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Friday, August 31, 2018

Khaiyum's millions in an American bank and elsewhere

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum has close to $15 million in assets - more than $7 million of it cash.

Bank statements made available exclusively to Coupfourpointfive show Khaiyum has been depositing as much as $65,000 at a time.

In March this year, deposits totalled $100,000 plus.

Account statements for Scottrade, an American investment bank, that's been taken over by TD Ameritrade, show Khaiyum has amassed millions since seizing power with Frank Bainimarama.

It's no wonder he doesn’t want to leave and that Bainimarama can’t touch him.

The money trail in these statements show the inseparable link between these two crooks.

More to come on this story.

January bank statement

February bank statement

March bank statement

April bank statement

May bank statement


Uluvatu said...

WELLLLLLLLLLLLL....good that your back bro!!! With a bang.

Paula Raqeukai said...

Sa dina...good to hear from you coupfourpointfive....I thought you have gone for good.....if this news is TRUE can he be prosecuted for stealing millions of dollars from Fiji or this was own earned money as minister of everything in Fiji....

Anonymous said...

Doesnt have his name anywhere unlike Chaudhary's bank statements.

Richard Naidu said...

Even the least educated person can easily tell that this is fake news and poor photo shopping. Please stop using fake news because it really weakens any real criticism we have against government. vinaka.

Anonymous said...

Crooks government. Here for their family and themselves only.

Anonymous said...

This khaiyum should be jailed

Suomynona said...

About time you got something to write about, been awhile but finally something about Ayarse. The Minister for Everything sure has a huge retirement fund hidden away in his bank while letting his puppet Frankie run the show in the meantime.

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