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Monday, July 10, 2017

NFP responds to latest Budget

By Hon Parmod Chand

Madam Speaker, thank you for allowing me to present my thoughts on the 2017-18 Appropriation Bill, specifically in response to the Health budget and issues for the Northern division.

Regretfully, I focus my comments on state of our national Healthcare system and the budget allocations presented to us. While the health budget is still centrally managed, the issues I will raise are magnified for the electorate in the Northern division where I am from and where I live, and undoubtedly similar for the West and outer islands.

In the health budget the current Government has presented to the people of Fiji, unreal, piecemeal solutions will not cure our health and medical services delivery.

The increased allocations for projects are mere promises that have been untouched in the last three years under (Requisition-R). Every public servant knows that projects pegged under "Requisition" have a small-to-nil chance of coming to fruition -- in essence it is aspirational or wishful.

There are no new projects for which funds have been actually committed. Even the talked up National Kidney Research and Treatment Centre to be managed by nephrologist Dr. Amrish Krishnan, costing $1M -- is under "R"!!

Additionally, the government should have allocated funds to provide free kidney dialysis to low income earners. But the $300,000 allocation has not changed despite pleading by kidney patients. And this Budget has made allocations for other things like hiring of consultants to improve Government’s image, marketing grants, golfing, and to Fiji Broadcasting Commission.

AID by Donor partners factored in on page142 of the Budget Estimates is largely technical support with an attached dollar value, not addressing the true budgetary allocation per se.

Let's look at the ratio's, Madam Speaker. For Health and Medical services, the ratio of Health to Government Expenditure to date for Fiji is 9.4%. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended ratio is 14.4%, while for Low & Medium Income Countries (LMIC), the average recommended ratio is 11.6%.

Let us look at the 2017-18 Budget then in terms of Health to GDP ratio's. Fiji's ratio is 4%. WHO recommends a 5% minimum ratio. The Low & Minimum Income Countries recommended ratio is at an average of 6.6%.

Fiji's 2017-18 Budget in terms of Health to GDP ratio is 4% -- again, far below the recommended ratio.

I now turn to our Health expenditure breakdown. While the State bears the burden of 66% for health expenditure, the Out of Pocket (OOP) cost borne by the taxpayer is 34%.

This means that taxpayers are shouldering additional burden on top of their taxes- 34% is for health expenses, most of the time unplanned for, that they pay out of their pockets.

Madam Speaker, for our vulnerable and poverty stricken people, getting sick means they are further entrenched in the darkness of poverty. For those in the middle class, it means they can dive into poverty. It means that houses become mortgaged and loans need to be taken just to ensure that their loved one's can undergo medical treatment. This is the sad, painful but unmistakable reality.

The state of our healthcare in Fiji right now means that if you become ill, if you have the means you have a fighting chance. If you are poor, the odds are heavily stacked against you.

Madam Speaker, Turning to our medical professionals...

The announced recruitment of three tranches of Specialists is wishful thinking. When the bold promise of 33 specialists in the first tranche was announced, this is on top of previous promises of additional medical personnel over the previous 3 budgets. So, where are they? By now, Fiji should be teeming with these medical professionals, should it not?

We are aware that there is just one ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) specialist that was recruited in 2014. The lack of specialists is alarming.

Our local medical personnel are being submerged at the expense of wholesale expatriate recruitment. The recruitment drive in India early this year may help but we need to build on our local expertise as much as we can.

There are obviously 75 places for local recruitment at the ground level - these 75 internship level spots need to be filled every year, but this number has just been met in 2015 -17. This means we are still playing catch-up in terms of health internship manpower needs. There are batches of medical students from Cuba, and other overseas destinations due here shortly to address the shortfall in numbers, but the sudden urge to raise these numbers overnight, is an exercise in futility.

To aggravate the situation, our "Fijian Made" medics returning from abroad are given a difficult time upon their return. They could add quality to our current set up in specialist areas but it's not happening.

Obtaining a full complement of additional doctors is not the total solution. What will the additional numbers mean when the ministry cannot provide the appropriate beds, medication, technology, or if the consumables are out of stock?

We understand that new specialist units such as the Neurological, Urology, Cardiac teams remain without medication and operative equipment. Most are not fully operational, yet our "Fijian Made" medics have been trained locally and exposed internationally for these roles. Can we see the mismatch in these issues?

Health systems are not built on numbers alone. The building blocks of healthcare include:

• adequate and appropriate facilities and infrastructure;

• sufficient supplies of medicine and consumables; adequate health financing;

• improved health information and research; cross cutting leadership & governance; and

• a content, inspired, compassionate and accountable workforce all working towards exemplary healthcare service delivery.

Our medical graduates do not always move to green pastures on their own accord, but are pushed out by poor administrators, planners and politicians -- evident now by this year's fast-tracked amendment to the Medical & Dental Practitioners. To our healthcare system's demise, the push factor is greater than the pull factor.

Increasing the intake at medical schools, middle level study in areas of clinical interest and provision of scholarships serve to keep the locals on their own turf.

Turning now to our Nurses Pay Rise...

Madam Speaker, The much lauded civil service reforms seems to have been short-circuited with the pay rise for salary increases.

Shockingly the "Job Evaluation Questionnaire's" circulated by PWC to nurses as part of the civil service reforms seemed like generic, off-the-shelf templates that offered no appreciation for the complicated pressures, structures and often overlapping roles shouldered by our nurses, nor the extra effort needed on top of workloads, to complete these unnecessary & complicated details.

The nursing pay rise is a welcome relief, but is as at odds with the ratio of the pay rise given to doctors last year, and which a cohesive and seamless job evaluation exercise would have addressed.

The nurse practitioners’ salary increase by 75% is commendable, but there are just under 40 nurse practitioners who will benefit from this.

Our midwives in the maternity areas are struggling and a 25% incentive would have been more appropriate. Again, a cohesive and seamless job evaluation exercise would have addressed these disproportionate increases.

But then, what of the state of the nursing cadre who have been weaved into the administrative services by way of career progression, are they entitled to the 25% increase? What of the specialist nursing structures, should they be realigned? If the lack of re-alignment continues unaddressed, corrupt practices can emerge.

The nurses’ salary increase of approximately 15% is acknowledged and appreciated. But again, a cohesive and seamless job evaluation exercise would have addressed these disproportionate salary ratios.

The mid-level training of nurses needs urgent review. Birthing surges in the face of facility and infrastructure inadequacies creates adverse maternal and neonatal birth outcomes and midwifery training is absolutely essential. The shocking revelations of the spate of deaths of new-born babies is still fresh on our minds and we expected more prioritisation of our neonatal unit.

This now brings me to the issue of our junior Doctors who are made to work up to 32 hours at a stretch. Surely such stretched hours are a violation of labour standards in a profession where life and death are daily challenges? Is the Ministry actively monitoring these unrealistic and inhumane expectations of new entrants?

When the workload was lighter in the past, it was fairly tenable but the new structure does not even address this.

Madam Speaker – the supply of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Consumables...

The budget announcement made a brief mention of the Free Medicine Scheme, selectively labelling it as "medicine subsidies"..

