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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Fiji at the brink of change ..... again

Made in China ...Chinese police with their captives from Fiji

I'm sure we will all agree that Fiji is a happening place.

From parties at the nightclubs, water cuts, power cuts, gossip on social media and a whole band of Chinese police direct from China, living up to the Made in China phrase, arresting their own citizens in the friendly islands.

The coconut wireless is overactive and hyperactive with gossip in Fiji. For a small population, Fiji generates so much news daily.

As Fiji prepares for elections, we’ve been silently observing developments.

First coup leader Sitiveni Rabuka has emerged as a major player to win the next election; he has climbed the ranks out of the dark like a ninja to lead the SODELPA party.

Two coup leaders, Frank Bainimarama and Rabuka fighting each other for a position they once took by force by misusing their military positions. Bainimarama is still in power, though he and his Fiji First party will argue they were elected by the people in the last democratic elections.

Which takes us to the recent Tebutt-Times poll (TTP). Who does these polls!

So, according to the latest TTP Franky is way ahead and more popular. In fact, 76 per cent of those surveyed said they were happy with the State's performance.

As with all the TT polls, this one needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

Chances are this poll was influenced by the Fiji First party or the people surveyed were those already patriotic to the Fiji First Party.

Let's face it, a majority of people in Fiji just want to put food on the table. Previously, they weren't interested in politics but since Frank Bainimarama, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and their Merry Men took power, the shit has hit the fan.

The cost of living has skyrocketed, basic services are not being provided, media censorship is still invisibly in place, citizens know that you can't bad mouth the government in power or you and your family will be dealt with.

In short, Fiji is not free and hasn't been since 2006. The Laisenia Qarase government was corrupt but at least Fiji was still free. The media could report as it's supposed to, people could criticise openly without fear of being beaten up and Qarase and his family, as much as they could, did not openly flaunt their status.

So where to now for Fiji? Do we elect the father of all coups Sitiveni Rabuka or Frank Bainimarama? 

Or will it be safer to elect someone from another party like the NFP?

The next election can be swayed; it just needs a good strategy - maybe the youth of Fiji can influence change and bring about the free land that Fiji needs.

But only if Franky's boys are not rigging the ballot boxes.


Anonymous said...

New president-elect of the Methodist Church, Reverend Epineri Vakadewavosa, says he wants to address the membership decline.

The membership has dropped from 198,610 last year to 196,534 this year. They dropped so low and will further drop and are will be converted in Indian. khaiyum has manage to converted one Methodist to Porkistani.

Anonymous said...

This is a very perceptive and well written piece on the prevailing political situation in Fiji. I congratulate the writer(s). I agree with all aspects of the analysis except the bit about the youth in Fiji being a potential force of change. Today's youth are mostly apolitical and ignorant of Fiji's history and the post coup struggle to restore democracy and citizens rights.
- chiku

Suomynona said...

You pretty much summed it all up C4.5, couldn't have said it better myself since Franky and his clan would literally silence anyone who dare say anything about them even though they can never do anything right.

The country is technically screwed already and yet two ringleaders notorious for the coups are going for elections that I prefer NFP instead at least. Any party that wins is fine with me as long as its not Rambo or Franky and his second-in-command Ayarse who's been playing Minister for Everything all throughout.

Anonymous said...

Very soon all the Methodist will be converted to Indian and than the Fiji will be very peaceful country to live in.

Anonymous said...

You have yourself put it quite succinctly. Let's hope the election is free and fair and not a farce as the last one staged by the " two ringleaders " of the last coup!

Anonymous said...

Someone ought to persuade me as to why the individual Fijian youth of today is a potential force for change?Excluding the UN agencies,academia and NGOs,what has the Fijian government and the private sector done to empower the individual youth to drive social and economic progress in Fiji? Please provide a full list of such new and innovative projects,don't tell me about some workshop funded by the UN or through Foreign aid.Furthermore make sure that the list of projects were done because the people of Fiji wanted such a program not because government had to uphold some UN convention treaty.

Let us be honest and not fool ourselves,does the individual Fijian youth today truly has a say and influence on government policies?Can the individual youth of today get a permit to organise inclusive events, rallies, meet ups and policy consultations for political education and mass mobilisation for a more democratic,equally free,independent and decent society?Does the individual youth of today's voice matter or simply shunned upon and made to look an idiot because it is not in line with some political leaders plans he/she has for Fiji? Is it a myth or fact that all Fijian youths of today are left free to form their own political leanings, opinions,independent of their thoughts,values,beliefs and making decisions?

Anonymous said...

