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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Fiji's e-ticketing system deemed to fail

'Invalid system error' when this passenger tried to click on
The Fiji First government's e-ticketing system for buses launched three days ago and it has been nothing but chaos.

E-ticketing machines where people are supposed to click on before boarding their bus have been broken saying 'invalid system setting'.

Passengers and children haven't been picked up by drivers especially along the Suva-Nausori corridor.

Some passengers say they are being wrongly charged and their bus fares have actually gone up.

Yesterday Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum held a press conference to address the public backlash and confirmed 100 complaints had been received by the LTA.

However he said that the complaints were minor, considering the number of e-cards distributed, which is about 600,000.  

Pro-government media like the Fiji Sun have called the e-ticketing system a historic moment and the beginning of another milestone.

Is it an increase in bus fares?
According to a Fiji Sun editorial "it will take time for people to adapt to this new change but overall this e-ticketing system  is a step-forward for Fijians one that we will need to get used to and prove to the world that yes, Fiji will move with modern technologies, and time".

They have conveniently forgotten that Fiji is a third world country, it is not on the same level as most other countries in the world that have e-ticketing in terms of many reasons - population, infrastructure, technology, education and salaries.

If the government wants Fiji to be there at the top of the list with other countries there are a thousand other services to fix before introducing an expensive e-ticketing system that the people of Fiji are not ready for.

Fiji is now so modern with this e-ticketing system yet the country is still experiencing a lack of basic services like water and power cuts, bad roads and a health system to die for - literally.  


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Anonymous said...

The opposition political party should make this e-ticketing nonsense imposed on the travelling public in Fiji an election platform . Tell the people you'll scrap e- ticketing if you form government - chiku

Anonymous said...

This is why Aiyaz Kaiyum and Bainimarama need to be voted out of the farking government .
They are so out of touch with the people.
They dont know what the people are suffering,as they ride around in their Pajero.This is a faRked up and totally stupid concept they brought to Fiji.
Just shows how out of touch these two are and THEY NEED TO BE VOTED OUT.

Someone should take to the machine with a hammer.

Anonymous said...

So what the fark is gonna happen if you are 80 years old and you dont have a mobile phone. All you have is coins in your pocket. What the fark do you do now? How the fark are you meant to catch the bus?
Bainmarama should take the eMachine and shove it up his arse.
May be his brain might work then.

Anonymous said...

Classic example of "Ïf it aint broke, why are you trying to fix it!"

Anonymous said...

When was the last time Khaiyum took a bus to go anywhere ?

Anonymous said...


Singh demands refund and she wants it now

Felix Chaudhary
Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Gunamma Singh from Lovu HART, Lautoka, says poor people are the most affected by Government's e-Transport scheme. Picture: FELIX CHAUDHARY+ Enlarge this image

Gunamma Singh from Lovu HART, Lautoka, says poor people are the most affected by Government's e-Transport scheme. Picture: FELIX CHAUDHARY

"WE want a refund and we want it now." This was the comment made by Lovu HART, Lautoka, resident Gunamma Singh in response to Government's eTransport scheme after she was overcharged by $1.14 cents yesterday.

Mrs Singh said she normally paid 70cents to travel from Lovu to Lautoka City. Yesterday, she said the eTransport machine took $1.84 instead of 70cents.

The 56-year-old was one of many who contacted or visited The Fiji Times West bureau seeking answers to the refund process.

"I came to the media because when I went to Vodafone they told me it had nothing to with them and I had to go to the bus company," she said.

"When I went to the bus checker for that company, he said it's not their problem and that I have to go to Vodafone. If Government and Vodafone want to bring this card system in, they must make sure we know where to go when we are overcharged.

"They must think we have all day going from one place to another. It's okay for me, I can walk around but what will happen to handicapped or old people, who will they go to? Who will take them from one place to another?

"For plenty people, the money I am crying for looks small but for poor people like me every single cent counts."

Anonymous said...

The absurdity and stupidity of Khaiyum continues to amaze me. His comment.

"the complaints are minor considering 600,000 cards were issued"

Did he count how many cards were actually used out of the 600,000?
Does he know how many cards did not work?
Did he know how many people simply took cards which they might use once a week/month or even a year simply because they were forced to by this government?
Does he know how many people were late to work and how many children did not get to school? And the bus company that had to garage their buses because the card system did not work causing untold disruption to a whole area of people who could not get to to where they wanted to go or were very late in getting there? ...............
The list of problems are endless and he calls them minor?

People VOTE for other parties - SODELPA and NFP.

FFP/Khaiyum/Bainimarama does not care about you! Your problems are MINOR to them. If you have lost a few $$$s on the eTicketing system - it is very minor. and it happens everywhere.
Khaiyum said, we have lost Hundreds of millions of $$$$s in government last year and the years before as highlighted by the Auditor Generals Report, and we cannot explain them but they are minor.
Will collect more from new taxes we will impose and new systems that do not work, such as the eTicketing system, but collects good money from the unsuspecting public ha ha ha (laughing all the way to the bank in Switzerland).

This problem is brought about because people have forgotten GOD!

Now you have a choice - The TRUE GOD through Jesus or your Bainimarama/Ba-ni-vuaka god whom many of you called the Messiah after cyclone Winston.

The choise is yours. Choose wisely now.

Anonymous said...

Consultation on e-ticketing after the three stooges (Bai/Kai/Bala's shit hid the fan? Soon the trio will introduce e-ticketing in public toilets too.

Anonymous said...

As a social welfare worker in Fiji for over two decades I am very well acquainted with the life of constant struggle that HART home people lead on their meagre income. I can therefore fully appreciate Gunnanma Singh's statement " For plenty people, the money I am crying for looks small but for poor people like me every single cent counts". I know also that some people have no idea about how the poor live, their hardships and their struggles. Some are too preoccupied with their lprivileged lifestyle to give a care about the poor in their midst.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Rajend Naidu Cunt Fuck Off! We don't need you. We have Aiyaz Khaiyum and Parveen Bala looking after all our needs.

Anonymous said...

What kind of money paid from the public purse to the Consultants who came up with the e-ticketing scheme?

Anonymous said...

Fiji needs more people like Gunamma Singh who can say to shit politicians go fuck yourselves. Just because we are poor it does not mean we are stupid. We know our rights and we will fight for our rights.

Anonymous said...

Like any electronic system e ticketing is a never ending expenditure. It is a software that taxpayers, not FF will pay to keep it running to serve it's purpose. Literally a proof of poor testing.
The big question is who gets the big chunk of cake and gets away with it?
The next is what now? Moving forward and spend endless on maintenance or swallow deep, accept the fact that it's a blunder, non economical in a small economy and revert back to the old system.

Anonymous said...

What a fucking pipe dream!,I wonder if some folks in government live in the real world or some ivory tower."prove to the world that yes, Fiji will move with modern technologies, and time".

Hey there's nothing wrong with that but do you folks also know that in some developed countries buses offer free wi-fi, CCTV and USB charging points; and nine out of 10 have smart ticketing equipment?You have just rolled out the e-ticketing system and it has been a disaster from day one.Who is in charge of implementing this idea?did they ever thought of going through a series of tests and errors before it even gets deployed?What about customers who were wrongly charged twice as more for the trip they regularly take everyday,how do they get a refund?It seems as if they've only rolled it out,let shit happen,do some tweakings and watch the ordinary Fijian run around in circles.Poor planning on the transition phase by the government time for them to all get back to the board room.

Anonymous said...

You mean I cannot shit if the bloody machine is not Working?

Anonymous said...

Did Honourable Minister Bala Parveen talk about truth at the e-ticketing public meeting? He is a lying cunt. He lied about killing a pedestrian whilst driving under the influence. Nobody must expect any truth from him - the lying cunt.

Anonymous said...

Yes and no.
No because machine your depending on to deposit your crap is malfunctioning . Yes, on your pants because you cannot take the next step to locate another toilet.

Anonymous said...

Kaiyum seems to think that is the last 11 years he has been power the country has become like Singapore. The guy must be dreaming while he is still awake. Every time he sees our dirty shore line he thinks it is Santosa bay in Singapore. In his dumb head all Fiji citizens are rich and comfortable, our hospitals are world class, our roads and other government services are like Dubai's. In short the fucker thinks that Fiji is now a developed nation and its people are ready for first world rules and regulations. In fact nothing in Fiji has changed in the last 11 years except the wallets and bank balances of the FFP motherfuckers.
Oh i think Frank has gotten a little whiter because of all the traveling he does to cold countries. These days the fucker comes to Fiji to get a tan like a tourist and goes back to collect his 3k a day allowance.

Wake up Fiji before it is too late. I heard the next thing the FF government is planning is called e-sex. How it works is simple. They will give you a Vodafone card to swipe in your partners bum before having sex. The charge will be $10 a root. All Fiji females will have to line up in front of Vodafone to get there bums wired so that the cards can work. Imagine that. If you think this is a joke well it is but can it happen in Fiji absolutely. It is not called a banana republic for no reason and ASK know's a lot of Pakistani goat fuckers to get a software designed for something like this.

Vote Sodelpa vote NFP vote for a fucking chicken but if you vote for FFP you are a dumb ass goat.

Anonymous said...

If you vote for FFP you are an arsehole. FFP is arseholes United party.

Anonymous said...

The Porkistan IT is coming to coupcoup land with the AID of BAIKAI and Vodafone they with introduce and implement e-sex machine.

Anonymous said...

Murder minister Parveen Bala Sala is a political prostitute, a political bajaroo - one who sells his soul for his advancement rather than his hole.

Suomynona said...

Oh the Fiji Sun along with its tavale Fijivillage.com are so fond of straddling Bhaiyum's lap that it seems their sensationalizing of news is like getting an orgasm whenever the crony top dogs Frankie and Ayarse come up with something ridiculous it doesn't go through the proper channels of being reviewed before being implemented into law.

If I were to describe what "E" in E-ticketing stands for:

E na mosi na ulu
E da na namuti
E da na oca na wawa
E da kana vosa ca vei draiva
E da na vodo van
E da cemuri tuba

Anonymous said...

At 11.55 pm can you translate those poem to english

Anonymous said...

You must have seen Murder minister Parveen kumar Bala Sala dancing with two Gandus some where in the Fiji Leaks.

GOAT said...

@4.51pm......Don't say GOAT in vain for I shall smite thee and your thee thee.Goats don't like Pakistan nor Islam, because they are always wanting to kill us and eat us.

Suomynona said...

@ Anon October 7, 2017 at 8:41 AM

The translation of my little poem is this:

It will give us a headache

We'll be attacked by "mosquitoes" (if you know what I mean when it comes to money)

We'll be tired of waiting

We'll be swearing at the driver

We'll be travelling by van

We'll be kicked out eventually (especially if you don't have a transport card on you)

Anonymous said...

"Goat" i did not mean no disrespect. I have a Pakistani friend who used to live in Pakistan for a while. According to him Pakistanis resort to rooting female goats as premarital sex is strictly forbidden in Islam. With raging hormones and no females around they either root each other the males that is or suddenly the goat starts looking like Kim Kardashian to them. Fucking deprived idiots.

Jagendra Singh said...

instead of writing angry words on blog sites. It would be better you all vent your anger at the polling booths. Lets hope that whoever wins whether it is the current government or opposition parties will bring peace and prosperity to Fiji.

Fiji is a wonderful and peaceful country despite having its reputation lost in the coups. RFMF is to be blamed for that as the trouble makers and deceitful power grabbers from legally constitutional Governments and Heads of States.

clinton said...

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chootu bhai said...

Card skimming and stealing free money is a crime, going to gaol and hell is not an option but if you are caught you will be doing a long time in prison.
There are a lot of fraudsters and card skimmers around the world and when they are caught for such crimes.
Aiding and abetting in a crime is also a criminal offence.

Anonymous said...

Infallible Man
I was surprised to learn from a Fiji Times report that Attorney-General and Minister of Many Things Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum had got his facts wrong and falsely accused The Fiji Times of running a story that was in fact " never published" according to the Fiji Times editor-in-chief Fred Wesley( FT 7/10).
Surprised because I thought Aiyaz had become infallible since his coup propelled rise to power.
I didn't know Aiyaz too is capable of getting things wrong.
Happy Fiji Day to all the common folks in Fiji not intoxicated by power and public funded privileges.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Putting Aiyaz in charge of the Ministry of Justice is a bit like putting Harvey Weinstein in charge of the casting couch.

Anonymous said...

Giving Bainimarama in office in Government House is a lot like giving Stephen Paddock a room with a view of the park.

Anonymous said...

Giving Bainimarama an office in Government House is a lot like giving Stephen Paddock a room with a view of the park.

Anonymous said...

' Fijians tired of being robbed ' . I thought it was about being robbed of their lawfully elected governments . But it was about crime against Fijian people - robberies, home invasions, property theft etc. Are the Fijians tired of that other kind of robbery- armed robbery of their government by military thugs?

dresses said...

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GOAT said...

Most definitely tired of you thieving, raping, stone throwing bullshit Christians. Fuck your government complaint.

KUA NI RERE said...

Hey Mr Goat, what is it that makes you hate Christians?
I am a Christian and would like to know what is it exactly that bothers you about them?
Christians have always been hated down through the ages. They nail them to the Cross; they torture them; feed them to the Lions in Rome; lately in the Middle East they behead them; and in India recently 25 men raped a young Christian Indian girl until she died.
So what is it Mr Goat?
What is it that you find so vile about Christians?
I'm ready to die for my faith, just like that little Indian girl.
So what is it Mr Goat? What is bothering you?

Anonymous said...

Mr Goat is right there are " bullshit Christians ". But he seems to forget there are also bullshit Hindus, bullshit Budhists, bullshit Muslims, etc who are a disgrace to their own religion. And, conversely Mr Goat needs to remember and so must we all that there a very decent human beings belonging to every religion.

Anonymous said...

@Mr Goat doesn't seem to register in his brain the "thieving government" that conveniently stole $350million of the people's money and don't seem to remember where they used it. OLO.
May be they used it to buy Mary's house and pay for QORVIS and the whole family trips to Hong Kong Sevens etc etc etc.

Mr Goat forgot about the government "raping " the people of Fiji and forcing them to use the e-ticket.
The people don't want it. They are being forced to do it. That's called RAPE.

The bus drivers don't want it.
The only two that want it are Bainimarama and Kaiyum because they are under the influence of QORVIS
These American bastards should be kicked out if the country.

GOAT said...


GOAT said...

MR GOAT??????? Are you a fucking psychic???????

GOAT said...

The bus drivers can no longer butako like the bus company owners who RAPED you the tax payer.How idiotic are you in any given day. I hope you don't have a position of responsibility at your work place otherwise your stupid brain would cause the company/government huge financial losses along with the taxpayer losing out.

Anonymous said...

The biggest Butako in the history of Fiji - the Butako of government and the subsequent raiding of the public funds - has been done by Bainimarama, Khaiyum and cronies, This focus on relatively minor butako by bus drivers is a diversionary tactic by Bai-Kai and company.
What we should be scrutinising is the Butako by the thug rulers.

Anonymous said...