That is because the scheme is completely dysfunctional. With the stated 140 plus items for release to the public in 2015, the retail pharmacists are still not provided with a list of what is to be dispensed after two years of waiting on this announcement.

Only about 20,000 people are registered for the scheme, when we know full well that 50% of the population are living below or around the poverty line.

If pharmaceutical supplies to our hospitals is inadequate, how is it logically possible for this scheme to still be allocated $10 million and continues to remain largely un-utilized in the last two years with a high wastage rate. Recall that for the past years, except this year "Free Medicine" has been under R (Requisition).

This year's budget allocation for health addresses the purchase and maintenance of health-related high end equipment. So the question is are these important pieces of health-related equipment still without service contracts after the warranty period comes to an end?

The allocation of $1 million has been put aside for this but it is our understanding that MRI, CAT scanners, radiology, general lab equipment etc. are not in working order as a result of invalid service contract agreements.

In a similar fashion, consumables such as lab reagents and chemical reagents for x-rays are out of stock as well.

It is our hope that the newly announced National Kidney Research and Treatment Centre will also look into renal transplantation with urgency. This will allow some patients to benefit from a one off surgical procedure and not suffer the three/per week dialysis lifelong exercise, at great cost. Appropriate laws will have to be enacted.

There are other important health developments that this budget document has failed to address. What is the progress in the development of the Cancer Unit?

Furthermore, I understand that a senior Health official, had urged MPs of the threat of the oncoming NCD crisis, at a parliamentary workshop a couple of years ago, where even the Consumer Council and other experts made similar pleas. The presenters specifically requested MPs to put in place tax measures to help alleviate the NCD crisis --- which has now reared its ugly head on a national scale.

We look forward to the development of a modern Mental Health Clinical, Training and Research Hospital which seems to have fallen off the radar. We are told that support for this establishment was available from a bilateral donor partner with a Memorandum of Agreement again sitting on someone's desk since 2013.

For our elders for whom we all owe a great measure of indebtedness, the state of the senior citizen’s homes, the development of retirement villages, improved and wider/in-depth training of caregivers including the professional cadre-gerontologists/rehabilitation experts, specialist nurses, enrolled nurses, counsellors, field and community workers, palliative/public health nursing systems needs urgent reviews.

Briefly Madam Speaker, let me quickly address the infrastructure needs for Vanua Levu if we are to transform it into a hub as part of the Government's "Look North" idea's.

The Labasa Airport needs to be able to cater for night flights with some upgrades with lights installed for night landing.

Upgrades and tarsealing of roads are needed for:

• Major trunk road around the island of Vanualevu

• Coqeloa to Nacavanadi to open up land for resorts and hotels
Cross country roads
Namuavoivoi to Cogea
Nabouwalu to Nabalebale (Wainunu)
Nayarambale Road Junction (Daramu) to Vanuavou.

For roadworks 15-20 km from Labasa Town
Boubale, Urata, Dreketilailai, Anuve

For shipping, there should be freight subsidies and concession for Vanualevu manufacturer's, spare part dealers, supermarkets. The cost of living is doubled often tripled in the North.

The Labasa by-pass needs a road to alleviate the alarming traffic congestions - parallel to Naseakula Road which causes delays to all and affects school children.

For electrification for rural areas in Vanua Levu, these areas need urgent assistance:
Seaqaqa interior, Vunivere, Seva,
Nabouwalu, Nasarawaqa, Lekutu, Kolikoso
Nacavanadi towards the Natewa bay costal road side to . Navakaka and from Nagigi towards Matakunea to Buca Bay.
Vunikabula which will enable excess to power and usuage of IT to access internet as per the Govt's "Knowledge Based Society” push.

For Sporting, it is of some consternation that there is no public swimming pool for northerners – Labasa and Savusavu, and there is nothing specific in the budget for sports in the North. Our children need to be able to learn how to swim properly.

Our tramlines need improvement, portable lines, rail trucks. Flooding continues at Siberia and Vunimoli, and sadly there is no specific development for water supply in the North.

I thank you for your indulgence.


Anonymous said...

Visions of Marama
Solomoni Biumaiono
Sunday, May 04, 2014

Mere Marama prayed reverently and fervently to God, imploring Him to bless Fiji and its people, and asking Him to bless me so that I would have the wisdom to discern the story she was about to share with me.
I felt like I was being transferred to this spiritual realm of the iTaukei culture where the ancient traditions and beliefs of this group of people are blended seamlessly into their newfound religion — a higher plane where only the cultural purists and gifted ones dwell, as culture is not seen in its abstract form but something that is practised and experienced in its original form; a place where Marama claims the vanua and the lotu are supposedly to be one and the same, and that the ancestral spirits are from the Christian god.
Speaking in the iTaukei language, Marama shared her journey into this spiritual realm where the old gods of the iTaukei dwell alongside the Christian god.
"No one has ever shared this story with other people. I know that many people would question my story. If this is the time for me to share my story, I ask that you accept it because many in Fiji do not know about this," she forewarned me — something she kept reiterating throughout our interview. The sincerity of her voice and the measured vocabularies of her speech could arouse many sceptics, I thought.
Marama's journey started on her village of Wawa on Moturiki where traditionally, she is part of the clan that looks after the chief of that island, the Turaga Na Ratu — as his elders.
"When I was a young woman, I was given the scroll on which the history of Fiji was written. It was given to me spiritually, at the time when I started healing people and during my spiritual journey when I was just 18-years-old. When it was opened, I was told that I would know all of Fiji's history," she said.
Marama said she received her gift while still a teenager and she was guided by the late Turaga na Ratu, Ratu Peni Draunidalo and her dad Viliame Turaiviu who also shared with her the ancient stories of her people.
Marama said she listened and asked questions about the mysteries and secrets of her ancestors.
"Some elders in the village were still alive then; maybe they should have taken their time to know about this, but I know people are different and they have different gifts, we have different talents," she said.
Marama described her first vision which she says played a big part in her life and how she is today.
"(In my vision) I was in a vineyard and he showed me a jar of water where he baptised me and said he was baptised in the Jordan and he poured his spirit on earth and then he took up the Bible and said — "the earth shall perish but not my word".
" Then I saw my father in the Second World War, he got shot but came back alive. I was told that I was the last person to say my goodbye because he was about to die. I told them, no, my father would live because I just came back from Jesus. At the time I didn't believe. So I went and saw him and I picked up what I had seen in my vision which was a jug of water and poured it in a cup. I asked them to join me in prayer. Then I called out to God for His will to be done on my father. Then I lifted the Bible and said that He told me that His Word would not perish even if the earth perished. I asked Him to give me peace. That water was given to my father and that was how he recovered from his sickness.

Anonymous said...