Fiji is the worst place to live and has the dumbest leader. Fiji needs no coup-makers. Military is the biggest bully. Choose and vote NFP.

Anonymous said...

Fiji maybe disintegrating into its worst but she has a lot of potential to get herself out of it.Theres a lot of talk about the increasing of teachers salaries and creating new leaders within the public sector.However there is no mention of adult up skilling within the public and private sector workforce,which is a particularly difficult omission.Without action in these areas, Fiji will not tackle the critical skills emergency which is holding back the economy.One of the biggest single factors affecting the education of children and young people is the quality of teaching,does the past,current and future government agree with the principle that it is appropriate to ensure that Fiji must have excellence in teaching and that they improve teaching if they can?If everyone agrees then how can one defines and measures teaching excellence?I wouldn't be surprised if there was an increase in foreign workers from 2014 to 2018 filling vacancies that Fijians lack the ability to perform,despite the endless amounts of talk about the country having so many unemployed youths with diplomas,bachelor degrees,masters and PHDs.

It has been reported that unemployment in Fiji has dropped but wages are still low.Whether you're a believer of such a report I still remain sceptical about it.Since 1987, The country have witnessed a humiliating climbdown on educational standards,when will politicians who enter the Government finally wake up to the fact that their plans on education were entirely unacceptable to parents, teachers, and the wider public?The people of Fiji have only themselves to blame for today's youths being apolitical and ignorant of their countrys history.Just take a look at the 32 year old peeping Tom who was charged recently,that's just another failed product of society.He was probably born in the 80s and lived life through Rabuka,George Speight and Bainimaramas coup.

Anonymous said...

Eternal vigilance is a Must to ensure a free and fair election.
Here's a letter by one John Karapka from PNG that the recent PNG elections wasn't.
" ... If democracy is for me, why were my family and I, tribesmen, and the people of my beautiful Tolu council ward deprived of our constitutional right to vote for the leader of our choice? Our ballot boxes were allegedly taken into Kerowil, Singirok Barracks, where voting took place under the watch of security officials. An amateur footage showed what happened. Isn't that enough evidence for Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato to allow the six disputed boxes to be counted again? My family and I did not vote in this election because we were intimidated and threatened not to enter the polling station. Is this what we call free, fair and safe election ?"
( The Southeast Asian Times 17/08/17, First published in the National, 11/08/17 ).
Crooked things can happen in elections if people take their eyes off the election game.
We have had allegations of crooked things happening in our elections as far back as 1982!
Rajend Naidu

GOAT said...

I heard Rabuka speak last night at a seminar ,and he was sooo articulate ,that even Aiyaz sounds like a child in his presence let alone Voreqe who shares Donald Trump's vocabulary of "SAD,BAD MAD". If there was a leader's debate, then you'd get a first hand look at the 2 QORVIS inspired boys vs Rabuka.
This coming elections will be won by Mr Rabuka and his 1997 constitution....most certainly not Voreqe and Aiyaz. The supervisor of elections on the other hand MUST KNOW about what the results are going to be as he was busy telling his barber the other day that if they( him included) lost the elections, then they're all going to jail. His barber ,also mine shied away from asking any further questions due to my presence in the shop.

Anonymous said...

Civil Service Reform Unit Director Jane Curran is a fat cow, Khaiyum is doing lot of milking.

Anonymous said...

Aiyaz khaiyum drinking healthy milk from this fat cow Jane Curran.

Tomasi said...

Thank you C4.5 for the article. A food for thought and appropriate action.

On the CSR and its Director Jane Curran, we may have several sides to the story.

As Victor has done in Fiji Leaks, we may rightfully ask what Khaiyum thinks or says about the lady consultant’s attitude and actions , because the buck stops with the twin dictators. They are ultimately responsible for everything that happens under their dictatorship.

But, by doing so, we are allowing the silent majority of FFP parliamentarians to sit and watch and walk along doing nothing. So much has happened since 2006? More has happened since 2014. Things are not getting better but worse. We are not fooled by all the public charades and media propaganda. This has been going on for too long. These two buggers are destroying our society. When will we hold them accountable? But when will we the people demand our dues from those political stooges in parliament ? I believe they are most responsible for the continued destruction of our society by these two dictators?

I am sure that many MPs are well-meaning people, and are very capable leaders and decision makers. This includes many FFP members. But most choose to remain safe and silent. Why can’t they speak out about vital issues that concern our nation? Why do they allow Bai and Khai to rule without impunity over them and the nation? Is it their positions and salaries that make them numb and dumb?