So goat has no problem with the FFP party stealing $350m dollars but has a problem with bus drivers taking a cut out of their bosses revenue while being paid $100 dollars a week for working most times for 12 hours a day. He has a problem with bus owners dodging taxes but has no problem with Bai getting about $1.5m dollars a year in salaries and allowances for doing almost nothing except giving speeches written by someone else.You do not have a problem with Kai traveling with 4 $200k Prado's and with 12 boci guards to protect him from god knows what costing tax payers thousand each year. He does not have a problem with kids dying in hospitals because of medicine shortages. He does not have a problem with the only breast cancer machine in Fiji being out of order for 3 fucking months while our minister for health gets her spa treatment done and government spends 9m on a fucking Golf tournament.
I can go on and on. The point is simple Goat. If you support this governemt then you are a hypocrite and quite frankly a piece of dog shit who has his or her head so far up bai and kais arse that all he or she can see is shit.

kutusebe said...

There may be "bullshit christians etc" but therer are no bullshit goats! Go guys go!

Andrew Hughes said...

Vote Bainimarama out and I will come back to Fiji and arrest him and his closest allies in the military and civilians who are now in power

Anonymous said...

The intellectually Decripit At The Top
Just because someone is a former prime minister and a Rhodes scholar it does not mean he can't be ignorant and stupid. That's what Tony Abbot has shown us with his absurd claim that climate change could be beneficial for humanity in a speech to a like minded climate sceptics' forum in London ( ' Tony Abbot Says Climate Change, If it is Happening, Is Doing More Good than Harm ' The Huffington Post, Australia 10/10 ).
Tony Abbot should be exiled to live in Tuvalu to see what good climate change is doing.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

More thieving by the Fiji First Government under Bai/Khai on top of all the other robberies mentioned above.
The latest is the levy being put to the iTaukei/Indigenous Fijians who are being forced to pay thousands of dollars by villages without any explanation of why and what the money is for. These poor villagers are struggling and this week we have been reading stories of people who live in the bush and work on farms for their living eating what they grow. It sounded like Hell to me. I grew up in the village and it was hell. Villagers are so poor that they cannot even put food on their table.
People are still trying to build their houses and put food on their tables after cyclone Winston. Now this has to be the worst year for the iTaukeis.
Bainimaram goes around giving free money in $1000 to people he favours and now he has turned around and is killing the poor Fijians with debt.
Why aren't the other races being levied the same amount as we all pay taxes through VAT and duties on goods and services?
All things indigenour are gone, Chiefs, land, resources, Christianity, customs and many others.
Soon there will be no more iTaukei left.

Only the Christian God can help them!

Now perhaps Goat can understand why the Fijians are going beserk!

GOAT said...

All the evil satanic problems of Fiji lies with the itaukei. The jails are full of them, they aren't as well off or blessed like the curry munchers ,Chinese and kaivalagi.
Ever wondered why.......Kia no there?
It's because just like the Muslim terrorists spanned globally ,hiding behind Islam, so too are the majority of your cousins hiding behind Christianity in name only.
All the butako,rapists,conmen/women are all itaukei with a smattering of idiots from our and other's diaspora.
Shallow thinking causes Satan to possess you lot and without thinking start racial attacks on innocent and descent human beings. The police commissioner is also a criminal by throwing Molotov cocktail into Gordon Ward's house in Pacific Harbour and burning it down.
The PM is an illiterate nuisance of a homo sapien and he belongs to your lot.Another swine is their minister of everything.
The day of judgment is coming Kutusebe,......and kua Ni rere,
We the people of Fiji will soon do an Arab spring here and send the whole lot of you into Naboro including the hidden criminal religious crooks parading around as priests,mullahs and TALATALAS

Anonymous said...

Goat what the fuck are you talking about. You must have eaten too much grass recently the poison kind that is.

Anonymous said...

Brutal Reality
Former Australian PM Tony Abbot, a well known climate change sceptic, would find it illuminating to listen and listen carefully to what former Kiribati president Anote Tong, a long time climate change campaigner, said about the " brutal reality " of climate change in his abc interview from Adelaide this morning 12 October.
He said it won't do to bury our heads in the sand and pretend shit was not happening on the climate change front. It is his peoples' lived experience that shit was happening big time.
Tong should invite Tony to come live with them for a bit to see for himself the reality of global warming and sea level rise.
Tony should keep his swimming tongs on permanently whilst there because you can't tell when you can find yourself in the swim!
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Mr Goat thats the best writing of the day. I completely agree you

GOAT said...

You just proved my point...what the fuck am I talking about???
Dopey no school dumb descendants of freed American SLAVES.
Read bitch read.....your lamusona PM also cannot read.

GOAT said...

COPULATE 23, is all Borenge Banana is capable of. Screw here ,screw there and pass STD to all the desperate women parading in his vicinity. It seems he bangs his side kick with the Kim jong un haircut as well.

Anonymous said...

Where is GANDU MUNDA bakara Arsewin Raj no comment about Bimans complain to police against Fiji Sun

Anonymous said...

Haare Goat-wa where's the $350 million yarr? I was talking to one old Indian man the other day. He said he needs to go to CWM hospital. He said no Xray machine in Valelevu. Doctor wanted chest xray.
Haare yarr , now have to find $10 for the fucking e-ticket. I got no money. Now cant go for Xray. What can I do? I have to forget about it and keep coughing.
Doctor thinks I got TB. Maybe now all my relatives will catch it too because no Xray for me.
Haare yarr. Maybe Jai Bagwhan will help me.

GOAT said...

Your lazy friend needs to be welcomed into 2017. He must still be living in the days of lutunasobasoba.
Tell him to pull his finger out of his bum and sniff it to bring him to 2017.
People like you want to live in the dark ages and steal from others. Madaharchod kaibiti....Junglee.Taubale kulina

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, aptly put Goat !!!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys I seek your indulgence for taking you away from Goats deeply philosophical rants. Have you noted that suddenly Fiji Sun has started publishing letters to the editor by this coterie of Daya Wati, Premila, Parmesh , Pace and a few others--mostly anti NFP and anti SODELPA. These letters seem to be written by the same person--?Jyoti Prabha. Their style and construction is similar. NFP has put the cat in the coop by complaining against Parmesh (or whoever). I bet police wont find him , if they bother to look.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.13 AM, No, I haven't. It's because I don't waste my time reading that waste time disgrace of a newspaper called Fiji Sunk.

Anonymous said...

COPULATE 23 is Voreqe tryimg to sound intelligent and as usual he blames everyone else. Why doesn't he start in his own country by not shifting the time back and forth. God has created the climate in perfect harmony with human biological clock and the foolish man try to improve it by shifting the time back and forth.

GOAT said...

Her name is TOKYO ROSE , NOT Jyoti probiotic.

GOAT said...

This country needs a leader with the heart of a lion and the brains of a judge.
Unfortunately our Pussy boy shits his pants at the sight of guns and has the brains of a Fiji junior failure.
Blerry KC.

Anonymous said...

Mr Goat can find Munga Bakra Arsewin .It will be easy for you to find because you are goat and he is Munda bakra.

Anonymous said...

Mrs GOAT baar chod

Anonymous said...


GOAT.... said...

Just like the ex-President Ratu Sona used to talk about HIV....now Bai only talk about Climate Change because he is a dumbass.
Instead of talking about it the mutherfucker should go and build a seawall for the people at Labasa River.

PM urges delegates to think of the future

Sikeli Qounadovu
Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama puts pen to paper after the agreement with the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. Picture: SIKELI QOUNADOVU+ Enlarge this image

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama puts pen to paper after the agreement with the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. Picture: SIKELI QOUNADOVU

PRIME Minister Voreqe Bainimarama urged world delegates gathered at Pre-COP yesterday to think of the future when it comes to decision making.

Mr Bainimarama, who is the incoming president of the 23rd Conference of Parties, said everyone would be judged tomorrow of the decision they make today.

"The future generations will rightly judge us on what we did about all of this. We must rise to the challenge. We must commit ourselves to solving this problem," he said.

"Fortunately there is not only hope that we can find and implement solutions to climate change but there is opportunity to create better lives for our citizens once we make the hard decisions that need to be made."

Mr Bainimarama re-emphasised the need to invest more on clean energy.

Anonymous said...

When did Baini Marama First concern himself with climate change? That will tell you whether it's an issue he is genuinely concerned about or whether it's political expedient for him to make the right kind of pronouncements on it to get international funding.

real GOAT said...

2.29pm you're a copycat plagiarist just like the Fiji First Party who are intellectual property thieves.
Go get your own animal name you loser. You copy and paste just like Rajend tosser Naidu

real GOAT said...


Tomasi said...

About the e-ticketing scam/scandal, please read the article in last Friday's Fiji Times paper by the former Governor of the RBF, Save Narube. The article exposes the irrationality,injustice, foolishness, mediocrity, selfishness and idiocracy of Aiyaz, Bai and the FFP government. On the hand, the article also reveals the kind of qualitative analysis, intellectual depth, vision and compassion of excellent and experienced people in our midst who are more capable and willing to lead Fiji into the kind of Fiji we all want. Please kindly read the article and share it with others. It is most encouraging to read the information. You will be inspired. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

In the Picture in the Fijileaks Arse khaiyum bending down and very happy. Is Munda bakara Arsewin Raj ramming his back from behind. I see some shadow there.

Anonymous said...

The most pathetic comments on e-Ticketing (eT) was in the Fiji Times (Saturday 28/10/17) by the Consumer Council of Fiji(CCF). Instead of defending the consumers rights against the eT, which is what they were set up for, CCF puts out an article defending eT and supporting their views by comparing it to other prepaid systems that "rip off" customers such as the prepay mobile systems and other similar systems.
Premila of CCF conveniently ignored one of the major issues brought up by Narube, and that is, the eT has been forced down consumers throats without any other choice. Much like the 10c for the plastic bags without the choice of something else like paper bags that does not incur 10cs and are environmentally friendly.
A fundamental consumer right to choose has been taken away! Narube went to great length to explain this.
Prepay mobile phones is a choice that the consumer makes. It is not forced down their throats like eT. Many poor people use the bus compared to the number that own mobile phones because it is their choice not to own prepaid phones for obvious reasons.
It is obvious that Premila of CCF is being a faithful female dog to her master Kaiyum Aiarse and comes, with her tongue hanging out, into his defense for eT without realizing that she has betrayed her most important customer - the consumers.
Or perhaps she has had things forced down her throat so many times that she thinks it is normal and expects all the poor people of Fiji to be like her and simply accept the eT being forced down their throats?

Premila, I suggest that you stop licking Kaiyum Ayarse and read again the articles by Dr. Goundar, Save Narube and Prof. Wadan Narsey, (the defenders of the poor), and take out whatever is being shoved down your throat and speak out in defense of the consumers rights against eT and all the other consumer deposit systems you have been fighting against for their sake.

GOAT said...

Her husband is now the permanent secretary to the PM.

Mr Bean said...

Fiji is not up to overseas standard that it has electronic ticketing system,mainly to prevent fraud and money stolen by drivers and business operators who can declare less income than originally earned.

Opal card may be the new system Fiji government can look at later with the help of AUS and NZ.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama and Khaiyum taking some dancing girls to perform at a climate change conference in Bonn. Now what better way to fight climate change - jabbar bhoor

Anonymous said...

Hearing Bainimarama taking band boys and dancing girls to Bonn to combat climate change makes me want to turn into a climate change denier - chalo line

GOAT said...

Mahendra Chaudry ,Rabuka and Ratu Mara ,all had dancing girls, except it's not you guys on the junket trip these days,hence the complaint.
Let these turkeys have their last favorite meal metaphorically speaking, before we the people resort to electric chair or lethal injection as their farewell. We the people will be trimming all the excess fat in the prison system and get rid of criminals, NOT waste taxpayer monies on these scrum.Death penalty is coming back.

Tomasi said...

Victor, your persistent attack against Rabuka is understandable. Many of us do not trust the man, and hold him accountable for his serious misjudgement and treasonous actions. He was simply a pawn for those who were really behind the veil in the 1987 military coup. Because of that single public act and the many secret and covert actions, Fiji has been mortally wounded at its core. Through the thirty years since that day on May 14, despite the tremendous efforts by churches, religious organisations, NGOs and others, our fundamentals have been systematically eroded, weakened, and corrupted, to the point where a majority of our citizens have accepted the new norms, values and principles.

Today, the sanctity of human life, marriage, sex and truth is almost nil. Bai and his new chiefs have made lies, deceit, violence, murder, fornication, adultery, the new normality. Moral conscience has been dulled. People are generally like walking zombies, hardly able to distinguish between right and wrong. Mass demonstrations and protests rarely occur because personal and group freedoms have been robbed. Only fear, submission, and indifference exist. Even the majority of the so called Christian churches are silent observers to this whole charade. Even worse, a few of their modern pastors like Atu Vulaono, never condemn the brutal and violent evil actions, instead they praise the dictators and pray for their success to curry favour and preferential treatment. So sad to see, but that is the ultimate expression of the level of mediocrity, confusion, deception and mind control existing in Fiji today.

For those who are in their 40s, 30s or younger today, they will never know what it was like to live in a society where the military and the police operated well within their proper boundaries. So much has changed for the worse in Fiji because many have given in to this pervasive and evil force that promises so much but delivers so little that will make Fiji a real and true paradise. It is the old satanic lie that our morals do not matter. There are no sacred domains and boundaries. There is no God, our life and our future is entirely of our own making. What matters most is our so called economic, social and political good-life. The end justifies the means. Man is his/her own god and our material progress is the final arbiter in all the decisions, words and actions.

The dream by Rabuka may still be an achievable reality, but it will never come from Rabuka or people like him. Nor will it will never come without pain, discomfort, sacrifice and fundamental changes in our various structures and systems. It can also only happen if Rabuka, Bai. Khai and people of the same ilk will be held accountable for all their evil actions. Mick Beddoes is an example of many who still believe in dreams and noble aspirations. Like him, I believe that we should dare to dream, to imagine a life greater and more grander than our present, no matter how seemingly impossible that future might be.

Tomasi said...

We can make quantum leaps in every sphere of our lives. Fiji needs one so desperately to save our society from total collapse. But more critical is the notion that our dreams must be solidly founded on eternal and moral paradigms that transcend time, cultures and civilizations. It is these moral imperatives that must shed light on what is good, right, acceptable and honourable and what is not.

However, within and outside of Sodelpa, there are many whose greatest desire is to remove the dictators. To succeed with such a goal requires the support of the military, the police and the majority of our population. The most pragmatic question in such a scenario is therefore: How can we legally and successfully remove the KhaiBai dictatorship? The answer is to find a person and a party who represents that possibility? The issue of majority votes lies within the indigenous population, the younger generation and the workers. Union leaders no longer have the charisma and the political clout because some of them have betrayed the trust of their workers. If Ro Teimumu was that person, there would not have been the need for her party members to replace her. But why Rabuka of all people? Why not Mr Narube, Rt Jone Kubuabola, or even Rt Tuisawau? Because in the eyes of many, Rabuka still commands the respect and admiration of a majority of people, including those in and outside of the security forces compounds. Although he lost the elections once, the current situation has created the need for a man of courage, capable leader and one who respects and understands all the cultures and people of Fiji. Rabuka is not our perfect choice. He must someday be subject to the court of justice without the shelter of immunity. But he is the only one who can tell Khaiyum and Bai in the face; “Your time is up. Stand down, or you will be executed”.