After I returned from the vineyard, it was as if I had so much power within me. I can recite the Bible from the first verse of the Book of Genesis to the last verse in the Book of Revelations. I heal the blind, I make the dumb talk and those who had stroke overcame their sickness. When I go places, I never take anything, I don't carry a wallet. My husband remarried. I go with only the clothes on my back," Marama said.
Marama claims she was well known for her healing and met a Muslim family who took her to New Zealand where she was given a house to stay in and a job, but while she was there, she received another vision.
"When I was in New Zealand, I saw a traditional Fijian double-hulled canoe sailing into Auckland habour, it was shaped like a house, when it reached the port, I saw all the chiefs of Fiji inside along with a tanoa. A European man jumped out and told me that I have only two days to go back to Fiji because my god was waiting for me.
"When I woke up it didn't feel right anymore, so I went for a walk, came back and read my Bible. I prayed to God for direction — should I reqturn to Fiji? I had a sponsor and they had given me a house. If I was needed just so my vanua could be saved, then let God's will be done," she said.
Marama returned to Fiji and spent 50 days in Nadi, then went up to Vunamoli Village, the village of the elders of the Tui Nadi.
She said a man called Akuila Turaga took her to their homestead called Vatunivivila Sakuvorowaqa.
"He told me that there used to be a big ivi tree. He told me to look across and I saw a red stone shaped like a turtle. When I looked to the other side, I saw another stone shaped like a shark. He told me the two were their ancestors who came from the sea and had turned to stone — that was the end of the road for the people who left Vuniivilevu," Marama said.
Vunamoli Village is also home to the Nadilevu clan who are well known for their works of magic, like Jone Sariri who was once a Buli in the old colonial government system.
"I think some things I am sharing maybe stuff of the imagination," Marama said.

Anonymous said...

"We are in a time when we have become Christians; when we share these kinds of stories, many people don't believe them, they say it is part of devil worship; they do not see spiritually. What they fail to see is that it's better to start from Jerusalem, because what is unbound here on earth will also be unbound up in heaven, God has his own timing, he sets his time for when he poured out his love, his wisdom, his grace and his power on earth so we can keep his righteousness, but all these are missing from people nowadays.
"When we look at it now, people are running away from their history, some want to find life and want to know God and his Bible, others want to disassociate themselves from their vanua, push tradition and culture aside saying that yaqona is not good, and their culture is not good, but the way I see it, it is simply the spirits of people that is their weakness.
"For God will only be with those whose spirits are clean and righteous and he will never be with those whose spirits are unclean," Marama said

GOAT said...

Sigh ! Another nutter amongst us. Marana while you were in Auckland, you took the drug called "P" or methamphetamine, hence your vision of God. Some get the same effects from heroin cocaine,magic mushrooms and other from glue.
Get off the "grass" and you'll be instantly cured of your visions.
As a Christian ,I find it abhorrent to see bullshit christians(itaukei) blaspheme the God of the bible. They get visions and heal young girls through sex and commit paedophilia daily in the name of Jesus. Ever wondered why you lot are never blessed?? God blesses all others it seems but keeps the blasphemous itaukei in a state of poverty.
This is a political forum not one for Cokanauto and friends.

GOAT said...

Marana, you're not the only fuckwit of this kind.
Lieutenant colonel Jone Baledrokadroka has a son who raped his classmate in Marist brothers high school ,some 10 years ago. He faced the prospect of going to jail, so his corrupt father Baledrokadroka quickly had him wisked out of Fiji and got him into the British army. This junior fuckwit then started yelling that he was Jesus whilst at the British army camp. As soon as the camp commanding officer heard this crap,Baledrokadroka was deported to Suva and the courts found him insane and he was last heard of in Saint Giles. Hope the bastard is still in there. Hopefully they'll put you in there too marama.

Anonymous said...

Good and factual response from the gentlemen. The reality is that the civil service sucks and is in pathetic condition despite all the money being floundered. The morale of civil servants are also low because of racism, nepotism and fear culture initiated by kaiyum and his moslem mob. Rosy akubar is not suited as minister and the current ps is useless. People are dying because of the negligence and lack of care shown by the government. Despite all these, we still see a wide cross section of our society supporting the thuggery of kaiyum. It's just goes to show that people in Fiji would like to be treated as worthless and they deserve the situation they are in. No hope for Fiji as long as the FF suckers don't realise the reality and continue to polish kaiyums rotten polo.

Anonymous said...

And a voice behind me spoke sofetly and i could just hear it. The three most important words i heard was.


Junglee said...


Very gently remove your talatala's cock from your mouth. Shut the fuck up with your bible bashing bullshit.

You must be one dumb fuck to believe such a story. No wonder we have Methodist preachers raping women in Gods name and raping young kids. What kind of Fuck all God would bless such a country as Fiji when shit like this happens on a weekly/daily basis if that?

Fuck you,Fuck your God and Fuck your Father. Thats if you know who he is.

You fake christian kawa ca really irk me.

Anonymous said...
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Komai said...

Lift and bend your ass (correct spelling is Arse). You say this like your an expert at this type of Itaukei Vutusona Yoga poses?

Im not surprised one Iota with your intellectual social skillset as you have more than absolute FUCK ALL.

What you do have though are a set of skills. Skills that you acrue over years and years getting taught by talatala's and chiefs how to vutusona like a man. Skills that make a man like you dangerous for a married woman because that vutusona skill you have is going to lure her husband away from her.

Married women in Fiji beware this man will look for that man and not only will he sniff out that poor mans arsehole and cock, He will Vutusona him and in return offer his Sona up for sacrifice for the Lord and his forefathers that taught him the sacred Itaukei Yoga. Thats if he knows who his father is!

Hold Ion tight? Allahu? Muhamed?...Ulu Kau!!!

Please think really hard next time before writing and posting one of your intrinsically safe pieces of hysterical rubbish.

Take some time and read a fair comment on a past post where a fellow citizen of Fiji mentioned that there were more part european/chinese that went to war to fight for Fiji than actual Itaukei.

To me that says part europeans and part chinese with Fijian heritage care more and are more patriotic than Itaukei whom are native to the Land of Fiji.

I think the feeling you feel is disgust and shame that non full fijian citizens cared more about fighting for Fiji then the indigenous citizens.

Id be disgusted too as a Full Itaukei fake patriot/christian. Thankfully im not.

Anonymous said...

This NFP member of parliament has done his research, his homework to present the pitfalls in the Khaiyum " Election Budget ".. Well done.

Anonymous said...

khaiyum can hand a knife to Anna Dr Mahend Reddy to cut Ganna.

Anonymous said...

Dear Editor,
Do you think our medical services would improve if Rosy Akbar did less photo ops and spent more time in her office doing some work? Its getting boring seeing her cow like face in the papers so often. While at it could somebody pleas tell Veena Bhatnagar to change her hairstyle. It looks like a puffed up pommerians tail and her face like the pommerian's arse!

GOAT said...

Amen, anon, I always thought Veena was a body double for Kim jong un with that bouffant in front of her head. But then Kim jong has changed his hair to look like the AG's parting in the middle style hair.

Anonymous said...

The repetition of the phrase "Madam Speaker" is used out of proportion in the parliament these days and is sickening , especially when Bai and Khai use these phrase too much. Seems as if Vatusona speaker is breastfeeding babies while hungry bai and khai crying to suckle.

Nahazat Shameem said...

Rosy Akbar to pose nude to show her rosy cheeks

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Our Beauty queen Veena Kumar Fartnagar to change hair style and change pussy style like merry banimarama.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't help observing the extra praising and bum sucking to Bai and Kai by Fiji First MPs now that Mahend Reddy has been prosecuted and charged.

