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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Ben Ryan publishes his real views on Fiji's bid to host 7s rugby

Note: He gave these views in interviews with Fiji journalists but not a single one of it was published or aired.

I thought hard before writing this.

I left Fiji almost a year and a half ago now.

Should I just keep my views to myself?

Keep my nose out of things even if I see what I think is wrong?

One of the many things Fiji helped me regain was being true to yourself - to be authentic.

I worked, lived and breathed Fiji and Fiji Rugby and feel I have some knowledge of the landscape Fijian Rugby operates in as well as global rugby to have an opinion. So I’m telling this story.....

On the day I arrived to the coral coast sevens, I was asked for some interviews by the media. No problem I said and the opening questions were on the tournament and quality of players etc. The journalists in Fiji know I won’t comment about Gareth or the fiji 7s team performances etc and they were very professional in not asking me anything in that area.

Then I was asked about fiji’s bid for hosting a leg of the series. I told them my views as I was asked the question and I have serious reservations about what is happening.

Not a single word was written about what I said. I imagine they were told not to print it.

I wasn’t prepared to back the bid for the following reasons.....
1. The overseas consultants asked for a budget of $1m FJD just to put together the bid. That’s hugely excessive and a massive waste of money. What are they spending it all on?? The bid should cost $0 fjd to put together as it’s a process that can be done using FRU staff and their internal resources. No other bidder for a leg is spending anywhere near that amount. Why are they wasting money with radio adverts etc? How has this been allowed? Wool being pulled over someone’s eyes that for sure. It’s wastefulness of the highest degree.

2. The tournament will cost a huge amount of money to run and will not make a profit. Tax payers money will have to support this. The consultants Involved were also part of the fiji golf tournament, which lost around $12m fjd a year. If it was a company it would have gone bust. Again tax payers money. HK and Dubai (Dubai due to the other tournaments run alongside the series leg) are the exceptions to this but all the other tournaments - a huge percentage of those in the stadiums are from that country hosting it. Tourism won’t get a huge spike from this and you can’t charge overseas ticket prices if you want to get a good crowd.

I am no longer a tax payer but if I was, I’d want to know if the plan to finance this was through government funding. I don’t want to get into the social morality side of this but in my three years living and working on the island, I saw how a small amount of resource can go a long way to improve a persons standard of life in the villages and towns of fiji. This sort of money would make a huge difference if spent correctly.

3. The players are still the lowest paid in the top 10 Sevens teams in the series by a long way and none are given the security of a contract longer than a season. The top players in the Fiji 7s squad get $15k fjd maximum as a salary. This is the equivalent of over three years salaries for the entire men’s and women’s sevens squad that this massively over inflated bid is costing.

4. . How about they sort all of that out first for men’s and women’s teams - far bigger priority for sustaining 7s success. So is coach development on the island. So is Player development programmes. So is referee development programmes. Better Talent ID programmes. The list goes on....It will be a huge drain on finances which will mean cuts elsewhere in programmes. It might do the opposite to the fiji 7s team and lead to less funding which could lead to less success on the field. For more success on the playing fields for all the Fijian teams - that’s where any additional finances should go - not to the bid consultants and tournaments that are not financially profitable.

5. Imagine if this money was to fund a Super Rugby Franchise on the Island instead? Regular visitors to matches not a fraction of this once a year.
Home grown players staying on the island and not going overseas because there is a professional team in fiji. Huge boost to local economy throughout the year. Super rugby franchise academies to develop players, local coaches, medical staff, managers, conditioners etc. More contact time possible for the National players which would lead to more success for the XVs team. Merchandise and sponsorship possibilities. I could keep going. NOW THAT IS EXCITING. That is a good use of this amount of money. I know what I’d rather see and what will make a bigger difference to Fijian Rugby.

6. Now I know having high profile events in fiji will increase the profile of the country but so does the team, so would a good RWC 2019 campaign, a super rugby franchise and many other things that do not cost this amount of money. The team’s success at Rio led to fiji being the top search on google for a while and I know hotel bookings etc all went up as a result. You don’t need a tournament costing millions to do that.

7. I, alongside I’m sure every Rugby fan in the globe would love to one day see a leg of the World Series in Fiji. A leg that is profitable. That’s not now and there are many other priorities before that in my opinion. Some more transparency in all of this is needed.


Anonymous said...

