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Saturday, September 2, 2017

'Adultery email' shows SODELPA weaknesses

Is SODELPA going to stuff it up for the 2018 elections?
Instead of getting its act together on policies that will win them votes next year, the party hierarchy is caught up in email exposures that reveal poor strategy and solidarity in party ranks.
This week's clanger by Saniana Radrodro is not only an example of the shabby communications she provided for SODELPA in 2014, but the fact that SODELPA stills doesn't know how to play to win.
As losers in an election structured to favour military, SODELPA got 15 out of 50 seats and nearly 30 per cent of the vote, a good base to build on.
But a year out from the country going to the polls again, emails calling out each other's adulterous behaviour is exactly the crap that affects the votes of ordinary Fijians.
People in SODELPA, from the likes of Sainiana Radroro to party leader Sitiveni Rabuka himself, need to get it together quickly if it's going to topple the military government of FB.
Sainiana Radroro has explained herself but it's no wonder the party's vulnerable with the kind of correspondence she's putting out for anyone to leak.
Does SODELPA want to win the 2018 elections or not?

Saniana Radroro's email about Rabuka's call for a national poll on adultery
Ni Yadra na veiwekani. I'm optimistic we are all in good health this
Rein it in, please!

I communicate to register my concern and personal disappointment over recent pronouncements by the Party Leader MG Sitiveni Rabuka in the news media specifically the Fiji Times.
I woke up yesterday to phone calls from people over what Mr Rabuka had stated in response to escalating crime rates in Fiji that appeared as front page on this last Tuesday morning the 28th of August, 2017.
In his response as per attached pictures of his statement, the Party leader is calling for a public poll to be conducted to determine how many leaders are engaging in adulterous affairs.
How many are divorcees and etc. the alleged quote by him is as follows:
"It would be very interesting to do a poll at our national leadership level to gauge how many leaders hold moral views.
How many are in adulterous relationships or are divorcees, how many have caused deaths with or without malice, and how many
Pull it together, please!
condone these erosions of moral values ".

This to me shows a man that views himself as above others and one that wants to project he is above reproach.
I am sad. Without going into a personal attack on the Party Leader, let me just say that when his name was being mooted for party leader, some of our leaders asked whether he would be good.
In response, I had personally shared that I was only concerned of his apparent bitterness which shines through emails for example that he sends to the public likewise his public pronouncements that he makes referring to what his own daughter had to suffer. In the process he walks over people like me.
Now in this latest statement he makes, I wonder whether we have the right leader.
After all I want to ask him to tell us who is he referring to in his statement because I can easily pick out all of us who are divorcees in this party and now live happy lives. Also I know of many whose adulterous lives were public, and know likewise that this party has people who had illegitimate children before marriages and some during Marriage, but it's not in our place to judge them or anyone for that matter.
The inference I get from the Party Leader's statement is that it's okay to have affairs as many as you can have and even have children in the process whilst you are married but as long as you stay married. As a female the statement for me sends scary messages. As a feminist as well, I am disappointed to say the least.
I ask that all decent people in this party please encourage Mr Rabuka to reexamine his intentions for joining Sodelpa. Because this party after all was established to assist indigenous Fijians progress, not to be walked over by the very person who has recently joined the party to lead it.
In another statement he also said which is on video that I captured at the recent LeadersForum, that he is someone that doesn't like engaging in protests.
And yet we were there to gather signatures for a petition for free and fair elections which itself is forms of passive resistance or protest so to speak.
I strongly encourage that Mr Rabuka be trained on public engagements and pronouncements. Like I've shared he shows signs of a disturbed and psychologically damaged person. I hope this bitterness which perhaps has been mounting due to what he feels was done to him by we the indigenous people in 1999 resulting in his defeat at the polls, can be flushed out of his system. I am worried that He continues to display for example the character of someone willing to destroy people in his self righteous retribution process. As long as he is not out to avenge those that have wronged him in his view.
In another example, In a recent media release last year he had also claimed publicly that his own people from SVT and his traditional leader had been responsible in stabbing him in the back during SVT days and they were engaged in ousting him from the position of Chairman ofCakaudrove Provincial Council.
These public pronouncements make me really question his ability to remove his personal bitterness from his leadership.
I leave these here and seek your understanding to help us help him help Fiji.
Is he the right leader given to us by our maker or was it manipulated for him to assume the position? Such things will reflect on his performance. And I hope he does not become a liability for the party and for all freedom lovers in Fiji. We want to win next year's elections and we need a leader that helps us be victorious.
You will note his statements of recent are now the subject of jokes on social media by politicians from other parties. That's sad and this definitely will cost us as a party. I hope we don't get to not only lose next year but in fact win less seats than in 2014.
Vinaka Saka and may good sense prevail today. God bless always.


Anonymous said...