Ratu Vutu said...

I would like to congratulate Bainimarama for his new role as Minister of Education.What a milestone you have achieved sir!
I hope he will reveal to us the secret to his success and hard work

Anonymous said...

Also couldn't help observing the loudest cheering coming from Kai while Bai was delivering his budget reply. This two are made for each other

Anonymous said...

The cheering and bum sucking is unprecedented in the history of fiji politics


are they practising their high school motto...VUTUSONA BROTHERS HIGH SCHOOL, sometimes called marist ,red fire...red fire hmmmmmmmmmmm. First serviced by catholic priests and then by each other. What a legacy. All you have to do is stand outside marist on any afternoon after school and observe the vast number of homosexual boys coming out of there swinging their booty to other boys. LT. Colonel Baledrokadroka's son used to go here til he got caught doing vutusona .

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Coup 4.5 one of the biggest culprits of this injustice that allows the FFP regime to continue unabated in the most highest institution of democracy is our conscience-less Madam Speaker Jiko Luveni. We are tired of waiting for this numbskull to come to her senses. Jiko Luveni maga qase maga duka we will dance and spit on your grave you slut arse-fucked mother of a bitch!!!

Andrew Hughes said...

vutosona has to toe the line, she has no powers as speaker, like the rest of the FFP team, their job is just to get numbers so they can out vote the oppostion parties who are less then half their size. So those dumb ass govt is doing anything and everything with only Bai and Kai incharge. All others are yes men and women.

Suomynona said...

NFP may have a point on how to further develop the country, but knowing the FartFace Party it would most likely be ignored since FFP is so fond of disregarding anyone who has more logic than they do because they think they're always right.

Anonymous said...

The Man Who Is Always Right Or Imagines Himself To Be So.
One day President Donald Trump defended giving his daughter his seat at the G20 leaders' table. The next day he defended his son who failed to initially disclose his meeting with a Russian claiming to have the dirt on Hillary Clinton which could bolster Trump's presidential election campaign.
Is there anything Trump can't defend? That's the thing about irrationality : it can be employed to defend anything.
Now Trump claims his son is a " high quality person " and all the Russian connection talk is nothing but a " witch hunt ".
Is it?
Many high quality persons have gone rogue in the corridors of power.
It is for that reason that a congressional investigation has been commenced to get to the bottom of this Russian link matter.
In the American system of democratic accountability and constitutionality power is held to account no matter how high up one is perched.
Trump and son are beginning to get an idea of that.
Rajend Naidu
Dole Bludger

Tomasi said...

A few observations from the Minister of Everything's budget speech in Parliament.

1. There was no accompanying budget / financial documents as stipulated in the Constitution and under Parliamentary Standing Orders.
2. When confronted with this legal and SOP requirement, neither Khai nor his puppet Speaker acknowledged it. In fact they dismissed it as a non issue and allowed their puppets to vote.
3. By voting for the motion to accept the Budget as read out by the real PM (Khai), the FFP parliament may have committed an illegal act and should be held accountable for it.
4. Democracy can be subverted through various kinds of acts. Most of us generally expect them to come from outside Parliament. But imagine a situation where the Parliament itself is cunningly engineered to subvert Parliament without the MPs and the people realizing it. This is precisely the case in Fiji since 2014.
5. A responsible Government must have a vision, a sense of national calling and the passion to guide the nation to their destination. But here in Fiji, there is no Strategic Development Plan to which budgets must be aligned, and to which the people, from both the public and private sectors and others would use as a frame of reference for their own plans and actions. We only have Khaiyum's constifusion, his passion, his public speeches and decrees and his most compelling commitment to realise his legal thesis to transform Fijian society into a new Fiji where only he and his cronies and their families will rule and decide what is best for Fiji.
5. The FFP is a crumbling political edifice that will not stand. Some of its members and MPs have resigned, and others are expected to leave the sinking destroyer. In fact, it is a mob of thugs cleverly disguised as a government. The nation and the world are having a closer and inner look at the FFP and the next 2018 election will reveal the truth about them.
6. The current Fijian parliament is a sham because it was deviously designed to be so. Reality is one thing, but our perception of reality is quite another. Our perceptions are shaped by forces and influences that affect our mind and our heart. QORVIS is as vital and integral to the FFP plan as is the lame dame who poses as the Speaker. When the people finally decide to change the Government, we must hold people accountable for their actions and their inactions. Topping the list of collusion and abetting the deliberate miscarriage of justice in the Fijian parliament is Jiko Luveni and her fellow FFP MPs. They are just as guilty as the two brothers, Bai and Khai.

May I finish with this thought for the thugs and the mob and their blind or stubborn followers. To know that this world is not some wild jungle where whoever is stronger or richer or smarter can abuse and destroy without regard for those beneath them—this is not a matter of religion or faith, particular to one people or group of believers. This is the underlying reality—that this world has a Master, and it is not any of us.

A peaceful society can endure only when it is built upon that which is real and true.

May God bless our Fiji with more people who will stand up for the truth, justice, love and righteousness. Vinaka.

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Anonymous said...

indigenous Fijian are native of Africa and they are lazy american slave placed on canoe and pushed into the sea and they are still lazy today.indigenous Fijian live on had out from hard working tax from Indian.indigenous Fijian looted the national bank of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Banimarama , working a board fighting Muslim Terrorist- wrote home
DEAR Mery Darling,

I can't send my salary this month; last month I had too much Vatusona as it affected my arse now my arse has Cici Vuca and also my arse got Cici Levu , I had very little vatusona this month therefore I had not earned much this month.so I am sending 100 kisses. You are my sweetheart, please adjust.

Your loving husband,
His wife replied...

Dear darling Bai,

Thanks for the 100 kisses, below is the list of expenses I paid with the kisses...
1. The Milk man agreed on 5 kisses for one weeks milk.
2. The electricity man agreed not to disconnect; only after 7 kisses.
3. Your landlord Khaiyum comes every second day to take 2 kisses instead of the monthly rent.
4... Supermarket owner mahendra ready did not accept the 3 kisses only, so I gave him other items; hope you understand.
5. Other expenses 10 kisses.

Please don't worry about me, I have a remaining balance of 30 kisses and I hope I can complete the month using this balance. For emergencies, I have other items on offer....Shall I plan the same for next month? please wait till cici get better and than you can have vatusona and make sure you try to have cici levu.

Please advise!!!

Your Sweet Heart,

Anonymous said...

Khayum is too cruel to humanity. Bai is a murderer. The rest in ffp honourables are puppets as they are kept to make up votes to pass any bill bai and khai wants it make as law. The ministers and ffp MPs can't suggest anything and they can't open their mouth and if not obeyed, they'll get matching orders. Today, RFMF said it will respect the election results - I doubt it. They are here to terrorize and scare its own innocent people. Only a fool won't agree to this statement.

Rosemary Gupta said...

RFMF are the course of the problem, if military is down sized or reduced of power, there will be no more coups in Fiji.

Lets get the Queen back atleast with her incharge all coup mongers will be jailed and no immunity for treason charges.

jadegown said...

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Pastor said...

Anyone need cleansing?

Anonymous said...

The Jewish Mafia QORVIS should be kicked out of town

Anonymous said...

