it today and claim to be a christian yet spill derogatory comments.

Vinaka na vakasama. Fuckhead

Anonymous said...

man, this the land of vere vakabau, what do you expect? on top of that, I am told Indians are just the same...
for sure you wouldn't be able to write "fuckhead" on a keyboard if it wasn't for Palagis... wouldn't you?

Anonymous said...

Palagi Laws and Democracy. Look at Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and etc with laws. On the other hand look at China and Russia.


Anonymous said...

@3:37 PM
Russia? Maybe you should go and live there.
I know Russians who really want to get the f**k out of there!

Anonymous said...

Fiji laws are written in palagi language you cunt, not Chinese or Russian motherfucker.

Anonymous said...

Fiji is the hub of corruption prostitution, poverty, torture, rape, sti's, cunts, gays, thieves, con artists, etc. In other words fiji is fucked.

Tomasi said...

FRU executives must be thinkers, visionaries, managers and willing to listen and respond to change. They must see beyond the rugby fields and teams to visualise the future of rugby, sports and entertainment in general. Then they must be able to formulate a strategic plan to take our teams and unions and players and supporters to that future.

Rugby is a global game now, watched my millions of people across continents, nations, religions and cultures. Fiji Sevens rugby is a winning global brand and product attracting global demand. This means excellent potential benefits if and only if the FRU execs can rise to the challenge. Tabualevu was doing well, but he was not one to kowtow to the new kings of Fiji. He was smart, very able and has begun to produce results.

The question for us who love rugby and our nation is this:

Are our current FRU executives ( Voreqe, Kean, O'Connor )smart enough and able to take Fiji rugby to greater success? Of course NO.

Do we have the people who van ? Of course YES.

What then is the solution? Kick these mediocre family mafia out of FRU.

Is this possible ? Of course YES.

Do we people have the courage to make the change happen? Maybe ?

Folks, we have the means to make positive changes in our lives. Makng the change happen is the change we need most of all. ACTION NOW. That is always the secret of gettings things done. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

@Tomasi FRU is financially cash strapped,they don't have the funds to properly contract players.At one point they couldn't even pay BR his wages therefore BR had to fork out of his own wallet.Get the funds in place and then get to work to produce results as the saying goes less talk more action.We already have the talent, what's needed is financial support to keep things running on a long term basis.

Anonymous said...

We all know about FRUs financial problem. The points raised in this forum by Tomasi, Raks and anon, whoever he is, is for FRU to take a different path. Cash strapped is associated with FRU for decades- The victims always are the players and coaches. We seemed to forget the white elephants within FRU who took the cream of all. We need change! If Executives need to be replaced so be it. If BR has to be sought to be our agent offshore bring him in and compensate him.
FRU is unfairly treating rugby players when it comes to compensation. While FRU staff are on salary, those bleeding on the field for the country are left out.
This is what I suggest. NFL players who bled in the field are paid enormous perks because they do the hard work. They are the reason all supportive staffs have an income.
In Fiji it's the opposite. Those who perform the supporting role (FRU admin) are filling their pockets first while the players who do the hard work for the country get paid with the leftover( if there is) or nothing. Change is required.

alfallah12345 said...

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Raks said...

According to the grape vine not all FRU employees are full time and the ones who are, don't really get paid that much.

This makes sense because the FRU is not an independent business that receives profits. It simply relies on sponsorship and donations.

This sort of business model will always be inconsistent because they are not self sufficient.

Take the tier One nations for example. They have a standard fee for players and coaches. This derives from their profits which are usually sustainable.

The bonus they receive however varies because usually this depends on the amount of sponsorship they receive.

In the FRU case they don't even have a standard fee payment for representation.

This in itself is not an attractive proposition for players especially if their clubs are paying them more to ignore international duties.

Fiji's economy is small therefore a business models that only focus within will always struggle to compete with tier one nations.

That is why I've proposed for the FRU to start thinking outside of the box. The Fiji 7s team Olympic win is a great asset to present to potential outside sponsors.

However FRU should have already capitalised on that. As it stands that opportunity is closing fast on them if they don't get their act together.

Obviously there will be people who are biased that will claim certain individuals need to be removed. They may be true to a point.

However the history of FRU with various individuals throughout the years have shown that the current crop are better. Although on the grand scheme of things they need to be even better inorder to compete with tier one nations.

Simply blaming individuals rather than business models seems a bit personal. Yes they may lack certainl qualities however if the business model they operate in is flawed then they will always fail regardless of whoever it is.

Tomasi said...

Thank you Raks and others for your comments. I make comments in order to influence things for the better. I always try my best to speak the truth with love. Quite often, my comments are against people, especially Voreqe and Bai and their allies. They represent a paradigm which is evil and in the worst interests of our nation in the short and long term.

For the FRU, I honestly believe that Kean, Voreqe and O'Connor are simplu not competent enough to rise to the challenge of the modern era. We must stop looking at FRU as a local operation for local people. Our perception about something determine the kind of thoughts, decisions and actions we take. In reality, FRU is a business, and many people's careers and livelihoods depend on its success. So the modern executives who run the entity today must stop seeing themselves as running a sports club like they used to do in the late 6o's and 70's.Rugby is now a global game, an integral part of a global sports & entertainment industry that generates billions of dollars every few months. As such, our FRU executives must be competent business executives who understand the local as well as the global environment, the game, the industry and the multiple forces and dynamics that affect them. This is part of my comments earlier. I do not believe Kean and Voreqe and their relatives have the knowledge, skills and attitudes to successfully manage the FRU to the best expectations of all concerned. For instance, Ben Ryan has proved himself in rugby. He has sacrificed a lot to help our 7's team excel in the global arena. One should therefore listen when Ratu Rayani speaks about Fijian rugby, because he understands what he is talking about. However, when O'Connor, of all people, dismisses Ben's valid and appropriate comments about the people who were part of his life and family for three years??? That my fellow citizens speaks volumes about attitude of the poorest variety. Never mind the other professional management attributes. Attitude is altitude. A poor attitude, that does not even listen to good advice, reveal the pride and egotistical blindness of a fool.

Now, by that attitude measure alone, please make an objective judgement of the competence of the two cousins, Kean and Voreqe. I do not think they will score better than their relative the CEO. So the question is: Is the FRU a platform for political influence and control or is it a business entity? The question of how it is financed is beside the point. We must first of all decide what type of animal is it? A Raiwaqa Sports Club or a prime sports business entity competing with the best around the glove for the best interests of all its stakeholders including our tiny sports crazy and healthy conscious and talented people of Viti.

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Suomynona said...

FRU is simply broke for shit and yet tries to save face by shooting down the messenger in Ben Ryan who just rubbed the bitter truth into their faces to which they can't handle.

No wonder players will continue to migrate to greener pastures in other countries like France, Australia, and New Zealand since theres nothing those idiots on gordon street can do about it.

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