It is not uncommon to have disturbed and psychologically damaged people as national leaders. Does anyone require examples? - chiku.

Anonymous said...

When Will The Bastardry Stop?
Dr K William writes " ... given the clear government disregard for the physical abuses and mental degradation during the more than four years many refugees have been imprisoned on Manus Island and on Nauru ... It is laughable that [ Immigration Minister ] Peter Dutton has now been announced as the minister for a larger, less manageable Department of Home Affairs. To date, he has been totally unable, or very reluctant, to resolve these issues and has taken Australia from a country of fairness and decency to one recognised globally as not adhering to basic human rights. When is this bastardry going to stop? ( Canberra Times 2/09/17 ).
That's a very good question posed by Dr Williams.
It's a question applicable in other settings.
Remember once Fiji was said to be what the rest of the world should be.
What's been said about Fiji these days after the serial rape of democracy there?
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Just shows not much has been done to seek the views of the public and interested parties and that Sodelpa has not looked at what is appropriate, proportionate and in the public interest.Could this be the core of Sodelpas campaign, on whether politicians have an adulterous behaviour?Just imagine what the ordinary Fijian would think when they see this.They want people to agree that we have to look at this issue with a partisan view and accept that in all our parties, as much as it hurts us, there are people who do not represent our values? For some politicians to suggest that it is only one party doing it is wrong.

This issue does nothing for the people of Fiji but to only abuse adulterous politicians online and publicly.It will probably lead to having 80% of adulterous politicians being verbally and physically abused.Why couldn't these political parties have their candidates vetted before being selected to represent the party?Why couldn't they have a parties politicians/candidates code of conduct?Shouldn't this issue be a political parties internal affairs problem?Let those who have membership of their chosen political party decide on these matters.

Let us look at an issue that is of public interest regarding law enforcement personnel and corruption.Will politicians ever intend to reform elements of the police disciplinary system to improve transparency and justice and to strengthen protections for police whistleblowers?Will government ever launch a public consultation on introducing for such measures?Submissions to the consultation will be important in helping to inform the Government’s thinking.The integrity of the men and women who work in the police service of Fiji is critical to public trust in policing. Real or perceived misconduct or corruption dents that trust and makes policing by consent more difficult. The vast majority of police officers behave appropriately and conscientiously, which makes it even more important to root out misconduct and malpractice and hold those responsible to account.People want to ensure that the systems and processes that deal with misconduct by police officers are robust, independent and transparent to the public.

Tomasi said...

Assuming this communication by Sai is a true reflection on the personalities and characters vying for national political leadership, there is more reason to be concerned about our nation. There is a time and a place for everything under the sun. It requires much wisdom, genuine humility, perception and understanding, purity of heart, and great courage to be in the right place, saying and doing the right things and become that effective agent of positive change. Such a combination of qualities are more rare amongst us, for it is not necessarily the type of character that our modern systems of morals, education and business strive for.

Rabuka is to be commended for highlighting the need for us to protect our morals and ethics and to be remind us all that our spiritual state does affect our physical circumstances. "Righteousness exalts a nation, sin is a reproach to any people" But some may take umbrance by the fact that Rabuka the messenger and the message he is trying to communicate do not match.

Sai has used the above to question the suitability of Rabuka's appointment as the party leader. This may be her exercising her freedom to speak, but therein lies the rub. Sai has a personal stake in this matter. So her message is being clouded or shrouded by her personal motives and circumstances. The above scenarion is being repeated.

Both Rabuka and Sai are part of a syndicate who have promoted themselves as the better leaders of our nation. They are engaging in a personal conversation about a personal topic of great imporatance- our personal morality and national leadership. This exchange has become public, and it does not help either Rabuka, or Sai or the party they both belong to. But it benefits those who seek the demise of the party and the people involved.

Anonymous said...

Matthew 7:1-2 (ESV)
1 “Judge not, that you be not judged.
2 For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you.

Even Jesus said to the woman who was accused(key word)of adultery, "I also will not condemn you. Go and SIN NO MORE."

Please Sai and Rabuka, Forgive and build each other up. The opponents might simply win by default. Let us focus on them and not waste our energy fighting against each other.

Rabuka has been chosen as leader and many are looking to him to deliver us the victory for our up coming battle.

May God alone Judge and Bless us as we strive to make this country a better place for everyone.

Andrew Hughes said...

The infighting between opposition parties will only make the FFP win again.

NFP is the only one who has a chance so does SODELPA as long as it does not bring in its primitive policies again.

I still think that FFP will win as the oppositions are too weak and not united and ready to govern Fiji again.

Anonymous said...