Minister for Local Government Praveen Bala has stolen 30 million dollars and has shared the loot with Arse Khaiyum and rawan magistrate.

Kpan Kugan said...

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Anonymous said...

The Jewish Mafia QORVIS will stab Bainimarama in the back and then join NFP.
These people are worse than Indians.

Andrew Hughes said...

FFP knows its time is over , no government can rule forever, so its getting Nadra to reprogram the election results files so all votes will be registered ad FFP and they win a land slide election even though the real outcome will be opposite.

We will will thru fear and intimidation and Kanusi will sworn us in otr his ass will be fired says Bainimarama. I wont go into retirement Mary and I are enjoying high life travelling the world and enjoying the high life which was actually Qarases and Chaudharys. So crime does pay big time.

chootu bhai said...

Lets hope the Fijians can vote Bai and Kai out the only issue is are the election results showing true outcome or fraud results.

Saneem has to resigned as SOE as same supervisor should ot be conducting very election. A change of supervisor may be seen as some impartial.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Military Forces should restructure and cut down to lean size only for real combat missions and no more fuckall mokusiga peacekeeping. They should go train for combat missions with Philippines army. The rest should be sent to cut sugar cane and do roadside weeding and cleaning. Sa rauta mada na maji wavoki jiko vakaoti gauna kei na neimami hardearned taxes. Send the undereducated ones back to school to learn carpentry, plumbing etc. The ones sent to combat mission will also learn to appreciate the value of real democratic civilian life because they would have confronted death to defend it. Otherwise they will just veiboicici around the place in their glamourous uniform with glitterrng medals wasting money.

Anonymous said...

Damn it! Now that I have to respect the results of the elections, what will I do with the Bush Masters? I had planned they'll be used to transport MPs to captive. I call it a modern coup.

Anonymous said...

Bushmasters are fucking waste of hard working taxpayer's funds, they don't really need it for peacekeeping. Me sogo nai cici!! They sell it off or convert it. They make good rubbish or sewerage disposal trucks, quite expensive for that though.

Anonymous said...

Reading tin between the lines of today's announcement that Jagnath Sami's appointment as the new General Secretary of the NFP after the resignation of Bala Dass as from the position Bala Dass is heading for the Chief Executive position of the SCGC should the NFP win.

Anonymous said...

Sex 'was consensual'

Litia Cava
Friday, July 21, 2017

A MAN charged with raping his wife told the court yesterday that his wife had asked him to have sexual intercourse with her.

The man is charged with two counts of rape and the alleged offences took place on July 2-3 on Koro Island last year.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Corrections Service Director Rehabilitation, Elena Vuru says 93% of prisoners are Itauki
what a great achievement fee meals from the Indian tax payers.

Anonymous said...

And 93% of Fiji Tax payers are Indian. Without Indians Fiji cannot survive.

Anonymous said...

Australia Selling Bushmasters is Nothing Compared to What Else They'd Like To Sell.
Colin Smith gives us an illuminating insight via his letter ' Forget Peace? ' ( The Age 23/7 ). Colin writes :
" In a world awash with weapons of every type that feed numerous wars, terrorist activities and the like, one wonders if Christopher Pyne [ Australian Government Minister ] has any conscience whatsoever when he suggests that Australia become a weapons producer and exporter ( " Make Australia a great arms exporter" , 16/7 ).
One real cost of such a proposal, if realised, would be the elimination of any claim that Australia may have to being a nation that encourages peace and hope in the world. I pray that our leaders see this suggestion as a thought bubble and an aberrant not at that, and do not proceed in seeing Australia become another exporter of death [ and repression in rogue regimes].
Heaven knows, there are enough engaged in this unspeakable trade already".
Couldn't agree more with Colin. But I wouldn't be surprised one bit if Australia decides to proceed with the arms production for export suggestion.
Political leadership, even in good democracies, is not often guided by conscience, clear-thinking and concern for humanity and democratic ideals.
Now that should explain why Australia had no problem selling Bushmasters to Fiji, a country that that just emerged from a repressive military coup.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

It's a good deal for Australia and other nations to supply the Fijian military with arms and infantry armoured vehicles.Fiji has a vision of becoming a modern progressive nation thus it is crucial her armed forces is equipped with the latest and advanced technologies,weapons and armoured fighting vehicles.Under the 2013 Constitution,the RFMF is mandated to be the guardian of Fiji carrying out the mandate of the people through their national administration.It shall be the overall of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces to ensure at all times the security, defence and well being of Fiji and all Fijians.If Australia ever makes the decision to manufacture and export more arms then it would be a good move for her economy.More jobs will be created and employed Australian citizens of the arms firm will receive wages,invest into shares of the company or pay their mortgages and live whatever life they want.Fiji can purchase all these goodies and update their inventory and enable its troops to undertake more peacekeeping missions by the UN since they will be better equipped and combat ready for any situation.Fijian soldiers will get higher pay packages under the UN peacekeeping missions plus more remittance for Fiji.Rajendra it's a good deal.Soon Fiji will be able to purchase a new battle ship to patrol its waters and a couple of battle tanks by 2035.

Anonymous said...

The Real Cost of the Arms Trade
More than 600,000 Yemenis could be affected by the cholera epidemic produced by the conflict in Yemen by the end of the year ( abc news 24/3 ).
But that's not important. What's important is the obscene profit to be made from the arms trade by both private capitalism and State capitalism. What's important is the high wage jobs that arms manufacture would create for people living in affluent First World countries so that they can continue to live their lives of privilege. Never mind the human suffering and misery produced by the arms trade in theatres of war and conflict like Yemen and Syria.
The flourishing arms trade tells us a great deal about just how concerned and committed humanity is about genuine peace.
The commitment is hypocritical.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

How's Fiji's health care system? Oh, I forget that's not a priority, a well armed military is to serve peacekeeping missions overseas. What about that saying about charity begins at home? Never mind that. That's all silly talk. - chiku

Anonymous said...

The Muslim in Fiji should be called Parko Muslim

Anonymous said...

Fijians had 30 or so years to develop their healthcare system but they decided to focus on other issues such as the erosion of indigenous Fijian social order and the fragmentation of indigenous Fijian leadership.Not a huge fan of charity as it only promotes laziness and dependencies so I can understand those who say it's all silly talk.Furthermore there's a new study out that says atheists don’t donate as much money to charities as religious people do.I'd have to agree with the atheists who decides not to donate because charities are for the weak.Those who rely on charity live their lives everyday in fear for the mistakes they have done or mistakes their forefathers have done.Humans love to talk about being committed to genuine peace yet fails to understand the fundamentals of their nature.As humans we can never be peaceful but we can only "TRY" to be peaceful.

Anonymous said...

Adnan Khashoggi : arms dealing is good business. Plenty money in it !!!
- chiku

Anonymous said...

Where's the Goat?

Anonymous said...

Also good for the economy is tobacco production, sugary drinks marketing, sugar and corn saturated food . Who are the winners and who are the losers in such an economy?

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Anonymous said...

