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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Roko Tupou Draunidalo resigns

NFP President and Parliamentarian Roko Tupou Draunidalo has resigned from her position after being unfairly suspended in June last year. 

The NFP have endorsed Pramod Chand to be its next MP and Rakiraki lawyer and NFP Ra branch president Semi Titoko to be acting President.

Here is her resignation speech:

Dear fellow Fijians,

With a heavy heart, I have sent on my resignation from Parliament to the Speaker and resignation from the position of President of the National Federation Party on Friday 20 January 2017.

If I could find it in myself to remain, I would.

This has not been an easy decision to make and I've discussed various pertinent issues with the party leader for some time, but out of humility and gratitude- I owe it to the voters who put me in Parliament and to the NFP and its supporters everywhere to state my reasons.

To begin, I apologise most sincerely to you that from the time the Fiji First majority in Parliament saw fit to suspend me on 03 June 2016 on trumped up allegations, I have not been able to be in the House to do what I was elected to do which is to scrutinize bills, laws and present coherent issues to strengthen legislation and assist with government policy formulation and implementation.

The IPU has had its say on the matter but friends, we're not in a democracy. We haven't been for a while.

Dictators and other misfits will do what they do and we must respond as best we can.

The 2017 sittings of the House begin next month.

There are about two full sets of the parliamentary term to go and I would like your vote to be heard too in the House through a third and the next NFP Member to parliament.

I therefore wish the next Honourable Member from the party and the party itself very well for the remaining term of this parliament.

I have used my time outside of Parliament to reflect long and hard about the very many things that I care about Fiji and that has helped me to make this decision.

I have used the media and meetings and functions to talk about and promote the things that I care for and about in Fiji and that will continue outside of parliament.

I don't need a government job or a title or position to do that. Never have.

Selfless defence of the rule of law should be everyone's business if we are to progress as a nation to the benefits of citizenship like fair and just wage rates, great hospitals and schools that our neighbors in Australia and New Zealand enjoy as inherent human rights.

I will continue with that from outside of parliament up to the next general elections as I would like to see the defeat of the Fiji First government at the next poll.

In the meantime, I am using this short period of time to take some time out- return to legal practice, spend more time with family, friends and constituents as well as take care of my personal health.

I know the NFP through its leader, Hon Prof Biman Prasad— will continue the fight in Parliament for the issues that he and the party wish to promote, and I know that if you took your issues to him- you'll be ably represented in parliament.

I wish the party well as we all gear up towards the elections in 2018.

Vinaka vakalevu.

Tupou Draunidalo


Anonymous said...

What a waste. Decimated by Fiji's corrupt political system. Where are those who are going to stand up for democracy in coming election?

Anonymous said...

Why Biman and co let it happen

Anonymous said...

People like Tupou should not enter politics in the first place. They waste peoples votes but leaving prematurely. Only serious people should contest in 2018. The new NFP President is also a light weight with negligible personal power base. NFP should smell the coffee, disband and go under SODELPA

Anonymous said...

Sodelpa will drown with FLP. Cuopiest and a Thief - nice match!

Freedom fighter said...

Vinaka Tupou for your service and dedication for Fiji

Anonymous said...

A real fighter in politic will not reverse the gear, only those who think them self is weak or think negative or looser will surrender. Just like, if the cook can't take the heat in the kitchen that job not fit for that person. Simple answer...

Anonymous said...

Roko Tupou should have carried on. Her departure from NFP may be a loss to the party but it was her will so let it be.

I am suprised why Fiji Sun is so concerned about NFP not forming coalition with other opposition parties. NFP and its members and without forgetting its leader are untainted. They should never form coalition with any party. Sodelpa is racist and leader is coupiest while FLP with a Chor leader. But if need arises after the election results, they will think and decide then. My over 120 friends and families are going to vote for Biman and you too can...

Anonymous said...

Best Wishes to Roko Tupou and as for the other parties best of luck in the elections for net year.
God bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Thanks c45 for retracting from your decision to denying the majority for posting anonymously in this column. It's all about allowing our voices to be heard under a tyrannical regime.

Anonymous said...

A lot of barking inside the US right now for the 90 day Trumps executive immigration order. This barking is attracting dogs from other territories. Why barking when Trump is literally acting on this order drryobrawn up by Obama but was not acted upon.
The US is merely doing the right thing to protect everyone in that country.

Anonymous said...

Fiji is still heading into the dumps.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Roko Tupou you have made us proud with your courage and principled stand. Please run for next elections to become PM Fiji needs people like you.

Anonymous said...

