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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Bainimarama boasts of 'mainstreaming Fijians' but school not ready for students

Shocking: the kitchen at Queen Victoria School where students will start the year late because officials have failed to ensure the renovations have been ready for 2017.

Shame on this so-called Fiji government.

Frank Bainimarama harks to visiting officials that Fiji has progressed and left the its past of 'institutional biases' but he and his cohorts have failed to have Queen Victoria School ready for the 2017 school year.

QVS staff and students were told their school would be ready for them, but they're not going to be in for another two weeks. This after being promised they would start the school year on time - with the help of two tents for each classroom!
The pro-government paper had touted in big headlines the school would be ready but it isn't.

The state of the school is so bad it is unlikely to withstand a Category 2 cyclone and is an occupational health hazard.

Why have the renovations not been done?

And why is the school in such a shabby state when the Education Minister was allocated $448.5 million in the 2016/2017 budget?

Bainimarama has meanwhile trotted out to officials attending the 25th Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF) tripe about the country's progress. 

He's told them Fiji was once riddled with institutional biases but "we have knocked down many long-standing barriers to equal opportunity and laid out a clear progressive path for our national development."

Bainimarama's also talks of 'mainstreaming Fijians'.

"We have committed ourselves to mainstreaming as many Fijians as possible by making sure our economic gains do not belong to the few or the elite, but rather to the many - to all hard working ordinary Fijians to whom we owe our economic development."

How bizarre then that he and Mahendra Reddy have failed at something very basic, like having a school ready for its students.


Anonymous said...

What is update on this ?

Anonymous said...

Education in Fiji has slipped and hit rock bottom since Mahen Reddy took over!

Anonymous said...

This mahend & PS Tiko are lamusona bocis. They told Bai that QVS is ready to start as normal when Bai was at QVS telling parents and students to come on the Mon. On Sunday evening TV announced delay of 2 weeks which 70% parents and students didn't know and turned up at QVS on Mon wasting money etc etc espe maritime students etc. What a bunch of unprofessional amateurs these 2 bocis at the MOE. Maichods!!!

Anonymous said...

Why tax payers have to pay for this school or any government schools? It is about time the misfit old boys and parents take over. Talk about fairness, how fair is it for government pour thousands of dollars into some schools and other schools have to stand on its own feet.

Anonymous said...

Mahendra Reddy the cock eyed cock sucker is a fucking idiot who doesn't have clue how to run a ministry. He did fuckall as a lecturer at USP and FNU and as chair of Commerce Commssion. This guy is no economist he got his phd in agriculture management. An overrated fuckall academic who is clueless on practical issues that affect the economy. Bloody motherfucker!

Suomynona said...

And the education system continues to fail because of one particular asswipe that just can't seem to look through "both eyes" instead of just one. Maichod Reddy can't even run the education sector properly so its no wonder why students are not performing well. Him, Frankie, and others involved are in the same boat for fucking up on the simplest of tasks like how to repair a damn school on time.

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