Fiji rugby stars Josaia Raisuqe and Vuidravuwalu Waisea are in jail in Paris for a drunken violence and sexual assault after an incident at a Paris nightspot because the Itauki pussy stinks in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Name- airse khaiyum
Country - fiji
Occupation- Minister for everything
Loan amount needed 2,666,999
Loan Duration- Until I go to jail
Income- $850,0000 per year
Telephone no - 91826853
Business Plan - Destroy Itauki Identity

Anonymous said...

@ anon july 23 1.57pm. Enough veiboicici in the barracks dreaming of the noble intentions of our cowardly army and the positive benefits to the economy. Enough mokusiga and pull your gun muzzles from each others assholes. You guys are only undisputable common factor that are part of these coups in Fiji. Go fight a real war then maybe you'll earn back our respect. Not those sheltered peacekeeping roles that you cannot defend yourselves against.

Anonymous said...

@anon July 25, 12.15 PM
You spot on!

Anonymous said...

Where is the Former prime minister Gar Arse now. He should be leader of SODLPA party Instead Ram Buka

donald trumpet said...

Qarase is scared of the gun and chowdhary is also scared of being locked up for another 56 days.

A arse thinks no one can lock him up since RFMF is protecting him.
He does not know that others are watching him and lock him and RFMF for the cause of the coup.

Anonymous said...

@Chiku July 24 10:58AM
The Bushmaster is with the Fiji Army for one purpose only and that is to CONTROL and ABUSE the local population.
These muthufuckers dont know how to fight Arabs in flipflops and Bushmaster wont help them.
The Bushmaster is to intimidate the local population during Election time.

This is how the Jewish Mafia QORVIS works.

Nanuma beka o ira na kaisi qo QORVIS, ni da sega ni kila na qito era kitaka tiko. Kemuni na sotia ni vamuri Bainimarama tu ga kei QORVIS. Sa rauta mo ni boi sonasona tu ga kina.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous July 24, 12.33 PM
I agree with completely. Chiku

Bai said...

I wont let Chaudhary stand again in the elections. He won against Rabuka and may win again if the Indians support him. I am stealing his votes so I can remain as PM.

I cannot go back to 2000 where I ousted him behind the scenes and have him as my boss. No I am the boss and no one else except my muslim brother Khaiyum we are partners in crime.


Sobosobo, The bushmaster will be the last escape vehicle out of Suva, maybe it is amphibious. You see ,when the new Government rolls into office , they'll be using the living document of the State, the 1997 constitution. So only Rabuka and friends will enjoy that immunity, not these dopeys from 2009. It will like George Speight's time, when he captured the government but got stuck in the parliament complex. sobosobo, how can you run the government from one building aye maadarchod? Pagalaa aye maadarchod !!!! So you can't run government from the bushmanster . WE THE PEOPLE OF FIJI WILL RUN YOU LOT OUT OF TOWN AND HANG YOUR HEADS FROM POLES ALONG VICTORIA PARADE LIKE THAT OF MUSSOLINI.......Sobosobo

Anonymous said...

$300m query

Tevita Vuibau
Wednesday, July 26, 2017

THE Office of the Auditor-General says payment anomalies in Government expenditure indicates that ineffective controls exist across Government.

In the audit report Whole of Government Financial Statements and Annual Appropriation Statements 2016, the OAG noted there were numerous payment anomalies in Government expenditure amounting to more than $300 million

Anonymous said...

And this mob grabbed power to " clean up " and give the people of Fiji good governance. Have they done that? Not if the Auditor General's findings of abuse in the use of public funds is anything to go by.
It's time to get rid of this gangster government and restore good democratic governance in Fiji. Chiku

Andrew Hughes said...

I wish the Fijian people well and do hope that proper elections will be held so that a change of government is possible.

If the election is rigged than that will never happen unless the fraudster first party is removed like the previous two governments Qarases and Chadharys

Anonymous said...

Fiji Fuck party members and Arseneel Sudhakar's PAC OF PIFFLE reading Fiji Times. I always thought they do not buy Fiji times . Now they are buying and reading contributing the profit of Fiji Times.

Anonymous said...

Arseneel Sudhakar's PAC OF PIFFLE has 15% shares in Fiji Times and 0% share in Fiji Sun

Anonymous said...

The Fiji Times is the first and best news paper published in the world today. Hats off. I just subscribed to their Eedition. Dump Fiji Sun for good. It should start thinking of their existence...

butadroka said...

Fiji Times keep reporting without fear and intimidation from this government who only likes to hear all positive things but negative is hidden.
A government with debts climbing and many want out except the junglee Fiji Indians it will be interesting to see if it remains ruling after 2018 elections.

Anonymous said...

It not the junglee indians but the Gujis who are the worst. they the ones who are wealthy and donate to the whoever is the ruling party to get favourable treatment for their business, loans, licences etc.

Anonymous said...

The Minister for Defence calls on for an increase in the capability of the Fiji Naval Division whilst officiating at the Fiji Navy Day. Inoke Kubuabola said that "there is a need to increase the Navy Personnel from 300 to 1000."Thanks Kubuabola,now this idea of increasing of man power and receiving more equipment has been confirmed.Kubuabola says strategies to equip and provide the tools for the increase in manpower will have to be considered.He says Fiji is a maritime nation and a island state which demands its waters and seas protected.Vinaka Defence Minister we shall be in negotiations in the near future about purchasing Fijis first naval warship and the state of the art naval patrol boats for coastal defence duties.Lets try to get this done by 2035 because we've also got ongoing negotiations about purchasing and delivering RFMFs first 5 set of battle tanks.

Anonymous said...

JEWISH EVIL SATANIC MAFIA QORVIS trying to bring e-ticketing again.
Like I said this farkng Mafia should be kicked out of the country.
They are trying to bring in the Cashless Society and its not to help you people but TO MAKE THEM CONTROL YOU MORE.

E-ticket rolls out on August 1

Nasik Swami
Saturday, July 29, 2017

Sayed-Khaiyum. Picture: FILE+ Enlarge this image

Sayed-Khaiyum. Picture: FILE

ALL buses in the country will accept fare through an e-Transport card under the new electronic-ticketing system from August 1.

The more than $6 million e-ticketing system, which will be operated by Vodafone Fiji Ltd, was launched yesterday.

Commuters will still be able to use cash until October 1, after which payments can only be made using the electronic card.

Registration begins from today.

For more on this story, please pick up a copy of today's edition of The Fiji Times newspaper or subscribe to our E-Edition.

Anonymous said...

and not the fiji sun

Spark Orpon said...

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Anonymous said...

The Speaker, Jiko Luveni said that she lets MPs fight with words before she gets up from her seat to diffuse it. This not not correct. She has a too heavy butt that takes time to bring and balance on its feet. Speaker not fit to be.

Masla Mani said...

There cab be a better speaker for the house. The public accounts committee is a worry, generally it should be made up of opposition parties not government members. Again this was done to hide all the scrutiny against the government.

This government does not like anything negative said about it so it can rule as long as it wants and people are hoodwinked both kai viti and kai india thinks this government is a god send when only criminals are ruling it by decree and false power created to protect only themselves.
If this government was true and sincere than they as well as Bala and Kean would be in prison for the crimes they have committed.