If not Rabuka, there are two other options. The first is to use the sword and decapitate the heads of the political monsters that continue to oppress us. Because there is no other single person or party that can topple the FFP. As long as they control the elections, the Constitution, Parliament, outlaw and chaos, judiciary, etc, no one person or party can dislodge them. They currently enjoy absolute power and they will do everything within their mortal and evil mind to survive by staying in power.

The second is for party leaders to unite against FFP. We still have a time window for two or more parties to form a coalition against FFP. For the best interest of all communities is Fiji, we must unite to remove Khaiyum and Marama. This option suffers a diminishing probability of success because of the time and personality factors. But we must continue to hope that politicians will relegate their own personal ambitions to the best and long term interests of our nation.

However, we must now realize that politics is not the solution to our fundamental problems. It is our morality, our values, attitudes, beliefs and aspirations. The tree determines the fruits, not vice versa. It’s the horse that drives the cart. It is our inner person that determines our behavior. We express ourselves through our daily relationships, our economics, commerce, politics, sports, entertainment, etc. We ought to return to the trees because they determine the fruits we harvest as a nation. Righteousness exalts a nation. Sin is a reproach to any people. Our society has increasingly become more selfish and less godly. Just one look at the people who are making the vital decisions of Fiji will tell us that we have relegated godliness to the outskirts of our Parliament. There are only two dogs in Fiji today who foolishly think they can replace God. If we do not turn around now, then be prepared for the future, for the worst is yet to come.

Tomasi said...

One of the roles with which God tasked the Prophet Isaiah was to shift the people of Israel's focus from politics to morality. Having witnessed the fall of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah, Isaiah must explain these tragedies to the people of Israel. More importantly, Isaiah must instruct the people on how to improve their attitudes and actions if they wish to see a healthier political atmosphere. While the people of Israel were preoccupied with the collapsing political system, they began to neglect their ritual obligations and their society fell into immorality. In Chapter 58, Isaiah outlines the actions needed to be taken to ensure that Israel remains a moral and ethical people. The Prophet's message is clear: If the people can improve their personal lives, live in justice and peace with each other and serve God with sincerity, then the political turmoil will disappear.

We in Fiji can find our way out of this moral cesspool. Rather than listening to the voice of QORVIS, the deceptive legal advice from the gay community, and the commercial chatter from every angle, we the people and our dictators must listen to the voice of Wisdom. As much as we try to ignore it, a voice deep within us must remind us that evil will never achieve good, because the two are irreconcilable. There is a time for everything under the sun. Even though angels belong to a higher realm and are therefore not limited by space, their time is also limited. We are created a little lower than the angels. Wake up and rise from your slumber Fiji. Let us not allow a few evil, criminal and mediocre minds to lead Fiji into greater devastation. It is time for change.

To FFP members in Government, we respect your decision to work with the two dictators. But we condemn you who remain silent and have sold your souls to the devil ( for the good life you are enjoying ). To Kalouniwai, Qiliho, Kean, soldiers and sailors and people behind the veil, please remember that we know what is happening and heaven is watching. You are being weighed in the balance. Remember what happened to Belshazzer. One day he was defying the God of the universe. The next day, he was a beast eating grass. You are there not because of Yumkhai or Maramanibai. You are there because God accorded you this opportunity to make a difference for the people of Fiji. You either let God use you for His purpose or be a puppet for the twin rulers. Everyday you sit and wait or remain indifferent, remember, your time is depleting. Either you stand up for what is right for the sake of Fiji, or you will have to suffer God’s judgement.

Anonymous said...

Once you have had a vudi, and then another and another you can't go back to being a virgin queen. Likewise once you have had a coup, then another and another you can't go back to being an intact democracy. You can be a phony democracy just like multiple vudi takers making out they are virgin. FF - Fiji Fucked.
- BB - Bhoor Bari

Anonymous said...

Good comments Toamasi. From our human perspective, it is possible to achieve what you have outlined as the way forward for us to take down Yumkai and Maramanibai. We can but try, as we will never know until we make an attempt at it.
The other alterantive is to completely leave it to God do it His way. Remember his words: "For my thoughts are not your thoughts and neither are your ways my ways ... " - Isaiah 55.
All we can do is to continuously pray until he responds to our prayers and intervene in His way.
A few years back, an evangelist called Steve Penny who came to Fiji, predicted that this coup would happen and it has, and he also said that it will not be long, and then a young man from the north will take over and there will be peace in the country for a long time. This second part is still to happen because we are always trapped in our understanding of the exact meaning of what God says. When he says it "will not be long", we do not know exactly what that means because for God, a day is a thousand years and a thousand years is a day. He lives outside the dimensions of time. Almost three thousand years ago, Zephanaiah prophesied, "Zephaniah 1:2 (ESV)
2 “I will utterly sweep away everything from the face of the earth,” declares the Lord." He also said, the day of the Lord is near.

As you rightly observed, many so called Christian denominations are silent and some are even supporting Yum/Maram and not just Atu Vulaono, for what they can get out of them to keep their operations going. They have twisted the words of God to suit their purposes.
God is no longer a God to be feared. They worship God for what they can get and not for what they can give to Him.
I dread the day when I will stand before God and answer to all His questions, but until then I will continue to pray for our nation and its people.
And Bless you Tomasi for bringing fresh thoughts into this issue with the good fragrance of the word of God.

KUA NI RERE said...

Stupid Dumbass Fijians in COP23 in Bonn.
Bainimarama is an idiot and some dumbass Indians and Fijians are going along with his stupid dumbass hobby horse about Climate Change.
Its not fossil fuels , its the farking Americans who are doing it.

November 13th 1946 was the birth of CLOUD SEEDING by scientists Vincent Schaefer, Irving Langmuir and Bernard Vonnegut.

That was 1946 and their progress has gone on in leaps and bounds.
Of course they deny it.

They've even fired 480 million bombs at the Ionosphere but you dumbass Fijians don't know that do you.

In 1963 the Americans were able to seed the cloud and created a Hurricane over Florida.

Its now 2017, these American Mutherfuckers have perfected their evil art over the years.

You Fijians should STOP LISTENING to Bainimarama's dumbass lies.

Don't you know what the Bible said about what is going to happen to the weather in the end times?
And you really think you are going to change all that?

Get with the programme. Go read the Bible

Anonymous said...

Spot on KNR.
I am amazed that even the Methodist Church is praying for the Climate Change according to the Publicity Secretary, Rev, James Bhagwan. He said, "The scientists ask what and how, and we pray to ask why?"
Do they not read their Bibles? Jesus said these things will happen and then the end time will come. Why can't they pray for the spiritual salvation of their members instead, so that they don't crowd the jail, and also stop the Pastors and ministers sex attacks on innocent children!

By the way what happened to Yumkhaisi that Jone Usamate is acting as PM since the real incumbent is making a fool of himslef in Germany.
Yumkhaisi has probably taken all the cash for deposit in Swiss banks and so can leave the leadership to JU since there is nothing to stael.
As for Climate Change, Well I suppose if you only ended up at class 8 then we cannot expect much.
Little does he realize that half the leaders of the world such sa German Chancellor and Obama are using him to be the idiot that makes a lot of noise to support their Globalist agenda, while the other half such as Trump and others are laughing at his idiocracy.

read your Bible and be enlightened.

KUA NI RERE said...

Thousands of years ago there was a huge CLIMATE CHANGE in Egypt.
There was SEVEN YEARS OF FAMINE ( or Drought). Not the 2 weeks of no rain, like in Ba and the goats and cows start dying). This was a FULL BLOWN 7 YEARS DROUGHT.
The funny thing is GOD revealed it to Pharoah before it happened, in a Dream

The same now, He tells us of severe weather changes before the end-times.

But the DUMBASS METHODISTS IN FIJI, I dont know which farking Bible they are reading! Led by DUMB MUtherfarker James Baghwan



Go read how Joseph saved the people of Egypt from the severe CLIMATE CHANGE!

Anonymous said...

Another historic milestone in regime ineptitude. The country can better demonstrate it is keeping up with the times by overthrowing its tinpot dictator and his greasy stage manager.

Anonymous said...

Seruiratu: Collective ambition needed

Aqela Susu
Wednesday, November 08, 2017

AT COP23, the world must switch on their collective ambition to do more and to move further and faster, says Fiji's Climate Champion and Minister for Agriculture and National Disaster Management, Inia Seruiratu.

Mr Seruiratu said this while addressing representatives from around the world gathered at the Talanoa Space following the opening of the UN high level climate change meeting in Bonn, Germany on Monday.

The idea of setting up the Talanoa Space was to create an area that would be run by civil society organisations, non-profits, and business groups.

"We are in Bonn to save our seas, not to raise them. To protect the vulnerable, not to abandon them. To empower the marginalised, not to ignore them. Let this be our call," Mr Seruiratu said.

WRONG CALL Mr Seruiratu

This is what Jesus said was " THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND".

Yes and we know they both end up.
In the farking " pit ".
Probably the pit toilet.

Tomasi said...

This Inia Seruiratu is the same person who was caught red handed stealing the clothes and other relief supplies for the victims of Cyclone Winston. When confronted in Parliament, he said it was just a joke by his officials. To this day, I have never heard anu public apology or regret from this person. In his capacity as Minister for Disaster Relief, etc, he was expected to facilitate the efficient distribution of vital relief supplies to the thousands of cyclone victims across Fiji. Instead, he made sure he and his workers had the first share of the "goodies' from overseas.

This is precisely the operating goal and modus operandi of the FFP. It is displayed throughout their actions. An excellent example is the current disaster called the e-ticketing. It is forced upon the people without proper sound and thorough analysis and consultation without a care about its possible consequences. Their operating rationale is this: Whatever benefits the few ( themselves, relatives and friends / cronies ), it must be good for Fiji. Rewa Dairy, Tappoo City, Lautoka Hotel, Tappoo City Lautoka, Yellow Ribbon, FSC, FICAC, etc, etc. The list goes on and the time is getting closer to all these coming to their expiry date.

A humble advice to Inia and Maramanibai. Please do some more reading and research to educate yourself. It is obvious that you need to start with some basic science. Carbon dioxide does not, cannot, and will never cause harm to the environment to affect the climate. CO2 has nothing to do with climate change. The climate has undergone changes throughout history and has a self correcting mechanism integrated into the planet's systems and structures. And here is some basic Sunday School for you. The God who created the universe is absolutely and unbelievably brilliant and wise beyond human ingenuity and is in total control over all things. But just like they did many thousands of years ago, the earth ( UN ) is defying God's sovereignty just like they did at the Tower of Babel. They want to unite the world under one ruler in a One World Government. And you Inia and Maramanibai are the two idiots from Tailevu are their ignorant slaves.

Anonymous said...

Tomasi your first two paragraphs are spot on. The last paragraph is full of shit. - Kuntbaari

GOAT said...

After reading Tomasi and KNR ,one can easily deduce the brain capacity of the RFMF, since everyone there is a relative of these two iTaukei. Calling yourselves stupid is a good beginning to psychotherapy.
Talk to your stupid children, uncles,sisters, mothers brothers and long lost relatives of this shameful military organisation in Fiji. Their core business is going to "gadegade" overseas and the wearing of many bullshit medals. They should do what they do best, become marching girls.

KUA NI RERE said...

I've spoken to my relatives in the past but no one wants to listen. My immediate family are the only ones who listen and God protects us and has made us successful. I run businesses in Fiji and overseas, so I employ Africans, kaivalagi and all kinds of people.

My Dumb relatives in the village would rather listen to Bai and his dumb promises than listen to the Bible or even me.
We told them not to vote for Bai but Bai promised them work in Australia and they BELIEVED him.

I told them, Cant you judge a tree by its fruit , like the Bible says for you to do? This man has lied to you time and time again and you still believe him?
Looks like lots of DUMB Indians and DUMB Fijians all voted for him.

Basically all these sexual crimes in Fiji and worsening Domestic violence all are part of the same fruit. Because where your Leader goes there you go! Bai stomped on a pregnant woman. That's why all men in Fiji want to stomp on their woman.
Where your Leader goes , there you go.

And that is why I am so pissed off with James Bhagwan, the voice of the Methodist Church; because he is also a Leader and Methodists look up to him.

He should "tend" to his flock (like Jesus said to Peter) rather than farking around wasting time with the Council of Churches.

Anonymous said...

What this Fijian Methodist Church talking about.
The indigenous Fijian has borrowed others religion and talking about the bible.
The indigenous Fijian cannot keep their own house and their own things in order. they want to keep others religion in order.

Tomasi said...

It is always inspiring to stand away from everything, including ourselves, in order to see things in a new way. Our perceptions shape our very partial understanding of realities and how we choose to respond to these.

It is always wonderful to take a moment to stop and observe closely how things really are and why and why not, as opposed to what people say, think or make us believe.

It is always wise to keep an open mind about everything, including the sacred beliefs, values and attitudes we hold so dearly. For human life and the universe are so infinite, more gloriously wonderful, complex and fascinating to be adequately understood by our very corrupt, finite minds and souls.

It is always profoundly sobering and comforting to hear the voice of God in the midst of endless chatter, mindless obsessions over nothing and our selfish squabbles over who controls what, where, how much and for how long.

As Tzvi Freeman once said; Matter and energy are two opposites. To energize a piece of matter requires a constant flow.

Existence and nothingness are two opposites. To keep the world in existence demands a constant renewal.

Heaven and earth are two opposites. To infuse the earthly with spirituality requires a constant effort.

Woman and man are two opposites. And so courtship never ends. Vinaka.

dresses said...

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Anonymous said...

Dictator Had It Coming.
If the rumour of a military coup attempt in Zimbabwe is true ( breaking news 15/11 ) then all I can say is that President Mugabe had that coming by hanging on to power for 37 long years, even at age 93. And then purging people from his own ruling party to clear the way for his young wife to takeover from him. The grand old dictator appears to have dug his own grave - politically.
It would be such an irony if the military got rid of Mugabe because it has been propping up the dictator all this time.( see ' Zimbabwe's top general ready " to step in " to end purges of ousted VP supporters ' reuters 14/11 for background details ).
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Kuanirere i could not help but laugh at your post about the drought in Egypt. You Bible types just never get it do you. As you are a Christian your version of God is this dude who is all powerful and can do anything than why the fuck does he only manage to come into some fuckhead pharaohs dreams. Why cant he just fly or teleport his way down to the fucking pharaohs palace and tell the bald headed motherfucker in person that i will fuck your lands up and your people i will massacre by the million through starvation which he did as per the bible (the blood thirsty fuckhead)if you do not let the Jews go. Rather than giving Moses the power to make his stick turn into a snake and punishing the Egyptians with all types of torture why could he not simply come down and wielded his power and freed the fucking Jews. Why does your God need to fucking dramatize everything. Maybe because he is a man made construct created by bronze aged masochistic idiots which people in the 21st century using a laptop and cell phone still find reason to believe.
Hell the bloke did not even appear as himself to Moses of all things he became a burning bush WTF. Is their any rational left in you Bible types to deduce a mythical men made myth from reality. If their is indeed a creator which i do believe exists he/she/it is as far from the Christian/Muslim/and Jewish version of God as it can be. Loving God my ass. Blood thirsty Monster more like it.