If FFP politicians are listening, please be honourable for once. Do the honourable thing. Stand up for what is right. Speak up and be heard. Stop kowtowing to the two dictators. We know many of you were very good people. What happened? Have you lost your voices or your sense of pride and concern for Fiji? We have been watching you. Please act now and be counted. Or you can resign, because you do not deserve to be paid for your silence and cowardice.

By the way, we must also consider the very real possibility that the Oz consultant may be telling us a bitter truth about the cadre and quality of Fijian leadership today. She has not minced her words on her judgement about the intellectual capacity of those in the Education ministry of all places. If what she claims is true, then what must we do about that? Maybe, Khai did not respond because he knows he and Bai are responsible. If Tiko's and Eroni's promotions have been questioned by FTA and others, then the lady may be helping us in sounding an alarm to the nation.

But hey, look at the top executive leadership of our nation today since 2006. Bai, a school dropout, one sentence speaker unable to think on his feet but can only swear and run away from problems or blame others. A thug, torturer and murderer, etc etc. Then you have his runner mate, Yum the bomb maker, mediocre lawyer, financially and morally bankrupt, polygamist and evil mastermind, graduated to AG and Minister of Everything and co-king of the new Fijian Kingdom. So you see folks, Madam Jane may not be condemning our education top brass. She may be genuinely trying to help us by telling us the truth by calling a spade a spade. That's the Ozzie way of doing things.

What is she saying? "Wake up Fiji. You have dumb people leading your Education ministry. They cannot think logically, holistically, anlytically, strategically, out of the cassava plantation syndrome. You better make some changes mates. If not, then do not blame me for not telling you. Your schools will be turning our morons, zombies and good for nothing soldiers and yes people. Your banana dictatorship will become a khabana commune. I am not kidding mates. You have been warned. Thanks"

End of message.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

I agree with Tomasi @ 5.59 AM.
It's too easy to dismiss her criticism as Neo- colonial condensation rather deal with the truth of her criticism which points to the mediocrity that has become the norm in Bainimarama and Khaiyum's so called " merit " based governance. - chiku

Anonymous said...

Finally coup 4.5 ha woken up with a great article.Thank you.

Fiji is really heading towards the most important election in its history. 2018 will define this nation for ever. Either we get our freedom back or we will sink as a nation forever. As a community worker and a business person i talk to people from all works of life. the general feeling i get is that people are fed up of FF. The majority can now see through the "vesumona". Lets have a quick recap of FF parties sordid 11 year history.


This government devalued the dollar by 20% in 2007. They also increased import duty bands. Under Qarase the duty bands were as follows 0%,3%,15%,and 27%. FF moved changed this to 0%,5%,15% and 32%. As a signatory to the Brussels agreement on duty no country can charge beyond 32% so what vampire ASK did he introduced something called exercise tax of 15% and 10%. Most people in Fiji do not know that about 70% of all products coming into Fiji attracts import duties of 32% and about 30% of consumables such as biscuits,confectionery etc attract an additional 15% exercise tax. All plastic ware bags and shoes have also been slapped with an additional charge of 10% in addition to the 32%. When a country sources everything from abroad and in usually US dollars with our dollar being only half the value of the US dollar and with most items attracting such high duties the cost of everything in Fiji will stay sky high. When ASK says that we have reduced duty on fod items he is simply lying and all one has to do is call customs and they will confirm what i am saying. Hell even toothpaste has a duty rate of 15% . Tea and coffee which is consumed by everyone in Fiji is 15%. All sauces, pasta,jams,fruit drinks,peanut butter salad dressing etc is 32%. Most Fijians go through life just complaining about the cost of living without realizing why it is high. Worldwide the cost of living does naturally go up based on normal 4% or 5% inflation but in Fiji our cost of living is directly and artificially increased by the FF party and the 2 man dictatorship prior to that. All opposition parties need to talk about this and they must tell the electorate and inform them as to how and why their food prices and general cost of living has been affected by the FF governemt.

Many folks also complain about locally grown produce being expensive. What most don't realize is that the farmer who could live a comfortable life before with prices of less than $2 a bundle of anything cannot make ends meet anymore with that sort of prices as he also needs to buy tea,sugar and other necessities which have now shot up by about 100% of what it used to cost before. Butter in 2009 used to cost $2.99 for a 500g bar it now costs $10.50 which is a 200% increase. This is criminal particularly when you consider that SC foods the owner of Rewa Dairy has been given some super concessions including no duty on there imports.

My conclusion is that FF has had a direct and profound impact via there policies on the cost of today's cost of living. ASK is a substandard lawyer who thinks he is smarter than the best economic minds in Fiji and his failed "band aid" based policies are backfiring left right and center. Fiji has better leaders and people with the ability to fix the problems we currently have.