Deceptive bainimarama calls himself PM he has no experience in public life before. Maybe all political parties in Fiji should join the RFMF they are the ones ruling who will govern.

What a joke the government of the day is the BOSS not the military.

The military is subservient to the government of the day no matter which party is ruling.

Anonymous said...

@ Masla Mani
What you say is correct and insightful but the last bit needs qualifying. The military is subservient to the government of the day no matter which party is ruling is a genuine democracy. In Fiji's current case the party ruling has been installed and propped up by the military.
- chiku

Anonymous said...

Ff Government now has an idea that winning next year's elections will be tough for them. Now, they seem to know solutions to every problem in the country, thus throwing out money like no body's business. They're just making hard for the next government.

Anonymous said...

Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has called for the responsible use of social media saying some people in Fiji have spread hatred and racism on social networking sites.

Speaking to students at the University of Fiji Vice‑Chancellor's lecture, Sayed-Khaiyum said some would argue that if you read what is going-on on social media, people are actually moving backwards.

"people are actually moving backwards." Correction! People living in Fiji never even progressed forward to begin with.Ever since 1987 the country went backwards and stood idle.Futhermore if you're so concerned about the spread of hatred and racism then why isn't there any interest groups who are against hate and racism demonstrating a counter movement?Wheres all those lefties at who say they hold the high moral ground and will rescue Fiji?Their NGO's and advocates receiving enough monies to spread their influence and educate the public or what?Rajend Naidu what have you got to say about this?Are you going to walk the talk or stay in your Ivory tower in Sydney living in denial?

Anonymous said...

Sayed-Khaiyum said some people say that if you don’t allow us to say this on Facebook then you are taking away our right to freedom of expression but he stresses that every right has limitations

They can say whatever the fuck they want to say but banning Facebook isn't breaking any laws.There are no rights to have a Facebook profile or visit its webpage.Even Facebook bans its own users who violates their terms and conditions.If the AG and others don't like what their people are saying and it is of a hatred/racist nature then report the profile poster to Facebook and they will review the case.If it violates their rules,terms and conditions they simply shut the account down and ban access to it.

Valataka na Dina said...

Sayed Khaiyum is a Liar and a Thief. But people are in his party because of money. When they are there the are fully supporting FFP and then one day Sayed kicks them out and they finally realise they are shit.
Yes that includes you Kalouniwai and all your dumbass Fijian soldiers.
Ni yavu tamata ulukau.
Ni sega ni kila na ka e cakava tiko vei kemuni na tamata lawaki ca qo o Kaiyum. Kubuabola tale ga na tamata limuri. Lai Coup , lai SVT, oti ya toki tale I yasana dua LIUMURI tiko ga mai liu me yacova mai qo.
Qori sa lai liumuri taki kemuni na I taukei baleta na Police Recruitment etc.
Kemuni na sotia mo ni vakarusa na tamata qori o Kaiyum.Ni sega ni kila tiko ni o Kaiyum e saga tiko me kauta tani na qele vaka itaukei. Ni yavu vutusona ulukau. Ni veicai kei nomuni boso o Kaiyum.

Masla Mani said...

Khaiyum may be a lair and a thief but Bainimarama is the one that is making that happen. He is a Fijian muslim and that is why he will betray the military but not his muslims friends.

He should change his name to Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama Khan.
If Bainimarama is dead tomorrow then no one will support Khaiyum as PM or senior minister for everything.
Remember a vote of Bainimarama is a vote for Muslims and RFMF.

chootu bhai said...

Your PM Bainimarama says "he represents every Fijian " quote.

Well Qarase represented every Fijian up till 2006 and Chaudhary also had the majority of citizens who backed him in 1999.

By removing two sitting PM he cannot hail himself as saviour.
He only represents his family and friends and his wallet.

He is a demon looking after his own needs and bribes the RFMF with giving them a healthy budget so they keep him in power.
The moosalahs have also joined the band wagon. Saneem and Khaiyum who one was unknown prior to the coup are now famous people in Fiji under the crimes they have committed.

Valataka na Dina said...


Bainimarama and the Jewish Mafia QORVIS brought him in.

Revelation 13:16-17

16 And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, [a]to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, 17 and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.

The e-ticketing bus system is a way of bringing in the NUMBER SYSTEM.

So that everyone in Fiji will hav a number. Otherwise you cant take the bus.
After that they will introduce it to the TAXIs then Carrier Trucks.

SO VERY QUICKLY YOU CAN SEE THAT IF THE GOVERNMENT DOESNT LIKE YOU then they wipe off your Bank Account and now you cant get on the bus. Hahahahaha.
You will suddenly find your card invalid and you cant borrow money etc
YES NOW ALL FIJIANS ARE FUCKED. Fijian fijians or Indian Fijians or Chinese Fijians, NOW YOU ARE ALL FUCKED.

These e-ticketing system, the TIN Number etc etc is ALL about Controlling the population.
QORVIS brought it about under Satan's instruction as revealed there in Revelations 13: 16-17
And now the banks wants you to use a CARD to buy stuff at the supermarket
Yes you people of Fiji are slowly being fucked by Satan and his henchmen QORVIS, Bainimarama and Kaiyum.
Yes you are all fucked now.
Kubuabola is part of Satan's gang too.
He is their spokesman.
He is fucked up too.

I'm afraid the only winning team is to side with Jesus.

GOAT aka the horned one, said...

With that pronouncement, it looks like everyone in Lautoka was fucked by the Rabuka government when all telephones were given the 666 prefix. Even the bible college in luvu and all the churchs in Lautoka have 666 as the beginning of their telephone number....areh waah, VALATAKA NA DINNER. DON'T GO TO CHURCH IN LAUTOKA OR DON'T LISTEN TO ANY CHURCH EVANGELISING IN LAUTOKA, SA, 666 QORI. !!
I shall make space for you in my fire pit aka HELL. Some call me GOAT,others call me bealzebub, whilst others refer to me satan and some have even named me LUCIFER, now V. N. DINA since we've chatted here , and you now know who iI am, you can call me LUCI for short.

Sir Peter Jackson said...

The Ratus should be running the country not Bainimaramas or Muslims

Fiji Muslim League has now a seat in parliament as member for Porkistan.

Anonymous said...

FFP the Biggest Criminal.

"Be fearless in crime prevention: Ratu Inoke

Friday, August 04, 2017

Update: 2:48PM CRIME and the fear of crime have significant personal, social and economic impacts on our communities.

Therefore, efforts to fight crime and prevent crime should be inculcated in our daily lives.
"We certainly, can be as fearless and daring in crime prevention. We can exhaust all avenues, resources and use the best tools available to us, our confidence in each other to fight crime."

Anonymous said...

Heavy discussions on rape among Police personnel

Friday, August 04, 2017

Update: 4:28PM RAPE was heavily discussed on the third day of the Executive Regional Police Training despite it being one of the most sensitive topics that the participants found uncomfortable unpacking.

Even the Fiji Army following their example and sticking their gun into the anus of people they interrogate.

Twenty-two executive level police personnel from around the Pacific are taking on a specific challenge this week to reflect on current processes and procedures when dealing with cases of violence against women (VAW) in Nadi.

Anonymous said...