Inconvenient Truth
Many cant handle the truth, whether that be in rugby/sports or politics or climate change etc. because the truth is too inconvenient.
Let me give an example from a subject that is a matter of public debate in Australia current .
In his letter ' Face up to darkness ' ( Canberra Times 31/1 ) Simon Tatz says " Recognising the genocidal practices committed against Aboriginal people seems beyond H. Ronald ( letters, Jan 30 )... "
Ronald of course is not alone in having that problem of historical amnesia. Many reactionary Australians are similarly afflicted.
Bill Deane is one of them ( Letters, Jan 25 ). See my letter of reply ' No altering reality ' in the Canberra Times 28/1.
Another is Rosemary O'Brien . Here's my letter of response to hers sent to the Sydney Morning Herald
" Rosemary O'Brien ( letter, 27/1 ) says if the Indigenous people feel aggrieved by what colonial contact has done to them as a people " perhaps Indigenous people might consider handing back all the financial aid they've received over many decades".
What if the Indigenous people were to merely ask that the land that was stolen from them [ under the pretext of terra nullius] ( see Professor David Day's Claiming A Continent ) was handed back to them?
How many billions is that worth? Rosemary might want to think about THAT!
Rosemary speaks from ignorance of history.
Without a proper understanding of history it's not uncommon for people to speak stupid".
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Honest Lawyer
Flamboyant ( read, narcissistic ) former Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer's high profile solicitor Brett Galloway has withdrawn from his case telling the magistrate Vivien Swain " I've been asked to take a position which is untenable " ( AAP 31/1 ).
Galloway said his ethical dilemma had " nothing to do with money at all".
For some lawyers it's all about the money. Ethical dilemmas and conflict of interest is no barrier.
It's not hard to guess Galloway's " ethical dilemma" given Mehajer's wayward history.
Police prosecutor Senior Sergeant Amin Assaad tells us something about that when he warned the magistrate to take Mehajer's words with a " very, very large grain of salt".
Mehajer, the man who had come to believe he was untouchable and beyond the reach of the law, is now in custody in prison after bail was refused at his last court appearance.
When power gets to one's head, as apparently been the case with Mehajer, a person begins to think he is no longer a mere mortal but a demigod.
Sitting in prison might give Mehajer time to reflect on his thinking and personal conduct.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Ministerial Rot.
When I heard Scott Morrison as Immigration Minister had deliberately delayed asylum seeker's permanent protection visas I wrote a letter to editor titled ' Minister's Machiavellian behaviour ' in which I asked what Australian values does the minister uphold?
Dr Philip H Nicholls,LLB provides a succinct answer.
In his letter ' Kicks them when down ' ( Canberra Times 1/02 ) he writes :
" The rule of law, concepts of democracy and our shared sense of fairness have been challenged by recent revelations that Scott Morrison, in his role as Immigration Minister, blocked the legitimate entitlements afforded under both Australian and international law, to refugees already adjudged eligible to be granted permanent residence in Australia.
His " ends justify the means " approach reflects the well-worn path history ascribes to dictators. [ for an elaboration read Liberty in the Modern State ]
Let's not bother to name them, yet a clear pattern, which may be characterised mildly as thuggish, callous and unprincipled, is blindingly obvious. The then minister's surreptitious actions, clearly sanctioned at the time, and recently lauded by the PM, now bring even greater discredit to Australia's image internationally".
Dr Nicholls couldn't have been more succinct in his comments .
It's a crying shame that Australia should have this kind of political leadership making undemocratic, arbitrary, heartless decisions in the name of the Australian people.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Dear Editor,
When will it end?
This BORING to no end,
By this psuedo-intellectual pretend,
This jumped up arsehole called Rajend.

Anonymous said...

Dear Editor,
Water Pistol Warfare?
Chastising " all critics of Australia entering the business of manufacturing arms as an export earner ", Ingrid Hawke asked " what do Australian defence forces use - water pistol?" ( smh 31/1).
No, if they did how would Halliburton and all those other western capitalist predatory corporations make the kind of obscene profits they make from " reconstruction " contracts in war destroyed countries?
War and weapons manufacture are very lucrative business. That's why there was the fictitious weapons of mass destruction war of invasion.
I wonder whether this other question - on war for profit - has ever crossed Ingrid Hawke's mind?
Rajend Naidu
Ps : this post is dedicated to arsehole 9.05 AM!

Anonymous said...

Rajen, please don't call arsehole 9.05 AM an arsehole because like the warmonger Trump he worships he too is a " stable genius " . He hehehe!!! - premila

Anonymous said...

Kadamn, Another Regime Top Dog Gone.
We learn from the Fiji Times report ' Health Ministry permanent secretary quits ' ( 01/02 ) that Philip Davies " is the latest expatriate to tender his resignation letter after 16 months in office...
Mr Davies is the sixth expat to leave our shores ". Prematurely, one might add.
Apart from suddenly " leaving the ministry to spend time with his family in the UK ", according to PSC chairman Vishnu Mohan, what other reason does Mr Davies have for saying sayonara so suddenly?
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1.12
I agree with 9.05. Mr. Naidu is a bit of a bore. One could easily come to the conclusion that he does not like Mr. Trump or for that matter anyone or anything else! But that is no reason to request CIA for his rendition. A more valid excuse for such a request would be the fact that he is a cut and paste artist without an original thought!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering where all the Rajend Naidu Watch CUNTS have gone. Now one @ anon 1.11PM has resurfaced like a vonu!
Clearly part of the BOOR brigade that make up the RNWC group.