We need to talk and those of us in the know must educate the masses who don't know.

I will cover the education system in my next post.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Politicians who will campaign using fear mongering and race bait tactics will have a tough time as many will view them as devoid of content and which offers no solutions to the pressing issues facing the country.So what plans do politicians have that will reverse falling living standards and to make society more fair?Fijians will support growth,however will they support growth of being in insecure low skilled jobs that barely pays to make ends meet?Will they support growth in having their time and labour exploited?Will they support the growth in holding down not just 3 but 4 or 5 more jobs that brings them home at the end of the week after working 60 hours just $250?Will Fijians support the growth of having an unfair distribution of the cake?Will Fijians agree that the issue for many is the quality of those jobs and the value they give you for your time and labour?The fact is that we now have people in employment who literally cannot fend off poverty. I reckon there are many children in Fiji who are living in poverty and they come from families where people are in work. That is the quality of some of the jobs brought about by many previous governments and sadly it's still happening.

Well I'm looking forward to this fair budget of 2018 when FFP is re-elected,please let us measure the impact of that record of tax cuts on the rest of society.My reality is that when it comes to cutting taxes, the rich will be treated to tax cuts while the poorest in society will have to see their services demolished in front of their eyes. Does anyone agree that the increasing levels of poverty in our society are a direct result of the redistribution of wealth from the poorest to the richest under Governments?

Anonymous said...

Blind Followers of Cult Leader
A self styled Hindu " godman " guru has been convicted of the rape of two women followers of his sect. The hippie looking " godman " is regarded by his 50 million plus followers as a saint and thousands of them went on a violent rampage when the court verdict was announced. Some 30 people have been killed and scores injured. These followers are incensed because they believe the " godman " to be innocent ( Aljazeera 26/08 ).
This is common with followers of a cult . They come to believe the leader is infallible.
Time and again it has been shown that many of these so called religious, spiritual, yoga cult leaders are charlatans who con vulnerable people by pretending they have the answers, the panacea for all their worldly ailments.
Far from being infallible these leaders are often afflicted by the same human conditions such as greed, power intoxication, predatory sexual behaviour etc as other ordinary mortals.
The award winning author Ruth Jhabvala captures this phenomenon quite succinctly with the going ons in Hindu ashrams.
I am more inclined to go with what a brilliant writer like Jhabvala tells us than what illiterate Hindu followers of a cult leader say.
We, of course, have the equivalent of these cult leaders in politics, who too pretend they can deliver a utopian society.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

FF Government needs attachment training with real democracies of the world. The way thus government is going, it seems the training camr from Pakistan, China or Somalia.

Anonymous said...

Can someone publish Arse Khaiyum's wife's photo with Burkha.

Anonymous said...

Talking about dodgy leaders of the religious kind what about that Fijian Christian " godman " who impregnated women followers with his "holy water " and is now doing jail time? What about the Indian Christian in Sydney engaged in dodgy property development deals which has separated some vulnerable victims of thousands of dollars of their hard earned money and left them traumatised?
All men of the cloth are not saints. Some are sophisticated scoundrels. - Rajen Naidu

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

First and foremost I'd like to thank the Fijian Government for investing $11.59million to assist the 12,079 micro entrepreneurs under their Micro and Small Business grant initiative.This certainly is a huge boost to the country's economy and much needed by the little man/woman who has been trying to make their business ideas become reality.To these individual entrepreneurs I wish you the very best in your ventures and may success head your way.

Today many Fijians are still waiting for teachers and politicians to step forward and bring about effective education reforms.When will teachers and politicians truly be determined that no person, community or group should be left behind, because in reality no person, community or group has a monopoly on talent. Talent is spread right the way across Fiji, teachers and politicians must work together hand in hand to create an education system that unlocks that talent in everyone and in all parts of the country.I see it as the only way to how Fijians will succeed in finally shifting the dial on improving social mobility in Fiji.

It is critical that Fijians take advantage of two opportunities. The first is the kinds of businesses and industries in the area that are creating jobs and opportunities. The second is a generation of young people who want opportunity to become entrepreneurs or want a career. We should be investing in generating our home grown talent to take advantage of those opportunities, which Fijians all see in their local communities.It is exceptionally important that the Fijian education system works for all, whatever the challenges, not just for a select few.They deserve fairness of opportunity for everyone.

Anonymous said...

No home grown required, get expatriate for the top job.
And who say yes sir to BaiKai.

Anonymous said...