Anonymous said...

Anon @10.26,
God must be a Jew like Wienstein. The difference is that Weinstien likes to fuck women and God is not so choosy. HE fucks all idiotic believers, never mind which fable they found their belief on! Deservedly so.

Tomasi said...

@Anon 10.26PM and 8.42 AM. I wonder what you two people are really trying to say. I also feel so sorry for you both, because it seems quite obvious that you are still lost in your own selfish egos, and are blinded and imprisoned by your own ignorance, arrogance and foolishness. I think it is not an accident that you use vulgarity to communicate your own notions of God. It is also quite apparent that you are very sure about your position while you are very uncertain about what you believe at the same time. One can deduce that you are either very confused, bitter and lost and are blaming KNR, God and others about it. Please know that your freedom of expression is a most sacred gift from God, which we must responsibly exercise to promote understanding and our general good. Do not allow yourselves to be the poisoned chalice of the devil. God is inviting us all to seek Him and He promises us that we will find Him only if we seek Him with all our hearts.

Why don't you two take up God's invitation. Do not condemn God without really knowing and understanding what and who He really is. 'Oh taste and see that the LORD is good". The wonderful thing about the GOD of the universe and the GD of Abraham and the Bible is that He is everywhere. He is absolutely omnipresent. No matter where you look, you will find Him, but only if you seek Him sincerely. You can find him in the cosmos, and you can also find him in the inner space of the atoms. You can see him through the lens of history as well as through medicine, chemistry, and philosophy. Even your DNA, which is very similar to that of a banana, has His sacred name written on it.

While religion is merely man searching for God, the best way to find Him is through His Son called Jesus Christ as told in the Torah and the Bible. You see, I know all this is true because I was once like you two. But I sought God and found Him. That was the day I was set free from my innermost and deepest battles and questions. Millions of people from across all cultures and civilizations have had the same experience. I can assure you two that you also can find peace and purpose and joy and true freedom by finding God. In fact, God know who, how and where you are right now. Just reach out sincerely to Him and ask Him to reveal Himself to you. Vinaka.

KUA NI RERE said...

@Anonymous 10:26PM
First of all God did not cause the drought.
When God created Adam and Eve, everything was perfect.
But then Adam fucked it up.
And basically everything got fucked up after that including the weather.
And God will not intervene with Man's Freewill.
If you want to make an iPhone, God wont intervene.
If you want to make a Nuclear Bomb and wipe out millions of people, God wont intervene.
God has given man the freedom to make his choice; even whether to believe in Jesus or not.

Imagine my shock when I was reading the Bible last year to find out that God is not the " ruler of this world" but its actually Satan.
Fuck was I shocked. And it was the LORD Jesus himself that said it in John 14:30.
Wow! It all makes sense now!

Satan himself was in-control there in Egypt at that time.

So you are saying that God should not have intervened by warning Pharaoh. He should have just allowed thousands of Egyptians to die.


God wanted to help the Egyptians , so He warned their leader (Pharaoh) of the coming events.
Ultimately it was Pharaoh's CHOICE whether to believe God or not.
Lucky for the Egyptians that he did.

but Bainimarama is not as humble as The Pharaoh.
Bainimarama wants to confuse his people ( ie the people of Fiji) by telling them to believe in the SECULAR GOD.

So welcome to the FUCKED UP future of Fiji.

KUA NI RERE said...

The reason I said that " the Pharaoh" was a HUMBLE pharaoh is because in those days the pharaohs used to believe that they themselves were Gods or descendants of the gods.

So when a young immigrant prisoner, Joseph, tell him that there is actually a GOD who is above you and is giving you the warning, this Pharaoh was willing to consider the information.
It takes a humble person to do that.
Unfortunately for Fiji, Bainimarama is the farking opposite.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 10.26pm
Your comments is typical of those who do not know the Christian God and we accept this as a challenge to us to explain why our God do the things he does the way He does them.
The first thing to remember is that God is a Spirit and not dust as we humans are.
His thoughts are not the same as out thoughts and neither are our ways His ways.
You have raised the question from a human perspective which is understandable as you can only relate in terms of human ability and experiences.
The points raised by Tomasi and KNR are relevant and I would like to add the following:
1. Our God (that includes you) is a loving God. He loves his creations so much that he is willing to suffer for a long time to get a person/community/nation/the whole world back to him. That is why He willingly gave up his beloved son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sin in order that we may find salvation and live.
Even though you have cursed Him and said all sorts of nasty things about Him, He undrestands your ignorance of Him and will let you live in order to give you a chance to learn and know about Him so that you may have a CHANCE TO REPENT AND LIVE.
2. God uses people to carry out his messages and warn other people praticularly if He is going to do something to them. He uses prophets and people like Moses and others to go and tell people what He is going to do. This gives a chance to the people to relook at themselves and change their THOUGHTS and WAYS so that God may relent of what he intends to do, such as the story of Jonah and the people of Nineveh. He is using Tomasi and KNR and I, to do the same to you because you have become ignorant of Him.
God is so HOLY that He will not allow people near HIm because we are all sinful and He will not be identified with sin. This is why he appeared to Moses as the burning bush and even then He told Moses, "Take your shoes off for you are standing on holy ground."

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 10:26PM

cont ... 5:31pm

3. You think that appearing in person to pharaoh as you describe is something to be admired? Think about how dreams come into a person. No one on this earth can put a dream into someone elses mind except God and the evil one, which God has allowed. We think that iPhones and computers are fantastic things that allow us to communicate with each other around the world. What happens when you are out of reach of the signal area? Your phones are useless.
God does not need any infrastructure of copper wires and fibre to communicate with us and vice versa. He does not need electricity or special gadgetry.
He can communicate with us at any time and from any place and you can still receive his message and vice versa, whether you are awake or asleep. If you have no phone you cannot talk to your friends on the other side of the world. You can talk to God from anywhere - in your home, bush, under the sea, in the forest and even the moon and at any time. He gives you credit that willl never run out and you can make unlimited calls to him for your whole life.
Can you imagine a world without telephone, computers, cars, aeroplanes, electricity, lights and all the worldly things that you take for granted?? Scary isn't it? But we Christians can do without those things and still enjoy a wonderful life with the God we serve.
4.God does not do anything without a purpose. mostly it is for the benefit of men. Yes He could have simply destroy pharaoh and freed the Jews, but what would the Jews have learned and what would the world today learn from that? You see God wanted His people to know Him and learn from the experience they go through. Now we know and love and also fear God because we cannot simply take him for granted. He will chastice you after giving you warnings and because he is so JUST and unbiased.
5, Obviously you are not a believer in God. I challenge you to ask God to reveal Himself to you. I offer this prayer for you.
Lord if this person who is anonymous to us but well known to you, seeks earnestly to know you and asks for you to reveal yourself to him or her, then I am asking that to you reveal your self so that the person may know that you are real and will continue to love hiim or her even if they continue to disappoint you. In Jesus name I pray.

Ezekiel 33:11 (ESV)
"11 Say to them, As I live, declares the Lord God, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that the wicked turn from his way and live; turn back, turn back from your evil ways, for why will you die, O house of Israel? "

Anonymous said...


Q. Why did Bainimarama take two Primary school children to to go and speak about Climate Change at Bohn, Germany?
A. They would do a better job at it compared to his notes prepared by someone else.

Please contribute by giving your answers.

Anonymous said...

Q. Why did Baini ....?

A. They know more about Climaye Change compared to Baini?

Anonymous said...

what a cop out your long winded rather stupid rant is. using fables and semantics to justify a non existant christian god. as if your fake god is somehow superior to other fake gods of other fairy tales! Get with it man. There is no god--only conmen masquerading as his priests, fucking our children or their parishioners --depending on which denomination you belong to.

Anonymous said...

@8:29PM (the latter posting)
lol the irony of it all. It looked like you were talking to yourself ie 8:29 talking to 8:29 . Hahahahahahahaha.
Funny when you point a finger at others you find you just pointing the finger at yourself. Hahahahahaha.
You must be a real clown!
How the fark you didn't even think about waiting one minute inorder to differentiate yourself.
What a dickhead. What a farking clown!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.29. Every single point you raised i can debunk you with logic. However 2 things will happen A you will find a way to bullshit around logic and 2 in your mind logic does not exist as you already believe by virtue of your belief in the Bible that we all came from the loins of Adam and therefore i am fucking my own sister who happens to be my wife. That snakes could talk that the earth is 6000 years old which is contrary to all scientific evidence which dates it at over 4 billion years old and that the only way Jesus or God can forgive us is by getting himself crucified by dumb Romans. Why cant he just forgive why does he need a blood sacrifice. Is that not what devil worshipers do blood sacrifice i mean. But then your god loves blood isn't he the one who killed all the first born's , and tells Christians to stone their disobedient kids to death and to kill adulterers.
Don't get me wrong i do believe their is a creator just not the blood thirsty monster that you blokes worship i.e. (Christians Muslims and Jews). I simply do not know who the hell the creator is as he has never bothered to show himself to me.

For some reason all the mythical Gods only appeared to bronzed aged medieval fuckers who thought that a women was a witch because she new herbal medicine and that the earth was flat and that thunder was caused by an angry God.

Why Christianity is false can be read on this website http://www.kyroot.com. I challenge you to read the contents with an open mind.

While you are at it also google how many people have been killed in the last 1000 years in the name of Jesus which your God failed to stop. It is in the millions and counting. When you have finished google how many people have been killed in the name of the fictitious boggy man the Christian have invented "satan". Almost Zero. Odd isn't it.

I would suggest a lot more research and use of the grey matter. Blind belief is stupid.

Anonymous said...

@anon 9:57PM
It is good that you believe there is a creator. I give a challenge to you too as you have challenged me to look up the website quoted above.
say a simple prayer and ask the Creator of the whole universe to show himslef to you and prove that He is who he is - THE CREASTOR of everything. You will be surprised. He will reveal himslef to you more readily compared to many who call themsleves christians.

Our Christian God is not mythical as he speaks to people and allow people like you who doubt his existence to reveal himself to you.

Look up the website of one of the great Christian apologist, Dr. Ravi Zacharais at RZIM.org. The Christian is not the same God as the Muslim god. Again you are wrong there.
The very science that you put your faith in is now proving that the Christian God exists.

Yes, blind faith is stupid but our Christian belief is based on facts and science such as History by the Greeks/Romans etc, and archeology in the Middle East and other areas in the world, and DNA research.

Take the Challenge.

Anonymous said...

OK 9.57. Its obvious that you will not read up on what i have suggested.

So i will take up your challenge. Give me the facts. Show me the evidence that you talk about that is available independently and out side the Bible that is also widely excepted and is not Pseudo Science.

Anonymous said...

@anon 2:15PM

Looks like you are talking to yourself again. This is no coincidence. Once - yes, twice - no. Watch out for the third time!

Anyway, you are wrong in assuming that I did not take up your challenge. I looked up what you suggested. It is typical of the world view that is trying to destroy Christianity.

I also gave you a challenge to look up and read about other people view on the issue we are talking about. They will answer all your questions about the Christian faith and debunk all the comments at the site you gave me.

These are people who were non-Christians and became Christians and are now defending their faith as Christians.

1. Read about Dr. Ravi Zacharias a Hindu who came from a long line of Hindu priest and how he became a Christians and goes all over the world, especially no non-Christian countries in the Middle East, Russia and Europe and Asia, to defend his faith in Christianity.
2. Read about Professor John Lennox a triple Phd and Professor of Mathematics emeritus at Oxford University on why he is a Christian and his defence of his faith. He takes on people like Dawkins (Do you know him?)in debates about science and God.
2. Read about Dr. Michael Ramsden of Oxford University, who gives Financial Advices to Big Banks in the world, and why he turned Christian from being a wealthy non-beliiever.
Or Dr. Qurasi an ex-Muslim turned Christain and now defending the faith.

You seem to think that every Christian is stupid and believe in a mythical God. Can you explain about the people above? And there are many more.

You talk about science as the ultimate answer to all that is happening in this world. Listen to some of the people who have workrd on the helical structur of the DNA and how only an intelligent being could have designed the structure of the DNA and not the result of an accident as many aethist scientists claim in the Theory of Evolution.

I took up your challenge, the least you can do is take up mine.

Ask God to Reveal Himself to you. He will and I have offered him a prayer to help you.


Tomasi said...

@Anon 6.57PM. Thank you for your kind and courageous efforts to help a lost soul while defending your faith in GOD. Time is fading, and each day brings us closer to that great day of reckoning. All we can do is offer help for the dying and the lost around us. Satan is going full steam ahead in his efforts to numb and dumb the nations of the world. He does not give a damn about mankind. In fact, he is very jealous about our special place in God's divine order. But God loves us so much, that is why we must continue to reach out to people around us. As you know well, just as in the days of Noah, so shall the days of the Son of Man be. We are not surprised about what is happening in Fiji and around the world. Let us be always ready to share the truth and allow God to use it to bring about His will. It is up to each one of us to decide what we do with the TRUTH, who is GOD.

I saw a sticker on the SUNSET COACH today. It says something to the effect;

" You Better Know JESUS Before You Meet Him ". How wonderfully true and profound that is. May God bless you. May God bless Fiji. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

Hello 6.57. First of all i have read most if not all the views on Christianity. I have a degree and a Masters in religious studies. You have not answered anyone of my ascertains and logical observations on Christianity. From the murders and killings to the lack of evidence. Other peoples views are just that views. They prove nothing. You then point me towards certain converts who according to you are very intelligent men. Again it proves nothing. How many former Christians names you want from doctors and scientists to sports stars to movie stars who have converted to Islam and Hinduism and Buddhism. Does this mean that these faiths are somehow correct. You see religion is the one thing that makes the otherwise smartest kindest soul become a raving nut job. If you dare to look hard enough you will discover that Christianity is simply a "pick what suits you" religion which has many if not all its writings and teachings borrowed from other faiths which predate it.The story of Jesus is copied from Krishna, Mithra, Osiris, Hercules and many other myths and legends prevalent at the time.In fact Mithra was the most dominant God in Rome at the time. His story is almost identical to that of Jesus and in fact it is his birthday that fell on the 25th of December that we call Christmas. Everything Jesus taught was already taught by Buddha 500 years before Christ.

I asked you for evidence outside the Bible that Christianity is real. Hard evidence such as proven historical and archeological evidence that is excepted by the main stream scientific community. Even the Jews who have looked with a vested interest for evidence of the exodus as described in the Bible the parting of the Sea etc have found nothing nada. My research actually indicates that a men called Yoshua perhaps did exist. He may have been a rebel against the Romans and a highly learned and enlightened teacher. He was crucified for treason not for claims of divinity.