Anonymous said...

Rajend Naidu is not " a bit of a bore ". I find him very exciting. He excites me in that penetrating way ! - premila, his imaginary niece. hehehe!!!

Dr Doolittle said...

You need help Rajend ....... Hijacker of blog sites.

Anonymous said...

Dr Doolittle you need a big lollipop . hehehe!!! - premila. Rajend's been helping me with that!! hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Citizen Says Minister Talking Rubbish.
Hans Pieterse ( The Age 2/2 ) says :
" Once again our most famous ' dog whistler ', Peter Dutton, throws a bone to the throngs, suggesting that the public should help select judges and magistrates in state courts. This ridiculous suggestion, like previous ones, was delivered on 2GB Radio where the programs are hosted by fellow travellers... Mr Dutton might like to advance these views on the ABC where they will be scrutinised objectively and dismissed for the rubbish they are. Our legal system has stood the test of time and will continue long after you are a footnote of history ".
Power in the hands of some politicians pose a serious threat to established norms of democracy.
Dutton is that kind of politician .
The Law Council of Australia president , Morry Bailes, elaborates.
He said Dutton's suggestion was " a perilous path to travel down... Judges are not appointed to make decisions based on political popularity, they are appointed to make judgements based on the facts I front of them and the law as it is written".
Bailes said that to ensure a " healthy functioning democracy ", there should NEVER ( my emphasis ) be " any blurring [ of the lines] between the political and judicial spheres".
" If we create an environment were judges are forced to act like politicians, we all lose ".
( source : ' Peter Dutton criticised for ' subjecting judges to quasi-elections '", The Guardian 2/2).
There was further condemnation of Dutton's perverse suggestion by Professor Clive Williams of Stuart University in ABC Drum 2/2 ).
It's a wonder someone like Dutton has been promoted as a super minister in Australia's democracy.
Rajend Naidu

Toni444 said...

Wow, this is what I'm looking for. And it made me very interested.




Anonymous said...

Actually, it's a wonder whenever such people get ELECTED in any democracy! I mean just look at the kind of people who got ELECTED in Fiji and have become super-ministers there!! It's mind boggling,no?
- chiku

Anonymous said...

How sad that the good opinion by Mr. Ben Ryan is spoiled by the diatribe of Rajen Naidu. Unfortunately for Rajen no one is impressed by his narcistic verbal diarrhoea except one or two. So sad!
A fool who keeps quiet appears more wise compared to a noisy gong.

Anonymous said...

Positive Power of Social Media
A tweet from pop superstar Rihanna asking PM Malcolm Turnbull and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop to contribute to girls education has led to a donation of $90 million through the Global Partnership for Education.
Junkie political analyst and editor Osman Faruqi said it showed the power of social media in influencing positive outcome ( abc news 3/2 ).
Rajen Naidu

Anonymous said...

The Part Big Money Plays In Politics.
Michael Brinkman ( The Age 3/2,) wants to know " Who on earth has $1.75 million to hand over to a political party?" And wonders " Imagine how it could help the needy ".
Well, if Malcolm Turnbull had handed over $1.75 million to " help the needy " he wouldn't be able to buy his election and become prime minister, would he?
Big money plays a big part in politics.
Even people in a coup country like Fiji know that all too well.
Rajend Naidu.

Anonymous said...

The Perverse Gun Culture in America.
US police have charged the gun dealer who sold ammunition to the Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock. The gun dealer said he did not see anything out of the ordinary in manufacturing 720 rounds of amour piercing ammunition for sale to the gunman ( abc news 3/2 ).
That tells you a great deal about how perverse the American gun culture has become in today's America.
A citizen can walk into a gun shop and arm himself to the teeth with military standard firearms and ammunition - no problem.
Well that's the problem - big time!
Rajend Naidu.

Anonymous said...

Where are the Rajend Naidu Watch CUNTS?

Anonymous said...

We will resume soon! Our surveillance and rendition of Rajend Naidu ! - the CUNTS.

Anonymous said...