Adultery .Hmmm. Isnt that par for the course. Mara and that Muslim lady doctor in Sigatoka, Rabuka and Wainikiti, Chaudhary and Asha Lakhan! Maybe this is the reason Rajendra Chaudhary is raving and ranting on his FB page and asking for Sai's head. Junior Chaudhary likes to point fingers at others without noting the log up his arse!

Tomasi said...

To think that FFP will win again because of the poor quality of opposition is to assume that they had legitimately 'won' a properly conducted election in 2014. It is also to assume that the same process would be replicated to hand them the win in 2018. The truth is far from that.

FFP engineered the election process in 2014, controlled its processes, manipulated the people and systems involved, in order to obtain the results that favoured them and which legitimised the military dictatorship they had fostered upon us. Since then, they have embarked on a mix of strategies in order to strengthen that dictatorship in the hands of the two kings and their cronies.

In 2014, FFP needed to win for the sake of legitimacy, respectability, credibility and survival. Had they not won, the realities would have dramatically changed and some of the key personalities parading around the country and globetrotting would have been locked up in the re-education centres at Naboro or Korovou.

However, the stakes are even higher in 2018. FFP realises that they have more compelling reasons to win one way or the other. Just as in 2014, FFP has no other option but to win fairly or by crook. Stealing the elections again is nothing to them. If they can steal the government, rob us of millions of dollars of tax revenues, tortured and murdered innocent people, rigged our justice system, bribed and controlled our security forces, silently installed an islamic caliphate, control all lands and national wealth, deleted the rights of Fijian chiefs and wrote their own constifusion, what is an election to them? It is just the logical, necessary, critical, nut on the bolt for perpetual and absolute control over a nation that has largely become a group of welfare recipients and beggars who have lost their sense of pride and self respect and fear of God.

But hang on folks, 2018 will never be like 2014. This time around, it will be much more difficult, because of the people and because of one person -Sitiveni L Rabuka. Rabuka alone represents the single-most feared threat to the BaiYum dictatorship. While FFP has plans 1, 2 and 3, Siti will have in place measures and counter-strategies to nullify FFP's plans. In terms of military strategy alone, Bai is a mere toddler playing in the sands of destiny that Siti knows only too well. While BaiYum may need maps and directions to refer to, Siti knows every move like the back of his hand.

I do not recommend the militarisation of Government. However, the twin bullies of Fiji now have a master bully to deal with. Both of these parties are responsible for Fiji's current banana state, so let us just let them sort themselves out in a fair and just fight. FFP cannot cheat this this time, never mind NADRA or TADRA. According to BG Sitiveni Rabuka, there is no way Bai and Yum will be in Government come post election 2018. Sa dri yani.

Anonymous said...

Voreqe Bainimarama and Sayed Khaitum are both sexual perverts. They both commit adultery on females, and Voreqe commited adultery by pissing and shitting on the cassava.

Beranaliva said...

There is a rumour that one or two officials that went with PM to Rio, Brazil told their friends that Mr PM led them into a strip club. Well, if thats his idea of fun thats ok with me. But in the hype of sex crimes and violence against women and children, the PM decided to go and watch young girls show their privates, thats wicked. What happened in the strip club nobody knows. Nemani Delaibatiki of Fiji Sun can ask PM himself and print it for all to see.
However, if there are people who will vote for sexual perverts than I guess thats their choice. On both sides we have sexual issues. No one is perfect though.

Suomynona said...

By the looks of it, Rambo just can't seem to change up and that fiasco within SODELPA is bound to bring them down if they don't pull themselves together and get a grip, especially the coup ringleader himself who is leading them.

Disturbed and psychologically damaged persons are nothing new considering how they're all caught up in their tiny ego that they just can't seem to let the bitterness go and just move the fack along already. Meanwhile Rajuta Chaudhary is enjoying the show from his little hole somewhere overseas picking on anything and anyone not realizing his own head stuck up his arse that no one gives a fuck.

An opposition that cannot sort itself out and work together for fack sake is doomed to fail giving Frankie and his playmate Ayarse another win for next year's polls. Just hoping NA DA or whatever that Paki election company is called, doesn't bring its crappy reputation to Suva and just leave it back there in Islamabad while doing its job without doing anyone any favors like some "certain politicians".

benistar said...

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Komai said...

Isnt Rabuka a preacher?

Has he not had kids with other women whilst married? He was a big-time womanizer.

Practice what you preach Mr Fake christian Rabuka...your sins will stay with you in this life and the next. There is a place in Hall for adulterers like you. I hope it greets you soon so you will understand what pain your wife went through.

Did your wife have any kids to other men while you were married?

chootu bhai said...

If Rabuka is a fake and it will be hard for NFP to win as majority of Fijians will not support another Indian PM that leaves FFP to win government again, others are history and once FLP will never win unless Chaudhary leaves the party.

Old timers out , new younger ones in.

Anonymous said...

