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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

How did Iranian refugee come to pick Fiji?

Too easy: Sawari got from Manus to Fiji with help.
He's not the first try his luck but he is the first from Manus
Sawari says he wants to settle on a 'small country' not a big one
Island, which muddies what would normally be a straight forward extradition.

Australia has muck on its hands with the refugee crisis in Manus and Nauru and it would be just like Frank Bainimarama to try and stick it to the Aussies.

Allowing Loghman Sawari to stay is not in Fiji's interest, satisfying though the perverse decision would be for Bainimarama.

Settling refugees in Papua New Guinea and Nauru has taken its toll on the local population there, despite the millions of
dollars in sweeteners from Australia.

PNG officials have gone to lengths to extricate itself from the arrangement and the refugee crisis is likely to worsen with Donald Trump's ban on travellers from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen and now talk of adding Pakistan being added to the list.

It's not unreasonable that refugees would set their hopes on countries in the Pacific, such as Fiji and others, as a way out of their misery.

The Sawari bid is a test case and Fiji can't get it wrong.

Fiji must also get to the bottom of how Sawari obtained the papers that got him in and which now see him being represented by lawyer Aman Singh and put up by a local family.

A rather gleeful Sawari is due to talk to Immigration and has reportedly sought the help of the Human Rights and anti- Discrimination Commission.

There has been no hint from Bainimarama on what Sawari's fate will but Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry has stated the obvious: Sawari should be arrested and extradited. 

Despite sympathy for his detainment on Manus, some Fiji locals agree Sawari should be moved off, questioning if he was even beaten as he looks healthy and happy in his Facebook pictures.

Sawari has told media he's looking for sanctuary in a small country, not a big one like the United States.

He makes an interesting comment: "I like Fiji people because they smile and they respect." How does he know?

It sounds like someone tipped off him to Fiji's lax security and how easy it would be for him to blend in with the local population.


Anonymous said...

This is probably part of the deal struck in Golan when our cowardly surrendering soldiers pleaded for their lives and Govt had to make a deal with those islamic govts for their release. There are more of these refugees in the country and our hopeless Immigration Dept is letting them knowingly and haplessly. What do we expect when our supposed to be defenders i.e. the cicilevu Fiji Army has already sold their souls and their humungous arseholes after giving up without a fight against barely armed elements dressed in rags and flipflops. Whereas they said they were underarmed, but in fact they more than enough firepower. At home, threaten tiko the old unarmed village men and women, and marching tiko around town looking menacing, and full tiko na pocket from our tax money, io lailai tiko na school, USP grad lailai tale nona pay, but the Fiji Army arse ga sa open big tiko everytime meet the bad falla ka dina. And now they owe their lives to these terrorist coming in as refugees. What a fucking pathetic state of affairs!

Anonymous said...

He came to Fiji as he knows his kind are in favour there. More muslims more votes for Khaiyum to be PM and remove Baini from the leadership

Anonymous said...

Fiji and the rest of the Democratic world must adopt Trumps executive order on immigration pertaining to the black listed countries. Europe is infested with Islamic radicals because they allowed them in in the name of humanity, social rights, equality..etc. Look at Sweden, France, the UK, Spain etc. It's too late for them to act against radicalisation. It will cost these countries billions of dollars battling them on their turf. When the US took a stand to secure it's borders to safeguard it's people the media was the first to condemn Trump.
The bottom line is we need someone to lead and Trump is possibly that person.

Anonymous said...

Haaaaaa!!!! Just waiting for that leftist blogger to pop up and start talking a load of trash about accepting illegal immigrants and accusing everyone of being racists.Yet the leftists says to Fiji Trump supporters that they are whiteman worshippers.Dont be suprised if these leftists start harping on about Hilary,climate change,how everyone should embrace feminism,minimalism and going green.They're the ones living in their ivory towers and haven't got a clue about what's happening in reality and boots on the ground.#TRUMP4FIJI #WELOVETRUMP

Anonymous said...

send the fucking iranian along with all those that support him back to their slump in iran/india/pakistan etc. the person giving shelter to this person should be arrested and prosecuted immediately.we dont want any more child fucking worshippers in fiji. swim to your shitholes mfucking muslims

Anonymous said...

This is ASK's son came here trying to find his Dad. He was conceived when was messing around in Yamen.

Robocop said...

Not surprised refugees eyeing Fiji and possibly other islands. The Chinese made meal out of Tongan passports and 'environmental refugees' have made places like Niue their home but influx of refugees from Middle East, Africa and Europe will bring chaos to our shores.

Rajend Naidu said...

The US acting attorney general Sally Yates provides a good illustration of what Professor Michael Sandel had in mind with reference to his book Justice : What's The Right Thing To Do? ( 2009 ).
She did what's right by defying President Trump's arbitrary and irrational travel ban order telling " justice department lawyers not to defend his executive order banning entry for people from seven Muslim- majority countries" ( the guardian 31/01 ).
Sally Yates does not only possess a brilliant legal mind to have been appointed to her position originally but also a solid moral compass. She could have kept silent and keep her job. She didn't do that. She spoke out against what is wrong.
That's the kind of legal person deserving of every right thinking person's respect.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Yates in her capacity as acting AG knew that she would never ever be the Attorney General in this administration . Thats the reason she reacted the way she did . She was just waiting to get her butt kicked out for a new one. The person though who nominated her in that position did not have faith in her . Why didn't Obama appoint her in the first place?
Yes if she did have a moral compass and a thinker ,Trump would have given her the job.

Anonymous said...

Good news is that this mfucker has been deported today. we already have a muslim problem in fiji and adding one more to it would have made matters worse. good work immigration department. now its time to take action against those that were giving this man shelter and the indian lawyer

Anonymous said...

Send all Muslims to Afghan or Syria. They can go and fuck Mohammed or whoever their fuckwit prophet is. Muslims are the scourge of society now!

Anonymous said...

So sad. Khaboom's security team just picked him up and sent him out on the next flight. No big deal. That's how it works in this country.

Anonymous said...

So much talk about securing the nation and its citizens yet they couldn't even guard its own borders effectively.The issue of illegal immigrants coming over to claim asylum in Fiji were raised on this blog many times before in the past.Do some research on the "Pacific solution" a former policy that was implemented by the Australian government.It maybe dismantled but whoever comes into power for the Australian government still introduce a similar policy.Such a policy will lead to the flooding of these illegals into the Pacific if we don't strengthen our border patrols and immigration checks.Take a look at Europe,the place is in disarray and the amount of horrific crimes these illegals will bring upon the local population.Everything is all out there on the internet, or if you really want to get boots on the ground and experience things in reality grab your passport and take a trip to Paris,France.Ask a local Frenchman to point you in the direction where all these illegals have popped up tents. I guarantee you they will say you won't go far it's either around the corner or in the local parks.Bainimarama himself have been to Brussels for government meetings and was caught up during the terrorist attacks events,maybe he should tell the people how high alert and total lock down the whole city and country was.

Anonymous said...

Why dont we send all methodists and catholics to satan to be fucked? Raping kids amd molesting old women. Too many times these incidents occur in Fiji. Catholics and methodists are also the scourge of fijian society.

It takes a scourge to know another.

Suomynona said...

No wonder he was determined to make it into the country, even if he got the boot once he was caught despite making a home with one particular Fijian family I hear that adopted him as a refugee.

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