Journalist Michael Gordon Dies : A Great Bloke Is Gone.
As a journalist Michael Gordon gave " voice to the voiceless " by paying particular attention to refugees and aboriginal people and their plight which often tended to have a peripheral place in mainstream media ( abc insiders 4/2 ).
It's a sad day with such a good journalist, such a great bloke gone.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Political Persecution of Journalist.
The UN Human Rights council has called for the realease of Aljazeera journalist Mahmoud Hussein who has been detained in Eygpt for over one year without trial ( Aljazeera news 5/2 ). That's the kind of " democracy " Eygpt has under the military man Al Sisi who took power in a military coup and installed himself as president in a " democratic " election. Any the US has no problem with Eygpt's " democracy " and continues to provide huge amounts of military support for the regime. In the same way that the Australian State continues to provide military training for the Myanmar military notwithstanding the atrocities, described by the UN special rapporteur as having all the " hallmarks of genocide", committed by the Myanmar military against the Rohingya Muslims in Rakhime state.
This is the hypocritical world of international politics we live in.
It's a disgrace.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Big " Donations " Prostituting Politics and Democracy.
E R Moffat ( ct 5/2 ) writes :
" Foreign " donations to political parties are, in the country, a very thorny question ...
Malcolm Turnbull bought himself the job of prime minister with the biggest donation to a political party, the Liberal Party, of $1.5 million in 2017.
Why has there been no public discussion of corruption on such so-called " national " donations as there has for " foreign " ones?
I agree totally with Moffat. Why indeed?
Another letter writer Thos Puckett ( ct 5/2 ) writes : Australian Electoral Commission data on political donations ( Feb 2 ) shows Mr Turnbull has two roles : Prime Minister and Prime Donor to the Liberal Party.
What part does big donations play in post coup Fiji?
Who are the prime donors in Fiji?
Which political party has been the chief beneficiary of big donations?
Rajend Naidu.

Anonymous said...

I think the biggest beneficiary has been Rajend's guru and master Mahendra Chaudhary. He got away with 2 million cash and a hell lot more in unaccounted cash donations from overseas

Anonymous said...

In Rajend's egalitarian worldview there are no " gurus and masters ". Only mere mortals. Some noble. Some arseholes. Some honest. Some dishonest and greedy. Politics and big business attract a disproportionate amount of the last. Mahendra Chaudhry is not the first nor is he the last to use his political position for his own wealth amassment . Look at how a near bankrupt bloke is now a top dog in that coup afflicted country! - premila, Rajend's niece who has been donating a lot of good time to him!

Anonymous said...

Dirty Rotten Leaders in Democracies.
I agree with President Donald Trump that what is happening in America is " a disgrace ". And, guess who is responsible for the disgraceful state in which America is today? Yes, it's none other than President Donald Trump. He has been undermining democratic rule in America from the very beginning with his " my way or the highway " style of leadership.
His latest is his fake claim that the Nunnes memo " vindicates " him because of the FBI's bias against him. It's another Machiavellian manueuver to pre-empt the investigation findings by special counsel Robert Mueller ( who Trump had earlier attempted but failed to fire ).
But if anyone thinks Trump is a disgrace as a leader of a democracy just look at President Jacob Zuma of South Africa. Now that's a total disgrace. Mandela must be turning in his grave. It's a shame that the ANC, Mandela's political party, should have harboured such a dirty rotten crooked leader for such an extended period of time despite his criminal and anti-democratic conduct.
Then you have the President of Maldives who defies a Supreme Court order and even throws his own brother in jail to hang onto power despite claims of " unprecedented corruption " under his rule.
Authoritarian regimes clearly don't have a monopoly on rotten leaders. You get them in democracies as well. We have some experience of that.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

We will resume soon! our attack on Rajend Hijacker Naidu.
- Rajend Naidu Watch Cunt gang.

A nuni mouse said...

RNWCG sounds like a cricket groundg.. Alas its the Rajend ...... Group.

Anonymous said...

When are you Rajend Naidu Watch cunts going to remount your attacks on Rajend? Meantime Rajend is mounting me, Premila, his niece. Not that I mind. hehehe!!!

Anonymous said...

Good News Happens.
Humanity is sustained by hope and change. And, today is a good day because we get news of that. News has it that South Africa's corrupt president Jacob Zuma " could quit within days" ( abc news 8/2 ).
Just a few days back he was stopped from making the State of Nation address. I mean what's the point of him making a state of nation address when it's common knowledge that with his corruption and disregard for the constitution he has taken the country down the toilet ?
It's good riddance when a national leader like that is gone.
Rajend Naidu


Dear Rajend,

my cut and paste for you to get bored by:

High Court Judge Justice Riyaz Hamza has dismissed an application filed by Aliz Pacific Chartered Accountants and Doctor Nur Bano Ali against the Auditor General and Attorney General.

Aliz Pacific and Doctor Nur Bano Ali had sought an injunction restraining the Auditor General or his agents from publishing any reports pertaining to Aliz Pacific and Doctor Ali in relation to the restructure of Rewa Dairy Cooperative Company Limited, the court to order that the Auditor General remove those parts of the 2010 Auditor General’s reports that refer to Aliz Pacific and Doctor Ali and the restructure at Rewa Dairy, the court to grant an injunction that parts of the 2010 Auditor General’s Report that are subject to litigation be removed or blacked out while the litigation is pending, a declaration that the Auditor General has defamed Aliz Pacific and Doctor Ali, the court orders that the Auditor General render a public apology to Aliz Pacific and Doctor Ali and the court award general and special damages to Aliz Pacific and Doctor Ali.

