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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Debate on Fiji land sale reeked of 'Lord of Flies mentality'

A look back at the parliamentary debate on the Land Sales Act shows the legislation was bulldozed through with what appears to have been just one voice of reason, that of Bill Gavoka. 

As Karen Seaton's open letter to C4.5 details, Fiji media have not given the LSA16 issue the coverage and examination it deserves.

Open letter to Editor Fiji Times, Editor Fiji Sun …. after two years of attempts, no coverage of these Human Rights violations ( Article 7,11,17 U.N Declaration of Human Rights), to date, by Fiji Sun, Fiji Times, under Khaiyum’s repressive 2010 Media Decree….no free press in Fiji.
Gavoka: freehold land 'sacred'

Open letter to Fiji Coupfourpointfive
Radio New Zealand, 16/12/16, quoted a statement, a variation of which has been put to Fiji’s government, in hundreds of letters, over a two year period. “Retrospective law is unfair and there are many other Countries where people can invest without the hassle.” “And these are law abiding Countries where the Authorities respect the laws, the Authorities respect the Human Rights of people, where people don’t get summarily deported in flimsy excuses, where Ministers are accountable to the investors of Fiji. Fiji is absolutely giving the wrong signal in all these fronts.” As a boycott of Fiji has begun to be enacted by Fiji Land Owners Assoc.

As Fiji is, globally being signaled as an unwise place to invest, how did that come to pass?

Thursday 11th of December 2014, the Parliamentary Record reflects…

Hon. V.R. Gavoka stood as very much a lone voice, stood up for respect of the value of debate, disclosure and transparency, as 15 bills were being put to vote without that consideration.

One of them being Land Sales Act 16 (LSA16). To the issue of LSA16 he stated…"Freehold in this Country is always sacred. All over the world, my life has been in the Global Community, traveling, tourism and all that. To change this, only 10 percent of the land in Fiji, to touch something that is so sacred is an indication of this Government, which I brand as the most fearless government in the history of Fiji, fearless and touching things that are sacred.”

But those statements where set adrift amongst the calling up subconscious prejudices against immigrants to Fiji.

Kubuabola: egged Sudhakar on
As Hon. Sudharkar was standing up in support of all 15 bills without further scrutiny, allowing five minutes of debate for all of them being respectful in his opinion…goes so far as to erroneously state the opposite of effect it has had in Koro island, “What this intends to do, Madam Speaker, is to have development all over the Country.”
Sudhakar: Pushed for $250,000 or more dwellings

As further xenophobia (fear of immigrants) was called to the surface by Hon. A. Sudhakar, with “As soon as I mention that foreigners will be restricted, there is a lot of interjections and noise from the other side. May I ask them again; did the Fijians vote for you or the foreigners?”

And while not even a mention of aberration, from the Global community, in utilizing an application of a retrospective law was mentioned, Hon. Sudhakar stated further, “There must be a building on the land of 250,000.00$ or more.”

Hon. Ratu I. Kubuabola interjected “Tell them, tell them!”

Like a Lord of Flies mentality had swept through the Parliament.

Where the Constitution which amongst other rights stood against the arbitrary passage of legislation discriminatorily based “upon place of origin.”

And as Hon. A. Sudhakar continued an assault upon decency with the statement, more conducive with a person with a Truth deficit disorder than with an Honorable member of Parliament, “No matter how much they sensationalize it, the proposed amendment does not affect the land that is outside the town, boundaries.” It does not affect the land, honorable Member as you mentioned, SavuSavu, it does not affect specific tourist developments. It is there in the Act and they were given a chance to read this amendment during tea and lunch break. I do not think they read anything.”

This was the Member that stood in support of “all the amendments that the government proposes.” The main advocate siding with this legislation of Hon. A.S. Khaiyum’s, to ram through 15 bills with no public consideration.

LSA 16 has in fact been applied to Tavenui Estates, Land’s Minister saying this was, arbitrarily, deemed a “failed integrated Tourist scheme”…and as is Koro Island, Maui Bay etc. all falling prey to this predatory Act.

As the largest law firm in Fiji has stated in affirmation: “Current non-resident owners of vacant lots within or outside town/ city boundaries are required to complete a construction of a residential dwelling, with a minimum expenditure of 250,000.00 by Dec.2016."

Where, A.S. Khaiyum, suffering from that same Truth deficit disorder, stated “The Land Sales Act where we require people to build homes within a period of time EXACTLY the same in Australia.” “It is not something peculiar to Fiji, per se. The reality is Madam Speaker, that these people are not be deprived of the ownership of their land, as the Hon. Member Sudhakar had spoken at length about it. But the fact is that it does not in anyway change ownership of the land.”

When I challenged him to the retrospective application of these laws, - that no developed Country in the world utilizes a retrospective application to harm it’s investors, stakeholders, landowners like this law does, one year ago, as now, he remains silent.

So upon this Christmas Season New Zealand and Countries around the world are stating loud and clear based upon these actions any investment in Fiji is unwise. It would be wise to remember that lone voice….

Hon. V.R. Govoka: “Let us keep the freehold land as they are integral to a place in the Community. Do not touch it, do not fix it. Nothing is wrong with it. It keeps our integrity as a people in this part of the world. We are part of the Global village, we are not an island adrift, we are not on our own and we need to link up to the community.”

Karen Seaton




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Fiji, the new Calcutta!

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