I am curious Anon 6.57. How does someone like you with obvious intelligence still believe in a book which is wrong from the beginning. It is obvious that we are an evolved species. A lot of very strong leaders of faith are now excepting this fact.
The evidence is simply irrefutable. So Adam and eve is pure horse manure.
The earth is not about 6000 years old it is 4.6billion years old.In Genesis 1 and 2 God contradicts himself on how the earth was created.
How can the God of the Bible get it so wrong on so many things. How can a god give ten commandments and forget Rape, forget pedophilia,
and so many other bad things that we humans do. The bible is filled with stupidity violence contradictions and scientific errors. Even each gospel has contradictions. I know i studied them like people study math. The bible and other holy books were my text books.

My question is are you innocently ignorant of these obvious anomalies or just so in need of something to believe in that you ignore the obvious.

Tomasi said...

@Anon 8.32 AM. You seem very genuine in your desire to know the truth. You also seem to project that you know the truth. You also strongly hold the view that Christianity is just another one of those many religions searching, finding and offering some concepts about the truth and God. You also claim that you hold some degrees of learning and are qualified to speak on the subject you are discussing. I respect your freedom to express yourself and appreciate your philosophical position.

As you will agree, in the final analysis, all we say and think are matters of perception and interpretation of our world and the realities that surround us. Our opinions are only that, OPINIONS, no more, no less.

However, please consider the following and take time to digest them:

1. Christianity is not a religion, because religion is merely man searching for God. Christianity is God searching for mankind, through the person of His Son, Jesus the Christ.

2. Christianity involves a personal relationship with God and a fellowship and life that is based on that relationship.

3. Christianity stands or falls on the reality and truth of the Son of God who became Man.

4. The life story of Jesus is a historical fact. It is the greatest story ever told. Human history has been radically and eternally transformed by the birth, life, death and ressurection of Jesus and His continuing work in people's lives across time, space, cultures and civilizations.

5. Christ's claim is not only that He came to offer us life, truth and the way to God. He actually stated that He is God, the Way, the Truth and the Life. There is no other way to God but through Him alone.

6. You and I may search for the truth and God, etc etc. What we will discover depends on our pathway and our desires and our perceptions. Because no twopeople are the same, we expect and must have many different or similar versions of the Truth and gods that we find. This is what I call the religions of men.

7. However, this matter of identifying the Truth takes on a matter of finality when the TRUTH Himself crosses into our realm, lives like one of us and allows every eye to see HIm, every hear to hear Him and every mind to comprehend Him and every heart to assess Him for himself. That is what makes Christianity so so wonderful and God so very accomodating and gracious.

8. Man in our sinful corrupt state cannot access the pristine and holy realm of the God of the Bible. It takes the Son of God to become like us so that we can see for ourselves what, who, where, how and why He is the TRUTH and GOD that we seek.

9. Once upon a time, science and education began with an awareness and concept of a God. Over time, mankind began inventing their own notions of God, Gradually, they tried to discard Him and try to present evolution as the reason for everything. These two parallels challenged scholars and philosophers for several centuries, and God was smiling at our kindergarten antics. We were like little children trying to explain what we cannot even see or measure. Because He loves us, He helped us advance some more in our scientific inquiries.

Anonymous said...

Hello 8:32AM.
I am glad to know that you can also by civil, so lets keep it that way for a change as calling other people in degrading terms to emphasise ones point of view does not add value to ones argument, only to ones image.
It is also good to know that you have a Masters degree in religious studies and rather sad that in your study you did not find anything good of the Christian God. I am sorry to say that I have nothing to boast about except that I am a humble servant of the Most High God through his Son Jesus. Thank you for at least complimenting me with the comment "obvious intelligence".
Bless you too Tomasi and that you for your support to help our lost neighbour.

You raise issues about Gods killing and one that was quoted in the kyroot website was the killing of 6 million Jews by Hitler during World War 2 or the holocaust. This unfortnately is the greatest hoax in human history.
1. This number was escalated from less than 1 million to 6 millions after the war through newspaper false reporting in order to make Hitler an evil man in order to destroy him. This was done by the Fake Jews who now reside in Israel. Faking news still happens today and more so.
2. Look up "The Leuchter Report' by Fred Leuchter, an American crematorium expert, who investigated scientifically the gas chamber where the burning of the 6 millions was suppose to have taken place.
He found out that it was scientifically and physically impossible to burn that many bodies in that place within the time stated in the Nuremberg Report of WW2.
No trace of the gas that was use to kill the jews was found in the chamber where the supposed killing took place. The facility was so inadequate that it would have killed all the soldiers and everyone in that camp if it was ever used.
3. Read the story of Ernest Zundeland others. Simply do a Googlr search on Holocaust hoax.

Anonymous said...

11:16PM cont...

You said that no trace of the crossing of the Red Sea by the Israelites could be found. Exactly what kind of supporting evidence do you expect to see in that area of crossing? Human bones of the Egyptians? Or piles of bones of horses and soldiers? Unfortunately there was no equivalent of videos cameras as we have them today and all he people invilvolevd are dead. It would be very difficult to find such evidence in that place as the sea salt would have broken down most if not all of the material by now.

You commented on the 10 Commandments that did not include rape and paedophilia. You are wrong! All the laws are prophets are hung or linked on the two most important Laws.
The fisrt is : "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your sould and with all your might and with all your mind."
The second is this : "You shall love your neighbour as yourself."

If you love God you will not commit any sin at all no matter what it is.
If you love your neighbour you will not rape any of them or commit paedopile with any of their children.
If you ask, "Who is my neighbour?" My answer is everyone including your wife and children!!!!

With technology now, you can google and find evidence of Historical and archeological evidence of Christ and Christianity very easily so I will not do that for you as you have not even bothered to take my suggestion to read other peoples views claiming they are simply viewws?
If that is true, then what do you call your own thoughts and great opposition to our Christian faith? Aren't they simply views.

By the way, Jesus was not crucified for treason as you claim, as Pilot could find not guilty of any crime as claimed by the Jews.

Also your generalised statemnt such as, " It is obvious that we are an evolved species." without any evidence, destroys your total arguments. We are not that simple to believe any lie like that.
The book on the Evolution of Species by Darwin is only a Theory. Just Observations and not proven facts. To-date we have not found any intermediary species between the evolving species. DNA does not support such theory.

This is my last challenge to you as you will not accept any view no matter what we try.



You simply have to be sincere in your request.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.22. It is obvious that i am debating with an amateur. Your statement on evolution revels this fact. Look up what a "theory" in science means. A scientific theory means an excepted fact. I would strongly urge you to read and understand evolution and all the evidence for it. Stop reading pseudo science as promoted by Christian apologist who even suggest that we were riding on dinosaurs. When 99% of the worlds scientist agree on something than i think it is a fact.

You said
"Exactly what kind of supporting evidence do you expect to see in that area of crossing? Human bones of the Egyptians? Or piles of bones of horses and soldiers? Unfortunately there was no equivalent of videos cameras as we have them today and all he people involved are dead. It would be very difficult to find such evidence in that place as the sea salt would have broken down most if not all of the material by now"
Dude they were looking for archeological evidence under the sea. Almost a whole battalion of soldiers were supposedly killed as per the bible. They carried swords shields metal Armour on their bodies and many other metallic objects that soldiers of that era carried including animal hide and fossilized human bones and horse bones. Not only in the sea but the scientists also looked at the route described in the bible for evidence of mass movement such as pots and pans, metal tools,mass cooking sites etc. They found nothing nada. Christianity cannot prove anything they claim. Their is simply no credible testable evidence of anything claimed in the Bible.

By the way i have asked God to reveal himself many times on my journey of spiritual quest and i have received no answers. God has not revealed himself to me neither has he revealed or helped the 9m children who die every year prematurely usually through violence. In fact it is estimated that the most blood thirsty monster in history is the God of the Bible. About 24 million deaths have been attributed to him in the Bible. Watch the You tube Audio Book Drunk with Blood for more detailed infor. I am not saying this nor the author of the book it is in the Bible it self. After my 20 years of study and research here is my conclusion. Their is a possibility that a supreme energy or "God" does exist. If indeed he does exist then he is more like a Gardner who has planted the Garden and is just content to let the Garden grow and does not interfere in its daily affairs. If he did interfere we would have a more just and peaceful world.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:35PM

You have defeated your own argument.

A. You wrote, "Their is simply no credible testable evidence of anything claimed in the Bible."

B. If that statement is true, then you cannot claim, "About 24 million deaths have been attributed to him in the Bible."

The two statementas are incompatible. If A is true then B is false. B can only be true if A is false. IF A is false then the Bible is TRUE.

Where is your logic that you claimed in your earlier post on Nov. 20 at 9:57PM where you wrote, "Anon 8.29. Every single point you raised i can debunk you with logic."

You cannot see God if you are not sincere.

"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God."

Concise Oxford English Dictionary: Theory - Supposition explaining something ....... speculative view ... theory of evoution.

Anonymous said...

Living Well And Dying in Dignity
We put our pet dog Venus to sleep a couple of days ago. We had got her from the SPCA Suva when she was just a few days old. When we moved to live in Sydney a decade ago we brought Venus and our other pet dog Mogli with us. My mother would tell everyone they ( the dogs) migrated without a visa!
The pet dogs lived a good life here and died in dignity under professional medical supervision. It's awful to say this but they lived a better life than many human beings languishing in refugee concentration camps in places like Manus Island where recently they were denied water, food, electricity, access to medical care and physically abused when forcibly transferred. Venus and before her Mogli never suffered any deprivations or medical care.
It makes you sad to see the predicament of fellow human beings ( old folks, women and children who are non combatant civilians ) being bombed in Yemen and Syraia and other theatres of war and conflict and migrants fleeing from their home countries because of persecution or life threatening conflict drowning in dangerous crossings across the Mediterranean Sea. And, migrants and refugees sold in " slave markets " in Libya. The list is long of fellow human beings languishing in inhumane circumstances denied the right to live with dignity and freedom. That's so tragic.
My pet dogs were such lucky buggers by contrast.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.26. Seriously i am lost for words. I am stating that the Bible is a load of baloney in other words absolutely untrue and obviously written by men of a more primitive time. If it was indeed true than the God of the Bible would be a monster because throughout its pages he killed about 24m people.Of course as it is a book written by men in his own image not the other way round. My observation was meant to show you that the Christian God cannot be a loving entity and hence is completely contradictory to the supposed nature of what God should be. The Bible itself professes that the Christian God is more akin to a modern day dictator rather than a benevolent loving God. The Bible potrays him as a self loving narcissistic insecure piece of shit and like a thug crushes people for simply not believing in him. In other words a men made creation.

A scientific theory is an explanation of an aspect of the natural world that can be repeatedly tested, in accordance with the scientific method, using a predefined protocol of observation and experiment. Established scientific theories have withstood rigorous scrutiny and embody scientific knowledge.
The definition of a scientific theory (often contracted to "theory" for the sake of brevity) as used in the disciplines of science is significantly different from the common vernacular usage of the word "theory".[4][Note 1] In everyday speech, "theory" can imply that something is an unsubstantiated and speculative guess,[4] the opposite of its meaning in science. These different usages are comparable to the opposing usages of "prediction" in science versus everyday speech, where it denotes a mere hope.

Your arguments will stand with the gullible flock that sit around pulpits listening to ever growing fatter and richer priests and pastors paddling their bullshit picking and choosing "nice" versus from the Bible while conveniently ignoring all the horrors it contains.

It won't wash with an intellectual.

Moce mada tacigu. May the Universe help you find the truth and free you from the bondage of religion.

KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 3:35PM Nov 28
Actually there is EVIDENCE and proof of the crossing of the Red Sea by the Israelites, as the Bible says.
Ron Wyatt and his team found it in 1978. Their old films have been uploaded to Youtube.
You can watch them there.
I watched one recently called "Startling Ancient Discoveries on the Floor of the Red Sea (FULL VIDEO)"
The guy even mentions in the movie when he was in Suva, Fiji.

The problem is the Scientist and Divers were looking for evidence at the WRONG SPOT.

They were looking for evidence in the Gulf of Suez when the evidence was there all along at the Gulf of Aqaba.

We cam blame the Romans for marking the wrong spot and building a farking monastery (St Catherine's) at he wrong mountain.

The funny thing is the Saudi Arabians are well aware of the RIGHT mountain and they have classified the whole area as Military Installation and closed it off. NO ONE OS ALLOWED THERE.
I guess it would fark up their Islamic Religion.

Anonymous said...

Kua ni Rere.

This is from Wikipedia

Ronald Eldon Wyatt (2 June 1933 – August 4, 1999) was an adventurer noted for advocating the Durupınar site as the site of Noah's Ark, along with almost 100 other alleged Bible related discoveries. These have been dismissed by scientists, historians, biblical scholars, and other creationists, but his work continued to have a following. Much controversy has surrounded him, often times he is labelled a charlatan and fraud. These claims are partly due to the astounding lack of evidence he provides for his finds, combined with the lack of legal permission into dig sites and genuine scientific backing. This is most evident in cases where he claims to have found an artifact, and then when asked to present it, claims the local government confiscated it, as was his claims with such alleged finds as the Ark of the Covenant and Pillars erected by Solomon. Further cases of his unsubstantiated claims include the literal blood of Christ. Something he claims to have had tested, yet when asked to present official documents has not, nor never did so.

Basically all of Rons claims are unsubstantiated and pure horse manure.

00000...... evidence.

I rest my case.

KUA NI RERE said...

@12:06 PM you sound like one of those Religious Jews of Jesus Days.
One time Jesus healed a Blind Man so the Priests decided to interrogate his parents etc to try and prove Jesus wrong.
In John 9:18 they said to him "Look you cant have been blind. This is all HORSE MANURE".
So they harassed the man's parents as well.
Finally the Priests got hold of the Blind man again and said to him "Look this Jesus is a sinner. He couldn't have made you better".

But the Blind man said "Look here Mutherfuckers! Whether He was a Sinner or Not, I don't give a fuck. All I know is I ONCE WAS BLIND, BUT NOW I SEE"

SO all I can say to you my friend is look at the pictures they took and see whether Ron Wyatt is telling the Truth.
Go look at the You Tube Video I mentioned above.
It very logically tells you where the real Mt Sinai is.

The Romans put the wrong name on the wrong mountain and for the last 1500years the SMART SCIENTIST WHOM YOU BELIEVE IN HAVE BEEN LOOKING IN THE WRONG PLACE ! and feeding you with HORSE MANURE!

KUA NI RERE said...

The Methodist Churches, instead of talking to its members about the coming Cashless Society and what God says about it, instead they have been hoodwinked by Satan into getting bogged down with Climate Change.
What a bunch of Losers.

Kena ca gona na wilipepa tiko, qai vakarorogo tiko vei Bainisona, ka sega ni wiliki na i Vola Tabu.

Du na vakaloloma levu sa yacovi Viti tu e na gauna qo.

Tu ga nai Nima luvu na Waqa.


45"Who then is the faithful and sensible CHURCH MINISTER or PASTOR whom his master put in charge of His flock to give them their food at the proper time?
46"Blessed is that MINISTER whom his master finds so doing when He comes....."

Infant car seat weight said...

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Anonymous said...

Kunirere as usual you make these wild claims about the so called prophecies in the bible which most if not all main stream scholars reject as utter nonsense.

Can you please quote me the exact verse in the Bible which says that we will no longer be using cash in the near future. I have studied the Bible like a text book from cover to cover because it was my text book.
I know where you will go with this but will wait for your reply.