Justice Hamza has dismissed the action filed by Aliz Pacific and Doctor Ali as he says that tenders were not called for the restructure of the Rewa Dairy Cooperative Company Limited.

The judge says the Rewa Dairy Cooperative Company Board was informed by a representative of Aliz Pacific Consultants in a board meeting on 17th May, 2010 that Government through the Ministry of Industry and Trade had appointed Aliz Pacific's consultancy firm to implement the restructure of the company.

Justice Hamza also says that it has been agreed by parties that the Government of Fiji paid Aliz Pacific $562,500 including VAT of $62,500 for the services rendered pursuant to the Memorandum of Agreement.

Justice Hamza says the statement that the Government did pay Aliz Pacific $562,500 in 2010 in consultancy fees, is factually correct.

He says the next issue to determine is as to whether a tender must be called for the procurement of goods, services or works valued at $30,001 and more.

Justice Hamza says the 2010 Audit Report has made reference to Section 11 of Finance Instructions 2010.

He says the act that a tender must be called for the procurement of goods, services or works valued at $30,001.00 and more is based on the Finance Instructions 2010.

The High Court Judge says he agrees with the Auditor General's assertion that the statements were statements of facts and were true in substance and in fact.

He says the comments in the statement were based on the said statement of facts and can be considered as fair comments on a matter of public interest.

Justice Hamza says the Auditor General also submits that the said statements and comments were not published maliciously or with any malicious intent.

The judge says that having considered all the evidence as a whole, he is of the opinion that Aliz Pacific and Doctor Nur Bano Ali have failed to establish on a balance of probabilities that the statements and words are defamatory and were published maliciously by the Auditor General.

Hullo , Hullo , Hullo FICAC ,you there, where's the tender???

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuni
What has your post on Aliz Accountants and Aunty Nuro got to do with Rajend, my grease gun Naidu ? - premila.

Nuni phD (pretty huge dick) said...

That's exactly what everyone says after reading your cut and paste garbage. What has that got to do with the Ben Ryan story.
You can grease gun your palm and play with your palm and fingers called Premila

Anonymous said...

The problem with intellectually Decripit cunts like you Nuni is that you don't have the intellectual capacity to absorb the message inherent in Rajend's post and how it relates to the broader issue of good governance, democracy, human rights , justice etc. With an open mind you could learn a thing or two from his post. But you don't have that. You have a shit head!!!
- premila, Rajend's dick receiving niece. hehehe

Anonymous said...

Rajend Naidu Watch cunts said " We will resume soon! " and now they have resumed their playing with their own greased palms again. Bloody BOORs - premila.

Anonymous said...

Nuni PhD , you should come and sit on the " pretty huge dick " which I have been enjoying since I was a child - premila, Rajend's niece. hehehe!!!

Yawwwwn said...

Wow behold the intellectual giant Rajend . Empty vessels ....... need their lithium tablets or their manic deprssion gets outta control

Anonymous said...

Nuni fala, if Rajend's post does not relate directly to the Ben Ryan story what's that got to do with you, Maichod?

Anonymous said...

Nuni cunt go do something compatible with your intellectual capacity - like greasing your cunt.

Nuni phD said...

why don't you go back to your favourite blogsite Fijileaks,and blog crap to your hearts content. This site is for us Rabuka lovers and Trump lovers and go rabuka go.....I hope Rabuka poked your bum during 1987...you would have deserved it.

Anonymous said...

Nuni PhD Cunt does this blog site belong to you? Why you having a mental episode over what Rajend Naidu posts Cunt?

Nuni phD said...

yes it does belong to me, and you didn't respond to Rabuka poking your black shrivelled up choot in 1987 like he did to Anirudh Singh.
everyone who knows you , knows thats why you left Fiji ,because all your workmates and your brother told you to seek shelter before Rabuka made a permanent girlfriend out of you......thats the reason for your high blood pressure.......loloma mad yani, the GOD MOTHER

Anonymous said...

Nuni PhD with your rubbish Rabuka rambling you betray your small mind shit mentality. I just had some PhD ( prickly heat Dick ) from Rajend to start of my day on a beautiful note. No more wasting time with an arsehole like you Nuni CUNT! - premila, Rajend's niece.

Anonymous said...