Dumb Fijians at it again,this time exploiting children at the savusavu carnival.So Viti Fm and Fm96 decided to remove the videos of a presenter degrading children on stage but still hasn't made a public apology.These dumb fucking vermins love degrading their children. Fijians love asking children what color is their moms penties?How does your mom pupu?Does your mom like having vudi?No wonder there's no intellectuals in Fiji,you only have to look at how they treat,educate and entertain their young ones to comprehend how inferior they are.Rajend Naidu,nows the time for you to walk the talk.Are you going to contact the events management team of Viti Fm and Fm96 to advise them on media ethics and ethical content?What about all those holier than thou bloggers,you lefties are going to step forward yet?

Tomasi said...

One person actually stunned a group having a bowl of grog. "I have been looking, watching,listening, reading and learning about all that has been happening in Fiji since 2000 until today. Fiji has a very good future ahead. Do not worry." The others shouted, "Hey, are you drunk or mad?"

Then the man said, "No, please listen. There are only two problems in Fiji. It is not cyclones, tsunamis, disease, crime, or wolves in religious clothes. There are only two problems. If we can solve the problems, Fiji can be a wonderful place again."

"Bainimarama and Khaiyum. Those are the two problems. And I can remove them tomorrow. Just find someone to give me a gun,I don;t care if it is a pistol or rifle. Give me a gun today. Tomorrow, problems solved. I give you my word."

There was a long silence after that before one said,"Taki".

Anonymous said...

Here come Tomasi the arsehole with his pipe dreams!

Anonymous said...

Tomasi can you try Mortein, its always and easily available at R B Patel supermarket. If you cannot find any just ask Arseneel sudhakar will help you get one.

Anonymous said...

Munda bakra (Ashwin Raj) is calling to avoid radical profiling. People of Fiji will continue to profile until you resign. Is it clear Mr. M. Bakra?

Anonymous said...

Mulli Rosy Akbar coming to Parliament in Burkha

Anonymous said...

Are all the founders of this blog dead. Fiji is at a great point in its history. We will either get our freedom back or loose the country for ever. The elections next year will determine the future of this country like never before and yet this blog once a hive of activity seems to be completely silent on so many relevant issues. Instead it has become a place for scam loan givers and vile human beings who are racist and bigoted most with a fascination for "vudi". Come on blog owners wake up.


Anonymous said...

@Ali baba well why don't you take the first step and tell everyone your ideas and issues that need addressing.If you think this blog is filled with vile,racist and bigoted human beings than you clearly haven't seen much of the world.Theres far more bigger,vicious,poisonous and barbarous nasty dogs out there than keyboard warriors on coupfourpointfive.Pay no attention to the "vudi" comments,you never know someone on the other end may have a mental illness and is in need of seeking help.Maybe the individual comes from a history of abuse?or just a troll out there trying to have fun and disrupting the flow of communication.

There could be various reasons for why theres slience,maybe bloggers don't have access to the Internet?Some have other commitments to attend to.Maybe there all busy working and trying to pay off bills?Maybe some have moved on to other blogs and social media?Maybe Kishore Kumaar told them that only Rajend Naidu and Victor Lal comments on coupfourpointfive?Maybe some have stopped supporting Sodelpa and NFP?

I wouldn't be too worried about the 2018 election as the Fiji First Party will simply win again.

Rosemary Gupta said...

I have visited Fiji two weeks ago and from what I heard the majority of Fijians are backing the current government and are happy with the way the things are.
I have been old that old timers like Chaudhary and Rabuka are finished and they are now too old and should retire instead of wasting their time too govern again.

So its up to the Fijian people now and from my predictions there will be no change in government in fact they may even win with bigger numbers....

So this blog is a waste of time for pathetic loosers writing rubbish to incite hatred and disunity.

Anonymous said...

Rosemary please tell us more about yourself. Who are you? Did you visit Fiji as an academic, journalist, trade unionist, tourist or what?
Who did you rub shoulders and other parts with in Fiji?

Anonymous said...

Rosemary people in Fiji say the cost of living is very high and the minimum wage of $2.68 is very low. Many cant afford to buy groceries and other essentials. The current Government has allocated $9 million for a golf tournament when the people are confronted with a situation of inadequate medicine in hospitals and kidney dialysis facilities. What do you say to that?

Anonymous said...

The UN is currently looking into the issues of inequality and minimum wages paid across the world.There has been a proposal from radical left wing groups for a universal basic income which they say has the potential to eradicate poverty, to make work pay and to ensure that all citizens can live in dignity.As a general definition, a universal basic income would be an unconditional basic income given to each individual irrespective of their other income. At this stage, everything else needs to be defined, including what proportion of the current system would be replaced by a UBI. We should be sincere in our approach to this issue by saying that its successful implementation would require a revolutionary shift in attitudes towards social security.

A basic income has long been a leftist parties policy, so I am very apprehensive and sceptical about such an idea been implemented.I can only touch on the wide range of questions that will need to be answered in order to implement such a scheme. Who will be eligible for basic income? What will be the rate of payment? Over what timeframe will it be implemented? Most important, can the affordability of such a scheme be demonstrated? Having clear answers to these questions is vital, but that will not be enough,we will also need the political will to make changes.

Anonymous said...

Below is a link of Philip Alston report, who is a UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights.The document is in pdf format.


Rosemary Gupta said...

I visited as a tourist and I did not meet any government officials or any other political parties, I only came as a tourist and what I have heard from the Fijian people was only good things about the current government.

I know no matter how hard the government tries you cannot please everyone but there are always people who try to incite hatred and instability for no reason at all.
Why can't everyone let the voters make the decision when the time comes and accept the decision and move on with life.

I agree there is poverty in Fiji but that was since independence. Fiji is a lovely place and the people are much nicer than the overseas countries.

The hatred between Indians and Fijians must be destroyed and each one must act as a model citizen for the future of the country.

Here is Australia we have our own issues with likes of Pauline Hanson who is another person that creates instability and hatred and division in the society.

I wish Fiji all the best of luck and may you all work together without judging ethic background, race, or religion and work towards peace and prosperity of the country.

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Rosemary Gupta, you are well meaning but naive. As a tourist your grasp of the true state of Fiji politics and society would at best be superficial. How long did your tourist visit last? Where did you stay?

Anonymous said...

I don't see what's the big worry about Pauline Hanson and her influence on society.I doubt she's creating a lot of hate and instability,maybe some leftist liberals aren't capable of producing strong arguments against her beliefs of the way a society should be?Maybe they're putting the wrong people forward to debate her against the many topics she and her supporters advocates for such as anti multiculturalism,anti Islam and white chauvinism?Hatred will always exist no matter the style of governance there's always that individual or groups who will disagree and disrupt.It is when you refuse them their freedom of speech and expression they tend to thrive.

I saw the video of Pauline Hanson entering the Australian senate with a burqa and the statements she later made.The response to her political stunt was the same old political correctness bullshit.Why not discuss the issues she mentions head on,let no stone be unturned,every can of worms opened and revealed.Now I understand these are some complicated and complex issues but if we want to progress society on social and economic issues we've got to tackle the most difficult and sophisticated problems.Even if some topics may offend some citizens it still needs to be investigated and debated.

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