KUA NI RERE said...

@Anonymous 8:25AM
Thank you for the opportunity to share what I know.
You said you've studied the Bible like a textbook. That's good. Let me on somethings you may have missed.
As you know the Cashless Society is written there in the Book of Revelation.
The book of Revelation is what the Apostle John wrote down what God revealed to him when he was imprisioned on the island called Patmos.
He was imprisioned there due to Persecution of Christians.

On the island of Patmos God revealed to him what is going to happen in the End-times (ie the end of Civilisation)
We are basically heading toward it now.

In those days The Romans ruled the World and so people used Roman coins as money.
There was no such thing as Helicopters and no such thing as Nuclear Bombs and John is writing and trying to explain things which were incomprehensible in those days.....but these days we'd say Yeah he's describing a Nuclear fallout.

Also for him to say that man will trade with "NUMBERS" ONLY AND NO COINS would be the height of stupidity. But then Christians have always been labelled as stupid by dumbasses who cant see into the future.
God revealed to him what was going to happen.

God said that Satan ( who is the Ruler of this World) will one day have his main man who will control the whole world.

And this man will bring every human being on this Planet under his control.
Every baby. Every woman every man will be controlled by him.

This man called the Beast will have great Power.
The Bible says that 10 Nations will give him that power.

For decades people have been trying to figure out who the 10 Nations were. First they thought the EEC (European Common market) then they though EU but then recently Britain broke away via Brexit.

But 3 months ago I came across a Map drawn by The Illuminati. I don't know how it leaked out but I saw it.
In that map I saw that they have divided the world into 10 Divisions.
Straightaway I made the connections.

Anyway the 10 Divisions or 10 Nations will give total control to this man called the Beast. He is directly under Satan's complete control.
He would be the Human Face of Satan.
And the Bible says that he will control the whole world by a NUMBERING SYSTEM.
Every single Human Being will be numbered (Revelation 13:7)
And this guy will basically hunt down every single Christian on the planet and annihilate them.

In Revelation 3:16-17 it says that he will force every human being to be able to only BUY IF YOU HAVE A NUMBER .

That is what is now right before eyes in Fiji.

The e-ticketing system is basically a way of pushing people toward the NUMBERING SYSTEM ie you cant board a bus if you don't have a number.


In Australia the Government in two months will FORCE all its citizens to have their Health Records forcibly uploaded into an e-system.
That way you can walk into a Clinic and they just scan your Hand or Forehead.

So wake up Fijians because Bainimarama and QORVIS are about to FUCK U UP EVEN MORE.

Anonymous said...


Revelation 13.17 says this:

"so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name" the number of the beast is 666. You literally have to have that number printed on your forehead to buy and sell anything according to the Bible. How does this translate to a cash less society. You could still have cash but if you do not have the mark of the beast you would not be able to buy anything.

Again a complete misrepresentation of the Bible paddled by conspiracy theorists.

KUA NI RERE said...

@Anonymous 2:35PM
You are jumping to Conclusions too early.

Inorder to interpret the Bible you must interpret it exactly as it says. Don't say things which are not written there.

And also you must interpret it in the CONTEXT it is written

Rev 13:7 says " and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name."

NOWHERE in that verse does it say that the number should be WRITTEN...
You just made that up.
It says "MARK "
Already in America , the company LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES is making RFID CHIP so small that can be inserted under the skin of your hand SO THAT YOU CAN WAVE IT INFRONT OF A DOOR to open it etc.
The same RFID CHIP that now is used in PAYWAVE in your Credit Card.

Intrestingly Lucent Technologies resides on 666 5th Avenue New York and the building is owned by Donald Trump's son-in-law..Kushner...Hmmmmmmmmm !...the same guy who is now going around the world as a representative of USA Foreign Policy....and the American people did not appoint him to that office.
Hmmmmm !


GOAT said...

The only children of Satan on Earth are the kaiviti men. NO ONE ELSE. IF WE THE PEOPLE WERE TO EXTERMINATE YOU RASCALS OFF THE FACE OF EARTH, THEN EVERYONE CAN LIVE IN PEACE AND HARMONY. YOU DEVIL, SATANIC ITAUKEI MEN SHOULD ALL GO AND JUMP INTO THE DEEP SEA SO THAT THE GOOD PEOPLE OF EARTH can all come to ensure none of you get out of the sea ever again. You false prophets and generally ugly racist dumb bastards of this Earth.

Anonymous said...

@MRS Goat
Can you please tell Bainimarama to ask the American poofters to clean up their mess in Marshall Islands .

A massive nuclear test waste dump in the Pacific is leaking radioactive material into the ocean.

A 50cm-thick concrete dome is all that stands between 85,000 cubic metres of soil mixed with radioactive waste and the people of Enewetak Atoll in the Marshall Islands.

Runit Dome - or "the tomb", as locals call it - contains the waste leftover from dozens of atomic tests carried out by the US in the mid-20th century.

But according to a new report from Australia's ABC News, climate change is taking its toll - water is penetrating the dome.

Also, the bottom isn't lined at all. During its nuclear clean-up in the 1970s, the pit - itself formed by an atomic blast - was deemed too pricey to line the porous seabed with concrete.

"The bottom of the dome is just what was left behind by the nuclear weapons explosion," Michael Gerrard, the chair of Columbia University's Earth Institute told ABC News.

"It's permeable soil. There was no effort to line it. And therefore, the seawater is inside the dome."

People living on low-lying atolls in the Pacific are destined to be some of the first victims of rising oceans caused by climate change, and now they face nuclear contamination on an unprecedented scale.

So many of the atolls are unsafe, even this many decades later, locals have resorted to imported food like spam and other processed goods. They're not allowed to eat or export their own food.

And the problem's not going away - the fissile material left behind has a radioactive half-life of more than 24,000 years.

"This could cause some really big problems for the rest of mankind if all that goes underwater, because it's plutonium and cement," compensation fighter Jack Niedenthal told ABC News.

"It's like this big monument to America's giant f--k up."

Anonymous said...

Police officers on sex charges

Aqela Susu
Wednesday, December 06, 2017

THREE police officers were charged for sexual related offences last month.

This was revealed in the November Rape and Sexual Offences statistics released by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) yesterday.

According to the statistics, 21 people were charged for 31 separate incidents last month, of which three of these were police officers.

Two police officers were charged with two counts of abduction with intent to have carnal knowledge of a 17-year-old girl while another police officer was charged with two counts of indecent assault and one count of sexual assault of a female police officer.

The 31 incidents comprised 15 rape cases, three cases of abduction with intent to have carnal knowledge, six cases each of indecent assault and sexual assault, and a defilement case.

The ODPP confirmed there were 20 victims of the 31 incidents, 15 of who were victims under the age of 18 years.

The statistics revealed there was an incident where a school headteacher was charged with rape, sexual and indecent assault and indecently annoying his pupils.

It also highlighted a case where a 17-year-old girl was impregnated after a 28-year-old man allegedly abducted her with the intention to have carnal knowledge with her.

Out of all the recorded cases, there were four incidents where the accused persons and the victims were related.

In another incident, four high school students charged with rape

Tomasi said...

Time is indeed a powerful, wonderful and inspiring reality. It is also an awesome and fearful phenomenon. It is no wonder that God created time as one of the defining and balancing forces of our created order. For time impacts us all and ultimately determines our end, no matter who and where we are. We were created in time, and we will always be creatures of and subject to time. Countless rulers have desired to prolong their days beyond their allotted measure. From the worst despots and evil dictators to the most noble and God-fearing statesmen, many a leaders have imagined what if they have been allowed to expand their lifetime or government. But the firm and overwhelming force of time has always been most ruthless, overwhelming, conclusive and non-discriminative. Time respects no one, bows to nobody and applies to everybody and everything under the sun.

As time carries us across the vast expanse of history, we can look back and reflect on how we have lived our lives and enable us to make wiser decisions for us and for our succeeding generations. I hope our current and future leaders will remember this. I am glad to see this actually being played out everyday in Fiji and around the world.

Because of space limitations, I cannot say more than these few paras. But for the sake of promoting the truth, freedom, peace and progress, may I say this. Let us judge the political candidates as fairly and justly as we can. Although there are far better leadership candidates in Fiji, for me, choosing between Bai and Rabuka, I would always go for Rabuka. It is simply because when I apply my character analysis framework as derived from the Bible, Rabuka comes out the much better person for leadership. In terms of parties, I see it as an organization, and it is the people in an organization that ultimately determines everything, from vision, to goals, strategies, results, etc.

Much has been said about some people and racism in Sodelpa. While I understand the position of my Tailevu OB Victor Lal, let me point these facts out. Ro Teimumu chose Richard Naidu for the high legal office in 2014. Mick Beddoes chose to work with and support Ro Teimumu and Sodelpa until the Shakesperean Brutish plotters destroyed that course. Ro Teimumu has acted most nobly for our Girmitya descendants. There are two Pastors in the current lineup, and these are not ordinary men. Rev Jone Kata and Rev Sharma are people of outstanding qualities and with great following across Christian circles. Lynda and her people have chosen to work with Sodelpa. The former RBF Governor, Save Narube stood from Sodelpa in the 2014 elections. Finally, Mr Jai Ram Reddy and Rabuka stood together and fought together to unite the nation after the aftermath of the 1987 military coup and the national disaster that it spawned.

Finally, almost all the Sodelpa candidates are landowners who have provided their land and resources for the benefit of all our communites and our nation since Governor Garvey and Thurston landed in Viti hundreds of years ago. The same landowners who have prayed for and supported our indentured labourers toiled and prospered in their new home land. The same landowners who have watched without malice or jealousy as their lands and beaches become prime real estates and the bustling epicentres of government, private sector and vigorous development for the modern Fiji. Let us study people and events objectively, discuss vital issues openly, and decide wisely. As Lord Acton said, “The truth is incontrovertible. Ignorance may deride it, malice may distort it, but there it stands”. When we shall know the truth, then we shall be closer to be set free. God bless our Fiji. Vinaka.

KUA NI RERE said...


This time they've used the INDIAN TRICK of using someone else as the mouthpiece ie THE COMMISSIONER OF POLICE, QILIHO

Qiliho calls to regulate cyber space

Felix Chaudhary
Sunday, December 10, 2017

Qiliho. Picture: FT FILE

POLICE Commissioner Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho has called for the regulation of cyber space.

While making a presentation during a panel discussion titled 'Regulate Cyber Space?' at the 19th Attorney-General's Conference yesterday, he said a lack of relevant laws and powers was making it difficult for police to investigate cyber crime.

"The reality is that in a few years' time, the policing landscape will shift dramatically from routine policing out on the frontline to more policing of cyberspace," he said.

"So to answer the question of whether we should regulate cyberspace, the answer is a definite yes."

Brig-Gen Qiliho's comments echoed similar sentiments made by Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama during his opening address at the A-G's Conference on Friday.

IT BEGS THE QUESTION : How many CYBER CRIMES have actually been committed in Fiji?
Did some one hack the Military Bainisona Barracks?
What farking CYBER-CRIMES were committed in the last year?
All I've been reading about everyday is RAPE AND RAPE and MORE RAPE!

AND THIS WAY THEY ALSO Stop anyone criticising Bainisona or Kainivutusona or even throw them in jail!


Ni yadara tiko na KaiViti!


And even dickhead "Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination director Ashwin Raj has joined them.

Anonymous said...

Yeah , someone hacked into the Fiji Military but they were all asleep so the guy with the flip flop and AK 47 woke them up and told the mutherfuckers to sit on the sand.
Qiliho should investigate who was this guy with the fliflop

Another person hacked into the QEB so now they cant fire their Intercontinental Ballistic Missile.
Qiliho should investigate this cybercrime.
This is very important for the welfare of Fijian children who are constantly being raped by their relatives. Police shouldn't waste time investigating that.

KUA NI RERE said...

I think Bainimarama will try and introduce the RFID Chip to be inserted at the back of the right hand of every "Fijian" ASAP.
I'm sure he'll start talking about it soon. Maybe in the next 12 months ie 2018.

Exactly as the Bible predicted.

Wake up FIJI!

Go Read it!

We the people said...

Go take your Lithium tablets, you manic depressed loser. People like you cause coups in this country, first it was idiot army then ,idiot Margaret Wise then kailomas from Marist.
Get your medication in order ,you lowlife scum of this beautiful Earth.
Why don't you go back to the USA where your relatives all came from, after being freed from slavery.
Lutunasobasoba my rear orifice. As for Degei , I seriously believe it to be a mispronunciation of the word DENGUE. Mosquitoes kila ?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Isa Boso Mr Bainimarama did the last Coup. He was warning Qarase for 12 months that he was going to do a Coup. Then of course Bai was helped by the Shameem sisters, Mahen Chaudry , Kaiyum and even the Catholic Church Bishop. Also some other Indian guy Sam Prasad or whoever he asked to develop a 3 year plan. Then there was a Stupid Group by Penny Moore and Chief Justice Faggot that also supported Bai.
All these people gave traction to Bainisona's Coup.
If not for the people mentioned above Bai and his Military would have disappeared back down the hole they came from.

So Arsehole if you are going to blame somebody for the Coup then blame Bainisona and his Indian supporters.

But now the Americans via QORVIS has FULL CONTROL of Bai and Kaiyum and you Indians are going to get fucked. The Fijians are already almost fully fucked!

KUA NI RERE said...

"Without a Vision, the people Perish" - Proverbs 29:18

The Methodist Church lost its Vision, and now its people Perish.
They are in disarray. They are overwhelmed with Pornography and Sexual Immorality.
The fathers rape their children. I wouldn't want to think of the consequences of this widespread sickness, once these children grow up. There will be Unbelievable suicide rate; unbelievable drug consumption ;sexual immorality etc etc etc, just to try and drown out their sorrow and pain.
The Methodist Leaders have strayed so far from the Truth, it is heartbreaking.
Their Vision was once filled with The Prince of Peace.
Now it has been taken over by The Prince of Darkness, Satan.
Where once their Vision was Jesus Christ, now its clouded with Climate Change.

There is only one answer for you the Methodist Church. Jesus says "Go back to your First Love".
Retrace your step backwards and find "from where you had fallen".
Jesus still loves you and wants you to give it one more go.

Like Sampson, even if they pluck out your Eyesight, you can still regain your Vision and do great exploits.
Fill your Vision again with The Prince of Peace, and your reward will be great in Heaven.
Me vakalougata taki kemuni na noda Turaga,Jisu.

Hanifah said...

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Anonymous said...

Why are you still talking to yourself?

Anonymous said...

The bastard cant help himself.

Talks of sale

Felix Chaudhary
Thursday, December 21, 2017

THE fears of Air Terminal Services workers that discussions on the sale of their stake in the company were taking place without their knowledge have been confirmed.

Fijian Holdings Ltd Group CEO Nouzab Fareed said yesterday that discussions had started 12 years ago and the last "verbal discussion" took place earlier this year.

The matter came to light after the National Federation Party released a statement this week claiming Government had used the management and board of ATS to lock out employees as part of a strategy to gain control of the company.

NFP leader Professor Biman Prasad claimed FHL was being earmarked to buy out the 49 per cent employee shares in ATS.