Australian Democracy : Citizens Can Stick It To The Politicians In Power.
Here's a couple of good examples of that among the numerous others that are offered daily in the " Independent Always " Australian newspapers.
Elizabeth Starr ( smh 9/2 ) : " The Prime Minister and his cabinet have become just another tawdry reality television farce, " My Cabinet Rules "...
Denise Deerson ( The Age 9/2 ) : " ... [ Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby] Joyce is a disgrace to high political office and should resign".
Can citizens say that in the " true democracy " Fiji has now under Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum?
That will tell you something about the quality of democracy here and the quality of democracy there.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Mega church and Mega Crooks.
Singapore will amend a law that allowed a mega church ( City Harvest Church ) pastor to escape a harsher prison term ( on a technicality) for the largest fraud in Singapore's legal history involving millions of dollars.
( pulse news agency 1/2/18, see also Christian Daily News article ' Singapore objects to show is paster's reduced sentence in fraud case' ).
Mega churchs also attract mega crooks.
There are many examples of that from around the world.
Any in Fiji?
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

All the church people in Fiji are honest, honourable people. No case of fraud, rape, sexual abuse ( inserting " holy water " into women worshippers vagina ), child molestation, corruption and dishonesty, racism and political mischief making to scapegoat Indians,
Finally, no targeting the dogs with stones after Sunday church or Saturday church whatever...

Anonymous said...

Abuse of Power.
We learn from Viceland News 9/2 ' Bibi Is About To Be Indicted For Corruption' that the Israeli police will recommend ( and I think now they have done so with unanimous consensus among the police chiefs ) that the smooth talking, radical right-wing PM Benjamin Netanyahu is indicted on corruption charges - including bribery, fraud and breach of trust, for allegedly accepting bribes and gifts from wealthy benefactors.
... According to a poll in December by Hadashot TV news, nearly two-thirds of Israelis - 63 percent - believe Netanyahu should resign if police were to recommend a fraud or breach of trust indictment.
The police have already recommended his wife be charged ...
Some people in power get greedy and abuse their position of power by accepting " gifts " they are not entitled to receive by virtue of their political position.
Jacob Zuma, Benjamin Netanyahu, the former South Korean President ( I have forgotten her name ) all in the same corruption boat.
Any of that variety on the home front?
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Church people in Fiji all very honourable Righteous people particularly the pastors, the lay preachers and church officials. Remember Rabuka, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, Reverent Manasa Lasaro to name a prominent few...

Fiji 1st Party.. The real one said...


Anonymous said...

Important Human Rights Man on Visit to Fiji
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein has arrived in Fiji to hold talks with the Fijian Government on the human rights situation in the country ( Fiji Times 11/2 ).
His visit will, of course, not be accompanied with the fanfare, the glitz and glamour, associated with visits by Bollyhood stars to our shores.
But the Human Rights man's visit is of critical importance in post coup Fiji. It has a direct bearing on the question of good democratic governance in the country.
The UN human rights commissioner is a man who has not shied away from stating the truth whenever there has been a blatant breach of human rights anywhere. He pointed out without hesitation that the atrocities committed against the Rohingya by the Myanmar State and its military amounted to " textbook genocide ". Today with the discovery of 5 mass graves in Myanmar his observation has proved correct.
One can be confident that his visit will result in the strengthening of the human rights protection regime in post coup Fiji.
Rajend Naidu

Rabuka is coming,start running said...

The Fiji Sun deliberately hasn't published the Rewa dairy saga of one accountant and our $562,000.
Nomoney from waikato times please note, karma is a bitch just like boomerangs,and it will soon pay you a visit.
Your favourite attorney general is absolutely correct about crooked ,lying politicians,first ask him where he stole the Fiji First name from, then ask him how his pint sized brother got the job at FBC ,then ask him how aunty accountant got the taxpayer's money totalling $562000 without a tender and then ask Ficac if they're awake to prosecute the pm and the ag for these crimes. But you won't because the gravy train is laden with goodies.
Don't worry that same attitude was present in George Speight ,there for a while as well albeit for a shorter time than he thought would be.
I will be recommending to the newly elected government of Sitiveni Rabuka to seal the borders immediately after the elections to ensure every bourgeois thugs associated with the current government do not escape prosecution and persecution, similar to what you're assisting this government deliver to innocent people of this nation.
You're a disgrace to humanity, the itaukei and all civilised human beings. AND DIABOLICAL.YOU were so anti Bainimarama in 2007 and now you're a disciple like Judas for those pieces of silver. You bring disrepute to the Mormons.

Anonymous said...

Who is running/ moderating this website. It used to be informative when people commented about the post. Ben Ryan's comments have been hijacked by all of the above posts.

Website owner, moderate and block anything not relevant to the post. Your once great site is now a joke.

Anonymous said...

A Kafkaques Joke : Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum the Minister for Everything in the " lasulasu "/ lying " clean up " coup regime telling people to "speak the truth "!!
Now that's a bad joke, a very bad joke, right?
- chiku

Anonymous said...

Kuuubbbuuu o ben ryan

Anonymous said...