Where's the $300 million missing from the Government from the last financial year 2016 to 2017?
Are Bai and Kai using it to pay Waqavuka Investments in Ireland?

They could supply a lot of Medicine for the outlying hospitals or get a CAT Scan machine that works.
This government is a hopeless government.
The two thieves Bai and Kai should be dealt with like Viliame Soko who was assaulted and killed by Fijian solders after stealing only $40,000.
Bai and Kai stole $300mil last year alone and many more the years before that.

Anonymous said...

The last two post show some thinking people are scrutising the performance of the FF government the way thinking people are meant to.

Anonymous said...

Leadership Style Of A Sultan
That's how one expert analyst said Trump operated in a panel discussion on Trump's presidential pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio a crony, an ideological fellow traveller (NBC ' Meet The Press ' 28/08 ). In the same panel Michael Gerson of The Washington Post said Arpaio had a long " career of dehumanisation ". His target of dehumanisation included Muslims, migrants, refugees and the media. Trump's pardon cast serious questions on his commitment to the rule of law in America.
Here are some other reaction to the pardon sourced from the article ' A middle finger to America ': what people are saying about Trump's first presidential pardon ' ( Yahoo! 27/08 ).
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi : Trump's " pardon of fellow birther Arpaio makes a mockery of rule of law and says communities of colour can be targeted and abused with total impunity ".
The American Civil Liberties Union said the pardon is a " presidential endorsement of racism".
Vanita Gupta, head of the Leadership Conference of Civil and Human Rights ; Trump has " yet again damaged himself ".
Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates : Trump just revealed " his own contempt for our Constitution ".( read more reactions in the full article ).
When Fiji's former PM Qarase acted like a Sultan and granted pardon via CSO to some key actors in the Speight coup that was seen as bad governance and showing empathy and affinity with the racists usurpers. It formed part of the justification for his removal from power by Frank Bainimarama.
Do we have people who operate like a Sultan in the democracy Fiji now has ?
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Indian 'god man ' Gone Inside.
( Indian judge jails ' godman ' for 20 years for rape of two women . the guardian 29/08 ). I wonder if the ' godman ' will perform divine miracles in jail or do the " cha khi pessoing " like other inmates?
In any case it will be a radical change for him.
It might help him come to terms with his true self - that of a mortal human being.
People intoxicated with power or a narcissistic notion of self tend to forget the true nature of our being and existence.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Freedom of Press
UN Human Rights chief says ' Freedom of the Press ' in the US is under threat by President Trump ( Aljazeera 31/08 ). President Trump does not tolerate criticism and he does not want the media to shine the spotlight on his questionable style of leadership. He forgets he is the leader of a democratic nation.
The intolerance of criticism and the suppression of the media follows from a certain kind of leadership.
We get an idea of that kind of leadership in the following observation from the above C4.5 article :
" In short, Fiji is not free and hasn't been since 2006. The Lasenia Qarase government was corrupt but at least Fiji was still free. The media could report as it's supposed to, people could criticise openly without fear of being beaten up..."
So what kind of democracy does post 2006 coup Fiji have if people can't criticise openly and the media can't report fearlessly?
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Poor Leadership
We learn from the Yahoo! 7 article ' Texas pastor Joel Osteen responds to backlash over not opening his mega church to Harvey victims '
( 29/08 ) that after facing days of backlash Texas televangelist Osteen has said the massive Lakewood Church will open its doors to flood victims displaced by tropical storm Harvey.
Osteen had faced a firestorm of online criticism after tweeting prayers for Harvey victims while Lakewood Church, the former home of NBA's Houston Rockets that seats 16,000 people, remained empty.
The pastor needed reminding that the hands that help are holier than the lips that merely pray. In their hour of desperate need the pastor was found wanting.
I wonder what kind of money the televangelist makes out of the same community in good weather ?
Christ would be offended by pastors like that lacking in compassion and empathy.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Media Reveals The Rot.
That is an integral part of the role of the media to ensure accountability, transparency and good governance by the State and the various institutions of state and society in a democracy.
A BBC Panorama investigation revealed there was systemic ill treatment of migrants held in detention in the UK ( BBC 2/09 ).
The investigation showed detainees being " mocked, abused and assaulted " . Nine G4S staff have been suspended and another 5 put on notice.
The Social Affairs Minister highlighting the problems inherent in the detention regime said there was a need to examine " how well is the system working ? ".
The experience from our detention set up in Manus Island and Nauru indicate the system is not working well. Infact the evidence is it has been working appallingly.
The media played a significant role in bringing that to public attention and the resulting calls for change.
Rajend Naidu

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