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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Faiyaz Koya: More fraud and bribery revelations

More information tonight has been leaked to Coup4.5  following our revelations on Monday night that Faiyaz Koya overstated his salary soon after his appointment as the Industry, Trade, Tourism, Lands and Mineral Resources Minister. 

Documents we received revealed that Koya obtained a million dollar loan from the Home Finance Company Bank, otherwise known as the bank established using workers Fiji National Provident Fund money, by lying about his salary.

The onus is on Faiyaz Koya, a favourite of Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Khaiyum to come out clean, provided he is transparent and clean that he portrays himself to be.

This time it is evidence of payments made to Koya's Account at HFC where he has a huge loan to pay. We have been told that he has been receiving $4,000 every month for NOTHING. His family home in Lautoka is a derelict and not on rent. So is his other property in Lautoka. His law office is as good as in a coma. 

So what is the payment for? And to make matters interesting, it is from CCCC-First Harbor Consultants, a State owned company from China.

So why would Koya receive payments from the Chinese State owned company?

The obvious answer is that CCCC First Harbor Consultants was awarded a contract to build a new mineral wharf at Lautoka. The site adjacent to the current Lautoka port was given to Amex Resources, a mineral extraction company that has been awarded a long term lease for extraction of sand containing minerals from Ba river basin - or an initial period of 15 years, which can go up to 45 years.

Who is the the Minister responsible for Mineral Resources? Faiyaz Koya.

We have been given a copy of the cheque above of CCCC First Harbor Consultants , made in the name of Faiyaz Koya, dated 2nd October 2017, that was deposited into his bank account a day later on 3rd October 2017.

This is apart from, what we have been informed are cash deposits of $4000 every month.

A bank would normally need a narration for deposits. Whether it be payment, rent, salary, allowances etc. No such narration was provided.

So what is the money for?

In what is too much of a coincidence, the raising of the cheque and its deposit is precisely at the same time as the handing over of the Lautoka port site to CCCC First Harbor Consultants - October 2nd as the date the cheque was raised and deposited a day later. https://www.scribd.com/document/387750879/Amex-to-Get-Lautoka-Port-Site-Handover

On 3rd October 2017, the news media carried stories of the site of the new port being officially handed over to CCCC First Harbor Consultants by Faiyaz Koya who was the chief guest - https://www.scribd.com/document/387750815/New-Port-Facility-for-Amex.

Too much of a co-incidence? You be the judge. But the fact that the date of the cash cheque corresponds with the handover in which Faiyaz Koya officiated makes one wonder if this cheque was made out in haste instead of cashing it and then depositing it as was the case in previous months preceding October 2017.

Was this an appearance fees? Or payment to be the chief guest? Or payment fast tracked by way of cash cheque just because CCCC First Harbor Consultants a Chinese State owned company's contract was finally fulfilled? 

Once again, You be the judge!


paula said...

sa dina...so this what they've been doing all along....some selfish ministers thriving under this regime for their own benefits....is this a Chinese way of saying thank-you to government ministers?.....

Anonymous said...

The person who runs this Blog should come out in public and show evidence. Why hide? This blogger is fooling people.

Anonymous said...

But isn't the scan copy of the cheque attached sufficient as an evidence in this case??....

Anonymous said...

Are the chinese people, in FIJI, allowed to sign documents and cheques in Mandarin or Cantonese? Making impossible to understand the name of the signer??? ReallY? Is it allowed??

Unknown said...

its simple....he needs to be investigated.....Its goner be interesting to see his assets declaration submitted to Election office....

Unknown said...

its simple....he needs to be investigated.....Its goner be interesting to see his assets declaration submitted to Election office....

Suomynona said...

The Chinese are quite neocolonial these days, and this is not so different but it does need further investigation....if its ever going to happen and not when FlipFlop Party is in charge.

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