Oxfam's Fall From Grace.
I have always associated Oxfam with good work for the good of humanity and have frequently quoted from its reports and findings on structural global poverty and inequality.
So it came as a rude shock to learn of the corruption and cover up by Oxfam and its leadership lacking in moral fibre.
It's true that this misconduct on the part of a small number of Oxfam staff was ttotally unacceptable, contrary to Oxfam values and the high standards expected of Oxfam staff. But it nevertheless tarnishes the good image of this international charity.
Like me many would be very disappointed by the news of corruption and cover up by Oxfam.
( read more in ' Oxfam: Sex Exploitation involving prostitutes and Haiti earthquake victims covered up' Daily Express 9/2/18 and ' Haiti Oxfam Director fired for part in massive $9,677,542 corruption scandal ' Haitian Truth Org. )
Where there is big money - politics, big business, the church , charity, sports - there will almost invariably be greedy people abusing their position to profit themselves.
They should face justice instead of leaving to enjoy their loot.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

I was in Fiji visiting family when the ATS crisis erupted. When the parties in dispute could not resolve the matter themselves it went to a competent authorised tribunal for resolution. The Magistrate made what many clear thinking people regarded a very good and fair decision to maintain good industrial relations between the workers and the management of ATS and for the economic and public good of the country.
When news of Magistrate Andrew See's orders was broadcast in the news a relative ,who is well acquainted with Fiji politics, remarked spontaneously that the Magistrate was not likely to remain a magistrate in Fiji for too long now.
His reaction stemmed from the fact that key people in power in Fiji had made it plain that the workers were at fault for the crisis and they had to pay the consequences of their action.
So it did not really require any special intelligence to know the Magistrate's decision did not sit well with the mob holding power in Fiji. Their word is really the law in the country notwithstanding the 2014 " democratic " elections to return the country to democracy following the 2006 military coup and subsequent dictatorship.
We seem to have a confirmation of the Police State in Fiji with news that media people have been rounded up for interrogation for publishing that Magistrate Andrew See's contract has not been renewed a mere 3 three weeks after his ATS judgement ( see ' Fiji police grill Magazine ex-publisher, director, journalist over story ' Pacific Media Watch 11/2/18 and ' Cloud over Magistrate in ATS case ' by Nanise Volau 9/2 ).
In a Police State the police do the bidding - act as the henchmen - for the mob in power.
Is Fiji still a police state?
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

The modus operandi of the Police State : Round Up journalists who have the audacity ( the courage of their professional conviction ) to publish the truth, which the rogue rulers find unpalatable. That's the political reality in post coup Fiji. It is still a police state. It only has a democracy in name.
- chiku

Suomynona said...

Media outlets in Fiji may not publish benny's views but nothing beats social media considering how several idiots can't learn to take criticism well. Government being the typical dickhead that it is politicizing FRU is no wonder why both rugby 7s and 15s isn't advancing quickly than it already is.

Even those idiots tried to make benny look bad through the Fiji Snub but it badly backfired since that newspaper is full of schoolboy journalists that look as if they only reached class 6 education based on the grammatical errors written all over their articles.

Quite sad benny ryan got grilled for telling the truth about why those dumb arses on gordon street can't seem to do anything right because of political influence which is stalling developments and payments for the 7s team so that they don't run off to Europe or Australia for a better rugby life.

But I still admire benny for telling the truth knowing very well he was expecting backlash from some people who can't take criticism well.

Rabuka the biblical Saul now apostle Paul said...

Out of the ATS saga came one positive outcome....riyaz sayed Khaiyum got the boot as chairman of ATS.....voreqe doesn't suffer fools for too long.....he seems to be waking up, after falling asleep since April 2009.The next to go will be the failed copulate23 negotiator.....and then the domino effect will kick in.

dan said...

when the PM was questioned on the ATS lockout he replied he had two capable Ministers looking after the situation . Both ministers , the ATS questionable chairman and the lasulasu CEO made government look stupidly bad

under normal circumstances the PM would require the minister of everything and minister for Employment to resign for making the PM and his government look like fools after giving him the lasulasu that the ATS workers were on strike .

sadly instead of seeking his head he defended the minister for everything capabilities according to him ,as he directs him to the right path when he goes astray

the Minister for Employment ordered that the ATS workers went on an illegal strike but did not order them to return to work immediately as he was required and obligated to do . Instead He send his PS to lead the mediation team knowing that government has taken a position and was therefore biased .

the most sickening and sad bit was they knew that the CEO had illegally given a written directive to lock out ATS workers during the mediation process.

Dan said...

the cop23 nocturnal events seem to be rising on the grapevine and social media . I though what happened in Germany stayed in Germany . Surprised at the stories flying around

Anonymous said...