1.Being suspended from parliament doesn't mean that she had lost her right to represent her voters. 2.Alternatively she has full privileges as a legal voter representative to challenge the speaker for what she termed as "unfairly suspended".
3. Message to all....If you are an emotional being please do not stand in the next election. We need fighters.

Luther said...

This is a gamechanger; flotsam being sifted out and time for rebuilding of both SODELPA and NFP. Both parties have weaknesses, despite strong support base.

Rajend Naidu said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rajend Naidu said...

An Iranian refugee has fled Australia's Manus Island detention centre in PNG to seek refuge in Fiji.
Fiji has had four coups in four decades of independence and is apparently still considered a safer place to be than many other places including PNG from a global comparative standpoint.
That must surely say a lot about the status of PNG and also about Australia's political decision to locate it's off shore refugee detention centre there.
There is clearly a need to rethink that decision.
Many experts, both domestic ( doctors, health workers, social workers and refugee advocates ) and international ( the UN and Amnesty International ) have pointed out this need but the Australian State has not paid heed to it.
That diminishes Australia's international standing.
By contrast Canada, for example, has said it will accept refugees fleeing terror, war and persecution.
Australia can have a more progressive refugee regime .
What's conspicuous by its absence is the right political will.
And that is a crying shame.
Rajend Naidu

Karen Seaton said...

That is a fundamental reason for preference of a system of strong Private Property Rights,
Private Property Rights protect individual liberty.
My neighbor came to me Saturday in such abject profound fear as the land she owns, has owed
for decades now demands an investment of 2 million 2 hundred thousand dollars or she is
faced with a penalty of 100,000.00$, none of which she has. No government owed that amount
for land penalties will not end up placing liens on that property which result in seizure and the
taking of her last right- the right that her titled property, her's till her death.
Every one of my neighbors has faced this illegal tenant which has been on Fiji's books now for
two months. Every human being deserves the right to security when placing their lifetimes
hardworking investment into a piece of property regardless of race, creed, color, place of origin
or religion.
Fiji is standing in breech of United Nations Charter which states that Human Rights must be
equally protected.
Human Rights Watch is following this massive Human Rights atrocity which has subject every
person that has invested money into this land into great uncertainty and has caused many here
to stop the building process of their homes, it is seen as a too risky longterm investment.
The USA, Canadian and British Embassy has been notified of this contraveyance of law which Fiji
is sitting under.
My community, throughout this country, has been subject to abject fear since this theft drafted
legislation and sought to steal from honest, hardworking individuals whose only crime is
believing Fiji would not contravene it's Freehold Land Laws (which I am beginning to suspect are
nonexistent) and trespass on their Human Rights.
This was an intentional act of thievery. These individual’s life investment and Human &
Property rights received less than five minutes of parliamentary due process before enacting
this violation of all laws, moral and legal.
The author of this thievery and horrendous piece of legislation, Bill 28/ Act 16, needs
accountability. There is no place for this type of ethical trespass in a land where it's people
offer to the world a view thru the heart, their greatest asset, one which the world needs.
Karen Seaton
Koro Island
Peter Thompson, U.N. President General Assembly
M.Ruteere U.N. Special Raporteur tasked with evaluating discrimination and Human Rights in
Leader of the Opposition
Radio NZ
NY Times
Fiji Sun
Fiji Times
Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Watch Australia
Canadian Consulate
USA Embassy
British High Commission
New Zealand High Commission
Australian High Commission
Hon. A. Sudhakar, stood for this law in Parliament
Peereza Ali, Financial Advisor to P.M.
Fiji American Chamber of Commerce
New Zealand Business Council
Pacific Business
'In the presence of hope, faith is born, in the presence of faith, love becomes a possibility, In
the presence of love, miracles happen.'

Karen Seaton

#2018fijielection said...

1.Being suspended from parliament doesn't mean that she had lost her right to represent her voters. 2.Alternatively she has full privileges as a legal voter representative to challenge the speaker for what she termed as "unfairly suspended".
3. Message to all....If you are an emotional being please do not stand in the next election. We need fighters.

This is true but the problem is who among us have backbone, let alone balls to go up against the tyranny of Bai and Khaiyum.

We have fighters but not enough; we have people with skills but they live in fear.

Gone Fishing said...

Tupou's fate awaiting anyone 'brave' to step up.

Anonymous said...

Tupou's father was one of the soldiers who took part in 1987 coup.

Suomynona said...

Fiji Sona, I mean Fiji Stunk/Sun is bound to make a big deal out of this since they just love straddling the lap of the government with a crapload of propaganda.

The newspaper sensationalizes almost everything, yet can't even pay attention to the smaller details such as the horrendous spelling and grammar in most of their articles.

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