Spare A Thought For The Plight of The Rohingya Muslims Persecuted By The Myanmar State.
I don't know the number slaughtered but over 300,000 have fled to seek refuge in Banladesh. The UN has condemned the atrocities and violence - burning down of Rohingya villages, rape and mass murder - as " ethnic cleansing ". International observers have been banned from making an objective assessment of the ground realities there.
Zeid Hussein, the UN Human Rights Commissioner, said it was " textbook example " of ethnic cleansing.
The Myanmar State has not responded positively despite the goodwill shown by the international community ( France 24 Live, 12/09 ).
We had it bad when we had our first military coup in Fiji and subsequent ones but nothing compares with the persecution and plight of the Rohingya Muslims.
Spare a prayer for these tortured people - our fellow human beings - being oppressed and exterminated because of their ethnicity .
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile good riddance to the overrated useless fuckwit of our retiring ambassdor to UN Peter 'im the most distinguished diplomatic statesman Fiji has ever had'Thomson. This moron was there just to promote himself and is the one who orchestrated FB to be COP 23 so he could get permenent posting. Well little Frank is now the clown of the international forum with his merry band of dancing and marching fat cowardly surrendering soldiers trying to make a dime at any opportunity. Send Peter Thomson back to his convict ancestors in Aust!!

Anonymous said...

Peter - ' I'm the most distinguished diplomatic statesman Fiji has ever had ' - Thompson is not the only " overrated useless fuckwit " in the Bainimarama-Khaiyum bandwagon. There are many more with that inflated notion of self- importance . Some of course we're strutting about in that self- absorbed manner until they were unceremoniously dumped by the twin dictators.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama having sex with Kaiyum

GOAT said...

not surprising......both from Homosexual boys high school in Flagstaff......redfire ....backfire....

Asteroid AAWEH said...

Asteroid 2012 TC4 is coming verrrry close to Earth on the 12th October 2017 . Never mind FijiFirst, worry about extinction if it hit Fiji.
REPENT NOW...blerry sinners.

Anonymous said...

Coup 4.5 can you please put up a post about this saga in Parliament including Frank Bainimarama' knee jerk reaction and that ignorant idiot Colonel Jone Kalouniwai's unwarranted response. Boy, didn't Hon Parmod tickle a few sensitive big arseholes, and in no time they squealed and defecated all that stinking shit in response. Bwahahaha! Hon Parmod was just stating the facts for chrissake! Frank Bainimarama slept on the job and the army's reaction says much about the mentality of the army. They cannot even defend themselves against barely-armed, skirt-wearing and flipflop-clod so called terrorist elements in Golan, and surrendered so cowardly and yet here they are again threatening and intefering with the very hallowed fundamental processes of democratic parliamentary accountability they are supposed to protect. Colonel Jone Kalouniwai go pull the muzzle of you and your like minded cohorts in the barracks out of your arseholes and go do some real work to make our tax money and your overpaid underworked salaries worth the sweat of our brows. Or if there is nothing to do, go play cowboys in yhe cassava patch where Frank dashed and invite tourists and locals to come watch as a demonstration of how the PM actually did his job as RFMF Commander in charge of those supposedly protecting Fiji from threats to its security. And also maybe a skit of how Fiji army dropped their arms and pants and got fucked in the arse by Al Nushra. Otherwise just shut the fuck up!!

Anonymous said...

I second the motion by anon 9.39 AM.
A public discussion on the Fiji Military's role and competence in protecting the citizens is of critical importance as we prepare an informed citizenry before Election 2018.
The Fiji military and its former commander and current coupist PM Frank Bainimarama is promoting a myth about how the Fiji military made sacrifices to protect the public. The reality of the role of the Fiji military is very different. They have been a party to ALL the coups in Fiji.

Sir Penaia Ganilau said...

I pardon the first coup in 1987 so Rabuka and the military got away, today they are above the law and call themselves the final custodians of Fiji when they are the real coup masters and culprits.
The elections from next years budget will come out of the RFMF budget since they are the ones who decide to remove the democratically elected governments four times.

Anonymous said...

I agrees with a full 101% @ 12.07 PM

Tatti Khan said...

South Auckland's Bula Centre, which has received more than $2.5 million in government funding, closed after receiving the lowest possible ranking from the Education Review Office.
The review found problems with financial management, governance and health and safety.

The closure has left the families of 21 children and seven staff in limbo.
"Next monday will be four weeks that we have not been paid. And I am so worried for the staff. It's their livelihood, it's really affecting them," Centre Manager Nirshad Rokodi told 1 NEWS.
The Ministry of Education says the Bula Centre must fix the problems highlighted in the Education Review Office report before October 12 or its licence will be suspended.

Anonymous said...

Who were the people managing this South Auckland Bula Centre ? Can we have their names? Did they pocket any of the funds received from the NZ government?