The police doing the bidding of the rogue rulers in Fiji to round up journalists who write " wrong " things to keep the public informed about what is happening should come as no surprise to people who are familiar with Fiji politics. Just look at who has been installed as police commissioner. Yes, it's a military crony of the coupist prime minister.
- chiku

Anonymous said...

Time For The Thief To Go.
English proverb ' Opportunity makes the man ( though originally, in the fourteenth century, it was ' makes the thief '). Well, opportunity certainly made a thief out of South African president Jacob Zuma. He has managed to hang onto power despite the numerous cases of corruption against him. But the thieving ruler was merely postponing the inevitable.
Now it's times up for him.
The ruling ANC has given him 48 hours to resign.
What a contrast?
The ANC party and the people wanted Nelson Mandela to stay on as president when he voluntarily relinguished power. He was that kind of revered leader. By contrast, people can't wait for Zuma to be gone!
That's because he is a leader who has brought shame to Mandela's " Rainbow Nation ".
We have leaders like that who the people want gone.
Rajend Naidu

KUA NI RERE said...

The Fiji Police are stupid dogs that follow whatever Lasulasu Kaiyum and Demented Voreqe tell them to do.
The Commissioner of Police is just another ex-coward from the army who's got his tail between his legs everytime Kaiyum opens his mouth.

Ben Ryan said he learned to be true to himself whilst coaching the Fiji 7s Team.
I don't think the Fiji Police understand the meaning of that phrase.
No integrity from the Top to the bottom.

I can see now why the coward Fijian Army surrendered to a little boy in flipflop carrying an AK47.

I remember the story of a young man who decided to remain true to himself and to his God. He stood up to the Prime Minister of his country and the PM threw him into a burning furnace as punishment. Funnily enough, God decided to come down from Heaven and stand with the young man in the burning furnace. The Prime Minister nearly wet his pants when he saw what was happening.

Anyway needless to say the young man came out of the fire without any burns. He survived and he wrote a book that is still with us to this day and is read in many different languages. The Book of Daniel.

It is a no brainer that God will always take the side of those who stand with INTEGRITY.

Anonymous said...

Rajen Naidu, you wrote on February 12 - 9:59 AM,
"I have always associated Oxfam with good work for the good of humanity and have frequently quoted from its reports and findings on structural global poverty and inequality.",
is an example of your misguided assumption that everything you quote is the TRUTH from good sources. "..and have frequently quoted from its reports..). All your voluminous quotes are exactly the same - printed by a few people who control the media and print lies to discredit good people like Donald Trump and others.
Learn from your mistake and please stop printing rubbish.
This blog site is now viewed by many of us who wish to discuss relevant issues about the situation in Fiji, yet it is tarnished by one narcistic Rajen Naidu and a small number of his die-hard fans who cannot tell a fake news from the truth they quote from everywhere.
Take a break.
You comment on Fiji with your quotes, and you did not even know that Fiji is run by a military govenment and is a police state(chiku 9:03pm), led by the biggest liar/lasulasu and crook - The Minister for everything who is leading a band of puppet miniusters who dance to his tune - including the PM (the biggest Puppet Miniater of all).

God save Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Most Dysfunctional
In his PBS NewsHour interview ( 9/2 ) author of The Gatekeepers Chris Whipple says of the Trump administration " ...this has been for a year the most dysfunctional White House in modern history, and it's hard to believe that it gets worse by the day " He attributes this to " arrogant " and "politically inept " people at the centre of the administration.
I am guided by such eminently qualified writers commentary on the occupants of the White House than some waste time anon idiot @ 4.13 PM.
Rajend Naidu

Nostril dramas said...

All those billboards for a particular political party has become a huge waste of money for them as their leader has been evacuated to Melbourne with an acute failing heart.
Sadly the hero who loves himself won't be such a hero by Christmas after his leader is called upstairs before Christmas. There is gloom in that camp by all the freeloaders due to their knowledge of the current medical crisis befalling their leader.
So elections are going to be delayed perhaps or a new leader chosen before the current one's demise. The new leader won't be who you think but an indigenous fellow. So the polls will be all topsy turvy soon.
My guess is ,that there'll be vacancies galore as the radio corporation boss would have fled to NZ just like last time when a Brigadier General had arrested a family member at Nadi airport leading to this general's imprisonment.
Their entire family have NZ passports including the elderly one's.
Well well, how the mighty will fall and there'll be jobs in judiciary, the ODPP, the right's and wrongs commission, the embassies abroad and the office counting ballots . This is going to be an exciting year politically.
I did predict the cop23 negotiator's demise in early February,and now that has happened.The next will be the heart patient's turn,which will bring us to the final episode of the 2006 revolution. The sulu wearing one will be on the first plane out as he did in 1987 and 2006 only to come back after the dust settled to claim a big job. Wow Fiji will be a very different place by the middle of the year.

Unknown said...

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