ATSET executive and spokesperson Manasa Ratuvili said he had heard reports this year of FHL's interest in the workers' 49 per cent share had been made to Mr Tulakepa, via what he claimed was a referral from Mr Sayed-Khaiyum.

"We viewed this as a back-door deal and an act not done in good faith, given that there is a channel of communication to follow," he said.

"By right, the offer should have been made to ATSET secretary Vili Finau or chairman Jai D Singh.

"It would have been rejected outright anyway because there is no way that we will relinquish our 49 per cent stake."

Anonymous said...

ALL YOU ATS WORKERS and ALL THEIR RELATIVES: Don't vote for Kaiyum or Bainivuaka or Fiji First in the next Election.

GOAT said...

But don't forget the bribe money ,soon to come your way in a sort of legal bonus and pay rise. Take it and vote for Sitiveni "Saul" Rabuka.
The scales have been removed from his eyes now and he is the new biblical Paul.
VOTE SLR and have a wonderful life in Fiji thereafter.
Don't vote for the current cancerous tumors called government.

GOAT said...

This sorry saga is probably the straw that will break this government's back. Never put two brothers from the same family in governance.
Take a candid look back at brothers Rajend and Each in Chodry, UDAY and Qusay Hussein of Iraq, Saddam's boys,
and now we have the sayed Khaiyum boys.
Remember it's always the sons who fuck up their father's reign. In Fiji's case, father Voreqe will soon find out the hard way.
Voreqe doesn't like to listen to common people because of control freak aiyaz.
This elections, the government will be losing due to the Khaiyum name and the blame for this should be shouldered by none other that nazhat Shameem for forcefully against many good advice told Voreqe to keep Aiyaz because he was ruthless like her. Now we all pay for their indiscretions.
I would never send this army to defend Fiji, simply because they don't listen to their owners, called WE THE PEOPLE. They are like Robert Mugabe's army. The tightened spring will release soon at the ballot boxes.
Hackers better that kishore Kumar are coming to Fiji to counter hack the hackers.
Times up boys, your mischief will be your downfall.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

More support for ATS workers

Friday, December 22, 2017

Fijian Teachers Association acting Secretary Peni Delaibatiki, FLP leader Mahendra Chaudhry, FTUC secretary Felix Anthony and ITF Fiji Secretary Kamlesh Kumar visit ATS workers this morning. Picture: FELIX CHAUDHARY+ Enlarge this image

Fijian Teachers Association acting Secretary Peni Delaibatiki, FLP leader Mahendra Chaudhry, FTUC secretary Felix Anthony and ITF Fiji Secretary Kamlesh Kumar visit ATS workers this morning. Picture: FELIX CHAUDHARY

Update: 4:06PM SUPPORT for the 270 Air Terminal Services workers who have been locked out at ATS headquarters in Nadi continues to pour in.

This morning they were visited by Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions General secretary Attar Singh, Fiji Trades Union Congress national secretary Felix Anthony and former prime minister and Fiji Labour Party Leader Mahendra Chaudhry and Peni Delaibatiki from the Fijian Teachers Association.

Aside from a stream of members of the public, the workers have already been visited by the Fiji Teachers Union, FTUC, PAFCO union, Fiji Bank and Finance Sector Union, Transport Workers Union, Opposition leader Ro Teimumu Kepa, National Federation Party Leader Professor Biman Prasad, Unity Fiji Party leader Savenaca Narube and Tui Nawaka Ratu Asaeli Driu, and representatives from the vanua o Sabeto.

Anonymous said...

A Slave Master of the Colonial era.
Several writers - Vijay Naidu, Sharveen Chaudhary, Alex Waqalevu, Sukha Singh and Utiko Nabunobuno - wrote in to the Fiji Times today 23/12 to politely chastise Simon Hazelman for his anti-worker, anti-trade union stance in the ATS industrial dispute.
I don’t know who Simon Hazelman is but from his public utterances he is clearly someone who harks back to the colonial slave master days.
Perhaps someone who knows more about this person and his right wing bent could tell us more about him so that we have a contextual understanding of his public flatulence.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this Simon Hazelman fala sounds like an old school plantation owner type. There is no such thing as workers’ rights or trade union rights in his lexicon. Workers are meant to simply follow the dictates of the boss man...
- chiku

Anonymous said...

Truce up! Simon Hazelman reminds me of the colonial plantation owner Kaivalagi/ post colonial Kailoma who regarded and treated the native and Indian labourers as coolies who had no human worth or dignity other than as manual labourers.
- socho

Anonymous said...

In Fijian politics Simon hazelman is not even close to being a right wing.The man is pro big daddy government,whatever decisions the government makes his quick to jump up and down with praise.He may display views that are right wing but when one investigates and look at the finer details,the man is purely left wing authoritarian. Let's take a look at one of his statements in regards to healthcare he had posted to the Fiji times.

"I believe while such medical facilities are obviously geared for the wealthier 10 per cent of Fijians, Government and associated medical professionals ought to create a profound system that can cover the unfortunate 90 per cent of Fijians." Simon Hazelman

There is no way that statement sounds right wing but more left wing leaning.He depends on the Fijian government to offer him a system that will pay for his and others health.The man refuses to acknowledge that the private health care system in Fiji only works when you pay your own way through whatever circumstances through your labour.You work and pay for your health insurance and care because nobody will do it for you.The man harps on about Fiji being a developing country but wants government to create a healthcare system that will cover the unfortunate 90% of the population,the man is confused.Seriously go read the content the guy pumps out he's purely left wing like most bloggers on here.Pro big daddy government,very emotionally authoritarian,narcissistic and deploys liberal shamming tactics in order to gain some sort of influence but really is deluded living in a ivory tower.

Anonymous said...

As I drove to Labasa the other day I imagined how our PM must have felt driving on this same road and experiencing the conditions first hand.

I immediately felt the weight of responsibility upon him in having to deal with thousands of like issues that the country is facing.

His comments, his frankness, and his actions confirms his accountability to the people.

The task is enormous, especially that the country doesn't have all the resources it needs to keep everybody happy.

The thought of what he faces on a daily basis is mind-boggling.

Yet Mr Bainimarama continues to reach out, support and encourage the common people to work hard through our adversities and not be overly dependent on Government, a habit instilled by past administrations. No one is perfect and that goes for our Prime Minister as well. Despite all negativity, he continues to plough forward so before pointing a finger or demonstrating our anger let's think carefully about our own individual worthiness to the country, consider the enormous task at hand in trying to develop this beautiful country of ours to one that we can live comfortably in, and support our Prime Minister and his government through these tough times!



Anonymous said...

Worshipping the leader and his big daddy government,its a typical liberal public relations tactic.The guy is trying to portray the prime minister of Fiji as some sort of hardworking saviour and the only man in the world that will fix all the issues.He is either brain washed or a Fiji first big daddy government amateur propagandist trying to get the cult of personality ball rolling.

Anonymous said...

Climate change

THE cause of the current global warming trend is human expansion of "green-house effect", the warming that results when the atmosphere traps heat radiating from earth towards space.

Our Government and in particular Prime Minister Bainimarama has become a strong climate change advocate. It is not only an obligation, but is essential for all future generations. We are already experiencing the effects of climate change and have been doing so for the past couple of decades.

While we go about voicing our concerns on the international arena, it is absolutely critical that each one of us support the cause by treating our environment with the same respect it has given us. Changing our attributes, educating our ignorance and learning to do things the right way should be our utmost priority. We are currently our worst enemies for it's pretty obvious that the majority of us don't care. Global warming is real, it is here to stay and it's going to get worse! It's effects will quicken if we don't start being responsible now.

So take notice and become a responsible citizen.

We are hypocrites if we tell the world to change their habits when we can't first change ours!



Anonymous said...

"Global warming is real, it is here to stay and it's going to get worse! It's effects will quicken if we don't start being responsible now."


Anonymous said...

"Global warming is real, it is here to stay and it's going to get worse! It's effects will quicken if we don't start being responsible now."


Anonymous said...

WHILE synthetic drugs needs to be the main focus for eradication, I believe our Government and our police force ought to loosen up the fight on marijuana.
I believe 65 per cent of tourists to our shores, making up more than 500,000 each year, come from Australia and New Zealand, two countries whose grip on marijuana is not as drastic as ours and who are already in the process of legalising it.

In April of 2016, Victoria became the first state in Australia to legalise weed with access to its Medical Cannabis Bill 2016.

New South Wales followed suit in July and became the first state to secure a licence to start growing marijuana for medical purposes. Queensland, Tasmania, Western and South Australia recently followed suit.

New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern confirmed NZ would hold a referendum on whether to legalise recreational marijuana use within three years.

Ms Ardern stated she had always been open about the fact she did not believe people should be imprisoned for personal use of cannabis.

Hemp, on the other hand, has been in commercial production for about a decade now and food products have been approved for human consumption in both countries.

While alcohol and cigarettes have been scientifically proven to be much more deadly than marijuana, it is only appropriate that we legalise it.

I believe licences also need to be open for farmers to cultivate hemp for a lucrative commercial industry.

I believe the recreational use of marijuana by tourists to our shores has been happening for decades now.

Instead of fighting a losing battle, I believe it is wiser we be part of a solution and not part of an ongoing problem. We need to approach and deal with the issue in a much more responsible and thoughtful manner.

I believe the demand from locals and internationals will remain steadfast!

Simon Hazelman Savusavu


I believe the powers that be really need to know which way the smoke is blowing!

GOAT said...

And the backward people will continue to consume another plant called yaqona and hypocritically point fingers at other people and their plant consumption.
Both plants are narcotics but the super super junglee racist African Fijians will always point fingers at others.
I hope that the Americans will take the slaves back rather than dumping them in the Pacific, like the British did with the Indians dumping them here as well.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha is that what you do now?blame your liberal masters about slavery and how everyone is a racist because they don't agree with liberal views?Making every social,economic and political issue about race?What an absolute joke! You're still living in that ivory tower in Sydney aye lad,seriously get out there in the real world more often.

Anonymous said...

Trump’s Rise To Power And The Face Of Fascism Rearing It’s Ugly Head Again.
We read the following in Culture Cheat Sheet 23/12 article Why This Historian Says A Trump Coup is ‘ Pretty Much Inevitable’ :
“ Trump’s impeachment is almost inevitable at this point. There is just too much evidence that he has violated the constitution... But the question on a lot of peoples’ minds is “ will he go easily?”.
Timothy Snyder, a historian and author of On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons From The Twentieth Centur, says “ it’s pretty much inevitable”...
Snyder firmly contends that Trump is Fascist in the way he operates his worldview. What fascists have done in the past is to tell people to not worry about the truth and what is real, only worry about our “ mystical unities and direct connections between the mystical leader and the people”. This is only echoed by his constant denial of the truth and his undermining of the press...
John Oliver contends Trump will use three approaches to undermine democracy.
Delegitimising the media, “ Whataboutism”, and trolling. He consistently calls any news about him that is negative “ fake news “. If that doesn’t work, he will shift blame to someone or something else by saying “ What about this?”. He also constantly and intentionally tries to anger liberals. All those tactics undercut political norms and create a new dynamic that people are starting to emulate in conservative politics.
Trump has already, subversively, began consolidating his power. He refuses to acknowledge that the Judiciary has the authority to question him. Members of his staff have even echoed that his “ power should not be questioned”...
Read more about the new dynamic that Trump is creating that has the hallmarks of the rise of fascism as recorded in history in the article mentioned above.
It contains valuable lessons for all committed to defending democracy everywhere.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Don't be fooled by this liberal propaganda book, it is not a detailed account of various atrocities and wrong doings committed by authoritarian regimes of all stripes throughout history, it is simply a bloated propaganda brochure aimed at criticising Donald Trump.

The author is shameless in his blatant bias and uses every tortured example he can to try and equate Trump to Hitler and everything from his Twitter activity to his Campaign slogans to try and equate his presidency to the onset of Fascism,I'm really not kidding.It is even evident that once again shaming tactics have been employed throughout.

For instance Snyder tells us that we should "stay away from the internet and put our faith in the Mainstream Media" and claims that Trump calling Clinton "Crooked Hilary" is definitely something Adolf would have done.This is coming from someone who has never met Hitler nor personally known him.

It's one of those books that shows nothing but pure contempt for the American public and yet another example of where a snooty liberal deliberately ignores the message that the American working class were trying to send to the capital that they're sick of not being listened to and they won't accept any of the establishments nonsense.

Trying to claim that he's somehow 'stolen' power and he's not the result of smooth talking establishment flunkies (The Bush Dynasty, Barack "Mr Smooth" Obama) is incredibly disingenuous.

Anonymous said...

The working class in America was feed up with the Establishment so they decided to send Trump to the Capital to set things right. Wow! If you believe that, you can believe all the nonsense coming out of the Trump administration.

Anonymous said...

Says the liberal.

Anonymous said...

Says the result of the Alabama elections and the defeat of Trump’s nominee in a traditional Republican stronghold. Says the growth of an estimated 6000 Indivisible grassroots groups across America set up to try and derail Trump agenda ( see article by Matthew Knott in The Age 24/12/17 for elaboration. Matthew Knott is a Fairfax Media political reporter who is studying US Politics at Columbia University in New York ).
- rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

The Anti-Trump Resistance Gaining Firepower All Over America.
Here’s an extract from Matthew Knott’s article for the benefit of those who may not get a chance to read it.
“ Like little blue dots in a sea of red. That’s how Susan Griffin [ initiator of the Indivisible movement ] says Democrats like herself often felt living in Alabama, a Republican stronghold in America’s Deep South. “ Progressive people here often felt intimidated about speaking up” says Griffin,63... “ If you’re in a group of 10 people you assume nine will be conservative and Republican”. So it wasn’t a surprise that Alabamans voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump last November...
... In Alabama, fresh from their special election victory the anti-Trump resistance is already looking to next year’s midterms... “ Progressives here had stopped speaking out, stopped showing up to vote. Now we know we aren’t as isolated as we thought. We’re just getting started”.
And, what a start that has been : winning Alabama just a year after Trump’s overwhelming support there.
More and more Americans are coming to the realisation,albeit belatedly, that Trump and his cronies are the wrong mob for America’s democracy and international good standing.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Coming from the guy who got banned from entering the US haaaa!!! What an absolute joke and 0% credibility.

Anonymous said...

What an absolute joke haaaa!!!! he he he !!!! ho ho ho !!!! Only an intellectual imbecile will find a joke where none exists.

Anonymous said...

Arsehole@anonymous 12.22 PM whose credibility are you talking about?
It’s the credibility of Donald Trump, the supposed to be leader of the free world, that is being raised in the discussion in case your small brain didn’t grasp that.

Anonymous said...

The liberal cry baby hehehehe.Rajend get out of your pad more often rather than posting nonsense and talking to yourself on here lad.

Anonymous said...

Trump Top Man Friend No More
According to a 7000-word profile in Vanity Fair magazine of the man credited with helping President Trump acquire the high office, Steve Bannon, the former Trump campaign chief and inner most circle White House aide, now thinks Trump “ has just a 30 percent chance of making it to 2020 - the end of his presidential term - given the chance of impeachment or being removed by his cabinet under the 25th amendment”.
He also joked the President is “ like an 11-year old child “.
Bannon was credited with convincing Trump to adopt “ a more nationalistic agenda before the election” and “ joined the White House after the election victory”. But left in August after a bitter feud with the other aides and returned to Breitbart News, the hard-right website of which he is executive chairman.
( read more in ‘ Ex-Donald Trump aide Steve Bannon turns fire on President’s family ‘ smh 25/12 original from Telegraph, London ).
Steve Bannon no “ liberal cry baby “, is he?
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Arsehole@ 6:02 PM any more jokes or nonsense to share?

Anonymous said...

The Perils of Performing The Great Duty That Journalists Perform : To Hold Power To Account.
In 2017 attacks on the media started at the top, with President Trump routinely using the bully pulpit to call out unfavourable coverage of his administration as “ fake news “, and mainstream news organisations as “ the enemy of the American people “. The president’s verbal assaults on journalists concerned press freedom advocates, - from the UN’s human rights chief who warned the president’s words could lead to “ incitement for others to attack journalists”, To David Frum, a senior editor at the Atlantic who wrote that Trump’s words “ are a direct attack on ... international journalists’ freedom and even safety”.
While American journalists have faced threats of assault, and in some cases, actual assaults, it is in other countries where local journalists have paid the ultimate price for their profession...
Read where journalists have fared the worst in the full article from which the above was extracted - ‘ Journalists continue to be targets, metaphorical and real ‘ Yahoo News 22Dec 2017.
What is the status of press freedom in Fiji today?
With the restoration of parliamentary democracy following the 2006 military coup has press freedom been fully restored?
Are local journalists “ performing the great duty, which is to hold those in power to account” without fear?
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Keep safe Rajend,I'll see you soon.

Anonymous said...

coup4.5 can you some new story.Bus ticket story was written last year . for this year new story and new comment for bai kai election

Anonymous said...

Open Stupidity in Public Figures of Influence.
Daryl Budgeon provides us with a good example . He writes :
“ Tony Abbot’s statement that getting warmer has to be better for people completely misrepresents the scale, complexity and seriousness of the issue. The statement is also completely wrong as shown by the effects ... of climate change ...
Mr Abbot and his cohort must now be held up as shallow men unable to keep themselves informed, or change opinions held, which are increasingly proven to be not in the interest of humanity.
The public and body politic should not tolerate such open stupidity in public figures of influence “ ( The Age 1/1/2018 ).
I agree.
And, I have not tolerated such open stupidity from public figures of influence like Abbot, the former PM of Australia, and others of a similar bent.
My many letters in the Australian papers and elsewhere bear testimony to that.
I look forward to continuing in the same activist citizen vein in the new year.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Second-Rate Politicians .
Bert Candy gives us a colourful description of one such Polly from the “ boys’ club political system” in Australia ( smh, 2/1/2018).
They’d no doubt be parallels elsewhere.
Candy writes :
“ So Lordly Downer, Australia’s high-commissioner to England, he of the fishnet stockings, product of private school fagging, bullying little ex-foreign minister, friend of Woodside Petroleum, squeaky, plum-in-mouth sychophant of royalty and self-serving stalker of privilege, went out on a night of debauchery at an expensive London wine bar with a like-minded American Republican insider and, in the drunken haze, was told a secret. The mind boggles with the bacchanalian imagery; not surprising though, given Downer’s affection for intrigue and double-dealing ( remember East Timor ), our own diminutive Johnny English. But damn the Russian “ political dirt “ on Hillary, what is truly offensive is the way both sides of Australian politics have an unwritten protocol to give second-rate politicians like Downer a rich sinecureonce they retire on their fat pension. It’s just another obscenity in our boys’ club political system today that requires excision.
Now, where are those strong female leaders? Oops, see the cow jumping over the moon”.
The phenomenon of the boys’ club political system that Candy describes - bullying ministers, friends with big corporations, plum-in-mouth sychophancy, stalker of privilege, double- dealing etc - has it seems become the new grammar of modern day politics.
I agree completely with Candy that this political phenomenon is an “ obscenity “.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Talking About Shaping A Better World, A Peaceful World.
We learn from the HuffPost 1/1/2018 article U.N. Secretary-General Puts World On ‘ Red Alert ‘ In Somber New Year’s Eve Address that António Guterres “ cautioned that the globe was on ‘ red alert ‘ following a year marked by deepening conflicts and “ new dangers “. He said “ When I took office a year ago, I appealed for 2017 to be a year for peace... Unfortunately, in fundamental ways , the world has gone in reverse... Global anxieties over nuclear weapons are the highest since the Cold War, climate change is moving faster than we are. Inequalities are growing and we see horrific violations of human rights. Nationalism and xenophobia are on the rise”. Facing such challenges, Guterres said he was “ not issuing an appeal “ but a “ red alert for our world “.
Guterres went on to say he believed “ only international unity and cooperation could help solve these many crisis”.
I have absolutely no doubt about Guterres sincerity and genuine commitment to his belief in world peace through international unity and cooperation and trust and all that.
As much as I would like to I find myself unable to share his optimism.
When I look at all the arms dealers and promoters of global capitalist greed ( who have scant regard for the environment ) seated in the U.N. even as permanent members of the U.N. security council and how they have been profiting obscenely from arms trade, including arms sales to rogue states notorious for violations of human rights, it’s hard to believe realistically that they would change in any get hurry.
I think we can expect more of the same in the new year ... the world going in reverse in the same fundamental ways.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Casting A Critical Eye On The Conduct Of One’s Own Country.
In his letter ‘ Australia’s a terrorist ‘ ( Canberra Times 3/1/18 ) Adam Bonner of Brogo, NSW writes :
“ Australia is a recidivist terrorist state. We bombed civilian Vietnamese peasants indiscriminately; we invaded Iraq without provocation; we occupied Afghanistan without just cause; we bombed Syria in order to cherry pick which bad guys occupy the throne; we intercept ships on the high seas to impose our legal system on them; we support Israel’s tyranny over Palestine; we hide behind “ national security “ to obscure the truth; we implement unjust group punishment against North Korea. [ the list could no doubt be expanded with more examples].
We react with horror when a lone shark drives a car through a Melbourne crowd and we call it terrorism while we call the actions of our own armed forces legitimate and collateral damage.
Australia’s filthy hands are why terrorism is on the rise around the world and why it will continue to get worse. IS will morph into something else just as Saddam’s Sunnis did after we bombed the hell out of their country.
We perpetrate our terrorism under the pathetic tutelage of US hegemony. Do you really think we would be selling arms to Saudi Arabia if we were a country with an independent foreign policy? Our civility is only domestic deep ( and even there on the wane ); on the international stage we are more than barbarians who implement “ to the victor go the spoils”.
An excellent example of a conscientious citizen speaking his mind on the wrongs perpetrated by the State in his own country - an advanced modern democracy.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

The Bright Can Also Be Bastards.
Philosopher and author Damon Young develops this argument in his article ‘ Before your next insult, remember : being smart doesn’t make you a good person ‘ ( Canberra Times 3/1/18 ).
He writes “ Politics is an arena of insults, and it is naive and perhaps wowserish to expect otherwise. But the insults ought to be fitting.
To take the international example : Donald Trump’s statements are routinely lambasted as stupid and ignorant. He is seen as the prince of idiocy and obliviousness. But local examples abound too...”
To make his point Young cites the case of Jean-Paul Sartre, “ arguably the most well known philosopher of the second half of the 20 th century “. He was, Young says, “ a man with a powerful intellect, but this did little to guide his conscience when it mattered. The same argument might be made for many great minds; they are smarter than most of us but still bastards “...
Returning to Trump, Young says, “ The chief problem with Trump’s character, like that of many leaders, is not smarts but vice. He is,among other things, greedy, cruel, deceptive - and surrounded by very clever people who use their robust brains to keep him in power”.
Young reminds us at the beginning of his article when citing the example of Trump that “ local examples abound too”.
What are our local examples?
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

How Come He’s President?
We read in Rupert Murdoch called Trump a ‘ F- - - idiot’, new book claims ( Canberra Times 4/1/18 ) that in Michael Wolfe’s book Fire and Fury : Inside Trump’s White House the Australian media mogul reportedly exclaimed after a phone conversation with Trump “ What a f... idiot”.
What’s such a man doing as president of a country that’s the world leader of democratic nations?
Mind boggling,isn’t it?
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

More importantly for the whole of humanity and planet earth what’s such a “ f....idiot “ doing having his hand on a big nuclear button?
- chiku

GOAT said...

Rajend and Chiku lal, he was democratically elected acha !!!!

Anonymous said...

Christopher Pryde are you gandu, which is illegal in baikai government.

Obzerva said...

Where are you Tomasi?

I thought this blog site had died. I looked at the comments under the E-ticketing article and saw Tomasi' posts.

It gave me hope.

The current make up of the proposed SODELPA candidates is encouraging. The candidates may not be perfect but at least they are more representative of Fiji and are not ass kissing robots (FFP).

If SODELPA can win government and amendments can be made to the 1997 Constitution to make it more inclusive (complete with penalties for treason),
then Fiji could heal. This would mean that Rabuka would have to support such a move then surrender. His conduct in facilitating such a process would be an extremely powerful mitigating factor at his sentence hearing.

His actions of yesteryear created Bai and Kai. I think he now sees that. All thee must face the justice system if Fiji wants to heal. If Rabuka took such steps the message would be clear. The deterrence factor would be established for ever

If he is the man of God (SR) that he says he is, he must place the noose around his own neck. If a jury of his peers accept his actions (if he were to do the above) he may escape that noose.

Rabuka's actions were misguided but his intention was not evil. Kai and Bai's actions were deliberate and evil. Their intentions have been plain for all to see. To create the Godless State. As close as they are to succeeding, their aim will slip through their fingers like a bar of wet soap. Bai and Kai have passed the point of no return.

Even the young members of Fiji's military understand what these two men have done to their country. They have seen their families, villages and friends quality of life disintegrate over the last 11 years.

Enough is enough.

I do not wish harm on any living soul. However, the rule of law is just that. You break the law then you must accept punishment and all other consequences.

Anonymous said...

Hitler too was democratically elected!!

GOAT said...

Rajend paedophile Naidu....remember you were caught fucking your niece premila.
Yes Hitler and Voreqe were both democratically elected ,the latter with help from Vijay and Claire Naidu.
Now stop barking rasam from Western Sydney.
You need psychiatric help, just like Hillary " why I lost the election" Clinton.
Listen here you chamaar and your idiotic buddy chiku"victor Lal", Rabuka the reformed Saul now biblical apostle Paul Will be the next PM of this third world shithole.
Don't come back to Fiji you chamaar ,dole bludging paedophile !!! And yes all right thinking people will vote for him and not the satanic Khaiyum family....period......lowdown Bastard,paedophile

Anonymous said...

President Richard Nixon was democratically elected!!
What happened to him?
- chiku

Anonymous said...

Not hard to see why the GOAT has such a natural affinity with Trump. He has the same crooked character traits.

Anonymous said...

Joining Forces To Get Rid Of Corrupt Ruler
Malalysia’s 92 year old former prime minister Dr Mathathir Mohammad will lead an opposition coalition into one of the country’s most bitterly fought elections since Independence, challenging the ruling party ( UMNO ) he led for 22 years.
Why would a 92 year old retired leader want to return to the political furore?
It’s because of his strong conviction that the current PM Najib Razak who is engulfed in a multimillion dollar corruption scandal is not a fit person to lead the country.
That’s a pretty solid indictment seeing as Najib was once Mathir’s protege.
Under Anwar’s leadership opposition parties won the popular vote at elections in 2013 but a gerrymandered system of voting favouring rural Malays prevented the governmnt’s defeat.
Despite the 1MDB scandal ( which saw nearly $1 billion deposited into Najib Razak’s bank account ), Najib has strengthened his power in UMNO through a system of money politics and patronage, as he used state agencies to silence critics and harass independent media outlets - an all too familiar modus operandi of corrupt, authoritarian power holders.
( read more in ‘ Bitter rivals Mahathir and Anwar join forces in push to defeat Malaysian PM Najib Razak ‘ smh, 8/1/18 ).
Rajend Naidu

GOAT said...

People like you Rajend, complain as a habit, even when elections are democratically won. When coups happen ,you complain when elections happen, you complain.
RAJEND GO AND GET A COFFEE OUT OF YOUR ENVIRONS AND YOU'LL FEEL A LOT BETTER. CHIKU YOU MUST HAVE GOTTEN DONE OVER BY THE Mi6 for being part of gun running group with Robert Khan....kahan, khoon, moo, ,naak
Go take a chill pill and enjoy your new cottage.
Oh by the way, the best thing to happen to America in a very long time is Donald Trump. Live with it.

Anonymous said...

The GOAT needs a long one to calm him down and hopefully help him think rationally. Right now he is raving mad!

Anonymous said...

Mahatma Gandhi had complaints, Martin Luther King had complaints, Nelson Mandela had complaints, Aung San Sui Kyi had complaints. Even Jesus Christ had complaints when he walked the earth in humanity’s midst.
But one falla has no complaints . That falla is the GOAT. He is greater than than all those mentioned before him. Wow!

Anonymous said...

Doubts Surrounding Trump’s Leadership and Mental Capacity
We read in ‘ Fire And Fury’ Legal Team Hits Back At Trump In New Statement that replying to Trump’s “ cease-and-desist “ letter, lawyers for the author and publisher of the explosive new book on President Trump denounced it saying “ the letter seems designed to silence legitimate criticism “.
Fire and Fury : Inside Trump’s White House contains several troubling and incendiary claims that put the Trump administration on the defence. In addition to Steve Bannon’s Russia comment about the “ treasoness” character of the Trump team’s election campaign contact, Wolff reported on “doubts surrounding Trump’s leadership abilities and mental capacity “ ( Doha Madani, HuffPost 9/1/18 ).
Doubt must also surround the mental capacity of some Trump admirers!
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Good one, rajend naidu . hehehe!!! - premila.

QORVIS said...

Keep up the good work GOAT. There may be a bonus in this for you.

GOAT said...

Mahatma Gandhi,Aung San Suva joy, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Jesus Christ all complain like Rajend Naidu, wow .He keeps good company....in his methamphetamine infused mind !!

Anonymous said...

Shakespeare’s Insightful Character Analysis.
Helen McTaggart ( The Age 10/01/18 ) says “ The title of Michael Wolff’s book about Donald Trump, Fire and Fury, reminds me of the last lines of Macbeth’s final soliloquy - with one variation. “ It is a tale told (of ) an idiot, full of sound and fury. Signifying nothing”. Wasn’t Shakespeare prescient . “
He most certainly was. And his insightful character assessment - characters of the philosophically empty variety - applies not only to Trump but also to his mentally challenged admirers like the GOAT.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Good one again, rajend naidu . hehehe!!! - premila.

Anonymous said...

And, it reminds me of that telling proverb : Empty vessels make the most noise. It is a proverb that means that those with the least talent and knowledge usually speak the most, speak the loudest, and create the most fuss - whatever makes their presence felt the most. Put another way it means foolish, unwise or stupid people are the most talkative.
Now, that’s so true of Trump and his great admirer, the silly GOAT!
- chiku

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